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Ep. 805 - Open Season On Biden!

2019-06-20 | 🔗

Democrats pounce on Joe Biden after he talks about working with segregationist senators, Democrats push slavery reparations in the run-up to 2020, and Chuck Todd runs afoul of the wokescolds. Date: 06-20-2019

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Democrats, patents on Joe Biden after he talks about working with segregationist senders democrats wish slavery reparations in the run up to twenty twenty and Chuck Todd runs a fell. The wolf schools on bench appear. This is the bench Bureau show our ready, sir, We begin today, not with said geisha senders reparations begins today with the breaking news that IRAN yesterday shot down a: U S, drone according to the New York Times escalating. Regions around the shot down a? U S, surveillance drone early on Thursday, according to both nations, the nations differed on the crucial the issue of whether the aircraft it violated iranian airspace. In just escalation: intentions that have raised fears of war between the two countries, You love again this cycle of violence, language that is used by the New York Times. It's just the latest escalation in ten chins generalised tensions out there in the universe that raised fear of were actually it's just that around keeps bombing things and like shooting things down. The United States has taken no aggressive military action
to as in none going all the way back to the Obama administration. When Iranian were taken prisoner american soldiers, iranian officials, said, the dramas overrun American Miller. Hurry, denied that each side accused the their of being the aggressor. Obviously we should take the iranian contentions with all of the of the verifiable having truth that they deserve the we should. We should absolutely take IRAN's contentions. Syria. Silly because they never lie about these things like wanting to develop nuclear weapons or bombing ships or anything supporting terrorist. There perfectly honest, obviously should take the conventions of the american government and the iranian government with exactly the same amount of seriousness both of the countryside downing Kurt at four or five Ronnie in time on Thursday, seven thirty five p m on Wednesday in Washington. The drone wish- down by an iranian surface, to air missile system, while operating an international airspace over international airspace over the strait of horror. Moves according to U S sent come again in the strait of hormones, is the the geographic
and that is the source of a lot of this tension right now, because the Iranian are effectively seeking to bottleneck all oil traffic through the strait of hormones, which is responsible for an enormous amount of the world, while market they are hoping to drive up the price of oil artificially by preventing a solid supply through straight of for the United States, that this was an unprovoked attack on the surveillance asset in international airspace. In Iranian. Heck on american aircraft even unmanned road as potential flashpoints in the growing list of recent clashes. Also, the White House had late night meetings. Producer. Huckabee Sanders told news outlets that the President in brief down the missile attacks and that the administration was mine during the situation, and then president from one on twitter is this morning and he treated out and ran made a very big missed egg. So, if we're going to war on the basis of a tweet I'll say it's not ideal agrees to have a procedure for this.
We went to Congress for permission to go to war and all of this sort of thing, but it is a little funny downside, not constitutional upside kind of hilarious, I mean they couldn't guarantee no kind of did this like old School Clint, Eastwood You see Trump growing to himself very big mistake. They and then it just the bombs launch in five minutes: ok sup Are we actually going to get into a shooting war with IRAN? I think that is very, very unlikely. The fact it That is the last thing the iranian one forget about what we want. The last thing that the iranian want is a full scale shooting war with the United States. The fact is, we could think their military, the weather. We did the the rain in military battering. Operation praying but runs continue Escalation of affairs is going to weed at some point in the United States having take some sort of action here and it's not gonna be economic action, so that's not gonna, devolving a full scale, shooting war, it's funny, because the press seems today.
That every time the United States fires shot that the Second World WAR, two, that is not the case. You know many times the United States has fired missiles into particular areas. We did it under Trump to Syria. Like two years ago, it didn't evolve into a full scale, war between Syria and the United States, and we have american troops in Syria right now, so I am sceptical of the claim that the Trump Administration is ready to send a hundred fifty thousand two hundred thousand american true into the middle of the Middle EAST, that it is not something that is really on the table. So we'll keep an eye on that. Easily and we'll keep an eye on president from Twitter feed to determine, if Besides renounce any targets, be Atwater. I guess that's our drooping. This thing now we're just gonna wait and he's can be like yea till this beach has we'll find out man I'll get. Meanwhile Joe.
Biden there come in for all will Joe, so I've been predicting this since the day the Joe Biden decided that he was going to run for president is that all the guns would turn on all Joe, and I have to admit if all Joe had not spent the last few years being just a terrible politician, then I'd feel a lot more sympathy for him, because The attacks on Joe Biden today are extraordinarily unfair interest in all intellectual honesty. There really really unfair tax on Joe Biden now. Here's the thing Joe Biden has expressed sympathy four segregationist centres in the past it Joe Biden his action We said nice things about segregationist centres in the past, not because there were segregationist per se, but because he says lots of nicely about lots of senators because he was wait for it in the Senate is just something that happens in the Senate. There are lots of people in Congress who praise each other on a regular basis, but now this is
just terrible, how dare Joe Biden suggest that he was once civil to people with whom he radically disagrees. An enemy this is, as I say, it's not unusual, Steve Carnegie, who works over it and be seen at national political corresponding. He points out. That said, Kennedy used to talk about his. Warm collegial relationship with James when the senator at issue in Joe Biden comments. Does that mean that show that that TED Kennedy was a vicious brutal, society is that, what's going on, there I really don't think so. None the less Joe Biden stepped in it because you're not. Allowed to acknowledge the humanity of people who you disagree with. Even people who you think are truly wrong about everything in a wholly will principles you not allowed. Knowledge their humanity or acknowledge that if you sit in the Senate with them- and sometimes you have to make deals with them- that's very bad now to do that. Instead You have to virtue signal at every turn and not get things done in the Senate. I suppose so here is what happened to break it down. So
Joe Biden was speaking in a fundraiser, the Carlyle Hotel in New York City on Tuesday night, and he stressed the need to be able reach consensus under our system and he specifically talked about serving with the late senators James Eastland Missis b and Herman Challenge Georgia. Both Democrats were staunch opponent. Of these segregation. Iceland was the powerful chair. The judiciary, Committee Woodbine, enter Biden entered the chamber nineteen. Seventy three Biden said I wasn't o clock of GMO Eastland, you never go, we boy he always call me son, and he called to which one of the meanest guys I ever knew you go down. The list of all these guys is well guess what at least responsibility. We get things done We didn't agree on much of anything. We got things done. We got it finished, but today you look at the other side and you're the enemy, not the opposition, the enemy we don't talk to each other anymore Ah, so this is enough to ruin Joe Biden. I mean there come in for him and they are coming with pitchforks. They are coming with petrol, I'll get to exactly the angle of attack and one second part in geopolitical instability news IRAN is obviously escalate.
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showing that you hate somebody more than than the other guy hates that person. So all of the Democrats, in the twenty twenty raise jump on Joe Biden. Specifically the Z rich vain for them, because Joe Biden is. Doing exceedingly well with black voters, right now he's doing great with black voters right now until there a bunch of candidates ranging from commonly Harris to Korea Booker, specifically Corey Booker really needs a lot of black support. If he's going to start climbing in the polls, he's got no white support at this point, Elizabeth Warren, jumping into the phrase well Bernie Sanders, jumping into the fray everybody jumping Joe Biden, with the suggestion that what like he's your friendly toward segregation that Joe Biden, it's a couple questions on this one if Joe Biden was really friendly towards aggregation. Why didn't anybody in the media notice this? For you know the eight years when whose vice president, under a black President Why did nobody noticed this? Because it turns out that Joe Biden has bragged before on national television that he comes lay State, for example, he did this back in two thousand seven. I believe why
Exactly didn't anybody notice. This weird weird, media are finally starting to pay attention to Joe Biden. Odd musings on Race Minnesota old stuff, but hadn't heard this service. Until Democrats decided, hey wait a second. We have some questions about old, Joe, isn't it are. We only find out that beta work was part hacking group and is also a giant weirdo with no political abilities as soon as he stops. Running against ten crews. Isn't it weird that we only find out they job by, it is apparently a weirdo on race. As soon as he starts running against a bunch of Democrats. The media, like better than Joe Biden, it, is though there's an agenda at work. Here is Joe Biden Flashback, what kind of a chance with, North Eastern Liberal, like Joe Biden, stand in the south If you are running in democratic primaries again, southerners like Mark want run the John Edwards. Better than anybody else you don't know my state, my state was a slave state. My state is a border state, my state,
eighth largest black population in the country. My state is aging from north. These liberal state, you probably shouldn't but the very beginning that it was a slave state as like. I think that you are your bragging about that's not like a good thing actually, but obviously he's not saying that it being slaves. It was a good thing, and this is the thing. When Joe Biden was on the good side of the media, everybody sort of took his words for him, just being an idiot and him gasping, and now everybody is taking it. As, though is a borderline, vicious racist and then they're using plausible deniability. So this was the strategy of Corey Booker, who came out and effectively suggests that he was a racist and then ran to his crying room and head is going to stop by and call them on it and Cory. Booker put out a statement about Joe Biden, you said you don't joke about calling black men boys. Unlike James O, Eastland use words like that and races policies that accompanied them to perpetuate white supremacy and Strip Black Americans were very humanity vice president binds relationships of proud segregationist are not the model for how
make America safer and more inclusive place for black people and for everyone. I have to tell vice president in a somewhat I respect, he is wrong. For using his relationships with Eastland and helmet as examples of how to bring our country together and, frankly, I'm disappoint. Did. He hasn't issued an immediate apology for the pain. His words are dredging up for many Americans. He should it so Corey Booker goes out and attacks Biden and he's effectively calling him a race I know Joe Bull Corey Booker then claimed Neuro. I wasn't calling risk so then. What are you complaining about it really? What's the complaint, if you're not suggesting that he is a closet, segregationist or has closet segregationist them these or that he's treating segregation and segregationist with too kind a hand and at that has nothing to do with racism, and what exactly is the complaint? Pretty obvious? What the complaint is pretty obvious, what Corey Bulgaria's doing here and the rest of the democratic candidates? It is please cynical. It's really really cynical, gets Joe Biden response for the rest of the Democrats had to say about this. What exactly there trying to do and why Joe Biden, Frank
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Geisha lists is not something that anybody, but he was talking about working with them. Is that the same things? I'm not so sure about that? But that's all my goodness I'll get mean that associating Chris Cuomo actually saying a truth and good for Co. Como there, by the way like seeing a true thing. Every so often it happens, broken clock is right twice a day, but the fact that the fact that burning so well- I don't know- maybe he actually love segregation- frequently we're you one thing only five seconds, no one who is vice president of the United States, very, very You see all these Democrats suddenly, realizing that all Joe was a vicious racist? As I say, there's an shouldn't right this minute. Binding who's, calling Mitt Romney a vicious racist five minutes ago. Based on literally nothing because Joe Biden, justice Gaza politician is all the recipes as other recipes dolt here is jobs in doing this routine back in twenty twelve look through virtue and withdrew, Romany was selected. He says, one hundred days? He's got the big bang once again right through rules.
Chain, whilst being upward. Your back, in chains so that a black audience can put your back in chains. What what are you? So he deserves everything the is getting on just a cosmic level, but it is kind of look is to watch an sad in the sense that, if you like truth, tat to watch these democratic pile on by for making the fairly innocuous remark that a bunch of people, was taking an extreme example the examples at work. If he says you know why agreed with La John Mccain, then we may deals actually work The entire example that he was using is predicated on the fact that he disagreed with someone thought that they were bad people. That's the whole example of that the left has gone so far that I'm now defending Joe Biden. What have you people done to me home, the Joe Biden defender today, because I still care little bit about honesty and democratic candidates, don't apparel was a set of common Harris, was also Why can also running for president and also cynical said if those men
their way, I wouldn't be in the United States Senate on and on this elevator right now, she's talking about centres, Eastland insomuch right. So what does it have to do? What Joe Biden and then you build a blog yo who who strangled, Groundhog and and went on Twitter and wrote its twenty nineteen and Joe I'm his longing for the good old days of civility typified by James Eastland, its pastime. Her apologies revolution from Joe Biden, he repeatedly diamonds it is out of step with the values of the modern Democrat, my party and then in the most cynical fashion, to block your tweets, picture of himself with his wife who happens to be black the idea being, I suppose the Joe Biden would have opposed that or is ok with people who oppose that or something. Pretty amazing, amazing, stuff, now job By the way that the most extreme folks, of course, are the woke scolds on the left to come for Joe Biden, dance average, who is just a disgusting human being indian savagely? or in a variety of ways a man so gross that he wants volunteer Gary we campaign in two thousand and because you
Gary Bower, when he obtained the flu dance having decided to go round licking the door knobs in the office, so to give all the other staffers. The flu. Sudan Savage, was now the voice of tolerance, early runs one of these anti bullying groups, even though he is one of the bigger bullies in modern media. He treated can't say you ve never had a racist bone in your body when you are just sucking Adele then savages really really nice guy down savage met. My favorite part of this is when there is an msnbc angry yesterday. Talking about all this, my favorite part of this is when there is an msnbc angry yesterday. Talking about all this MSNBC anger called all of the segregation. The senders Republicans MSNBC issued no apology or correction by the way, these are all Democrats filmmaker Joe Biden references his relationships with two former republican colleagues. At an event in New York City only problem they were both segregation is well. There is another problem which is that they were both Democrats, but I guess Emerson monsieur doesn't care about that sort of oak.
South Korea. Booker says what he says and he is leading the charge her, because Korea Booker is desperately trying to rest away control of some segment of the black vote, particularly in than primaries like South Carolina away from Joe Biden and Joe Biden respond exactly how Joe Biden should respond frankly mean Joe Biden should soon he should respond to this when the Height amendment job I entire appeal. Right now is what the moderate and conservative segment of the Democratic Party, which yes does still exist. If you look at the polls right now, he is Gordon early, narrowly leading the rest of the field and liberals. It's like twenty five to twenty four. Over people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth worn it, but when it comes to when it comes to moderate voters in the democratic party. Conservative voters ease up on the rest of the field by a margin of thirty points if he starts to fade because he starts to come. Hotel on things like the height amendment. If he cows here,
and he's admitting guilt, and you can't do that and you shouldn't do that so Joe Biden response in my opinion, particularly appropriately here, he slaps and Cory Booker you're not allowed to do this by the way according to media, if you slap a Cory Booker so that they have is catch. Twenty two Cory Booker effectively implies that you are secretly a racist or kinds, racist and then you respond, we Biden does they call your racist respond. Corey Booker here is Joe Biden trying to respond. How does it feel that your democratic rivals, implicitly seeing the you, have issues talking about race? They know. Where are you going? I apologize. I get employment Has rules for one quarter is called for it financially. Meanwhile, he knows better. Not a raises bone in my body of involving summarised my career fury period period. Ok, he is right in corporate does know better cardboards a cynical player a very cynical player, hey there are people who know him going back to his days in New York, where he was pretending to culture.
They by partisan relationships, which he abandoned as soon as you become a senator from New Jersey has shifted his positions on a wide variety of issues. He knows in this he routinely castigates people he pretends to be friends with Korea. Booker Joe Biden is one hundred percent right about this, we'll get to Korea Cars, responsive Corey Booker then goes on CNN last night and placed the victim now Corey Booker, who attacked Biden Something Biden said that actually should not be all that controversial I hate segregationist segregationist are wrong. The perspective is evil There were also sitting in the United States Senate and you had to work with them to get things done some time. If this is the New Democratic Party, then your account any one of reasonable dent out. There is or being interviewed on CNN by who It's done lemon interviewing down lemon on CNN and Corey Booker
attacking Joe Biden anew about your device presence that I should know better, and this is what I now has a black when America, I know the deeply harmful in her full are usage of the word boy and how it is used to humanize integrate. This is deeply disappointing. We waited for him to apologize. He didn't till the next day and whether I'm running for president or not as many people today have been on June teeth. Less calling out for the vice president took to acknowledge that his words were harmful and hurtful on June team to no less yeah you're right problem. Will you Joe Biden, oppose the Emancipation proclamation, which is what is watching genes is celebrating he so cynical, Corey Booker, my goodness he is, he is a. He has ever heard of mechanical Cynical guy I mean that is a cynical dude right there and Joe Biden. Every right to fire back
bugger any shouldn't. Stop firing back inquiry Booker, because what Booker's doing there is really really ugly, really ugly Biden spokesperson came out yesterday and talk about this as well point. It doesn't. Indeed, it done Biden, campaign, surrogate and former Obama staff very early on in his in his campaign in two thousand, and she points out that, but book are analysed with war and who also attacked by over this, have touted their work with Japan senators in the past, which is all the Biden was doing here, but again, z, cynical I just separate Biden from a black basin support. That's all this is people. The Senate work all the time with members of the other party whose positions are repugnant to all of us. As Democrats, no Corey Booker, who has worked with Jeff sessions on many things, I'm Elizabeth, boring, tough. About how she's working Chuck grasping who lead the fight for bread, Cavanaugh and who wouldn't even meet with merit. Garland and Elizabeth Worn tells a story about how she has worked with Chuck wrestling for over the counter hearing aids to save
for people the reality and a set of people like you. Don't mousing segregationist views? Ok, so done getting just raked over the calls for all of us and the media going out and really digging up as much. Material as they possibly can on Joe Biden now. It's open season on Joe Biden again, the cell, really cynical, always stuff has been out there for a very long time. Joe Biden did not say anything here, That is particularly new or groundbreaking. The new employees, Asian Joe Biden secretly a racist or the times have passed him by its a cynical invention. Again, I don't like Joe Biden, I think Joe Biden is just a cynical as many of the politicians attacking him today. What I do here as people who are lying in what we are watching right now are a bunch of people who are telling deliberate lies about Joe Biden specifically because there looking to open a racial gap, ray opening racial gaps in the country to suggest that America is rife with racism to get ahead poetic He is one of the ugliest aspects of our politics right now, we'll talk more about that in just one. Second, first, getting fit staying healthy,
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in thirty days, when you take Shapiro to thirty thirty thirty you'll get full access to all. That all the work out to end the nutrition information, totally free again just text Shapiro to thirty thirty. Thirty, that's text, Shapiro to thirty thirty, thirty, a goat, get out right now, ok, so speaking of reopen, racial wounds deliberately in order to make political the entire democratic party, is now engaged in this process. There reopening racial ones. By talking about slavery reparations now, I think we can all acknowledge and in fact fought a giant war to acknowledge that slavery. Was it rave evil. I think that everyone acknowledges at this point in american lie. Fifty years after the Civil Rights ACT I think everyone acknowledges that Jim Crow was deeply. Evil was a deeply evil. Thing only can find an American in block life will argue. The Jim Crow was not a deeply evil thing. I don't think you can find many Americans at all as you like, You might be to count them on one hand and I'll hang out with Richard Spencer. I think that there are there very few Americans or walking
I'm going, you know it great a systematic way of keeping the black person down like that. That is not a thing in Modern America, and I know that this is anathema left. Many votes on. The left want to suggest that right, system is inherent in american life. It's the it's! The state, in our DNA. That will never go away. Barack Obama use to make claims like this when he was president, I thought was ugly, then adding it's ugly. Now talking about slavery, reparations which is inherently unworkable. Is the thing that slavery reparations, not a single proponents of slavery. Reparations has ever put forth a proposal that makes any sort of logical, reasonable, The only reason to discuss this is to imply that people were slavery reparations, don't do so on the basis of impracticability or the morality of slavery reparations they do so on the basis of pure unadulterated racism because they don't take the legacy of of re of racism and slavery seriously enough. That's the implication, Democrats are trying to draw here, which is why I think that this, we're having congressional hearings on an issue that never going anywhere. That's why they did this
because the congressional, your industrial, let me just point out that, among the brutal vicious racist wants it, those slavery. Reparations is Barack Obama. Here's Brock Leviathan two thousand are being asked about slavery, reparations every single, democratic candidate opposed slavery, reparations into thousand eight, except for Dennis Percentage, is considered not job because he is a job. Here. Is Barack Obama answering the question visually regulation liberation We need writing software alive as investment, for example, in our schools. The town hall in Florence Software alone, in an area pull the poor shame they got buildings, students or try to learn, and there were built one after the civil war and we got teachers worn out relatives substituting a high drop out rates. We got to understanding their borders of shame all across the country and if we
maybe investments and understand that those are our children. That's regulations that are relevant ok, so it used to be ok to say the source of used to be fine, just this sort of thing. No longer, apparently, apparently you're no longer allowed to say anything Remotely approaching this. If you do This means a racist, I Barack Obama back in two thousand. It was a racist because he refused to take into account the legacy of slavery. Currently is according to Senator Corey, Booker, so Booker, who again is trying to make his bones by bringing. At the center of the national conversation. Once again, he was called to testify in from the House Democrats as part of his twenty twenty km. That is the only reason is there, there's nothing, the mixed Corey Book or an expert on reparations, there's, nothing that makes Korea book or an expert on slavery. There's nothing that makes a great book or an expert on the wealth gap. There is nothing that makes Corey book or expert on any of these topics, and yet he ends up in front of the House Committee where he basically gets to do a presidential stuff
speech about how America is inherently and brutally racist. I wonder about having the last word. What happens when the last word is no words when it gets silence and I feel a sense of anger where we are in the United States of America, where we have not direct conversations all about a lot of the root causes of the inequities and the pain and the hurt manifested economic disparities manifested in health disparities, manifested in a criminal, justice system. That is indeed, a form of New Jim Crow. And so we, as a nation have not yet truly acknowledge and grappled with racist and white supremacy that is tainted. This country's founding continues to pursue, this, then those deep racial disparities inequalities today, so there is no means happened there that this is such absolute unmitigated nonsense. Yet that we have not had these conversations and our not having these conversations, there's a reason: tonic, easy coaches, famous there's not because
wonderful writer, he's famous James Baldwin is famous there that there are lots of famous black authors who have written on these topics for decades We ve not been having a racial conversation in this country for years. Truly, that's the line that Korea Booker is going with we'll get to turn. A hasty coach was also called to testify. Before he wrote a very purple asking for the Atlantic a few years back about slavery, reparations the entire. Ass, it was basically him describing how evil slavery was agree. Truly evil Maybe we should have thought of war. They killed six hundred thousand Americans to end it. Oh wait. We did. Maybe, then we should have bent a century in the north trying to overturn the legacy of Jim Crow. Maybe we past the civil Rights act very far, ranging civil rights ACT in the nineteen sixty two. Maybe we shouldn't decades since then, trying to construct government policy to stop state sponsored racism, maybe from done all we ve been having these conversations. I'm beware: or by folks who say we have not been having these conversations. Of course, we ve been having conversations just because people disagree with you on policy doesn't mean the conversation hasn't taken place, we'll
More of this injustice actually get satanic, easy coaches commentary, which is very much like Corey Booker's com, So the idea being that slavery is responsible and Jim Crow is responsible for all disparity between black, and white income and wealth in a way a car and therefore reparations are necessary, will get to why this is not actually factually true. It will get to that in just a second first, you shouldn't have to between overpriced designer sunglasses and cheap shades that will not last year this summer. That's why I'm not gonna, where anything other than movement sunglasses. The really terrific you ve heard me. Talk about movement, disrupting the watch industry now they're doing it again with sunglasses. The Ella based accessories brand, has hundreds of premium affordable, sunglass styles, to choose from with their free shipping in return, policy, you can try in as many thousands you want right from home. I have a pair of movements and go so that is my wife. They are fantastic and they dont cos you an arm and a leg movement sunglasses started. Sixty bucks, no pair prices over ninety five,
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the New York Times in tiny, easy coats, not a thing your times, also muddy, think or any Connecticut tiny. He see coats steps up in front of him and you'll see him basically rap. Everything in your balls was like slavery. Is that agree, Jim Crow, bad agree, also all discrimination, all disparities. Discrimination don't agree. Also, some people have been victims. Maybe the deserve some form of recompense. Maybe a great Also, the only way to heal or national wound is to do this. Disagree he's wraps all this up in a ball and then rose it out there, as though this is self justifying incorrect. Ok, here's ears tunnel he's got it was a hundred fifty years ago, and it was right now. The typical black family of this country has one tenth. The wealth of the typical wife M black women die in childbirth
four times the rate of white women, and there is, of course, the shame of this land of the free boasting the largest prison population on the planet, of which the descendants of the enslaved make up the largest share. The matter of reparations is one of making amends and direct redress, but it is also a question of citizenship in each off forty. This body has a chance to both make good on its two thousand nine apology for enslavement and reject fair weather patriotism. Ok, so him. Wrapping up all of these statistics here, trying to suggest that the difference between black women dying in childbirth and white women dying in childbirth, that that is, a reflection of slavery or Jim Crow didn't have said every or Jim Crow for a long time over in Europe and in Europe, the black and white birth rates d
during birth rates are by very similar to the United States. So there's just not a lot of evidence to support all that took. Basically, the argument for operations is threefold is threefold, and there are some and what about the merits and demerits of each of these arguments, because I think that it is worthy of it domination, since we are talking about itself number one. There is this idea that their folks who are living today, who deserve recompense for things that are done a hundred fifty years ago, Typically, the answer to that is no. If somebody hasn't done anything to you in your lifetime, you do not deserve recompense for that if somebody has done something to you now, you deserve recompense too that so I will not sympathy for the idea that, if you, if you are a person who live during the Jim Crow South and you are deprived of the would you buy a house. Then at least there is a feeling that you do of some sort of recompense from the people who are trying to harm you, but you have to have been specifically harm. In other words, I'm a Jew. I didn't get any sort of of redress from the german government for the Holocaust, because my family was over in Amerika my direct family. We extended family in in the Holocaust, but my direct family
was over here, so I'm not owed anything by the german government in Holocaust reparations If, however, somebody survives the Holocaust, they get, some sort of reparations from the german government now make some sort of sense. You suffer the harm. You deserve some sort of recompense instead, what is being done is to broaden that concept out to the idea that if you are black in America just inherently right now, you don't have to show any evidence that that you were specifically targeted by Jim Crow. Or by slavery, you can't buy slavery has been awhile and Jim Crow. It's hard to say that the Jim Crow his targeted you when you were born in two thousand to, for example, but the idea is Every disparity is due to this sort of discrimination and therefore a broad basis. Version is the answer or a second I'm looks plain: how much of the wealth gap We can try and us made how much of the wealth gap is due to slavery and Jim Crow and how much is not so that matters only in the sense that if you are trying to determine your whether slavery in Jim Choir are really responsible for the entire difference in in economic performance and economic well between black and white
is. It actually examined statistics that sort of such matters. You can't just throw every disparity and suggested that is due to underline discrimination, also, as a corollary, very important to note that disparities exist within every discrimination is happened to a bevy of groups in the United States people in Europe. They are not talking about reparations for the Chinese were viciously discriminated against when they came to the United States, reparations are not being talked about, for Jews were barred from a lot of the same places. The black or barred from for many decades in the United States. Reparation are not talked about for I'd variety of groups that have been discriminated against in the United States and the reason those reparations aren't talk about is because you bring a history forward and then suggest that as a descent If somebody who was discriminated against your therefore owed something I descent, if somebody who discriminated, I never called the Bible, I think he Bible happens to be correct on the proposition that you dont, like a child pay for the sins of their parents, that there. That is, recipe
for a society that is disastrous in its in its ability to actually he'll wounds. About. Let's talk about the wealth gap issue, so yesterday on my radio show, I talk specifically about the wealth gap. I said some of the wealth gap is inherently. Do to slavery and GM crops, and much of the wealth gap is not due to slavery in Jim Crow. This apparently is enough for media matters to clip me out of context and suggest that I'm sorry that the entire wealth gap is due to individual choice, which of course, is not at all. What I said even in the club that they use, because their idiots, because their absolute fools Common Hughes, who is called to testify by the Republicans yesterday in this every reparations in slavery reparations hearing it. He testified about slavery, Rep Ray actions, and then he was insulted for here is what he had to say that when we go through the reason he was actually called, which is that
done a very solid analysis dating back in July, twenty attain of exactly how we should view the wealth gap in the United States. Reparations by definition are only given to victims. So the moment you give me reparations, you ve made me into a victim without my consent, the question is not what America owes me by virtue of my ancestry. The question is what all Americans, o each other by by virtue of being citizens of the same nation and the obligation of citizenship, is not transactional. It's not contingent on ancestry, it never expires and it can't be paid off for all these reasons, Bill HR. Forty is a moral and political mistake. Thank you. Thank you, Mr Hughes, and in whose boot kill kill, kill, kill he was presumptive, but he still has a right to speak,
he's presumptive, but he still has rate. How dare he say things? I disagree with some Steve Culling of Tennessee so that the fact that he is it, then, that what will come and who says that, which is that not every black person in America is a victim. I think that's true. The left, like pretty much every black personal privilege, everybody in America, to feel like a victim, but certainly black folks in America. They would like them to feel like victims, even though the philosophy of being a victim of America is one of the chief obstacles to achievement in America, and when I talk about individual choices. You can rise from poverty? I think that at a fairly inspiring message, alot more inspiring than America owes you a check, because your great great great, great Great Grand Ah, there was a slave or because your gun. And father suffered and Jim Jim Crow Alabama seems to me a better message to suggest not that you or neighbour in your dorm room at at Harvard owes you attract because of the color of his gun and the color of your skin. It seems a better message to say, make these decisions
are good. He will rise our parents again, let's start with that, was framed breakdown. So the argument. Number one is that certain people deserve reparations. Again. I think of yours specifically harm, and there is an argument that you deserve something. The question is from whom, from whom she deserve it from the people who discriminated against you, presumably not from their grandkids, who did not discriminate against you number two just because there is a vast wealth gap. Does not mean that that entire wealth gap or your personal situation is a result of discrimination on a broad level Some of it is just on average, but that is, mean that all of it is or that your specific situation is. This is how statistics were so. Common Hughes was ripped up and down for this race. Anti, who writes for HBO, pointed out that it was finds a call common hues Seaward Seaward C, o o n right, like the racial slur. This. What raised Anoura perfectly fine can call him that until midnight Pacific standard time, why? Because he disagrees with tiny he's here: as you, by the way one third of black Americans and then
NL boy of the New York Times, always tolerance, always kind. He tweets out The republican members of the subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights and civil war, these, have anyone serious speaking against reparations or will they just by Canada ones to do her thing again or common here actually is a serious human who has written a serious analysis of the wealth gap is available at roulette. He talks about the fact that the he got his a long, long, peace in which we talked about slavery and american prosperity. He says that need that are offered as an explanation for the wealth gap is the exclusion of blacks from a set of new deal policies designed to promote homeownership income growth and wealth group after World war. Two waitresses the vast majority of government back mortgage loans The time of civil rights gains in the sixties made those loans available, the blacks it was too late. The crucial economic born of the previous two decades during which housing valleys rapidly appreciate is already passed, lacks reeling from the red lining in income suppression couldn't enter the housing prices housing market at its new prices, wealth in the four
of property and inheritances became a birthright for white and black we're trapped in poverty. Comin who says this story, though, based in truth, has been message, has been massaging of the false impression that benevolence from the state is a prerequisite for wealth accrual. They count contains some factual errors. Is for the median income of white men more than tripled, between one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine and one thousand nine hundred and sixty four, the median income of black men more than quintuple. During that time,. Between one thousand nine hundred and forty and one thousand nine hundred and sixty the black poverty rate, fell from eighty seven percent to forty seven and before any significant civil rights gains were made. Also, the FAO, does that there have been other groups discriminated against, starting with the cow, Fornia, Alien, alien landlord. Nineteen thirteen fourteen states pass laws preventing japanese american peasant farmers from owning land and property was did until nineteen. Fifty two is not a lot of talk
about reparations to japanese Americans over all of that, specifically because Asian Americans over perform in terms of income and wealth cruel since historical racism can't explain wealth disparities between groups of the same rates either. A two thousand fifteen They have wealth in Boston founded the median black household had only eight dollars wealth. A dollar figure only pertain to black Bostonians of american ancestry. Black Bostonians of caribbean ancestry had twelve thousand dollars of wealth, despite having identical rates of cholera graduation only slightly higher incomes and being equally black in the same city, he says: there's a girl, truth to the idea that the wealth gap is historically based, but that doesn't mean that the activity The vast majority of the wealth gap is attributable to historical discrimination. Is up that's? What common, whose rights vignettes ripped up and down for all this be second contention of the slavery reparations advocates? Is that is going to
you'll ones? I ask it was really gonna hear wounds to make white people who had nothing to do with slavery, pay black people who were never enslaved like who receives these? These payments, Barack Obama who's, never had a slave ancestor who exactly are. We going to pick this out and who's gonna pay. Those Jews who arrived in nineteen o, seven Asians, who arrived I people, some of whom emigrant emigrated to the United States. You fight in the civil war, on behalf of rings, lace like who exactly is going to pay these reparations, how's it going to heal Finally, there is the argument that this is going to better lives, make lives better. I dont see the evidence. Signing an eighty thousand dollar check is either going to heal the wounds or make lives better. Dropping wealth over folks doesn't just fix. The problem and we ve been trying. Redistribution is policies in this country and the war on poverty, since nineteen sixties and the poverty gap remains, and so does the racial wealth gap,
fact is. The government is trying to solve a lot of these problems over and over again, the community Reinvestment ACT, which largely led the subprime mortgage crisis, was a direct attempt to address the evils red. Wine, and the idea was the banks had not been providing black homeowners and potential homeowners with the loans they should have thus sub prime mortgage is would be bouncer by Fanny May and Friday. Map that happen, and you know what happens- a lot of people can pay the subprime mortgage is in them, and mortgage market melted down. The government is now always the solution to a historic problem. There all sorts of problems are not one of these problems that I am pointing out. Is in any way downplaying the evils of slavery or Jim Crow. But none of us- conversation is honest from folks on the left. The conversation is simply that, if you don't agree with tiny he's cuts in slavery reparations. Then you also must not agree with China. He see coats and slavery was bad, and that, of course, is idiotic. Ok time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I liked it so yesterday was injury and indeed June thirteenth and every
it's a national holiday, its state holiday in the state of Texas. It should become a national holiday. The emancipation proclamation issued on yesterday's date in eighteen, sixty three emancipation proclamation is partition. Fascinating document Lincoln said he thought it was most important thing you ever done basically was born to do it. Emancipation proclamation shifted, nature of the civil war from a battle about reunifying the union to a battle about the abolition of slavery usage by Cabinet not to announce it until after a victorious battle, he did wait until after it Aquarius battle, and then he threatened the south in late September, one thousand eight hundred and sixty two that if they did not come back to the table, he would issue the Emancipation proclamation and then he went ahead. And he did it. He said, whereas, on these twenty on the twenty second day of supply, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty two a proclamation, was it by the President of the United States containing, among other things, the following to it, then on the first in January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three all persons,
the slaves with in any state or designated part of a state. The people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States shall be then and forward and forever free and the executive government of the United States. Putting the military enable naval authority thereof will recognise maintain the freedom of such persons and will do oh act to or or extra press, such persons or any of them in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom, the executive will, on the first day of January, by proclamation designate the states in parts of states of any in which the people thereof respectively shall then be in rebellion against the United States and the fact that any state or the people thereof shall, on that day be in good faith, represented presented in Congress of the United States by members shall, in the absence of strong countervailing testimony, redeems conclusive evidence that such state and people are, are not then in rebellion against the United States. Now, therefore, I, Abraham, Lincoln President of the United States, by virtue of the power, in me best. It is commander in chief of the army and Navy of the United States in time of armed actual armed rebellion, Against the authority and government of the United States and its a fit
sorry war measure for suppressing, said, rebellion do on this. Stay of January in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred sixty three and in accordance with my purpose so too do publicly proclaimed for oh period of one hundred days from the first day after mentioned order and designate as the states in parts of state wherein the people thereof respectively. On this day, rebellion against the United States and any names all of the various principalities and states there are in rebellion. He says by virtue of the power and for the Of course, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves evil author thereof will recognise and maintain the freedom of said persons, and I hereby enjoy executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will nice and maintain the freedom of said persons, and I hereby enjoy upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from violence unnecessary self defence, and I recommend that the recommended them that in all cases one allowed they labour faithfully for reasonable wages is calling for peace. Obviously, Zephyr there are clear and make known that such persons of suitable condition will
procedures, the arm service of the United States is in a state of black folks could serve in the union army. Now, one of the things that this was really important in doing this, the Emancipation Proclamation upon military necessity, invoked the considerate judgment of mankind and the gracious phase of Almighty God. Now one of the things that this was really important and doing the Emancipation proclamation was keeping the Brits out of the wars. There's a lot of talk about the british entering the war on behalf of the confederacy in order split apart, the United States Emancipation proclamation. By transforming the war from a war of unification, a war on the confederacy into a war in favour of abolishing slavery, basically kept the Brits out. It basically kept the Europeans out because they were opposed to slavery, and so now there would be on the side of an evil, cetacean even the side of a of a rebelling part of a nation, deeply important moment in american history and a transformative moment in american history that we should certainly all celebrate it. It's
This is an amazing hundred and I'm is, and we have a monument to a president who we have a massive monument to President who was able to mobilise the population to fight a war. On behalf of freeing a subject, people people who are enslaved and brutalized. That's an amazing thing and the fact that the United States is not always lived up to its commitment to its highest idea That does not mean that the american people have have not sought to do so on a broad level or that now the american people are guilty for the sins that have been committed in the past. If one live with each other. If we act, you want to come together and lead better lives, then reopening wounds by grouping people according to recent suggesting that people were not guilty for since pay, but other people who didn't directly suffer from those. Since that's that's a very bad way of of doing this is its own constitution. Was illegal and its and its negative. We should all be able to celebrate the legacy of the Emancipation proclamation together. Frankly, I get time for
some things that I hate So it is pretty impressive. How Alexandra Curzio Cortez has been able to escape censure from her own party. As I said yesterday, I am just waiting for a the estimable, brilliant EO siege, announced that the earth is flat so that we can hear the media's explanation of why? Surely she is correct? Why actually? She is right. Well, It's funny to watch everybody traitorous child mean other Democrats, literally free traitorous trial so there's. One representative we yesterday was asked about, hurt her statements that the that the did Pension centres on the border are actually concentration camps like Holocaust, like concentration camps and representative,
we call her, who is a representative for texts, isn't twentieth congressional district. He was asked about this and he explained that ale see just uses words differently than other humans, her comparison to the Holocaust and an especially ending it by saying, never again well again, without due respect her, she has a different uses. Its words insert maybe have different perception. I live in the border. I've been to those big tension. Centres have been to those shelters ass, you know if the radicals Zurich detention centres, but if their children there are put in shelters, are by nonprofits, I would not use the term, says she use and imply any thing else. After that she has a different usage. You say she is uses English differently. Remember Nancy Plus, you said the same.
Think about it had on our soil had of Mars a vicious anti semite and Nancy policies had exactly the same thing about L had of our shadow. You know the thing is that you should just uses words differently than other humans incidents. That happened with my dont think our colleagues have submitted has a different experience in the use of words doesn't understand that some of them are fraught with meaning that she, what didn't realize, but, nonetheless, that we had to dress. You know one of the things I love right now is how this new class of freshmen Democrats, they are being treated like my three year else: I appreciate the enthusiasm but stop running into walls that they use. Words differ way so Elsie uses words. Is that words differently? and so it is often a marsh uses words differently. This is my English should be the official language of the United States, mainly people worry speak. English should use words. The way that humans use words is that we can understand the words that they use. Don't tell me that ails, you didn't know what she was anxious to have exactly what she was saying and then she was upset that she said it and socially
I'd about it and the same thing as Treville had a martian exactly what she was saying and then people objected and then the Democratic came to our defence by pretending that she's a small child, it really is pretty demeaning. Frankly,. And then Nancy blows use ass yesterday about ales he's ridiculous concentration camp remarks, and here was her explanation. It's all republicans pouncing everywhere. These members of Congress are, they come and represent their districts in their point of view, and they take responsibility for the statements that they make not up to date. On her most recently, I saw something in the news, but I am now I haven't spoken to her. About that. I do have some comments to make to my colleague is writ large about the political nature of thought how politically charged the atmosphere is so understand that while the Republic have no, trust in holding the president accountable for his words. They will misrepresent anything that you say just
if you have one word in the sentence that they can exploit, always the republic pouncing is the issued its policy parenting Peltier Republicans like a group of kittens whoop, pouncing everywhere, pounce funny now some of us actually call out the present when he says things that are untrue: I make a habit of it here on the show, when the presidency something dumb or Andrew, I will say that he says something that is dumb or Andrew. I will say that the president is lying about things and some of us actually too, to do this. Nancy policy, however, is defending the worst in her own contingent, because, obviously she is a political hacking, and that is what she has paid into the funny as part of this is that our journalistic firefighters are not coming to that effect. The truck Todd today's retracted comes out. New says: yeah Elsie is wrong, he's aren't concentration camps, that's absurd and he was turning last night on Twitter, an alien directly responded to him and now she and the rest of media are gas Lighting truck Todd. So I have to admit that again
her nation warfare among Democrats in the journalistic establishment are somewhat amusing, but tricked out is correct about this being criticized. Cassio court try to make a distinction between concentration camps and nazi death camps where the industry, eyes, mass slaughter of the Holocaust occurred fair enough, but Congresswoman too the thousands, were, also brutalized, tortured, starved and ultimately died in concentration camps. Campsite back Dachau. If you want to criticise the shameful treatment of people at our southern border, fine you'll have plenty of company, but be careful, comparing them to nazi concentration camps, because they're not and all comparable, ok and then Elsie responds by smacking trot tat. Now she just fully gas lighting everyone. She says well Truck Todd I bet you slipped in Nazi when I never said that is pretty unfortunate. You know you did too so funny entire media just ignored the part where she had never again in that clip. It's incredible. And she said never again in that clip, which is a specific holocaust reference.
Every know. Everyone knows that a specific holocaust reference. Also when you say concentration, I really doubt that she was talk about the long history of the bowl or war I don't think she knows what that is. I think who asked for what the Boar WAR issued. Think it too cooking show about roasting pork. They, this is its Riddick. She says truck tide is responsible. Gaslight units is almost is unfortunate as the fact that you spent this whole time without discussing DS, freezers, dog pounds, missing children, human rights abuses that upholds use of this term yeah. That's right, truck tat is not concerned enough about what's happening on the border. It's it's, it's ridiculous, I'm sorry! This whole thing is ridiculous, but we, I guess we haven't we're gonna, continue at the myth that ales he knows what he's talking about. Whose issued provides new fodder for Democrats to defend every day. That is increasingly stupid, so she did, another instagram live, and in this instagram live. I guess there's this. Maybe it was the same want you won t shirts. I think this is the same one where she suggested that the Holocaust was happening on our southern border.
In the same video, she also had some points to make. Socialism that are so wildly untrue that I'm looking forward to seeing how the media spend them. People think about happily there like our capitalism. That means business is right. That means a free market right. That means That means competing for having different products compete on the market right. That's the capitalism is right. That's not what capitalism is you can have free market economies with many with mixed economies which mixed economy exist? You can have a free market economies with democratic socialist businesses.
I'm late, so she literally does not know what you're talking about like at all. Free markets do mean businesses and businesses competing with each other and they compete because they are wait for it. Free of people say capitalism. They just mean that you can invest in these businesses. That's all capitalism is that, according to her, you can. Businesses that are democratic, socialist businesses. What does that mean? You mean a business run by the state, in other words subsidized by the state, so in other words, not a free market, because it subsidized by the state don't worry, I should so smart, just she's beyond me. I mean I Q points up. The was just incredible incredible brilliance from this person. I'm so glad that the Democrats in the media have decided to defend her until the end of time enjoy this report to take it. Take the ripening alright, we'll be back here later today with two additional hours of content, otherwise will see here tomorrow. It's a Thursday means tomorrow's mailbags. You should go subscribes. You can send me a question, will answer. It will have all sorts of fun times I mentioned this is the venture
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