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Ep. 794 - So. Much. Journalisming.

2019-06-04 | 🔗

MSNBC goes wild for Mayor Pete, Stephen Colbert spills the beans on political comedy, and President Trump gets the royal treatment. Date: 6-04-2019

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MSNBC goes wild for Mayor PETE, Stephen Cole Bear spills, the beans on political comedy and president Trump gets the royal treatment I mention here. This is the bench gyro shop about Trump in Britain. Always is going to bring the laughs, and we have a lot to laugh about today, mostly the president doing pretty good job over and Britain and the Brits making clear that their brand of comedy has sunk a bit. Monty python will get to all of that in just a second first, we're never going to agree on everything, but I think we can all agree that we can use more sleep. I am one of those humans getting a great night. Sleep is easier affordable than you think you don't need a new, expensive, mattress or sleeping pills. You need to change your sheets, that's why you should check out bowl and rent. You think your sheets, don't matter! You think I've got a great mattress, got a great great bed frame everything
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true journalism. So we saw the daily beast: go for a Randall who posted a video of Nancy Pelosi slurring her words, because it was deeply important for us to find out that he was an african American from supporter who had an itinerant work history and had a criminal conviction very, very important and then to hey yet Buzzfeed GO after a guy for the grand crime of properly handling a racist to ashkal writing over the daily wire, a man working. The front let's get a holiday Inn Express in Austin, Texas became an internet here on Monday to the way, he calmly responded to a woman who had called him an effing and earlier on the phone. The man film himself, telling the woman he wouldn't let her stay at the hotel and that it's above me now woman apologizes for the slur shoes. He said she said. Bad day a family member had recently died. The hotel clerk didn't give in. He said it was hurtful. Room to hear what you said and directed her to the best western hotel next door. The guy happens to be both black and gay. He quickly became a meme on Sunday night and into Monday. Good news. Buzzfeed then decided to drag up his old tweets. I kid you not so
guy, apparently properly handled a racist who called him in saying n word on the phone and then but he decided it was important to resurface everything he had ever written on Twitter and us to ruin his life buddy he's right about his video soon after internet sleuths, as Buzzfeed NEWS called them, and this is what we're calling people who are jackasses now people who decide then, whenever anybody jumps into the public eye, we have to go back and look up anything they have ever sat yeah that that human beings are not shaded either. They are entirely good in her outlook or they're, entirely bad evil, and if they've done a bad or evil thing or even a thing that has just crossed the politically correct lines drawn by our society. If they, do those things that we have to cast them out among leopards. The lepers Buzzfeed NEWS wrote that internet sleuths dug through the man's old, tweets and found his past comments about transgender individual, Blue check, twitter users then amplified his past weeds, many of which he stated opinion that he doesn't agree with transgender.
And pointing out that men can't get pregnant. An women can't fertilize an egg which is basic biology, uh, the which were responding to members of the Trans Community, criticizing his tweets. It doesn't matter the guy is gay and black, not intersectional enough. My friends, he happens to be a biological man, believes that biological males exist. Buzzfeed took it original story loud in the guy and then updated it to include the man's past tweets and join in on the shaming the man initially responded repeating what he had said on Twitter, that he was not against transgender individuals, but he's not with it. The phenomenon of society, approving of transgenderism as something buddy meant this order. Presumably he said there may lol. I said what I said: people are so sensitive, I'm gay and I know people will not agree with me being gay- I just don't and will never get trans period that didn't stop the social justice mob from coming after him. So This is the way things work now. A guy does something that the left cheers and then even that guy gets destroyed because he once posted a tweet, but some people on the social
Justice warrior left do not like this is the world in which we now have an uh mainstream media outlets pushing this Buzzfeed is a mainstream outlet is a highly highly trafficked outlet, with with production deals in place from major companies. 10s of millions of dollars, so newsy, so incredibly, newsy Buzzfeed, of course, just last week, when, after Maine, with the suggestion that a guy who tried to Hasta LA synagogue had been inspired by my writing, which you to be insane to believe I'm an orthodox Jew who is we'd antagonised of the all right, the Buzzfeed is doing. Yeoman's work the daily he's doing Yeoman's work resurfacing. All of the no history of a man who made a video about Nancy Pelosi that made her seem slightly drunk man. I'm so glad our journalists are on the beat. I can't
Stan. Why Americans don't take our media so seriously anymore? I just I I don't understand it when they are engaged in such a journalist, name on a regular basis. Why? Wouldn't we take them seriously? These are these: are the people, the the honest truth to power, people absolute truth to power and in in this this spreads over into obviously presidential politics? The grin that these are not say, is Judge South Bend. Indiana Magnum Morning coming to show come on as it Indiana This is, I don't know, I said well seems like a state like the pacers they play in Indiana right. Reggie Miller is good player. Smits. Don't know much about him beyond that uh. Well, he decide Is it going to have on eat booty gel point out here that the town halls that have been run on Fox NEWS have been run with their objective news anchors that people like Martha Maccallum or people like Brett,
there, the the town halls on MSNBC over by Chris Matthews and aren't Democrat like to push Democrats, is hard possibly can get up in the morning coming to show and push Democrat Put, my little scooter push more out here. So here he is praising people to Jesse opens up by talking about PETE Budaj, being the most imp in candidate since Jesus Christ, first arrived in Bethlehem. I mean this. Guy is just mayor. Pete, a zero to millions, he's, a saint listen to this intro from Chris Matthews. So this is not shocking. Chris Matthews- and if you remember this back into as a type up his leg sitting here watching Brock about. Sitting are suddenly my legs tingling. I thought. Having a heart attack now wasn't a heart attack. It was sexual attraction. Chris Matthews talk about mirror, paint, booty, Jetsgo, nonsense, Brock Obama was the candidate. Has someone ignited so much buds so fast
he's. Thirty. Seven years old, a graduate of Harvard or Rhodes, scholar and Naval Reserve officer was deployed to Afghanistan and the mayor A small city in Indiana Population hundred thousand he'd footage. He says is eight years leading south Bend. Indiana gives him more experience to be president, the Don trump had he gave me, for his hometown, which a decade. Was cited as one of America's ten dying cities the same year, but is elected mayor, and then he proceeds to go into this. Hey geographic description of south and how everything is all about. The crime rates in South Bend still suck by the way South Bend has not been healed as a city, budaj edge, is a controversial mayor, to say the least. He is not this kind of under Wunderkinder mayor who is healed the city and made all the problems, go away there, a lot of minority folks in the city who are very angry people change. They said that he basically was bulldozing minority
on housing for some of his public private projects, in any case that opener that he's the most buzzed about candidate since Barack Obama, in two thousand yeah, there's guy, who ran for president name, two thousand and fifteen or so down escalator and proceeds to own every piece of media coverage ever like media coverage, going back all the way to the time of the Romans. This guy was buzzed about that. He became president on the basis of basically being him you may recall him, because he's currently, president of the United States, would talk about candidates who have drawn buzz, may repeat: note rank in like the top five mayor. Pete has driven enough buzz to get him to about six percent in the latest polls. Resin That's where he is okay. There's a new CNN poll out today, PETE Judge. Is it five percent five percent Does that sound, like somebody, who's received just the most buzz since Rock Obama button to
sounds like somebody. Who's got a lot of people in sort of the left, liberal white enclaves of media buzzing, but outside those enclaves. Anybody give a crap about people to judge that really not so much he's kind of like Beto O'Rourke by the way, he's tired tide with Beto O'Rourke in the polls right now, but apparently, according to Chris Matthews Summit I think this does make all of our people. Any judge of air talking about judge been, let's buzz about can't it. I trust our journalistic class man. Are they good at their job? And then my favorite part of this particular interview with people to judge is Matthews basically trying to steer people to judge where he wanted to go. It really is incredible. Like me, trying to teach my five year old, how to ride a bicycle. Is our point her front wheel and give a little Bush and then she sort of falls over. That was this interview. People who judge fell over a lot and Chris Matt and then, when my daughter falls over on her bike and I say good job honey. Try it again. That was this interview. Basically, Chris Matthews gets people to judge
I can't I push it down this out. Well that I can follow over to pick it right up. Bill pay will pick it up brush off the bill does, and they will talk too much about why so great, so here is Chris now he's talking to people judge about slavery, reparations which record was not on the table for Democrats. Until five minutes ago everybody Democratic party feels in city now to talk about. Slavery reparations now check. My mouth Slavery ended in the United States in eighteen sixty five, the current year, if I'm not mistaken, is two thousand and nineteen. That means that one hundred and fifty four his later we're talking about slavery, reparations to people who are the great great, great, great, great grandchildren of slaves for the most part and from people who were never involved in slavery. The vast majority of white people in America were never involved in slavery. Many of them are descended from people who died to end slavery. Nonetheless,
become kind of wrote, part of the democratic stump speech in twenty twenty slavery reparations ought to be on the table all because everybody in the is also decided that uh he see coats is great, intellect wildly overrated writer from the Atlantic whose whose expertise in purple prose and my goodness that guys writing is over He thinks he's James Baldwin he's like James Baldwin. If somebody took an entire bucket of fuchsia paint imported on him, I mean his writing is just dripping. Overwatch annoying purple silliness, and everybody on the left has embraced it because, of course, this is how they show their woke. So here is Chris Matthews urging people to judge to show that he's well, who judged by the way, needs this, because Buddha Judge has approximately zero percent of the black vote. Right now, because it turns out that black voters are not super into. Eight hundred and thirty seven year old, mayor from South Bend Indiana, who has no particular connection with the
community. So now we're going to just try to go full pander. Here's Christmas! Let's talk about slavery, reparations but it is what it is is good. The balance do this thing: do this thing the form of Rev? It would have no ongoing enduring value to african Americans in this country, not just money up front but changing their opportunity for that's what? How do you do it yeah? That's what the commission ought to work out, but there's no way you can do without putting dollar resources behind it. Now the right can't wait to carry picture this as a check in the mail that did they say would be unfair Japanese Americans, that's right and uh. There can be ways of doing this that are fair or at least bring us to a more just reality than the one living in right now. That sounds like not an answer that sounds like I love Chris Matthews Senior right. That's a good idea. Commission people talk about it and then,
and the Republicans are making. I I great I greatly by the judge. Yes so much journalists. May I want people to judges response all of that. You know that we did this with with japanese Americans. Yes, they had just been freed from in turn it on Justin turned into in World WAR two, so the people who had been wrongly imprisoned were paid money just like today, people who are wrongly imprisoned are usually given massive legal settlements japanese Americans, were not talking about their victimization at the hands of other people, one hundred and fifty four years before hand or how that would get done. Don't worry, there's more Chris Matthews coming up. So if you love my Chris Matthews Impersonation Man, you're going to get plenty of it coming up in a second first finding a new job, a lot of work. What, if you had your own personal work, order to help you find a better job now zipper. Chris technology can do just that, for you just download the super great job search app. I don't know what kind of job you're interested in its technology starts. Doing the work. This super great app, find jobs, you'll like and put you
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change, wait! Wait you impeach! Impeach! Do it PETE booty judge doesn't matter. The judge, isn't in Congress, doesn't matter that he's not gonna, be president, that's not going to go, got a follow up and it's a it's a ten that is the sort of near you down. Yeah, if you were voting in Congress right now in a piece, would you vote to impeach, ok, good that question is not a side. Looking for an answer are definitely going to get right. There yeah that that's journalism journal, is making all of been here. I made unbelievable and then Chris Matthews finally asks people to judge about his take regarding Vladimir Putin. He says that a he says that he wants would a judge to respond to how he what he would say to put in the first time what you said a by these fantasies. They put a judge that the first time you met, Bladimir Putin would rip his face off and shove it up his ass. As my fantasy holding my phone seeds? Come true for real big booty judge? What would you say Christmas That was, I think out.
United States. What would you say to Vladimir Putin? The first time you met so we'll get to meet up people, don't mess with our elections. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my god look at the toughness on him. He said: don't mess that elections I did not put with laugh in his face and rip his leg off, beat him to death with it. How is that even a question? What would you say? I have a fantastic. Why would you say big booty judge? Well, how about like? What would your policy be to counter russian aggression, like that's a question, but I of the fanfic. That is happening here from Chris Matthews and the left media to these democratic, and if so, what would you say would be the most? Would you send most brutal thing? Would you say a cutting remark? with a cutting Aaron Sorkin remark, the judge we do and people just yeah, I I would say, stop messing with our elections. Thank thank you. Okay, all my god.
I tingling in the like. In the head everywhere, tingling everywhere, why don't people trust our media? Why we with questions being asked like that White now listen? I know there are a lot of people on the left right now, listening on the go well listen. Fox news did the same thing with President Trump and it is for there are a on Fox news. We did Exactly the same thing with President Trump- and you know what I did I made fun of them: go back and listen to the show back in twenty sixteen. I am not very much in favor of journalists asking questions to politicians that are simply there purposes of cases or these sort of leading them around on leash, here's the answer. I want you to give to me and then If I get an answer, I will show you how pleased I am I don't like it when it's right or when it's left. This is why a lot of people have criticized the media for being harsh on Trump, I've, never really criticize the media for being harsh to trump and criticize for being unfair to trump there's been a lot of that MIS characterization of President Trump drawing conclusions were conclusions do not need to be drawn attempting to push a russian collusion hoax.
That was in fact, a hoax. There was no collusion, exaggerating evidence that wasn't there suggesting that the big the big scandal was just around the corner right all of that stuff with a bunch of crap, and I rip the media for that, but when it came to their covering how he handles from hotel or they're, covering the Trump Tower meeting or they're covering up the stuff, the President Trump has said at odd times and he said bad things. I've never ripped the media for that. In fact, I've been one of the few commentators on the right who said President Trump says fake news I do not the label unless it is being applied to legitimately fake news when he applies it to just stuff. He doesn't like that is not fake news. That's just stuff that Trump doesn't like Also one of the few people on the right who said that when Trump uses the enemy of the people routine, I don't like that either Chris Math this an enemy of the people You may be an enemy of intelligence, he is not an enemy of the people who may be in enemy of hairspray, but he is not an enemy of the people.
Justin is a resume? Okay disagrees with you, that's that's fine, but when people look at the media and they see folks like Chris Matthews run out, there is journalist it begins to annoy them, and it's not just our journalist class. It is also our comedian class one of the things that is highly irritating to so How many people on the right is that there are certain groups of professions where you assume that a certain level of baseline honesty and that honesty is supposed to extend to both sides. Did the aisle. I think one of the reasons that people like this show is because everybody knows I'm conservative and very open about that. I'm going to give you my honest, take on what's happening in politics. This is why, when president- does something good. I will praise it when he does something bad. I will rip it because in my honest, take on this stuff, where people sort of expect the same thing from their comedians. Except the comedians don't come out and state their politics openly. Instead, they pretend that they're just there for the comedy were just here, because we are comic relief. We're just here to be the gesture is too the high and the mighty to mock them in the way that the jester MAX
leader and we're just going to walk around and we're going to comment on the action. That's what comedians are there to do and so when people on the right look at comedians, and it turns out that a bunch of leftist tax, you basically are Chris Matthews with a couple of badly written punch lines. People start to get angry. It's no wonder that the right is angry at late night tv, because this is what late night TV has become Steven There has a long interview in New York Times magazine, which is the most boring magazine in the world. Apparently I mean it's like it's like nuns life in your times magazine in terms of his aides. In any case, yes, that was an airplane reference. In any case, the the interview with Steven called or in the New York Times it's pretty telling, because he does state exactly where he is, and this is why everyone on the right has turned off Stephen Colbert. It's also why the left, which has decided to politicize everything, has basically made Stephen Colbert at the champion of late night, so There is not funny. There was a time when he was on the daily show when he was funny, because his mandate was to go, make fun of pretty much everybody and so
correspondent on the daily show. I vividly recall one segment that Stephen Colbert did where he made fun. About sharpen when interviewed Al Sharpton, it was really funny was when Al Sharpton was doing his hunger strike over Guantanamo Bay. Remember, Steven called they're kind of prodding going looks like somebody here could use a hunger strike, this Al Sharpton and his bad days. It is pretty funny stuff. Now Stephen Cole Bear has just become a chuck Schumer talking points machine. He and Jimmy Kimmel are in the College of Cardinals of leftist comedy and then they just have an open competition as to who will be elected Pope of leftist comedy, then so in the background is Jimmy Fallon guys I want into the club please- and I know it's too late- you ruffle Donald Trump's hair. You can't and so he's been falling in the ratings because he wasn't woke enough to begin with. Well,
there's only one problem with that, which is that most of the country is not particularly interested in Steven called there's brand of comedy. He only has to win us very, very small segment of the audience when late night, nobody watches late night anymore, probably nearly as many people watch. The show on a daily basis is watch called their shop, be more. If you count a radio show, but none the less will get Stephen Colbert's perspective, and just once I first dudes summer is here: Tommy John is ready to have you looking and feeling ready for memorial day. Barbecue is in fourth of July. Fireworks will keep you patriotic this. How They were there all new red white and blue underwear collection, including a USA, flag print for both men and women. The collection comes in all their best selling fabrics, including the cool cotton fabric and features breathable lightweight papers. They keep you two to three times cooler and drive forty five times faster than regular cotton, both Tommy John Mens and women's underwear supported, know: edgy, guaranteed comfortable staple waistbands, a range of fabrics that are luxuriously soft, designed to move with you not against you, plus now through the May Tommy John is donating five percent of every purchase of select the Red white and blue styles. The honor foundation to support veterans.
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It's not even a callback joke. When I do my Chris Matthews Voice, it basically is a callback joke because inherently funny, because it's kind of a mediocre person Asian, that's got sort of the the cadence down, but it's a callback job mostly like they have the funny. This is the familiarity of it. That's not the case with the punch one signs that he tells about Trump. He says sometimes, there's still meat left on that chicken trump consumes recycle in our mandate, says Stephen Colbert, as we've established ourselves, is that, I want to inform the audience in my opinion, about what they've been thinking about all day. So if the news, an orange, their nose, I'm not going to change that I'm going to do my best and, in the teeth of that particular bleep hurricane, and make jokes Now we're all being lied to for my own hearts ease, I'm not going to pretend that Trump is not lying to me. The alternative is to stick your head in the sand. Oh, what a truth teller! He is. This is the same guy who spent his years on the Cole, bear a poor mocking bill, Reilly and smooching rock about his posterior, but what a truth, teller, he is now listen. I do appreciate that she,
call bear, is basically now just saying: look, I'm a leftist. I'm going left this jokes. Alright. That at least, is fair, but it is worth noting that when a lot of these committee and do the clown nose on clown nose off routine, where it's like. Well, I make a joke about Trump. I'm a comedian, I make jokes about everybody and then the minute they talk politics, I'm since you and sincerely a Democrat on the left and a sincere sincere person pick one or the other. If you're Democrat who makes jokes or you're a joker who happens to be a Democrat, but you can't be both and like Stephen Colbert want to pretend there, but they really are not the new times says nothing about not wanting to let Trump get away with. Why is it fair to say you feel a moral imperative behind your work? Well, look at those hard hitting questions from the New York Times. Well, when you make jokes about politicians, there's what they say and what they do, it's hard to make jokes about someone who says something and then kind of does it, but with the guy who points e with his words in west with his action. That's where all the jokes live: Now. What are the things he's lying about if the things he's one
We have a moral component, your jokes have a moral component. In other words, you don't choose the flavor. The flavor is chosen by politics itself, and then the New York Times as a more important question. They say, there's a sort of general answer about the default moral nature of political satire? I was asking more Sis Klay about whether or not you personally feel any sense of moral obligation about your work is no It's obviously a lie. He obviously does feel a moral sense of obligation. He's just said in his past two answers that he feels a sense that he has to speak truth to Orange Thalnos or he can't sleep at night. But now he's going to tell you about his high mind. Comedy, and this is what I mean by the Kronos on a has offered him I have morality, I suppose it's rated to my catholicity Mean Catholicism. This is, I was raised in a devout catholic home and Bottle FED Robert Bolts man for all seasons, which is about how it's important that you not let the tide of history sweep you along. If you don't actually agree with it and will Buckley said he stands for history, yelling! Stop. I think we would this show Jennifer what history and say that's dumb. What a little bleep that is yeah, I don't know- I know the public lies that you
old believe are worse than private ones, but I'm not hearing Brock. Which I'm sure, as Hell not Howard, Beale a fair amount of the time, I'm making poop jokes matter of fact, Jon Stewart when it looked like the Colbert report- out of the box, fully assembled and was going to happen. He said to me when your children grow up to get their diplomas at whatever college. They end up going you going to I want you to whisper to yourself quietly as they get the sheepskin I paid for some of this with poop jokes. Well again, this is the part that drives people on the right up: a wall up a wall just say what you mean: dude you're a far lefty and you like making jokes about Trump, and you feel a moral sense that you have to make jokes about from. Don't tell us it's all about the poop jokes. It isn't about the poop jokes. The poop jokes are a way for you to make money off of hating President trump off of hating Republicans and conservatives, and that's why your poop jokes, don't land. To the time Colbert has become a less funny human being, since it is Who is a political partisan? The fact is, you can be. Political commentator with some humor. I think that's what this show is or you can be a comedian who does some politics? That's the
medically what Colbert's show is, but his show is probably, closer to mine. Now and I haven't changed, my show one iota since the very first day we started doing it It says something about why people are not as interested in late night tv early at least on the right. He says, for example, the other times you ask Colbert the other day. Your monologue was about the defacto Alabama abortion man, he said yeah. I avoided making jokes about it because you just can't win making jokes about abortion. Half of the people are going to be mad at you, but Alabama was an unavoidable one. The reason and it was because that was about- I thought- a very cynical, purposeful, overreach even the people who are writing the law said they don't want that law he's going to have to cite some sources on the people who that I don't want the law. I've talked to people who wrote the law, they want the law and so other words again Oh no! You know I wasn't going to solve it, but Alabama. That's when I had to make my skin pick a lane pick a lane either. If you're Chris Matthews pick a lane, are you a journalist or are you a democratic hack? If you're Stephen Colbert? Are you
comedian, or are you a leftist which one is going to be and say, you're a comedian with left leanings. I'm ok with that. But that means that key we're going to have to tell jokes about people with whom you agree politically, it's pretty it's pretty! No wonder I don't trust the media. Ok, meanwhile, President Trump is over in Britain being greeted. Some of the most mature humor that the that the great minds over in Britain have to offer. So there is this story that was pumped up no pun, intended by the Huffington Post, about a farmer who it or are you a guess? I british high school student, a chicken breast high school student card, the giant, this into his family's spacious lawns, to give Donald Trump a big resistance. Hello, as the president flew into London on Monday, the penis paired with the words boy Trump and in we be seen from the air, and it's just minutes from the London Stansted Airport, where from landed
start also included a giant polar bear with the message. Climate change is real. Well, I guess that you know. According to the constitution article thirty five trump is no longer the president. If he sees age and mode into a one from the air he's done. It's amazing. I know you didn't know about that. Particular provision of the constitution turns out it's true all. I could think of when, when I saw this picture of a high school cartoon, labeled white from and then PO and then pushed by the Huffington Post, all I could think of is from from the bank. I'd sell it off and then wait till they see this thing it They could. You know that that was from first bonds right. I do love all the people in Britain who think they've really gotten under from skin with this sort of thing, and it's not just that. It's also their protests in in London
and not only were there protests in London, the BBC, which is the state sponsored broadcast network. As I have been made aware, it's a state sponsor broadcast network course. I know this for for forever, I mean to BBC the British Broadcasting Corporation and the and the BBC had in the studio the blimp of baby Trump, which is a staple of resistance. Stupidity, it's just a blimp that looks like Trump. It isn't all that big. Remember when the when the media started pushing this, they made it sound like it was the size, the hindenburg. In fact, it's basically, you know the size of like a small bouncy house, and the BBC had it in studio. Here is what that look like President Trump touch down in the? U K for his state visit an hour ago, and he kicked things off with one of his trademark. Click.
Official tweets describing the mayor of London. As of this foolishly nasty and a stone cold Lusa protest, the planned across the U K, including in London, for a bigger version of the Trump baby Blue, is you to fly over the capitol they had it in studio, imagine. If Fox NEWS had like the bull rider mask of Morocco, in the studio at box, the reaction- be that's a state sponsored news outlet by the way rip the baby say it's because the BBC absolutely deserves it. As every conservative in Britain knows, with the exception of people who are paid by the BBC, it's pretty incredible. Yeah, we'll get to more of the british treatment of President Trump in just a second first, here's a alarming statistic for you over seventy five percent of Americans are dangerously deficient in omega three levels. If you're experiencing joint pain or chronic inflammation lack of concentration weight gain chances are, you might be one of them.
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go check them out right now, at all MAX, held dot com and enter promo code Shapiro for special Deal, mass health dot com already, so just a SEC, will get to the rest of President Trump's quasi hilarious british visit. We will also be getting to a debate that is broken out in conservative circles. Then I think it's kind of fascinating and I think it's worth the of explication first you're going to have to go and subscribe over a dailywire dot com for nine ninety nine a month you can get a subscription over. A daily water when you do get the rest of the show live. Two additional hours of the show every day, as I said, that basically means that you're getting the show all day, long to do this show in the morning, and then we have another show in the afternoon. So whatever breaks in between we cover and then we I can do it again the next day. This is why you should subscribe, also for ninety nine dollars a year. You got this the very greatest and beverage vessels leftist years hot or cold tumblr, so you can enjoy those leftist. Here's both hot
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Labour Party and a radical anti semite when you join the protest against Donald Trump, because nothing says good relations quite like protesting- and I you may have to deal with if you become prime minister of the Uk- is just a genius political move. He tweeted out tomorrow's protest against Donald Trump state visit is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he's attacked America around the world and in our own country, including just this morning. City Khan City kind, of course, is considered a victim because city con is, it was ripped on by president from now. The reason that president from ripped on him is because, on Saturday City Con wrote a long editorial for the guardian, which is the far left newspaper in Britain, called it's under british to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump. Now, there's something rich about city con talking about none british to be nice to the american president. The fact is that the It has some pretty shady connections at
Cording to the daily mail is back in twenty. Sixteen before city con was elected to the mayoralty of London City Khan, who is a local labor and PETE. He was at a funeral in two thousand. Sixteen one figure whose hand he stopped to shake stood out. Convicted terrorist Babar Achmed a and blame for inspiring a generation of extremists, including the gang behind the London bombings of July Seventh, two thousand and five. Their exchange brief pleasantries. Before can't move on in it took place a few months ago around the time of cons nomination as Labour's may oral candidate. Since then, riding on the crest of Jeremy Corbyn's left his takeover of the Labor Party, Khan has left conservative mayoral candidate Jack Goldsmith, trailing in his wake new revelations this week. How shared a platform with Yasser Serena, convicted terrorists and associative hate, preacher, Abu Qatada and see Jill Shechita to help to train the ringleader of London bombings. Serious allegations so far said he can't interact the controversial characters all are not all
past. Furthermore, it transpires at the MP for tuning is a divisive character. South London community, with dark allegations of threats and betrayal in his own political background, a city con has a long history of some pretty nasty connections, and not just that. His policies in London had been a complete abysmal disaster. Knife crime in London has been up dramatically under city con. There's tremendous cultural strain inside of London, largely because city con is not a unifying figure, he's very polarizing figure. He got into a fight with President Trump and so Jeremy Corbyn is, of course, backing him because Corbin backed him. Or mayor of London in the first place, Trump arrives in the Uk Monday morning for a three day visit Trump, not only mark comma. He came out just today and he said that Jeremy Corbyn wanted to meet with him and that Trump turned down so whether that is true or not is anybody's. Guess Trump has said this about a bevy of politicians, many of whom it's not true about right there very often when somebody rejects trump, he goes I rejected you first boom. Take that.
But that said, Jeremy Corbyn is a bad human and the fact that he is protesting Trump is demonstrative of just where he stands on a lot of these issues. Now the Good NEWS is that Queen Elizabeth is still being nice to trump as she should. She is the ceremonial head of state in Britain, so here she is praising President Trump and saying you have a connection to this country here it look the reason that Trump is over. There is because it's the 75th anniversary of D day I mean we just did a Sunday special about the 75th anniversary of D Day, in which the United States sent a million people to stay over. In Britain and then help liberate the european continent from Nazi from Nazi evil, so president of the United States visiting for that that doesn't seem like it should be, while the controversial none, the less it is because everything is stupid and controversial now here is- is Queen Elizabeth talking to President Trump as we face. The new challenges of the twenty The first century, the anniversary of D day
reminds us of all, the data countries have achieved together Of course, it is not only our security which unites us, but are strong cultural links and shared heritage. Every year. There are almost four million visits by Americans to the United Kingdom with a great number claiming british descent And with your own scottish ancestry, Mister President, you too have a particular connection to this country. So all of this is nice. And wonderful, and all that is being treated with scorn and mockery by the
for media, who are too busy tweeting out pictures of President Trump's too long vast is really what they spent the day doing yesterday, there's a picture of president Trump and he is wearing his tuxedo vest and just like his ties to where his talks you know best, and so it drops at least a full four feet below his actual dinner jacket is, apparently, is a major scandal over in Britain, the same media that said that it was no big deal when Michelle Obama touch the personage. The queen were going crazy because apparently Trump touch the person age of the queen at listen, I'm very glad. We don't have royalty in this country. I really am because those sorts of rules are so dumb. I'm sorry like what you're going to burst into flame. It's not for religious reasons of modesty and she's, just the royal personage. In any case, whenever Barack Obama traveled abroad, it was stories from the media about the triumph the triumphant mood of President Obama abroad, whatever trump travels abroad, it's always about the protest. The reality is the test for smaller than expected in London, because no one really cares an. He was treated the way that he should have been treated by the vast majority of people in positions of power,
and one in that those will not be the headlines that you are reading today. Meanwhile, there's been this fascinating debate that I've been waiting to sort of went on until everybody had their opinions out there. This bit was kicked off by guiding STAR Mari, who I am friends with them, but I'm friends with that friendly with star mark. She is a the editor of the New York Post, OP, Ed Page and he's written a really good book that I've recommended on the show about his conversion to Catholicism. He wrote a piece basically ripping on David French, a person who I'm also friends with and who has been against multiple times on the show. I thought that the piece was misdirected against French, but basically Sorba of Mari was criticizing the libertarian instincts of a lot of.
Wiccans. What he was saying is that government needs to be involved in certain ways in order to promote virtue and family formation. Where is it David, french people? Like me, we have suggested that a smaller government is the best answer and that culture cannot be built by the government. Culture, pre scenes government, and so what you really need to do if you want to have a better virtuous culture, we really need to do, is change hearts and minds, and you need a government that is unable to fight those sorts of cultural movements from below. So the role of government is really the question here: Ross students very thought: full columnist over the New York Times- and he has a piece about this today- and I think that it's worthy of note, because it does go to something- that's been roiling the conservative movement. For a little while he says basically
best way to understand. The sort of Mari David French split is, in light of the old fusion, the old consensus that the first things manifest to attack. So first things the Catholic magazine and the road, a piece awhile back called against it. I believe it was called against the dead consensus and they were apparently ripping on the the kind of Reagan coal, the idea that social conservatism, government libertarianism small government that this could coexist basically was an argument sort of in Tucker Carlson mode. That government needs to be more involved in promoting virtue, so here's what dude right. He says French is a religious conservative with things that the Prete from conservative vision still make sense. He thinks his christian faith in his pro life convictions have a natural home in a basically libertarian coalition one that wants to limit the federal government intervention in the marketplace and expects civil society to flourish once state powered is removed, He thinks that believers and nonbelievers secular liberals and conservative Christians and coexist exist under
Classical liberal framework in which disputes are settled by persuasion rather than constant legal skirmishing or I left unsettled in a healthy pluralism, I'm on the other hand speaks for the cultural conservatives, who believe that the old conservative fusion mostly failed their part of the movement winning victories victory for tax cutters in this interest. While marriage rates decline, birth rates plummeted and religious filiation Wayne when appeasing so conservatives with judges who we actually got around to overturn ROE versus Wade, these conservatives believe that the current version of social liberalism has no interest in truces or pluralism and won't rest till the last evangelical. Baker is fined into bankruptcy. Last the hospital or adoption agency is closed by an ACLU lawsuit? They think the business interests of turned into agents of cultural revolution, making them poor allies for the right. And at the free trade and globalization champion by past republican presidents has played some all in the dissolution of conservatism: substrates, the family
read the local civic task and they have warm quickly or slowly to the politics. Is war style of the current president? But what specifically do these conservatives want? Besides a sense of thrill in combat that David french style denies them, and that really is the because I agree with both of these characterizations right, actually, both both Maryann French, so I agree with David, French A small government is the best solution, because I believe that government is the ring of power. If you think that you can control the ring of power, and then use that ring of power. For your own side. It is only a matter of time before it falls into the hands of the other side and is used against you. I think there are dealing narratives here, doing, start a negative number. One is sort of the libertarian narrative- and that is Here'S- why happened in the United States. Here's why social liberalism has conquered all basically government got larger and government got larger in order to perform functions, that a lot of conservatives were sort of on board with and then government can to grow, larger and larger people began to rely on government more than they relied on their local community more than they relied on that serve a toss and then, as government grew larger, the country grew more liberal. So
there's a straight line: correlation between the growth of government and the growth of leftism, and now that huge massive burdensome government, is going to be used by the left to cram down its values on the rest of us. That's the that's the version, I believe. Then there is the version that is being promoted by some of the first things. Authors and their version goes something like this government grew big Anna grew beg for it some good reasons and some bad reasons and then because government grew big. There was a counter, a response that was libertarian in nature, conservatism became libertarian and wanted less government and with that libertarian move came a surrender first reaction in conservatism to social conservative issues. So the idea would be that, in order to fight the growth of government, conservatism decided to abandoned governments, all in promoting public virtue and that's what led to the hollowing out of civic institutions, and so we really need to do is grab government back and then use it to promote those social institutions. Again,
with version number one? I don't think that William F Buckley was stumping against social conservatism, I think that William F Buckley was basically saying. I think that conservatives for decades basically been saying that the business of civic virtue is something that is supposed to he inculcated by a strong social network, understanding the history of judeo christian values in our society. I just wrote an entire book about this, but that you can't impose that from above, because if you do impose that from above number one, it's not going to work now two. It doesn't allow for the pluralistic vision of a society that the founding was supposed to create. How do you determine when the government has gone too far and its imposition of morality, for example, would be better to leave this to the local level? What, if you disagree with the local government? Believe it be better to leave this too informal mechanisms in society. Why are we see government as a great promoter, religion or above GEO, christian values when that really should be done in the churches.
And the real key should be preventing government from encroaching into those spaces. That was an I understand, the temptation. I understand the temptation for a lot of conservatives, which is those spaces, are not going to exist if the left gets its way. The question is: can you retain those spaces by grabbing the government back? What are the prospects of grabbing government back and using it to cram down values that you believe in protective values? You believe and what are the prospects of simply destroying the government power all together. I am much more in favor of throwing the ring into the fire because I think that that sort can be and how has been used historically by the left. Perfect example same sex marriage, so I used to be in favor. I've governmental in trying traditional marriage, and then I became in like twenty eleven, two thousand and twelve before Barack Obama. I believe I started talking about how can serve should be libertarian why the reason was not because I believe that same sex marriage is moral as a religious. Person. I not only believe that it's info, but on a
for a low level. I don't think same sex marriage provides the same benefits to south society as traditional marriage. Obviously it, but I said that the best solution for conservatives, what is to remove this power from government altogether, because sooner or later the government is going to move to the left, and then they would be Remington, their values on your churches and that's exactly what happened. So the question is: what's the best way to promote conservative values from the bottom up with a social network, promoting a social network in the absence of governments encroachments or from the top down, by keeping a strong government trying to capture that regulatory power on behalf of the values that you like, This is the battle that is happening right now. I think it's an open battle. I think it's an honest battle. I think it's worthwhile battle, but I do think that it is worthwhile for libertarians to. Consider on a serious level. What's of Social networks, are necessary to fill in that gap, and I think it's nice, sorry for social conservatives. You may want to control things. Is it a government to level to consider what happens if you lose and have now built
scene of your own destruction, because you built in to protect you but now can be turned against you. That's that's really the question going forward for conservatives, okay time for some things that I like and then some things that I don't so things that I like today. So as you know, I am a huge baseball fan. I've read virtually all the baseball books. There's a good new book called power ball by rob there. It really is pretty great I he is the but I believe, he's to write for sports illustrated and and if I'm not mistaken in any case, there's but basically takes a meaningless late season, game between the Oakland, athletics and the and the Houston, Astros and breaks it down out by out, and it sort of had these these cut aways to various discussions.
Of of issues in the game baseball, ranging from whether the ball has changed spoiler alert. Yes, the ball has changed its we're. Getting more home, runs to the pace of play. It's really great. It's kind of like listening to a really great broadcaster watching an actual baseball game. The key to a really great broadcaster, when you watch a baseball game, is that during the periods of dead space, when things aren't really happening on the field, can they give you more information and more stuff that you want to know and that sort of a robinair does here? The book is definitely worth right now he does have the obligatory sjw stuff. He has. I think three separate sections on whether there is a gay baseball player. I don't understand why anybody cares about that like really it doesn't matter to me. If a player is gay, I don't think it matters to pretty much. Anyone at this point whether player is gay, Rob Neyer suggest that it's still massive homophobia inside the MLB, this sort of stuff. If you can get past that sort of stuff, then the baseball portion of this is really good. My one critique the editors should have removed some of the
nation points you raise a lot of exclamation points and and that those should been toned down. But that is an editorial critique. The book itself is is very enjoyable. Okay, let's do some things that I hate okay, so the the fact is that the left will embrace anybody who just says bad things about Trump is pretty astonishing. Charles blow, the aptly named Charles blow over the New York Times is a terrible columnist. Yes, a a piece called the princess verses, the demagogue. Wow it's going to fairy tale. He says in an interview Saturday, with Rupert Murdoch's, right wing. British, tabloid the Sun President Trump characterize statements by Meghan Markle before she became the duchess of Sussex as nasty during the twenty sixteen campaign. Of course, Trump. Is being led in this exchange to be precisely who we all know, he is. The question itself is problematic, as it disclosed biased characterization by the journalist who asks Trump
Sorry not to see her because she wasn't so nice about you during the campaign. I don't know if you saw that I love Charles blow calling out media bias. That's pretty pretty the guy works for the New York Times says nice. That's right! An antonym to nasty it was a setup, but one that both parties wanted. The sun is in some ways like a british print edition of America's Fox NEWS it, but it is also Britain's largest paper. That's the paradox: that's not a paradox. A paradox is like: if an object is large and also small, it is not a paradox to say: a conservative newspaper has a lot of subscribers in the UK. This is why I say not a good columnist. He says indeed, shortly after the twenty fifteen Paris terrorist attacks, the sun published an ominous headline that cover nearly all of the front page in a large font,
right font on a black background paper asserted one in five Brit Muslims. Sympathy for jihadis. As the independent reported, the headline was accompanied by an image of british British ISIS member Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John, was wasting a night there's a reference to a piece entitled time for Britain to shut door. The paper was ordered to admit that the story was significantly misleading, but you can understand why Trump would be amenable to it. How does he get to this from Trump saying that he is that he thought the may mark was nasty it here. It is, as you simply wrong to characterize Markle's Cummins nasty. They were simply factual. She said in a two thousand sixteen interview on the nightly show with Larry Wilmore that Trump's divisive and misogynistic and vocal about it. Where is the lie uh? oh my god, they really are going on Trump. Saying that she was nasty to him after she called him divisive, misogynistic and and vocal about it. Okay, like really You may agree with her characterization, but it is nice right. I mean I
I assume that half the stuff I said about two thousand and sixteen president Trump wouldn't like is fully entitled not to like things a better journalist says Charles blow if he or she wanted Trump weigh in on the comments, would simply read Marco's response and ask for the president's response, but they didn't and true directly to the place he feels most comfortable referring to women who opposed him as nasty. I have no royalist fetish references Charles blow. Indeed, I find the existence of royalty in any society problematic, but this isn't as much about Trump's reaction to princess a princess as it is about his reaction to a woman, in this case a black woman, yeah really seriously. This is what we're going to do. Trump has called, a bevy of women nasty said it about Hillary Clinton I believe one what you said about Megyn Kelly. He said it about leave stormy Daniels or any of the women. Black, said that men are nasty to him. So now the president uses the word nasty and it's about race and sex, wonder why people are getting pretty irritated with the use of the racist sexist label. This would be
the reason. This would be the reason right here and then it's just Charles blow getting all the old stuff about Trump being mean to women. Yes, Trump is bad. With women he's been banned, women, his entire. Here. You have anything new to present her Charles blow or do you just wish to bill against President Trump calling Megan Markle nasty that one does not even rank in the top one hundred comments from his made about women by the way, not that one hundred public comments. Charles blow concludes society itself offers a graduate level course in misogyny and every exam is a take home test. What the hell does that even mean? Oh God, Do the editors at the New York Times have nothing to do all day. It doesn't even mean anything. Every exam is a take home test. What the real work comes in consciously combating our bias and attempting to deprogram are
from blindly accepting privileges and ignoring oppression? Well, here's the thing trump is absolutely a misogynist is may notice. No sorry, it went when I hear a column repeated one hundred times in a row by the same columnist, I start to lose interest. So sorry, Charles well, I can finish that one up for you. My bad seems like he was calm, as can finish it up either, but you know it's my job to read it. I guess. Okay, final piece of news today, there's a new CNN poll. Don't talk about media. Is this a pretty great. So my instructor is a is a statistics analyst for CNN. He put out new CNN poll today. There is a poll by the thirty two sanders. Eighteen here is eight one: seven, but a judge. Five, oh rock five Booker three Castro to and then I always look for each christian children just because it's Larry is Kirsten. Gillibrand one which always humorous to make here is the best part right,
at the top. I don't support stands at thirty, two percent down slightly from thirty nine percent in April. How is thirty, two percent down slightly from thirty nine percent, like just just a question, any other candidate law, seven percent b, a major move, yeah moving from doubling up Bernie Sanders to losing seven points that is now dispersed among the crowd. Isn't that A sign that may be burned in maybe Joe Biden's high point has come and gone. That may be Joe Biden is going to start collapsing in on itself mean, wouldn't that be like a more interesting at least analysis as a seven point drop, a minor drop that is Elizabeth Warren's entire support base she's at seven percent. Right now she went from seven hundred and twenty would that be insignificant, Joe Biden and a lot of members, the media rooting for him, because they think he's gonna be Trump, but you know let these stats are showing the Joe Biden's got smaller ability he may have had. As high point already, alright, we'll be late, we'll be back here later this afternoon, with two additional hours of pro
Running will see that I mention here. This is the Ben Shapiro Shop, and this is the Ben Shapiro Show Executive, Sir Jeremy boring senior producer, John Hey are supervising is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Adam sigh. Its audio is mixed by my car, mean hair and and makeup is by Jeshua Olvera production assistant. She, the Ben Shapiro Show, is a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, two thousand and nineteen hey everyone. It's Andrew Clay even hosted the Andrew Clay even show you know the knuckle heads on knuckle head row. That's the op, Ed page of the New York Times are predicting the end of the republican Party. Why they think we can't handle diversity, guess what knuckle heads? We don't give a crap about diversity. We don't care what color you are as long as you're colored American, we'll talk about that and Trump's trip to the UK on the Andrew cleavage up
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