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Ep. 872 - Who Gives A Schiff?

2019-10-03 | 🔗

New developments arise in the connection between the Trump whistleblower and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the State Department inspector general opens up another mess, and Trump goes off in front of Finland. Date: 10-03-2019

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New developments arise in the connection between the Trump whistleblower and House Intelligence Committee chairmen, Adam shift. The Saint Martin Inspector opens up another mass and president, goes off in front of the head of Finland, adventure Ben Shapiro. This Russia, I do have to say you have to feel a little bit bad for the foreign leaders who sit there, while president from could speak at Madam president, from those these press conferences and goes off on the press and then goes off on the demo, rats- and you are like the President of Finland, Prime Minister, and when you are sitting there, looking like you just cannot wait to get out Eulogium from the off it's it's pretty. It's pretty spectacular stuff! Well, a lot breaking in the news.
first. I think that is important to make a note that Andrew Mccarthy makes today over at the hill. He, of course, is illegal correspondent for National Review and he gives an important information about the background of this whole impeachment inquiry, and that is that so far it is basically Kabuki Theatre, meaning it's not an official impeachment inquiry for all the talk about an impeachment inquiry and we're supposed to put all of our focus in who impeachment nothing, has actually fundamentally change. Here's what Andy Mccarthy Rights today he says is no impeachment inquiry. There are no subpoenas you're not to be faulted. If you think of no inquest is under way and the legal process has been issued them. Impression is completely understandable. If you'd been taken in media coverage, in particular reporting on a haughty September, twenty seventh letter from House Democrats presuming to direct Secretary of state, might prevail on pain of citation for obstruction to cooperate in their demands to depose State Department officials and review there. Is records the letter assigned by not one but three committee chairman, remember your element. Remount though zero is. zero, even one multiplied by three. What is portrayed as
Piedmont inquiry is actually just made for cable tv, political soap, opera. The house represent It is not conducting a formal impeachment inquiry to the contrary. Is Andy Mccarthy Congressional Democrats are conducting the twenty twenty political campaign there. has not voted, a body to authorize, he's been inquiry. While we have Europe As in the address proceeding under the its addicts of speaker, Nancy Blowsy erase the poor. Val, but not the legitimacy of the same impeachment inquiry, and no subpoenas: as Secretary Palmdale observe in his fittingly tar response on Tuesday. What the committee chairman it was merely a letter its having and puffing notwithstanding, There is nothing more than an informal request for voluntary cooperation. Legally, it has no compulsive power. If anything, it is rife with legal deficiencies and Mccarthy's pointing out here than all of the talk them. Each man inquiry Democrats haven't actually Udall eyes the power that they have in Congress in origin, subpoena members of the executive branch. Why? Well? Because they know get litigate in the court, because that's where the stuff, what you subpoenas somebody in the White House, the White House has now and then it ends up in
court and the court hashes it out, but that leads to delay. Instead, what the Democrats are doing is their issuing fake subpoenas, basically request for people to show up if the White House as hold up a second, they then He was the White House of obstruction. This appears to be manufactured. I mentioned this yesterday. progress are now using away, variety of theories. In order to justify their push. impeachment, as it turns out, that the quid pro quo arrangement, supposedly evident from the Trump Ukrainian President's Wednesday's phone call falls apart, as it turns out that allegation doesn't make any sense, in the absence of any information that ukrainian leader We believed that the president was with her the military aid, as that becomes clear. The Democrats shifting the narrative impeachment? Maybe the impeachment is not about quid pro quo. After all, maybe it's about president from mouthing Maybe it's about president from yelling at the whistle blower. Maybe it's about obstruction of justice. Well, what? If the Democrats, basically box themselves in here. What of Nancy Pelosi one off half cocked, because she believed that it was important to get her based on board
because you couldn't hold them back any longer because Nancy below he isn't actually in control of this process. Remember earlier this year, Nancy Blowsy tried to take out the squad. earlier this year, Nancy Blows tried to marginalize the radicals in her base and president from base. Italy prohibited her from doing that by attacking the radicals in her pace, forcing heard rally around them. Well, that meant that He policy is now subject to their winds, and that me, in ironically, the president from unifying Nancy Pelosi, with the radicals in her base led to this foe. Impeachment inquiry was any Mccarthy rights stand in committees, do have subpoena power. So why not use it? Well, because subpoenas get litigated income when the people or agencies on the receiving end of Jack Democrat, want to have an impeachment show glory on television. Didn't want defend its bona fide he's in court. leader, one defend their letter threatening obstruction. The Democrats media, grabs. Note the Germans admonition that any failure by pumping To comply shall called constitute evidence of obstruction of the houses. He's been inquiry. What a crock as Mccarthy pointing
in criminal proceedings. Prosecutors constantly demand information and defence presumptive Lee resists and then ends up in court uses congressional Democrats know all of this. Many of them are lawyers there. And partisan letters that pose legally offensive threats, rather than subpoenas because this is a show not impeachment inquiry subpoenas it dont require just beating about destruction. Everyone, those their compulsory, but everyone also knows they may be held up in court. So what this really looks like overall, is the Democrats basically trying to drum up something something upon which they can get from? In the public mind became eminently clear when it became clear that the whistle blower in this particular case was probably or needed with Adam Shifts office before the whistle blower complete was even elevated to the level of the inspector general the intelligence community will yet you that bombshell story in just a moment. First, let's talk about this,
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their every single day and declare that just around the riverbed, my Pocahontas just around the riverbed lay the great revelation that President Trump was in fact a Russians speaking. Stewards of Vladimir Putin's extravagant National tv any basically suggest that Donald Trump was Tom. What was Kevin Costner from no way out, and he was secretly a plant may well turns out. All that was nonsense. Will now Adam shifted moved. It has moved on to his next allegation. He's like just move missing, gradually west. He said Often Russia now is moved Ukraine eventually we'll get to France. And it really is absurd now this- not mean that the whistle blower complain has no merit. We don't know yet, but the fact that the whistle nor was coordinating wishes office to begin with, does raise suspicions, particularly because the whistle blower complaint was incredibly well written. I mean just as a piece of writing in eight plus, a plus, by a really good piece of legal writing. This lead people to suspect, wait. A second J officers do not write like that
that sounds like somebody has vetted. This thing is sounding a lawyer helped draft this. They will now, as it turns out the Democrats ahead of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam chef, learned the outlines of his yea officers. Concerns the president trumpet abuses tower before the officer file the whistle blower complaints according to a spokesman and in former american officials, is according to the New York Times. The early account The future whistleblower shows how to turn and he was to make known as allegations that Mr Trump asked Ukraine's government too If you're on his behalf in the twenty twenty election also explains how Mr Schulz New to press for the complaint when the trumpet Illustration initially blots lawmakers from seeing it well, in their chosen, that more than that of how the New York Times is trying to trying to suggest that the real story here is that the whistle blower was so determined to get out his story? He went to Adam ship and the real story. is it the whistleblower was coordinated with ships office to get the information out there without going through the proper channels, because here is what happened according to ship's own aid dossier officer approached a house in
surgeons, committee aid, with his concerns and the House Intelligence Committee said what do you suppose it go get aware an elevated up the chain. He then proceeded to report the entire story up to Adam chef and Adams, of being a dunce decided to tweet outlined, higher story on August twenty Eightth on Twitter. I, suggesting last week there was pretty obvious, the chief and coordinated with the whistleblower, because he was actually tweeting out. The allegations of the whistle blower complaint, a full two weeks before Congress was informed of the Thousands of the whistle blower complaint, which makes it look a lot more like a coordinated head between ships office at a partisan whistleblower than it does like a whistle blower with good information whose deeply concerned about his country and simply elevating it up the chain. Now, do things meet me at once, one it can be a partisan hit two. There can be truth to it, but we are still waiting on the truth to it when I'm not I'm not seeing all the evidence yet that there was a quid pro quo them. Nothing of criminal activity, and neither are the Democrats, which is why the Democrats are basically thrashing up against the Wall
Talks of impeachment sort of like that, weird alien creature in the german homo be life, relegate what what we are watching right. Now is the Democrats. Searching for another impeachment strategy, given the fact that the whistle blower complaints and the call do not match up with a quid pro quo story, and this was even worse when it appears again higher whistleblower complaint was coordinated with ships office. President Trump has jumped into the middle of this president from gave what can only be described as an epoch, Lee Chaotic Prescott, prince yesterday in front of the Prime Minister of Finland? Just look like you wanted to dig a hole in the ground that big, Again, you basically become window dressing to drum show you show up suddenly you're playing the tree and Christmas Carol in any case press it in trouble in after Adam Shit, he said she probably help the whistle blower right to complain. Ship may have learned some of what the whistle blower new prior to the comply
they get a scandal that he knew before I go a step further. Think you'd probably helped right it. Ok, that's what the word is, and I think, if I give a lot of respect for the New York Times, are putting it out. Just happened, isnt working up here, they ended it to me, and I said to my crested wow: that's something gets big stuff, that's a big story. He knew long before any upgraded to its a scam. so did she actually how bright it or did he merely refer to a lawyer and then klingon inside outside games from those. In actual, have to make the allegation that she wrote it in order to do damage to shift If it appears that Adam ship was effectively pushing the notion that there was a blog complaints existed and he knew about it beforehand and the whistle blower was elevating up the chain and then, if there is any hold up, shit we can push from the outside. That's bad enough shift is responding via the daily beast, had previously
neither his death had any contact with the whistle blower whose on MSNBC just last week, explaining is. Are we had no contact with visible if I we, he means he. That may be true if, by He means the staff it absolutely Alai. Apparently he told the daily beast that his staff had come contact with whistleblower. He said he did not know definitive definitively at the time. If the complaint I ve been by the same whistleblower would approached his staff, but he acknowledged she should have been more, there now. I did him. Why? Oh I'm sure it's just a second whistleblower yeah, that's that's! Probably it that's! The ticket shift told the out. We try not to confirm when people have come in. I was really thinking along lines wanting him to come in and testify, I regret that I wasn't much more clear. Oh that's! That's it and then, of course ship when, after trouble, yet all while his behaviour, this press conference is Farming Americans have to be worried about the stability of our. president, given the enormously erratic and dangerous wings, we have seen them taken last few days. It is alarming will now. This is pure gaslight. It achieves, accused from basically of being a trader and then from me,
about as they are you mad bro? You man brow we should in future for being mad like we're gonna be you over the Ukraine stuff in France as large, a bunch of crab Yola. How dare you get mad? Obviously your unstable. We should impeach you for that then from say. Why doesn't make any sense? Will your confused, Mr President, that's why you should be impeached trembling heavy for ship yesterday and again, this will be a fruitful line of attack, because shift is indeed pathologically dishonest about this stuff mean again, he spent too full years going on cable television, promising vast revelations about Europe and Russia that never materialised analogy now that he was lying on national television when he said that his staff had no contact with the whistle blower minutes. This looks a lot more and more every day, like a produced hit again for the one thousand time. Two things can be done, once one. It could be a coordinated, partisan head too. There could be legitimacy to it. We don't know yet The evidence is not there. Yet. Here's press and from going after chef over shift basically fabricating the contents of the of the Ukraine transcript shift did
a hearing where he basically made up a story in his own head about from threatening the president of Ukraine and from one after me said like Adam. She was going the unstable. This is the guy who basically had a mental breakdown in public chef went up and the gutters the chairman. The committee got up and related call that didn't. take place, she made up the language ipod to believe nobody's ever say this. I think he had some kind of a mental breakdown, but he went up to the microphone any red, statement from the President of the United States as if I were on the call, because what have but this when he looked at the sheep, which was an exact transcript of my call done by very talented people. Do this exact word for word, he said well, he didn't do anything wrong, so he made it up. Ok, so Try going aftershave anyone, Africa, even harder yesterday. He suggests he is now pending, nickname on Adam, should not just little Adam shift or pen
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your lamp of remembrance, well policy. As you get reductio about that Switzerland is a happy country. He's a happy leader. Two you just get rid of shifty shift. Everybody will be happy as part of their clubs where Trump leans over inserted taps. The finnish present and on the on the knee and the very first didn't gives him the the wave off which pretty spectacular commanders its high comedy It is ok and the reason is I comedies, because in the end it's gonna amount to nothing. Democrats may in fact impeach Trump over, apparently nothing in the house. I really have my doubts. The Nancy Blowsy publicly cortical launches an impeachment inquiry. Even didn't change anything legally without carrying it. All information, is not something that's going to happen, but its it is, They can make a difference in the elections, not if they ve got nothing better than this they may overplayed their hand pretty dramatically in the hopes that trumpet shoot himself in the foot by the way Trump
yeah. He was silent. The whistle blower the Democrats of project, another line about Trump and impeachment, the trumpet asking the whistleblower Trump say well. If there was war is legitimate. Of course he should be protected if he is coordinating outside the bounds of law than he should not be predicted either go worth of. Law should be protected if the whistle blowers legitimate, but when the whistle blower makes a big report for the conversation I had with a president of Ukraine, and it was a great conversation, was put. We talk mostly about congratulations on your when we talked about corruption and what really referred mostly to one. Sixteen, because what the Democrats did, twenty sixteen was corrupt. Ok, so again, I think did trumps complain. about the whistle blower, given the coordination in whistleblower and chef while trumps language is never is never modulated correctly. His basic point, which is that the least display
just about the whistle blower in the relationship with the Democrats. Many times report hard to argue with them on that. Meanwhile, a bizarre situation over on the hill. Yesterday, the State Department Inspector General, Whose name is letting he decided to show up on the hill and talk with Democrats and Republicans estate? Determine inspector general was to deliver a packet of documents and people on the hill or suspecting he was gonna stop by and show evidence that the Trump Administration had been during people inside the State Department, do his personal political bidding. Instead, they walked out with a packet of old news reports about Joe Biden, which is weird according to James, their writing. Over at daily wire, a media had to urgent meeting between Democrats Glad House committees and the State Department, Spectre General on Wednesday, turned out to be a big disappointment, those hoping it would offer incriminating documents related to the Democrats. Impeachment effort instead of evidence of retaliation against states, apartment officials, cooperating with House Democrats as writers and others reported ahead of the meeting inspector Jenny
Steve Linux, ended up at present. seeing the Democrats with months old reports about look rats? Alleged collusion with Ukraine, which Democrats are decrying, is Hallucinatory and propagandistic, the infirm and presented at the meeting democratic Representatives, Jamie Rascal, told reporters on Wednesday feels like a completely irrelevant distraction from the work at hand, so a gradual, expecting some sort of damning material on Trump. ass. It turns out. One end up. Bath was about or media reports about Democrats working with Ukraine to affect the twenty? Sixteen election very unfortunate for Democrats, which more of that in just one second, ok. So yesterday I gotta tell you yesterday, was not a great day for me physically. Why was yesterday not a great day for me physically? Well, because it was a fast, is jewish, fast in them, and no drinking and no eating and three hours of of radio and the pod gas
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does tat, shows that the Trump administration was not going to the State Department and said top down. We want go investigate all the stuff, yet Rudy Giuliani from the outside is part of the from campaign sending a letter to the sea departments, and you know it. You should investigate all this stuff. Now stage. Parliament initiated investigation on the ground is that cause for great concern here Rudy Giuliani talking so rude. Anyone really Giuliani, no one when he talks about all this he's always weird about it. He acknowledged that he had sent this entire, at to the State Department, and his idea was that he was going to inform them of stuff that they should check out CNN reported that it was indeed Giuliani who turned out. Over the documents. He told you and on Wednesday evening, at some of the documents provided to Congress, the state department. Edgy originated with him. He apparently gave the documents to the White House which then pass them to Secretary of state might prevail according to a source familiar with the matter. I'm having gave the documents to subordinate who provide
there is a legal counsel at the State Department and then Many were ultimately given the inspector General Julia, late Margie rooted what he called an outline of allegations against Biden as well as Ray you don't you Bonneville was the ambassador to Ukraine from the United States to pump how's off He said he had also and details of his interviews from earlier in the year with the incumbent and former top prosecutors in Ukraine who helped ride him the information and is outline Giuliani said he received a phone call shortly thereafter from pale who told you Leona he be referring. The documents for investigation Julie, he told you and they told me they were going to investigate it now again, that is not. Corruption per Samuel depends on whether, in fact they were doing four campaign purposes or whether there actually investigating corruption in Ukraine, and it looks very much like frankly, the attempt by Hillary Clinton campaign to root information fusion gps too, Obama era, FBI rate, in other words, information into an administration which is then checked out, does not amount to an actual violet
Asian of law. It may be politically partisan. Does not amount to an actual violation of law, so this is a little bit strange again, it's not about It's not a violation of wanted just recently on it being a weirdo and then his information being passed around I'm a very disappointed yesterday. In other words, they were looking forward sort of testimony. Beheld tromp was pressuring people internally to do is bidding and that is not exactly what happened. None was Democrats are trying to play this up, suggesting that their troubling questions about apparent efforts inside now said the Trump Administration to target specific officials, including Joe Biden, son, Emory Ivanovitch. There is this weird thing that is breaking out. in the in the media. Today. Submissive with regard to the control of the executive branch and there's a whole article in the New York Times about how the secular branch and and career officers in the State Department, or they feel under threat by the Trump administration. Well, last I checked, from administration is in charge of its own state department. So
as long as that is the case there is not really a legal problem. There again, you can say all this is inappropriate. You can say that that the State Department should not become the go between four Rudy Giuliani in the Trump administration. You can say that that this is misuse of of public resources, but then you're gonna get into the days question of how often public research, what arm is used for campaign leverage issues Hillary Clinton campaign was obviously leveraging information to Obama. FBI with regard to, for example, the steel dossier, so that Now what about his? And that is what is the standard for peaceful offences or crime, and so far not a lot of evidence of crime lot of evidence of ugly swampy politics, but not a lot of evidence of crime it. Meanwhile, the The media are trying to drag my pants incidents. So there's a report from the Washington Post today that president from repeatedly involved vice President pence in efforts to exert pressure on the
or of Ukraine. At a time when the president was using other channels to solicit information, he hoped to be damaging to a demo rival. According to current and former. U S, officials but tents wasn't aware of any of this, so the attempt to rope pens into the scandal is not exactly going to meet with tons of success from instruct depends not to attend the inauguration of ukrainian President Vladimir let's get, may an event. Whitehouse officials had pushed but on the Vps calendar when friends, your leader was seeking recognition and support from Washington. Months later. The present use tends to tell Zalewski that you Aid was still being withheld, while demanding more aggressive action on corruption. Official said now again, we know that the vice president of the United States in last administration, was pressuring Ukrainians. One billion dollars in american loan guarantees the right corruption withholding the Vps it instead of particular at a particular event to push against. corruption doesn't seem like anything supremely out of the box at the time following from school. Twenty that phone call Zaleski, Ukrainians- probably understood action on corruption to include the investigation of former viper. Vice president
abiden and his son hundred Biden according to the Washington Post, but that is speculation right. So it is possible that if they had not investigated Joan hundred Biden, but they investigated other corruption, that pence goes to the takes another trying to downgrade the quid pro quo from four hundred million dollars. Military aid to vice president pens didn't go to an event forest Olenska. It's a lot weaker officials close dependencies. She was unaware of trumps efforts to press the onesie for damaging information about Biden. Son would served on the board. scary, ukrainian gas company, when his father overseeing. U, policy on Ukraine. Pencils activities occurred amidst we'll indications of the president's hidden agenda among them were the abroad removal of the Us Ambassador to Kiev. The visible efforts by the presidency We are really Giuliani to insert himself in the U S, Ukraine relationship, as was alarmed being raised inside the White House, even before the emergence. An extraordinary whistleblower complained about president drums conduct according to the Washington Post perhaps most significantly, one of top advisers was on the job
twenty five call and the vip should have had access to the transcript within hours read. But why exactly would pence like spend lots of time perusing a transcript of the President of Europe I have my doubts that that is what vice president pads does with his day said other trained pensions this. Why? Because the suggestion is, if they can impeach Trump than they can also impeach pence, and if they can depends and guess who become president of the United States. Pig is bigger, hasn't ass. He believes it yet good luck with that. Good luck with it now I get all. This also rests on a basic assumption, which is that it is. Legitimate to investigate Joe Biden hundred Biden. Then nothing untoward happened with regard to Joe Biden. An hunter by Joe Biden is trying to make their case today. He says no one has ever assorted. I did anything wrong on Ukraine, while no, actually there a fair number of people who have their suspicions that did something wrong on Ukraine, including other democratic presidential candidates, who can t to maintain that They will not answer questions about whether they would have allowed their vps kids to do business in countries where the VP was presiding over foreign policy. Here's by
in trying to shy away from all of us, I think we should focus on he's the issue. Nobody has ever asserted that I did anybody wrongs empty and was set fellows name Rudy, Hooty, adjusted so that their Biden trying to deny all this president from for his part, is hearted Biden, basically saying wasn't, there is nothing wrong with me, asking about Joe Biden, an Hunter Biden in the generalised context of corruption in Ukraine, particularly, as has to do with the twenty sixteen election. because really Giuliani, is making the claim that the twenty sixteen election was actually impacted by Ukrainian, not russian influence we know there is a story out today, specifically about a ukrainian prime you're, a victor choking the one who is now at the center, the job. I delegations he's the one the Joe Biden wanted fired. Shokhin apparently, has told a very
eighty of people, including John Solomon, that of the hill that the that he was basically pressure drop the Joe, the Joe Biden case, while he was prosecutor. So that's the case. Then. All of this is back on. Reflection is reported this yesterday, according to partners the fired prosecutor the centre of the Ukraine. Controversy said during a private interview with the president's personal. Rudy Giuliani earlier this year that he was told to buy? often investigation involving Breeze MA am the company that was linked to Joe Biden, son according to details, In our view that were handed over to Congress by the State Department, inspector general on Wednesday, so Giuliani was basically taking notes you sent them to the state department. Why don't you, and if your time and corruption is probably yet this whole Joe Biden Victor Shokhin thing right now the documents that were turned over by the State Department Inspector general. In all of this, we will get to more of this in just one. Second is
the binding issue still alive issue so that also so different light on from mentioning binding. That call was linsky again, there's no quid pro quo in that call given that the Ukrainians did no military aid was even being withheld, gets more of that in just one second. First, let's talk about your sleep quality, but with regard specifically to your seeps, obviously babby a huge, scented, you Americans have sleep happier, my dad hastily Babylon and here's a sea, pat machine and basically is kept them alive and the seed that machine is a wonderful invention. However, it is incredibly annoying the cleaning very difficult to clean there. Nearly one billion individuals affected by Sleep Abner around the world know lots of negative health who's that can arise when see pap equipment is not cleaned properly. So if you want a safe and effective autumn did sanitizing solution. You should check out so clean. It is the world's first automated see, pap, cleaner and sanitize or so clean up to ninety nine point: nine percent of all see and bacteria they can build up in her mask
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What happened not only with Joe Biden but also with the twenty six, in campaign. It was political that first reported in twenty seventeen that they have we're Clinton campaign and the Dnc had been openly coordinating with the ukrainian Embassy to dig up information on Paul manner for that they could use against the term campaign and the Obama administration was involved as well in that effort right. All of that has been reported over the past couple of years. Now we're supposed to pretend that all of the ukrainian influence in the election was basically on the up and up so we're supposed, but just be straight we're. So posed to focus on russian interference in the election up through twenty. nineteen until the Mulder report ended and then as soon as the Mulder report ended. We are no longer supposed to focus on ukrainian influence and now we're supposed to focus on from Frank influence, Ukraine. So we shift our focused Ukraine, but again, the fury of the media Democrats, the to seems to be that Trump is this godlike vigour, where he speaks things into existence so trumps as Russia and suddenly the stories Russia for three years and from says Ukraine
and story is Trump in Ukraine, but at no point are allowed to look at Ukraine, not with regard to from using Ukraine as regards tramping targeted by forces within Ukraine, and The opposite is true. Also we're not supposed to look at Russia when Brok Obama was present only supposed to do it. When Donald Trump talks about Russia, all the world revolves around getting Donald Trump bringing you may notice. There's a pattern to all of us that goes into this report from the Washington Post quote in its quest to rewrite the history of the twenty six in election President from personal journey has turned to an unusual source of information, trumps imprison. Former can pain. German preventive work rewrite the history of the twenty six in election. While I mean then political did report that Hillary Clinton campaign was digging up dirt with ukrainian Embassy on from campaign manager in political, actually on apparently Giuliani consulted with Paul man, which makes him so because Pollyanna Fort was deeply embedded in the politics of Ukraine. Of course was apparently deeply cropped thoroughly
sure, but joint, which Giuliani acknowledged in an interview this week with the Washington Post so from a shared interest in a narrative that undermines the rationale for the special council investigation that inquiry when men efforts, imprisonment on tax and financial fraud, allegations related to his work in Kiev for full of the political party of former President Viktor Guiana, Kovich, apparently a bunch of different Republicans, jumped into the right is not doing anything anymore, Senator truck Schumann, was chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Centre, Johnson chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, have now their renewal of an inquiry into any coordination between Ukraine and Democratic Party officials, which again makes some sense. the president from has been mocking Joe Biden on this there basically to stories with regards Ukraine ocean. Can Let them one is Joe Biden attempting to influence the interior politics of Ukraine by withholding loans. and at the same time, the prosecutor he was targeting who he may or may not have been targeting for good reasons. Remedy EU the I M F, the World Bank, the Elden like this prosecutor, but a prosecutor was
apparently presiding over an investigation into Biden son at that story? Number one. For an hour, two is Hillary Clinton Emma Dnc and end the Obama administration coordinating with the ukrainian Embassy to dig up dirt on trumps team during the twenty. Sixteen election, whether the two separate stories didn't, has been one hard after Biden yesterday he treated what is one of the funniest weeds of its presidency. He tweeted out look at the picture and used a nickel back The initial back video to use twitter is now pull the down for copyright infringement, which is just ridiculous. It's obviously satire it's a clip of Joe Biden explaining that he's never spoken to his own son about overseas in his dealings juxtaposed with a picture of hundred Biden, Joe Biden and ukrainian gas official all golfing together, have you ever spoken to your son about its overseas business dealings. I've never showed commercial services
ok, it's pretty spectacular, but that is- grade. A presidential tweets, trolling tromp was didn bother with the nickel back references yesterday and oppressor. You just Biden in his son or stone cold crooked up, let's be real about this hundred biden- probably stone cold Crooked Nehru, Aruba, Joe, and there are lots of when, when you are a famous person, there are lots of hangers on who probably try to use your name to get access in high places. The fact is that hundred Biden, who is basically a failure and everything has ever tried, was getting paid. Fifty thousand dollars a month to be on the board the ukrainian gas company. You can't agent is because it was expertise in oil and natural gas, whereby a lot more to do with the fact is daddy was VP of the United States is. On Joe Biden not really lots of people are sympathetic towards their own kids prison.
Rubbish sympathetic towards own kids. Would that said? Does that exam Rachel Biden not really hears from going after them you want about. Why would you want to look into and by Biden and his son, art stone, cold profit? And you know it is some works out with millions of dollars The kid knows nothing. You know it and soda we're going to ask a question. The question, sir, was: what did you want presents olenska to do about present Vice President Biden and his son Hunter? Are you talking to me you talking to me? I'm working here you talk. It indicates the Democrats are trying to downplay all this. Obviously so John Brennan who's the head. The CIA while he was in the Obama administration, and he proceeded to spend two year again claiming that there would be undesirable information linking present in front of Lattimer Putin, demonstrating that he was in fact a trader. Now is I want to look at and twenty six in election anymore. Why are we even looking at the twenty? Six in elections are just to get this right
for too long years. All the Democrats wanted to talk about corruption, the twenty six in election now and from raises the question about whether there is ukrainian interference in the twenty sixteen election again based on published reports in places like Politico John Britain's, like I would probably shouldn't, should we look that, now nothing to see here, nothing disease, here. Pay no attention to the giant Brennan behind the curtain, William BAR, when he was testify from Congress. He city he didn't understand. Predication of the camera tells us investigation that was launched into russian interference between sixteen election. I don't understand the predication of this world wide effort to try to uncover dirt, either real or imagined that would discredit that investigation into sixteen into into russian interference on one hand, the Obama is crucify for not doing enough and now they're. Looking for what we might have done in order to try to understand better and to prevent the russian interference. Well now,
John running contradicts himself seven ways from Sunday. In this clip alone, Ready says: Willie, I went out there somewhere, we investigating rational wire investigating Ukraine. It will you want russian Vesta it so actually the hypocrisy or as you you wanted to interfere certain foreign investigation. He went in and investigate certain foreign interference into the election, but not other fora. interference in the election and while we were criticised for not doing enough, and now they're saying that we did too much well no they're wondering if you launched an invite to under a false auspices, then that would make a difference if you're talking about the use of public dollars for electioneering. It seems to me that if it turns out that the temperature Investigation was launched on false premises in order to get trump. That makes a difference, and if it turns out that the Obama Administration or the Hilary campaign were coordinating with the Ukrainians. That seems like that would be impact full as well, especially if we want to prevent future interference in
actions. John Solomon who's been reporting on this incessantly from the hill. Again people keep saying that John Solomons reporting on this has been debunked. I've seen no evidence that his reporting on this has been debunked. He says that a Ukrainian, has already failed. That leaked documents affected the twenty sixteen election from Ukraine or about the evidence crane metal, Dinar election. They say no, no. That didn't happen that I did you any in court has ruled in December of last year that senior law enforcement. Official Anna parliamentary member intentionally leaked documents about Paul Manifold and dialogue, but an effort to intervene in the. U S election that isn't it special rolling over ukrainian court. Ok, so that much is true, some again this is a mess? Basically, you ve got the White House investigating Ukraine and the State Department invite getting Ukraine and then you ve got the become where's investigating the White House for investigating Ukraine. It's all ass, is uneven. Impenetrable does any of this have to do with impeachment. It seems like a pretty far afield right. There's one
talking to my mom, what kind of vows this stuff outside peripherally and she followed close We know that you sort of knows what's going on, but she's, not in the weeds on this and maybe over the weekend. Shoes, me so what's the deal does impeachment stuff and I started to try and explain it after I got about a paragraph in said: agenda two bull, crap, and I feel like how most Americans are gonna respond, because this started off with a very clear allegation. The trump was engaged in a quid pro quo with the ukrainian government at the troubles. Physically paying off ukrainian government investigators, domestic political opponents, and now we ve got. Did Ukraine interfere in the twenty six intellect what was really Giuliani doing in Ukraine. Did the Democrats coordinate with the whistle blower? Is there any criminal activity There is no quid pro quo. Maybe there's a secondary quid pro quo with my friends depends in no battle against it's all very, very complicated and more complicated. This gets the hardware? So it is to the american public. That's funny. I gotta question to let you behind the stages of what happen
answered the daily work. I got a question from a member of the media. The other night about the impeachment effort It was from somebody on the left, obviously, and this person so well I wouldn't understand, is Republicans where sticking by trump know. Why don't you just say? Well, you know Finally, at present events like what would be the big deal, a couple of things one people should not be peach over non criminal behaviour seems like a pretty obvious one like the truth actually matters and to the fact is that Republicans rightly see this. I think based the current evidence as a smear against against Republicans generally I was Rapporteur, was asking me: I get the theory that that Republican sort of sea trump as their avatar and so an attack on Trump is an attack on them and I said what look you're getting this wrong- you you ve got the polarity, reversed republican voters, elected been attacked by the media, we feel like we have been attacked by the powers that be, we feel like democratic he's been targeting us as bitter cleaners who cling to our guy. Nor guns, we felt equipment did it for years and then from gets what it and you
throw exactly the same accusations, but you put on top of it a bunch of police. Golly motivated accusations that he's a trader, and so it's not that true. Is somehow like the Tipp of the sphere. Is that Trump is in fact the That's interim are so similar to the attacks on conservatives. Generally, the conservatives tax on drunken. They say well that is The attack on me, because of crumpled here they'd still be attacking me the same way and that the right about this, the reason, the trumpets popular in republican circles, is because Left is consistently attacking him and because, from is aggressive. I drums aggressive, instinct. His willingness to fight back is need one in two years into the republican base its. Why he's the president right now so for all the talk that in all talk about how I think he's not focused enough in his push back. I think you scatter shot. I think that these wild ones were. The fact is that his rest of instinct is the reason he is popular among Republicans in years endeavours of president from yesterday he was talking,
now Nancy, blowsy and the democratic, getting very aggressive any says, listen, Paul Ryan! Never did this now. Look at Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, heads that's a penis like you know she has to approve it. She had said- subpoenas like the cookies you want to subpoena. Here you go. Take em like that Turkey's Paul Ryan would never give anybody a subpoena. Now, let's talk about it, that's a big thing to give a subpoena. Let's talk about two weeks later, there's still talking, they wanted subpoenas to investigate the corrupt Democrats and corrupt, people on the other side, Paul Ryan would not give subpoenas. Ok. So his idea here is that Republicans have always pay play by the rules and Democrats never play by the rules on I'm not going to play by the rules that doesn't your trunk, because the fact is that Democrats don't play by the rules and every story that comes out about Adam shift coordinating with whistleblowers, makes the seamen I like an honest attempt to get to the bottom of a violation of law and much more like an attempt to get
president from meanwhile the Democrats, it is amazing just as proof of the sort of hypocrisy, her Hilary It continues to maintain that you want the twenty sixteen election. If you can yesterday and said that president from his an illegitimate president, that was her line, she also suggested that you lost in tone sixteen, because she was too serious, knock issues, a garbage candidate who she was Some of you I'm serious person, but I am also a fun person, but I think that we cannot cross as to serious and to it. I really believed that my job, especially as a woman and the and the first woman to go as far as I did, that I had to help him. Bob feel good about a woman in the oval office, a woman commander in chief, and so I may have over corrected a little bit because sometimes people say oh. Why can't you be like that or why weren't, you like that Mozilla again, Hillary Clinton train
the calamity vaska? She wasn't fund enough yeah lady, when, when you look up and not fun, the opposite one in the antonym dictionary, my goodness, Hillary Clinton definitely comes up on that list. Pretty something by the way. The Democrats continue to push for this impeachment stuff, largely because they are having trouble seeing how any of their candidates are. A walk away, you try Koala Harris who again come when closing fatal attraction boiling ravaged for attention. She says We should bring my pens before Congress. Now, that's how far afield we ve gone but we could imagine Emily, say, govern the monitor where they show coming a question, comma heresy, less aware, roll away at its chair, I drink a little. come back in the next morning, Gug Mahars go you're, raising a very important point, which is that the vat president has a lot to answer two and he also should be brought before the United States Congress to speak about what
exactly was his involvement and what, if any, solicitations were made by the president to have the vice president? age and in an unethical conduct messages it's getting too Varville did this why Varville interrupt Trump is fighting back with everything, including the kitchen sink in breaking news. According to the Associated Press President such remarks in remarks your borders outside the White House, called China should start investigation into the buttons to such as Ukraine. using that from not hiding the ball would ever all talk about tramping secretly behind the scenes nebulae there's this? They do. Who does not hide the ball? I ever ever I mean he just ever thing is right out there. You not hiding anything. It is the guy who I mean the way that he met Bologna Trump is, he was at an event which was with another dude, and he just walked up to her and gave her a phone number. I mean that that is what from is in a nutshell. I trump is not a manipulate. Of player from behind the scenes he doesn't have a plan. He just says it so excited about China today, so them
that's one doubtingly claim that this is now impossible to re, even those just trump mouthing oxen, China should start in estimation into the bite. He said he had not directly ass chinese presentation. Paying to investigate Biden is that its really something we could start thinking about Trump and personal wearily Giuliani pride re suspicions about hundred buttons, in his dealings in China, leaning on the writings of conservative author Peter Schweitzer, by the way there's one author who has made a huge difference in the where's american elections. It would be Schweitzer whose very instrumental in Hilary an email gate and all the rest of it then, and the corruption inside the Hillary Clinton State Department in the clinic foundation, Trump is not hiding the ball here. So basically, this is turned I kinda miasma fighting none of it sounds individual. All of it is confusing and chaotic and that is why this effort in the end is gonna go nowhere. I think it's time for a quick. They I like and then some things that I hate so
things that I like to think that this was just an unbelievable thing. So bottom gene is this accountant, black accountant who was horrifically and tragically killed, murdered by a police officer off duty in the Amber Guyger she walked into an apartment. She thought was her: she saw Botham Jean in there and she shot him to death, but yesterday she was sentenced to ten years in prison, which seems like an appropriate sentence for What probably was manslaughter but was convicted is first to remember. Brett Jean was bottom genes. Brother, and I mean you want to talk about a person with absolute class. You wanna talk about a person with just integrity and decency. This is an amazing amazing thing here he has said sing hearing asking if we can give the woman who killed his brother a hug initiative, an unbelievable thing I mean I wished. I hope it
God forbidden similar circumstance. I would have a kind of moral qualities, incredible incredible thing: here's branching, I forgive you, I know. If you go to God and ask him, he will forgive you I don't even want you to go to jail? I want the best for you, because I know that's what that's exactly what both and would want you to do, and the best would be give your life to Christ. I don't know if it's possible, but can I give her a hug? Please I mean that's just men, well, what a human being a quality. What do you mean? equality? Ok time for a quick thing that I hate ok, so the federal gum, apparently has dramatically expanded its exposure to risk mortgages is, though we don't learn anything ever in this country, so
during the Washington post. The federal government has dramatically expanded its exposure to risky mortgages as federal officials over the past four years took steps. They cleared the way for him. When he's the issue, loans that many borrowers may not be able to repay, because it turns out that we have in the country a very conflicting set of principles. Principle number one should pay back. What you owe Prince rule number two, you can buy a house, that's our fault, and we should pick up the risk, then I'm afraid active Federal Housing administration are now gear and seeing almost seven trillion dollars in mortgage related that the federal government should have nothing to do with guaranteeing mortgages nothing. It should be completely on bank to guarantee mortgages why I should be on the hook for you not paying your mortgage is ridiculous and vice versa. If I can pay- That is a major problem and if you can pay, judge that is EU problem and the fact that people don't seem to understand this and they want the federal government. boost home ownership by guaranteeing loans insane. It's in the saying it's how we ended up in the subprime crisis in the first place in two thousand and seven slash two thousand and eight,
only that seven trillion dollars in mortgage related. That is thirty, three percent more than before the housing crisis. So the housing prices was in large part, caused by a belief by the federal government that sponsoring sub prime mortgage is that we're going to develop turnout vine, because real estate values would continue to rise. So lendings Lynn, companies banks may be able to closer property and still not lose money, which means that the federal government would never have to backstop this stuff. Then the railway market crash is people getting closed upon and guess who has to step in their solutions. That is, let's get more into the federal lending business. These entities, then he made ready MAC the effigy are run or backed up by the. governments. A large increase in long defaults could cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars the risk as a direct result. Of pressure from the lending industry, consumer brute groups and political appointees, who clamour for the governments to intervene. homeownership regional several years ago, starting in the Obama administration. Numerous government officials oblige mistakenly expecting that the private market ultimately would take over. Why would it take over? Why exactly with the power
in market take over for loans that they were never going to be able to support in the first place, into nineteen. According to data from the Urban Institute, there now more government backed housing debt than in any other point in american history. Taxpayers are shouldering much the risk. A growing number of homeowners face debt payments that amounts to nearly half of their monthly income threshold. Many experts considers consider Tuesday, the basic rule used We don't spend more than twenty percent on your mortgage of what do you make an monthly income? Now it's like thirty, three percent spending. Fifty percent means you have a high likelihood of defaulting roughly thirty percent of loans. Ganny may guarantee last year exceeded that level from fourteen percent in twenty sixteen gets insane. Again. That is driven by the idea. That government is the solution to all ills. It is not. It makes things worse. It makes things worse and it's only can become clear when the real estate market tanks already womb back later today with two additional hours on content. Otherwise, will you
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