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Ep. 94 - Two Ways Republicans Can Win The White House

2016-03-23 | 🔗
Ben talks about the Democratic response to Brussels, the battle over Melania's nudity, and the stupidity of singing "Imagine" to fight terrorism
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Here we are to Wednesday and the world's in the midst of its slow motion collapse, but at least President Obama had fun in Cuba. Yesterday I mean serious fun. He gave a speech. He took a pit. In front of a mere all of a terrorist strain shape of our behind. He went to a ball game, any Yuck data, with a guy who used to do this sort of thing on a routine basis that right there is, rather Castro blindfolded you guys about get shot. He's real charmer. So the important thing now is the Brok Wanna make clear to everybody. He's a super duper important dude, He said he ended the cold war in the western hemisphere. Yesterday, at a contention that might be oh and by the eleven million or so people stuck in communist hellhole. Tat it himself on the back while smoking a cigar and drinking a pinnacle? Lotta? That's three hour so the Castro's actually just chopped off one from a dissident and gave it to a bomb as a gift which he accepted as a token of friendship- and this is our president- needs a shallow, pathetic ridiculous little man child simply wants to be loved. Even if he's looking for love
all the wrong places, and if people disagree that Obama's great well, you can always take a lead from his new friend the Castro's. Ok, I just one point something: he's not building behind CHE Guevara, it's actually worse than the sculpture, They will our. It turns out that the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, that's where they imprison torture, and wish all the dissenters. It's like a KGB factory maybe Obama, will save the interior of that building for his next door or maybe he'll just go to another ball game and really enjoy himself. What well, let's talk about today, I'm bench here this is the venture bureau shall attend demonize people care about your feeling. So as the institution is being sought. From all sides by President Obama, by Donald Trump, by just pretty much, everybody has never read the thing care about the thing it's Wharton for you to know what the constitution stands for, what are the principles and what are the values that, under the constitution of the United States,
you may have read. The document still not understand that. Well, you need somebody to really explain to you what it's all about the folks at hills, they'll college! Do that better than Anybody on the planet, they are wonderful. Wholesale college is a great great college for sending your kids college he'll to get your list, but beyond that they have a new course. They just brought out. You can access it and hills deal that any use lash bent and to free course, perfectly free constitution one I wanted to online video coarse and you can hear about what the institution really says what your rights are, The government is supposed to work because situation, one or one course from hills. Del college, at hills, they'll do Eddie, you slash, ban, can't recommended more highly. Really is wonderful institution and a wonderful course, I've actually checked it out hills del dot. Eu slash Ben make sure that you go there today. Ok! So yesterday there was a big terrorist attack In Brussels, and as we mention Donald Trump response, the weather people respond, whether your uncle on the toilet, if you just heard about it, would respond to says oz
damn Muslims closed borders he's not entirely wrong. As I said yesterday, he's almost two hundred percent right when he says that this is an islamic problem and when he says that the borders need to be closed, radical Muslims, obviously his ease. I also said yesterday that if there is a terrorist attack, one week before a general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump will be the president of the I did states. The reason for that is not so much trump as it is Hillary Clinton. So let's take a look at what Hillary Clinton had to say after we finish our show yesterday, here's what Hillary Clinton said last night. She is doing a rally and she was talking about ISIS And- and here is what Hillary and had to say that I see as an Donald Trump. The last thing we need my friends, our leaders who incite more fear, in the face of terror. God doesn't panic weight.
Build walls, our turn our backs on our ally again loud everything. We know about what works and what does and and start torturing people what data throng TAT grows and others are suggesting is not only raw dangerous gave is, regrettably, what bumbling even rules borders are there and there they they are bound to cheer by blood packed with Satan, but that still does not the problem for her wishes that everything you saying here is incorrect to Israel, has fought terror for literally a decade because they built I security funds between themselves and all the palestinian areas and suicide bombings went from pretty frequent to almost never and that's because again they built a fence, Israel, religiously, profiles and that's where they have a low rate of terror. The west does not religiously profile it does not mean every Muslim should not be allowed into Israel or into the west. It does mean that unless you buy into the prevailing ideology of freedom,
then you shouldn't be allowed in Brussels. For those who don't know is twenty six percent Muslim one in every four people in Brussels is muslim the entire population of Belgium is only six percent Muslim, but this essentially like Dearborn Michigan, into very heavily muslim population in Brussels. A very heavily non assimilated population in Brussels when Hilary, so we can't reactor terrorism with fear, first of all it doesn't look she's talking about. She reacts to terrorism by ignoring and then blaming Youtube videos for it after it kills Americans education. Better than anybody should know what bad policy looks like since she is the author of that bad policy, but beyond that, of course, the natural response to terrorism fear and you're goin to be afraid until you have a plan, digital rule of life. Any time you're in life and you're afraid you're upset. That's because you don't have a plan once you have, plan, you feel better about everything. This is true for everything, from health problems to personal relationship issues. If you dont have a plan you're going to be more afraid, planning is what the human brain is made for. You are made for that's your maid to come up with play
and to combat the problems in your life and one of the good battles. Religious people is the battle between the human need to plan and the recognition that guy in charge. But when it comes to power, takes a plan. Is everything Hilary? Doesn't the plan and you're going to be afraid on terror. When you don't have a plant, people are more afraid of terror now than they were doing. Bush administration because number one Bush had a plan and number two. This plan was to kill the bad guys Obama's play you mean he was in Argentina today and today press Obama says the only way to defend them is to just go about our daily business. That's the only way to defend he's. He was trying to excuse why he went to a ball game yesterday, as we mentioned up top excuse was why learn from the Boston Red Sox that you just have to go out and have to play baseball, even if you're afraid of terrorism those whose Boston Red Sox their job is to play baseball? You're, the president of the United States, your job is to be president of the United States. He asked said by the way that the best way to fight was to send them a message. They will not win like white on a hallmark card
engraved invitation smoke signal over that? Has that message work exactly if Obama just calls them up is is brought about. My message to you, your can one? Does anyone really think that that is going to do terrorism or stop ices in any real way. All of this is nonsense and none of it works and by the way, it's not Donald Trump, whose inciting they are its people blowing themselves up in the middle of airports, its inciting fear? I that's what's eating fear, it turns out we have irrational fear of people shooting people here in southern California has just happened a few months ago we have around no fear here in the United States of people flying planes into buildings, blowing themselves. Up in malls, we have did is a purely rational fear. There's nothing irrational about this, but Hilary continues to push this message. That its irrational be afraid. The only rational response is to give a bit warm hog to every Muslim that we can find and if those Muslims are with western civilization then sure everybody in western civilization deserves a hog, although pleased on invade people's personal spaces,
particularly mine. If you touch me I'll, get upset with you, but Hillary Clinton At this rate, this was her reaction to Wolf Blitzer when she was asked about Donald Trump talking about Islam. Well, that's all that's a long debate that people like him try to stir up. You know I call it radically, jihadist terrorism, because you know it is clearly rooted in islamic thinking. That too, in oh, has to be contested. First foremost by Muslims around the world, but I think it's a mistake. I said that repeatedly George W Bush said it that to do anything that implies, we are at war with an entire religion with wandered one point. Two or four billion people is not only wrong; it is dangerous in all right here at home, we need to be reaching out and including Muslim Americans and communities where they live in our first line of defence. We don't need them to feel that
if they hear something or see something that they can't reported. We want them to report and we want them to be part of our protecting the United States and the same goes for Europe. So I think these debates about semantics really misses the point, I was involved in the most important counterterrorism effort in the last eight years and making decision about whether or not to go after Bin Laden. I think I understand the stairs. I think I understand that we will be more effective in defeating radical jihadism in feeding, ISIS and all of the other side. So there are a couple of things that you say: one is that radical Islam is not the same as Islam I assume that right by again, are really care. What your interpretation of Islam looks like I care. What you do I talk about this yesterday and there is a giant subset of his whether as minority or majority is very unclear, statistically speaking, that is, very, very radical, and this idea,
therefore just nicer to Muslims they'll start talking to the cops. That's right, that's really! What's stopping them, you know. What's what its way? You know that there's a guy not that way? I know what a cops and am fond of cops generally. The most people are gonna scared gaps because most determine the captured It's to do something that you're not going to make so much better, into somebody's living next door and you find out that their stockpiling bombs are building a suicide best. How fast your you on the phone to the gods of us. Are you Personally, I find the cops: is there anything that could dissuade you from going to the cops? If you see, if you knew somebody was doing that the idea that, if we're just nicer to Muslims in Western Europe or the United States, that this is what's going to drive them to start cooperating more law enforcement, this is pure nonsense. Pure nonsense, Europe couldn't be any nicer to Muslims in western Europe letting them in without assimilating at all, at all their allowing them to form. Basically, these conclaves release these laws. Large groups of people who have no contact western, so
Zation inside Western Europe and the US you're from Hilary. Is that if we're just nicer than that, will solve it by the way? Is this this really he's getting real old. They remember I'm old enough to remember when Rudy Giuliani ran for president eight years ago. In everybody said. Ah, he keeps talking about nine eleven needs to stop talking about nine eleven Ellie. She was Four nine eleven illegally did something during nine eleven Hilary drag yeah Bin Laden's body every so often and wheeling it around like weakens it, but we can is really just grows. It's really it's really. Secondly, because we real about that every cell, does he call that's not the easiest call, maybe in the history of american politics most wanted man in the history of the world probably, and you made the call to go in and shoot him. How is that in any way a logical, but Hilary takes credit. That so we can ignore the fact that you made got list calls in Benghazi she made the got was called to invade Libya for no apparent reason she made gutless collector, doubtless in IRAN with Russia with Syria, it's very tourism, Hilary again is a disaster on, foreign policy and her playing the. I know what
I'm doing expert is it doesnt fly, and this is why Trump against Hilary on foreign policy, there's a terrorist attack doesn't doesnt work at all for Hillary Clinton and President Obama has made clear his priorities, as I mentioned he's an hour, Tina today. Continuing his tour of repudiating the west, so he's in Argentina as Argentina is now and basically by socialists and their very, overnight Argentina. There there very upset, because thirty years ago. There is support from the Reagan administration for for a junta, military cadre. They kill people job on this down apologizing to the Argentinians Africa into Cuba to apologize to them, even though the but regime above Argentina in Cuba are thereby terrible. Argentina is less or find in Cuba. But neither is any great shakes. Obviously President Obama's going on his worldwide apology, tour and well he's doing it he's just making and asked
himself in an act of America, but he thinks that it makes him look good things that it makes him. Look like the big man on campus years. There's a vine that I feel perfectly captured: Obama's attitude: Tor what was happening in Brussels in and really in the entire world? Yesterday's somebody, obviously photoshopped in a pinnacle I am in a cigar and the sunglasses, but here's President Obama, yesterday at the at the cuban baseball game, that's pretty much right self, and that's that I was President Obama yesterday at the cuban baseball game, and it's not just that. President Obama arrives this cuban baseball game. Yesterday, you see the ESPN microphones, everybody's pretending. This is all great and hunky, dory and wonderful, as I mentioned yesterday, President Obama dislikes the west at a very root level. He thinks the idea energy of the West is nasty and pernicious and racist and exploitative, and so he likes that mean you actually go to the cuban regime people cheer for him, which is what happened. He goes there in Cuba, stacks the entire stadium with supporters, all
during President Obama is you walked in, so we can feel that warm basking glow of love that he lack from his father, when I was growing up, which is what some of this is about. Here's President Obama, walking through the stadium. Yesterday, people thought snapping photos, and just just just wonderful, just glorious Europeans download at heart. Who is not a right when we voted for a moment. Whilst I believe he is his father, was a cuban expatriate and he had family was killed by the by the Castro regime. Yesterday he talk about what it means that Obama did what he didn't. Cuba gives it sounded like job, leaving the regime, I believe, and the government there baseball team is gonna propaganda, to a long time when in gold medals- and this is this right here- is a win. The cuban national Propaganda machine America playing a road game with acute and that's exactly right? It is a propaganda machine bag by little left it it's a lasting, and this is why Donald Trump has shot. This is why Donald Trump, his Hilary on terror and foreign policy to have a shot because again the left is so
ensconced in its own bizarre view of the universe that they refuse to acknowledge that there are actual bad guys out, in fact, will reach over backwards in order to help those actual there is even the left is turning on itself, Chris Matthews of another state with very upset about about phone. In an impressive, I tell you that bridge they are the show that a guy- and I talk like that- go with it at present Obama's behaviour. Today I grow what a big city, Philadelphia jump rather always say and and and Peter out economies being king understands is when there's a bit fire. You want to see the merrily curb watching it. You want please just standing there defarge if you want to see them standing on the curb you. Nobody here, they found it in president was off based today. He wasn't there. What could he have done better than we're gonna get away for a basic point, you know I do so again. In my case, I would agree with your analogy if the if the horrific attack and Brussels happened in the United
AIDS and President Obama were in Cuba and something had happened in the United States has happened and go home. Then then I would agree with you, and I must remind you that the President Obama get present it. Let's give a brief list If what President Obama did during attacks on Americans not in Non Europe, but not Americans. During the Gaza you went to bed and then he flew to Vegas for a fundraiser. With the answer. After ten fold me, monk offering dreams Bernardino attachment completely missing after the Paris attacks which Americans die, he did not show up in Paris. He sent Secretary of State John Kerry there instead and now he's busied baseball get so that this defence doesn't work and even increase magellanic State from Philadelphia the greater dove, yet the great takes rock- is done there every knows: Creek those goods- Rocky wasn't UK movie. What my paper mobility to tell you about about what say you Michael I took off the even Chris Matthews knows that President Obama's off bays here
and this is why I have said this for years. By the way, if republicans are to win elections ever again, they will win on two issues to issues crime, national security, that's it! Those are the two issues where they will win, particularly because women tend to vote on the basis of security. Now explain this in just a minute, but we have to take a quick profit time out for our friends Reagan, dot com. So you have an email address in your concern that the government or that corporations are gonna grab your email information use it to either can t you spam, your inbox or perhaps too you over to the federal government for whatever an affair they use. They have forecast, hey you're, not a terrorist, but you want your privacy, gotta Reagan, privacy, Dotcom Reagan, privacy, dotcom there You obtain your email address. It's your name, Reagan, Dotcom! That's for a couple reasons? Number one you get to use Reagan's name, which is really neat and number two they may sure that they will not copy, scan or sell a single word of your email content to anyone at any time. They will protect your emails and that's our privacy is the
I see that you deserve and that you need, if you go to Reagan, privacy, dot, com right now, you get to three months at Reagan: privacy documents the right now get your new email address. Take off all your lefty friends and protector privacy in the process. That's a pretty good deal so back to the topic when it comes to Republicans winning elections, thereby what there's been a lot of talk about? Republicans its win by appealing to white people, Republicans need to win by appealing to lower class people. The Republicans need to win by appealing to spanish these theories about which sub group you appeal to the real answer, is the Republicans actually need to do better among women there is a massive gender gap for Republicans, and there has been for many years the only from a gender gap was overcome, was in two thousand for, and that was because women work aid of what was happening overseas. Maybe it turns out every Paul women for very good evolutionary reason are more afraid of violence than men. Men are not quite Fraid of violence because we're bigger and stronger. We have bigger upper body, strengthen were stupid or so that
If that were willing to run into fields of fire and take shots, which is great thing, but it also means that we are not fearful of violence. Is women are women when they feel threatened, tend to vote for whoever is going to protect them, and the fact is that what you see- is, is that Republicans, like Rudy Giuliani, can only win in blue cities like New York if they run on anti crime platform if they run on an anti crime platform. Now the platform is made for a conservative seriously because we're seeing the crime rates go up in every major city in the United States right now, thanks to the Ferguson effect, which is after Fergus, in the black eyes matter. Movement, police officer, have been intimidated into not doing their jobs because they're afraid Erica. There is an old Swinburne in and prosecute them for doing their job. The same thing is drawn form Alice thanks to Obama the world is on fire. You are you risk. I am at risk. The state department today issued a trap, we'll advisory, not just for Brussels nation, to travel advisory for all of Europe for all of Europe. There they can guarantee or safety anywhere in Europe, and why
would they I mean, let's look at the list of capitals that have been hit just in the last fifteen years by islamic terrorists, New York, Washington, Dc Boston, allay as just in the United States, There have been terrorist attacks elsewhere to my kind of one or two people being shot in various places, ranging from Tennessee to taxes, and then in Europe. Madrid was head, London was hit, Brussels will set. Paris has been hit why in the last year, as it is increasing in its increasing in scope and its increasing in frequency. So people are afraid and they should be afraid. Hilary says publicans, are joining up. Fear, no, that these lamas surging up fear they them. The radical Muslims are joining up. Fear republicans are the ones who theoretical should be able to say we're going to stop this, because here is our Hilary offer? No plan, no plan other and how did the Muslims is tightly as possible and hope they call the cops she's offer no plan somebody who has offered a plan is TED crews, takers hasn't even better plan and Donald Trump from says will stop
immigration. Maybe one stop immigration hears TED crews, saying here's what we actually have to do with law enforcement. We need a patrol some of the more heavily muslim neighborhoods, our enemies or not every Muslims, our enemy is radical. Islamic terrorists are that your heart is that seek to murderers, and it is the heart of law enforcement and national city to prevent those who were waging war on you from actually carrying out their attempted acts of war for beyond just having relationships with MOSS having law enforcement have ongoing relations. With laws which happens frankly in many cities with the FBI and local police department in many cities currently in the United States, are using going beyond that gives. It does sound like in your statement in empowering law enforcement to patrol and sick
your muzzle neighborhoods. I still don't quite understand what that means. I e it very simply doing what law enforcement does in any circumstances, you, if you have a neighborhood where there is a high level of gang activity, the way to prevent it issue increase the law enforcement presence. There
a new target, the gang them to get them off the street, but here's the muslim neighborhoods. Not not radicals, particularly, I am talking about any area where there is a higher incidence of radical islamic terrorism. If you look at Europe, Europe's failed immigration law said allowed a massive influx of radical islamic terrorist into Europe, and they are now in an isolated neighborhood where radicalism, fester festers when he rose, and sadly, that leads directly to the kind of attack we saw in Brussels to the attacks we ve seen in Paris. We need to prevent radicalization, and that is by targeting it and Anderson. I'll, give you an example, you know. Sometimes yesterday I was on with full Blitzer on CNN and Wolf asked me what will gosh you know what what difference does
make. If you call of radical islamic terrorism, would impact the policy dramatically, because if you want a satisfying and an end, o bomber, Wanna dance fired Hilary wandered down a fine Democrats want done a fine, then you so is combated in soap. Example. So you have those not along these lines, but this is exactly right. The left is going nuts on crews for saying, as they say how jerry. You say that we should police muslim neighborhoods differently than non muslim neighbourhood, even if all of the terrorism is coming from muslim neighborhoods, how dare you police it differently? and they say what New York had a programme like this and it was shut down back in two thousand twelve and it was totally ineffective in commentary magazine, there's gonna, Mitchell Silber, Mitchell Silber debunked pretty much. All of this. The federalists has a very good piece today by guiding David Mark is talking about this. He writes on criticisms that the envoy demographics unit was violating the rights of Muslim, sober, says. Plainclothes officers of the demographics unit were deployed for
his mission. They went into neighborhoods that it heavy concentrations of populations from the countries of interest and walked around bought a cup of tea or coffee, Lunch, observe the individuals in the public establishments they entered. This is an important point. Only public locations where visited doing so is perfectly within the purview of the Nypd, I'm criticisms the Nypd had no real results quote the demographics unit was critical in aid. And finally, islamic books and tapes Bookstore in Brooklyn as a venue for radicalization info, Asian the eunuch collected about the store provided a predicate for an invite negation that border the two thousand for plot against a herald, swear, subway station the unit who played a role in forming the initiation of an investigation that led to the two thousand eight identification of Abraham each other, which is in New York Europe, was arrested and is currently facing federal, charges for allegedly lying about his plans to travel to Afghanistan in order to kill you s servicemen. So basically, yes, it was an effective programme. Yes, it was. It was useful programme and Cruises
exactly right crews, exactly right, that's an actual plan. This is why Republicans with actual plans, you stop terrorism do better and in these sorts of issues, then all of the people on this to keep saying that there really is. No problem is just ignore it. No biggie, no big deal. Meanwhile there. There's another battle breaking out between Donald Trump and gruesome. Every time you think the Republicans are about to get the upper hand in sort of the public relations war, because they're right when it comes to terrorism and Democrats are wrong. Start going after each other, so, for example, Mitt Romney was was going after Trump over over his wives, and you made a joke about that's right, so apparently trouble Romney set down from said several form lives. It turns out there really jobs? Americans won't do its job I think I may have told on the air before basically answer and that's why you're joking is joking, what Donald Trump his very upset he's very upset? Another reason he's very upset is because MILAN, there. There is a group called make America awesome, Super pact, its marking,
from its run by accounting, Liz Mare, who was a a consultant political consultant, Scott Walker briefly before she was fired, because she was pro choice and Le Maire. Without an add on Facebook. Add those targeted Utah just ahead of the Utah primaries, and it was Facebook add starring Maloney Tromp, who is Donald trumps wife is current life and its people. For those you can't see in our I'm lucky enough not to have bought a subscription and so can't see this It is Maloney Trump naked. Lying. I, what looks like a bear skin and she is handcuffed to a bad- is what it looks like she's gotta handcuff on her on her work and it says, Meet Maloney a Trump, your next first lady or you could support and crews on Tuesday. It's it's a rip Lonnie a Trump, and this made trump just in seemed to know. I D lost his minds. Donald Trump promptly, tweeted out Bessy, said Lion TED crews. Just used a picture of Maloney from a geek. You shoot in his ad began. Of a lion tat or I will spill the beans on your wife and daughter,
may or may not have meant physical beans. I don't know he's periods, it's it's always possibility, but begun front. Let's take him at his word. Basics he sang the TED crews used. The picture Maloney can number one and tat do not do that. This had nothing do take rose. Was a superpower totally on affiliated what ten crews wasn't like. There are ten Cruz Super Pat that are for TED crews. This was not even forte. Crews is just an anti trump super pack. Ted crews end up shooting back at at Trump. Basically, pick up your wife, not from Us Donald, if you try to attack high you're more of a coward than I thought, hashtag classless, which is fair, but I would point out a couple of other things about this Donald Trump. He plays this double game where he honestly has some of the things
skin and politics mean he he's willing to hit anyone with a kitchen sank and that one of the things his supporters like about on a trump but cannot take ahead. I mean for the life of him. He just cannot take ahead, and so, let's point out a couple of things, real fast Donald Trump is very upset, very, very upset that anyone would deigned to say anything about his wife. I'm old enough to remember just last August, when Donald tweeted this about job bushes, wife, rainy, was use. A retreat into job Bush has to wipe the mexican illegals because of his wife. His wife is mexican right jobs, wives, Mexicans and so she must lobby legal immigration, because his wife is Mexican Trump ended up, deleting that we and then, if you remember, we talked about it at the time. Job Bush ended up asking from for an apology: and then from said, no and inject did what he always did, which you sort of coward in the corner and cried himself to sleep, but the idea that Trump
Never attacked anybody else, his wife is silly. He he's personally attacked people's rights and how about the idea that people really shouldn't attack other people for opposing in in sexually provocative poses a man in covers like particularly on the cover of jack. You, for example, here is Donald Trump on making Kelly at the end of January, it so sweet and its head meme and chose melancholy in a sexy pose from a geek, you shoot several years ago, and it has criticized Trump objectified women posts like this in geeky magazine and then Trump tweeted. This is the bimbo that asking presidential questions. That's what he retreated. So Trump is all hot and bother, that anybody would say anything about his wife who pose nude, but he was happy to go after Megan Kelly, proposing in a sexy dress for Fiji, Cute exactly magazine that his wife posed for in two thousand and eight there there's
The points made her too, and that is that people are saying well it inappropriate to go from along yet in bad taste to go from Aloni or sandy thing about Maloney up, I frankly dont the care very much whether Maloney opposed Nude or not. She did really care. Does make much that a difference to me or my. I, it's not a decision. I think that betrays the question is with which I agree, but she's not the one running. So the question is why Does millennia interposing nude have to do with tromp what what do these to have to do with each other? and the answer is kind of a lot So when I married my wife, I married she's she's a doktor. Now some I am, I married it off. And I married her primarily because we shared a certain set of values, a vision for the future, what we wanted for our lives together, secondarily because she super duper smart, my wife is quite brilliant. Thirdly, because my wife is a lot of fun fun hanging out with her and finally, because she's beautiful So, yes, the beauty plays a role just like in any human sexual relationship. Beauty plays a role, that's not how it works for me,
Everything else goes by the wayside took here is what from said about meeting millennia in ninety ninety eight quote I saw Maloney, and I said who is that shoes very successful model. She was terrific. I tried At her number- and she wouldn't give it to me- here's Lithuania's I quote: he came to the party with it. Eight, I heard he was a ladies man, and so I said I'm not one of the Ladys he said later. That he centre to the ladies room, so he could get my number I was, Oh, what a sneaky way millennia old people magazine she like trumps sparkle, I assume the debts a euphemism for for his money and took his number trump by the way we still technically married at the time you still technically Mary tomorrow makes it use, so he cheated with his first white from on his first wife with his second wife cheat on his second wife, with his third wife Zimbabwe at some point in the future will operate is worthwhile but millennia For him to claim that the MILAN, his in MILAN relationship is beyond here's. What it says about Trump,
from a womanizer and he's a that's what it says you can tell based on his relationship with what he used to go around. Apparently, according to the EU, Hey daily mail calling Maloney a quote my supermodel rights? It is sort of thing. This sort opposes what drew from to her in the first place. Milan, I told Howard Stern in two thousand. We have incredible sacks at least once a day, sometimes even more, by which I am sure is- I'm sure, that's just I'm sure. That's absolutely true. The dead sex multiple times a day because he's just a, zero, violent, vibrant man, Donald Trump. From told started Babylonia looking good- and I quote very small farm proposing new things, not a shameful part of the past that some sort of hit, I'm alone to bring it up. Now it's an integral part of the trunk brand part of the from Brandon. And honestly, I send somebody this more you'll get a picture and you realize that they deterrent. The Ceuta and you told them promptly voted for TED crews. Fifty percent more than they voted for Donald Trump and Eureka.
The Utah's a really wholly stay, because I promise you there on that and California. Donald Trump was one hundred and seventy three percent of the available funds His Maloney Trump is a good. Looking woman final point on this The idea that has been laughter, Heidi crews, ceasing there is in love in politics, letting go after each other as much as they want some hits. Our fair summits are not bear on them. Rankings of fairer heads. I dont think the Maloney Trump is the fairest in the world. I also don't think it's the most unfair hit in the world. I think affair. It is highly crews working for Goldman Sachs. That's not an unfair head. I will tell you what I think is an utterly unfair hit, and this is where Trump is gonna go next, and that is, bring up the fact that there is a police report in which they found Heidi crews, crying inside of a road in two thousand five. Why? Because you suffering from clinical depression, that's an unfair head that has nothing to do with. Kroes has nothing to do with whether Heidi crews has values or to help. Greece has values. It has nothing to do with anything. Clinical depression is a very real
play shoot. That's no more of a pear head and if somebody had revealed that Melania Trump suffers from breast cancer or something it's just, it's it's a silly silly hit and for for Trump to try and that one out which he hasn't done yet, but Busby has, I think, as is quite growth. Now, that's the that's the answer from segment of the programme. Here's the pro trump segment of the programme for further Trump cards, who are still listening, it Paul Ryan and did a speech today. Portions of speech today that I think makes the best case for Donald Trump. That there is in that case is basically this. Here's will Ryan's had he did a speech when he talked about. I am so sick of politicians talking about tone. I can't even begin to express it the idea that all used to be civil up here on the hell we to be nice to each other ways to sit around and play cards and be bodies. I don't want you to do any of those things. I want you to go there, and I want you to struggle with each other and not get anything done for the most part. Unless there
an overwhelming majority, support for doing something. That's what I want. Here's will Ryan said. Paul Ryan, who it has gone along to get along with Democrats on multiple issues and know, has a saucepan rank, as he swore entitlement reform That's a good thing! I'm glad it's for entitlement reform. He also voted in favour of tarp. He was one believes in comes the auto bail out. He was one of the leaders in terms of the he was the leader in terms of passing through Obama's latest budget, which re enshrined both funding bombing there and executive amnesty here's, a Ryan, had to say TAT, eight o clock looking around what's taking place in politics today. It is easy to get disheartened. How many of you find yourself just shaking your head at what you see from both sides are political discourse, but the kind we see on tv and the. I'd we experience among each other did not used to be this bad and it does not have to be this way now. A little scepticism is healthy when people distrust politics, they come to distrust institutions, they lose faith in their government and in the future too. We can acknowledge this, but we don't have to accept it
cannot enable it either to which every consumer who says I hail and hearty screw you seriously, because I dont trust politics. Interest politicians, guess you also didn't. The founders, that's why they rode all these checks and balances in there. They trusted politicians. They would have said, let's put a God king in charge and let him run things they distrusted politics. Much it when they didn't feel they are being properly represented. They went out there with Moscow and started. Shooting people, rights of his idea that politics is some sort of game. Of nicety, in that it's the tone of politics, that's the real problem, Donald Trump kind of screw This may be the only thing about him that I actually like now there is a real critique of trump, but it's not his tone. Ok, I think that that some of what he says is way over the top. I do find it off putting that he's
constantly in third grade mode. If you never accept it third grade mode is fun is pepper in the stool, but you put too much and it begins to become tasteless. Trump's real problem is that he actually to stains the vision of the founders. That's the problem for Trump. He doesn't know what the constitution says. He doesn't care what institution says he doesn't believe and delegated powers? He doesn't believe in separation of powers? He believes in Trump and from first that's what the critique should be, and I wish the Paul Ryan gotten up and said that I wish she said you know. What's what to unacceptable about The is that he divides Americans along the basis of group identity, and that is a nasty to do because America about individualism an opportunity, but I find troublesome about Donald Trump Paul Ryan should have said. Is that a trumpet someone who believes that the leader of the nation should have ultimate power just make whatever deals, he seeks, as opposed to there being a given taken struggle that takes place and. A rapid and at an end, in or standing there are powerful government is bad for the people, but that's not what Paul Ryan said.
And so long as Paul Ryan, is still an advocate for a relatively The government is clothing in Sheep's clothing. Then I have no interest. What he has to say. I'd rather have a wolf in Wolf's, clothing and the Wolf in Sheep's, clothing and and that's sort of the problem. That's why there's been this reaction? Paul Ryan people like him, created the trump phenomenon, because all that John of Donald Trump, Inclusion is right about the z giant pulsating middle finger to everything. That's all the Donald Trump is the promise saucer to conservatism, which is why I oppose it. You're gonna throw the bird at least throw the bird at the right people. Ok time for things that I like, and things that I hate self we're doing great scenes. Great speeches from from film. Have you ever seen the best years of our lives best years of our lives by tabling woman picture nineteen, forty, six, terrific, terrific film, it's about all of these guys coming home from World WAR two and how they reintegrate into society. One of the guys who comes on this is
maybe the most moving seen in film history. Its truly amazing one of the guys who comes home is play by again and Harold Russell Harold Russell wanna bet supporting actor, asked the shaggy man and an honorary ask, or anything also about supporting actor for that. He comes home and he's saw he was a football star and he comes home and he's lost his hands in the war. He was he'd. Both his hands in real life? Hurled Russell did not have hands so that oh he's real anyone used where hook spur hands until he had? This girl live next door named Wilma and he any purposefully alienating her, because he knows that. If she marries him, she's gonna have to leave the rest of her life, dealing with all of the issues that he has a guy with no hands that he can't open door knobs that he has done when he wakes up in the morning, he's completely helpless and so there's a scene where he or she comes over. So why are you being like
to me. She still in love with him and he says be I let me show you what my night is like and he and he takes off his hooks into beautiful saint. He takes after hooks, and he says I can't button my shirt I cant do any of these things really have to have my parents. Do it for me his starting at home, and and and this is what happens next edge- it beautiful This is when I know and helpless my hands down there on the bed can't put them on again without common assembly for health costs, mobile cigarette or read a book that door should blow shut. I cant open get out of this room whose dependent as a baby that doesn't know how to get anything except crisis. While now you know, I have an idea of what I guess you don't know what to say, go away. Like a family said.
I know what to say: I love you and I'm never going to leave you never tell me you didn't my course. I told you, I love you, I love you always
And I always did the scene actually ends a little bit further on what happens is that she he get in bed. She talks him in and then she walked out of the room and ass. She was about to shut the door. She realizes ensure leaves the door just a crack open to get out it. It's a beautiful movie, the fill the entire film, it's beautiful film, great cast to check it out that the score obviously is is from is by Google free offer terrific terrific score to check that movie out actually Peggy Noon and who sometimes I like herself, sometimes I dont, but she says that she writes to the score from the bastards vile acts like so put an eye when she's writing- and I understand that it is it's terrific score Ok, another thing that I like Jimmy Kimmel, produced a pretty funny super kind of Donald Trump, loving. Donald Trump there's, not a man with mild feelings about things. Donald for appears a brief list of all the things that Donald Trump lots. Eureka. I love this country, I love the country, I love the old days. I love free trade. I love
accompanied by Le Building buildings. I love what I'm doing. I love happened around. I love the way they twist and turn I loved ass God. I love you potatoes. We love people, thanks. I love that sign. I love to bring my people, I love helping people. I love how we Kurtz. I love you. I love my fault. I love my kids. I love these people. I love tough people. I love my protesters. I love sky over. I love women. They love me and I love them. I love my life. I love the military. I love great generals. I love that. I love the wounded words. I love China. China is great. I love backs are going to love the mexican people. I love the Hispanics. I left the Saudis, I love Israel, I love the event Jellicoe. I love the boreman silence Why, when I love this goes on, I love you here is basically yeah. That dude loves a lot of things by the way there. The this. I also this actually do what in about white nationalist in supporter has now launched a twenty four seven hotline to quote help those who are attacked physically and verbally for supporting
is gaining William Daniel Johnson, who has spoken of his desire for a white at no state, is an ally based lawyer, and you started the Trump harassment Hotline, and this is for people whose feelings are heard because antitrust people are making fun of them. So you know between the burning of the cross. Is this? supremacists bigger home and they and they get hotline calls from people to check up on them. Ok, here is that the final thing that I hate. Do we have, let's see well, first of all, the Brussels crowd after a couple of quick things on and Belgium, and one there there is, the Brussels crowd the crowded brow, those apparently got together. Last night you sing John Lennon. Imagine Mashable tweeted about this heartbroken crowd in Brussels gathers to Saint John Lenin's. Imagine you don't you thought it is precisely John London's. Imagine that leads to terrorist attacks like this become.
London's imagined says it's multiculturalism and that its finest right imagine there's no religion. Imagine there is, no god imagine there are no borders. Imagine there are no values everybody comes in, which is too set everything there, no standards that are you end up dead people, because it turns out they not everybody is singing german and imagine, along with you. There are just people who take advantage of your stupid jump. And imagine ideology to come in your country and then Maria. It turns out that I was at the door when you open the door because busy singing imagining strolling along on your guitar they're, going to come from front door and they are going to murder you and that's not what number do. There's NBC terrorism analysed and what its terrors man was, and I get the job whose its having Colmar Evan Coleman. That's him, and he says that his hearers has explanation of how we how we fight terrorism. This is just the beginning because we have to get to the root causes and why this happens and those causes have not been dealt with
with their international causes and their local causes. Of course, international cause. There's been a war going on in Syria, Iraq now for going on five year, and that were in addition to killing hundreds of Thousands of Syrians is now coming to the fore. Blow back to us here in the west an issue is more local concerns right. Why is it that muslim and other immigrants in Belgium have such a problem integrating with local society. Why is it that they do not feel like? They are belgian, why Is it that they are getting wised into these communities, and that has a lot to do with going on here because again, if you look at the numbers way much higher percentages, Belgians have gone. To go fight in Iraq and Syria, then french nationals and its right next door zooming stop it Why are they feeling so alien it? We have to solve? Why there, being there being getaway they're, not gonna wise, they can live anywhere. They want. There are no laws on the books in Brussels, telling them where they cannot not with their living in communities they want to live in, because there is Lompoc communities
many Saudi Arabia's in many sea in the middle of the West and the West has tolerated that's because there too, Z, singing imagine to realise that there are a bunch of people. Dont want to assimilate. I love held the left. It's really funny. You know their people on the left who say that the right wingers we treat Muslims like Blake Boot, dehumanize Muslims, which is asinine every person, is a human, some people who have really bad ideas. The problem is that the left treats Muslims like their children. I like they don't have the freak, city to choose what religious ideology to follow and the ideas offer just nicer than legislative give them a cookie they'll. Stop wanting to kill us what has been giving Muslims cookies for a really really more time, radical Muslims living, giving them welfare cookies and they been giving them cultural cookies and they been giving and citizenship. They ve, been giving them refugee status? And the result is this because you have a dog or adults, and these are adults making the pure decision that there are energy is better than the ideology of the west and there are some who are saying that their willing to kill in the name of their ideology- and there are
sourcing were willing to allow that murder to go forward and not reported to the police because of their ideology, They are enemies are not children. These are for well grown adult with actual belief systems finding anything otherwise. Falling in the mists of Hillary Clinton. Happy talk about Islam or Barack Obama's happy talk about how America's really that we'll probably forges nicer to them, sorry, guys and God. Ok, you don't control what other people think there are given a couple recipes for happiness, here's my final recipe for happiness. Today, you are not in control of other people's feelings. They are in control of their feelings. That does mean a dream. Badly, but if you're doing your best, if you're doing the moral thing and they feel bad, that is their problem and they dared they're wrong they're just wrong. People are sometimes wrong, not all up to you. You don't have the guy like power to confer on bad people, decent thought or decency I've been Shapiro, this is the bench a parachute
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