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Ep. 835 - Boycott All The Things!

2019-08-08 | 🔗

Joe Biden lays out his quest to save “the soul of this nation,” other Democrats tear into Trump voters, and Michael Moore won’t be riding an exercise bicycle anymore. Date: 08-08-2019

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Joe Biden lays out his quest to save the soul of the nation. Other Democrats, terra to Trump voters in Michael Moore, won't be riding an exercise bike anytime soon, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro and and Michael Moore Line right there. That actually is not really a joke. He actually says he's not going to write an exercise bike anymore, to which the question becomes. What was that everything? Don't you have to write? It once do not write it again, but in any case will get to the news in just one second: first, let's talk about how you need a suit that actually does fit you, You can go to the department store. You can pick up a suit and the truth is I'll. Probably hang off you like a curtain. Instead, what you need is a suit that is made to measure for you, a suit that is made to order for you just like James Bond, you wanna suit. That makes you look awesome, and this is where Indo GINO comes in. I know they have an Endo GINO suit. They make suits answers your exact measurements you're into it. You know so it's,
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Right now, the question as to whether President Trump is reelected is largely not about Trump. Trump is just what Trump is and as we'll see that ain't changing for both good and ill and when it comes to winning the suburban women when it comes to winning the swing states, the polls show the President Trump's personality, contrary to the popular opinion on the right, his personality is not going to help him win the election. His personality is a real detriment to him. In the twenty twenty election there's a new poll out from you had from from Pennsylvania. This is a state that he actually needs to win and contrary to popular opinion. He
just getting blown up in Pennsylvania is Pennsylvania. Poll numbers are awful that the current Pennsylvania poll numbers have him under water by nearly twenty points in terms of favorable and unfavorable, from thirty nine favorable. Fifty eight percent unfavorable fifty two percent strong unfavorable. Only thirty, eight percent of people in Pennsylvania say that from deserves reelection sixty one percent say that it's time for a change now, maybe that changes once the Democrats pick their person, and this is what Trump is helping, and so this is why I say that Twenty election is not going to be really about whether from can change its stripes because look changing yeah. I think everybody knows this at this point. We can be very hopeful about his character and how he chooses to feature it in the champagne, and then we can be realistic, which is that he's going to treat out dumb stuff he's going to say things that offend a lot of people he's going to hit some of the right targets and the right. What year
but he's not going to win over anybody new unless he is able to downplay the aspects of his personality that so many people find off putting and right now that's a problem for him. It's a serious problem for him as well. See to the Democrats, then, are left with a choice. And the choices. Are we going to be fully crazy, ever gonna, let from private not? Are we going to castigate anybody who ever voted for Trump as evil and terrible I'm gonna casket current date from voters, people who are thinking about voting for Trump and twenty twenty? Are we going to castigate those people as racist and what you promise this little care about racism as people who don't care about shootings in El Paso Walmart, or are we going to restrict our fire just to the cans in it? On the other side, and this is largely the divide between job and the rest of the left. It's why Joe Biden in all of the national polls does pretty well against President Trump and it's why Trump is basically I even with every other Democrat, because Biden apparently is the Democrat in the race who seems to have any sort of understanding. You can't just alienate half of the working population by calling them white soup.
Images and then hope to win the presidency. He can't just call every deplorable and they hope to win now. Do I think that Biden will be able to maintain that stance? I have my doubts. I think that he might slide right back into what the rest of the Democrats have been saying, but Trump's greatest hope lies in the Democrats, showing their true stripes, showing their true stripes. His best hope lies in the Democrats, revealing that what they actually believe is the same sort of stuff as the radical left and that really the two are tide at the hip. That's why Trump has worked so hard to try and make the squad the face of the democratic RT as opposed to, for example, Joe Biden. It's why every time the Democrats decide to go crazy and do a crazy thing. Trump features it, because the more radical. Democrats appear in the more people, may be willing to overlook Trump's personal foibles and personality quirks, to say the least and character flaws an vote for him just because the Democr
are so alienating. We bring you the most alienating democratic talking point of the day. Is this started a couple of days ago when walking Castro decided, it would be a wonderful idea, you simply post the names and addresses not not address me, but the names and work places and and careers of p, in his district who donated to President Trump and then he said it wasn't meant to intimidate. It wasn't meant to intimidate all of these people. It was just meant to shame them really. Obviously, it was meant, as an intimidation tactic was really ugly. It was really discuss. And in today's political environment it was unjustifiable on any level, which is why walking Castro couldn't justify it. He appeared on MSNBC and he had no good comeback to dude you're, actually putting people in danger, you're putting peoples faces in front of other people who want to hurt them for supporting the current president of the United States, as it turns out like in Castro, is also an idiot six of the Trump donors that Joaquin Castro tried to. Shame also gave money to
and his brother Julinho Lee, and according to the Washington examiner, according to the examiner and attempting to embarrass constituents who donated to President Trump Texas, congressman Joaquin Castro appears to have overlooked the fact that six of those he named also cash to him and his twin brother, two thousand and twenty Democrat who Lian Castro shocker. So this all started a couple of days ago, right in Lancaster, did this and then Joe Scarborough came out and said. This is a great idea. We need to shame everyone whoever gave to trump if he gave to Trump at any point in the recent past that anytime, then this means that you are a white supremacist who does
there. Are people get shot in El Paso Walmart for being Latino, and this is the pitch and many members of the media started parroting this well, there's nothing wrong with all this Nick Confessori, a reporter at the New York Times, started actually tweeting out yesterday, the associations between companies and their shareholders. Why? Because yesterday there was a big blow up a big blob that exercise bikes. Now ask yourself what the hell does exercise bikes have anything to do with anything good thing. You asked, I will tell you, according to Fox NEWS, Stephen Ross owner of the NFL Miami Dolphins fired back Wednesday at critics of President Trump, defending his plans to host a fundraiser Trump on Friday, at his Hamptons home on New York's long island trump himself is expected to attend the event at which donors can have their photo taken with the president for one hundred grand or attend a private roundtable discussion with him for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Ok, so what's the problem, she said Trump donor right. Well, it turns out that he is also the chief investor in Equinox and soul cycle, which are two fitness brands. That are
sort of upper end and very trendy among I'd, say the coastal set. It's funny. There's sort of a hierarchy in LOS Angelus in terms of the gyms that are out here and everybody knows that the gyms are not. Really ordered by the niceness of their facility, but by the attractiveness of their people mean Knox and soul cycle people who go to equinox and soul cycle. Are the people who bike everyday? They do spin classes that people who are the most attractive lot of Hollywood stars, who's, equinox and soul cycle. Very socially conscious company mean an sjw company that likes to virtue signal about LGBT issues, for example, very, very social justice, oriented left, leaning company in terms of its corporate practices Equinox soul cycle and then, if you go all the way down on the scale like golds gym out here, that's it that's for people who are sort of meatheads who lift a lot and sometimes do steroids and then you've got YMCA, which is for the people, who really don't have any place to work out and you got like twenty four hour: fitness, which is like everybody kind of a broad spectrum, but mainly people who
They have time after work and buy a fitness regimen and then don't actually go and show equinox and soul cycles at the top of the food chain for gyms, in LOS Angeles now, the left has now called for a boycott of equinox and soul cycle. So they're not going to go to their spin classes to beat to harm the cons or something we're going to hurt the cons by not going to solve cycle, find glitter, spin class. See if I care, why would I possibly care whether you're spinning classes if you actually think that Stephen Ross, who owns the Miami Dolphins and his worth, probably a billion dollars or more that he deeply cares whether you go to his spin class that he doesn't associate with he doesn't get as idiotic, but this became a thing yesterday when a bunch of celebrities started tweeting that they were canceling, their soul cycle, an Equinox membership's, not because soul, site, an equinox support trump, but because
one of the lead investors in Soulcycle. An equinox supports Trump well to do this routine, then we're going to have to do corporate name checks on every single major corporation in the United States determine their know, Trump supporters on the board before they left. Ladder shop there- and I can't imagine anything- that's better for the country than having a gym just for the left and a gym for the right and having coffee shop just for the left and coffee shops just further right. The political segregation of our society is not a good thing, common space where we actually see each other and hang out with each other. When we tolerate the fact that there are opposing political views, if we can't do that, it's going to be very difficult for us to live Republic together? But this is what the left ones, but too many members of left, not everyone again, there's a difference between the left and liberals. Many liberals think this sort of stuff is stupid, but there are a lot of folks on the left who celebrate this because they are standing up to that Hitler. Trump. Anybody who associates with Trump is just a brown shirt hanging out with Hitler
and therefore we have to boy. Would you fund Volkswagen in the middle of the 1930s, but Trump isn't Hitler? People who support trump aren't nazis? If you think they are, then honestly you should be the one No, but none, presumably because of are running rampant across our country and are actually in power. You need to something more than boycott Soulcycle over it, but apparently boycotting soul cycle is the weight of what this is really about. Is virtue signaling to your lefty friends, your sjw friends. It woke friends that you're not going to stand up you're not going to stand with Trump right. Yeah, I'm going to burn my equinox, not again. Ninety presented the people go to Equinox in LOS Angeles, voted for Democrats. Ninety five percent, I'm sure an one of the folks who Here I was talking with her earlier. She used to work at Equinox and she happens to be an immigrant of mexican origin. She was tweeting about this last night with some folks and they
really ascribed to her white supremacist motivations, which is absurd, and she used to work at Equinox, which he pointed out to people, is that when you boycott Equinox the people who are the first to get him are not going to be people like Stephen Ross he's going to make a profit if people were the first to get hit by the people who are the janitors or cleaning up the gym. Afterward, who disproportionately are going to be more impoverished, and probably disproportionately maybe of immigrant background, but people on don't care about any of this. They only care about the virtue, signaling CIA Billy Eichner, the actor heat weeded out, hey Equinox. What's your palace? for canceling memberships. Once a member finds out your own owner is enabling racism
mass murder, because Trump is enabling racism and mass murder, and thus anybody who funds Trump is enabling racism and mass murder. That's the idea from Billy Eichner. Okay, then, you have Chrissy Teigen Taegan, the wife of John Legend, an issue. She is a singer, correct, yeah model model model. Thank you. Sorry, my serve my awareness of bubble, headed Hollywood celebrities little bit out of date, Chrissy Teigen, tweeted out the gym is my personal hell, but if you're a member of the equal knocks, perhaps it is time to say peace out, Inox a I'm still yes, but F Equinox. So all the Hollywood selector coming out F Equinox were going to cancel our soul cycle membership. Michael Moore tweet it out yesterday that he was going to cancel his membership at Soulcycle. I mean the Good NEWS. Is that frees up like three seats at Soulcycle? I mean this is all
it, but not only is it sir, it's it's actually very dangerous for the country on a broader level. Now, there's a difference between you cancel your subscription to the New York Times, because you don't like the content of the New York Times or you cancel your association with that with an organization because the organization's policies are against your principles, there's a difference between that. An investor in the organization holds political principles. You don't like I shop in organizations all the time, so do you I shot with advertisers all the time, where I'm sure that there, members of the board and chief investors in that board, who disagree with me politically, that's good for the country, because commerce is about the best products being available to most people for the cheapest possible price. It is not about me pre screening, the politics of people who will money when I go to their store so long as the store itself is not pursuing evil policies like to that Volkswagen example from the 1930s Volkswagen was working in concert with the Hitler regime, the hello Design, the Vw Bug, even if you think Donald Trump is it,
He didn't design the soul cycle guys, but the goal here is, of course, to segregate the population and then to say that, if you assume it with any member of the other side of the political aisle that you are in fact very, very bad. You must be cancelled. That's the new language. We gotta cancel everything going to boycott. Everything we're going to cancel everything, and then we declare ourselves morally virtuous for having done so now is any of this going to cut in favor of Democrats comes once you once we know it's not. This is the sort of stuff that Trump is hoping for. He likes these culture wars. If you haven't noticed, this is Trump's favorite sort of stuff like if Trump really wants control. Today you should say that joining soul cycle. I mean we all know he's not going to go there and start bicycling right has a very interesting perspective on exercises. Are President Hill going to get there going to sit on? The second just show us apart, but my life enerji and I can do by moving my legs around like a crazy person, in any case
Turning our businesses into battle grounds over politics when the business itself is not involved in politics is a recipe for divisions in the country and disintegration of the social fabric. It is indeed deeply deeply stupid in nearly every possible way will get some more of that. But first I need to talk to you about nutrition. So I've been talking about Soulcycle about fitness and truth is go to the gym. Get a membership get more fit, but if you really want to get more fit, if you really want to be more healthy, what you actually need is noon. Ok, Newm! Is this fantastic? I actually have been using it every single day. I started using it maybe three weeks ago and my goal was to lose eighty five pounds and in about a month I've lost about five pounds. I know I really didn't need to as already Jack and cut, but let me just explain to you then uhm really helps you get it done, especially if you find it hard to lose weight. It helps you develop specific goals that you want to achieve, and then
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I need- and I love it- I recommend it to my parents as well. It's a new mate dot com, slash appear I'll, go check it out all right, so the Democrats have to do. Places. I said at the outset: choice number one with Chrissy Teigen an go with Billy, Eichner and start doing this. Everybody who's on the other side is evil and bad and horrible, and wrong and racist, and what you promised us and like shooting or you could just critique Trump critiquing Trump is actually a pretty rich vein, as it turns out. Trump is not supremely popular with the american people, now he's more popular than he was when he was elected but you would need to see another spike in his popularity to really put him and say free, like territory. Right now is about forty two percent, forty three percent in the public approval ratings. If you were in the forty, eight percent range should be a pretty sure bet for reelect anywhere under forty eight and it's at the very least, a toss up and maybe favors the other side, if you're, if you're not on from so the Democrats, have a choice and it seems like pretty much every Democrat, except for Booker I mean, except for a Joe Biden, has decided
to go with the the crazies Sandra, so Beto O'Rourke from El Paso is going around openly just saying that Trump is a white supremacist again you can critique from for a lot of stuff. Trump is not a white supremacist if you think that Donald Trump, wants to establish white nationhood and expel all the black and brown people. Expel. All the I mean there's insane convention trump says dumb, stuff, Dum that very often borders on or crosses over into casual racism. That does not make him a white supremacist he's, not a white supremacist. This is absurd. You've been very clear that you believe the press is the president. A white supremacist He's also made that very clear he's, Dehumanizer sought to do dehumanize. Those who do not look like Ray pray like image be here in this country. He said I wish we had more, from nordic countries because those from Haiti bring AIDS. Those from Africa the whole nations he's been very clear about who he prefers to be in country and who he literally wants to keep out with walls.
In cages and militarization and torture and cruelty such an over play? Nobody in the United States by poll numbers there there's a percentage but they're all Democrats and most people middle, don't believe the trunks, an actual honest to God. What and that is not something that most people actually believe. The fact that that folks, like they are pushing that that's an insane contention Beto goes even further and he says that El Paso is going to happen again if Trump is elected. So I guess that Trump is now in control of all the way, premises and he's deploying them one by one to walmarts around the country, an if Trump is real, then he's going to really have a field day by unleashing them on hispanic people across the country according to crazy Beto. How are you Donald Trump still in the oval office. Something like this will inevitably happen again. It will happen because what happened El Paso, is not an isolated incident after the president warned
caravans, you had somebody go into the tree of life, synagogue in Pitts Burg, warning of Caravans I the mosque in Victoria, Texas, burned to the ground on the day that signs executive order seeking to ban muslims United States, so there are very real. Consequences to his words to it's tweets, come to the racism that he fans. Just I'm sorry. This is ridiculous. You can't predict when evil people are going to do evil stuff there is a white supremacist during the administration of Barack Obama, walked into a Holocaust memorial in Washington DC and tried to shoot it up, and then there were riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. If Beto can predict events,
sort of accuracy. Did you get in on the stock market? Really blow up that fortune of is the inherited, because this is this is the sort of nonsense. If you elect us and we'll stop shootings, but the other side is all of it. Is this? Making the rhetoric better is making the country better again, which I've been saying all week? Well, I wasn't for years we should all be able to unify on the notion that white supremacism Eagle and a mass shootings are evil, but they're many Democrats are paid. If you don't want to do that for political purposes. Cory Booker did this in a softer way yesterday as well, and he's rude, between agree with me and be a white supremacist supporters who, speaking at a historically, I believe, historically, black church in Charleston SC. In any case here, is Booker trying to draw a binary between everybody who agrees with Cory, Booker and white supremacist. The real question isn't: who is or isn't a racist? But who is
is and isn't doing something about it. It's a question that has a deep moral resonance. It's I have to say I'm not a racist. We must be anti racism because There is no neutrality in this fight. You are either an agent of justice or you are contributing to the problem. Ok, one of the problems with Cory Booker is saying here is that he never defines his term so I agree you either can be anti racism like overtly, and Racism or you can be pro races. There's not really a neutral ground, you can't just be like I'm kind of ambivalent on racism like he can't. He can't do that. Obviously, but when he says do something? What exactly does that mean? Because what are people quote unquote it. Does that mean if you don't?
and so your soul cycle membership. Today, then, you are overtly advocating for racism. What is what he really means? If you don't back Democrats, then you are racist. If you don't back Cory, Booker your racist, if you don't, if you don't rip on trump daily and declare that you won't vote for him and donate to his opponents. Then you are racist. That is the false binary that that the left is attempting draw and they're tending to do so in a clever way, there's to do so by refusing to define terms zero I have not said anything racist, I'm not done anything racist, because I'm not a racist. In fact, I hate racism and I hate white supremacism. That they hit me right back, which is why we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year here at this company to defend us from death threats from white racist from what you promised us it, but I would be according to people like Booker and people, like presumably a see a white supremacist, because I have x support for many of Donald Trump's policies, and because I don't think the Trump is a white supremacist. So what the left likes to do is throw out terms like white supremacist without actually defining
just like they wouldn't define alt right back in two thousand and fifteen two thousand, and sixteen the altright was a threat in twenty fifteen and two thousand and sixteen they happen to be disgusting today, ' but there's an actual definition as what alt right mean is the ideology of folks like Richard Spencer, is the ideology of folks. Like VOX Day, people have suggested that there is innate biological difference, win the race is such that some races are inferior and some races are superior right. That is the that is the nature of white supremacy that is a definition that I just gave you. What the left refuses very often to do is provide definitions of any of this stuff because they don't want definitions. What they want is a broad me? Matic sense, like me, asthma, they wanted broad sense of white supremacy is without having to find it, so they can label you like you promised, if you disagree with them on anything, that is, the goal sufficiently in terms is really helpful when you're having political conversations or moral conversations, because, we can get to what we agree on it. What we disagree on so, for example, I do not.
That is what you promise you to oppose affirmative action. In fact, I think it is racist to be in for in favor of the of the any program that benefits one race at the expense of another race, And it's designed to do so, but according two members of the left, it would be quote: unquote: white supremacy, presumably to oppose affirmative action if you support Trump in twenty twenty because you, like his policies, and you don't think Trump is racist. You just think that he is a model headed dolt, who says doltish things: a lot of things on a regular basis in the racial round right if it's, if you're one of those people the left will declare your white supremacist. Even if you speak out forcefully every time you think from crosses one. So the point here is that for the last, the construction of a debate between white supremacy and everything else is all about obfuscating, the line between white supremacy and everything else. We don't know where the line is that I can put you on the other side of the line anytime. I want in perfect example of that yesterday
Alexander, because you're Cortez has put out this long tweet threat about white supremacy and she is the defining white supremacy down defining it down. Writing. Things down is a phrase once used by Daniel Patrick Moynihan with regard to deviancy. Would what he suggested is that as a society, what we doing in order to excuse our own sin. Is we define sin down things that used to be cancer simple and deviant are no longer sinful, use the example of single motherhood. He said that define single motherhood, as quote the new normal, it's no longer deviant, it's now normalized and get more of it. Well, the left is defining what you promise you down in a different way. What they're doing is they're saying everything is white supremacy. So what do you get
you actually end up getting more of his people, labeling each other y2 premises and that's what the left ones. Ok, so now to AOC thread: zero Alc tweets this out yesterday quote there is a difference between white supremacists and white supremacy, hey first of all when she says this. What she's? Actually, attempting to do now is take the definition of white supremacy and broaden it out to include a bunch People who are not members of the alt right who don't write manifestos about Hitler, who don't go and shoot up El Paso Walmart who are who are out there right. They suffer from white supremacy as you'll see wait until she broadens this definition, 'cause, it's so broad that encompass is it can encompass. It can be shaped to encompass nearly anything. So she says: there's a difference between white supremacists and white supremacy. So. First move in this. In this broadening of the definition, you can't say: you're, not a white supremacist, just because you're, not a white supremacist. Maybe you are. Maybe you suffer from White Supra and you just don't know which is white supremacy is like a virus. They still no definition, but it's like a virus, meaning that it in fact, people jumps from purse.
A person without them, knowing it because you don't know if you're sick, she said. Supremacist are those who have been completely overcome by the disease but supremacy, The virus exists on a larger scale beyond just the infected. It also lays dormant so just to be clear. The virus going back to the reversing the virus. Set. The virus exists on a larger scale, beyond white supremacists and also. Lie dormant, so you can never have exhibited any symptom of white supremacy, but still you can suffer from white supremacy it. You can be a carrier of white supremacy. So now you don't have yet over racist, a covert racist, a person who knows that racist, a person who has ever evinced any symptom of white supremacy- and still you can be an agent of white supremacy because it's lying dormant in you is a look. Look at this is blown up from small group of white supremacist. All writers were dangerous. To anyone at anytime could suffer from this thing. That's a virus called white supremacy
it's a promise. He existed has a specific definition. It is deeply evil. I'm fighting these people on a daily basis. I know it they threaten my family But AOC is deliberately attempting to make this move it. It's a dangerous move for the country, so AOC continues with this thread and she just white supremacy is often subconscious. So it's not even conscious you don't you know if you're, a white supremacist or if you suffer from white supremacy, so you can, you can yeah, you can demonstrate no symptoms. You don't have to know that you're, a member of the White Supremacist Class, it's which is in dormant, but you can still suffer from it just clearly. Our nation has not been inoculated White Supreme, is our nation's original sin, the driving logic of slavery, of native genocide, of micro. Segregation of mass incarceration of send her back she's complaining a lot of stuff. Ok, so yes, white supremacy is the driving logic of slavery and of native genocide and again the question of native genocide is
slightly more complicated. The mistreatment of native Americans in the United States is horrific and well known to call it a full on genocide. I think, is an overstatement, because usually people are talking about lots of native Americans dying of disease, ethnic cleansing. You know, as far as forcibly moving native Americans out of areas, they were legally entitled to an Inter reservations. I think, would be probably more accurate term, which is of Jim Crow, fair. The segregation and then shades of mass incarceration, and this is where she brings slavery all the way up to date, and she says that if you are in favor harsh policing of crime and lots of people commit crime, go to jail and they are disproportionately of color. Then you are white, supremacist right, she's, she's, death, again broadening out that definition, she still not define what you promising there were were were to do what three tweets in here to tweet sent and she's still not defined the term she's. Talking about, she just giving you symptoms and term. She says it never went away. It was just dormant okay, so it was.
It was dormant, it never went away so again bunch of people who didn't side with any of the stuff that she likes that she's talking about here. Those people could have been carriers and then she continues again. This is broadening and running until it means nothing healing ourselves. White supremacy will be hard, normally Can you diagnose someone with the disease? You have to define the disease? What does the disease do? How is it treated? What exactly can you expect its development course to be? If you're a doctor- and you just say you know what you suffer from cancer in terms, what is cancer and the doctor goes, I don't know it was dormant for awhile now it's here, it's bad Not helpful and if you say that you can't tell what is cancer and what isn't cancer then you're, a horrible doctor, so she's a horrible doctor, she says healing ourselves why promise, you will be hard, it will be hard because it requires us to confront ourselves. We wish. It was as simple as denouncing a white hood, a burnt cross by language, but we need to address where supremacy begins, not just where it ends
and this is the sort of language that the left loves, because she's never defining where it begins and she's saying that you stand up and you say the KKK is evil and you say that Vile language is bad, and you say that some of the president's comments crossed the line and when you, if you stand up to, if you say, White Supra, this is our garbage. If you say all that stuff ' still doesn't mean you're, not a white supremist, because you haven't addressed, wear white supremacy begin now. Does she find where what you promise begins again. She keeps begging the question: where does this begin? What is the definition? This would be important again, if you are going to diagnose the transmission of a virus and you're, going to explain how to prevent the virus shouldn't you do that at some point. She continues. We need to address where supremacy begins, which is perhaps She says, perhaps more than the obvious last steps of the supremacist We-
examine the nuance of their first steps again: she's, not actually explaining what the first steps are: she's, not explaining what the first steps are, because what she wants to say is that being the first step means being conservative Republican. That's you want out of this in the end the place that she doesn't actually say out loud, but where she wants to go is that if you are against affirmative action, if you believe in, if you're against criminal criminal justice reform, for example, if you the police forces across the nation, not systemically racist. If you believe that America's legal institutions are not institutionally races, that the legacy of racism and slavery obviously has after effects, because history always has after effects into the present, but that America is under its current legal regime. The fairest nation in the history of the world with regard to race. If you believe all that those are the first steps right that, because she never levels with the first up, sorry, just as with the last of star, which means that you could right now without knowing it yeah on the slippery slope,
oh wait to promising you. Could it could be dormant in you? It could be subconscious. You might not even recognize what you think about things and you could be on that slip. Club all the way down into white supremacy, promising Tucker Carlson is getting a lot of flack for it saying, that white supremacism isn't a problem in the United States on my radio, yesterday. I criticized him for, and I think that he is absolutely wrong. White supremacism is, of course, a problem in the United States and Tucker was trying to make the statistical case that there aren't that many white supremacist in the United States, and that is statistically true- there. It still has a glee speaking or that many ISIS members in the United States, that was a problem. White supremacism, is in fact a problem, but aoc is doing here it by suggesting that white supremacy is everywhere is just as much of a problem, because. Instead of underplaying it she's now suggesting that what sixty seventy eighty, three hundred million Americans are secret white supremacist and don't even know it. She
is recognizing white supremacy in ourselves, our institution, our subconscious, our own past remarks or act, no matter how consciously unintentional! I don't know what consciously on in ten means is what makes the healing work I had challenging, but it is not impossible and running. It is the only way to move forward again. What she is doing is now turn herself up as the arbiter of what white supremacy is without getting it, which is the mark of arbitrary judgment. It is the mark of a bad politician, and, frankly, the mark of a bad person. If a person says I have a moral standard, I'm not going to tell you what it is I'll tell violated it that that and should not be your moral standard, obviously, because they are not trustworthy and this is what is undermining trust in the moral standard. It's why the right looks at the left and says ok, you guys are ripping on racism all the time, we're fine with that. But how 'bout that AL, Sharpton Guy, that you are raising like a week ago, You were you were talking about bigotry and how bigotry is bad.
She is taking magazine covers with Ilhan Omar and sponsoring legislation with her. No, you don't get to be the arbiter. Azure standard is not only unclear, it is cynically find in order to put people who you don't like outside the box and keep yourself in AOC concludes with this. This. This clever and yet dangerous. We dredge, is what this moment is. Asking of us is to discuss. Supremacy and racism as much or possibly more than white, supremacists and races when we do that, I believe, will start to make progress well, actually, if we do in the way that she's talking about it will be the opposite of progress, because this is just excuse making for her calling everybody. She doesn't like a racist, and this is that This is when you boil all this down. What this means is that she's going to know definition of white supremacy, she's going to know definition of those first steps toward white supremacy, she's just going to sit there and not a case by case basis, you that your the problem- because I don't see her doing it- it's so funny- she talks here about ourselves. Self examination When is the last time you heard AOC talk about her
self examination of her own inherent bigotry ever, of course not. She means you J. It is incredibly important. We recognize that perfectly normal good people are capable of aiding racism and white supremacy, so you're a good person and your normal, but you're still waiting racism and white supremacy. This brings you full so at first full circle to the soul cycle, Equinox nonsense, which is I think that it is not about pillorying people yeah. I'm sure it's about learning to as the virus and and in the system designed to hurt us all yeah it. I'm sure that this is not about pillorying people, I'm sure you will never act in bad faith and simply call your political It's like Nancy Pelosi, racist just because it's your political end I'm sure that you will engage in deep self reflection today about your own bigotry and
now tell her. No more, I'm sure this. This kind of trash- and this is what's going to again condemning white supremacy- is fully not only in bounds praiseworthy, but you gotta find the term and the left is deliberately undefined in the term, so they can then apply it to everybody on a broad scale. And that is it so wrong. It is incredibly wrong. It is labeling tens of millions of Americans who opposed white supremacy white supremacists, but of course that is the political goal for the radical left. Now, speaking of radicalism, to get to CNN's town Hall on Gun control in just a second, but first you have to go over to dailywire dot com right for nine hundred and ninety nine a month. You can get a subscription for dollars a year. You can get this the very greatest in beverage. Vessels in the annual subscription comes along with the leftist here is hot or cold tumblr. As I always point out, leftist tears, not liberal, tears lots of liberals leftists here's, which we are happy together.
Because they're, censorious and nasty. By the way we saw yesterday that media matters had put together A7 month, compilation of some of the other hosts here at daily Wire, and they had been watching the shows, and so my question was, I hope they enjoy their left. Here's tumblr, because presumably in order to watch all of the shows in their completion actually had to subscribe, so I hope they're enjoying that they cry into the tears drink them and then use them as fuel to power them selves. Watch more of our shows oh well done over there at media matters. What horrible people there already, if you want to watch? Listen you want to be part of the mailbag tomorrow, should subscribe, where the largest fastest growing. The podcast and radio show in the nation, uhhuh speaking of radicalism, CNN does another one of these CNN town halls and the NRA participate, because why would they last time CNN Town Hall, on guns it was the parkland town, Dana Lash, brought forth People could shower her in rotten tomatoes. Call Rubio's brought forth so that members,
the audience could suggest that he had committed a mass shooting- well Chris Cuomo, the stupider of the Cuomo Brothers decided that he was going to host this thing and Chris, windows less than nothing about guns. He really knows nothing. Normally when you have somebody moderate, a town hall on a topic, they should know a thing about the thing they're talking about, but that is not a prerequisite having a job at CNN. How do I know this because Chris Cuomo tweeted out this morning about the second amendment and he's been tweeting, this kind of stuff incessantly it's just ridiculous? Twenty Chris Coleman, Do you remember what the second amendment was created for that there was no visual right, contemplated until Scalia read it in. If you are an originalist about the constitution, you have no basis for thinking you and not the state controls access to guns. This is patently insane. It's ignorant it's ridiculous. It would be almost funny except for the fact that, Chris Cornell was hosting a town hall on this particular topic yesterday. Does he really think that just
Antonin Scalia in two thousand and eight in the Heller versus DC case established an individual right to keep and bear arms is that he thinks would have been for the last couple. One hundred years dolt The actual wording of the second amendment, a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed in. That last part is what we call the operative clause. All the rest is Prep atory, the right of the people, not the right of the state Not the right of the militia. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed the people, or the militia I mean. You have to be so historically ignorant to believe what he's saying in that tweet a militia was comprised of people who got together and then formed the militia. They kept the guns at their houses, You didn't have to be a member of the militia in order to own a gun, but because the militia was important, you need to have people who own guns so from that population you could call a militia second ma'am. It was
written specifically at the behest of the Anti Federalist who oppose the constitution and who are gay They were pushing for a guarantee that the federal government would not regulate the ownership of guns, any who's been five minutes studying this topic knows that, except for John Paul Stevens, who wish to which to reach a different conclusion, because he was driven by his outcome, which was that he wanted gun regulation anyway. Chris Cuomo hosted open, CNN Town Hall, the NRA doesn't show up, and then Chris Cuomo rips them for not showing up. So if you don't show up to his You he's going to poop on your head, then you're very bad and stupid person. According to Chris Cuomo, we also invited the No Rifle Association, the NRA to be part of tonight's conversation. They declined send a totally disingenuous statement that they are open to honest discussion, but not this spectacle. That's what you call this a spectacle. I guess, to do their talking with propaganda ads and millions in lobby. Okay sides. Let's be honest: yes on lobby! Yes, yes, yes, you you! Yes, you you full
This is a spectacle. Of course. It's a spectacle. What have you ever done? gun control. Are you a legislator? Reelected? Of course it's a spectacle. We all know it's a spectacle, the spectacle, some internal problems right now, they're wrong about this. This really is true. This is a spectacle like I love that he goes. It wouldn't show up calling this a spectacle. Well, that's fine 'cause they're, just a bunch of paid lobbyists anyway, and there are starting to obstruct the issue. Ok, so you just you moron, you just proved their point. Their whole point is that you were going to be politically, then actor and you're going to go after anyone who is pro second amendment and then, when you read their statement, you proceed to do just that. I can't imagine why the NRA didn't show up. Did she hear dumber Cuomo brother, the freight of the of the Cuomo family, explicit, he's very smart he's not. Explain why it why it is that the NRA didn't show up unreal unreal. Ok! So as I
it's this sort of crazy polarizing extremism, the attacks on people who, like the second amendment, that deliberate deliberate obfuscation of the issues, all this kind of stuff that leads from to get elected in two thousand and sixteen so Trump has to hope that that's what Democrats do in twenty twenty or, alternatively, he could change his behavior. Well, this is the part where I say Trump is not going to change his behavior, because Trump is going to change his behavior, so he visited Dayton an El Paso yesterday and it was fine and he kept it pretty much on the download, which is how it should be ok. This is not a photo. Op then proceeded to release a bunch of rose himself in Dayton and in El Paso, when you could've just quietly done it, I remember George W Bush quietly going to rock. For example, George W Bush quietly go to Walter Reed. It was very nice Obama never used to do this and I used to criticize Obama. For it then Danska Vino the press becomes leader over at the White House. He tweeted out President Trump with the incredible medical staff at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Oh today, some extreme. Powerful moments throughout the entire visit with so much into
jasmine love, contrary to what the Trump painting done, whatever share or say, and then he followed that one up by calling the president a rock star is in the president. Trump is a rock. Star for going here and was treated like a rock star, hey Is that really your pitch like you went to a place where people just got shot in mass shooting and they all love seeing their great president, because he's like a rock star, I'm sorry, the appeals to Trump's ego are not. To help him, they not going to help him win reelection. It's also not help him win reelection when the president heading out to Paso Dayton decides to tweet out about how Beto has a phony name and Beto is the worst and sweet out about Sherrod Brown talks about how is hospital visit was totally misrepresented it. Scores, a feeling that a lot of Americans have, which is that the president is actually a petty man and that the president lacks moral fiber. This is why I say that if the Democrats could just act, sane they'd be in pretty good shape for
if, however, they decided they are the party of Boycotting Equinox and CNN town where they rip into gun rights and, Everybody who opposes them is white. Supremacist double reelection and Joe Biden in a speech. Yesterday, Joe Biden is seen by most Democrats is the most electable Democrat. The reason is because of the speech he gave yesterday now. The speech deliberately this represented a lot of the comments that Trump has made on a variety of topics. So, for example, Biden said in his speech yesterday the Trump hadn't condemned the KKK. Now back in twenty, sixteen from did appear on CNN. And pretended he didn't know what the KKK was. He can condemn- as it turns out his condemned the KKK, many many times and here's a a full on compilation of President Trump condemning the KKK, because Trump has done it a lot as it turns out
He doesn't deny them at a minimum. I totaly disavow the Klu Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke when you say the party is self destruct in what do you see as the biggest problem with the reform party right now? Well, you've got David Duke just joined a bigot racist problem. I mean this is not exactly the people you want in your party. Are you prepared right now to make a clear and unequivocal statement renouncing the support of all white supremacists, of course, of course, okay. So again, he's done this over and over and over and over and over again. So that's just not true in any case, Biden is launching an attack on Trump's character and that is sort of it's sort of it's the same campaign that George W Bush ran against Bill Clinton in two thousand and two thousand George W Bush was running on the back of a policy successful presidency with a president who was deeply unpopular on the basis of character date popular overall, but on character, questions people for.
Clinton was Bleep show because he was a bleak show I took w ran against. That is, it is gonna, bring honor back to the oval office. It was such a damaging attack Al Gore had to forcibly move himself away from Bill Clinton. He refused to campaign even with Bill Clinton, and then he is to lose a very narrow election, wins the popular vote, but loses the electoral college Now Joe Biden is trying to run two thousand in reverse, he's trying to say that sure President Trump, maybe there's some good policies on the whole number eight minute. Maybe there's some good policies, but his character is the real problem, and Joe Biden has some things to mine here. Right in the fact is, the president does have a lot of character shortcomings. The president cannot control himself on Twitter, the president, says bad things on a fairly regular basis and so well. It is true that Joe Biden is deliberately misconstruing a lot of the stuff that Trump has said and doing something dishonest fashion. It is also true that, politically speaking, what he's doing here lot smarter than the other Democrats. The other Democrats are suggesting that Joe Biden was.
Just for signing on to the criminal justice bill in nineteen ninety four and that mass incarceration is inherently racist and all this kind of stuff ripping on Barack Obama suggesting everybody who disagrees with them is what your process and Biden is focusing in just on Trump right, regardless of what do you think he's lying about Trump, and I think some of what he says here is a live out front, regardless of whether you think that the pitch that he is making is the strongest political pitch. This clip eight talking about how this is a battle for the soul of our nation. This is him, make in the George W Bush Circa. Two thousand appeal about how we need to restore some sense of honor and dignity. To the like. The fact that Joe Biden is the person that Democrats have chosen for this is fairly insane I mean Uncle Joe, has a lot in his closet uncle Joe says some dumb nonsense. He said some pretty borderline stuff himself, but it is the strongest pitch the Democrats are making when he said at Charlottesville, very fine on both sides. I said The time
in a battle for the soul of this nation. I said it again: When I announce my candidacy. And I say it here today- we are in about for the soul of this nation. But what Biden didn't do red? well didn't do there in this is the part about what he's doing the smart as he didn't rip Everybody on the right side of the aisle as complicit in what he termed to be Trump's attacks on the soul of the nation or that the and that's where he's going to have to stay because he moves into Corey by or territory or you're, either voting for Joe Biden or you're evil people will say, go take a hike nobody's interested. If he moves into the AOC realm of everybody is a vaguely defined white supremist, except for me then he's going to be in serious trouble, and this is why Joe Biden, I think Democrats innately, understand this. Unfortunately, for Trump in Republicans, I think Democrats understand that he is the
electable Democrat. This is why the new Iowa Democratic Caucus poll shows twenty eight percent for Joe Biden, nineteen percent for Elizabeth Warren, eleven percent for Kamala Harris nine percent for Bernie's head So again it is he being honest about everything. The trump said now he's not being honest about everything that the Trump is at. The very fine people on both sides comment was beset really referring to the Friday night rally from explicitly said in that same but he condemned NEO Nazism and then he condemned white supremacists, and then he made in his head. Some weird group of people who are marching with the marchers who, for some reason we're good people, But they were there at the unite the right rally, which was absurd and grows, and ridiculous and morally reprehensible, but carrying that, to the extent that Trump was a white supremacist are good. People is, of course, not true right. Of course, that is not correct. With that said, the character attack the bite is making on Trump is the attack. It is most likely to work on Trump, which is why he is the most successful Democrat at them on
and why, if Democrats continue to move down the radical path, Trump will be reelected if they nominate Joe Biden much better shot. That Joe Biden ends up president than any of the other Democrats who are on that stage right now, ok time for some things I like and then perhaps we will do anything, I hate so things that I like today there's a new poll. It shows that half of young people say that college is not necessary, that it's too expensive and no longer necessary, to which I say good it's about time. It's about time is it call from Marketwatch Watch. They say that. There's a study surveyed over three thousand US teens and adults, including approximately one thousand generations generation z. Thousand young millennials in one thousand parents about invite generations in millennials say they may choose not to go to college many others. Less conventional path through education is a good idea. Over thirty percent of generation, Z and percent of young millennials said they have considered taking a gap year between high school and college.
What's more, eighty nine percent of Generation Z, along with nearly seventy nine percent of young millennials, have considered cation bath it looks different from a four year degree directly out of high school. Well, I certainly hope that's the case 'cause, there is no greater scam in America today, then, a liberal arts, vacation at one hundred thousand dollars a year college. That is a massive scam. It is one thing to go to college and I said before in order skill set? But if you're going to college So you can be indoctrinated in gender studies and you're going to take a couple, one hundred thousand dollars for the privilege, you're, making a big mistake and get those same online courses at an extension school for fifty dollars. A credit and you'll learn just as little. So this is really it's a good thing. I think young people are beginning to see the scam for what it is. Hopefully, employer start to this camp. It is here at the daily wire. We actually do not look at educational background when assessing whether or not somebody should be hired. That's because my business partner, Jeremy, boring didn't go to college,
You want like a music school for a year and a half and then dropped out, and so when people have brought him job descriptions to be put in the classifieds, he is taken out, like literally crossed out the educational requirements, because he says: listen, I'm the go over the company and I didn't go to college. So how can I require anybody who wants to work here to go to college, how 'bout they show a skill set, and then they can work here? This seems much more reasonable? I think most employers should imitate that okay time for a quick thing that I hate So president from for some God awful reason says he is now going to consider commutation for rod. Blagojevich I have no. Idea why this makes no sense at all. I understand you may remember rob a from when they were on the apprentice together, because everything is so stupid, But why in the world, would you commute the sentence of rod wave it's one of the more corrupt Illinois. Politicians in the recent past he's currently serving a fourteen year, prison term on multiple federal corruption, conviction
From suggested more than a year ago, he was considering a commutation for global boy, which would then file paperwork requesting a commutation, and then Wednesday night he told the press core that he thought blue boy which had been created quote unbelievably unfairly. He said that he was taking in consideration consideration boy with his wife and children. And what was, in his view, mirror braggadocio will go ahead, which of course, has been in prison since two thousand and twelve. Why why? Why is there? A purpose to this is blue boy which actually innocent. I haven't seen a lot of accusations to that. To that effect, this sort of bizarre behavior again Trump, does not have to make a headline every data source of consistency irritation to the general public consistent, you're tatian to many members was on staff that the bizarre notion that Trump has to make a headline every day to drive the news cycle. Why don't you just let the Dems been the news cycle for a day,
You know calling everybody white supremacists and boycotting Equinox how bout that at Robert Goulet that you in the clip by the way, the clips of Trump chiding ribald way that you're on the apprentice about not doing his proper research on Harry Potter are pretty golden do exist, they they're they're, really they're, really quite amazing, and I'm glad that our country is now being run in such a way that, if your once in a a a a contestant on the apprentice or if you cut a really hot r and b album or if you are a rapper who is fond of Kim Kardashian and we'll work our off to make sure that you get out of prison in Sweden. Very,
very important, stuff, really important stuff- all right, we'll be back here later today for two additional hours of content. Otherwise, we'll see her tomorrow and then ship here. This is the Ben Shapiro Show and the Ben Shapiro shows produced by Robert Sterling directed by MIKE Joyner executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens edited by Adam side of its audio was mixed by my Carmina hair and make up is by just what Olvera Production Assistant Nick she him the bench show is a daily where production copy right daily wire. Twenty nineteen, hey everyone. It's Andrew Claiborne host of the Andrew Clay even show left wing hate, media matters, one an attack The daily wire will crush them, see them driven before us you're. The lamentations of their women on the Andrew Klavan Show on Andrew Klavan.
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