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Ep. 891 - Here Comes The Sondland

2019-11-06 | 🔗

Trump EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland revises his testimony in a big way, Republicans play defense, and we analyze the results of last night’s off-year elections. Date: 11-06-2019

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Trump Eu Ambassador, Gordon someone revises his testimony in a big way. Republicans play defense and we analyze the results of last night's off year. Elections, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show. The Ben Shapiro Show is sponsored by Express VPN. Why haven't you gotten a vpn yet does expressive vpn dot com okay, with a lot to get to on today, show will get it will get to the amazing, incredible revelation surrounding the Trump you ambassador, Gordon someone just a moment. First, we have to give you all of the updates with regard to the off year elections that happened last night. The Democrats are in a very celebrity celebrities mood a celebratory mood and it should be the last it was a good night for Democrats, it was, and Republicans can spin it. Is it wasn't terrible night for Republicans and in certain ways it was. I guess, okay, if you look at Kentucky, for example, the Kentucky governor Matt Bevin, who is always in a figuring Kentucky. Remember. He ran against Mitch Mcconnell in the Senate. Primary just got
droid by Mcconnell a few years back. I think it was two thousand and sixteen, and then he ran for Kentucky Governor and he won well, he was really really unpopular governor and he lost very, very narrowly to Bashir. That's not a huge surprise a bit of a surprise, not enormous surprise, but it is a bad thing for Publicans Virginia was much worse for Republicans Virginia. The entire state has now turned blue the legislature in Virginia is now completely run by Democrats that had narrowly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Before all of this has it should have Republicans feeling quite nervous, because If you're going to take away. One message from the election last night. It is that Republicans continue to find in rural areas, but if they underperform at all, those rural areas, they're toast in the suburbs there's experiencing significant losses and those losses are in large part due to a person, which of the Republican Party that is censored on President Trump, and it's just an unfortunate truth and I'll prove this to you with in just a second for
explain what exactly happened last night well, according to Washington Post Democrats, gain control of both houses of the Virginia General Assembly on Tuesday tapping strength in this uh to consolidate power for the first time in a generation and deliver deliver a rebuke to President Trump. Several results were still, after polls closed on the most expensive and most watched Virginia legislative races in years, but Democrats flipped at least two seats in the state Senate, and at least five in the house of delegates to take majorities in both of those houses. Initials reported unusually high turn out in an election that served as an opening salvo in next year's presidential showdown, a test of democratic defiance and Republican resolve in the era of Trump. Now remember. This should have been a It should have been Economy is good. He got our vision, Ralph Northam was caught up in a scandal in which he was apparently either wearing blackface or a KKK outfit one of the two in his school yearbook from the 1980s and had been caught on tape. Talking about the killing. Babies after they are born and then ten governor had been caught up in a sexual scandal and then the third in line
be in the Virginia chain of command, had been caught up in his own blackface issue this is supposed to be a bad year for Democrats. It was not a bad year for Democrats who is very bad year for Republicans in Virginia. As we've completed, dramatic political conversion from red to blue of a southern state on Washington's doorstep. I'm old enough to remember when Virginia was the very least a purple state now has moved blue, both of Virginia? You have senators majority of its congressional delegation. All three statewide officeholders are now Democrats. The state was carried by Democrat in the past three presidential elections, Republicans not a statewide contest in Virginia since twenty, Nonetheless, republican in the northern Virginia delegation, Delegate TIM Hugo lost to Democrat Dan Helmer. National democratic organizations and interest groups. According to the Washington Post, carpeted the state with money boost suburban legislative races to the spending level of congressional elections. They've been spending out zoo, particularly with regard to the suburbs and, of course, democratic, Governor Ralph Northam is fine.
Right. He is he poised to be one of the most consequential Virginia governors in recent times. According to the Washington Post, he promises work with the new democratic majority to enact gun control, push forward Lgbtq agenda and fight climate change, Northern said, Virginia is officially blue, which is interesting Space is officially white, but apparently it depends on sort of how it decides to dress that Republicans who Trump was elected, who seemingly insurmountable majority in the House of delegates last footholds in suburban districts, they district separate themselves from the unpopular president and steak, moderate positions on gun control and Medicaid expansion, After years of voting against them in the General Assembly chairman so they're, not only losing Virginia they're losing America. He said. I think the truck humiliated tonight from wasn't on the ballot this year. However, his policy his lunacy was on the ballot. I think as Democrats well, grill it didn't get Republicans out of those now to be fair, to be fair to front it, to give the full story: The fact is that many of the legislators in Virginia didn't want from anywhere nearby, because
He said: listen, we don't want trump here he's just going to drive out the democratic base. We don't have enough of a trump Virginia DR, are based outside Trump can correctly say: well and actually bring my weight to bear in Virginia, and that's one of the reasons why they had a problem there. Now, I think it is unlikely. I don't think that Trump had set foot in Northern Virginia, suddenly Republicans would be winning sweeping victories in the suburbs of Virginia with. That said, Trump at least has that defense too often right I wasn't called upon. I didn't enter. So how are you going to blame me about all this, but it is true that from bourbon numbers have been consistently bad since two thousand and sixteen two thousand He was a out in the suburbs for Republicans, more on the results of the election in Virginia plus the election. In Kentucky and some good some sort of bright spots for Republicans Even this was in fact a very blue night for demo That's nearly across the board will get to that in just taking first, when the founders crafted Constitution of the United States. The first thing they did was make sacred the rights of the individual to share ideas without limitation by the government. That's the first amendment
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Travel company USA. They really are terrific, terrific Americans. They make great product, go check them out right now, as I say Virginia, shifts in a significantly blue direction. It was supposed to be a bad year for Democrats are as Governor Ralph nor them up Virginia explaining that none of his scandals ended up Mandarin because presumably Trump race, an echo he is something that I have fought for. Since I've been in public office even practicing as a pediatrician I have I've always been inclusive and we've moved from that. Certainly racing equity will continue to be a top priority of mine, but this was about a bigger picture yesterday and I would also take the opportunity to thank virginians- say they stuck with me. They elected me to be their governor. There 73rd governor they in turn their backs. Only me that supported me. They appreciate We've done how what our leadership is done, and I think they look forward to me continuing what do some good work. Well does show how cynical sort of cancel culture of left is because, because it's one of them, they don't get canceled. If it is a republican of course, that person's careers
over. Meanwhile, a cyclist was fired after flipping the bird at President Trump's motorcade has now been elected to local office in Virginia is bad night in Virginia for Republicans, Juli Briskman, who one and it's allude according to the FAA, was captured in an AFP photograph that went viral, beat the republican incumbent. Receipt on the Loudon County Board of Supervisors and state elections that saw Trump's Republican for a series of stinging defeats. The single two teams lost her job as a marketing analyst for AUS government and military subcontractor. After the snapshot of her gesture spread across media and the internet in two thousand and seventeen, but she then ran for office. She ran local office on the democratic ticket and she celebrated her tweet the link to a copy of the image, and she said so proud that we were able to hashtag a flip, loud and so exciting stuff for the Democrats over in Virginia meanwhile, over in Okay, it was a bad night for Matt Bevin, as I mentioned early on, so Matt Bevin lost his gubernatorial seat. Now again, that's really not on front okay,
this one. This was like in Virginia. You can say that sort of on from because the Serb, the suburbs didn't come in for for Trump, and then they were going to come in for Trump in Kentucky. A large part of this was on my Batman himself. Matt Bevan was running at twenty point person. Personal popularity deficit as of like three weeks ago, he's twenty points underwater for most of his tenure. He literally the most unpopular governor in America to him losing is really more on him than it is on Trump Trump came in Raleigh the base, and this actually be much closer election than a lot of people expected it to be, maybe three or four weeks ago by that time of the election because of Trump's intervention. Bevan was favored in the odds to win by like two to one odds, but he ended up. Losing anyway, is that on Trump, so the question is sort of split. On the one hand, it's not on Trump Trump got out the base. He did what he was supposed to do. An down ballot republicans did so really it's more about Matt Bevan than it was about Republicans generally. On the other hand, Bevan was the most trumpy of all. The candidates were on the ballot in Kentucky he was
is the loudest who's, the who's, the brash just use the guy really hug trump. The tightest and it didn't pay off for him in the way that that he was supposed that was supposed to says that trumps fault, or was it from trying to save him. That data is just unclear. According to the New York Times Democrats in In Kentucky New Governor Matt Bevin, a deeply unpopular Publican refused to concede the election to his democratic challenger attorney general any this year with a hundred percent of the precincts counted this year was had by approximately one hundred votes. If you're presented himself as the winner telling supporters, he expected that into court under the election was held tonight, which is funny probably bevins. Just walk around for the next several years, claiming that he's the actual legitimate governor of Kentucky, like Stacey Abrams in Georgia, be sure, said tonight motors in Kentucky sent the message loud and clear for everyone to hear it's a it says, our elections don't have to be about right versus left there. Still about right verse, run on a moderate platform. Many Democrats in Virginia were running a more moderate platform. So this should be a lesson to Democrats, don't run as hard left as you can just run against Trump, and the moderate and you'll probably do ok, particularly in the suburbs
Democrats at the national level are taking the wrong lesson, so everybody is taking the wrong lesson. I think, as Our usual arrangement republicans are going to take from this. We need more cowbell right, more trump and We're going to take away this from this, we need more regressive leftism that is anti Trump, as opposed to more moderate candidates like Bashir in Kentucky who was not campaigning a radical in the same way that the twenty twenty democratic presidential candidates are bevins however, we're not a dragon other Republicans. They captured every statewide race in Kentucky, so Kentucky voters were not really rejecting the Republican Party per se. They're rejecting Bevin personally Daniel Cameron, In a historic win, handily won the attorney general's race. He became the first black black Americans who claim the office and the first Republican, to do so in over seventy years, so it's a major victory for Republicans. There Republicans also captured the governor's mansion in Mississippi. As Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves defeated Attorney General Jim Hood. By about five percentage points in an open seat, race that
trading during conservatism of the Deep S according to the New York Times. I do love that they talk about the quote. Unquote, during conservatism of the Deep S Deep S voted Democrat routinely up until maybe the past twenty five years. The final governorship for gray, these off year. Elections in Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat is the sing reelection a week from Saturday in New Jersey Republicans were actually on the cusp of their first legislative gains in nearly a decade with final results, still being tallied late on Tuesday Republicans looked likely to pick up two seats in the assembly and one in the Senate. Powered powered large by search along the southern part of the state, where Trump one easilly in twenty. Sixteen, despite Democrats, local advantage in Pennsylvania, the news was worse for Republicans. Democrats are poised to gain control of local government in a bunch of suburban Philadelphia. Counties that were republican strongholds. In other words, the red areas were getting redder. The blue. Is, are getting bluer and the purple areas are getting lower than a short that that's sort of the short answer. So what does that mean? Well again, a little bit of information here suggests that this may be
or about President Trump's personality than anything else right. If you're hoping to win back the suburbs as Republican. Well, you really need to be focused in on is more more. The Democrats are radical, more their agenda, stinks and less on personal loyalty to trump. For example, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't back the president right. It does mean that Trump is not popular in the suburbs. An hanging on his coattails on the suburbs was a fail in two thousand, and eighteen is likely to fail in twenty twenty as well Kornacki, who does the national political correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC. He was anime. Some of the numbers in Kentucky and what it showed is that true that Trump in twenty sixteen one about sixty eight percent of Boone County fifty percent of Kenton County and fifty nine percent of the Campbell County. Those words Cincinnati suburb counties. How exactly did these various candidates fair in those districts, underperform from dramatically in everyone of those districts, underperformed him in radical terms. The other Republicans
really perform basically the same as Trump, some of them even outperformed Trump in those in those districts. So it's also worthwhile noting that in even more liberal, suburban areas. There were some moves to curb the extraordinary leftward slant of the Democratic Party Dan Horowitz points out of conservative review, that suburban voters electing Democrats, actually all that radical any points, happening to sun to Sun, had a proposition two hundred and five, which was an effort like the city, a sanctuary for illegal aliens. It went down in flames, last night by margin of seventy one percent. Twenty nine percent. Despite backing from the ACLU and other special interest groups, Horowitz has, despite republicans, face increasing problems in the suburbs trend, highlighted last night by the GOP Slaughter in Virginia state and local elections. It's clear. Much of it is a backlash against Trump's personality. The GOP is dysfunction, lack of vision and the uh sense of the bold contrast highlighting the radical nature of Democrats, it's not Trump's policies that are getting rejected
and in two thousand. It is a perfect example that is a very, very blue area in voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. Yet even that area more than seventy percent of voters said they did not want police prevented from hearing about immigration status so that criminals can be turned over to the to ice. Corwood, says this is the same reason why Montgomery County Maryland after much scrutiny of its sanctuary policies is beginning to change. It's tune in reverse sanctuary policies, despite being a county Hillary one by fifty five points, Horowitz says. The moral of the story is that the GOP? and his tarnished for reasons that have nothing to do with the core agenda. Democrats are to implement. For example, a radical sheriff and prosecutor proposed eyes one at their respective races in Prince William County Virginia, but do they really would because of those use or as they win them just just, but or do they want, despite those used because the GOP brand is so incredibly damage, and that seems correct. That seems correct me. Point out that there are areas where republicans are are not seen as off putting and the wildly popular, for example, Florida governor San.
This was covered in very conservative fashion as a seventy two percent voter approval rating today, and that number is eighty two percent among Hispanics right that he is the fact that he is aggressively pushed Anti sanctuary legislation and is pushing mandatory e verify as well Washington state voters last night rejected affirmative action. Washington state is about as dark blue as it gets. So this is the meanwhile in Texas, by margin of seventy five to twenty five horse points out: voters, pasta, constitutional amendment banning a state income tax that will require two slash three support in both houses of the legislature to even levy a one percent income tax. So is that really about the republican agenda or the democratic agenda. Or is it about personality foibles I mean it seems that it's much more about personality, foibles and again perfect example Daniel Cameron, the guy who, historically just one in general slot, the black attorney general Republican of the state of Kentucky.
He said that he was willing to work across the lines. He said that he has. He has pledged his support to conservative policies, but he does not appear to be a radically only thirty three years old, so he is a rising star for sure and the fact that that he will in very handy fashion, suggest that again personality matters. An awful lot matters an awful lot when it comes to politics, and it suggests that President Trump is going to have to minimize the Trump iness of his campaign if he was if he wishes to win a sweeping victory, Comma to give you some more evidence of this from Pennsylvania in just one. Second, first, let's say about this brand new thing: I've gotten my house really is fantastic. So there is this brand new portrait painted portrait, that we have over our enormous fireplace in our entry way. That is it's a portrait of my family me and my wife and our two kids. We have one slash three on the way, but not born hits are not in the portrait it's beautifully painted. It really looks great and here's. Thing: did I spend a bunch of money in order to achieve this 'cause, I'm Richie Rich, or did I just say
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Tastic gift again no risk. If you don't love the final painting. Your money is refunded completely text, my name Ben into sixty four thousand and make this the gift for the holiday season for Thanksgiving. It makes fantastic family. It go check it out right now, text send sixty four thousand paint your life com truly a very, very well company, okay, meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, again bad night for the Republicans, according to the Philadelphia inquirer, side, Pennsylvania, voter unrest with President Trump and the Republican Party has taken over help, deliver victories for Democrats in Kentucky where they narrowly governorship in Virginia, where they seize complete control of the state. The political forces that shape last years mid election showed no signs of abating. Tuesday. Voters turned on Republicans establishment, Democrats alike in races from Adelphia in Scranton to the suburbs of Delaware and Chester counties. Locally Democrats will now hold all five seats on the Delaware County Council. A republican stronghold since the civil war. They also assumed a majority on the legislative body in Chester County in bucks. County Democrats captured the board of commissioners for the first time since one thousand nine hundred and eighty three now again to be fair to President Trump
It is possible that, because his name is not on the ballot, a lot of his voters didn't get out, and I said local election she's, not on the ballot, I'm not showing up and Democrats continue to extremely excited about voting, because Trump is down the ballot until he's on the ballot and the only way they take their revenge, is to get out and vote today. So maybe these numbers up tick once Trump is on the ballot. However, we've been we buy, we having conservatives Republicans have been significantly underperforming in the suburbs since two thousand and eighteen, and that should be scary. It should be scary for Republicans going into the twenty twenty election, which means less cowbell guys I know this is an unpopular view in the republican Party. The fact is, less cowbell is the answer here. He, the shouting, the tweeting. We may love it in the base, maybe People in the base may enjoy it and every so often president from really hit the nail on the head, and it's fantastic- and I've raised him when he's done that, but overall Trump is alienating the very voters who he needs to bring him victory in the suburbs and he needs to help provide the state level support for him now
Again, a lot of people are going to say. Well, you know Barack Obama lost a bunch of state seats, also during his during his election campaign right in twenty ten republican, Swanton in two thousand and fourteen again bad year for Democrats, That's true off your elections are usually for the Party in power. The problem is that the these may be permanent. We're not going to know the answers to whether these are permanent shift. If this is shifting the country in a permanent direction until resin Trump is actually on the ballot again ready to eat in in twenty twelve in the forecast was that Barack Obama was in some trouble, giving how many cc lost across the country, and then you want in twenty twelve in large part, because he ran a very strong and in a very inserted campaign, he had media support behind him who's running against Mitt Romney, who refused to attack him. Variety of ways. It trump is not going to benefit from any of those systemic advantages plus Barack one, overwhelming victory in two thousand and eight and he actually lost votes from two thousand to twenty twelve, his margin of victory is much smaller in twenty twelve than it was
two thousand and eight from four lose even one vote anywhere in the country they can't afford to to like it. Didn't this you have a drag effect on Barack Obama in twenty twelve. It's just that he was so far ahead in two thousand and eight. The drag effect didn't drag him. Underwater trump loses like five boats and he's out of office, so that means that something has to fundamentally change for Republicans. It really does ok. Well. Speaking of all of that, this brings us to impeachment gate two thousand and nineteen, so the great benefit President Trump has in twenty twenty that doesn't appear on the ballot in any of these off your elections is the fact that Democrats are going to be, on the ballot. In those democrats are insanely radical, these Democrats are not popular again. I think Democrats, easily take the wrong lesson from the elections of twenty eighteen they can easilly veer off into a radical direction? That's going to be a major major. Thank you know. Who's actually saying that today is Joe Biden, which makes sense because he's the one who sang listen, I'm default Democrat. Just do it for me right. I am default Democrat
and pretending that you can elect some sort of radical and that that person is going to to victory is insane Joe Biden. Put out a statement yesterday about attacking Elizabeth Warren directly. He says The other day I was accused by one of my opponents of running in the wrong primary, pretty amazing. On one level, it's kind of funny. I fought for the Democratic Party, my whole karere. I know what we stand for, who we stand with, what we and it's not just policies or issues. It's in my bones, that's something everyone in primary can say, but another level kind of attacks are serious problem they for angry. Unyielding viewpoint has crept into our politics. If someone doesn't agree with you. It's not just that. You disagree. That person must be a coward or corrupt or a small thinker, It is a direct attack analyst with Lord who has been saying you have to dream big and campaign. Big by this some call it the my way or the highway approach to politics, but it's worse than that. It's condescending to me Democrats have a different view. It's represent if an elitism that working and middle class people do not share, we know best. You know nothing. If only
You were smart as I am. You would agree with me. This is no way to get anything done. This is no way to bring the country together. This is no way for this party to be Donald Trump. Is there a lot of ways to fix our health care system and to make our tax system fair to address the challenge of climate change? I believe I've proposed the most progressive trance, formational ideas in the campaign- and I can get them done. He talks about all of various plans. He I learned a long time ago, if you question someone's motivations rather than your judgment, you get their judgment, you get nowhere, it's hard to get past. So if you start off by saying the other person is in the pocket of special interest or is corrupt, that's the way democracy works. He says he stands with the Democratic Party of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party of Nancy Poulos, we and he basically attacks Elizabeth Warren is too radical and he is correct about that. He is correct about that and that's Trump's big advance it's just that. If Democrats take the wrong lesson, run radical campaign from could easilly win, but Trump would actually have to make campaign about the Democrats. Radicalism. Now, as we'll see
Democrats are incredibly vulnerable on the score, which is why they're focusing in as I've been saying now for weeks on impeachment centrally make trump. The issue Trump loses, make democratic policies the issues Democrats lose. Can we get some more of this in just one? Second, first: let's talk about your sleep quality, so the fact is that every night you probably climb on the spring mattress the inherited from a relative and it's just creaking and it's awful and you wake up in the morning. Your back hurts. Well, you are a unique human being. Why wouldn't you have a mattress that is made it just for you? Why would you buy generic mattress built for just some other random helix sleep as built asleep? He takes two minutes to complete They use the answers to match your body type and sleep references to the perfect mattress, whether you're a side sleeper or a hot sleeper, with like a plush or firm bed with Helix there's no more guessing, no more compromising. On an average mattress go to Hewitt Sleep COM, Apiro take their two minutes late because they will match you to a match. That will give you the best sleep of your life he looks like was even awarded the number one best overall mattress pick of twenty nineteen GQ and wired magazine they have a ten year. Warranty you get to try your mattress.
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Anybody should be able to run any other they want, and then we can fact check those ads and we can point out the the wrong their stupid. In fact, if you had the power, that every ad had to be fact checked half of the most down to half of the most effective political ad, in american history would never have run right the days we have one thousand nine hundred and sixty four, which is complete crap, that Barry Goldwater was going to get us into a nuclear war, never would have run and the the the ad that came from the Anti Mitt Romney Super PAC in two thousand and two thousand and twelve all about how Romney gave some lady cancer right that that ad never would have run. It got fact checked anyway right all of these ads, it's good to have more speech more. Who's better speech, but Elizabeth Warren doesn't believe that so she wanted her to shut this all down until it turns out it hit her speech. So this is a perfect There is wonderful example of a It's more learning the lesson of the monkey Paw, the monkeys, paw. If you've ever read that short store about a guy who gets three wishes and then every His wishes ends up with precisely the opposite result of what he wanted, because he did not
specifically say what he wanted. Elizabeth Warren really took a shot in the grill here from Twitter. Elizabeth Warren is proving to be a need, opportunist when it comes to taking on social media company, says CNBC love, that's been Elizabeth. Warren calls for twitter to ban political ads, and then they do and then she's like, but band the ads. I like and then CNBC says she's an equal number even if she's willing to attack anyone or she's just a flaming hot hypocrite on Tuesday WAR, who is running for President Slam Twitter's new ad policy that bans political ads, which is weird since she's, been ripping on Facebook, suggesting they should be in political ads, in a series of tweets on Tuesday the Massachusetts Democrat attacked the company, for blocking organizations that are fighting climate change from running ads. Social network? Well, let me answer and he's like Exxon on the same topic. Oh you mean ban political ad. You end up banning ads that you like Elizabeth Warren, who could have predicted such a thing aside from every since human being with working prefrontal cortex. Who could have possibly imagined that something like this would happen?
this is an comes a week after Twitter said it would no longer allow ads on its service a policy the blocks out. Some politicians adds that refers to an election or candid it. Ads related to politically sensitive issues. Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey, and responded warm with a tweet, basically kowtowing to her so we haven't announced our new rules, yet they come out November. 15Th taking all this into consideration is like. Please leave me alone. Stop More more beating, sir, please more beatings. The media playing this as Elizabeth Warren being mad at big tech. Now this Lauren wanting a different standard for her and her favorite causes. Then she wants for everybody else. In other words, she doesn't want trump. Able to run and what she wants to be able to run ads. She doesn't want to be able to run out, but she does want her favorite climate change, to be able to run ads it's pretty hilarious and pretty wonderful and she deserves every bit of the of the low back that she's going to get over all of this okay. So with the Democrats and and by the way, people ridge is is slamming Warren. It is. It is good for him. Campaigning is moderate. People think he's cutting in
buttons numbers. That's not really. Obviously it seems more that he's actually cutting into Warren and Sanders is numbers because Biden is not actually fading National polling, who judge, is just rising in the national polling. P booty whenever I was born yesterday again, it's not the only issue, but it's certainly a major issue. I get questions about it everywhere I go and what I'm hearing from islands in in from voters across the country is. Are there really is a desire to do much more to build up way past what we were able to do with the affordable care act? But you also want to be able to make our own decision on whether to leave their private plan or not. Okay, so booty judge again getting a boost from from attacking Elizabeth Warren and and look the entire american business establishment is afraid of Elizabeth One for the reason because she does demonize success because she does see America's install businesses as targets for her rapacious tax schemes. So Jamie Dimon, who is the Jpmorgan chairman and CEO he launched into Elizabeth Warren yesterday saying that you vilify successful people, which, of course is true, really have to ask her what she really means
I'm pretty harsh words by you know so much they vilified, successful people. So if I don't like bill find anybody, I it you know, I think we should applaud successful people. A lot of people come to this company for opportunity in choices. Success. We want that for everybody that now that's a little different and paying your fair share and how the taxation system should work that I completely understand. No successful companies have lifted up six. I it doesn't mean they can't do more, it doesn't mean they didn't make mistakes, but so I think we should applaud that you know, people are very specific things that we should do different. Then we should think about doing them. Different so again, these democratic candidates are vulnerable on a variety of scores, because they're learning they've taken too much away from these state and local elections over the past few years. They think that animals for Trump means that are willing to embrace the most radical policies at the national level and that simply isn't true, but the smarter Democrat are saying: okay. Well, that means that we really should be doing is not focusing on our policies, which kind of sucks and nobody likes. Instead, we should focus in on from and that's why impeachment gate matters to the Democrats.
That's the real reason why impeachment gate is thing now what that means is that impeachment is going to be front and center for months here at a time. Ok, this thing is not going to stop. The Democrats are not going to do this fast they're, not everybody, keep saying the Democrats are going to see this thing through. There is no reason for them to see this thing through. Instead, they are now going drag this out in the subpoena everybody, a Finally, they said they're going get this done by late October. Was the original estimate now there's They get it done by Thanksgiving unlikely unlikely. My guess is that bring it over into the new year. Why? Because they think the publicity is bad for Trump and that is exacerbated by the fact that came from doesn't have any good. Defense is right that their defense is that they that they put out there so far are really kind of garbage because they refuse to embrace the only defense that actually makes any sense, the only defense that is actually true, which is always the best defense we'll get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about
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everybody doesn't like we'll get to that in just a little bit, but come help us out come join. The team we are the largest fastest growing the podcast and radio show in the nation and okay. So, let's get to the latest breaking news in impeachment gate, two thousand and nineteen and the republican defenses to it? So, as I say, this two thousand and twenty race Democrats think that Trump is vulnerable because Trump is Trump an that is the truth. But if they run on their own platform, they're going to lose so instead What they're going to do is they're going to run on Trump is the worst and that's why impeachment gate is really more about election, two thousand and twenty then it is about. Teaching Trump right now right. The chances that the Senate is going to actually get rid of trump are incredible, incredibly low Mitch. Mcconnell basically said this, yes, as the Democrats are not getting the process right, nobody's gonna vote this thing. This whole effort is going nowhere. I'm not going to start commenting on all of these episodes that occur on a daily basis.
Of that are unfolding over in the house, but to say it it seems to me they still are not providing the same kind of basic due process rife that were provided both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. They can't even get the process right so beyond that will wait until we get it here. It looks to me like they are hell bent to do it and we will, I've been an impeachment trial at some point? Okay. So in again, I think that the Democrats are doing this for political reasons, but every bad headline is another brick in the wall there building against President Trump. So the latest bad headline for the Trump team is is Gordon someone who is Trump's Eu Ambassador, who basically look the ambassador of positions, are basically kush, patronage jobs that you get for being an ally with the president. That's not unique to trump. It true for Obama to basically you give a lot of money, and you end up with like ambassador to Morocco right, it's kind, sort of pick which country you wish
to live in for the next four years and hang out in for the next four years and actually put real experts in some of these positions, but a lot of them is, is the the search. Ee get to live in Brussels and hang out in Europe all the times. You can awesome. That's what Gordon someone give a bunch of money to the Trump campaign, and then he ends up with Noah being the Eu Ambassador and gets roped into this thing, where he is now worried about having committed perjury in front of Congress yesterday, he revised his testimony had testified before that he did. I think there was a quid pro quo that went on between the Trump Administration and the Ukraine in government for Ukraine to pursue investigations into a variety of topics, including the twenty sixteen election, charisma and Joe Biden. Well, Gordon. Something cannot yesterday and your revised his testimony. So, according to the in most in a significant revision to his testimony, USA Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sunlin now says he old ukrainian official and security assistance to the country would likely would be Klay resume only if the authorities in Kiev opened in destinations are requested by President Trump that could be damaging to form
vice president, Joe Biden and a supplemental declaration. Someone wrote I now call speaking individually with ukrainian individual and in that conversation saying that resumption of aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anti action statement that we have been discussing for many weeks, so he suddenly remembers all of this happening. Someone's new statement as to testimony by other national security officials to describe it directed by Trump and personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to link. Four hundred million dollars in security assistance to investigations that could politically benefit President Trump Sunland in from diplomat had been seen as a loyalist and hits Originally, the trump is just trying to combat corruption, yet certain previously released text message that Trump didn't see quid pro quo of any kind. Someone said well, so that's just me, quoting Trump he's, So just me, quoting from really. I think it was kind of a quid pro quo now. The way has released a statement on this. They said that the trends if someone's new testimony show there's even less evidence for this illegitimate, peachman sham than previously thought White House Press ECHO
Stephanie Grisham, says, quote ambassador someone squarely states, he did not know and still does not know when why, by whom the aid was suspended. He said he presumed. There was a link to the aid. I cannot identify any solid source for that assumption The White House continues to try out a defense. There was no quid pro quo. The problem is saying there was no quid pro quo. Is now in direct contravention of testimony from Ambassador someone Kurt Volker the special envoy Bill Taylor, the charged up here in Ukraine, Marie of Knowledge, the ambassador to pray and there's a widespread perception inside the state Department and virtually throughout the diplomatic core that there was a quid pro quo that happened between the White House and Ukraine, and Trump keeps saying there was no. There was no pro quo, I could say there was a quid pro quo in the quid pro quo is fine, but I'm going to say, there's no quid pro quo. The problem is that a bad defense tactic, because the fact is, it's pretty obvious from the
transcript- and it's also pretty obvious now from everybody's testimony- that there was in fact some sort of quid pro quo going on the question, as always, was going to be, was the quid pro quo illegal now could be based on false information, liquid protocol be based on the president, receiving that information from Re Giuliani and people feeding bad information to Rudy Giuliani and could still be not impeach more. It could be done. It could be bad policy. That is not the same thing as he. He committed a crime. This is the as in final defense. I've been saying this for literally weeks, I'm not the only one. Any Mccarthy there's been very pro from throughout the administration and Mccarthy the the lawyer who writes over national view, former special prosecutor, former prosecutor at the the southern district of New York, is that also Now that relying on this no quid pro quo, defense is a fools errand, when Trump should just say is ok. Yes, of course, I was pressure in Ukraine, as Russia and Ukraine for legitimate investigate
into what happened in twenty sixteen, and that includes any sort of corruption that occured in Ukraine with regard to Hunter Biden and, frankly, that would be uh. Basically fine argument, it's hard, it's very, very difficult to prove intent right. The fact is that then the Democrats would have to prove not the quid pro quo happened, but that the intent for the work was to get by and looking forward to twenty twenty, as opposed to looking into everything trump associated with corruption, circa, two thousand and sixteen that's hard to prove. It really is difficult to prove and the fact that the White House refuses to rely on that. Defense is super. Greenlee Bizarre, it's really really weird. Instead, you end up with weird is like this from Lindsey. Graham Lindsey, Graham just looks like a show, now, because you won't say the obvious right, Lindsey, Graham the Senator from South Carolina yesterday, saying I'm not even going to I'm, not to read the transcript right, apparently there's a reporter who tweeted out,
reporter. Do you plan on reading these transcripts that were released, Graham no, and therefore asked. Why should be? Is a sham process? Okay, that just sounds like you have no defense right. That sounds like you are covering your eyes in your ears and pretending that you don't know what's going on, but we all know sort of what was going on. The fact is again that there is an actual response to all of this. It is the response that I've been laying out for weeks at this point in by the way, there's also a good response that says. Yeah. Of course, we asked crane to investigate Hunter Biden, because there's some pretty good information, Biden was involved in something to areas Ed Morrissey reporting over hot air quote, does the appear. One hundred buttons name in State department, email traffic show corrupt influence, us policy emails dug up John Solomon, in his reporting on influence peddling, then and now suggests that the timing of Biden's infamous. Intervention in Ukraine might be even more suspect then it has looked before. Biden insist they brag that he threatened to withhold the dollars in aid in March, two thousand and sixteen almost central portion, coal prosecutor, General Viktor Shokin.
Claims he did that because show king had not aggressively prosecuted corruption, including that prizma, however, the new email show. The hunter's name was being tossed around the state Department a month earlier, as the firm played the choking with being too tough, According to salomons reporting during that February, two thousand and sixteen Contact AUS representative for Breeze Mahal things sort of meeting with, under Secretary of State, Katherine, a belly to discuss ending the corruption. Asians, against the ukrainian firm, where Hunter Biden worked as a board member according to memos obtained under FOIA lawsuit just three weeks before breeze, the overture to state ukrainian authorities. Rated the home of the Oleg Ark who owned the gas firm and employed Hunter Biden, a signal. The long running corruption probe was leading in the middle of the Us Presidential Election under his name in fact, was specifically invoked: The reason representative, as a reason, the state when help according to see there's, an email exchanges among US officials trying to arrange the meeting the subject line for the email exchanges, read simply Breeze MA according to Ed Morse
hot air. The email shows that the meeting was for the purpose of getting Ukraine to back off on its corruption. Probe of Breeze MA, the email argued that the reason I had been uh fairly targeted by choking without evidence in outside of due process. It also noted very pointed the two high profile you citizens worked with Breeze MA and named Hunter Biden, explicitly as more points out, is that last sentence sounds like the meeting was a fait accomplis as well. Might since it turn the sun, however, weather in when the meeting took place is not been established, but clearly state was informed that Hunter's name was in play and the Breeze MA was unhappy with shokan. This was no low. Low contact either the people involved were senior officials in the Obama. Inspiration that discussion took place February. Twenty fourth, two exactly one week later, Hunter Biden, business partner, and fellow breeze, Ma Board, members of an archer drop by to see Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department to see Street offices Archer was college roommate of Kerry stepson so could be a coincidence, but it's never been explored less than a month
I'd want you print is Mandy Show begins firing. So that's that looks man right, I mean this is what Ed Morrissey Saying says. That certainly looks like the kind of corruption of which House Democrats are accusing Donald Trump. Does it not at the very least, these emails undermine the idea that choking wasn't being tough enough on Breeze MA and that no one in the Obama administration connected the dots between Hunter Biden, his dad and breeze mites corruption, interference for personal or familial gain, although one needn't go to didn't to go to Ukraine and find evidence for it. Ok, so, in other words, Trump has a pretty solid defense. Here I was targeting corruption. I was suspicious of corruption. The reason I was suspicious of corruption is has it there might be corruption, and that's why I asked him to investigate corruption and said that they're not doing a good. I'm investigating corruption, so Trump keeps putting out the worst of. There was no quid pro quo instead of the best offense. Of course there is what broke right! This remove any actually to put write this event. He said yes, quid pro week policy all the time, and this wasn't about quid pro quo and people went nuts and then Trump backtracked it and now people just keep saying no quid pro quo. It's a dumb
it's a very dumb defense, and there is no reason to focus in on a bad defense when an actual good defense and probably a true defense, is actually available Meanwhile, controversy has broken out, as Republicans are trying to the whistleblower. Now the Democrats are claiming that the whistleblower is irrelevant at this point move beyond the whistleblowers complaint. There's truth to that there is fact is that we now know what was more had to say. We have the transcript of the call, the whistleblower really didn't add anything and I'm being consistent on this, I said that the whistleblower complaint originally was less important than the transcript of the call. So, but that's not a Democrat said Democrats were like need the entire whistleblower complaint or it's obstruction of justice and a cover up We need to interview the whistleblower. We need his thoughts and then, as soon as it became clear that the whistleblower was probably uh doesn't hack on behalf of Joe Biden. Then it was so we don't need to hear from the whistleblower anymore. So I moved.
In that the whistle blower is basically irrelevant once the claims of his complaints are made public, but is it fair for a Publicans deployed a democratic apocrypha? You right here, yeah, that's totally fair and as far as the idea that is violation of law to to release the name of the whistleblower? No, it isn't, it's a laws are designed to bring the firing of whistleblower keeping. Whistleblowers name confidential is usually designed vent their firing in the private sector. They are popular as the private contractor with the United States government our regulations in place that prevent the firing of whistleblower. The inspector general of a particular department is prevented from speech. From the name aloud of whistleblower, but there's nothing that prevents Rand Paul from doing this is the point that ran Paul who's been pushing out. Whistleblower made yesterday when he was in a attack with the media, it's illegal to outer whistleblower actually see you got that wrong too. I mean you should work on the fax here's. The thing is, the whistleblower statute protects the whistleblower from having his name revealed by the inspector general. Even the new
four times admits that no one else is under any legal obligation. The other point you need to be very careful if you really are interested in the news is that the Two blower actually is material, witness completely separate from being a whistleblower because he worked for Joe Biden. He worked for Joe Biden, sometime Hunter Biden is receiving fifty thousand dollars a month. Ok, so Rand Paul is actually making and solid cases to why we ought to know who slower is, which is why I covered it. On the show I mean that is newsworthy stuff. The fact is that if the situation were reversed and this for republican whistleblower in a democratic administration. We would have this wouldn't plastered all over the front pages of every newspaper immediately if it turned out that the person was a partisan hack. On behalf of the Republicans, any The media are so invested in Trump being pushed out of office. There's so invested in hatred of Trump. It's pretty astonishing. The best example today is that the Washington Post came out with a full illustrated Muller report. It's in interesting. I mean it really. Is democracy dies in crappy cartoons? They drew
all of these pictures, like Paul Manafort and James Comey with thought bubbles, it's absurd. The publishing Graphic Nonfiction book centered on special counsel, Robert Muller's obstruction of justice inquiry mean, I suppose they couldn't do it in the Kenneth Starr. 'cause it just would've been pornography. Another report illustrated is drawn direct volume. Two ' Counsel, Robert Muller's report. Of course, they're not going do it on volume, one volume one didn't uncover anything only knows about the Trump Russia collusion nonsense volumes about these, so called obstruction of justice. According to the Washington Post pumping this, the book provides unique graphic, depiction of the reports, most scrutinized passages and pivotal moments, all contextual As with the posts original reporting, the mother report illustrated offers a fly on the Wall account of life in the Whitehouse told through the mountain men and women at one time served the president wow just magical. So we need a graphic novel of incredibly boring report. Media media
all over the place so much journalism, the journalism is just getting everywhere, just get it it's everywhere by the way. I'm not sure which is more journalism in the Washington Post printing. This in C in cartoon version of all of this or a piece by Frank Bruni, the New York Times called why Donald Trump hates your dog, I'm not getting, because Donald Trump is constantly saying the people died like Doug or I can like Doug so apparently, according to Franklin times from his dogs and according to a columnist named Gia Corliss. White House, press secretary, is in militaristic fashion, and he his body is dishonest yes, I I certainly trust the media with all of this will get two more of. I have to redo. Some of that piece in just one second, first thing I like and then a thing I hate zero things I like today, I I was on a sixteen hour flight from Israel to the United States over the week
and then I watched one million movies because I mean what else am I going to do? My kids are kicking me and you're stuck in one place for a very long time. An I got, see a movie that I really enjoy it. I thought it is actually pretty fantastic. It's called in the heart of the sea. It's RON, Howard Film, Now I tend to think that I have a paint by numbers for record I've never seen any of anything of his wife. This is just overwhelmingly good, but that's fine. I mean it's very straightforward sort of classic cinema. It's called in the heart of the sea, with Chris Hemsworth and Benjamin Walker and and Kelly Murphy, who is fantastic and Tom HOLLAND. Big big cast Brendan Gleeson in the in the movie, is about these sort of source material for Moby. Dick now starts off with with Herman Melville meeting with the sailor about what happened at sea on this boat called the Sx and it's a true story, and it is pretty astonishing story. I mean what didn't make it into Moby Dick is, actually We are in more terrifying than what did make it into Moby, Dick it's, for example, after the Essex was. It was in fact stove in
White Whale wage anyway. Well, that's the basis of Moby Dick, but then the men were basically stranded at sea for, like three months and they had to resort to, as you would think, some pretty awful awful things. It's it's a good movie. It's worth seeing check it out, didn't get kind of press. It should have the reviewers didn't like it, because it was too straightforward, because how dare you make a straightforward film? It have any gender identity politics. We don't know that the whale in the film, but the movie is really good, is called in. The heart of the sea and wildly underrated by critics and well worth watching. Time for a quick thing that I hate So you too, a lot of the tech companies are now censoring content and it's pretty obvious that they're censoring content on the basis of a political persuasion, the latest and in previous examples that you too has now banned a video from Dr Michelle Patella pediatrician many years of experience, the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians there's a The daily signal published in two thousand and two years old was up for like two years: now you too has pulled the video if
has been removed from Youtube in its place. Youtube has displayed message: the video has been removed for violating at Youtube policy on hate speech. So what exactly was so hateful? What was the hate speech that this evil doctor had to say Here's what she had to say that that got a van from Youtube according to most mainstream medical organs, if you want to cutoff a healthy, are more healthy leg. Mentally ill, but if you want to cutoff healthy breasts, Auripinnis, you're, transgender, ok! Well, sorry, that happens to be a true statement. Ok now maybe stated in a way- that's very blunt, but that happens to be a true statement. Ok, if you according to most mainstream medical organizations against the text, what she says. According to most mainstream
organizations. If you want to cut off a healthy arm or a healthy leg or mentally ill. If you want to cut off healthy, breast soreness is what she says. You are transgender and they don't classify transgenderism mental illness, which is what the juxtaposition means hey. This is again I failed to see what is unfactual about this statement. Now you may not like that statement. You may think that there is a moral difference between cutting off your genitals and cutting off your arm, you're going to have to explain why that is, but the statement itself is not non factual, but apparently this is now hate speech. So, according daily signal, which is the Heritage Foundation outlet. Over the past The daily thing work with you to try to reach a resolution ultimately were Well, the only way we could get the video back on Youtube was to delete the previously mentioned sentence, in other words, get two choices sensor, the doctor's words or have no video in the world, because video platform they should hold If I ever Youtube user and anyone who values the importance of a public square bring a variety of perspectives. Proteles words are no doubt controversial, says the daily signal. She's, no stranger criticism, neither is the daily signal. Welcome debate, but we don't want to be sent uh
we don't want to be censored. They say, transgender individuals, any individual struggling with gender identity issues should be treated with love and respect, but we also- leave the topic. We're medical treatments have such serious ramifications from infertility to permanent alteration of body parts. It's worth having a robust factor of a discussion. She's making a point in that sense the maybe not not popular but remains true. There is no society. Why push right now to allow patients suffering from body integrity identity, this order to amputate limbs. Furthermore, just this may The World health organization remove transgenderism from its list of mental disorders, moving it to a section about sexual health. As of July Cretella sentence amputate Body parts is different depending on the body parts and is apparently so outrageous Youtube can't even allow it on the platform. That's pretty astonishing, like if Youtube doesn't like it then you know what their a thousand videos on Youtube of people trying to explain why is more beneficial to people to cut off their genitals than it is for to cut off a different body part. I mean there are lots of videos from the left about this sort of thing,
connect, Youtube is banning. It outright demonstrates they're putting their their thumb on the scales when it comes to which is social issues that are very much open for debate and by the way where the signs tends not to favor the left very much.
Okay, we'll be back a little bit later today with two additional hours of content. So we will see you, then I mention here. This is the Ben Shapiro show and if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to we're available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts, also be sure to check out the other daily wear podcast, including the Andrew Clay, even show the Michael all show, and the mat will show thanks for listening, the Ben Shapiro shows produced by Robert Sterling directed by MIKE Joyner executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey are supervising, producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin. Stevens assistant, director, Pobol Y Taos, Ski edited by Adam side of it audio, is met by my current
hair and makeup is by Joshua over a production assistant. Nick Sheahan, the Ben Shapiro Show is a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, two thousand and nineteen bad news. Fellas Emma Watson is self partner. That's the new pc term for signal. We will examine the left cult of self love, then Kentucky goes blue kind of the real election results, are more complicated. So don't expect to hear about that in the mainstream media we examine what they mean for two thousand and twenty Rand Paul sheds light on impeachment. A new study shows politicized. Scholarship makes bad politics, and ABC News covers up its cover up of the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, who definitely didn't kill himself check it out on the Michael Knowles Show.
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