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Ep. 90 - Is Trump The End of America, Or Just The Beginning?

2016-03-16 | 🔗
Ben describes two theories of Donald Trump, talks about why Trump wins, and discusses why women who shout their abortions are covering for evil
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A requiem for Marco Rubio go Ruby last night he's out, he dropped out and it's really what's sadder is that Marco Rubio basically got Donald Trump elected denominate. He got him. What did the nominated is? What makes me Marco Rubio man. You see here a good honourable man who didn't deserve to lose to a very bad dishonourable man, Donald Trump. He was the margin of error in Illinois. Last night workers lost by eight percent. He sucked away six per cent in Missouri where crews barely lost ruby. Eight presence in North Carolina workers lost by three, which means that Marco Rubio helped make Donald Trump. The nominee said Donald Trump should have said. Thank you to Marco Rubia. Well, you should have said. Thank you too was Chris Christie. Chris Christy, of course, state in just long enough to murder Rubio in New Hampshire blunting. His went on ensuring the Donald Trump one New Hampshire by big numbers and had a momentum going to South Carolina. Donald Trump should say thank you to Chris Christy,
and who, instead, he treats as his personal butler. He should also say. Thank you too, for example. Job Bush job, who stated in full are too long and ensure that money in time they could have been spent, pushing for Rubio or crews or someone who was not a milk toast loser. All of that in a way to job instead and both he and his good friend Ben Carson ensure or the Donald Trump became the Romany by ensuring the Trump One South Carolina they combined for fifteen percent in South Carolina, far more than the margin of loss for both TED crews and markets Yo Carson was also the margin of victory for Donald Trump in Arkansas and now we have to say one more, thank you and that is to our old friend John Cassock John K, sick. He saw It is enough to win Ohio and now he's gonna stay in just long enough to suck up votes, to stop tat crews and become Donald Trump Vice presidential candidate. So thank you to all of Europe Publicans who let your egos trumped. The interests of the United States.
Donald Trump thanks you and he will be sending you a Trump stake. I'm Shapiro this is the bench appear, Ojo attentions humanised people care about. You feeling ok folk, so yes at the end of the show I promised. I promised that if we had a choice as a real choice in the country which either somebody was going to stop Donald Trump or I was gonna, stick my hand in the garbage disposal and it went poorly it just one Ok, it's to attend to take a time out here on a lighter note for Hills Del College. So The constitution is dead, but don't worry wholesale college going to Revivify it fills the college is the place. It is going to make sure that everybody knows about the constitution. I love hills. They'll college I've had personal dealings with hills. Del college have spoken for the multiple times. I believe I've been. The charter will be featured him in Primus, which is their their magazine, but they have super cool you'll just have to send your kid to Hell's college. They ve something Superman.
What an online course called Constitution one or one. So you know what the constitution, as you know, the basic outline how the system works. You understand all of these things, but if you want to know all the deed of the ins and outs everything there is to know about the constitution. You need to go over to him they'll, that EU slash Ban- and they have a free, our institution, one a one course they can get there- you can download it. You can watch it on your computer. You can watch, listen to it on your phone, its awesome. I should go there and take it and each of its free, so you're not gonna, lose anything and you're gonna gained a lot of knowledge, hills they'll. Truly there there's some of the best people in the United States and if What country does have a future? It's gonna be because of graduates of places like Wholesale College to go Hills, Dale, DOT, EU slashed Hills, Dale, DOT, Eu Slash, but make sure you get slash banned there. So they know that we cite. You know your rights, try that courts, ok, Last night was indeed horror, show of epic proportions for, for those of us who care about the country. For those of us who care about conservatism.
Last night was ringing rebuke to the idea that Americans have brain cells. It was very difficult to to watch where we start with me. Go Rubia dropping out, as I mentioned at the top of the shell mark, Rubio, is out. He dropped out. Last night and as I said- and I repeat often plagiarize my my friend Jeremy, boring to say this, but he has nothing to say about it. Since hey, what going to do about it, gonna fight but But Jeremy had said to me: ass night on the phone better that either was near tragic, washing Rubio, because it was hard to watch a good man with whom he disagreed lose to a bad man with whom he also disagree. Immediately stole that line used it in my peace but admitted here now, but it doesn't matter because, whatever etiquette Michael Rubio spoke here's what Marco Robia had to say when he was dropping out, but we find ourselves at this point is not surprising. For the warning signs have been here for close to a decade and two thousand ten. The tea Party way
carried me and others in the office, because not enough is happening and that tea Party way gave Republicans a majority in the house, but nothing changed and twenty fourteen those same voters gave Republicans a majority in the Senate and still nothing changed, and I believe some of that on the conservative movement, a movement that is supposed to be about our principles and our ideas. But I blame most of it on our political establishment, a political establishment for far too long has looked down and conservative looked down and conservatives as simple, simple minded people looked down, conservatism, simply bomb throwers, a political establishment for far too long has taken the votes of conservatives for granted in a political establishment that has grown to confuse cronyism for capitalism and big business for free enterprise,
Kay everything he saying here is, of course, true and again you can see how broken up Rubio is in all of us, and he looks like death here. He looks really bad for people can see the video Marco Rubio. This is a man and his political career, at least for the time being, and probably for the foreseeable future, he's not running for. Yet again in Florida already announced that before his campaign, he lost his home state to Donald Trump by almost twenty percent, which just humiliating and for closes the possibility of running for governor of state. All of this is sad. I'd be sadder accepted. Marco Roguish dropped out a week ago is obvious. This was going to happen and, as I mentioned at the top marks presence in the race meant. Undoubtedly, the Donald Trump ended up winning at least two more states, maybe three last night and ends up running away with the night, and he has all the more as all the momentum right now momentum right now. Meanwhile, there was the next Rubia was the next guy who's going to hand it to two Donald Trump who's? The next I'm gonna make sure that the boat split the trunk and continue to win with
we present why it's our old friend John Casing, It went out there last night, and this is most important political speech of his career we time, people care what he has to say and instead he gets up air and he goes up there without a teleprompter and just looks like a complete, not bag. So here is a year's junkie Isaac. You know what
What the fuck is. This is all I got ok, this is all I got, and all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart, but I want you to know something: he's got his man we're gonna, go we're gonna, go all the way to Cleveland and secure the republic. Is he asked? I also want to thank which treatment you know my my father was a Democrat all his life, where are those would argue, we had a lot of Democrats. That said, they didn't like.
Socialist agenda or a left wing agenda or big government. I want to thank them. For coming over in this election and putting their confidence in me. Because you know, I think we all know that conservative principles can work. The common sense can work this shift power and money and influence from that big place in Washington and moving to where we live. That empowers us. Ok, so that's what I'm round charity, I have to say near our economy. Only funny part of that is where he opens his jacket and tries to flash the crowd for no reason and then I love it in the screen behind John case it for people who can see it says as Ohio goes. So goes the nation, ok, John. We understand? You want the vice presidential slot we gotta you're, trying to guarantee the state for the nominee, your sad, your saddled man, it's really pathetic, so John K Does this retaining and even his daughter lives insanely board in this particular screen by her vagina case? It
I gonna stay in and because he stays in he's going to just enough votes to prevent TED crews. From what he needs here, which is one on one race, Donald Trump. All the way down to the convention in a one on one race trumped does not get enough delegates in it. Two on one race case. It can trump very likely that trunk gets enough delegates, which is just how all that come out of mere animal estate. Grunts at this point, because Logic has failed. Ok, so onto the big winner of the night, Donald J Tromp or a european likes, put it down Gi Trump, Donald J Trump. Gets up there and he says you know it's important that we bring our part we together, he's the great unified, of course the man who causes opponents lie in TED and Little Marco, the men suggest that Megan Kelly bleeds out of her whatever her. Wherever because she opposes him a man who suggests that his protesters punch other protesters and that he will. Pay their legal bills. That guy is the great unified and just before we start important,
at the man standing right behind him on his you'll, be trumps right wearing the tides, Corey Lewandowski, horror Lewandowski due to grab Michel feels by the arm hard enough to bruise. Her and Donald Trump here, would ask you never stands on the stage for these thanks Donald Trump. The great unify our basis. LISA screw you'd everyone, I'm bringing my campaign manager up here, because he's such a great die here is Donald Trump. Talking about how organ bring the party together you know so many they. We ve had such incredible support. Paul Ryan, me the other day tremendous call I spoke with Mitch Mcconnell. Today we had a great conversation. The fact is, we have to bring our party together We have to bring it to go. We have together, we have something happening that actually makes the Republican Party probably the biggest political story anyway in the world everybody's writing about it all of a Europe all over the world
get about it. Millions of people are coming into vote. This was an example. Today. Many many more people looking at the following. Both I'm looking at different Bali was all around the country where it up and the lines or four five six blocks long and the woman one woman was in there for forty years, he's been working. The poles and she said we'd have to people here, would have three people Now look at the line and the line looked like it was you know long, it was really law likely Jesus around here. Allowing cut him off is Lincoln asking his language again. If Donald Trump, we're stumbles over a four syllable word. It will be the first time that that ever happens and when I read Donald Trump, a stupid. Sometimes people get mad. Why are you stooping his level, because this is his level, I'm not sure that he understands English and any other level in fact Donald Trump, but don't worry Donald Trump we'll get to in a moment down from assuring us he's very, very smart, smarter than anyone else live. I mention Lewandowski, let's get those grab clip which one is it scrapbook, twelve, so quick, twelve is
This is a visit Donald from singling out his campaign manager, Great United Right Donald Trump, Big United. Is bringing out the new people is bringing out the old people is bringing out young people in all People in white people and more white people he's bringing up all sorts of people. I mean the range of people is just astounding and sit down. From says they and who is he unifying he's unifying so much they did. He is my very that he stand next year, the guy who grabbed campaigner Porter bruised or lied about our culture and attention seeker linked to discredit did website. In order to try and claim that, was a routine attention seeker and he brought him up onstage personally, to thank him and then rip the media by the way at particular rally. Donald Trump banned, a reporter from polluting for writing, a nasty peace. What he determined be nasty. It's also true peace about Corey Lewandowski. Arts should be true, presumably about corps Lewandowski in his history of nastiness toward women, here is Donald Trump. Going out Corey Lewandowski for praise. He gets Steve the Trump medal of
I honour for loyalty and valor in the field. Here we go for a good job. Our whole squad right rules, blood singles out poor Lewandowski for the first time in the entire campaign. Just after core ass. He grabbed Michel fields by the arm hard enough to browser. Then folks, the story there is not a Michel was beaten to death with it with a jackhammer. That's not the idea, idea is that if anybody grab my wife or my sister or my daughter hard enough to bruise her. There were no apology. It wouldn't go around smearing people, ten crews fired his communications There are four retweeting. A video that turned out to be false. Donald Trump is basically pending a medal, Encore Lewandowski chest for life about rapporteur and smearing her, so that lets you dial trumpet the great unify the violet a unified continued to unify today, Trump
the ways it when I seize on Lewandowski side, he is on Lewandowski. Side is a flash back to last week. Here's one trump lied about Michel fields. He says the rapporteur is lying, clip eleven Absolutely nothing happened even hear about it. Until I saw I wasn't involving the secret service was surrounding. They said something happen. Everybody said nothing happened. Perhaps you made the story, I think that's what happened perhaps made the story up. I think that's what happened in another state of that nothing for it, but you know trumpets showing you, the media showing the media are deeply in love, Donald Trump. I've said the bright bar news has become terms. Arrived at the entire media have essentially become friends Pravda when it allowing him to get away with things that would hurt any other candidate tramples on all four of the morning on Sunday. He was not ass, a single question about Lewandowski or Michel field, so the great unite or get back to the great neither here's what the Great United had to say about the next debate right his chance, unite the country and really make an appeal to people that he is. He is the person who can bring us all,
what you gonna do about the debate you can bring you gonna, be it the Fox NEWS debate on March twenty first well, you know about it now, but even told me about it, and I might give it to you first Dave because you ve always been so fair. The whole group, this group is this by group. I love they show. What can I tell you, I don't know, do about those two as a good day sucker. You better believe. So nobody told me about debates. Nobody cared As you know the last debate on here, there was the way this debate that was gonna, be it end up doing a major speech, a part of a very important group of people. I think its eight or nine thousand people. Died at it was scheduled a while ago, and nobody told me there two peoples a meal, you are not going to do the fox. Ninety back we'll say this. I will say that I think we ve had enough debate. We ve had eleven or twelve debate
I didn't really well at the last writing. I've done well in all the debates have been according to drag everybody else. I wonder at the beginning, but I may tell you how many times have you noticed couple things about this month? You guys are fair. You guys are the best paid by fear. He means you are sick offence and you allow me to do whatever I want that to a trump means by this particular comment and drugs when all the drug poles right as if you follow mad regicide, it has turned into a trump than site, pushing out ridiculous is about tat crews in an bear, a nest, nonsense about Christians in it, but it that this whole thing here but don't worry, he's united he's not gonna, go to the debate and make the case that is united, but he is indeed a united. Have the best piece of Donald Trump Audio next Signora stick around for that. But first we have to pause and say hello, there are other wonderful sponsored Reagan. Come Reagan, dot com- it's a wonderful Is he got you go there and you get your own email address, your name out Reagan, dot, com and what
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a break united genius, we ve been told he's the greatest politician that people have ever seen. Yesterday I made the point that no one's gonna control, tromp everybody's, acting like they're gonna control, tromp. You can't control trumpets force of nature from basically said: that's a today Donald Trump was asked to his foreign policy advisers, war and here's. What Donald Trump had to say about his foreign policy advisers. Who were you talking to consistently since we have some dire foreign policy issues percolating around the world. Right now consulting with consistently so that you're ready on day, one upstream I myself novel one, because I have a very good, brain, and I said a lot of thing. Well, then, speaking with himself, hey he's, so he won't be mass. He won't be. You want me to baiting who will be master debating with himself on on foreign policy. Easy. He has a very good brain which, by the way, as a person has attended many good school.
And dealt with many smart people. I have yet to run into anyone with an iq above one o five who says things like. I have a view, good brain inside take council with myself get. This is this is what stupid people say again. Nice Donald Trump is not practical we smart and that I was talking with with Andrew Clayton before the showed it ain't. He was saying your everybody else. Complain, but you have to beat the field that your in red ink playing about that feel. Being too crabby gonna beat the people Europe against. I don't believe that that's fair the reason I don't think that's fair is because it's not like there are ten people who are all competing to market coke. It is not all marketing the same product there, not all marketing conservatism. There are basically about twelve people, marketing coke roaches conservatism in this case, and one person who is who is whose circling purple drank roaming, that's endows trump and sell it turns out,
that even if minority of people like Purple drank he got a thousand people are competing for coke. The price of coke is gonna, be less than the price of purple drank right. That's that's! Basically what happened here withdrawn Chris pursued by way. No, no no tour of Trump bill would be complete without comment from Criss crossed de as I've said the run fields. Donald Trump Dracula here is Chris Christie defending Donald Trump, his noble, but increase Christie is beginning to look more and more like a character from sesame great, I mean really starting to bear. Strong resemblance to snuff. Galapagos airs crystal The explaining why Donald Trump you know people should be boiled Donald Trump to Donald.
Ok. So I find it interesting as it applies to Donald in particular that all the rage back in July and august- and I remember having to do this actually on tv- was to sign a pledge that I would support the eventual republican nominee now. I think that was done because at the time Donald was talking about. Wealth is fair to me. I may one is a third party, so the National Party required every one of us as a condition of being in the base to sign a loyalty pledge to ever than amuse gonna. Be now those very same people who made a sign of loyalty pledge are now saying: well, maybe we should follow the voters decide to do. I find that I run it and and somewhat hypocritical, ok, so that if a critical Did that we had a son loyalty pledges, as I I said at the time. Actually maybe the person who said nobody, should sign a loyalty pledge has what, if trumps denominate, I wonder what it turns out that that somebody like GINO Trump, is doing now. The grating
great, unite or says that if he doesn't actually get what he's looking for, if he doesn't get what he's looking for clip nine, here's what's gonna happen we're way ahead of everybody. I don't think you can say that we get it automatically. I think it would be. I think it ever. I it's. I think you have riot we have where am representing a tremendous many many millions of people in many cases, first time, voters these are people the abbot voted because they never believed in the system. They didn't like candidates, etc, etc, that a forty and fifty and sixty years old and they ve never voting before many many of those people. Many Democrats Benny at the coming in that's what the big story is really crazy. I've been the really big story is how many people, voting on these primary said that the numbers are astronomic. Announcer he is serious in France. Is the great neighbour Menzies agree neither of you disenfranchise people they're gonna write. I think you'd have rights of another nominate. Great great. Now we ve got
Wait attempt down the rhetoric, their Donald everybody says that you're partially responsive for people at your rallies getting violent, and you say, and if I, Don't get the nomination they're gonna riot, you're, really united Guerrilla, bringing the country together. Mr Trump way to raise that there were the rhetoric. If you really just enhancing the way american politics operates. Ok, I want to talk about a couple of things. Her. The I've two theories, why Donald Trump is rising, one is pessimistic and what is actually optimistic. So, as you can guess, I tend towards the pessimistic, but there are two theory so Let's start with the pessimistic vision and then we'll go to the optimistic vision, because for some reason I get a lot of male like this people like listening to my show and then Cravens Show, because I basically tell them everything is going to hell and then Craven says yes, but there will be popsicles there, so
let's go through the pessimistic version and then we'll go through the optimistic version of of why Trump is rising and what it means for the country here at the pessimistic version is basically in a nutshell that this is not a conservative country anymore. That does not a conservative country not even close to a conservative country, that the kind of nice myth that we ve been telling ourselves is that there is silent majority of people who deep down believe in small government and in limited government and in personal rights and an individual decision making and personal responsibility and that those people have just been turned off basis. But that may be a myth, it's possible as possible that there are just most people in the United States. We don't know the constitution from their own, but that they don't know anything about the constitution Y gotTA, Hell's Dale and get a constitution wanna one course. There are no anything about what our rights look like and because of that, their tending towards the
or Tyrian who promises them? The moon and is going to deliver them nothing but did, but the creators on the moon So here is TED crews, and he says, look here's cruises because the real question here is: ok Suits Donald Trump, his channeling, the anger right joy watching these channeling, the anger and the anger is justified. We keep hearing about the anger this in the anger that I'm angry to you may have noticed. I'm not noted for being in drop in very Taylor Unicorn die right. I'm two were off his wheel have reason to be passed, but the differences there are not following the demagogues and use neither one of your ticked off about how government works may be. The answer is: don't trust the government give the government. Control over this guy, wants to dismantle large swathes of the government's wise intent. Greece exceeding ten crews was asked about this, and here is what take crews basically said, from why here's the deal background, translation vote trump shouldn't. Not now I'd like to talk to you a little bit about Donald and the constant,
titian nobody in America in their right, mind, doubts the TED. Crews is committed to the constitution, so your colleagues in DC might think you're overly committed to the constitution. That was at that. But do you think if does the nominee that Republicans can in good faith, say. I trust him with the constitutional limitations. In his office. Well, I think Donald has given us no reason to believe that that he respects the constitution or the bill of rights. We know and the second amendment that Donald Trump supported Bill Clinton national legislation banning some of the most popular firearms in America. We know on the first amendment that Donald Trump has spoken out against freedom of speech. Freedom of freedom of the press but that he does not like criticism any wants to use government power, the silence, anyone who criticise him
and you know, I'll tell you one of the things I talk about on the campaign trail. Quite a bit is actually the question you asked us to debates ago were Hugh. You asked us about religious liberty and the Supreme Court and Donald turned to me, and he said TAT I've known more politicians and you have now that he is right. He has been supporting broad, democratic politicians for forty years. I have no experience doing that, but Donald continued. He said when it comes to the Supreme Court when it comes to religious liberty. Said tat. You ve got a learned, a compromise. You gotta learn to work work with Democrats to cut deals and all along to get along well, I think that is one of the sharpest. I did this primary. Let me very very clear to your listeners. I will Compromise away your religious liberty ok swings- and I will not compromise your crew says anything you get away with this picture. I crews things that his winning pitch is going to be Donald Trump doesn't respect.
Institution increase continues along these lines. He says the Trump bribes people right. Hilary is bribed in Trump bribed people. It is what you said last night in his in his victory speech or far lost many politicians focus on Washington DC to the lobbyists, to those like Donald Trump who, by influence and to those like Hillary Clinton, who sell influence Washington, is the center of the universe. But we understand that, isn't right, ok, so he any, and his picture is basically that that there is corruption in law, can be see, he's a constitutional guy. That's why you should vote for him now and slavery, Billow Riley, visitor Freudians. Here's bill rally explaining why people support Donald Trump. The reason I think Trump one in Florida is because he'd comes across as more for a terrier, not authoritative
Terry And- and I was thinking about this all day to day what happened Rubio, I'm not so sure Rubio did anything wrong. It steady just couldn't overcome the perception. That many republican borders have that you need somebody from the outset partly to take it to Hillary Clinton. I think the turning point in this race for tromp was when he tat both delirium Billow Clinton a few months ago when they started the sexist stuff and ages laid them out. I think a lot of people sought out and said you know why and he just laid them out. I think a lot of people sought out and said you know what this guy can punish as well as win and in this angry age. Voters want a punishment along with a victory in. I think that I think the bill O Reilly with my frequently disagree, maybe right, and so these are
you'll pessimistic vision of the future, because the fact is that half the country already believes in off in an authoritarian politics. There really believe in Brok Obama's vision of him at the top sitting there, with the crown telling everybody what to do. Helping those you likes hurting those he dislikes. We are, you know, half the country like step, because they ve been fine with it for you years, but the idea was, I thought that on our side we weren't supposed to like this and The idea that we have for ourselves was that the majority of Americans really dont like this sort of stuff. They just sort of been bamboos older. They don't pay close enough attention or that of all information. Voters is Ruslan by likes to say, and if we inform than if we get them knowledgeable, they'll make the right decision. What a rally suggesting here is something different, which is that we may have reached The moratorium age totally in politics, the conservative ideals loser espousing they might they might not just be. They may not be popular anymore. If that's the case, then that speaks to me, I trump not only- cannot be the nominee but cannot win, and I mean should not win, and that is that
if there is no one left to espouse constitutional values, everything that the founders fought and bled and sacrificed for everything that their descendants fought, and lead and sacrificed for everything that your grandfather's in your great grandfathers fought for in Europe. All of that is dead. If that's what's happening right now. All of that is dead because it even if we are now at the point where Americans no longer value basic liberty and basic rights against the government, then there's nothing. More to say, we have reached the end of the road. The end of the road is here and if the end of road is here. The only thing we can do is fight back by building a movement. Not this election, not this election, not this election everybody's focus, the conservative audiences. Typically, when you go to a speech, my audience tend to be actually wildly disproportionately young, which is one of the reasons why I think people find the movement the we're trying to create. Interesting in an inspiring is because Mean Lindsey Consortia goes through our male outdated. Eighty percent of the people who write to us or under the
We thirty and probably sixty percent of the people who write us are under the age of twenty. It's a lot of young people who listened to our podcast and follow what we do at daily, wire and elsewhere, but we need to build movement. All the older people in the movement are constantly thinking. But what about this election? What about this? Now? What have Hilary selected right now, if she's elected now to the end of the country, and they keep saying this over and over this. Why did you have to vote trump against Hilary? You must support Trump against Hilary. This election is the most important election. Well, it is, you're, looking at your time, let us two years or three years or for years, if you're looking your timeline is fifty years then know this isn't the most important election most important election is the one where conservatives win actual consumers when and that takes people saying no, and it takes people gathering together building, an actual grassroots conservative movement, not a populist nationalism where form a coalition
with a bunch of people who just want to punish others who want wanna, who think that if yet, you jack up the tariffs that magically jobs come back to America, which is economically stupid, so the autumn that the pessimistic version this wide trump is rising in the end, may be an optimistic version which is ok, but we now to build a movement. Now, though, we know that we ve hit rock bottom that we're losing you can't acknowledge how to win until you realize that you ve lost, and today the pessimistic version says we ve lost that Trump as result of that loss, that even the conservative movement has been split into its lost its way. It's time to consolidate and build a new movement, ok that's the down hearted side. The apartheid is something that says that the trunk is basically a temporary phenomena from his not a permanent moving american power. From his reaction to everything else. That's happening around him and there's a decent case to be made for this. So, for example, Donald Trump. You know he he said the other night they did Melissa. Last night, Mr Connell called him up a wonderful conversation. It was just spectacular image, Carl came out? He said you know when I talked to travel,
I actually asked him is to condemn the rally violence. That's what I asked, but I took the opportunity to recommend the helm that no matter who maybe triggering less violent expressions or conflict that way sane and some of these rallies. It might be a good idea to condemn that wonder what the source of it in so Mcconnell, says this and its into very mild rip on Trump, and then he turned around. He says you know what I really like an apology from TED crews for calling me a liar. That's what I'd really like that six people off people, like the candles on every side of everything, and they don't trust him. And so you look at me, look at him and you say: ok! Well, fine. If somebody come and get things done instead of these rooms. Let's do this thing right. Let's get there Laura tarried in there, since the same desire, an authoritarian, but in what case, I'm saying it may be permanent, or at least a long, lasting feature of the american landscape and, in the other The transitory reaction to backlash against against the republican
Vienna backlash against left and it's easy to see the discipline Able to this is a plausible theory. So, for example, take a look at Hillary Clinton. Here's Hillary Clinton talking about my trunk and be the nominee she one big last night she is gonna, be the nominee of course ass. She always was going to be the nominee and the Democratic Party here is ill, Clinton wearing that gorgeous blue jumpsuit. Talking about she's going to fight for us. We live in a complex and yes, a dangerous world. Projecting America's national security can never be an after thought, our commander, in chief as to be able to defend our country, not embarrass said Anne page, our allies not alienate them debate our adversaries not involved in them we're way tat. So she is. She says that we need a president who ought to us, you know embarrassing, like putting long in an intern in the oval office like there, that's it,
or like say, I knows giving them said button to the Russians and then having them invade every country in the western hemisphere or, for example like leaving for, arrogance to die for no reason and putting all of your your class by e mail, on a server in your bathroom. Like tat kind of embarrassment, people react to this kind of stuff may go, find screw you tromp row that that is what it is trumpet screw. You are basically synonyms in this particular adoration of the theory: Are you a Hilary and go out shot? It come on, Debbie Waterman Schulz or, as I like, her charge our banks, here's what she had to say about trumps, divisive rhetoric that
how's disaster for the Republicans and where they are headed, as they hurdle towards nominating this extremists, carnival Harker, who has been in joining violence at its rallies and America, wants to continue to move forward. They don't want this incisive horrible nasty rhetoric that fighting that has gone on the other side. They don't want to go back to the one I didn't want. The divisiveness you read, Ricky know it from Debbie. Washroom in Georgia are beings short who actually said about Scott Walker that you that he essentially beach women that he hates women so much it's like. He beats women. So people look at her. They say screw. You re echo aid, or people look at Obama yesterday did. The same thing is that we had enough of this. Vulgarity here we must stop this vote it it's not time. For that, any more. We have
heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities and Americans. You don't look like us, are prey like us or vote like we do. We ve seen misguided attempts to shut down that speech, however offensive it may be. We live in a country where free speech is One of the most important rights that we hold on cabin staff and thereby avoiding the violence rhetoric internet when I was in this guy talk about vote or in divisive rhetoric he came into office with the most unified country in my lifetime. He proceeded to shatter it. People, on the left and even on the right me, Lord Ingram was saying she was moved when Obama was elected as finally, we shown that we can let the black president either time. So that's the stupidest thing that I've ever heard. I dont care aware that his black, whether his wife
whether he's green, it doesn't matter to me he's going to stink he's of the left, but Obama came in amid this great wave of good feeling and he proceeded to completely destroy it. He say he's yet his attorney general go out there and see the whites were cowards on race. He sends his department justice out their rip on police departments he sent members of his administration to go to the funerals of thugs like like Michael Brown, he went out there and he called all people this route and better cleaners they cling to God and guns in the constitution was nasty people he said to his political opponents were quote import. The enemy is his political allies, give rioters golden, wished space to people who want to destroy in two thousand ten Are you so angry with british petroleum that you just looking for before quote whose ass to kick In two thousand nine members of Wall Street, my administration is the only but between you and the pitchforks,
in June two thousand eight. He said what, if they bring a knife to fight, we bring a gun because from what I understand folks and felt like a good bra, everybody provoke some persons, but they forget the second sentence. Where me does it calls were brought into September, two thousand may well, you still running he set his supporters. Should argue with people end quote, get in their faces in August, as nine Jim Messina, whose his campaign chief of staff, as deputy chief of staff, said quote. If you get hit as Democrats, we will punch back twice, there's a he's there talking about vulgar and derisive rhetoric, divisive rhetoric and normal response screw you ends and screw you and as I say, our synonyms. That's what's leading to beat the rise of the authoritarian from he's, basically, just a big middle finger to everything to everything. I think, there's probably truth about these. There is I think, there's truth to the idea that conservatism is on the wane, because conservatives dont think institutionally. We think individually, think about as a conservative, how you talk about politics to people.
What you do is you find friends and family people on Facebook and ten have arguments with them? You try to convince them. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn't what the left does not there, but that doesn't bother with that. The left takes over into solutions, they took over the universities and then they indoctrinate everybody. They take over the public school system. Then they use your tax dollars to indoctrinate everybody. They go ahead and they take over Hollywood, indoctrinated that they take over institutions. Because of that the left has been successful in Crete now two generations, three generations, probably of Americans who don't even know what the constitution is. They like the sound of it. But as a pole recently of college Students- and I think, a plurality of college students who thought that the phrase from according to his ability to each according to his need was in the constitution of the United States. It isn't it from the communist manifesto. People want to know what their rights are the which is again why you need Hills College, but that's what that is, demonstration the debts,
and then on the other hand, I think people are really ticked off in their sick of hearing all this stuff, and so is a real screw ever thing element to the Trump move that said that that separated from pain of normal conservative backlash, ok, quick note and they will get two things I like and things. I don't quite know merit Ireland is the guy who Obama has now appointed for or nominated for the Supreme Court. He has said that he definitely Definitely definitely things that I should get about. He shouldn't mirror Garland is a typical Obama lefty on the court. He's very anti gone- he is supposedly pro abortion. He is, according to the New York Times very much in the more the Billina Kagan and Sonya. So to my or it's a clever game, Obama, a guy that picking a guided the media's gonna call moderate when the media says somebody's moderate. That just means leftist who we want to elect right or left Israel, to appoint so called the moderate so that you can tell spooky he's gonna he's trying to appoint a guy who seems moderate Republicans are forced to green light and because they're afraid that if Trump Loose
is than Hilary will come in and put up. Somebody completely far left ceasing here's the moderate. You can take him now or you Hilary nominee later, and that ain't going go well for you. So that's that sort of his calculation they shouldn't green light hesitation, green light hers. They shouldn't green light. Any nominee we doesn't. Justice Scully Beliefs in the constitution, because again, the constitution matters, especially if you're on the Supreme Court. Ok time for things I like and things Don't things I like for someone to announce that if you said. In videos now he's an Youtube videos or instagram links to to us at daily wired and it's my email address for now will set up new made new email addresses shortly. But if you send to my fan mail should be Shapiro a daily wire dot com answer your questions in the mail bag will, if you send a video question will play it will answer it. And also, if your life questions, if your life questions were thinking about starting a segment here on the bench bureau. Shall people are into it
started segment here on the bench Bureau shall, where I answer some of your life questions. You get a lot of advice, questions from young people, I'm happy to dispense it by on topics. I know nothing about as well as topics that are everything about so happy, happy do that and Linsey Lovely and he will will read the questions to use your finally to see what Lindsey looks like issue. Run into a wall that day, which he actually did yesterday sort of, like both ten crews and Marco Rubio So, ok other things that I will take their said. Go back to you. I think this was the best picture of nineteen. Eighty there there certain performance is there really iconic performance. Is there under appreciated? One of those performances is performance by Donaldson. Once a nowadays most people think of Donald Sutherland and they think of it, from mash, maybe the national movie or they think of done Sutherland now, as the old guy from Hunger Games, Ganges President snow in the hunger gains
Donald Sutherland is one of the great under appreciated actors in all of Hollywood, history, terrific, terrific actor and each is great and everything if you ever catcher adding it include he's great. He disease, terrific. In in virtually everything that has ever been in. This is a great for me it was not nominated for this everybody else. This: movie was nominated this one best pictures, ordinary people, nineteen eighty, I Andy and he is respected The story is Timothy Hutton. Who now is obviously much older. And he's in a bunch of tv series and new movies. Timothy Hutton is, the young guys, like a seventeen year old kid whose brother his I'd in drowning accident that he was present for and is completely torn the family apart, and it's about how he he's tried, commit suicide before the movie begins and in how the family deals with it. Its tearing the family apart Mary tell him we're one an Oscar for by supporting actress in this movie, because she was the because she plays the mother. Who is just refuses to acknowledge that
Nothing has happened. The throng and Download Sutherland is the one who is beginning to acknowledge that not only Something wrong but that the mother is really really angry with the son who survived for surviving. So this is one of the key scenes of the film great movie. Here's Donald Sutherland India in ordinary people. You are unpredictable, cautious, determined, but you know something.
You're not strong, and I dont know if you're really giving tell me something. Do you love me? You really love me away. I've always been all right. You haven't been me down. There did the idiotic, it's a great great performance to really really good movie. You can see. I am Baldwin into two young, Adam Baldwin, with whom I am friends
And I made a point about involving one time because there's a scene in this move, your Timothy Hutton hit him and he goes down ass, a dude such a tough guy, Timothy Hutton, Turkey eyes it was in the script, was in the script did the great movie ordinary people, one thousand nine hundred and eighty best picture Robert Redford, the best movie Robert Redford, ever directed by far okay, things that I hate and then will sign also things. I hate There's this new movement on the left for women to choose How dare abortions champion their abortions yea I killed my baby, so Amy Brennan is, is an actress in I recognize her face, but I can't remember what she's been injured in a lot of stuff but Amy Brennan. She is now cut a video and wrote a piece for cosmopolitan about how she is just wonderful because she is, because she's had abortions to years is brought him in talking about how she is just a better person for having killed her baby when she was twenty one. You know, remember being very, very, very young, and you know
when my mother saying take care of yourself he's birth control, no, your body and and abortion is, is a law of the land. That was a big way I mean just like you know women getting the right to vote. I was twenty one. I was in college. I think was like. After my junior year, I've been with a boyfriend from years. He was very loving and supported in great timing. We use birth control, when we did all right things and and I remember we were. I was in college, when you visiting some friends in northern California in asking to meet him, and I like and I realize, like oh, I get my period, I don't get me my beard and I said to John there's like I. I think I think it may be pregnant and I guess I was wise enough to know like I'm not ready to be a mom John Paper. I was treated very well.
And the idea of like while I get to choose, but it's a big deal to become apparent and it's a big deal parent different kinds of children. Now that I am a mom over fourteen year old and a ten year old, and I I because I live in a country where I could wait. I I chose the right time and even so character to Xbox you're on your ass, and I think, what's amazing about today is like people telling stories, and some of them are sad, and some of them are not sad and All of them celebrate this, be the law of the land, which is ok, stop is for saying, ok, number one should keep hearing her say this basic law of the land is love when la la la la la morality and morality, that's gone knows that the left hides behind law when they have morality, all it's the law of the land. What have you done to craps about the law when they care about the law when you gotta be kidding me, can lead,
shifts the law of the land based on their own personal whip. Roby Wade was an example of left shifting the law of the land based on their personal win, and then for her to stand a well. You know I had a loving boyfriend for a long time and we did all the right things and we got pregnant and we just decided we want ready what would have been so terrible. Let me just ask a counterfactual for a second, What would have been so terrible? You not murdering your baby. What had been so bad about that? one in one good thing, which they wouldn't kill, the baby to helping the bullets said it. Yet is really troublesome, you're twenty one, and if ever I love that in our society, twenty one as a kid right. You have a long term boyfriend your old enough to be in college and have sex as much as you want, but you're, not old enough to be a mom. I need you can't handle it and I couldn't handle it. Guess what there are lots of things in life that are tough to handle this? get to kill them and what happens when you have a bad day with a fourteen year old, Amy Aged Paramount. Pastoral equal, what exactly happened there? It did it's, so it's so vile
Deny the humanity of something just because it convenient to you and no point here. Does she actually acknowledge that what was inside of her was a growing human being? Peter, because the minutes acknowledges that in this whole sham falls apart, you can't have it inspirational music when you're talking about I realized I was it's all euphemisms. I realise that I was pregnant and- and I just decided I couldn't handle it and stuff happened. It's all euphemisms where we're going. That happens. You go to the grocery store like what exactly happened, or is it turn out that they put instruments up into your wound, cut out a living human or is it possible? it was that a growing human inside you that had a heartbeat and that was going to have a wife was possible. It maybe That was a bad thing. Doll euphemisms. This is why I encourage Republicans. Dont use the euphemisms. Dont use the euphemisms. This isn't abortion, it's not termination of a pregnant. It's killing of a growing human child inside you very strongly about this, but my feelings on I mean, the science is what what really matters here, but just on a personal note,
My wife is now out twenty nine hundred and thirty weeks. Pregnant and the baby is kicking up a storm picking up a storm. There are still states in this country where that, where she could go into a doctor and have that baby chopped up in the womb, there still states in this country where that is legal and Amy Brenneman would celebrate that as my wife's choice, as my wife's choice. We have compared abortion to slavery have said, there's nothing more evil than the idea that you get to decide what human and, what's not based on your own personal convenience. That's what slaveholders dent, whilst my property, if done my property, it's a slave. Tell my property. That's a person as my property just because your womb is your property, doesn't mean that what's inside your room, you get to target and destroy and define as something convenient to you. It really is growth. Is this whole celebrate even ended? This isn't just remember legal and rare number one. That was, though, the slogan that it was immoral, but we want it to be safe, legal and forget that now the celebrated openly the open celebration of evil we're moving toward a very dark time in the country. Morally,
Morals have gone by the wayside in favour of what is personally beneficial to you, and so it's it's. I think, really important to recognize that we are on the precipice here and if we don't start teaching our kids, a basic morality. Basic constitutional ism, basic founding philosophies: don't leave it to the government or leave it to the entertainment industry, infiltrate industries taken for industries really fight back, create a movement not just getting behind the latest demagogue, then there's so much left that we can still lose. On the other hand, there is still so much that we can get back to Morrow to talk more about how we do that, I'm bench bureau- this is the bench. Your job
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