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Ep. 9 - Grading the Democrats

2015-10-14 | 🔗
Ben discusses the first DNC debate and grades the candidates.
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Democrats are wild socialists. Hilary is still the best old of white socialist available. That is the short story of Tuesday night terrible. Unbelievably dull, debate between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vermont Socialist Loon bag, Bernie Sanders, former Maryland gum, Martineau Malik, former Delaware, Governor Lincoln Chafing, who he was there. I mean, I think, an informer Virginia Senator Jim web. The reason that I give the scarecrow to the words debate is because the candidates didn't lay a glove on one another at all, Republicans at their first they beat the living crap out of each other, but they took a loyalty oath to the eventual republican nominee. Democrats were simply do there. They were happy just arrived and pledged their loyalty directly to Hillary Clinton. Forget the primary isn't all Hilary was supposed to go against Bernie Sanders. That was supposed to be the big moment. Well, shouldn't castrate Bernie Sanders. He generously redistributed his testicles to her in a jar. So without further ado, here are the debate grades for this endless affair. Hillary Clinton said.
say she gets in a, and I try to be objective about these debates grades, because I think that Hillary Clinton is about as close to the anti crisis. Any person currently living with the exception of President Obama, but she does get Nay and reason she gets. An aim is because she is a great liar, at least when she doesn't have any one contradicting Hirsch's practice choose polished, she's memorize, they ve upgraded all of her. granting her face move sometimes now and then Instead, she gets away with it. She lied over and over. She lied about her record record as secretary of state. She actually got away with calling Libya a beautiful example of smart power, which has just incredible. She said the Russia was going great guns until Putin came back as president of the country, even though Putin was always running the country, She said that should be tough in Syria, after having called Bashar, Al Assad reformer, and then she started lying about what you did when she was centre. She said that, yes, we voted for the Iraq WAR and the Patriot ACT in the Wall Street.
let's be opposed all of them. As you know, she found out what they were for. She didn't know when she was voting for them. She said that she wasn't running is Clinton nor as a woman. But she was also not not running Clinton or as woman. She said that she wasn't Brok Obama's third term, because she has uterus she's she likes capitalism, but really secretly. She saw a hates capitalism and agrees with Bernie Sanders, so it was a great night four Hillary Clinton. Nobody lit a glove on the entire time. Anderson Cooper. Didn't ask any questions about radicalism on abortion after she brushed offer email scandal in Bernie Sanders. Did his self castration oh, follow ups. He had no follow up, somebody Darcy. She actually said she would get to it and then she never of course got to it. You said I'll get back to that which is exactly what she said to the dead guys in Benghazi. Coincidentally, Anderson Cooper allowed her to lie and he wasted twenty four minutes in the process. So, as it is big night for Hillary Clinton, let's move forward to Bernie Nurses, great, so Bernie Sanders gets. Aid,
and the reason Bernie Sanders gets. It is because his supporters he's like Donald Trump character. His supporters will always ensure always ensure that he as a certain level of support in the online polls show that the enthusiasm for Burmese Andrews was incredibly high. You want all of the ongoing poles from MSNBC to Drudge to Fox NEWS, but he heard himself because he let her off the hook on her corruption. He hurt himself because he allowed her to portray herself as honest indecent, even though she's not honest indecent that one point we're Bernie Sanders turned to her and said that the ever, but it was sick of hearing about her
males Hilary could not have been happier. Hilary could not have been happier and that's why, in the long run, what this debate really showed is that many competition between Bernie Sanders, who is set to a generic and crazy guy, who shouted the sky about what he did during the during the strikes of nineteen twelve with the with the international industrial unions, run by the communists. All of that all of that played poorly next to Hillary Clinton, school and composed line, and then there are the other candidates Jim LAB. He gets enough not because he was bad, but has hidden belong on the stage Jim Web was the guy who said that in the debate, his worst enemy was the guy who throne of Renee I've killed back. I not a kind of bad ass answer, but remember these are all Democrats that doesn't matter what's a better answer, saying Republicans or bad if you say Republicans or bad, that's a better answer and that's what Hillary Clinton said. Would you mind defended the coal industry? He sorted defended the end,
Ray he opposed affirmative action. He made the crucial mistake of saying that all lives matter, as opposed to all the other old, why people on the stage saying that only black lives matter even brag about killing their communist and that, of course, made Bernie Sanders really upset, because those are the people he honeymoon with mean come on, so Jim web gets enough because he would have won the Democratic Party nomination back and nineteen fifty two. But now it's two thousand fifteen and only socialists get a shot and then Lincoln Chafing was was there as well Lincoln chafing again, look like he wandered off of skid row. He was so confused the inside No one knew why he was their Martineau Molly. There are some people,
Martineau Molly did well. Last name are normally, is so shallow and he is so ridiculous and it is so clear when he speaks. It looks as though every thought that he has was written in crown by a seven year old and he has no ability to upgrade. That's up. Hillary Clinton ends up winning by default, America loses by default. Hillary Clinton told no less than two dozen lies last night will go through some of those coming up, but Overall big when, for Hillary Clinton, good Lord is going to be a long year and a half. I am Bench Piero. This is the bench of Hiroshima.
Various things, detentions, humanize people care about your feelings are a folks, so we survived. It is the day after the big democratic debate, and I watched it for you, so you didn't have to and no it was totally not worth the pay jack. It was awful in every respect. It was two hours of people lying and Hilary sitting there with her well botox face and it was a in and men between Hillary Clinton, cackling and Bernie Sanders screaming at the sky like like the old Socialist Lou, bag that he has been. He really is the guy you never want to talk to. A party sees the guy, you walk in, and you see him and he's got the spittle any kind of drips down his chin a little bit and he's got.
And rough on his collar, and then he charges over to you, because I can't wait to talk to you any jobs, his finger in your chest, and then he tells you about the shirt tell strike in your like. Oh god, can I please get out of here and you just want to wipe his mouth because you got the crust it that was Bernie Sanders last night in the Democrats abated he won, The ball is really bad did started off on a bad for it. I just have to spend one moment mocking Cheryl crop. His Cheryl Crossing, the national anthem and, let's just say archipelago- is not Cheryl crows friend. Here is what it sounded. Cheryl Crossing the national anthem and in front of a bunch of people who actually don't, like the national anthem, actually believe it or not. There are medium members who were sitting backstage, they have their own press room and there are reports that didn't stands up for the national anthem, which is no great shock. Most of these people are just surprised and play. The international also hear her exact is, is shuttle crow and though I do have a terrorist, why she sells manner
yeah uncomfortable, Bernie, It's me gives rise how can we can stop where there are she humiliates herself further? This is what happens folks when you vowed to spend your life using no more than one sheet of toilet paper to wipe your ass
This is actually her accurate. She said now. This is her actual environmental policy to save the universe. She's only gonna use one sheet of toilet paper which, as everyone knows, is insufficient and eventually end of singing like that on a national debate stage. If that's the policy that you pursue our can actually jump into the content of the debate that whatever the content was the big black buster moments of the debate. There are really two will get to the second one just a moment, but they are all. But there are other blockbuster moments in the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Does no one cares about any of the other candidates Megan, Lincoln Gravy, just looked utterly bewildered as too as to the universe, is kind of standing. There wondering what was going on all around him he's like a new born baby. You staring at the light and wondering what it was and how fascinating away Saint Martin, Malay, Martineau, Mallet
was similarly entranced by all of the bright lights and shiny objects. You just kind of stood there looking stupid most of the evening and then and then that there are certain lines that he that he's said he and he sort of expected there'd be laughter that emerge from them. They didn't Bernie Sanders called for an open revolution because open revolutions go so well. For socialists, they usually and millions of people killed the Bernie Sanders water evolution and then they went to Martineau Mally, modern American grinned awkward land said he wanted a green energy revolution and he waited for everybody to choose from when no one did his face, just kind of dropped and he got real sad and any could see what he really wanted to do was just go out to the crowds. Anyone want to see my six back, but he couldn't do exist, are national tv plus somebody had had specifically so in his shirt to his pants, make sure he didn't do it so that, but that the real big moment, the better twin, crazy old, socialist Bernie Sanders and crazy old under cover socialist Hillary Clinton. Hilary is is like a gay guy on Allow everybody knows that she is that, but she can't really say
openly so Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton go out at over capitalism. What's amazing about this exchange was pursued. This Bernie Sanders says he's a socialist now even saying for years, the Brok Obama's Socialist for saying exactly what Bernie Sanders says. regular bad? That makes us racist Bernie Sanders as he's a socialist and he's an old jewish socialist, and so he can say it his actual description Socialism, no motive has nothing to do with government ownership of the means of production. This is one of the myths that the left constantly throws out, which of the Marxism is solely in completely government ownership of the means of production. If you're not calling. renationalization while industry, then you're, not really socialist or not a true communist or socialist Bernie Sanders gives the lie to that. He says. I'm a socialist and basically, my vision of socialism is that there is private business, but we get to decide which businesses succeed in which fail we get to confiscate money from the people we want to confiscate money from and we get to ensure the nobody how much money, then you go to Hillary Clinton? She says: hey, that's my definition of capitalism and this was the debate. Sorry,
it was was that Bernie Sanders is definition of socialism and Hillary Clinton. Definition of capitalism were exactly the same meaning one of these people is wrong and the truth is the person whose wrong is Hilary cause. She's lying marks prefers government ownership of the means of production as end goal, but until you get there he's also find with unionized all the factories and ensuring that everybody gets their fair share, which of course, is Hilary proposal. We will hear these too crazy old, Socialist speak with each other and the reason that Hilary ones this particular part of the debate is because she doesn't give in to the truth. Bernie Sanders actually says the truth, and this is why the grassroots loves him. Hilary continues to lie, and so the grassroots doesn't like her so much so here is it Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton combined age, seven hundred twenty three thousand too.
nine speaking about capitalism and both of them were around both when Adam Smith wrote. His tone was when Karl Marx wrote his here, but there is doing you dont. Consider yourself a capitalist, though the. Why can sort of myself part of the casino capitalists process by which so few have so much, and so many have so little by which wall, street greed and wreck
What's this reckless economy? No, I don't, I believe, in a society where all the doktor he has just made clear, is or any bill anybody else on this stage. Who is not a capitalist? Well, let let let me just follow up on that Anderson, because when I think about capitalism, I think about all the small businesses that we're started, because we have the opportunity and the freedom and our country for people to do that and to make a good living for themselves and their families. And I don't think we should confuse what we have to do every so often in America, which is saved capitalism from itself, and I think what Santos Anders as saying, certainly make sense in the terms of the inequality that we have. But we are not Denmark. I loved Denmark, where the United States of America,
it's our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism, so that it doesn't run amok and doesn't cause the kind of inadequate easily resuming their and our egos actually appropriate background music. When my phone goes off fleeing the patent theme for Hillary Clinton playing is no, she likes me. Hillary Clinton saying that she loves capitalism and she loved small business, and it's all great- you expect this big banner to infer behind her, because suddenly she doesn't like communism and socialism anymore, but notice there saying exactly the same point exactly the same thing where Bernie Sanders, as do I believe in casino capitalism. Do I believe that capitalism that If it's the few at the expense of the money is the greatest thing in the morning, though, I do not. Right and then and then Hilary says well, capitalism has benefited a lot of people, but what we really need to do is make sure that it does not benefit the fewer the X of the many, and also that we raining casino capitalism and you're. They're, going way that you said exactly the same thing, but not an exact
in the same way, and this is the point the Democratic Party has moved so far, left that Hilary and Bernie are saying precisely the same kind of crap and we're almost to pretend that they are not and that Hilary is an actual, moderate. Ok. So the second biggest moment of the debate was was, the late. When Hilary was question about her emails now, Hilary has no good answers on why she hid her emails, because there are no good answers. She legitimately took her her private server. She got a couple of days before she was appointed Secretary state specifically set it up that nobody can sift her emails from the governments that we would never be able to look at her emails, and then she destroyed thirty thousand of them. for handing them over to the government of the United States. She has her that answers on this. Then they gotta Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders. My good friend, Jeremy, Boring, has as a theory about Bernie Sanders. I think it's probably right I'll explain the theory after you see this particular club and an apple what what you're really going to watch right now is is Bernie Sanders
forcibly removed zone, testicles in hand them to Hillary Clinton in a jar. It's basically what happens in this particular club, because Bernie Sanders had the opportunity here to really hurt Hillary Clinton and instead of doing that, he basically we handed her. The primaries here we go, Let me say something that may not be re politics, but I think the secretary is right and that is that the American, are sick and tired of hearing about your damn, even ok and then Hilary proceeded to cackle like a maniac, mean it. So obviously how happy she is there. I mean that's the happiest that she's been since she learned that those living with other women she's, really just overjoyed me. We get out of here. Get to that point and Hilary starts cackling like like a maniac and then she turns to send
and shakes his hand and basically wants to get his physically close to him. Men closer to him than any man she's been with since since Chelsea was born and an what's up the thing about: that's so journeys theory, and whenever we watch the cliff I'm not fully convinced. Germany's theory is that Bernie Sanders meant that to be an attack on her that he meant to attack of the same of the Chris Christie, sort of attack, Donald Trump and Carly fear Rina. Back during the second republican debate, your member car with Eureka in Chris Chris End Donald Trump, going added about their various business records. Chris Christie jumped any cannonball then, and he said everybody understands the great business record. No one cares renewed. This was his big slap them. So Jeremy thinks that what standards is trying to do there is there what's Andrews was actually trying to say there is no one wants to hear about it,
damn emails any more and the implication being your corrupt in this terrible distraction from all the issues, and I can't believe that this has taken up so much time and effort, and so when I watch that again, maybe that's what Bernie Sanders was told to do before him, but that's not the way it comes off. It does come off the way that that I think most people take it, which is here. He is the gallant night in shining rusted armor, writing in on a cat and saving Hillary Clinton and an that's pretty much what it was, and you can see Hilary was just overjoyed about all of this in the headline for burning, very slender started: fundraising off evolve as yet she sent an email to people saying a word, of hearing about the emails I said were sick about hearing emails. It's time to talk about the real issues, give money to me. So Bernie Sanders here's what he actually did there by taking that issue off the table. Not only did he take. The issues here
from self. He took it off for everybody else, Martineau Molly, who again look just wildly confused as to what was going on at all times on stage. He looked. He honestly look like he taken ahead of something before he before he did. He he's here that there is anything One point in the debate suggested that everybody in the audience had had smoke dope and Look like Martineau Molly may have directly before the debate, because they went back Molly normally has been very aggressive about Heller's email scandals and a mallet presume brood. Absolutely just went forward with the Bernie Sanders Approach and said. I think that I think this is all nonsense into political hit. Job Kay the fix is invoked in. Don't pay attention to the media that saying that Bernie Sanders the real threat to our request, and he is not Bernie Sanders- is a set up. Bernie Sanders stalking horse Bernie Sanders what the media. I want you to believe as a challenge to Hillary Clinton and
she entered his presence in the rays right now for closes the possibility that somebody like Joe Biden, jumps in this debate was so good for Hilary Benn. It prevents Joe Biden from jumping in these all the enthusiasm for all the panic is gone right, known panicking anymore, if you're wildly left or not panicking, because you like Bernie Sanders and if your moderate you're not panicking, because Hillary Clinton looks sane because she sally area in the insane asylum from areas where, when you're you're the guy sitting there and try to slit your own throat multiple times. But you're sitting there in your plane, piano and just outside your room where you're playing the piano people are smearing their own theses on themselves. You look pretty reasonable and that was Hillary Clinton in that debate Lincoln Tracy was over in in the corner of the room, knitting, a sweater or something and Jim Web It was still having non flashbacks. partner, Molly was sort of walking around, George, our banks in and saying meets every so often in Hillary Clinton, looks great by contrast and that's that sort of how what the hell are you
however, is a vile, partisan and in that is, is Super Clare. I have nothing against being a partisan, because I am obviously a partisan, but I will What Hillary Clinton said during this debate is indicative of just how far left the Democratic Party has moved, what out what a hack she is monsieur. She pretends that she's Model she's, an absolute partisan hack and then also demonstrates why Hillary Clinton actually has a bit of an inherent advantage in this election cycle against some of the Republicans. Hillary Clinton asked who greatest enemy why and here was her answer well, in addition to Vienna Ray the health insurance companies that drug companies, the Arabian Probably the republican you didn't lose yet watches over her. She knew she says the Republicans scared off into space right. It's the Iranians in our eyes, the pharmaceutical companies, one other thing Bernie Sanders is checklist. Can I hit here and in butter
when she says the Iranians are her enemy. The ayatollahs have never laughed is hard and we need the Arabians beg for Hillary Clinton. They love rock Obama, A lot hello, hello or is one who initiated the iranian Nuclear deal. The Arabians are her enemies. You ve got to be kidding me when you say notice. Also for the Democrats, when, if you ask any of the Republicans where your greatest enemies seriously view ass any of the Republicans where the greatest enemies, aside from Scott Walker, who make teachers unions really because they actually tried to take him out of office, virtually all of the Republicans would say ISIS. The Iranians. We had more potent the chinese radio name, some sort of foreign policy threat. Hillary Clinton proceeds to name a domestic political group Theodora which they fully legal group. There has millions of members and then she proceeds list actual companies in the United States. There are proof that are engaging in legal basis. Is a lady who said just a few moments ago. You watch me play it. My business
small business in the United States are wonderful things that have created prosperity, horror by enemies, the pharmaceutical companies right to companies that produce the drugs that save people's lives. Those people are our enemies right and then. Finally, she gets your big enemies in the enthusiasm watches over her Thou Republicans right. The Republicans are her big enemies, of course, and we all knew this, because Hillary Clinton despises conservatives and Republicans more than she does ISIS or the Iranians, or anybody else is truly evil on planet earth she sees them is the real threat to her and to her vision of the world to her utopian quest. For a more just and an equal world and the Republicans don't see it the same way the Republican see their enemies as actual foreign policy threats. Typically, that's why Hilary has an advantage, because Hilary is gonna, spend this entire campaign seas and explaining Republicans are a bunch of racist, bigots, excess homophobia who hate their mothers and Republicans are going to explain. The Democrats just disagree on the
but we all agree that ISIS is bad and you tell me who's gonna win that election. We ve run this tape multiple times this point, twenty thousand, eighty thousand twelve, we don't need to do it again and an Hillary Clinton is, is setting Democrats up to do exactly that. It was a solid debate for Hillary Clinton. It was. It was a clear also that Hillary Clinton the way wants to seize the mantle of Barack Obama. She was asked at one point: what would she would get? What would make her? Not the third term would make her not the third term for Barack Obama, and here is her answers. What would make her, not the third term of Barack Obama? How would you not be of her term of President Obama? Why think? That's pretty obvious, I think Woman president would be quite a change from the presidency. President Obama, to really put a camera naturally should just striptease beyond doubt
because if that's all she's got, a woman. Hear me roar if that's all she's got, but then that is all she has because then she continued and she said the only thing that distinguishes me from Barack Obama, who has been just a joy and a wonder. The only thing that distinguishes me is that I would go further than he has, which is the dictionary the nation of third term for Morocco about em. If you were to say what is Obama Gonna do in its third term of more of this except more right. Hillary Clinton says exactly that. Hilary name checked Obama about a dozen times last night, because she's trying to lock up the minority vote and to keep it away from Joe Biden very good debate for Hillary Clinton, very bad debate for America. She told lie after life. We didn't get to her lies Herman. She told something like twenty seven lies. Twenty seven separate lies, ranging from where she said that she
really back. They transpacific partnership. There, the tp, the trade deal that you negotiated and and called the gold centre set off nice, and I hoped you would be the goldstone or no pillory. You said it was the gold standard to when she said that that it was smart power in Libya which, and she said that the data lected a moderate government in libya- neglecting of course to mention that the government is now meeting in boats off the coast of Libya, because government in exile she told lie after I met my favorite line of the night. Actually we don't have it on tape, it Hilary
Clinton. At one point. This was most important line of the night for her. She was talking about how Republicans they always say that their against the government that they love the governments. They want to shut down, plan parenthood, and then she proceeded, which of course, is idiotic. They wanted to fund plan parents that small government by nature. She then continued by saying when it came to paid maternity leave, paid family and in print a leave. She said, of course, we can pay for it. We can do anything will make the wealthy pay for it gave. This is the democratic platform, in a nutshell, will make the rich people pay for it? So the bed, but listen, I'm media treated, Donald Trump, says we're gonna build a wall between the United States in Mexico and we'll make The mexican government pay for it by leveraging them using our trade deals and using sanctions will will use all the methods at our disposal to make them pay to build that
and the media are no. This is crazy. This is totally out of bounds. How can we possibly say such a thing? Hillary Clinton said on national television, the leading candidate for president of the United States. Since we are going to build utopia and rich people are going to pay for it and everybody just one. Well awesome it. Let me explain something if we will one hundred percent of all earnings above one million dollars for everyone in the United States. This year, Debbie Grand total of six hundred sixteen billion dollars would pay for anything that there is just not enough money to go around four Hillary Clinton, grand utopian visions and killing the rich and the execution of the year, the aristocracy exempting, of course, herself and all the other rich white people on stage with her, including Anderson Cooper. That is not going to solve the problem. The democratic party has gone full scale, socialist. The only difference between Hilary and Bernie Sanders that Hilary doesn't wave her,
was around in the air and she doesn't have wild hair and she has a steely, demeanor and and her programming has been upgraded, but the reality is that Hilary Bernie Sanders two sides of the exact same coin Bill Clinton. If the oakland we're running today with SAM Platform, we ran with ninety ninety two. He would not even make it into the debates. That's how far left the Democratic Party has moved and that's not the fault of the Democratic Party, that's the fault of all of their supporters. All of the people out there who want their free stuff, because that's what the debate was last night, it was Bernie Sanders saying I want Bree College Education and then it was Hillary Clinton saying and I want free abortions. Then it was Bernie Sanders saying I want free, green energy for everyone, and then it was Hillary Clinton saying I want free or wheels and then Bernie Sanders a freer, I think for everybody and then We finally blurted free everything infinity and the crown while that is the democratic debate, that is our political debate,
an unbelievably enough. These are the favourites to enter the White House once again that in depressing enough for you watch, the second democratic debate is coming up soon. I really don't want to. I will but we'll see an adventure Shapiro. This is the bench a bureau.
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