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Ep. 871 - Impeach For What?

2019-10-02 | 🔗

The theory of impeachment keeps changing; Democrats keep pushing full steam ahead; and Trump continues to lash out in all directions. Date: 10-02-2019

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China Toma. The theory of impeachment keeps changing. Democrats keep pushing full steam ahead and President Trump continues to lash out in all directions. I'm adventure of this is the venture Piero show. So unless we left our impeachment story last Friday, as preparing for Russian, I fear not much would happen over the weekend and turns up not much did happen over. We can accept that the theory of impeachment keeps changing So back on Thursday and Friday, the theory of impeachment seem to still be sort of president from had engaged in a quid pro quo with the ukrainian government, in which he basically threatened with hold a
he'd american aid. Military aid to Ukraine in exchange for the ukrainian government checking out his chief domestic political opponent, Joe Biden. Well as it turns out over the past couple of days, it appears- and I'm just touching upon the news. It appears that the fury of impeachment is now changing. It is malleable that Democrats weren't able to come up with the quid pro quo. They were seeking on the specific transcript of this phone call from had with Ukraine into now. They are attempting to construct another impeachment based crime, and that would be obstruction of justice there trying to come up with some rationale. Why they can blame the Trump Administration for blocking the investigation. It doesn't matter that from administration turned over the transcript doesnt matter, they turned over. The whistle blower report doesn't matter that the witnesses have been requested by the house thus far have basically been scheduled so far,
are, as I can tell, including the former ambassador to Ukraine, as well as other officials. American officials from the State Department who are active in Ukraine still be Democrats are pushing for with the idea that, if we can't get them for the underlined, crime will get President Trump for UPS truck That seems to be one angle, and then there is the generalised democratic angle, and you can see this happening in the press, which is that impeachment isn't truly about what prompted here impeachment isn't truly any specific criminal allegation. Impeachment is about tramping pupil at that really seems to really that's the case and as we'll see today, the democratically broadening out the case, so we are now seeing them begin to speak with more. More and more wild language about what a bad died from is well. Trumped may be a bad guy according to Democrats. That is not impossible offence being somebody to people don't like being. Somebody
works in ways. You don't like. That's not impeachment. I didn't like Morocco Bomber ass. It was not impeach it Bill Clinton, wasn't peace for those very specific crime does not because people didn't like as tax policy and ninety ninety four, we hadn't election to fixes tax policy and nineteen. Eighty four jazz we'll see as the impasse proceeding move forward. It seems less like Democrats, our honing in on anyone theory of impeachment and then getting to the heart of it. It seems instead that, like an octopus, the tentacles reaching out in every direction- and hopefully they can snags something that will be sufficient to move the public said the public isn't anti impeachment and it doesnt blow back Democrats. Ok, so, along those lines today, the media are making a very big deal out of the fact that might Palmdale. The Secretary of State has now confirmed that he listened to President drums call with ukrainian President, which isn't a big surprise. There are a lot of people who are listening to that phone call. The secretary of state very often frequently listens to phone calls that the president has with foreign leaders, but
This was the first time the pump Hale had openly acknowledge that that is something that happened before he had been asked about the whistle blower complaint. He said I never saw the whistle blower complaints. I have no specific answers about the whistle blower complaint, but he never said that he was on the call itself. So Democrats, of course, are jumping to all. This means that it was a cover up. This means that it was a cover up, except that it's not a cover up, since he just said it. He just like the Democrats keep doing this. They did with Mahler, they did it with the they did it with the whistle blower they did with the transcript of the phone call another doing with pale. They keep claiming that there is a cover up right about that
point when the Trump administration blows the whole thing into public view right, so here's some pale explaining. Yes, I was on the phone call with Ukraine. I was on the phone call. The phone call was in the context of now aggressive and secretary of state for common I'm a year and a half. I know precisely what the american policy is with respect to. Ukraine has been remarkably consistent and we will continue to try to drive those set of outcomes. It's what our team included, quoting ambassador, Volker or focused on was taken down a threat that Russia opposes there in your great ok, so he was mediately asked of course, whether trumpeted anything inappropriate on the call, and he demure tends to that question- use decline to answer the question. Why? Well, because the fact is that the president could have done things there are inappropriate, but not impossible, but the fact is, the pumping will also work for Trump from is particularly thin skinned when it comes
this sort of stuff. He doesn't like when his own officials are out there saying that he does stuff that they don't approve of. This is what happened in John Bruton and make comparisons about fall into that trap. Ok, so this follows hard and the Democrats, claiming over the past forty eight hours that pump Hale is somehow holding up their access to state department officials. So the New York Times reported yesterday. The Trump administration clashed on Tuesday, with leaders of the House impeachment inquiry over their demands to question State department officials who might have witnessed president trumps efforts to pressure Ukraine for political advantage, now notice again that the the language here used by the New York Times it has been used consistently by the media. Now is that tramples pressuring Ukraine as opposed to requesting Ukraine? just is a more accurate description of their uncle. Pressure on Ukraine would presume that that assumes the the question. That is in doubt the question, and that is whether there is a quid pro quo re, not whether Trump asked for something, but whether there is It broke well when you used the word pressured assumption is that there is something credit
on the other end of their pressure, namely a threat notice that the word monsieur whenever the media use the word pressure and not the word requested or asked that, then that is the media infusing their advice and restore in any case near times as in the first skirmish. What promises to be an epic impeachment struggle between the executive and legislative branches Secretary of State might pay lashed out at three congressional two committees that are seeking to depose diplomats involved in american policy towards Ukraine. Mr Pompidou called their demand.
For confidential interviews and active intimidation. Now the reason that he says that is because he is saying you're not giving them time get lawyers and deal with state department lawyers which, by the way, if that sounds like somebody covering up or somebody covering their. But let me assure you, I know people who were in who were questioned by the Mulder report. There is a lot of folks inside the administration know. People were questioned by the Mueller report. It cost tens of thousands of dollars with lawyers in order to be question, because anybody who goes in his question by government committee under oath without a lawyer presence at their side to advise them on what they should and should not say, is a fool You would be a fool to and there's nothing to do at truth telling or not for selling. Like going to deal with the IRS without any lawyer on the line like doing that is a fool's errand they are literally putting you there's that they can then charge you with some form of perjury or misleading statements, and then they can use it's a pressure you to say things you don't wanna say compost
Ok, we need time to get all these people, the lawyers that they want, and the Democrats naturally because they are attempting to gin up some sort of belief that there is a cover up going on there saying that Bumpo is engaged in the cover up and again, the two biggest officials who are being question so far have already set dates on which there is the question that has postponed the first of the depositions, which had been scheduled for one say with the former: U S, ambassador and Ukraine, but not before the impeachment increase leaders, upbraided Pompey, for questioning their work and for asserting that their bid to swiftly schedule depositions did not allow enough time for a proper response. The latest stand off, unfolded, lawmakers or unexpectedly, put on notice Tuesday afternoon that it could soon be provided with new evidence related to the State Department and Ukraine a twist. They could add crucial information to their investigation and potentially complicate MR trumps efforts to block it we'll get to what exactly that crucial piece of information is and why Democrats in the house are extraordinarily excited about. A visit from a member of the states are more gets that in just one second for
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Sequential fight between the administration and House Democrats, they are determined to quickly nail down fats at the heart of the whistle blower complaint. Well, maybe the whole purpose of the speed is because they know that the executive branch is not going to want to comply that quickly, because it's actually kind of complicated to comply with subpoenas from the executive branch of to determine, for example, what is classified and what is not classified. What the president is going to declare executive privilege over and what he is. Not. You have to make sure that everybody gets lawyers so by artificially boosting the timeline. Perhaps the goal here is for Democrats who actually
create exactly the sort of conflict they are pretending they wished to avoid. The White House is just as determined to thwart, or at least slow the investigation. I do love than your times language there they're, just as determines of war or at least slow. The investigation, which is it thwart or slow waiting, just say that they are determined to slow, but that's obvious, but war is a different thing falling back on the approach. It has used to stonewall efforts by Congress to delve into episodes detail by Robert Mahler, the special council who investigated Russia's interference in the twenty sixteen election. Ok, we have a few pieces of
Heating NEWS, you have the the pale acknowledgement that he was in fact on the phone call, which doesn't actually mean anything unless there is something wrong with the phone call itself. You have the House Democrats who are going to try and subpoena members of pumping state department upon Pale, saying hold up a second guys, you're moving to vast here and the Democrats them claiming cover up, and you have the State Department inspector General requesting an urgent briefing with senior congressional staff members after Palmdale pushed back how democratic demands to turn over documents. So we are still wondering exactly what exactly the only real piece of news there. Only real piece of news is not the hubbub between pale and house Democrats as our really the pump Hale was on the call because the car, would be just as criminal or non criminal, depending on whether pump? I was there and compels presence, doesn't change the tenor of the phone call unless the case is somehow upon pale was the hatchet man for the quid pro quo, but that he even there
Doesn't answer the question as to whether there was in fact a quid pro quo. The real piece of news here is that you, maybe new information that emerges thanks to the state, a state department, inspector generals last one. Congressional aid described the states inspector generals request as highly usual and cryptically worded means better, and will again said the reason for the breathing was the day had obtained documents from acting legal adviser in the State Department But, as I say you know all this talk about the Trump administration preventing members of the Trump administration from testifying, not much the former. U S special on what Ukraine could Volker is set to appear on Thursday incurred. Or is the one who allegedly was texting with Rudy Giuliani Psoric enough. That's more information there was he texting with Giuliani, because the Trump administration in efforts to procure the quid pro quo had deputize Giuliani from the State Department in order to go over there and dig up dirt with the ukrainian government or was curve Volker, basically just
guy in Ukraine who knew who is working for the government, Neuro Juliana Giuliani, called him up and said. I'd like to talk to actions. Indicators. Phone number were about to find that out, meanwhile, Tuesday, the testimony of former? U S, ambassador Did you bring Marie Young again? Avenant Ivanovitch, which had been scheduled for Wednesday, is now going to occur next Friday, again, they keep saying this a cover up sugar well go we're gonna, have that's not a cover up three committees, the foreign affairs, intelligence and oversight. Panels have scheduled the depositions as part of their probe into whether the president's elicited help from a foreign government to dig up dirt on his political. Opponents and again that remains the central issue. But we are not seeing any additional information as of yet that suggests that the quid pro quo either took place or that was even threatened. Remember last week we uncovered three supper. Stories that suggested that the ukrainian government didn't even know that military aid was on line and even the aspects of the transcript that look like dealing with military aid, where you have Zalewski the President of Ukraine talking
about buying javelin missiles? I was form by somebody in any defence arena, shall we say that even that has nothing to do with the so called would propose regarding military aid that has to do with the Wednesday trained a buttered from, but by saying he wanted to buy javelins, meaning that actually, the entire college, just Linsky trying to butter trumped up because for leaders are constantly trying to butter the president up. That doesn't mean that the president was actually threatening. Meanwhile, the house's threatening subpoena the White House for Ukraine records on Wednesday, the house threatened to subpoena the White House if it did not comply by Friday with requests for abroad. Range of documents relating to president trumps efforts to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden and his son. Again there is the word pressure against representatives, coming to Maryland, the chairman of the oversight and Reform Committee notified his committee of the impending subpoena
Wednesday, he said the White House. If that's part of North Congress is voluntary request. He said I do not take this step lightly. Over the past several weeks, the committee's tried several times to obtain a voluntary compliance with our request for documents. Wait up what is this past several weeks business I mean what what? What exactly is that supposed to mean they like, this whole thing happened. Five seconds ago means only going for two moments. So far as we can tell yet again, and it seems like thus far overblown demo Let's try to accelerate the timeline, specifically that the White House will back the timeline in Cummings, threatening a soup,
China is obviously an escalation along these lines to subpoena threat comes this house. Democratic leaders are preparing loud steps in their rapidly enfolding impeachment inquiry and we'll find out what State Department, inspector general is about to say as of today and just secondary and get you president from response. While this plus Bernie Sanders hospitalized a heart, Stent has been inserted hard problem, heart surgery, all of his campaign. Events have been cancelled, obviously thoughts and prayers to We may disagree with him? You may think that is a bad guy. I think that his political beliefs are awful, but you. Don't wanna see anybody who is not a terrorist basically or murderer in in this position and and so thoughts to his family, even by wild. We disagree with all of Bernie Sanders. Is politics apparently is conversing and in good spirits will be resting up over the next few days, according to senior adviser, Jeff Weaver we're cancelling his vents and appearances until further notice,
obviously, on a political level that spells doom for Bernie Sanders his campaign and probably means that Elizabeth Horn is the Democratic nominate, which was the direction that this was moving anyway. That is indeed a piece of enormous, we'll get you more on Bernie Sanders and more on President Trump and the impeachment effort in just one second. First, let's talk about hiring so hiring can be a slow, difficult process process fail to receive Odylic misquotes needed to hire director of coffee for organic coffee company, whose having some trouble finding qualified applicants switch, switched reciprocated Zeb preclude doesn't depend on candidates, finding you it finds them for you. It's technology identifies people with the right experience and then invite them to apply to your job, so you will get qualified candidates fast, Dylan posted his job on set said he was impressed by how quickly he had a candidate supply. He also used as it requires Canada rating feature, the filters applicants, so he could focus on the most relevant ones.
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so over the last seventy two hours he's been arranged tweeting up a storm, and this is where the democratic, a stick shift in your starting to get shipped from. Maybe Trump did something criminal to Trump is a big poo. Poo head really be trumped started tweeting alot of seven and people like. Oh, my god. I can't believe tweets all this stuff. If you still find from tweeting like a madman, somehow shocking appalling Save you if it if it adds a new level of pressure to your day unstressed your day. If you believe the dislike every time you tweets to a new level of low, may I suggest that you take it shall Bell, because the fact is, that is what from going to do it. What is it he's done it's funny whenever I say this because well, if Obama, we did this, you take it seriously correct, because Rocco Bomb was a serious human rights one. For me, every Donald from is the president of the United States, which means that we should take him with a certain amount of seriousness. When he does things, but when he says things really are Ten that everything Donald from says is well considered
our policy, an official statement from the White House November. There is a there's big debate early on in trumps administration over that his tweets amounted to actual statements from White House, we will it yes, and so people started releasing these on White House on White House, stationary right is kind of joke, and it was obvious that this was not official. Statements from the White House was obvious that from just got up in the morning you'd like sitting on the toilet, Watchin Fox NEWS interest leading and yet whenever it this view and all my god, it's so terrible. Ok, if you really think that this he was elected in part because of this, it will be a referendum on his tweeting habits in fourteen months in talk about anyone. Here's what translated We did so. The so called whistleblower has all secondhand information and almost everything is it about my perfect call with the ukrainian President is wrong much to the embarrassment of pollution chef? Why aren't we? to interview and learn everything about the whistle blower and also the and we gave all the false information to him. This is simply about a phone Conversation that could not have been nicer warmer or better. No pressure at all
as confirmed by Ukrainian Press, it is just another Democrat hopes as there's something in the street and a true something's than industry that are not true. It is true that the ukrainian President said he was not pressure. It is also true that I am very sceptical that was Lord did not have outside legal help on that letter that he wrote. I am also sceptical towards. Lower is not actually working with Democrats behind scenes. Considering did Adam chef was tweeting out the exact point of the whistle blower report. Two weeks before you supposed to know about it, Would that said, the whistleblower was not wrong that the com in the details of the call there's one detail of the call that was wrong. The vast majority the details were correct. Away from says, as I learn more and more each day, I'm coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not impeachment. It is a coup, intended to take away the power of the people, their vote, their freedoms, their second meant religion, military border while end their God given right, as a citizen of the United States of America, ok- and this is obviously wild overstatement. Impeachment is a political process, even if it moves forward in the House
it's probably going nowhere in the Senate in our very cool to take place. It has to happen outside the EU the system. There is no such thing as illegal coup. Illegal coups are not things there are there things that can be done to oust in illegal dictator, but working within the system, to ask a sitting. President with an impeachment system is not, in fact a coo and president Trump to call it. That is dumb. Okay. That is a silly thing to say. However, is anyone supposed to be surprised? You're like what are we supposed to and that president from tweeting things out is supposed to be the big disqualify air, and yet, oddly enough, that's exactly what Democrats many Democrats are now claiming reset because Trump his pupil had read. This is really this is this. I keep seeing people had, because that is the best way to describe the sort of labels that they are throwing it from either not accusing them of actual criminal activity. Really there not accusing him
of violating his oath of office in any serious way, their accusing them of being somebody who they don't like mouths off one on Twitter and that, I guess, is their case for him being impossible, and I don't really see that I gotta be honest with you. Usually impeachment requires a crime, and so you see, for example, walking Castro who's out there, the failing democratic, while he's representative read the representative Castro and he is eight eight, twenty twenty democratic candidate for the presidency. Sorry, his brothers, who, in running Joaquin whose twin brother is representative, walking Castro's on CNN any. He was out there say or trumpets gonna bring harms the whistle blower, really we're going to this routine, so some people, because Sweden, he doesn't like the whistleblowers Yes, I'm sure may really that this, this democratic line, which is so irritating and so stupid and has been true,
cut it out by people like Johann Omar repeatedly that if you criticise her, if you say that you back congressperson raftery, threatening her with violence as somebody less twenty four seven security because of LE jet threats, violence, I can pretty well tell the damn difference between the threat of violence and who just don't like what you when I say anything mean things about me but Democrats in an effort to stretch impeachment beyond its natural boundaries. Our trump is going to harm the whistle blower. This impenetrable. Resident at this point has been very abusive of the whistle Blower Protection ACT and really is. Is there we're on the verge of not only revealing identity or getting somebody else to reveal the identity of the whistle blower, but also by no harm to that person is getting quite scary. Residents behaviour and his words and what that could conjure up. Ok and then my favorite part of this is that Castro says that right Trumps gonna bring harm some whistleblower, and this obviously very very, very bad things. Super superabundant, Maxine Waters goes on tv lashly should tweets, should reach
calling on the GOP to stop from filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies and using- language implying they should be killed. Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement, but for now impeachment is the imperative is from says he doesn't like the whistle blower and cosmic. Greater, because bill weld called him a trader in everybody's calling each other traders. These days, Maxine what I suggest that sitting president of the United States should be imprisoned in place in solitary confinement. What is willing Castro have them, but what is walking Castro have to say about that May I have a lot of x ray respect for Maxine Waters and she's. A very passionate person has built for it felt very strongly for long. And has built for it felt very strongly for a law. Time that the president has broken the law, and so you see it You see that, in her words, I think a lot of Americans have been very upset and outrage about the president's conduct. I think all of us
make sure that this process is a fair one, that there is due process for the president and all the other witnesses that are gonna come forward, but were committed to getting the bottom of what happened. He just a passionate personage aids when she it needs to put the present in jail in solitary confinement. That's her being passionate when from yells about the whistle blower. That's him being. Google and horrible and terrible and very bad in this is part of the broader democratic agenda. At this point, to deal agenda Mise trumpets, president, on the basis of actual crimes were based on who trumpet a person will advise you that we have a thing called watching. You can do that, but that's all Democrats are doing. Instead, they seemed it continually broadening out the scope of the impeachment of impeachment itself of the impeachment inquiry of the impeachment grounds. And that is ridiculous, as will see that actually ties into a broader agenda on the part of many people on the left, which is to use legal methods.
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continue. Broadening out the actual accusation, you can see it from Will Wilkinson who writes a piece at the New York Times today. Vice president for research at the Democrat leading this command center and the entire piece is about how Trump ought to be impeached because gets disqualified himself from running why the president's brazen attempted cheating has taken decided at the ballot box off the menu impeachment is imperative right, Peter Rugg set in March. I think the american people are gonna, have a chance to decide this at the ballot box in November, twenty twenty but says Wilkins in this no longer tenable position is not tenable to allow an election to go forward from has to be impeach because otherwise he's going to cheat he's going to win the election by cheating, it's hilarious to watch as Democrats claim. The Trump is going to do this while simultaneously claiming that Trump claiming the Democrats are going to do. This is somehow impeachable just to get this straight at Trump says it's a coup and they're treating that's impeachable. If democrats say that Trump is
and will engage in a coup. Then that suddenly find another one that it should be grounds from teaching from. So I mean that is heads I entails you lose Render Wilkins said since, as this is no longer tenable position, the president's bungled bid to coerce Ukraine's leader into helping the Trump Twenty twenty re election campaign. Smear arrival struck dumb I did at the ballot box off the menu of reasonable opinion forever forever apparently, whatever happens with the vote will be a legitimate is good news for President Trump, even if you lose as he wins now. These apparently is illegitimate. Wilkinson has trumps brazen attempt to cheat his way into a second stand. So scandalously expose there can be no assurance of a fair election if he's allowed to stay in office. Resolving the question question The president's fitness at the ballot box isn't really an option, much less the best option. When the question boils down to weather the ballot box will be stuffed Impeachment is therefore imperative, so in other words, they saw improved quid pro quo, but because
from, and his campaign were digging in Ukraine for dirt. This apparently perverts the election, and all reasonable measure, and thus all results are perverse- was only one problem that Hillary Clinton two thousand sixteen worked with ukrainian Embassy, in order to dig up dirt on tromp, did that make the results of the election illegitimate. It did not. It did not It Giuliani is out there by the way, making the case that he's going to be able to prove that Barack Obama ordered Hillary Clinton and Democrats to dig up dirt in Ukraine. See if this is true or not. What this is just another overplay by Rudy The reason why I was investigating and reason why the present a United States have an obligation to ask the President of Ukraine to follow up on these allegations, because there is substantial, and I dont want to exaggerated, but pretty close to overwhelming evidence, including a finding by ukrainian Court that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats cooperated with Ukrainians with the oars,
coming directly from the White House in January, of twenty seventeen to dig up dirt, her political poet, and they did ok, so this miseries case and by the way, the case that the Joe Biden and providing there's something group. There is none insanely week. Now it's not a strong seven people have made it out to be, but there are serious questions to be asked about Hunter and Joe Biden. Joe Duff really knew the hunter was making money off his name. Does that impact is actual policy towards Ukraine that is at best dicey, but still the case that the Democrats seem to be making over and over is that they can just keep broadening out this inquiry until its meaningless again Wilkinson is not making a case. The natural quid pro quo happening, just assuming that it did read, This is the this, I guess is, is the grounds from parliament. Is that he's not going to allow an actual watching before and turns out the debtors, not the only democratic case, that's being made today as you'll notice, whenever the impeachment grounds get less and less specific, lay at more and more passionate. That seems to me
Where did this works when they started off is supposed to be a very narrowly focused inquiry with a very narrow points of of only a very narrow angle or end point, and that does not seem like what this is turning into. It seems like. Instead, it is broadening out, unlike the case for impeachment, is broadening out over and- over and over and by the way. I should mention that, while regionally on he's out there talking about how jobs not to be investigated and Republicans and trumpet central by not to be investigated- and this thing- that's a legitimate point of inquiry, given the fact that Ukraine is requesting the is requesting help and good relationship with us and therefore we want to make sure that corruption is taken care of wood with all of that It is amazing the same people on the left who suggests the people on the right are shying away from the Trump investigation cause they're, afraid of what they're gonna find there
saying over and over and over there's nothing to blind with Biden stuff, nothing whatsoever. How do we know this will? Because we know this, because there can't be anything because we notice has come over here is doing this redeem, your elected president, would you allow this sooner daughter of your vice president to serve on the board of a well company outside this country? Probably not, but I think that the progress that we ve got again with with this issue, is that it's a distraction from the fact that look as far as I'm concerned leave Joe Biden alone does leave him alone on this issue of what this president has done. That has been about corrupting America's democracy being in Cahoots with a foreign later to yet again try my neck. Late the election of the President of the United States judgment though, and I am not going to be distracted by what this president is trying to play. My favorite part of that is where she starts laughing hysterically about Joe Biden. In his son. That's always
good side when Color Harris laughs nervously, you know that she thinks there is actually a there there. Ok, we'll get to more votes in a second plus, of course, Bernie Sanders effectively dropping out of the race today, thanks to a health problem we'll get to that. In just one second, first great news for another kingdom fans: the third final season is here at last Monday, sober seven episodes, one and two will be released, but if you're a subscriber yet exclusive access to both those episodes this Friday October forth, so do not wait, subscribed now, also seasons, one and two are available in daily, where a common itunes and you to make sure you check those out and get caught up and, as I say, should go subscribe generally, because the fact is there are people on the left who, as we'll see very much interested in destroying the ability of conservatives to get their message out when you subscribe, you make sure that we can continue to bring you the truth and the analysis that you need when you get the annual subscription. Yet this the very greatest and beverage vessels, the leftist years, hot or cold tumblr does indeed magnificent. Go check that out right now for ninety nine bucks a year, you make your life better, nine nineteen
month, where the largest fastest growing consumer Pakistan radio shown the nation. So, as I keep saying, be legal The Democrats and in many in the media, seems to be too to broaden out the the scope of the rationale for trumps impeachment from quid pro quo, which would be an actual legal standard to he's a meaning, and we don't like him. Sir Thomas Raymond has a really famously awful counter Thomas Friedman is an awful awful columnist. I've said for years that, if you want on this ribbon, retinas column value, all you have to do is off from a hotel, Sweden, nice place for night, where he would go around and people from a nice hotel, Sweden, Thomas Friedman of an essentially awry. On a wonderful open country with a regime that has been misunderstood. If you buy me a sweet in in China, I'll write you a piece of
how the United States should emulate China's one party system, while today he has a piece in the New York Times talking about how to impeach Trump, and here is how it opens edifice. I'm going to discuss impeachment today, but first I want to talk the national symphony, orchestras opening concert and gave a last Saturday night. It was very revealing admit, concert the chairman of the Andy Centre, David Rubinstein came out. Read the audience and vips, he welcomed the different ambassadors, and then he went through the cabinet members present and then the Supreme Court Justice introduce Justice, Samuel leader, gotta, smattering of applause, Benny, introduce Justice Route Beethoven, were exceeded in the balcony for many women in the audience up to applaud, and then everyone stood up and then everyone applauded and then everyone applauded more and then some people cheered and then some whistled and went on and on it was extraordinary. I've been to a lot of Kennedy, central concerts and a few in the president's sitting in his official boxes introduced, but I've never witnessed anything like the recession.
And for justice ginsburg- and this was not a totally liberal audience- there are many older gnp donors and corporate types here. Just quick note is pretty much a total illiberal audience. The Kennedy Centre event in New York. That means are like seven Republicans and if they are Republicans in New York the job they are not really hard core Republicans there in New York. This was a spontaneous by part: an expression of respect for and longing for, a national leader of integrity and humility by the way the roof arrogant brings an awful justice. I also pray for her health because the fact is we should pay for the health of all of our officials and in public positions, but she's a terrible justice was ruled terribly on virtually every major ruling of last thirty years, but basically reminiscing Ginsburg is a personal. Lastly, unifies the country, but from his class lesson, should be impeach that summit treatments gay. So we ve had well Wilkinson case, which has trouble, but an election go forward which is nonsense, and then you have Friedman scale. Which is everyone likes with better Ginsburg, and then
you get Susan Rises case, which is that nothing nothing says we should write about impeachment and corruption. Foreign policy like Susan Rice woman, who wide repeatedly to the american public about Benghazi writing in the New York Times shares the national security adviser from twenty thirteen twenty. Seventy and are brought about by the way you want to know what drives the right so fully insane about. All of this is the fact that you got Democrats it they're on their high horses when they engaged in nearly the same activity repeatedly whether your talk, about Hilary seeking Dirt on Donald Trump from the Ukrainians are worthy or talk. Member Och Obama, pledging flexibility to the Russians openly, unlike it, but he gets, in rice writing for the New York Times about from should be impeached. Why? Well, because, because Joe Biden, his innocence but she says Joe Biden is innocent and Trump is guilty because she says that Biden had nothing to do with the Obama policy, and abiding is fine,
and abiding was back in a good policy, nothing there about how is inappropriate for the Obama administration to let Biden run up the ukrainian policy to lead up to Ukraine you and his son was earning money off his name in Ukraine, while working with groups are under investigation. Nonetheless, Susan Rice making become making the idea pushing the point that the Trump Administration is the grub diminished nation, as opposed to be beautiful, wonderful, great Obama, administration, new drive people months. This is the way to do it. I mean this is full on gas lighting. At this point, what she says, the differences in these two engagements are stark and binds case the purse, because the purpose of the intervention was to pursue a widely accepted. U S, policy objective in the full light of day. In drums gaze. He was to advance a personal political interest in opposition. Into the national interest deliberately hidden from view was deliberately hidden from View
Trump wanted Giuliani in Ukraine, and it was known for two years the Giuliani is running around in Ukraine and, as it turns out, the Washington Post agreed mean they reported that the transcript of the call was not hidden for purposes of this specific call was bad because from hides all the transcripts dissolve leak. Business of the drives Republicans up awhile drives conservatives up, or is it you'll see articles from the press repeatedly suggesting the trumpets engaged in corruption where, if you just slipped the parties they be talking to how great it is a perfect example. Today, there's a piece in the Washington Post held the presidency of one key federal agencies increasingly compelled to benefit trump. Have you made? Maybe you noticed by the way that dumb did you that that Obama did the exact him like there? Is the Obama Ruskin all there was the Obama Calvin Human Services scandal. There is Obama, utilizing his deal, Jays protection, racket for himself and fast and furious, but apparently, accordingly
Washington Post. It is a great shocked at the head of the executive branch is also the head of the executive branch and they point out that a series of disclosures has illuminated president from command over key federal agencies, revealing how he has compelled them to pursue his personal and political goals investigated. Enemies and lend legitimacy to his theories about the twenty sixteen election. Yes, that's called being the head of the executive branch. This up drives Republicans up the wall for a reason. Again: if we're are talking about the praecipe cheering right now by the way, the best case in point Eric holder behind of the deal J, the attorney general, who suggested that he was Barack Obama's wing. Man now says that attorney General William BAR may have cross political lines. Eric holder said that, are we supposed to not laugh out loud to see how the president is now involved in trying to help the attorney general in that effort gives me
because I think the attorney general needs to be more sensitive to the appearance tat gives you have to not only be come. Substantively neutral gifted appear to be neutral when you aren't the attorney general of the United States, and I fear that he has crossed the political line. Means is this man on a mere our mirrors illegal work, all their lives. You have to appear to be neutral, you literally colors of Brok Obama's wingman. He declared itself privilege on your behalf in freight and passengers, this sort of stuff. It's me there's a generalised belief in the United States that there is a miasma of corruption in Washington DC that the swamp exist they went from is kind of swampy. Sometimes people are like ok, well and really because sorry
If you think that the world began spending one down front was elected president, you may have missed the past twenty years in american politics and me well. I think that this is part of a broader agenda. Unfortunately, impeachment is indicative of broader lefty mindset that has set in which that, even if you don't have the goods you use what you have to silence or opposition again, there's an election of fourteen months. All the democratic have to do if they wish to win. It simply go forward to the election and make the case for themselves. Instead, there pushing impeachment- and this is part and parcel of broader. This is suggesting today, but Donald Trump Twitter account should be suspended. He's the president of the United States here she is on CNN, desperately seeking attention mean she's, basically become Glenn, close and fatal attraction boy United States here, she is on CNN. Desperately seeking attention mean she's basically
Glenn, close and fatal attraction boiling rabbit for attention here? She is when you look at what he's been tweeting today, directed at the whistle blower directed at so many people. You know, I frankly think that, based on this and all we ve seen him do before clearing tat attacking members of Congress that he, frankly should be his twitter account should be suspended when the president of the United States speaks her. Words are very powerful and should be used in a way that is not about belittling much less harming anyone, and this president has, I think, never fully appreciated that responsibility. So you should be barred from Twitter going humble heritage funny how comfortable left with deep land forming people they just don't like yours, Wisher makes the same cases
in Paris. Wisher, who want suggested decision wash kicking me head of Youtube that I should be barred from Youtube, because her son watches my videos. I'm sorry that I make a convincing case. Your kid Kara by Like National Hirsch's trump, is too dangerous for twitter. It's time to bar him to get the feeling that there is a group of people in United States. Just wanna hear the other people's opinion under a conflict areas which are too barred. I've never suggested the commonly Harris to be barred from twitter baby absurd. I know their people coup target me day in and day out and what I ve never call for any of them to be barred unless they're making actual violent threats to me. But this is part and parcel of a basic attempt to pressure everyone's there. You can use the pressure tactics impeachment in order to get rid of a president you're, like not elections, you're going to use the pressure tactics against advertisers. The average shows the you don't like not just not listening to the shows, not the ratings and you're going
try and pressure big Tec to crack down on opinions. You don't like not simply turn out from those opinions which would be the proper policy which, by the way, raises the issue. Facebook has now put forward a policy about elections. Nick Clegg was the VP of global affairs in communications, put forward this policy and it's a pretty it's a pretty decent policy. The basic policy that they are not going to referee political debates and prevent a politician speech from reaching its audience of being subject to public debate in scrutiny. So Facebook exams, politicians from third parties party fact checking programme. So very often Facebook has. What I think is is a dumb system of third party fact checkers, who are very often laughed rosy, snobs or you will see political fact in these are left
meaning left leaning, fact check site and it will use that as an excuse to go after particular stories. I've always argued that that's fool foolishness, because bad data, bad means out there are very few very few fact checking sites. There's probably should be one, but there aren't they. But at least Facebook is not applying. That's politicians, because that effectively would make them. Truth arbiters in politics, and that is an enormous mistake They said we will not send organic content or ads from our politicians to third parties, backtracking partners for review when politicians years previously debunked contents, including links, videos and video for videos and photos. We plan to promote that content, display related information from pack trackers and reject its inclusion in advertisements. Again all of this seems perfectly reasonable, doesnt matter. Facebook is being attacked. Why? Because the left would like to turn Facebook into the arbiter of truth, but left the arbiter of truth, as well as with worn is targeting facebook? Two against not about Elizabeth worn. Just disliking. Facebook is big company. This is about the Democrats threatening facebooks. They can control the politically
Mark Zuckerberg knows this by the way there leads audio him over the weekend, pointing out. And Elizabeth Worn was an existential threat to his company. She is she's an existential threat to big tack. And while the right may celebrate the downfall of big tech. The fact is, you don't want Democrats in control of big tech, that's really what this is about. Four Democrats in the same way that one of our from from Twitter, it would like to see Facebook broken up steak and then control Facebook and determine what it is You see, and you hear, and that's really the president during the song by the New York Times, has a headline Zuckerberg hate towards plan to break up Facebook. She doesn't care well, okay, so what so? What but who is the aggressor here? Mark Zuckerberg built up, the Julian dollar company that affects Billy the people around the World and Elizabeth One is gonna Willy nilly grabbed the power of the american government. Try to break it up and she's the courageous one shouldn't build anything she's, never built anything short does allow. Professor is all other recently.
Meanwhile, gotta give the update on Bernie Sanders. As I mentioned earlier, Bernie This is now had a hearts and surgery after eight after just discomfort, according to politico breaking news, Bernie Sanders expired trust discomfort. During the campaign events on Tuesday, he had to stand inserted to address a blockage in an area. Campaign. He is seventy eight years old. So this is not exactly a massive shack held is burning, lousy, I think he may be eighty, so he is he's he's seventy. Eight I've read the first time he's gettin up there, and this is the way. This is why, when people say older politicians may have health problems in their basic dad's ages. No, that's called reality with age. Come health problems I'm going to senior adviser, Jeff Weaver, isn't senator centres. Is conversing any good spirits you'll be resting up over the next few days. We are cancel His events and appearances until further notice will continue to provide appropriate updates centres is maintained. A relentless campaign schedule over the past. Several months is the oldest candid in the democratic field, but has projected vigour belying his age. The news came a day after centres posted a robust at once
five million dollar fundraising hall in the third quarter of the year. But as he's been eclipsed in recent weeks by Elisabeth worn in the polls, so apparently, the Mazanderan campaign cancelled the entirety of its recently schedule? add by an Iowa broadcasts, broadcast television, they'd, announced one point: three million our advice on Monday in the state that was set to begin on Thursday commonly Harris was, was eager to jump in and wish him the best so she looks seeing him on the campaign trail soon. I am sure that is not true, but it is certainly true that Was an Unita wanna see politicians put out of it by health, obviously beneficiary, politically you're, putting aside the human aspect, which is thoughts and persons and her family with that said, politically speaking. Obviously, Elizabeth Warren now looks to be the heavy favorite for the nomination, because the going theory for Joe Biden was that Elizabeth Warren was what the boat with Bernie Sanders on the socialist left. Well now that Bernie Sanders looks to be out of the race for the foreseeable future. There is no way he's going.
Cover coming back in and is now to person rights. It is now Elizabeth, worn and Joe Biden and Joe Biden is collapsing in the polls. According to them, national pulling Average Biden is up just a point and a half on Elizabeth worn there now several polls that show them in a dead heat there's any kind As you got, folded came out yesterday showing that war is now six on Biden. There's a monopoly knowing that war is up three on Biden, so worn obviously in commanding position in the really running here, he's leading in Iowa standards is a twelve percent. All of that probably kicks two hours before in New Hampshire. I was with worn, is again running with any margin of error in Havana, she's running inside the margin of error. We betting, autonomous with worn, are now up to forty nine percent by twenty two percent, so she's the prohibitive favorite in this elect
That means that what we are looking at right now is Donald from Fuddles versatile as before, and that by the way, does explain, at least in part by the Democrats are moving forward with the impeachment inquiry, even if they're not able to come up with any hard evidence of a quid pro quo, that is if they can portray Trump as corrupt, and then it can portray Elizabeth worn as the fight against corruption, the populace fighter against corruption. She winds lots of very scary prospect because she's a dangerous, In addition, with wild left views, men is gonna, be one hell of a race. Ok, let's do acquitting. I like and then a thing I hate and we will be out of yourself thing that I, like so there's a lot of talk very frequently about Rachel bias in the justice system. While There is a case that happen in Dallas of I guess it was last year it would have been in which an officer and off duty officer Amber
Eiger, she's white, using the wrong apartment. She walked into the wrong apartment. She came home from work when I last year believing should found intruder insider apartments and shot the man inside the man. She was not an intruder, but her neighbor boffin sham Jean twenty six zero black accountants who was watching tv and eating ice cream in the apartment he rents directly above miss gangsters on Tuesday genes, family braced themselves, so the possibility his death would be treated like many others across the country in which police officers have been cleared up. Doing, but a moment ever came instead of Dallas County jury found Geiger thirty one guilty of murder choosing more serious conviction over a lesser option of manslaughter, and that seems perfectly appropriate for this fact pattern. The case did not fit into the familiar narratives police killings in which the officers fired the weapons on duty and just those who show again that the notion
every one. The United States is eagerly awaiting police shootings. A black people by white officers is just not true. They chose funding. The left tends to pick out cases where the fact pattern is murky in order to make the case that people don't pay enough attention to black folks being killed, and that is not the case Raymond that they never talk about the case. The case of of the man in South Carolina who shot a black man shot death from behind by police officer, planted the gun on afterwards jail, never talk about that, because we all agree on the fact that instead of Talk about Michael Brown, where the fact tenderness in dispute or era Garner or the fact pattern is in dispute. In this case the fact tat I was on dispute and so this officer. Will go to jail for a very, very long time, as is appropriate, because if you shoot somebody in apartment, not your own, that means that you should go to jail okay time for a quick thing and that I hate
Ok, so there is a they knew, ruling from Adjudge about Harvard University near Times reports a federal judge on Tuesday rejected claims that Harvard had intentional. Discriminated against asian american applicants in closely watched case, the presented one biggest legal challenges to affirmative action in ears, but was it against the university came from a group hoping overturn a longstanding supreme court precedent that allows race to be considered as one factor among many admissions but prohibit universities from using racial quarters. The group argued Harvard favour blacken hispanic. Applicants at the expense of another minority group Asians, which is true? The judge rejected the plaintiffs argument said the university met. These strict constitute which again there is no benefit to racial diversity on its own, as matter of experimental diversity should, as a matter of socio economic diversity, sure as a matter of the point of our city shore. But why do you make a difference that a black person, a wipers city on its own as a matter of experiential diversity, sure as a matter of so
your economic diversity sure, as matter viewpoint, diversity shore, but why do you make a difference that a black person, a white person are in the Roman. Somehow this is like better than to white people are two black people in a room is beyond me not any other metric that silly, but the diversity will foster the tolerance acceptance understanding that will ultimately make race conscious admissions, obsolete, ok, living thing, never forty years now, since good review Ballinger in late seventies, and I did the course not letting up on this nonsense. So I do. There is a great irony, the fact, and now the courts are standing up for diversity by borrowing Asian from Harvard well done. Everybody Well then, everybody already we back a little bit later today with all the updates on Bernie Sanders Health and on the impeachment inquiry, and all of it otherwise will see you here tomorrow, John it's over
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