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Ep. 825 - Mueller: Endgame

2019-07-25 | 🔗

The Mueller saga finally ends, but will Democrats let it go? Plus, the wild story of a Harvard Law professor, a lesbian con artist, and a transgender roommate. Date: 7-25-2019

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The mother saga finally ends, but will it really end plus the wild story? Harvard law, professor lesbian, con artist and General made it's not really joke adventure. Pair of this is the bench. Russia Lot to get you to raise. Let's jump right in before we get to the aftermath of the robber Mahler hearing yesterday, which was basically it is asking for Democrats in the way you could tell it was a disaster for Democrats is folks in the media, insisting It definitely was not a disaster, for they were in suggesting it was a win, but it definitely wasn't is bigger disaster, as everybody saying yeah kind was we'll get to that in just a second first Jeffrey Epstein is now ones suicide watch after he was found with neck injuries in jail? This, of course, since Clinton body count trending on Twitter, because that's always how this work should ever somebody closer.
Clinton's dies. Everybody on the right immediately assumes the Clinton's did it because everyone is a little crazy. In any case, in Europe, Post reports, convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein has been placed on suicide watch for being found, sprawled out an injured in his federal jail cell law enforcement sources, said Thursday Epstein was nearly unconscious. In his cell Tuesday, Manhattans Metropolitan Correctional Centre with injuries to his neck is, of course being held at the door. Without bail, pending trial on child sex trafficking charges whose rushed to a nearby hospital by Thursday. He was back jail and answer was I'd watch according to sources investigators. Say that they don't think that this was him being attacked. They instead think that maybe himself on purpose or as applies did he get transferred out of jail cause? He doesn't like the conditions over there. Of course, he is facing up to forty five years in prison, we will look for more information as it comes out, but so far all we know is the Jeffrey. Epstein is one of the world's worst human beings, then, because We know that is one of the world's worst human beings. It is highly doubtful that he was actually
thing to commit suicide and given the conditions of the jail, it's pretty doubtful that somebody tried to injure him while he was in the jail. I mean he is one of the most highly publicized people in american public life. At this point, ok, now to the fall out from numeric hearing yesterday, while you missed the Mahler hearing yesterday, there were no fireworks. It was a fizzle it was, a lot of build up and no pay off a lotta foreplay and no pay off. It was really not good for Democrats, because the whole thing was built up as an optic routinely was not built up as a content thing. It was not all about The content the Miller is going to provide. Instead, it was just going to be solid man of the law suits. Therein tells you all the ways. The Donald Trump is bad. That's not how it turned out. It turned out the Malerba look uncertain and turned out. He didn't know his own report, particularly well. It turned out that every time he gave the Democrats a win with one of his lines, he immediately pulled back from. That when- and this was a mistake for democrats- it was a big mistake for democrats- there's a lot of time,
early on jury. Now I remember very early after the Mulder report was released. Four hundred forty, a page report can read the whole thing. It's not non public after that came out, turn suggested. Maybe we won't come along to testify. I was wondering out loud at the time why Would he not? Maybe it's because Mahler just wouldn't be that good witness? Maybe because Mahler is not, miss anything more than he already said in the report, but due to external pressure due to the fact that there are so many people dreaming of the day when Donald Trump would be frog, marched out of the White House by Robert Mother and his seventy three year old, six back all that that the crass unseen brothers who were putting themselves on the backing, the massage oils ready. None of this was real, but Democrats decided to go for any wait and really backfired on them in a fairly difficult way? If they want to push forward impeachment? They should now have had more testify. They should have just taken his report. They should have said listen. The report provides us the evidence that we need to begin impeachment proceedings. The president can people
succeeded because of the oil, the office legal counsel, ruling that price setting precedents can be prosecuted, but we are here to make sure that no one is above. The law Democrats could have done it. Nancy plus you didn't want to, because it pretty unpopular and most grass we're going to vote for it. In fact, they held an impeachment vote. Basically, a week ago and only ninety. Five Democrats voted in favour of majority of Democrats. Voted against, impeachment is basically de away. They are hoping to breathe, life back into it. What the Mahler hearing that is not what happened will go through it in just one second and then we'll get to them. Same fall out from the mother hearing and the spin, the media are trying to put upon it first. I am always concerned about cyber security or imply black figure I'm on the internet, nearly twenty four hours a day, whether I'm at home or abroad, but when you're abroad. You also have to worry about not being able to visit the sites that you want, because there may be crackdowns on this. When you're at home, you people are trying to steal your data. While there is one app, that's gonna, keep you safe and secure online, whether your home or a way that is express its European Express Phoebean runs in them a of your computer or phone. Then you just use the end,
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Helen so moment number one. He said that he did not totally exonerate from now. No one who actually read the report or followed the media coverage thought Trump totally exonerated on the question of obstruction, nobody thought that in fact, the repulsive Americans and Americans were asked. Do you think from is exonerated majority of Americans said no so or is rebutting a point that nobody actually believed in the first place. Democrats were telling us what look at that age age, a stinging rebuke to Trump wait. A second you're telling me that President Trump Miss characterizes what other people say? Sometimes no! No, that can't be true. Am I supposed to be shocked by this represent a jury needler who is spilling out. This question is thus a revelation. The president is repeatedly claimed that your report found there was no obstruct
and that it completely and totally exonerated him, but that is not what you report said. Is it correct? That is not what the report says. So the report did not conclude that he did not commit obstruction. Justice. Is it correct that is correct and what about total exoneration? Did you actually tone really exonerate the present now now, in fact, Europe, which expressly states that it does not exonerate the present, does well and then from said, he was exonerated bomb John Impeach Yet we all know we all know. Donald Trump says stuff. That's not true. A lot you know like ever since he's been in there Can public life for the last seventy odd years? So yeah? That's not that's, not gonna. Do it. Ok, have this approach about trouble could be charged with obstruction after he leaves office. So now you hear Democrats trying to trot out the argument that Donald from would be prosecuted by Robert Mahler after he leaves office, so this is them hoping against.
Hope and then them saying ok, wealthy Campi prosecuted, while is in office at least he can be impeach That's no embarrassing Miller is making a big statement of law which is true from could be prosecuted after he leaves office? He cannot be prosecuted. While he is in office. That does not mean he should be prosecuted you're just a statement of the law, but Democrats for treating this is again another revelation, but it's not a revelation. Could you charge the president with a time after we left office? If you believe that he committed you could charge the press United States with obstruction of justice after he left office. Yes well, while I'm in case closed, except for the question is not whether you can charge the president after leaves office, the question is: should you charge the president's every leaves Ok, then there is an actual seeming bombshell at the time ten Lou was quest Robert Miller, and he asked him- Basically, the reasoning and prosecute tromp is because of the wealthy opinion right. There's an office of legal counsel, opinion from the Department of Justice that says you cannot prosecute a sitting president federally
because he's ahead of the federal executive branch and Mahler seems to us the only reason he wouldn't prosecute Trump is because of the oil the opinion I visit. This is the moment, the boy, big moment and Democrats were over the moon about this. This. The headline in all the major websites, at least for about five minutes. As will see so here is Robert Miller. Actually giving Democrats win. Was there sufficient evidence to convict president tromp or anyone else with obstruction of justice. We did not make a calculation, how do not have the calculation regulate, Elsie opinion the LLC Opinion Office, Lugal Council indicates we cannot indict sitting president. So one of the tools that are prosecutor would use is not there. You are actually unable. To conclude, the president did not commit obstruction of justice is accurate. Well, we at the hour
said determine that when it came to the president's culpability, we needed to go forward only after taking no account the oil see opinion that indicated that a president sitting present cannot be indicted as a Democrat jumped on this. This means that if it weren't for the Aral Sea opinion, then Miller what got him so they could train MC excuse this is why Mahler didn't actually do it? Mother has told you I didn't: do it he said he did not even reach the borderline question of whether Trump should be prosecuted, because the all the opinions said he couldn't be prosecuted. So he just anyone answer the question. So here is Mullah walking back that talking point now. He comes back for his testament the second half of the day, and he then walked back the one wind Democrats have, which is the Aral Sea opinion question before we go to questions. What one correction to my testimony, sporting want to go back to one thing: that was said this morning by Mr Lu Lu Said- and I quote you didn't charged with President
because of the o Elsie opinion. That is not the correct way to say As we say in the report and, as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the present committed a crime gainsay walks out back to see now. Democrats have nothing and, Every time they try to push Mahler into saying that he would have incited trumpet form for the also opinion they fail as you'll see in just one second. First, let's talk credit card dead. So if you really want to make sure that your behind the ape offer life rack up some credit card that and then a jet just let it keep accruing just let that interest keep occurring, because As you know, maybe didn't realize we send a from credit card. If you don't pay off that credit card like right away, they start charging like twenty percent a month and you can immediately be in serious serious trouble for decades credit cards have been telling us to buy by now, then pay for later and their hoping that you I'll pay for it on time, because that's how they make their money with interest too bad path to follow with London club. Consolidate your debt or pay off credit cards with one fixed monthly payment. Since two thousand seven London Club has helped millions of people.
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Trump committed obstruction of justice. He put up a chart and then he says you're the elements of obstruction of justice and Trump fulfilled all of them. Isn't that true, sir, Miller is like I not Really, I'm not gonna say I, like mystery. Investigation, found substantial evidence there when the Prince in an ordered down, began to fire the special council and then lie about it. Donald Trump one committed in obstructive back to connected to an official proceeding. Three did so with corrupt intent. Those are the elements of obstruction of justice. This is the United States of America. No one is above the law. No one, the president must be held accountable, one way or the other worry we'll meet. You say if I might, I dont subscribe necessarily two year
the way you analyze out, I'm not saying it's the ballpark, I'm not supportive of that analytical charge, ouch ouch, so his green, What will our avail him not and sudden? There is Robert Mahler shooting him down, and this was the story of the Democrats day. What they really wanted from Mahler what they are, the only key headline they wanted from dollar is mother, saying: listen! I think that he did criminal stuff and I can't process get him bite. You can now. The ball of honesty in truth, is in your court democrats. Take it up and run with it, that's what they are hoping for, and it didn't happen in any way, shape or form, not only that Mahler actually provided some fodder for the other side, so republican goals, when it came to this particular hearing or twofold goal, number one show the Miller was not actually in charge of his own investigation. We his motives and honest guy, but the idea from a lot of Republicans is that there is motivation to how this thing was written
it was written in biased and slanted fashion in order to provide a supposed Roadmap impeachment, and it made me mother, wasn't actually in charge of his own report. That was point number one the Republicans were trying to make. Point number two they're trying to make was that the report itself was fundamentally flawed, because It came at it from the wrong angle. The report did not attempt to convicted from it basically said we can't exonerate from pull the job of the report was not to exonerate the person at issue. The job of the report was to provide evidence for possible process. Even if a prosecution was on the table, but a prosecution barely wasn't on the table. So what the hell is this about in the first place, so that was the twofold got. One mother wasn't really in charge of the report to the report itself was fundamentally flawed and I think there might have been kind of a third point which is that all the talk about Trump obstructing justice, a mother didn't gets. Up anywhere in your right. Trump did not step in he'd, not curtail molars investigation. He did not fire mother, he did not do anything to hinder or obstructed the investigation.
In any real or severe way. He may jabbered about it to AIDS made suggested to AIDS that it be done, but it never actually gotten. So maybe there are three points. Those are the three Red trumped did not obstruct, because even so you, Robert Miller, to you weren't even in charge of this thing, it was all of your democrat friends and three. The the report itself is fundamentally flawed, says will see in the second. The Republicans were able to make basically all of these points, So on point number one reappoint number one was that the report itself that that the report itself did not establish what it sought to establish with regard to president from, namely obstruction cause. You didn't curtail or hinder the absurdity, the actual investigation, and to be as the investigation didn't established conspiracy with Russia's yours, robber, Mahler being asked whether his investigation was curtail are hindered at any time of the investigation. Was your investigation for turnover, curtailed or stock are hindered? No, that's! No!
end of story no again, and there is a lot answers like that from Robert Malo yesterday, very Kurt very clipped, and then he was asked. Did you investigation established conspiracy answer again nope? The investigation did not establish that members of the tribe campaign conspired with the russian government in its election interference activities; ok, so that then go to the Republicans point. You didn't establish what you're trying to establish. Then they get onto point number two which, as you What really in charge of this investigation, where you and Mahler appeared hesitant, he appeared tentative. He appeared ass though he didn't know. Honourable As I have this it s rather programme, he appeared like the kitten your class third grade, who, who was supposed to have done a book report on bridge to terrible Thea and initially do the vote report but apparent did and then they came in, and teachers reflects what happened in bridge british Utopia and the kid was like well, I know there is a bridge and a place called terror easier
there's a lot of that from our Miller. So he was asked about fusion Jp S, know. Anyone who has followed this entire unfolding scandal knows that fusion GPS is a key player. Fusion GPS was the group that went out there and compiled steel dossier, which Raven Russian this information that was then funneled upward to Hillary Clinton law firm and from there it was followed to the FBI, a robber Miller, is asked about fusion GPS and he says he has no clue what the hell you anybody talking about. When you talk about the firm that produced the steel reporting. The name of the firm that produce that was fusion GPS is correct that familiar whither with that night you. Let me know was it's not it's not it's. Your question was fusion gps. Now few in GPS produce the opposition research document widened widely known as the steel dossier and the owner
fusion GPA was someone named Glenn Simpson. Are you familiar with that of outside my purview, absolutely not outside its purview? He just doesn't know his Ellen reporting is pretty clear. He didn't know his owner park it, and there is point number three. The Republicans are trying to establish which that entire angle of the report is wrong and when Democrats focusing on tramping exonerated, the report is designed to provide evidence sufficient to prosecute or sufficient to impeach. It's not mothers, jobs exonerate Trump, it's his job to prosecute Trump, is prosecutors, job to ever exonerate somebody that be the defence attorneys job or the person's job themselves. But it's really not anymore. These job because in the United States you have to be proved to have committed a crime. Proof of exoneration is not necessary. So here's Mahler being asked that question in admitting he doesn't know of any other case where the g o J has courting court exonerated. Somebody can you give me an example, other than Don tromp, where the Justice Department determined that investigated person was not exonerated because
their innocence was not conclusively determine. I cannot, but this is a unique okay. Well, you can't time is short. I ve got five minutes. Let's just leave it it. You can't find it because I'll tell you why it doesn't exist. It was not the special our job to conclusively determine Donald Trump innocence or to exonerate them, because the bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence. It exists for everyone. Everyone is entitled to it, including sitting president's ok. So this is a bad day from our. He looked bad luck. He was stumbling here, the optics or bad, now, a lot of people in the media, and why are you looking at the objects? because Democrat explicitly admitted in the run up to this. This is all for optics. The only reason I even have this hearing was that you could have that image of Clint Eastwood Circa, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one standing there growling
the President, that's what they are hoping for from all didn't get any of that another like. Why are you looking at the Optics man lying just look at substance? What we already have the substance? That's why we're not looking at the substance anymore, because we all analyzed the substance. I read large swathes of the report on air. No, this is about the objects in the optics. Did not cut in favour of the Democrats. Will president revenue that president from reacted demolish testimony with glee and shortening the Democrats law Sophie today there poverty, is a shambles right now they ve got the squad leading their party. They are a mess. This was a devastating day for the damage. This whole thing has been honestly. It's been collusion is spent version with the media. In collusion with other countries. This has been a disaster for the Democrats and I think we're gonna win bigger than ever. Ok, so you know that is not an unfair analogy.
This by the president of what the effect will be other again. I don't know that there will be any effect. I think most people have move past this, but Democrats won't. Let go. Democrats are not going to let go of this, they have Erics, while all the Congress person from California who is suggesting guys. This is only the beginning, its only the beginning now Eric swallow, as we know, knows things about things that are supposed to begin and end quickly. They, like his presidential campaign with lasted approximately thirty seven point two seconds. In which he proposed that we knew gal, gun owners and educate their is Eric swallow explaining. This is only act one and this became the democratic talking, but we're not gonna. Let go of this. Meanwhile Nancy blows you in the back row missing guys. We need to let go of us here is Eric swallow Where do where do we go from here Irishman? I think success is that the american people will view this volume one or that the people view this is act. One not act, three and, as they heard names today, like Manna Fort in and gates, they will want to know. Well, let's hear more about
that and that those witnesses or start to come forward. I think we should have Impeachment inquiry so the next. What lessons we need to hear from now non british forever bodies like nodded not interested and then Adam chef pencil, makeshift according president from he gets up, and he says mother did live up to my expectations. Again, there's a guy who suggested for two years that he had deep nefarious Intel suggesting the President Trump was was compromise. Here is Adam Shift, trying to play this off his win you think that Robert Mahler lived up to expectations at least mine. He stuck to his report. What he said he was going to do so. I didn't go into the hearing expecting new facts. The haunting nature of his answers made questioning A challenge you know is a former prosecutor. It meant that you know you take each with this as they come, and admit it wasn't easy to get him to tell a narrative, but what's more port, Then the style we saw other witnesses, the substance and the substance, I think, was just devastating against it.
And pony show everybody knew his dog and pony show the dog, you show was bad and so turns to, but don't you love dogs and ponies anyway. Adam should really trying to make a diamond out of a piece of coal. Here. It's pretty wild, we'll get to the rest of the demo. Response in just one second can see that everybody is is beside themselves when I spent two years building something up and then it turns out to be a dead. It's kind of disappointing single parents of the Caribbean, sequel it'll get to that in just one taken first, I am too busy to go the post office because it also less him. I went to the post office. Let me tell you what happened I drove up to the post office. I stopped outside for five minutes, the city of LOS Angeles sucks at everything at everything. Ok, this is a dirty terrible city with horrible governance, but they are fantastic. Given parking tickets so walked inside five minutes later I walk out. There's a hundred dollar parking ticket on my windshield. I am not going to the post office and even though I kind of like the post office, but all their services by just using stamps that com, it is fast and it is easy, Sir
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Now, that's ok, so the Democrats are sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. You spent two years telling your voters, the president Trump will be written out of town on rail, dissimilar Mahler shows up and it turns out that he is not solid. It turns out that he is wavering. It turns out that he doesn't know his own report. A demo Republicans were basically able to establish that he was not familiar with his own stuff, which means that It felt like this was politically motivated and we're about to find out in the next month whether this investigation was properly initiated and conducted. Inspector general of the G o J, Michael Horwitz, is about to bring out a report about the beginnings of the Trump Russia investigation. I am sure that will be fascinating stuff. His reports, Only on the Hilary investigation was fascinating reading and pretty damning for a lot of the folks involved in all of this. Well Democrats: you're, not gonna, let go of this, and that includes the people who are most closely tied to two Andrew Mackay who was fired from the FBI for lying to the FBI and he lost attention over it, and that was because you lied to the FBI about whether he had spoken to the press. With the permission of James call me about,
I can't television suggesting it's time for Congress to pursue impeachment based on what he really can't explain, not basin. Anything Mahler said that we do not really know for sure He really can't explain not basin. Eighty Mahler said that we do not really know for sure from my own experience at the very jennings of this investigation, we confronted some very hard choices, choices that we knew would have negative repercussions. And on our organization and on us personally, and we made it choices anyway, because it was our job and our duty to do so. I feel. Strongly that that's the same position congresses in now, and they should step up to the plate and do their job. It doesn't mean that the president will be removed from office or should be removed for off from office or will be impeached, but it is absolute, We clear to me that the time has come, for Congress to pursue a dedicated impeachment inquiry. This has become the top
Employing people who are very invested in this thing are not going to let it go. Well, that's good for Trump, because he cannot pointed out Mckinsey. Listen you petty, jerks, there's a full invest. Negation, there is no recommendation of prosecution MA or himself would not. Even here or whether he had prosecute me. Why? in the world. Are we still doing this routine? If you like me, so much meet me at the ballot box by the way trumpets biddable. If all the talk about the Democrats being cast, which is true right, from his underwater in Ohio by four percentage points according to various pulls including morning, consuls he's too underwater in Iowa could still when those states is expected when those states, in fact, against a Democrat, though just popularity ratings, still trumpets vulnerable and yet Democrats don't seem to want to run against Trump. They seem to want to impeach him, or at least talk about impeaching him for the purposes of smear bring him as a russian cats fall, even though that all fell apart. The other folks were invested in this members. The media deeply invested CNN everyday, breaking news: Wolf Blitzer. We have a brand new,
he's in it. I work out every day and unfortunately, the Jim that I attend very often on CNN on and so on. Well aware of the Cairo that CNN runs every single day and the tyrants for two years were about breaking news bombshell, new report from presidency over the Russia scandal explodes, and then it turns out that the thing is a complete waste of time pretty much and CNN ain't gonna. Let that go because it makes them look bad. So here on CNN were folks yesterday trying to say? Listen, listen, listen! Just because Bob Mahler appear to be old, endeavouring doesn't mean that the underlying content isn't important guys. You are building this because you thought that Burma is gonna, walk in my Tom cruise in the top down to trailer and just to own it, and that is not the way this worked. Heresy in and trying to reverse course quickly back it up back it up. The idea that his written answers were not truthful is ambiguous and having lived through the Clinton period, where in a very much most of what they focused
was the fact that in a deposition he wasn't completely honest, and that was enough to impeach him. I think there's going to be as the dust settles the people who matter when we talked about yesterday. Partisans of made up their minds. It's the people in the Middle This was news to them yesterday and it it sinks, and I think the the Trump people will be a little more sanguine. I don't think the present Welby, but this was not a. This was not a win yesterday in right now. Wasn't he wasn't was it a good morning, Joe they're doing the same routine mother gave Democrats everything that they could possibly need now, it's time for them to move forward. It'll be amazing to see the Democrats somehow push their legislators into trying in impeachment attempt over a report that did not give them what they wanted. Good luck with that guy's, if you think that's not gonna backfire on your that people are tired of this. I welcome you to try really go for it. Do it here is MSNBC also trying to prove to play this off the victory for Democrats.
Well, maybe you know some people will talk about Optics Optics out really matter here that the Democrats get all the facts are needed The President states acted in inappropriately they should either started impeachment inquiry, are. They should leave it for good, but but you know why If they dont started impeachment inquiry, given all we learned yesterday then then, obviously, nothing defies, and impeachment inquiry in the dim that's not starting that inquiry will be proving Donald Trump right gates it just Scarborough, but he's saying there is not will evolve. Where you ve been saying, you guys needed, put your money where your mouth is, but anybody trying to play solving, see the disappointment. Unmake has faced her there. A lot of votes in the media were very varied appointed among them? Jimmy Kimmel, the Pope of late night, comedies, Guy Benson, calls him, and here he is be-
being thoroughly unfunded. Well, going after Republicans for doing what you would expect Republicans to do, namely Collins question how exactly the report was done, because there were serious questions to be asked about the nature of the report like what was Robert Mauler doing. If he knew he couldn't press, a good. Why was this report not ended with recommendation one way or the other widened remember no he's gonna Portieres Jimmy Camel trying to make excuses. It really was something watching them defend this Britain, really what people fall on their knees for trumped like that, he pays them a thousand. Thirty thousand dollars afterwards it high time well you know again, you try this all night long, but me and you're gonna run up against the stark. Reality was a bad day for Democrats in this work. Chris Wallace's, who Chris Wallace somehow ended up on this and called there fell last night and NGO, Great first, even Colbert. So here's Chris Wallace, explaining to Stephen, call bear that despite Colbert best hopes and dreams. This thing did echo great.
This has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mahler now, you said that ten o seven this morning and a half into a six our series, of hearings, so was NEWS Motto we report and decide before the things over there was. A break in the hearing. We were asked for our reaction and, let me simply say nothing in it: monologue. Disproved that description in what way was a disaster at our? Yes, you do no, I agree as well as the best providing
Of course, while that is bent ethics of owning owning Stephen callback right there, how you could see Stephen Colbert feel the pain it goes directly to his small heart is just spend as it is a yes Criswell is just provided more commonly and Colbert show than coal. There has provided in years that we spend hassock fan tacit. You know a plate again. Does great I've, gotta watch it again. Watch watches even COBRA collapse, Xenon himself like a dying star, fantastic. This has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mahler. Now you said that at ten o seven this morning, an hour and a half into a six our series, the hearings so far, news motto we report and decide before the things over There was a break in the hearing. We were asked for our reaction and, let me simply say nothing. In your monologue disproved that description in what way was a disaster at our
Yes, you are globally because of course he does. Of course he does. You couldn't wash that thing yesterday without understanding exactly what Chris Wallace was saying: good Progress Wallis for not taking that. Let me explain to you like a small child, why it is Astor, you watched it. You knew and I I loved Stephen Cobras routine. While you didn't wait until all the facts, Windsor is that really newsy of you? Is that really news yet tell me about news: Stephen Cold. Air somehow news should be done and if that's your best excuse well, you send an early. You said an early, yet did anything change. No, it didn't good for Chris Wall has been, that is solid, salad, stuff. We get to the democratic presidential candidates, reacting to this and, of course saying what they have to say, which is impeach em in just one. Second, first, let me tell you about this new apt that I have been using to lose weight and feel better. It is fantastic, and really I am using a day after day now it's called new and
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Y all shows that it cannot control, go check it out a daily whereby com, where the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting radio show in the nation says I say for Democrats in for a penny in for a pound, so the media invested in the narrative that Bob muttered I deem not true did not, and then you ve got people who were members of the entire community who didn't like Trump and we're running gun battle with from four years, and they want trump out, and so it's robber muttered. He wasn't as bad as you talk, as was really that ban I mean really. They did they. Ve all now become the stage mother whose trial bombs in the second act. That is what they become. Others might kitty. So cute he's out there all that wasn't that wasn't go! That's you're, ok right, but that was not bad. There was the entire story of yesterday and then you got the democratic president. Candidates help calmly Harrison Elizabeth worn will not vote for impeachment has never coming up in the Senate is never even coming up in the house
there never gonna have to stand there and really fight for the impeachment of president from because why would they have to bear in the Senate controlled by Republicans? Instead, on arrival but they're gonna go out there and because the running against Trump they're gonna claim that he is in Peter Bull that he should be impeach that he's committed in Portugal. Offences here is commonly Harris yesterday, suggesting Dorie guys there are outlined incidents of obstruction. Really I mean it's got what we, this is impossible stuff. Come on, there's really believes this. Do you think she believes anything? She says I think, there's a reason that she has regressed back to the main and, as will see in a second Joe Biden, may be starting to find a sea legs, but come later regressing back to the mean in stylish ration here she is. I am very clear that there are outlined incidents of obstruction of justice and no matter what this current attorney general and the present, and I ve states try to say the american people are smart enough to know what is
and what is not true, ok sure Gulf WAR, and then it was with warns us the same thing. We should impeach, we should impeach. It is very where these presidential campaigns, where everybody appears on the same set one after another, it's kind of bizarre. It's also desired me that people find Elizabeth, worn charismatic. She she is deeply unfair as Matic as far as I am concerned, she's, not magnetic in any way she sort of seems like she scolding you all the time. I think Kamel. Harris's significantly more magnetic this analysis than Elizabeth Warrant is, and just in terms of sheer political skill. People to judge has he's going nowhere in this race with worn, also calling for impeachment. We have to make clear
no one is above the law and not even the President of the United States. It is time to bring impeachment charges against him. In my view, some things are above politics, and one of them is our constitutional responsibilities to do what is right and the responsibility of the Congress of the United States of America when a president breaks The law is to bring impeachment charges against that president in one of the things in putting off putting about worn. Is that if you actually true, if you, if you could deep big beta work and Elizabeth worn, they have the same mannerisms then get the same. Our motions did seem: cadences gets kind of fascinating. In any case, She says that she believes that some things are above partisan politics. That is false. Elizabeth, worn believes know things are of in politics. That is just Andrew, so
Democrats you want to run on this all but I dont think Americans are interested in this in any real way. In fact, I know, Americans are not interested in this case, have pulled it. Americans want you move on Americans. I believe what they're gonna believe about from there is no great take away from this. It's not as though this raised awareness about what frumpy is everybody sort of has an opinion on it already I'll tell you. What does change minds is new information, so no new information has been provided for that. With regard to President Trump, however, every day there seems to be new information about leading lights of the Democratic Party. So, to take an example, eleven Omar who, president from desperately wants to run against he wishes that ill had Omar or the democratic nominee, but it's ok they're promoting her anyway. There is a climate that has been circulating from two thousand eighteen in wood. Representative ill had Omar declares that Americans should be more fearful of white men, then jihadist terrorism and it basically white men should be racially profile. She was appearing with many Hassan Al Jazeera, Azure, of course, Victorie Front Qatar. Is a terrorist supporting government
in any case here here. She is explaining mean if this is your democratic party, this. What from wants to run against you heard him say earlier. He said this is the party though homer. This is what he wants run against. If democrats want to run on impeachment and trump runs on Ill Hunt Omar as the face of the Democratic Party, enjoy as Democrats Islamic be a long another four years, a fear, a legitimate fear. They say of something on a lot of conservatism I would say that the rise in Islamophobia, resentment of hate, The fear, a legitimate fear they say of court on jihadist terrorism, whether its fort heard or San Bernardino. Other recent truck, in New York at what do you say to them? I would say, are our country should be more fearful of of of white men across our country and because they are actually
passing most of the deaths within this country. We should be profiling, monitoring and and and creating policies to fight the radical
position of white men. Good good luck with this bitch. Good luck with this particular bachelor, a couple of problems that page number one. If you go back to September eleven, there is no question that jihadis have caused more deaths than white supremacist terrorists. All assume! That's what she means. If she's talking about sheer numbers of deaths than white men, certainly not cause the sheer majority of deaths in the United States, so that terrorism, which is giving her sort of the benefit of the doubt. But that's fine. I think that's probably accurate. If you say about white supremacist terrorism. Yes, it has caused deaths. It is controversial as to whether it has caused most of the deaths in the United States, because that's matter of classification, very often the classification systems take anybody who is white and who commits a terrorist acts and then lumps them together is white supremacist, which has not fully accurate. But the point is taken that white supremacist causal- that's I mean I know because they ve targeted, may read there really evil, but as a proportion of the? U S. Population white supremacist compared to the white male population of the United States, is a tiny, tiny
any tiny, tiny fraction. It is certainly a much smaller fraction, then jihadists, compared to, for example, the broader islamic population of the United States. Now I dont think they should label all Muslims, because some radical Muslims are terrorists in the United States are only as an excuse for labeling all Muslims. But the point that she's making that you should read That's what you should say right. You should say what I just said, which is: why would you paint all Muslims with broad strokes, when it is a small minority of Muslims were being radicalized. Islamophobia is never justified its easy answer. Instead, she goes to your profile white men cause they're the real danger. Good luck with that message. Democrats enjoy yourselves meanwhile. In other news, the governor of Porter, Riga, has announced that he is going to resign is required resell up and his his resigning because he got caught up in a scandal where a bunch of his text, messages to other members of his government were revealed, and there are pretty ugly they they used all sorts of nasty language about other members of the government, a particularly at the local level. Now the the Portugal is a Democrat he's been at war with
their members of the government, who are also Democrats. Also, member of his members of his party he's been accused of corruption before the couple members of his administration, which is invited a couple of weeks ago, and now he is stepping down according to the New York Times, the people of Puerto Rico knew him first as Ricky the handsome boy who moved into the guy there's residence when he was just thirteen? His father was the Governor Ricardo. Marcello grew up as a child of privilege in historic, but forts Zella, a palatial, sixteenth century mansion, with heavy drapes and pick wooden door just stepped from the Caribbean, see now the himself, resell lives in the same colonial fortress of his youth with a family of his own, but the estate has turned into a cage guarded by police Officers in riot gear and ringed by protestors, who wants him gone into just two weeks for his administration to reach the point of collapse, undermine a popular uprising that the governor initially thought he could withstand yet Reseller Miss Rennie anger brewing among his people after years of economic stagnation and broken promises. What the reason for the economic stagnation and broken promises is because porter egos economy has been incredibly weak. Spent, much more money than they ever had
According to CNN, border ego has about us many billion dollar dad about forty percent of its residents live in poverty and the median House The incoming twenty seventeen was just under twenty thousand dollars as low income, households, it's the median household income in the United States, its well above fifty thousand dollars. Part of the problem stems from the: U S: law, back in nineteen, twenty, according to CNN, the Jones acts requires all goods varied between the: U S, ports to be carried on ships built owned and operated by American. By the way I do oppose the Jones ACT, but really what this is about is the wild overspending of the porter. We can government things got really bad in twenty fifteen, when Porter Eco defaulted on its monthly debt. For the first time in twenty seventeen porter ego filed for bankruptcy, which is a vicious cycle because, as the economy gets worse, more porter weakens leave. The government has less tax money, so they end up trying to raise taxes in order to grab money back and pay things off or take austerity measures which are unpopular. This is what happens when you get into an overspending cycle, and then there is the hurricane that had the island in twenty seventy
in killing somewhere between three thousand five thousand people, also wiping out power for months. There are serious allegations of mishandling of that by everybody from stone state to local authorities. The hurricane Katrina made ninety five billion dollars in total damage, and then, meanwhile, people in Resellers administration who are being invited for wasting taxpayers money on their friends, lavishing their friends with government contracts then it turns out that a couple of weeks ago, now nine hundred pages of leaked chat from the governments, private telegram messenger group ended up on the Porter Rico Centre for investigated, journalism apparently resell and eleven of his top AIDS and cabinet members exchange profanity, laced, homophobic misogynistic messages about fellow politicians. Now, there's a trump angle to all of this
is that many of the people who are attacking reseller angry him because they felt that he was bending over backwards to cater to Trump. But what choice did he have? His state is literally bankrupt. Porter ego is literally bankrupt. They went bankrupt in two thousand seventeen and when a disaster hit, he has to beg the United States for helping us to beg the: U S, federal government for help, and so what you re button because he's tree I mean it's. It's like Chris Christie, treating Barack Obama nicely except Chris Chrissy didn't needed freedom nicely to get what he wanted a trump is the kind of guy who needs a little but a flattering to get what he wants in one message: porticoes then she fiscal officer, Christiana, Sabrina Vega, wrote he was salivating too, should send one mayor Carmen. You least, crews of frequent critic of the governor and of of president from the governor responded. You'd, be doing me, a grand
of course it's a joke, and every knows that's joke. Sabrina vague, also made crude remarks about a port written pop star, saying nothing says: patriarchal oppression like Ricky Martin Ricky Martin is such a male chauvinist that he believes men because women to measure up pure patriarchy and, of course this is. This means, brutality and terrible. This ok! Well, all of these people seem pretty terrible at their jobs.
But this is one of the consequences of a fiscal crisis. The reason this has brought a relevance is not merely because one of the reasons the Porter Rico's having trouble becoming United States re thy being entry in their there every year. There is a proposal to incorporate Puerto Rico into the United States. One of the problems is: that means the federal government would have to inherit all that debt, but it does raise the question of what happens when this problem comes to the United States alarming Porter Rico, I mean the debt crisis because the fact is, the Porter Rico declared bankruptcy. On a municipal level, the United States is running at twenty two trillion dollar, that twenty two trillion dollars and today, president from endorsed another two year budget, deal that blows out the budget to the tune of a trillion dollars in deficit for the next.
For years. The republican study can make him out. This is a bad deal, but Trump once you get past the election, when you keep kicking the can down the road you end up with unworkable alternatives and Democrats want to raise the spending anyway, they don't care about the national debt. They don't care about. The fact that debt eventually ends were Puerto Rico ended up in a place where you now have to take austerity measures and cut benefits to our citizens, who don't like it and then allow governments that don't have the power to do anything again. Borrow anymore because a bankrupt, and then they have to take austerity measures, measures and the NATO like it, and then it creates enormous amounts of turmoil. Now we can keep kicking the can download federally road Rico has not been able to keep taking the hand down the road into another eating their own again. The Z democratic politician in Puerto Rico, whose being ousted by fellow Democrats, many of whom are further and left. And it's just going to get uglier over there. So bad news for the for the sitting governor of Porter rig up when you really should you at this point where I him right,
If I oh, if I were he, I would immediately release yearbook photo myself in black face because, as we know, if you're a democratic governor of black face, then you survive any scandal, and we know that from Virginia the time for a cargo reseller to do all of that over importer ego. But again, the wages of debt are political suicide. That's that's where we are going and as it as a country. We ought to heed the warning that we see in Porto Riga, ok time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like today, so Boris Johnson has now taken over as Prime Minister of Great Britain and he is vowing that he is going to accept the EU come rain or shine in October, so either there'll be a deal. There will be no deal, but if there is no deal bricks, it is happening anyway. It's pretty clear at this point that parliament doesn't actually have the power to stop that Teresa made didn't want breaks it to happen. She wanted to avoid an odious Johnson is coming in with a mandate for noto breaks it so he's basically now got a lot of the power. This is what I said yesterday. The doubters the dooms does. The glue
does they are going to get it wrong again. The people who bet against Britain are going to lose their shuts, but this one, restore trust in our democracy and begin to fulfil the repeated promises of parliament to the People I'm come out of the EU are October. Over thirty, first no ifs or buts, ok, It is, can be very contentious for the next couple of months searching questions session with the Prime Minister today It's a lotta shouting in a lotta yelling, I will say the Brits have that part right. That puts a lot more fun. It's funny. When the United States began there's a lot of questions to be decorum of the United States. How would you title the President and John Adams had this long flowing title he wanted for the presidency's, like his excellency his majesty, the presidents of the United. And, as such is the case. Mr President, unfortunately formalised the presidency more than the Brits formalised that Prime minister ship, I think that we could use a little less formality at this point again it it lets off the steam and other things
like today, so environmental activists decided that they were going to glue themselves superbly themselves to U S, capital walls in a call for action on climate change, and what exactly is that action? I talked to length yesterday on my radio show about the fact that there are not really a lot of great solutions for climate change. The fact is, China and India have no interest in really doing serious work on climate change, if you're a third world country your mostly interested in, ensure that our citizens are dying of starvation, and that means the use of carbon based fuels. There are no alternative energies that are anywhere as close anywhere close to as efficient as carbon based fuels. Cap and trade has been in foremost failure in Europe. There is talk about carbon taxes. That would just be it would be. A cap and trade system should be a system of taxation on each tonne of carbon emissions, and then you do what you're going to do,
but again that relies heavily on the development of an alternative energy source that is competitive with other countries in the world, and the real question becomes how much people willing to pay additionally for energy in a political arena or people feel their government doesn't have their own interests at heart. In any case, it's much easier to go and is clearly nobody cares about the problem than to actually come up with some practical solutions for like, for example, deregulating nuclear energy. Yesterday, a group of environmental activists took a novel approach to calling for congressional action on climate change. They superbly themselves to the wall of a capital tunnel. Some of the protesters were draped in bright, yellow police tape, others wearing placards reading due to climate emergency Congress shut down until sufficient action is taken to address the crisis, a group of activists had used guerrilla glue to fasten their hands to the door. Jim
of a tunnel connecting the Capitol Hill to the Ought house office buildings according to a participant about fifteen other people were helping. The video is posted online by extinction. Rebellion. A group that organised the demonstration here is what it sounded like people just going right under need them: So they're they're really not obstructing the very much I mean like you, you didn't superbly, resolve their due to media. It's not like you woke up, and somebody had super glued you to the wall. And you put yourself in this particular positive owl Oh, let me because it can isolate climate action on a global scale with the help of China, India and Russia. That's not gonna happen, just as you super glued yourself to a
no new, just super glued to a window. You are aware of that. Are you not apparently not so useless how useless action? That's definitely going to get process. One protester may have had her hand ripped from the wall by an unidentified person trying to get through the doorway, because people still have jobs to do something you may have had her hand rip from the wall by an unidentified person trying to get through the doorway, because people still have jobs to do. Some members of the group were carrying acetone Salute what can dissolve glue, so at least they came prepared to you no leave without any further problems over the protesters attracted attention. There were less than successful in blocking the capital passageways according to the Washington Post staff members, police officers in lawmakers, could we seen ducking under the activists outstretched arms to make their way past them. If you respect the climate, urgency will go around. One of the super glued protesters can be sang in the video as a steady stream of
merely unfazed capital denizens past below his arm and through the tunnel. I guess not. Another protests were ok. Well deserved, well deserved. So again, stupid protests are some of my favorite protest, whether its PETA having themselves branded like cattle to do What just like now, you now have a brand on you which is grows and weird Whether it is people super glowing themselves, Allah, a Christmas story, double dog. Dare that that that's that's it take great there. It's a move, a mechanism to smart move Americans It's going to achieve anything. If I come to see the absence is pretty stupid and doesn't achieve anything in everybody's kind of annoyed, and we laugh at you when people stretch your hands. Skin is connected to the window that you put their yourself cause you're, an idiot. They haven't, they have a practical action, less my moral posturing. Unfortunately, this has become when it comes to climate change,
huge swathes of left just sitting there and screaming in agony about climate change without anything remotely resembling a proper solution. Well well done well done protesters for proving once and for all that you really have nothing to do here, except yell and scream, and pretend that you have ideas, ok time for a quick thing that I hate honestly out in order to put this in things. I hated things. I love, because this story is just phenomenal, so the cut has a long peace. Today, its New York magazine, apiece called the most gullible man in Cambridge. A Harvard law, professor, who teaches a class on judgment, wouldn't seem like an obvious mark. Would he the pieces by Kara Ballenach? What's wonderful about this? Is social justice warrior sensibilities coming back to eat alive a Harvard law. Professor now I never took a classroom. Bruce say a brute eight was always perceived as one of the more bizarre professors at Harvard LAW school. He proved himself so in this story, this story is both glorious and horrifying in virtually
why can't you just supposed to have been a quick Saturday morning, air into my picture hooks on March, seventh, twenty fifteen Harvard law, Professor Bruce hey than fifty two was in tags. Hardware in Cambridge. Massachusetts near his home. When a young woman with long reddish brown hair, approached him to ask where she could find batteries is still very much winter, and once the woman got his attention, he saw that under these four dark, woollen coat and perfectly tied scarf shoes were an address in a ship pair of boots. Hardly typical weekend air in the tire in the New England College Town, when he directed her to another part of the store she changed the subject by the way you're very attractive. He remembers her saying okay, so, first of all, dudes note if you're out a hardware store and a hot lady comes up to you and she just says to you randomly by the way, you're very attract Look for your wallet. This is not going to go well, this is never. Happened in real life is only happens in apparently pornography movies, so I have been told apparently this professor did not know this, and so he immediate was like. I am attractive
wow! Sorry. I married he responded impulsively, it wasn't exactly true has been legally divorce. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, but he lives with his Ex wife, Jennifer Zack and Assistant US attorney in Boston and their two young children, woman quickly, apologized. He recalls I didn't mean to the you she said undisturbed business for a few days. I don't really know anybody. Ok, this point once somebody says that, like still the radars not going up the wisest and brightest and most elite among us Bruce I, how does that not send your antenna spiral? great how how how's your intended not up. She starts with your very attractive and then she goes to I'm alone in the city for a couple of days. A really. This is not how real life works. Man hey Francophile noticed the woman, had a french sounding accent and asked if she spoke. The language sheet, Her name was Maria Human that she was born in France, but her father was the can someone or more human, and then she was in town from Paris on roads in New York, then get hey. Her email address. The professor wasn't accustomed to picking up. When in random places, let alone getting picked up by them. That's because no man has ever been picked up alone in a random placed by women.
Maybe it's happened, but it is a rare occasion he was in freaked no getting since, moving back in with his Ex wife in two thousand, for he says the relation. Japan, mostly platonic, and it's you hadn't understanding that of either of them wanted to see. Other people they'd have to move out. A casual, flimsy believed fell under a tacit. Don't ask: don't tell policy by email hand. Schuman register arrange to have coffee that afternoon, where they bonds, losing parents to young. She was now thirty, two, an accountant with young children, Haider, Hey told it says she told him. She had to toddler shoes. Co parenting with an Ex wife lived in London file under friendship, Athos Refugees, a lesbian.
Human also told him about the French was staying with Misha Hater, a brilliant trans woman, pursuing a doctorate in physics at Harvard who's struggling with crippling depression. Hey you also battled depression, listen with particular interest after a couple of hours to months, and I really enjoyed this, but I have to leave town in a couple of days. I hope we can see each other before then they went to dinner that night and again the next at the end of the second evening, Schumann, to ask him to join her for breakfast the following morning, I was smitten Hayes, as I wasn't sure what the Maria Pia thing was going to be that's a truthful answer, because one of the first things out of her mouth was that you just divorced woman in England. He didn't mind that a physical relationship was probably off the table. He was taking which often hampered his ability to enjoy sex. Anyway, then, on the day Schuman told him she was leaving from New York on her way back to Europe, Pay says she invited him to a room at the TAJ Hotel in Boston, started, kissing him and led him to her bed they drove. She went to the airport early that evening. So again, at some point you might find a story suspicious right. You picked up in a hardware store, you have done:
a few times she says, she's a lesbian and now she's having sex with you at something, You might be like this is weird, but not if you're in Harvard man, he drove a few months in the airport early that evening, for the next few weeks to travel to London to Paris, she called and texted him daily. One hundred and two calls that month, according to phone records a few times, you asked if she would facetime or Skype with him she refused who found resistant strain. The issue by this point should begun declaring her love for him. She told me she never got involved with men, and I was this big exception. He says. Oh, my goodness, it seems odd should express such feelings for him after a few days together. But while he dismissed her intensity as a folly of youth, there's a part of him that entertained the possibility should serious. Why not be open to it? He wondered you been years since he felt such profound. Can action, so if you can sense that this story is going to go the wrong way, this was it. This is correct. A few weeks later, she texted this issue is returning to Cambridge and wanted to see him. They met the next day at the Sheraton commander and had sex almost a sewer
It was over Schumann's mood shifted. She became dour than angry telling him. She couldn't abide his keeping their relationship a secret, nor what she says he says you referred to as his continued attachment is acts she demanded. He leave her hair was confounded. He was about to leave his partner of twenty eight years for woman. He slept with twice. He got up dressed and left later that day human contacted invitation was open to discussing pursuing a relationship when hate a mirror. She told him, she didn't see any point stay in touch, but they did stay in touch over the next four years. The law, professor, would be drawn into a campaign of fraud, extortion and false accusations. One point: he's family would be left suddenly homeless at another. Owing to what his lawyer has described as the weapon is taken of the universities title mind: machinery against day, he would find himself indefinitely suspended from his job accrue three hundred thousand dollars and legal bills with no and litigation in sight there. This is- and this is where the story be goes from- the weirdly pornographic to the middle,
politically delicious, whether Schuman, nor when she met him? She found the perfect marking Bruce say an authority on civil procedure would spent much of his life in the ivory tower, though he leaned left, he Brinkley briefly court for answer Scully because solely I always had a left, leaning clerk. He could argue with hay joined the Harvard LAW Faculty and ninety. Ninety two, a close friend, calls him. The quintessential absent minded professor, who tend to lose things, phones and laptops into Miss social cues friends who took his classes. They said it was pretty weird: hey has taken it circle of friends, many of whom are women and other relationships are non sexual, the intensity. He tells me has been a continual source of conflict with Jack's Jennifer sends says. My women friends have always had an ulterior motives. My response has been that my best friends have been women for my entire life. He insects first met at Harvard LAW in nineteen. Eighty seven they married two years later they had a son together before separating then came back in and they had to more children together, and then things got weird. Six weeks after they ve
golf contact, Schuman called hated tell him she was pregnant with his baby. She hadn't had sex with another man in the past year. She said he was stunned. And even ejaculate, during either of their encounters a side effect of his medication, but he understood the pregnancy was possible. If rare without Orgasm Schuman said, she was way whether to terminate the pregnancy and quickly followed up by saying she, The decision to carried at her she was due in January, hastened you didn't bring up money. He was more surprised when he learned it's you. Men would be relocating to Cambridge. That summer. She told him in June she'd purchase a three bed. Romance Victoria now value to one point: nine million dollars on a side street. In the Radcliffe neighbourhood lesson mile from his house, and had brought her children over from London. Maria pm me it sounds they should scarcely ever been to came. Did she says she says you know the area very well. Do you really know anybody? Schuman explained she'd purchase the apartment as an investment and as a place,
or hatred. That's for graduate student Trans woman friend to live while she finished for groundwork she and hate her. She told hey, had been best friends since they met as physic students there first year at Imperial College in London later and a conversation that solar Schuman reveal that she and hater we're raising the church run together, get lots of those kids man. The unfolding revelations did little to put off hey, who says he was determined to take full responsibility for my actions throughout the summer, inhuman guts and once or twice and discuss rekindling their romance, but she told him it was contingent on him telling facts about the affair and the baby which she wasn't willing to do. They had been sexually since their encountered the shouting commander in April, but Schuman could be effusive. Ok to make a long story short. It turns out this baby rapidly, not his, but he wasn't willing to say so because he thought pay she's, a lesbian and its politically incorrect to suggest maybe she's had sex with other men, Haider
France will in often loom large in their conversations, even Schuman demanded more of his time. She was cagey about letting Hey meet the woman. She called her soul sister when he asked about her. He says Schuman responded, that Haider was depressed and was enough for meeting new people. Finally, they met Schuman, had told him Haider, was weary of her physics programme and wanted to get more involved in Trans activism and write about Trans issues. I thought maybe I could help recalls hey she'd been described me. Is this very exceptional person, but downtrodden tree, unfairly by family by the world by her body. By the time I met me, she had a protective feeling for her. There bond appeared instantaneous with similar political views. He said she told me a lot about the Trans World. I'd know nothing about it soon. They were getting coffee almost daily talking for hours, sometimes meeting at a coffee shop in your Harvard hitter,
regularly texted and emails, hey articles and stats about Trans women being brutalized murdered by men. Her communications, Robin punctuated with a kind of fixated anxiety about being persecuted for being trans, hey, believe today tend to fight a kindred spirits or use sensitive to her emotional state that confided in each other about their depression and suicide or thoughts had been molested is a teenager. He told her about the experience he was struggling with drinking insist. His friendship was more familial. Then romantic a month after first coffee, hatred, texted, hey to say I'm so happy. We met your wonderful and stimulating company behind his back that women Marty in a text message to hater. They provided Schuman, refers to him, as I think despot, Prado by then Haider rarely saw humor Schuman anymore still. They began discussing the possibility. That hey would move in with them. So then, the family relationship would behave. Schuman, a lesbian, a Trans woman and brutal
He said his relationship with women could be intoxicating. He said that they were nearly perfect. People were bright and kind in Sweden, socially conscious. It turns out that numb now so hey used is publishing connections to help hater pursue her. Writing you try to get this persons this man them into biological man. This person's writing posted on the guardian and the Huffington Post, hey accompanied hatred, a phoenix to consult version. Affirmation surgery in the spring on January, fourteenth two thousand sixteen had recalled hey, tell him that Schuman have given birth to a baby boy had asked me me present for the baby's human refused he asked to meet the new born, but again, Schuman refused. The women also told hey, because it failed to separate from sacks. Listed haters name, not his as the other parents on little boys, birth certificate. While he was in Paris, the woman's calls and text intensified taken
on an increasingly combative tone. At one point hatred told her. She was gonna, get euthanasia meanwhile actually become suspicious and xanax took all of this as an enormous betrayal, Zack sold hey, it was highly unlikely: got Schuman, pregnant Jennifer, six, that's it! I was ignoring the evidence because I wanted to believe the child was mine. Perhaps you're right Jack's push data for paternity test. He wouldn't have it here's the key. Not only did he trusts human. He felt it would have been insulting frame, Heterosexuals is gender man to question they profess lesbian as to whether she had sex with other men, He believed her when she said her. Sexual relationship with him was an exception. He met the baby for the first time tat I never doubted he was my son Schuman, told him. She was being treated for recurrence of cancer. Again that the diagnosis was fishy, hey begins,
entertained. Doubts about the woman, it all got very weird. Obviously, even we're throughout the summer the women suggested that hey disentangle from tax and then here's one ends up happening. Is the stories really want? Is the new Yorker? Here's what ends up happening? It turns out that they defraud matter. His house. The women return to his house before Christmas, Zack again called the cops. Did she started, calling the cops on the next day the women and texts to hay, calling him a rapist are needed to be reported to authorities. He started receiving text from an unknown number. You will not get away with rape still, he keeps hanging out with them and then they start by. They asked him to sign the document. You didn't read the documents and he ended up signing over the deed to his house. Then the obscenity signed over the deed to his house, allegedly, and not only that he then got involved in a title, mine scandal, because he was accused by these women.
Or by a woman and friends, trans woman of sexual of sexual harassment, and he ended up losing his job. Ok, it turns out that when you blind yourself to truths, because you are trying to be too politically incorrect, there are some bad Effects of that things tend to get rather Harry and awful that that Bruce, hey man, you will, blinded by blinded by reality, blinded by my goodness Edison that some solid stuff is not ok. We can. I think we can all acknowledge at this point, that if you get scammed by a lesbian and transgender woman into giving up your home, then you probably should be teaching law at Harvard is ever. Is that fair erosion be teaching? justice and law. You might not be like the best source for students. The summary, according to national view, is that hey say she began
Hysterical demands got him to sign a sheaf of papers. You didn't read. He said the djinn issues accounts and she knew best and on a thin pretext, gave him a cheque for three thousand bus, which you then cast cashed. Turns out. He had signed over his three point: five million dollar house to her and her trends body for life, at a nominal right. The Czech framed as a security deposit, the woman in Trans friend, first moved all the stuff out of the house charge the expenses to his credit card which had given them access to his Ex wife saw what this coming and had arranged have thus putting her name only that made the least in valid, but he incurred some three hundred thousand dollars worth legal bills and then the woman who seduced him charged him with sexual abuse he was suspended automatically under the title policy. Well, Bruce a sad story of Bruce hey right there, Suffice it to say, perhaps you should examine the realities about you. Instead of falling prey to two of the oldest tricks in the book trick number one you're a very attractive man.
The hardware store trick number two here are me and all my social is social justice. Warrior friends, who want to be your best friends and raise children with you and also your rapist, so we power we been upon for What's that story, my goodness, there's a wild story will see her later day for two additional autism great yesterday on the programme secretary of State MIKE Pomp Hale is stopping by will so we have no representative Liese, Elden of the House to talk about the mullah hearing yesterday, a lot of good stuff coming up, though subscribing to be part of it. Otherwise I'll see you tomorrow, I'm bench superior. Listening to the bench? A barrage of the bench of Euro show is produced by Robert Sterling directed by MIKE Joiner executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam. Sigh of its audio is mixed by Michael Romena Hair and make up is by just one overall production assistant Nick. She him the bench
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