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Ep. 903 - Chaos Across The World

2019-11-22 | 🔗

PM Netanyahu is indicted, throwing the system into chaos; Democrats struggle for ratings in the wake of another snoozefest debate; and Impeachmentgate 2019 proceeds. Date: 11-22-2019

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Is really. Prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu is incited, throwing the entire system into chaos. Democrats struggle for ratings in the wake of another snooze vest debate, an impeachment eight twenty nineteen proceeds, I'm bench of here this is the bench appear. Jo Hothe, Shipero shally sponsor by Expressit Vipiend. Why haven't you gotten a v Piani? Will you know it go visit, Express VI. Pien! Do com, slash, ban? Ok, so it is a Khabhout theyi're, my goodness, the level of chaos Aing Juster round the glot be at rolling protests and a run. Apparently over. A hundred protestors have been shot by the government. He have the situation. Hong Cong were the chinese government is running rough shod over protestors solidifying its grasp on a territory that
It was not supposed to be in control of until something like twenty forty, you ve got situations all around the world that are just a mess. I mean just a mass everywhere. Will that mess got a lot larger for Israel? Yesterday, when Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on three separate counts on corruption and fraud and abuse of trust, but what exactly? Where the charges? There are three charges. The charges were really about effectively bribery the the charges were made by a man named Mandle Bleat, o thecommand obayed, his deternenyg general. He used to work for Nithingoffhus O. The idea that Mandal Bleat is motivated purely by a desire to Co. Uncl Getnitinaju is Lly untrue. Now Ther have been accusations of police misconduct or pressure on witnesses, those ofe the charges that Nitinawho is making Nesigna, who called the prosecutors, did they he saysa. They were staging and attempted coop. Andoblite himself, at a day in which the Attorneng General Desized to servan indictments against the ceded preminister for serious crimes of Propt,
nt is a heavy and sad day for the is really public, and for me personally, he obviously was unhappy about having to bring the charges. He said this not a matter of politics. Its nobligation place onlest the people' LA enforcement and upon me personally as one at its head. Now all this comes in the middle of a massive political crisis inside of Israel, the massive political crisis that Israel has experienced, two elections in the past year alone. There is an election back near the beginning of the year in which effectively speaking no coalition was able to be formed, a SEC
election was declared no colas. She was still able to be formed to understand. Ejaphla was going on and Isray Sourd have to understand their systems of very different than the United States in the United States, Theire basiclly, two parties, one party int majority in the house, one part agains, a majority in the Senate. One party becomes the president. These elections are utterly disconnected de vote for the person HEU dont vote for the party in Israel, as in great Britain, for example. Instead, you have once calld the parliamentary system in the parliamentary system. Hou, don't vote for the person ye vote for the party. That means that Benjamin it Hinyahu has been preminister of Israel, because Thelle couod part his party has been able to win a plurality of the votes in these elections and then form a coalition with other right wing parties in Israel to form a majority of the canesset, which is the which is the Hebrew for parliament. So the hundred and twenty feets in Canessa Enes sixty one seats in your coalition in order to be able to govern at's now, who's been
at consistently. Since two thousand nine is long servant, Prime minister in israeli history, well, he was unable to gain a governing majority at the beginning of this year for the first time in a long time- and that was because a in in erstwhile party in his coalition, led by a enemy, vigor Leverman, who had once been very close tin. It an yollo, decided not to form a colision with Nintinau and the right win religious parties. He seized the relagious parties as rent seeking and basically taking wellfare money, and so he didn't want to join that coalition and instead he thought about rurning a colish miththe left. But there were and a votes on the left for him to form Majoritiy collition. Second, election happend, the same thing happens and that leads to this period in Netigna who was serving his prime minister, but he doesn't actually have a majority, and that was because no n else can form a majority, so I'll slay more about what
apples happening in his role as it is completely chaotic, and it is a complete mess and it's worth while, knowing because Israel is one of America's strongest allies and obviously Netanyahu is a world historical figure. I'm in Zaire who has been in charge of the state for a decade and who stood up to block of Amr was a strong advocate for America's role in the world. Who gets more of this in just one second. First, let's talk about a really meaningful gift that you can give this Christmas or conduct season or different things, giving a birthdays. It's called paint your life. Here's how cold is a secure is what you do. You send a picture like a high definition photo to the people I paint or life, and then they contracts with a painter. You can pick the painter and that person turns your picture into an actual, beautiful oil painting or watercolor cash. You pick
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thirty per cent off and freeshipping to get the special offer. Taxs Ben through sixty four thousand. That has been to sixty four thousand b n to sixty four thousand sixty four thousand again Tackts Miname Ben sixty four thousand. Get that special offer. Pretty awesome offer makes an amazing gift o K. So the case is against Nittingya. I really threefold. There is case one. In case two thousand an case. Four thousand and again, we are now in this period where nobody is able to form a government and a tiny who is basically the figure head. Prime Minister, he sells the powers of Prime Minister because no one else can form a government, their catch, the absence at the top of a government in Israel. Basically, there there's two main parties: natural right now, there's the code and there's one called caught hold of, on which in Hebrew means blue and white. The blue and White Party is sort of a coalition party of its own. It is lead Y, a man in Bennygont's who was the chief of the Ideaf use the the head military officer in the idea. Its also led by a faction led by Bokie ilons, another general in the idea, and yet Yourlopy
who was a news castor in Israel and was the son of a very famous figure in israeli politics and Tommy repeated his main things that he won't sit with the religious party, so Benny got his party and its now his party have a bad, approximately the same number of votes in the last election cycle again of eagerly man who was that sort of middle dye, the guy who was who used to side when Thetana Wul fairly routinely and then broke away from it Tinaho. He said he wouldn't send the coalition with the religious partys and so Nitya, who does not have a right, Gored, even though the really has been a ritling majority elected as O. This is led to this grave in passing. Really politics were Netanyahu is given a mandate to form government could not and then Bennington as given a mandate from TA government by the President's visual Ruth in and then he was not able to form a government and now there's this you want a period where, in the middle of right now, we're literally anyone can form a government. If you go to the president with its it with a piece of paper with sixty one signatures of the members of class it, then you can form a government
but that expires on Ecember levens. On December, Eleventh, a new election will be declared a third election in the last year for Prime Minister of Israel. Now Benny Gunns didn't want a form: a coalish Dnetinawhos pacifically, specifically because he saw these indictments coming down the pipe and he figured why my forming a coalition with Thett who was going to be indicted. He had Basi said U'M willing to work. Withle Gcood, I'm not willing to work with the tiahu Libermen, similar sort of logic. He doesn't like no to know who either he was srdavausted from Lhe good by net Inyo. So now they both have. The wherewithal too, basically put Nittingna Hunna Box now by the Sintoken ad O who is fighting not only for his political life at this Pointen for leadership of these Rall government hes also fighting for his actual life. At this point, because now that he's been indcited theyre, basically two different places, he can be tried if he is Prime Minister of Israel, while he is sitting read if he is sitting Preminister ofr his and he is indicted, a goes Tfor trial, Tey AE, not automaticly AST in niserals, now Ike America, where you can't be prosecuted. If you president and Yef to B impeached before he can be prosecuted
really can be prosecuted. While you are the president, while you're or rather well, you are the prime minister. So if Zia who is indicted. Well, he is the Prime minister, and he has tried in Jerusalem. Jerusalem happens to be a much more conservative right wing city Byr. That means that he is likely to get office. Some sor flap on the rest pay a fine pay back whatever payment for cigars. He received that sort of thing. If, however, he is not prime Minister, he will be tried, not Ejerusalem, but Ontell Eve Tell Theeve is a very loftling city. It is like the difference between a Donald Trump were going to be tried in in o, a Texas Verses of Donald Trump were going to be tried in New York, a very, very different thing: a Alle versus Eleversis Ohio Railegage. It's a completely different thing, so Netigna, who really Sto be tried Jerusalem and he feels
ranger, Wis woman to gets up a slaps on the rest. He continues his political career right. He continues being prime minister. If, however, he is ous did and then tried and tell he theve, he may end up in jail for five years where he could end up been Joll. For five to seven years on these charges of bribery, the three charges, by the way that he is exposed to, and he says Na Ta ow for his party says this is all basically a game being played by the political left in Israel that is out to get him. He said he suggests correctly that the media do not like him. Thats went fror very long time. In his rose, Rell has universally left my media. The only real conservative new sorts in Israel is Israe em, which has shelted Atlson's for newspaper here, is benjamitting out of t minister of his Rael, explaining yesterday that this is basically a a a gacha attempt by the left that could not defeat him in a
Schions an feels very much like what President Trum says about the impeachment attemt in the United States. The time has come Yeu to investigate the iltigators. We pot about the time has come to investigate the Tendin General Wor that initiates this Kandloe investigation. I respect it an the Policen De Pament and and at any general office faming but live on the scentin. I mif the last of a but as the people that that these people in Policion and Etelteraeva, not above the law so according to Nitnaho. Basically, this is a railroading attempt because he could not be defeated in electioncs, but three cases under which n its nowos in Dictmen aisn't da Arenda is indicted are case. One thousand cast two thousand his four thousand case. One thousand is a case where he allegedly received illegal
fts Sot members of his family, including pink champagne and jewelry, and cuban cigars and tickets to a Maria carry concert which is Herr bread and apparently he supposedly received those gifts in order to benefit political lies police say that the allies, including in hisr Orn, how the Producirm dare Non Milhun and a australian Investin, an Jim's Packer received Tiss ing out his political back on key issues. For example, the Prime minister pushed for a law tho medialabled at the Milhin law that cut tatches for his raelies returning to Israel after living a broad, an to Nous in Ite alegations. He is said, like you really think that I'm going to sacrifice my political coreversome Cigars is that is case. One thousand and ssmisably says that Nitinga, who should be tried with fraud and breach of Tross in connection with that case case two Thousandis ate in which Netanyahu is accused of using his connections to Sheldon Addleson nor to broker a deal with a newspaper publisher of io da Haronau, which is in his raely daily Paper, which a sort of centers Lashd Thento right? Maybe under the alleged deal the editor of Idia, the Haronaut would have given better
rched in its nyatu. In return for Nitinia who telling addlson to limit the circulation of Israel, Heyonmas Rolhegams, a Frae newspaper published by Adele since HAT's, got t the Bigges circulation in Israel. Addeson for is Ar S. I was never talked to about this bite. Nitzyo's nits ya, who blow Stemh in saying things, apparently that this is one of the charges where, where he is baselyeving charge of breach of Pross an other's case, four thousand, which is the severe case. In this case, Netanyahu is alleged to have offered to help the so called basic group and its former owner shut. Will I love it? I love it is close friend of YO. Apparently he ordered the Walla New Secht, provide more favorable courage of Vinitina whos in return. Rty regulation of the communications industry, according to the police not when his associates intervening oblaned to notgoing manner, sometimes even daily, and the content published by Th
on whose webside in such o influence the appointment of senior employees now Netinahu says, there's not bribery, that's just call public relations Reman. We call o Anys papers all the time and we tell them. We don't like this reportar. We now like that reporter Brock of Bommies O do in at state stottle from dozen the United States. There really is no big issue of calling up newspapers and Sanm. We don't like this or that the question is whether he was in fact traiting regulatory gifts in favor of of that sort of positive media coverage, Agais those of the charges against nothing, euse Does this leave Israel Outslain in just one? Second, with the various options. Are that ere on Thes table, because it's complex man
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Minister well under insigtment, now there's a law in Israel that, if you are not prime minister but one of the other ministers administer of defense or Minister Obstrateach Affairs or Someig, then you cannot sit while your ondor and ighman. You are immediately demoted right. Your immediately m, Lylose lose your post because the Ageas, you can't perform your functions. While you are one of these ministers. If, however, your prime minister, the math, is completely different. Why well? Because, if the because, if Prime Minister and you step down. There literally is no od else to fill that gap. I am in year the leader of the government you're th, leader of the gvernment Sfor. There is there's nothing that there's no substitute for you, so that's in the Waw Sanettin. Now, actually is pretty case that he can sit under indictment while serving as Prime Minister of Israel and, as I say, SOF, very strong interest in doing soaks, af FE steps down and then is prosecuted. He ns have been tel of even than may be in jail. So the options are these. He goes to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court either upholds the law and
to sit as Prie Minister until he is removed by the electric well under a knightment, or they change the wawsord upon the fly, which would be legal, but they could do it and they say that os to step down if they say he ost to step down then then knitting out whose tried, whatever happens Tom, happens to him and then some of in the good takes over the leadership of the good and that's actually probably not great. For the for the left wing, and probably bad for many gone right, is pretty bad form for the blue and White Party in Israel, because their entire cohesion, their entire glue right. The thing that the draws them too Reis oppositions to Nittingat of Knitting now WA's out of the way, a lot of the voters for Blu on Whitetail calloterally, like this party very much but TAT's, he Yow 's gone. So I'm min to go back overtly good. So it's fullyg, not good for Betty Gones for Netina how to go away is the truth. It gaves fally bad politically for I's puity goodfully cood for Nitsing, o whow to go away to certain Extont by the same token, nobody wants to be seen pushing int to you how out of the door, because he push him aut the door and suddenly irresponsible for the most significant prie
Nister in modern is ralely history going to Chekel. So nobody is going to push him out the door from the inside Few people, Incidedtly Cood Party wo, have suggested. Listen. It's up to us. What's have a new primary. As the way beside the leadership in the good is just like an the United States deciding a presidential omety. You have an internal party primary, a if there is internal party primary and it's na HO loses then Presimiag they could moves on it in Yahoo, moves on and everything sort of work itself out. There is also the possibility that some breakaway faction and sadly could simply leaves the good with a bunch of members of the parliament walks over to blue and white and forms coalition without liquid properly. So, of the various aptions and now to this then it's me I political career is over well here one, very narrow path to staying in power, and that, basically, is that he retains the prime ministership he's indicted. The trial goes forward and then
he is acquitted or to gets a slap on the rest. At that point he continues to serve but in all likelihood be most likely outcome, and all this is that the LE could does not oust him. The poles start to look bad for good, because these really publicont like the idea of a pree minister under indictment and then theyre forced to choice which is to Itsahoin Power, and thus Majority and then Hof a governing colition of these Orly Bermen in blue and White IND labor. What do you Hair, a party sitting Outsiden, maintaining thee the power of the government from the outside or D Alcsnitina it is. It is a mess over there for sure it's a mess over there for sure and will continue to bring you all of the updates. As that progress is anxious to second we're gonna get to the debate following the United States from it
Mocratic side bad news for the Democrats. Nobody watched this thing. Nobody whykas it was boring, is all hell. Why would you have watched this thing? I dindk Gat. I get pain to do so, but won't pay to do so. Why, in the world? Why in the world, would you do this I'll get wonin to get to what din it get too allof that in just ones Tak and first, let's talk Abot, how you make your how safer? So I am a safety fanatic, a wive, a couple of kids people who threaten me and beyond that I have always been kind of a safety net. I won't make sure the main ever who to save our make sure that my house is eight, and this is why I have been a big ring user for a very long time ring. Helps you stay connected to your home from anywhere. So there's a package, delivery or surprise. Vizir you'll get an alert people to see here and speak to them. All from your phone. If you're on tho go the season wether, it's a cross town or across the country, he can check it any time for SOE much needed Holidaight peace of mine else. I hap mens to be great af fillik waiting for a package to arrive for Christmas or something and then the vhenach rings. The all about you can pick that up from anywhere on planet earth as loser you a special
holiday, offer a ring. Welcome kit available right now with a ring video doorbell, two IND, a chime pro. The ring welcome, could everything you need to keep an eye on home, no matter what this holiday season brains with ring. You are always at home. Just got a ring. Don com forward, Slash Van again that his ringt dot, calm, Forwardt, Slash, bend, ring dot, calm forward, Slash Ben T Go checke him out right now, I'm big Van additional terms: may Afly Ringdot com forward slash men, yet that holiday offer on the ring o welcome cat available right now, o case. So the democratic debate did not go well for a I'm a cracked. It was not a showpiece, for any of them is funny. I was looking at the New York Times ratings of how the various candidates did and well. I thought that people to judge actually had a fairly good job. They were less than enthuse, and that is because the New York Times more radical than Buddha judge they don't wanna, see Buddha, judged, very well, and so they were talking about how Burney Sanders did, and I thouht Sefle Burney's handers, was just Burneys Sanders and confused us to Wiburnins anters that it exceedingly well. The answer is because the Democrats are basibly
engaged in the same game, Republicans were engaged in in twenty twelve in twenty twelve MIT Roney jumped into the race he had run in two thousand eight also rherd you'd run against John Mc Kane. He was sort of concenus as by many people. The conservative alternative to John Mc Kane in two Thousandait, because Mackayn was wishy Washee on issues like emigration for Extample in case son in twenty twelve ronney runs again. He is immediately the front runner and the entire republican Party Basily goes really Merami. I Granni Hergy. Are we sure about this governor from assachusetts are? Are we are retotally cool with thus, and so they start searching for another candidate and say get people looking at Repeiry. You get people looking
at Herman Kane, you get people looking, I literally everyone, Rick Centaur, Newt, Gingrich Michel Bachman, like everybody, gets a chance at the top. For a brief moment time, every single member of the republican field gets a chance at the top right is it. It is the revolving carousel of republican politics and twenty twelve and finally, the very end, because ok on all these people turns out a flawed, backed around me. It feels a lot like that for the Democrats and Joe Biden right now, Joe Biden is old, He is not good at his job. He is a bad cans. He says silly things on a routine basis, but he also happens to be the least of these candidates and the person least likely to alienate vast swads about and Sto you 're, seeing Bidon rising in the betting odds. Again, I just MID October Elizabeth Warren was a fifty per cent AZ on favorite to be the democratic nominy. She is all the way down to twenty six point: five:
sent in the betting odds according to real core politics. Right now, Joe Biden maintains an eleven point. National led in the Democratic Party, and part of that is because Warren's Mojo is gone. I mean completely gone. She is collapsing in Iowa. She is collapsing. New Hampshire. That probably means she's collapsing in Nevada and for all of booty judges, momentum, in place like I want to have her. He has no national credibility because he has no ability to draw black votes when you get down south, where two thirds of the democratic electorate in primary itself. Caroline is black. He ain't got nothing so who benefits from that. Obviously Joe Biden, which is why Biden despite the fact that he is, but LY alive. At this point, Menuel's eye expose HEU National Tungh fitt it in the milk of it. Topet here is Jobinin saying something that Deshure, which is Temedium may maintain that WOS with wore the front runner. She ain't bines, his wasn't Un Dhe front runner. Still. I look here, Furer, I'm ahead on the national average of all the Poles od by Sevent. Eight per cent and
but a long way to go a long way to go, and the other reason is that the whoever isn't cow many. It's not Conbeng Ough to Bedon'T joke to be able of winded states like thist. She got to be able to be value added to make sure we pick up Sentseas and Hawsith, and so in every one of these poles in these states that I find myself again, Againi I'm no count on the whole. But the fact is that I'm ahead in every one on one of the thross of face again, he is correct about he's Grentmat, that, with regard to the Democrats, Heis not correct about that. With regard to the republicans- and this is the bad news for the Democrats right now, if you look at the swing states, Trump is pretty pretty solid there and looking at some poles of swing states right now, Trompers Emocrats, there's one the cat. Just yesterday from Y Cate University LOS School in Wisconsin and Yhou figured Thae Trump would be a little bit weak Wisconsin, considering who Sconsin has a pretty long, progressive history right now he's running ahead of every major Democrat,
Sbeating Jobide in forty seven to forty four accorns than Marquette University, Losca Pul, his Burning Santars forty eight forty five. He is beating Elizabeth Warren, forty Eighto forty three because Sheis an awful candidate and he is beating Pibuotjudge Forty Sevento. Thirty. Nine now notice those numbers yet trump is not above fifty percent in any of these cases, but the Democrat is certainly not above fifty per cent and not even close to fifty per cent in any of those cases, and that is before Trump gets through running them through th through the mill. No, it is true that Donald Trump is never going to surpass fifty percents proverating in this country. He is not going to do that because Heis, not that kind of candidate, but tatle Trump is a specialist in taking his opponent's, injust gwinding them into TE dust. It is what the man does best. He is an attack dog and man. Can he attack right? I had Sbeen sing for year. He's a hammer in search of anail and when he hads an Olang credibly satisfying in politics. That is a great skill and Trump certainly has
skils of you thing, the pee, booty jrudge looks all shinyng unvarnished at this point. Well get if or Shin and varnished, rather wait for Presedent from the Thrope pupon a few punches. Not their reputation has gotn a collapsin to dust very, very quickly after Ill PEET, booty Judge SHO right now is the thing of the moment his biggest election victory. Was he one eleven thousand votes in a small town in Indiana eleven thousand Botes I've had speech crowds that are significantly larger than pep judges constituency in South Bendingia, so there's that Meanwhile, these democratic moderates are attacking Elizabeth Warean in continuing to tear her down ST a quarry. Booker is smackin. Outwisbith Warren's policy proposals? I think at this point, if you had to handcap the field, you said TAT, the most likely ticket looks something like jobide and quarry. Booker here is Corybook er going after Lisbithorn's while tacts. Nobody knows why he's stole in this race other than to play a tack jog against people like Elizabeth Woren. Here is book or going after mornin.
It is hard to a value. What other nations have tried? This? You literally have to assess every single year of somebody's wealth from the paintings on their wall to the to the value of their farm. Would peopll be fighting that in court. It would take years to to figure out him. They were this every single year. There are better ways to do this to get revenue, but that my plan is much much better love Elizabeth loved the attention behind it, but we can find a way to do fair, just taxation O Cay. So this is obviously again another attack by the monderates. Again Elizabeth Warrant, I dont think that it was with war, is going to ask in all of this. Meanwhile, the american people just are not interested the MSNBC Democrat debate. Readings worsh were corrible horrible. Cordings in in numbers, media reporting, more than six in five million yewers tuned IND D watched the Rovember Twenteh Tobaten Atlanta, including one six million in the advertiser coveted twenty five to fifty four demo, which is a lot of yours, but that is a huge downturn from the
point five million. You were Sn N earnd from the October fifteenth debate which to point four million from the target. Twenty five to fifty four demil. By the way. Six point: five million vyewrs for debate is a very bad number. A very bed Nenver Heade nods o that number, because during the twenty sixteen abates he first Dabat with Dunnal Trump in twenty fifteen, had twenty four million viewers four times many people watchd that debate as watched, this debate wike his Y likes these candidates and their incredibly incredibly born? Maybe I tries to blame that on Emmasen be seize coverage of impeachment, but really I should jack up the raidings. Not Jack am DOW Raymond, when you're tryig to the sitting, president of the United States than you have democratic primer debate shouldn't the excitement, be super high or problem, is that this debate was in credit. Oran the other promise, the Demoderator, Sox or Andre Yang, just blasted the Oy Andrew Geng Manlisten. If you don't appreciate Tostandre Yang, as he camn and Ben you're have to agree with any of his policies IR you don't have to think the universal Basicin come his good idea, but Andreyenis
Nice and decent human being I've sat with Henrienng AF met. Andrieng is a person who is trying to be reasonable. An in away that I disagree at the trying to be reasonable and so andrewyanging shut out of these debates, despite the fact that he is literally come from literally nowhere in order to be in these debates. In the first place, the man has a little DY he says, ammus send me. Somatters are just terrible. Ye slams, amonsieneniti and an of course laps? It up. You know Wolf. All I can say is I miss CNN moderating these debates, be made. They saw it last night too, a Meen Americas on. I went thirty two minutes without a question, and I raising my hands trying to get a word in edgeways Dor that time, so when you all moderated the debate. It was straight up the middle. It was professional. We got real substantive topics- oh he. This is Absoe LE true and good for Yang, for saying something. True and when he say there is a hundred per cent rou me
Aviti an z is, is releasing its fandrating numbers for octobern. They sank again the dancy Reportless points seven million dollars, cash on hand over seven million dollars in Deat and Effie's seareport released on Wednesday. These numbers are bad. They are ugly numbers the forfun raising numbers come less than a year out from the twenty twenty presidential election. The arancy is blowing it out the Arans he raised nearly three times as much money as the Denc lest month, pulling it over twenty five million dollars in October ording over sixty million dollars cash on hand. Additionally, the join and raising effort between the Trump campaign in the Irish Sea had raised over three hundred million dollars in twenty nineteen so far and reported a hundred and fifty six million dollars cash on hand. Last month, according to the Daily Collar Tom President, under fire for his Craped fun, raising job and, of course, there haven'ta Some fun raising Anumber Ond Theyewil have Anominy number two. None of the ble. What they're talking about are particularly exciting on his not particularly exciting. I there particularly non exciting and the new faces are getting slammed the New York Times, which
is more woke than the general base of the democratic artyo. It is fascinating. One of the as examining some pole mumbers yesterday with regard to how members of each party c, the members of the other party and one of the things that that you see, is that the parties have a a very different view of their opponents, then are reflected by reality. So no the Republicans tend to think that people Volte Democrat are much more tho the left than they are and Democrats tend to thinkt People who are republican are much more extreme than they are, and part of this is driven by media coverage covers part. This is driven by the fact Social medium rules, the roost part of the driven by the fact that be that the S and shall candidates and the democratic side of the island more responsible to Twitter than they are to their own actual constituents, which is why you are seeing the durability of of Joe Biden. It's why you are seeing people to judge surge when he pretends to be a moderate.
Study this year is, from up from an organisation called more in common, fifty five per cents of Republicans. In Theman believe the majority of the opposing party believed extreme views. In reality, that number was actually thirty per cent soap, for example, Democrats believed only half of re puble would acknowledge that races and Styllegis in America. In reality, eighty per cents of Republicans acknowledged the races and still exists in America. Conversely, Republicans believe that only about half of Democrats for proud, Ofy America, a proud of American, the actual number, was about eighty per cent. In other words, most Democrats are not actually in a liment with Democrats Gor running for president. They are not which leaves a lot of room to run for Presidentrum and the meteor fore pushing the Democrats. Ter to left her doing the democratsi, no favors in fact oir hurting them. But that's I can stop in your times from attacking the the Arsats moderate Pipotajadge. This big attack article in the Neartime stay by Read Epstein against people to judge itd call peep booty judges struggling with black Democrats
Here's. Why he's? As former vice President Joe Biden is a hundred and fifty four endorsement from current or former black or hispanic elected officials? Conmall Harris is ninety three, which has benefited her, not at Allr. Canters has ninety one Cory. Booker has fifty Elizabeth worn his forty three people judge has six According to the New York Times, boot judge has failed to Straiht, even mineable support among African Americans and Hispanics critical voting it will have a much larger say after I wan a new hampher and their nearly all white electorates begin at the presidential, ate Ing Calidry and watch as the medius starts, portray the demo. Nominating calendar as itself, inherently rases, because it starts off with some heavily white states on Wednesday night to be mod rsquestioned booty judge's record on racial issues, while rivals, including quorry, Booker and Comal Harri suggested, did on the job, training and talking to black audiences and obviously there's in truth that this Van something on on CNN people, Judge judges pitch black audiences was I'm gay, so I've been victimized YO, just like you, which obviously is not true. Again, people judge has really not experienced significance political dis
nation against him s, the Maor of Southben Indian, when he came out of the closet, a believe is thirty. At the time when he came out of the closet, my pence was asked about in news base of blood enjoy and to This idea that he has experienced anything like the discrimination that a John Lewis experienced in the United States is just absurd. According to the your times, boot judge's weakness with voters of color limits his potential in twenty twenty campaign, a didor class favor, who draws capacity, crowds across Iowa Bujudch counts as his high as profile black supporter either the man who lost a twenty eighteen election to be floored as a Turney general, or the former mayor of Kansas City. Miseury no democrat modern times has won the party's nomination without claiming Majorities Afd Blackfoters, the most crucial Hoding Wlackon Fcarolina and in an array of deligate, rich southern states buojudges,
as a black autism politicians having gone to know him. They say that once they do, his fortunes will improve. That is very likely untrue. That is very likely untrue. So again, this field is floundering. Not only is it floundering, the Democrats in the media are pushing them to the left and democratically. Does not even agree with those principles, which is why again, Jhobin remains yer, likely EST nominate and a Seconr or Gan NIN. Give you the up all the Optates on impeachment gate, twenty nineteen, but first it is that glorious time of the week. When I give a shadow to a daily wear subscriber to day it's a twitterer Jill, IND Jackson. He knows where to go. T get the truth. An todayts insane at new cycle in the pick tone's majestic drinking vessel, sits, I top his marble kitchen counter waiting for today's bountiful harvest. The captain reads finally got my left: isteers tumbler from daily Ware, thanks to Benshu PAR a mountwash michaelmels Andrecleven for keeping those much who support the right informed. The best way you can awsome and thank you for the tweed. It's because of subscribers, like you, we get to do is job that will love im, bring you great information.
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thin yourself had an over daily wired Aucomb, where the largest fastest growing, Concerved upon guess and Radioshow in the Nationh O K. So meanwhile, an impeachment gate, Adam Chiff, is self righteously declaring that Republicans must have fill their duty. Despite the fact, the Democrats have not yet actually proved the case from peachment again. Yournicial investigation was based on the idea that Donald Trumpe specifically militarized american foreign aid in order to get Jo Bitin right. That's what this whole thing was about: LUT's Nof Frdig, the e accusation it was a quid pro Quol, but Aws, not just to quip. Pro Qual is a quid Proke Qwall for something totally illegitimate. He wanted you crane to make up. Informa bout Trobiden or launch a false investigation into Jobidn or an investigation based on false pretences. In order to help Trump in the twenty twenty election. It wasn't about twenty. Sixteen, it wasn't about from being vindictive. It wasn't about Trump wine to invest Cranin interfered in the twenty sixteen elections, it was purely and solely a get by aneffer. If you want no
Allegation was just go back and listen to that ridiculous. Phony transcript at Adam parody. Remember that the Absert to this parody, I'm not a sate, say like so many of said that he was being le. He was not. He was parodying the transcrt butt. He was sort of summing up his perception of the of the Nemmo, the calmem of Vrom July, twenty fifth, in which he said. I want you to go get Joe by. Go, get your bine and bring me his hat on ha platter. In all of this, who can ous? The original accusation. Democrats have not proved there. Wha Democrat have shown is the Trump with held aid and that he did so in order to receive investigation. Ay, but guess what knows for thy obvious from Thujuly twenty fifth phone call and that he either withholding in actual Ting or with holding aid for that purpose, I can go along with the republican talking point that Trump was Tnon withholding aid Nix Chame for anything it. I don't think that's a credible talking point I just don't. I think that that When Gordon someone says I perceived a quid pro quo and then everybody was like, you have a nobody told you straight out its quid pro quo.
Red. I sunned Roude, Julian angel and Trumpes angle, Talke to Guliani and Julianna was saying to act and Trump was withholding the aid that looks alout like a Quoodproquil, a det makes some sense it does, but that does not answer the question as to whether he Quld broke WA. Completely illegitimate. Quid pro quo do happen in american foreign policy. All the time we are constantly conditioning american aid. We are constantly doing that. None of us you have Adam, should self jusly declaring that Republicans must do their duty and impeach the president. At the same time, Democrats refused to hear testimony from Huntrer Bitn member this whole. This whole investigation was launched on the back of the allegation that asking you craine to investigate. Hunterbine was completely illegitimate. Well, I mean come on. I'm sorry I can't buy that there's a new story out to day from the Washington examiner quote an investment from min
a hunter Biden received over a hundred and thirty million dollars in federal bail out loans, while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president and rooted profits through subsidiary in the Cayman islands. According to federal banking and corporate records, review by the Washington Examiner Financial experts said, the offshore corporate structure could have been used to shield ernings from U S, taxes rose Mont Capital in investment from it. The center of Hunterbines much scrutinized financial letwork was one of the companies approved to participate in the thousand nine Federal Loan Programme, known as the term asset, bad securities Loan facility or Tealth, which is distinguished from the long running in and wonderful to Gicho ALF under the program. St Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Bank issued billions of dollars in highly favorable loans to select investors who agree to by bonds. The banks were struggling to off float in qutting, bundled cowacs. And ottolons. Apparently, a hundred and seventy seven frims participated in Towlf, many of them well connected in Washington or in Wall Street Hunter Bigton. Who is just a sleeze bucket? I think the
cently had to take a paternity test in Arkansas and Joban discovered he had a grand kit. He didn'tknow he had a Hunder Biden is just gross he say he's had a very checkered history and the fact that he has become extrardinarly wealthy off the back of his daddy's name and was doing so Inaw crane. Does that go to you Craniin corruption? I ya a little bit a little bit Roger Ol Simon reports to day it's obvious that Jo Biden cannot be CH for to win that exalted office, but the case for his in impeachment: wood Dwarf Downl trums. If we are to believe interfacts, you crane is report out to day some sixteen point: five million dollars received by Hunter Bymen Bidon, the son of former Yu Us Vice President Joe Biden as payment from Berisma, was Oin from Yucranian citizens. According to a member of parliament in Dandre Duircatch Ther, Katch, that at depress conference at KE, OB based Interfacts, you crane a news agency that o November Ourteenth the prosecutor General's office announced a new suspicion to the owner of Berisma former Ecology, Minister Nicoloshlochevsky, so interfacts as
questions about it. It's originally a russianees company, so we should say that it was established that Roger Simon writes this WO was established in Parasrica generally to a liberal line against Conservaates, who wished to preserve the old Jeuwessessar but Probly infultrated by intelligence agencies until we have to view their reporting with some skepticism by that report, Opvicite and looked great, it am wet great four hunter. Bidine again are there questions that are open about on. Biden, an ew Crain YE, absolutely swinships has ful fill your duty than he won't that Hunter bit and testify o er. I li'd here about how these complaints were elevated to the level of whistle Blor Complat. In the first place, the whole thing does kindes Tinckt woes it not now. No again, that does not mean that there can't be legitimate questions asked about fromis behaviour here, questions that really go more to his qualifications for the presidency and his charactorin mperament than they do to impeachable offences, and you can sel us questions about. Did he tend to go, get your bid in Circluit twenty twenty, but the democratially not
f that case of the self righteousness on display from Adam Shef, who again had a pupten set out of set up outside the Green Room and Sandend for two years to talk about. White Trump was about to go down for russian investigations and interference, red Thact is out there saying that we should really trust him when it comes to his valuation of the evidence. Where are the people who are willing to go beyond their party to look to their duty? I was struck by Colonel Venzman's testimony because he said that he acted out of duty. What is our duty here? That's what we need to be asking not using metaphors about balls and strikes or art m. In your team. I've heard my collegues use those metaphors. There should be about duty. What is our duty o on am so lethin me Electer by Adams, Shiffon duty like Relli, the man
thing is fairly obvious that he is when he says he does not know the whistle blowers. I think that is. That is fairly obvious. I think that it is fairly obvious. This man is politically driven, that's pretty clear. Meanwhile, they, the Democrats and we get the key trying to pump up these these witnesses as though the witnesses are saying anything new, in fact, the stuff that the witnesses are saying that our new very often are not actually true. So, for example, Fiona help she's deputy to John Bruton and John Bolton has treated out this morning. That he's been off twitter for two months, but that it will have much more coming. So is that a threat who the hell knows where John Bull is one of the people who actually would know something. As I said from beginning, unless you talked the President Trump, you don't know, Nota, that's lye, Gortin Sumeland's testimony matter, but it turns out that that was a bit of a dud for Democrats in Frorms. Window into Donald from's brain instead, someone Vacialy the scoreboard, all the other witnesses, suggested about there being a quid pro quo, but he did not state and actually would not state. Despite repeated prompting from Democrats that the quid pro quo was itself illegitimate. In fact, he said that he believes it
proposed the legitimate, in any case, Teonda Hellis to John Bul and Deputy Shew's ol. We seen very sceptical of the hold up an american aid to Ucrane even feod Hils, and I can't from for feeling agreed Ofr, the twenty sixteen election, which is probably what prompted him to to be upsede at you crane in first place. Many officials. For many countries, including you crane, that's on the wrong horse, they believed that Ar Sacrety Clinton from a Sunder Clenton form er. First Lady Kent was going to win and Manny said some pretty disparaging and helpful things about present trump, and I can't blame him for feeling aggrieved about them. Net wolbe. The fact is that is, probablywe led Frum to Jehovah's he Canvance from beds fry. This is a man who there who, if you there's guy atding, is Rainfort for vanity, fair magazine back in the nineteen nineties and rode bout, Donald Frums, small hands goming like freagishly small. Since then, since Lin nineteen. Ninety one Donald Trump has been sending this man,
pictures of his hands, signed by his Srump up for like twenty five years for twenty five years. That's your talking about not the gimes will conformd to Bointed Woney the guide who sends pictures of his and in the mail to people who disparaged his hand size twenty years ago. That's what this whole you granthing is about, and everybody who has a shred ohonesty basically knows. That is the case. Yet everybody knows that's Thot they's. Now es. That means Tolegitimate. No, it means that Trump is then Skinne and vindictive about a shappen in the passance. Why he's constantly fuminating Byt? Never trumpers were not actually political force in american life right, but that mean that there isn't a natual american interest in investigating twenty sixteen no day, of course, there's an interest in in Vestigating Twie Exte. Spent two years doing it on the Oller report sighed and A when Fion a hillsostuff like wall to fancy that you crane meddled in twenty sixteenth. I got some questions with a hill saying that I mean to spite the charming at Wht she's about to say, is actually not particuarly, true fest on questions statements. I've heard
Some of you on this committee appeared to believe that Russia and its secuity services did not conduct a campaign against our country and that perhaps somehow, for some reason, crand it. This is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russians. She services themselves. The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our cotic institutions in twenty sixteen in Haso is true- that Russia was the country that attacked our system in twenty sixteen. It is also to ant, there's fairly serious evidence, be craing in twenty sixtyen meddling, a friend, Ani MAC Carthy from National Review as an entire colum in the Nourt post about this. He says in AR so mony before the house in Peach, Mand, Incurea Fiode, Hell, formerly of the National Security Council, so great pride, untiln Lmaker SH was Anon, partisan, intelligence, professional. She then rmightily in service of a democratic political narrative, specifically Hel conflated, two separate theories of uquin
collusion in the twenty sixteen election. One of these is discredited. The other is quite viable. He'll help the Democrats Udjest. They have both been Dibank, to be sure a president from his large little blame for propagating the discredited ucrane theory? It holds that somehows, you crane, not Russia, that interfered in the twenty sixteen election by Ciber espionage against a democratic emale accounts. This is such a Luopy theriod to Fies, clear clination. Suffice it to say it involved suspicions that a Hackt Daancys Server is hidden an new crane. Perhaps the speculation runs to Hs ukranian operatives, not russhing ones, where the culprits is the French an theoryt. Nobody puts a lot of stock in it. I said the same thing and from preferred to it when he talked about crowd strike in his joy, twenty fifth conversation with Zwensky and from his admittedly trafficting conspiracy. There is nearly his entire a butt. Then there is a secondary of tucraina inclusion that is actually back by evidence this
ry according to, and Mc Karthy has nothing to do with Russia. It is supported by significant evidence. It includes public professions of support for Clinton and opposition to Trump bite, Crany, an officials. It includes acknowledgment by ukrainian investigators that their Obama administration counterparts encourage them to investigate from Scampaign Sherm in Pomanafor sturing. This theory is the fact. The ukhranian officials leads information damaging to Manaford a Leger ofpayments, possibly fabricated, at forced Metaphord to Alster from the Trum campaign, Fraggran waves of negative publicity for the campaign, and this, of course, is true. We've talked about this repeatedly. The weird ide that that Ukraine was not involved in election at all, is not true. And meanwhile, the other big democratic, Witness Esterday's get him give at homes, he's an aid, two be too Gordon Somelind in Tothe State Department and he 's, apparently at some Rfone phone call with Gordon where, where someone was talking to trump- and he said that phone call was in,
bly loud until you overheard it here, his trumpin het hear his home's talking about how loud from Sponkal was and how he could actually hear from blaring through the mouthpiece. You said that you were able to hear President Trump's voice through the Ceiver. How were you able to hear if it was not onspeaker phone? It was bad that Sevilate was quite loud. Ah when the presont came on quite distinctive, ah Bazzard Silen, also sayd as or he often speaks very loudly over the phone, and I certainly a experienced that. Ah he, when the present came on he sort of winced and held the phone away from his ear like this. Ah, and he did that for the first couple exchanges, I don' Knowf he' den turned a volume dar to got used to ad. If the presents moderated his volume. I don't know I, but that's. How is able to hear a GA so a couple of things, one.
Did you hear it? I mean sure, maybe sure I'm in but the phone call itself didn't actually add anything to what we are. You knew, which is that there was this sort of I'm holding back in I get the investigations that I want and then David Holmes went on to say that of course, Trump was pressing for the Bine investigation. No question from was pressing for the bite. An investigation hear is homes ill going after Jim Jordan on this, but why iu would have to be the biten investigation as opposed to the other investigations, or why the by an investigation itself is fully about twenty twenty, not about twenty sixteen wides, not about corruption, but about getting Bitin for twenty twenty is never made clear, hes homes I bereave the colugny, told the Deptsye Commission where Weyfore we come back. I refer the call and every one is nodding. Of course that's what's going on. Of course, the president is pressing for a by investigation before he'll duthes things the Acranians walk. There is nodding
agreement. So did I go through every single word in the call? No because every one by that point agreed it was obvious what the president was pressing for o kan. So I mean it sure he thinks that his obvies, what the present was pressing for, but nets again a perception, so bottom ine- is that none of this is going to be sufficient to dry. Publicans in the Senate to impeach end wonces. This thing gets to the Senter level. Trumbler can got to once trunk him out to day and he said that he wants a trial while he is a trial, andthe Senate. If there is a house in Peachmen theres. Nes in it and present from Gineett's wishes presentent from Sint. He wants trial at the bottom is all of those witnesses, their own shifty ship stopping. Yet there was no due prise TA, as you can houtlawyers. We couldn't have any witnesses as we want to call the Winko Blorks, but you know I want is the first witness gos. Frankly, I want a Yet I can think I can dab it. You want to cry out everyone. Oh I wouldnt mat ednoulu, no one. They should never ever Itbe just as not eny. I wat I was five people.
Network gift that a Fay IRS, nothing here, oh Kay, so if he gets that trial, you can expect to hear from the lissibloer. You can expect to hear from hunter. Bidin O can expected her from Jobinan. Republicans are not ton to be kind to this Upina on his holding. They are not going to be kind. It's nothin be great for nemocrats, oaka time forts and things I like im, anything that I hate so things that I like to Nay so John Voyd, a man with my friends and one of the great actorsth in modern movi history he's just to Ith.
John, so I got the presidential metal of freedom yesterday and everybody and left one. That's. How could John void get that he's just in over a he's just a trump sick of it, and you know how many people were given Obama metals of freedom just because they were celebrities? Who are about a sick events like that's the way the mental freak Bookmarks Busby real about this and enjoy? It is a hard core from support or no question. He also happens to be a great patriot. Men cares about, is country a really nice guy, zero on great charity, work and John, why it happens to be a fantastic Akron, furiously what a great actor John voices you need to check out radon event where he plays Mickey Donovan. He is really he and live Schreiber hold up the show the show is basically the two of them and I love of driver as an actor. I also love John Voice as an actress, if you like great acting, you don't mind, Scotty people doing scuse things, then re Donovan is a show for you there's a little bit the trailer reri. It is what my family Backyou
You are my family. We the bad things right and ask fix things that should never been fixed, said. Sjheuhazi is, of course, Etua about Scozing Holleywood people liking herdibles. Does he holly with people including credibly Scussy things gray Donomin his bace? Le a Holly would fix her and is bit of fancy R's going around and telling people and and harming people in and doing all sorts of. G things, but you kind of like the ants he's hear Anti, but there is a arm to the shelf or shore. I an and Johnvoy's terrific. John Jenvoy Rilly 'is first rate. So if you fearns good acting and you and you don't care particularly much, it's like the good, Feallows or I give you'll care to much rat more else. He spoke you're fighting time for a quick thing that I hate. Oh, so there is a video that is making the rounds of a student at a Calci inversity of
go holding in all lives matter sign and getting assaulted for his trouble. Here's THA Littlet hers with the video looks like and o e o Y man's Roit. I nothing e how do hos my plentyi? U in Mawimen, Ine, Dreem, T Wim, I no o a ow a p, a
mani him miterally statding, a ove inside saying all lives matter and that so woman Hoving, a black ized matter, sign end I and getting beraded and the Signript away from him and an one cout assaulted for his trouble. This sort of stuff does happen on college campses. All the time we've seen a bunch of university speed shut downs, including fore art laffer. I talked about a little bit earlier on the showf, and that is a a grand and grave absurdity. These places that are supposed to be superprofory speech catering to students who care very little about fro speech and care much more about insuring that their point of view is the only point of view that is heard. It's its absurdity. Ah, but that is the Wey that our college camps is work of
sleet right now, okat time. For a quick Bible note, I is a good Bible MO here, so this ere, every week we been doing Tus We'N going for a little bit o he Bible, just like the Jews do. Every week we read a section from I tor this week happens to be the parsha Kayasara, which is the which is the portion of the old testament in which a the the founding mother of the just people Sarah dies a shes buried in Hibron, which Haverown we are supposed to pretend that this is actually historic. Muslin, Territori aspposed to his tortuish Carry disputed territory. Despite the fact that is the first land ever bought in the Bible in I spot by Abraham Formoney Sa as a legitimac claim on the land, in any case, good for the Trump Administration for declaring this week, that is really settlements are not TE fact O illegal because they are not the facto or digerate illegal that the factors Jews have been in Cavron. They have been living in Hevron for literally thousands of years and this Sabbath in Particul,
pevron Happees TE a place literally a hundred Dousen Jews welt we'll go and sleep in their cars like a three block area, just to be near the burial side, Abraham and Sarah, which, by the way, is disproportionately controlled by Muslims and the actual site. The Morocco must pay law. They gave her the patriarch some major act. That site, like eighty percent of the eighty percent of the of the actual site is controlled by Muslims, will not let using, except on one three days of the year, in any case, the biblical portion. The talks about Sarah is really interesting. So Sarah is a sort of a fascinating character in the Bible. She has an incredibly rough life, an incredibly lover of rough life, inches living inside what can only be described as a pay
Arcal system Eacheae. She gets married to Abraham. She is reserted the first real female in the Bible, in the sense that, in my opinion, the Adoman Eve story is largely meant to be a metaphor about human nature I' but went to get to Abraham Hyeu STAR with the actual history of the jewish people. So Sarah is, is the founding mother of of the jewish people and therefore also of islamic peoples, because she is it Suts, her handmaid, a Hagar who has ishmal who's, considered the progenitor of Islam, and she also is the e grandmother of of Esau, who has concered the progenitor of Christians in surjus tradition. In any case, Sarah who lives within the Tboun, Patriarchi right throughout the Bible. She is running into rough situations and she's forced to go to Ser of to Pharaoh's palace when Abraham wants to avoid deat, for example, in they go to Egypt, and Abraham is afraid that SARA so beautiful that that he's going to be killed, and so he tells Pharaoh that that Sarah is his sister and she os to live in the palace. Nothing untoward happens: the
assures us later. Abraham does the same thing again with another king named Abymellach. This isn't exactly female live kind of stuff and later she make an offer to Abraham, which is apparently fairly common in the ancient world. She couldn't have kids, and so she has. She makes Abre have an offere to consort with her maidservant Hagar and Abraham then goes ahead, and does this and then Finally, when she does give birth, her son is at the mercy of Ishmael, her stepson and her husband, a an refuses to do anything about this until God explicitly tells him to, and this is the Kee's turning poit for Sarah as a character Ann, I think a keye turning point for how women are seen in the Bible generally and how women ought to be seen, because God says something pretty special and he tells Abraham. Whatever Sarah tells you head her voice since through Isaac will offspring be considered. Yours keep the voice of your wife's, a pretty powerful directive in ancient biblical time. For God's saying that you need to listen to a woman,
Rall Peopl, who say that that the Bible is inherently patriarchal, ignoring the fact that the Bible itself talks about changing the laws of inheritance, to allow women to inheret, for example, by the daughters of Swelcod, despite the fact that their actual leaders of the of the jewish people in the Tunoff in in the in the old testament who are women like Devora Deborah, and despite that theire people who suggested the Bible, is deeply Heaply paid for Arcle in every conceivable sense that ies not transition away from more patriarch Olr, more brutal societies. That, of course, is not true and can see at the impact of this specific commandment. So God says you need to Heedt Sarah. And then in this parsha IND, this portion of the tore Sarah dies, and this change is Abraham's view of women. You can see this He sends his servant and in this is manifesting how he finds a wife for his son Isaac. She and his own servant Ellie to find a wife for Isaac, so in that day,
Omen retreat his chanel that isn't the particulary difficult process for you find a woman youl like to go to her dad you pay er have many that ye get the woman ravins was actually incredibly common in the ancient world. For example, whenever isposing, his Sarah's brother, both Theroin and Avemello, trying to his approval, shower him with gifts, but now Abraham's perspective has changed on women because Sarah, he tells Ellie as are to travel, to conceal from can on back to his family, to find a way for Isaac. And then he says: if the woman will not wish to follow you, you will be absolved of his oath of minds and suddenly the woman's consent matters in a deep and profound way and the test that Eliesar is given in order to find Isaac's. Wife is a consent base test right because the test is not. I go to this place and then I say that thehe test that he has given is, if you Gook Aer camels here and a woman offers to bring water of the camels. It is not I order woman to bring water the camels in if she complies then she's nerritable material as she must offer voluntarily to bring the
honor and then the final evidence of the newfound found status for women is the negotiation over a back. A marrying Isaac are ter negotiate on behalf of Abraham. He offers the family of of Rebecca the customary but he's already engotiate with Rerbeccodirectly by he's Giveng her of the customary wedding gifts, a golden nose rang it two bracelets on her arm. She excep and then she accepts the marriage proposal and she Oluntarily says that she is going to leave ay that they They are not going to do so must day they receive fiscal game, but she it's the first woman to consent to a marriage and in Bible she overtly consent, Regshe says she says, I'm going to I'm to go with you and then she goes with, and then I says Tora. This is how Isaac was consoled after his mother, because suddenly a an independent woman who was very powerful in bibles, replaced by another independent woman wo as very powerful an thibible, and I don't think it's any coincidence that the most romantic relationship in the Bible is the relationship between eyes gone Ar Backe, because it is based on him a certain
fmutual mutual respect and consent, but it's the only time in the Torah of which I am aware that there is a description between husband and wife that he loved her right is actually explicitly said in the Bible as he brought her into the tent of Sarah, his mother. He married Rebecca. She became his wife and he loved her right, because Isaac sees that women ought to be powerful and he is more than happy to marry. A pow A woman and chens up being credibly, powerful, Ray Rebecca ends up basically deciding the fate of the jewish people when she helps her son Jacob switch the switch the skins in the end, the birthright and inthe blessings with with his brother Aesov, with with Esau whenever people say that the Bible is inharently, Patrirical and horrible toward women understands who things one the bibles in Ank document, it's attempting to Frdge away from a much more patriarchal sidee number two. There are some pretty significant messages in the Bible that really do speak to the idea that women having her val you ought to be seen as having inherent value when God' has and your wife. He means it a mean. You.
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