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Ep. 863 - The Israel Impasse

2019-09-18 | 🔗

Israel’s elections end with no clear winner, President Trump receives support from a feisty Corey Lewandowski, and the wokescolds come for comedy. Date: 09-18-2019

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Israel's elections and with no clear winner, President Trump receives support from a feisty Corey Lewandowski and the Wilkes colds For Joe Biden and comedy I'm Ben Shapiro, this is the Ben Shapiro show and yeah. Absolute chaos in this israeli election? I will bring you the results and I will explain how those results work. I am familiar with the system over there we'll get to that in just one second, but first saudi oil fields are under attack. Increasing geopolitical insecurity skyrocketing national debt. It is the perfect storm for the rally in gold right this instant. Is there any gold protecting more portfolio and retirement savings. Can you afford another hit to your retirement? Like the last downturn, when the Snp dropped fifty percent, you should have some precious metals in your portfolio. Diver If I make sure that you are not at the whim of the rest of the worlds: events or central banks in various countries around the globe: hedge against inflation, hedge against uncertainty and instability with precious metals. The folks I use are the folks over at birch cold there, people that I trust people, I think, are really good. At their jobs.
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member of his own party, we could, he took his part of the Israel Beiteinu Party and basically refused Form, a coalition with Netanyahu so long Netanyahu was in his words pandering toward the which parties in Israel so there's several competing cross currents in israeli politics in the United States abroad, everybody tends to think that israeli politics is mainly and centrally about policy toward the Palestinian Authority or policy toward Europe or policy toward United States, and that simply is not true in much the same way. That policy in the United States and politics in the United States are largely not about foreign policy and in the United States, most of the stuff. We think about his domestic policy in Israel, most of the stuff that people think about is domestic policy specifically because there is a widespread consensus ever since the second intifada of two thousand and two thousand one. Is widespread consensus that there is no peace to be negotiated with a bunch of terrorists, which of course is true, and this is the dirty little grit of israeli politics that the press seemed to want to ignore that dirty. Little
secret is that, even if Benjamin how does not end up as Prime Minister of Israel. There is no a world in which there are bilateral negotiations with the Palestinian Authority ending with a peace deal. It's not a thing. That's going to happen cook oval oval, the blue and White Party in Israel, which is led by a former I d, F chief of staff named Benny Guns, okay, who, right now the Europeans are attempting to try him for war crimes or some such because, if you ever served in the israeli military, the Europeans will try to try for war crimes. Benny guns is not going to fundamentally, shift israeli foreign policy. He may shift domestic policy can economics BB has been missing. Out has been a liberalizing prime minister, in terms of trying to free the economy. He is also worked hand in glove, a lot of the religious parties, and this is another competing current in Israel, so they're a bunch of domestic competing cross currents in israeli politics. I mention one as he could is economic, the foundations of the state of Israel, our socialistic. We go back to the
invasion of the state of Israel it was founded on the socialist ideal people lived on, would seem which were basically communes that fell apart. Israel has been moving in a more cash, but this direction ever since, which is why it is one of the world's tech leaders now, which is why there are a lot of companies that are based in Israel. It is leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of other. Countries on a per capita basis in terms of technological development in education. That is because the liberalization of the economy, but there is significant, any huge social welfare state in the state of Israel and that's been a source of tension in the state of Israel and then another major source of tension then the religious versus the secular in Israel, so the state was founded by sex honest with people who believe that there to be a homeland for Jews to keep them safe, but one particular religious, didn't, have a lot of relationship with traditional jewish religion and then there's a big block of people living in Israel who are very religious and there's all sorts of conflict over claws like, for example, should the buses run on Shabbat the buses run on Sabbath there.
So just say: no, why are we publicly funding buses to run on the jewish day of rest? Is a jewish state and secular israeli saying right. It's a state for the Jews. It's a jewish state where Jews are supposed to be safe. But it is not a jewish state in terms of ritual law. Okay, so that's one area of conflict, a smaller one, a bigger one, is whether the so called called the the media column Ultra Orthodox, but basically it is a sect of Orthodox Judaism, whether whether The haredim should serve in the military, because the military is overwhelmingly secular, a lot of the the say they don't want to serve in the military. So they get some sort of religious exemption. Now on a personal level, I'm not in favor of the religious exemption, personal level. My belief is that if you, if a secular Israel he is serving in the military than a religious really should serve in the military. Every we should serve in the military in Israel and there are things called hysteria. She vote where there are a bunch of work.
Choose who to serve in the military in israel- and that should become the model in Israel, this sort of religious zionist movement and that's a powerful movement in Israel, but the conflict between the more orthodox parties in the secular parties broke out in the open a couple of years ago, last, the last couple of years, Yahoo's coalition in it's on a two party system. It's a multi party system. You have to have a bunch of parties that form a majority and they all have to get together, and then they have to form a. Majority of the Knesset in order to govern These coalition has been formed with the help of the so called right wing parties, as well as with the religious parties, so that would be parties like Israel, Tana, which is a secular but right wing party, particularly when it comes to foreign policy as well as parties like Shaws or you, Tj United Torah Judaism, which uh the religious parties and vote largely based on religious concerns and subsidies to just communities, and all of that so user, albeit a new day, I did I door Lieberman, who has a real dislike for being Netanyahu, there's a significant personality clash between the two of them and that
partially, because Netanyahu has a long history of basically stymieing the growth efforts of people with we could so one of the weird thing about israeli politics. Also. Is that a lot of the Other parties in israeli politics were started by people who were cast castoffs from Could, in other words, people who wanted to succeed, Netanyahu, and Netanyahu wasn't making room for them because in Israel very often the leadership of the party sort of moves on to make room for the up and comers? So you have a bunch of people who are outside of Likud now outside of Netanyahu's party who started their own parties, because Netanyahu was not really allowing them a path to the power. Could I get a check? Kate? I LG, Kate, is a a very and she's been noted in the for me because she's very attractive. She also happens to be a brilliant lawyer. She was justice. Mister under Benjamin Netanyahu, and now she is the head of a different party and she's she's, the head of another right wing party. That is, also led by enough Holly Bennett, who also used to be a member of Likud. I believe, and then you have any good
So, I believe also used to be a member of liquid leaning, Kovalev on and ignore Lieberman, who used to be a member of the crude leading you so BB has maintain power at the expense of kicking out or forcing out or visiting people believe moving them out of could This has led to an erosion in the size and umbrellas status of Likud, but it has led to even in Yahoo, being able to maintain power with a series of coalition government. So anyway, a couple of years ago, Lieberman, basically made it clear that he and Netanyahu were Ign, definitely at odds, and he was not going to sit in a government that was led by Netanyahu. Okay, so It looked as though Netanyahu might kind of deal with Lieberman and the deal Who is going to be that he was going to force. The religious groups with which was already in a coalition is going to force. Those groups to do things they didn't want to do. He might think about trying to push some of turn into more military service for cutting subsidies or any of that sort of stuff
and Lieberman was pushing very hard for that Netanyahu said no, and so the government fell apart. There's an election and Lieberman was still the king maker and Lieberman is a clever political player. He was still looking maker because, basically you had. Two blocks inside I'd of israeli politics. You had Likud and the right wing parties in the religious parties. And then you have blue and white, which the media calling center left. It really is not a central left party. It is sort of a slightly to the left of Likud Party. A central left party would have been in the old days labor but labor is no longer really even a player. It's kind of amazing, blue and white, with the rest of the left and the arab parties at twenty percent of Israel's population is arab and Muslim, which again goes to the the idea that that Israel's apartheid state. The third largest party in the Knesset is a Muslim Arab party. At the joint list, a so that other block also had like
Fifty five seats and Lieberman was the kingmaker. Well BB had a coalition, you could have formed with Lieberman, but they couldn't cut a deal so be called new elections. This was the second round of the elections and they result in exactly the same situation. It's a baby ends up with basically, fifty six seats in the right wing coalition, The center left and enjoy list end up with fifty five seats or fifty six seats. The results are still coming in in this in in their coalition and Lieberman ends up being the swing. There's a lot of talk but how exactly? All of this ends up right? It that Lieberman sides with the center left and the joint list does he sighed with Yahoo and the and the religious parties, and they somehow find a way to bridge that gap or do they do it Lieberman once but Lieberman wants is he wants to be seen as the king May. And what they call a unity government. A unity government is where people from across the aisle come together and then they just a broad coalition for purposes of governing and what he wants is for called the love on, which is nothing on his chief rival
to join a coalition government with Netanyahu's, Likud and Lieberman, holding them together. And that would be an extremely strong majority, because if you have blue and white, the which has, I think, thirty, two seats and you have Likud, which also has thirty two seeds or thirty three and you does the US fifty five and you have Lieberman? On top of that, you know. Sixty four, you can add in you can add in another bunch of seeds, from probably the the right wing I'll check K, not telling Bennett Party you end up with probably well over seventy seats. I am a unity got now, Some of the unity government is it's kind of fragile right, because people don't get along so well right. They don't have a lot of shared political priorities so again, three option on. The table. Lieberman joins the center left and the Arab Party to create a majority coalition. That's not going to happen so the media are invested in the idea. That's going to happen, it's not going to happen. He Lieberman is not
winning a coalition with the Muslim Arab Party Joint list in Israel, the reason being members of that party, the parties that form that joint, it's called the joint list because it used to be a bunch of smaller parties at all, join together to create a joint list right. Those parties who openly in the past called for the destruction of the state of Israel, Lieberman, is a hawk on security that it would be like John Bolton joining a coalition with Ilhan Omar is not going to happen, Lieberman, is not joining a majority coalition with the joint list, and he has said so Ok, something saying that to the Victor Lieberman saying that the media, because they it Yahoo so much they keep acting as the Superman is going to join that coalition and cast Netanyahu completely out of power. That is not a thing. That's going to happen, so the other two possibilities Are the Lieberman joins the right wing coalition, because Netanyahu pays him off with something Netanyahu gives him a particularly juicy post, He puts a bunch of members of the of Israel Beiteinu into the government in various posts. He makes concessions to use her out bait a new with regard to the religious parties.
And Lieberman is able to pry out of Netanyahu what he wasn't able to pry out of Netanyahu before and Netanyahu remains. Prime minister or, alternatively, you end up with rotating prime ministership. There was some talk about. After the last election that basically, you would end up with almost what founders envisioned when they had the president elected as the person. The most vote and the vice president, became the second most voted person, and you ended up with this weird government. Where Thomas Jefferson was serving in John Adams Administration, it's kind of like that, you would end up with many guns as part time. Prime minister and end up being Netanyahu is part time. Prime Minister and Lieberman is the power broker between the two. Those are the two available choices and if none of those choices happen, we get another election and they just keep doing this thing until they form a coalition, so that is where things that the way the media are playing this as big loss for Bebe Netanyahu, except I'm not sure that Netanyahu really thought that things were going to radically change from the last election cycle. In fact, the best thing,
Maybe Netanyahu is for in Netanyahu probably to enter the unity government. Now I don't know if Netanyahu believes that, but Netanyahu may believe that his best path is to continue to maintain power by cutting a deal with Lieberman element is going to exact a heavy price. In order to make that happen, there's in a lot of talk in Israel about whether Netanyahu's relationship with Trump didn't pay off to his benefit that he was saying that he's super tight with Trump and the israeli public was basically like. Well, it doesn't have to be. You could be bending negotiating with Trump also should mention the possibility of a joint defense pact and Trump had not come through with anything like that in the days leading up to the election. There there's this idea that maybe undermining Yahoo Jerusalem Post was talking about that. I don't think. That's really the case. I think the people are just straight id. That Netanyahu didn't form a government last time as they voted acted the same way this time that they did last time, which makes sense if we re held the vote of two thousand and sixteen in two thousand and seventeen would probably look a lot like the vote of two thousand and sixteen. So that is where things
Well, I I think the most likely outcome, probably is the unity government. I think that would be the smartest thing for Netanyahu to do this in Yahoo is currently under the possibility of indictment. He can't be indicted, while he is the sitting. Prime MR, so so long as he is the sitting, Prime Minister rotating power. Many guns, it's not bad for him. Plus, let's be real about this. Many guns who's, this general, the head of the cock oval of on the blue and White Party Bennigan's, is an Enigma wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in riddle. Nobody knows anything about him. They know sort of his Miller, background she's a lot like a lot of other former israeli leaders who have a military background, but they've kept their politics pretty hidden that people like Hitchcock Rabin, who ended up on the left, and it would Barack was also an IDF chief of staff will ended up on the left. It would also include people like Ariel Sherone, who ended up on the right, but not near as right as people thought he was going to be is general in the israeli Army, Israel has a habit, collecting high ranking solitary men to positions of power, because Israel is constantly in a tenuous international situation with regard to security, but if the israeli public see
a rotating prime ministership between BB and and Benny gone or shared power arrangement between the two of them. It's pretty obvious who's going to win that public relations battle. Benny Ganz is not good at this. Hiding Benny Ganz, basically behind a tree. This whole election cycle and Benny guns had said five words, maybe for the entire election cycle, so If he actually ends up in power, it's good. I do not think that that is a long lasting arrangement. The other possibility is that the Likud actually oust Netanyahu in order to cut a deal. With Lieberman right, that is, the that is sort of the out of left field possibility is that the internal Likud battle takes ways and somebody else like a second tier person, there are few games that are floating around ends up. Over the leadership of Likud. He cut a deal mens are becoming the next prime minister. What does this mean for foreign policy? The answer for form policies doesn't mean a hell of a lot
really does not mean a hell of a lot because, again, there's a widespread israeli consensus. Iran wants to murder, Hezbollah wants to murder us come wants to. Murder is what Israelis, what and Europeans don't like us and like friend, and when cutting a deal with a bunch of terror on a right that is the the internal israeli consensus over there. So that's change Weather Benny, Ganz ends up in power, weather in Yahoo ends up in power, and it's going to be a widespread surprise to the left when Benny Ganz ends up. Basically governing, like Bb Netanyahu, would on foreign policy It'll be fascinating to see how they react to that? Frankly, because they've always posed it? Is that be Netanyahu was the obstacle to peace in the Middle EAST. The obvious truth is that it is all. Terrorist that surround, surround Israel, better the obstacle to peace in the Middle EAST, and then what I predict, what you will see Is the media turned on the israeli public and suggest that the israeli public is the real obstacle? so? It's no longer Netanyahu. It's no longer Benny guns, it's all the people who eh
these people, if only they would elect they bring back the merits party, if only they bring back shallow Ma Shaba then bring back the peace now party from the mid nineties, then everything would be healed and be all better. The media have a vested interest in trying to portray the Israel palestinian conflict as Israel's fault. It is a bunch of cry map. It has always been a bunch of crap. They will continue to press that forward. They've tried to blame it on Yahoo, so they can avoid the baseline reality, which is that these the public are not going to make concessions to terrorists, but I think there soon to be disabused of the notion that this is just a Netanyahu see. This is an israeli policy. Israelis are not cutting deals with Mark motorbuses, terrorist Palestinian Authority or Hamas or Islamic Jihad, or Hezbollah they're, not doing any of those things okay coming up in a second we'll talk about MIKE Pompeo who's heading to the Middle EAST, to figure out around strategy. First, let's talk about the importance of a business card, so I go to a lot of events, and people are constantly trying to have. A business card
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that sort of thing, and so what happens when there's a hotspot like a ron, tends to be the possibility of a flare up and then it kind of precedes a run is: is the is a herpes outbreak of the Middle EAST? They running the government, they flare up and then they sort of receipt, so MIKE Pompeo is trying to create a policy right, the Washington Post reporting that the Trump Administration has announced that Pompeo would fly to the Persian Gulf on Wednesday to discuss a response to it. Back on saudi oil facilities, as IRAN, Supreme Leader ruled out any direct talks with the United States pompeyo spur of moment trip, which will include stops in c Arabia and the UAE underscores the Dane the tensions with IRAN, could spiral into me Terry conflict present Trump has said around was probably responsible for the attack that he would to avoid a war pompeo assign blame more directly, obviously obviously does not.
For there to be a war with IRAN at this point is why I suggested that the likely a solution here is that the United States pledges to to strengthen the defense of Saudi Arabia without pledging any sort of aggression, aggressive action against IRAN. I think that's, probably the happy medium where the? U S ends up. We maybe end up helping flag some tankers in the straits of war movies and guiding those tankers through the straits of Hormuz against the possibility of iranian aggression. Reestablish in some sense of deterrence. The weekend attack, which I did state says it believes originated in IRAN, despite claims by rebels in Yemen that they carried it out appears to have dashed all hope that Trump might meet with iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the UN, Jen assembly in New York, while the IRAN I don't think we're all that interested in face to face meetings with Trump. I think they're more into didn't pressuring the Europeans to break with Trump and under J C P, o a the the revocation of the of the IRAN Nuclear Deal
the Europeans want to surrender to run okay. It is pretty much that simple. The Europeans want IRAN to get their money. They want to run to be part of the world economy and they don't care, if you're on spreads terrorism all over the Middle EAST, they simply don't care, because they figure the? U going to gonna foot the bill anyway. If something goes wrong, which I'm Lee has been european foreign policy since basically the late cold war. Now that the the fact that that trump it when when Trump says that Europeans are not pay their share, their fair share for defense, that is technically true. I mean United States, basically footed the bill for all of Europeans. If for several decades during the cold war and that allowed them to live high on the hog in terms of social welfare programs. Well, Europe can pursue that policy again, but there will be some tragic consequences to that policy. And you're, starting by the way to see those consequences in terms of the outbreak of national sentiments in Europe, largely driven by the increase in in unvetted muslim refugees coming from
the Middle EAST, into the heart of Europe and creating all sorts of social schisms and the IRAN's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said all the officials in the Islamic Republic unanimously believe there will be no negotiations at any level with the United States again they're, trying to pressure the Europeans. This is not about the United States. At this point, I think that the way this ends probably is with the United States, trying to trying to strengthen shore up saudi defenses without getting involved in a conflict. Okay. Meanwhile, there's a new NBC Wall Street Journal Poll out Joe Biden. Can you leave the two thousand and twenty democratic field? Elizabeth Warren continues to steal some port from Bernie Sanders, so she's not actually taking support from Joe Biden she's taking support from Bernie. Scanners, and sooner or later Sanders is going to have to open up the guns. The results are real sooner or later, Bernie Sanders is going to have to go to war with her. So this was the question. As I said last week before last debate, there is basically a a mexican stand off like at the end of
good, the bad, the ugly in which Joe Biden was pointing his guns at Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and pointing at Sanders and Biden and Sanders thing at Warren and Biden, but nobody wanted to fire if you're the first person to fire you lose. That was the basic rule. Is a reservoir dogs standoff scenario? It was. It was Joe. I didn't want to watch Elizabeth and Bernie go to war and wreck each other and Warren wanted Sanders. Invited to go to war and wreck each other and Biden, and they I want the other two to go to war right Sanders, once worn, invited to go to war and rec each other. That was the basic math, but if Elizabeth Warren start stealing away enough support from Bernie Sanders he's not to have a choice, but he has to record. Because he's hoping that if he wrecks her, then maybe those people come back flooding to him and if he said still he's out of the race so get to those poll results in just one. Second, first: let's talk about how hard it is to create healthy habits. You know when you are trying to get in the habit of working out every day trying to get in the habit
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the war with eighteen, so basically Biden way ahead and and Sanders neck and neck. There's a survey USA Poll same basic period and it shows Biden at thirty three Warren at nineteen Bernie at seventeen, so Warren ahead of Bernie. Then there is the NBC News Wall Street Journal Poll, and this is the one that has got to have Bernie Sanders in a panic. It has Joe Biden up at thirty one Elizabeth Warren at twenty five and Bernie Sanders at fourteen? In other words, the media attention on Elizabeth Warren is driving people from Bernie Sanders over to Elizabeth Warren dusted did that last week's debate was blown up. For to Nitti. For warn that, if you wanted to make a strong move, then she would Do at some point, go after biting the and she buys her time. It'll be okay. I still think that you blew an opportunity. I think that she receded into the field, but it is also true it's just becoming the default not by did not Sanders candidate, and that is something right I mean just being there and being the person who is not
Lole moderate Gaffey Joe and also being done crazy, crazies on those thing there's room for that if, for some of the Sanders people, but being not crazy enough for some of dividing people, that's not bad to be. Is it enough for her to win the primaries? I don't know because again she has no black support, like none. None whatsoever, n she's received just fawning media tension, absolutely fawning the New York Times fawning over the fact that she brought out several one thousand people to send Park in New York yesterday and Donald Trump, rightly pointing out to the media, guys like. If you stop in the middle of the second avenue in New York Street in New York City they're, like one thousand people there. If you can't draw a crowd in New York City, you suck at politics right, Kamala Harris threw really ten dollars. Twenty thousand people to her leadoff in Sacramento, so drawing a big crowd As Mitt Romney learned at the end of the two thousand and twelve election. Does
I mean you're going to win the election. Trump is right about that. With that said, they're two poles, both of them, show Warren up over Sanders. Now NBC News Wall Street Journal fighting thirty thirty one hundred twenty five sanders. Fourteen economist Yougov, this one has always been very favorable to Elizabeth Warren, actually, the last time they did this poll, it's economist, Yougov Poll, it showed Biden and Warren. Basically, even so, she's actually dropped a little bit in this poll. From what I see Biden at twenty, six warning twenty one sanders at fourteen, so that means that she's closed within striking distance of Biden, but she would have to convince half of San support to move over to her, and I wonder if that's the case, I do wonder if that's the case, because it seems to me that the Bernie browse the people love burning. They got to be looking at Warren and saying this: is it she's a phony she's a for it is there's not someone sufficiently committed to our communist way of life, and I think that there will be it's still very early.
There will come a point somewhere in here where Warren starts to earn some negative media attention. It happens to every candidate, they got their ups and their downs. She started with a real bad down with the I'm native American. Oh wait! No! I'm not! That was real bad and then she's had a consistent uptick energy and attention, and and in coverage directed at her for months and led to this increasing a steady rise and post some Other candidates to that up to now, like Beto, started here in just one directly down sh right now those battles candidacy, Elizabeth Warren, starts down and is been trending up, but it's still early, there's still room for for people. To go after Elizabeth Warren. Even Stephen Colbert was tempted to do that. Last night. He asked her about the whole. You know keep saying that you're not going to raise taxes on the middle class or you avoid the question and you're avoiding the question. There hasn't been meta care for all before you keep being asked in the debates, how we're going to pay for it or you going to raise the middle class taxes.
How you gonna pay for it? Are you gonna raise the middle class taxes? Here's how we're going to do this costs are going to go up for the wealthiest Americans for Big Corporation access was we might cost and the hard working middle class families are going to see their costs go down and but will their taxes go up well, but here's the thing I could thing. I've listened to these answers a few times before, okay and then He keeps saying like good for Steve, and I'm never said these words before good for Stefan Cole Bear so Steven is kind of cold. Air is basically a Bernie Bro. Stephen Cole bear asking for a very straight question and not getting a straight answer. Eventually, this is going to come back to haunt Elizabeth Warren. There is this image of her as this pristine progressive and it's such nonsense, She is just as funny as Kamala Harris she's just better at it, and I think that the progressive left is going to wake up to this and when that happens, there's gonna be a very light reaction. There will be an intern, they seem war between Joe but not between, provide between Elizabeth Warren and if you bring him,
that information war is coming. If you remember, Bernie actually did the same routine with Hillary Clinton early in the primaries. In the primary said I don't care about her, damn emails and then, by the end of the race, he was like. Remember those emails guys remember that that was weird Hey Bernie Sanders steered clear of hill, until it became clear, he could not steer clear of Hillary anymore well, you're going to see the same thing happen with Elizabeth Warren. He went in the view and was like Elizabeth, my good friends, we've been good friends for twenty years at a certain point, is gonna start flinging putting at her you think that's chocolate pudding and that that's the way this is going to go because it can go any other way I mean if he starts to lose support who the hell's gonna go after Joe Biden really, there's no case for that now in a second we're gonna talk about the great hope. For Elizabeth Warren and it lies not in stealing Bernie Sanders is support. Button finishing Joe Biden because again Joe Biden's base of support is heavily minority lot of black
voters really like Joe Biden. Why? Well? Because he is stapled to Barack Obama's pant leg and he is the chicken who crossed the road all right, Barack Obama was the chicken. Cross. The road and Joe Biden is the. Is the person stable to the chickens? That way I mean that that that is. That is what happened you Joe Biden is a hanger on he's always been a hanger on, but that's not a bad place to be with black voters in the United States, among whom Barack Obama is still extraordinarily popular, we'll get to Joe Biden in just second. First, let's talk about your sleep quality, so I'm on the road. You know what that means: I'm not sleeping as well as I would wear I at home, not just because my wife is not here, but also because the quality of my bed is not as good sitting in a nice hotel. But let me tell you my mattress at home away more comfortable. Why? Because I'm using helix sleep, he looks sleep has a quiz. It takes two minutes to complete it matches your body type and sleep references to the perfect interest for you, no matter how you sleep on your side on your back with a hot sleeper. Whatever he looks can make just what your body needs just go to. Helix sleep, dot, com, Slash Ben, take there too many
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for weeks there two lines of attack on Joe Biden that have been used. One is that he's old and we keep seeing him gaff. So, for example, he said yesterday that the child tax credit that he is pushing, could put seven hundred and twenty million women back in the workforce, which is weird stat, considering their three hundred and thirty million people in the United States, so naturally bring the other four hundred million people and why, All of them are women weird Joe Biden Fantasy, who knows lateral shoulders to rub their but joke is that sort of stuff going hurt Joe Biden? No, that's not her job, because again we all know he's slow old, Joe and he gaffes. Although he's been gathered for years he was called uncle Joe because he was the he was kind of dopey uncle at the Thanksgiving Party who would I have one too many beers and stumble into the den while you're watching football and knock over the chips right. That's who uncle Joe was when he was Uncle Joe now just Grandpa Joe, and he can't see. Symbol into the room anymore knock over the chips, he basically just sort of conks out
on the on the one thousand, nine hundred and seventy zero recliner with his feet up and shoes off right, that's Joe Biden now I say in a general election- I don't think that hurts him. I mean, I think, that a return to normalcy, even if the normalcy is just basically a comatose human being that's not a horrible bitch, but in a primary, I'm going to help him too much, but at the same time it's not gonna, hurt him too much. We all know who he is. They keep pretending that gap on gap on Gaffey punk. I pray. Miss you, Elizabeth Warren's gaffes. It seems like a far bigger than a gaffe that she just keeps lying about whether she's gonna raise middle class taxes. It seems like that. That's that's! Not a gaff! That's like an actual policy fail for Elizabeth Warren. So you know, I don't think that's gonna hurt him. The second line of attack on Joe Biden is that he has to be canceled and this one again. I have a hard time, I'm believing that this is going to hurt him simply because the nature of the messengers carrying the attack are not capable of hurting him. So Kamala Harris Briefly hurt Joe Biden when she went to the you.
Didn't want forced busing, even though she didn't want forced busing and nobody wanted forced busing in the nineteen seventies and you She briefly hurt him with the and you were hanging out with segregationist- and he was like no they're just senators- and I was working with them- I'm a bad people, and I said she briefly heard him, because she had the credit Can you speak on the issue because, in our era of identity, politics of white person, saying that Joe Biden has no impact a black and it's saying that to you has some impact and then started dropping his started to rise again and he wasn't supremely damaged by any of that. Elizabeth Warren playing that card and could have any sort of like that that it didn't work at all. Elizabeth Warren is whiter than the back side of this piece of paper. I mean she is as white as snow. No Elizabeth Warren is whiter than I am, and that is pretty damn Dwight I mean I clap. On one and three gang I mean she is she she is very white, and so her going after Biden's base of support is likely unavailing, and so instead, what you're seeing is some of the so
called opinion journalists in the media, some of the professors of history going after Joe Biden on her behalf I'm hoping that if they knock him down that she will rise up again, I don't. I don't think that that is likely to work particularly well, but they're gonna, try Marcia settling is the distinguished associate professor of history. At Georgetown, University and she's, a piece in the Washington Post today called Joe Biden. Isn't the only Democrat was blamed Black America for its problems. She says former vice President Joe Biden spent Sunday at the 16th Street church in Birmingham Alabama speaking on the anniversary of the bombing there. They killed four black girls, the candid had some trouble handling issues involving race after conceding had institute journal. Segregation and redlining banks exist by veered away from a logic they might have called for some strands of repaired of justice. Instead, he turns the old liberal, playbook castigate black families. Look he started you talk about. Education after rightly suggesting higher wages for teachers and more funding for schools with title one designation. Minded listeners that teachers a profession
is majority white cannot do it alone, they have, he said every problem coming to them and the way to improve, The outcomes in segregated schools would be simply to send social workers to visit black families to teach them how to raise their children better, complete with the record player on at night to expose kids to more words. Well, bye, was criticized roundly for that answer. If it quite neatly the grand american political tradition of evading serious conversation about the legacy of slavery by expressing displeasure with the victims of it. Well hurry. If you knock up a woman and then leave that is not you being a victim of slavery that you being a bad person, I mean that no, the answer is no. You don't get to blame, the personal decision that you made to have a child out of wedlock with a person with whom you are not married on slavery, because you were not play, that person was not enslaved at their parents were not enslaved, their grandparents were not inside the great grandparents were likely, not enslaved their gray. Great grandparents, maybe were enslaved, probably talking about their great great great grandparents. Okay, so no you don't get to do that so, but I guess the idea is that if Joe Biden suggests that, if you are going to
you, know, prosecute criminality or encourage parents to spend more time on education in the home or encourage parents to stay married, and this is the vestiges of slavery of victim blaming. I don't think that I don't think that dog hunts, but I think that the left would like that dogged aunt and so they're going to continue pushing that we will see if the Democratic Party falls for it. I have my doubts about that. So prediction. I think that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will go to war in quite short order. I think the job Ryan is going to sit this one out, and I think that Joe Biden will probably benefit from that war at least a little bit. Okay, meanwhile, there's a big hearing yesterday at the house many Democrats called Cortland. Ask you why? Well when Corey Lewandowski was in eighty two Donald Trump Trump according to another report, called on court and ask you to to deliver a letter to Jeff sessions, basically firing him for not firing Robert Muller Ann Lewis,
ask you conveniently just didn't, do it right? Can the Cortland ask is like it's kind of an idea. We're not gonna do that and it was in the mall or port. There's talk about whether it amounted to obstruction. There's an argument yes, there is, and I think, a more solid argument. No, although I I definitely see the argument for yes, but it's all in the lower part. Democrats can't let the Miller Park, because the Mother Board not recommend prosecution and make any recommendation at all, and it turns out. It would be very difficult to prove obstruction of justice on the basis of the The allegations that were made in the Muller report- Democrats- don't even want to impeach on that basis, Nancy Poulos? He does not want to impeach on the basis of the model report, unless you have to prove their mettle to their own supporters, and so they called forth Corey Lewandowski and went really poorly for them, because it turns out that you know what Corey Lewandowski is fantastic at grandstanding. I mean really great at it and Democrats were sending mixed messages, on the one hand they were, like you know, Corey. If you could over that letter that would in obstruction of justice that was really bad. On the other hand, you Rachie
chicken for not having delivered your chicken for not having delivered here is his needles, Cohen, Steve Cohen, at home, needles because he really he resembles in both face and manner needles from back to the future, to trying to take Marty Mcfly into a into a game of chicken here. Is Cohen, saying saying to Lewandowski that he's a chicken Steve Cohen- I know his thing with chicken is remember actually went to a press conference to call somebody a chicken and he actually brought along like a KFC container. I don't know what what's the obsession with chicken? I don't get your c gone down from talk to outside normal channels, so there be no record of of anything that he asked you to do to obstruct justice. Nothing to do with that at all. The president knew what he was doing was wrong. Mr sessions knew what he's doing is wrong. Mr Mcgann dude was doing wrong. You seem to be a bit. Only person didn't think was wrong, but Mr Trump was wrong. This at the last minute, you got cold feet. You chickened out. The president's trust was misplaced. You just
I did not do what you told the president you're going to do, and you handed it off to somebody else. Yeah Mick fly your chicken chicken Lewandowski isn't gonna confess to committing a crime. Well, what it was Steve, Cohen, think he's doing this whole thing ended up being a debacle because I want to ask you basically just said the Democrats are not getting into anything else out of me. So this is a way: most of my time. Here is Lindow ski talking to Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, saying why I even here this is stupid. We as a nation would be better served if elected officials like yourself, concentrate your efforts to combat the true crises facing our country as opposed to going down a rabbit holes like this hearing, instead of focusing on petty and personal politics, the committee folks on solving the challenges of this generation, imagine how many people we can help. How many lives we could save okay, yet that so so wound Owski doing that routine. It's not a bad ratings. The good of Cortland Owski is. He did call out the Democrats repeatedly for political grandstanding as a woman down
he completely derailed the impeachment hearing he just went after people with hammer. He wants to run for Senate New Hampshire. So it's a it's a good political moment for him here. He is pretty much fully telling. This impede this impeachment hearing. Mr Lewandowski, is it correct that is reported in the mullahs report on June 19th, two thousand and seventeen you met alone in the oval office with the president? Is there a book and Paige American reference me too? Please. I don't have a copy of the report in front of volume. Two page. Ninety could you read the exact language of the report, so I don't have it available to me. I don't think I need to do that. I have a limited time. Did you meet alone with the president that date congressman I'd like you to refresh my memory by providing a copy of the report, so I can fall along hey you don't have a copy with you. I don't have a copy of the report. Congressman Clark was the chairman. I requested that the clock the stop, while this rate is sorted out, okay and then we would ask you when, after Sheila Jackson Lee said she was, she was in fact ranting about how from is a criminal and he was like Are you ranting in the stuff around to get me is looking it's entertaining? Is it good
No, I mean where Lewinsky was engaged in bad activity with Trump I mean Trump was in fact telling him to go fire somebody in his administration because he didn't like the investigation being conducted now was attempting to obstruct the? investigation, I mean not really cause Muller and find anything so that that that sort of goes to intend here, as opposed to Trump, just being irritable and volatile and saying things I mean that's, why again I say will be difficult to prosecute. I think that probably doesn't amount to obstruction because you have to have intent to obstruct in order to do that and Trump does have the executive capacity to fire Robert. Dollar me works for the executive branch, but here's Corey Lewandowski ripping into Sheila Jackson Lee. We will expose the truth. I am president, can I behind you any longer? I'm of you should be here to be telling the truth. Gentlemen. The truth will set you people I yield back time of the gentle lady has expired. The witness may answer the question. I don't believe that was a question congressman. Yes, they
waas. Could you repeat the question in here and I'll be happy to repeat just a rant? Okay, and that is actually true. I mean, because all of these house hearings are really stupid. Truth is, when is the last time House hearing your leg off a new piece of information. We didn't know it all grandstanding crap now was it all good for Cortland asking? No, because the fact is that Lewandowski and the Trump administration do engage in dishonesty fairly regularly with the media, so Corey Lewandowski was ACT by asked by my lawyer named Barry Burke. This is the new thing. Is that Kratz are calling in lawyers to do the questioning they suck at they call this lawyer, Barry Burke and Very Burke plays a clip of Land house key on MSNBC, saying that he never had any communication about Robert Muller with Donald Trump and here's one. That's like yeah. Ok, so I lied what you to do about it, what you going to do about it ever remember the present ever asking me to get involved with Jeff sessions with the Department of Justice in any way shape. Did you hear that, sir? That was you saying on MSN
you see you don't ever remember the president ever asking you to get involved with Jeff sessions or the Department of Justice in any way, shape or form that wasn't true. Was it sir? I heard that, and that was not true, was it. I have no obligation to be honest and the media just 'cause, there's just as dishonest as anybody else. Ok, that is that is a hell of a lot now, here's the thing. He's admitting the lying right publicly lying, but I think that this is, it is kind of baked into the cake I mean. Unfortunately, this is the state of our politics. Is that bad yeah? It's bad? It's that you shouldn't lie the media at the same time, is it baked into the cake politically speak he did. This hurt trump in any way. The answer is no, and you can see that the media were really disappointed, that it didn't in NBC. Correspondent just came mountains and listen this year was a failure. Was a total fail in so far as this was an effort to get a particular narrative out today has been rocky, yes Sally. I think it's largely been a failure and I think it's in part because Democrats have been more interested in
getting their moment on television of yelling at Corey Lewandowski, and making the point in winning the argument, rather than patiently questioning him. And and that of course is exactly true. It's exactly true, and because every He feels like everything is a political football. These days nobody's gonna like did anyone. Is anyone into the wild misimpression that Corey Lewandowski is like a deeply honest human being, if so, So I'm wondering why and why they would be under the misimpression, so it hurts Democrats more than it hurts Republicans, but it just reinforces the fact that Democrats are there. Pander Republicans are there to pander and everything kind of sucks. Now, meanwhile, The polarization of the american public continues apace, with woke schools doing their best to ruin every aspect of american life, I'm very excite in the Merriam Webster Dictionary has now added the non binary pronoun they to the dictionary, because when I look at a book for definite, oceans of words. What I want is a made up definition of a word that has never been used this way in all of human history, Plural noun used
as a singular noun to refer to the singular gender. What need a plural noun, Merriam Webster's to go along with this, which just demonstrates once and for all that logic has gone out. The window. People are tail in science to meet politically correct demands. People are tailoring language to me politically correct demands Merriam Webster according to the Washington Post, has added a new definition of the word they to its dictionary. To during the pronoun may be used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is non binary. They according to the Washington Post, is a liberating pronoun for many non binary individuals. What the hell is a liberating pronoun How does a pronoun liberate? You were you in shackles and then someone today and now you're out of the shackles what kind of nonsense is this for many of what is the use of they as a singular pronoun can be ungrammatical and confusing. That would not be for men Americans that would be for all Americans unless you're talking about the small group of Sj Ws who decide, we have to redefine all of language in order to be politically correct, demands
it is, and then you wonder why, like the same people who demand truth, truth, absolute truth where the median we want the truth. Also they it is a singular pronoun. Obviously, honesty is taking a back seat on also to whatever is the political motivation of the day? This is just sort of it in caps waiting, perfect example. Okay time for a thing I like, and then we'll do a quick thing that I hate. So things that I like today. I've mentioned Howard Zinn before on the program for people who I've never read Howard Zinn's awful book, a people's history of the United States, which is basically a pastiche of horrible things about the United States taken out of context out of historical context, a history that basically paints the United States the same as Nazi Germany, history that suggests that the United States is uniquely risk
constable for every evil the world has ever seen. Howard Zinn was a garbage, a garbage historian, and his book is terrible. There's a good book to bunking all of ours in stupid ideas by Mary Gray BAR called the bunking Howard in exposing the fake history that turned a generation against America. His book is still massive bestseller. If you ever watch good will. Hunting it's invoked is like the apotheosis of american history by the brilliant Matt Damon vector and that's how I knew that Matt Damon was an idiot in that film was because he said, citing Howard Zinn. If you want to know what Howard Zinn was, namely a marxist. If you want to know why his history is incorrect, just take a look at the book american history does have shades. American history has good and it has bad, but according to our dinner was all that, like every every aspect of it was bad, even the best parts were bad. I mean Howard Zinn spends a significant portion of a people's history of the United States, explaining why Lincoln was bad.
I didn't really want to free the slaves. I mean it's it's it's pretty astonishing stuff, but this book is good the banking Howard's and go check it out right now. Okay time for a quick thing at that I hate Sean Spicer, was on dancing with stars, so I will admit that dancing with the stars may in fact be one of the things that I hate like. I think that this is just it is the apex of Americans stupidity and maybe western stupidity. Generally. I assume they like this sort of thing in Europe as well. I mean, if you've ever seen, the Eurovision concert, there's a lot of dumb in that as well, but dancing with this ours, which is basically we take a bunch of b listers, and then we try to prepare them to dance, and then we watch them. It does feel like the late days of PAN Am when you watch dancing with the stars. In any case, Sean Spicer, the former White House Press secretary, who was widely derided for his his bizarre sort of hostage videos from the White House Press secretary ship
where he would be asked a question and he didn't want to give the answer, and so he would kind of stare into the distance and try to blink. The answer in Morse Code in any case in space. Who is ousted pretty early on in the Trump administration is now on dancing with the stars, and here is what it looked like press secretary, Sean Spicer, we will take you passing, yeah hold tight yeah well, listen. I will give it to Sean Spicer. It takes courage to wear that shirt and to play the bongos and to dance that is. That is the thing. That's not actually think I hate. So the thing that I hate is that all of this is stupid, but all of let me come on.
The hole. Is this intelligent television? Did it make your life signature? No, but of course it's stupid, that's the whole point. It's kitschy, I get it. It's kitschy and it's fun kitsch. The left went nuts. How could you possibly treat Sean Spicer like any other b list celebrity after all, this man ruined the United States, the same people by the way who made Donald Trump into Donald Trump right. They took a man who was a b list celebrity in the 1990s and then turned him into an a list celebrity in the two thousand, with a kitchen reality show in which he fired, people are pretended to fire people, same people are like. We can't humor Sean Spicer. We can't humor Sean Spicer the Washington Post, has a piece called dancing with the stars perfected. A formula for kitschy escapist is joy, cannot survive today's politics. Critic Linda Stasi, smart, of the Premier ABC, must have gone to the well or maybe that's the cesspool and dredged up some of the load
level celebrities available in the country today for this competition show and but then the post, He had to run a headline to dancing is a swinging success, because people were perfectly willing to watch dancing with the stars, but they're very angry, with Sean Spicer on Mondays Episodes place are done. The lime green shirt with ruffled sleeves and performed a salsa to the spice girls spice up with your life with Profe, regional partner Lindsay Arnold? action? Spicer noted his time in the White House tumultuous and that he finally it was time to have some fun. The judges were not impressed at Spicer's dance skills. Award him Well points out of thirty, the second lowest score of the night. Some fans of the show. Complain loudly as it high profile ABC personnel. I deeply abhor this decision by the company I work for and truly love, Tweety Grey's, anatomy, showrunner Christopher enough. I have a question is being on dancing with the stars receiving the presidential medal of freedom. Why is this something we have to take with a great level of seriousness? Oh, my god. They're awarded Sean Spicer, one of history's greatest monsters,
with the slot on dancing with the stars dancing to the spice girls and a lime green shirt while playing the bongos. Does he deserve that kind of honor everybody right now? There is a light not like if, if Robert Gibson shown up on dancing with the stars, what I've been like? Oh my god, I can't believe they'd Robert Gibbs on dancing with the stars. This is so stupid, Even the show's affable host Tom Bergeron, released a statement suggesting he was disappointed by a choice as political, a Spicer really really, and it's it's all so dumb. It's intense really dumb, but this is every aspect of american life. Now has to turn wildly political. If you can deal with the guy. You didn't like his press secretary, who was not super great at being press secretary dancing, the salsa on tv. I suggest that you get a life because you don't have enough of one already- will be back later today with two additional hours of content. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow I mentioned here. This is the bench,
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