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Ep. 934 - So Somber, So Serious, So Stupid

2020-01-17 | 🔗

Democrats get somber and serious about impeachment and Lev Parnas continues his media tour. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at dailywire.com/Shapiro

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Democrats get somber and serious about impeachment. Love harness continues his media tour and we checked the mail bag on Ben Shapiro. This is the bench bureau show the bench of Euro show is sponsored by Express Bbn. Protect your online privacy today at Express Vps, dotcom, Slash Ben impeachment continues apace. Yesterday was the big day the impeachment charges or walked over from the house to the Senate, in a somber, serious and sober ceremony in it they lose really sort of like watching the coordination of british manner. He had a bunch of members of the house who sort of walked this over an empty chamber very seriously wearing row, is, is pretty wild stuff and we were told by the media this is a somber and serious, and so on. This was not a partisan impeachment in any way that this was just the Democrats. Standing up than a constitutional duties to which they had sworn oath Adam Shift pretending to be some
were and sober and serious, and all of that yesterday, in announcing the impeachment of Donald J Trump other come with people members. The media think that this was a very sombre and serious and sober moment for men. Than two years. Basically, the pub tent pitched outside The CNN Green Room, claiming that president from was russian gas. By here is Adam chef, partisan our suggesting really in his manner and behaviour that he was the union's constitutional duty extraordinarily seriously, this interest they hit against Trump. This was something that had to be house resolution the seven fifty five in peace, being Donald John Trump Present of the United States for her crimes and misdemeanours resolved that present, and their Donal J Trump, to the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanours, and that the following. Articles of impeachment bags limited to the states Senate sobriety o the sombre earnest and sadness in the seriousness and all other S, words that you can find.
And using the source, basically them you drag all melt, Wolf, Blitzer talked about how sombre and serious and saddle of this was. The media are just mouthpieces for the Democrats at this point and they truly are now to be entirely either. There's There are certain members, the media, who I think, on occasion, try to do the job. I will say that the folks red CNN. Generally speaking, do not Wolf Blitzer an end, members of the CNN team pretending that this was a serious moment in America, after spending hears cheerleading for trumps impeachment after spending years, pushing the Trump Russia collusion stuff after years suggesting as annulled, John Trump is the worst person who ever lived there sitting there like. Oh, my god, what a serious moment this is for the country yeah. I'm gonna go with these are crocodile tears. Hears Wolf, Blitzer Adam shift. The elite house, impeachment manager of the chairman of the intelligence really was very soon a number of very serious. He read these two articles of impeachment abuse of power. The president of the United States, obstruction of Congress by the Presently, the United States report
ITALY saying that the present United States engage in high crimes Demeter's everybody very much on points here. Everybody understands these sombre earnestness seriousness and sobriety of the money this way had Nancy Blowsy, trying to pretend that she was really somber and serious and sober about all. This is my favorite, my favorite actual. Instance of the sombre furious sober moment was commonly Harris, O Connell Harris. She was doing an interview with MSNBC and she was on camera before she knew she was on camera and she's fucking it up. I mean just laughing out loud and then the camera switch aren't you realise that the red light is on and she puts her sombre, Syria sober face and goes for it could twenty four one colleagues Casey on who is now with one of those senators Casey,
so much we're here with Senator Common Harris, who, of course, are former twenty twenty presidential candidate members at the earliest moment. Deserted the most serious charges ever broader, the history of our country against president unrecoverable work, that's amazing, Jody John. Do it again due to get a great part of our car, legs Casey on who is now with one of those senators Casey thanks so much we're here with Senator Kamel Harris who, of course, of former twenty twenty presidential candidate, I mean there's this asylum serious moment. These are the most serious charges ever broader, the history of our country against the President, the more serious charges ever brought ever read We either not a single crime alleged in the impeachment papers, like not one.
But I am really it I just I really they need used word sedate, we'd stern, like all of the S. Words are all know why they pick ass. They could have gone with. They could have gone with portentous way. Gee, rather there plenty of resource items that can gone with, but with all the Azores, but that shift from that face from that giant, Joker GRID and that crazy Joker laugh. May I suggest it after she left the presidential race that maybe she was up for the part of the Joker in the next you aside, squat, but she went from that too. I mean it's like walking Phoenix in Joker who has this bizarre penchant for laughing at inappropriate times because got NASH condition commentaries get stoppers of she's like so happy she's grinning, and then she really the cameras unjust any he for years congressional actor. Those do sender, Tommo, hairs, everybody so serious about guys, which we ought to take the super seriously. A supercilious crimes are being alleged and is the
allegations. The matter as will find out in moments of the actual proof, is the allegation the matter is now up to the Senate to investigate which is weird since the senators where you hold a trial. She normally in the impeachment procedure. We hold the investigation, the house level, and then you hold the trial at the Senate level now about you. But if you ever watching a born or episodes, the difference between the investigation right, that is, the part where they go play. Leumi air is out there on the streets, walk in the beat and then there's the actual trial and that the Party of Jerry or about walking to beat, and then you have power, SAM waters to actually tries the case and if two completely different things him lodged innocent one walking the be gathering all the facts, he's the one trying the case is Jerry or back he's supposed to be walking the streets finding all the evidence. While the house is supposed to be Jerry or in this little analogy and GM waters than is supposed to be the Senate, but turns out, the house wants to send it to be the investigative body as opposed to the house being investigated by we'll get to that in just one. Second, first, psychopath pillar had the situation worse,
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proof. You just need the allegations and now to the Senate to investigate the allegations No, that is up to you, lady, and if you just delayed this thing they will. We keep hearing knelt bombshell after bombshell, bombshells dropping everywhere. It's like the film nineteen, seventeen just blowing up right next to the Trump Administration, well. If you just waited a few weeks, you can all others witnesses like everything. One of the ones you are now calling on the Senate to call which suggest that all of this, What up job Nancy Plus? You basically admitted as much yesterday in any case it's not a question of saying what proof it says, what Alan Patients have been made and that have to be subjected to scrutiny as too go for, but it should not be ignored in the context of other events that have happened. That would substantiate some that we would only prove the allegations are sufficient for us to take seriously the impeachment charges again. This is like, if jury or back, walked in December
customs office issues like listen. I've got an allegation, a movement in similar actions like awesome, I'm gonna go I'd like you to try this thing. Where's, your proof ensure our box like well, I think my colleagues It is enough what driven allegation that not everybody don't got a weapon. I've got a suspect, I think that I did it just call it got hunch, but I don't really have the proof. Water system would laugh my results in he's a tv you're so even December waters and tv way, or knows that if you're going to try it he's in the Senate. Presumably it for the prosecution which the Democrats are in this particular case. Then you should presumably have some proof to back you up trucks humor, however, as others trump broke, the law now shimmer is basing this on aid general on a on a government accountability office report that suggests that the Trump Administration violated the impoundments Control ACT. We discussed this at length yesterday the impending Control ACT of nineteen, seventy four, which essentially just that the President of the United States has to spend money that is allocated from Legislate branch to the executive branch within a certain specified period of time or issue, a special message for Congress
explaining why he has not done that. The allegations the GEO. Isn't the Trump administration did not explain why they had not said over the ukrainian aid and while the agent really did go over. The failure to send a message was violation of law. The Democrats are now suggesting that this sort of lawbreaking is exactly why we have to impeach Oh said, the Obama said that the law on broke the jail. On a number of occasions, the J of the Bush administration broke the law on a number of occasions in and with a bomb, and they said that that the G8, the trumpet the abandonment creation broke the law by shifting around money in order to secure the release of Bull Bergdorf. The GEO suggested back in September that from administration violated the law by allowing national parks to stay open during the government, Shutdown, Rights, jail, suggested people violate the law. The time none of that sum, teachable is particularly not unimpeachable in terms of the Empowerment Control ACT, because their given actual statutes a remedy that is available for failure to send a special message to Congress. If you hold up, if you it part of Spain, what is called a
delay or decision of the of the actual money and its also true that is challenging court, they're serious questions as to whether the impounding Control ACT applies to foreign aid, because the president does have plenary power overhand how to handle foreign policy under the constitution. In any case, Chuck Shoemaker Obviously, this is not reveal the GEO the GEO report This is not trivial, except for how is trivial minutes ago when it was Obama but its trip. Now, it's not for now. It super duper Cooper, scooper serious according to structure. The GEO opinion especially makes clear The documents we requested in our letter to leader Mcconnell. Are even more needed now than when we requested last month, because as an interim simply put broke the law while he simply put broke the law yeah and inserted every other men russian according to the jail which has been making these sorts of suggestions for literally years. The remedy, in this particular case for the court include violation of law would have been for the key
trawler general of the United States. Government Obama pointy on a fifteen year term to actually invest the gate and turned his own special message which you didn't so again. This is the Democrats trying to play up what they ve got. It listening you dont go: do you don't go to war with the army which she had to go to war with the army that you have as Donald Rumsfeld put it? And apparently go to Senate trial with the impeachment you wish, you had, you go to send a trial with empty You actually have- and I have to back fill all the rationale, four impeachment and grasp at any straw that is available for president from for his, isn't taking the sitting. Gary's are taking this quietly he's taking this in all caps, lock frumpy in style. Oh my gosh. Please take his phone away from him please. This is not helpful. The reason is helpful is because the president should basically be say: listen do a full investigation. Workable means this. What I say
Justin throughout the mother investigation and it turned out right. It turned out that if trumpet actually fired Mahler, it would have probably brought him to be spent a year earlier, but instead from a sort of formulating he's bouncing against the Glass box in which the democratic attempted due to push him, he treated out yesterday all capital letters, the caps lock button got stuck I just got impeach for making a perfect phone call, and I got was the stupidity should now get out of there Ask Parliament actually funny like you should have done that, and I think that would make a great teacher but t shirt, but I just got impeach for making a perfect phone call is if at this demand, as a gift for memory
what can you say? I recall when Richard Nixon was in the process of investigation and each weeded out. I just got him page from making the perfect phone call. I just lay off what in the world what madness the man is again. None of this is to suggest the Democrats have the goods they don't. It is also not to suggest that the Democrats actually are consistent in how they were to approach this engagement, because they are clearly not, for example, Joe Biden, whose now suggesting that we need witticism witnesses and witnesses backing ninety nine United saying we don't need witnesses. The point here is that vase stated the witnesses they needed there they need a petty curry. They said the needed Vernon Jordan. They said they need monocle windscreen. They said why they need them willing to hear him say it all over again, but there were very compelling when they said it. The first time. In my humble opinion, many things are needed. They do not needed. So not nobody cared it now Monaco and not any of the people in the Clinton impeachment, were necessary to test it
in front of the Senate. Accordingly, Joe Biden now, of course, issues on the other foot and we need every witness all the witnesses to testify and we needed right now. The witness that they are most interested in bringing forth is, of course, love partners. We're gonna, get to love harness, apparently vaunted and trustworthy witness been just. And second it's funny people say he's like John Dene he's like all of members. The Nixon administration back during the Nixon impeachment move well except for urgency not being under the indictment for falsifying documents and lying. That's exactly true, so in other words is not true, like at all we'll get to that in just one. Second. First, let me talk about a fantastic present that you can get for yourself, your family, this year. It is just phenomenal. I'm talking about a portrait that is painted of anything. You want, custom just for you over it paint your life dot com. You can have an original painting of yourself, your kids, you family, a special place, a cherished pet, an approach you can afford from painter lifetime. We have one of me and my wife.
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and went right, Harrison's really really good. Go check it out right now at paint your life dot com and text Ben to sixty four thousand for the special deal Ben to sixty four thousand. Ok. So the Democrats have now decided to place their faith in a guy named love partners who the hell is love Well, he's sort of a ukrainian fixer who was going around Ukraine on behalf of Ukrainian Oda trying to get Ambassador Marie Ivanovitch fired. That's not. Accordingly s going the Department of Justice he southern districts of New York has poorness under indicted right now for attempting to funnel money through straw donors. Interviews in you congressional elections in order to try and skew the process again U S? Ambassador Marie Ivanovitch on behalf of the ukrainian oligarch, that has accordingly the actual d o J indictment papers. Ok, that's the deal Jane papers are coming from the southern district of New York, which of course, is the same southern. Of New York, which was investigating the whole Michael common things. This is not like trumps d, o J. Will you bar trying to go after people to silence at that? That's
This is it all right, love harnessed is in all likelihood de as in an was accused of falsifying it means that process is lying in that process is accused of a bevy of crimes in that process. What and you were a Roman became serve, Woody Giuliani sharper guides around Ukraine that he would Rudy would go to Ukraine in search of information about the crowd strike. Sir, for he go to Ukraine in search of information about Ukrainian Election Interference and shock of shocks. There's lump harness and you go Froman, of whom are apparently working on behalf of ukrainian oligarchs. Sayings Rudy, you know Rudy, you know we can help you out and you know we'd love, we love and let me go some bad information about this ambassador relaunch you're out you're, trying to investigate what was happening in Ukraine. Let me tell you this ambassador immoderate bad late she's, trying to obstruct exactly what you're priority should tell the President fire that's what was really going on and what now of partners is being trotted out he's under indictment on bail out on bail, right now, he's being trotted out and he
is appearing on all the media is a full on media to her in the same way that it Michael Cohen, and on mediator, has become a hero of the resistance. Why He appeared on Rachel Matter the other night and values Rachel Matter. He suggested this was all top down. That tramples instructing him to dig up dirt Emory avant image that tramples instructing him to falsify information. In about Joe Biden and can in trying to convince left harnessed to act, is go between two, the bringing administration to try and get them, we investigation into into Joe Biden now. Do you think that he is working? from or using their use by both sides. The indictment that he was certainly not working specifically for trumpet. He was doing all this stuff year. In advance of trumpet. Now he's translate all atrocity because of its Transvaal: that's not his fault! If you just following orders, then it's all on Trump, the impeached president and now left harness is just an inch an innocent abroad in Ukraine being caught up in the wily schemes of president Trump and regionally
and what not that's a convenient narrative. It's very convenient narrative for the Democrats, but it happens not remotely resemble anything credible, overt hot air and Morrissey has a peace on this report. It's out. The matter asked harnessed. You believe that part of the motorway, get rid of ambassador you out of it was tat. She was in the way of an effort to get the government of Ukraine to announce investigations of Joe Biden and practices that the only motivation there is no other motivation. That Morrissey points out now the penny indictment against part has put his efforts against Jovanovic at least a year earlier on behalf, the ukrainian official. The environment is absolutely clear on this point. Furthermore, last November part has put the effort in April twenty eighteen rather than spring of twenty nineteen so before. In other words, he was attempting to push Trump or push Giuliani on behalf of Trump mapped out and bothered asked the UN's I've been on previous account when part of climate dividing probe was the only motivation, the Department of Justice never ledges. This had anything to do.
With an investigation of any other yours person, but only intended for the removal of Jovanovic for the purposes of war. Or more officials in the ukrainian government at the time the government of petrol perish Anko, but the timing of the specifics of parnassus strongman actions tend to corroborate at point far more than they do Parnassus later claim that it had to do with from twenty nineteen in getting Vladimir Zaleski to pursue abiden probe. So in other words, love partners is probably why not only left harness, probably lying. The man is indicted on charges of falsified documents and the Democrats rather like while he presented us with documents, you mean the guy who's under indictment for fast sang documents gave you documents. I cannot believe this. While what are those documents by the way there and written contemporaneous note by love partners on hotel, stationary, so there's nobody check the medeia to find out when he input the stuff theirs way to find out what who's on the phone with usually only when all the stuff was happening. In other words, a guy who has been tried for lying in falsified documents and acting on behalf of the bringing oligarch is claiming that truck made him? Do it and the media are just
lapping, this up, lapping the stuff up well folks in Ukraine, in openness and from it are like now I'm not I'm, not gonna, be the stuff of adamant. Prestige, though, is the foreign minister Ukraine is. I know I don't believe a word that partners as well. Would anybody believe a word? The partner says. Frankly, I never spoke with loose individual again frankly, I don't. I don't trust any word. Is now saying the systems, which we use. Therefore into was reviewed, each and every year annually at least twice. If a year at the end of the year? So we knew that this assistance is to be reviewed? Sometimes it would be caught because of the some political understanding of what is to be done in Ukraine, sometimes being raised, which is now worth observing. Ok, official in Ukraine right Foreign Minister. We can current for MR of Ukraine. Says I don't believe a word. The partners who sang and over here in the United States. You get all the Democrats in their allies in the media, but I repeat myself, who are out there talking about
Openness is yours, Nancy, Pelosi, very serious, somber, sober and solemn person talking about harnesses unbelievably credible, incredibly credible. We should take em super duper, pooper skipper, seriously should be, should witness at the at the trial and do would be he better be. It relates to the documents and the rest of it certainly raises questions he may have witnessed what he's testifying to relate the issue at hand, the president's behaviour. Why would he be a court witnesses to the president's behaviour when he even in his interviews with MSNBC on CNN, is not saying, and so the president said to me where he is saying. I know the present yeah there's some pictures of him at the president. The president sticks picture the water folks. The question is not whether he's in a picture with Trump. The question is whether Trump Chile instructed powerless to do anything, and even partners is not alleged that from directly instructed him to do anything at best partners alleges that Giuliani instructed him to do things which
Gun creates a gap in communication between Trump and partners. It also creates the question of whether harness was told by Giuliani, for example, to try and obtain an announcement. But by an investigation or whether he was told by Giuliani, to obtain by an investigation and harness rode down. All we need is an announcement, not satisfied, my guy in the no fire Marie of arbitrator. All of this gets a little become Look it by minors. Harness is not credible by pretty much anything any metric, and yet the demo The media are trying to painted? Otherwise, ok, so you ve got Andy MC came. I love this anaemic ape who literally lost his pension because he apparently lied FBI, because he was leaking things to the media, is leading to the Wall Street Journal about Hillary Clinton endemic ape. Who now has a hero of the resistance, because anybody who opposes trumpets here of the resistance and again who lost his pension for allegedly lying about talking to the media. Is now talking about credibility on CNN, a network that spent
new years. Pushing the Russia stuff- and here is, I believe him. I believe- and I do I believe, love harness contemporaneous recollection of what he was hearing on a telephone conversation according to him, you could then match that note up to the booking record of proving that he was in fact in the hotel. At that time, you could also comparative his phone records from the days. He was there and show how many times you talked to ready Giuliani during their stay. So there's different ways that You could begin to bolster that testimony in it, makes that record speak more. Clearly, it's just I I'm sorry enemy. Cape who again lacks is ongoing. Melody sitting there in time. I love harness being a credible witness and presenting documents. Documents presented by a guy who is accused of falsifying documented. Amazing, MSNBC, cynical Wallace! She is straight out, says it purposes, a truth: teller he's a truth, teller. I love Then Nicole Wallis is saying Mr Brian Williams, the cereal fabulous. You suggested that he was nearly shot down our copper over Iraq and also
Then he landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong, its credibility crisis in our media and in a government, I mean all time high here, there's Nicole Wallace, trying to talk up a guy who's under indictment for being a liar, and we then look for John Dene. Terms Richard Nixon? There was never going to be a John Dene, but maybe in love, Parnasse, there's a truth, teller that also has that billowy to wake these republican senders up and say you know what the truth we'll be known. Where do I want to come down when history tells the story? The truth, we'll be known through people like Love, Partus heads, hear directly from left party a party doing as mediator and yesterday he believe. I believe you on CNN with Anderson Cooper and he started talking about what a rough life has left policy areas talking about their threats upon his life. There are still rock to this day still not recovered and that when they will no doubt they, they felt this
sure this was always was a my god, of course, have an existential threat to the survival of the main reason my life was threatened because of that and he can. He said why won't? They call me as witness they need to call me as witness. Why won't they call me as witness because her name's relying midnight lit with Abbe something. Why should that the? Because you are wildly attempting to spin So maybe you can be offered some sort of the bargain made me because of that because you have a series of conflicting interests, but apparently, according to participation. Column is witness because he knows all the things all of the things. If you really look, I should be their birth. This should be their number one witness, because I'm the one they got all the dirt supposedly, why aren't they calling me to testify? Why do they need by call me ask me. What made the wrong John you're afraid of calling. I think, they're very frankly, I think
you're, because I think they made a mistake by no trains. Do what they did to me at first of all, do need her got. Second of all, Anderson we're sitting there in very solemnly and soberly saying to love, harnessed, you think, they're afraid of you do at thy love that when my lap Why do they need to call hundred Biden? Why can't? I just call me first of all, even if you knew stuff about hunger by two hundred button be the person they call since the subject of the inquiry. Comes to his activities in Ukraine. Just gonna point that out But it's amazing how the media are taking this guy seriously a Jay De Cnn earlier, and I said there are exceptions in the media to the rule. That CNN is very bad. Jake Tapir does some good work on tenant for sure disclosure. I know Jake. I liked it. I think that's a good guy, but Jake Tapper yesterday. He says the correct thing. He says why it and we disagree politically, obviously Jake says why exactly are we taking the furnace seriously legged? Judging tapirs still has enough of a prefrontal cortex emulate guys. Really this
is one of this guy seriously him. We can ignore. Harness has a serious credibility problem he's under indictment for campaign finance charges, the foreign minister Ukraine told CNN's Christiana poor that he doesn't trust bonuses saying- and yet I see people out there in social media Democrats acting as if disguises that can coming up Theodore Roosevelt Correct, Jake separating the nail on the head. This is exactly right now. The big problem for the Trump Administration is that, because from is so unpredictable because he is so bad with his coms demon. He is urged to be frank about this. Very often, his coms team is out there unwilling to say things because they just don't know what Trump is going to say. Next trump does not communicate with his comes to him. He does not communicate with people and communications. He does not tell them what actual story is that they can go and defend the story. Instead, he sort of throws out there on tv, and then he watches tv to see how loyal they are to him, and then he may undercut their story the very next day, and you end up with awkward situations like this. We're coming on, Conway is being asked of our partners, and she's asked directly like several times is love partners line?
and Kelly on Conway refuses to see that the partisan Y know. People are taking this, as the recent say that he's lying is because she knows that he's not lying in reality and take take this take my word for it in reality. What's really, happening here is that she does not know whether Parnassus, saying anything that is true or false and she's very much afraid, she's, going to sail up harnesses lying about something and then from two seconds later is gonna, come and contradictory because he's not actually coordinating with zone com steam. So this is not coming the place of Kelly? Conway knows the love Parnassus telling the truth. This comes from a place Kelly and how it has no idea whether one parts of truth, just like anybody else on planet earth, except presumably proposed in February, Giuliani, Sayers Kelly, and Conway did. The media are treating this as proof that the Trump Administration no is full Well, the love harnesses intrude seller. That's not what this club is what is wide houses position and his allegations that are now public Bobby networking. Go until they are never under oath. I this is someone who added Conform to its own volition, are you saying
flat out a hundred percent. Would he alleges is not true, yes or no but when life partners says take it at a quarter when he says the President do all of my moves, is he lying or not killing? The approval liar he's he's been indicted. Is that statement true or false trot knew what was going on. How? In other words, what is part is actually saying he sang the new. All of my moves lay so again. This being tried out is proof. That that Kelly and Conway won't say that straight out of line she doesn't or these line and telling her has no idea what it is like rise would happen. Nick. What Demeter's I will ask, is the White House refuses to just say that life punishes lying, won't know it's because from doesn't communicated com steam in five set International Command just say that love Parnassus Liar in some sort of pressure. You watch it's going to happen. Ok in just one. Second, organ gets Chris Matthew dating right. It's unbelievable Jeanne appraise Chris Matthews run I or that messed up here.
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I don't know my never had a conversation that I remember with him away. You just have to quiet, You just have to take a look at the pictures. You just have to take a look at the Seattle. Anybody, so is that Nick occurs. Has this unfortunate habit of trying to talk over President Drum and from the shutting down of core? this is a sign of the war on the media. By the way, the media are very upset today is a war on the media, among Republicans very upset at Martha Mcnally. Why, like the senator from Arizona yesterday, as I said on the show, she called the maharajah, whose rapporteur for CNN illiberal hack, now I'm no manner You have seen his reporting and I actually dont think that here what is more, Hashish CNN reporters, so I think that Martha Mcnally was either ticked off in a moment at sea and generally or she was attempting to play a political game whereby she tax rapporteur in this is popular with the republican base. Obviously the media one That's over this. Here's Martha Mcnally, calling Maharajah hack, sentiments
I wish you, the Senate, consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial, your liver hack, I'm not talking to you you're, not going to comment again and men around, and men arouse you of course talk about this on Twitter, and all the rest of it. Mothers I was on. Syria was on Lord Ingram, show less dangerous, pointing out that CNN is in fact a liberal hack network. If she had said that I'd be defending her like force. Where did I because that today, that is a fact of life Hey CNN is a left network and honestly you're, not proving they are directive. Chris Cuomo and their network is objective. When you then go on air and you start parading MA, them exactly as though somebody just called you Fredo and Tell you he's not freedom, no one's ever use the word. NATO to describe Chris Cuomo Fredo is like the inward for Italians. That's what Chris Cuomo has said. So here's not Fredo explained why? It's very bad to say mean things reporters I was so upsetting about mixed Sally today, since a woman with an amazing record of service to this country, and she really acted like a punk today she did it.
Service to herself and the sea that she holds, which is John Mccain. What she wasn't in elected motion was she's, really bored loss and see like a thorough, flew like some would say: tromp one, but that's all other shell might arise is not a liberal hack. He is a very well respected seasoned reporter asking a legitimate questions. She couldn't answered You can't stand the heat then get out of the appointed gets it then that sort of by since it that's what he's talking about. I really should have indirectly rioters Chris Cuomo down lemon between pillars of dumb over. Over at CNN? I will also point out that ill homer history Maharajah with nothing but disdain. Whenever, ass. A legit question is why, by the way, saddled think the moderation is actually about or border. So I think that he's asking of questions. The Democrats watch Mascot tough questions will have no Margaret summarily dismissed by Eleven Omar, I dont member than I remember the media declaring that that she was acting like a punk.
You remember that I remember that he remembered was Cuomo or down lemon suggesting shoes acting like a pumpkin. This particular exchange This morning, you said the present travelling. What is wrong with you question about your tweets: you had a tweet saying the present hey I. Yes, I tweeted you there's a response. You can run that have a nice day What's wrong with you. Are you serious? What is wrong with you shattering the poker Chris com or dominant like it all, I get feeling that, maybe you guys are the little hats like in the end of Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon part of the liberal hacked in all of this bid. The double standard is absolutely unbelievable. I will give points today to one member of left media. Upon my frequently, at ribbon, make fun of Emma Tom Cruise mad. You don't have a zig, so yesterday, actually doing true, you said about the witnesses can be covered. Cent increase, Matthews run in her rumpled soap comedy The show an umbrella- and here I have drunk, but this time as have drunken unwarranted, proved spilled out of my mouth
The tingle ran up my leg and out of my mouth came throat, you said: listen, Democrats keep saying that I want to call witnesses, maybe Chicago by when a hunch, abiden charismatic, doing something unbelievable cow How would you want to centre by just to give me a chance to clarify self? Did you ever talk dear said about taking a contract with the risk that you have anything to do with I'm doing the Javert tell not to do it? Did you ever get up did he ever coitus get into a favor. For these things to be relevant questions there may look it's all its. It's a total side show strategies tiredly major sell. This whole thing is the republic and attempt to smear divides. You have to say, with a fairly going after them are unfairly going to have some good for Chris Matthews wow. For the first time, a good for Christmas is right. That is right by the way. Speaking of Joe Biden. There's a story today about how Frank bided leverage, his famous name, for business gain is a story from ABC News Funny how the media are starting to notice that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Problematic in the two weeks.
For I was almost is that all the apple files are opening up and always with words, opponents and was before it is being promoted. I'm not gonna say that it's a conspiracy because I don't believe in conspiracies Europe. Bad it's a little weird Anyone ABC News has a story today. In two thousand nine, the year Joe Biden took office, as vice president, a local business executive met, the politicians younger brother, Frank at Starbucks and Palm Beach, Gardens Laura and later asked him to become the president in front man for a fledgling charter school venture Frank Biden along time: real estate, developer and state accepted the offer, and over years. He shouted his famous last name in prominent connections in Washington to help Land company a series of charter contracts from local officials in Florida to open charter schools earning hundreds of thousands of dollars over a five year period from the company in the process in media interviews at the time. Mine was unabashed. He called his last unimportant tremendous asset because the families record of taking care of people who need help and telling people it brought him automatic acceptance, as you saw government approvals for the four proverb for profit mavericks,
in education, claims of mismanagement will ultimately bogged down. Many of the schools shocking, which focused on educating outwards, teens with troubled backgrounds, ITALY's to suffer losses, maverick schools, delegations of inflating enrollment as part of a scheme to garner more government funding, critics suggest that when Frank Biden, how did his family name to promote the mavericks charter? Schools is just one example by family actively benefiting from sharing it aim with the vice president, Richard Painter, whose a trunk credit but form a White House, it's way for George W Bush for political, Joe job needs to recognise the problem. You can control your brothers it can control groans on. We can put some fire who plays in your own office. Of course, job never did any of this. Joe Biden. Son Hunter has been called into question for basically being giant bag. Man running around the world using a bag of cash causes. Last name is Biden and then there's James Biden, another one of them and his brothers, who is fighting a war in which he stands accused of fainting interest in investing in medical device company, as boy to steal the company's business model according to the plaintiffs,
Biden said during the investment negotiations. The firms called psychiatric care model would be used by Joe Biden as part of his campaign for president of the United States, to know you frank and James, an hunter basically everyone who has last named Biden using Joe Biden last aiming in order to get ahead, is it worth while asking them let's just whether Joan knew about any of this. When it came two hundred Ukraine, you bet your ass, it has. Meanwhile, he Trump team is now appointing its its own and team, and some of the names they you know and love are going to be appearing. According to the New York Times you're going, yeah you're, going to get of course, patch alone. Andrea secular have obviously been attorneys for president from throughout this process, but the team is now going to be added to include can start and Robert RE former independent. Council layers per person. Familiar with the plan. The Timor include Ireland. Auschwitz was a guest on a radio programme. Yesterday, a statement from a team spokesmen says Professor Dershowitz will present oral arguments at the Senate trial to address the constitutional
arguments against impeachment and removal? While Professor Dershowitz is non partisan when it comes to the constitution, he pose the impeachment President Bill Clinton and voted for Hillary Clinton. He believes the issues at stake are enduring constitution, he's participating in this impeachment trial to defend the integrity of the constitution and to prevent the creation of a dangerous constitutional president so the president is putting together his all starting Mitch. Mcconnell for his part, I think, would be fairly happy with KEN Star and Dershowitz. We're were both prose, as you can be a little bit less sanguine about the president's personal, more personal attorneys, the future belongs in the second, those who have had a tendency to toward shall we say, colorful defenses of the present a Dershowitz has been pretty measured in his defenses of the president. Can star is a long time I am amused? Watch the media's take on, can star NBC had along report this morning about the employment can start and they just basically went through. Resume talk about all the evil they can start as responsible for meanwhile, the democratic prosecutors, in this case
Will I get em chef in injury now, but they are just the finest and wisest among us. However, the fact is that this impasse, meant in the end, is going to go nowhere. Mcconnell is looking to get this done. Early get it done fast? He would like very much to put this thing behind the Republican Party as fast as possible, I think that is likely to happen. Even the witnesses, people are talking about. A John Bolton mean testify the test by the testifies very law because the present, is going to declare executive privilege that will go to court then it is not gonna, wait around for the court to adjudicate whether John He's gonna end in a jumble goes in testifies here, going to say what Villona Hill is aid said, and there were comes in executive, privilege, part he's gonna, say well, you know that's covered by executive privileged. I can't really talk about that. I, just and he wants to testify doesn't mean that he's gonna, violet executive privilege to do so regionally Ani is covered by turning clamp, privilege and be very difficult to call him or compel testimony and the attempt to compel documents maybe they had some additional documents in the Senate, unlikely that those documents are deep,
the damning beyond what we already know. So this means that Democrats have to turn to their secondary there, there sort of secondary defence against trumps, real action, and that is there to go after the means of distribution of information things in it really rough this year in in Prague Castle in talk, radio and they're gonna activate, really activate. All of their favourite outwards via the media matters of the world in order to go out for everybody who disagrees with the democratic candidate and try and rob them of their clientele and of their base. That's that's their job. Nancy close he's most obvious about this going after Facebook. Now, if you ve been wondering, why is it that all of the people in the Democratic Party very angry Facebook, but they never angry twitter is because Facebook is actually taken a fairly strong stand when it comes to the December. Of information, so Facebook has taken a stand there not going to allow fact checker to simply prevent the dissemination of political information on Facebook that, if you are and informed citizens, then you should see a claim and then you should check the claim herself and we have back trackers and more speeches better speech. Nancy Plaza, however, would certainly prefer
that the tech companies shut down everything the Nancy blows he doesn't like, which is why they like twitter I told her has already said that I can run any political adds because they can't fact check everything, so there will be no dissemination of political information, the goal there is, of course, to lower the number of outwards capable of disseminating information and restrict the entire says Facebook business model is strictly to make money, love care about the impact on children. They don't care bat adhering to don't care about business model is strictly to make money. They don't care about the impact on children, they don't care about truth. They don't care about where this is all coming from, and they have said even if they know it's not true, they will print it. I think that they had been very abusive of of the the great the technology, has given them. They have been very irresponsible and again, as you say, these are people that we ve known and worked with. I think their behaviour is shameful. Also Facebook example, but Twitter
which does the bidding of Nancy plus he's not shameful, are getting what's goin on here. Folks understand that the ribbon facebooks policy was an eye. I think me Any of these policies are extremely vague, adding their hate speak policy, extremely vague, I think that there is too much wiggle room for Facebook to get rid of people that are politically unpalatable to Facebook. I've sounded often before, but their general policy, which is that they're not going to restrict political advertisements that there are now can restrict political speech because Nancy Blowsy wants them to do so. That is correct. That's going to stop the Democrats. Earlier this year is going to turn into the Democrats, basically undermining the foundations of accepting elections, and we keep hearing the Trump is not going to accept the outcome of the election. I dunno- maybe maybe you won't what I do now is the Democratic refused to accept the outcome of any election? They haven't one for the past couple of decades. George, W Bush wins the electioneering thousand not legitimate. President Donald Trump won the election of twenty. Sixteen. I suppose you on the not a legitimate president, the Republicans
in the gubernatorial seat in Georgia by fifty thousand votes, not legitimate and now leading up to twenty two. He got Nancy Policy and the entire democratic party claiming that if Dunham, from whence the illegitimate, because he's preemptively stolen the election unless we Beecham things, are going at a lot uglier before we had election day. Ok time for a quick thing I like, and then we'll get you a couple of things that I hate so things I, like today's, I didn't see this in the theater, I'm a big fan of terminator do. If you are sentient human Terminator issue is one of the top three actual these vault I'm diehard would be in that mixed, probably between die, hard and formulated to trying to think when other action will be. That really stands up to those two inadequate terminator great Molly, and then they made a bunch of Adam of Israeli may Terminator three, which is unbelievably depressing, and then they made the christian bail one which famous for him screaming at Alighting guy, and then they made another
NATO movie, that nobody has actually seen but apparently exists, allegedly while they made a new terminator movie this year, called Terminator dark fate and supposed to pick off pick up where Terminator two left off, and the movie is fifteen minutes too long and some of US e g, I'm in great, but it's definitely enjoyable. It's definitely better in the last few terminator movies, and it's got a good Arnold Schwarzenegger's actually fairly, like that. Waiters, great power for short scenario, because he's not a great actor. Obviously answer him playing a robot playing a human is pretty fantastic, so here is a little bit of Terminator dark fates, trailer which can wash with the wife get an I very enjoyable. I really liked
my name is Sir Economy never seen one like you performed almost human. I am human. You care what happens to her, because I was her. Is it's a movie nationally kind of interesting, be they basically make the new terminator, whether the one who's going, to come back and kill, basically Sarah Congregant, but not Sarah. They they make that that character. Very much like the the killer terminator Ain t to accept the low but scooped up, but it it's an enjoyable element, and I honestly I like didn't I'm up fairly good reviews. The marketing campaign, for it was sort of screwed up, because the premise of the film is not made clear. I ve the correct
who is played by Mackenzie Chemical Adolescent, she, is some nations. To be a terminator and the phone, but should not actually her. In any case, I want to have everything what it's worth the rent is worth the rental. So you go trick that, ok time for a couple of things that I Ok, so thing it number one that I hate. We have to be defined farewell to our producer, Rebecca, not because we're getting rid of her body she's getting rid of us. She dumped us- and I gotta say I'm a little bit perturbed about this in miffed about this but Rebecca awesome. Indeed, an amazing producer and she's got the opportunities on horizon that she's leaving to take, and I'm super excited for her and we're gonna work. The Miss her here, especially because this means that our other producers are gonna take over for a who. The hell knows. What's happened, gonna find out on Monday, but since this is Rebecca last year, just want to point out that Rebecca is fantastic and when she
is running. I made your movie studio five years from now. I will be able to say that she was work for me, which is pretty awesome, so good luck to Rebecca and best wishes. Obviously, ok, so I hate that she's leaving that's when it goes under things. I hated suppose things like I like. We're back? I hated you leaving again. Here is another thing that I hate, so Virginia General Assembly past the equal Rights amendment in what the media are calling a historic vote. According to the Washington Post, both chambers of Virginia General Assembly pass the equal rights amendment Wednesday fulfilling the promise that help Democrat sees control of the legislature. Marking a watershed moment in the nearly century long effort to add protections for women to the United States constitution. Now you don't need protection for women in the United States constitution. They can vote. They have all the same rights than men. Do the equal rights amendment is a poorly weren't amendment. That specifically opens. Door to the idea that there should never be any separate spaces for men and women at all. That's what the equal Rights amendment does not was the push back against
in the nineteen seventy users, let my foolish laughing at the time. She was correct now that the Democrats denied, by the way that this would provide the basis for getting rid of gender bathrooms, for example, or gendered sports nothing because the transgender movement they openly admit that this is what they would like to see happen. They lopsided votes. Captain emotional weaken, which Democrats celebrate history in the making the House gallery was packed beyond one hundred and two see capacity with Virginia First Lady PAM, Northern and her daughter, Aubrey nor them making a rare appearance to bear witness, erase importers attended from around the country many wearing sashes from Walden GO marches for women's equality. This makes Virginia the thirty eight state to approve the amendment, but there is one big problem There is one big problem: the original array hadn't expiration date. You can't just go awry. And passing amendments that that expired thirty years ago. That's like, if the house, The bill in nineteen, seventy, nine and the Senate didn't take it up in the Senate today took up the bill
from nineteen. Seventeen had expiration date in the bill Red says: if this bill was not passed in three years, then it is void and the Senate, not that bill and in passing the Golan calling a past. That is not the way any supermax. Ok, if the bill in and of itself the amendment which it did can pain, expiration date thing? If this is not an active within a certain period of time and it becomes a relevant, you can't just pass it Forty years later, Emily go well. I guess the thirty eight states have now proved overtime, thirty it because here's the thing that doesnt work about that Doesn't that gives Virginia second bided the apple now, but what about states that originally? Provided you think thirty, eight states that are willing to approve the irate today if there are thirty six to prove the area today, then, why not bring it up in the senator? I have to say that move originally are not going to prove the array today, because every We understand the implications of the euro. Our general delegate, Jennifer Carol Foy of Prince William, the resolution's chief house.
Are introduced the measure with a litany of Virginia civil rights values, including slavery, massive resistance to school integration and the ban interracial marriage, because the idea is that these things have not been cured, so we need. Equal rights amendment to guarantee their cure, despite the fact that Virginia is no longer segregated that interracial marriage was declared federally legal by this important, loving verses Virginia in, I believe nineteen sixty eight I met and that slavery ended in eighteen the three under the Emancipation proclamation. Apparently we need the equal rights amendment because Carol Voice at its Virginia again on the bed well grounded equality. I think it is right on time for Virginia to finally be on the right side of history. I wrote a book called the right out of history. The right out of history was written. The titles written mocking the idea, you can simply declare that you are on the right side of history when history has not yet adjudicated your position there very few things we can say you are on the right side of history. Are you can say it about being anti slavery. That was being on the right side of history. You can say that being broke, She was used by Morocco Bomber routinely and it was it
that a policy or attempting to enact today is on the right side of history. Has history hasn't had a chance to sound off? You do, unfortunately, this sort of phraseology was used by Barack Obama routinely, and it was idiotic at the time how you use. The phrase is more important the actual words of the phrase in this phrase used idiotically, frequently calling the ballot that was a vast take place, the vote of a lifetime. She asked lawmakers which side of history you want to be on the world is watching your mother's, your sisters, your daughters, she's, literally a female delegate sitting in the house of delegated black female delegate sitting in the house of Delegates in Virginia declaring. That must be equal rights. Amendment is past women, particular minority women have somehow been victimized you you need to explain one to delegate Vivian Watson, Fairfax, held it before for self in her daughter, demonstrating for the IRA in Washington forty four years ago, when a daughter was fourteen. What's it should be ancient history for years is a long time to wait. You're sitting in the house of delegates. You're. Please
way to me how women have been greatly victimized by the absence of the IRA. Women constitute the majority of college graduates. They constitute the majority of medical school attendees Women now constitute, I believe, the majority of the workforce. So what exactly are you talking about? like truly. What are we talking about here and there answer is that the equal rights of remedies can be used as Democrats unless always use legislation as a wedge in order. To force their way into areas that have your two for been left untouched. This is the way the Democrats work. They they they push forward. Language and then say what are you support women? Why well, that's very language. Hydrogen will interpret that language you might want to do this crazy thing in five years, and now we would never want to do that. It's just that. You hate women where we saw this with the push for, for same sex. Marriage right that originally started as a real Annabelle, request the government stay out of people's bedrooms and everything. Ok, I'm a roadmap and then move to No, what we really want is you want the contractual ability to get our partners benefits when they die or they get sick.
I'll get gems reasonable. So you don't want to say the same sex marriages in its traditional marriage. You just want, like civil unions, right that ok right, reasonable, as no what we actually want to same sex marriage. What we want same sex marriage for is to declare that we are morally valuable human beings. Now Your marriage anyway there's an effect. You doesn't affect your church. Does it affect your school? Does it affect you in any way if we were able to get the same benefits that you're able to get an immoral and from a tour of the states in approving same sex, marriage and a lot of measures that are now in a more dicey on cause. We think there is a moral difference between traditional heterosexual marriage and same sex marriage, significant differences in kind there, because a man in a manner not the same as man or woman, but I guess we make that argument, Are you mean you write that it doesnt effect? My marriage obviously affects the society at large. It affects how we perceive marriage, but it doesn't effect my marriage, but you gotta leave our churches in schools. Loan peddling. No sorry, we lied actually willing to come after school to enter churches will remove nonprofit status, really better work to suggest that we need to get rid of all churches in schools,
go to prove our morality in our in our approved way of life, and this is why the right tends not to approve a vague language on the part of the left, because the left is usually lucky. Usually left is saying they want something that seems innocuous on its face, but is deeply nodded innocuous. Eventually ends up exactly where the right said it was going to go. This happens to be the case with the EU. The rights of women again. Beckonings have nine foolish laugh lose like just by the terms just by the terms of the equal rights amendment. There cannot be supper bath and people. Unless I know that's crazy, of course, there can be separate. Bathrooms come eyed, and now we live in a world where the Obama administration tried to force without an equal rights, amendment pride, you force the creation. Of non gendered bathrooms across the country and Non General Walker rooms at high schools across the country. So yes, count me very, very sceptical indeed that
equal Rights amendment would simply be another innocuous, peas added to the United States Constitution, as opposed to a club to be used in the litigation in favor of pushing but the social policy without the approval of the american people already. Well, it's a Friday. I hope that you stick around for two more hours of additional where'd you get what you get to, including the mail bag, which is why should subscribe? It can answer your questions in the mail that, but beyond that Instagram for two additional I've got a lot of great stuff coming up and an you should have a wonderful weakened if you're not going to do that. Anyone struggling to that will see here on Monday, with all the update take the weak, not what knock off tonight take the next couple of days, often you back here on Monday I mentioned here. This is the venture bureau show if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe, to reveal a born apple pod cast Spotify and wherever you listened upon. Gas also be sure to check out the other dearly, whereupon CAS, including reclaiming show
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