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Ep. 858 - Bolton Is Out

2019-09-11 | 🔗

President Trump dumps National Security Adviser John Bolton – but does that mean he’s now embracing his isolationist side? Plus, Republicans prevail in a North Carolina congressional bellwether election. Date: 09-11-2019

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It's eighteen years, since nine and eleven President Trump dumps his national security advisor, John Bolton and Republicans prevail in a North Carolina congressional bellwether election, I Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro, show and well today, does mark the eighteenth anniversary. It's always weird to call an anniversary of it, not eleven. There are a lot of people. I know who are listening to the show, who don't remember: nine hundred and eleven or too young to remember nine which is an amazing thing because for people who were there, it was a Seminole moment much like I'm sure the assassination of JFK was for our parents and our grandparents, nine hundred and eleven was an earth shifting moment. I remember it precisely where I was when nine hundred and eleven happened were dropping sisters off at school. My father and I and people rushed out into the parking lot to tell us that the planes hit the World trade center towers. It was a moment of clarification and crystallization. It was a reminder that the world's an incredibly dangerous place filled with
and those who hate the United States of America, and it was reminder that America was still capable of coming together in times when America was under attack, because the fact is that is divided as America was at the time, and I think America is more divided now than it was in two thousand and one. The fact is that we are still able to recognize the common humanity and other Americans realize that we shared the vast majority of the same values realize that we were all on the same page on an essential key level and we got together and we recognize that we had to go and fight the people who had murdered. Three thousand Americans who had taken down the world trade centers had attacked the Pentagon. It was
a shocking and horrifying day. Obviously I still get a little bit nauseous thinking about I'm sure everyone who remembers it does mean I'm not unique in that capacity in any way, shape or form. We all remember the sacrifice of the firefighters and then the police officers were rushing into the towers, as people were running out, trying to save people. Well, remember the firefighters were there for clean and many of them have gotten disease sense because of all the all the asbestos and and certain dust in the air. We all remember the soldiers who stood up and volunteered people were far braver than I was. We stood up and and said I'm I'm going to fight the bad guys over there, so they never come over here and it's important to remember those things, because how you view nine hundred and eleven as a natural out an isolationist foreign policy or as an aberration in american history. It's just something weird that happened that one time shapes how we see foreign policy in the United States today and how you reacted to nine hundred eleven and how we
back now, to remembering nine hundred and eleven is indicative of where the future of american foreign policy lies, because it seems to me that in the United States right now there is this long slide back into the post, cold war, pre nine eleven mentality on foreign policy, which is that the United States should retreat from the world. The United States has no place in the world that a stronger United States is more likely to draw the attention of bad guys all over the world. If we sort of left the world alone, the world would leave us alone, and nine hundred and eleven was reminder that that wasn't true, because the fact is that the Clinton administration had been extraordinarily non forthcoming in terms of interventionism. In fact, the only real interventionist acts they took were on humanitarian levels right. They did that in Yugoslavia they did that in some Malia. They did that in a little bit in Sudan, but the Clinton administration was certainly not a an aggressive, hawkish administration, Bill Clinton, rapidly cut the military such that the military was simply not ready to do a two front war by the time two thousand and three came around as a result of the United States, abdicating
Judy around the world in the aftermath of the cold war, with the assumption that the vacuum would would not be filled by bad guys. The vacuum was indeed fill by bad guys and we saw a spate of terror attacks, leading up to nine and eleven. That should have been indicative that something like nine, that was going to happen. We saw the nineteen ninety three World Trade center bombing. We saw the bombings of the Khobar towers in Saudi Arabia in nineteen ninety six, we saw the bombings of american embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety eight one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. We saw bombing of the USS Cole in two thousand and then of course, we saw the massive world trade center attacks, and that was the final straw that woke America from its reverie and a second and remind you exactly what that was like what President George W Bush had to say. At the time of time when America was unified an there was a realization, this brutal realization that the world's problems would come here if we were not
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those people are enemies of the world, an enemies of freedom, they they there's that there's a a strong and, I think, morally correct attempts in the United States toward constant self correction. We're constantly introspective- and we should be. We should be looking at all the things we can do to alleviate sins of the past and to correct problems of the present. We should do all of that, but America is uniquely good place. America is a place of uniquely good ideals and, yes, we have so in the past and, yes, we are attempting to self correct, but the story of America is a country that is done in insane amount of good on the world stage, a country that has free billions of people not only from tyranny, but also from poverty. The United States is a beacon of hope to the rest of the world and when we act as we should act and our enemies are the worst people on Planet Earth and for all the talk today about how terrible the United States is. Beto O'Rourke out there on the campaign trail talking about how America is a bastion of race
zoom in violence, the the the Ideal America's a dark sinister place. They get sometimes from both sides, it's just not true, and it wasn't true, nine hundred and eleven either, and the people tax us on nine eleven saw America and particularly saw our world view. A world view of liberalism world view that suggested that freedoms allow the freedom to send world view that that recognized, that the power of the people still the majority, should not be able to overrule the individual rights. We I'll hold against government and that world view came under attack, and we we all remember this. I mean for a brief period in time all the Lakers flags went down in one D'Angelo's in american flags hung out every window. People realized the wait. A second, maybe
forgotten what America is all about, maybe in our our desire for petty politics, we forgot what America was all about and it took an act of evil to the tragedy to remind us of all that and honestly, I prefer the term active people to tragic tragedy is something that is sort of unavoidable and in greek tragedy. It's it's. The the main Kerr pictures fatal flaw that leads to his downfall, but that's how it happened on nine Slash eleven. What happened on nine slash eleven is that the United States got tired. United States got lazy in terms of foreign policy, and we forgot what we were all and then in shattering fashion. We were reminded of that and the United States had to unify once again and the sleeping time is awakened President George, W Bush on September, twenty first two thousand and one he went before a joint session of Congress, and he demanded that the Taliban, which is the evil terror group in charge of Afghanistan, surrender all kind of because all kinda was using Afghanistan as a home base and here's what President George, the Billy Bush had to say about it. The leadership of Al Qaeda has great influence in Afghanistan and supports
the Taliban regime controlling most of that country. The United States respects the people of Afghanistan. After all, we are currently at largest source of humanitarian aid, but we can I, the Taliban regime, and tonight the in states of America makes the following demands on the Taliban. Deliver to unite states authorities all the leaders of Al Qaeda who hide in your land in the United States as unified around that message now later. Obviously, this all turned very political and people would suggest that the Bush administration botch the invasion of Afghanistan, and then they would suggest that the war in Iraq was completely fruit. And pointless and in this all shattered on the on the shoals of war in foreign places actors. In the immediate aftermath of nine hundred and eleven, there was a tremendous unity in the country on the basis of we cannot sit around and hope that the rest of the world will leave us alone. President Trump spelled out the changes in american foreign policy
President Bush, that he he's not that the changes in american foreign policy any talk about what an american response would look like you, it would involve more than simple case by case retaliation, isolated strikes, response involved, more than instant retaliation, an isolated strikes. Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen, and we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation in every region now has a decision to make either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists line, obviously became this sort of rallying cry for the left. All look at that binary view of the universe, but the reality is that, if you're, not with the United States and its war on islamic radical terrorism,
then you were on the other side. There is no. There is no sort of neutrality in that particular battle. George W Bush was right about that. So it seems that we have now forgotten what exactly happened on nine Slash eleven. What that experience was like what that experience meant in terms of foreign policy. I think we've forgotten it left. I think that many people have forgotten it on the right because it has been nearly twenty years since that happened. People are starting two nine hundred eleven as this historic Asian, as opposed to, as I mentioned, and AL of an isolationist and and retreat based foreign policy. We'll talk about that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about during your hiring can be a slow process. Cafe El Toro CEO, Miss quits needed to hire a director of coffee for his JANET Coffee Company, but he's actually having trouble finding qualified applicants. So you switch on over to chip broker broker, doesn't depend on candidates finding you would find them for you. It's technology identifies people with the right experience. Them invites invites them to apply to your job, so you get qualified candidates fast, Dylan posted his job. As a broker said he was impressed by
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w ziprecruiter dot com slash day wears a broker is indeed the smartest way to hire, and I'm not just gonna, throw Pablo under the bus and suggest that he's the one who told me to talk about director MIKE there, but that's kind of what happened in any case, if any case when we talk about nine hundred and eleven, and forgetting the lessons of nine hundred and eleven, a couple of pieces of evidence that people on the have forgotten about nine and eleven and then some evidence that people on the right a b, moving away from a worldview that we number, nine hundred and eleven- that was kind of important in the post, nine hundred and eleven world. Because, let's be real about this, the fact is that the United States is actions in the aftermath of nine hundred and eleven did make America safer. They did make America safe. We can talk as much as we want about how nine It was an aberration as a uniquely spectacular attempt to commit terrorism in the United States, but the fact is that I remember in the aftermath of nine Slash eleven, there was serious fear of a following on attack that still remain for you there is serious fear that Al Qaeda would be able to pull off another mass casualty attack in the United States, and it took actually until the rise of ISIS.
To see similar mass casualty attacks in the west, and that was a full decade after nine hundred eleven, and that was again because of the United States and its allies started to retrench from the world. They started to move away from engagement with the world. Firstly, buttons on the left. So today the New York Times originally tweeted about nine hundred and eleven. This was their original tweet. Eighteen years have passed since airplanes took and brought down the World Trade Center today, families as you can gather in grief at the site, where more than two thousand people died really did was airplanes. It took aim and brought down the world trade. I do remember that we want you twenty year war on airplanes in the aftermath of that, If you were a you're either with the airplanes are you're against the airplanes. That was that was the the basic tenor of that when your time's obviously then had to delete. This is that we do. We didn't earlier tweet to the story and edited for clarity. The story has also been updated. The story by the way repeated exactly the same one. The stories lead also suggested that airplanes had taken had taken aim it.
For the same reason, the media refuse and still refuse to show the actual pictures. What happened on nine slash eleven and refused to talk about the actual perpetrators of nine hundred and eleven and refuse to show the pictures of people leaping from the tops of flaming, things to their death, because they don't want to remind America what nine hundred and eleven actually was for the same reason, the New York Times is tweeting out about how airplanes took game, and it's not just that sweet. Ok, the New York Times editorial page today on line- I don't receive their print newspaper, so I'm just going to give you editorial page today on line it is the 18th anniversary of nine hundred and eleven. You would expect that this might prompt some reflection on nine slash: eleven hey. There are one hundred and twenty three million four hundred and fifty six thousand seven hundred and eighty nine ten eleven editorials on the website of the New York Times, as we record this right as I'm as I'm speaking. These words, one of them, is about nine eleven, the! What about nine hundred eleven is titled the world nine hundred and eleven took from us it's by Omer Aziz and its about Islamophobia. So years after nine eleven, we are still do
in the routine that the media did in the aftermath of nine hundred and eleven, which was that the biggest problem facing the United States was not evil. Islamic radical terrorist attempting to murder westerners. The biggest problem in the United States was supposed brutal Islamophobia springing from the american people, in other words, the left knee jerk belief that the United States is responsible for everything that happens to the United States, that the United States is skirt was too short lead a lot of people on the left immediately respond by suggesting that Americans were these vicious racist, we're going to attempt to target Muslims across the United States that wave of a muslim violence never materialized. Again, I hate crime statistics. Jews were I every single year, far more than most as were in the United States, on a per capita basis, and yet that media narrative remain for years that the it would that The real problem was that America, after nine and eleven became islamophobic, but that was the big. That was the big issue, and you see this today in the West continue crew,
Add to paint America as uniquely terrible place when nine and eleven really reminds us that you know when you look at it in relation to the rest of world. This pretty effing, fantastic and ideals are pretty spectacular. Unity, that surrounded nine hundred and eleven lasted for about five minutes. Only by now on the left. We have forgotten that unity and we've gone back to America is responsible for all the sins against turn. If only we would be more Concilia, Tori, more multicultural, if only would be nicer to the immigrants, then everything would be. Right now. That is not an argument about illegal immigration. That's not an argument, legal immigration and it's not. Not making an argument on that basis. I saying that for the left, the radical left, all of America's sins, in the words of Jeremiah Wright, came home to roost on nine slash eleven, and that was a perspective on the left. It remains a predominant perspective on the radical left in the United States It is wrong, it is dangerous and it is morally obtuse. And then on the right we seem.
We have forgotten that we have intractable foes in the world and if they do fill the vacuum left by the United States and the world is not simply a place of status quo. And if the United States moves out of particular areas, America's enemies move in and that does have an impact and that impact may not be felt for some years. But we do have to Difficult decisions on foreign policy and some of the decisions are decisions like We have a more intrusive invasive hawkish foreign policy to prevent the death of civilians at home. Or should we accept the fact that, if we more isolated from the rest of the world in terms of foreign policy, if we leave areas to fester for years at a time without any sort of intervention, without any sort of american influence in those areas, that every so often we're going to take a mass casualty attack in the United States that make hell three thousand Americans, because to pretend that you can have your cake and eat it too. When it comes to foreign policy, is an immature view of foreign policy. This image of foreign policy
came to a head over last week and a half four apparently the Trump Administration and President Trump himself we're specifically considering whether to have that same Taliban. The Taliban, the George W Bush, talked about in two thousand one that hope that fostered all tied up the same Taliban that continues to reject the legitimate government of Afghanistan and foster terrorism throughout Afghanistan. Whether that same Taliban should be welcomed to Camp David and the United States should cut a peace deal with a bunch of people who acknowledge openly that they wish to murder, Americans and hate everything with the United States stands for, and you can see this gap opening up on the right between sort of Bush era, foreign policy and the Trump era. Foreign policy- and I was fearful that this was going to open up more in two thousand and sixteen when President Trump was elected, Maine because the Bush in the Bush administration made mistakes on foreign policy, right, knowing now what they knew, then what they've invaded Iraq? I highly doubt it.
Knowing now what they knew, then, what they've surge troops in Afghanistan sooner probably. Knowing now we knew then would they have focused on building The military and fighting one front war instead of a front war. I'm sure they would have search sooner in even if they'd gone it absolutely. But the overall foreign policy view of the of the Bush. Administration was, if do nothing, we're going to get another? Nine hundred and eleven were going to get a lot more terrorism and we're going to see our enemies thrive, and so we have to do more right. The Clinton era, foreign policy was a mistake in the aftermath of the Bush foreign policy. We got the Obama Trump Foreign Policy and Trump was. There is a question, an open question in twenty. Sixteen as to whether Trump was going to be more interventionist sort of like Bush, or was he going to be more Obama? Ask seeking to bring America's troops home from these far flung places across the world and assume that everything would sort of be fine and that was Obama's approach to foreign policy, which you slashed the
Terry now Trump has a knee jerk like for the military. The Obama simply didn't have a bomb he needs or dislike for the strength of the United States military, which is why, when it came to, for example, sequestration, he insisted that half of the cuts come from the military trump innately likes. The american military loves the American tearing away the Bronco, Bamma didn't and so he's built up the american military. But the question was going to be how he Floyd that military and how he approached diplomacy versus military force versus threats versus sanctions and for a while there it seemed that the Trump administration was going to be more Bush like in his general approach that will I'm a like in his general approach that may be changing. That Taliban attempted meeting was a horrible horrible idea. Virtually every level in a second I'll talk a little bit more about all of that. First, let's talk about the fact that if you work out at all, if you're just seeking to be healthy, then you need to be hydrated if you hate being dehydrated, but sugar
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and into a thriving democracy or the transformation of Iraq and what thriving democracy it was. It was bush in aggressive interventionism with a real ology twinge and I was actually pretty good, that's pretty good and then last week we got all this talk about the Taliban and you could see the gaps beginning to emerge on the right over the nine hundred and eleven. So Condoleezza Rice came out yesterday, she's on CBS this morning and she said listen. This is, we should not be negotiating with the Taliban. Well, I'm relieved you. We walked away from the stall. I always wondered if it was really possible to get a solution with a Taliban that is not really committed to peace and there. Some bad tell tell signs. There is an afghan government that has been there now as our ally for Kate and a half and Taliban says they don't recognize them. They won't talk to them. That's a bad sign.
Okay and Condoleezza Rice points out correctly that if the United States withdraws from Afghanistan a collapses back into chaos again with the Taliban taking over in Europe for Forty five years until Jeremy could unify between one thousand nine hundred and forty five and one thousand nine hundred and ninety were still there. We keep the peace on the open since one thousand nine hundred and fifty three, and I know Americans are tired of some of the responsibilities but the frankly there's nobody but the United States of America. Can do these things, and so I don't know what the right numbers are. But I hope that the president and his his aides are asking our military. What can We do to leave enough of a presence there to stabilize, the situation now? As I say, this is the conflict that is breaking out into the open and it seems to have broken out a specifically over this Taliban thing and the conflict I'm talking about and with the firing of John, both in the national security at
visor. So apparently, Bolton's position with the Taliban was exactly Condoleezza Rice's position with the Taliban, which would be the Bush position with the Taliban. Frankly, it can't negotiate with terrorists and if we have to leave a footprint in Afghanistan indefinitely will leave a footprint in afghan Dan indefinitely. And then there was the other side of the equation, which was sort of Trump's instinct, which is get out now as fast as humanly possible and if they hit us that, maybe we have to hit them again, but we got to get out as fast as humanly possible that side of the equation is backed by people more like Tucker Carlson and ran Paul and that came to a head with the firing of Bolton. So, according to Karen's young Josh, Dawsey and John Hudson over the Washington Post over turbulent seventeen months, president national security. Advisor John Bolton had disagreed on idea. This is from North Korea to Venezuela to run a truck finally decided to remove his security aid on Tuesday after heated discussion, the oval office, following accusations by other, shows in the administration that both had leaks to the news media tried to drag
others into his battles with Secretary of State MIKE Pompeii over Afghanistan and promoted his own views, rather than those of the president. According to people familiar with the matter trunks all the built in to meet with him on Monday afternoon, as he prepared to leave for a campaign rally that night North Carolina. Well, let's see by some in the administration as the source of a media report that vice President Pence, we were allies in opposing a peace deal with the Taliban negotiated by Pampero State Department. Just before the meeting trumpets we that it was fake news. To create the look of turmoil in the White House, of which there is none. And then, of course, he fired Bolton, Bolton denied the charges that I didn't like that to the media that there was this big division. But the Afghanistan issue, according to the Washington Post, turned out to be a tipping point among accumulated and says that have been building for months. The president was annoyed. That Bolton would regularly call on members of Congress to try to get them to push Bolton, preferred policies on Trump A senior official who, like others, spoke on the condition anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. Many on buttons staff
we're seen as unnecessarily confrontational with other parts of the national security bureaucracy. Now, let's be real about this, the way that policy is conducted in the Trump administration is by vision and outside influences. That is the way it is conducted. Okay, it is not what happens in the room so used to be a foreign policy was conducted in the room. Basically, you'd have all of your foreign policy players that sit around the table. They bring in briefing experts and then decisions would be made. That is not how president from x policy makes policy by watching tv. He listens to commentary, he takes in the commentary and then he produces a decision or he gets a call from some the outside, and then he considers that and then he makes decisions yeah. We have seen this repeatedly on everything from domestic to foreign policy. I'll, take a took a call from Tucker, Carlson or Sean Hannity and then he will make decisions on the basis of his opinion about those calls but watch something on Fox NEWS, and this will shape his thinking on how a particular issue takes place. Now, it's not my preferred method. Allergy, but people inside the administration know this. Everyone inside the administration knows this
they're, not they are saying so everybody sort of acknowledges that this is how Trump's administration works. If you know anybody in the White House, you know this is true, and I know nearly everybody in my house okay, so this is just a fact of life, so this complaint about told me he was going to outside can Congress people have then call everybody in the White House does that that is nothing new. That is nothing new. What really happened here is that Trump got egg on his face over this whole Taliban, ridiculous appeal and he's going to bring the worst people on earth, literally some of those people on earth to Camp David, and then he was going to have some sort of peace agreement with them in which they would promise something and then give up nothing. And then we're going to withdraw american troops on that basis and never insert them, because once you withdraw them, Trump is not going to reinsert those troops. Okay, is a bad idea from the outset. Bolton opposed it, but was pretty loud about opposing into buttons out. That's pretty much what seems to happen here. Some have been inundated with complaints. According to officials, pension acting White House chief of staff make bold, make mold
Many were awaiting trumps arrival Monday afternoon in Fayetteville Templeton, only increase of Bolton increasingly abrasive and self promoting, which is to say the best way to get someone fired in the Trump ministrations to go to Trump and say that guy stealing your line like he's on tv news, undermining you, it's always to appeal to Trump's ego, secretary of State Palm Pale and Treasury secretary, Stephen engine had told Trump and his national security adviser was not helping him officials said Bolton, had even use in recent weeks to go on television and defend the president's policies on Afghanistan and Russia. Both the president thought wasn't well, he wasn't on the team. Of course, it always comes down to that for President Trump after Trump made his views known both and offered it to resign according to Bolton Trump instead said they would discuss it the next day it was the last time you saw the president. He had the meeting thought about it for a few hours, especially since the president wasn't exactly begging him to stay on and he'd had enough that a person familiar with bones thinking until Tuesday morning Bolton handed at a two sentence letter to an aide for delivery to Trump and left the building. I hereby resign effective immediately before,
even Trump stole his thunder, announcing a terse tweet that he had fired his third National secure in a row that be after MIKE Flynn and Hr Mcmaster. He said I just strong with many of his suggestions, as did others in the administration, I will be naming a new national security adviser next week in there is this whole debate the broke out over whether Bolton had resigned or what Bolton was fired now. Does this necessarily mean that from the shifting radically to the isolationist caucus when it comes to foreign policy? No, doesn't, but it certainly provides an opening to a lot of the members of that caucus who seek to minimize America's presence on the world stage. Now I'm not saying it's coming from a bad place for a lot of these folks, I'm not saying that Tucker who tends to be on the side or Rand Paul
tends to be on the side? I'm not saying this is coming from a place that the american left is coming from, where they say that America's presence on the world stage provokes attacks against the United States in America is a force for nefarious ends in the world. I'm not saying any of that. I think that talkers basic perspective is that the United States should not be expending resources. Brother could be better spent at home and in his rand Paul's perspective too. Although more tension with maybe a RON, Paul sentiment and Tucker is perspective, is bring those folks home from distant lands. We can build up the United States or somebody hits us. We had the back and that's pretty much how this works. Are you don't need an interventionist foreign policy and that's a good faith argument. I would suggest that, the aftermath of nine and eleven? That argument basically fell apart, but we're not twenty years distant from that and so now, there's a reconsideration of that argument that are
seems to be breaking out a new specifically over Bolton, who is a Bush era holdover and MIKE Pompeii, who is not as much as a Congress person before you head on over to the state department? Okay, we'll get into more of this in just one second. First, let's talk about knowing your business inside and out. So we run a profitable business here at the daily white right. One out of five: oh one c three: we actually have to run a profit. That means we have to keep track of everything that is going on in our offices. And most businesses. Do you want to run a successful business? You have to make sure that you know your numbers. If you don't know your numbers, you simply don't know your business, but the problem growing businesses have is that they have these hodgepodge podge business systems. So you don't actually have one centralized place where you keep track. All your numbers. This is why you need Netsuite by Oracle. Is the business management, software that handles every aspect of your business in an easy to use cloud platform, the visibility, the visibility and control you need to grow with you save
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here it's getting near the end of the year, and I promise we are about to implement all sorts of massive changes over a daily wire. Like we're flipping our website, we have all sorts of great new benefits for subscribers. We have some real goodies that are coming up so go check us out right now for daily wear. Ninety nine dollars here for the annual is better than nine hundred and ninety nine a month for the monthly GO check us out right now we have the largest fastest growing conservative, podcast radio show in the nation uhhuh. So the question about Bolton's Alistair is whether reflected deeper divides inside the Trump administration, about foreign policy itself, or whether this was just interpersonal conflict and it's not totally clear. But you get my palm pale. Who is fairly hawkish on foreign policy and self saying he disagreed with Bolton it many times how he looks. Happy about this, so maybe it was just an interpersonal conflict right, you're working right,
with John motion as it was a and also this is his departure make it easier for you to do your job and that ministrations accomplished the president's foreign policy agenda? I don't The it'll workings of how how this all goes. We we all give our candid If there were many times Ambassador Bolton. I disagree, that's to be sure, but that's true for well the people who, with whom I interact- okay, so Pompeii. Obviously had some interpersonal problems and, and people like Lindsey, Graham we're close to the administration, also close to Bolton. He says it was probably come because this is as much a personality conflict as anything else. He says the President run into a situation where you didn't like about some stuff in the paper. It got to be a breakdown of trust that it pretty well shut down the policy process among national security agencies at the White House. Those outside the inner sanctum were stunned when from ST appeared at the Pentagon. There were cheers when Pompeii will appear,
in unrelated news, unrelated news briefing shortly after Trump's we'd hear about frantic questions about Bolton, saying he would not talk about the minister. In the Inner Steve Mnuchin, also look pretty pleased over at the Treasury Department and he sort of blame this on the very views of Trump and Bolton on the Iraq war, which makes zero sense. Considering that the United States does not have a lot going on in Iraq at this point as compared with Afghanistan. One thing I would just say follow up exit presence been very clear on this. The president's view of the Iraq WAR and Ambassador Bolton's was very different in the president's made. Okay, so there is currently a long list of people inside the White House. He just didn't like Bolton very much on a personal level, apparently including Melania Trump Pence, Mulvaney, Pompeii, Mnuchin and other Defense department official. So maybe this is all interpersonal. That's my hope is that this was all interpersonal. I fear, This is reflected. Let me move to the left by the Trump administration on foreign policy, or at least a move toward
and more isolationist sentiment by the by the Trump administration, so Tucker Carlson. To take an example was celebrating Bolton's ouster, you can see he's very happy about all this is Tucker and Tucker suggested. I think ridiculously that Bolton is a man of the left, which is just bizarre and insane like there's no evidence whatsoever. That Bolton is a left winger. I mean really just left, love John Bolton because I'm missing it if you're wondering why so many progressives are morning, Bolton's firing tonight it's because Bolton himself fundamentally was a man of the left. There was not a human problem, John Bolton wasn't totally convinced could be solved with the brute force of government. That's an assumption of the left. Not the right! Don't want the mustache fool. You John Bolton was one of the most progressive people in Trump Administration and by the way, now, once he was a sconce, their golden promoted Obama Loyalists within the National Security Council that shouldn't surprise you either. Okay, I don't know what what this is referring to. I mean seriously
old is a man of the left and the left was morning him yesterday. Now, let's just happy there was cast inside the truck. Discretion. I anybody on the left was thrilled about John. I mean you remember how upset when John Bolton was hired and what not, and what not Rand Paul, of course, plays the same tune. He says that the threat of war is diminished reporting on. Let me just make something: it is notion that John Bolton is going around stumping for war. If that were the case, there have been a little more war under John Bolton, because one of things that I've noticed is that John Bolton mainly Stymied president Trump for making a crap deal with the North Koreans is be ready to sign an agreement with the North Koreans in which the United States would stop military exercises would start to withdraw some of its joint joint exercises with the South Koreans. Would ease some of the economic burden on North Korea in return for empty promises and but was like no that's a bad idea and then Bolton also undermined the negotiation,
with the run that we're going on. That would have presumably returned the United States to something resembling the IRAN Nuclear deal from much trouble during the first was then build was standing strong against this Taliban deal. Okay in none of these, his was war, the alternative in none of these cases, what Bolton stumping for full scale war with any of these places? Ok, so this is all a bunch of this. Is straw man, crap, here's rand, Paul stealing it. You know, I think uh. The threat of war around the world is greatly diminished. With Bolton out of the White House, I think naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and, to you know, democratic governments, and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image and, frankly, just doesn't work that why there's a lot of history of getting strong man in the Middle EAST and having them replaced by vacuum, chaos or actually making the place more printable for terrorist training. Again, you can criticize.
Americans interventionist foreign policy to doing this whole thing about how America is less likely to go to war. Now John Bolton is out when there are two ways. America goes to war. America goes to war, precipitously and America goes to war reactively. After nine hundred and eleven it was reactive and then it became precipitous. Are you more fearful that the Trump Administration is going to go? Are we actively or precipitously? My fear is that we'll go to war? We actively, we won't do enough, we'll be attacked in then we'll be forced into a position of doing something, and so far that's been trumps tendency, one of the things about a an active foreign policy. Sometimes you forced all war by preventing the conditions that lead to an outbreak in the first place these sort of preemptive strategy of interventionism in foreign policy that was Bush in is that going to be replaced by a different sort of isolationist foreign policy. Now that Bolton is out that remains to be seen, and I think How we do nine hundred and eleven has something to do with that? I do I mean I think that the relative
unanimity that we saw in the aftermath of nine Slash eleven has faded, and now we are back to the Clinton era, arguments that took place frankly, I think we're back to those arguments as soon as two thousand and eighteen thousand nine, when Barack Obama was elected, but to see that sort of cross party lines is at the very least somewhat disturbing I would prefer to think and I think realistically, that the Trump administration is not going to suddenly embrace all sorts of deals with the world's worst regimes- at least I hope not. Instead, I think that the trump administration- this was just about interpersonal conflict. That at least is my help. I will say this: when IRAN is celebrating the ouster of an american advisor, that's probably not a great thing. According to the associated press- runs President urged the United States on Wednesday to quote warmongers aside as tensions the Persian Gulf amid an escalating crisis between wash ten into in the wake of collapsing nuclear deals with world powers. I Sandra Honey, his remarks, a signaled approval of Trump's, abrupt dismissal, John Bolton as National Security advisor. I will rule anything. The police, IRAN is bad.
I say this is because IRAN is run by evil evil people who have pursued awful violence in the region against american allies against against various sovereign countries. No one whenever, whenever you are again around rating is not a good thing for the United States as a general rule. Okay, meanwhile, over Caroline, there is a special election last night. The Democrats were hoping very much like that, Georgia, district or John also Fran and LOS that they were gonna, pull out a surprise victory to have you read district. This address for this district was won by President Trump in two thousand, sixteen by twelve points. Well, last night, the district is one again by a Republican has been held by Republican for something like for years. It was one by two. According to the New York Times Dan Bishop, a republican state senator scored a narrow victory on Tuesday and a special house election in North Carolina and demonstrated Trump's appeal with his political base, but highlighted his party's deepening unpopularity with suburban voters. Bishop Diffie
Dan, you a moderate Democrat one day after Trump made a full throated plea for support for Republican. At a rally on the conservative Charlotte to Fayetteville District, which the president carried by nearly twelve points in twenty sixteen, with most votes counted as of Tuesday night Bishop was ahead by about two percentage points. According to the Associated Press, the fierce fight for the ninth congressional district also brought to an end, I tortured political drama, the two thousand eighteen mid term race for the seat, which Macready barely lost against a different Republican, was in question for months because of evidence of election fraud on the GOP side, election was thrown out in a special election had to be held in the that last actually buy more votes than the Democrat lost the first time around. So the question is what kind of bellwether this is. President Trump believes that this is a bellwether for coming republican victory in twenty twenty and he tweet it out much. He Dan Bishop was down seventeen point three weeks ago. He then asked me for help. We changed his strategy together and he ran a great race, big rally last night
it looks like he's going to win, CNN and MSNBC are moving their big studio equipment in talent out stay tuned, but Trump is obviously correct that in an M S, N B C. One morning last night, it's always amusing to watch as as President Trump takes credit for victory and casts blame whenever There is a loss. I I really doubt that a bishop lawsuit been like well, you know, went in there, it didn't help it wasn't going to go that way, but Trump is correct. At his last minute, push must have helped Bishop, I mean there's a slim, close race trump gets out. The base is a formidable political figure at getting out the base, as I am fond of saying, winning an election in the United States is about two things: making it unpalatable to vote for your opponents and making it very palatable for people to vote for you trump. Is fantastic at the former and he is not phenomenal at the ladder getting people to vote for him. However, he does drive out the base. I did a lot of people who show up to vote against him, but in a
election were turnout's gonna to be Trump's presence. There may have been the turning point for for the for the Republican in this race. Bishop now is it true that Bush was down seventeen points? A couple of weeks ago, I haven't seen any data that supports that it was a pretty close race for weeks and but still Trump helped me from showing up in rallying help, and that's why I said yesterday on the show that President Trump's rally was a good moment for Trump. It looked a lot like what twenty Twenty has look like him touting his economic record and him pointing at Democrats and suggesting that they are indeed incredibly radical, the that's only lost narrowly because they were running a a blue dog. I ran this race they're running an Ex military member who fairly moderate on a lot of push button policies and that guy only lost by two now the possibility here is the Democrats fail to take. The lesson lesson Democrats should take is if we run a very good candidate in a red district, it turns purple and if we run a very good democratic cans in it in a
district in turns blue. In other words, they should be running more toward the center and not proclaiming progressive policy as the be all end all, but it seems like they're taking the opposite message, which is, I guess we didn't get out our base enough. So, for example, you get this article from the Washington Post, Philip bump quote, are moderate democratic candidates safe bet, they used to be his impression is that what Democrats really need to do is skews the progressive? What now, if that's the lesson you took out of NC nine, you get it. The only reason that was competitive race is because Democrats ran a very good candidate in that race, against a somewhat weak republican candidate. In a time when Republicans are not overwhelmingly popular. But if Democrats had AOC in that district they lose by thirty right, but a lot of after taking the wrong message to fill a says since Barack Obama was elected president in two thousand and eight there's been a slow uptick in Americans, reporting Satisfaction with how things are going in the country. You can see that the Gallup Polling over the course of two thousand and eight gal,
Data indicated that, on average, fifteen percent of Americans were satisfied with how things were going in two thousand and nine. That comes to an average of twenty six percent. Before slipping back into the upper teens by two thousand and eleven by Obama's last year in office, the average was twenty seven percent, which is carried into two thousand and seventeen President Trump's first year in office. In twenty eighteen. The figure is over thirty percent. So far this year the average has fallen slightly. Now I love that he's attributing this to politics again. The fact is that this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do have the economy is going. In other words, when the economy sucks satisfaction goes down and when the economy goes Satisfaction goes a bunch during the 1990s nineties of satisfaction among Democrats and Republicans generally tracked with one another starting in one thousand and one when George W Bush became President Dennis democratic satisfaction tanked, while Republicans remain confident with how things were going at least until Bush re elected, then the Iraq war in the economy, submarine in satisfaction, even within Bush's own party, satisfaction, stay low among publicans during Obama's two turns
covering only once from one from victory, they'll print Democrats to suddenly see the direction of the country as increasingly unsatisfactory, so there. If he's right about this, there is a partisan gap in satisfaction with the country. It is largely based on political control, but overall dissatisfaction with the country tends to track with the economy fairly well during Bill Clinton's presidency. Rats and Republicans differ in their satisfaction over how things were going by about nineteen points on average under Bush that gap or do an average of forty points under Trump. The average gap has been forty five points, a says this largely mirrors another metric, which is presidential job approval because of partisanship. He says, of this brings us to the question we're here to answer: does this new reality suggest new mechanics will be in play in twenty twenty and aunt Is it in your times look at the history of successful democratic moderates in political campaigns even in the twenty eighteen democratic way, they argue more. Moderate candidates had more success in congressional campaigns. That's good news for the current leader former vice President Joe Biden, but they say,
do more moderate positions mean that Biden has a better chance of winning but says still Democrats hate Trump, so hatred of Trump may drive to support more progressive policies and drive them out to the polls, so he suggests that it is possible. A more progressive candidate will be will be more useful to Democrats. He says the countervailing theory to a moderate is the safer bet for Democrats is a variant on the TED Cruz theory of twenty. Sixteen now hard right, conservative or moderate Republicans will vote for that candidate anyway, but conservatives one staying home and they'll show up. So the idea from Democrats is very similar, Phil Bums, as most that's now identified as liberal, that's a shape that has been slowly happening in the party with self identified. Liberals passing moderates during Obama's tenure, so the question comes down to energy, so Democrats may in fact take the wrong lesson from Z, nine and then run somebody who is radically progressive. Now again the reason that this
now. It may be true on a national popular vote level that you get more people from New York and California vote for you if you want before and then, if you run Joe Biden but Ohio, Wisconsin Pennsylvania are those the areas where you actually need a more progressive candidate. If Democrats take their lesson, I think that will be a massive massive mistake, so I hope they make that mistake. I hope they can can you along these lines? In the end,
the NC, nine, an indicator that is good for a public as well? No, it's never great when you drop from our plus twelve to our plus two, but does it spell complete crisis in twenty twenty four publicans? The way that a republican Lawson may have no not quite and still shows, the President Trump has some last minute push button appeal with Republicans, and many Democrats are not like, for example, is a pull out of Texas. Today I chose a bunch of Democrats ahead of President Trump in Texas in the national election, but none of those Democrats is breaking is breaking fifty. Every single Democrat Nepal is stuck in the upper forties, which really suggest that President Trump is going to win that state and probably when the state pretty handily. All the polls that have from down at forty two right now have no democratic opponent. Restaurant against generic Democrat. Well from the share a democrat public. It's forty percent in two thousand. Sixteen against Hillary Clinton from against Generic Democrat ends up with something like forty six percent. Okay, so that the that the point of matter is very very much here and seen demonstrates that? But I think Democrats may take the wrong lesson. At least I hope so. Are you
some things I like in some things that I hate sell things that I like today, so it I'm I'm constantly hearing questions from parents about what are some great books for kids. I love this series when Brad Meltzer, illustrated by Christopher Illy Obelus gets called. The I am here is the ordinary people change the World Series and it's great. They have these books about Albert Einstein of recommended them of, or there are two new ones that are just come out. One is called, I am Walt Disney and the other is. I am Marie Curie, an it's just. These are great books that are all about the obstacles that these historical figures had to overcome in the great things that they did. I just read my daughter, the one on Marie Curie, an first of all time. Things that I didn't remember about Mary Carey and, second of all, it really is inspiring for kids. My daughter turned to me, and she said when I grew up. I want to be a scientist I said. Well, you know, Mommy is also a scientist. Mommy said. Actually, no, I want to be a real scientist and she wants to be a research scientist which is just awesome and she is super smart, and so she will probably make that happen. She's a very determined kid. These books are just great.
They're really pro America, but in the is sort of non flag waving sense, meaning the ones about american citizens, they don't sugar, american history. They want about Jackie Robinson, the about racism in american history but remind you that America is the land of opportunity and remind you that the most several people in my for the people who work through obstacles in and work hard and take advantage of the opportunities that they have and make opportunities for themselves. I love this year. I really do and I recommend it for all kids: it's the the order, change. The world here is from Brad Meltzer and the new ones that are out. I am all Disney and I merry Kerry they're, just fantastic. You should go check them out right now. Okay time for a couple of quick things that that I hate California sucks, you can put that out there. So, if you're, my entire life, except for three years when I was in Cambridge Massachusetts, California is terrible and they continue to push a terrible policy. The Democrats in Sacramento today
California legislators approved a landmark bill on Tuesday that requires companies like uber and Lyft to treat contract workers as employees, a move that could reshape the gig economy, and that adds fuel for years long debate over whether the nature of work has become too insecure. This is the part where we remind everybody that, if you make all these people, employees then over and let's have to pay them like employees and not like independent contractors, which means that the price of dramatically goes up on consumers, which means fewer people are employed, and that's what's going to happen here, your artificially boosting wages as opposed to just paying people what they want to take a job for over a lift and transform the interpretation economy, particularly in the city of LOS Angeles, which is very spread out. He's in this in New York, where people taxi medallions have been lobbying for years to have over and live treated as though all of the drivers are actually working right wait for the business, creating liability and health insurance issues and all the rest of it. Well, I don't blame the folks, you paid fifty grand for a taxi medallion in New York, because New York had created this
cartel, in LOS Angeles, you want to make Laa lot worse place to live, do exactly this and then, of course, is what they're doing. We have a massive homeless problem here in LOS Angelus, a lot of people who are seeking jobs to tide them over from job to job drive it over, and let me have you ever driven with any of these, Roger Services, and you talk to the folks who are driving very often they'll, say yeah in between jobs right now, and one of the ways I'm paying my rent is that I was able to become. One of these drivers, like forty eight hours notice, and it's me pay my bills, so California is going to take that ability away from you, which is just spectacular. The bill passed in a twenty nine to eleven vote in the state Senate and will apply to a based companies, despite their efforts to negotiate an exemption. Gavin Newsom, who has the looks and brains of a Kendall, endorsed the bill this month and is expected to sign it after it goes through the state assembly. Under the measure, workers must be designated as employees instead of contractors if a company exerts control over how they perform their tasks or if their work is part of a company's regular business, which.
Of course, is idiotic. I use Fedex all the time and I direct and how to do their work where to take my packages. Does that mean that FED Ex is now my employee or are they my agent in the bill may influence other states? A coalition of labor groups, of course, is pushing similar legislation in New York because they don't like a free and open competition in the labor market. Instead, they prefer unionized work that raises wages, but when employment. Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom signed another idiotic bill today. This bill prevents schools from suspending disruptive students from kindergarten through eighth grade, because nothing makes education in California public schools better than having a kid who being a little crap disrupting the class being able to do anything about it, Gavin Newsom signed the law Senate bill. Four hundred and nineteen at permanently prohibits willful defiance suspensions in grades four and five. It also bans such suspensions in grade six through eight for five years. Nothing like taking away a tool that a teacher has to remove a bad influence from a classroom. Nothing ruins a classroom quite like disruptive
children. They can't do anything about, in fact, I'm a read when I was in private school. You get this, because if the parents were big donors to the school and teachers were locked in from of the kids in the classroom, those are always good to in the classroom, yeah the reason they're doing this is because they suggest that too many minority kids are being suspended from class. Well. First of all, there are a lot of minority teachers were suspending minority kids. This is not necessarily the result of some endemic racism. Maybe kids are acting oddly, should stop acting badly in class and their parents should step in if there is this endemic problem: white, black and green in the United States- and that is the parents, these days, toss their kids on schools and then expect the teachers to raise their kids for them and then, if their kids come home and they're like oh, my teacher got on my case. The parents call it the teacher and whine about it. You know what happens if a teacher calls up and says your kid is making trouble in class. The talk that I have is not with the teacher. The talk I have is with MIKE. Because my assumption is that adults more no than adults, no more than children. You know why, because kids are down his know, things.
Don't have a behavioral regulation, their brains aren't that developed. Yet you need to be able to remove disruptive students from the classroom, especially in la you got like thirty other kids in the classroom. I've been in classrooms where kids are disruptive. I'm sure you have to it is not a pretty picture and it tends to have snowball effect, because once kids know they can get away with something, then all the kids start acting this way, the bill posed by the Charter School Development Center was executive. Director argued that this was one fits all legislation. That is a fix in search of a problem that is correct, but they there is this. This whole case that this is the one of the best ways to disrupt the school to prison pipeline right. I'm sure that suspending kids from class is what causes them to be bad kids, not the fact that they were being bad kids in class, which is why they were suspended in the first place. I would love to see the control group here, the kids who were terrible in class, we're not suspended and then ended up being fortune five hundred ceos
Supposed to kids were suspended, their parents called the school that parents punish the kid, and the kid got back on the straight and narrow. Alright will be back here later today for two additional hours of content. And, as always, you know, I think we should keep nine hundred and eleven in our hearts, and mines today. Remember what that was like. Remember that that sort of thing can happen again if the United States falls asleep again. You're listening to the Ben Shapiro Show.
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