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Ep. 927 - The War That Wasn’t

2020-01-08 | 🔗

Iran launches ballistic missiles at Iraqi bases with US soldiers, Trump grins through it, and the media lose their everloving minds. Can't get enough of The Ben Shapiro Show? Enjoy ad-free shows, live discussions, and more by becoming an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: https://dailywire.com/Shapiro

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Around launches ballistic missiles at a rocky bases with U S, soldiers, president from makes a statement and the media lose their ever loving mind. I'm bench appear. This is the Ben Shapiro show. Today Joey sponsored by Express Bbn. Tell my listener. Secure their internet join them at expressive, Vps that come slash battle with all The equation is going on in the world, ranging from the situation in IRAN to impeach me. You may have noticed. The prices of gold have been speaking now might be a good time to fire assets. Least a little bit, and you know who I trust when it comes to diversification of assets. Of course, I'm talking about my friends over at birch gold, if you haven't yet taken the first step of requesting a free information, can angled go ahead and do it. If you converted, a portion of the eligible irae or for one cage. When I ran precious metals, ask all your questions to my friends over at virtual virtual will go to work and make things. Super simple for you, no obligation! You have nothing to lose to take that First up again, when there is a lot of chaos in the world, people tend to rush to precious metals because they ve never been worth
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burn down the United States embassy in Baghdad and acts that was coordinated, ordered by Sunday, money and so on. And come to Iraq to coordinate further attacks. The fact that the the fact that the Iranian going to respond, Priscilla money was killed. That was inevitable. We all knew it around was going to do it. Everybody knew this was coming on to the President of the United States orders. So a money taken out he has taken out so as the head of the popular local militia front, which was responsible for the Baghdad Embassy attack Trump or definitely money, and we get these theatrical. These hysterics from the iranian government. The Ayatollah Khamenei standing in front of the box containing the remains of so many and weeping get hundreds of thousands. If not millions of people in the streets in Teheran, and we get the media losing their minds overall this. Obviously this is going to the prelude for war and all of the last forty eight hours has been. The media basically suggests
the World WAR. Three was imminent. What last night the missile started flying in the media declared in the moment that World WAR three was upon us that World WAR three was upon. So what exactly happened? According to the Uk Alien, IRAN's credible, crushing revenge strike against the. U S largely failed to materialise Wednesday, as the country launch twenty June. Those against two american airbases Iraq, but failed to kill a single soldier well appear so missiles failed to explore on impact from MR targets. Altogether? U S in European until John sources said the regime deliberately put its punches for fear of provoking a disproportionate response threatened by President Trump, in other words, missiles were flying in the immediate response of the media For while here comes now, the Europeans are mad. Now the erroneous or even go full out it. While the Iranians have been Engaging in low level rocket attacks for a very long time been doing for literally a year and they ve attacks on american soldiers going back decades, but this was thing that was at least a little bit news ballistic missile attacks from iranian soil into Iraq proper. Now that is war on Iraq. Many Iranians,
into Iraq without permission and attacking a rocky bases. Remember these are not? U S basis. These are a rocky base, is where there are coalition soldiers. That is a distinction that makes a difference. This was around. That was an act of war against Iraq and against you are soldiers. So in that sense this wasn't escalation, but the fact that nobody was killed it. Nobody was that nobody was killed it. Nobody was harm. The no casualties happened, the basically this appeared to be IRAN, signalling to its people. That it was willing to respond, but not willing to go particularly far in order to do so at bay quickly. Iran had been convinced by Trump killing silly money that if they went hard backdrop, the trump would do something really ask Latorre the truth. If they had hit a U S air base without any. Sort of warning, for example, and they killed him american soldiers. The likelihood that trumpeted there sunk, their navy was incredibly high. So if you look at once teach vulnerability in the region there. Ballistic missiles are not supremely vulnerable because a lot of them are on mobile launchers and they have lots and lots of ballistic missiles that have been defined. Over the years, and also with the help of Obama Euro cash just remember the Obama administration ships. One twenty
million dollars in cash to the Iranian O allowed their there. One hundred and fifty billion dollars withheld assets to flow back into IRAN, tried to open the world economy. To IRAN and run was. We using all of their money in to build up its conventional assets, its its military, its terrorist, groups all round the police station, rather Middle EAST, their building up their ballistic missile, so IRAN really has sort of three assets it we're at its disposal. One is its ballistic, while for their ballistic missiles, their ballistic missile system. They are not supremely sophistical. Ballistic missiles, but they are ballistic missiles and they are widespread and there on mobile launchers, many of them the could a little bit hard to take out. The second asset is the normal iranian Revolutionary Guard, which is a very, very large standing army, but is a conventional arms would have to cross over conventional borders, which would precipitate actual international action against against IRAN, then
There was the iranian Navy, which is the weak spot for IRAN, because their navy is pretty rinkitink. They have a few submarines that may be somewhat hard to locate, but their surface ships are really not a tremendous threat, especially if they don't get to take the first punch and then have their terrorist groups around the region, all of whom are not really prepared for war last night around threatened that if there was some sort of retaliation from the United States that they would activate their terrorist groups like Hezbollah against Israel. Let us go out does not want to go to war with Israel right now, because Israelis, Israel's military, has been pressing for this. For years relations, the two thousand seven southern Lebanon war, and so Israel would go in and and wiped them off the map of pretty quickly. So IRAN is any strategically vulnerable position their economy is incredibly we, and so they did sort of the minimum of what they had to do to signal to their people that their mad. But let's put it this way solely money was a top leader in IRAN. He was also on their terror leader and he was the number to use widely perceived to be
possibly the successor to the number one Ayatollah Khomeini, eight. So money gets taken up. Imagine in the United States the equivalent. Let's imagine that a foreign actor takes out the vice president, United States, the Secretary of Defence, the head of the CIA and the head of the FBI, all in one eye, because that is basically ossoli. Money was and imagine, but then pictures on television and millions of american waters in the streets and imagine their pictures of the president of the United States openly weeping over the corpse of this person or these people, and then imagine that the response was, we fired twenty, two ballistic missiles, all of which failed to kill anybody who actually ordered the attack or any other soldiers on the other side, the american people would rightly consider that to be an act of weakness or what happened last night was inactive, weaken, and it is now parents becoming more and more apparent. That was a deliberate act of weakness, because the iranian government did not want to provoke a serious response from the United States as the daily mail is reporting rocky Prime Minister Ideal, Abdul Mahdi said
the German warned him about the attack on the other side, an aerial airbases an hour before they took place and then Abdul Mahdi turned around and he warned the Rocky and U S troops to take shelter, then Linen Lithuania's said, they were also informed to get their soldiers to safety. In other words, this was staged. Ok, this is It sounds like it sounds like this will stage. It sounds like the iranian government basically signal to the Iraqis. Listen, we gotta do something because otherwise It looks like our regime is so weak that we can't even retaliate in response to the debt they the killing of one of our leaders. And so here's ordered you were no fire simplistic missiles and will be a lot of in theory signifying nothing because we're warning you beforehand to get your people out. So you get your people out, nobody gets killed. We get to claim that we took crushing response to all of this, and then you get to basically claim I wouldn't do any damaged. Everybody goes from happy, and that is effectively what happened last night, that the iranian government played it up to the hilt and want official. Did you run into
It places the iranian state. Tv was reporting that I Khomeini was coordinating the attacks himself, which was supposed to be in it indicator of the seriousness of the iranian responses. Send me see, reporting on that last night. We have reports as well. From the IPCC that Ayatollah Khomeini, the Supreme leader of this country, was in The control room, coordinating all of these attacks there, also reporting that IRAN, IRAN's air force as being deployed They are ready to intercept any attacks from the United States. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei than described the attacks, are to quote slap in the face of America, but here did. They were not enough to avenge solely money. Did it televised addressed where he promised iranian true revenge would be kicking? U S, forces out of the Middle EAST altogether. The problem is that the strategy just pursued actually them more difficult, so the media were claiming yesterday basically sincerely monies killing that
killing slowly was going to prompt Iraq to throw the? U S out of Iraq. That is just sheer nonsense. They were there proclaiming that the parliament had voted, that the United States should leave. There's only one problem. Only the cabinet The United States, where there is no cabinet in Iraq, because the acting Prime Minister has been under signal, again pressure to step down, specifically because IRAN was dominating his foreign policy. In fact, the vote that was taken in the iraqi Parliament was taken with barely a quorum available every sunni legislator. Every kurdish legislator boycotted the vote and the vote was nonbinding, so none of that made any sense, and then IRAN actually made its case wars yesterday, because around is claiming that the United States should pull out of rock and then that the iraqi people want. The United States out of rock there's only one problem with that everybody in Iraq was not Shia, knows. But the men at the United States is out IRAN, Russia's in and takes over every bit of the government. They understand it so and having iranian missiles flying into a rocky territory. Trying to kill iraqi citizens is not a very good way of showing that you
don't have territorial aspirations to take over Iraq. So actually this pretty counterproductive for the ayatollahs their put between a rock and a hard place. Their sort of boxed in here and so they lashed out in the most minimalist way they could deliberately apparently avoiding casualties so that they couldn't give Trump an excuse to go after there. Heavy or go after any of their important military sites and the media I play this is an active european World war. Three is upon us. It's a mass of war have been saying for weeks when no one wants to go to or nobody's going to war in Iraq don't want war, because if there is a war Ayatollah Khomeini, that you'd is dead. Ok, if there's a war. The iranian Navy is on. If there is a war, the United States military is the best war making force in the history of the world. The United States does him what war, because we don't want to occupy anybody, because we are not interested in a protracted conflict, no one, no one from Tucker Karlsson to Donald Trump. To me. Nobody wants war with IRAN. No one is interested in a full scale: military conflict with IRAN, but that means there is not going to be a full scale. Military conflict with IRAN and this entire sit
duration does give the lie to the notion pushed by the media and pushed by the Obama administration at the. Only two alternatives were appeasing the iranian or going full scale war with them. Alive from the outset. It is alive today the two choices not signing giant checks to a terrorist entity or going to complete war with the terrorist density, one of the possibilities is deterrence and that's what tromp was reestablishing here and successfully reestablished here iranian television tried to claim that eighty american tourists were killed, but that figure is quickly ravaged by Rocky and U S, officials according to the daily mail, iranian President Santer, honey to big. They show what we didn't retreat in the face of America. This was an attempt to save face. He says of America has committed a crime. It should know that it will receive a decisive If they are wise, they won't take any other action at this juncture. So basically there trying to claim now have somehow they did their the barking door, can they have scared away the United States absolute, sheer nonsense. It they understood that if they killed in american trouble
it's going to unleash the beast, and so they called in advance the iraqi government and warn them what was coming about the way this was their there, a bunch of weird instances such incidents that happened last night. There were a couple earthquakes near an iranian nuclear, facility, no no damage. We also don't know what it means that the Ukrainian Airlines Boeing, seven, thirty, seven caught fire and crashed near Teheran, killing all one hunt, and seventy seven passengers and crew, including sixty three Canadians and three Britain's. It is unclear whether in fact, that plane was shot down in the black Box is not being not being released at this point, president from for his part credits, the early warning system that has been established for preventing casualties we'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that you need to protect yourself our minds right now. We are seeing a widespread state like a huge spate of attacks global,
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or a failure, we all go home happy and then maybe we work towards negotiating a new agreement. The fact is that what you want, just it forces the Europeans into a bad situation. The Europeans would love nothing better than to go back to the failed, C p, o eight IRAN nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Those basically act of appeasement by the way that sucker is ten years long. That was set to expire, like very very soon it was signed in two thousand thirteen, so it's been awhile in that thing was was already going be defunct in IRAN is gonna start its nuclear testing, its nuclear missiles programmes, nuclear weapons programme right back up in the next couple of years, no matter what so Trump saying that we need to cut a new deal with IRAN. And the day that has to be done on the basis of no more terrorist, nowhere ballistic missile testing, no more nuclear technology. That is exactly right. One of the things you keep hearing from the media that you're mine nuclear deal was keeping iranian track, while only with regard to their nuclear programme at best at best. In reality, what it was doing, his bribing them, but the possibility of Greece
a regional power and economic strength, so that one day they could move forward with an actual nuclear weapons programme that that is why these democratic takes on all this arts. Silly so we're in the middle of all of this, the the Iranian basically back down around issued. These sort of empty warnings. One of iranian leaders tweeted a picture of the iranian flag, supposedly sort of the response to from treating a picture of the american flag. Is he treated the iranian flag? Because, while look at us we're just like the United States, yeah except for them act that you shot a bunch of missiles and then you can hit a camel only ass, so there there's that, and then IRAN should further warring seeing they're going to attack. You buy that there are going to attack Kai far in Israel, which have a television which, of course, just so we talk and then Javan Serif. Basically the foreign minister, who is talking tough just a few moments ago, I often hear backing down on Twitter is that IRAN took and concluded proportionate measures in self defense under article fifty one of the UN charter targeting base from which cowardly
attack against our citizens and senior officials were launched, it wasn't against our citizens. You literally have terrorists in the country of Iraq, a foreign country where you're facilitating terror terrorist acts. We do not seek escalation. Warble will defend ourselves against any aggression so as it is a reef basically saying we're done now, we're done we're not were finished at this point and from thence weeded out. Ok, I'm gonna be done. I guess we're on a treaty that last night, All is well missiles launched from IRAN to military bases located in Iraq, assessment of casualties and damages taking place now so far so good. Most powerful and welcomes military anywhere in the world by far out vagueness statement tomorrow morning. Lay then there's more president from actually made his statesman. That's why we delayed the onset of the show this morning he opened by walking out, flanked by his national security team, the joint chiefs of staff as well his Secretary of defence and vice president, and he said right off the bat. Iran will never have a nuclear weapon like this was his first statement. He was the only difference between Trump and Obama's that Trump actually means at sea. The thing is that it
say never what that means is beyond your term. Obama was fine with among gaining a nuclear weapon. He just wanted them to do it a few years down the line when he thought he couldn't be blamed for any sort of wanting to appease them until that time drawbacks. We means this thing, any shortcomings, only money here as president from this morning as long vice president of the United States, around will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon good morning. I am pleased to inform you of the american people should be extremely grateful and No Americans were harmed in last to attack by the iranian regime. We suffered no casualties of our soldiers are safe, and only minimal damage choice sustained at our military bases,
great american forces are prepared for anything ran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world, then of course, is exactly true. The fact that around backed off anything when no one wants world where three world worth regain happen, and also worth noting. I mean this is sort of didactic point, but it's true if the United States had actually gone into it shouldn't worth run. That's not world where three a world where three actual involve coalitions of people fighting against the United States. The Russians would have gotten involved. The Chinese would not have involved would have been a regional war more like the Gulf WAR. First Gulf WAR, the Second Gulf WAR, Vietnam, it would not have been world war. Three world war. Three actually requires there to be serious risk of heavy american casualties, requires there to be many other countries involved. It would have been an actual war between IRAN and the United States. There have been proxy wars between Hezbollah and Israel. None of that is happening games, making the point that the the
overblown talk by the media, even in the worst case scenario, was indeed overblown taught by the media, even in the worst case scenario, but nobody even wanted the regional were right. Nobody was for this. It was so funny watch people in the media, ranging from the sort of isolationist right to the radical left, A mainstream was suggesting that there were people inside the administration for desperate for war. I saw people tweeting last night. The job and Bolton wanted war, not John Bolton when he was the they wanted something like this. What he wanted was we kill off your worst people, and you end up tower in cowardly fashion, you end up sending us messages to get our people out, so you ve hopeful for you, because you don't want us to break you right. That's exactly what happened. President from says there will be consequences for the actions run last night, but they're gonna come in the economic and diplomatic sphere, which of course, is exactly the right move. The fact is now one of Europeans gonna do side with the Iranians and in fact it's obvious that that's not What is going to happen? The fact is that the UK has already come up against a rainforest in saying the United States has a right to defend its soldiers saying
He is going to work with President Trump you're going to see the other western countries come around on this forest Johnson said today that the United States has the right to protect its troops, and cans and told to to de escalate. So this is moving in president trumps direction. It turns out that determines, has always been and will contain you should be good policy present Trump announced this morning that there would in fact be new sanctions on IRAN and, as you will see, he then urged the Europeans to get on board, as we can. New to evaluate options in response to a rainy integration. The united States will immediately impose additional, punishing economic sanctions on the iranian regime. These Powerful sanctions will remain until around changes. Its behaviour
and then president from county suggest that other countries need to pull out of the failed J C p away the IRAN Nuclear Deal in its time. Tat should negotiate a deal that contains around deters IRAN again the biggest problem with the iranian Nuclear Deal and was now with regard to the nuclear programme. Yes, it was a problem that the verified patient procedures, which were heavier than other verification procedures. Still we're not completely bulletproof. The bigger problem was that it basically As you are on, ok, you develop as much as you could possibly want to develop your conventional military, your terrorist branches, your economy and then in ten years you can develop anew. That was basically with J C p. I sat, and then you had the Obama team declaring victory, which again is sort of like a person walks into the doctors office and says I have cancer, and also I have a cold and the doctors is ok up. Here's we're gonna do here soon. I quote: bet you take care of. Some of your cold sometimes will cure the coal, but it'll take care of some of your cold symptoms. Put them off for a little bit and your fine turns out your fine now and precise way hold on out of cancer,
it doesn't matter what I'm going to ignore the cancer can. The fact is that runs at terrorist threats on the world stage and its growth as a regional power are significantly greater danger than its mere nuclear pro. Ram alone. It's when the nuclear programmes attached to a broader terror threat that it becomes a real threat to the world. The Obama administration facilitated tariff right well, cortical delaying the nuclear programme for a certain preset period of time, present from says. Listen. This deal was bad. It was always bad, in fact, president from suggested in this speech correctly that the ballistic missiles that were fired at this iraqi airbases could have been paid for by Obama Cash because, again It was viewed. The Obama administration stated position that the Iraq that the Iranian could use money from the when the economy and from the United States to build its terror capacity. John Kerry used openly admitted that in March, two thousand, sixteen he said of course, or do we use it for terrorism shore? They might use it for ballistic missiles, kettles ballistic missiles were falling, rocky and american troops last night or would have been if the Iranian or your ahead of time here
and from saying other countries need to pull out of this crap deal. The time has come for the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China to recognise this right reality, they must now break away from the room. Sense of the Er Andrea who are Jason, p p away, and we we must all work together towards making a deal with the ran that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place. That, of course, is exactly true. That is exactly true and the second one can get. You president drums conclusion of a speech from the other stuff that he said during the speech, which is pretty important, don't get to the media response, which again was wildly overblown throughout. This was just used in bad media coverage. It is obvious that many in the media were rooting for trying to be humiliated and that's not just that
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energy infrastructure that could have disrupted global crude supply. More importantly, is pretty obvious that this was not going to escalate to a I were now. Is that mean that IRAN is going to continue acting up no course, they're gonna continue acting out in low level terrorist ways. They will plan attacks in the west that they think be traced back to them is what they ve done ever longer time HORIZON and any president every president. Basically, as before, time rise in IRAN has a a decades long time horizon. So they can wait a couple of years to court and cold retaliate and then claim that the retaliation is responsible bodies of this does not end the iranian threat by any stretch of the imagination, but we have certainly did heard them from taking overt actions. Burning- U S, embassies and trying to kill american soldiers, at least under president from a president from in the end of his speech this morning he suggested listen. Now. What we would like to do is come back to the table and renegotiated in improved J C p. Oh, I get. It
includes ballistic missile testing that includes terror, funding, he's others, and this is very easy. You have a good future, just stopping terrorists years, president from talking to the iranian people directly, finally, to the people and leaders of IRAN we want you to have a future and a great future. One that you deserve one of prosperity at home in harmony, with the nations of the world unite. It states is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it. I want to thank you and God bless America. Thank you very much. Thank you. Listen everybody wants to. Back off right now, the Armenians better back off, and this is what they know again. The greatest indicator that this deterrent act worked is that the Iranian for notifying the Rockies at the missiles were coming and that the United States in Iraq is able to get out of the way, let around say face the Iranians again after all of that dog and pony show, after the entire
millions in the street outrage people being at their breasts. Gnashing wailing of tv set cloth and ashes the Ayatollah standing over the coffin of ceremony and keeping his eyes the Ayatollah. In the command central directing the attacks. It turns out that this is it if this isn't that a huge when for Trump huge when for Trump huge one for the United States deterrence reestablished We said a very baseline level. It does mean this is the end of the bell. It does mean that deterrence is a thing again, president from then re up to the game ready. He gave a long as facing weigh up he bathed in the speech. He did not He did not overstate how ineffective the iranian missile attacks. Were he didn't trains shall the iranian face in it, which would again put iranian position of having to try to do something else in order say faced with their own population needed give them away out by citing early warning system is that IRAN does appear to be standing down. He also said people have been tolerating their behaviour for decades These days are now over. Obviously, killing of solely money says that directly to the iranian trumpet
cried solely money in full detail. It mean this was one of his better address it. It really was. In short, it was sweet. Yes, it was on teleprompter, but teleprompter trump can be very good because when he reached the teller, proper prompter properly. That is good news. Media will be mocking his pronunciation. Who cares? None of them matters Barack Obama's pronunciation, was impeccable, especially when he said things like Pakistan, but it doesnt matter the pronunciation. Does it matter to message that matters. From said that the failure of the Obama deal was raised did in additional iranian aggression in and around the Middle EAST, not just with regard to the United States, which of course is true. He called on other countries to join the United States. It said he would ask NATO to become more involved in the process, which is perfectly appropriate. Any mention the fact that the United States is in very strong position. To take really crucial sanctions against the iranian citizen. We are energy independent. We do not need iranian oil, we don't need. The least oil period. He said I ve been building the military so dont ensues from in a
in a rather subtle way, actually saying just don't act without guys, like don't, don't try this again, just stop it now the media's response. All this was just unbelievable. Last night, incredible ass might because the media that there I have here, was not the deterrence was being re, establish their narratives tat. A madman was leading us to the brink of war, with these pitiful Iranian had, of course, been converted into the Swiss by D J C, P O. I that the iranian Nuclear deal had magically turned the Ayatollah coming me into into a western european leader. Suddenly he was a manual mccrone and basically someday money was just in from both a little bit more angry with a beard and in those because the GPA, basically the IRAN Nuclear Deal had defends the euro, the Iranian In this way you Ben roads was the architect of the around nuclear deal, lied openly to the american people, about the moderation in current in the iranian government that they were about to moderate. If only we sent them, cash last night used weeding out things like this didn't need to happen. You're right, it didn't need to happen. You could have stood up to the iranian delayed.
Did, but instead you decide to pansy out, which is exactly what the Obama administration at the media have an interest in upholding the narrative that is the common threads. The media coverage of the media narrative is that everything was hunky dory until Trump pulled out of Europe. We deal at which point IRAN randomly start acting nasty again because they hate Trump, if it weren't for that bad. Orange Man, Orange man, bad bad orange man in everything we do hunky Dory in the Middle EAST that ignores the thousand, of debt Americans due to iranian involvement in Iraq, it ignores the hundreds of thousands of dead Muslims in Syria, backed by solemn, these play in Syria. It ignores the build up of Hezbollah, military force in the wrecking of Lebanon which was an iranian development. It ignores the fact that Iraq has contain to be a roiling, sectarian hellhole, because of the iranian involvement in Iraq. It ignores the attacks on Saturday, oil facilities and, in your ignores the consistent monthly attacks rocket attacks on american bases. It ignores the tax on shipping against non american targets in the strait of hormones in the fact is that the Europeans have been
doing terrorism for literally decades that late in the immediate aftermath of J C P, o erect before Obama left Office, the Iranian took a bunch of Americans hostage right they took a bunch of american military meant hostage and interim and then Obama, Basically, we do it out of them about the narrative again from the media side. Is that result from paean craziness, so the problem is distant result as they wandered result. If the media had its way, we would be at war right now. If the media had its way, IRAN would have retaliated much more harshly. They would have killed American sort them nothing. The American me a rooting for the death of american soldiers. There rooting for an outcome, bad for trumps, that they can prop up their narrative, and if that outcome, that is bad for Trump involves more american assets being put in danger, they are happy could see the celebration in media last night in the family veiled celebration immediate last night, when IRAN, Saudi firing missiles when it turned out it was a big nothing. You can see the disappointment, there's more More is a perfect example of this over an MSNBC Lauren
o Donnell, actually tweeted Trump Wag, the dog. Now the dog is wagging trump I'd, celebrating the idea that the trumpet wag the dog in order to avoid impeachment coverage, but now he lost control of the situation and the media need this narrative. Because again, the narrative is that the Iranian were perfectly reasonable. That Obama had made them perfectly reasonable. In that trunk, just drove the mad, because Trump is a madman, Gemma cost over it CNN doing the same routine. Gimmicks so who doesn't nosey ass from his elbow suggesting last night. This is what the experts field. This is exactly what the eggs birds veered- oh my God, Jim caused by the way- he's. Fine, you, somebody who loves you Acosta loves him. Some gimmick ass to the presidency Attention has been guided by the Iranian no question about it in getting that's. What I was saying earlier was this this exactly what many foreign policy a national security analysed spirit here in Washington, a lot of Denmark I have been talking about over the last seventy two hours, the president. By
by targeting solar money has us actually set this chain thence chain of events into motion, and the question is whether the president will able to get on top of it and handle it. Well, you know the economic cost, looking real sad about that. This is what the experts feared. It's what they feel Chris Haze over MSNBC doing the same thing. It's teach Cleon. Morally, it has asked her to go to war with no one's going worthwhile have to explain how to moral disaster to kill bleeding terrorist in the Middle EAST responsible for literally tens of thousands of deaths, most of the muslim before we go. I just want to say this very clearly a war with IRAN is madness and it is strategically and morally disaster in the making and don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise again did. Did there of that falls narrative again and again that deterrence is full scale. War appeasement is the only solution, because that was the Obama solution was impeach. We'll get some more of the media coverage which was agreed just which of the media way would have driven IRAN too.
New rounds of actual violence against Americans, because the Iranian are watching the media coverage. Do they are that we get to Morrow in just one second, but first, if you are not already subscriber you're really missing out, had over daily wired outcome, Slash Subscribe, presented ten bucks a month you get articles had free access to all of our live brought. Ass. Our full show libraries what bonus content in exclusive daily, where at which the pretty great feature of you having checked it out, If you choose to new all access plan, you'll get all that plus the legendary leftist yours too. Or in a brand new ask me anything style, discussion, feature that allows you to engage our hosts writer specialness on a weekly basis like tonight. For example, we have a daily wire backstage and then of the host of daily you're back stage will be joining our mind. Ask your questions so stop depriving yourself come join the fund where the largest fastest growing conservative, podcasting radio, coordination, so it's all about them, of all about the narrative of the narrative. Absolutely collapsed in on the Democrats last night when the iranian response was not only ineffectual but apparently telegraphed
to America and her allies to avoid or on having to up the ante If you the way democratic and talking about all this again, it is to preserve the bomb it you're, a narrative defend the precious precious defend the precious at all costs. Barack Obama is the precious you're on nuclear deal is the pressures it was garbage from day one anyone who watch foreign policy knew that it was garbage from day one. This was never chamberlain, ask appeasement of the worst regime on planet earth and the fact is, that the media are fully invested in sore the Democrats in defending that garbage strategy, and the only way to do that is by declaring that Donald Trump is a madman in trying to reestablish deterrence. That's what you see Nancy Pelosi. Yesterday, lamenting needless american provocation, she treated yesterday close monitoring the situation following bombings targeting: U S, troops in Iraq by the way her monitoring involved, are going to some sort of fundraising event, I believe, should we must ensure that if the of our service members, including ending needless provocations from the minutes nation in demanding that IRAN cease its violence. America in the world cannot afford worked, won't believe that those needless provocations
the Iranian by the way, that would those be the needle provocation. Then there's John carrying it here. It's a tragedy but drowning tromp rush for confrontation. If he had been moved and Yemenis that IRAN is by the way that would those be the needles provocation, then there's John carrying it erodes transfer but drowning Trump rush for confrontation. If we had been moved Most would have signed a dry and try to the ayatollahs, so they could have used to kill more people and then declared that bees have been established. John Kerry whose beginning to resemble more and more something from tales of crept, hears. Here's the former secretary of State, now we are seeing the repercussions of going back to where we were when we began the process of trying to eliminate a nuclear weapon, I think ready for the world instead of diplomacy. This administration has rushed to confrontation, and if this develops into a tit for tat increase Stafford. It will become a war that is
Needless, it didn't have to happen and we'll be a reckless war of choice by the present United Sages, the president of the United States responsible for IRAN being a terrorist density for the last forty years. Also here my models from Vietnam, because I'm a terrible person childcare then was the two thousand for democratic How many speaking by the way of the two thousand for democratic National Convention, Michael more, was reading out this morning, pictures from solely monies funeral with the tens of thousands of people in the street thing is there any general in America could get this kind of adoration back. I make a more at schmuck, whose begging in in farsi in badly translated Pharisee from Google translate the Iranian not to hit America. Just yesterday at schmuck, wasn't a presidential Box of Jimmy Carter, the two thousand for Democratic National Convention talk about a party. That's lost its way back to the idea that Donald Trump Rush to confrontation for a year. He did basically nothing as run up the ante. He did nothing when there is when there were as their attacks in that
in the straits. Foremost, he did nothing when Sally Oil facilities were targeted. He did nothing when an american drone was shot down seriously so that this idea, the trumpets rushing to war, is such absolute, absolute crap, Joe Biden, of course, defending the precious as well. He has to was the vice president when the garbage around nuclear deal when, for he says we brought in world together overran, we did we brought together over the brought the world together. Overrun if, by that you mean this was the Munich agreement than sure sure research career know who's trying in about their luck. When we were able to do is bringing together the world to see to it that ran would not be able to get a nuclear weapon period. I guess that was the only the only issue on the table was ironic. Getting nuclear weapon. The only issue on the table, because again the Obama Administration Play doctor who ignores the cancer but treats be called symptoms that that's exactly what they did, Joe by he's been wrong on every major foreign policy issue of his entire, whereby the way speaking of Joe Biden demand
can't even keep IRAN and Iraq straight. He gave a little speech yesterday and which was ripping on trumps around in foreign policy, and then he just me, Stop IRAN and Iraq because the duties barely functional at this point, the European Parliament- they ran. Parliament voted to reject all Americans coalition forces in the country. The arrive, the iraqi parliament, their separate cunt You do not only that the iraqi Parliament did not vote to reject all american forces from the country. They issued a non binding resolution in which literally half the parliament abstained and walked out it turns out that she had dominated sections of Iraq are not fond of the United States, but the propaganda. That is issue. I mean I've. Never whenever that, when it comes to issues of foreign policy, the media just become the DMZ that they might and the media, which sometimes tries to hide it a little bit it just end immediately. Anything Democrats do on foreign policy is good. Anything Republicans do is bad war in Iraq, very, very bad pursued by a Republican pull out from Iraq, precipitously letting leading to the rise vices good war with regard to Afghanistan, very bad one
Republican, pursues it when pursued by Barack Obama, very good, hitting solely money, very bad drone war for years by Barack Obama, very good I've war in Libya. Very, very good because pursued by Barack Obama, killing of movement. Cut off. He very good burning of Yosemite in Benghazi, not that big deal burning of Yosemite and Baghdad very big deal when, when it's under Trump in the media just become a mouthpiece for each other Democrats are in power. That's all that happens here. The sea, false narrative. It is a joy, gas lighting effort that has been pursued from the very beginning by the Obama administration, and now it is carried forward. A few years in the media are just parroting this stuff, as wrote, Centre Tammy Duckworth of Wisconsin. I believe she came out and she said is that what is happening here is that IRAN is winning, because Iraq is asking us to leave again. Iraq did not ask us to leave. The prime minister of Iraq did not ask us to leave the room. Mr is powerless anyway. Right now he's the acting Prime minister because he's been forced
into a position of powerlessness by his own population, which feels that he's been kowtowing to much to IRAN. Here's Tammy Duckworth just saying something: that's absolutely Andrew: they encounter tens of this presidency, commander in chief, has actually achieved the end goal that IRAN Ones in the region, remember Rachel that we actually, since October, have protests in Iraq. Again, Iranian influenced by iraqi people. You know, within the space of just a couple of days with this poor decision made by this president. We have now turn that around so that now iraqi, the iraqi Parliament has voted to kick as out of their country, and we I now turn to sentiment into one that is much more pro Iranian in Iraq, and we elsewhere in the Middle EAST. Is world also always met? You think Sudanese are desperately morning the loss of solely money. Getting Sunni Iraqis are desperately morning the loss, and so my money do you really believe that the Kurds, desperately morning the loss of Sunday morning, the Kurds who are not exactly friends with the iranian that this whole thing is just it's ridiculous,
and is based on bad information and the media understand the most people don't understand anything like the complexities of middle eastern politics, Benjamin God who is a who is the director of the Future Europe initiative at the Atlantic Council, no friend to President Obama to pay it in trouble he's out. This threatens exactly right at the at this time of their presidencies. Trumps to predecessor, since wars in the Middle EAST has not the apocalyptic commentary. These last few days has completely ignored trumps famous reluctance to use force, especially for broad value based Jack in this way money killing was about brutally, but punctually reestablishing collation dominance after IRAN stepped up nefarious activities, droned destruction strike on sale. Arabia attack against? U S, embassy and broken explicit rebel, and with the killing of an american citizen. The iranian response, and especially the reef tweed, seemed show that around got the message. It had no choice but to respond by calibrated it in a way that would not cross red lines and communicated that explicitly and he said I'm seeing commentaries in that trunk is backing down. Actually, the message has been clear: we don't want one but ready for it. I am always surprised.
By the same, analyse, describing trumpets, calculating selfish cynic and as an irrational crazed madman you have to choose? The rest is pretty standard peace through strength more burden sharing from allies in the Middle EAST, J C, P, away, etc. Europeans should one welcome, no escalation to step up through presence in Anti terror in Middle EAST, which will also increase their diplomatic weight and three try to put some meat in trumps. Little diplomatic opening them engine of common interest with IRAN against ISIS getting questions on. We're under the Obama administration. I'm referring to its Libya in two thousand and eleven is exactly right is exactly right. People who are not friends with president from our acknowledging that Trump gets a win here in Bremmer. Who's been no friend of president trouble over the Eurasia group. He signal today that this is a pretty big one for Europe. It is a win for More importantly than wine for trumpets win for the United States, because again the why was always at the rules of politics in international affairs and force in international affairs ceased to apply when Donald Trump became president and when Brok APOLLO become became. President Obama so magically changed. The world magically changed
world, that you can simply sign a check to be run into, and then it would become a wonderful neighbors to everyone around them. It was absolute bull crap from the very start, and then from comes in also we mining. He ends the nuclear deal and then the logic as well. The world began spinning when Brok of almost present he had magically checked so trump magically them back years. The reality IRAN has not changed its goals. It has not changed its orientations. It has not changed its tactics, not one iota for forty years. They ve been incredibly consistent. That tends to happen in dictatorships. The fact that the media- I want you to believe that we are on the verge of world war. Three here is the monster of the fact that either the media don't know what they're talking about or their malicious, and I happen to think that it is probably the latter mean, while impeachment is moving for. Nancy policy is now in debate with Nancy closely about whether Nancy Glossy ought to release the impeachment charges to the Senate, she's being urged
members of the Senate to do so, because Mitch Mcconnell says I'm going to continue forward with this impeachment trial without naming witnesses, which of course, is exactly what happened under the Clinton administration during the Clinton administration. During the impeachment hearings about Bill Clinton, the Clinton Senate move forward the procedure. They said we will need the witnesses later. They ended up calling like three witnesses, and that was it Mcconnell says: I'm not gonna preset the witness. Lest we have to hear the arguments from the house managers, we also are going to have to hear from the prior witnesses, presumably and then we'll start talking about what exactly comes next, and this, of course has driven policy to the point of distraction. She wants John Bolton to be named in the witness it, is though this is going to change things radically. I have serious doubts that that is the case. Then Europe time's running pieces about Mitch, Mcconnell being afraid of John Bolton. Maybe Mitch Mcconnell issues like in a cave to Nancy policies, pressure to do an investigation where she refused to remember
the house could have called John Bolton and waited on it. They didn't they didn't because Bolton problems not gonna, give them what they wanted. My favorite element of the whole impeachment debacle is the theatrical surrounding it. Yesterday, a bunch of impeachment protesters walking slowly around the the Senate, building that that cigarette wearing shorts and suggested that Trump, should be removed that that I was going to change things radically: a bunch of unemployed morons in the middle of the day in Washington DC walking slowly around the Senate building. First of all, if I want unemployment unemployed, morons walking around the scent of building. We always have senators. I actually dont need these people walking up it descended building in order to push
for four impeachment I do have the one little girl has been dragged her by her parents, but we should not enough to go to school today now that their walking around the building, slowly clear under article thirty nine of the constitution, I believe the trumpets automatically been impeach. Nancy policy is going to have to decide today whether or not she wants to release those charges to the Senate. Mcdonald's gonna move forward either way her bluff has been called so that basically ends that where moves from here is probably frequent disposal unless John Bolton says something earth shattering, which is very doubtful at this point. This whole thing is is going to basically amount to nothing and we'll all move on with our lives. Ok, so we don't actually have time for things I like today, so instead, we ll do a very very brief thing that I hate Elizabeth, worn appeared on the view and Elizabeth warns. Parents on a view, was garbage as her usual arrangement first Megan Mccain had cudgel her in acknowledging that solemnity was a terrorist and then Elizabeth
porn star just spewing nonsense about Merrick Garland, so It was explaining that Merrick that Ms Mcdonald handling their garland was unconstitutional, which is amazing. Coming from a lady proposing a wealth tax that is blatantly unconstitutional when President Obama Norman of merit, Carling, two Supreme Court, just ass. He had a year as a sitting president when Mitch Mccall just said sorry he's not a hearing it isn't going to me. We can. The cost detention says the President will nominate rime and the Senate will then offer advice and consent, and you really want in a confirmation we now wrote it
the assumption that all you gotta say within thirty days and then someone's gotta come that was uncomfortable, husband, ass, some people when we would merely to constitutional to fully abide by the constitution and just say we're not going to vote on this president's nominee. You don't have to vote on anything. I'm I'm can view. If does Elizabeth WAR and think that Nancy Policy has a duty to convey the impeachment charges because she does not, she can hold them back and do whatever you want. If the constitution doesn't say you have to do it, you don't do it. Nothing says that the Senate has to accede to a vote on a democratic nominee if this- and it does not wish you already- we Becker later today, with two additional hours of commentary- also will be back here tonight with Delaware back, say I'm sure it will be very heavily involved with IRAN, talk and impeachment off and will be back here tomorrow, so much good stuff over to daily, where right now and subscribe, if you really want to behind the scenes and all of our content, otherwise,
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