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Ep. 827 - Just Because Trump Said It Doesn’t Make It Racist

2019-07-29 | 🔗

President Trump slams Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, Democrats rush to declare racism, and President Obama finally chimes in. Date: 7-29-2019

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President from slams Elijah Cummings in Baltimore Democrats rushed to declare racism and President Obama. Finally, at long last chimes in I mentioned here. This is the and should be Russia or whatever you think. Can we really slow, weaken president Trump baseboard sitting around the White House Watch is in fact in protest enjoyed himself Libyans and she does whatever it is, and then he just starts tweeting, and you know the world is going to explode,
and, as with nearly every weekend, that's what happened. This weakens, let's just jump right into the news. President Trump decides over the weekend that he needs to watch foxen friends. Now, when president from watches Foxen friends, he basically becomes a common turn right when website or a color to talk, radio, meaning he just sort of spouts into the void rates, is as votes on. Ninety Donnie from Queens calls and that's what president from TAT he was watching a segment on Foxen friends about the shortcomings of Baltimore and in particular he was very upset. A representative logic, Cummings was one of the Congress people who is now calling for president drums impeachment and this led press
an interim to sound off Donnie from queens on the air quote? Representative Elijah Cummings has been a brutal, bully shouting and screaming at the great men and women of border patrol about conditions of the southern border, when actually his Baltimore district is far worse and more dangerous historic twisted. His district is considered the worst in the United States as proven last week during a rational tour, the border is clean, efficient and well run. Just very crowded. Coming district is disgusting rat and rodent infested mess. If you spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up is very dangerous and filthy place Then he concluded along these lines. Why is so much money sent to the alleged becoming district when it is considered the worst run, most dangerous anywhere in the United States, no here When being would want to live there, whereas others money going, how much is stolen, investigate this corrupt mess immediately, so the media mediately jump all over this. How could president from Label Elijah coming
the bad Congress person. How could president Trump rip into Baltimore as a terrible terrible place? So they immediately label this racist, a couple of things? First off when president from tweets this kind of stuff, it's not helpful. The reason it is not helpful generally is not because he's not putting his focused in the right places because he doesn't actually care whom, president from he's not coming up with an inner city policy for two more and then seamless in Baltimore has been a failing mess for decades on end. Here is my plan: why won't democrats work with me to improve Baltimore? Instead, it illogical exist, jerk any cities, terrible he cities gave age, and you know that's what President Trump is doing, because he has now done this with wonder news on this New York City. He's done this in New Hampshire does this over and over whenever he sees a politician, he doesn't like. He immediately goes to that person's area is bad there district is they just see John Louis a few years ago. He does this on a fairly regular basis. So is that useful to the American,
what discourse no its not but we're president from sweets useful to the american public discourse. I think that we would already know that by now, president crumbs tweets come in a few different shades. One is useful worries, sort of informing you about the economy or where he is saying that certain things are unacceptable in terms of foreign policy and then there's things that are useful but overwrought right, certain things where he goes over the point, but what he sings actually kind of true, then there is useless, but true, ok, that one is this one and then there is just bad bad outright. Now the media have declared that olive trumps tweet types are: last that every single tweet, the Trump issues is the last kind of tweet. All of them are racist, all of them are bigoted, all of them are sexist, all of them are homophobic, and so this particular tweet in which is ripping into specific congressperson for a specific congress, persons failing and that persons District that is now considered racist into the media? Lose it and they call all of this. Racist will see that in a second. What President Trump then comes back for around too, he's got. I don't know what was going on. I don't know why
president and have a golf game why he didn't have any sharply to watch or anything, but the president just kept coming back to twitter to bang on this drum. Over and over and over again, there is a difference between between useless and bad and re, just by in the media, doesn't make any of those distinctions for president from anything the drops out of his mouth They immediately determined to be racist, even what he is using. As is kind of true, it's kind of true here's. The thing he larger Cummings has been a Congress person in Baltimore for decades. At this point, Baltimore has been a terribly governed city for decades. Now. All of that is certainly not on a larger Cummings using Congress person is a federal Congress person. It is not his job to govern. The city of Baltimore is generally job of Congress. People with regard to their local areas to bring home the big in which Cummings actually has done the problems in Baltimore are locally our local government related it had three mayors and like four years all of the mouse did for one form of corruption or another. With that said, the fact that
in ripping I'm coming in. The Democrats with regard to Baltimore is unfair solid ground there. Baltimore is not a well run city. If you don't believe me, I have to do, is watch one of the greatest shows in tv history, the wire when HBO set it not racist, went from says it of sudden racist, it's more of that in just one second. First, let's talk about keeping your home safe and secure. So listen there, a lot of folks out there or not fans of the show, not fans of mine, and that means that I am very, very few, August on ensuring that my home is safe and secure on a regular basis, and that's why I use ring because rings mission is to make neighbourhood safer. You might already know about their smart video doorbells hand. Cameras to protect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world, so that there is a package, delivery or surprise, visitor you'll, get an alert and be able to see here and speak to them all from your phone. I love ring. It is great, I mean not only
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Do these things up, president from then continues along these lines. He says a larger cummings spends all his time trying to hurt innocent people through oversight. He does nothing for his very poor, very dangerous and very badly run district. Take a look hashtag Blackfeet from twenty twenty and then he starts tweeting videos from a reporter who was being quoted that morning on Fox in France, named camera, Kimberly Classic tweeted out Rep Cummings, why don't you focus on your districts picture of just garbage strewn streets in Baltimore and they continues along these lines. Raiders video shows people walking through actual garbage strewn homes in Baltimore. In this way, Baltimore is very much like other failed democratic cities like Detroit. There are large swathes of abandoned houses, there, drug houses, their houses that are following a power people are still living in squalor, it really is pretty terrible, it really is pretty terrible and then president from continues of around three. So this continues and then president from just continued says so
one. Please explain to Nancy Blowsy policy called Trumpery basis now and trumps as someone please explain and anti pollution. Was recently called racist by those in her own party that there is no thing wrong. With bringing out the very obvious fact congressmen, Elijah Cummings has done a very poor job for US district in the city of Baltimore. Just take a look at the facts. Far louder than the words. The Democrats, we play the race card when, in fact they done so little for our nations. Great african american people, now lowest unemployed menu, history and only getting better Elijah Cummings has failed badly, you nothing anything, that's untrue here guys. He really is not. Ok. You may think that its racist, just as he is talking about a largely black sitting with a black Congress person, but he would say this about white people he would- and he has in the past. As I will show you, this is really about president from acting. I didn't like decided a ripple. Said something true about that. Guy said something true about his city, and then people reacted by saying well, just because he's black, your attacking him, no he's attacking him cause. He doesn't like him in a logical means, happens to be back and his city happens to be
incredibly poorly run city or people have been suffering for decades from the effects of terrible terrible governance, This is undeniable. Gate is undeniable, that baltimores badly run city and about more suffers from extraordinarily high levels of crime itself. It suffers from significant poverty. Noughts pocketed poverty to you. Seeing people quotes statistics saying, while the average income in Baltimore fifty eight thousand dollars. Yes, that is true, but is also including a lot of the rebuilt areas that are government areas. If you're talking about the worst precincts of Baltimore, which is what people think of when they think of Baltimore those places truly horrific, really really bad again. It's not. Though this has had. No media coverage is we'll get. You know, president from Continues says speaking a failing, badly. Ok here is an example of president from ripping on a white lady who happens to live in a white district. That also happens to be turning into a hellhole represented from said Has anyone seen badly? Has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Francisco district in San Francisco is
recognisable. Lately something must be done before it is too late. The damn should stop wasting time on the witch hunt, hopes and start focusing on our country. Now again, as I say, joining the president, tromp is actually proposing a policy for San Francisco or Baltimore. No, I think that he is mouthing off, because this is what president from does, but again there's a difference between Trump mouthing off and trumpet. And useful and tramping racist, not all the same thing as we will see their many folks, undemocratic side of the Isle who said the same sort of thing, above all to even have said the same sort of things about larger comings and He has called them racist. The reason being because our not rob immediate assumption. Is that whatever Trump says is the assumption from left whenever Trump says, if is an effect of his inherent racism, and I'm sorry, but that's just not true. What do you think is a better explanation for president from behaviour here that he hates black folks or that he hates logic, comings and his mouth off about a logic, comings and people in Haiti. Bashers.
Many things are pretty obvious answer and if you're not stretching forty people are there's an exchanging Chris Wallace and Mc Mulvaney, and last week I praised Chris Wallace when he was talking with Stephen Colbert about the Mother hearings, but I thought that Criswell is handled a completely wrong with Mulvaney Mulvaney said you're. Reading between the lines and Chris was it on reading the lines know you're not a meteor, attributing racism to these comments, as we will see in any context, it is impossible to understand from behaviour outside of the context of who President Trump is and the kind of stuff that he does that we see this fairly routine. Remember back during the campaign. There's this big blow up over President Trump, supposedly marking a disabled report. He was going after Rapporteur for the New York Times and he made some hand motions that looked as though he was mocking the reporters disability, and he kind of made some weird noises with his mouth and everybody. A media, including make immediately jumped to the conclusion that the president was at that point ripping into because of his disability, and it was ugly and it was not pretty and then
video. There came out and was a compilation of president from making fun of people and ass it turns out. He does that weird voice, in the weird hand, motions whatever he's making fun of somebody that he doesn't like, or at least many times, and yet that myth has sort of persisted about from the fact is trumps. Jerk. Ok, I think I'll stay put. He's a jerk but being a jerk and being a racist are not necessarily the same thing saying a jury anything and sing. Erases thing are certainly not the same thing and saying a true thing in saying: a racist thing are not the same thing either his president Trump ten years on this doubling down on the double down he says, Eliza Cummings has had his chance to address it crime and conditions in Baltimore. For decades he hasn't gotten a done, quoting PETE Headsets from Fox in front and then from says. How can you get it done when you just once uses oversight committee to hurt innocent people and divide our country again? This is the part rice. A trump is not being sincere, seeing some from defenders today, although he actually cares about what's happening in Baltimore he's just trying to raise now he's not he's not from his about how is handling the oversight committee from protected areas handling the Waller investigation. He stated how he's here
the border patrol stuff and so he's ripping on em. There's no broader explanation. There is no three lady upside down underwater hungry, hungry hippos happening here is very simple present from doesn't like Cummings, usually brickbats closest at hand the brickbats The Baltimore is a horribly run city with a lot of people living in squalor and he smacked Cummings with it. That's it. There is no giant race, baiting technique for twenty twenty there accord. That's the left supply! That's what they're saying there is no precedent. Trump is is just gaming. This whole thing out and he really cares about what's happening in Baltimore. That's the rights play. No, that's not true either this is pressed. In trumped in what he always does mouthing often twitter, again, as it will say, on his epitaph president Trump, forty fifth, president of the United States, he said a lotta bleep end of story and then, president from says another thing he says there is nothing racist and stating plainly. What most people already know and illogical This is done a terrible job for the people of his district and Baltimore itself. Dems always
the rays card when they are unable to win with facts? Shame again, I can't argue with this case logical, has been a Congress person for a failing district for decades on end, and then President Trump of course turns it up to eleven because of the spinal tap. If the spinal tap speaker only goes up to ten he's, gotta find the eleven. This is if racist, larger Cummings guy came out network would focus more on his energy on helping the good people of his district in Baltimore itself. Perhaps progress can be made and fixing the mess that he has helped to create over many years of competent leadership. Has radical oversight is joke. Again he keeps going back to this oversight stuff. He keeps going back to the which again demonstrates. Doesn't care about was actually happening in Baltimore so long as he can use it to slam Cummings now again, slam can be accurate between can be silly. All of this can be done at once. Many things can be true at once. You experience in your daily life. You don't have to be in to President Trump is just trying to raise awareness of a serious orbit issue that has plagued this country.
Where's the plan and where's the plant. If you wanted to make this an issue which, by the way, I think Republicans should make an issue, I think Republicans should make failed city governance by Democrats. Massive issue when Republicans run cities like New York City, they get cleaned up. When democrats run cities like LOS Angeles, they turned into holes. I live here. I know. He then Republicans should make that a point of governing. They should make that point of campaigning sound from his doing here. Then he says under the Trump administration he repeats african american unemployment is the lowest best in the history of the United States. No precedent has come close to doing this before I also created successful opportunities zones waiting for Nancy and allows you to say. Thank you, Mr President, again this kind of personal, petty kind of stuff. Why should Nancy in a larger say? Thank you, Mr President, about you. Just did what you're supposed to do for the country where it is not your job, then we finally get to the democratic response demo responses, exactly what you'd think, instead of them saying now. Mr President, I see that you are the plan for the inner cities only care about that? I think you just don't like a larger cummings. Instead, they immediately that that's a reasonable critique instead
what they jumped to is racist, racist, brutal, racist There's only one problem. There is nothing that he said that his racist just cause a logic coming just black does not mean that he was criticising Elijah Cummings, because a logic Cummings is black. If illogical as well, not the head of the Oversight Committee would Donald Trump be going after him, I highly doubt it if Baltimore were largely white would press. And from going after it, I think the answer is yes. Since he just went after San Francisco in that tweet thread, president trumpets we'll see has after other white areas, trying to turn every into a referendum on racism. That's words out so you I say the Trump is playing the politics of convenience. When he attacks Cummings over Baltimore, he doesn't like coming. Therefore, he says Software Baltimore Democrats claim racism, not because what Europe is doing here is actually racist. There are doing this because what they hope to run on in twenty twenty is again from his in evil. Terrible, very bad
racist, drive out the block vote. In the same way, the Brok Obama didn't twenty twelve hope to win a massive victory in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Michigan by turning out particularly minority voters and heavily urban areas right, that's what they didn't twenty twelve there hoping to do it again and twenty twenty. It is very obvious what is going on here, and we get some more of that in just one second. First, let's talk about how to make your business better. Well, sometimes this involves hiring new people. Sometimes it involves replacing people who are insufficient at their jobs, tat. We ve done that ever a daily work, but hiring used to be hard not anymore. Now there is the Procureur dotcom when someone makes a mistake here on the bench, Piero shouting, no there on the hot seat, because the problem is waiting in the wings like the grim reaper of jobs, waiting to replace a zipper, acquitted outcome, Slash daily, where you can make your business more. You don't have to threaten employees, lay that I just did. Instead, you can just say: let's hear new people go to sea precludes outcome, daily. Why reciprocal rescinds your job posting to over one hundred of the web
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families across the nation and in Baltimore are facing. Mr President, we can address this together. Two years ago I went to the White House to ask you to endorse my bill to let the government negotiate directly for lower drug prices. You told me, then, the support of the legislation and that you would work with me to make it happen. I took you at your word That is the ok so that that response by coming is not bad right, Cummings actually responding appropriately. But that's not how the Democrats responded, so Cummings responds in responsible fashion is listen, I'm doing my job. You may not like how I do my job. That is indeed my job. That is how mature person response I mean Cummings, I gotta tell you. I think that coming has actually handled himself in many based on the Oversight committee with a lot more decency than other democratic means. Urban situations where Cummings has actually stepped into the fray and stop people from attacking, for example, Mark meadows with whom he has friends. So I'm not gonna Smet coming
For that response, I think that that responses, fine amateur smack media in the media are a joke and saw a lot of these other politicians so Victor lack, while on CNN, immediately gets very cheerful about this whole thing he rips on President Trump. He suggests that this is all just another incident of president trumps, deep abiding racism seeing the president Infestation to criticise lawmakers before you see a pattern here. Donald Trump is treated more than forty three. Thousand times is insulted thousands of people, many different types of people, but when you tweets about infestation, it's about black and brown people, the president says about congressmen, Cummings District that no human we want to live there. You know what did. Mr President, I did people get up and go to work there. They care for their families there they loved their children, who pledge allegiance to the flag, just like people who live in distant
of Congress who support new sir, they are Americans to ok, is deliberately Fraid, deliberate misery to trumpet saying. Obviously it makes a couple of points are: one is trump says no human being would want to live. There he's not saying that the people who live there are not human beings, of course, using. Why would you want to live in a district? That is so ring so much they do they don't deserve what they are getting? That's it that's a deliberate misread if I say that nobody wants live in squalor. Nobody wants He wants to live in bad living tested area. Nobody wants to live in bad living conditions that no human wants to live there. I'm not saying the people who live there aren't human beings. I'm saying that. Why would anyone not want better conditions there? Why People want, but I mean that's, that's what he is saying right and when it when they talk about infestation, it would be very clear when president from his used infestation so he's trying to suggest that infestation only means black and brown people Trump has not once referred to black or brown people as an infestation, not once he's referred to in every tweet. I've Reynolds we she's talking about he's talking. He is specific,
said crime, infested or rat infested. He's talked about Emma's thirteen. Those are the only folks he's ever talked about as infestation and Emma thirteen aren't infestation. Emmets. Thirteen are a terrorist group. So when he says he's only talking about black and brown people, black and brown areas. He specifically talking about rat infant He used the words rat infested again he was using that specifically reacting to a segment on fox and friends. That was deep. Link with rat infestation in Baltimore, so and you take president from out of context and read him in the worst possible light. You're gonna come up at the worst possible solution, of course, but when you actually read it in the context in which was men, he watches the fox and friend segment about Elijah Comings, and then that segment talked about rat infestation in Baltimore, and then you tweet about a larger comings and red infestation in Baltimore, it's hard for me to go to the zoo, please him being a racist and talking about infestation cause you his black people is again but is that deliberately missing the story, but that's what the media
you want. Some of our people have not in their jobs, Mayor Baltimore, be the guy right. Electric Cummings has basically done. People have not done their jobs, mere Baltimore, be the guy right. Elijah Cummings has basically done his job to the extent that he's brought money back to his district. That's what Federal Congress people do they bring the poor com, but the local governance in Baltimore has been oblique show since ever going all the way. Back to the days the wire and long before the mayor, Bernard, see Andrea, see, Jack Young turned out. It's completely unacceptable for the political leader of Arkell, free to denigrate a vibrant american city like Baltimore and viciously attack? U S representative, illogical things, a patriot and a hero? Listen again, I don't think that its worthwhile for the president to denigrate Baltimore, I think that's a foolish move, but what he is saying about, Baltimore being a bad place to live for a lot of the people living there is is obviously true. It is obviously true- and it is not races to point that out and they be foolish be counterproductive, it may not be worthwhile, but it is not racist, but according to the Embassy NBC panel of courses, racism just pure simple, obvious racism, theirs,
lot of talk about how this is all part of a grand strategy by the president and its really, this brilliant have all our strategy or seeming to accept the premise that it's actually useful for and politically to rail up these racial tensions to use white identity. Politics, he is certainly use them for a long time now ever since he announced he was running for president, it's not actually clear that this was going to work, especially in this instance too. Donald Trump at sea is just an old racist, and this is how he talks about people. This is what he thinks about people. This is The grand strategy has not playing for five. Sixty mental chess is just an old races to use a social media. Republican strategies are endorsed This strategy is just nonsense or get first. Vile republican strategists are generally not endorsing trumps tweets. I have yet to meet a republican strategist in a high position. Things from swedes are actually good behind closed doors without said, is from a vicious old racist, just tweeting, no he's just a petty and who is twitter. That is a better read on President Trump. Didn't stop the Democrats.
Trade. Elizabeth worn comes actions in its races to trace it. She tweeted out Donald Trump Sweetheart, ugly and racist. Yes, I know you're running for President Elizabeth I know you are, I know, centre worn you're running for president. That doesn't mean what you say is true shares their purposefully designed to turn us against one another. We cannot then mappen. Instead, we must follow my friend a larger Cummings example and keep doing the work for the american people and then Bernie jumps in does the same thing
What's really going on, Representative Cummings has been busy revealing the failures of the Trump administration and exposing the greed of crumbs friends in the pharmaceutical industry, and our racist president doesn't like it again, apparently, is races to criticise Baltimore according to Bernie Sanders, and now, as it turns out, a few people historically have criticised Baltimore a few people like, for example, Bernie Sanders. So let's take Bernie Circa twenty fifteen, so this would be. Could twenty four Bernie Circuit twenty four to twenty fifteen talking about Baltimore? Is this racist? But anyone who took the walk, but we talk- we took around this. They would we not think you're in a wealthy nations. You would think that you are in
third world country. But today what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs. We're talking about a community in which there are hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable, we're talking about a community where kids are unable to go to schools that are decent, oh well! Well, I mean what a racist when an obvious racist. Ok, So meanwhile, the media, of course continue along this path. So the CNN has long report today, all about people reacting to President trumpets, title Baltimore stands up for its city after trump tweets. No human being would want to live there. Say. The president's tirade was directed at house oversight. Committee chairmen, Elijah Cummings reference. Marylin, seventh, congressional district in the house and recently lambasted conditions at the border? Trumps attack against Cummings was It is to verbal assault against minority member of Congress, whose a frequent critic of the President, ok again, it's the media. We keep saying that he only does this minority members of Congress has made
He called Adam ship a pencil neck again, early. He does this routinely like a lot here. Names for everyone who doesn't like he's. So everybody reacts to all of this and they react by suggesting that the president is acting racist in his criticism of Baltimore is racist, the Baltimore sons, editorial bore, published response, letting aspects of the city they felt. The president left out the beauty of inner harbour. The history of Fort Mc Henry the prominence of Johns Hopkins Hospital the national dependency on the Social Security administration which has housed in Baltimore. Really wasn't the economic standing of a where the media, income is actually above the national average. The board wrote better to have some bourbon living in your neighborhood and to be one so trumpets Arap by the ideas that Trump is rat and there are no rats in Baltimore just like in american tail. There, no rats in America, no cats in America and educate the here's, the reality
there's some nice areas Baltimore and then a lot of places that are not so nice and every single human being with a functioning prefrontal cortex and at least one function already understands this everyone, let's start from beginning what launched this whole thing. What launched this from President Trump Kimberly, Klacik reporter from Baltimore appearing on Fox business at six on fox and friends at six hundred and fifteen, a dot m eastern time to talk about Timor and talk about rodent infestations will play you exactly what led off this entire tirade in just one second, and then we'll go back into the history of Baltimore like a year and what people are saying about Baltimore before TAT here's the road from says something it becomes automatically wrong. What? If, when you put this out there, what of what he said is obviously true he's just a boar? What, if that's the case? I mean, I know my blown but what that's the actual reality you'll get to that in just one. Second. First, your eyeballs.
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People realises, but congressmen Cummings represents the most dangerous district in America. There's abandon row homes are filled with trash homeless, attics empty needles that they abused, and it's really right next door, so attractive rodents cockroaches, you name it, but you know to have congressmen We talk about this, situation at the border is just laughable, because the conditions in its own district and allowed people said he hasn't even been there and awhile are atrocious. And not to mention those that lived there. I met and find anyone said they were ok so so that was the resentment, though, at all this off. Ok, then Kimberly Classic tweeted out a bunch of these videos, and so she treated out a picture of the tree should more trash more concerned residents. People live in the home of the silver Van, this representative, Cummings District. This has nothing to do with race, but us all pray. The city removes the trash, installs cameras to catch the individual's dumping on the property, and then she treated more.
Are about this. Then she she tweeted out videos in which she showed the squalor that a lot of folks are living in in Baltimore at over and over again, every body knows this. Everybody understands that Baltimore specifically many areas? Baltimore are not places they want to live their residents of Baltimore whore. Angry Cummings were angry at the government for not doing what they are supposed to do. Are we supposed to blind ourselves this? There are superintend. The Baltimore is wonderful that it that's a great place to live for the bulk of residents who live there is that just something we're supposed to go along with again, you go out with the median average income routine, but you are including in that routine. All the people who get paid to teach Johns Hopkins median does not actually describe the condemn since the people are living at the lower end, the same people who are declaring that America is by four between and poor are ignoring exactly that happening in the city of balls More democratic governance has been responsible for decay and collapse for decades.
And their certain areas that are sponsored by the government, like the harbour that have been beneficiaries of government largest, but a lot of votes were living there have not benefited from that large ass am not the only one pointing this out two thousand eighteen, then the mayor, Catherine Pew on Fox five. She was ripping me, wait for it rat infestation in Baltimore. Talking to her, she can smell the rat in Baltimore. Catherine Pugh is black case of this is not a race thing. Baltimore has problems. Obviously, now I can't do this mean that this is what Trump really wants to talk about. The Trump has a plan for the inner cities, or something like that not true, but- and this is why do people lose their minds over it? But It is also true that, just as from set it doesn't make it wrong or racist, it doesn't make it a factual or anti factual or racist. Here's Catherine view the mayor of Baltimore. At the time. A year ago, city leaders identified some of the city's most violent
or hoods put the hill wishing to save always to target pool you, two small grants under Baltimores violence Reduction initiative Jesus just last week we went with mere Pierre. Was she toured in EAST bolt more neighbourhood, and this may well towards violence reduction. Initiative is about taking steps to read communities at the quarter stones. They contribute to cry my god. You could smell that blocks. A dilapidated buildings helped to hide the addiction. That's crippled this community hey so again. What are we talking about? You got people coming out of the woodwork. We are Baltimore really do live there. Like in these areas do live. There is that we do so. We are Baltimore where's, your solidarity can just be. We love Baltimore trumped. Doesn't love Baltimore, that's not what he saying he sang Baltimore deserves better than he may not have a plan for that.
Maybe lashing out that doesn't change the underlying fact of what you say is true: a Fox Fox Baltimore, dot com. May seventeen twenty seventeen quote a project Baltimore investigation is found. Five Baltimore City high schools in one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English. Not one We sat down with a teen who attends one of these schools and has overcome incredible challenges, define success. Yvonne WAR Grubbin West Baltimore. He was three months old. What his father was shot to death before as eighteenth birthday, he would lose two uncles and, of course, made all gone down on the streets of Baltimore by the way that is not particularly rare it. This is from. The Baltimore son Circa April she'll, twenty eighteen quote: what's causing what's more population lost its no mystery. The city's scary record of three hundred forty three homicides. In twenty seventeen affirms the city's well known reputation as a dangerous place live even if twenty eighteen has fewer homicides, it doesn't take a fortune. Teller
but this year's homicide rate will still be high until the city submit, actually reduces its homicide. Another crime rate people will continue to be the city is dangerous and be reluctant to day or move your willowy, whether on the Baltimore sunny seeing the people would be reluctant to stay or move here like no human being would want to live here. Is that what you're saying as others like the city's outrageous property tax of two dollars and twenty four cents, one hundred dollars and properties assess value is more than double its surrounding touristic. Baltimore County and Arundel, the city's burdensome Property tax on homer is explains why the city has more rent. There is then homeowners, cities high, come to axis three point: two percent: the maximum allowed by law. The city's hacks messages, their move, your and pay higher taxes. People have figured out how to avoid the city's taxes and still enjoy this, eleven surrounding counties and take reasonably priced ride. Sharing services into the city
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Ten bucks, you get this the very grace and beverage vessels he left his tears, hot or cold tumblr replenishing daily, go check it out right now, where the largest fastest growing conservatives, cast in radio show in the nation so again lately The reaction of the media has been president from cancer. Tat Baltimore, that's racist. He can see the Baltimore is a bad place to live. That's racist. He can't say that certain parts of the city, a rat infested and they ve got it's been a horribly govern city. That's racist! Really, because until five minutes ago everybody agree about this David Pinochet, platter, plushy, writing for the Baltimore son. As you say, wrote a piece in April, twenty eight tinkled, what's causing baltimores population loss, Baltimores population reaching one hundred year low last year as well. That would be the eye property taxes. The fact that there is extraordinary levels of crime in the city quote the city's public school system is a disaster
If anyone things a family would move to the city or stay in the city because of its public school system, they have another think coming. These public school enrollment is on the decline. The city's age infrastructure is terrible. The city's Random Waterman brig spontaneous singles desperately needed. Roadwork means the cash strapped city. They as many repairs with costs lurking to fix its dilapidated infrastructure. The money to fund these repairs will either be taken from other services or city residents will have to pay higher taxes. The mayor and large time largely part time. City Council are fiscally irresponsible, be accepted or raising December. The mayor gets paid a hunter. Eighty grand a year, the City Council president one hundred and twenty grand a year, the City Council VP, seventy seven grand a year and thirteen other sixty nine, granny or plus all have benefits and all have paid support staff and they pass the law that entitles elected officials to receive an automatic two point: five percent- raise. If the city budget provides money for union employee raises Baltimores elections, change the direction of the city in the twenty. Sixteen city general election, the mayor,
and council members all promised change, but the city is in the same or worshiped since the election. That. This is me writing this. Ok, this is a writer from Baltimore Alan him, David Platter last year in the Baltimore son here also Baltimore sons of timber. Twenty fifty thousand eighteen Luke broad. What an indulgent quote neighborhoods are crying out. Baltimore has highest homicide rate of you big cities Baltimore had the worst homicide rate among the nations. Fifty larger cities last year, the second highest violent crime, rate overall, according to new data from the FBI. This is the place that is being called Utopia today, because president from said, it's a bad place to live criminals with the latest reminder of the sustained cycle of violence that is gripped the citizens twenty fifteen when the annual number of homicide sort above three hundred for three consecutive years after the unrest that followed Freddy Grace death from injury suffered in police custody it just last year, PBS aired in an actual documentary was called wrath. Phil,
about Baltimore talking about how the city was invested by rats, the Baltimore unreported quote rat film, a documentary that takes the decades long fight waged against Baltimores rapid, relation and use it as a lens through which to look at how the city has addressed myriad social issues over the decades airs tonight, I'm PBS again it was called rat film. But if President says it's rat infested, then he means black people. According to the left in twenty, sixteen Baltimore son ran in up at the day after President Tromp was declared the winner of the twenty six in election, talking about how Baltimore should be declared a disaster and rebuild from the ground up and yet now we are supposed to believe, obviously that Baltimore is a wonderful city, because president from his declared it not so because president from declared the Baltimore
is in fact a bad place to live and reasonable people don't want to live there because of that, Baltimore is now great. Kate Baltimore has been horribly govern for years. We all remember the Freddy Gray Riots and twenty fifteen. We all. Member, this Baltimore burned, and that was mainly black folks burning down in areas in which lots of black folks lived. There is about Ex Ante Council, black police, you for majority black police force and in a black mayor and ever but he was talking about white privilege- is ridiculous the horribly govern city, how here We govern is the city. It's all horribly, govern in the middle of does. Riots over the death of Freddie Gray, who allegedly was, was picked up by the police on some crime. After you tried to run and then put in the back of the Van and then he wasn't properly handcuffed, and so he was like Jocelyn the back of the Van or accusations the police killed him. Those accusations were never proved. Instead, what it seems that he should have fell over and broke his neck.
The tragic terrible story riot ensued because supposedly the police are viciously brutally racist, despite the fact that again, the police force, the police chief, was black and majority of the city's police forces black, and despite that, the mayor of Baltimore. At the time Stephanie wrongs Blake held a press conference in which she specifically suggested that she was going to give rioters room to riot you're gonna. Tell me this is a well governed. Seti made it very clear,
that I worked with the police and instructed them to do everything they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech is a very delicate balancing act, because, while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well, and we worked very hard to to keep that balance and and to put ourselves in the best position to de escalate. From doesn't add solutions and from had been provide solutions and from an talking about solution but his diagnosis of the problem is not incorrect. Obviously you're the mayor of the city talking about letting rioters riot he's the mayor. It's a horribly govern city
it's been horribly govern for decades again, HBO had a very long running show called the wider. Many consider the banjo and tv history specifically about the corruption and inability of anybody to do The good thing about how horrible Baltimore is it's a bad place to live Everyone knows this just as from them It doesn't make an untrue. You know used to say this openly. You know, in fact, there is a person in the media, obviously a vicious racist. Obviously, a terrible vicious racist who used to ask illogical directly whether this was a democratic failure and whether Democrats had failed to govern this place properly. After all, this is coming this district. Now I've been told that if you say that a logic coming just then a bad job for Baltimore, this means your just so Chris Cuomo come on down. This is Chris Cuomo Circuit, twenty fifteen. Maybe people forgot about this here is critical, no say in it Baltimore Thin Run by Democrats and recently african american Democrats for a really long time really about Republic in semi? The Democrats, you ve had your people in there.
Regardless of communism in utero users responsible, for what has it hasn't been done, as anybody else is never crass come on press you know, it's not about personalities, is about policy a you know, and I know that a lot of the policies coming down from washing, I'm coming down for a state act, wait till by the coming from Washington. Not necessarily kind to urban areas with sickly. Here lately, ok says it's obviously because of the urban problems coming down from the federal government. The time led by Barack Obama, his attorney general. With the time was. I was what what's your base, not not not Eric holder, who is the who's? The lurid allowance, like it that again, this is perilous Cromwell,
racist, go back, twenty fifteen, how Geraghty question a logic cummings on his own governance? Unbelievable! Ok! Now how about President Frumps Infested language? So we heard, as we say earlier, the president from use the language of infested. I pointed out that whenever he says infested he's talking about crime invested, there is always some sort of known the proceeds. Infested right right infested crime, infested drug infested, and I've said that he doesn't only say this about black areas, Am I wrong room at what it turns out as for our usual arrangement, I am correct. Ilium stack writing for the New York Times August. Third, twenty seventeen New Hampshire politicians criticise President Trump after a transcript of a phone call. What the President of Mexico published on Thursday showed he called the state a quota drug infested that now there is. There are very few waiter states in Amerika. The New Hampshire New Hampshire is incredibly white. The remark came during his comments on the drug trade criminal gangs and how he said they affected the state working to a transcript of the January twenty seven call published by the Washington Post, the drug lords in Mexico, knocking the hell out of our country from told president.
We get yet, though, of Mexico quote they're sending drugs to Chicago Angeles in New York up in New Hampshire. I one New Hampshire, because New Hampshire is a drug infested den is coming from the southern border. This, of course, let a lot of people to criticise him, but now collar racist right, Governor Chris Suno was Republicans in the presidency's wrong is disappointing, is miss characterisation of this epidemic ignores the great things this state has to offer New Hampshire Democratic Party to take out a picture of of one area of New Hampshire. It's very pretty said how about this Donald Trump. This seem like a dream ugh infested den, but I guess it's racist. When you I ve been told he only says infested about black and brown people, not about you know the widest area in the United States, New Hampshire. So obviously that is untrue. All of this is very cynical. Now Trump makes his own bed to a certain extent, not being called racist being called racist. That's just something democratically with everyone there with Mitt Romney, it did with John Mccain. They did it with George W Bush
They do with everyone. Every one on the right is called the racist, which is why so many people on the right are very hesitant, go along with less definition of racism, because the left's definition of racism is basically, I disagree with you, but in this project in case he didn't anything racist in this particular case, he did not say anything. Racist and people on the left are jumping on. This is racist, because this is part of broader over arching narrative, then Trump is a racist in the Republican Party is a racist and if you vote for Trump in your racist, it try. This twenty. Sixteen, it didn't Wyndham, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin so we'll see how it works out again, it's a bold move, cotton continuing just just that everyone who is thinking about voting for Trump isn't here. Only a racist, and that everything from says he's racist it so funny all Democrats had to do was not be crazy. That's all they had to do. And again I say a wide you're coming says: responds to Trump was the correct response
If your same rational, Democrat Cummings response is the right one, but us out there doing instead of sending out sharpen whose an actual racist k, L Shopton, who actually hates Dupe a person who is called use diamond merchants and suggested in the middle of a racial fray. But if you wanted to fight him, you pin Backer Yamaha, come on over to his house, a person who is involved the ninety? Ninety one crown Heights writes that ended with the murder of unorthodox June and the ankle Rosenbaum Al Sharp than is now being deployed to Baltimore were Has he done a lot of good in Baltimore, Sharp and hasn't? He then a lot of good for the United States that race Khan artist, now sharpened by Donald Trump? ripping into sharp- and this is well Deserved- says I must have no. I have no doubt for twenty five years- went to fight them into king always got along well again. First of all, why are you yes this way? admiral by you I'll sharply was always a bag of junk mail. Sharpen was the person who, pushing the want of railway out from says he loved Trump? He would ask me for favours often was a con man, a troublemaker always looking for a score here.
Only around himself with the basque people. Does the president is just doing his thing must have into Comcast, NBC, hates white and cops Al Sharp and is indeed a bag of of junk he's, a bad human being he's a very, very bad man. Seth Mandela, as a piece about AL sharply in the washing turn examiner talking about the long history of AL sharpen, just he has been responsible for four, an enormous amount of suffering, Al Shopton, ranging from the Tawana Brawley Hoax hoax, all the way through the the Crown Heights Riot of ninety ninety one to the to the Freddy's fashion of burning of seven one thousand seven. Ninety ninety eight. All of this is really ugly stuff, and it's worth noting that darkness returns respectability was pushed by none other than Barack Obama, who really bring him in House broccoli by the way sounding off. On all this, too, as the private president, Obama was the vice of on racial matters, president of the first, the first major statement on rice. You may
as president of the United States was declared that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting Henry was Gates Harvard professor who is standing outside this house. He's trying to bang get in, wouldn't show the mighty and screaming, and Morocco bonnets weeded out. I've always been proud of what this team accomplished during my administration is talking about some one hundred and forty five, black members of his administration who rode not bad over the weekend. Talking about from his meaning cruel. Is I've always been proud about the steam accomplished during my administration, but more than what we did, I'm proud of how they are continuing to fight for numerical it's better Morocco, Barboza, racially polarizing president. He was particularly in his second term. This is true from ever in everything, from trade on Martin, who could have been his son to the Baltimore Riots in Ferguson Riots broke Mama was a divisive racial presidency now he's injecting himself back in man. If using twenty nineteen is ugly wait until we had twenty twenty. We are a year and a half way from this watching guys. If things
this hot and were a year and a half way from the election manner. Things gonna get ugly by the time we actually hit that election. But again it's funny. The left is declaring the Zol part of trumps race, baiting strategy. There's a peace today by a New York Times, columnist, cabin crews, a professor of history at Princeton, whose very good at doing bad history. Talking about President Trump is just like George Wallace Available, You know, except for the whole president, trumped, doesn't stand in the door ways of schools and declare segregation forever he's exactly the same, except for the fact that Trump doesn't sick hoses on black people and dogs on black people. Exactly the same as George Wallace, but this is this is where we go, and this is where we are going and it's going to get ugly, don't believe everything you read in the media can just cause trumps at it, doesn't make an untruth, doesn't make it racist,
you may not like from. You might think that he's a liar, you may think, he's racist. That does not mean that when he says that Baltimore is a bad place to live, he is wrong. He has not, and when you declare everything racist makes. Most Americans think that your definition of racism is itself over broad and makes people less likely to listen to you already time for equipping that I like and then a thing. I hate. Ok thing that I like today, Kevin Williamson has new books are Kevin, Williamson you'll, Recall was hired by the Atlantic is in Use national review columnist up at guy, really terrific writer. So Kevin is, I think, it's fair to say one of the world's great misanthrope he hates humans. I have yet to meet a human. The cavern were actually likes, but he is also a terrific right or maybe maybe the best
Eric and writer on the right he's he's just his command of languages and hassock its colorful, its creative, while he was hired by the Atlantic because he's all of these things and then within like three days, Jeffrey Goldberg was a spineless, pathetic pusillanimous whip fought and was before he hired cabin limbs and he fired Kevin Williamson at the behest of some of the people in his company. Who said how could we hire covenant? Lamson he's too problem life. He scary to me he scaring these bald scary. And so he was fired, will now Kevin has a new book out. It's called the smallest minority, independent thinking in the age of my politics, basically craps on every one which makes it fairly amusing, He hasn't fair, hasn't pretty interesting and deep takes on what exactly has happened. How folks have caved to a sort of corporate mentality in the private sector, something that votes on the right? Don't think about enough and at the same time
how government has become sort of the be all and end all of american life of the individual has been left behind in the quest for group solitary and have is not going to lead to anything good. A lot about social media hear a lot about twitter. The book is called the smallest minority, independent thinking in the age of my politics. Beware of the afford. There's a lot of it, but it's really color for writing. It's it's in its a quick rate. If not a surly and easy read, there's a there should not there I and Kevin again, as yet to meet a person, he will not drop a bomb on, and so there is a lot of that. The book is the smallest minority, independent thinking in the age of my politics, its target, rich environment, given has a lot of em go check it out the smallest minority, ok time for some things that I hate, The first thing I remember when we learn just a few minutes ago: they're not I'd say infested if you say that Baltimore is invested. That means you're talking about black and brown people, allegedly. What about this article from the Washington Post today, commissioner? Bones lots of Baltimore area apartments,
some, are infested with mice, so I guess the rule as you can talk about infestations in Baltimore. So long as jarred questioners company owns apartment complexes that have Mason but he can talk about the generalised infestation problem in Baltimore which, by the way, was declared a top ten city for rat infestation by Orkan busier congratulations Prize on its way so infestation. You can talk about it when its commissioner, the job guys. Meanwhile, the. The river she had to leave continues to be one of the leading lights in the: U S, house of representatives. She is supposed to be one of our great leaders. Shoes on CNN, with Jake Tapir on Sunday and Jake in a very soft way, basically exposed her for what she has, which is a radical anti semite. So she was talking about Israel and she suggested a couple of things. This is this would leave the second class to leave as the limit that I care about most here, Rashid ITALY is asked about the very often made charge that folks who push boycott divestment in sanctions from Israel. Dont care about human rights. Violence
what's going on in other parts of the world, because, specifically, they don't like Jews, and so till he was asked about this tapir says: ok, so you talk about boycotting Israel cause of human rights violations. Why not? Egypt? Why not? Pakistan listened to her pathetically weak answer. We all now under Netanyahu regime, human rights, patients have gotten worse and we need to be not so. Why not boycott Egypt I would like had easy, of course you can marry who, in a golden woodlands, I mean we're all you boy called Egypt, but there right now there is not a bill or resolution on the floor. That is saint, stop boycotting Egypt, but you could have gorse and I would absolutely oppose any sort of oppression of freedom of speech of first amendment right in this country. A slippery slope Jake. She opposes sanctions on IRAN to impose sanctions on Venezuela she's a damn wire and everybody knows it is about the Jews shit. Tapir says you could lead this thing yet shit. No, but there's no movement, which begs the question: why aren't restarting the movement since you are in favour of the movement to boycott Israel? Cautious, a wire
everybody knows that she's a liar but we're all gonna pretended bigotry only exists on one side of the Isle. Arrogant pretend that stuff that isn't bigotry is bigotry so that we can make that claim. Alright, we'll be back here later today with two additional hours of contents, otherwise will see here tomorrow. Entropy are. This is the venture parachute the bench of Euro show is produced by Robert Sterling directed by MIKE Joiner executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan, hey are supervising producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by out of sight of its audio, is mixed by Micro, Mina, hair and make up is by just one overall production assistant Nick. She hid them. Superhero show is a daily wire production. Copyright daily wire, two twenty nineteen. If you want to delve the depths of leftist madness head on over to the Michael Knoll Show where we examined. What's really going on beneath the surface of our politics and basque simple joys of being right
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