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2020-01-02 | 🔗

Iranian forces attack the American embassy in Iraq, anti-Semitic attacks become commonplace in New York City, and Democrats continue to push impeachment. Can't get enough of The Ben Shapiro Show? Enjoy ad-free shows, live discussions, and more by becoming an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: https://dailywire.com/Shapiro

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Iranian forces attack the american embassy in Iraq. Anti semitic attacks become commonplace in York, city and Democrats contain to push impeachment happy new year, I'm Bench bureau. This is the venture Barroso the bench of Euro show is sponsored by Express Vps, protect your online privacy today and express Vps outcomes. Lifeline great thing to do in the new year, well happy new year to your hope that you had a wonderful vacation if you are able to take a vacation, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, great Hanukkah happen. New year and we're back, and you know what that means. It's time for an international emergency soap over Iraq, things integrating integrating fairly quickly. That is because the government of Iraq has always been torn between these sectarian divide, Sunni and share. This had been true for a very long time the aftermath of Saddam Hussein's fall and the disbanding of the iraqi military sex and violence, obviously started to take root in Iraq. In recent there is an attempt by the United States to help bring together a government that would both fight off ISIS
and that would resist IRAN that has proved to be harder than expected, simply because a runs influence in the region has tremendous we tremendously grown, and that is in large part thanks to the fact that the Obama administration decided to basically make room for the iranian and now you're. Seeing all these members, the media of these members of the left, who are suggests that its president from fault that iranian in terrorist attempted to storm the: U S embassy or the last three or four days, their friends just the visit because from our policy on IRAN. No, this is because, when you appease a power like IRAN, their power grow and they are able to stage events like this one and this issue very different views of foreign policy and something that we ought to take note of, because there is This tendency inside the right to be isolationist as well and his use of foreign policy. One suggests that the role of the it states in the world should be basically we stay within our own borders. We wait to be hit. If we are hit, then we lash out and sort of quick fashion, and then we retreat by
inside our own borders and that the outside world has nothing to do with us in. This was America's foreign policy for large swaths of time up until the beginning of the twentieth century, essentially, and then there's the other view, which is that the world has become a very, very small place and what that means, is that when things happen abroad, eventually they are going to end up as being threats to the United States since one of the goals of the US military, one of the goals of american foreign policy is to quash threats before they occur, is to make sure that we can minimize the possibility of risk growing and so to take an example. There are two use that were prevalent in the United States in the nineteen thirty in the lead up to World WAR Too- and this is none of this- is meant to suggest that we're about to go to or with run which we are not yet, but There are two views in the nineteenth recently after world war. To view number one was. The old sort of isolation is you, and this was predominant in the United States. It is the view of the of the Republican Party. It was the view of populist like found a Catholic. It was the view of many people who suggested that the United States basically had no role in the world. If
chaos over a miracle, that was that there was a Europe problem. If there is chaos, over between Japan and China, that was really Japan and China. I wasn't really: U S problem and then that problem started to arrive on America's front doorstep and back doorstep as it turns out, and then Pearl harbor habits. Now what was interesting about the reaction? of the United States to pro harbours that we immediately got our back up and we re Now that our role in the world has changed, because the fact is that the United States pretty easily could have come to some sort of accommodation with it. Companies that would have allowed them to maximize the regional power even after a Pearl harbor effect it possible. That's what the japanese government thought was going to happen. But the United States was not going to go to full scale war with Japan. Even Pearl Harbor, because isolationist sentiment was so strong men, so they fell like ok off. We hit and maybe they'll back off, but get us out, in the United States got it back up and instead United States ends up defeating Japan and occupying Japan for the next eighty years. United States does the same thing. With regard to Germany, where the America
America's role in the world fundamentally changes, because we recognise after world war to that, is no more of this. We can retreat within our borders, and everybody will leave us alone. Will that is only become worse overtime. Every so often reminded of this nine eleven we reminded that we can the Middle EAST alone, we can basically having light footprint in the Middle EAST. We in that region of the world has not much to do with us, and they will not stop there. From hating us a morning to attack us, I'm going to kill american citizens there are two ways of viewing american military response to. Events like this one is in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, which killed on the order of two thousand Americans that, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, American and entered a war in which two hundred thousand american were killed. Right in, World war two. Was that a disproportionate response in some way, I think there are some isolationist would argue yes, Pappy Cannon ring, for example, a sort of argued. Yes, the same thing has happened in the aftermath of nine eleven. There is the argument that was made that they, yes, they kill
three thousand of our citizens. But then we ve been involved in wars. They ve killed more american troops that more America Groups have died in those worth, but this fundamentally the states, the role of the american military and the role of America in the world- and that is the aim I can military people sign up its it, particularly now to volunteer military. These are heroes were signing up to defend America's freedom. There not signing up in order to be paid to sit, the base in Georgia not why they sign up and to treat them as children to treat our soldiers is left likes to do a sort of ponds and political games where any time somebody says, we need to use troops to defend our embassy in Baghdad, for example, then, let's as well how the troops. Are you willing to put at risk? Wasn't that's a fine question, but it's not a fine question. If you do it every single time. We talk about using military force in defence of american assets abroad so we have to decide what we want America's role in the world to be and also You have to be realistic about the fact that if America retreat from certain areas of the world other forces take over if IRAN
over Iraq, frantic supercilious around six over eleven on a foreign six over, given that has significant ramifications for american foreign policy, not just in terms of the economy and shutting down the streets, foremost, but in terms of actual security, policy. The fact is, the iranian government is the chief sponsor of worldwide terror on planet earth. Right now, if you running take over the region that maximizes russian aggression, russian power, which has ramifications for Europe. If the Chinese are working with the Russians and with the iranian and a maximum as is trainees power at the expense of american power in the world. Economics is not a zero sum game, but foreign policy to a certain extent is in fact easier or some game and when America pulls back, it is not that this becomes a vacuum. Is that that vacuum is very quickly filled, so they're gonna be people who today tomorrow, as we come back into the new year. Argue that all of this is happening in Iraq, because the United States ought to take more isolationist view toward the world that all this has happened to China and Russia, if we just leave them alone, the leave us alone, but that is
the reality, the reality is that if we leave off stuff alone. All we are doing is emboldened in May hunger and then, when conflict does occur, we are facing down a much stronger enemy right now. One of the things that that is, occurring from some sort of the old Obama acolytes. There's enough. If we had just left to run along- and we just continue to pay off IRAN will then around wouldn't be. When IRAN wouldn't be his violent right now with America now first well, that's not true. I mean IRAN is restored people for the deaths of literally thousands of american service people in Iraq is so the Iranians have not been our friend for for quite a while, going all the way back to the mullahs. Nineteen, seventy nine, but there's this case, that's being aid by the Obama contention that, if we just paid them off, everything will be fine and its trump harsh stand the Iranians that is causing them to get violent? Ok, go back to nineteen, forty and the and the Munich accords, and things here self or nineteen thirty nine. In Munich accords thirty eight thirty eight to meet at the oars and think yourself what it. What would have happened if, after the Munich accords, but before Hitler violates the Munich Accords, Churchill is elected.
And then Churchill takes a very strong stand and then Hitler starts attacking the countries surrounding him. Isn't it true that people on the left within have blamed Churchill, His strong stand against the Germans for provoking appeasement looks good until the point at which the appease are stepped on. The promise people foresee that, and they let somebody who is no longer going to appease it's easy for people on the left and for isolation is too to suggest that it's the intransigence of strong, old people standing up against evil. That is the cause of the evil being evil, and that's never true. Iranian government has been evil for forty years. Indeed, the German It was evil before Churchill was elected and before Churchill took over the gun and the Chamberlain government collapsed. You'd evil doesn't need an excuse to be evil we'll get into what actually occur in your. My president, from is doing the right thing in IRAN and what foreign policy ought to look like there. Nobody is calling for over war. I was in its one thousand times today. No one wants war with IRAN. No one
once in open conflict with IRAN. There are things we can do short of that open conflict to stop them from pursuing this aggressive policy in the region and putting more Americans risk in creating a stronger IRAN to be used against their own citizens and, more importantly, against America's other allies around the Middle EAST and America herself will get to that in just one second, first, let us talk about something that you need going into the new year, because the thing you need going to be comfortable down Love you, let's face it we're going into the new year. I know its most oppressed, daddy it raining today after new year. You got all your resolutions in order and you know you're gonna fail, but one thing is for certain: you need to be comfortable where Accounts- and this is why you require Tommy John Tommy John obsesses, over every little detail in such by using proprietary fabrics. It perform like nothing. You have ever worn before as well. Alt Tommy, Johns Men's and women's underwear, sport, a nobody guarantee, comfortable, stay, put waistband and arrange it airports that are luxuriously soft, feather light, moisture women. Breathable in design and with you not against you. That means no bunching and no riding up time in China,
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sort of the iraqi outlet there's. The iraqi outlet of husband, sponsored by the iranian Coots force, which is a wing of their revolutionary guard, cause Blah, has thousands of rockets pointed in Israel and Lebanon. Hezbollah has a significant role in the conflict in Syria. Law is one of the worst terrorist groups on the planet. It is labelled as such by the American State Department in by Creasy number of european countries. And if the Europeans level some somebody from the from the Middle EAST a terrorist, then its affair, we could try to their national terrorist group after secondary tens. As the american embassy in Baghdad. Thousands of pro iranian demonstrators dispersed on Wednesday ending a siege that a trap, American diplomats in the embassy compound overnight winding down a potentially explosive crisis for the Trump administration. The demonstrators had swarmed outside the embassy chanting, death to America, In your terms, by the way, originally term, these people mortars, which shows you wear their heads, are at what happily, where they supposedly morning there were morning the fact that the I did states had attacked Hezbollah
campaigns in Syria and Iraq, because these are places from which cause bluff there had been going out and trying to kill Americans in american allies, in contrast, Tuesday, when some damage Traders forced their way into the compound and set some of the outbuildings and, furthermore, demonstrators demonstrators. Don't break into embassies and set on fire. Those are called terrorists, crowd on Wednesday, with smaller no protesters breach the compounds gates. When the demonstrators, largely members of iranian back militias, angered by deadly american airstrikes over the weekend, I do love it when they suggest that their angered Doubly american efforts you until then there were nice guys, but then it was that the United States attack in terror bases, and there are like old man, I'm so pissed up until this, I was just like your nose, normal terrorist. I wasn't really go an embassy or something, but now that you killed my terrorist friends now, I'm like a super, really try and angry terrorist ethical burn crap. Alternatively, these were terrorists who are looking or an excuse to go and do something bad, and so
I see the walls of the embassy and this force Americans inside the embassy, inside the embassy. They D, the american military to fire, tear gas into The crowd when the demonstrators reach the roof of the burned reception building a Wednesday american security forces, including marine reinforcements sent by the Pentagon the day before fire tear gas to drive them back we can see from the video mean, these are people who are arriving with battering rams in weapons, we're all the females remedies. Your demonstrators? Have you seen a single female wiser than these? Are all military aged males we're carrying Hezbollah flags? Could it be that there really terrorists and so sick of the media. Bring for terrorism, pretending that just demonstrators, it's insane? The full withdrawal came for leaders of the iranian back malicious would organise the demonstration called on the crowd to leave and most group Julie, drifted away on foot or drove off in trucks, The leaders later announced their agreements withdraw was condition on a commitment from Iraq. Prime Minister, IVO Ahmadi support to move ahead with legislation to force american troops. Draw from Iraq's Ahmadi had been protests by thousands of iraqi citizens who said
he's in Thrall to the iranian nobody's caught between a couple between a rock and a hard place. Basically, a large part of his country issue a huge percentage that parliament issue many where's, the government, are shia, many of them are in Thrall to IRAN me while he is a vast sunni population as well. This I want the Americans to leaves that IRAN can help over on Iraq. The Sunnis want. Americans to stay said America cannot protect them against the Iranian. Now, if your American What role do we have in all of this, while the rule is to base we keep the peace in the region and to keep the peace because of the Iranian over on Iraq and they'd, now run all territory between Afghanistan and the and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and they did run, everything basically ranging all the way as far EAST as part of Afghanistan, and then always far West Lebanon and is far South Yemen, and by working in coordination with the Russians and the Chinese. So if you worry about, Europe has a place in the world and therefore impossible. Possibility of major war breaking out here's the thing war breaks out for us
I'd have reasons, but one of those reasons is when your enemies think they are stronger than you, and they take advantage of that strength right now. America's enemies recognised Erica does not want to go to war with anybody, and so they are pushing at the borders are pushing. This is what Putin has been doing he didn't Crimea? He did it in Georgia has been pushing consistently. The Iranians are pushing consistently. The Chinese are pushing consistency, consistent with their basically using the old stalinist tactic of push where its mush Brandon push until until the much stops basically of the question is: when is America's back going to get up with all this president Trump is saying right now like this. This bleep ends right now, its ability to deploy militias to blockade american diplomats inside the embassy. For most of today's made clear how much power they wheeled within the iraqi government, according to the american government, the iraqi government into enough at the very getting to defend America's embassy in Iraq that sovereign american territory. According to your times, but a sixteen year, american effort to establish government friendlier to western interests at a cost of more than
one trillion dollars in five thousand american lives. Iraq's leaders and up in opposition to the american air strikes and its security forces allowed the militias to reach the american diplomatic compound. Ok, that is not because the government is Anti American is because the government is in Thrall to the Iranians, and that is because merit. Has lessened its footprints in Iraq and its of urine Iraq and your betting on the future of the who do, you think, has more staying power, the Iranian for the Americans. If I may, I really should listen. We're not going anywhere would stay here until this thing is locked downward, LISA provided to help you need, and so thing is locked down against IRAN. Then the iraqi government would probably be a lot more forthcoming in terms of the resources they provide to the american government debts the american government is staying, is saying by the way? It is also true that consistent about an unwillingness to confront the IRAN, an aggression over the past year and a half read the Iranians firing on ships in the straits of hormones, Iranian shooting down American drone America, Basics doing very little. It's a passing a few sanctions thereon
are pushing where they think that its mush, while the motion has now ended, we'll get to president from response to all this, which is the correct response in media. No, it's the correct response, which is why they are frustrated by we'll get to all of that in just one. Second, first, let us talk about making your employment better dont, let what happened to me happened to you, I'm just kidding mostly, but let's say that you had a producer for your show and this producers like key to the show and that's it- was your very first day back you're very first day back in a brand new year when most important days of the year, I must say that this producers, like you, know what it's ashore week I'm just taken. I would say that we were given: let's inflict Rebecca or something and she's just like you know what I have other things to do today, and so you got no potent flying Michigan like that, can cause great but where's Rebecca. Let's say that you are looking for better employees. Well, you would be looking to zip recruiter right now: zipper cooler, dot com, slash daily Wire,
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This was in the same vein, dancing to the media. Immediately started well. This is from spend gauzy. What's ironic about this. Is that the same He declared the Benghazi was not problem in the first place and increasing the amount administration handled the brilliantly while Barack Obama's off partying and people were dying When does the embassy in Libya in two thousand twelve and Hillary Clinton was lying, that she had the chance that this was completely unexpected and was a protest that went awry in response to a Youtube video when it was in fact a terror assault and that her state Department had turned down security requests rhythm, the media, cutting there's no scandal in Benghazi, like none at all. There is no cover up. There is no scandal, it wasn't. Susan Rice and the Obama illustration repeatedly lines the american people which they did when they got MSNBC joy read this is this is true spend gauzy well, but I thought that Obama's Benghazi really a big deal and we had drawn was literally making fun of corn, Benghazi conspiracy. There is anyway, DR retreated out as transparent, Benghazi unfold in Iraq, Ok, but ok, I'm glad to see that guy's came round on Benghazi was bad things that that's exciting president from came out into the guys it
Ain't gonna, be a Benghazi, has guess what I'm not Obama Very well. The breeze game. So great worries you a fantastic job, and I were there instantaneously, says weird: I use the word immediately became immediately reaching. This will not be a bad guys guys. You should never have happened. Never ever be able to see where we have some readers warriors standing out in every day. Peace through strain in president from embodying it here he's apparently thinking about deploying Four thousand troops to the Middle EAST in order to protect America's assets abroad at this is, in fact, the right move, a precision withdrawal would drive terrorism, it will drive the rise of our enemies. Again, you will hear calls on the isolationist right, for example, that sort of withdrawal suggesting that now would be a great time to get out again. That is eight. That is a short term view. The nice thing about being. The fact is, the counterfactual is always very useful to you, because the fact is most them,
and they're not willing when America's enemies run roughshod I know not willing, when America's enemies run roughshod over swathes of the globe and then strengthen themselves. So it's easy to point. You costs that have already occurred. Those customs have to occur, but the counterfactual, which is ok. What? If America you just withdrew and all of these can He's got stronger and then started launching terror attacks in Ireland, economic attacks because that does not occur because of actions like President drums dwell then, we. The isolationist with the argument that the cost it actually were incurred were bad The counterfactual is always a lot easier than the actual real time costs of things that are being done right now according to box, news? The? U S, army is any seconds airborne divisions ALERT Brigade has been worse in a play rapidly to Kuwait. Amid the unreal in Baghdad through Eu Us defence officials, told Fox NEWS on Tuesday at least seven hundred fifty paratrooper. Are set to deploy to the region immediately. According to defence Secretary Mark Esper, the alert brigade of roughly four thousand paratroopers known as the division Ready Brigade has been told to prepare for a post
well deployment in the days ahead. After hundreds of iranian back militiamen try to storm the: U S, embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday, we actually have video of yours helicopters arriving the attack. Helicopters arriving in Baghdad suffices say who's shortly thereafter, that iranian malicious at guys, I think they Boucher pull back there no kidding. You should pull back because it turns out that America, our fire power, is pretty extraordinary and that that is an Helicopter arriving in saying, hey guys, we're here to find what you know my comparison, various studies as well not backing down we're not going to give in to terrorist demands any plans to evacuate the embassy in Baghdad, Sir, none any plans while some of the five thousand? U S, troops in Iraq out none, we put real pressure on. Lemme propelled the Koran we will continue to do so they saw the president said day. I will continue to the Islamic Republic of IRAN Accountable aware,
we find their malign activity and we'll make sure we have the resources to do so. Now, if you're, the Iranians, all you want to do is maintained the pressure long enough that a democratically elected at which point the United States presumably would go back to trying to bribe the Iranian into what peace into decency. As a thing, that's not going to happen by the way that our protest against the iranian influence on the iraqi government there, just not being covered by the media? That's another point that my palm pale was making me will mark s privacy, material defence as that IRAN or proxy forces may be planning further strikes on american interests in the Middle EAST, and the US is prepared to take pre emptive military action if it gets sufficient warning according to Esper, so the game has changed or prepared to do what is necessary. Then our personnel and our interests and our others in the region. Ellison. No one wants a false a Iranian, but you know who doesn't wonderful you were the most the Iranian, because if there's a full scale war, the first people died. Mullahs, and this thing goes to full scale war. The first people who have their heads come right off. Their bodies are the mullahs
and they know it. So what they're doing right now is there pushing and their pushing in their pushing and there are pressing their own population and they are launching low level terrorist salt when they are doing all of in the hope that they will drive America out of the Middle EAST in the same way that the North Vietnamese, the Congress of the United States out of Vietnam and that allowed for a spread of communist tyranny in that region, they are looking for the same thing to happen here. The differences that President Trump is President right now and the chances that he's going to pull out precipitously. Are extremely extremely low as well. They should be there things the united, Can you, beyond economic sanctions by the way and striking terror bases, is one of those things hitting act? Belarus is one of those things that can be done with pretty much zero cost from the air, which is The reason he saw these demonstrators court on called from the New York Times whence raiders, depending on the embassies, because America did strike a series of terrorist encampments and was very successful. The United States does have an interest in ensuring safety and security for America and her allies in her interests in the region.
It'll be interesting to see how these arguments play because Trump does have the sort of isolationist streak, but he is all not somebody who's going to run away from all of us. Meanwhile, watching the watching, the Obama administration, sycophants, like Ben roads come out and talk about terrible trumpets is just right. Minor. How awful Obama was the fact that IRAN has been emboldened in the region because of the Obama administration promptly, well did the bottom line is that what he is doing is going to mean a lot more than what you saying right, deploying those troops. What he's doing is going to mean a lot more than what he is saying right, deploying those troops making sure that our our assets are safe and secure over there. All that, A lot of sense. It is worth noting. The Brok Obama welcomed the leader of the US embassy attack to the White House back in two thousand and eleven and whose criticized for it at that. Because a person was seen as an iranian proxy. Even then, ok. At its foreign policy crisis number one that is facing the Trump administration, but it is not
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His rage in IRAN has been to push them all as to box them in to cut off their economic lifelines to weaken them from within largely been successful, which is why you are seeing the the iranian government last in every direction, as they desperately attempted to fend off the the protests. There have been rolling throughout their country. For the what six to nine months in North Korea, the United States has taken the opposite, maybe sort of opposite tat and that has been to train wool Kim Jong. Il impersonal have been very critical of attack of thought that if it has been a waste of time, North Korea, when each and every day there not a trustworthy partner according to families, naughty riding over a daily wire north, grin as it has a new strategic weapon and Kim Jong IL implants to deploy it soon. According to the Associated Press, North Korea, as it has a new strategic weapon that will done the world with shocking action. North korean dictator, controlling
plants and apply the weapon soon, as we have challenging the: U S: is nuclear weapons superiority Kim Jong Il Una pierced me using this as a bargaining chip install trade talks with the Trump administration. This is always the tactic of the North Koreans, which has to threaten action, fire missiles. Basically, fast until you get, we want create a situation and then suggest that it can be resolved only by America cutting a track. It has not worked to the benefit of the United States or to the benefit of people of North Korea for decades. At this point, wild work with IRAN is beyond me. The left wants to see the north korean model, applied for its funding to watch the media and others because Trump is taken is really by forgetting approach to IRAN, North Korea. They won't endorse either strategy. Someone from takes this very soft tat with North Korea, which at least is mildly, more justified. Then it would be with withdrawn simply because IRAN doesn't have nuclear weapons, yet North Korea already does, which means that that you have to treat them with a little bit more care than you would with regard to IRAN,
but when it comes to North Korea, the media's, like all look at this trumpets, sycophantic kissing, asked with with North Korea and then when it comes to IRAN, where it where president from is taking a very harsh line, not why isn't he sycophantic? We kissing ass moments, like Barack Obama did that's gotta pick one either you treat America's enemies with harshness and its peace through strength? And it's you set up barriers and rules or it's none of the above you gotta pick. You can just randomly suggested Goodwin Brok about it as a bad one trumped. Does it that's not the way any of this works, the appeal reports that that moon says he will soon reveal a new strategic weapon to the world as it bolsters its nuclear deterrent in the face of put with gangster, like: U S, pressure in the trumpet The situation has been trying to negotiate with North Korea for years. President from season to deal with the road communist nation as a potential hallmark of his term just a few short years ago, trumpeted managed to secure and had proliferation treaty with North Korea halting at the time North Korea's pursuit of nuke
their weapons and development by CBS. But North Korea is not actually abided by any of those agreements. President from dismissed, grandma creates a no no we're getting along gray, which of course, are not true hears president from saying it. I have a very good relationship with young I know he's sending out certain messages about Christmas presents an obvious Christmas present beautiful eyes. That's what I like. I was supposed to something else he likes me, I, like him, we get along from visiting he's got my country we have to do. We have no that's ok if Kim Jong IL in central alibis big. What's this does wasted buys here you mean another stupid Vaz DA thousand, but without said, is the issue. Policy. With regard to North Korea, the smartest nobody's there really great policy available in North Korea. The answer, of course, is no immunity.
Mary. Louise North Korea doesn't have regional aspirations are in North Korea we somewhat main somewhat contain. The same is not true of rum. Meanwhile, over in New York city attacks on Jews continue a pace we saw over the Christmas vacation over the Hanukkah, the winter vacation. We saw an attack during Connachar at a at a house that was next to ashore in in Brooklyn. It was an attack on on machete attack by a a guy had been let out of jail early. Yet a criminal history and it five people, including the rabbi of this particular show this was only the latest in a spate of attacks urban, a bunch of attacks over the last month, over last several weeks and the image of the EU see that we have a mash up a bunch of videos of the attacks from closer kittv, pretty frightening stuff. You can see that you just being chased out in the middle of the street and and beaten up currently held the ground punched you can see. That
This sort of stuff is happening pretty much every day, rule overtly religious views that are being targeted disproportionately by people who happen to be minority, I mean they're, doing it because their minority, but it is worthwhile, putting this one of the reasons media not covering it. There's jewish by walking down the street a Judge magazine why Waddington's friggin clock from behind by by a young person of colored appears. The other reason that race is relevant in this conversation is because the media specifically only talk about anti semitic attacks when they are white supremacy. The reasons are not talking about these anti semitic attacks is because they are not against secularized Jews with Leftwing Valley, Is there against religious orthodox Jews in your city and they are being perpetrated by members of the interest, hierarchy. That is the reason why the media refuses to cover all the New York Times admitted as much back in two thousand eighteen when they said that even there is a massive spike, an anti semitic attacks in the city has been ongoing for years. At this point, they said that they had failed to cover it, because a quote refused to conform to an easy narrative would sing ideological enemy. The fact is, the media review
to take the stuff furiously, specifically because of the nature of the victims, religious Jews, who do not hold leftwing values and the nature of the measures, disproportionately young minority males J Tapir could not this one, Jake hampers on CNN use, talking with very wise engine constant, and here is Jake. Explaining correctly that the media response it definitely would have been different if white supremacist had committed. This kind of oh. This is kind of a sensitive question, but do you think The reaction by politicians and the media would be any different if these recent anti semitic attacks had and committed by white supremacist, instead of who they were committed by ideal, and the reason for that is because it took a man and walking in with the machete the size of a broomstick for there to be any problem, outrage during the holidays, Hanukkah near that, of course,
True, it is also true that the Jersey City attack disappeared from names from newspapers, and not only that was covered by mainstream newspapers as a response to gentrification, with Jews coming in and offering to buy apartment from black folks in Jersey, city The fact is, the media only cover Anti Semitism one is convenient to their narrative, but Anti Semitism comes from a wide variety of sources, including disproportionately in terms of opinion. Black Americans are disproportionately smet compared to other, she'll sub groups of Americans, according to the anti defamation again only relevant, because what you are seeing in New York City is disproportionately. This hacks taking place from members of minority communities gave it. That is we're white supremacist thing. The media would be covering it because it is uncomfortable to talk about the fact that there is disproportionate anti semitism. Among african Americans in the United States. The media simply refuse to cover it up. Rose and wrote for Tablet magazine back in July, twenty nineteen about Jus hatred, New York correctly noted quote the victims are most outwardly identifiable, I e religious rob.
In Secularize Jews. The perpetrators have been recorded unceasingly. He cameras are overwhelmingly blackened hispanic. The media, therefore, doesn't want to cover all of this because cuts directly against the suppose. It alliance of intersection, salad in which all minority groups, our ally against the white superstructure left just ignores the wrong type of anti summit. And so the same media that will that will derive great joy. Suggesting the present from most pro Israel present in the history of the United States is actually is an anti semite, the same media that will pretend that as an inference executive order for campus, designed to protect using the same way that it protects blacks on american campuses are actually a medic will will suggest that it is perfectly right to cover the fact that Brok Obama sat in Jeremiah Rights Church for twenty years, while Jeremiah right spewed Anti Semitism? He did for two decades. We notice it democratic candidate we suggest that Trump has emboldened anti Semites will now make pilgrimage. They have been doing this rightly scenes from people to judge he made pilgrimage to EL sharpen in actual antics.
Might who is involved in the incitement. Allegedly involved in the incitement of two separate aunt, semitic riots in your city and now has shown MSNBC, so, yes, the identity of the victims, matters, and so does the identity of the victimized. The same commentators will police report for mentioning George Soros Sophie George Soros is in a force, an american politics which, by the way he is he does very bad things in american politics than those it Anti Semitism intervention, George Soros, if by the you mention anything about rightwing, jewish donors. If you mentioned something about about, Shall Madison, then, obviously, that's not anti semitic. That's just U critiquing money in politics, but if you do about George Soros accounting medic and then noticed, excuse open, Anti Semitism from retreated to leave, and I had Omar by the way The statement that I made about disproportionate, Anti Semitism, said the black community that supported by a consistent pulling done by the anti definition, like every single year, if you're, not gonna Anti Semitism whenever you see it you're doing it wrong, but the media,
not interested in doing it because for them is just a tool It was then, is it in his latest bade him. Semitic. Attacks in New York is perfect example of this I'll get you more than just a second first. Let's talk about the fact that one of the most important things in the context of marriage, particularly, is your sex life, We obviously this super important, but it can be sometimes awkward to discover if you got a problem with your sex life. Well, you got a problem. You really ought to go fix it. It you're dealing with a condition like a reptile dysfunction or hairless recalled source. It should get treatment Aesop, it's not always comfortable or something you want to do. They should take care of it both for you and your partner. That's why our friends at Roman have spent years building a digital platform that connects you with doktor licensed in your state. All from the comfort of your home Roman makes it convenient to get the treatment you need on your schedule. You just grab your phone or computer. You complete a free online visit and you'll hear back from. U S license physician within twenty
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off until Monday January sixth joined today say informed on all things: twenty: twenty with promo code D, W twenty twenty four twenty percent off until Monday Ok, so the the- issue on Anti Semitism, again being treated as a as a political football by the left, because this is what the political left enjoys doing. Apparently so. And sat by undergrad blamed President Trump the situation in Europe to try to excuse Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York and the plaza the mayor of New York and she blamed President Trump in the process for the fact that the blog who claim that there was no anti semitic problem. Like five weeks ago after the Jersey City attack, he suggested Well, maybe Anti Semitism has reached the doorstep of Nero setting. No, it's been there for a very long time. You just don't care about it, because it's coming in a form that you wish not to recognise Andrew Cuomo, who came out at all these issues, it has to do with the general tone and tenor of politics, our country trying to blame for
something happening in his own state european in some fine, a gradual something we have not seen the? U S, government addressed the lessons of countering extremism in really is He way, and I do not understand why President Trump has the authority and the ability to call together hole of government approach on on this issue, and his failed to do so do so well, concurrently, on four only really propagating some anti semitic narrative also use it. So you see some held the. I guess the people were beating up. Jews in Winesburg are actually trump supporters. Shocker who didn't Seattle coming all beyond You really do not see that coming, but probably the pair of goods who flashed a knife. Accordingly, posters. They yelled, hey, Jew boy, Brooklyn Teen over the weekend spewing that hate continual victim walking on avenue, owner eighth street. Apparently there was prop- probably that was probably a bunch of what You promised by the way not a single incident in New York City has been linked to white supremacy, but obviously this has to do with President Trump
demonstrating once again that the left doesn't carbon anti semitism depending on the source? J Michaelson wrote a peace over the daily beast or tried to explain that left Wing Anti Semitism is basically fine, because the reality is the left wing. Anti Semitism is rooted in reality were right. Wing white, supremacist, Anti Semitism is rooted in mere conspiracy. Theorizing it really. This is this. What this idiot wrote? It's unbelievable. He says this kind. The nation of baseless hatred. He shocking about the conspiracy theorizing in the in the Jersey City, community among some people about Jews selling organs and gentrification he's as this company Baseless hatred and socio economic grievance stands in stark. Cod Ass to the word wordy theoretical manifesto of white Supremacist, Anti Semitism have also attack or second There is very similar to the ones on the nationalist right, such as the black hebrew Israelite doc. As noted by the social costs, and relationships to power are utterly different. Well, conspiracy mongering exists on the left, and the right there is no left wing were african american equivalent of president Tromp was freely treated traded and
he's medic stereotypes, sometimes a joking way. After all, the notorious anti Semite Louis Farrakhan, maybe the leader of the nation of islamic Trump as leader of the free world, and then he just blames from for all of us really the Democratic Party this year or last year, rather excuse asked year, people to to sharpen, but don't worry, guys, there's no anti semitic problem inside the democratic literally last year way. Speaking of things than Europe, but don't worry guys, there's no anti semitic problem inside the democratic party. By the way. Speaking of things, the New York City could do to stop all this. How bout you get rid of your idiotic bail policy? They now push bill reform in New York City and it turns out that when you don't hold criminals on bail, they go commit crimes who could have predicted such a thing who, except for every functional sentient human being with the prefrontal cortex accords in Europe, Post slut suspects arrested in last week's sprit of eight anti semitic attacks are quickly being released right back into the neighborhoods. They terror. Thanks to the bail reform legislation which doesn't even take effect until January first, most recently,
some revolving door. Justice came Saturday morning with the release with no bail of a woman charged with punching cursing at three orthodox women ages. Twenty two twenty six and thirty one and crowned heads Brooklyn at dawn the day before the accused, assailants Tiffany Harris, was hauled in handcuffs before a brook one judge on twenty one, menacing harassment and attempted assault charges. F, you, Jews, Harris allegedly shouted during the attack. Yes, I was there Harris later admitted to the cops. Yes, I slap them. I cursed them out. Said a few Jews ass. She stood before a judge in Brooklyn Criminal Court, with a hood to a Navy blue jacket. Her head Harris was in familiar territory. She still has open harassment and assault case on the Brooklyn Docket from November last month to sentence to no jail too Four felony criminal mischief in Manhattan she's completely failed to show up appearances, Brooklyn prosecutors. Even bother requesting bail on Saturday, given that the reform law approved in April technically doesn't take effect until January first Applause, you administration has made a clear we only to getting compliance with bill reform. Now she can't even hold these
bill on bail for committing crimes. Harris Bro. Into a grin one approach by Rapporteur You want to know good bye. She said. Absolute insanity, absolute insanity, but welcome to left wing government which is running major american Citys across the country, meanwhile, There is a there is another act of violence that that took the headlines for five seconds. Once again it did not fit the media's narrative, and that was this attack by the Texas church that happened over the holidays, apparently, according to Wall Street Journal streaming, video of the Sunday Church Service in Texas, at which a parishioner done down a shooter, is rallying those who support making it easier for private citizens to bear arms done. Rights advocates have long argued that if more citizens have guns, they can defend themselves and others in the event of a shooting on Sunday morning. Is that last Sunday, a gun open fire at West Freeway Church of Christ in White settlement near for worth. He killed two people before oppression, I was part of a volunteer security force, fatally shot him and he actually see this happen. In the video you can see the shooter, who are
lives unseen, start shooting people and a bunch of people in the crowd, pull out funds and a security officer puts down the new shooter and shoots the shooter It was amazing. They were there. People on the left, four hundred and twenty yeah, but the real threat was that there were people in the audience who didn't know let's do their guns and we're unlicensed with their guns. That was the real threat, obviously visit. Let's just say this: if that Hanukkah Party those attack biogas machete, if there be any one, Anyone there with a gun, it would be five people injured, would be one terrorist dead. That's what I've been happened. What we have been happening there. Everyone who wishes to create themselves in their community should become responsible gun owner. They should know how to use it to coordinate with the authorities they should. They should do all appropriate things to defend themselves by the way. Speaking of idiocy again Yes, criminal justice system is broken, but not in terms of keeping people in hail to long overtime, sometimes is broken into
revolving door that we have with crime. It turns out tat the man who fatally shot you. People at the White Settlement church before being killed by church security was They won't criminal history and was described by his Ex wife is battling demon and not nice to anyone issues then to fight on Monday morning, but you law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation, NBC five has learned that is criminal, Pass, included charges of assault theft. Arson and possession of legal weapon in Texas in New Jersey. What at what a delight- and it's just it is unbelievable. You said revolving door for criminals and in your shocked, when turns out that the criminals go into terrible things. Well with all of this happening with all this term well, internationally and domestically. The Democrats are focused laser like each man. They continue to move forward and patron. Although Nancy Policy still has not set forth a timeline as to when she will convey the impeachment charges to the Senate. Remember that impeachment was passed in the house, but she is now actually passed an answer presented. There is there's an interesting legal debate going on right now on whether Miss recollection
needs that there's nothing in the constitution that suggests the Nancy Blowsy number one is compelled to hand over the impeachment charges to Mcconnell but there's nothing else. If it says the Mcconnell can't hold a separate show trial on the basis of those impeachment trot their public after all, and then just quit. So there is a debate of Mcconnell Sugar, that right now or whether he's just point of policy say the reason she's holding us back is because she knows what's going to happen next. New out, Rudy Giuliani, continues to militate in favour of his own testimony, which presumably the worst idea that ever happen is immoral. The over the weekend, suggesting that you would love to testify, which would be the worst possible idea, because really Giuliani is is not his own best witness here's Rudy some areas? explaining that he would love to testify loved testified. The Republicans would be fools. Do that mean well everything
in the countries already broken down into lines on this one, gambling where they stand in the region, they know where they stand, because this is not about what from did or did not do with. Ukraine is a general: referendum on Trump guess what we get to have a generalised referendum on Trump in just about eleven months. Here. Gate is fast approaching the Elect most Americans in the end, what is to be decided by the american people? They do not want this to be decided by Nancy, blowsy and crew. They do not think that Whatever the allegations rise level of getting rid of a sitting president, the only people weren't, of all of us are people Linda Cronstadt, who came in on CNN and explain to Anderson Cooper, whose busy getting better really drunk on New year's Eve. I just go while the new year's eve with innocent it confused me as the wiser and thinks that this is good broadcasting or good idea. You're a news network, and you have your anchors, making absolute mockery of themselves, a nest tv they think makes them seem fun or is it make it seem like gum? They might be out of top touch with their actual jobs. Yet you you, always you
of the most trusted naming using a James Rural Jones. Do the voice over and then got Anderson Brandon Lemon getting blackout drunk on. It should be Aviators, Linda, runs down over the weekend, explaining that president from is the new Hitler marijuana chances Lily ITALY rose to power, the latter chances to stop him. They didn't speak out and then industrial complex out that they could problem once they got him an opposite course. He was not controllable by the time you got establish. He put his own people in place, and that is the most active. Origin did what he had to do. To consolidate its power read. The issue only surprises exactly the same, get yet find a common enemy for everybody. Here, when I was sure that was gonna, get elected. The day announced, and I said he's gonNA is. We, like you, learn the Mexicans, even the new Jews and sure enough that they deliver. You know them nobody's rounded up a wooden box. Cars is this. Building in socially, but if you feel like this is who Trump is, of course, are pushing for impeachment, despite the fact that you don't actually the
something insisted, but if you feel like this is who Trump is, of course, are pushing from each man despite the fact that don't actually have the evidence for this? Meanwhile, the Democrats are basically hoping that they can pull off a couple of republican senators to cut against Mcconnell and and drive for a quarter of a more even handed impeachment effort. Impeachment trial in the Senate, it's not really going to happen. Susan Collins did say that choose open to having witnesses at trial. Here, Susan Collins for men, I am open to win a sentence. I think it's premium. Sure to decide who should be called until we see the evidence that is presented and get the answers to the questions that we senators can submit through the chief justice, to both sides? What I Jonah your stand as wide a house having issued subpoenas to Secretary Palm Pale, for example, did that see to enforce those subpoenas in court and in
Stared rush to get the articles from impeachment pass before Christmas Yet I have not transmitted them to us in the Senate. Ok, so people are running as Susan Collins, somehow cutting against Mcconnell using that hope hope not We should basically saying yeah sure I'd like to see a trial, but the house into its job, so this is going nowhere. Everybody knows is going nowhere. It's all a sham. We move on with our lives by early February there they will be over and we'll be in primary, sees in full swing by the White Bernie Sanders raised a boat load of mine at it is on the move. Why Joe Democrat, you may nominating the actual open, octogenarian socialist, ok time for a quick thing. I like and then a thing that I hate so things that I like today is only so quick because, as you all know, I may large scale star wars. Then I'm a big star wars geek. My kids are now super into star wars like we got them nothing, but STAR wars gives Veronica and they could not be happier. I honestly, I wish that the world will not such a terrible placed particular social media. I propose videos, my kids B,
as it is adorable. I have the best video of my three year old Son, whose very into empire it strikes me I know maybe a little old for somebody gets it. He likes it and them and their many videos of me. Turning to him now in saying no, I am your father in him say: that's not that's impossible and missing search your feelings. You know which to beat rule and whom going? My kids are ok, so I finally got a chance couple months ago You rise, Skywalker, we're out of the country for a bit of vacation and when he got back like first move, my wife and I go to see rising Skywalker now, if you ve been familiar with the showed up, you know I've been incredibly critical. The neutrality I dont like the new trilogy. I think it was unnecessary. I think they were fools. I think that tried to split the baby, so there are two things that could have done original have to preface my downright Skywalker with the other two movies, because it doesnt work is a stand alone film. Nor is it really meant to this. Film rise of Skywalker was designed, specifically
reckon meaning to go back in time and change the fact that force awakens and last yet I ever happen It basically revises the entire story in a much more satisfying what s up here is my original take on this new trilogy. There are two ways the Disney could have gone Disney number one could have recast the entire original return of July they could recast. Somebody is Luke recast. Somebody is layer, recast, somebody is as Han which, by the way they did the recast. Somebody is hard right, they did so they could recast, higher aghast and then they could just picked up a return of the general left off with admiral thrones areas which read any of the star wars books. Yes, I have. If you'd, then that's actually related storyline and they could just picked up where they left off and moved on into the future, that way you'd gotten all of their new adventures. Alternatively, they could have landed, the star wars, universe and look at it from place, and there are doing this and his new plus what the man lorry, which is kind of great right. The mental orient is really really fun on directed it, they could have gone back and they could have you. Some of these characters
when put them somewhere else in the star wars, universe so dear so Disney. Really has done this with a couple of their other series right: star wars clone. Where's. They do this within also star wars, rebels and some of us of his really pretty fantastic. It couldn't on any of those things. Instead, what they chose to do split. The baby will introduce new characters, but we'll leave off install job for the first films. You can't do that and the reason you can't do. That is because, if you're an astonishing for the first films, you don't want to see bad things happen to your favorite childhood characters. No on what spoil our Lord. No one wants to see. Hans Silvo die at the hands of his son, like a loser divorce, dad after leaving layer alone for twenty years and flying the Galaxy Smoking pot with Julian the millennium Falcon no one See that an that's what happen enforce, awakens no one to see Luke. Who is this hero, goes from being a whining teenager. To being this much Jedi whose able to control himself too, save his father. Nobody wants to see Luke become a misanthrope milks aliens on a foreign planet while whining about his life and disparaging the generator
and no one wants to see that. So the new series basically took all of your favorite characters. You no characters and proceeded to ruin them, except for Leah, because Kaplan Kennedy has this feminist street, where the only characters were allowed to be competent or good are apparently the female characters so that that was the critique of this trilogy. It basically took all of my favorite characters, my childhood, and they wrecked them, so they could promote a bunch of characters who sought. Ok re was a terrible character because you didn't know not only you know she came from, but she was amazing. It everything right off the bat right. This is the biggest critique of the first part of the strategy. The biggest critique was that re, who had not train in the fourth floor half a second was suddenly unbelievably good at it. Ben solo right, Pilar Rehn, who is lay as lay as kid with Hon who's, been training with the force since childhood. Can be overtaken in a lifesaver battle by somebody who pick a polite sabre half a second ago. That's not a thing. It's stupid and everybody who watched as there is. No, it was stupid. Meanwhile, you had Pope was utterly incompetent. They try to create a new Hansel
character. The differences that HANS alone Empire strikes back the entire story than perestroika his hand, solo, demonstrating that he's wildly competent and a lot of things higher podium, neuron stories, the duties wildly incompetent until he suddenly promoted to the head of the rubble, adds a thin has no story arc. All his entire story arc is that he was a storm. Trooper end of story are nothing happens to him for the next three movies. So all of the new characters are completely boring random. They should have killed then in in last July, when he makes it heroic run. They should have killed him, They probably should kill Pope in last July. They should I had him, pull the the admiral holder maneuver. Instead, they bring in order to where we hair into a light speed trick that, by the way, but he could have figured that one out the car blown up the death star that way like in star wars, new hope, well as return of agenda base up. All of this is preface to say I hated force Wakens indicated last night. Rises. Skywalker is an attempt to by all of that back and understand
but this trilogy never should have happened and understanding all the laws in force awakens and and last July. Now you understand why I liked rising Skywalker because they attempted to correct as me, have these problems as they can, while apologizing for this area, which is basically what this was. So all of the stuff, with thin in Poland, cares about that was dumb. No one cares about it's a waste of time. You have to do it. It's like the worst of J J Abrams, like the fillets spoiler to say, the film opens with the millennium Falcon light speed, jumping which just turns it. It's like a silly prop. It's it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous! The entire empire strikes back, which is the best ourselves. Unquestionably, this is facts. This is known empire strikes back. All about. Basically, maybe four topics: one is the millennium falcon. It's the entire thing in an imperfect back is that the millennium Falcons hyperdrive is broken. Ok, that is the central plot device
in this movie in in the new movie rises. Skywalker, the millennium Falcon is falling on fire and they fix it inside of five seconds flat. All of it memo also empire strikes back is about Luke growing in realising that he is insufficient. Ok, so that that's the other topic and It's about Hansel lobbying, wildly competent for Poland and thin while the incompetent, the millennium Falcon is made, will probably all that stuff his sword and worst of Judge Abrams the stuff. It's really good, ok, the stuff, it's really good, is actually quite good stuff. It's good is that they buy back on was death. They give him sort of a new exit, seen what has not been killed by a son. Were they cheat, you see, he can't be forced goes cause you never force, but he basically the forest ghost he comes back, but all these are spoiled heights boilers, you ve, been warned one thousand times you dont want to hear about it aims in the movie at that wasn't a self Hon solo comes back and he talks with Cairo. Simply wooes Cairo backed and the the fourth you find out that layer who uses
where the hell did outcome from Luke hasn't even on them. You're told in in this movie that layer was trained as agenda by look which makes sense right in the book. She actually is, and books actually as friends agenda by looking that Leia was trained as a jedi by what would make sense right in the book she actually is and what she actually is friend's gonna by lookin at you decided not to become a jedi at the last minute on that and then the biggest threat kind of all my god. I then her like it will be used to kill then. Is that now makes sense? They reckoned that and then the biggest reckon of all the one that actually matters and that answers why Ray is cool ready answers, the biggest question wise re, even a thing, and the answer is because she's begins, granddaughter, which is fantastic. Ok, that's a great reveal, that's great because he most underrated force Letty person in the STAR Wars Series everyone's focused on Anakin Skywalker Invader, a Luke on layer on Yoda on Obi WAN nobody's focused on the second. Albert teens, an unbelievable bad ass with the forthright palpitating is so strong in the force that he basically defeats Yoda. He is
to conceal his identity is the emperor for three movies turning it into their national competence in utter about us, and so they say helping looking back from the dead which they sort? I had to do competence gray character. They they bring in all the old musical cues they bring in all of the old stuff which in itself that I like so if you're nostalgia person, but if you're pissed at this year is failing to ruin your trousers, then this this movie was an attempt to restore That is an attempt to make Hon cool again fair, fairly. Successful is an attempt to make way a cool again. Successful is an attempt to make Luke cool, there's a great scene. Where Luke does you most? that right. Luke does this thing that voted as well is alive and empire? Remember an empire there's this cause. There's the scene work, Yoda raises the the ensuing from the swamp, because Luke fails to do so. Here. Look is able to do that as a force goes to hand over the actual direct, that's great, the call back scene where they they find the old death star from return of July and RE has to confront herself with
another call back to empire and then, when the plane you old, musical cues, I all itself is great, What they do with Carlo rendering him back to the white side is pretty great J J m. A great job in setting up a good reveal so for several movies wincing basically Kyler and re forced skyping one another. Talk over long distances in this movie. They can actually sword fight sort it out politically, but has real world ramifications. One is in one place what is in the other place in their having these light Sabre battles, but it actually has physical ramifications in the places where there, the white paper battles, as that ends with a really fantastic reveal, and all that stuff is great to everything with Cairo. Everything with Ray look. Pal between is great. Everything with layer and Hahn is really good, like almost of his good Finan PO continued be disposable, all the other fringe characters and of being disposable. There is this lesbian moment. That's been much talked about bees. The view end of the movie. They shall lesbian couple kissing and it's obviously Disney trying to shoehorn in the ok glad we know you're there, it's very silly and unfair,
it sort of like a moment at the end of of the offenders infinity were all the females land in one part of the battlefield. No, I'm ok really was that count get that sort of the same thing here. None of the couples are causing except one much couple our I get it's his knee. I get your fine. You fulfil your pc quota for that. I, whatever man, but it's pretty hard and it's not a big deal- is a silly, but overall the critics are savages. Well, I'll tell you about critics. Mullioned knows they gave the last July, like ninety two percent homerun tomatoes, and they gave this will make fifty three percent. They didn't understand. Star wars, you you didn't Can this movie understands better how to force works? This movie understand better, have a weapons work. This movie understands The dynamic between the white and the dark side it understands palpitate. I've heard a lot of objections that this basically makes the Skywalker Vader interaction completely irrelevant, but that's for them. The lives right, I mean them and by the way, that's for the minute that the rubble lions fails once the republic falls agenda store than that whole thing became relevant. The neutral
Would you made that an element which is why they should a fast forded and taken it to some other part of the universe, but once or in the would you this was the best way to end it. Here's a little bit the trailer if you haven't already seen it we're doing earth Revell, taking one class cooks at my friend, confronting the destiny of your destiny. Is it this is the sort of language religion I this one specifically because the party care about is We start with the emperor and other stuff on an end or does matter as much as pretty much less. The everything, but we re in Cairo and the emperor and all the old characters is great and everything else is disposable, but good for J Abrams for at least trying to go back and unreal
and everything that he ruined enforce force awakens their Ryan Johnson then proceeded to wreck in last July ok. I know I went on a long time about star wars, but guess what tough it's a new year my show gets. So what I want. So you know what we'll start the new year, on an up know what I'm going gonna do things I hate, so I just took forever talking about star wars, but suffice sake, I killed star wars. You should totally b should totally see this one, it is definitely better than the last two in the series and everybody who's ripping on it, didn't understand why the last you suck already will be back a little bit later. Tattoo additional hours of content, including all of your election update, Bernie Sanders written tons of money where we are in the polls, Joe Biden, stepping in it again against all that two hours later today. So I should subscribe to twenty percent. Today we gotta daily, where dot com slash subscribed to go, make that happen otherwise will see here tomorrow. I venture paralyses the venture Barroso
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