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Ep. 839 - Practicality vs. Moral Character?

2019-08-14 | 🔗

Trump stays silent as Hong Kong faces down Chinese authoritarianism, Fredo-gate continues to reverberate, and someone allegedly shoots up an ICE facility. Date: 08-14-2019

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From stay silent as Hong Kong faces down chinese authoritarianism, the bond yields invert and somebody allegedly shoots up a nice facility. I mention here this is the Bench Bureau show a man a lot to get they are not very much of it Gooden whose, but we will get through all of it together. Don't worry it's a normal day, just like it. Any other, and together we will soldier through we get all that in just one. Second. First, there are thousand different types on the road me look around at the cars on the road and you will quickly realized is that if you wanted to buy a part for any one of those specific cars would be very difficult to do so by going to your local, auto part store the chance that they are a complete, We in on the part, the very very low- and this is where rock auto jot come- comes in
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some helps us good Iraq, Otto Dotcom already, so the stock market is down again today. It is down again on fears about the future of the trade war, on slow downs in the german economy on slowdowns, in the in the chinese economy, particularly chinese and manufacturing sector. As of this morning, downturns industrial average had dropped over four hundred points. It was it was there, Nearly two percent, the NASDAQ, was down nearly two percent lot of uncertainty about the markets, and a lot of that is being triggered also by the fact that the main yield curve had just inverted. This is the first time this has happened since two thousand seven. Last three times that the yields curve has inverted that has prefaced a recession, so people are getting really worried at this point. According it seems
We see tat come the yield on the benchmark tenure Treasury note broke below the two year rate early on Wednesday and odd bond market phenomenon that has been reliable, albeit early indicator for economic recession, the yield on? U s: thirty or bonds fell to an all time. Low, dropping passed its prior record notched in summer of twenty. Sixteen the moves, show increasing worries about the global economy as investors. Rush into safe havens are normal. Say what you would expect is that yet a lower yield on short term bonds than you do, I'm long term bonds. That just makes perfect sense me. The fact Is that you are going to want more in return for storing your money? What the government for thirty years and you'd want for storing you're good money, what the government for five, when people have very little hope for the future of the stock market or alternative investment? The yield in the near term starts to drop on bonds. People search run to bonds as safe haven. The yield starts to drop on short term bonds, and it continues to remain at the level of war,
for long term minds. That's when the yield curve, so called inverts that as a sign of of deep and surprising mistrust in the strength of the global economy, at this point earlier on Wednesday, the yield on the benchmark tenure. Treasury note was a one point. Sixty three percent below The two year yield at one point: six, three, four percent. In practice. That means that investors are better compensated for loaning, the? U S over two years than they are for loaning for ten years again, that's because there than one alone for two years, so that the government has to incentivize them to loan for two years by offering them higher rates. So this is. This is not a good sign for the economy, and this comes in the midst of a lot of trade tension between the United States and China that trade tension has been ratchet up by the Trump administration, not for national security reasons purportedly, but for economic reasons. So, president from came into office on
back of a promise to restore some sort of trade balance between the United States and China, as it turns out the tariff that he has imposed have actually exacerbated the trade imbalance between the United States and China. They have not made things all that much better and they have resulted in less chinese investment in U S assets, because after all, why would China Thus, in U S assets in the middle of a tariff were so what we ve seen is a slowdown in particular sectors of the economy, agriculture, being the chief one, but also in manufacturing in the United States, and this came before the hubbub between China and Hong Kong. So just a few weeks ago, but rather a couple of months ago, this this controversy broke into the open regarding Hong Kong, which wanted to reassert some of its laws, standing rights against the chinese government when the british government left Hong Kong made a deal with China. The idea was that Hong Kong was still going to retain a heavy degree of independence. China has repeatedly violated that the people of Hong Kong
sick of it and millions of them had been chanting in the streets marching in the streets carrying american flags calling for more civil liberties and more freedom in China has responded with a crackdown, and now the only question is how harsh that crackdown is going to be. According to the New York Times, as of yesterday, antigovernment protesters clashed with Hong Kong police on Tuesday crippling the airport for the second straight day, targeting a potent symbol of the city's position as a global centre of commerce and finance that is essential to China. The mass protests have forced the airport system. And chickens, creating long delays for passengers and forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights over the past few days after a chaotic night, chicken resumed. On Wednesday morning the airport warned that flights would be rescheduled. Hong Kong's flagship carrier said there will be a further flight disruption at short notice. The protests of the airport have been deeply tax. Is the largely leaderless movements price at the vital economic robbery. According to the New York Times, Hong Kong International Airport, which opened in nineteen ninety eight a year after trying to reclaim the territory from Britain serves as a gateway to the rest of Asia.
Sleek and well run at the airport, accommodates nearly seventy five million passengers per year protesters are trying to intensify pressure on the government, which refused to meet their demands. After earlier efforts occupy local rose, shopping malls and parks fell to produce concessions. They decided to shift their efforts to a more global stage and there the protesters are handing out pamphlets and different languages expire, in their position, the protesters say their other tactics are not working and that other countries are paying attention to any of us. Clashes began late, Tuesday evening after a group of diamonds. Traders attacked man, they accused of being a mainland chinese police officer, impersonating a protester which would not be surprising. The Chinese have apparently been attempting to infiltrate some of the protests and medics and police. Try as medicine police tried to evacuate him in an ambulance protesters blocked road outside the department. The departure hall, rather some officers in riot here then began running after demonstrators wrestling some to the ground, a group of protesters
insides around the police officer, taking his baton than beating him with it and they are treated after he pulled a gun. Here is what that actually looked. Like Hong Kong protest really give island it started yet. Finally, it could have done a lot uglier if this police officer had pulled his gun and shot somebody right now The chinese government is trying to portray the protesters who have been nearly entirely peaceful as rioters, even trying to portray than his rabble rousing, who are trying to stand up to the chinese government in illegal way According to the Washington Post after late night magazines, Marty demonstration that paralysed the city's airport protesters on Wednesday, issued apologies
The international public, sympathy and forgiveness, as they fought regain control over a narrative that seem to be tilting, invasions favour for the first time the appeals included apologies to the police force and come as struggle over public opinion reaches a climax while Hong Kong's protest movement has become statical is steadily radicalizing fractured. The chinese government is ramping up its own propaganda effort in state media and on social networks, attempting to discredit and played a movement that, to this point, enjoyed wide support across Hong Kong society. The chinese government is now labeling the protesters, writers, and they say that they are asking for self destruction. Military vehicles have been Ma Bay had been massing near by president from tweeted that out yesterday he said, intelligence has informed us that the chinese government Moving trips to the border with Hong Kong, everyone should be calm and save. Meanwhile, the citizen a leader carry Lamb, told the news. Media Why did the law breaking activities in the name of freedom are damaging the rule of law and that the asian fine,
actual hubs. Recovery from antigovernment protests could take a long time. This could be used as a isn't. Excuse for even more of a crackdown on the people of Hong Kong. Now what you would want here is for the United States take a strong position and the fact is that if we have a tenant Tiananmen Square type event here, the United States is going to have to take strong trade action. President Trump has not been shy about talking about taking that sort of action. As of now in the very recent past, meaning the last forty It ours. He seems to be backing off all of that and seems to backing off all that because he's finally realising that is, tariffs, hurt the american economy. Now, as I've been saying for months, the only way for the president to make the case for his tariffs is to make him a national security grounds. You cannot make a case for a tariff on economic grounds. Terrorists do not help the domestic economy. There are attacks on american citizens. They hurt consumers President Trump. Finally, recognising this as Christmas approaches and as the economy seems to be possibly tipping into recession, certainly into economic, slow
The New York Times reports. They yesterday, president from unexpectedly put off new tariffs on many chinese goods, including cellphones laptop computers in toys. Until after the start of the Christmas shopping season, acknowledging the effects that has retracted. Trade war with Asian could have on American, so Trump has been fitting to you, the entire time with. Regarding tariffs, he said that the trade wars were easy too when and good for the economy? Neither of those is true. It turns out the Beijing does not care about its billion citizens nearly as much as Trump cares about the domestic economy here in the United States once more from said that it would be good for the economy. No tariffs are attacks on american citizens. They hurt american consumers and Trump is now acknowledge That said, to fail to recognise that Trump is now switching his position on this would be dishonest from pushed a ten percent tariff on some imports to December fifteenth excluded, others from it entirely, while facing mounting pressure from business and consumer groups over the harm. They say the trade conflict is doing from.
Explain quote just in case they might have an impact on people. What we ve done is delighted that they won't be relevant for the Christmas shopping season it that is a full scale, acknowledgement by Trump that tariffs hurt american consumers from his frustrate the negotiations. Failed, you'd, know yielding grim, and he said on August, first, the: U S would impose a ten percent tariff on three hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports September first down be in addition to a twenty five percent, I have already imposed onto under fifty billion dollars of chinese goods, while Trump painted himself into a corner, I mean there's, that's really what happened here from painted himself into a corner, and now, with the economy, on the brink of a slow down. This is put president Trump in a very difficult position. It's put him in a position where, if you take a strong stand against China, it could in fact damage his re election prospects in a serious way, and so, in a time when we should be rationing up, the possibility of economic sanctions were actually ratcheting down. The possible
lady of economic sanctions, whereas before when we should have been negotiating a trade, the ocean visited the transpacific partnership. We should re negotiated it. It was a mistake to exit teepee, which has a trade deal directed against the economic strength of China in Asia, the otherwise about the teepee that that it was good for China was allied. Teepee was designed. Explicitly as a counterbalance to chinese infiltration economically in the region yell in time when we should have been looking for a trade deal, the researching searching instead for trade conflict. In a time when we should be ratcheting up trade conflict as a as, in effect of trying to help the Hong Kong protesters. We're not doing any of that, and so this has led president from two. This bizarre kind of half way position on Hong Kong. Some last before hours used, weeded out quote, as usual, China tat they were going to be buying big from our great american farmers. So far, they have not done what they said. Maybe this will be different from what the hell that means and then he added quote. Many are blaming me and the United States for the problems going on in Hong Kong.
And imagine why get again from our responsible what's going on in Hong Kong, but this would be a time for him to stand up for freedom in an area of the world that deserves it had negotiated for it and now is not receiving it from what is a geo. Political enemy of the United States, China, stealing our technology, building, rival five g networks that attempt to provide a counterbalance to the five you networks we are, building right now we are in a second cold war with the Chinese. It will stay cold. We gonna hope, but the fact is that the Chinese are an expansionist power and they have been both militarily and technologically their doing so at the expense of the United States and the United States. If we're gonna take harsh action against China, you need to make the case now trumpets convert. He keeps making the sort of weird case where vision, pennies, his best friend and great negotiated deal together and then at the same time,
Chinese give jacking us and the Chinese are the worst in their treating us in their stealing. Our manufacturing jobs explain what it is your doing, President Trump, if you want the american people to be with you, and especially again in the midst of a time when there are protesters in the streets in her clung who may be moved down by the chinese government in the very near future, there should be a time for you to stand up and say. This is why we have been putting tariffs on China is because of crap. Like this, we ve been putting tariffs on China and, as JFK put, it will bear any burden in the name of liberty. I am sorry, but getting slightly more expensive goods from China. The name of liberty doesn't seem like all that, much of a burden to bear to help the people of Hong Kong or flying the american flag while they are protesting for their freedom, but that's not the kind of statement, the trumpets making right now. The Barack Obama back in two thousand nine The opportunity you stand with protesters against the iranian regime and instead he completely undercut them and he just that it was an iranian internal problem and the protests will promote, demonstrates and Irena.
Government stagger sweetheart deal from the american government. It was disgusting. You dont want the same thing from the tree. Administration. With regard to China, if they should run roughshod over the protesters for human rights and democracy in Hong Kong, trumps, only statement with regard to Hong Kong, directly he's our intelligence has informed us that the chinese government is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe There does not exactly a ringing endorsement of the protesters aims here. In fact, it's it's pretty milk toast from was elected for such magna second, and talk about the practicality versus the verses, the moral character. Question in foreign policy, because I understand what president trumps defenders on this score than to say who gets that interest one. Second, first, let's talk about the post office, so I honestly can elect the post office, but the fact is less him and went to the post office. I ran and set for five minutes. I came back out. There is a parking ticket. There are dangers attendant to parking outside of it
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had to say we'll see what happens, but I'm sure it'll work. I hope it works out, for everybody hits running China by the way he doesn't want to make trade negotiations is not willing to take any explicit morality, but the fact is that, even by trumpian standards, this is really kind of bizarre and, It is not up to trumps par legged trend from doesn't even unheeded doesn't seem to understand necessarily what even what what seems to be in dispute when he says the hum counting is a very tough situation. Very tough will see what happens that sort of his normal trump pap. What problem that the sort of normal trompe impact for what he's asked question that he doesn't really know anything about any sort of just mumbles about it. This would be The time when from should stand up with the protesters, in fact his own it
restoration and members of his own administration were being a lot more clear about this. A senior administration official recently told Sir and we seek quote freedom of expression and assembly, our core values we share with the people of Hong Kong. Those freedom should be protected. The US firmly rejects the nose. We are sponsoring or inciting the demonstrations again that is sort of splitting the baby a little bit, but what you have seen from Mitch Mcconnell what you have seen from and he blows what you ve seen across the political I'll is a general support for the protesters. You're, not saying that from the trunk administration, people gonna, say again, that's a practical move by president trumpeting expect to do go to war with China or on the protesters. No one is talking about that, but again the Z guy, who declared a trade war with China on the basis of them supposedly shooting us. Would it not behoove him to make similar threats with regard to them running roughshod over protesters that if they should trash their own protesters, if they should kill a bunch of protesters, run them over with tat? something that the United States will take harsh and appropriate non military action. Economic
sanctions action that we, what we certainly will do right. You'd trump is not as it still for that so when you want to issue some sort of threat at this point issue, some sort of form of support for the Hong Kong protesters pray the quality and moral and me moral rhetoric do not have to be on opposite sides. Ronald Reagan was able to all the Soviet Union in EVIL empire, even issue is negotiating with them. So this weird notion that you have to either kowtow rhetorically to a country. I go to war with them. It has not proved by anything american history, very often the very people we are negotiating with are the people that we are speaking most harshly about in order to bring them to the table. Trump likes taken, have wheedle people. Deals, but his wheedling hasn't produce to deal with North Korea. I understand that everybody is very up on from negotiations with North Korea. They produce nothing literally, nothing exe, the legislation of the legitimate of the north korean regime as it so before we get into the bizarre master class in it.
Creation. Have always you some good results from one of these negotiations, and then you can talk about the master class. In fact, the areas where Trump actually has accomplished something with negotiating tactics, are the areas where he has been the harshest. With regard to Mexico, for example, raves able to negotiate a quasi immigration deal with with Mexico. To keep me, illegal immigrants in Mexico to Heaven strengthen their own southern bore. He did that by threatening them with president from is more effective when he is the braggadocio bully that he typical is not one. He is doing me wheedling glad handing routine with dictators in Turkey or China. Or anywhere else on the planet into bad luck.
It really is a nasty look now. Meanwhile, the media continue to push forward the idea that president trumps rhetoric is inherently awful and violent. This is the narrative that they continue to push, and it's really ten ridiculous result. So trot, listen when from says stuff that I think is disgusting. As I have said many times premature day, I will call it out, but the media are now running with the idea that he is responsible for acts of violence across the country and the way they are doing this. By falsifying the statistics. This has become part of the democratic twenty twenty patch, so this coordinated pitch between Democrats, twenty twenty and the media, I'm nothing there. Formerly coordinating this. I'm saying that the media are a democratic party out and they enjoy and free media spend an awful lot of time. Parroting democratic talking point. So it is no coincidence that even as Democrats argued that Trump is responsible for the El Paso shooting the media are picking up on that and they are running with it. So, for example, you got bay
work is going to deliver a campaign. Recent speech on Thursday, which was hilarious, Roberto, has been in the race, for just a few months is already had to campaign resets ambrosch, just not going. The way was supposed to apparel he's going to deliver his first major written address on Thursday, well good for him as Stephen Miller, not the signal from the administration, but another Stephen Miller, put it on twitter and I'm playing a soul. Thou concert my living room. I who cares that that bit or making a major can pain speeches like me, making a major campaign speech, I'm not running and really neither easy, but apparently he's delivering a major campaign speech, and you can guess exactly what it's about its about. How Trump is a horrible, no good, terrible there a very bad men. According to NBC News, former Texas representative Iraq plans to deliver that first major an address on Thursday, offering a reset of his presidential campaign, the wheels fell off the skateboard bra, a new focus in fresh strategy
going forward in the wake of a mass shooting in works, hometown or work will recommend to holding president Trump accountable for the state of the country and for it's on the stakes of removing president from office, whom he has exe recently linked, went to the deaths of fellow El Paso and, according to a senior campaign official, the focus heavily on three key issues: racism, white supremacy and guns and plans to propose with the campaign, calls new, bold solutions. The new boats, solutions, involve beta work going on tv and talking about these things were waving his hands wildly like a bizarre windmill. That's that's it! That's a solution The media are ready, they're, all in on that particular narrative, so MIKE Levine reporting Member the Zenith and opinion these reporting for ABC News. He says this is the headline Oh blame ABC News, finds thirty six cases invoking Trump in connection with violence, threats and alleged assault. Trump is responsible for all of the violence and all of the threats, and all of these alleged thought. Thirty, six of them
by the way last I checked it like three hundred and thirty million people in the country. So thirty six crimes in which people in vote trump in a court proceeding spare me the wave of Trumpy and violence racking the nation there's not a lot of evidence for that and, as we'll see from this particular study, The study itself is skewed to achieve a particular result and you can tell them. This is a case example of media bias. It's pretty, it's pretty stunning gets that in just one second, first then there there are a lot of option. When you go to the store and get you need, shaving products you go to the store and just tons of two of shaven. You don't know which ones are good, you don't know which ones are bad. Many of them are overpriced. You know be great, not having the store at All- and this is where dollar shave club comes in dollar shave club- helps make your life easier, taking out the guesswork in guaranteeing quality shaving products. If that really then has to privacy at this
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again the title: the peace, no blame ABC News in thirty six cases, invoking trump in connection with violence, threats and alleged assault and here's what the peace. As that again, Journalism is of the highest order. Serious serious journalism, and hence, as president Tromp has repeatedly refused to accept responsibility for inciting violence in american communities dismissing critics pointed to his rhetoric as a potential source of inspiration for some citizens acting on even long held beliefs of bigotry and hate. I think my rhetoric brings people together. He said last week, four days after a twenty one years, fire and Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killing twenty two and injuring dozens of others. But a nation wide review conducted by ABC News. But a nation wide review conducted by ABC News has identified at least thirty six criminal cases or tromp was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault, while thirty six criminal
act in a country of three hundred and thirty three and thirty million people in extraordinarily paralyzed time like shocking, but here's here's what really gets good, listen to how they did this analysis in nine cases, perpetrators. Hailed trump in the midst or immediate aftermath of physically attacking innocent victims. Yes, all that's evil and bad in another, ten cases, perpetrators, cheered or defended Trump, while taunting or threatening others and another ten cases trumpet and rhetoric were cited, in court to explain of defendants, violence or threatening behaviour, as it last ten cases. Very often what you see in those cases is Defence Council trying to make an overt pitch for media attention and sympathy based on their client, invoking trump after the fact, its iron trust. Any of that, if there is no prior evidence that the attack was linked to any
from had said or trump. If there was no shouting of Trump in the middle of the attack and then afterward the defence issues like yeah, it was just like tremendous could cause it cause a trump. I don't buy it by its own. Take that thirty, six down to twenty six, a seven cases involves violence or threatening acts perpetrated in defiance of Trump, with many of them targeting trumps allies in Congress. So that means that really it's not thirty. Six is twenty. Six and you're talking about seven of the twenty six are actually threats or violent acts, target Tromp gave it, but it gets even better. They say the thirty six cases identified by ABC News are remarkable in that a link to our president is captured in court documents and police statements under penalty of perjury or contempt in many cases of assault or threat charges are never filed. Criminal acts committed by from supporters or his detractors have nothing to do with the president, but in thirty six cases, court records and police reports indicated some sort of link may say. Of course, these are mostly hate crimes. These erect
it against minority people, and this is where it gets really good and well asserting that a fake media coverage is exacerbating divisions in the country. From has noted that a fan of democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders opened fire on republican lawmakers, playing baseball in Washington suburb two years ago. Nobody puts Bernie Anderson, the headline with the maniac from said last year and last week from similarly insist- The man fatally shot nine people in Dayton, Ohio three days earlier. Supported, Sanders another liberal causes, but there's no indication There are issues mentioned Sanders well launching their attacks and no charges wherever file, because they were both fatally shot during the assault. Ok, So you are now changing these standards of crime hasten. First of all, I agree that they know how sure there's nothing that connects his politics to the shooting so far that we know what we know that he was on the political left, but we have to be intellectually fair and honest here. There's no indicated that is politics for the shooting,
with that said, be shooting at the congressional baseball. Shooting was obviously an anti Trump pro Bernie Sanders. Shooting and there's just no question about that. The reason there is no question about that. The day before he committed a shooting. He posted a bunch of crap on social media, about how much he hated Trump and from supporters and anyone shot explicitly republicans and here's ABC News trying to contend that it had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders Has the guy wasn't shouting side hers ass. He committed the assault, its absurd, and then we re, because you met her again. Abc news really doing serious journalism in here. In conducting its review, ABC News did find seven cases or approach from defendants were charged. Retargeting minorities or a speculation online suggested the defendants were motivated by Trump, but in those cases, ABC News, TAT, no police records, court proceedings or other direct evidence presenting a definitive linked to the president, so those are excluded, so they excluded
I also ABC News: excluded incidence of vandalism. Ok, well, that's kind of thing, because I would say that a huge amount of vandalism across the country right now is anti trump. Vandalism. Also ABC News excluded several cases of violence from attack John antitrust protesters at Trump rallies to certain assault on people wearing mega hats. That did not establish explicit ties to Trump. So just to be strict about this, if somebody attacked somebody tromp rally or beat up somebody wearing a mega hat. They didn't count that so so basically went looking for cases where he could blame from when you found some cases where he could blame from congratulations, guys, really solid, stuff, salad, stuff, A it's, no wonder they that so many people on the right by into trumps, characterisation of media and again, you're, not seeing the media ask the very difficult questions with regard to left, leaning redirect because they agree with the left to overlap
forty eight hours. There is an attempted shooting at another ice office- San Antonio police, according police. According to the National Review, our questioning a man who suspected of shooting at downtown office buildings occupied by ice according to a local CBS affiliate Police, responded to reports of gunshots around three m Tuesday morning. The suspect fired at the building from across the street, damaging several window According to police, known was harmed in the incident police are investigating whether the shooter intentionally targeted the ice office. That, of course, comes roughly one month after the most under covered story of here a loan gunmen trying to blow up a nice detention facility into come a Washington arm. The rifle and throwing incendiary devices at the facility. While Frank blob, propane tank nearby. Here is a sea by the way asked whether she regrets the concentration Camp language, which is it which was in fact explicitly used by the ice attack or a month ago Many of these is not regret that it is not an slightest do feel on
Israel, you said this administration is established concentration camps on the southern border of United States for immigrants Are there being brutalizing dehumanizing conditions and die? You got a lotta grief for using the word concentration camps but that or do you think they'll misinterpreted? all. I think I think, there's a there's a few things that play one. I don't regret it at all. Ok, so she doesn't regret it at all, not at all and nobody's gonna. Ask real serious, follow up questions linking her to any sort of violence, of course, while the ABC News making sure that there is the narrative that Trump is causing swastika violence across the country when, in reality, the evidence for that is scanty and then you'll see the left. Trying to defend Elsie as the brightest and wisest among us and Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with the congressional baseball shooter. Even if Trump is responsible for
Paso or some such silliness like that again. This is why people on the right, don't trust the media. Another great example of why people in there I don't trust the media are today there's a big controversy overcome. Could you know it can? Could you know it is the is the acting? U S. It is immigration services, director, former senatorial candidate in Virginia, and he was on CNN and he was asked about the the immigration policy of the Trump administration, which was recently aged to make it difficult for legal immigrants to stay in the United States have their own public welfare, which makes perfect sense. We don't want to admit people are simply going to live on that. All this doesn't know Sovereign country can do that and hope to survive as a sovereign entity. It will cooking. Whose asked about that on CNN and then. Media slandered him wretched. Poor refuse right, that's what the poem says America's posed to stand for. So what do you think America stands for? Well course, that poem was referring back to people coming from Europe where they had cleared.
Based societies where people were considered wretched if they weren't in the right class and it was introduce it was written one year one year. After the first federal public charge. Rule was written. That says, and I quote it any person unable to take care of himself without becoming a public charge. Unquote be inadmissible, made the way that the media cover. This is that could Nellie is saying that the original poem was written only to apply to european citizens, wanted him a great to be fed it states. That is not what he is saying. What he is referring to is the class based society that the poem was meant to fight, meaning that the poem was meant according to cushion alleys interpretation to specifically target the class based
sanctions that he felt one that the poet felt were nonsensical in Europe and should not be applied in the United States, mean people seem to ignore the part of the of the poem on the statue of liberty. In other part, with the poor, tired, huddled masses they exceeded, we forgetting the phrase. A yearning to be free yearning to be free is not the same as yearning for free stuff. That's why there were public charge, rules that were on the books at the time in stature Liberty was built and that's the point could Nellie is making none the less years the headline immigration official can canaries from USA. Today, statue of Liberty poem refers to immigrants from Europe, He wasn't saying that the only people who can emigrate to the United States are from Europe. He specifically talk think about the literary value and what its referring to in terms of class based systems he's not saying that we can't have immigrants from other places, better Orourke being the dumb bleep that he is treated This administration finally admitted what we ve known all along. They think the statue of liberty only applies to white people, know that's nationalities
that's, obviously not witty, setting Josh Marshall, again dishonest as Coochie Nellie. That statue of Liberty poem was about people coming from Europe. Again, it was about the class based distinctions that we are attempting to eradicate in the United States that classifying people based on class for purposes of immigration. It was a mistake but not based on there Billy you take public welfare, Washington, Post opinion columnist, saying that he said the quiet part out loud and all the rest of us. This is Why the its lack of endemic trust that leads to this gap between what people see its practicality and moral character so from left, because down from his Hitler and because everybody on the right is it Larry and intent and effect because of all of that anything is just divide, including line where we can just falsify the data with regard to trump creating a swamp and violence across the country. We can simply false by the data about what can kuchma, we actually said we can simply make things up, because all of that is justified
and if you're, truly moral as as Ale Z has had allowed. If you are truly moral, the truth doesn't matter only moral truth matters, and that means that you can simply make things up or twist the truth to fit what you are looking for, criticise Trump earlier for valuing what he sees its practicality above moral character of these things do not have to be in conflict. In fact, moral character can be practical because it lays out the stakes of. What is happening, but we seem to have abandoned this and what that's led to is, on the other side, a willingness to say: ok. Well, if you guys aren't playing there, will then we're not gonna play fair practicality. Now demands that we abandon moral character. Practicality demands that we throw brickbats at you. Practicality demands that we cheer for a person who confirmed Chris Cuomo and calls him freedom in public practicality. And so we be as mean is the other side and its immoral, not to be as mean as the other side. So instead of morality being used in service to practicality,.
And practicality, morality buttressing one another More morality is redefined, meet the needs of practicality. You're, seeing it on the left with the media coverage of the Trump administration. And your sing it on the right the cheering on of activity that you would never tolerate from people on the left and again what? If you think that politics, system We warfare by other means than all is fair in love and war, but politics was not supposed to be warfare by other means. Not in a country where was supposed to share certain types of values is not supposed to be. The point. Yeah it is. It is the reason why it is so funny. Cuz the West world will see this on. The right to left will see on the right people, who are our religious people who are backing from posse. Why are they back in from? How could they do this? Despite from sumerian imbecilities and and despite the fact that from says bad things all the time? The reason is because the right has made peace with the idea that you guys are fighting a battle and they're not going to be left behind fighting a different battle
That's why the right is doing this now. Is that the answer for the country's woes? No, we actually need an armistice. We need both sides to come back to the table and recognise that the practical action. To take down the other side by any means. Necessary is really bad for the country. Then WAR of all against. All everybody ends up dead at the zoo mistake, but I dont know how you expect the people on the right to be the first to go weapons down when it comes to practical support for president from when you guys are unfairly attacking from from supporters as racists and bigots. As I've said a thousand times on the shore ready women folks talk about double standards. The alternative to double standards is not a single standard, a double standards. Not standards, those tenders are the obliteration of standards, and, as we have this right,
our centres, there's not a laugh. That's gonna be left. Ok. Now, to give you a quick update on Jeffrey Epstein here so Jeffrey Epstein, I mean this is just ridiculous is ridiculous. It would make me suspicious, except I always think that people are more and I think that having the politics is viewed. It is not house of cards. So there is a report from the New York Times on Tuesday. Apparently, both guards assigned to protect accused sex trafficking. Jeffrey Epstein fell asleep, while they were supposed to be protecting him from himself. Both of them both fell asleep. How is that even possible. They didn't check on him for three hours. The guards and the warden have now been removed. The to employees were placed on administrative leave, the warden was so reassign. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the to staff members apparently went to sleep. And then they falsified the logs. They falsely
recorded in a log? They had checked on the finance every every thirty minutes, as was required as a federal crime. In fact, the two people Guy I've, seen him asleep for some or all of the three hours. According to three of the officials. Insane run, get fired. A conspiracy theories have eighty, both guards simply gave up and went to sleep and then falsified. The logs afterward well done everyone. I think we should trust these to their health care about you. I really think that everybody in government there the best and we should trust them to run our economy. We should trust them to run our healthcare. That's the only way really to make everything all better, unbelievable and meanwhile, the twenty one Democrats are getting weirder and weirder. Actually New York Mayor Bill De Blasio is now engagement, open conspiracy, theory, rising Sun Motors big deal to come to the altar Blasio's. Now doing it open like news on Fox business on Tuesday, he said it was too convenient that that Epstein would commit suicide, just as he was about to implicate
the other powerful people he said quote? This is way too convenient. This makes no sense he's one of the most pro and prisoners in America, dappling he'd either attempted suicide previously been assaulted, either way it's the same reality he needed to be watched twenty four hours a day. He said I'm not a conspiracy theories by, nature, but he said there's no normal explanation. For all of this I mean I will say it. Audio does have some experience in getting away with the murder of ground hogs, so he really has expertise here. Perhaps we should listen to him in other stupidities. Among the twenty twenty democratic debate on Iraq, re launching his campaign with the speech. No one cares about building blocks, YO crafting conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Obscene Then we have Elizabeth, worn Warren who suggests that it's time for Walmart employees to be paid likely, Walmart airs. You know the founders of Walmart. She tweeted out yesterday, quote, though, Walmart airs make four million dollars an hour, a new one What associate makes eleven dollars an hour? My two cent wealth tax on families, like the ones would help level the playing field
working families and rebuild the middle class question when it has a new Walmart associate employed two point: two million people, Walmart is the single biggest employer in America is not close. Two point: two million people have their jobs through Walmart Yeah, it seems to me that in Walmart Associate, you're probably paid less than the person who bears the entire financial risk for the future of accompany them. Placed two point: two million people seems to me: that's that's, probably appropriate and we are the daily wire got better little under a hundred employees. We know bears the risk of ensuring that people get paid every month. I do my business partner. Does Investors do right, we bear the risk, should we get paid more forbearing that risk yacht. We should probably payment get paid more forbearing. That risk was with worn implying that they stopped at the guy stocking. The shelves in Walmart should be paid the same as the people who bear the risk for two point: two million workers, and we should put these folks in charge honestly that that there, the bow
still the smartest there the wisest, and then we also have calmly Harris who, by the way is, is just a dud. I mean it is amazing how much, but does she is in it politically right now, the latest real, clear politics poll average has Joe Biden still with a very white lead in the real, clear politics poll average. For the first time, Elizabeth Warren has overtaking Bernie Sanders. It is Joe Biden, three thousand one hundred and nineteen Sanders. Eighteen Harris all the way down at eight Harris is falling off the map. Worn and enchanters. If they both remained in the race and Biden, clearly wins the nomination on a primary level. But when you look at the primaries, things start to look a little bit more interesting in Iowa. Therein pulls that Joe Biden up. There is a pull today that actually show Bernie up in New Hampshire. Joe Biden is up in Iowa in New Hampshire Biden is basically running dead
and with burning and Warren is only trailing by a little bit in South Carolina Biden retains an extraordinarily widely because he has a big led among black voters among white voters. War is actually winning in South Carolina, but something like sixty percent of the primary base.
In South Carolina is black and by an is blowing everybody out among those voters. So commonly Harris is getting desperate at this point in she continues to try to promises that she can't keep she's. Nobody should have to work more than one job in the United States. Nobody should have to work more, ok, sure I find it very interesting something about this administration. As president, you know he's going around crawling about how this economy is doing so right. The economy is great, he says right and they refer to the unemployment numbers or yeah. I'm up traveller in our country. Let me tell you something: if people are working their work in two and three jobs and in our America we must agree, nobody should have to work more than one job to have a roof over their head and food on the table. Ok! Well, the fact is that if you had to work more than one job have a roof over here,
better food on the table. You probably should have taken the job. That's not paying you enough that be a you problem. Also, it is not, for the vast majority of people in the United States are working two jobs- it just is not true. According to the census statistics, a small but steady number of american workers have more than one job, because either they need for income or because there when a gain, more experience or explore, different interests is a recently released. U S senses Bureau report an apparently what we found is that approximately eight point, three percent of as of twenty thirteen votes, is actually lower. Now eight point: three percent of workers had more. Then one job, thousands of twenty thirteen. It's a lot lower now, so there's no they're, just tons and tons of people who are working, multiple jobs, it is not really true- is not actually the reality in May. Five percent of Americans had multiple jobs
Five percent, that's really what's bringing down the unemployment rate is those five percent of workers who have multiple jobs for for all of the talk about people working at in its writs held to that range. Actually, really, since two thousand nine, it's always been a very, very low number, so that this again is just why. It is also this this bizarre idiocy that you can dictate to the economy, but the economy ought to do every time everybody tries to dictate the economy what it ought to do the economy fights back, because it turns out The arrogant knowledge of the market economy knows more than you do. I know shocking Bernie Sanders during a desperate on his own and his turn against a new enemy, and that is the media. It up was an actually sympathise of burning, as I think that Bernie got debate of recruitment and twenty sixteen, the media really pumped em up. They talk about what a wonderful, brilliant, new
You think he was even those ideas were from Ccs. Why Sorkin nineteen thirty two and he got that right now they ve turned on him because there's a newer, more attractive, Bernie in town, by the name of Elizabeth Warm, which was how old democratic Party that Elizabeth worn is the newer, more attractive version of burning and she seventy Bernie Sanders has been going after the media.
He's going after Jeff bees are sounding a lot like President Trump, you said so I think of peoples is on perform Allenby of the Washington Post. What to do absolutely not! It does not work that way, and then he elaborated, and he said that. Nonetheless, the media have turned against them. He says, for example, have been in politics for a few years. You know what not one report that has ever asked me Bernie. What are you going to do about the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality? Are you want to ask me that is that what the public, what the media talks about yeah, actually asking that all the time Bernie because you're on the left and you ve gotten kid glove treatment, but I feel bad for burning in the sense that again get that needs cut out from under him by people he he trusted, which
sad for him, but again maybe do something productive with your life for the first eighty years of it before we decide to run for president only tempers and things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like today, I'm in the middle of a biography of Ulysses s Grasp IRAN turn up. There's been this really interesting. Rethinking of grant as a president, the old story was that grant was super. Corruptors is not grant himself. It is. His administration was plagued by corruption and crony capitalism and that he was really ineffective. President and now the revised history basically suggests that grant moving out of the presidency was a horrible thing for the United States, because, with the end of grants, presidency really ended the reconstruction efforts. They could have alleviated Jim Crow and the south. That. Article republican efforts to reshape the south died with Ulysses S, grants presidency and that it was replaced by a willingness to go along get along with Jim Crow South. The book does talk about their talks about grant as a characters. Really
ass, an aging and underrated character, because everybody sort of assumes that he was just generic dull to sort of stumbled is way as a drunk into being the head of all american forces during civil war of the union forces rings of war, not true of the biography, is very detailed. It's very long, honestly, the his his autobiography is shorter and probably better, but the biography is pretty good. Bye rancher now grant its worth checking out, ok time for a quick thing that I hate. So there there's been a lot of talk in the last couple of of weeks about the Trump administration weakening the endangered species ACT here is that the determined ministrations going out their hunting Baldy Eagles, that somewhere Trump is going out there with the two to three think. You know that I'm in a bag and begged a boom boom boom
that's not what's going on here. Endangered species act has been too broadly applied. Generally speaking, the endangered Species ACT was applied under the Obama administration to apply to areas that once were used by animals, but no longer are or could be used by animals in the future, but are not being used by those animals right now. What that means is that the federal government has been ruling off limits. More and more land. There is a peace back in two thousand and two thousand and thirteen by David Vetture Senator from Louisiana and when she talked about the Obama, administration using the endangered species act in order to basically tramp tramp and trample I'm local authorities and the ability of of business people to do their business. He said about his palace He makers often ignore variously through a tactical sue and settle they settled litigation.
Allies and environmental groups behind closed doors in a way that advances there far left agenda blocking out of the process, those citizens, states and local governments affected by their decisions and their subsequent rules and regulations. So here's how works one or more our left environmental groups, to the federal government. In this case, under the endangered species ACT claiming that the government is not satisfying its regulatory obligations, then the groups and their friends and meet the administration draft a settlement agreement completely behind closed doors. He says this tax has led to extreme and abuse of actions. During your where I live in Louisiana, their Washington bureaucrats are telling a private landowner. His land cannot be used in any commercial way, thus driving its value down to near zero. This is all to protected Husky, Gopher Frog, a species that's alive and well in Mississippi, but has literally not been spotted in that part of Louisiana for nearly fifty years had it. So what is the new Trump ruling that is apparently so.
Terrible on new rules will allow the administration of this, according to Washington Post, to reduce the amount of habitat set aside for wildlife and remove tools that officials used to predict future harms species as a result of climate change so base, play. What this this new thing does it says you're using me to estimate of where these species are going to inhabit fifty years from now in order to rule out of useful and right now, and we are going to instead, look at economic, pact. On that we're gonna start taking economic impact into account, which should be part of the conversation. Economics is merely the study of trade offs and pretending there are no tradeoffs when you ban the use of land to preserve the dusky gopher frog, that is in Miss but not in Louisiana. That's mistake: wilberfloss the calmer secretary He said the revisions finalized with this rulemaking fit squarely within the president's mandate of easing the regulator.
Burden on the american public. Without sacrificing our species, protection and recovery goals, of course, the left is reacting by suggesting that this is an attempt to destroy endangered species, Under the administrations, new rules would have been here. We impossible to designate the polar bear is threatened in twenty ten because of the loss of sea ice in the Arctic, one of the fastest coming areas in the world nearly two hundred thousand we're miles Barrier Island in Alaska were listed as critical habitat officials relied on climate models to predict how warming would impact polar bear happy tat more than eighty years into the future. The new rules called such predictions in doubt and said
Fisheries can now only determine impacts in what it described, vaguely as the foreseeable future will. This is true. I'm sorry that this happens to be the case. It happens to be the case that, as the projections move further and further out, there are less and less certain with regard to climate change and the impact on species member. There is talk about opening the the Arctic National Wildlife refuge to drilling and how this is going to drive down the cariboo population. Instead, it turns out that terrible likes the heat from the pipelines and they go there, debates that are lots more caribou if, this were simple, is as simple and predictable as environmentalists wish that it were, it would be a lot easier. The new rules limit the area of land that can be protected, help species recover and survive currently land that plants and animals occupy is set aside for their protection. In addition to areas they once occupied or might need in the future could get no bigger than that now critical habitat that is not occupied, might not be protected. Opening it up for other forms of development. Also
A rule change stripped away language that said, the secretary that be the calmer secretary in the interior secretary shall make a listing determination solely on the basis of the best scientific and commercial, information regarding a species status, regardless of cost will now they can look at the economic impact of a listing. Well, that makes a lot more sense again. These are tradeoffs. To pretend that tradeoffs do not exist is incredibly stew, but the way that we are treating this is as though there are no trade offs. But this is not from saying: okay go out and hunt the whales. That's that's the way that the the media are covering. This is from free reign on the permafrost in the whale. That is not what this role does and that it that is simply dishonest. Okay, we'll be back in a little bit later today, with two additional hours of content. Stay tuned oral see here tomorrow, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the entropy Russia
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