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Ep. 819 - Why Republicans And Democrats Hear Different Things

2019-07-17 | 🔗

Democrats pass a resolution condemning President Trump’s “racist” tweets, the Squad prepares to go back to war with Nancy Pelosi, and Republicans struggle to react. Date: 07-17-2019

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Democrats pass a resolution condemning president from scornful racist tweets, the squad prepares to go back to war with Nancy Blowsy and Republicans struggle to react on bench. A pair of this is the bench appear, OSHA, while it's all a complete mess out their unclear. How all of this shakes out in terms of the pulling did Elsie at war, with Nancy Blowsy Nancy closely at war with the squad and president from President Trumpet WAR with any one. The media at war with everyone is well it's just it's a complete mess we'll get to all of it in just one. Second, first, let me say behind it a great suits. I know, you're going down to the local department store any figure you're just pick something up off the rack and it'll look great wrong that you are what you actually we need is a suit ensured that are tailored to you. What does your Indochina comes in? They make the suits and the shirt to your exact measurements for unparalleled, fit and comfort. My favorite suit. Isn't Indochina suit them kind attention to detail, but you're just now
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Didn't trumps quota report, racist tweets for Republicans voted along with all the Democrats who condemn president trumps, quoting quote racist tweet, According to NBC News, the Democratic Control House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday night condemning President Trump for his quote: racist comments about for democratic Congress, women of color The resolution passed largely along party lines with two hundred thirty five Democrats joined by only for Republicans supporting the measure. Following hours of backs and back and forth and gamesmanship. There is a lot of hubbub that broke out last night, because Nancy Pelosi use language that was not actually allowed by the house rules. Their house rules that prevent you from tuning the motives of the president of the United States or other members of the other members of the house or of the Senate. Nancy plus you did that on the floor of the house. The resolution itself says that the president used courting racist language, so that is impugning the motives of the president of the United States. It violates the household now: listen, I think those households are stupid. Let's be real about
This Congress members immediately leave the chamber and then say whatever they want to say about each other anyway, saying they can't Say this stuff on the floor of the house has not really up the game of the House of Representatives in Britain rip each other all the time and they have full on parliamentary sessions where they basically browbeat one another. I'm fine with that. I think, is dumb rule, but it was the rule. Nancy policy, broke it. Here's Nancy, plus yesterday on the floor of the house talking about how she speaking truth to power. Now, obviously, this is a life is not speaking truth to power at all One of the ways that you know whether somebody is honest is whether they are willing to condemn people on their own side for doing something. Bad Nancy policy not only will not speak truth to power. The president of the United States is the third most powerful person in american government really the second most powerful VP has no real power she's. Third, in line for the presidency, she runs the House of Representatives and she saying that she speaking truth to power by not impeaching
president trumps, thou art a power. Second of all, she couldn't even get the support to condemn members in her own party for being clearly and openly anti semitic. So don't get me! She speaks truth to power. She doesn't. She wields racism as a political tool in favour of her powers in agenda which, as we will see, is one of the reasons they are getting a in anti anti trump backlash right. So there's this anti from backlash. People seeing against Robin. Then you have people who are anti anti saying or other people her condemning from their common, most in some way, morally, their liars, the Parson hats like Nancy policies I can go along with the condemnation of Trump just to make Nancy blowsy happy. I think that's one of the dynamics that is very strongly in play right now, Here's Nancy Pelosi, though, padding herself on the back talking about how she speaking truth to power when she won't even Members of Rome Clock is for being openly bigoted. Every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets to do any.
Thing, less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful acts education lover oath of office to protect the american people. I urge that the balance of mine- I was just going through the general speaker of the house if she would like to rephrase that common I had cleared my remarks as a parliamentarian before I read them. Ok in that little controversy right there, that little contretemps back and forth now, representative that those representative from Georgia who stood up and said, listen you just violated the rules of the house, are not allowed to impede the motives of the president of the United States. Would you like to strike that she said I cleared away parliamentarian. Apparently she had not because the parliamentarian then ruled that her language did violate the rules of the house and so There are rules that say that that she now has two not speak for the rest of the day and her language has to be struck from the record.
You Cleaver was the chair of the house at the time is chairing the housing, surpass the gavel back and forth to particular members of your clock is he was chairing this thing. The poem Jerry and rule that policies words were out of order that they broke the rules, a man Cleveland refuse to say that they broke the rules, so instead he just said I'm going to drop the gavel and leave. I came in here to try to do this in the fairway. I kept warning both sides. Let's not do this hoping we could get through Mr Paul had a situation where we could be in here. On another motion to take down a word of of of a friend of mine and what we don't ever ever going to pass up. It seems an opportunity to x to escalate and that's what this is out there, anybody to look at the footage and see those the unfairness, but on fairness is not enough because we want to just fight abandoned chair. Ok, so he why
off violate the rules of the house right, nor to protect Nancy plus you for violating the rules of the house, then standing lawyer, whose the House Majority leader he gets up. He takes the gap. When he says yeah it turns out, you broke the rules, and now she can't talk the rest of the day. Church bear to rule the words of the young woman from California contain an accusation of racist behaviour on the part of the press. As memorialize and dashes precedents chapter twenty nine section, sixty five point: six characterisation characterizing inaction as races is not in order chair relies on the president of May fifteenth nineteen eighty four and finds that the word should not be used in debate and then house votes to basically changed the rules for Nancy Pelosi, rules, words back in order On the resolution rules, diplomacy has nothing wrong. There's this whole back and forth over violating the rules. Now can I think, the
will itself is stupid, because these Congress people will just go out and say whatever they want anyway. However, that sort of hubbub last night proved again that there is nothing but chaos in the House of Representatives. Ok, so the question becomes Nancy Blowsy says everybody of good hearted vote with us on this resolution every one of good heart should vote with us on this resolution. There are several reasons why republicans we're not going to vote on this resolution, the way that was phrased, The reason number one is that is actually controversial: one. The present was being racist or xenophobic. Now this is a distinction that actually does manner in american politics? Why? Well? Because the word racist is worse than you, can be called an american politics. If your way just an american politics. Then your political career is basically over and we hence a categorize. Anybody who supports that person as also a racist, where there's a move that we make in modern american politics where, if a politician is perceived as being a racist, because race is the great. Fighting line in the history of the United States and the great
stain on our national honour for the first two hundred and fifty two hundred years of our existence and my existence and dating back to seventeen, seventy six, not to the Mayflower Compact or anything like that. It did not. Slavery goes back hundreds of years for that, obviously, but the the use of the word races to label some body or somebody's action basically throws them outside the overturn window of politics, and so too will the President of the United States, racist means that keep should not be president anymore under today's modern american political definition. So did the disdain between racist and xenophobic does matter here than theirs so an aspect of stupid, meaning that president from says Crap a lot and it's usually very stupid and many of the stupid things that press in from tends to say, are directed in the drunk uncle at your family barbecue direction. Meaning is he a true deep down bigoted racist who believes the black folks are inferior and brown people can be good american citizens or is the president just somebody who's like a bad collar
to assist banjo and he sees she did to leave and ill health. Omar uneven is our like these people. They just go back where they came from, because I don't like these people. When you say the same thing about somebody who was white and part of that caucus- I don't know you don't know nobody knows, because the justice demo rats are represented by four women of color, my age, see unrelated to leave anyone Omar and- and I honestly the ring of star of this- this beetles group, so you know, when I'm condemns them and when he says they should all go back where they came from. Is that a representative racism or is that him? Assuming that everybody who disagrees with him comes from a foreign place and if there are white member of that caucus, would you spare that person, for example, these questions matter again, because the word racist is so charged? in modern american life and the reason that you can tell that this is really charge. Is people are saying, I'm left. Why won't republic he's just universally come out and say that this was racist again, because you have to be sorted out.
That, in your language, when your labeling, something racist as opposed to merely xenophobic and now the reason that I make this this sort of context clear is because I want to take the time the resolution voted on yesterday. In contrast with the text of the resolution that was voted. Earlier this year that received unanimous support condemning Representative Steve came from Iowa. So here is the text of the resolution condemning Steve King of Iowa, who made comments that were sort of complimentary, Tor white nationalism. Here's the resolution, because it condemning and censuring Representative Steve, king of I remember, the house, Republicans voted for this thing and it was sponsored by house Republicans. So Democrats couldn't condemn their own, but Republican certainly did when it came to Steve King. No, where, in the resolution did it called king racist. Instead, it was very specific said, whereas on January tenth, two thousand and nineteen in an interview published by the New York Times, Representative Steve King Ass White Nationalist. Supremacist western civilization. How did that language become offensive? Why they sit in classes? Teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization, whereas Representative
kings comments, legitimize wide supremacy and white nationalism as acceptable in today's society or, as Rapporteur, Kings comments are important to the founding principles of our nation, and our rich history diversity and of those whose backgrounds and believes have made him could the envy of the world and whereas representative kings comments reflect negatively on the House of Representatives. Now, therefore, be it resolved. That representative can be censured and they passed unanimously. While again, the reason that it passed unanimously is because didn't characterizes comments. It literally repeated his comments and then just made the very clear logical statement that they legitimize. Wait, supremacy in White Nationalism the resolution that was adopted by the Democrats went further than that. The resolution after by the Democrats later in a lot their own immigration policy and also suggested without real explanation. Not even quoting his tweets Did you said, whereas president from racist comments have legitimate fear and hatred of normal chickens and people of color. That's that's more of a characterisation of his statement than a mere
More than a mere analysis of what the man said, I e the actual. Resolution does not even quote his tweets in the first place, as opposed to the resolution now about seeking their quota quarter his tweets and then just said, here's what he said: so this was obviously going a lot further than the king resolutions. That was reason number one. The Republicans did vote for it, but there are other reasons. The Republicans and vote for and, in those reasons, are viewed by a couple of poles that are out today. Regarding how Americans view President trumps comments and the response to trumps common It really is fascinating because there's a conversation going on, in which the two sides, I think, are completely missing one another we get there and just one second. First, when the founders crafted the constitution, the first thing they did was to make sacred rights of the individual to share their ideas without limitation.
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then what you are doing is weapon easing the president's comments and and attacks on on raise or ethnicity, more generally, in favour of your own political side right. That is the line that is what people are reading any can see this in the polling data. You see this very often with with a lot of hot button political issues. Somebody will pick a habit and political issue and then they will say why can't you admit my point, and the answer is because we don't think that your point derives from the material that you are relying upon so to taken action. About the black lives matter. Movement was founded on the belief that black people are being disproportionately targeted by police and then used as their basis for that the Ferguson shooting in Ferguson shooting was not by all available data, a bad shoot by the police officer. It was not a racist shooting by police officer, and yet the question that was being asked routinely is so you don't think races exists in America?
now. Everyone believes racism exists in America, but you're asking the wrong question. So you are pointing at Ferguson or you're, pointing at disproportionate police shootings of black folks, which in statistically speaking, have generally been shown to be just by rolling prior over Harvard University based on the activities of the criminal at issue. And then you are saying are you saying racism doesn't exist in America is I'm saying racism does exist in America, but the evidence for providing for this is not clear and it feels like. You are asking me to say yes, so that you can then justify the rest of your agenda. This sort of thing happens routinely an american politics and you're, seeing it happened here with president trumps comments this how the right is reading it. They don't feel like there's an actual open, honest question being asked as to whether President trumps comments were racist. They feel like all. That's really happening is for what they want, and by that I mean the left, the Democrats, the media What they want is to say they want you to say. Yes, I think those comments were bad and of the racist but their bad, and then they say: okay. Well, why don't you impeach? Him
vote for Nancy Pelosi for President vote for Cobbler Harris for President. Why can't you admit that Republicans are all racist and theirs second step that we know is coming on the other end of a question. That is not honest. In other words, you can see this reflected in Poland Data, so there are two poles that are out today showing what Republicans and and folks, more generally think of the of trumps comments. Now I will point out here as well that the media have jumped into this game where they are openly calling trumps tweets, races the characters in the tweets in calling it a actual verification of the tweets. Ok, I'm just pointing out that the media are damned liars when it comes to this sort of stuff, because when it comes to ill handlebar saying openly, he's mixed up, they won't say: illhumors, Anti semitic, tweets will say, illhumors controversial, tweets The numerous anti Israel tweets tweets that some have called Anti semitic when it comes to Trump they'll, say Racist weeds, even though, as best I can see, the tweets are not actually racist or xenophobic.
I think that we are as you and I do think that there is a difference between racism and xenophobia. Both are bad. They are not in their equivalents, bad or exactly the same way. Not all rectangles are squares and other words so you something can be uniformly and racist and xenophobic and not racist. It can be bad and not xenophobic, racist. These the sanctions, do matter in american politics and gradations matter in american politics as well. There are lots of them. Various shades of bad, in other words, and it somewhat troubling that people are are so focused in on president tramping. The root of all evil for what are, admittedly, an obviously very bad, stupid, ridiculous tweets, but there Leon bothered by IONA Presley going out there and seeing them Our people are not black unless she agrees with them or gay people are not gay unless she agrees with them. It's pretty amazing. Ok, who cares what the polls show coming out of this latest brouhaha, there's appall, those printed by you what say today, and it shows a clear majority of Americans say, president from Sweden,
arguing for minority congresswoman, we're on American. The most Republicans, I agree with his comments and illustrates none of the nation's sharp partisan divide on issues of patriotism and raise more than two thirds where the controversy, some sixty eight percent, called trumps tweets offensive. Among republicans alone. However, fifty seven percent they agreed with suites. They told the congresswoman to go back to their original countries and a third strongly agreed with them. So what a republican hearing when they hear that Paul? I dont think that what there actually hearing is worthy tweets good. I know the people are going to this not be reading chicken entering my my actual assessment of this, knowing conservatives better than anyone in India My actual assessment is that conservatives and Republicans when they are asked this question are hearing. Are you willing to condemn President, from as unamerican and racist, so we can press for an anti pollution. The squad In other words, people are reading the consequence of the pole question not merely the bull question which happens on the left as well. This is pretty often unless as well people last people do.
Condemned socialism in folks on the left, who may not no, what socialism is will read the second order question there as will. I condemn the squad, for example, and will say: no socialism is fine with me. So again now poll shows that fifty seven percent I agreed with this veto. That's a pretty low number. There really is remember trumpet over ninety percent approval rating? Among Republicans only fifty seven percent of Republicans, said they agreed with his tweet. So I'm an eminent put it out there that most Republicans are actually not particularly happy with president from sweet, but they're, not gonna tell the media that fifty nine percent of people across the country called the tweets on American and again, I do think that it is an anomaly can thing to tell people to go back to their home country, based political disagreement. I actually think that it's an unamerican thing to say to somebody go go back to your home. Country, if their born in Amerika, I think, is a very bad thing to say- only races thing to say necessarily depends on the context, but
things in unamerican, bad, xenophobic thing certainly be racially tinge. Time opened that argument, in any case the the. Polls show that three quarters of women called the tweets offence, and this is why, for all the people saying, this is an act of genius by President Trump to make this while the face of the Democratic Party he's alienating precisely suburban voters, he's gonna need for that. Twenty twenty electrics who take up his dim mouth shut it three core If the women pull called his sweet offensive, independent by more than two to one said they were unamerican. Republicans said that they mostly agreed about the overall. It's the twenty five percent of Americans is sorry, twenty five percent of Republican said that the tweets were cordon quote on American, which they very high number again inside his own party. How many demo
fragile willing to say that ill humour was an anti semite. I wonder, partisanship to help drug. Nearly three quarters of Democrats agreed that this is a racist statement about sixty five percent said that it was a racist state Overall, Republicans were actually inclined to agree that the comet was racist. Forty five to thirty four. Republicans were much more sceptical of charges of races and generally, seventy percent agreed that people call others. Racist usually do so in bad faith, and that is the key question. That's the key question. The Republicans are really answering they're, not answering what they think of president from sweet. Their answer, what they think of you, the people who are pulling them the people in the media or covering them the people on the left or insisting that they call out every instance of presidential stupidity and quasi racism, except when it comes from the left to which we are supposed to celebrate. It Democrats, thirty one percent agreed the people, while others racist, usually do so in bad faith. Thirty, five percent to seven.
Even Democrats apparently understand that the charge of racism goes out too often. When it came to patriotism. Seventy two percent of Democrats. Ninety three percent of Republican said there are proud of the American in this latest Paul, so you sort of have to decode. These pulls a little bit to determine what exactly people think about them and get some more of that in just one. Second, first. My schedule doesn't leave me all that much time to exercise, but if I don't exercise, I don't feel good. I don't feel like myself and that's where open fit comes in. Work out every day, but sometimes the day just gets to stack. So I go home at night. I open up my computer and open fit is their open. It is a brand new super, simple streaming service that allows you to work out from the comfort of your living room in as little as ten minutes. Today. Everyone's bodies are different open. It gets that which is why it is personalized your needs open fit classes are led by some of the most effective and engaging trainers in the world. Just press play and work out on your schedule. You on your computer web, enable tv tablet, smartphone and rogue who opened fit
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and how Republicans are thinking about this? So there are several questions. They think they are being asked, because the question is sort of implicit in the next step of coverage from the media. Okay, so question number one that they believe they are being asked to really for questions. They believe they are being asked and therefore questions that Republicans blue and this is why you're seeing a gap in the perception of the president's comments. Ok, so here are the need four questions. Question number one: do we trust the media's definition of racism right? That is the first question the Republicans perceive they are being asked to. We trust the media's definition of racism. So if Washington Post calls me up and says, do you think this is racist? I immediately in my in my reptile brain. I immediately go to You ask me the question: is it an honest brokers, it somebody who hates President Trump and is going to use this as a club against everybody, because the same people who call president from sweet racist? Also
justify the activities of tell you and I think, and all the other guys sing, radical insane things, so why? I tell you what I think is racist. When you guys are not honest about racism, you won't even define your terms, so that is questionable. And so you are less, you are less likely to go along with the Washington Post question itself or the USA. Today's question itself question number two: do we trust that this isn't just a partisan hack job, meaning. Not only do we think that you apply the label racist too broad, and they ve been labeling. Everything trump does racist frozen higher presidency and everything that Rami did racist and everything. Paul Ryan did racist and Everything George W Bush that racist and now you're asking me to. I think this is racist. You cried Wolf too many times go, go screw yourself as well publicans our thinking on question number one: do we agree that you are a worthy source of the definition of racism. Then there's question number two: are you partisan hacks and this breaks down into
couple of different areas, one do you in the media and to you in the Democratic party. You now suppose you play a double standard on bigotry and other we're doing fine, anti Semitism so long as eleven Omar spouting it but suddenly you're all up in arms. When you think Steve King is saying something very bad there is this a partisan hack attack so quickly number one was: is your deafened of racism too broad, and if I acquiesce to your definition of racism in this particular case and my acquiescing to your broader definition of racism. In other words, if I say yeah. I think these tweets are bad, and maybe even racist and my acquiesce sing to your definition of racism, which apparently includes everything under the sun. That's? Why that? U S today people is really fascinating. It shows the Republicans forty five to thirty four thought that the president's sweets were actually racist, but they also thought seventy percent and Republicans thought that the charge
isn't it you broadly applied and fifty seven percent said they were fine with the tweet. So just a fifty seven percent and forty five percent seem like they should not overlap right. That's more than a hundred percent, so what's the deal the deal is that a lot of the same people in the Republican party who are uncomfortable with the president's tweets are even more uncomfortable with the media using the tweets. You justified a broader definition of racism because they understand the game is now question and one question number two is: isn't this I'll, just a bunch of partisan hacker like when you, when you're asking about the president's tweets and when, let's aid that lets you there isn't an attack by a terrorist group in America and Antigua attack on them? this facility over the weekend by a person quoting AC. Basically talking about concentration camps and not a single Democrat has been asked about it by you, the same media, not one democratic power has been asked about. It see row zero, what's left of the rebel and the daily collar to ask I own oppressively and I and an ill had Omar and proceeded to leave and ale see whether they condemn an actual terrorist attack.
On an ice facility and when those women? stay silent when asked the question, and there are follow ups from the mainstream media to trust you or Nancy Pelosi, to ask honest questions upon which we should be able to reach agreement when we know that your immediately gonna use it as a tool, so What should we should we go along with your partisan hackers masquerading as a unifying message. Just so that you can turn round Clark US tomorrow, with something intellectually dishonest and terrible? Is that is that something There were willing to go along with that sort. Republicans our hearing as well. In other words, dishonesty of left on a lot of these issues has left Republicans unwilling to even answer the question in an honest and real fashion, because they don't think the question is is motivated. Well, don't think the question is honestly mode
that it- and I don't blame conservatives Republicans for this- I really known, because the fact is that you do this in your daily life all the time. How you ask a question and who is asking the question is often just as important as what the question is. If you are asked by a police officer how fast, where you going, that is different than your wife asking you after he got home. So how fast did you go it's coming from indifference, different source. The purpose of the question is different. Is the exact same question credit, but everybody knows there is a slight difference in what exactly the question is designed to elicit, and Republicans our reading beneath the question to what it is designed to elicit, then there is the third question. The Republicans believe they are being asked, and that is, is president trump himself a racist meeting? Not are these comments? Racist? Not? Are these common xenophobic? Not? Are these comments ugly, but is President trump himself a racist?
that's a different question. It really is. There are lots of non racist people who say things that are at the very best racially tinge on occasion. Really there there are people who and I believe that our people by the races are inferior. But there dumb- and they say dumb things, because there dumb. Maybe we used to acknowledge that this was a fact in american life in american politics. So what people in the Republican Party menu conservatives are reading is sure those racist, those tweets, maybe they're racist, but we don't think Trump is a racist. So much Mcconnell do this. Yesterday, for example, where he was asked. If the tweets are racist and Mcconnell said, I don't think that Trump is a racist and other issues trying to cut offered the pass. You saying, ok, well, I know what you're doing here. You're gonna say if I say that the tweet or racist you're next question is: do you think Trump is a racist? and I'm not willing guilder sunset, I'm just gonna cut you off. Embassy trump is not a racist end of story in there. I have a question as to how
Many Democrats even are willing to go out there and say that they think the president from himself is a vicious Bruegel. Racist, as opposed to the man's, is dumb racially tinge crap all the time, but how many think that he's a hazy overt in his own mind easy in how he thinks in terms of intent and motive, which is what racism is? I don't think there's a strict liability standard with regard to racism and they actually have intent is Trump racist, that's a question that people are reading into and then finally there is the final question which is: are we all racist right? That is what Republicans and conservatives feel like there being asked me here is how the logical changes, if I say that I think the tweets will racist, then you're next question is going to be. Do you act for Entire definition of racism whereby everything republicanism, reciters racist and if you believe in definition of racism, any vote Republican than aren't you? A racist three then I'm breaking this down is because I think that people are completely misunderstanding: how these pull results are working and just what people think of race in America because
the reality. How many Americans, on the republican side of the Isle, really stood up for what will stand up for openly racist language like how many Republican stood up for Steve King? The answer is about zero. How many Republicans actually stood up for the man who sit for the police officer in South Carolina who shot Walter Scott, a black man in the back and then try to plant the gun on and basically how many, how many people stood up for that anyone. But when you take a hot but an issue like this, and then you poor people about it, people answer the question. They think they are being asked in reality and so we're talking past one another. Because yes Democrats, doubt report can motives, because they think Republicans role racists, and that means that Republicans doubt democratic and media motives, which is the same thing, and why? Wouldn't they doubt those motives? Why wouldn't they doubt those motives, especially one CNN is and go out of its way to ask the thought of Richard Spencer on Donald Trump sweets, ASEAN and actually had Richard Spencer on your actual white supremacist, Richard Spencer. They gave him
time yesterday to talk about Donald from sweet. Why, when it wise Richard Spencer being pulled out, this gives a crap out Richard Spencer and actual white supremacist has to say about any of this. The reason is because Yemen is trying to imply that if you support President Trump, then you are like Richard Spencer and if you think that the treaty are bad, but you also don't think that the tweets are end of world bad trumps in obvious racist. He ought to be expelled from office bad. Then you are just like Richard Spencer that trumps real constituency is Richard Spencer, as opposed to the sixty five million people who voted for the President of the United States when CNN does that, and they won't ask a single question to a Democrat about you know. I unimpressive saying openly scrabble would weaken, or I or or ill humor sing anti semitic stuff repeatedly. They won't ask Democrats what they think of an act.
Voltaire Attack on an ice facility with a person whose, basically, paraphrasing YO, see ya, think Republicans are gonna, have a trust probable, maybe just a little bit honestly. See it soon and bringing Richard Spencer is an amazing thing. Here is what that sounded. Like yesterday, White Nationalist Richard spent, who hails from when he was first elected, is among those who are turning on trunk many white nationalist will eat this red meat. That Donald Trump is throwing out there I had one is again: I recognise seats con that certainly CNN Cnn had him on specifically to suggest that his real base is white nationalist, that's what they are, That's what the insolvency and ask Republicans what they think of rice. What you think Republicans going to say that in many things, Can we draw a lunch once a one? The president's comments are bad and they really bad those They were bad, morally wrong. Morally, egregious xenophobic at best racially tinged
maybe virgin overruns, the racist and all of those things can be true. Also, it can be true that we do not trust. Media's definition of racism and the Democrats definition of racism to we think that they are damned wires because they don't apply. And even standards about. Instead, there are playing a standard that is politically convenient for them three. They are attempting to paint president from personally as a racist, so that they can for declared everyone who supports them. Racist all Those things are true. All of them at once had just a second we're going to see how this place out for the Democrats, because this battle is not just restricted to one side of the first. I am big on getting in shape, and one of the things that I have been trying to work on is my eating. Habits are going to have to develop better habits because I'm pretty good with working out, but let's be real. My eating, I think, that I hate salad, salad is made out a salad, and so I have a tough time. Eating salmon
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girl what you have to lose visit noon: dotcom, Slash, Shapiro, to start your trial. Today, that's Numa, Dotcom, Slash, Shapiro, the last weight loss programme that you will ever need. New dotcom, slash, we're ok more on all of this in just one second, because republicans are now an uncomfortable position, but here's the reality, the Democrats now at the at the Beck and call of the squad. There's some ratification on either side we have talked about yet. First, this month marks the fiftieth anniversary. Since we put a man on the moon, we are involved in the creation and exciting new pod cast by esoteric radio theatre, call the power eleven. What we saw it actually rocket, and although its number three on Itunes Apple Pie cast its citizens have five overall, its awesome episode. Three in the beginning drops today, it is a four episode series host bill. Little he's an offer pilot space enthusiasts bill more about NASA and end the space programme than anybody I've ever met. He takes you on the journey of what it took to get to the moon and what happened when we got there and how things went almost
really wrong had on over the apple podcast reverie listened upon can subscribe today, so APOLLO, eleven what we saw and then going from scrap of our daily wire become an annual subscribers. There's so much good stuff go check this out at daily, wired, icon, nine. Ninety nine a month get you subscription to daily where ninety nine bucks you you're gets you the annual, and we we were answering all your questions. Now we ve got customer service. Hold you go check us out. Ninety nine bucks a year for the annual subscription. That comes along with the ability to ask questions like tonight. We have a daily wire backstage we're gonna, be discussing everything under the sun. You can ask questions, but only if you remember, go check this out daily, where dotcom. We really appreciate where the largest fastest growing concern Augustine radio show in the nation s so trouble, so republicans have been having trouble responding to Democrats on the basis of present from comments, because president from comments again put them an uncomfortable, dumb position, because president from did something both morally and Poland.
Wrong here. It was a mistake. At the same time, Republicans are not willing to trust the left in the media with their assessment of the situation. In fact, all trust is gone and american political life, because everything is used as a club to wield republicans are looking at Democrats. There saying why would we trust you to assess what is racist and what is bad in what is a moral when you're ripping Paul Ryan is totally you're, saying that that Donald Trump is unamerican for declaring that these four women have unamerican points of view. In twenty twelve Democrats literally ran and add, with Paul Ryan, throwing an old woman off a cliff in twenty twelve, just flash back to that. Remember what Paul. When I entered the granting and then an actual reenactment of Paul Ryan, throwing Rambo off a cliff. Is a democratic superpower literally killing an old woman, and then there is another added they caught in twenty twelve in which the accused
de I mean literally haven't old woman off a cliff you things that doesn't threaten people democratic? in calling Republicans Nazis for years. Everyone, everyone's Nazi ruins white, supremacist and then you're asking us what we think- of your assessment of white Supremacist Nazis and we think you're assessment sucks. So even if we were inclined to grant that the president's tweets are bad and cross lines and are morally wrong. When I can answer that way to you guys guys, we think that you're dishonest tat, you are the same people who didn't minded it all. Apparently, one in twenty twelve Joe Biden suggested that Mitt Romney was a vicious racist remarks, but black people back in chains and a democratic to prepare cotton and suggesting that Mitt Romney gave a man's wife cancer. I dont think Mitt Romney understands what he's done to people's lives by closing the plan, I don't think he realizes that that people's lives completely changed when Mitt Romney in closed, the planet lost my health care
my family lost their healthcare and short time after that my wife became ill I don't know how ready to admit. Ronnie gave people cancer. Joe Biden likened the tea party to terrorists according to sources political reporting in two thousand eleven! He like an members of it Party warrant to restrict spending to terrorists in american government, and yet now we're told the Donald Trump is crossing. Guys if you're worried about wine crossing? Maybe you should have applied that evenly all the way across the board I'm worried about the line crossing the differences. The wind from cross, the line. I say he crossed the line. I say that it was garbage once you can cross the line. Not only do I say that he crossed the line I max out to his primary opponent. When Democrats cross the line, you guys back them all the way to the hilt, and then you each of them on national television, and this is where I think the backlash could set in favour of Republicans, because if Americans are given the choice between the uncomfortable, dumb, bad tweet,
Donald Trump and the sentiments expressed by ill hand, Omar and the squad, I'm not sure that they choose this What I really am not sure, plus this What is now turning announcing closely again now remember the same squad that is supposed to be. Be all- and I mean this- is what you wonder: why republicans don't trust the democratic assessment of what racism constitute? Maybe it's because AOL, There's one thing Nancy below are racist, everybody's, racist according to Elsie and the squad they did. Interview with CBS with Gale King and the literally suggests that again Elsie and proceeded to Leap suggested. The Nancy plus you was responsible for attacks and death threats against them. We're supposed to give credibility to these people This is your this is your big move here, Here's a Elsie and an Rashid ITALY returning to last week's fight and going effort he blows against. That wound remained closed for approximately five seconds papered over by president from dumb tweeting.
And its reopening immediately. I did not say that she was disrespectful of women of color. I found some of the comments disrespectful and that was my personal opinion, and I did feel that singling out on the basis of one vote was Creating an opening. The fact of the knowledge is an ongoing racial justice work in our country for a long time acknowledge the fact that we are women of color. So when you do singles out be away, of that and what you're doing specially, because some of us are getting death rise because some of us are being singled out in many ways because of our backgrounds because of our experiences and self so having these women stand up there and talk about what they perceive it. Racism is not, then be affected with the american people because, frankly, they think everything is racist, except when they them, those- are being racist when Diana Presley's going out over the weekend and suggesting the black folks are not black if they disagree, There and when no one Amar is dropping Anti semitic, slurs every five seconds and retreated to leave as acute
everybody a dual loyalty and Elsie is suggesting that everything, including cauliflowers racist, maybe they're, not the best judges of this particular situation, in other words, the who makes the assessment matters and american politics and every his last such credibility and intellectual honesty. The noble trust anybody to make the assessment anymore. There is no commonality there is no common standard that we hold to make these assessments at all. And there's a double standard, the media when it comes to exactly the sort of material that they find objectionable, you'll get ale, see suggesting the Mitch Mcconnell is complicit in advancing racism. This is the same Elsie who defended ill Hanno, Mars Anti Semitism to the hilt, the same Elsie whose squad refuses to come openly and just condemn terrorist attack on an ice facility. A leader is
dancing racism in America if he doesn't even have the backbone to speak out against the most basic basic telling women of color to go back to their own country. I invite them to because we will win the twenty twenty election and we will take this country back because we believe in fighting for every American and then Elsie ignores in her own clock? Is so if If that were her line- and I thought you were an honest person- I might agree with what she says there, but I dont think The cheese and honest person, because one comes to open a modern, open, Anti Semites, you defend unheard of health. Omar was asked by Gale kingdom, regret any of her anti semitic comments. She said yesterday no she does not the other women were sitting right next to her when she said this, the way there we hear, and soon information is very different than how the next person light, so you don't regret your
do that I do not, but I have gotten the. I am grateful for the operator the data, we learn how my words made people feel and have taken every single opportunity. We have gone too to make sure that people understood that I apologize for at senior managers for anything just then she doesn't regret a word. She said she doesn't apologize for a damn thing: she's, never apologized for anything, it's unreal, its unreal. She sitting there right next to Elsie and to leave and- and I unimpressive and they're all sitting there silent as this open anti Semite is talking about how she's fine with what you said before and then ultimately? Well, if you're silent about President from Sweetwater racist? What, if I'm not so and about the streets, and I think that you guys this full crap. What am I think that the tweets were bad and wrong and morally objectionable? I also think that you guys are damned liars and radicals, and you should be in charge of the country, would have both of those things are true at the exact same time, it's
But if I say that, apparently then your, then you go right back to the whole question. Well, don't you think the trumps comments were racist and if they were racist, how could you possibly? How could you possibly support him for president, because lots of things can be true? At the same time, you can save bad things racially tinge things things I find Technical and terrible I've not waver one iota in my assessment of president from a personality since twenty sixteen, I think the President Trump when it comes to his personal behaviour, has always been not only deeply flawed in many areas it disaster area that does not change what the left is doing, their broad definition of races, the reaction to that. The fact that we are supposed to know choose between the squad and Trump. If uniform me that choice guys that choices not heart it in resolving trances, dumb current foolish things on a regular basis? I think his offensive things regular basis, and then I think his
these match? Mine mostly- and I think that the people who oppose him say something is just as dumb or foolish or irresponsible, except I don't think that is just foolish and irresponsible. In their case, I think many of those people are actually ill, motivated and vile. I think that their motives are nasty and I think there militarized from stupidity against him in a way that is, that is politically viable, but I think dishonest, obviously that the lack of new ones and commitment and complexity in our analysis of american politics is what is leading to this breakdown. The dichotomy, because we can't just have the question that has asked they're out there in the ether without looking at the ramifications of the question, how it s and how to answer that, this is what is going on right here in your seeing the Republicans struggle with all of this, because again, two things can be done at once. From comments can suck and also the squad can suck radically. They can just be awful because guess what they are ok time for some things. I, like em
and some things that I hate so things that I like today has been a lot of talk about patriotism, and this made me think of the Amazon show Patriot. This shows not, for everyone is supremely quirky, its it, but it's a spy drama, but it's really a spy kind of drama comedy, extraordinarily dark. But it's got two moments that are really very funny: it's more situational, comedy and kind of punch line laugh out loud funny. It's is, bizarre situations in a person being put an awkward bizarre situation of your mind, awkward humor. Then this is a show for you there's a loaded, the preview for Patriot, I would like to send someone front of this election. My son It's complicated even calls for music. Hundreds assumed name says it, helps him feelings your brother all you gotta do is bring a bag of money. Be that's it.
Never easy like that. These projects can play on IRAN and Luxembourg. Milon comes and goes both legs, like Ok, sorry series is the series is really weird in quirky and it's got. Some real mobile It's saying: go check it out over at Amazon AIDS. It's got some funny stuff in it. Amazon's Amazon's patriots who go check that ok time for some things that I hate. So everything is cancelled. Everything that is good in american life. Historically, is now cancelled. A lot of this is manufactured case, though. All of these suppose it outrage, overly Betsy Rossland was manufactured, calling Capra Nick is adult. He doesn't know anything about the Betsy Ross Flag or Betsy Ross. He declares it racist because some white supremacist,
will seize on any symbol of the american founding in trying to reuse it for themselves and the left acquiescence in this and goes along with this, and that raises a question Eric Eriksson. I shall raise this question of mine. I think the right question: why is it that, when a couple of idiotic disgusting lecture premises say things like the white the flag, the Betsy Ross flag is racist and we love it because it's racist, why does the left respond? Not by saying other social? A crap is not a race assemble. Why does the left respond by going? You know what they're right? It is a race, a symbol, and now we cannot have any of the nice things, the american flag is racist. Now the Betsy Ross flag is racist. Now, what is left go along with all that, because it really is a tiny minority of people who don't know anything History will immediately jump to a conclusion based on what the troll array of all right and white supremacist on gab or fortune, that that is what we do want is the left go along with that. Its racist groups have always attempted
to grab american symbols and use them for themselves. The American Nazi Party used to have rallies with giant american flags and pictures of George Washington. In the background This does not mean that the american flag represented the Nazis or the George Washington was a naughty and you didn't see the left. The time say, oh well, I guess the George Washington was not easy. The american Nazi parties using him right there, the KKK you suit. Keenly grab american symbols and then use them and suggest that America was the cake. Ok, good, hearted, folks and less didn't say. Well, you know what the right, although symbols now been, but this is what we are seeing now. We're starting to see symbols of the United States that have nothing to do with white supremacy. They are grabbed by white supremacist and then the left acquiescence in that grab and suggests but the solution to this is to ban assemble. So today's example of completely manufacture controversy, so yeah, who runs a piece about Chris Pratt, the actor Crisp
that is pretty apolitical by apolitical, I mean he's not a social justice warrior and he has not openly come out. As a conservative and said I am a conservative, it Chris Pratt happens to be a religious christian and has kept us politics pretty close to trust everything. I've ever heard him say has been talked. You know that has any political ramifications has been about person responsibility in giving gloried got it basically it which is a pretty innocent message. As far as I am concerned, or Chris Pratt made a huge mistake according to Yahoo NEWS, what was his opposing huge mistake according to Yahoo NEWS, is suppose in huge mistake, is that he wore a dont tread on me t shirt with the Gadsden snake. Now that t shirt was ok that that flag, the Gadsden Flags action for symbol of the? U S, Navy, according to Yahoo NEWS, it was controversial. The writing and snake combo on its own is depicted on the Gadsden flag, assemble created by Christopher Gadsden at Charleston, born LINEAR general in the continental army. It came to prominence accord,
the Aarhus during the Revolutionary WAR of the United States by colonist, wanted independence from Great Britain. Although it is one of the symbols and flags used by the? U S: men, soccer team, Metallica and libertarian groups. Over the years the flags been adopted by far right political groups, like the team. Party, as well as gun, toting supporters of the second amendment in none of them We are actually bad groups. The tea party is not far right. Party was mainstream right and guns Supporters of the second amendment that would just be like you know, people who believe in the second amendment pretty much right there, which, as it turns out, is an amendment to our constitution, which is our founding document, which provides the basis for american government, of which our who news is beneficial. Airy And then yeah, who says it has therefore become a symbol of more conservative in far right individuals and according to the equal employment. Opportune
the commission of the? U S, it also is sometimes interpreted to convey racially tinge messages in some context. They go searching far and wide for that one and then they treated they. They quoted six particular tweets from six people here not verified on twitter and about fifteen followers, and then they headline this Chris Pratt is criticized for the quartet White Supremacist T shirt. Now. The question is not why Yahoo NEWS does the sort of click back? We Ellen then, why they do this sort of, like the rest, do the sort of like baby, so they want clicks, obviously, it's the same reason that the news created this phone controversy about black aerial, as though the sketch and rules of people were deeply broke, and up and concerned about the race of a fictional, mermaid they're out there in force again, all they could come up with is like three people and half in at least one of those accounts is pretty much completely vague. They create a controversy, they did the same thing with black storm trooper in star wars.
My God, jungle, Diego's gonna, be in star wars. How can there be a black Lando Yokel regimes in the original? Look? What are you talking about No one cared, no one is the create these fell controversies. But the question is not why these click bait site create full controversies. The real question is why we why the left goes along with them, and then you start seeing this multiplier effect for people again. Why is Chris Pratt wearing a Gadsden flag that as a symbol of white supremacist, like really, is it Left has gone along with this pretty much at every turn there is a symbol is called the ok simple right here does not mean making a white supremacist symbolises the ok symbol in some context like stuff. Curry is the three point symbol. It's amazing now watch media matters, click that freeze frame it in suggesting that I make no white power symbol, because this is what they do. Why? Well, because if you are looking under every nook and cranny of american life for racism,
The tree and white supremacist anywhere, you can find it. You will grab it you'll blow it up, and then you will suggest that it is indicative of Amerika deep underlying racism, and so, if you can't enough real racism. You just make uptake fake racism and then, when you juicy an instance of what you proceed To be real. Racism is to let you cried Wolf. One million times this hey get to the pole resulting from ST. This is this hey you guys problem it from sweets, our problem and separately. Your cement of what racism is, is completely fictional, rising crap, because even so Jim Fort and all the wrong places, and then what about it when it isn't occurring and declaring the Chris Pratt is a frickin white supremacist on the basis wearing a Gadsden flag, There's something else. That's going on here to link Ben damage. The Federalist, I believe, was then made this point, whoever made it is a good point. The point is and for the left. The reason they are so willing to go along with the obliterate museum in sight was Dan Eyes name. Is it he's from?
from national review. I can't believe his name is health. Forgive me. I can't believe his name is slipping my mind in any case, the the actual, then the point that he is making is that for the left, for so many people, who are on the left. They actually share the goal of obliterating America symbols because they believe that America is steeped in racism and bigotry and homophobia, because they believe that America is deeply races place in the car, institution is, is driven by racism and white supremacy. They share a goal These radical morons we're trying to relabel the Gadsden flag racist. So they know the gas in flag, isn't racist, or at least they suspect it's not, but it stand Maclaughlan, sorry, the the national you got instead, what they are trying to do is they share a common cause. The common cause is, let's get, let's get rid of these symbols altogether, because America is deeply racist, we'll find places to place. Our interpretation of racism
replacing find it and two. If we share the common cause of Painting America's history as irredeemably racist, then we will even go along with your lies. We can go along with Betsy Rossi. Flag is representative of racism. Nike regain or even go along with that, because it backs the overarching narrative that everything in american history was racist You can literally pick a random object from the Revolutionary war era when it becomes racist, you can make mural of George Washington that ask serious stands about american history in San Francisco and it must be obliterated because american racism is not controversial is openly racist. All of its racist. You can find a cannon on the Cambridge Commons next, which joy, Washington assumed command of the Second continental Army, and you can order first continent alarm and you can declare the cannon racist, because the That in itself is a symbol of a time in which slaves were held. Left goes along with this because it fits with their perspective on american history, its ugly, it's stupid, it's divisive
I particularly shocking and the media do this with nearly everything now so to take a more and more prominent exam yesterday the Washington Post ran apiece called hard charging space programme, breakthroughs, breakups and breakneck, and they treated about it and their suggestion in their tweet. There's suggestion in this Wait is that it was overwhelmingly white NASA and that this was this is what we should take away from the NASA Space Programme, not the incredible achievements of humanity, not the magic of NASA using why by comparative temperament Abacha says in order to send a man in the moon, you have more computing power Your Iphone right now than all of NASA had when we sent a man to the moon. It's not that that's not the story, the real story that they lived in a society where racism was common, which is a story because we all know that as well, the story of NASA that's seeing the story of Babe Ruth is the story of racism, know the story.
Both as a guy lit a lotta homerun. Also this We have a male be included racism, no doubt at the time, but that's not Babe Ruth is big Bruce when I told our babe Ruth, hitting sixty home runs. That is none in dishes in India. Or of white supremacy. That's Babe Ruth had sixty, who runs into different story to to red racism into everything, including the moon, landing. Ok, so what's it what's the idea, we gotta take down the american flag on the moon. Is the flag is races? The moon is racist and ass. It was racist, everybody's, racist, so current Heller has this dumb peace today. Talking about this back then in the sixties rocket scientist where the bad asked you to innovation. Just the title was about the highest brain yak accolade that could be conferred as in he's smart, but he's a rocket scientist. As NASA work relentlessly to fulfil John of Kennedys goal of lending a man on the moon by decades in it The nations engineer many of them were fresh out of school running the gamut from mechanical to electrical engineers. Because that's mostly what was taught universities and almost exclusively to white men.
If the story of the moon landing was racism, I think that you're missing the story and you're doing it on purpose. I suspect that you're doing it on purpose to back a separate narrative that it turns out has nothing to do with the moon landing. It's all about wiping out the glories of american history in favour of a separate narrative us talking with a friend of mine on the left yesterday, and she was saying why can't we believe that Erika is the greatest country in world history and is great and was great and also recognize that America's history is shot through with racism in white supremacy- and, I said well, we can certainly recognise both of those things. But I have a feeling that a lot on the left are not willing to acknowledge the first or explain why they believe. The first is true if they believe the seconds. The overarching thing where you put the focus is the key. If you look at the moon landing and your first take is not unbelievable. America is such incredible country that we put a man on the moon using old garbage technology.
Three and the ingenuity of the human mind, and we did it because we are free and because we are creative and we defeated and evil empire in doing it. If your first instinct is but segregationist all thing that wasn't it and ass, it was full of white folks. Yet we know that wasn't the actual story at this particular time. Don't talk about segregation perfectly up for Europe over the evils of Jim Crow perfectly up for you. Wanna talk about America, sucking in every aspect of american life being tinge by this and
not up for it nearly as much already well, we'll be back a little bit later today, the two additional hours of content, or will see here tomorrow, I'm bench paralyses, the ban should be Russia. The bench of Euro shows produced by Robert Sterling directed by MIKE Joiner, executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by out of sight of its audio, is mixed by Michael Romena Hair and make up is by just one overall production assistant Nick. She hid the bench Piero show is a daily where production, copyright daily way or twenty nineteen today on over that, while show the left is continuing to eat itself. The latest example is the present a plan parenthood experiencing an early termination. Shall we say she was: she was fired from plant there. For the crime of believing that only women can get pregnant, also IONA Presley,
one of the members of the squad has just made one of the most bigoted statements we have heard from an american politician in several decades in that's, not an exaggeration. Finally, I asked a left wing doctor too. Find the word man for me and he wasn't able to do it so we'll talk about that exchange also of on the Matt Walsh, show today.
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