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Ep. 865 - Release The Secret Weapon!

2019-09-20 | 🔗

Democrats go all-in on an unspecified whistleblower claim against Trump, new polls give Elizabeth Warren the momentum, and we check the mailbag! Date: 09-20-2019

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Democrats go all in on an unspecified whistleblower claim against President Trump new polls give Those with more on the momentum again we check the mail bag, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show and already well. We now have the rulings of a scandal inside the Trump administration that could really be trouble for. President from I mean, let's just be honest about this- we're going to be a straight forward in our analysis, as we possibly can of this whistle blower Kendall. Now right now we don't even know what the whistle blower was blowing. It was all about, but we have some vague indicator. So today we are going to involve ourselves in some rank speculation, we're going to evaluate what are the possibilities here and what impact it would have on President Trump on the twenty twenty election on the possibility of impeachments will lay out a bunch of possibilities, one of them maybe troop none of them may be true, but it because this is what is in the news. I'm just practicing this with speculation. Aplenty is about to happen.
We'll give you all the information it's been reported, then we'll talk about the possibility, so so all of this began whole whistle whistleblower story began with a whistleblower The intelligence community apparently filing a whistle blower complaint with his higher ups inside the intelligence community inspector general of the intelligence community. Then the team that this was urgent, which would mean that this was a blower complaint, could be reported to Congress. However, at that point, the head of the the director of national intelligence, the d and I he stepped in you said well, no. Actually I've talked to the Doj we're not going to turn over this complaint, because the complaint does not meet the requirements of being turned. Over to Congress. This led the Democrats to accuse the Trump administration of a cover up, because they're saying we want to see what the whistleblower complaint actually says. It is also led to an extraordinary amount of speculation about what exactly was in the whistleblower complaint. Now from the very fact that we now know that the whistleblower complaint existed, it was only a matter of time,
until we started getting a slow week as to what was actually in the whistleblower complaint. So what we have is something very similar to what was happening during the Trump Russia Investigation Democrats going out front, suggesting that President Trump was engaged in deeply nefarious activity and that his own administration is covering it up to very much the same way. They claimed that Trump was engaged in trouble. Russia spec it collusion and then that there was obstruction to cover that up Adam Schiff, who, in turn it was full of crap on the term brushes stuff he's now playing the same game with this whistleblower can't complain and ship the congressperson from out here in California. He suggested yesterday the Republicans were trying to cover up whatever it is the President Trump done that was mentioned in the whistleblower complaint apparently doesn't know what's in whistleblower complaint, but is accusing them of a cover up anyway. There is no privilege that covers whether the White House is involved in trying to stifle a whistleblower complaint, and I
should say that, even if you could make a colorable claim of privilege over the subject matter of the complaint give that it involves something that the ig has already found to be serious and credible and evidence of wrong. Doing of one kind or another. There is no privilege that covers that. There is no privilege to conceal that there is no privilege to be corrupt. Well, obviously, executive privilege can be asserted. An executive claims there can be disputes inside the executive branch as to what sort of privilege can be asserted. So again, all of this started with this whistleblower complaint. Yesterday, Ellen Nakashima, Sheen, here's Greg Miller and Karel Lenig right, so four different people at the Washington Post on one report, which means they. It's big, they say. Whistleblower complaint about. President Trump involves Ukraine according to two people familiar with the matter. So, first of all we have to point out
two people familiar with the matter, is extraordinarily vague sourcing. We always have to take everything that is anonymously sourced, like this with a grain of salt, now a lot of the time it ends up being true, contrary to popular opinion, on some parts of the right, just because an anonymous sources involved, it doesn't mean that the reporting isn't true, but it does mean that we, have to wait and see whether that ends up being confirmed over overtime, so the Washington Post says a whistleblower complaint about President Trump made by an intelligence official centers on Ukraine. According to two people, familiar with the matter which is set off a struggle between Congress and the executive branch, the complaint involves communication the born leader and a promise and trunk me, which was apparently so alarming that a US intelligence official would work at the White House, went to the inspector all of the intelligence community, two former US officials, said two one slash two weeks before the complaint was filed. President Trump spoke the ukrainian president. Vladimir Zalenski is a comedian and political newcomer who is elected in a landslide in May that all is already under investigation by House Democrats were examining whether president,
his attorney Rudy Giuliani, sought to manipulate you training in government into helping Trump's reelection campaign. Lawmakers have demanded a full transcript and a list of participants on the call. A White House spokesman declined to comment. The Democrats Investigation was launched earlier this month before revelations an intelligence official, had large to complaint with the inspector general, the washing in post first reported on Wednesday that the complaint had to do with a quote: unquote: promise that Trump made when communicating with a foreign leader. So all this new stories, adding that the foreign leader was ukrainian on Thursday Inspector general testified behind closed doors to members of the House Intelligence Committee, about the whistleblowers complaint over the course of three hours, Michael Atkinson, who is the inspector general repeatedly declined to discuss with members? The contents of the complaint saying he was not authorized to do so. So that's why I say Adam Shift still does not know what exactly is in the complaint, but he's speculating that occur. Trump is taking place without knowing the underlying material, which is exactly what Democrats did about the Mola report to cover up there trying to shut down the mobile report,
no evidence of that. We don't know what the underlying material is here yet so, depending on that, maybe it's a cover up. Maybe it's not, but that's. Obviously, beyond the scope of the information they Adam Shift has, but Adam Schiff has never been a person who is going to hold back from jumping BO v on whatever political landmine is in front of him. Okay, we'll get two more exploration of what exactly is in that intelligence complaint in just one second, first, let's talk about the fact that a lot of your online information data can be find an used against you. So you got big tech companies looking for that data, so they can monetize it. You got governments looking for that data, so they can keep track of. You got hackers or looking for your date so they can grab your personal information and then steal money from you, and I mean that's actually happened to me before I mean somebody has hacked our credit card before and then all the sudden, I see charges for NFL tickets have only ever been to one NFL game is a giant pain in the butt, and that's why I started using Express VPN when I use express VPN search engines. Media sites can't see my ip address at all. My densities mask and anonymized expressed Bibi.
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sing anonymously. The person said he was being excruciatingly careful about the language used, which is what he supposed to do since he is a lawyer Atkinson made clear. He disagreed the lawyer for the office of the Director of national intelligence, would contradicted the inspector general. And the whistleblower complaint did not meet the statutory definition of an urgent concern. Beak It involved a matter not under the DN eyes: jurisdiction, okay, in other words, it seems like what the battle is here is that somebody in the intelligence community saw Trump personally do something bad or heard? Yes, all read out said: okay Trump is doing something that and I said well- that's not in our purview, the President of the United States has wide latitude to do bad things on foreign policy that you may not like, and it's not within the purview of the intelligence. Community intelligence community purview would be stuff for Trump. Is dumping classified information publicly, for example, or privately or is making some sort
deal with somebody else's intelligence community? But maybe that's not what's going on here again, we still don't know what the underlying complaint is. Schiff says we can't get answer to a question about whether the White House is involved in preventing this information from coming to Congress. Where to to do everything we can to determine what this urgent concern is so now we are arguing over the nature of a complaint where we don't know anything for his trump has denied doing anything improper. On Thursday morning he tweeted virtually anytime. I speak on the phone to a floor leader. I understand there may be many people listening from various US agencies, not to mention those from one another country itself. Knowing all of this, is anybody dumb enough to believe, I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader well on such a potentially really populated call and then said
Didn't do so anyway, but that's very trumpian way of dealing with the scandals like things stupid. If you're going to commit a crime, you think I do it in front of you, which is always very, very trumpy, and I'm laughing about that, just because it's Trumpy not because it's good 'cause it turns out that it isn't. So what exactly was in this particular complaint? So what Democrats suspect is that President Trump basically was making a deal with the head of Ukraine to pressure you ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden and that in return he was going to release military age of Ukrainians, not that I, and ends up being? True, that's definitely impeachable right. If it turns out that President Trump went to the ukrainian government and said we will give you whenever it is two hundred and fifty million dollars in aid, we'll give you two hundred and fifty million dollars in american aid. If you investigate my domestic political opponent, that is clearly impeachable stuff.
Put the shoe on the other foot. If Barack Obama had not just pledge flexibility to the Russians, but he said to them I'm going to spend spare dollars on you if you go in, just to get Mitt Romney impeachable, I mean that there's a quid pro quo there. It does violate obviously campaign finance restrictions. And all this now, that is not the same thing as asking the ukrainian government to invest by without any sort of pro quo, and it is a quick but there's no pro quo and if the call for it, if the, if the quid pro quo doesn't take place, then it's bad. It's not something in which the american government should be engaged sound, something the president should be doing or any campaign should be doing, but it actually happens to be somewhat common. Unfortunately, so, let's start from the beginning here, why exactly would it be that Trump was asking the Ukrainians to invest gate, Joe Biden have to go back to a story by Kenneth Vogel and Julia Mendel over at the New York Times May of twenty nineteen
And that story is about Hunter Biden. Vice President It was a foreign policy role, Joseph R Biden, Junior enthusiastically, embraced during his vice presidency, brow beating you is notoriously corrupt government cleanup attacked one of The most memorable performances came on a trip to Kiev in March, two thousand and sixteen when he threatened with one billion dollars in US loan guarantees. If Ukraine's leaders did not dismiss the country's top prosecutor, who have been accused of turning a blind eye to corruption in his own office and among the political elite. The pressure campaign worked the prosecutor General Long, a target of criticism. From other western nations and international lenders, was so and voted out by the ukrainian parliament. Now that in and of itself would not have been a problem right, if I did was just pressuring Ukraine to get rid of somebody who is widely perceived as corrupt. However, however, this prosecutor was apparently also looking in Joe Biden son at the time. Among those who had a stake in the outcome, was Hunter Biden according to the New York Times, Mister Biden's younger son, who, at the time
was on the board of an energy company owned by ukrainian Oligarch, who had been in the sites of the fired prosecutor general. Hunter Biden was a Yale educated lawyer who had served on the words of Amtrak and a number of non profit organizations in think tanks, but lacked any experience in Ukraine and just months earlier had been discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine who be paid as much as fifty thousand dollars per month in some months for his work for the company, which is couple reads, my holdings. The broad outlines of how Bidens rules intersected in Ukraine have been known for sometime, the former VP's campaign said he had always acted to carry out us policy without regard to any activities of his son that he had never discussed the matter with Hunter and then he learned of his sons, roll with Ukrainian Enerji Company from news reports, but new details about huh for his involvement and indecision. This year by the current ukrainian prosecutor, general to reverse himself and reopening investigation into Breeze MA, have pushed the issue back into the spotlight, just as the senior Mister Biden is beginning, his two thousand and twenty presidential campaign. This, according to the New York Times
It's not a right wing source, they show how Hunter Biden and his american business partners or part of a broad effort. Bieber is my this ukrainian organization. To bring in well connected Democrats. During a period The company was facing investigations back, not just by domestic ukrainian forces, but by a fish. I was in the Obama administration Hunter Biden's work for breeze. My prompted concerns among State department officials at the time that the connection could complicate v P Biden's diplomacy in Ukraine. According to four former officials,. Hunter Biden was one of many politically prominent Americans. Both major parties made money in Ukraine over the last decade and, of course, that would include people like Paul Manafort So the story back in May of twenty nineteen- and this had been investigated Before- was that Joe Biden perhaps was pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecutor to let his son off right. That is the allegation. Yet to be back by complete evidence. Biden would say I was just pressuring them to boot out. This particular prosecutor, is a bad prosecutor. I threaten to withhold a billion dollars in
Those loan guarantees, so we get rid of this guy bye. His critics say the only reason you want to get rid of this guys 'cause. He was investigating your son at the time, so the Trump administration in the Trump campaign, I've been going around and those are not identical. It's really the Trump campaign. Rudy Giuliani had obviously been going over to the Ukrainians, an asking them to investigate what was going on here. And he was going over there and saying: okay. Is it true that Joe Biden was holding loan guarantees because he wanted to let his son off uh, so that would be impeachable vice president and Joe Biden? was using american loan guarantees in order to assure his son safety from foreign prosecution. That would be an impeachable offense right. That would again be a quid pro quo, so Giuliani. It's been known for at this point, probably over a year. That Giuliani was heading over to Ukraine to solicit that sort of info station from the ukrainian government, so he was on on tv last night on CNN, with Chris Cuomo and things got wild because he both accept tonight denied allegations that he was asking
the ukrainian government to look into Joe Biden. Did you to ask the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden? No, actually I didn't. I ask the Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of twenty. Sixteen by the Ukrainians for the benefit of Hillary Clinton, for which there already is a never outlining anything about Hunter Biden. You never ask anything about Joe. By only thing I ask about Joe Biden is to get to the bottom of how it was that would sanko who was appointed right dismissed the case again, an till you did ask Ukraine to look into job. I, of course I did you just said you didn't. No, I didn't ask him to look into job by asking. The allegation is the related in my client, which tangentially involved Joe Biden in a massive brawl very slowly, okay, so Rudy Giuliani being absolutely unclear, but the baseline is what I'm saying or is the base
idea is what I'm saying the Giuliani was deployed as lawyer for the Trump campaign and for president from personally to Ukraine to go. Ask the greens to look into the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden scenario. You know that in and of itself is not criminal is not great, but not criminal. In a second I'm going to talk about why that's not criminal will get to that or not impeachable, not criminal, not a crime, we'll get to that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about making your home look so if you have been looking around your home like everything, it looks pretty nice, but it still feels a little bit dingy. That's because you haven't actually looked at your window coverings. You should to look at those blinds that are on your windows and been left over three homeowners ago by the person, you had your apartment before you need it better window coverings good blinds are to a home. A sharp tie is to shoot it brings it all together, a going one shot, but going blind shopping, isn't something that I particularly enjoy, which is why I have used blinds dot com to make it fast and really easy with fifteen million windows covered in over thirty thousand five star. Customer reviews
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three. If there is a quid pro quo between Trump and the ukrainian government, is that criminal, an impeachable? So the answer to question number one if Joe Biden did in fact, predicate american loan guarantees upon the firing of a prosecutor for purposes of letting his son Hunter off the hook. Not only is that impeachable, it should disqualify him from the presidential race, and that would be a further scrutiny question number two, when Giuliani says he went over to the crane and talked with the Ukrainians about invest getting gel and Hunter Biden. That whole thing is that criminal and the answer there is no okay, so Eugene Volokh outside of this piece before get a piece in July of twenty seventeen, and can it be a crime to do APA research by asking foreigners for information. Eugene Volokh, of course, is a professor over it UCLA School of law he's been a guest on my radio show and he is an expert on first amendment concerns, and he says in this piece. He gives an example. He says say in summer two thousand and sixteen atop Hillary Clinton staffer gets a message. I miss Universe, contestant Miss Slovakia, says Donald Trump had sexually harassed her. Would you like to get
the story and the staffer says I'd love to and indeed gets the information which he then uses in the campaign to the staff in the Miss Universe. Contestant just commit a crime is according to some analysis. Yes, but he finds that analysis not particularly compelling. He says it's not particularly compelling because it would violate basic free speech problems. You said you would make opposition research on much on much possible for misconduct. Virtually impossible say that Clinton's campaign heard rumors that the construction of a Trump resort in Turkey might have involved some shenanigans, it's likely impossible to effectively follow up on. That without soliciting some value, invaluable information from foreign nationals, such as foreign government officials who are hype, statically or allegedly bribed or rivals I have a motive to provide information say. The Bernie Sanders campaign heard rumors of some misconduct by Hillary Clinton on her trips abroad it wouldn't be allowed to ask any foreigners about that? So in uh it's receiving information or even soliciting information from foreigners does not actually amount to a
campaign finance violation. Now it's one thing: if you're involved in actual crime right like if you are working with a foreign party to hack in american citizen, hacking is a crime now you're involved in collusion, that is natural crime. So the Trump campaign had worked with Russia too, Hillary's emails. That would have been a crime, but if the Trump campaign even just received emails from the russian government, it's ugly, it's bad. It's not a crime according to Eugene Volokh, and I think that that is probably right. He says this whole controversy at that time was a rising as to Donald Trump Junior's willingness to get unspecified information that came from the russian government, but he says that it shouldn't be made a crime for anybody to accept that information or even to solicit more. That was his tentative. That think, on the matter using bolick, and I think that is a pretty strong case legally speaking,. And one of the ways you know that this is a pretty strong case legally speak is that nobody has actually attempted to talk about the prosecute,
I'm the Dnc, which did exactly this with regard to the ukrainian government back in two thousand and sixteen call reporting kind of vocal and David Stern back in January of twenty seventeen, the that the ukrainian government, members of the ukrainian government were actually working with the Hillary Clinton camp. Chain together information on Donald Trump. So this is not the first time that some, is going to the ukrainian government and sought information on a political opponent domestically in the United States. That story in politico said Donald It wasn't the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials the former Soviet Bloc country ukrainian government officials, tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide and corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter only to back away after the election, and they helped Clinton's allies. Research damaging information on Trump and his advisors. There's all political right reported in January of twenty seventeen. Are you crazy?
American operative was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials, in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, in an effort to expose ties between Trump top campaign, April Manafort in Russia. According to people with direct knowledge of the situation, ukrainian efforts actually had a major impact on the race helping to force Manafort residue Asian and advancing the narrative that Trump's campaign was deeply connected to Ukraine's foe in the e Russia. Now political tries to suggest this was far less concerted or centrally directed, then Russia's alleged packing and dissemination of democratic emails. But the fact is that people were working at the Ukrainian Embassy, with people from the Dnc to gab, for information on Donald Trump and Russia and then to disseminate it. Political's investigation and evidence of ukrainian government involvement in the race that appears to strain diplomatic protocol, dictating the Womans refrain from engaging in one another's elections according to political dot, com.
Ukraine has traditionally enjoyed strong relations with US administrations. Its officials worry that could change under Trump, who seems privately expressed sentiments ranging from ambivalence to deep skepticism about pets, regime he's the former leader of Ukraine at the time had signed contracts with the Trump administration, but revelations about Ukraine's Anti Trump efforts could further set back those efforts again. This is as of twenty seventeen so, in other words, there was in fact coordination between a woman named Alexandria was a veteran democratic operative. Who was looking for the Dnc, and she was working with the US embassy in Ukraine and working with the ukrainian Embassy in the United States to gather information about how Manafort she apparently occasionally shared her findings with officials from the Dnc and the Clinton campaign. Actually herself said this in January. Two thousand, and sixteen month before Manafort had taken any role in Trump's campaign, Chalupa told the senior Dnc official and when it came to Trump
in pain. I felt there was a Russia connection and then she helped with Ukraine to gather data on Paul Manafort. She said she shared her concern with Ukraine's ambassador to the United States and one of his top aides during a March two thousand and sixteen meeting at the ukrainian embassy. According to someone reached on the meeting the ukrainian Ambassador to the United States. So the metaphor was on his radar, but as Manafort became a part of the Trump campaign, Chiluba started taking meetings at the embassy gathering, information about Manafort and all the rest so was that criminal. The answer is no that wasn't criminal and it is in fact exactly parallel to what we talking talking when it comes to Joe Biden, when it comes to pre Guiliani in Ukraine, gathering information about Joe Biden, it may be ugly. It may not be something that you like, but it is not in fact illegal in a second we'll get to the possibility of illegality, and here you have to start speculating right. Everything I said so far is not really speculation. Everything that I suggested so
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Complaint, including an allegation of wrongdoing. In reported conversation from head with a foreign leader, the complaint which the administer She has refused to let Congress remains shrouded in mist, but is serious and urgent. According to the government's intelligence watchdog trump and says he did nothing wrong, he declared on Friday the complaint was made by a partisan whistle though he later said he did not know the identity of the person. Well I mean you, don't have to know the identity of the persons who feel that you are being targeted in partisan fashion. If, in fact, there is no reason to treat this is urgent. He chided reporters for asking about. It said the complaint was just another political hack job. He said I have conversations with many leaders. It's always appropriate, always appropriate at the highest level, always appear in and anything. I do. I fight for this country. Some of the whistle blowers allegations appear to center on Ukraine. Trump was asked if you knew if there was this complaint center on July 25th phone call with ukrainian President Vladimir, is you the present responded. I really don't know he continued
to insist any phone call he made with that. Head of state was perfectly fine and respectful, and then he berated reporters for asking about it. So what exactly do reporters suspect? What the Democrats suspect here? Well, all of the speculation is revolving, around an article in the UK independence or at least the information that is covered by this article from two days ago, in Kiev, Kim Kim it's M Gupta report Ukraine's new President one he was fulsome in expressing his gratitude to Donald Trump for the military aid package, because they've now received a military aid package worth about two hundred two hundred and fifty million dollars. The former national comedian insisted his relationship with the former reality. Tv star was very good and that be sure we will all have a meeting in the White House, but the two hundred- and fifty million dollars of arms for ukrainian forces, which confronting russian backed separatists has been enmeshed in a bitter battle between the Us President and his
opponents over accusations that he has tried to manipulate it for under hand political reasons. The Trump administration had in fact suspended the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, agreeing to unblock it. Only after rising bi, partisan clamor from come the extensible reason for the hold up was to ensure that it, allied with US interests the real reason critics claim was to pressure ukrainian government to target Joe Biden through an investigation into corrupt allegations against his son right. So this would be the exact parallel of was Joe Biden. Holding back american loans in order to get Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who is targeting his son. So this would be the other side of that. This would be Donald Trump threatening to hold back. Two hundred and fifty million dollars in american aid unless Ukraine targeted an investigation on Joe Biden, Ann Hunter Biden in both of those would be a quid pro quo. Both of those would be illegal. Both of those would be impeachable members of the Trump Administration have claimed that Biden and Obama's vice president had pressured the ukrainian authorities to drop an investigation into Purisma in Enerji Company
operating in the country on which his son Hunter was a board member. So Democrats are, of course investigating now. This is still culation. That entire story is based on speculation and it sort of depends on how Trump worded this whole thing and president Trump is clumsy about his words and Trump is constantly calling on everybody to investigate everybody right. He was in the Doj should investigate Netflix for their deal with Obama, so is even know. What he's talking about is always is always a solid defense for President Trump, in fact, that was, biggest defense. Really during the molar investigation was yeah. He was saying that he didn't want Muller there yeah. He was saying that maybe you should fire Muller, but that was just the president mouthing off. So was this just the president now off was the off serious. Was it connected to actual United States taxpayer dollars? going to be independent. There been claims that Trump and refused to meet Mr Zielinski after his election this year, and that you was I have warned this would continue to be the case unless the Ukraine
in authorities reopened the Prisma files that be the investigation on Jo Ann Hunter Biden. So that is all the speculation that is fit to print it today, and that is the speculation, and this is what is causing the allegations of cover up. So, according to Adam Schiff, that's the reason that they to cover up is because Trump was engaged in a quid pro quo deal to use the ukrainian government as a tool to investigate his most dangerous american political opponent, and that would be a violation of law and probably impeachable if he was just gathering, mission from the ukrainian government, impeachable not illegal bad, not impeachable, not illegal. If in fact there is uh, broke. Well then you're talking about you, we gallons. We just don't, have enough information now good to know what went on what happened. What was said, Zoomer believe this stuff is going to break at some point.
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hold me is manic bizarro world situation, in which trump is now being accused of engaging in a quid pro quo. The evidence is not there for that and which is being accused of engaging in a cover up. The evidence isn't there for that. Yet either one of the weird things that could happen here is that the person most damage could be, in fact, Joe Biden. Why? Because, if it turns out that
what ends up at the center of the news from all of this is again the Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Ukraine connection and that President Trump's come back to you know you guys keep talking about my quid pro quo lunch ever talking about slow, Joes, sleepy Joes quid pro quo. If that's how Trump treats this, then he could sully Biden as corrupt, which is what he did with Hillary Clinton, and rightly so, who would that benefit benefit? Elizabeth Warren, of course, was Elizabeth Warren, be like I agree job. I never should have engaged in these kinds of conflicts of interest he's part of the problem. She can continue her fight as anti corruption, crusader, which would be very, very good for her. So, ironically, the attacks on Trump Manda backfiring on Biden, so it may be the by highlighting the Trump Ukraine connection which is truly about the investigation,
Joe Biden. It ends up raising to public profile. Once again, the Joe Biden story, just as the focus on Donald Trump in the last election cycle, ended with Trump wheeling and pivoting and hitting Hillary Clintons emails over and over and over to the point were hurt Hillary a lot more than it hurt Trump. Well, you can see exactly the same thing happened right here where Trump gets clock for the Ukraine connection too his campaign, and then he says well, the only the only reason we are investigating is because of sleepy gel. And then shows over their single, I'm not corrupt, he's, corrupt and and drums, no, I'm not preppy script, and these women over here saying that corrupt they're, both corrupt and everybody, It throws up their hands as well. You know at least she's, not corrupt. It actually does benefit in a bizarre way, Elizabeth Warren, which could in fact benefit trump, because if you believe that Elizabeth Warren runs weaker against true
Then Joe Biden dies then knocking Uncle Joe out of the box with allegations about corruption could mean a trump verses, worn race instead of a Trump as Biden rates. Now, let's be real about this trump has some heavy work to do before. He is competitive, truly competitive in this presidential race right now in the polling. Data Fox NEWS polling case of this is not left wing public policy center point. Okay, this is the this is Fox news. Point Trump is: is lagging pretty far behind. Nearly every cans in it Trump has managed to slightly close the gaps with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, but he is still trailing Joe Biden by fourteen points. According to that Fox NEWS poll provide- and the news is not only that he's crushing Trump head to head according to Mediaite, he leads by any
greater margin in a head to head match up with the search warrant if the democratic primary were between those two, fifty three percent said they'd support biting to thirty seven percent for more, and so maybe is the field when I was actually doesn't move over to was before. Maybe it does move over to Joe Biden. However, if you look at the the numbers for President Trump, it is not. It is not great. He loses to every single Democrat against whom he is running a good. Now again, these polls are fourteen months out. It is important to mention here that the post fourteen months out actually have not been completely nonproductive, they're, pretty close to the reality in two thousand and two thousand and twelve and two thousand and sixteen. But if you look at these polls, if Trump is going to pick in a PO
and presumably the opponent that he would want to pick is. Somebody like Elizabeth Warren and Democrats know this by the way. Forty two percent of democrats- according to this Fox news polls, say that the cans in it most likely to beat Donald Trump is Joe Biden. Seventeen percent say Bernie Sanders only twelve percent say Elizabeth Warren. Most most Democrats by the way say that they are mostly interested in the candidate who is most likely to be trump they're, not as interested in the candidate who they most like period. So that gives Joe Biden advantage, but if by
is suddenly perceived as vulnerable. If it appears that in a face to face against Trump he's going to suffer, then that Petina disappears. His entire campaign right now is riding on the idea that he is going to be trump easily. Well, that starts to fade that Elizabeth Warren can make the case. Well, Trump is going to clock him on corruption. You can't clock me on corruption. That's not a terrible case for her. It really is not so if you look at the match up here is here is the matchups, so, according to according to the game, the Fox NEWS poll. Biden would be Trump today if the election were held. Fifty two to thirty eight, which is brutal, I'm going to lose with worn much much much closer. Forty six to forty in favor of Elizabeth Warren against coming here is forty two to forty, which means in all likelihood trump wins against Bernie Sanders for
eight to forty. So that means that Elizabeth Warren runs the weakest, but she could be the beneficiary of this whole shebang in the first place. Now all of that is barring actual evidence that Trump engaged in a taxpayer funded quid pro quo, and it is super irritating that Trump. If Trump was sloppy about his verbiage on this call with ukrainian President, if in fact he just decided to be big mouth and to say things that could be interpreted one of two ways: it's irritating for Republicans for sure why? Because we just went through a two year, investigation, basically about presidential sloppiness, the entire obstruction of the second section of the Mother Board, in my opinion, is about trump melting off a lot and people interpreting it. One of two credible ways: do you really want to do that again? Is that really what the country needs again? Now that that is the, that is the question for President Trump. However,
Is this in the end going to damage front what barring some sort of real bomb shell? The answer is no okay. Meanwhile, the twenty twenty democratic candidates are, of course, going at it right now, the the guns are starting to open up on a list with more in just a little bit, because she is unrealistic in all over MRS the rap on on more and there hasn't been a serious rap on one other than she's a phony, but that is a wrap on weren't and it goes to the Pocahontas thing right. She claimed the Jews native American for literally decades, it turns out that she's native American, as I am, and Elizabeth Warm continues to dissemble about her own policy agenda. So people keep saying she has a plan. She has a plan, yes, but her plans make no sense. Our plans are completely idiotic. So yesterday, for example, she was asked about her Medicare for all plan and she simply lied. She said if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor
old enough to remember when Barack Obama said that it was a lie, then is why now here's a list of online? I understand you, like your doctor, like a nurse you probably like your physical therapist, if you, if you have to have one male like your pharmacist, a lot, what Medicare for all it's about is making sure you're going to get access to all of the idea behind this is every doctor. Every nurse every pharmacy is going to be covered, okay, that that is not correct. Okay, if you like your doctor, you will not be able to keep your doctor because your doctor may retire. Your doctor may not want to engage in the business of dealing with Medicare for on what she's not talking about is cramming down on doctors, Medicare payments by eliminate ing private healthcare insurance. If she doesn't think that means that people drop out of the medical field she's out of her mind, she's really undermine already in the United States there, tremendous lack of primary care. Doctors right, my wife, is a primary care doctor, but part of the reason for that is because
oh god with our combined income, she doesn't need to be working as a specialist if you're a medical student right now, you are told this in medical school by those who know is that your best option for becoming wealthy and earning back all the money that you just. Medical education is going into one of the so called road fields, radiology Ophthalmology anesthesiology in terminology. Why your dealing more with private insurance, then you are with with Medicaid or Medicare. Unless she is willing to talk about radically raising the reimbursement rates for Medicare, which spend
something like eighty percent on the dollar versus insurance companies, you're going to see your doctor disappear, he may not take Medicare and she actually going to be able to outlaw all private health insurance in the company in the country is going to get rid of Medicare advantage, which allows people to pick supplemental health insurance, and this is a bunch of nonsense. This is a bunch of nonsense and she's getting called out for it. So PETE Booty Judge who has instead proposed sort of the Joe Biden Plan Medicare for all who wants it, meaning that you should be able to opt into Medicare if you want Medicare. But if you want private health insurance, you should be able to keep it. There are problems with the public option
is what that is called, namely that the federal government either will underfund the public option, in which case nobody will go to it, and then the only people who will be on our super sick costing taxpayers inordinate amount of dollars or that it will be so heavily subsidized that people will drop out of private insurance altogether, thus creating the same exact problems in Medicare for all. In any case, people who judge he correctly points out to Jake Tapper that Elizabeth Warren's answers on health care are deep, Nascent Warren is known for being straightforward and was extremely evasive. When asked that question, and we seen that repeatedly, I think that if you are proud of your plan and it's the right plan, you should defend it and straightforward terms, and I think it's puzzling that when everybody knows the answer to that question of whether her plan and Senator Sanders plan will raise middle class, taxes is yes. Why would just say, though, so in and explain why you think that's the better way forward? This is correct. He is correct points to be able to judge and again I think this will start to take a toll on Elizabeth Warren. I'm shocked, then
nobody, has hit her so far and being a deeply dishonest politician, which she obviously an eminently as okay. Meanwhile, north of the border controversy continues to in golf Justin, Trudeau or, as we like to call him here at the show Handsome Bernie Sanders Melissa it just Mandi who is a columnist over at the New York Times. She He has a piece today called the downfall of Canada's dreamy boyfriend, which is hilarious to me and Justin Trudeau. So, as I talked about this yesterday, do I think that people's lives and careers should be ruined because you, governor picture from twenty years ago, in which they are wearing dark makeup, and they didn't necessarily intend to be racist, but it was a racist incident or this is a racial
incident was a stereotypical incident. Does that mean that you should toss them out of office now doesn't mean you should run their career? The answer is, no, I think that's bad for the country, I think, is bad for the culture. I think it is a lack of forgiveness and a lack of charitable charitable interpretation of of people's behavior there's a there's, a concept in injuries and called on the hot schools, meaning that you're trying to eat you. You should attempt to see everybody's behavior in the best possible light, as opposed to the worst in the political world. Obviously that does not apply. I will say that if anybody deserves this, honor for cosmic level, it is Justin Trudeau who has made a career out of being a complete ass hat with regard to his own chiding of people for not being woke enough he's been the Woke prince in the Woke kingdom of Canada. I mean, for example, there is this little incident that happened just a couple of years ago in which a
person asked him a question about mankind and he chided her for for not using the word human kind was. It was absolute absurdity. We came here today to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislation so that it can also be changed because maternal love is the love. That's going to change the future of mankind. Mind so we'd like you to look, we would like to say people kind, not necessarily mankind, because it's more inclusive, exactly oh, my God, people find it's more unkind means people kind. You stupid ass, ok, but this is huge. Justin Trudeau is so he really does deserve what he is getting on a cosmic cosmic level and He deserves it also because he is engaged in this whole intersection. Allergy will go off, so I get his art like you,
sturdy. Even during his apology, he did the the abject apology routines, as we must recognize Intersection Alex intersection. Alaniz super duper important, really. What he should say is we have to recognize when people do things that violate other sense of propriety. When people do things that are inherently offensive, but honestly I apologized already for all of this. I didn't mean to offend anybody. I know better now because we all know better. Now, let's move on. Instead, he doubles.
Down on the standard will be going to double down on the standard and we're gonna hold you to the standard. So here's Justin Trudeau talking about the it is he that is Intersection Alex, can have many concrete actions to fight against racism, to fight against intolerance. The fight against anti black racism, specifically to recognize unconscious bias of systemic discrimination that exists in Canada and elsewhere to work to overcome and recognize intersection. Halliday's of people live within it in a way that so many of us simply cannot understand or appreciate. The micro aggressions in the challenges being face lit by the intersectional door died as sword die by the intersectional sort. They really did the micrograph things that people live with. This seems like a micro aggression right here like this picture right here of him, dressed up in Brownface as Aladdin in two thousand and one it seems like a little bit micro grocery, also the video of him, dressed in black, face with an afro, also,
the other picture of him, dressed in black phase, with an afro little micro grocery. So again does bait on a cosmic level deserve what he is getting absolutely absolutely and when he, when he's walking around doing what he did yesterday, I adknowledge I come from privilege. Ok, well, you asked for a buddy, coming around the clock here right in the side of the head, like a cow, getting ready for the Mcdonald's burger, but enjoy have always acknowledge that I come from a place of privilege, but I now need to acknowledge that that comes with a massive blind spot. I have dedicated my leadership and my service to Canada to try and counter intolerance and racism everywhere. I wanting to do go to wanting to do better, simply isn't good enough, and you need to take responsibility for mistakes that hurt
Well, who thought it was an ally, see if you're a good person, maybe what Justin Trudeau would do here? If you are a better person, I should say, maybe is good right now. If you were a better person, more generous person, what he would do here is. He would recognize that the problems that he's currently facing our problems, created by a world view that he embraces worldview, that suggests that everything offensive means that the person who offended weather with intense without intent needs to be wrecked and ruined and dragged through the instead he's gonna do this now is struggle session where he gets to uphold the standard while retaining his office and not losing his power yeah. That is hypocrisy if you're holding the standard, because it doesn't apply to you by anybody else. This happens you just intro call for their head, but it's just introduced was not resigning, then that makes you have a hypocrisy, isn't there's a standard? I didn't live up to the standard, and now I ought to be punished because I didn't live up to the standard. That's not hypocrisy and it's all not hypocrisy, to say the standard itself. Is it wrong stand in ungenerous bad standard for society- that's not a either. It is hypocrisy for Justin, Trudeau would stand there, and
for the resignation of any official in his government was found to have done this two stand there and then say no, I'm, I think I'm going here guys and in my power, but hey, I acknowledged my white privilege. I acknowledge my white privilege again now. Speaking of the stupidity of intersectionality, I just want to point something out so Justin Trudeau getting raked over the coals today, because two thousand and thirty years ago he was dressed in black face and brown phase. Also, yesterday, Al Sharpton went testified in front of Congress and his death by Matt gets the Republican of Florida about his history of anti white and anti semitic remarks and the Democrats started to boo. Matt gets for bringing this up, other words. Depending on where you rank on the intersection of privilege hierarchy. You get to be as awful as you want to be now: Sharpton cells show on MSNBC and if any
brings that up to get booed. Here's Matt gets going after Sharp and Mr Scarborough's resolution began by saying, whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the jewish faith as blood sucking Jews and Jew, is that true? Or did you not say those things? They are patently untrue. I never said that. Have you ever refer to members of the jewish faced as white, interlopers or diamond merchants? No sir, I referred to one in Harlem and individual. Well, I didn't even know was jewish as an envelope and said I should never referred is race, whereas the river Al Sharpton led a protest in the Crown Heights neighborhood and March next to a protester with a sign that read the white man is the
I have no recollection of that. I've watched and many things with there were signs that I did or did not agree with. Okay, so Al Sharpton continues to maintain his position of privilege and power based on this intersectional hierarchy, which means the entire standard is corrupt, because it turns out the entire standard is indeed correct. Okay time for a quick thing I like in anything and that I hate so things that I like today, so I was in New York, as you all know, as of from there. We had that a a roast over a commentary magazine which was they roasted me, and it was pretty funny. I will say as roasted by a number of prominent political figures and I got to roast and But while I was there, my sister and I actually went and saw the musical dear Evan Hanson, which had been highly recommend it, and it's it's really fascinating, is a fascinating musical. So I think that it's well crafted some of the music it's it's kind of a pop rock and pop rock musical. I mean that's, that's the method than the mode in which it is written, but that that's okay
because it's a modern musical. The basic premise of the show is that there is this kid named Evan Hansen who is dealing with some sort of on. Specified anxiety disorder and he goes to school and he's writing a note to his therapist. You supposed to write these to himself about why it's going to be a great day. He writes a note to himself about why his day is actually going to be crappy and terrible, and then he signs it to him if you print it out and another kid picks up the note and put it in his pocket for a variety of reasons, and that kid ends up killing himself, and so when they find the kids body, they find Evan Hansen's note on this kid Connors body, and they think that it was a suicide note from Connor to Evan Hansen, Ann and Evan Hansen is drawn into this kids family because they are devastated, of course, and he starts making up this fake history about him. How he and Connor are best friends originally to make the family feel better, then, increasingly, because he wants to be part of the family. It's really a fascinating premise before musical here's a little bit of one of the key numbers in the musical. This was performed at the Tony awards a couple years ago,
decide, if you keep getting burned step out, it's really interesting musical one of the things that makes it interesting. It is very involved with the impact of social media, so through a variety of certain is: is he ends up becoming the social media star based on all the lies that he is told now? One of the main issues that I have with the musical and not really giving too much away is that the v come up. Instead, he receives is not consonant with the continent with the the crime the
we committed. You don't actually even really learn why what he did was kind of morally wrong, and this is, I know, a famous critique of the musical by a lot of people. The first act, though, is really fantastic. The second act, I think, is weaker because they're not really sure what they want to a in the second act, but it's it's really a fascinating musical about lying in the consequence of lying and the wages of social media in which everybody is virtue, signalling and then virtue ripping people down. It's there's a lot. That's that's pretty interesting, I'm the musical. So if you're ever in new york- or if you see it on the national tour, I think it's worth seeing your enhancing go check that out. Okay time for a quick thing at that I hate already so cutie pie is the second most popular content. Creator on you, too, and full disclosure of appeared in beauty, pie. Video thanks, okay, but hi was ripped up and down the other day, because people were accusing him of wearing a german iron cross in a video where he announced that he was retracting, a donation to the Anti Defamation league. Now the reason
his retracting that our nation to the eighty dollars, because the ADL is indeed politically biased in pretty significant ways, but he was ripped for supposedly signalling to, and he said this is crazy. He says: there's a a there's, a brand called vitamins which is a streetwear brand founded by George and designer Demna Vasalia? He says some people took the sweater as a way for me to symbolize the Nazis. The Nazi that cross people were very sure that it was not see cross and people started attacking me because of it never mind the fact since it's georgian characters literally right next to it, which is true because I don't know the iron cross. I think I heard something about it, but I don't know about these things. I don't care about these tiny nazi references. It's just crazy across George is a very important symbol. It's literally using their flag. The brand I was wearing veterans is anything but Matty brand. I've spoken about them. And before I really like the brand here, the fact is that the so called iron cross here
that it was used by the didn't, originate with the and it's not as as overtly not see as, for example, the swastika. I mean the fact is that there are a a bevy of brands that use that that particular symbol right. That's your own Constantine is a famous watch brands and these the Maltese cross, which looks a lot like the the iron cross, okay in, and that I mean basically identical. I mean it is it so it's really. So if you really want to be present on two guys or are you just trying to go out for Pewdiepie, because you don't like him he's popular one of the things that we see is that in our social media age is that you only read people down when they become successful. So at no point did anybody call Pewdiepie, a Nazi then became famous and rich, and then it was oh he's a nazi and it's the same thing that you're seeing with Justin Trudeau. For years these pictures could have come out. They didn't same thing with Ralph Northam same thing with Kyle Cash. If the minute that he became successful and
people start paying attention to him and was admitted to Harvard then all the sudden sudden, all the bad stuff came out about him. This is the height of at dating stupidity? It really really is if you're going target people folks, why you target them. Based on reality, not based on your sick, twisted fantasy that everybody really not you who you don't particularly like it's ridiculous. Okay, we'll be back here later today with two additional hours of content. If you don't wish to subscribe, would you should and yourself a wonderful weekend will be back on Monday. To recap all of it, for you, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben,
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