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Ep. 905 - Drag Queens To Stop Trump!

2019-11-26 | 🔗

The Washington Post has a solution to the Trump problem, the president of Wesleyan defends “woke students,” and the courts split on impeachment. Date: 11-26-2019

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The Washington Post has a unique solution to the trump problem. The left, those after P Buddha judge and the President of Wesley in defence woke students, I'm Bench bureau. This is the bench Barroso today, Joey sponsored by Express Bbn it how my listeners and I secure their internet, joined them. Expressive, gps, dot, com, Slash Ben okay, so got a lot to get too. Did I hear Michaud personal effects, my microphone actual, so well done. Producers, ok, we're gonna get to all of it in just one. Second, let's begin with the Washington Post. Finally, deciding that something very important has happened to change the nature of the term presidency can tell the press our getting desperate when they are now pushing the notion that dragged queens are going to end the trumpets, so they tried impeachment dangle anywhere. They tried the whole we'll have Hillary Clinton Medium that can go anywhere. They tried the whatever bevy of
and did you aren't very good Stanhope thereupon drop that ain't goin anywhere. So now the style section of the Washington Post is very excited about drag queen. You see large man dressed up in female garb and peculiarly sexual centralized way. That's what's going to defeat Trump. Do understand the culture will defeat Trump, a culture of drag queens according to Washington, post there there's a peace today in their style section, it is titled how drag queen had snatched the political spotlight in the Trump ear unfortunate wording- Maura Judas, writing the murmur spread through the crowd at the Lincoln Theater, but not because the headliner Sakharov allure, the season, nine winner of repulsed rag race, was about to take the stage. Everyone is looking at the balcony seats on the right.
Or opponents held woman in a Navy pants. It was taking her seat. Oh see, someone yelled from below the audience rose. Give representative Alexandria cause. Cortez has been spoken about her appreciation for drag on Twitter, a standing ovation, two days later in another Washington mashup of work and work. W e r k drag Queen pissy miles and what one of the most charming things about drag queen culture is the is the choice of already next cracked down the halls of the long worth, building and shiny red pumps miles was there as a journalist and container covering the impeachment for lives, trimming crowd source to news company haps, though she quickly became a story. Herself is not often that a drag queen sachets her way through official Washington at sixty eight and and heels in a wig serving looks political analysis in equal measure, the following week, shoes pouring again this time from the spin room at the democratic debate in Atlanta. I do have a question about the use of pronouns here. If you're a dragon Doesn't that by necessity suggest that your mail, I have your natural transgender person,
not a drag. Are you you're, just a transgender person? So it's weird, you call a drag queen. She, when you're a he wearing, make up and heels and a wig Dragon Politics- has the Washington Post have always been intertwined ever since one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine uprising at the Stonewall Inn in New York where drag queens in transgender women, notably the performer Marsha P giants, were among the four mothers of the Gay rights movement. And the lead up to twenty twenty with drag, enjoying more mainstream popularity than ever before, drag queen are becoming a perfect foil to President Trump. You might be losing when you're lying on drag queens name pissy miles to ask the President of the United States or the parts of the drag queen is the perfect for us, not like Adam Chef, not Nancy policy. A drag queen, who shows up with a camera in pumps to a congressional hearing.
Pissy miles the illustrious wise as in the queer community, and this is something that a more brought audience may not know dragoons. Our kind of look that as community leaders and mouthpieces there right out for with their sword in the air and lot of unfortunate language. In this case, the act dressing and drag, has long been a political statement as an act of rebellion against recital norms and an art form that elevates the voices of disenfranchised communities. I just thought that it was guys dressing, drag that I thought that was like what it was, but apparently is rebellion against societal norms. The most powerful voices among us are people who die the garb of the opposite gender as drags attracted, a new mainstream audience one that makes it purely entertainment Washington, post there ve been efforts to make the connection more overt. How speaker Nancy Blowsy has appeared on drag race and the show is hosted political challenges for the contestants asking them to participate in a mock presidential debate and it from themed Musical dragged con a convention for vans, the Emmy Winning Show has hosted panels on the art of resistance and rag in from America.
LOS Angeles doubt last April. Maybe a girl again outdated, bizarre names, maybe a girl gotta get. If it's you see it's fun, it's fine! You get it at the feelings. Rumpled binary became possibly the first are going to hold public office when she was elected to the silver like Neighbourhood Council, again, I'm so confused by these opponents. And demeaning, to transgender people to take non transgender people and call them by the opposite gender. How does this work? I guess this person is gender fluid. So when you actually have to you, their preferred pronouns. Not she Washington, post how dairy the general would perform unknown for her the terrible impressions Maloney it from Betsy Device, and serious Anders announced. Her plans run for California, twenty Eightth congressional districts and the sisters of perpetual indulgence. A group of drag nuns which isn't which isn't humiliating Catholics in any way is not targeting Nerd ribbon United States for mockery in any way have been politically active since there
nineteen. Seventy, nine! No one commands attention quite like a drag queen. By the way you pay attention to drag means on the street. However, then this is because your big it even though, obviously This is an activity begging for hundred is a matter of channeling that attention into important causes says the lure the queer commuted especially the drag community, is made up of many people fall below the poverty line and many black and brown people said the Lord. I think, popularity of dragon popularity of those kinds of stories narratives is going to shift people's minds. Hopefully, that's right if you seen impoverished person dressing in the garb of the opposite gender and strutting around town, and you think yourself, that's a strange life choices. Wish to rise in the world at a chase, Manhattan Bank, then this is because you're wearing this has not been raised. Pissy. My
Myles had no reporting experience prior to her gig with haps shoes recruited by one of the companies contributors without you would be an eye catching addition to their coverage, which target younger of yours. She didn't realize you get so much attention is noticeable, its notable that a drag queen was sent to cover an event that wasn't overtly about algae BT, EU policy. The one could argue that impeachment is the ultimate case of I'm sorry, my dear, but your up for nomination oecd- oh I guess it's like it's like Rupaul, ah to our audience using. Other person. Unusual person at the ethical person to David Newman have his co founder and chief content officer he's talking to miles about covering other music throughout the twenty slash. Twenty. Audience members in that event mentioned earlier, we're doubly star struck by the juxtaposition between Voleur an alien, even trying to form a cell phone lines. The balcony, until security shut down the congresswoman met Valori Backstage foaming short video, where they found ruled over each other said Bellew dressed in a pink floor, thanked her
for facing the kind of online bullying and rapid surreal heat from some rightwing people. Oh oh wow, drags ascension into political conversation says the Washington Post has not been without challenges and waiting to hear these challenges again. This is drag queen to stop from the yet sends media, maybe getting desperate over this old trumpet, because that in just one second first, let us talk about the where the currently greater took us. Are they as comfortable as they ought to be? If not, then you're doing it wrong either go check out Tommy John! It's the revolutionary underwear lounge we're, including brand. The guarantees are perfect that and now they are stepping up this holiday season, an unbelievable offer exclusively for my listeners right now, you can shop, Tommy, Johns biggest sale of the year and get twenty five percent off site wide. If you'd have formal for Tommy John will now is the time You try or give the most comfortable underwear lounge we're on the planet, to somebody Tommy GINO,
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Who was suggesting that Caitlin China was not a dragoon, but that Caitlin General use any bathroom shoot that that he wanted is Caitlin generous. A man could use any any bathroom he wanted at from terrorist trembling care about the stuff at all, but apparently drag queens are exactly the droids Europe. Looking. Fourth, according to the Washington Post, drags ascension into Political conversation has not been without challenges, drag queen story. Our national programme that encourages queens to read the children and libraries has sparked protests across the country. Will? Yes, maybe because if you have adults who are trying to create gender confusion for small children and parents who subject their choice, That is a bad thing. Maybe, when you have adults, many of whom will some of whom a minority of whom shall we say, have had chequered histories, move. Had several cases drag queen story, our readers, having had
mental records on on sexual matters, reading to children or showing up dressed in skimpy outfits to reach a children. Yes, that has created some com mercy, as it turns out founders say it teaches children, empathy and inclusiveness. Yes, I'm sure, I'm sure that's what it's all about. It is not about the performative need for many of the dragons wants me to small children. Factors anchor martini, Helen rightly told yours: the programme into indoctrinated unnecessarily exposed children who sexuality, which of course, is exactly true. A meme widely shared in twenty, seventeen featured a photo of a woman and he job sitting on a New York Subway next to drag performer Gilda web at which Twitter, these are Paul NEWS network Wonderingly captain. This is a future liberals want liberals responded that they didn't fact want that future and marks the sentiment by turning it into a meme. A similar thing happened after she posted a video with arc on Twitter, conservative, gay political commentator, Dave Rubin reposted, the video with the caption, your democratic two thousand and twenty four ticket, ladies and gentlemen, and other
another twitter user. The handle be erect responded if he wins, and twenty twenty four that pink tall person will be our Supreme Court judge. The law approach Where did the insult changing her name on Twitter to pink tall person if these people are so threatened Little make up, unlike by theatre talk about people live their lives, defined by fear they can think rationally, if they're afraid of this gorgeous lipstick and little corset tree well, a lot of course, a tree nobody's afraid we're just pointing out that this is a culture, will shift that the media are cheering it on all the way, but if they really believe that this is going to result in from losing the election, they got another thing coming. Only most Americans are interested in pissy miles deciding foreign policy not because busy milestone qualified to discuss one thousand and opposite miles international relations background, but because, if the left is forcing the notion that gender is cool, neatly malleable and putting on a wig and address is the essence of womanhood and you get to use the ox Pronouns. If you do so I'd, only most Americans are on board with that
And meanwhile, the radicalism of left continues Apace P Buddha judge under severe attack to the universe was coming right that people to judge was gonna come under severe attack. Now listen, I've! I've said from beginning there. I thought the people judges most interesting when his moderate that was his original draw originally and re cited. The Buddha judge was maybe most interesting Democrat in the re specifically because he didn't seem like an overt radical jerk people to judge who had spent his days talking about how you didn't tricks Elaine, he didn't really to the controversy, which was a nice thing in our culturally polarized country, and then Buddha Judge trying to win over the Swiveller left and started talking about your bad Christian. If you don't believe that his sex marriages just as nonsense. Full as your traditional marriage and suggesting that you're bad Christian. Also, if you I believe in abortion on demand, which is a weird, take real happy booty. Judges swivel back to the centre, mainly because the able to contrast himself with Elizabeth Warrant was wildly to the left
and because this has been gaining in the polls in Iowa New Hampshire, where, according to the real politics, pointed out he's now and I was, and he is basically running even in New Hampshire pulling average, but the last couple of policies actually been up in New Hampshire. Are heavily heavily white states. A very few black Democrats live in, Why, in New Hampshire, very few black Americans live in Iowa in New Hampshire by percentage, and so they rip unpolluted has been he's winning in all the white states, but as soon as you get down south he's gonna get clocked, because sixty percent of the democratic primary base in states like South Carolina, is black and people to judge has right now a zero percent rating among black voters in places like South Carolina, so the attacks were soon to calm. Rebooted judge has been gaining steam and Elizabeth what has been losing steam and he could see these attacks coming from a mile away, while the latest attack which is treading on twitter today was by a guy named Michael Harriet, Michael Harriet is a writer for them.
And he wrote a very long peace talking about how about how people to judge is a terrible person, a title, peace is PETE Buddha Judge is lying M. F result: just he's not just the person with very low black support. He is a lying m f. So what makes people the judge a lying enough, as it turns out people to judge, has suggested in the past that educational disparities between racial whoops groups may not be entirely due to systemic discrimination. I know super duper, controversial then not, every disparity is due to discrimination or systemic racism. Now, in today's modern Democratic Party, this is the stuff you're not allowed to say people just said this back and in twenty eleven, but those matters in brought up again a new he's at a reasonable thing, and now people on the left are losing their bleep over it is, it is. Peace was trending
on Twitter today by Michael Harriet, and here is what he says. Seven hundred three thousand seven thousand three hundred twenty two dollars. I hid it in a white piglet wiggly bag. In the back of the dishwasher every single time I returns that tiny apartment. I opened up that. Never her White Kenmore dishwasher and make sure it was there. It was not a gift, it was not reward, it wasn't even mine and it still wasn't enough. I am from what most people would call the hood, the bad section of town, you know or black people. It says, Michael Harriet, during the our resolution of the elite eightys to get to school every day out frequent, I would give a friendly, not ass. I walked past the early, rising dope boys I may under through the projects, and if it recently rain. I waited for someone to help me put a ten foot, long wooden plank across ditch that separated the black part of town from the bouquet neighbourhood, where the only high school in town was located. If no one was there or for extra, hidden, the makeshift bridge, and I had either leap across all or walked alone way around, adding an extra fifty minister. My morning. Look our neighbourhood
nobody. So either you walk a balance between the projects for the thirty minstrel or he's had effort. I never said effort, but if I did it wouldn't have been because of my lack of role, models If I had chosen to keep my mama's lights on, instead of making that daily truck my decision wouldn't have been based on a trap, illogical, dearth of motivation or communal ambivalence. As I grow older, I realized tat I was not gifted intelligent, even diligent, I'm just a lucky effort. President. Nor can it be booty judges a lucky, I'm effort to by the way in this house he's Michael Harriot, never explains what separated him from the cortical dope boys why he went to school and they didn't for example. What does that have to do with luck? It's a public school! Thank you could walk cross tat blank, but, according to Michael Harriet, the matter of luck that he walked across the plain to a public school, but presidential candidate people judges a lucky. I'm effort you, by the way living in America, you're lucky enough for some people are like your mother's. I grew up in a two parent household, which is the greatest privilege you can have in the United States. Right is the greatest starting point you can have in the United States is Terrebonne solid to parent family. This is why
why there is a serious problem in communities that are arising single motherhood rate. I had seventy one percent, blockage in the United States are born into a single parent household and creates additional stressors less time for Mamma. You homework what the kids it creates a need. Sometimes for kids together on the street and it's a real problem, it's a real problem here, that's an actual privilege right, because that's something you're born with now. That means should be punished for that. No, it means that we should encourage more people to get married before they have kids, obviously, but we'll get to Michael Hair, its actual critique of he built a judge in just one second does demonstrate where the heart and soul of the Democratic Party are now in you're not allowed to say basic truth. These people to judge made Bubu. You see he said a basic truth back and twenty eleven, and this is not acceptable. It's not acceptable get to that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about how to make your home better, but they were so. You already are placed on the paint Harry. Did the floors got yourself, some new furniture?
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Do apply. That's pretty great deal, blends, icon, promo code and for twenty percent of everything. So Michael Harriet says that presidential candidate people judges a lucky Emma for two. He attended one of them, private schools in the country that was quite literally on the campus of one of the best colleges in the Country University of Notre Dame or his father, worked as a profession for twenty nine years. His mother tongue and even better more elite school, and if you ask how we gonna harbour became a road scholar, Mare, PETE would probably, insisted had nothing to do with whiteness. He would likely to. You he valued education and had great moat Romo role miles, both of which are probably true. There is no point sure that he is intelligent, hardworking and well educated, but he didn't have to jump a ditch, so unequipped, surface Djibouti Judge explaining why negroes AIDS fail at schools who often his answer made perfect sense. Ok, here's people, judges, answer that drove Michael Harriet. To call he built a judge, lying and effort and caused that phrase to trend on twitter need to see. Evidence that address patients gonna work for them right here you see a lot of parts of the motivation yeah, because you you
motivated because you you believe that, at the end of your educational processors or award there's a stable life, there's a job, and there are a lot of kids, especially the lower income minority neighborhoods, who literally just haven't, seen at work there isn't somebody they know personally, and I think those who cast an invite this value education, so yeah me, ok and for this he is top of these terms. By Michael Harriet, a lying. I'm ever. Why well says Michael Harriet. There's not a misunderstanding is not a mere statement. People to judge went to the best educational, and decisions America has to offer an he more than anyone on the g d planet knows that everything just say is a bald faced lie we'll know. Actually nothing he said was above is why nothing he explicitly talk about lack of opportunity on the other end for a lot of young black people, and apparently this is racist. It's also racist. If you suggest that there is a problem in a lot of inner city communities by the weight exists in White Appalachian as well as Judy Vans, has talked about hillbilly elegy, where education is not provided. It is not
invested with the same value as other values, on the hierarchy, but apparently Michael Harriet, as you point this out. If you point out that not every discrepancy is discrimination. Not every disparity between groups is discrimination this you're lying ever so, according Michael Harry, what causes the entire racial gap in education majority minority schools received twenty three billion dollars: lesson funding the majority white schools according to a recent survey by Ed, build what, by the way that is largely due to lower property tax expense. Teachers in large the minority areas because of endemic poverty, meaning that if you have a power, ridden area. Many local public schools are powered by the property taxes in those areas If you're not gonna, bring a lot of property tax. There's not much money to spend so black students in Indiana. This we're booty judge serves as mayor and across the country are disciplined more harshly than white students, but even the. Would a judge has never intended to school with more than ten percent black students, he thinks he knows. What's stopping blockage from achieving their educational dreams. Apparently it's not the fact that the unemployment rate
black college grads is twice as high as the unemployment rate for white grads. Black college grants are paid eighty cents for every day. Or white person with the same education earns why people leave college with lower debt and higher earnings, white kids get more resources more advanced. Doesn't have access to more technology, but pizzas it could all be solved with a vision board. Mayor Peter Bull blueberry is not just wrong, it is proof, if proof says Michael, it that men, like him, are more willing to perpetuate the fantastic narrative of negro neighborhoods needing more role models and briefcase carriers then make the people in power steer into this and see the blinding light of racism get along moderate rather make bleep up out of whole cloth and weight into the waters of reality. People to judge doesn't want to change anything. He just wants to be something This is not just a wife. Omissions has Michael Harriet, it's a dangerous precedent. This is why institutional inequality persists, not because of white hoods and Rachel slurs. It is because this insidious double talk, erases, the problem by camouflaging it because it is painted, is a problem of black lethargy,
white apathy, p, booty judges standing over a dying man, holding the oxygen machine in his hand and telling everyone now he doesn't need CPR he's just holding his breath negligent. Homicide is still homicide. And then this guy concludes by talking about where he got off his money. Apparently he got the money from the Chronicle Dope boys you walk past every day who collected all of them and if you five dollar bills, from guys on the black and handed to him, when you have college he soldiers and explain why exactly he kept jumping the ditch. But a bunch of kids in his neighborhood did not jump the ditch and he has an explain that in any way does this mean that everyone faces the same obstacles and, of course not you'd, be a fool to suggest that everyone faces the same obstacles in life. But you would also be a fool to suggest that the discrepancies in educational performance between black students in white students are entirely due to institutional discrimination. Its
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since its bureau is that income inequality and income mobility in the United States. What the study noted in this fascinating is that black women, when you would just for income gap in the households where they go, black and white women raising similar household do not have an income gap. The income gap does not exist, in fact, according to the stuff, black women on slightly more than white women conditional on Current income, theirs or no gap in wage rates or hours of work between black and white women. Black women have higher college attendants rates than white men conditional on parental income. So what happened to the racism of its institutional racism than what you would expect is that black women, despite adjusting followed the factors, would go to college at a lower rate. They would earn less, but that is not true. That does not through the same study, but we found the income gap in white Hispanics work converging also asian Americans, actually earn more than white raised the same income.
Level, presumably that isn't discrimination in favour of the Asian Americans. The study, also discusses one The reasons why black men who are raised in fairly economically privilege, household actual, fall into poverty. A lot more often, according to the study black men, raising the top one percent by millionaires. Where is likely to be in cars rated his white men raising households running that thirty six thousand dollars is that the fall the white racism. The study itself finds that the release ensure between racism in a given area and incarceration rate is not statistically significant, also also, if, if affirmative action probe and in colleges and high schools are defined by raise rather than on income high come young black men may still end up paying the price in the workplace on the other ends. When you talk about unemployment rate among black college graduates, one of the problems is that affirmative action programmes create a negative stigma round. Black
what's that Sigma may be unfair, but it does exist in the workplace and also, if you are going to look and underpaid Women's in the educational sense, this study from Harvard and Stanford and Yale again. What it shows is that social fabric matters a lot, meaning that it's not just about having Add in the home it's about how many fathers there are in the neighborhood, so even Robin a single mother home if they Grubbin and abroad, where there are lots of fathers around to provide parental figures, then they define blockades, but If they're going up in an area where there are no fathers round, and they don't do fine it. This is. This is really this does demonstrate. This does demonstrate the study that disparity does not always equal discrimination and, in fact, nineteen eighties, black anthropologist, John ugly theorize, the black heads, were often penalized socially for acting white, meaning engaging in education in two thousand or Barack Obama's children cannot achieve most. We raise their expectations and turn off
Tv sets and eradicate the slander that says that a black you for the book is acting white ten years later and you fourteen, he says: there's an element. True than the accusation that you, many black parents, denigrate education, we're! Ok, if boys are getting too much then well. Why are you doing this, or why are you speaking so properly lack expensive, less time on homework than any other races. Children asian kids, spend significantly more time on homework hybrids, rolling prior aid, professor formalised a quote particular peer effect, acting white, which potentially contributes the ongoing puzzle of black under sitting strictly speaking. Highschool graduation rates are massively from between the races, hey. That is not an effect of quoting what systemic racism that is. People were not going to school. Ok, there's other factors that are dry. Kids, not to go to school other than racism. Presumably again, these are met already minority schools. In many cases, blackens across the country have a significantly higher drop
rate graduation rates nationally black students, graduated rate of sixty nine percent. As of twenty eleven, twenty twelve Hispanics graduated at seventy three percent. Whites graduated at a rate of eighty six percent by the way Asian Pacific Islanders, nearly always graduate state by state at a higher rate than than white kids they or how about the idea that was pushed forward in his malaria. Peace at the big problem here is that in schools, black kids are punished differently than white kids. Well again, that ignores the question as to whether black kids, not on an individual level but in a group data level. Are on average, acting out more than white kids in school, the just as an education apartments released and annual report called indicators of school crime and safety. As of two thousand eighteen, black students himself reported this according to how the Mcdonald, over at city, journal being in a physical fight at school at over twice the rate of white students in twenty fifteen data points
relevant to the question of racial rage at school discipline, schools. There were fifty percent minority or more reported weekly gang activity at nearly ten times the rate of schools where minorities constituted five to ten percent. Five to twenty percent of the population. Reports of gang violence schools when less than five percent minority population or too low to be usable, statistically weekly, widespread weekly disorder classrooms was reported in schools with at least fifty percent minority populations at more than five times the rate as in schools, with five to twenty percent minorities These facts are rather relevant, judging the likelihood of students, behaviour and resulting discipline. Second, this article nine Michael Harriet pushes is based in simple belief that all disparity equals discrimination in the fact booty judged in just bout that in two thousand eleven means the Buddha judge doesn't take black concerns seriously. But if you take blackened certain seriously, then you should act
We look to some of these systemic underlying factors. That cannot be blamed on court on court institutional racism, just throwing money at the problem by the way the same people who are living in. Nutritional racism and systemic discrimination are the same people who are opposed. School vouchers, which would allow a lot of these kids to escape bad public schools angle to better public schools. Many of these same people are anti development and gentrification which would allow the tax base to rise in these areas and allow more spending a local public schools when it comes to post. Terry graduation rates, there's a major despair It was in black and white in post secondary graduation rate, so my college students the six year graduation is, according to the national central education statistic. These six. You graduation rate for first time, full time undergraduate. Students who began the pursuit of a bachelor's degree, Eddie or your degree granting institution involve twenty tonnes? Ok, guns, six year, regulation rate for university and seventy four,
percent for asian student. Sixty four percent for white students and forty percent for black students is that, due to institutional discrimination,. According to the usual enough dot, org recent use Vienna found that african american students were more likely to take remedial college courses than any other student group sixty one. We sent a black students who took the OECD, and twenty fifteen met. None of the four LCD college readiness benchmarks, nearly twice the thirty one percent rate for all students. So again the relatively low retention rate of black students across the nation. Continues apace among students. Rolled and for your public institutions, as of twenty fifteen forty, six percent of black students, pleaded their degree. In six years, black men were down a forty percent. So again, this is to blame. All of us
on institutional discrimination and suggested people. Judges, racist because he's pointing out it's not all due to institutional discrimination demonstrates how far left the Democratic Party has moved. To even point. This thing out makes you on woke in the in the Democratic Party. Ok, we'll get two more of the democratic radicalism and the agenda being embraced in just one. Second. First, let's talk about the ear, but that you are using to listen to the US, maybe using the old fashioned earphones one fiddle your whole ear you take off your ears are sore. Maybe you have the earphones that are connected to the wires. You take them off, but mere pot. Get them later. You have to untangle their whole. Chemin live a better idea. How about you get some airlines that are wireless and don't cost you a fortune? There's no need to go crazy this year, I'm letting you know ahead of time out an amazing black Friday. Cyber Monday deal on something you're gonna use every single day, a pair of wireless you're buds her headphones from brake on, because no about re kind, awesome, company, founded by Re Jake, you sick of pre, audio being so expensive. So he and a bunch of audio engineers and music industry folks developed Ricans line of awesome wireless headphones in Airbus
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direction, there's a reason that this hit piece on booty judge. How far left are the Democrats motivating people to judge that's how far left the Democrats have gone, because if you are even remotely reasonable watching people to judge me slammed as a lying, an effort for simply suggesting that not all educational disparity is due to institutional discrimination that that should be rather off putting to you, since what village was saying, there happens gaps so how ill apologize, but where, within twenty four hours right now, there's no way he withstands the scrutiny on this one while the Democrats are moving pass, safe, legal and rare according to the New York Times, the democratic presidential candidates, dont want to simply defend abortion rights. They want to go on often because nothing says going on often like killing babies, the democratic present your field, according to Maggie asked reporting for the New York Times, has coalesced around an abortion rate agenda more far, reaching than anything pass nominees have proposed according to a new year
I'm survey of the campaigns? The positions reflect a hugely consequential shift. I'm one of the countries most politically divisive issues, every single candidate. The time surveyed supports codifying role. He weighed in federal law allowing Medicaid coverage of abortion by repealing the height amendments. Are your taxpayer dollars would pay for somebody else's abortion? It used to be the position of Democrats, including Joe Biden, who repeatedly vote for voted for it, the taxpayer dollars federal taxpayer dollars. She We spend on the killing of the unborn now every single day grant wants to change the law so that your taxpayer dollars can be bent on the killing of unborn babies and hence it wants to remove funding restrictions for organisations that provide abortion referrals. In other words, they want to restore all of the funding of the title. Ten funding for plan parenthood almost all of them say they would nominate only judges who support abortion rights it. I do find it amusing by the way that, if Republicans were to say, we will only support a judge who believes that the constitution does not protect abortion, everybody how dear they would their litmus test. Judges shouldn't have litmus test. Democrats are out, there may well being like if that judge right there. If I don't know that here,
going to be ok with us plunging scissors into the skull the nine month old baby. Well, then, You know I'm going to that judge cannot sit door. Arable has on saying is skull. Scissors baby had to tell him saying I'm saying very few: support restrictions on abortion late in pregnancy. Seventy abortion pillar, should be available over the counter. Nine want a federal approval process for state abortion laws, so they want that we'll government have to sign off on state abortion laws which violate principles of federalism. Joe Biden is seeking to recast himself as a full throated champion of abortion rights, Jacqueline airs. Vp for government relations in public policy plan. Parenthood says what you ve seen it That is no longer ok for any Canada Justice Data protrudes there being very specific. And how our rights are under attack. How access to abortion is being undermined in this country and putting forth plans to protect and expand rights. Now, there's only one problem with all of this, which is that the vessel Georgia, Americans want some restrictions on abortion, very few Americans are for
abortion on demand point birth: and it is obvious that the Democrats of abandoned the old language, the safe legal and rare language relief, which at least made democratic, pure ambivalent, about the moral qualms, around the killing of the unborn. Instead, the legs celebrate cheerier abortion according to the New York Times the most change beyond individual policies is how unapologetic candidates tone on abortion rights has become advocates of trade. Finally said they support the right to choose. Abortion, not the abortion itself and Democrats have said it should be safe. Legal and rare puppet Debate has commonly centred on procedures after twenty weeks gestation, which account for less than one point. Five percent of abortions Discussion has often been on opponents terms. Now every candidate says the next president should actively refrain that await their language. Focuses on healthcare bottle the autonomy and even at times the idea of abortion as a positive force enabling women to contain their lives and increase their economic security with warrants had in the last debate that abortion is healthcare.
Health care is a human right, and she argued that abortion rights were also economic rights. Pretty much everybody else avoided the language rare I said to be safe and legal, but not rare ass if they supported restrictions after twenty four weeks, which they six month old, baby when a healthy vetoes can survive outside the womb. Generally, every single oh, cried said, no, every single democratic Super Joseph Stack, who doesn't count, said no its absolute absurdity, but this is your new democratic party drag wins to defeat Trump people to judges, evil for suggesting that education Disparities are not entirely due to institutional discrimination, and also abortion should be safe and legal. All the way to point of birth This is your democratic party and the candidates are just awful they're, just terrible
in Burundi Sanders out their basically acknowledging he's gonna raise taxes on everybody, making more than twenty nine grand in the United States. We do Jonah's point for honesty to Bernie Sanders who points out that his plans require tat. Just to be raised on everybody fairly dramatically. What we will do have a four percent tax on income. Examining the first twenty nine thousand knows how I got you You better with me like that. I'm ok, so that that is that is not a great page, but go for it meant me. Well, I got Elizabeth worn out they're lying about her stories, so lose with worn, has turned out to be deeply inauthentic she still telling this lie- that she was fired for being visibly pregnant back in the nineteen seventy, despite the fact that there's contemporaneous documentation showing that she was unanimously offered it re up on her teaching contract and said previously. The reason the djinn continue discussion in view like doing it. She still telling this ridiculous story: the Jews fired for being visibly pregnant,
This is similar to her ridiculous story. They choose the first breastfeeding mother ever take the New Jersey borrowed sandwich. Of course. False here is Elizabeth, worn, saying things that aren't true by the end of the first year I was principally pregnant and the principal did, like principle stand in those states. Wish me luck and hired someone else for the job. Ok. Well, they visit just one of the one of the phibbs that she has been telling me. Available evidence, meanwhile, is another fact: she's been telling going. Chrissy Clark, Federalist, Senator Elizabeth Warn of Massachusetts, told the school trips activists last week. She's intricate stupid schools, but new records show that her son outworn, attended private schools and both of us taxes and have a four Pennsylvania, the near opposed reported that initially centres onto a private school in Austin, while she was, as a University of Texas Austin. But what else send her son to have offered school Pennsylvania, while she was teaching a university, a pen Alex I was born in nineteen, seventy six, so it is fifteen years old when he started have referred, and seventy years old at the time
the end of his time. There also a yearbook photo was submitted to the Federalist, The same happened, forlornness situation at the time about warns. Graduation was approximately eleven thousand dollars year. Warren told they school choice activist that she, their kids ones, public schools right a school trips activism. Sarah carpenters, had I read the children, want private schools and warranted by children once public schools, because worn is a liar. This is what she does, but this is your modern democratic party. Unfortunately, we'd better to have a couple of reasonable parties, but unfortunately we don't and the leading bleeding bleeding edge of the Democratic Party, still exist on college campuses, with idiots Michael Roth, who is the dean of Opera, of Wesley, in university as a peace at CNN, dot com today told what the Woke student and the welfare queen having common they're. Both myths- don't you see the present Wesley is every age seems to need a bogeyman, some negative image against which good people measurements
else. When I entered colleges of nineteen, seventy from welfare queen was being popularized by Ronald Reagan, as you campaign for president and was starting to be taken up by the mass media would soon go on upstage the outward commie and well worn dirty hippy as objects of vitriol in the area. Can political imagination self described break recent Americans had in welfare queen a new image against which to define themselves. There had long been in here the people scamming the government in one way or another contractors, overcharging politicians on the take crooked cops, but the top of the welfare queen was light nicely constructed to seep into a white american psyche already anxious in Eighteen: seventy nine navies about race, single mothers and an urban culture. The challenged more than a few mainstream myths says Michael wrought, the President Wesleyan University. Today, I'm a college president and a teacher at the school known for student activism, noticed a neutral by machine with rising potential as a national scapegoat is the politically correct, woke college students if the sin of the welfare queen or crazy laughing crafty laziness and promiscuity, the sins of the woke so
social justice warrior our leanest condescension and a failure to connect to the needs of real people. Well, so far that their description seems fairly onto me, like the welfare queen, the walk student atavistic is: convenient type, one united others in opposition to what they imagine is wrong. With the country young workpeople have aroused choreographed, indignation of leaders is different as presidents Donald Trump and Brok Obama, by the way there's an entire peace over the weekend. It believes in the New York Times trying to characterize Barack Obama is a conservative. That's how far left the democratic parties moved literally call Barack the progenitor, nationalized healthcare and the creator Obamacare the man behind a massive stimulus package, the man behind heavy regulations. The virtually every hour every american life, a man behind pusillanimous foreign policy that Undercoat America's allies in the world that guy they call them. Conservative. That's our left! A democratic moved, apparently
into this president, over at Wesleyan University, very bad. We shouldn't talk about the evils of woke college students who says denouncing College students, be they long haired protesters in the nineteen sixties, environmentalist tree hunger the ninety nineties or the pronoun polices today is bound to please and a number of circles like the welfare queens of your. The stereotype of the work Social Justice warrior only concerned with cancelling other people is a politically useful. If wildly misleading figure know what nobody wants to fit. This description, and in my experience very few actually do. Well, though you are, you are just one of the people was making excuses for them? You allow the students to take over the university anytime. You, please is a sure there are cases of student protestors who anger. We denounce practices, the previous generations thought or emblematic of fairness or free expression soon. Newspapers in north western and harbour criticized within last month for illicit soliciting east and from ice in the case of the Harvard Crimson ever track next June activist for their statements on a disruptive protest in the case of a date of the daily northwestern. In both cases, some of the young journalists were.
Get off garden, wanted to apologize to their fellow students and left them quickly. Pounce upon by pundits all balancing council met. While s attention was paid, to those other students at the newspapers who defended young journalists, reporting practices and their editorial autonomy. It turns out. There is a healthy debate and newsrooms. After all, since conversations about race, the economy by a sexual assault, climate change or the winner takes all economy all tend to involve strong emotions and challenging complexity. Sometimes people complain they dont want speak up because they fear being criticized or stigmatize, but they should recognise their fear. Isn't somebody else's fault, isn't a sign of their environments, political correctness or hostility toward free expression. Their fear of speaking out is just a sign. They need more courage for requires courage to stay engaged with difference or Alternatively, if you're a conservative on college campuses, you very often will face discrimination from professors and administrators will face the hatred of your fellow students and social exclusion of your fellow students and that's kind of an ugly thing on college campuses that are supposed to be promoting free,
each. By the way I ve been shouted down. A number of universities have had friends in the past couple of weeks, been shouted down at universities. This notion that woke college just there to enrich the debate is nonsense. Its nonsense, there's a difference between good, hearted liberal, must have a conversation and the Wolf Social Justice left warriors want to ensure that the conversation is never had. It is. These scapegoats are meant to inspire solidarity in a group by providing an object for its hostility, an educator and civic leaders should not play along says be, as has Michael Roth of Leslie and instead of arousing easy antipathy, they should strive to cultivate the robust exchange ideas across differences, Yes, I am sure that Wesleyan will be hosting all sorts of conservatives to have open conversations about these issues. I look forward to speaking at West Lynne with the with the go ahead of the administration by what is of the same idiot, who wrote a piece in the New York Times in August, called don't dismiss, say.
Spaces. Talking about the universe is primary obligation is to provide a safe space for students. So simple, he's pretending that walk students wanted to eight. He suggesting that a debate itself undermines their say spaces. Man to the left is moving left. An extraordinary ray and they are going to weave the voting public behind already time. For a quick thing, I like and then a quick thing that I hate so things that I like these Chris prep. The actor has a really cool go for me that he's got going. It's called the tomorrow. It's called the good a visit to visit Chris Pratt on the set of the two our word and check it out. A go find me dont come basically, he is raising a bunch of money for the brain treatment foundation, which is a viable once you three non profit organisations dedicated to providing support for brain health initiatives relating to treatment, rehab research and public education. This organisation is specifically designed to serve american com veterans whose lives have been severely impacted by traumatic, brain injury plus, if you give you a chance to when and visit Pratt.
The on the set of the tomorrow war in the Lancet, Georgia sat super cool, so go check. It out gives him charity. It's pretty neat again to go, find me and you can find it under when a trip to visit Chris Pratt on the set of the to Morrow or pre brick will cost already time, for a quick thing that I hate. My gaze thing that I hate number one. Yet you have to acknowledge that the same media that are pushing idea the dragons are gonna take down from they may have lost touch with reality. Let me give you an example Jones. Wash over its aligned, icon lost touch with reality a long time ago. She freaked out yesterday. Why? Because president from brought Conan, The world's most famous George, you, the White House content, of course, of the dog that helped chase down all by Daddy leader of ISIS before he blew himself up Joan, launch tweeted that she was upset by how President Trump tweet treated the dog. She said this is terrifying.
Tromp Maloney exude coolness to Conan the hero dog, the exude coolness? Don't you understand from short of interest? the dog jump over him and lick enemy. It should have been like an out take from Lassie Maloney, whose coat is slightly Mc Cobb to me, but others may find it lovely moves away from Conan multiple times. Oh you mean that that Millennia doesn't want you get. Dirty from the dog, unjust confusion that it's scary, if millennia isn't like Riding the dog around Joan, washes trunk. Tells you how incredible this particular type of dog is repeatedly, but it clearly can't remember the name of the breed or other detail He tells us, you really wanted the dog to be muzzled, which tells you about his fear. Ok, really that seriously journals. So he can remember the breed of dog and this evil, and also he he's fearful of the dark continent is a tough cookie. We learn
nothing about his breed from repeatedly jokes about seeking the dog on journalists. Also again his command of language rivals, maybe a five year old, terrifying, terrifying to understand Trump said stuff. Dog, now more than a remember, when the media were very upset at the edge of the two was even going to have the dog to the White House and then, from his actual, have the dog in the White House. You tweet it out a meal that we made of him giving a metal to the dog and the media were like fact, he hasn't given a mental. Do a dog fact jack. That's not true from actually brought it down to the White House. Apparently he did give em cooked and join was loses her believe over it, because everything is incredibly but so well done Joan loss of time for one more thing that AIDS or EO see who, when she not attending drag queen events at Kennedy Centre is speaking idiotically about economic chosen economics from Boston University, which really does not say a lot for Boston University. Here is a Yossi trying to explain Republic good is unfailing dramatically.
The thing about it is that we deserve it, because it's a handout that people got to say all this stuff free stuff. Shaking had head, and that means that she's very serious about this. Ok she's talking here about free College for college, not a public, good and public good is defined by two particular factors: one is non rivalry and one is not exclude ability. Now
rivalries means. My use of the public good does not diminish your use of the polar ice water found. It doesn't stop you from using a lot of him. None non exportable means. I can't stop you from using the water fountain right, so that presumably is public good road a good example. The public good I can stop you from using it, and also my use of the road does not diminish your use of the road. You not a free college. Education has in common with that. Nothing, nothing because it serves you and I don't get it right. Your education does not have anything to do with me. It is not a shared good, it is exclusive to you. It is your education It is this just it's an absurdity, but again her understanding of economic rival only by her knowledge of foreign policy, which is to say she has not already we'll be back here,
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Romena Heron make up this by just one overall reduction assistant Nick. She him the bench Shapiro Show is a daily where production, copyright daily. Why or twenty nineteen President Trump gives Conan the terrorist chomping canine killing machine a plaque in the metal at the White House on the same day that he signed sweeping animal cruelty legislation and while Conan is the goodest boy, country. The law is very bad. We will examine our broken moral compass, all that and a lot more check it out on the Michael notion
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