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Ep. 792 - Mexican Stand-Off

2019-05-31 | 🔗

Trump prepares to drop tariffs on Mexico, controversy breaks out over the US Census, and Democrats struggle to deal with the consequences of Robert Mueller’s walkaway. Date: 5-31-2019

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President from prepared to drop tariffs on Mexico, controversy breaks out over the: U S, census in which check the mail back, I'm Ben this is the bench Shapiro Show finally made it it's the end of the week. I'm units exciting stuff it if it was a short weak, but I will tell you hear the daily, where it was short of being at all. So I'm very grateful. It is Friday, but we're gonna get to all the news, and just one second admit it. You think cybercrime is something that happens to other people. You might think no one wants your data or that hackers can grab your passwords or credit card details. You would be wrong stealing data from unsuspecting people in public life. I won the simplest cheap ways for hackers to make money. When you leave that internet connection of encrypted, you may as well be writing your passwords and credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the world to see, which is why I have decided to take action to protect myself from cybercriminals. I use express Vps expressly peons occurs in anonymize. Your internet browsing bankrupting your data, hiding that public IP address
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to maintain that he did nothing wrong in reaching the finding that he reached. I agree with the attorney general I do. Think it William parted anything wrong in reaching the decision that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute obstruction of justice, Nor do I think that William BAR was lying when he went in front of Congress and said that robber mother told him that it was not true that the only reason that he didn't prosecute trumpeted because of d o J regulations remember this is that the current line, the currant wine from Democrats in the media is therefore not for GEO J regulations. If it were not for the Office of legal counsel, saying you can't prosecutor sitting, president and mother would have recommended indictment of Donald Trump BAR says. That's Miller said according to bar, he asked Mahler straw it up is the only reason that you're, not inviting the president because of these deal, J Regulations and Miller said no, and in fact Miller has never said that in the absence of dealers, yet Deirdre regulations, he would recommend that the President be indicted. In fact he never reach that determination. That's the whole point he never said
and if you want to say that he could have is exactly what William BAR was asked on CBS this morning. Here's! He had to say about right her mother and whether he could have reached a decision on obstruction of justice. Even with the deal J regulations on the books, I personally felt he could have reached a decision. In your view, he could have reached a conclusion. We could have reached a conclusion. The opinion says you cannot indict a president while he's in office, but he could have reached a decision as to what there was the criminal activity, but he had his reasons for not doing at which he explained, and I'm not going to argue about those reasons, but when he didn't make a decision, the deputy, A general rod rose is fine and I felt it was necessary for us, as the heads of the department to reach that decision against So this is exactly right and we what William BAR says you're is exactly right, so he has done his job right. He said I got all the information I made. The call I took credit for
all. This is what should have happened with regard to James Combing, who came out and made the call. Instead of Loretta Ledge, like Loretta Lynch and William BAR, is owning it good environment, William BAR, was asked okay. So what about your legacy? Wouldn't you legacy of indifference? If you would rule differently here and willing bisect, listen, forget about the legs. You have a job in front of me. This is what is the difference between a good lawyer and a bachelor there's the difference between a good judge and a bad judge. People who are tasked with implementing the law. Their job is not to go to court. Do justice. Their job is to implement the law. That is in front of them. If you want to change the law, you became a legislator, you become a politician. If you are a person who is tasked with carrying out the executive branch or your task with interpreting law you're in interpreting judicial you're in the judicial branch, your job is not to quote, do quote or justice or create a legacy for yourself. All of that is nonsense. Famous or about Justice, Oliver Window home, very famous justice in the early twentieth century in the United States on the Supreme Court and there's some case that came up before the supreme
court and Oliver Wendell HOMES was on the court at the time he was at some dinner party. And, as he's leaving the dinner party, he gets into, he gets into a carriage to drive away and some man runs up to him, knocking on his window and homes rolls down the window immense. As Mr Justice, Mr Holmes, do justice or to justice and homes look Cinema says it's not my job to do just it's my job to ensure The law. This is correct. Sir William Bars asked why didn't you? Why did you do the fairer thing on CBS this morning's? Listen, that's not my job. My job is to do the legal thing, and if that means that my legacy is not to be sung about in odes, then I guess that's my legacy. Then do your career, I'm at the end of my career ice, and does it make the amateur reputation that you worked? Your whole life on now everyone dies in the medallion? Oh, you know. I don't believe in the homeric idea that you know it immortality comes by in Ohio.
Old son a chill over the centuries. Think our regret, taking the job. Ok, so good for bar rising a bar has done the right thing here. I think all the talk about how William BAR is some sort of corrupt officials like Eric holder, acting as the president's women. I do not see the evidence of that. I think that the left is trying swing it that way to make it look as though the true The administration would have been indicted in the absence of William BAR that, if the process had gone, the way was supposed to go, the trump would be in jail now, and thus impeachment is on the table. What people in what's going to read this where they want to read it and they are reading it. Actually that way, so Robber Deniro, who it wouldn't matter, I mean Robertson euro- would indict a ham sandwich of the ham sandwich had an hour stamped on it, Robertson, Euro legal expert, because he once played a lawyer on tv. I think me, and you know what he wasn't playing with the gangster or something Robert De Niro cut a PSA about the state of the law on obstruction of justice. Now I challenge Robert De Niro to read me the obstruction of justice statute,
Explain it to me. I do not think the Robert De Niro has ever read the obstruction of justice statute. There's several of them. I do not think that he has a lot of rain last night I don't think, he's a legal expert in any way. But here is right. Britain, Euro, leading former prosecutors and of public service announcement, that there is clear evidence that president from committed obstruction of justice and therefore he is impeach well. This is where the heart and soul of the Democratic Party base is not only with impeachment, but also in Hollywood, Robert in Euro, the bid the man who gets up on, stage and bravely says, will crowd of fellow Hollywood. I to hate President Trump F Trump and gets a standing ovation. His bravery has extended to new heights with this public service announcement recently over a thousand former federal prosecutors who served under both republican and democratic presidents have united to sign a statement to help Americans understand which actually mother report. Their conclusion should trouble us all listen to them in their own work. We can carefully read and analysed
the Mulder Report and we all strongly believe that there is more than enough evidence to indict President Trump for multiple felony counts of obstruction of justice. If you or I did what president trumpeted we'd be facing, the prison and no one, not even the president, should be above. The law in the EU words of the Mulder report. No person is above the law, so Robertson, leaving the charger a couple of things, one if the present we're not the president This investigation have already begun in the first place, be real about this. The fact is the Paul metaphor: was walking around at large until he made the unfortunate decision of joining the trunk campaign, at which point he went directly in the crosshairs of the FBI. Opponent of what was doing this crap for years,
for years and the F B, I knew about it. In fact, he was indicted on charges that spring from activity long before he joined the term campaign. The idea that, if Trump we're not in a position of power that he would be guilty of obstruction of justice. Well, that's not really true and the reason is not really true is because he's not been held to be inevitable and obstruction of justice charges. With regard to the people who worked with, for example, whose personal, where Michael Cohen so Michael Cohen, tried to provide evidence that president from ordered him to lie, but even colon won't say openly. The Trump origins lie, which means no obstruction of justice. See the difference between this and Bill Clinton is that Bill Clinton openly ordered people to lie to people that is obstruction of justice, Donald Trump and unless ordered them to what I mean. Officials, Donald Trump told people to lie to the press. That's bad! That is not true
kind of justice, Donald Trump told his advisers you'd like to see Robert Mahler fired and then when they said no, he didn't follow up. That's not obstruction of justice as acting like a tool bag tat s not the same thing, and it's very easy for former federal prosecutors to sit there. Say the sort of stuff, but if they were on the job, I really doubt there would be indicting. I don't think that they think that they could get any sort of actual actual v. To on this on the basis of these that so here's where Democrats are, if you're, twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate, you basically have one choice and one choice only and that choice is that you push him, and the reason you're push impeachment is because there's no effect on you do not pushing impeachment Nancy Pelosi, and you still want to be speaker of the house. It's gonna be very difficult for you to retain the speakership if you push impeachment, given the fact that there are a lot of support when people suburban women particularly hard, not all that interested in impeachment here's the truth most in there like stability in politics. They like the idea that they can go to sleep
night a wake up in the morning without having to feel the sense of crisis on their souls in sleep. It's the weed reason why the chief threat to president from the presidency is in fact president trump more chaotic president from is the more people feel uneasy and the more the Democrats sort of nineteen twenty returned to normal, see. Warranty Harding campaign has has legs Americans what, be able to feel that their government is basically in safe hands that, in the same way that you go out for the night with your spouse and you leave the kids with the baby sitter and you don't want the baby sitter be a pyromaniac it's the same sort of feeling with regard to government. You only have to go to sleep at night, take away found for night on the town and when you open up your computer afterward I want to see that the world has imploded well, the media have done a good job of exacerbating president from tendency toward chaos, but the same thing is true The other side with regard to impeachment impeachment is inherently destabilizing. Most Americans are in love with the idea of impeachment. In fact, they think that impeachment is likely to lead to more chaos and more destabilization if people want
get rid of from they believe. There's an election coming up in a year and a half and we ve less for two and a half years, and things have been pretty much fine. Yes, there's been a lot of the attic headlines, but the economy is fine. No foreign crises- all that's cool, so Democrats are playing a dangerous game, but if you're twenty twenty candidate, you cannot afford not to call for impeachment, because your case is that president trumpet was of chaos president from his criminal. So this is a happy medium. The Democrats have to sort a push that from is impenetrable, but we're not gonna win peach we'll get to twenty twenty candidate sounding off on this injustice. Second, first For many of us, your blinds, whatever you have on your windows, that's an afterthought, but with bread, who made to order a custom window governs from blinds dot com. You can radically transformed the look and feel of your entire home when the right everything in your home looks better when they're wrong everything in your homework cheap with fifteen. In windows covered over thirty thousand five star customer views lines. Dot com is America's number
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he's really on our part, where he's he's having a tough time, millions following a power for him, but he says impeachment should be on the table because bra, if it is it, I'm basically aft. There's beta Aurora talking about impeachment in the weirdest possible way. Wigwam bout stay as beta. It doesn't make any sense from talking to Chris cloudless. It doesn't have to Chris Cuomo doesn't understand things, that's fine! We were attacked by a foreign power twenty sixteen and attack that was invited by the the candidate who is now our president and in instigation into that tack. Attack was obstructed by this president unfair. Actually, the House of Representatives today has stalled in their pursuit of these facts and the truth only impeachment them the leverage and the mechanisms necessary for us exactly what has happened and who is right? possible that oh, I was that in the South So we're still gonna go with the collusion thing happen. After two hundred pages of the collusion thing didn't happen, we're still gonna go with the collusion
happen, and the reason that we need an impeachment hearing is that we know what happened with Russia. That is, they differ. Story than even democratic, so the shifting back to rush into so remembered this thing started with from Russia stuff and then it moved over to obstruction of justice and now when it looks like the obstruction of justice, thing is kind of falling apart, they're gonna move back to and the reason we need to investigate. So what? Let's? Let's get this straight? We need to the gate, obstruction of justice, because there's from Russia stuff, now the reason that we need to investigate obstruction of justice on the impeachment level. Is to get to the underlying question of from Russia stuff just started from brush up a move to obstruction. Now moving back from Russia, I feel You might be shifting the goalposts a little bit here. People then the little dizzy, meanwhile, is with worn whose basic campaign is. I will be the craziest person,
in the field. I mean no matter what I will be the craziest person in the field of crazier than Bernie I'll, give you free everything, everything free for you now Elizabeth Worn is pitching the vision of president jumping frog, marched out of the White House in chains here here. She is Elizabeth Horn, trap, tat everything he could. Tv rail staff hulk obstruct that investigation. That is a violation of the law. If he were anywhere other than President the United States, he would be in handcuffs andean died, it ok, so no that is, that is not true again. That is not true
no prosecutor, what their salt would invite a case like this. There just is not enough evidence. You need to have corrupt intent. That is a very, very high bar is not clear. In the absence of an underline crime, the corrupt intent is present, and meanwhile there the pitch has been put out there that President Trump is unique and is being uniquely protected. Now this is very rich stuff. Coming from members of the Obama administration, so Valerie Jarrett, who is the sort of right hand, woman to Brok Obama in the White House. She appeared Some serious ex show yesterday and she said Brocklehurst motive in Britain,
still no second to the acted like Trump. If President Obama had done half the things and said half of the things that President Trump is saying, even you know, as recently as this morning would he have been impeached and how long do you think it would have taken about on nanosecond regularly? I read that the standards have slipped dramatically and there's no earthly way. President Obama could have gotten away with any of this unjust that the words and the content, but just the policy reversals in what we're doing to the fabric of our country. Oh, ok, so yet that that it ok. Why are you not for a rock
the hummer. His administration was rife with scandal. People covered up those scandals from beginning to end Barack Obama asserted executive privilege to protect his own attorney general in the same way that Donald Trump, just as urgent executive privilege over documents, supposedly to protect William BAR, except from had much more excuse, given the fact that so much material has already been spilled in front of Congress. It's just it's just sheer nonsense. Impeachment against Obama was never pursued because it wouldn't have been concluded successfully and because the grounds were not strong. The same thing is true for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, new information emerging about disgraced FBI agent, Peter struck led the trumpet investigation, as well as the Hilary investigation. Fox news is now reporting that struck. Was later removed from a special council robber mothers. Investigative team for sending antitrust text was a central coordinator for the FBI on their offensive breathing which included multiple agencies? three weeks earlier struck. It opened an FBI Counter intelligence investigation into campaigning. George puppet
It was a source familiar with sensitive records. Documenting the August briefing told Fox NEWS that struck was in a unique and apparently conflicted position struck, opened the FBI investigation into russian Outreach to Trump campaign AIDS, while at the same time you supposed to be warning the term campaign russian activities. So one of the questions that Trump has always asked about this entire investigation is. Why didn't you guys just tell me that this was going on if you suspected that my campaign, AIDS or acting interfere we as fashion, then why in the world? Would you not actually just tell me about it? I could fired them and folks, in the affair illegal its cause. We suspected you, but the people who were not informing tromp, where people like Peter struck, Peters trucks job was to inform from what was going on and give intelligence briefings to Trump Let us look at the exact same time that he was refusing to turn over this information to Donald Trump, whose campaign this was at the exact him time. Peter struck with texting with
his paramour LISA page about their insurance policy against and then candidate. Donald Trump is rights of Edra Rights over a daily wire, Sir, texted FBI were LISA. Page quote. I want to believe the path you throughout for considered. In Andy's office officer, be under Mccain's office that there's no way he gets elected, but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy. In the unlikely event you die before you're forty. As I wrote at the time, that looks an awful lot like motivation for launching investigation into Trump in order to sink from as a hedge against firms victory the FBI's investigation in russian governmental interference in the election began in July. Twenty sixteen just weeks before obstructs text message. And that means there is no more of a smoking gun of FBI corruption against Trump. Then there is of trumpets colluding with Russia. Herds, also notes that cannot happen, herons foxes. She also notes that, just a couple of days before the infamous insurance policy text message, the two Anti Trump agents had the following text: message: exchange page trumps not ever going to become president right right, struck no
No, he won't we'll stop it and, as I wrote at the time, this is an explicit admission that high ranking actors in the F B, I saw preventing crumbs presidency as Paramount are in some highly damning information, demonstrating the full legitimacy of the rush investigation. This text from struck two page could and should completely destroy, why, whatever faith in America still had in legitimacy of the Russia investigation. John Ratcliff Republican of Texas Member, the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox NEWS quote: there is enough of briefing of candidate Trump on August, seventeenth of twenty succeed, and I can tell what he wasn't all. He wasn't and about Russia investigation. The Peter struck it open, opened eighteen days earlier. Why would struck would participate at Jim Commies direction in a defensive briefing designed to protect and more the candidate, be the same person was in fact at that time already investigating the candidates campaign It didn't happen in. There should be answers to those questions. President from questions about the Trump Russia investigation. I do not think our illegitimate and people freeing them is illegitimate, have a bit of an axe to grind we'll get the answers but
like the answers- and I think that Trump is entitled to the answers. I think the american people are in fact entitled to the answers. My going theory is that this investigation was launched in good faith and then quickly, morphed into an exercise in confirmation by from people who despised president from an already saw him as a russian tool? That's my going theory. In the more cynical theories that thing wasn't even washed in good faith and that there has been put out by people Putting Andrew gave over at national review that basically the Obama administration sought from as a threat and therefore they offer as the FBI to go after him. I haven't seen the evidence of any of that at this point, but I think it's pretty obvious that there are some serious corruption going on inside the FBI with regard to how they decided to conduct the investigation, it means The other big story of the day is that president from says that the United States will impose five percent tariffs on all mexican imports, beginning intense in a dramatic escalation of border clash between the United States in Mexico, is according to the Washington post. Prison all goods entering from Mexico must stop the flow of illegal immigrants
bring from Mexico must stop the flow of illegal immigration. To the United States a dramatic escalation of his border threats that could have sweeping implications for both economies. Now I gotta say I do not understand this. Move by the president. I dont think the president should ever had the sort of tariff authority, as somebody who believes in the checks and balances of the constitution is not the job of the president to set tariffs. It is the job of the legislature to set tariffs. If Congress wants to take back that power, they absolutely should end of Democrats moves you take back tariff power, then Republicans should move with them to do so is the constitutional issue. It's not even a trump issue, the press, They should not have unilateral trade authority. Congress has the power to take back all of this authority. If you're gonna sign some sort of trade treaty, then the Senate is supposed ratify that treaty, and if we want to set tariffs that should be happening, congressional level. Unilaterally. At the presidential level, the emergency executive order is nonsense, like it from Obama. I don't like come from.
Oh, I can neither russian direction by the way. The president unilaterally lowering tariffs is a violation of the constitutional order. The constitution prescribes that the legislature of the United States is supposed to be responsible for the policy decisions. The president of the United States is responsible for implementing this policy decisions and working with Congress to come up with things that can passport the legislative and the executive veto. What I would like to talk more about in one second, first, let's talk about something we can all agree on saving money. The reality is, if you're not shopping around you're, probably not save money, in all agree on saving money, the reality is, if you're not shopping around You'Re- probably not save money. So what if there was a way somebody to do the shopping around for you. What's exactly what honey does? Honey is a free tool that you download your computer's browser, Well, you shop, online, honey scans, the internet for coupon codes. Another discounts, then an automatic We applies the coupon with the biggest savings to your card at check out like magic and eggs Euro effort to install just you clicked in your body.
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folks, including New Gingrich, with regard to president drums terrified with China, saying the only way to get China to stop cheating is for us to tear of China and it'll, hurt. Then more than it hurts guess it will hurt american taxpayers, but that will be temporary because we will force the Chinese to stop treating that, at least is arguable em. I think there's something to it in the sense that China is in actual geopolitical rival to the United States. Attempting to maximize its power, so if they are getting richer and we are getting richer, but they are getting richer at a faster rate than we are getting. What you that may not in fact be good for us. I think there's an open argument, historically speaking as to whether Richard Nixon should
when China, in the first place there were complicating factor, is that the time like the fact that we are trying to separate off the Chinese from the Soviet Union, but there is a case to be made that the attempted thought experiment that if we just allowed the economy of China to liberalize that the politically the politics of China would liberalized, that thought experiment is basically failed, knows mistake. That's why I think that putting tariffs on China, not quite the same thing, is what Trump is doing here of tariffs on Mexico. What exactly this you hope to accomplish by slapping tariffs on mexican goods other than the President kind of like tariffs likes tears. While he says he wants to stop illegal immigration. That way that this policy is not designed to elicit the proper response. It is not so slap tariffs on Mexican good you're. You know accomplish a couple of things: one attacks american citizens, because the food
is that China, that Mexico is our third largest trading partner. I believe that it goes China, Eu Mexico, that's not great for Americans and these in these territories to escalate it's gonna start at five percent. Is gonna, go all the webs twenty five percent to get ready for your products to get more expensive, so not good for the economy. In a near election year for the president and for you re me, you're, the taxpayer number two, it's going to impoverish the economy of Mexico. Now, what trumpets eight is right? That's the threat, if I impoverish the enemy of Mexico. The mexican government is thereby incentivize. You stop illegal immigration, but there's one. There are two problems with that one. If the economy in Mexico is worse, where do you think those people are going to go where the Mexican who are living about economy are going to move. You think they're not going to move north through our poorest border in full. At every period in american history, where the american economy is doing really well on the mexican economy is not doing really well, you know, what's a thing that happens. A lot
illegal immigration also do you really think that the mexican government, which is politically accountable, remember that the mexican government is in a crackdown on illegal immigration in the midst of a bad economy. You really think it's gonna happen, because that stolen elected their Sillam elected government, how popular anything that government would be you think that gonna be real popular. If there are like you know what or shutting down illegal immigration, so people can travel across the. U S bore and then shipped the money back to Mexico, which is very often what happens, we're doing it at the behest of Donald yeah. I'm sure that that government will be long for this earth, so none of this is actually geared toward toward success. You know what I've been geared toward success would be a border Walter, We really great the border. While we have been much more geared towards stopping you immigration without wrecking the economy, to the South, Boston, taxing american citizens. To do it, this is this is not some our policy,
The White House plans begin loving the import penalties under intense and ratchet penalties higher if the migrant flows and halted here's the other problem, there is no actual measure of what a halt in migrant flows looks like also how the hell are you going to determine if the migrant flow has halted in like six weeks, because the first deadline on this thing is July. First, that's the first deadline on this thing after the five points, Parents are imposed on June, tenth the White House and would increase the penalties to ten percent on July first and then an additional five percent on the first day of each month for three months. So me get this straight. You are now give the mexican government, approximately five minutes to stop the illegal immigration flow than you
and actually measured? What that looks like? Let's say that it just lessons: let's eat slows little, but is that enough to relieve the tariffs or does have to stop ultimately and if it doesn't stop? Ultimately, you just gonna keep ratchet like forever, or does it also worth noting president trumpet is not a fan of NAFTA, so he promptly proceeded to rewrite NAFTA and basically pass most of NAFTA with a few improvements in the: U S. Mexico trade deal that trade, it- was basically gonna fall apart. Now is one of these signal accomplishments of his trade policy? U S! Mexico trade is based. We're going to fall apart now for a policy that is not going to accomplish what he seeks to accomplish. The economic consequences of trumps new plan could be swift and severe tariffs are paid by companies that import products. So U S, firms would pay the import penalties and then likely pass some costs along to consumers. Mexico export it three hundred forty six point: five billion dollars in goods to the United States last year from vehicles to fruits and vegetables. Many MAC manufactured items cross the border. Several
times as they are being assembled White House officials didn't immediately explain how driving up the cost of mexican goods would stem the flow of migrants. Mexico vowed a response that could pitch the Trump administration into a full scale. Trade war Mexico's deputy foreign Minister from North American for North America, his use shed Chad said the threatened tariffs would be disastrous and added the Mexico would respond strongly in a letter sent thirst they even mexican President others manual bizarre blunder, addressed Trump in harsh terms. A market chain from the diplomatic posture he has tried to adopt, Mr President, from social problems, can be resolved through taxes. Ok,
the measures he also loaded on front for his administrations. Immigration policy, as I say, illegal immigration- is very popular Mexico. You really think that killing their economy is also going to lead the government to suddenly do what Trump wants them to do. That seems not like a particularly smart policy want to keep people in Mexico. You have to make the economy of Mexico better and you have to build a wall. Those are the two things from Zimbabwe call for all the talk about it, and also the economy in Mexico is only gonna get better if we are trading with them which, by the way, is also good for american citizens. Ok, injustice. Second, we're gonna get to more on this. We are also going to get you a: U S, census controversy that I think is being overblown I'll explain in just a second first, no one really has time to go
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great reminder of what this country stands for, and the great sacrifices made that we can exercise our right to free speech. Go check that out. You get it on Saturday when you're a subscriber and get all the extra content behind the pay well and all the rest of that stuff check this out at Youtube regions. Please subscribe and leave us review. We always appreciate where the fact we are the largest fastest In summary, Pakistan radio showed America, so there's a controversy, there's been breaking out. One of the one of the great lies. I think that the Democratic Party continues to tell you is that the Trump Administration and Republic in general, are vicious racist or seeking to water down the votes of minorities because they don't like minorities. This is untrue. What is happening always happened? Is the jury is designed to benefit your political party, and that means drawing lines round your political opponents and watering down their districts or consolidating their districts to their more competitive districts? For you, this happens in every damn Craddock Satan happens in every republican state, the region,
This should become a national issue. Now is because the Trump Administration is considering asking a citizen suit citizenship, question on the: U S, census Now this seems like an old brain or write. It seems like we should know how many illegal immigrants live in the United States, and it seems like should really know that, for purposes of apportionment, because one of the things about the affair Can political system is that we have to decide exactly how seats are apportioned in the United States Congress lumber every district level, one man one vote role when it comes to the House of Representatives, but the way that works is that we measure the population of the district and each district has to be equivalent in terms of population. So what that means is that a district in Montana may cover the entire state of Montana and industry It's in California may cover a slice of LOS Angeles and how you druthers districts matters an awful lot, but in terms of citizenship, we measure the population
the district. We do not measure the number of registered voters in the district, so in other words, if you have a hundred thousand illegal immigrants living in a district and one registered voter living in that district, that district, that one voter will have as many representatives as another district with a hundred thousand and one A hundred thousand in one registered voters where you could have adjust towards only registered voters and a district that is one registered voters. Hundred thousand illegal immigrants, and they will have the same number of representatives. That's how portion that works. So the Trump Administration has been moving toward the idea that abortion should not be taking place on the basis of people legally should not be in the country, which makes perfect sense to me. But now the left is trying to make the arguments that two even ask the citizenship, question itself is a racist, of course, through an argument over the Washington Post, one article at the Washington Post despite trumpet minute
Frazier. Denials new evidence suggests senses, citizens, citizens, citizenship, question was crafted to benefit white Republicans, and here is the way the date tell the story. Just weeks before the Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether the Trump administration can add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty census. New evidence emerged Thursday, suggesting the question was crafted specifically to give an electoral advantaged Republicans and white. Now again, if inherently you denigrate the populations of a district, because it is largely illegal immigrant hispanics that is going to benefit other populations in the country, including Republicans and white, but not limited to groups. Obviously, the evidence was found in the files of prominent republican redistricting strategist Thomas who feller after his death in August, reveals that old fellow played a significant role in orchestrating the addition of the citizenship question. Since twenty twenty two central senses in order to create a structural, electoral advantage for, in his own words, republic.
Kinda non hispanic, white plaintiffs lawyers challenging the question wrote in letter Thursday morning, she was district, Judge Jesse firm, it But where is also argued, the Trump administration officials purposely obscured who fellers role in court proceedings The letter drew on new information discovered on hard rise belonging to a fellow who fell into the hands of his strange daughter, who then promptly share them with common cause, which is a very left group damage to the Democrats and benefit white Republicans in redistricting study that adding a citizenship questions in the twenty twenty senses would clearly be a disadvantage to the Democrats and benefit white Republicans in redistricting. Again, that is just status, play true. That does not necessarily mean that it is statistically racist in the same way that if you re district- and you basically take a district that was heavily democrat and heavily blackening split into two districts where now blacked Emily
of a fifty one percent majority in those two districts. Now black Democrats have two seats, presumably that they get to take as opposed to one in this particular district. Just statistically speaking as our racial breakdown question it just a rubber its recognition that many groups in the United States tend to Volvo or a vote in, firms of polarized racial blocks now the media are spending? This is this is because they're trying to be racist? No, this is because republican strategies are trying to be republican. If it does not mean they don't want him. Banning people to vote. It does not mean they don't want black people to vote, it does not mean, don't want Democrats about; it means they want to redistricting Help Republic it is just as Democrats have always wanted to restrict, to help Democrats and also a general rule. It is worth while noting that districts should not represent people who do not belong in the Humphrey. I don't even know why that's remotely controversial Justice Department spokesman issued a statement disputing the report of new evidence said he's eleventh hour allegations by the plaintiff, including inaccurate,
and of dishonesty against a senior department of justice. Special are false. They said there are feller study played no role in their departments December. Twenty seventeen West to reinstate citizenship. Question twenty twenty two central again that race Race plays a role in american politics. Unfortunately, it does, and Brok Obama had african american for Obama, he went out there in the twenty sixteen election, and he said that he had taken his direct insult to presidency if black voters to shop in droves, vote for Hillary Clinton is a referendum on its presidency. It's it's there funny, how high and mighty the same people who purport to believe an intersection of politics and re space politics get uptight when people points out. The Democrats think that way and therefore redistricting should take into account political factors minutes it's it's pretty amazing. Now again, I would prefer that redistricting didn't take into account race at all and that the Supreme Court says that it should not. I agree with the Supreme Court, obviously but
as a result of redistricting. Will people be split up differently? Yes, they will, and that will benefit certain groups at the expense of other groups, because everyone you draw benefits certain groups at the expense of other groups. Unfortunately, soap the media. I think our covering this in a slightly unfair way, at the very least, at the very least, we'll see other Supreme court rules on. It is definitely an interesting issue. So would keep an eye on that. Meanwhile, there's a story that got very little attention this week, even though it is a bombshell according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Martin Luther King Jr allegedly had sexual relations with at least forty women from prostitutes, two people within his inner circle into explosive new research published Thursday by David J Euro. One of the civil rights leaders, foremost biographers, the most shocking allegation, cold from decades old FBI files. Details in nineteen sixty four incident in which can reportedly looked on laughed and offered advice to a fellow creature who is right
a woman in a hotel room with other allegations from formerly sealed FBI documents, including the king Father, to love child and participated in orgy. With a female gospel legend in an eight page essay, he wrote it for Sandpoint, a british cultural and, magazine. The incidents emerged as part of a national archives data dump related to the assassination of John F Kennedy and two thousand eighteen president tunnel, from ordered the release of more than nineteen thousand Kennedy related documents, the documents included some surveillance, summary, The FBI, wiretaps of king between nineteen sixty three in nineteen sixty six in his home office in hotel rooms, as well as information from informants. What infiltrated kings circle, the EP. Allegations chronicle by girl could trigger an examination of the civil rights heroes, personal life in a second on to talk about why this matters and why it so this, of course, has been largely ignored by law most of the mainstream media. Now imagine that
the amount that Ronald Reagan had engaged in this sort of behaviour. He calls for the statues. Ronald Reagan to come down immediately, would break out. The costs have not been issued for Martin Luther King statues to come down, and I don't think I'm ok. Statues should come down. Why? Because this goes to the heart of how we think about people, the past people, the past are fully share, Did human beings a lotta? Those people engage in true evils. If these allegations are our true, I mean this is truly evil behaviour. Why do people engaged in fully evil behavior, but also did good things for the world
the complexities of human behaviour. Human beings are not all white hat or all black had there, not all good or all evil human beings do good things at a new bad things, human being sin, and they commit great acts of courage and the reason we build statues. Two m o k is not because we are enshrined in his personal love life, not because we are enshrined in his treatment of women. The reason statues are built of an ok is because an ok was instrumental in ending state sponsored discrimination in the United States in a unique way that brought Americans together. That is why we build statues and it's the same thing with regard to Thomas Jefferson, George, Washington. The reason you build a statue George Washington is because he was the father of our country because he was the most important weeding founding Father Father figure in America. We're not building a statue of him because we are enshrined in his views on slavery or his own personal behaviour. With regard to slavery,
same thing is true. Thomas Jefferson, now things get more dicey when you talk about building a statue of a confederate general, because then the question is, what are you paying for you to be paying tribute to the confederacy, which was an evil organization, is in its promulgation of slavery. Are you building a tribute to the person for their personal courage? Is the statue? built because you are in my courage of the man with him. Ok, it's pretty obvious not building a statue because of his treatment of women, your building, a statue because of his roll in the civil rights movement. If we are now going to tear down statues of everybody who a great thing but also bad things, even though the statue release ments commemorate the great thing, there will be no statues, it turns out all human beings do some really crappy stuff. So this m ok thing should be a great minor to folks or intends on tearing down every monument or chipping names off every building that simply building monuments or
names on buildings is not an endorsement of every aspect of human beings. Life. Neither is voting for someone by the way. If you vote for someone, that does not mean that you endorse every subject of what they do or who they are. You personally then go on to endorse all the aspects of what they do or who they are. That is EU problem, but simply voting for someone even building a monument to someone doesn't mean you endorse everything about them, so we ought to keep that mine, because even people who made tremendous contributions to humanity allegedly can do some truly evil things. If these stories about I'm ok, our true, ok time for some male bagging. So, let's get to it already Joseph Shalom from Toledo, Spain, as a conservative, I've been poised to I've, been pose. The following question, given that we have public services for safety such as fire and police departments. Why should health care not be public? I've tried to argue that their personal decisions that affect the type of healthcare needed, but there are still some contagion,
cause externalities beyond one's personal choices. How'd, you argue the difference between these services. What are the general principles that would constitute a cervix service to be public? Ok, so there's a basic view in economics that there is a difference between so called public goods and private goods. Public goods are goods that are what we call man excluded, ble and non Rivalries is so sunshine is a non exportable, non rivalries, good meaning your enjoyment of the good does not decrease my enjoyment of the good and it's not excluded. I can't stop you from enjoying the sunshine we tend to view police and fire fighters in that way the police and fire fighters are non excludable, non rivalrous good, and you can stick around to the fire department. I got to take advantage of the fire department. Your enjoyment of the fire department does not decrease my enjoyment of the fire department. Your enjoyment of the of the police department does not change.
Enjoyment of the police department. Now it's true that on the very extreme edges here, then it could be rivalries theoretically, read me of a small police department to many citizens, so that means that my enjoyment of the police department does in fact deprive you of your enjoyment of the police department, but overall the idea that the police, and fire fighters, the building of roads, that these things are not excluded and non rivalries that you enjoy it. I can't stop you from enjoying it in saving holds true, for the army are not excluded, Mun rivalries, they Army defends my town, which means defends you do and my show me, the military does not increase your enjoyment of the military. Those are fall under the category of public or private good are both excludable and rival. Rest I own my home, and I can keep you out of my home. Excluding and my enjoyment of my home, prevent you from enjoyment of my home. That is any typical good is a private, but so is healthcare more like a a non inscrutable, non rivalries good, or is it more like an inscrutable rivalries? Good then? The answer is my
Enjoyment of my doctor prevents you from enjoying my doctor and that doctor has a right to exclude you from service. The doktor does not have a duty to serve you, so it is more like a private good. Healthcare is more like a private good. Now you talk about contagion. Can Adrian now moves into the usual externalities. This is where regulations are necessary, and this is why, for example, I am in favour of government mandated vaccinations, because now you ve got or I'm in favour of the government taking a role in preventing the outspread, the outbreak of contagion, for example. But when it comes to you broke your leg, and now you want to go to the doctrine, get your legs text. That has nothing to do with me. That is a! U Prob. One meaning that is it is it is inexcusable rival, risk good, you're gonna go to the doctor. You're gonna pay, I'm not going to the doctor, I'm not paying in my leg, and that is not the same thing as police or fire, both of which are designed to protect an entire community
and in fact crime in my neighborhood is dependent on crime being stopped on my front door. A health care in my neighborhood is not dependent on you not being able to heal your broken leg is why changes a little bit with regard to contagious disease Chris, as what do you think causes most big city Celine, so heavily left. Is there ever a world in which cities turn red, or are they just naturally inclined to be blue? Now I think that that cities tend to turn blue, because The reality is that when you live in an area that is more dispersed, you are less likely to encroach on other people's property other people's way of life. You just don't see other people that much when you are in a crowded room. The ground rules need to be set in the ground, rules need to be complicated and they need to and they need to set what the common good is. And that means there needs to be some sort of overarching authority that sets how that works. Rezoning restrictions don't seem to apply as much in areas of dive of widely dispersed population. But if you're I live next door to each other or now going to have
they have a rule about whether you can erect a smokestack on your property or not when you crammed people together, that requires a lot of government in order to ensure that those people are not harming each other. Just that's the way. It works more people in a short in a small amount of space. Means that there's a lot more externalities, which naturally means a lot more government wants. The government is involve in every aspect of your life, it's easier to also call on the government to be involved in the problems that court of what you want to solve that that's. The cities have historically been much more liberal than the country they will continue to be, which is why, for conservatives, they're gonna have to find a different appeal to people in cities, and I think that be cultural wars provide that appeal. Frankly, the fact that the law has gotten so over overbearing and its attempts to cram down those common rules, even in cities means that the backlash is coming and the ineffectiveness of government has always been a strong pitch for conservative, but overwhelmingly cities will remain liberal. The question is, whether that liberalism is ninety ten liberalism or fifty five, forty five liberalism Stevens, as which trilogies
better original star wars or Lord of the rings. Lord of the rings, ok Johns as having at such a clear cut answer that it doesn't even require explanation Priscilla, because return of the general has very serious laws to it. Also Lord of the rings is deeply moving, has something spiritual to say. I love star wars to but the original STAR Wars trilogy whenever, whenever the best movie ever trilogies, the second movie its not the best trilogy. I think it is fair to say, ok, John, says, Haven. I'm really excited to see the Sunday special DNA veterans he's. A truly amazing, I'm looking forward to hearing their stories. I wanted to know if you there's any historical aspects or part of world war. Two that is under studied, misunderstood or that people should be more aware of. I've always been very. Kristen military history. I'd like your thoughts on this, thank you and have a great weaken. Well, I think that there are a lot of aspects too World WAR, their under studied or misunderstood neurons. So some those aspects include the origins of world war, two and Stalin's role in
being to initiate world war two by siding with with Hitler. Obviously I think that the the there there a bunch, military operations that are really there really ignored. For example, there was a there's something called D up: the battle d up, that is a fascinating, fascinating incident in world war. Two is before us today and the allies wanted to see exactly how Germans offences would respond to an end PS invasion, and so they actually organised a small amphibious invasion in a place called the up and they sent a bunch of Canadian was most canadian troops to d up to fight on the beaches, knowing full well that these guys were basically going
water? The notion that in war, people go willingly to their death, knowing that their mission is what is basically only to gather information. For example, I mean that's. That's true heroism and it does demonstrate the bloody sacrifice of war. I think that we wildly under study the Pacific WAR in World war. Two then we study a lot the the Atlantic, where we study a lot the war in Germany and the war in France. We study the Holocaust a lot. We dont study nearly enough what Imperial Japan was and truly how evil imperial, pen was, I mean the rape of nine king, which happens before world war. Two is absolutely shocking in its brutality from the fact that that the Pacific wars under studied is a reflection of certain sensibilities. On the part of historians, to focus in on Europe in a way that they are not focusing on what actually lead to America's involvement in world war, two which was frankly the attack on Pearl Harbor and the idea of japanese imperialist to maximize power in the Far EAST
see Christmas as I live in California, all my life, I'm nothing about moving to another state due to the cost of living, coupled with the raising of a family. Fifteen month old son as a Christian had loved to live in a state and community. The chair, traditional Valley, but it seems even read, states, are becoming more more blue, get more, Your family out of California wording and why, thanks for what I have concerns that other people don't happen, I'm unorthodox true. That means I have to find an area that has orthodox Jews in it, because I have to be within walking distance of a synagogue. There have to be at least some postal markets, maybe some kosher restaurants, so that there is to be a jewish state schools so that limits so where I can go to the biggest orthodox. Populations in the United States are, unfortunately, all in very liberal areas. It is New York, Chicago LOS Angeles, in order of populations, New York, LOS Angeles, Chicago and then tell us, I believe, jealousy growing community. So we probably can,
their Dallas Houston has a growing orthodox community would probably consider Houston. Texas has has a lot of things going forward, though. That's a personal concern that I have that other people would not but listen. I think there are lots of ready areas around the country. They have a really great living and cost of living have a lot of burgeoning jobs. If I were not orthodox if I were not jewish I'd be looking to places further north. I be looking to be looking to Iowa I would be looking to maybe South Dakota buildings. Some these places that have booming economy is an ever smaller states, and that means that the smaller states are unlikely to go deep blue anytime soon. Just because again, smaller states with more displaced populations are less likely to have been these governing them. What's he tells us haven't tomorrow we celebrate my dad's retirement from the US coastguard after thirty years of service, when giving The shouting graduate him on this amazed accomplishment? I wish you'd angle
it is. I can give my direct shout out, but definitely congratulations and thanks for a service that is amazing, stuff, Brodie, says good, more, a good morrow when a question from a canadian fan. Is it true that Palestinians in Israel are not allowed to vote nationally, our palestinian state. In Israel overall thanks Brodie while depends are the Palestinians, Israelis, citizens? So there are many israeli arab citizens, one point two million at last count and they represent about twenty percent of the voting base in Israel somewhere between fifteen and twenty percent of the voting basin. Israel is, in fact, Arab. There are several air parties in the Israeli can as it some of those airports have openly called for the destruction of the state of Israel, the maybe Sharll each one of them. So the the fact that
Arabs in Israel vote is true air Arabs living under the rule of the Palestinian Authority to unfold in israeli elections because they are not ruled by Israelis. Israel has set up military blockades, basically in order to prevent the invasion of people who wish to kill israeli citizens, but Palestinians have been engaged in self rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for a long time. It's more self rule in the Gaza Strip and even in the West Bank, because the West Bank is more integrated territorially with Israel, then the Gaza Strip, as the Gaza Strip, has been engaged in like why shouldn't Palestinians living under Hamas will lead to Hamas and two thousand sex. Why exactly should they be voting? It is rarely elections. Why should Palestinians who live under the Palestinian Authority? I was informed that that was the pet effectively, that the Palestinians should have autonomy. Why should they vote in israeli elections anymore than the Israelis should vote in the garden electrons Lindsey Alex as Haven I was listening to a podcast unlock the subject of property and productivity. The host argued that, with no property tax there's no one here
did the when can sit there and waste if the owner so decides, but with the tacitly something has gained, and it can also encourage productivity in order to pay the tax. What are your thoughts on? The taxing of private property is means to encourage owners to make the land in which they own productive of the show, I'm against property taxes, these ones I pay for it. The government no longer has a role once I pay. There's no other products in the United States, where you pay a sales tax on it and the next thing you know you have to keep paying attacks on every single year. When I buy a car, I don't keep paying attacks on the car every single year. When I buy property, I paint a certain sales tax effectively speaking in net, then I'm supposed to pay for the value of the property every single year, percentage of the value of the property and very much against property taxes, and I do not think that it creates an incentive to cultivate the land. Presumably, the reason that you paid to cultivate two vital in the first place is because you want to cultivate it. Also lock was a fan of what was called the advert possession, which is the idea that if you buy a piece of land- and you just leave it there fallow for twenty
yours and you never visited, and somebody comes and establishes their own house on your land and then proceeded to cultivate the land that it becomes. Theirs is actually part of american law address possession. I believe there is even a case if I'm not mistaken, against, like Opera Winfrey, a while back in which somebody actually did. This is basically squatters writes that went squatted on some property that you never visited. Debbie says with the speech the Miller give yesterday on his way out the door as predicted at his rams up. The Democrats call for impeachment. Obviously now looks like it could be
the timing game with the election around the corner. If the house were to impeach next year, does the Senate have to vote on it? Would it be possible that the Republicans could find themselves without a viable candidate on election day due to come and simply not being primary? How would the Republicans safeguard against that? They have to primary him? Last but not least, of transport of impeach in his second term in my pants, became president how the office for vice president be filled, so the the factual question of who replaces the vice president: it's not a constitutionally appointed office, so my understanding is that pence could appoint the replacement.
De I dont think that there is provision for this. You know what I'm I'm not actually show that question and sickness a really good question there might be in the constitutional amendment about the line of succession, I'm an amateur check that out because that its lips my mind frankly at this point, so I will I will check. I dont think that it's like the speaker of the house then takes up to the vice presidency. That impression it's not the case. I think that the office might even remain vacant. I'm not sure, really good question with the speech that mother gave yesterday Lucy. If the house were to impede the Senate have to vote on it know this and it does not have to vote on a theoretically. They could just kill it and not do anything, but they would vote on it in the vote to end.
The Republicans will not find themselves that viable candidate on election day? That's not a thing Michael's has been mother, made it clear that he had no ability to invite the president. Did you have the ability to officially recommend impeachment? Well, he has the ability to recommend indictment in the absence of the GEO J rules, which is an effective recommendation of impeachment. That's what bar said today. I think that is correct. There is nothing in the deal J rules that, as in the in the absence of this rule, we would we would vote to indict right or we pushed to indict. He could have said that that would have led to impeachment there's nothing. That officially says he can't say. The term should be impatient, could gotten up there. It is statement and said that that goes again. Impeachment is a political matter, not a criminal one. What's weird about what Mahler did is that he was appointed to investing criminal matters, and then you didn't rule on the criminal matter. Instead, he basically Quasi said Impeach Kevin's, as had been, if you had to guess what
you think it's like in the oval office when Trump and policy of meetings you think there is means we each other face to face as they are publicly. I laugh out loud thinking about the awkwardness in that room loved. The show thinks you're crazy dedication to bringing us. The truth will come. Appreciate it. No, I think they probably get along until the cameras go on in them into each other, because I know many demo That's in Congress. I know many Republicans in Congress and its basically the way this works. If people understood how chummy everybody is behind the scenes, I'm not sure whether they would be happier or more angry, but the fact is that a lot of this is for public show. You note from President from the Nancy Blowsy we're we're getting along up until the point where she basically call them.
Instead, it should be thrown back. That's so remember, tromp was getting lower, Diane Feinstein, so much a gun, control. Meeting that Republicans had to reinforce president trumped, you stick with his principles as opposed to getting chummy with people in front of our time for a quick thing that I like, and then we'll do a thing that I hate so because I have a young children. This means that I can watch kids movies, which has one one of the kids movies that I watched the other day with my daughter. She is obsessed with how to train your dragon. She loves it And she had not seen how to bring a dragon two or three. I will I still gamacho her too, because she's a little bit too young to understand like parental Beth handing out upset her too much. It have nightmares but have trainer dragon. Three is a really nice cute innocent movie, its work, the watch, it's good for kids, little to scary for kids, who are maybe under five or six. But beyond that definitely doable. Here's women who have triggered again three, the hidden world. There were dragons when I was a boy
Where they, when only a few hours story, changed the world forever. With the world's first Dragon Viking Utopia, Europe to be maybe minds, lace, in more that might well he's not the only why she's, unlike fury you, oh sorry, did he just disappear, is pretty it's pretty by its attack and it's got some really great scenes. They got here, but also the music is great. John Powell, who did the music for how to train your dragon? Incredibly talented dude, also did the music for born identity. Among other films go check it out, as could forget by the way, I did look up well that trailers
who replaces the BP if the VP becomes. President in my original answer was correct. He does select his own VP at that point. Ok, other things that I like. So this was just hilarious. Charlotte in the God has a show called the breakfast club when he had on Senator, was before, and things did not go great for Elizabeth warrant. He started asking her about why she claimed that she was native American for years and it was awkward your family told you. You were native American Let me tell me, and a million undoubtably you are how, How long did you alone- and there was some report- they said you, a native American, on your taxes bar licence. In it, you said you, a native american awesome documents when you're a professor at Harvard. I why'd you do it so it's, but I believe, with any benefits that it now Bastone Club did a full investigation. It never effect is nothing about my family ever affected any job.
Ever brought you to get a discount collars, no kind of like the original Rachel Dodo below bit rigid allows while pretending to be black. Now. This is what I learned from my family, though I set up a ouch, ouch yeah, that's understand a little bit while ok time for one thing that I hate. Ok look like thing that I hate turns out North Korea's Super evil North Korea, I mean the dictatorship in North Korea, so remember that time that President from says that he trusts Kendra Loon and is a really strong young leader yeah. Here's what what happened in the aftermath of some to go stations that went wrong according to USA. Today, North Korea executed its special nuclear envoy to the United States as part of a purge of senior officials over the phone summit between commercial and President Donald Trump. According to South Korea is chosen, elbow newspaper, Chemic Yoke, Troll was executed by
firing squad in March, along with four other foreign ministry officials, the paper reported North Korea, neither can confirm or deny the report. South Korea's government was not able to confirm the claim for that can help. Troll and other senior officials were shot after being accused of spying for the United States. The paper reported the kindred and ordered the purge. Amid me, dissatisfaction with the summit in Hanoi. The second time came in from it face to face for talks in Vietnam. They failed to reach a deal because of conflict over the White House. His calls for complete to nuclear radiation. Since then, amid a diplomatic stand off. North Korea has resumed short range ballistic missile testing from past weeded out. North Korea fired off from small weapons, which disturb some my people and others, but not me. Ok, this suggested Maybe we shouldn't be treating Kim Jong own as either an authority on president draw by on Vice President Joe Biden, intelligence or on international affairs generally
We are trusting him. Probably you shouldn't trust, the guy who the negotiations went bad and he just shot everyone that seems kind of like a problem just going to put that out there. All right, we'll be back here at later today, with two additional hours of Ben Shapiro show otherwise we'll see her on Monday. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend stay up. Your folks just stay off that will see her. I'm an adventure of this is the venture Barroso. This is the bench a bureau show executive, producer Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey, our supervising producer is math is Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam Sigh of its audio is mixed bag. Carro Mina Heron make up is by just one overall production assistant Nick she had the bench. Shapiro shows a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen. Betting markets, election models and a political scientist who has correctly predicted nine presidential elections also tromp, is headed for victory and twenty twenty. We will examine why than lives warring gets wrecked on the radio the world,
tiniest baby ever is born Elton John hates his country, and Conservatives open up a major fight over the definition of conservatism, check it out at the Michael Knoll Show.
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