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Ep. 834 - In Love With Rage

2019-08-07 | 🔗

A Democratic Congressperson targets his own constituents for donating to President Trump, Democrats ramp up their policy extremism, and Republicans pursue a serious piece of gun control. Date: 08-07-2019

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A democratic Congress person target his own constituents for donating to President Trump Democrats ramp up their policy, extremism and Republicans pursue a serious piece of gun control. I mention this is the Ben Shapiro Show and a lot to get to today, but if it's too long, you can't read it. Let me sum it up for you, everything is garbage a flaming dumpster fire of garbage. Everyone is garbage. Everything is garbage. That is the short story for today, because in a time as I've been saying for the past several days, we should all be unified because it isn't tough white, supremacism, evil, white supremacist terrorists, evil. We should all be condemning them. We should all be on the same page. We should all be getting together and morning, in figuring out the best way to move forward. Instead, there's a political war going on where folks are so bent on savaging the other side
they are undermining any possibility at real change. That actually would be a good idea. That would actually be a good idea. So we begin today with President Trump preparing to head to El Paso. Naturally, this is going to be divisive. The reason that it's divisive is because President Trump has made comments in the past that are incredibly divisive, but just as importantly, maybe more importantly, at this point, in a time when the president should be called upon to unify everybody, Democrats are more focused on blaming trump for the actual shooting is the Trump is either a white supremacist which he is not as though he wanted to actually commit the shooter or have somebody else commit the shooting their actual commentators on television last couple days, who are actually suggesting that what Trump wants is to kill Latinos and that this is this is the tone and tenor that we have that we are now operating under thanks to a mainstream media that has a narrative to push. So
we have Nicole Wallace yesterday on MSNBC, who suggested openly at the president, wanted Latinos exterminated. She then had to come out and apologize for it is eighteen. She then had to come out and apologize for all of this. She said I miss spoke about Trump, calling for an extermination of Latinos. My mistake was unintentional and I'm sorry, Trump's constant assault and people of color and his use of the word invasion to describe the flow of immigrants is intentional and constants. In other words, I'm sorry, but not sorry, sorry, I said he to exterminate all the Latinos, but really he kind of wants to exterminate all the Latinos, do we actually have the clip of Nicole Wallace talking about this here? She is: do you when certainly the last republican President fought for Scott and and and it's it's not ideal, but had forty four percent of writing about it was a very. It was sold politically powerful and
inside the last for public administration, President Obama used to power the presidency trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform with the latino community. Latino leaders at the table you don't have, president of you said talking about exterminating right latina, it's not even talking about exterminating Latinos, ok, so, first of all I'm not sure how you say that by mistake, it doesn't seem like it seems, like she's, pretty confident in her wording there she sort of walks about sort of does not, but this is part of a pattern for a lot of the commentators, particularly on MSNBC Mika Brzezinski. I'm old enough to remember when Mika Brzezinski was laughing it up, yukking it up with Donald Trump during the twenty sixteen primaries, so was Joe Scarborough Joe Scarborough suggested in January of twenty sixteen. He might run as Trump's running mate in January two thousand and sixteen a month after Trump put forward that statement calling for a ban on Muslims entering. States, so how times have changed? Here's Mika Brzezinski suggesting that what Trump actually wants is the shootings he wants, the shootings, which is an insane contention
I mean no evidence for that whatsoever and a lot of evidence to the contrary. Here's make Brzezinski saying this yesterday and you have to ask the question: shall it and I'll ask you at you isn't it okay to deduce that at this point this is what he wants. He is inciting hatred inciting violence inciting racism if he doesn't unequivocally call it off and say this is wrong and we and together against this and we're doing this this and this to help fight hate crime. I mean this is uh incident, who seemed to want these things to happen once once, Latinos it up in a walmart. That's it okay! So we go from Barackobama ripped on police departments around the country in call them systemically racist and evil black lives matter associated activist when out shot. Copped rock about was not responsible for that. Bernie Sanders suggested that a
and wanted to kill millions with their health care reform plans and one of his supporters went out and shot congresspeople. That was not Bernie Sanders. This fall. We have Mika Brzezinski openly suggesting that Donald Trump wants people shot. What do you know This shot at a Walmart american citizens shot at Walmart. That's what she's openly saying and then you have Nicole Wallace, who says Trump wants to exterminate Latinos, then just walk that one back. You have an msnbc, regular name, Frank Figliuzzi. I mean they've gone they've gone and say the narrative has overwhelmed any sense of factual situation on the ground and has overwhelmed any sense of decency because again the fact is, we should all be on the same page on this. This is so not difficult, frank think lose you had never heard of before, apparently he's a regular on MSNBC Also a former FBI analyst. So one of our intelligence operatives he said yesterday and that when President Trump ordered the american flag flown at half staff and then ordered it to be flown at half staff until August Eighth, which would be tomorrow so for,
a week that this is actually trump signaling to NEO Nazis, because August eighth is eight eight and eight eight is the last half of fourteen create and for those who don't know NEO Nazi parlance, one thousand four hundred and eighty eight is supposed to be the 14th it's supposed to be. Eighty eight is Heil Hitler in NEO Nazi parlance, because the eighth- let of the alphabet is H. Ok, so he's suggesting that just to get this straight, it's not a conspiracy theory right. According to this guy Trump ordered the order, the flags flown at half staff until August Eighth, because eight is Heil Hitler, I'm not getting the thing that was actually set on national television on MSNBC President said that we will Why are flags at half mast until August? Eighth, that's eight, eight Well I'm not going to imply that he did this deliberately, but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary that
demonstrated by the White House, the numbers. Eight eight are very significant in NEO and White supremacy movement. Are you want to say? I was because the letter h is the eighth letter of of the alphabet into them. The numbers eighty eight together stand for Heil Hitler. What way uh huh? What by the way, the fourteen and one thousand four hundred and eighty eight is the so called fourteen words that were coined by George Lincoln Rockwell. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Lincoln Rockwell, of course, was leader of the am
Nazi party, one more evil human beings to walk the planet over the last half century or last three slash four of a century and a second we're going to get to what President Trump is actually saying, and then we're going to get to what he's been saying on Twitter, we're going to get to the egregious extent to which the left is going to push the narrative that everybody who disagrees with them is actually in league with the person who shot up innocence at a Walmart in El Paso. It's just it's beyond maddening, it's actually crazy, and not only is it crazy, it's despicable because it actually is making the country more dangerous. You want to talk about. Incitement will talk about incitement in just one second, first with that, it's time for a wake up call with black rifle coffee, so today I'm drinking their black roast. It is fantastic. Let me,
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Yeah. I am concerned about the rise of any group of hate. I don't like it any group of hate. I am whether it's white supremacy, whether it's any other kind of supremacy, whether it's Antifa, whether it's any group of hate I am very concerned about it and I'll do something about it. There is nothing wrong with that statement that is not downplaying white supremacy that is not I'm saying that there are good people on both sides of a march. That is not any of that. That is him explicitly saying that he hates white supremacy and he's going to fight you that's? What make abortions he was calling on him to do, but the left doesn't want to accept that Trump is making those moves specifically because it undercuts the narrative that they're painting, which is that President Trump is actually an expositor of white national. And white supremacism the argument the left is now making, and it is a disgusting, vile, divisive, polarizing. Horrible argument is that if you are anywhere to the right of Elizabeth Warren
you are complicit in a shooting and no pass a Walmart of Hispanics. That is what they're saying yeah that doesn't mean that Trump is. It can be counted on to engage in most proper possible way. You can't write today the president went on twitter and his worst MS he went on twitter and you started ripping into Beto O'Rourke obey to have been saying that he doesn't want trump to come to. El Paso is uh, easily mouthing off, and what I think is inappropriate way. Trump is still the president of the United States and him coming to El Paso in the midst of a tragedy, makes perfect sense. Any other president would but Trump decided to go right. It paid out in sort of most pure I away, and it's it's it's unbecoming in a time of tragedy, it's unbecoming in a time of national mourning. If you just ignore battle, he should rise above the fray. I know that's not trumps and now, but guess what it should be in a time when all of our minds should be with the victims in El Paso and not on the political fighting. The Democrats seem to want to promote here Trump tweeted out Beto phony name, to indicate his A carriage Rourke was in there
First by my last visit to the great state of Texas, where I trounced him, and is even now more embarrassed by pulling at one percent in the Democrat primary, should respect the victims in law enforcement and be silent. Is that helpful in any way? Of course, it is not. Is that something that is going to help Trump moving forward with politically with suburban voters or as far as just the country generally. Is that going to? Is that going to make the country better, of course, it's not in the media are running with all of this. That Trump is a device you figured that he shouldn't show up to CNN has a headline today. Critics question whether Trump visit to El Paso in Dayton will help healing. Well, no bleep sherlock. I mean, of course, questioning that this is part of the narrative and it's also part of the entire debate according to CNN Trump, will travel Wednesday to the scenes of back to back mass shootings. That's done that and left at least thirty one people dead, but his planned appearance in Ohio and Texas aren't being well we're? by all local officials, some of whom say it would be best if the commander in chief avoided their grief stricken cities, exact lands for Trump's visits to Dayton in El Paso,
haven't been released and we're still being finalized by the White House, advance teams on Tuesday afternoon the same sort of hub in the run up to President Trump visiting Pittsburgh in the aftermath of the tree of life. Shooting everything went fine. He wants Pittsburgh. It was fine there, a few protesters. That was it, but obviously that's not really what the media want here. What the media want here is not a unifying moment. What they want is a divisive moment. According to CNN the question his critics have is, he will comfort their cities in morning or deep in the divisions. Well, I could ask the same question of the media. Are they interested in comforting the cities in morning or are they interested in deepening political divisions for political purposes, CNN CNN has, at most moments of his presidency, appeared more focused on driving a divisive political message than acting as a unifier. Well, he has expressed intense interest in appearing presidential, including through military trappings of the job. He is not eagerly adopted the tone his predecessors have used from the oval office
or other official settings. Ok, all of that may be true. It is also true that Barack Obama is a highly divisive president, just in a very different and more subtle way. I'm not going to equate the level of the rhetoric of the two, but there is no question that Barack Obama was deeply divisive in similar questions and he showed up to Dallas after the Dallas police shooting and nobody said he shouldn't. Nobody said you couldn't come in any case. What? What all of this leads up to is the conclusion that, for a lot of folks on the left, they're actually unhappy at Trump now trying to do the unity routine they're unhappy about it, because what they would prefer Is that unity not take place? What they would prefer is the continuing narrative that Trump is white supremacist and his supporters are white. You premises. This is why Joe Biden is
planning an entire address in Iowa today about White Supremist ISM, in which, presumably he will blame President Trump for the shooting in El Paso TX, and it's not just Joe Biden it over the last twenty four hours. Something truly egregious has been done by a Congress person named Joaquin Castro, so walking Castro is the Congress person from San Antonio and he is engaged the widespread myth making now on the part of members of the media and on the left that everyone on the right is supportive of a mass shooting. So they use the friends property. It goes something like this. President Trump is responsible for the El Paso shooting it's not true, but they say it. Trump is responsible for the El Paso shooting. Then they say there, for anyone who supports Trump is by the transitive property responsible for the El Paso shooting soaking Castros, Julio Castro's who, in Castro's brother from San Antonio.
And he put out a target list. Basically, he tweeted out sad to see so many San Antonians, two thousand and nineteen maximum donors to Donald Trump, the owner of Bill Miller, Barbeque, owner of historic pearl, realtor, Phyllis, Browning, etc. Their contributions are, pulling a campaign of hate that labels hispanic immigrants as invaders, ok, and then he put out a full list, a list of forty four different people. I believe that's the actual full list of everybody who maxed out to Trump in San Antonio I've seen the list from from the fec until bit longer, but in any case he puts out a list of forty four people in his own district with their names or funding trump, the idea being that he would like to see them bear some sort of public scrutiny that he would like to see
Rast, it's something you like to see something bad happened to them. This is doc. Cigna people, as it was publicly available information- yes docks in, can be publicly available information. The question is whether you are driving people to target people based on there political view point and that's exactly what what walking Castro is doing right. There is not trying to hide the ball. This step by the way does have consequences. We live in a time when people were standing outside Mitch, Mcconnell's house outside his home. That's publicly available information. It is also disgusting. People standing outside Mitch, Mcconnell, home and chanting at him, and calling for his death. People have shown up outside Tucker Carlson tone over the last twenty four hours, a member of the anti fight in New York, a self described member of antique, but in New York call, for people in LA to show up in my house, and her
ask me or kill me on Twitter, we filed the appropriate police reports. It is in law enforcement ans now and, as always, I do have twenty four slash, seven security, but you want to make the country a worse place. This is how you do it right here. This is making the country a worse place because not only is the suggestion that people are responsible for the shooting were not responsible for the shooting. The idea is, we are now going to publicly put their faces out there and make them targets, because I mean basically what King Castro's calling these people accessories an accessory to murder, and then these our testers to trump so they're accessories to murder there is conspiracy to murder and therefore these people are part of that they are part of that problem. How do you think people are going to react that you want to talk about heightening rhetoric, and incitement is a lot closer to that than anything he said about illegal immigration, his statements about it Immigration are generalized and somewhat vague, they're, not targeted specific individuals at what what is being done right here I mean the media went nuts
from just a larger cummings is crap congressperson the meat, he went crazy when someone took a picture of AOC eating a burger in public. And now the media are covering for this they're, covering for Joaquin Castro, putting out a target list of people who donated to Trump, which is specifically designed to incite action against those people. There's no other reason to put out the list. It's why it's being done? It's disgusting, it's divisive it's wrong, but Democrats are out there defending it. 'cause this runs as part of their narrative will get some more of this in just a second countries coming apart at the seams. It feels like that's what it feels like an as I'll explain, wow walking Castro did right here. What he's doing actually helps prevent exactly the kind of action that we may need in order to prevent future shootings I'll explain why that is in just one. Second, first, let's talk about safety, so, as I've explained, I have twenty four slash: seven security. I have armed security around me at all times, but
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I replaced you should have a ring device on your home. Go check them out. Right now. Ring dot com, slash band, okay, so lacking Castro, tweets that out Kevin Mccarthy, the House, my the he tweets back targeting and harassing Americans, because of their political beliefs is shameful and dangerous. What have and when they go low, we go high, or is that longer matter when your brother is pulling it? One percent Americans deserve better, like in Castro, then fired back. And he said no one was targeted or harassed in my post. You know that um, no, we don't well. That's exactly what you're doing what is the pointing putting that out. There, if you don't mean to target, to harass them, of course, you're doing they didn't sound off and then you re tweeting them all they did was given and we've seen this sort of stuff in California before in California. After proposition, eight, there were gay activists who decided to go after. Anyone who had donated to the proposition in favor of upholding traditional all of that ended with the firing of Brandon ICE from Mozilla. It ended with the undermining of a restaurant. In Hollywood, where one of the founders had given money to the prom
right, 'cause, holding the same position on traditional marriage at the time that was held by one Barack H, Obama. Ok, so that was the traditional position in the Democrat party as well as the Republican Party it we know what this is about. Don't protect! Don't pretend that you are putting out this list out of a good hearted. I tend to simply say to these people guys why, given the truck, if you you have a phone walking just because these people gave money to somebody, you oppose, does not mean that you outing them publicly and then attempting to drive. I you're at their businesses to drive boycotted their businesses, which is what this is about. What's beat, let's be very real about what is going on here and let's just been doing this with everybody on the right for years. Folks on the left have been attempting to boycott advertisers on shows, like mine, have been attempting to go after businesses of people who are on there. I've never seen anything like this from the right to the left. By the way, it's very rare,
see something like this for the right to left and usually many people on the right look askance at folks when they do this sort of stuff, but on the left, this is apparently celebrated by public officials. So I can Castro twitch up. No one was targeted and harassed in my post. You know that all that info is routinely published, trying to distract from the racism. That is overtaking the GOP and the fact that president from sins donor money on thousands of ads about Hispanics invading America again, this is a misread even the invasion language that Trump uses is not about quote unquote, Hispanics invading America about illegal immigrants yeah, I don't use the invasion language because it is not an invasion. It is a bunch of people who want to cross the border, because most of them are in for a better life they're not looking to invade on behalf of any other country on behalf of any other lifestyle. That is not an invasion, but when Trump talked about an invasion, he is not actually talking about every hispanic crossing the border and liking. Castro knows that it's a deliberate MIS read anyway. Looking Castro continues. Donald Trump has put a target on the back of millions. So this is him making explicit what was implicit before trump
is responsible, presumably for the for the murder of Hispanics. In that El Paso Walmart, he says an you're too cowardly or agreeable to say anything about it. How about? I stop mentioning Trump's public campaigns, owners and he's, using their money for ads that feel hate. So, in other words, I'm going to keep going with this. I'm gonna keep going with this Steve. Scalese responded and scullys, of course, has some experience with folks who have taken leftist rhetoric so serious but they shoot him an almost killed him Steve Scalese, the House minority whip. He says people should not be personally targeted for their political views period. This isn't the game. It's dangerous and lives are at stake. I know this first hand, which is, of course true. He does. He almost died. If the events of the past weekend taught us anything says Kelis is that we need to stop seeing our neighbors's political enemies, that's kind of dangerous targeting isn't how we heal our nation. But this is the point. I think there are a lot of folks on the
look left or not interested in healing the nation. They think the only way to heal the nation is to excise. The cancer and the cancer would be anybody who's on the right or who supports president Trump or both, but she did to Lieb tweet it out in support of Joaquin Castro Chairman Castro. They don't like it when you name their donors. The public needs to know who funds racism. This comes from a woman who is publicly associated with people who are open terror, supporters or she had to leave in their pictures of her with people who support Hamas. This is not an she celebrating with them, like one of them gave her a picture up on her
upon her swearing in so she had to leave supporting that as well and Joe Scarborough came out in dramatic support. Yesterday, he's tweeted a he tweeted about this quote any business that donates to Trump is complicit and endorses the white supremacy espoused in Charlottesville, with his send her back chance by laughing and shouts that hispanic immigrants should be shot. Donors names aren't Fec reports, they are news worthy. So this is where it's going. Anybody who donates to any political cause is now responsible for people who are evil who take political messages and use them as impetus to go to commit a shooting, even if they say in their manifesto that it's not Trump's fault right. It's none of that matters, Joe Scarborough, is now doing the routine that so much Members of the left are doing. Lumping everybody together. If you support trump, you support shootings of people in El Paso. Carrboro then continued. If your business funds Trump's campaign, you are supporting white supremacy, full stop now, listen
I will Emily. I like Joe Scarborough, I think Joe Scarborough is a nice dude. I think that Joe Scarborough is a smart too, but this is. This is just egregious it's a gracious and, in a sense it hates me bringing up the fact that Joe Scarborough really pushed president from extraordinarily hard in twenty. Sixteen early in the primaries were sitting there. Laughing with him was, in his campaign, sweet the primary results were rolling in from Iowa Joe Scarborough told Hugh Hewitt in, January two thousand and sixteen you would consider being on Trump's ticket as his running mate. I mean come on so Scarbro says: if your business funds Trump's campaign, you're supporting white supremacy, full stop, look at his rallies listened to. Chance to send her back here are the calls of shoot them. Your money funds that your business supports, that you are complicit and by the way Trump never said, shoot them. That was a member of the audience and he responded jokingly because always plays to the crowds. Anyone seriously believe that Trump wants people shot at Walmart now
like, is there one, honest person in America who believes that that is the case. The answer is obviously no. The answer is obviously no, but this is the narrative in the negative must be pushed and it's being pushed by folks like Reza Aslan. We came out yesterday and suggested that I I have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars in self defense, because white supremist would like to kill me that I am a white supremacist and by the way, not just Ben Shapiro. All of you are white supremacists, because if, Anyway, you have ever supported anything from. Did your white supremacist too? Ok, so Azlan, pushing forward that narrative he tweeted out. There seems to be some confusion about the right wing
among the right wing about whether I believe that all trump supporters are culpable in the White nationalist terrorism he's inspired. Let me just clear this up. Yes, all trump supporters are kr culpable. If you support a racist, you are a racist end. This is the point of the left. The point of the left is that everybody on the right, not just Trump, this isn't about curbing Trump's, bad rhetoric. If you're about curbing from sad rhetoric, they have been criticizing it back in twenty fifteen and instead of giving him free airtime. If this were bout curbing from sad rhetoric, it would be celebrating the fact that this week, Trump has said the right stuff, but they're not they're upset that Trump, saying the right things this week and the reason they're upset is because it undermines the narrative they're trying to draw, which is that everybody? on. The right is complicit in a terror attack, a white supremacist terror attack on Latinos. That is that that is the narrative and they're going to push it. Elizabeth Warren does the same thing. He says Trump and the Republicans are enabling white supremacy here she was yesterday talking to Don lemon
people who are hateful feel like they are now empowered. They are protected. They celebrate this president. This has turned America is in a terrible direction and Donald Trump keeps going and, let's be clear, a republican Congress republican leadership in Washington. They got nothing to say about it, and that means they've just help strengthen it. Okay, so it's it's everybody's fault, everybody's fault, okay, the again- and this is the transitive property trump responsible for shooting, not true, everybody who supports from responsible for shooting, not true everybody who is conservative, supports those people who support trump, who is responsible for the shooting, not true a little bit more and then tweeted out Donald Trump,
is enabling white supremacy and Republicans are enabling him, and when Congress and the american people have tried to fight the gun, violence epidemic Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell has put the NRA first again. This is one of the more egregious done. Control lies on the left is that people on the right support? The second amendment because of the NRA at the NRA, doesn't exist because people support the second amendment. It's idiotic mean fully idiotic. It is the same thing as saying that union leaders that union power is the reason that Democrats support unions, not that union support Democrats, because Democrats are Pro union. It's just it's ridiculous, it's silly! It's ridiculous! It's dumb! Obviously, she says: if we want to action, we need to take back the Senate and the filibuster, etc, etc. Ok, so, as I've said, this is dangerous for a couple of reasons. It's deeply dangerous. It is Dane
number one, because now you have members of Congress, members of the left, only a spouse zing openly pushing the idea that if you donate to a political cause, they don't like you're, complicit in murder, and then they are naming your name and putting your face out there and suggesting that people show up at your house. Basically, that is what is going on, that your business be ruined because you support trump. You want to make sure we can't live in the same country together. Make sure that anyone who disagrees with you gets boycotted their house protested, their family threatened. Because that's what will happen? That's what has happened. We can stop pretending now that this is not what the left is after, because there are too many members of the left Who are after this now again, I'm going to distinguish. I think there a lot of liberals who are not in favor of this, but this would be a good time for them to make that clear. Joaquin Castro by the way has no good answers. He just did what he did. Msnbc ask him a question about it. He collapsed in on himself. Well. The first thing is that I do anybody harassed or target will be because you put their names on in public like that was not my
tension, but that's why these things are public. But if you agree that rhetoric can, need to incitement, even if it just triggers one person to do something terrible. Does it give you any pause about putting Peoples names out in public well Willie there already public they're already out there, their lan retirees in one home makers were not public right, and this was already circulating. I shared it, so I didn't create the graphics. I know he actually put out the graphic himself from his twitter. Account was not a retweet, so he has no good answers for this. You know I mean good for who who's that asking the question about him as a music, I'm sorry Willie, Geist, so good for Willie Geist for actually asking a correct question MSNBC. I know that's nearly for bed and and MSNBC now, so the for will, like I
okay, so why is this so damaging yeah? This is so damaging, because, right now there is some movement toward what could be some good law, hey what that law is a red flag, lots of president from mentioned this the other day. These are done. Violence, restraining orders now, there's been a divide that is opened up in the pro second amendment community about red flag laws. The case for red flag laws. Is that if there's somebody in your immediate community, somebody that you know close family member who is acting dangerous who's, a threat that you should be able to go to a judge and temporarily, with a showing of evidence, have their ability to own a gun or carry a gun removed from them, and that should sunset, and then you should have to show new evidence that the person shouldn't have their second amendment. Rights
or an emergency cases. You can do this. You have these these rights basically revoked for seventy two hours. If it looks like something violent is going to happen in the immediate future. That is the basic proposal that is on the table with regard to the red flag was how to talk about what what the actual red flag laws say and what the objections, the Red flag laws it is and how the left is actually underscoring that objection in just one. Second, first, these days a lot workplaces there, for employees, some pretty nice perks like here at the daily wire offices. We have a nice kitchen, it's fully stocked. We also allow our employees to go home at night. Sometimes that's a really nice perk. Sometimes We don't want them to. You know really kind of feel their own. We don't want them to be too comfortable. So, most of the time we forced them to work overnight in what we like to call the chamber. But aside from that, it's pretty great place to work but works at the office. They're not the same as perks at home, or
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and radio show in the nation uhhuh. So, as I say, the right wing proposal, the conservative proposal that's being put forward by a lot of Republicans, is a red flag bill: okay, the Red flag bill, Would it be the most significant gun control legislation enacted in twenty years, according to the New York Times, what exactly what to do? Well, affectively? What they would do is allow people to go to a judge and request the gun rights be revoked for people who are who they can show at bins are dangerous in Ohio, Governor MIKE Dewine, which on Sunday, mourners in Dayton, demanding that he do something. On Tuesday, he urged fellow Republicans in the state legislature to pass measures establishing red flag powers and expanding background checks. Representative Michael Turner went further. He said I will support legislation that prevents the sale of military style weapons to civilians, a magazine limit red flag legislation, the card
These military style weapons are able to produce one available to the wrong people is intolerable. Now again, I think that those gun control measures, the assault rifle Ban, all that kind of stuff. That's dumb. It's bad policy. It's not going to accomplish the goal that it seeks and it's going to invade the rights of millions of Americans, but red flag bills are a little bit different, so red flag bills, as I say, are designed to prevent people are dangerous from having guns is not restricting the type of gun universal background checks have been a failure, then we have them in for their failure. The they are a failure generally simply because they're a lot of people with no criminal history who are able to purchase a gun legally, but more than that, the red flag stuff is more about trying to tailor a solution to the problem is trying to find the ability to look at people who are dangerous, an incipient level and then target them to take away. There's
can men their rights, at least temporarily. The laws authorize courts to issue orders, allowing police to temporarily confiscate firearms for person team by judges, posing a risk of violence, often request for the orders come from relatives and friends concerned about a gun owner who expresses suicidal thoughts or threatens to harm others. The NRA has been fighting extremists, protection orders in the states for years. That is because they are worried about due process protections and enter a spokesperson Kathie Mortensen said that such orders, what at a minimum must include strong due process protections required treatment and include penalties against those who make frivolous claims all which seems reasonable to me. If you make a frivolous claim to trying to pry somebody of their second amendment rights, and there should be blowback upon you, the is that there is there's a push for more of the background.
Expansion. That would be the mansion Toomey bill. For example, Senator Chuck Schumer Democrats had the idea of a red flag law is ok, but it doesn't substitute for a background check bill. Actually, it's much more effective than a background check bill. The evidence for weather, extreme risk protection orders work to prevent gun violence is inconclusive according to a study by the Rand Corporation on the effectiveness of gun safety measures. One of the reasons is because mass shootings are statistically rare and while they are far too common in the headline, statistically speaking, compared to the vast bulk of shootings, they're, very rare, statistically, and so the sample size is just not enough to be able to really dedicate studies on trends to it. Jeffrey Swanson, professor of psychiatry at Duke, says that the laws could make a difference, even if they didn't now shootings, that's always code for we don't know. Now again, I've been supportive of red flag was, but the counter argument is being put forth by the NRA and friends
like Dana Lash is that you cannot trust people to be able to take away other people's gun rights, because there are too many people who are going to use that in bad faith, and there are too many judges who are willing to impose such orders in bad faith. Meaning and the e it meaning that you have similar David from David from is a columnist over the Atlantic and even from is very, very dovish on gun rights to percent mildly. She put out a picture this morning on Twitter is the picture of like a ten year old, holding a gun, and he tweeted out red flags question mark. Well, no, that's that's not a red flag. What what is your proof that the person is actually a danger to himself or others there are lots of ten year olds are trying to use guns, particularly in the middle of the country. So no that is not red flag. So a lot of folks on the right are saying. I don't want to give anybody the ability to take away my gun, because I don't trust these people to act in good faith. This is why I say that when the left targets everybody on the
as a potential shooter or a supporter of a shooter. They are undermining the ability to actually pass laws that could actually do something about this stuff, so We should all be able to agree on a red flag law and we should be able to agree. You know we've got. I got a brother and my brother is a paranoid, schizophrenic and he's been acting out by only against members of his family. I need to go to a judge and prevent him from buying a gun he's been suggesting. He wants to buy a gun. I need to go to a judge and issue a temporary restraining I think we can all agree. That would be a proper measure today right that that would be a smart thing to do. But the problem is this: what is I believe, as somebody on the right, my next door, neighbor who's, a who's, a Bernie Sanders, supporter man who hates me, and I think the President Trump is a white supremacist once what he knows, shot and I'll pass. The Walmart. He lives next door. To me, I've got it from sign on my lawn anything that from sign is innately, violent and terrible, and so he just puts together some sort of claim, go
to judge and next thing. I know the police are hauling, my guns out of my house. They allow people on the right who are worried about this, and I think that that worry is is not in on reason, number one, given the way that the left is treating the right right now, given the way the Democrats are treating, anyone who says they will vote for Trump given the way they are lumping in everybody who is on the right with white supremacists. I think that it undermines the capacity to form legislation and one of the things that you find, especially it works in the context of guns too, when there are high levels of social capital. Social capital is the amount of trust that we have in one another. When there are high levels of social capital in a community pretty much any policy works, most policies work, even redistributionist policies tend to work when there's high social capital, at least for a period of time before you have a free rider problem. This is: what's happened in Norway, for example, so people like to talk about Sweden and Norway, those are countries that, by studies, have very high levels of social trust and social capital. Socialism tends to undermine now, because you end up with a lot of free riders, but temporarily, because people trust each other
they don't seem to mind: redistribution, isn't as much you don't inside your church, right inside your church or inside your synagogue, there's a fair bit of redistribution, ism, it's voluntary, but it's socially accepted and socially promoted, and you like that, because there's high levels of social capital, the same thing holds true when it comes to gun violence more generally, in areas of the United States with high levels of trust in your neighbor gun. Violence is not a problem, even if everybody owns a gun- and this is true- a new Hampshire for example, or Vermont. In areas where there is very little social capital, meaning you can't trust your neighbor or crime rates are extraordinarily high. Or their lack of masculine influences, for example, where police presence is not high enough and law enforcement presence isn't high enough. Then presence of guns will lead to additional violence or at least contribute to problems of additional violence, and this is what you see in, for example, Chicago every weekend. Social capital lies at the root of the ability to effectually provide legislation that works well, as we continue to undermine the social capital. An imply that people,
Next door to us are in Sept are, are are about to our nation, shooters and Mason white Supremacists, and everyone who disagrees with you is a crazy person about to shoot up a walmart. I would any of those people then say: okay, I'm going to grant government the power to come and take away my guns at your word. So as I say, I agree on a general level with red flag LOS. I do, but I certainly hear the critique in a time when walking Castro is suggesting that anyone who donated to Trump needs to be targeted and in time when I am paying out of my pocket for personal security, because I'm being targeted by both white supremacy, this and Antifa, and then being called by mainstream figures on the left. A white supremacist in that time,
listen, I'm not too sanguine about handing more power to government at the word of these people either. At the word of these jokers, it undermines the ability to actually make good legislation, and you know what else undermines the ability to make good legislation. The fact that there is distrust of the left and where they want to stop here and as it turns out the left attempts to cut down on the second amendment are matched only by their attempts to cut down on the first amendment when you listen to the Democrat talk about the second amendment, they do so with this sort of snide nastiness that they usually reserved for actual evils. So you end up with Kamel Heris, declaring herself dictator so calmly. Harris is proposing gun control or gun. Control is basically that she is going to do whatever she wants all the time it power and then the lightning shoots out of her fingers Kamel, harassed, weeded out as president. I will take executive
action to revoke the licenses of gun manufacturers and dealers that break the law. Maybe she should start by the way with, like all of the dealers, that Eric holder allowed to involve themselves in in its proper which is in fast and furious. She says require anyone who sells more than five guns a year to run a background check on all guns. And ban the importation of Ar15 style assault weapons. Ok, so I'm glad that she is just going to declare this stuff as president, because, as we no, the president, is a dictator, I'm not fearful at all that she's coming for my guns, because she just declared himself dictator as soon as she's elected, that's, exciting stuff. And Elizabeth Warren has followed suit. She also tweeted out she wanted to take executive action. She said we need a president willing to take executive action herself I'll, do everything I can and I'll lead the fight for gun legislation from the White House. Well, you can lead that fight as much as you
It's the first part I'm worried about which is you just taking unilateral executive action? This goes to a deeper problem right now in american politics as the social capital decays. We don't trust the legislature which is elected every two years and which creates gridlock. Instead, we elect a big man or a big woman and they're supposed to do all the things we want and they're supposed to take revenge against our political enemies or movement is really dangerous. Directions in this country really really dangerous directions. Ok, so, as I say, it's not just crackdowns on the second of that focus on the right are worried about. It should be crackdowns on the first amendment, there's a piece in the New York Times today, a news piece by Melissa, Eddy and are real in Britain saying the El Paso shooting revived the free speech debate. Europe has limits so now you have the New York Times running full pieces on why we should limit the first amendment why we should limit freedom of speech. No I've said before I get. I don't know many times. I have to say this. Considering that I've been the sub
eject of white supremists death threats, probably more than most people more than most people more than nearly anyone in the United States. Given the fact that again, I personal security, twenty four slash, seven around the clock- I my family has security. Given that fact, I think it is fair to say that I understand the wages of free speech. I understand the wages of people saying evil things. There are people on the internet right now who are ranting and raving about what a terrible evil person wanna cook. I am for ripping on white supremacy and threatening me. This is happening like right at the moment. I know because it's there, I also have said the free speech shall not be infringed in the first amendment is a very good thing. If you want a free country, you have to accept the fact that they are going to be people who misuse their rights now when that cross, is over into actual threats into illegal incitement. Then the police do something about it. So when somebody from Antifa threatens to come to my house, I call the cops and when somebody
threatens to come and kill me in my family. I'm going to call the FBI and there will be an arrest, as there has already been in at least one case, but the fact that the New York Times is now the New York Times weren't. They, the people who, like the case New York Times versus Sullivan, about the broad scope of what is publishable in the United States without liability. I thought that case included the New York Times like that's why I was in the name your times, the Solomon. Well now the New York Times is openly calling for european style restrictions. On the first amendment in Europe. What's of types of speech, our band, you think that the left in coming for your freeze reach the hard left isn't coming for your free speech. Think again, they already are in Europe. They already are in Canada, It is only a matter of time until this comes to the United States in full force, not just attempts to curb corporate spending which is indeed a violation of free speech, but attempts to suggest that hate speech quote unquote hate speech, ill defined should be outlawed,
that misgendering should be outlawed. If you call a biological man, man, it should be outlawed. You already see The corporations doing the dirty work of the of these activities, anti free speech activist by banning speech, that they don't like not illegal speech, just speech that they don't like their private corporations. They can do what they want, but tributes to a feeling that free speech is really not in its healthiest moment in the country for damn sure. In any case, the New York Times reports, the massacre of twenty two people in El Paso and attack, announced in a hate filled manifesto about an immigrant invasion, has revived debate about the limits of free speech protected by the first amendment, but in Europe, where history has proved, the domestic threat can be as devastating to democracy as those from abroad. Freedom of speech- well, a constitutional right, comes a certain cavea, restricted in scope and link to specific threats. These limitations are based on the prime
and protecting speed that protecting certain ideals, such as the public, good or human dignity, can justify curbing what individuals are allowed to say: you're, not dangerous. This is way more dangerous to the future of the country than white supremacists ranting on line
significantly more dangerous to the future of the country. If we start curbing free speech on a broad level on the basis of quote public good or human dignity, then it is to have people ranting unfortunate again. The people ranting on four Chan should be monitored by the FBI. They should be arrested if they're getting violent, obviously, because that is a violation of free speech, but in the long run, what is going to actually collapse the democracy in the United States collapse? The smaller republic of the United States is not going to be evil people who commit isolated acts of violence. What is going to takedown the United States is a broad governmental level attempt to shut down speech that is considered unpalatable. I mean that the founders thought this most people in the United States. I still still things, and that is not downplaying the threat of white supremacy in the slightest. It is a threat, it is a dangerous vial threat and we should be using whatever
legal methods are at our disposal in order to fight it. We should be using whatever social methods are at our disposal in order to fight it. By calling for european style crackdowns in favor of public, good or human dignity, can you imagine anything bigger than that? It is supremely vague. Now the Europeans, in the aftermath of world war, two instituted all sorts of curbs on the sort of speech that could be used because they were afraid that that speech could be used and lead to the rise of Nazism and then, in order to protect democracy, you had to engage in a sort of repressive tolerance where everybody who didn't agree with you, at least on a broad level was shut down. You understand it more in the european context, but the fact again. Means that in the United States in the United States there is no white supremacist takeover of the national government, That is even close to happening or remotely possible happening, and it is not happening, and so the idea is. We have to curb free speech because of HN not on board, with that
and I think a lot of people in the United States are quite fearful that the same left at labels, everyone on the right, a member of the eight Chan community. They are happy to use vague terms like public, good or human dignity to simply shut down speech they don't like, and that is a justified fear and it prevents actuals again it prevents actual solutions. There's so much that we can all agree neon, there's so much, we can all agree on, but I can't agree when I think the ulterior motive of people on the left is to eventually shut down any ability to say what I think or my ability to own weaponry not going to not going to get on board with people who, I think, are using this as a first step. Today, oh show me that you're not. I think there are a lot of people who are not using this as a first step toward an ultimate goal of curbing free speech. Or curbing second amendment rights? But then you should be actively fighting the people. Obviously are New York Times runs this time. It's unbelievable. Kevin Williamson has a book out about this about the attempt by so many people, particularly on the left these days to conflate
language I don't like with incitement, AOC and the squad. They do it all the time. The same squad members like where she did to Lieb celebrating walking Castro targeting political opponents by name and she is the same person who will say that it is incitement if I say that Ilhan Omar is Anti semitic and then presumably should pursue legislation along those lines. The New York Times has free speech is constitute really enshrined in both Germany and France, as it is in the United States, but there's an important difference. Emmanuel Pirada french lawyer who specializes in publishing in free speech, says the big nuanced between the first amendment and the european text is that the European text allow for possible limitations on speech Yes, that is supremely supreme Lee dangerous in the american context. Trying to conflate violence and speech is one of the habits of the left right now. And it is, is- is going to undermine any possibility of living in a republic with one another you're under
the fundamental rights upon which the the the polity was based. You can't do that without damaging the polity itself. Okay time for thing, I like they will get to a thing that I hate. So speaking of the social fabric and community, there is a a great clip that is going on. Has probably thirty million views at this point. I'm a ninety four year old man appearing in traffic court about a school zone violation and the judge who himself has to be in his sixties and it's just it. It's pretty fantastic, because it's a reminder that route in the United States, the vast majority of us really nearly everyone- is trying to be a good person and do the right things an beneath all of our disagreements. There should be a common humanity in a liberal Republican and here's this clip you are charged with a school zone, violation which means that you were exceeding the speed limit in a school
I don't drive that fast judge, I'm ninety six years old and I drive slowly and I only drive when I have to. I was going to the blood work for my boy, he's handicapped. You take in your son to the doctor's office yeah I taken for blood work every two weeks, because he's got cancer. You are a good man. You are a good man, you of you, you really are what America's all about who you are in your nineties. It is still taking care of your family. It's just that wonderful thing for you listen. Sir. I wish you all the best I wish the best for you, son.
And I wish you good health in your case is dismissed. Good luck to you and God bless you. Thank you. I mean that that's nice, that's nice! Isn't no! Nice, nice! It's it's a it's! A foreign quality these days, okay time for a couple of things that I hate according to a new poll UK wide survey, the United Kingdom obviously reveals the extent to which the younger generation feel disillusioned is according to the Uk Sean.
With the majority eighty nine percent of sixteen to twenty nine year olds, claiming that their life lacks purpose or meaning. Well, maybe that is because of a philosophy that suggests that life lacks purpose or meaning. It turns out human beings really suck at creating their own purpose in their own meeting, and they will find tribalism they will find they will find distraction. They'll find hedonism that human beings are born to find meaning, and if you don't have social institutions that provide that meaning social institutions that provide meaning in acting in freedom and responsibility, social institutions. It promotes freedom, liberty, along with duty, if you don't have those social institutions, people lack purpose and that lack of purpose has serious consequences. It leads to depression. It leads to suicide, leads to drug use, their actual consequences to believing that there is no purpose in life an unfortunately secularism has a tough time filling that gap again, I'm very much in favor of secularism's take on the separation between church and state and government, particularly. I don't think that the state should crack down
Church, that's really why separation inch of church and state was created in the first place, so you don't have one sect cracking down another sect. That said, the fundamental attempt to undermine social institutions in the West has led to a meaninglessness, a crisis of meaninglessness that I write about in my book. The right side of history is not just paid for the book, but my book really does talk about this at length it's worth reading, because it talks about where we used to find purpose in meeting on a community level and on an individual level. Okay, here here is a thing that I both hate and like, because I think this also goes to meet the moral quandary that the West is experiencing. Its inability to recognize the difference between good and evil. The times of Israel has a report today. Interior minister Aria dairy on Tuesday what israeli residency to a palestinian man who saved the children of West Bank rabbi in the aftermath of a deadly terror attack in which the father was killed. Rabbi Miki Mark was murdered in a July first, two thousand and sixteen shooting his wife Cabo was seriously injured. Two two of their teenage
Children were also hurt. The palestinian rescuer and his wife were residents of Hebron. Of the Hebron area held the surviving members of the mark family escaped their overturned, vehicle and administered first aid until first responders arrived at the scene. The palestinian man who has not been named, received a temporary visa to live and work in Israel after receiving death threats in his hometown. Here, the West Bank City of Hebron, the visa was not renewed in August, two thousand and eighteen he's been home. Living in limbo in Israel. His plate was revealed recently in a channel twelve report and only campaign by several Israelis, including set leaders. He was but israeli residency on Tuesday, along with his wife and son. I'm just point out that this guy and his wife help save the family of a Jew during a terror attack, and he was met for that trouble. With death threats in the West Bank. He was a for saving Jews.
Ok. If that doesn't say something about the moral problem between Israel and Palestinians. I don't know what does you save a Jew in housing in areas, and you have to flee to Israel for that crime. Yes, I'm sure that moral equivalency is probably the answer here. Alright, we'll be back here later today with two: little hours, otherwise, will see her tomorrow, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show and the Ben Shapiro shows produced by Robert Sterling directed by MIKE Joyner executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Adam side of its audio was mixed by my Carmina hair and make up is by just what Olvera Production assistant Nick. She him the Ben Shapiro show is a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, two thousand and nineteen. If you want to delve the debts of a leftist madness
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