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Ep. 946 - The Iowa S***show

2020-02-04 | 🔗

The Iowa caucuses turn into a total clusterf***, every Democrat declares victory, and Trump prepares for the State of the Union. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at https://www.dailywire.com/Shapiro

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The ILO caucuses turn into a total cluster bleep every democratic, whereas victory and president from prepared as for the state of the union, I this is the venture show the bench of Euro, show, is sponsored by Express VP and protect your online privacy. Today, from like the Democrats in Iowa at Express VP ends, outcome, slash, binding and its express vps dot com, slash ban, so let us begin with the best Iowa carcasses ever. These are amazing. So the party that wants to handle your healthcare they want to run the economy. There must run every aspect of life, they promise you government is supremely competent and there are supremely competent. They can handle everything. Don't you worry? Don't you worry? There won't be any
death penalty. There won't be any ration of care. They can make sure that all the payments hit the providers exactly when they are supposed to everything will be hunky, Dory they couldn't handle, and I will cost last night now. I will be honest if you just because that we do here on the show. Yesterday, I was in a really bad mood. Leading up to the Irish Box is the reason I was in a really bad mood is because the horse race of Democrats is really off putting to me, because I think, frankly, that most of these Democrats are awful, think their awful. I think they're a couple that sort of palatable and then I think most of them are just garbage. So Joe Biden is somewhat politics. In the sense that he's a corpse and he's not gonna do too much damage to the country's president, not the sort of damage that you'd see from some of the round. Goals in his own party, mainly because again he's not alive person and then there's Amy Club, our unemployed, which I wouldn't be ferment damage to the country in the same way that some of the more radical members of Rome Party would, but the big winners last night were expected to be the people who exactly would do that kind of damage, so Bernie Sanders whose
basically communism, and he says he has not changed his use since nineteen sixty three will alleging sixty to eighty was a communist, so I'm pretty certainly stock, considering that he has never actually backtracked on any of it. All these from the nineteen sixty in the nineteen seventeen. I pointed this out on Twitter yesterday, the entire left. When insane, I pointed out that, Stu advocates indicates Vienna. He uncovered end quote from Bernie Sanders, nineteen, seventy six when he was thirty five years old, but gave for contrast. I am thirty six, ok, so Bernie Sanders my age, and he was talking about nationalizing every major industry in the United States, including banking and the energy sector, all of it ok- and I pointed out that Bernie Sanders had never been asked a serious question about this. That way person had asked him about at one time and his campaign. Then we'll burn he's been incredibly consistent and then Chris COM, ask him about it, and then he said: why didn't blending of that as mayor a bowling turned them out in the answer is right because, as mayor of Burlington Vermont, we're gonna do municipal lies a national institution.
Or of the powers a mayor of the city, the national as anything else You have to explain on an ideological level why you were for nationalization than but your four nationalization? Ok, fine, so Bernie was widely perceived to be the front runner going two Iowa and then there's Elizabeth Warrant, but a great ground game, and I wish you been fading by Elisabeth worn is. He M liar, who spend your entire life lying about old positions and then lying about her new positions. The kind of person who goes out on the campaign trail and explains why her neck secretary of education will have to be approved by a random trends, child literally thing that she said literally thing that you said that you want to regulate mission formation online and prosecute people for distributing Miss information online from the lady who claim that using native American for three decades, and then you happy booty, judge who pretend, initially be a moderate and then came out as he non moderate and suggested that everybody who voted for Donald Trump was actually a brutal, vicious racist and suggested that everybody who is a Christian who didn't agree with p booty judges take on same sex. Marriage was somehow about Christian, which sort of lies in the
as you know, the entire all the new testament. So in any case, this is a of not wonderful people who are going to win the? I will Cox's last night it and one of them was gonna end up with big boosting momentum. Now the waves, the I will Cox's work is There be Boucher momentum only if it can make a big speech that night. So the best case example of this is Barack Obama in two thousand, eight wins the I will Caucasus JANET, Words comes in second, Hillary Clinton comes entered and Brok Obama gets up. Very famous speech this speech when he says that this is the moment when overseas began. Recite was the moment when began to take back the world and all this kind of garbage raining at this big bump begin to New Hampshire. I believe Hillary Clinton of winning New Hampshire in two thousand, but about ends up the momentum and hands going on to win the nomination in to seize that momentum. You have to have a clear result and I want, or at least clear enough, that you get the meat a boost in the aftermath of my work as a counter example in two thousand twelve,
Rick Santorum actually wins, Iowa Ready, Beach, Mitt, Romney and I were but the early results. Tabulated show that Romney and show the Romney and Santorum are basically next. And it's a few days until we find out that it was retained. Horrible actually won, by which point it's over. Genuine doesn't get to make his big. I won. I was speech, and so it doesn't get that big boost going into new, I am sure which was going around me state anywhere. Ok, so last night, going in there are few stories. One is democratic and have heavy turnouts me massive turn out. People are so excited to throw this bastard trump out of office. They want and gone shop in huge numbers. Huge, huge youth wave, everybody's gonna show up. Second, it can be a competent, well run well executed, caucus three weeks in advance. The Democrats are talking about how well run how well executed. This then was gonna, be how we have tested this thing. We are ready for it and we know it's a little complicated, report, three separate steps report first, the wrong, but Rocco Total, which they knew last time now the sap to Bernie Sanders, because last time Bernie Sanders had the raw vote, total. Didn't you quite
while in the actual caucus totals Yanza losing very narrowly to Hillary Clinton. Iowa in two thousand. Sixty is report you rob vote totals and then there are gonna report he caucus totals and caucus totals we're a second round of owning okay, so that was all a sop to burning. So this was the plan. The plan was that Bernie was or at least when the rival turtles and then, if you did, when the clock is, then you could talk about whose jobs and then the media would make a big you're out of it and burning would be the man with the momentum coming out of Iowa, while none of that happened, none of it because it turns out that apparently apparently the Russians hacked Iowa. It's amazing amount on how this happened and no one knows how it happened, but it's incredible and of Joe Biden. Wasn't it, groom unplugging me up. What do we are guy from airplane? I have no idea of any of this happened. I dont know if, by shifting Kansas City into cancer. As opposed to Missouri President from screwed up magnetic fields in Iowa. Which Borders Missouri and the north. I dont know what happened here, but no one knows what happened. There are no result, none zeros.
Guilt. We have no, I get them up in a single fabulous invoked in Iowa, maybe later today, we get some results. The Sanders competent releasing its own results of this thing, No, if those results are legitimate and binds been like you can't release results preliminarily. None of that has been actually verify. So now, you're screwing with the process you screwing with the election integrity and various enters its people, are like no dissolve cheat right now on Twitter Cia mayor RCA, P, is trending and so is mayor cheat. So the Bernie Sanders people like bought a judge school is holding up. If it wasn't for who, to judge that we want a walked away, this thing, but somehow he cheated, and so there are two sir, Geller Firing Squad of income What in an idiocy and these people, one run your healthcare. This is their plan. These highly competent technical attic national nationalization friendly Democrats
run everything in the world, but they cannot run a simple process where a bunch of people get together and Jim and decide which candidate they liked best, wouldn't bring all the details because it was spectacular across the book. It's so good and listen. Is it good for democracy? Oh no, I mean no, it's never good for democracy when somebody screws up the process this badly, but the democratic, and frankly, it really screws with the democratic process need silver. Has analysis of that too, with a loud together with regard to these, I will cause is because this is one of the great Scrubbs American, modern american electoral history gets that just one second, first, wasn't we all get the future wrong? do we'll get like. If you are Democrats, you easy we're going to have a smooth, We want, I will caucus, but you know you shouldn't. You should purchased insurance for your carcasses and, if you don't know. What's coming in your life, you should be purchasing life insurance. You should be ensuring yourself against the possibility of future work
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I'll with no official results. Insight, Gould good according to Natasha correctly Alex Thomson and David Siders reporting a technical measures. In Iowa Monday nights enough Bedlam in the critical first concept for the democratic presidential nomination triggering beating clean. The greens stoking doubts about the legitimacy of the eventual outcome. No results have been reported midnight eastern by the way, it is not me nine eastern anymore, or can we are now like more than twelve hours moved from this, and that we still have results. No results have been reported by midnight, Eastern and the ILO democratic parties, and on Tuesday morning it plans, release caucus results. Soon as possible. Today, also emphasising its ultimate goal is to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the process. Meanwhile, candidates stepped into the void every Democrat, simultaneously rushed to the microphone to claim victory. I mean it look like it really looked like a clown car. It was like a clown car. They opened the doors and every Democrat Russia might
they were split screen like Elizabeth one was split screen with Joe Biden, both of them claiming some sort of victory, but its political points out the Just winner might have been Joe Biden because, according to the ILO entrance Paul, he was hovering closer viability. Threshold of fifteen percent state wide, but he was really poorly. I mean, according to most of the exit polls, according to most of the reports from precincts Biden, was now performing at all, I Biden, there's a good shot. The bed was gonna, come in either either fourth or fifth, that he might have even finished behind Amy, while the child, which have been disastrous finnish for Joe Biden, who didn't bother build an organisation on the ground, and I will just unthinkable because the only thing that matters- and I, what is your organization as people to judge shows Dude has seven percent nationally, but he's there is good, Who's gonna win the ILO caucuses last night. He's one whose hardest it and maybe you're, looking at, whose hardest hit big winners and losers last night Buddha judge the hardest hit, because, Buddha judges, one who needed the biggest downright centres as National organization has squads of money, he's likely to win new Hampshire, Buddha Judge really needed about who judge not can get them out because there are no results coming out of Iowa, he had spent all of his time in
all his money and Olives Organizational Brown gave an he's. Gonna be very disappointed today to have that victory still from him. While the burning people are bitching about this, the person who really got Jack last night is p. Booted judge, ok, Bernie Sanders was be a big one or two and then who's gonna, claiming that this way of going into New Hampshire that gets once it gets stopped. I what basically gets taken off the table is a state that matters there's an delegate's allocated, but no big news, no big headlines for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth, worn has a bad night because there is good shot than it was before and ends up, certainly in the top three May. Be in the top two in votes and maybe in the top two in delegates, once all of that is said, and she needed that really need the on going into New Hampshire, because war and does have to win new Hampshire in order to have a future beyond New Hampshire right. In order for her too, Did you well in these clauses in these primary? She actually does have to be seen. As the alternative to Bernie Sanders, that only happens. If you over performs in New Hampshire,
She needed that bump in New Hampshire should not forget that bomb not from Iowa anyway. Suppose your big three losers, which are all my favorite, can re all people. Why can't stand the most in the democratic Caucasus, really got jack last They are jacked hard and that's it that's. Why they're all claiming that the parties stand, which meant that the party stableman didn't do this? The party establishment is scared, Bleep lists of Bernie in his crowd. They're scared bleed. Less of Elizabeth worn and her crowd. The last thing they want it to be seen as the can. Spirit, oral elites. Cramming down in alternative to Bernie again this happening twenty succeed. Then a lot of money voter stayed home. That's the last thing that they want the people who helped the most or anything which was denied a headline, but her have little bill, Gregg just unfinished like forth, so she got so the perception that she was doing well or that use doing ok, and so she ends up in fairly decent position, framing club, which are really has no national hopes. At this point, Joe Biden is one who saved Joe Biden again. The man was expected to
completely collapse early last night and the early results for showing that he was in a state of complete and utter disarray that he was when it like the burning. Understand his release. These unverified results there unverified results, show Bernie up only twenty eight percent and I believe those it was booty generally twenty four to twenty one percent and warlike eighteen, and then it was Joe Biden all the way down there, like twelve Ben Corbett, article eleven social disasters night for Joe Biden Accept, then I never happened. Is lay dead. Then I just disappeared from memory. Is I brigadier me? I will caucuses, they appear every four years and they fell back into the mists of time, and so this whole thing false part, so that that sort of how this thing pays off for the very his candidate, is especially good for Joe Biden accordingly, it's over, because if you are trying to build a forecast of how the future primaries go, the weighty give two. I what makes a big difference so according to need silver This is more specifically, we estimate, based on testing how much the results in various states have historically change the can Its position in national polls. That Iowa was the second most
important date on the calendar this year trailing only Super Tuesday. It was worth the for almost eight hundred delegates, almost twenty. Times its actual numbers thanks to their magnet, you'd of the balance that comes out of Iowa and silver says. Everything was a little weird nigh why this year there are It is a sign that the I will balance, which essentially result from all the favourable media coverage. The winning candidates get might be small the normal. I was brackets by really busy news calendar president from impeachment travelled before and after the Caucasus Insuperable on some the state of the union address on Tuesday there. Not usual climatic uptake and media coverage. Around Iowa and the worsening of the Democrats in all of this is that the term out in Iowa, ended up being pretty well, ok, which is a really really bad indicator for the Democrats legacy really bad indicator for the Democrats, originally, the democratically just that this was gonna, be the highest turnout ever and I well because people were so excited to get ready from Nope nope. The Democrats are now acknowledging that it was on pace for about a
in seventy two hundred and seventy two thousand people showing up in Iowa which, by the way, demonstrate how ridiculous this whole system is a hundred and seven. The two thousand people decide for the rest of the country. Sort of who is gonna be the front runner in Iowa is pretty astonishing. The record high was two hundred and forty thousand in two thousand. That's when everybody was very enthused about Obama about Hilary, and now it's like a hundred. Seventy three which means the enthusiasm is really not as high as the Democrats suggested. What's his name silver. We won't prepared for what actually happened, Does that as I'm writing this three fifteen a m on Tuesday, the ILO Democratic Party, literally hasn't released any result from its caucuses. I'm not can predict with those numbers will be The early indications are that Bernie Sanders people region. Perhaps Elizabeth worn had been results. The point is that the story around the twenty twenty I would democratic offices is now will forever be a colossal bleep show the round failure to release results in a timely fashion? Maybe there be eventually a decent says. I well balanced, despite all this, but there's a good chance. All the candidates who did well and I will get screwed and the candidates who get
did poorly they're gonna mulligan. So who might this help so according to need silver This is the presence of I, while on the map, was helpful to Bernie, whose channel winning the national delegate majority would have been twenty four percent without Iowa, as opposed to the thirty one percent. He had with I why, as Monday afternoon, if Bernie had walked, you walked out with Iowa. If you want down with a big lead in Iowa, then his chair, of winning a majority of delegates would have shot from thirty one percent to fifty eight percent, who had been the prohibited front runner if Bernie had one Iowa, but there is no winner in Iowa, May. I want doesn't exist. I Just in your mind, I was a figment your imagination, and so that means that right now, without what existing the chance of Biden winning image. Worthy of delegates are now fifty percent according to needs Hofer with, but with Anders lagging at twenty four percent, because this means that the biggest headline Coming now will be New Hampshire, every unexpected burning Everyone it last time, and that means that Biden gets a reset. So right now, if Biden is not spending,
but Jim millions of dollars, caucuses, Nevada, he's being moron where he's got a second chance. He's got a second bite at the apple, because last night he was gonna, get wallet. He's gonna get wilds mean we'll get to be Joe Biden problem in just one sector, I will see how the media covered this thing throughout the night, it was. It was amazing how this thing morphed throughout the night we'll get to that in just one second foot. But first, let's talk about the fact that we are now forging Valentine's day now. I know you haven't thought about Valentine's day until I just said it reaches a couple weeks distant, but this is why you should be listening right now, so you know and wait until the last moment then rushed over the gas station and pick up some flowers or some bad sushi for your wife on Valentine's day make it look like a dupe. Instead, what you need to do is going to be best place on the interrupts to get jewellery for your wife. I am talking about the pearl source at the pearl source. You get the highest called, pearl jewellery and up to seventy percent of retail prices. I know I've gone jewellery from the pearl source, for another people run them their unbelievably trustworthy, I'm good friends and folks who run the pearl source,
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piracy theories. We shall bring you conspiracy theories and because that is J I mean what it is Mr hissing I'd, never anything to do with it, except the republic reports that he was involved in the initiated in the initial stages of developing the apt, that was used and I will buy the way. Democrats were constantly complaining about Republicans one Crack on border fraud, use voter idea and don't want online voting yet around in voting for you last night, no real good, When there was a real, solid pictorial has always workin out your new fancy tech it work now great need is an outside here that in any case the early storing the night before any of the started was that Biden was collapsing. Red Biden get saved last night because the big story, less, I was buying collapsing subject. Tapir was on the ground in Iowa and he walking up to bite and supporters in their only two of them, and they were saying that door they were viable will get up to. They will get up to fifteen percent threshold and tapirs like one next year, because there's like two of you, and how we do it over here. This does not look like fifty six people, so divine Abiden group
so you're steer view. You look like lovely, wonderful people but it doesn't look like you made this viability threshold, yet not there's time this year. I'm not trying to be funny. You better go about playing with a little later. Ok, so this was the story. Last night in environments collapsing in himself like dying STAR Trek, Todd was ITALY saying last night the Joe Biden was done based on these results, because Joe Biden was finishing solo I mean maybe finishing fifth in the ILO, Cox's yours too. Todd early on in the night before I had lost it and declare that I or was it, was an effing disaster, anything that he sat on a hot, my new restrictive, declaring Biden dead. It is not good Biden history. It is interesting he's after following these colic act, and that is it only he's the electable guy, but Sanders Big shot at him is Kenny
It young voters out it. It's not a good look if you're not even get threshold engaged so that that was the story and then Chris Matthews was animals everything I know what's going on your job, I think he's dead I come in, I run into the show, bring heavily mild rumpled. Let people in recycling tenant hold together, but we cannot grant for job. I next job, I think I'm walking dead, nice corpse galaxies. Matthews go it's the first rule. When I worked because nine out of eleven democratic presidential candidates who one I will one all one, the nomination of the only viable they did where the local guy target and a neighbor Dick airports, so it has always been a really good leading indicator. But this time I think we got a lot more game ahead of us, a lot more game ahead of judgment birdie. Coming out really strong? I believe the first couple kinds stay strong for, while by now I don't know if he's gonna make it will see tonight, it makes it on ok, so they were already declared
Biden Dead, early on and then Katy toward MSNBC was reporting. The other big story, which was, of course, turnout, was incredibly well by their expense. Big turn out and nobody showed up because no one likes these candidates in terms of time out in twenty sixteen they had around seven hundred and sixty seven people here they were prepared for twice that many number over a thousand. They thought at least at this precinct, eight hundred and forty nine. So turnout was not quite as high as they expected here and I'm not sure. If that says what it says about maybe the evening, maybe people were busy or maybe there were so many candidates. They needed someone else to choose for them, but keep that in mind: turnout, was not as high as expected, although it did exceed expectations, at least in this one precinct or. Alternatively, may the entire democratic theory, which is the people hate Donald Trump, such a fiery, passion outside of the major cities. That they're going to shop on mass. In order to stop from. Maybe it's just not true, it is just not sure, there's a new gallop hallucinations from all the way up to forty nine percent approval,
If his approval readiness, forty nine percent the day of the election, he's gonna, be re, elected and there's no question is: can we re elected because the fact is he one election with a forty one proof operating last time? If he's any we're close to fifty percent. This thing is a done deal is a done deal. Maybe the fact is that outside of California in New York, where every buddy is morally upset about out from the rest of the country is like, yeah, we ve all taken it and we know what trumpets and guess what we're not willing to hand the country over to full fledged socialist right now. So Morton up we're not we're. Not all interested were not made. Me Nobody is up for this stuff, the beltway insiders we're so into impeachment and mother important every inch of the new cycle. Maybe that's not reflect the middle, the country, because the Democrats in Iowa, who showed up in two thousand, There were excited about both Hilary. There are said about turning in UK, Right, Hilary and Barack Obama, new wave and the Democratic party? Maybe look a burial and we'll get by is dead and they look at people generally.
This guy's mayor of Self in Indiana. We really and they will get trumpet alike- are I don't like him, think he's a duve but like I'm not, really, do you really want to get up and go to Jim to night, like hang out with a bunch of people and pretend like we are doing something important for the country itself. Where the early narratives the abiden was done, and also the turnout was low and then the evening turned then the Eu in turn in a glorious and wondrous why everything started to fall apart? So CNN was the first, you start reporting the things were clearly off the last night, CNN reports yeah. We got a problem here. These vote tallies. They are not happening properly, we'll get to this in just one second, first, let me tell you, but a grey Valentine's day gifted is almost Valentine's day. Love is in the air. You know it's better to have near the snow, of cookies, cookies. Ok, this should be the easiest cell in the world on a session even have to do this. Add for you, I'm offering you cookies for Valentine's day. If you don't love
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that comes Lasher, Para, twenty percent off your entire order, MRS Fields, dotcom slash superior cookies. Are on the way and honestly, if somebody gets cookies never liked them. There are barriers and check them, Missus fields that come slash appeal for twenty percent of any gift. Okay, so CNN begins reporting fairly early in the night at something is clearly off. We ve got a problem. The app isn't working people reported. There were typing things into the open. The apples immediately freezing people reporting data. What sort of disappearing people had not fully tabulated results are properly many of the campaign. Were complaining that there were problems with the initial populations and with the secondary populations. People do not understand how the process works. There putting things wrong, it's all complexion. Stupid is curiously and and reporting out we gotta problem dies. This was not the plant there, the other something is clearly off from the plan that they, I would Democratic Party had at the start of the night. They did not expect to have no vote reporting at ten. Thirty,
eastern at night. That is dramatically later than we see in the Basle mark is right. It's a brand new process in the sense of what their reporting out, not just to state delegates, but also the popular vote for the first round and final round. So I understand that they are doing something brand new neighbours these people are bitching about this. You did this because you are the ones who insisted that the Democratic Party report shall vote assessments before the caucus tallies. That was you, so you don't eat it I get the feeling that the Bernie people have that right to be angry relating booty judge has read me angry, my brains. Gonna do find it gone to New Hampshire, where he's gonna be competitive throughout burn. He's gonna claim victory and you know he did when a lot of votes last night by pretty much every indicator. Buddha judges, the one who's gonna, miss that giant boost that he was gonna, get the signal boosted, who's gonna, get after winning Iowa, whose and able to give his Obama speech by the way we'll get to the democratic speeches in just a second cause. It was delicious, but this cause no end no end of heartburn for Democrats, the best clip of the night basket of the night, so Wolf Blitzer
was interviewing it precincts captain. Ok, somebody at that will actually whose interviewed somebody a Dnc headquarters. Ok, argues I'm wrong. He's interviewing increasing captain on CNN. That person was on hold with the DMZ headquarters in Iowa. Getting rates report result. Wolf is online with the precinct captain and the DMZ guy. Pick up the phone and the prison captains in waiting an hour to report. The result is busy with what and he says, hold on a second wolf by the time he picked up the phone with the I will chair the guidelines but so because of CNN a precincts, and is unable to report. The results of a clock is its unbelievably great. Here. Is the click of the night from CNN This is a real coincidence. Wolf, I just got off we'll just so. I've gotta get off the phone to report. The results already go ahead report. Can we listened in, as your report on John
let's and hello, they are not binding, I've gotta get back at all. That is your stuff. Yes, the Democrats who couldn't wait for ten seconds unwinding. I waited in our report. The results and Democrats like hello, hello, click, yes, Yes and wove as I can, we listen in his report. The results, absolutely you can't wolf. Excellent excellence of tourism These have solutions where you are starting. Do anymore. When drink it's late by moving here, what the hell's going on. Where is it anyway, isn't until the place. Where can contemplate baseball, Gilchrist Matthews, I think there is, they keep say if they go too much to a primary here and it begins to look like every vote cannot simply, though, any vote, you leave them afraid they won't get first anymore, because then would be the first primary and New Hampshire, the first primary sour. They have the right today,
Michael knows a lot about this republic is that we gotta get time present here and beat him up a little better make it tell us. Why do you still started Iowa? Because it The strange decision also stance. Sorry, I mourn over called I'm here. It's cool I know that I'm here aren't I every three hot toddy. Let me, through the evening, coming out of my hair brush the show bother, put together a show less to any sort of real showed come here. Talk, that's how you gonna caucus, I'm not channel! Democratic Peggy Tom, whereas idiotic into crap out of him on a beat him up like Robert Deniro. They the irish mentioning to kick my street corner. She can't move about just like Robert Dean here and the Irishman, shooting, let's see JAMA, face Robia Brutal seen a brutal seems like the crap out of town prize, don't feel that got my leg anymore, do you Julia Spect stuff and then that this is also great. And its being undercut exudes on Fox Donna, Brazil who was innately inherently involved in trying to skew the prey,
Mary system last temporary work, went right. She was working with CNN and she leads the questions. From CNN to Hillary Clinton, allegedly during the debate by Donna Brazile, was on Fox NEWS going all this is so terrible, because now people are going to think that the primary system is rigged. You guys have been ringing it. Your brought Europe while you're the former head of the DMZ; no, no, they might think that its rigged, oh no yet. Well. Maybe it turns out that when now the demo medic snake has eaten its own tail. We haven't Crowboroughs on our hands a snake, getting its own tail what'd. I mean ok bit the democratic, claiming that if Donald Trump was not impeach, there be widespread election problem. And loss of trust in institutions and boy were they write down from us, and impeach and we do have widespread luck, Problems and lack of trust in our actions years, China, Brazil, who is complicit in helping Hillary Clinton, the nomination? Last I'm talking about undermining trust in our fundamental institutions. I was
in twenty swell, covering the Republicans and that night we all left here. Thinking Mitt Romney was the one and we learned later it's about momentum matter. It matters that we get this right of action and I spent a lot of time in those rules and miles committees set up this procedure, which I've done now for more than five cycles. You wanna get it accurate because if we don't get it accurate, somebody's gonna play anymore that they were rigged. Some gave this all led to a degree. Latest clown show I have ever seen on tv. I mean it was just a collateral is phenomenal. It was greatly we need Benny Home Music, or something right around. I wanna maniacs, because it's so good, so the Democrats suddenly realized in the middle of the night. They realize wait, there's not me winter night and Amy closures like so no matter what happens? I'm not gonna get to make big victory speech. An amicable chart takes a binary, just cracks. Whatever's
efforts over the head runs up onstage and you like. I want Gaza mayor, I won. It was wait. I know you don't results by a great. Let me tell you it was awesome. It was it guys, and, if you don't believe me, I will make you eat the saddled with a calm, so Emmi hope, which are the same and the senator from Minnesota. She gets up and she gives victory speech with no results, so here is Amy what guitar, declaring victorian offer vans, are like yeah Yea what is it? and PM central time last night, when it became clear there would be no result. We now there's d but we know one thing: we are punching but our way my heart is cool tonight. So even in a crowded field of candidates, even during the war, earned. Impeach been hearing of Donald J, Tromp waits cap me bolted to my sent a desk for the last two weeks. We,
kept finding a new cap fighting for me. I love you. I love that she's, giving a victory speak with no results in spectacular in spectacular amendment. Everything about this is by the way, if your image globally, and like you're only shot at the nomination is to do well in Iowa. Don't you have a better scripted species that are working in the barn set up just get a barber. She was smart to get out there in front of cameras. First, though, and this led to a jailbreak democratic candidates, they criminal justice reform in the middle of the democratic primary and all of the all of the Democrats rushed from jail directly to the cameras, so much so that it turned into an episode of Hollywood squares legs like job here and there born here and Amy Club, which are here and people reject cheer in summer. Tom Sire was speaking to a camera, but nobody cared. It was amazing, like they were all rushing to the cameras. Spectacular show the rest of this because believe or not by Elizabeth, worn, ended up in a split screen, and many of the networks were covering. Biden, but not worn, which led worn billing everybody's a sexist and also they hate.
Native Americans await I'm not native American, we'll get some more of this in just one second, because all of this, if you're not enjoy Miss folks. If you're not enjoying this, then let me recommend that you that you check your sense of humour, because this is inherently, whereas it is ok, so its inherent when it is a comedy of areas. It is a mere shake spurious level, comedy of theirs is much should do about socialism, it's fantastic. We get more of this in just one second, first, let me recommend swing of colonies varies. We were had one of those situations where a car breaks down and you no kind of what part you need you totally auto part store. They don't have the right path because it's kind of a specialised part or you're the Otter parts shortly give you generic partner, doesn't end up working all that well or you go there, and it turns out that you don't know what to do with that generic part, because you're not an auto expert and is not directly made for a car you over, Hey wait and line all that, instead of doing that happening, it has taken me at least once maybe twice This is why you should go check out rock auto dotcom recorded outcome is a family business serving Reports, customers online for twenty years had an over Iraq uttered.
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We are the largest fastest growing conservative Pakistan, radio shown the nation as a result the so any Corbett our the camera, and this set off a chain reaction, were every Democrat decides to run to the camera simultaneously. It's like Kitticut, my shoe like everybody's running grabbed, the hearing a boom brawls fallen. Brawls, it's like it's like black Friday at the Walmart. Everybody is piling on top. But each other trying to get to the cameras like design be apocalypse. Unroll train gets that last acts. Its fan second aspect, so Bernie then weeks to the microphone since one the results come in. Love done very well. This, of course, is true. Bernie did get jackknife much Buddha judge. We got Jack last night, Here is Bernie. Talking about her wonder, results come when we will have won the promise he didn't get the big moment. He didn't get the big moment where he wanted big money. And he needed to big moment- you catapult him- not just a victory in New Hampshire, but broad victory in New Hampshire instead. Just seems like a guy
we want to have your last, I'm gonna win in Hampshire. This time she hears Bernie being robbed of its moment. I have a strong feeling that some voice, The results will be announced when those results are announce. I have a good feeling. We're going to be doing, very, very well just spectacular, just spectacular so the really really braced up Ernie's, like I when the, where I am also, we need the national. I felt sure we cannot handle a primary true. Everything here is a crucial, but you know it would be good if the changes I recommended that have completely failed here. What if we instituted those on the national level with regard to your health care? So if you have cancer, you can now who took office in Iowa, and you can figure out whether you can convince enough people whether you should have chemotherapy Bernie Sanders man. The fact that this guy is your democratic front runner and that the media have not vetted him. I mean this: is I'm never
In establishing this, the fact the media have not vetted this communist for three decades is beyond insane beyond insane: ok This man has been in national politics longer than I have been alive on planet earth and so nobody's seen any use now run into concession, of elections and been very competitive in both, and no one has seen fit to ask him here at his user, not changes the sixties and noticing phantasmal case if you ve, used in changed the sixties about the time you are defending here, but Venezuelan Soviet Union. Did you visa change at all That the views you hold are not manifestly just wrong: they're, manifestly evil on a variety of topics, anymore, Bobby asked the solid question by the Democrats, because you just keep saying things like Norway and Denmark, so ok well, yeah, but for decades or defending the Soviet Union in Cuba. So what is your point of differentiation indicates
Bernie, robbed of his moment a man whose most round of his moment is people to judge who was, by most of the data, expected to either win or come in. Second- and I were particularly after the clock is now- he has a controversy of his own. Going on. The controversy is if you look right behind him in the speech, what you will see as a bunch of people of color right? Yet we found people judges, six black supporters. And they were all getting behind him. Ok, I'm not making it up. He lit according to one of those humans. One of those women's literally said that peat booty judge, went out and pitch black people from the crowd to put behind him. During this speech and one of them, one by one. The black women standing behind him said the people to judge like took her away from her friends and brought her behind him said it would look like he had a lot of black supports ears, people to judge giving a speech that nobody saw, because it was again a clown car last night night, improbable how
became an undeniable reality by all indications we are going on to New Hampshire Victoria, he's got an awful lot is gibbons who see none. Not this always talk. Belonging of bridging divides is to know how to read so tonight. I say with a heart full of gratitude I owe you have proved those sceptics wrong, Your Iowa actually prove that they don't know how to do an election so that that's that's really what they progressed. I also love Mayor Peter, and we hope we change anything directly Africa and sixty five million Americans racist, which he didn't last forty eight hours, that's exciting stuff. The best part of the night, though, was when Joe Biden once the MIKE at the same time as Elizabeth worn, and they basically started calling the MIKE from one another is pretty spectacular, said Joe Biden gives his speech, which is to say
words come out of his face, but they're not quite intelligible and also he may not be alive. Here is Joe Biden being not alive human, our democratic parties, workers get this result demonstrate. I want to make sure there very careful deliberations, and indications are war indications, Granby Close we're gonna walk out of here, whether our shared delegates, we don't know exactly what it is yet, but we feel good about where we are and love, so so it's on New Hampshire and I'm gonna blame get the hell out of here. Can I really under performance? I love that Amy Closures, like we punched above our weight and butchers, like we proved everything to the world and Brazil, did is amazing and Joe like and people voted it's the turbulence every democratic, we did amazing here. People reject, we prove all the painters wrong.
Did. We proved elevators wrong, giving the old Union, because the Obama inflection, even in Bernie, like an when all of this is southern dumb. When, when I claw back against the voter, redistribution. That has happened here, I'm the one percent of devoting condition and turbines like will we? with our shared delegates are not sure, is many people that is by the rules We have to leave with our share of delegates, because otherwise, that illegal and also by and then just hops aeroplanes are gonna Jersey, seal air and this is the last. Anyone will ever hear of any of these candidates in Iowa again, because that is from territory. In France, when Iowa running away in twenty twenty about as Joe Biden were speaking Elizabeth Warren, she sent up some smoke signals and then she, and then she exited her teepee and
He went up and she discussed how she was just getting started, which is to say that she is not just getting started, she's in serious trouble because she needed about more than any of these other candidates in New Hampshire, his new Hampshire Borders, Massachusetts. She should be competitive for first place. She is not competitive prefers Waste Bernie is running away with it in New Hampshire. Here is Elizabeth, worn trying to claw back some attention again. She jumped up at the same time as Biden, they put them on a split screen. It was Hollywood square It was the Brady Bunch they're putting Marcia in the corner. Emulous booze. Just amazing here is Ears Elizabeth, worn gather. Together. We have built a movement powered by hopeful, courageous people who will do the work to make the change We need! No, I warrant just getting started. This race will be decided by people like you well and then she just sort of went away so said Sandy for Elizabeth.
Lauren, who presumably we'll have to go back to hunting Buffalo, as as per declaration of her native american heritage. Sup well well done. Elizabeth more complete utter crap show for the Democrats, our biggest problem, the Democrats, of course, not for any these candidates, because in the end the candidates can be the candidates. Gonna be burning and are still has the leg up. Burning is gonna, be widely perceived one eye what he's going to New Hampshire and then we, move onto Nevada, Joe Biden if he proves to be as lack lustre in New Hampshire, he has proved to be in Iowa he's in serious trouble, my Bloomberg somewhere. In his billion are aware- and he is just sipping- a glass of chaotic and his- and he is gender Michael Bloomberg- is it maybe he's just like it? various billions from the movies? I am wondering if maybe Michael Bloomberg is sitting there, any smoking a pack of banned cigarettes and slipping from sixteen ounce can of coke and willing up his twelve gauge, shocking and going. Everything here is going exactly according to plan because looks better does Michael Boomer, who didn't even compete night right all the recipes we'll abuses are running around in Iowa, pretending that
these matters, and then the thing turns out to be a complete cluster. So what what actually matters here? What matter here. Is the perception of Democrats? Don't go to Hell, they're doing and can get their act together. So if their claim has been all along, the Donald Trump is incompetent Donald from runs. A chaotic bleep show the best way to prove to Americans that Donald I'm should stay in office is to prove that you run your own chaotic bleep show you can't even run, and I will caucus And yet you want to run our healthcare yonder runner energy sector, Yon runner economy, yonder on Wall Street, you know best. You have a plan. Really. Then you have a plan to Like a hundred. Seventy thousand people's votes tabulated seriously. We have more people, listen to that to the show and like a five minute income then was then voted and I will last night and they could not handle that they couldn't handle it well done everybody on the democratic side, if you're approve the urine competent in the run up to twenty twenty you're, doing a hell of a job and its
just to doing a hell of a job on that they show that they were completely in company when it came to impeachment, because impeachment is now sputtering toward a verdict. Is the New York Times word sputtering Tory verdict because these, then it was not for they will not get a single Republican button up. Let's face it. Ok, the Democrats keep saying things like well, you know the Clinton impeachment there was bi partisanship. Now there were five Democrats in the house who voted for of coins impeachment and none in the Senate who voted for his removal. So there's one is about as partisan as the last one, which is to say, Democrats voted. One way, Republicans voted another. The Republicans or get a vote to acquit President Trump promptly tomorrow is lead, is gonna. Go the Democrats push that off pass the state of the union. That there would be the awkward spectacle of from giving the state of the union in front of a house that had impeached him and send a democratic wanted to impeach him, but honestly, trumps, just gonna, say from Zaire to say anything about it? If he does say something about, it will be, and now I'm back to be acquainted, because this is our bull crap and then they move on the Democrats really box. This
you can tell a because Nancy Policy is shrieking to the sky, but they did not bought this. They were Nancy plus yes to keep insisting that she did not in fact, boxes but she's, not own she's, not owned, Chee Chee screams. If she slowly shrinks and are going up, Nancy Pelosi says you I always knew impeachment would in this way, with the acquittal of President Trump is according to the New York Times well, except that she claimed that choose. Can we get by part and support, and that you should never have a wholly partisan patient and then she did exactly. That. Democrats argue that Miss Pelosi, one of my losing setting the stage for an election that is not only about kitchen table issues that carried them to majority in twenty eighteen, but also about exposing the president as unfit for office and Republicans complicit in his this behaviour in an interview Monday policies had Democrats had forced Republicans. Did you at mister from never has admit? He was wrong to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals. Well, no pretty much. A large number of Republicans, including our surely said, from the very outset that Ukraine, coal, is not perfect, but this was also not impede trouble. The democratic, complex, nothing
the best proof that the democratic, complex, nothing and trumps approval rating is now an all time high. According to gallop, he is now hit his personal best of forty nine percent. Now, was taken during the Senate trial. He was up ten points in the Gallup Poll since the Ukraine craze in October. So dumb rats have proved themselves incompetent, I what they prove themselves incompetence in impeachment, its complete complete disaster for the Democrats, it turns out that not there is a huge backlash democrats, but they have shown the world, but they are not competent to handle anything, and they showed a right at the outset which of these democratic, competent is burning, is burning up like a super competent guy isn't Elizabeth Warrant, whose William, a complete melt down of a campaign is a Joe Biden who doesn't look like he's alive? Is Nancy blows you just botched impeachment hearing by Russia the thing for without any witnesses and then whining that the Senate wouldn't call the witnesses that she herself it failed to call like, whereas Please. The level of democratic competence in the Democrats had a couple of attacks on Trump
One was that it was volatile. The problem is the american public recent volatility. At this point, they mostly arrogance knew he was volatile and who was elected most of it. Things are no longer shocked by the volatility we get it. That's who trumpets then the Democrats had a secondary line, which was trumpet deeply immoral and we are deeply moral and I'm sorry. Nobody buys that we all know that that's partisan, hackberry you're, the Party Billon Hillary Clinton, Nope Button worked in working twenty, sixteen You can work in twenty twenty and then there was the final line of attack, which has trumpets incompetence, and here they least could point to the cabin side, the administration and the fact that the administration is kind of a mess internally. They could point to all of them, except they just demonstrated that they do not know how to punch their way out of a paper bag they demonstrated that they do not know how to play simple game of shoot and ladders. It's incredible I am truly amazing, so well done. Democrats you have in the first week of the actual election, demonstrated your full scale. Incapacity.
Did you basic things, and yet you claim that you want to run all of our healthcare good luck for that president from tonight, state of the union. Some remind you that tonight we have the stage- live at eight thirty pm, Eastern five, thirty Pacific, you should subscribe over daily wearing used Ie W twenty twenty to get twenty percent off. And then you can ask us questions during the backstage. Live, ok, temper, quick thing I like, and then we'll get you a quick thing that I hate so things I like today, there is a magnificent article in the guardian, but it just wonderful by poppy, nor it is titled why liberal white in pay a lot of money to learn over dinner, how the racist. Now the shore answers morons. The wrong answer is because they want to demonstrate how woke they are by paying a bunch of people of color to tell them that they are bad red is that they are paying for their own malice, shrivel sessions. Now, according to the guardian, freshly made pasta is drawing on the wooden banisters lining the hall. Of a beautiful home in Denver, Colorado, Fox hunting photos, decorate the walls and a roomful of books. A fire is burning downstairs, a group,
liberal why women have gathered run along wooden table to admit how racist they are. Recently been driving announcing a black person and having an assumption. They are up to no good. Two thousand jobs are immediately after that. I might that's no good that human just doing their thing. Why do I think that this is a race to dinner? A white and volunteers, to host a dinner in her home for seven other white women, often strangers, perhaps acquaintances each day across twenty five hundred bucks, which can be covered by a generous host or divided, among guess, a frank, caution is led by cofounders. Regina Jackson was black and say right now, who identify the Indian American, they started race to dinner, challenge liberal white women to accept their racism, however, uncover subconscious. If you did this cynical prince from they leave rouse as but wealthy white women have been taught never to leave the dinner table round. Jackson believe liberal women, are the most receptive audience because they are open to changing their behaviour. They don't bother with fifty three percent of white women who voted for Trump, white men they feel are similarly lost, cause. Ok, what
already voting. Will you want them to vote and I am unhappy that you're gelding them and happier making them feel bad about themselves and it exciting stuff, and there is something wildly delicious about watching a bunch of socialist pay each other to call each other names, that's pretty fun white women are uniquely placed to challenge racism because of their proximity to power and wealth, says Jackson. If they don't hold these positions themselves, the white men, power, often their family friends and partners it unlikely anyone would voluntarily go to a dinner party in which they be asked one by one. What was array- this thing you did recently by two women of color before appetizers are served, but Jackson Rau have hardly been able to take a break since they start these dinners in the spring of twenty nineteen. So far, fifteen dinners held in big cities across the United States. Ok, let's just calculate that articles. Twenty five hundred bucks for dinner. Let's assume that five hundred bucks goes towards the foods is only like seven people, their swords assume that five hundred bucks poster
if its one sided view that Jackson and Rau according to grant a dinner is a to render they cleared thirty grand tools, tab, liberal white women genuflect before the altar of intersection reality as great a business That's a pretty solid business, really capitalism always wins gang pretty exciting stuff. The women who signed for these donors are not most hoods who most would see a racist there, well, read and well, meaning there are mostly democrats sum of adapted black children. Many partners where people of color, some of them and work towards passivity in diversity for decades, but they acknowledge also have unchecked biases a hostile. What they're doing his preying on women, who really are not racist and then they have to prove their not racist by claiming that the racist, where there's a way this works, may counter intuitive way that the intersection of mine words is that if you're, not a racist and you hey you're, not a racist, your racist! If you are not a racist- and you say you are a racist, then we know you're, not a racist, because of knowledge. Your racism, even though you're not a racist set means are not race.
So if you say, or racist or not arises, if you say you're, not a racist or racist, you got it and to all of us works end can be two thousand bucks for the privilege saw. I mean this is one of the great cons I have ever heard of seriously. I know how to get it on this thing, but this is like I will invest in Jackson and registered a capitalist proposition. I will give them free ads on this programme for this thing, if they will cut me and on the back end, because the feeling there are a lot of morons out there who are eager to pony up to be exact absolved of racism by Jackson and radically now what do they get to tell their? What's this really that big? It's how other liberal friends? Yes, you know I didn't know, I didn't acknowledge my own biases until I went to this, and so I went to this dinner atom Wulf, the famous writer erode offend Hastigt Nantasket S, eye That was the back in the uniting sixties. I believe it's principally electric acid coolly test and the entire essay is about how we,
This, basically will liberals been doing since the sixties. There's a dinner Elinor burn scenes outright, Leonard Bernstein, incredibly, while leftist there's a dinner at his apartment and the black Panthers right who at that time are actually a criminal group and people could engaged in criminal activity like racial criminal activity showed up at when Bernstein Department, and these black Panthers would tell liberal white about how they wanted to kill Whitey and how Whitey was the problem in all this and will liberal why women swoon, because now get to other friends how they got up. Close and personal with people have been victimized the american system, and they know their own complicity, would say, as they reached into their chanel handbags for for their there for their cigarettes. I mean like in the whole thing it was really was ready. The ESA is one the great essays in American history by tunnel all about again the way that the liberal white, World in New York in Manhattan pander to this. This is just the extension of that circa. Twenty twenty Campbell Swanton was one of those just camels wants and she says
she comes across as an overly king college student applying for prestigious internship shingle four days about her work as a political consulted. When it comes to talking about racism chokes, I want to hire people of color, not because I want to be a white Savior have explored by need for validation working through that yeah. I'm struggling, she started before finally giving up that is wonderful, listen to that quotas, so good. She wants to hire black people, but she can't say that you want to hire black people too. Give black people an opportunity, because if she says that then she's the White Saviour and black people don't need a white Savior, So she has to give another reason why she was to hire black people. That is not contingent on them being black, but if she'd makes it non contingent upon them being black she's colorblind, which mean she's a racist like, if you think of me decision tree here to not be racist at the end of it The decision is your raises: if you say I'm having a black person, because I want how black people to get your rate your white Savior, if you say I want to hear this black person- is that the best qualified you're colorblind, your racist, if you say I want to hire a black woman, because I am a racist, then there, like ok,
and then a real say what? But if your racist, why do want to hire a black woman? I didn't know because I'm array, just want to hire a black woman, but then you are using the black person to absolve themselves have said so. No, no good right, don't no matter what the end of every logical proposition in this insane mindset. Is your racist and get to pay money for the privilege across from camp Swanton Morgan Richards admit she recently. Nothing when someone patronising recommended her for adopting for to lecture There is, though she had saved them. When I went through your mother, I don't care. If there are black, she said opening windows around a challenger, so you'd it is stooping load to adopt a black child and Richards accepts that the undertone of her statement is racist. Ah, all the wonder the wonder. So a woman adopts two black children which adapting to children's any color is a good thing adapting to black children. As a white woman, sometimes mean something depending on where the black children came from right. I mean if you're talking about a white woman, adapting white children, then you are accused of racism because you have to adopt somebody of the same areas but for adopting cross racially then sometimes
there are additional sacrifices that are associated with that for the black child end for the white parent, because now you have to face down the reality that there is racism in society and you're. Gonna have to face that down. We wouldn't have had you. If you adopted white could read me This is just a reality. I have many friends of dotted black its next year. If we adopt it, has the blacks on David, French, as black daughter right. There are additional challenges associated with that, if you point out that it's a good thing to cross racially adopt yours, currently a racist, even though you give these black kids, who got many. Not even be adopted, maybe they're orphans. Maybe they were in an orphanage. Maybe they're foster care. This woman adopted blankets, therefore she's bad, because you pointed out that she was. Kids. Even though again it is a reality that you're going to experience additional challenges, I mean I thought the premise of the left is that racism is prevalent in american society. If that's the that's the events, a premise, then, it also happens to be true, presumably that, if you adopt like children, then you're going to face additional challenges in society. You wouldn't have adopted a wicked and there's nothing, Do you being races, that's it that's a recognition of reality, but apparently, if you reckon
as that reality are also racist, as more confessions like this are revealed, rail and Jackson seem to press those, they think can take it while emphasising with those who can't well done for recognising that Jackson says to suit one woman where all part of the problem we have to get comfort but that's become part of the solution. Amazing, amazing stuff, it's just that. It's a spectacular so well done guard well done liberal. Why women, I'm so glad that you have decided that you're going to show out thousands of dollars for the privilege of being called a racist? Well, then, ok quitting I hate and decisions, lump. Obviously, the news broke yesterday that Russia limber reveal that he had advanced late stage, lung cancer or dance lung cancer- that is horrific, rush, is a teutonic institution in american politics. He has been my entire life rush. Mention this gesture,
nay, on air, here's what rush said. So I have to tell you something today that I wish I didn't have to tell you and it's it's a struggle for me, because I am, I have to inform my staff earlier today, the egg I can't escape. Even though telling people are telling me it's it's not going to look at it like. I can't help, but feel that I'm letting everybody down with this, but the upshot is that I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Diagnosis confirmed by two medical institutions back on January twentieth, first realized something was wrong on my birthday weekend January twelve, and I wish I didn't have to tell you this, and I thought about not telling anybody. I thought about
mind. If I do this without anybody knowing cause, I don't like making things about me. Obviously our prayers are with Russia. Russia is the godfather of talk. Radio, which means that really is the godfather of pocket. Sing as well. Russia's somebody I grub listening to every consumer by new listening to international he's going to be seen, no matter what happens as a historic figure in history. The republic really heavy force behind the contract, with em our guide during your Gingrich's time, really a fortunate Bush administration, a force against the the radicalism of Brok, Obama and a force in favour of president Trump. Obviously rush limber is is person who helped inculcate an entire generation into basic conservative principle. I would met freely and probably that I was a graduate of his instituted. And conservative studies, as where millions of other Americans and his impact it can be felt for generations all of our thoughts and prayers with Russian is families. Families, wonderful as well,
and dumb, and I think the world praying formulae and we all should be paying from those really upsetting news to find that out. Yesterday, Yo Rush is every he said he has the best medical here and I am obviously were all well behind them and them, despite the fact that the left is, is vile and were twitting while things about Ambrosch is a good person who has done amazing things for the country, all right, we'll back a little bit later today to additional hours, then a backstage live tonight at eight thirty paeonies from five thirty Pm Pacific, we'll see them bench purposes dimension
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