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Ep. 801 - Agents Of Foreign Influence

2019-06-14 | 🔗

The media smack the Trump administration over Iran’s militancy, Trump reaps the whirlwind after saying he’d take opposition research from foreigners, and the Left loses its taste for tolerance. Date: 06-14-2019

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Iran, allegedly bombs and ship, so obviously this is trumps fall from proves the whirlwind after saying he take opposition research from foreigners in the left loses its taste for tolerance. I'm Shapiro. This is the venture Para it to me. In IRAN bombs from ships and somehow this is trumps fault, because everything has to unfold everything in the entire world we'll get to it in just one. Second, first, let's talk The fact that it is twenty nineteen to everybody needs a great pair of wireless eurobonds. I spend an enormous amount of time, walkin around every day with the Airbus in my ears, because I am watching videos for the show or I am listening to music, but before you go dropping hundreds bucks on a pair. You need to check out the wireless here, but from rake on these things are incredibly comfortable. Their incredibly easy to use their stylish as well. I own a pair of them getting a pair of my wife to rake on eurobonds, started about half the price of any other premium, wireless ear buds on the market and they sound just as amazing. The company was actually cofounded my rage,
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ship a billion dollars in cash them, I wouldn't do that together, Obama would done because Obama was the best man. A man was so great tat. He cut a deal with a bunch of terrorists who run regime to basically give them a tenure window to start building up their their economies like a bill the nuclear weapon, and then they could spread their terrorist? Never that our great back. I was awesome any news. The Iranians were to be trusted and then there's this trump guy. Just sitting there and iranian start mining ships and from cattle mad about it, makes these volatile right This is the way the media have been covering this particular issue for last anal. Half the media have been running stories that say things like Trump Administration alleges without evidence that there Ronnie are behind the bombing of ships in the Persian Gulf who do they think? Did it Santa Claus and it might come pale. He said tariffs. Take him out yesterday, and he said yes, it turns out that intelligent reviewed by american officials showed that IRAN was worth possible for attacks earlier in the day on two tankers in the guy
of all man, a critical waterway for the transit of much of the world's wells he's all fun and games for folks when it comes to iranian militancy until the Iranian effectively choke off one of the one of the actual bottlenecks in oil supply in terms of Bobo well supply and suddenly the present world doubles either that there would be kind of unfortunate. Would it not here secretary of state, pumping talking about this and then get to the media say while he he's making up the intelligence, it's weird How the intelligence community, under under George W Bush, was never to be trusted ever ever ever before each. You cannot trust them because of the Iraq war fiasco because they got WMD raw, Despite the fact that intelligence services all over the world got WMD wrong because her aunt Lucy was actively lying about WMD, the intelligence community was terrible, and then it came to the Obama administration and suddenly intelligence community was off some again. Suddenly there are great at their job and everything we are told by the Obama administration- about, for example,
new found moderation of the iranian regime. That was how there was all true. We could take it as gospel truth, without any evidence to support it and then Trump became president and then the entire community went back to being sort of half awesome and half awful half awesome when they are targeting President Trump and russian collusion and super. Awful when it came to their record in terms of foreign policy in the Middle EAST and here's my palm pale explaining that yeah it was the Iranian were behind the bombing of these couple ships in the Persian Gulf yesterday, Islam, the Republic of Red of responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf of a mind today. This assessment is based on intelligence, the weapon Jews The level of expertise needed execute the operation recent similar raining attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy. Operating in the area. Has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication.
This is only the latest in a series of attacks instigated by the Islamic Republic of IRAN and its organs against american and allied interests, and they should be understood in the context of forty years of unprovoked aggression against freedom, loving nations. That, of course, is true of the iranian Navy. Has a long history of getting himself involved in attacks on shipping in the Persian Gulf? It has ended poorly for them before we get to in just a second, but the media coverage of this thing is just about what you would expect it to be so the New York Times has Mr Pompeo did not present any evidence to back up the assessment of neurons involved. The assertion is certain to further fuel tensions between the Trump Administration and iranian leaders. He is not the around is bombing things that fuels tension. Is the Trump administration responding to the bombing of things that fuels attention? Iran puts minds on ships and blows holes in them and set them on fire and people have to evacuate and then Trump gets mad about it. But it's the trunk going mad about a part that I think is really the problem, and so the media is right
That's that's where the big problem really is. The sarcasm thought there is very strong and then Your time says the assertion is certain to further fuel tensions between the trumpet minute. Creation and iranian leaders, which have been in height. Levels since early May, when the White House Military movements in response to what american officials have said is an increased threat from IRAN, so again twice one paragraph in your times basically suggests that America's responds to iranian aggression. What causes the iranian aggression the timeline wrong here guys here. Got militant, and then we put fifteen hundred additional troops into the region, Iran has been bombing things and then we ve been responding to the bombing Did they are now using cycle of violence language. They usually only reserved for these. Only when the Israelis are being hit by unprovoked rocket assault now they're using it on the Trump administration, so the iranian bomb stuff from gets mad trumps anger. Cause the iranian bombing. When you have a time machine, how exactly did this work well, There is a little bit of tape that we have seen that has been released, Apparently the iranian Navy in the US,
a minnow from galleons Island approaching a larger ship and removing one of the mines that was on it. This is before the attack its black and white footage there's no sound on it, because insecurity footage Iranian Navy, needless to say, is not exactly the world's most powerful navy. And the fact that we have been allowing them to basically bully us in the poet Persian Gulf for the past. Several years going all the way back to the Obama administration really is pathetic. Number there is that incident in which the irony, Navy, hit the U S vessel and then basically took a bunch of Americans prisoner in there. Pictures of the american prisoners on their knees with their hands behind their had this quite humiliating. But since Obama was president, it was great and now but that's the way the media covered. It was just it was evidence of a president. Obama tremendous diploma diplomatic abilities that that we are able to get those american soldiers out of IRAN was it we should be able to tell RON to release our soldiers whenever we please considering the fact that again, their navy is made up of ship that barely fit inside my son's bathtub,
it's the iranian Navy is not exactly well known for In writing. The british navy. Ok with it it doesn't it rule. The globe but it is amazing to watch as folks unloved claim the trumpet trying to manipulate everybody into war again. Do you really think that from wants? You are worn IRAN, even this is something that from desperately needs trump here The idea of going to war in IRAN has said so, over and over. There is inviting inside the administration over what exactly should be done about IRAN, but the Obama administration, folks, they are not pushing the lie, that this is being manipulated into war was just like one Bush. With WMD Umbrella, here's Ben Roads was Damned wire, especially on IRAN. He tweets up. This definitely feels like the kind of incident where you wants an international investigation to establish what
happened, huge risk of escalation Ben roads. I have seen my friend it Ben roads. The national security adviser to Brok of Amr was the guy who openly admitted that he lied to the american people about the incipient moderation of the earth in regime. Basically, in two thousand nine, there was a near iranian revolution again to overthrow the iranian government and Barack Obama sat by allowed people to be slaughtered in the streets of that any level of support other than a few tepid public statements, and then he out that the iranian regime was on the verge of a turn around and if only we paid them billions of dollars in cash. If only we opened up their occur. Enemy by allowing them to develop cortical peaceful nuclear power, because if there is one thing that IRAN, one of the most well rich nations on earth needs, is nuclear power, there's nothing to do with developing a nuclear weapon that they have been seeking for decades. At this point, if only we did that, then they would come around, then they would moderate and in there about to moderate according to bend roads Ben roads, one out there and he lied to the american people over and over, and he said that the iranian government.
Was on the verge of moderation and has unreal. Honey was indifference, use a different kind of person than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and now the ayatollahs we're finally coming around, if only we were nice them and stroke their buttocks and it precisely the proper way by giving them money and allowing them to re enter the famine. We have nation. Of course, all of that was a lie, and now here has been roads who actively admit Did you falsifying narratives about IRAN to the american people, saying that the Trump Administration is falsifying narratives about IRAN in order to what, bomb. Iran, like you, want to go to war with IRAN. Now here's the reality next time, the if they had an american ship if there is any situation in which they hit in american flag vessel, we should do exactly what we did to the iranian Navy away back in nineteen. Eighty eight, according to history on the net is a precondition sure of what happened in some called operation, praying Mantis it. Western and allied navies participated in the Persian Gulf Tank Award during the Middle aged nineteen eighties protecting oil tankers from attack by Iranians small craft in April nineteen, eighty eight,
frigate Samuel, be Roberts, hit a mine sustaining heavy damage but no casualties physics, Lebanon's prove what was already apparent. The mine came from IRAN in response enterprise in her escorts. With a surface action group launch operation, praying mantis acting iranian facilities in the Gulf on April eighteen, forty six anniversary of the Doolittle Red primary targets were to iranian oil platforms that offered a base for revolution regard speedboats harassing reflagging kuwaiti tankers means, helicopter on one platform leaving explosives to disable the facility. In response iranian deployed Swedish built bog, hammer speedboats threatening transiting tankers to enterprise intruders intercepted, both drop rocky cluster bombs that destroyed one bog. Cameron hold another. Meanwhile, what have runs fast. La combat, anti class frigates exchanged missiles with two? U S: ships coming off second best runs at Josh, sank with heavy loss of wife shortly thereafter, iranian frigate sorted firing, SAM's surfaced air missiles at near by a sixes into. There is combined with a destroyer to smother the one with the eleven hundred
Tom's saddle on with harpoon missiles and later laser guided bombs. She drifted were fired and was told to port for repair. During the day, Iranian Airforce launched two pair of F for phantoms. Neither could intervene. The first diverted when illuminated by a destroyers fire control radar. The second set was engaged by guided missiles, cruiser damaging one of the American made fighters enforcing its withdrawal in all praying Mantis destroyed in a ring, Forget the gunboat three speedboats undamaged damaged. Another frigate, a marine corps. Helicopter crash during the operation, the two flyers killed in the accident. So the only Americans who died work thanks to basically mechanical failure and some fifty six iranian were killed, the operation and basically, we thank their entire navy in like a day so that when people talk about. This would break out into all out war. What would happen if the United States took harsh military? What would happen is that we think all of their tiny little boats in the in the Persian Gulf. That's what would happen because it turns out the United States is the most powerful military in the history of the world and is not particularly gloves.
Certainly not closed. When you compare it's a second rate naval power, third rate name, power like arrive in time of the Iranian Land Army. Ok, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard core is very large and we'll take a couple of million. People is very, very large, but you know it is not particularly large or politically strong. Is the iranian navy. Their mosquito in their harassing and if they approach american ships at any point, was just blow them out of the water seriously is a will not end in a full scale war, because that is the last thing the ayatollahs want. What they want is so strong to their people. By harassing american ships in then, have plausible deniability when it comes to the international stage, knowing that people like Ben roads will cover for them ok, we'll get you more than in just one second first, you know those dame those times when everyday feels the same liquor on autopilot here caught up in your routine and if we can take care of yourself a dollar shave, but makes it easy to take care of yourself when that happens, because they ve quality products that arrive direct to my door. I really have to think about it and those quality products help me look, feel and snow. My best
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there's. This bizarre notion when it comes to american foreign policy that folks are eager to go to war with the United States in a really is nonsensical. Gay people are eager to go to war with the United States. You know why, because when they do, they lose there's a lot of talk about the United States has won a war since world war. Two really is that the case really has to South Korea free country because they, nor because the Green WAR was one, by the United States at least. Is a free and independent South Korea? Was cheap, the Vietnam WAR was one until basically, Congress decided to give it away in the midst having these in the in the earlier MID Seventys the leopard and Gulf WAR number one was a victory. The second Persian Gulf WAR was a victory. You may not like what came afterward, but there's no question. It was a victory. United States military has an undefined did recording combat, there's no way to say that even the Vietnam WAR is a loss for the United States military. It was a political loss. Just look at the killed numbers. From the United from the United States versus the account, for example? So that idea for countries around the world are itching for a joke,
he'll military conflict with the United States is just a joke, which means that There is no reason why the United States should tolerate any of this placing of mines and on vessels in the in the Persian Gulf. Iran choking off the straits of hormones is just nonsense. Its truly truly nonsense. There's certain certain countries where you don't wanna play chicken with them. China would be a country where you don't wanna play chicken simply because they have tremendous leverage over, the american economy, and they have an. Military and they have the power to project into the south, China, sea, but the iranian Navy you're really the iranian. No, no. I gave up again. That is not the need Trump Administration itching for war, and I don't think that's the perspective that they are taking right now, but it is respect that it is on the table I ll get. Meanwhile, a lot of hubbub is is being paid LAW an Conway, supposedly agency, and Conway violated the law in
Independent government agency recommended on Thursday that president from fire can we on Conway his White House councillor for repeated violations of ethics law. Barring partisan politics from the federal workplace is accordingly, the New York Times. In a letter accompanying report to Mr Trump, the agency com, Miss Conway, a repeat offenders, the Hatch ACT which prohibits federal employees from engaging in campaign politics at work, saying that her flagrant defiance of the law. Justified her dismissal from the White House, but what to the president signed by Henry J Corner? The head of the agency says as a highly a member of the administration. Miss Connell violations, if left unpunished, send a message to all federal employees that they need not abide by the hatch acts, restrictions for actions road. The and foundation of our democratic system. The rule of law really has the hatches, dumb and you say that right off the bat, the Hatch ACT is completely incoherent. Legally speaking, they hatrack basically says that you do have a right to speak out and vote, how you want as a federal employee, but you can't use the power of your office to endorse any political candidate. Well, what exactly
people. Think politics is. I totally agree with the idea that you should not be using government resources in order to stump for particular candidate right by the Congress. People are not federal employees, so they don't really have these sorts of boundaries by Congress in this area. The biggest issues that incoming Congress people can use all sorts of Congress. More resources in order to push their reelection. So this is why you got a letter from your congressperson paid for by you and says: here is a great thing, that I've done this year. I mean that is obviously campaigning its legal, but I don't think that's right. When it comes to federal employment, is the idea here the Kelly on Conway's loud to talk about how great trumpets, but you can't say how much Joe Biden sucks that's that We were going with us. The Hatch act should have been held on constitutional after was written. It is far too broad. It conflicts. It says you have free speech rights, but then you're not allowed to exercise those free speech rates in certain ways it doesn't make. Any sense at all, so should carry on Conway be fired. No, they should be right to hijack the hijacked is dumb Obese, same thing. If this were a Democrat,
It has never occurred to me that members of the federal executive branch or a political actors who are not going to be using at least their ability with their face to talk about people. They don't like it's very silly. Ok, another administration is so. How can we Sanders is headed up? According to the New York Times, Sarah could be centres. The White House Press secretary, who fiercely defended president Trump through one of the most mulch, was pure. It's an american politics, while presiding over the end of the icon. It dearly news briefing will step down at the end of the month. I do find it. How Larry is that so Many members of the media, all of whom have dealt with press secretaries for their entire political career, suddenly are finding it shocking that Sarah. How can we Sanders fiercely defended president Trump I'd like for them to name a time when Jake Arnie or Robert Gibbs, or any of the other myriad spokespeople for Barack Obama went out there. Like yeah, you know that Obama Ban on our primary right, but this is the job of the press. Secretary
your literally paid to be a show that is your entire job you're paid to stand out there and defend the president that you don't even have any of your own opinions and what was hilarious was to watch members of the press, say things Sisera Huckabee centres like what Sarah? What do you think of what the president had to say tat? She is depressed secretary, if you wanted to run for office. You can just go back to our control, maybe she'll one for office there. Then you can ask her what she thinks of various statements and president rub. But if her job is to be the press spokesperson for the President of the United States, then she has asked the administrations position on things, not her personal position. It was always bizarre to me watching the media try to separate out how can be Anders from from, and then be like that Sarah Huckabee Sanders showing for the president would really the jobs. Would we be re titled shilling for the President, that that is what these folks are paid for, so I dont really I will focus on the railways. Sarah Huckabee centres,
a stalwart defending the pact that was her job, she was paid to do it John Spice, or was that at that job, which is why he left that job. Sarah commissioners is better at that job because she could, with a straight face, defend many of the things imposing in many cases she militant we did so in rightful fashion. In many cases she stood up there in, like a true perceives. You basically took one for the take whatever that is, that is the job of a good press, secretaries to take one for the team. Basically, it's the roughest job in America, it's a very rough job, which is why I now many micro most. I think, you'd be perfect for it. First of all, he would suffer in the job which I would greatly appreciate. Second, it would take him off my peril and, third, I think that he would be perfectly willing to show for President Trump, so I think that he is probably the best Peck for replacement for Sarah Huckabee centres it now. The big story that depress are focused on today is not the turmoil inside the administration. On these grounds, the big story is that President Trump is a very bad man. Why? Because President Trump said yesterday that he would consider now
not reporting to the FBI. If use approach with opposition research by a member of a foreign governments or a foreign national agents and people lost their minds, this now, you should morally lose your mind over this and a moral level. It is very, very bad when politicians are saying that they would take information presented to them by foreign governments about their political opposition. It was bad when Hillary Clinton said to me. I know that we're not supposed to talk about Hillary Clinton, doing this An Oracle did do this. There is a lot of talk about from receiving information from Russia. There's no actual information he received from Russia. Mellow report does not provide a shred of information that the Trump campaign directly received from Russia. You know it did happen a Dnc staffer was an open communication with the ukrainian embassy digging up dirt about President Trump, so that would be a baseline case in point of a foreign government providing information to the Dnc. That was a thing that happened. Christopher steel was a foreign NASH, and he was getting his information from russian governmental officials and then following its Hilary quince-
hilariously enough votes on the left have been defined, the steel report on the grounds that well that's legal, because the because fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign paid Christopher steals if you pay a foreign action, for the information that it doesn't violate the law. Let me get this straight: if a foreign national just come students as an information want, it you're, like yeah, sure give it to me that's illegal, but if you pay the for national to go, get the information and it's not illegal. Now I do not by this particular line, of legal argumentation, none Ellen Wind Rob was the head of the f. You see she issued she was nominated under George W Bush wilder. She issued a statement about all of this and the statement basically a slap at president from its not actually legally true, inherit. Herein lies the issue will get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about making your, broad save yourself. I am deeply worried about personal security because I received a number of death threats all the time I am also worried about my neighborhood safety, because the fact is, I live in LOS Angeles and Mayor Eric our cities, terrible mare, which means that the city has devolved into a health
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he's gotta rings outcomes lifespan, that's ring dotcom, Slash Ben check, it out rings outcomes lifespan for special deal. Ok, so Ellen Weintraub is the head of the Federal Election Commission and in response to the President of the United States, saying that sure he might or might not report to the FBI sorted taken, I'm like a case by case basis. That's the Trump campaign wine, right now, by the way, according to clearly MAC and any the campaigns press secretary, she said on CBS News, red and blue on Thursday. The campaign will follow. President trumps lead when it comes to handling potential offers, quote the president's directive, as he said it's a case by case basis. He said
likely you both listen to what they have to say, but also reported to the FBI and that's not great stuff. I mean honestly if trumpeter said. Listen, I'm not what I meant was like block out my ears. They give me a good piece of information, but I'll reported to the FBI for sure that is perfectly defensible, but this whole, maybe our ports, the F B, I maybe I won't reported to the FBI he sort. I had it every which way in his statement the other day with George stuff novelists, he said, I think, maybe you do both. I think you may want to listen, there's nothing wrong with this name. It's not me interference, they haven't. For me, I think I dig it if I thought there was something wrong, maybe go through the FBI, and then he suggested that you might not go to the FBI. Is the FBI doesn't have time and who goes to the FBI anyway? And all of this shows very bad, statement I talked about it yesterday, Then it is morally bad statement. When Hillary Clinton was Corps,
nay, what Le Dnc was coordinated with ukrainian government. That is a bad thing that doesn't now it's worse. If your coordinating with an overtly adversarial country like Russia for getting information from an overtly adversarial country like Russia, that would be worse, there's no evidence. The Trump campaign actually received that sort of information from the Russians but Ellen Weintraub from the FCC. She says this violation of war that if for national approaches- with our research or member of foreign government approaches you without research, and this is obviously a violation of law. I don't, I should think she's right I'll, explain in a second again there's a difference between legal and moral. I've just said many times in the past few minutes. It is immoral to. Take position. Research from a foreign party and not reported to the FBI is not illegal when the second so Ellen Weintraub said I would not have thought I needed to say this, a very happy. She says. Let me make something one hundred percent clear to the american public and anyone running for public office. It is illegal for any person
this was it except or achieve anything, a value from a foreign national. In connection with the: U S, election, well, weird causa Christopher Steel, give a lot of stuff a valley. So the whole reclining campaign don't see the incipient prosecution happening. This is not a novel concept but all in vain intervention from foreign governments has been considered unacceptable since the beginning of our nation Our founding fathers sounded the alarm about foreign interference, intrigue and influence. They knew that one foreign governments seek to influence american politics. It is always to advance their own interest, not America's Anyone whose elicits or accepts foreign assistance risk. Being on the wrong end of a federal investigation, any political campaign that receives an offer of a prohibit and then there is what you are legally mandated to do. The provision of law that governs all of this is is what you should do and then there's what you are legally mandated to do. They of law that governs all of this is section. It is fifty two: U S code, so three a one to one. Contrary friends and donations by foreign nationals says prohibition,
It shall be unlawful for a foreign national, directly or indirectly to make a contribution, donation of money or other thing a value or to make an express or implied promised to make a contribution or donation in connection with a federal state or local election, and it is a model for a person to solicit, accept or receive a contract, you should described in sub paragraph eight or be of paragraph one from a foreign national. They say it for the for national means of foreign principle accepted the term for national not include anybody who has dual citizenship. Andy it means an individual who is not a citizen of the United States or national of the United States, is not lawfully admitted for permanent residents. Well, Chris first yields and non resident alien, so he actually kind of falls under this definition and if the ideas you paid him for it, I'm not sure how that really changes the game very much on a legal level anyway, the question in the war is whether this provision, it contribution or donation of money or any other thing value means all,
information and it's pretty dicey to say that it does that It is because throughout American, while whenever it says other thing of value, it doesn't mean information, it typically means another thing, a value. In other words, they give you a desk. They give you a bar of gold, they give you something that is a value. But not information, because the problem with information is once you are talking about the conveyance of information. You run into first amendment issues, serious first amendment issues, so Eugene, it is a professor over it, you see a lay law, but a long peace back in two thousand. Seventeen specifically talking about this in the context of the trunk tower meaning he says it would make opposition research on much possible foreign misconduct virtually impossible if this stuff, where legal say that Hillary Clinton campaign her rumours that the construction of a Trump resort in Turkey might have involved some shit and it's likely impossible to effectively follow up on that without soliciting. Some valuable information from foreign nationals such as the foreign government officials, who were high pathetic, clean, allegedly bribe arrivals, who may have who may have a motive to provide information or
the Bernie Sanders campaign, her rumours of some misconduct by Hillary Clinton under trips abroad It wouldn't be allowed to ask any foreigners about that under these particular interpretations of the law. So the case that's being made that it is illegal for from to receive information from a foreign national apple research. Again, Hillary Clinton actually did it in two thousand sixteen, but that is undeniable. She actual received opposition research from a foreign national by the name of Christopher Steel whose, receiving information in turn from russian governmental officials. She actually did it. It was not Google? It was also not illegal. The was soliciting information from the russian and Ukrainian Embassy about Donald Trump, also not illegal, but immoral shore. Yes, it's one of the reasons why republicans are mad about the Scheele report now you're seeing folks come out and say that what from said is completely different, so Andy Mackay, who of course hates president from because basically Trump ended his career after he. Why to the inspector general of the FBI and ended up losing his pension is very bitter man
so he's on CNN talking to block of Wood Chris Cuomo, and he explained there is no. Prevalence on how Hilary and Trump acquired opposition information from foreigners you shouldn't have Russians, given you anything and you shouldn't have been paying Russians for formation to amass dossier. The way Clinton. Do you see these as analogues, not at all Chris there, no equivalence between those two examples to say to open? we invite foreign, intelligence officers representatives from a hostile foreign government too, to stay information to acquire opposition research in any way in any illegal way that they might do that and to presented to. You is one thing to four I'm paying to hire a law firm, an american our firm who then turns around and hires in american research company who then com
tracks out with a foreign individual. That is not illegal, ok, so, in other words, if you pay somebody for the information is not illegal, but if they give it you for free than its illegal. Now that that that that is a bizarre interpretation of law at the very at the very least, ok in a second we'll get to why this is still political poison for president from so again, I'm just debunking the idea that this is obviously illegal. Those put out by the FBI, it's not obviously illegal, I'm not the only one saying it Eugene, volcanic, really studies. The stuff has been saying it for literally years, going back to twenty seventeen we'll get some more of this in just one second, first attend. If you want to earn the most popular advanced, one thousand nine hundred and eleven on the market. Listen up! I've teamed up with my friends over at the Uscca, and we are going to give you seven chances to win one thousand two hundred and thirty four dollars. That's the exact amount of money. You need to buy this very special got now. Remember you s easier. Is the country's number one organization that provides education, training, legal protection to responsible gunners like you and me,
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gestures in just one. Second, first, you have to go over daily wired our comments and we have so many goodies for you this week. So if you want a lesson something funny yesterday, Would the yesterday level more put out an interview that he did with me entries getting all sorts rap for it from left. Larry Wilmore you'll, remember from comedy central, very controversial figure at the time in twenty sixteen, he was at the White House Correspondence Dinner and he controversially criticized, for he controversially suggested that president from was his inward, and this made all sorts of ways larry- and I disagree about virtually everything. But Lord Wilmore is also an open minded. Good dude, whose willing to have a conference. And which is something I appreciate. I think a lot of conservatives appreciate so he was on my podcast and I was on his part Inga was into our conversation with him. Interviewing me covers a lot of issues. Regarding raise in american history. It's called Larry woman black on the air comes from the Ringer NGO Download. That also should definitely subscribes. You can check out our sundays
for with Larry Wilmore on Saturday. It really is a fascinating. An awesome episode, I think, go check it out. Here is limited review. Dry up. People would say I wasn't blackened In order that I don't talk back and I said well, I'm talking and am black air go, Maybe brother shouldn't say air, go nothing! The interviews really terrific and covers a lot of ground to cover some of our agreements and disagreements and good for Larry one more seriously. It's something that that I really do appreciate, because the fact is that, if we are going to have a politics together Then we are gonna have to have conversations with people with whom we disagree and treat them with respect and not turn every conversation and into an opportunity to club somebody to death, it's it's real funny. I get a lot of criticism that you know my brand is: is beating people up watch every conversation that I have with somebody publicly unless they attack me, unless they decide to get
militant. Every conversation is exceedingly polite because my view is, we should treat other people we are talking to as human beings. Twitter is for jokes, but in real life. When we have conversations everything Oh Ben Shapiro destroys video of me with a college student or me with him. Where the media is a polite conversation in which people like what I am saying think that I made a good argument. That's all those that those are, and this Larry one more thing: I am sure he will get had for it. I'm sure Folsom left will suggest that a dead Spain, which is disgusting website, is already suggesting Larry Wilmore is a very, very bad man for even having a conversation while good for Larry for having the conversation and that's what we need more of in this country. We need more conversations between people who disagree that are polite. And well motivated and people who are interested in learning more about the philosophy of the other, because the conversation themselves, reinstall a feeling that we ought to live in a country together and not just separate and go our own separate waste go check out our Sunday special with Larry one where it really is first rate in check out his podcast as well. Where are you
more black on their. As conversations with, I think, on the first serious conservative who's been on on his show, there been a couple others, but David Froman and RIP Wilson. I think we're we're on show, but when the first, let let's say, not my pitch on his show was not yet I trumpet and the and the I is really good his end minds or go check out both of those when subscribe, you get it early, also a glorious time of the week. When I give a shout out to a daily wire subscriber today, it's put her Tyler Adam was just successfully weather on the most difficult periods of light, middle school and middle school sucks you and I'm so glad for you that you have graduated in the picture. Tyler is raising his left cheers tumblr into frame under gold and silver balloon, spelling out grad. He writes owning alive, and consuming these nutritious years, got me through the middle school hears hashtag leftist years, Tumblr fantastic, dude, Congrats Tyler, who also is apparently an amazing basketball player to keep up the good work. Thanks for your support, if you want to be featured on the show have to be a daily where annual subscriber to post a photo of your tumblr on either
butter or instagram what they hashtag left his tears tumblr. You can even be in the photo if you would like to be if to become a subscriber go to daily wired outcome, click on the subscribe button at the top of the page and then send us your tumblr picks. If you want a chance of getting a shout out on the show, so go check us out of our daily work subscribe. It really does help us out there. A lot of bad people at their or attempting to prevent you from getting the show you can ensure that we can continue to bring the show by joining the team and subscribing for nine. Nine months or ninety nine bucks, a hearing at that leftist years, hot or cold tumblr, which is phenomenal, go get all of those affirmation wars and help us out. We are the largest fastest growing concern The podcasting radio show in the nation is already so just because the President of the United States didn't do anything illegal in twenty sixteen,
Nor would it necessarily be under current law illegal for the president to accept opposition research from a foreign source tomorrow. Is, I explain a minute ago? Is that politically smart? It is not politically smart, especially because the Democrats and crafts in the narrative whereby President Trump is a tool, Warm powers and is open to being a tool of foreign powers and president from its own language, tends to underscore this sort of silliness. President from is a guy who said in twenty. Sixteen repeatedly that the United States, our foreign policy, is somehow akin to Vladimir Putin's he's a guy who is really kissed the rear of Kim Jong IL in one of the worst dictators unplanned earth. I've been highly critical of him, for that obviously continue to be, I think it's morally and now only unbecoming but disreputable, president from needs do not underscore all of that by suggesting that he is willing to work with. Powers to undermine some sort of Democrat who's running against him, Mark water, these senator from Virginia as Americans should be outraged at even the very suggest.
Here is where again, I think it goes a little bit too far. You might want to look to your own party dude and talk to like Hillary Clinton, who actually did some of this stuff too. If there is a standard, we shovel that for every one. It is not what about them for me to point out that what trumpeted is bad but not illegal and also what Hillary Clinton did is very bad, but not illegal. That's called standard? What about us would be me saying that what prompted was ok, because Hillary Clinton also did it, which is not a thing that I am saying, Mark Warner, many other politicians, seems to be completely ignoring the fact that there are other politicians who do this stuff and pretending is, though is a singular incidents of president from something out of the realm of of normal bad. Ok, it is, in fact normal bad time will probably prove me wrong again, but there was beginning folks stepping up, and I frankly, at the end of the day, it is also up to the american public if the american public, no matter whether they watch Fox or msnbc or anything in between
if the american public, no matter whether they watch Fox or unless NBC or anything in between, is outraged by The comments that I made yesterday than shame on Americans as well. Shame are all of us that that that's. This is why it still politically damaging in Korea, there May Romney's mutual and he says it's. This is the same thing: it's unthinkable for a presidential candidate to accept dirt from a foreign government. I agree, and that applies to all candidates. Equally democratic Republican. That would be simply unthinkable for Canada for President to accept that involvement to encourage it just with it in any way, shape or form. It would strike at the very heart of our democracy and then you have Linsey Gram was an ally of the president. Who is acknowledging it's a mistake for the president to talk this way on a political level is more than a mistake. It isn't that a lack of morality to say that you wouldn't reported to the FBI. If the chinese government approached you with some sort of negative information on Joe Biden, here's Linsey Grim the implications
Here you are present United States, saying it's ok, to accept foreign, ex dirt from about an opponent. Now think it's a mistake. I think I think it's a mistake a blog, and I want to send a signal to encourage this, and I hope, my democratic colleagues, be equally offended by the fact that this actually did happen in twenty six thing or foreign agent was paid for political party together
opposition research. All those things are all. This is exactly right. Lindsey Gram says right: there is exactly right now. Should President Trump be talking way he has now, which is why it's very awkward, cabin Mccarthy, the House Minority leader, has to go out there and take out from doesn't one foreign interference, while the president is out there saying well, you know what taken on a case by case basis, guys about what is right and what is, I think, the presidency very clear. The president does not want for governments to interfere. Lectured she's been very spent very strong. He did not say you'd have a foreign government to industry information, listen to it and problem I've watched the president. I believe the president would always do the right
Ok, ok! Mr president. Mr President, first of all bad bad, you, your job as the President of the United States, is not only to do the moral thing, but also as a politician. It is to make it easy for your defenders to defend you. Kevin Mccarthy is out there trying to defend this morning. Just make it easy for him by saying the right thing why not just do them instead, you're out there saying that your own FBI Directorate Chris Ray, is wrong when he says these report this sort of stuff to the FBI. After all, who has time from this is bad stuff, it's stupid, stuff. The presidential set now Democrats in the media. Remember that time when you guys it all this kind of stuff. Remember that and then you don't care, remember how that was yeah. I remember it, but we're gonna pretend they didn't do it, because, apparently that is the way that all this work is only bad when Trump does it Orangemen bad? or an end when the orange man is doing a bad thing by the way that does not excuse you, for
four also doing these aim bad thing, pretty impressive, have a standard seems malleable change as soon as Trump does. It becomes very bad when Hilary did very similar stuff, no problem at all, because after all, you had to stop the Orange man ok time for some mailbag, because it is indeed a Friday. So let's jump right in Elizabeth says Heaven I wanted to let you know I didn't go through with an abortion because of your shot. Well. Well! Well, thank you! So much your child thanks you. That means in enormous. To me man, that's the real reason we do the show. Honestly I was I was doing politics long before we are. We had a huge audience, we're making money from it. So thank you. You are doing exactly the right thing you are doing. I can you not God's work it bringing a child into the world and not having killed before its born. Thank you. It's
I have to say that as an act of heroism in today's society, but it absolutely as it was the says, I'm giving the baby up for adoption through church, which again is great put the kid in a home where they can grow and thrive good for you. That is an act of generosity of spirit. It is an act of heroism. Thank you. I got thanks. You do. What are your thoughts on adoption in the states? What is actually to be made much easier right now, it's it's insane, but states are basically cracking down on adoption agencies of those adoption. Agencies have religious backgrounds. We ve seen adoption agencies in places like Massachusetts actually shut and if they prefer to hand a baby over to a traditional male female couple, as opposed to a same sex couples, so catholic charities have shut down adoption services in Massachusetts. Because of this now, I think there is a perfectly secular, national case for having a baby over to a male and female eggs. I dont think that males and females are the same. I dont think fathers and mothers are the same, which is why ever single fathers and mothers Day make the same joke on Twitter is a running joke and it is happy second
legal guardian of unspecified gender day, because you don't think there's a difference between father. In others or males and females, and why have a father's day or mothers? They just have an unspecified legal guardian day, but if you feel the child needs mother and father, then yes, I think that it is perfectly fine and perfectly rational and in fact, good to prefer all other things being equal? Obviously, a male female couple to him EL male or female female couple or a single mom, and there is nothing I think, remotely controversial about that in a social science sense. Now again, that's all other things being equal. If you're talking about abuse of household were mail using the female as opposed to two males we're not of using each other. Obviously, that is different if you're talking socio economically. The difference between growing up in here in this house on food stamps, as opposed to growing up in a middle class household, that makes a difference to its multi fact oral. In other words, but
One of the things that would make adoption easier is more adoption agencies, not fewer adoption agencies, also hopes that you have to run through in order to adopt our just ridiculous and one of the things about about. We already have laws against child abuse. We already have laws in child endangerment, the notion that the state has to be Involves in every adoption runs counter to my libertarian sensibility that suggest that if I give let let's say that I wanted to put my kid up for adoption in silence my local church or synagogue innocent, I want you to put the kid up adoption by local synagogue church has an interest, presumably in the child, going to a good home. That's why? Member of the synagogue or the church, the state does not have a particularly wonderful record in its treatment of children. I have friends right now who are seeking to adopt, and there s some of the dumbest questions I have ever heard.
The process years long and you basically have to sign on the government's version of what good parenting looks like in order to get a child. So if you tell a member of an if you tell a member of the state's adoption resources that, for example, you might swat the kid on the fanny, if the kid tries to run into the street, they will put you in basically array education course in order to make you eligible for getting the kid the scenes in sing to me now, not so I've never spanked, my kids now, I'm actually not industry I dont think that it is necessary when I was growing up, my parents banks a little bit but really not much. I don't think there's a lot of data. The backbone But there are a lot of friends of mine who do believe that when the on occasion, you have to spank a kid I haven't. I see no evidence that mild spanking is. The end of the war, but according to the data. California, if you say that to them. They will not give you a kid. In other words, you have a beautiful middle class household- you have a beautiful religious household.
Every so often you say it like. It is deeply disobedient, almost wasn't, undertook us and then the states. No, you can't have a baby instead we're giving it to this couple. The we like, I find that problematic oversized. You prefer presidential political system like in the United States or parliamentary system like in the UK. The United States is way better. The reason the United States is way better is because of the inherent instability of coalition systems that exist overseas to Israel is the perfect example, of a parliamentary system, the collapses in on itself every five seconds, almost literally every five seconds they just had an election, and then Prime Minister Netanyahu, couldn't form a coalition government, and so he dissolve the Knesset and made a new and made a new election. The problem with parliament three systems is that there are so many interests to juggle that you can never actually get any political work done basically have to appease everybody. So, if you're worried about bribery in the United States Congress, if you're worried about conflict of interest In- U Us Congress take a look overseas.
Where nor to form a coalition, you have to bribe this little party in this little party and this little party just to get them to stick around. If you make sure their welfare benefits are maintained, it takes disaster Nord motivate those governments to do anything of real consequence Has he been? Thank you for everything you do. I'm a recent subscriber to the daily wire and many other conservative platforms to show support against this leftist censorship lunacy. Thank you, I'm thirty, one years old man, a conservative, libertarian, basically maple conscious life. However, aside from passing conversations with friends and They, according my values I found most. On the sidelines of public public political discourse. In my life. My question to you is: what, in your opinion, is the best way to get involved in the work of ideas and Jeanne Hearts and minds when you don't have large platform thanks again? Well, it's. I honestly think that the best way to get involved in the war of ideas and change our minds is to act well for the other people too. You know truly, if you live out your values, that is the best way to convince people that your values are something worthwhile and something worth preserving
I think this is one of the reasons why so many folks on the left are unwilling to grant the basic humanity of their political opposition trillion. Will integrate the humor a grant, the humanity of their of their political opposition in a second I'm, to give an example of this in things that I hate, but one of the one of the aspects of of living with each other and societies that we get to learn what a good person looks like. And very often a good person doesn't share your political values, and so that makes you think, ok well, that person can be good and not sure my political values. Well, maybe that means that my political values are up for debate and can still be a good person, so being a good persons that people around you is deeply worthwhile is funny
that note from somebody yesterday, so I am a member of a club in LOS Angeles, call the MAGIC castle, I'm a brand new member, it's fantastic! I love it to I'm very into magic sleight of hand. It's an amazing skill, set its really it supercool, so the other night as over at the magic castle- and there was the in magic hassle- has all of these different rooms where people are doing different magic acts and in one of the rooms which is kind of off the main rooms there. What are the cool things that sort of thing Porter's? Their magicians were trying out their ass and working on them? It's really cool. There was a really young guy mean under the age of twenty one, so yeah dad, probably special dispensation to be there and he was doing a magic act, and this kid was terrific. I mean this. Kid was first right. He was doing stuff. I've never seen anybody to with card he was doing tricks. I have never seen his whole kind of act was really well thought out. His manner was really on assume.
Just amazing, amazing stuff. So my wife and my parents were there and we were sitting in the back and we're clapping form, because these terrific and he calls them in there. What are these tricks word? Therefore, people sitting around the table. He calls me up part of the trick a little bit and then I go back and it I mean the kids amazing so finishes, and I go up to him, and I say you know that was really amazing if you ever need me help like getting anywhere to. Let me know, because I would love to help you, because you are first rate, they so dont know the kid from Adam and I'll walk up a few days later, I get a note from friend that this person has posted on Facebook that the person knew me. I had no idea that person was this person. Apparently you ve. Why was an disagreed with Paypal? ugly, which is totally fine, eleven ally, everybody disagrees and politically, and this in this house, and posted a along no about how he had sort of soon that I would be a jerk because we disagree politically and then
actually mad. He we met in a different context and turns out that I was actually a decent person with a nice person to him and made him so to rethink things a little bit now. That's not me complementing myself. That's just me recognising that there has been this political duality. That's been set up or if you disagree with somebody politically, then we are automatically to assume that they are a bad person and if we get past that is being breakdown that bury, then you can actually have some good productive conversations, and in that particular situation, all it took was nice person and outrage that guy the same, whether I news politics or didn't know is politics, he did. A great act is terrific at what he does he's a person in your daily life, as does the, but honestly it's the best thing you can do to be represented of your values in your politics, Chauncey Haven just started. Listening to you recently, after enjoying you as a meme for so long now, I'm a huge here like you, I'm also big fan, classical music. I think, She went to music school and got its green composition said my dad I've a classical music question for you.
Your opinion of eternal music, like Schoenberg or web or labored best regards it. Gonna pick up the books, and so I dont know veterans music very well. I know schomburgh music, so jumbos early music is really terrific before he goes full eternal. I am not a fan of fully toll music because it seems to me to defeat the purpose of music. The human ear is looking for. A level of confidence in music that does not provide added by the absolute dissonance of eternal music. It's one of the reasons why, for example, I liked Bela Bartok, we use a lot of total music and then generates it toward continent, so the first movement of Concerto for orchestra, for example, the end of it. The entire first movement is incredibly dissonant. And then comes together in this non, descended moment in its tremendous, because music. Creates tension and relieves tension. It's also why The interval of the seventh was considered basically forbidden in western physic for centuries, because it was considered the devil's cord because it wants to resolve a seventh wants to resolve to an
and it's also one of the reasons why, for example, if you listen to box me very often have a minor peace, and it ends on a major cord. The reason is because the the undertones there there undertones every time, the undertones in in music, like organ music, for example, the undertones, resonate in churches. So if you finished on a minor cord, there'll be dissonance undertones, and so would finish on a major court to avoid the dissonance one of the purposes of music is to again have dissonance that resolves or to move toward continents. I'm not a huge fan of eternal music chamber was deeply talented, but I think that twelve zone method, This is a huge mistake. Next as haven. I love you, show lot, I'm fourteen years old and currently taken a rhetoric and civic class from high school. The top we are debating. Is U S, arms dealing and how the country that purchases, the most weapons from the United States to Saudi Arabia? or debating. If we should ban all arms sales there, because they use those weapons to torture and starved their people, what are views also. Why was after such a bad precedent, didn't get us out of the great depression thanks so much BS
when using the Delaware articles. Four examples of credible source is good, but we really try to The card Aubert, Delaware. Ok, so don't that's actually to question so question number one: should we ban on arms sales to that country's? No, I mean it fortunate reality of the modern world and of the world generally that you do have to side with that people very often, if worse people so lend least programme in world war. Two men to the United States was providing enormous support material support to the USSR, one of the worst country In the history of the world, one by one of the worst people in the history of the world, Stalin in order to fight probably viewers person in the history of the world Hitler, so this is true throughout internet. Politics and it means that our allegiance shift and change. So there may be a time when we are army people against Saudi Arabia, depending on how your baby is in first in the region, are right now, where I'm in Saudi Arabia against IRAN, which is more threatening to american interest. Realistic understanding of politics means it. Sometimes you have to work with bad people in order to it. Better end. Now, in an ideal world, will we be able to not Many of these folks sure they'll be great, but
I deal whirled around wooden exist in terms of the running. Government around would still exists, as a country, Saudi Arabia's government would not exist. The way that it does all these countries would be liberal them crises and are ideal world? They are not, and so we have to make some decisions as to which values we seek to promote and which countries we seek to protect her. But after a few hours a crap president, he did not get us out of the great depression. In fact, the great depression was lengthened, according to studies from use yellow by at least eight years by after years, crap economic policy, which was a terrible economic policy, has also set us on the road to bankruptcy.
The programmes like Social security, also after our imprison, literally hundreds of thousands of japanese people, which everybody seems to forget during world war, two he put them in actual concentration camps. That seems like kind of a bad thing. He was a very, very bad president. He has given credit for his leadership during World WAR too, and he deserves credit for his leadership during World war. Two! That's about it, otherwise, whose incredibly divisive president has a president who who castigated the mere earning of wealth is present when, after his political opponents, that would make Nixon look like nothing it's here. He was one of the worst president's. An American here breathing Barnard Boxes, hello, Lord Shapiro, well, I've I've benighted! When talking about the sensitive question of being a citizen, you briefly mentioned that the districts Congress should change what would happen if a large part relation move, let's out of New York State to Florida, would New York districts merged together, based on population size and, if so, how would that work for sale What's a see, an enabling district Congo Person battling it out, then, when Flora creator, only District Bottom
the number of house. It's locked. It know the number of houses are not locked in their based on the census, which is why there's so much controversy right now over the Sensus and whether we should be able to ask about legal immigration status, as I explained yesterday on the programme when the reality is that we should. Base our districts and the number of legal citizens living in the district. It should not be based on the people living illegally there. If you ask people whether they are living there legally or illegally, then you will end up with redistricting, which is what Democrats are afraid of their prefer to stack up democratic districts with illegal immigrants, so they can have more of those democratic districts and thus more Greece, People Benjamin's, has haven are the democratic shifting the goalposts by saying they want to. They want trump in prison. It appears to me this is a new tactic. To avoid talk of impeachment to help purple Dems in twenty twenty love. They showed thanks for all the time and effort you put into creating great content. While I appreciate that the conflict by Wayne
We do put an enormous amount of time and effort I promised at the end of every. I am pretty much exhausted oceans like at home and see my kids, because they don't care and the energy has to pick up or I'm not being a good father. Ok, so as far as the Trump imprison talking point yes, this is a way for Nancy Pelosi. To avoid saying that she wants to impeach him, because venture is enough to do anything. Lawrence has but as the law, Massachusetts Conception, thirty, five or individuals or alcohol or substance of users are forced to be treated. Do you think this is an effective way for families to help their loved ones or doesn't impede on an end of it was very. What would your solution be for families with this issue? one issue, I see what this is. It will deter substance abusers from seeking medical treatment when it may be necessary thanks very well. I dont know section thirty five. I can't speak specifically to that. I think that the the making it more easy, too
two involuntarily commit somebody who is mentally ill and danger to sell, for others is a very good thing. I think one of the big problems we have right now is that there is this perception that if you are a threat to yourself or others, you should simply be left out there and make it impossible to voluntarily commit people who desperately need help and who are not in control of their own minds as far as alcohol or substance abuse, if you're a substance abuse or there is a good shot, that you are unable to actually reason that you mean attics our attics, and this is a disease and the end like other diseases, this being treated as inactive will alone, I think, could be a huge mistake now. I think it's a very carefully apply. This power is obviously you dont want peace, being involuntarily committed because they, because they ve relatives, you dont like them, or something like that. But if you're talking about somebody who is a deep drug addicts who will not voluntarily check into a clinic and is basically stoned out on the street living in tents, it seems to me that
that is not a bad solution. Family members- and we need to do something about this. This person is a danger to himself in that case I am not against the idea of involuntary commitment. Laura locate, Eric, says Hayband Kenobi and most recent backstage Dave Reuben. Someone asked a question about anti discrimination, laws, unemployment and whether political affiliations, qualified you enjoy We discussed how anti discrimination laws protect against discrimination for people. Things cannot change such as race and sex, but malleable things political affiliations are not covered by question. Is operating under the left is near. Of the sexes, malleable, wouldn't that notion gate someone sex from being protected under anti discrimination law things right. Yes, actually, yes, it would. Which is why you're seeing what try to broaden out anti described nation law in weird way, so this is one of the sort of odd aspects of the way there trying to broaden out anti discrimination. Laws on anti discrimination law does not cover for apple sexual orientation federally it does covered in many states, but sexual orientation, is actually not about what you feel it is about how you are perceived and what action is taken.
Words. There's no way for me to tell what your sexual orientation is a must you tell me or sexual orientation. There's no way for me to tell it to tell what what your sexual orientation is. Almost I see you and you are with able for ending your man right. There there's no way for me to tell that which means that now I'm supposed to not discriminate based on action, not on a immutable characteristic that I can detect objectively from the outside no aid to do that, broadening that out means that they can I'll send abroad, that out to more more choice, choice of display, driven things like choosing your own gender, for example. So I can tell if your transgender just by looking at you, unless you are actually dressed in the garb of the opposite sex, as you have undergone some sort of of physical transformation, and what that means is that you know I I can to tackle, in your head. In other words, Anti discrimination law was never meant to to protect folks against what is in their head now
That is not saying these things are real. I mean what I say in your head. I mean like I literally can tell what you're thinking, not that it's in your head or your crazy or anything like that. Ok, so my problem is that I dont really balloon anti discrimination laws period. What I mean by that is that the government should not be allowed to discriminate, but the government should not be forced to allow private citizens forced the government should be able to force private citizens to act in the way the government wants them to act. The solution to discrimination in private life is for people not to associate with people who discriminate for people to boycott businesses that openly discriminate. I was. My pack has a wearable Wilmore talk a lot about this have said for years. I would vote. For the Civil Rights ACT, sixty nineteen sixty five because it needed to happen so right. Next, sixty four other because it needed to happen. But would I oppose on an individual level title two which deals with public accommodations and specific.
The specific ability of government to force individual private business owners to act in a way that the government wants them to act? I post that on principle, even though I agree it is very bad and in fact evil not to allow black people to in the restaurant. I dont think that I have the power who use the government to compel people to serve people. I don't think that that is my power thing. Is your your power anything it's anybody's power. I think you're right. You have the right to do bad things that I disagree with so long as you're, not depriving me of my rights and you don't have a right to make. A survey me Just not a thing Elizabeth says. I was born in ninety ninety five, some right on the edge between the generations I probably relate more to boomers. I keep waiting for general indeed to decide that they want to be rebels and go against the millennials by leaning, conservative. You think, I'm being too apt to mystic. I don't. I think there are lots of generations. The folks or looking at the millennials and they're saying these people are woke schools there annoying their irritating. We can't have conversation. And they suggest that people they disagree with them are bad and evil and Campi talk too, and I think
that is obviously not only wrong but stupid. A final question gives his habit with the John Wick Trilogy and his appearance. At E3. I've noticed a rise in Vienna reads: his popularity is very popular for being wholesome and mean culture as well. Why do you think this is what you think of him? Thanks for all, you do well, first, while he's great inch on work because he's perfectly counterweights, it's just the perfect part for him. Perfect part, perfect timing, Why it's terrific, I M, noticing that the popularity of canneries is largely related to the restoration and I d of a movie star that existed in the nineteen. Thirty forty fifties and sixtys, and that was that movie stars were protected from studios, see didn't know much about the personal life. What you saw them you saw on screen and then in their regular life, there are expected to act like just normal, decent human beings. We didn't care all that much about that. We we care, but we did know much about their sex lives or about whether they were alcohol, eggs or drug users or their family lives, studios really guarded the image of their stars.
And the stars are what you saw on screen, which is why you would go see a Catherine Hepburn Movie, because Catherine happened was he started and know anything about her other than what you saw on screen and he saw some glamour. Shots were in the paper. That's basically canneries. He acts like a nice guy publicly. You don't know much about him in his personal life. He doesn't make his personal life into a political issue and then he goes and makes me Is that you, like you, want to restore the star system in Hollywood. This is actually what you need to do is very ironic that so many members of Hollywood think that the way to create stars to put them in the public eye at every available opportunity and to make them as human beings the issue you want to create a starts. The image that matters, not the actual human being behind the image
They know the way to wreck an image of a star is determined star into a human being. Is it you wouldn't turn Coca COLA the brand into a group of people who work at Coca COLA, because that's not what you're buying your buying the brand? It's very weird that that Hollywood doesn't seem to understand this dichotomy. Ok time for a quick thing. I like and then a quick thing that I hate and will be out of here, so things that I, like speaking of Catherine happened. There is a great old comedy again. I've been on a in old movie state with my wife, and we are what we watch last night, Spencer, Tracy and Catherine Hepburn in their best movie, together Adams Rib, which is movie about two where's Spencer Tracy, a prosecutor, Catherine burn in events where who basically try opposite sides. The case there also married to each other the movie is, is really funny and really good. It's about the battle of the sexes. It takes feminism seriously, but it also takes the idea that the sexes are different seriously. Is written by a man and a woman and a guard.
Cannon and with Gordon who ended up being of course and ask her winning actress on our own and the and the movie is, is really funny has loaded the trailer and don't you day, I find that our right. It's a lot of fun? Ok, other things that I like a german Costa, is on a bookstore. Now I don't really like that in the sense that I think that is because any good, I highly highly doubt that it is I ve about a crazy name. Spencer is Mozilla, go check it out Adams. It's it's a lot of fun The other thing is that I, like a Costa, is on a bookstore now I don't really like that in the sense that I think that book is any good. I highly highly doubted it as I have not read it. So I would just express my doubts. I am open to having my mind changed, although we all yeah short answer but ass, I was doing interview and he said What I really want is for Republicans to read my book: oh yeah, because you you're such a reach across the aisle kind of Guy Jim Acosta. I'm sure when you wrote this book, you weren't selling
in order to get all of your allies, to pick it up all the people who hate Trump and think that you're a righteous crusader for truth rather in itself? Aggrandizing bore no eurotas, Republicans! Didn't you Jim Acosta, we're at each other's throats in his arm. Cried the boy towards him. The book I want to give it away, but you, I essentially and with the message we just gotta, get back to a place where we have more faith in one another or on the same to you, we're all Americans. I am not your enemy you're, not my at any. You know something, naturally a writing this both for the resist it I'll tell you. If you read this Look I'm writing this, but also for the Republicans, because I really feel you know deep down in my heart that republic genes are just just patriotic. As
Nobody else and they want a country handed over to the next generation. That is just a shroud as one language at the very end is so telling I believe, deep down my heart, the Republicans are as patriotic as anybody else. Our thanks thanks for that Jim and then thinking for deigning to grant us the patina legitimacy. I really appreciate it when Jamaica, some patriarch, I can take my heart- just warms up its warms up. What are what a more what, good man, Jim Acosta is, and he might be, a nice guy in person. I have no idea. I can tell you that what he does for a living, which is basically grandstand, is really irritating time for a quick thing that I hate Charlotte climber is a trend, gender woman, who works for the human rights campaign just say she's a man who is who believes that he is a woman, because that's what transgender ISM is says. That is one ok in any case, Charlot climber tweets out, not
All opinions are equal, not all opinions are deserving of our time in consideration is so far. I actually agree with this right. Not all opinions are equally true, not all opinion. Are deserving of our time in consideration. Agree: here's where it starts getting weird for Charlotte Climber, supposedly an advocate of tolerance and diversity. Not all opinions should be given space in the public square. If you push a belief that is directly harmful to others, you have move past opinion and into a threat to public safety. If you push a belief that is directly harmful to others, so who defines a belief that is directly harmful to others, If you aren't directly harmful to others, actions are directly harmful to others. If you do an action that is directly harmful to somebody else, we call that a crime, if you have a belief, the belief isn't directly harmful to others, because it is in your mind. This notion that you can. It is now a threat to public safety if you have a belief, the belief itself as a threat to public safety, and thus we must shut you out of the public square. This is the excuse every dictator ever has used in order to shut down political debate.
Now bunch people jumped on travel clamour for saying this and try to clamber immediately said. Why was talking about vaccinations? Nothing in that treaty? Baxter Nations. I, as folks know, am very much in favour of accessions. I think that anti vaccination material is generally propagandistic. I think that the accusations have been responsible based on science, for the vast decrease in killer diseases over the past century but I think anti vaccines are allowed to have opinions. I think people were anti vaccines, are allowed, have opinions and allowed to express those opinions, even if I think those opinions are wrong and even if I think that people acting on those Binion's is dangerous to children and to others, because this is a battle that ought to be fought in the public space. It has even been arguing about legislation, but this idea that you get to shut down opinions because the beliefs are dangerous. There is no actual limit to that. There's no actual limit,
to that guy. I assume that Charlotte glamour would suggest that, because I say the Charlot glamour is genetic man, because Charlotte Clamorous genetic man, that this is a belief that is directly harmful to Charlotte clamour. Well, no, it is a belief that happens to be based on biological fact, and it is not harmful to Charlotte clamour that I believe this would be harmful to Charlotte climber. If I were to come and do something bad to Charlotte climber, but people leaving a thing is not incipient is not inherently a threat to public safety. The unwilling to distinguish between thought and action in left. His thought is incredibly dangerous and it is going to lead to a crackdown on speech and thought itself in your already seeing it in the way that the left treats functions for its pretty astonishing. Ok, we'll be back our low but later today, with two additional hours or will see her next week of a wonderful weakened. I venture paralyses the bench Barroso, the bench
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