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Ep. 953 - The Bernie Sanders Administration

2020-02-13 | 🔗

The media enter a state of denial after Bernie seizes control of the Democratic primary lead, AOC and Bernie are at odds, and we examine Bernie’s platform. Check out The Cold War: What We Saw, a new podcast written and presented by Bill Whittle at https://www.dailywire.com/coldwar. In Part 1 we peel back the layers of mystery cloaking the Terror state run by the Kremlin, and watch as America takes its first small steps onto the stage of world leadership. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at https://www.dailywire.com/Shapiro

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The media interest stated denial after Bernie seizes control of the democratic primary led Elsie in bernie- are at odds and we examined Bernice platform in detail. I'm bench appear of this. Is the bench Barroso yeah today show is monitored by Express Bbn. Don't let others track what you do. Keep yourself safe at expressive, gps, dot, com, slash momentum, gets everything. Bernie relate in a moment, and there will be a lot to talk about with regard to Bernie Centres, and you have to know the president now seems to see Michael Bloomberg, as his chief rival for the presidency. The reason I say this is because from his focusing a lot on my Bloomberg honest Twitter, if you know, maybe that's, because Bloomberg is hindered from skin and from his under Bloomberg skin the way the Trump is going after Michael somebody's by calling him short know somebody who is familiar with this particular tactic we'll say I do find it kind of obnoxious because, honestly, like so what luxuriously. So what? But this is, president from stable, Thank. You apparently does get under Michael Bloomberg. Skin Maggie him and of the New York Times reported that actually Michael blooming,
believe it or not light on his driver's licence. At one point, about his own height, which is never a particularly good look. But president from yesterday, he trotted out many MEG Bloomberg loser who has money? I can't debate and has zero presence USA. He reminds me of it. Tiny version of job low energy bash Eligible just ending overturned the court like what ride you, man and of just what just get completely side. Swiped jumbo she's, just a guy jogging along the street from just opens that that passenger side doors he's driving long ASEAN along the street in Bam. Just smacks jeopardize your management. Any version of Juggler Energy Bush, but jab has my political. And she the black community, much better than many but this is new name for Michael Bloomberg as he calls him. Many. This prompted Michael Bloomberg to come back at at present ration present from a follow up to that. No background present from that of olive trees at many make, is it bad?
massive dead energy. Ever these stupid man, it's so stupid many make as if by the massive dead energy he does not want to bear on the debate stage with these professional politicians know. Boxes plays then, of course, the reference to the fact that Michael Bloomer get out At least one press conference had an apple box at ease. Didn't he hates crazy burning and will with enough money it possibly stop him? Burmese people will go nuts. The trump obviously is, is trying to gin up a lot of conflict between the Bernie people and the number people believe me that doesn't need any joining up. That's going to emerge on its own Bloomberg for his part then responded to Trump by saying president from We know many of the same people in New York behind your back. They laugh at you and call you a carnival barking clown. They know you inherited a fortunate squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence. I have them and the resources to meet you, and I will then this of course has got the the Democrats all hot and bother him in his wow Michael Bloomberg. Saying that he's a con man wire get all this is true.
This crap. Obviously, but from does he Bloomberg sort of his lead rival at the moment and the fact that he is in the fact that the Bloomberg is willing to spend as much money as it takes in order to do some damage is is something that has the Trump team at least awake nights ago, innocent we're gonna get you everything! Bernie Sanders relating to tourism, Bernie Sanders NEWS we'll get to that end. Once again. First, let's talk about the earphones, your using Listen to this are using the ear budge from nineteen. Eighty four that have the wires attached to the ones where you take them out of pocket, wrap up. Then, when you unwrapped them they're all tangled and there's no way to extricate them or are using Airbus. Dont quite figure you're, probably because the one size fits all. We really should have, as a great pair of your budget from re can reckon just released, are best model, yet the EU twenty five six hours a day, I'm seamless, Bluetooth, bearing more base and more compact and it gives you a nice noise, isolating fit reckons where it was your.
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Wisdom, conventional wisdom is that Bert is leading in about it would make a lot of sense. But there is a major Our union, the color they Culinary Union yesterday that came out in Bash Bernie enclosure, is now spending some money in the state. A surprise when by Amy Club, which are could really throw a wrench into things for example, because now you have real split the moderate line at the blue judge whirlwind about it, then he would presumably be seen as sort of the front runner outside of Bloomberg for that moderate leadership in the night snowballing average over Bernie This has now pull the head, so Bernie is about in the betting on afford one percent favouring the betting. Us Michael Bloomberg, is standing at second, at twenty eight point: six booty judge at fifteen when an Biden has fallen all the way down the single digits in the betting markets. At nine point two percent over at five thirty eight, to give you the update over there on their estimates, for who is going Take the nomination right now. Bernie has but one in three shot of winning the nomination. I guess they they just up did so too, in five about thirty eight percent chance of winning the nomination. Second, no one seconds is that they go
into the convention without anyone having won a majority of the delegates again, that is significant possibility, given the fact that most of the democratic I most, if not all of them are split by proportional representation means a burning could win estate and he doesn't take overs elegance like, for example, right now, people to judge actually has the delegate lead on Bernie, because you want one more delicate than Bernie did in Iowa and they tied in New Hampshire in terms of the delegates. Dubai in five thirty, eight estimate still has about one in six shot: a winning majority, of delegates. Bloomberg is down at work in thirty, but he's not he's been rising fast. The reason that he's not higher is because he's getting so many of the early primaries. Ok, so Bernie right now it is is the front runner and the media just refuse to accept this. There refuse to accept this. Joe Biden is basically admitting this at this point, I, by is now haven't. Campaign on mobile you're, not dead, not dead, guys the elegant not dead, please Please don't leave me here. Please guys, please only me his Joe Biden, New, add new ones at the road would be easy will. Actually your kindness had the road would be easy, like a sort of the widespread impression. Is that
rubber, be easy and, as it turns out, people realise that you're not an alive human a tremendous opportunity to take the next great weight. Our railways, tired, we ve caught, do far where we started Nobody told me the road reason, and I don't believe you brought me this farm to stop you don't like. What's goin on this country, I have one thing to do work together. We can better egg back this country. My mountaineers I'd better than than democratically drop. The I'm I'm not know ways tired blind. Remember. Hillary Clinton did this back when she was the Senate in New York and she's running for the presidency. She went to a southern black church and she started dropping into a in inflected accents in order to draw particular support from the black community It's always weird when people like Joe Biden do, that is its very often, but Biden is fading fast. That means the Bernie was the only person in the race with significant name. Recognition, except for Bloomberg. Again is not
again until March third recommended the super Tuesday states in which women exactly competing on coming for another three weeks there with all of that said this mean The burning is the front runner in the media. Just refuse to accept it, so they are there. They were. They cannot handle the idea that this oxygen Erin Socialist is actually the leader of the Democratic Party, so Truck Todd last night is talk about New Hampshire winners in and he and in the national pole, leadership- and he said I dont see Bernie as the front runner is there any problem right now, like sure, is one the first two states and sure he's favour to win the battle and cherries pulling. In South Carolina, has the most money and sure he has the national bullied, but is he really we the front runner. Do we just have no front runner some wishful thinking here from truck dad don't why some people feel like the only people that are going out on the lemon calling Bernie Sanders a front runner? They have an other reasons to common front runner. Physic, there's no front runner right now what personally as delegates one person. As a lock on a chunk of the party, but we don't know where the scope
as you know, he doesn't get the president for our, and the problem is that I don't understand how Bertie is considered a front runner. This is it or more people showed up to the polls. Has turned out ever and his percentage went down out of it. Ok, but he still the firmer. I mean, like one answer: Can a column he's one. The only true primaries that have taken place so far, he's gonna win the third he may when the fourth and he- is going to have the delegate lead. He already has a popular role. That, of course, is the front runner just because tractor doesn't like it doesn't mean that is not the front. Runner clearly is Jim Messina, former Obama campaign guy. Jimmy Siena did the same things as you know. It so funny to watch the left scurry for whose the big winner from him for obvious Bernie is the big winner from New Hampshire right there. Other people who make moves Corbett are moved up. Buddha judge got a bump from Iowa, but big winners, who one I mean, what do we be real, others for a second, the guy one would be the big winner Jim is using- or maybe the big winner is Michael Bloomberg. Mythical Michael Bloomberg did have a good night in New Hampshire
because more confused the races, the more the guy with all the cash standing in backroom matters a lot. He again is rising in the National polling data. But with that said, it's pretty obvious, The big winner from new I want new Hampshire would be the guy who actually won the Caucasus and then one the primary here's Jim Messina trying to deny reality the second that I think we will need a watches over fifty five percent of voters vote for a moderate candidate is the most important issues who can be Donald Trump and that if you look at that number the big number. The big winner last night could be Mayor Bloomberg as he gets ready battleship Bloomberg in this unbelievable spending? That's about to come our way, he's sitting you're, ready to make a case of he's the best candidate, so we're an early days, and it can be very interesting moving forward. Ok, now this could get Superfund. There are few scenarios are unsuitable, for you is what happens at the convention. If there is peace, is their sweat among delegates we'll get to that in just one second, first, let us talk about your underwear
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then he very narrowly trails. Bernie Sanders in terms of plurality of delegates problem is that because Bernie is a radical and because burmese people don't care about the democratic party. Read me brought in a bunch of people who really are not typical Democrats and they ve taken over the party he's, got the same systemic advantage, the Trump hadn't twenty sixteen, which is to say if they tried to take the nomination away from from a from voters, will just walked from the Republican party burning, could do exactly the same thing and then the devil. That's lose! So, if burning walks in with the delicate lead, there is very little shot that he walked out without the delicately, but what a poorly finishes close echo. What approach, finishes close. Second in the delegates and nobody actual has majority burning could play the same card by burning could say: listen, I was jobs by the Democratic party. Again they keep trying to screw. And so I'm just not going to back over this is or out my support will be soft, but I'm not going to go further than that. Bernie does have a lot of weight simply because number one he's doing well. Number: two, because he and his Others are indeed so radical citizen
ass area for the Democratic Party, because even a competitive Bernie means a real problem for the Democratic Party. What they really need is for want to blow Bernie out, or at least feed Bernie so solidly. At least Lives Hilary glinted, so he can't complain that he was jobs out of the nomination. Now there is some there is some conflict in, Bernie Land according to Anthony Leonardi reporting for the Washington examiner from on boats Your Bernie Sanders and the leader of the squad are reportedly not seeing eye and the campaign trail New Yorkers the agency is reportedly frustrating this Andrews campaign. During her appearances at the socialist campaign rallies whilst Andrews was occupied in the Senate during the impeachment trail of Trump Elsie Sub didn't However, she did not mention the candle by name during January rally, the she endorse them last October's she's, going around doing the I'm a cozy and I'm special retain and she completely forget the Bernie is, is apparently part of this whole thing like sponsoring her to be on the campaign trapped, vanity, fair reported, that's it this campaign manager values shook here expressed his frustration to Elsie campaign manager, overtaxed seeing her Immigration stands were to extreme. In fact, AOL
making it look bad. Why? Because she's going out there and saying we should just have wildly open borders, for burning using the choir part outlet. There's no out of the quiet part with burning and bury tends to say the quiet part out loud, but ails. You just goes out there and spills it right. So burning will say we need a more tolerant and fair immigration system and then eligibility tat means open borders, guys like well in areas like. Why would you say that there is another good campaign tactic and that that so so this sort of split is now moving out into the open, and I were relish that organizing about tipping people off, if you start to see that ice and cd peering communities who drank he. People say that is overtly, awaiting the worth. Recalling calling on people to run away from the cops read that you are now comply Sidney. Criminal act, just I'm not here to reform some of these systems. Only we talk about immigration, I'm here, because Senator centres is actually committed to breaking up ice and see BP. That's why I'm here by the way, if you think but that doesn't end up in an ad. You are absolutely wrong by president runs that add from now until the election Elsie
saying that she wants that the reason she's endorsing Sanders is because she wants people too, Void, law enforcement and because she wants to completely break up both ice embassy b, which means effectively no law enforcement and border someone. Andrews campaign. According to the Washington examiner, reportedly frustrated by policies, commons, discouraging cooperation, federal authorities, saying you're off track of bony stance which opposes open bore. Meanwhile Ale seized him was upset because standards accepted comedian, Joe Reagan's endorsement following whoa Backhanders spokeswoman distance. The campaign from Rogan been noted. The campaign will need a big tens of supporters to defeat President Trump. In addition to a seat indoors meant, of course, centres is supported by a minimum and wish you to sleep. So there's a little bit of proper trouble in socialist paradise. The bigger trouble in socialist paradise is that eventually, eventually, somebody is actually going to look at Bernie Sanders his plans and that's the part where it can get real ox because so far has been shielded from that that the media are making a mistake with democratic candidates. They did it with Hillary Clinton. They did it with Joe Biden and other donors.
Burning, and that is they shield the Democrats from criticism. They dont do investigative the basic investigative tactics known as basic investigative questions of these candidates. They go after Republicans, hammer in talks, but when it comes to Democrats and comes to pillory, Heller is off limits and then went from petrol. Kitchen sink. It's like. Oh, my god, we're that come from any american public are made aware of new information, say when it comes to the economy. It was George Guilder who use likened the economy to eight to a phone line that we, the economy, works. Best when phone line is clear, meaning that the rules are predictable. They don't change, is not a state and not a static on line is not alive, Information is being added to the static on online. While the same thing holds true in a political campaign. The best thing in a political campaign is when there's no new information that is added. I dislike from his sort of systemic advantage here, because promptly mud monster, the more information he adolescent matters, everybody knows everything about from there's not much. You can say about trumpet, hurt him ok, but if you're Hillary Clinton and the media have been trying to portray you as clean as the drill
snow appears the driven snow and then iter that you're not gonna, hurt you. The same thing happened with Joe Biden. I think this hundred Biden thing hurt Joe specifically because the media, even as they as the report, the Hunter Biden stuff, is originally report in the new Yorker tried to cover, for it is not that big deal and then from him with the kitchen sink will they done the same thing with burning, but this shield him up to now and other looking around one whoops loopholes. Get into Bernie Sanders is plans is record the people he associates with in just one second, first, let us talk about how you make your employment base better. So let's say that once upon a time a long time ago, you had of producing a math is news just terrific, when your favorite people, Malthus, he's just great and every day he would come in, do an excellent job. On the show, I must say that he worked really hard. Luck worked, weekends, work, nights, a really worked hard to the point where he became one of the top producers at the company. That person overseeing tons of other people at the company and lets say that he then forgot all the little people
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for all of us at the daily wire and make sure that we don't forget the little people already so the the Bernie Sanders platform is the real story. Here and again, the media have made a big bubu, and now they are an emergency mobility, or maybe we should have talked about the fact that burning is an oxygen area socialist luneburg. Maybe we should have talked about all that yeah, it's a little late now guys, because now the only person is going to talk about it is Donald Trump in the general election and it's going to hurt he's. Let's talk for second, just about the cost of some Bernie Sanders proposals who stand for America now that can't they ve done a good job of adding up centres is expensive. Proposals brought their their basing this on Brian Riddle of the Manhattan Institute. Riddle found that in total Bernie Sanders is proposing at night, these seven point five trillion dollars of new spending in the next ten. Years alone in the next ten years alone. So, what's think about this in the next ten years? in saying that four trillion dollars ear immense its government will spend Prob really on the order of forty trillion dollars. Burnish yet
is talking about crippling the budget, not doubling the budget, Tripoli, the budget. You talk about adding another hundred trillion dollars to that spend. Ok, that's not incorporating the current spend its an additional Ninety seven point: five trillion dollar seven. Two hundred and thirty seven point five trillion dollars spent by the federal government as opposed to forty trillion dollars spent by the federal government, whereas others come from according to Brain riddle, his medical for all plan people keep ballpark missing it. Thirty two trillion dollars for slaughter has never yet been a government programme that has come anywhere close to the ballpark figure originally put out for it, and when you hear people unless savings, or it will save us money over the long haul, because people are spending more in the private sector and the spending in the public sector. That's like saying that, if you nationalize all of the food distribution in the United States that you could save money over private food over over how much American spent on private food your computer. Apples in Orange it what a mirror.
Can spend in the private sector compared to the public sector. Spending money on behalf of Americans is a very different thing, because the quality is different, because the choice is different. If the government order We give rations to the american people. We could save all sorts of money on the kinds of things that we are spending money on it the food in the United States or a lot of restaurant or business sure you wouldn't have allowed choices between indian food and typhoid tonight, sure you, simply just get like a rash and get, but we could save all sorts of money right and then you could You could classify it as money saving as monitors it. That's what Bernie that's where he says what we're going to do it, I'm gonna, take all the private spending people blunt healthcare, and that includes you paying out upon. Did you have surgery that you need quickly so you're not waiting six months in line like in Canada? That means being able to see a doctor fast, it means being able to get drugs on a man it means being able to develop new drugs. Burnings like it'll, be cheaper if we just nationalism and spend less money on it literally true of every single commodity in american private market this letter of all of these things, nine other companies at all.
And finally getting the point? Oh I'm making the point. If you notice that the quality of government run, things is garbage generally and if the government decided that the government with them, we're going to provide everybody with nineteen. Eighty, nine apple computer, ok, that We also tons of money on tech, wouldn't even be showing up. Their brand new can do, but everybody would have an eye MAC from nineteen nine. Ninety, ninety seven men, don't you like Her- has like a blue case back it's beautiful they didn't. This is what Bernie is proposing, then calling in sending money. First of all, the chances are. Overtime you're, not at the end of saving all that much money, because either what ends up happening is rationing or you have to increase the amount of the of the reimbursements that are coming from The government is why, when Bernie says that you're gonna have exactly the same level of care exactly the same doctorate through Medicare that you have not Medicare, that is not true, which is why Medicare vantages, they think the many many seniors most senior take advantage. They by additional coverage through Medicare advantage result Medica for all
when he's gonna cost thirty two trillion dollars over the next ten years. It ain't gonna, cost forties his brain riddle, his climate plan. Sixteen point three trillion dollars guarantee a full time. Government job right is one of the things that have been glossed over. You want a full time federal jobs programme, a full time federal drugs programme because of you lose your job? The governmental just hire you straight out that would cost about thirty trillion dollars. He wants to cancel all stewed, that and free college for everyone in the country, which, of course, is an idiotic idea when we don't actually track people like if you're gonna make it case that you are going to have free college, but that everybody wants. Sixteen years old has into a particular sector, and then you go into the most economically efficient sector elite. You can make a case that adapt when people are going to you LE schooling, for no reason why they have the sort of system. In many countries in Europe they have an Israel. If you are making the case that people are going to be able to choose what major and in that we are supposed to subsidize some middle upper class white two major and lesbian dance theory we're supposed to cover the cost of that
As an idiotic idea, it's actually a regressive tax get us. Cost three trillion dollars. You want to expand its social security, which again Social security bankrupt. Guys, because we are putting up more money year on year, then we are taking in social security and he wants a federal housing guarantee, which he said is only gonna cost. You point five trillion dollars, but it's it's gonna cost more than that, and then there's a bunch of other new programmes is paid for we leave, you spend a trillion, but an infrastructure which is well. He says that he wants four hundred billion dollar for public school teacher salaries that is low. He wants four billion dollars for Catherine, twelve education. That is every statistic that has put out here is going to be blown out there yet to be a government programme comes in under budget. It does not exist. It does not exist President Reagan, one set their own in the only the government programmes, only guarantee of everlasting life. They do not die, they only grow. They never shrink so the total result is ninety: seven when five trillion dollars and you spend including brain real. Seventy percent of
he was economy on a year on year basis spent on government programmes. Seventy percent of the entire gdp of the United States every year. Ninety trillion bucks added to the national debt and fish percent of the entire workforce employed by the government, that sounds perfectly system able to meet a sound sustainable to you, I mean I wish you the problem after all, Redline thoroughbred. What is the problem? We can also insist on brims. Haven't you ever seen hook hook is great woolly. Remember. Seen whether all eating, but they use their imaginations men. They have a food fight with the imaginations Peter you're doing it, Peter remember that we could also that you don't have to have actual food, You could have imagination, food sure, a pious fixed and does not apply for everybody, but if you imagine the pie, but is larger than simply exists in your imagination as a year is the problem with all this. It's all crap, ok, so how do we know how radical Bernice? Because again the media refuses to talk about this simply gloss right over it. So let's talk about the groups that he is using in order to push
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sentences policy agenda remain unchanged from twenty sixteen advisers say his medical for all and fifteen dollars an hour. Minimum wage would probably top his list of first priorities has expanded. Twenty. Sixteen agenda by adding policy such as the green new deal, a housing guarantee for all Americans, the elimination of all student that held in the country and an aggressive wealth tax and multimillionaires and billionaires critics aids unclear. Well, there's Andrews's team is up to the daunting legislative policy challenges ahead while porters, ye a major asset in their rejection of traditional democratic channels and policy priorities when ten his hired reformer AIDS to Harry read what it now. For holding the line during public debate, will also cutting deals with Republicans and opportune times, but this has retained long term advisers in key roles. Some of those advisers by the way include Jane Sanders, his wife who has helped crafty twenty twenty campaigns, climate and housing policies, which is great after surrounding university directly into the ground. I mean like a plane from twenty thousand feet directly into the ground, is actually whenever university in Vermont. That's definitely put her in charge
of climate housing policy in the United States a so his advisers apparently are clashing with major democratic, think tanks. His policy team working with national political director and the Lily amnesia has instead cans, with environmental and immigration activist organizations such as sunrise, movement and the centre for popular democracy and has also worked, labour funded groups such as the Economic Policy Institute and the democracy collaborative international organization connected to leftist german Corbians Labour Party in Britain and New Think tanks like the people's policy project founded and twenty seventeen and funded by small dollar donations These groups regarded as marginal players, man, Washington, insiders, could gain new prominence, should Sanders run the table in the election. Ok, so let's talk about who some of these people are. Let's talk about some of these groups, because we just ran through a list of groups and when you group multi ethnic cleansing, all people who are sort of outside. But let's talk about who these groups are. So let us begin with the sunrise
moment right, as mentioned here that he's consulting with environmental and activist organizations like the sunrise movement, so who exactly are the sunrise movement, the sunrise moving this environmentalist group and here's what it says on the website. They stopped for what they call the green new deal K and they haven't they they overtly link to ales ridiculous videos on the on the green new deal in which claims that she's going to make America basically run entirely carbon free, while she becomes a senator and they really Video we play this on the show sunrise movement, post this video on their website here is that ridiculous, video I think there was something similar with the green new deal. We knew that we needed to save the planet and that we had all the time knowledge to do it, but people were scared. They said it was too big to fast, not practical. I think that's because they just
couldn't picture it yet anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself by committing to universal rights like health care and meaningful work for all we stop being so scared of the future, with stopping scared of each other, and we found and our shared purpose. Amuses insanity read the little her green new deal is basically free crap for everyone up to and including health Free Healthcare for everybody for college tuition, for everybody, free housing for everybody. It's all, because were scared dies you doing and Peter imagine. We have justice. Here it was fear it wasn't like the realities of reality. It was fear that started the shouts of the sunrise moment post this and they pose this and here's a they say. The green new deal is a ten year plan to mobilise every aspect of american society to one hundred percent clean Renewable energy by twenty thirty a guarantee living way. Javert. Anyone who needs one and two transition for both workers and frontline communities, so government input for government Employment programme and we are going to be completely carbon free by twenty thirty
If you believe this boy do have a bridge to sell you I mean my goodness entirely. Carbon free in ten years. Good luck with that gang, who are at the core of the sunrise movement they're the same people who are taking children Women Diane Feinstein Office, even Diane Feinstein, who is very far lets. You do my centre, nearly my entire life here in California, and not a fan, but the one time I became a fan of Diane Feinstein was during this little exchange. Where the sunrise movement, these obnoxious human beings, brought in a bunch of children and had the choice I'm trying to school, Diane Feinstein, which resulted in Diane finds them being like. You can vote, shut up kid, for the people by the people and senators thing about this room. I've been doing this for thirty years. I know what I'm doing you come in here and you say it has to be my way or the high. When I don't
spawned that I've got an elected. I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote orally, and I know what I'm doing so. You know. Maybe people should listen, awoke the sunrise ruinous or is it gives us that even Diane Feinstein, whose, as far left is it possible to be in Congress whom they can find sound like you guys are you guys are joke because that's one of the groups, the Bernie Sanders is counting on another of the Bernie Sanders is counting on is the so called centre for popular democracy? So if you look at their website, they have a list of their values. Some of their values include quote We will only be free when we dismantle the criminal justice system that steals chow murders, black and brown people and lots of people for being poor kid. That's another the advisory groups to burning handers? They believed that the criminal justice system, the United States, simply locks people up for being impoverished, murders, black and brown people and steals childhoods, and they want to completely dismantle the criminal justice system
they they want every person who is formal, incarcerated devout. They want a nation that, uncle promote peace and harmony around the world, and will only be free when the US government ceases to instigate violence in other countries. Rightly so they want. Then they need believe it. I'd states the instigator of violence. They they say too there we will dream together, we will resist together. We will rise because another radical group and then the it turns out that these this centre for popular democracy, these centre for popular Piracy is, is also associated pretty closely with this guy named Gar I'll poets, so Gar I'll poets, I'm frank remember, which of these groups is associated with garlic. Hurwitz has become sort of famous. Is the this post capitalist guy? He was one of the founders of one of the groups that that dumb, that the democracy collaborative that's great you to use with the democracy collaborates that's another. One of these groups that gets named in this Bernie Sanders Arrogant, gets named check the democracy collaborative
gallop her, which is like a post capitalist thinker, meaning that he is openly in favour of social. And by socialism it really means nationalization right he's pretty clear about this. He he says that it's kind of I was able to talk about nationalization of resources, but effectively we should municipal municipal lies resources. We should just have the government. Take over industries he had an article in the in the nation. Called socialism is closer than you think and here is what you write at the core of the traditional socialist argument, has always been the judgment that what Craddock ownership of the nation's wealth and especially low marks called the means of production, is essential. The questionable however, has rarely been mentioned in conventional political debate the traditional socialist idea of nationalize industry is beyond the pale, and the vast majority of progressive have so far avoided discussing alternatives to the statist socialist model. So he does actually reject the idea of nationalizing the means of production, of ownership of the means of production. Instead, he asked
we chastises Bernie Sanders for not being socialist enough in the nation. This guy others gallop Hurwitz Fellow who, by the way, also is the leader of the democracy collaborative which is one of the group, the burning Consulting in this article for the nation written just a couple years ago operates as despite his self definition the Democratic Socialist Andrews has offered what is essential strong level or liberal or social Democratic Programme of Progressive. Station financial regulation, single pair healthcare increase, social security and income support programmes and environmental regulations centres explicitly Disavowed government ownership of businesses in a major theme setting speech Georgetown University last November at the same times, has up her. What's new resources have become available to support the concern action of Asturias Alternative system, one that is socialist in content and vision, but also highly democratic and accountable in structure. Ok, now here's the problem. Once you suggest that people get you vote on how industry is run
It is not actually being run along the lines of the free market. Now you're, just talking about the government. Cramming down its own vision of how business you should be run on business. You don't actually end up with free market. So in fact it's not democratic, because the basis of democracy is right. In your saying there are no rights, there is just but what the what the majority wants so up her words commends as an alternative to state one systems, because worker on cooperatives, neighbourhood, land traps and municipal corporate corporations automatic having ownership in one way or another doing so in decentralized rather than statist fashion. But if it's done without the help of government, then that is not socialism, that is just a bunch of people getting together and founding accompanied together right when Facebook was founded, everybody who started Facebook got a share of the stock. That amounts intellect twenty three billion dollars. When Facebook went public for people who star
the company is there? Anybody on the socialist sector, Facebook, a cooperative or would have called Facebook a cooperative if you're operating in a free market situation through sheer power of consent. That is no longer communism or socialism, socialism has to involve estate, compelled or state sponsored components. Otherwise, not the workers in charge of the means of production. It is just there there capitalist now, if you are an own, if you own stock, Socialists will call you a capitalist. If you don't stop company. Where you work, are you a socialist or you? Are your worker labour? Or are you capital in fact, though, that that's what division doesn't make any sense in that context, right eye work for daily wire. I am also stock owner in daily wire. Does that mean In that I may work or, or is that mean that I am a capitalist? The only way to tell presumably is, if not everyone on stock in the company, and then you can make a stark division at that point, but that is an artist division, even then, because not everybody own stock, even working for work, cooperatives are giving examples up, and this has become. One of the talks
When you hear ails, say things like this routinely with regard to working cropper, if shes IDA worker is Jeff pieces were great, you just make Amazon into a worker cooperative Amazonas, publicly trade accompany it on a piece of Amazon. You can do so right now, right now in go over to the stock exchange and you can buy a piece of Amazon. But just because you didn't go over and do that does not mean an Amazon is solely for the benefit of the of the capitalist top everybody who on stock is presumably a capitalist and all of the workers. By the way on a salary which means there making more money off off working at Amazon, presumably than most stockholders and Amazon. Those learning money to a salary is a piece the money you earn from the company. That is what it is in any case, will get into this Making. The point that I making is it without government subsidies are not talking actually about socialism, what you're actually talking that it's a bunch people get together form a company in case you just cause, you know I'll see ya then one second. First last week I told you about this autumn: pod cast the cold war. What we saw over the weekend, this progress reach number one.
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to paint a socialist free market activity in which people on stock and accompany ok, that is that's a free market access. You, I'm very sorry Division between socialism, in not socialism, socialism, is where these states collectivized as the means of production, state ownership of the means of production. Is the core of socialism hey if a bunch of us at the company get together and found a company today, and we share the stock evenly. That's not a socialist cooperative. Ok, that is Isn't that has just asked deciding to cooperate. Socialism requires a state inspired element, otherwise, just talking about a free market arrangement, it is the violet of consent. That socialist, stands for, if, if violation and we're not required. I have no problem with any there's. Nobody. You can find a capitalist we'd have a problem with a joint stock ownership company. No he has probably that on the right. So if your your declaring socialism in opposition to axe, then you have to find what the x is. If I don't suppose it, I can promise you this. If I will oppose it is very difficult to call it a form of socialism. In any case,
the reason that I point this out is because these same people sell worker cooperatives. These are true socialism, all true social and has to be is working cooperatives. Ok, let's hear example. Maundered on is the biggest worker co op on Planet earth right exists in some it has an eighty thousand employees and everybody in the many on stock in the vote on decisions together, there's only one problem: according to the guardian, two thousand thirteen manner gone is exposed to fierce petition from developing world competitors with lower labour costs. It responds- been set of factories or by companies and other parts of the world. There are no before subsidiaries producing goods from Vietnam De Chile Moreau. Go and Russia workers these are not Co. Op members, fewer than half of manure guns workforce are members, meaning there also rob leaded capitalist living off the labour of others. So, in other words, you of the market do not cease to apply when more people own stock, publicly trading companies, lots of people on stock, kids, been true from underground for years. It operates. Basically like a free market corporation. It's there
people who on stock- and they both in the board elections effectively. Speaking and here, is the problem with the idea of forcing down worker own businesses. If you force downward run businesses. Then why would I invest, my own capital in a company where I dont have control over the decisions that are made about the use of their capital. Why would I do that? If you presented me a good business plan, and I will invest neighbours this plan, regardless of who owns the means of production? But if you present me about Business plan in this is really what Bernie wants. This is what people are left want. They want. Anybody This plan to be green, led by the government sponsored by taxpayers and then subsidized by taxpayers. If the thing starts to go south or restrictions placed on other companies when they talk of work on collapse, but they really mean is government subsidize sponsored or mandated workin collapse? They do not mean through pure voluntarism. Get one final group in which the with the burning has been calling upon is the people's policy project. They HAWK extensively about various things that they want, including that the? U S should make a sweet, of reforms aimed at increasing leisure time. They talk about a global, green
new deal openly arguing the? U S sheets and hundreds of billions of dollars annually to the EU. Green climate fund, hundreds of billions of dollars annually to the Green Climate fund to help developing countries make clean energy transition and that the policy of the United States would publicly funded early stay. Green technologies and also would manage the government's equity stakes in all of these green technologies, and they argue for a tax of two hundred and thirty bucks per tonne of carbon pollution. Good good luck, with not destroying the economy of the USA today all of this is just the groups of burning is associated with. Then you actually go to this website and you look at it show agenda and its absolute lunacy. I mean absolute full scale lunatic so take that workplace democracy plan represents, so he calls it a workplace democracy. When his goal is to double union membership within his first term housing did you have a mandate that companies have to deal with unions. So you don't have a free man. The transaction anymore right as a violation of consent. Your now mandating that a company,
deal with the union, even if the company can hire people from outside the union in order to work, which is a violation of basic free market principles and puts a bunch of people who are not in charge of the profitability of the company in charge of the company. You deny federal contracts to companies that pay cortical pie pretty wages, outsource jobs, overseas, engaging union busting tonight, good benefits and paste outrageous compensation packages, in other words, federal contracts, will only go to friends of burning. It will eliminate right to work for less laws. Right sets just right to work. It will guarantee the right to unionized for workers historically excluded from labour protection. They want. Domestic workers to be crammed down as a unionized workforce. That means that, if you or a domestic workers to take care of your ailing father that you will have to deal with a union now in order to do that and it so it so He's pushing unionization forced down by the by the federal government, he's pushing what he calls corporate accountability, and democracy. We will give workers in ownership company in ownership making the companies they work for she talking about overtly seizing companies
or least redistributing the ownership stake in companies, despite the fact that workers, presumably but the company with the understanding they want any stock and the company remedies talking about completely reorganising every facet of America's business life. He says: well, the corporate profits presently go to a small number of ultra wealthy families. Are at an all time, high wages as a percentage of economy are at an all time low, and so he says he is I wasn't, tells us there is no alternative. The truth is, we must develop. New economic model should create jobs and increase wages and productivity across Amerika is as workers. Basically, company should be forced to give ownership stakes in their companies and an equal say in corporate boards. What a daily wire again, I may stock honour in daily wire, I'm one of the co founders of the daily wire. He now, Bernie comes along and says you have over a hundred employees. This means that fifty percent of your board has to be comprised of people. You employ any can't fire. Those people presume Do you think that anyone is going to invest in a new business ever? Why would I do that? I'm here,
in over control of the business to people whose chief interest in maximizing, not the profitability, accountability and competitiveness of the company. But in ensuring that the company spends most of its most of its energy on on the wage base. Ok, that that kills entrepreneurship Why would I investing accompanied that I dont control, where, if the workers does make a decision that lesson that we have a choice: the choice is to invest a million dollars in a new innovative concept in which the word nature, or they may not share or we can spend million dollars on raises for everybody, the workers very off, we cannot vote for the rate for the ways that the raises, because then another can be working at this company in five or ten years. So why? Wouldn't I vote for the raises? Ok, we don't have to. We voted to speculate about this. This is exactly what happened in Detroit in the nineteen. Fifty sixtys, when unions were largely running a major Otto companies and then the minute, the competition was available and the tariffs were lowered in the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys the auto The strain United States plummeted off a cliff when you place
workers in opposition to capital, and then you suggest that the workers should control the capital think anybody ever going to invest in a company again in the United States. This is not how investment worth is not an economics works. It violates basic forms of consent again if workers, wanna get together, inform their own company there perfectly free to do so. It is a free country. Killer. Bernie is talking about fleet reorganization crammed down by the federal government on nearly every business in America, or at least on any business that is sufficiently successful, do have a given number of employees and then there's burmese foreign policy. A burmese foreign policy is utter madness, so he suggests that we are going to whom we are going to give there authority thirty to the international criminal court that we can have foreign countries judge american soldiers in war zones, American, soldiers will no longer be subject to american law, they'll be subject to the vagaries of international law run from Brussels. He wants us to of course rejoin IRAN's nuclear agreement, and here
and I mean hit his is foreign policy. By the way, I will say, is foreign policy pages. Incredibly short, why? Because foreign policy is basically, he just wants America's military to be incredibly weak and that that that's all this as then, you have his his plan with regard to churches. Ok, so he has what he calls the algae Bt Q part of this and he explicitly said he must strongly oppose any legislation that purports to protect religious liberty at the expense of others right. So, in other words, he wants your church to be able be soon into the ground for not accepting same sex marriages or trends. Under ideology. That's what you would like it is on his website. Bernie is a radical, his full jobs. When we were enacted federal jobs, guarantee three hundred and twenty million jobs, part of the green new deal, which effectively means you're going to pay people to dig holes and then fill them. In again, Barack Obama tried to do the same with so called shovel ready jobs giant fail.
All of this is pie in the sky. Nonsense that can only be accomplished, presumably through massive debt and also through the the seizure of the means of production, it's the is the future, not above he's not hiding the ball here. If you think, there's plenty for Donald Trump to attack. It is plenty for Donald to attack already time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like today. You know how many things allegations do some things I had What sort of fascinating when the mask comes off at universities and the push for racial tolerance, as it turns out, is merely just push for racial quotas. Good example of this happened yesterday, Apparently there is some public space at the University of Virginia and a firstly, a Virginia walked in of a public service announcement that, as in this public space, there were just too many white people, which is certainly one hell of a statement that this
It's definitely accomplishing Martin Luther King Vision of a society in which we are judged by the by the quality of our character rather than the color of their skin. People walking and sing too many white people in here. This is working a beautifully for everybody public service announcement. Skills yeah. I know this is a sea air. Finally, their views, too many white people here, and this is a space where people of color, so let's be- in common with the other space that you're taking up, because it does make some of Us Plc profitable uneasy to anyway. One year is only building for four days and frankly, there's the whole university for Lahti. Oughta be at and there's very few spaces for us. So keep that in mind. I think Ok, this is insane multicultural center, but only for not white people, and if there are too many why people in here get out. Obviously, it goes that hang reverse the races, and this would be a national scandal, but, of course, Raw supposed to pretend that this sort of stuff doesn't happen and that racism is is
one the fascinating things when people say things like racism is not just. Racism is racism. Mine with power, therefore, because the structural, Iraq is in the United States? Are such the white people more powerful than black people? Then that means that nobody, whose of color can never be a racist. Ok. What about when it's the university and a representative of the university who is stepping into a position of power and x, so we say, white people out- I wouldn't be. Racism combined with power or no or no Meanwhile speaking- of of people saying idiotic things on the basis of inter sexual identity. Iona Presley got up yesterday and she suggested that women are not equal to men in the eyes of the government, which is very weird. Considering the women constitute the majority of college attendees, the caught the majority of college graduates that they are. Prison far less than men, that they are that they are actually the majority of the workforce. At this point recording Diana Presley who is sitting in Congress. Apparently, women are not
equal to men in the eyes of the government, which again I'm gonna need some evidence of this one. The american constitution is sexist by its very design. This country's laws have historically treated us like second class citizens, depriving us of the right to vote, ensure most jobs and to old property. While some of these injustices may cease to exist, we still face tremendous barriers to our full participation in society with Mars boat. We have an opportunity to write this country's wrong and to take a stand in the name of equality. I like that she's now linking bars on female property ownership which so far as I am aware, him not existed for well over a century and a half in the United States, I'm really confused as to how she is linking that with anything that has to do with today. But this is what the bodily so much leftist thought is this so much love just thought is here is a bad thing that happened two years ago, fast forward its the same today, except about that thing, but it's the same today this every time you see Codesa every time.
Codesa is very passionate writing about something that happened in eighteen, twenty, three and then just fast forward to today, and you like and now the current day, equivalent his axe and in its super dishonest it really viewing the women are put it. As a general as a general matter and american society, I would suggest that you have blinders on. Yes, of course, sexism exists in american society is, of course, racism exist in american society, but if the generalised idea, is that women are victims in american society today, no, there's. No, I'm sorry, that's not correct! That is not right and especially your claiming their legal barriers to women and Americans. That is certainly not correct, so that this is obviously sheer and and on diluted nonsense, but unfortunately it is the where the Democratic Party is is run these days and is really going it's on the basis of these sort of crafted resentments. They able to pitcher Bernie Sanders agenda right. If you declare that America is unfeasible. If you declared that America is in essence a land of victimization,
Then, of course you can argue on a moral level for the uprooting of that system. See the thing that Bernie and a lot of the West have to contend with is the fact America is incredibly frame prosperous that most people in a man arguing. Incredibly well, but even the poor America are rich by maiden by by global standards, now by american snares by global standards. There middle class we're rich by global standards. The poor people live in United States. And so the socialists have an uphill climb to explain why we ought to uproot a system that is created more prosperity for more human beings than any system in the history of humanity and more freedom for more human beings than any system in the history of humanity as a heavy left. So, instead, what you see from people like I honour Presley, and presently from the University of Virginia Rep do is, they will say sure all this stuff is pretty good, but is morally unjustifiable, because of all the suffering that went before. Therefore, we have to operate. The sister everything that is good is the fruit of the poisonous tree. If we cut down the tree and we approved the roots, then sure The least that could step will have built a better. More foundation. This way, in the end, the Bernie Sanders Pitch has very little to do with his power,
and it has much more to do with his ideals. Are there this is the reality of the situation- and I can talk all day long to Bernie Sanders support is about the fact that is and are utterly unsustainable, they're going to take the economy that they are in, have you immoral and violent of individual rights. But according to people on the left is a question not of individual. It's a question of the morality of the system in place, and this is the beauty of the counterfactual for people who are on the far left. The beauty of the counterfactual is that gets, live off the riches of capitalism off the riches of individual liberty off the basis of enlightenment thinking, and then you get to bitch about how things would be better If you've never done any of those things, it really is. It really is beautiful, and I was in college campus fairly recently and somebody handed me a pamphlet that talks about a quart of various people, including, I believe, talking about some of the wonders socialism and all this stuff, and they said will look how these great people had great things say about socialism, and I said yeah, you notice what they all had come and none of them live under it. Really.
It is very, very easy to talk about the wonders of socialism, particularly government ownership of the means of production and never have to live under. It and then she just what if we didn't live under it, then the prospective fantasy is so much. Better than any reality the capacity exists. The dream of utopia is always better than the reality. The thing is, the dream of hope you ain't gonna materialise. So one when you hear politicians tell you to dream big to dream. Big, we should say is ok and now, let's verify now it's verify because your dreams, I keep going back to this hook quota. Does it did this this hook scene That really is what it is. If you just dream hard enough it will, you can, will the dream to reality? No, sometimes you cannot and sometime. The dream itself is immoral. If what it, if what mandate This means that you wish not to specify that the hiding the ball. When it comes to socialism, the attempted basically suggests that it can be a higher tax system that that pitch the Bernie Sanders is making
It obscures the reality of true government ownership of the means of production, which does suggest compulsion. It does suggest to you any it does suggest, violation of individual rights and the only basis that that people can push for on a basis. Suggested the regime of individual rights is inherently racist, excess, bigoted, homophobic and rooted in historic injustice, which is why the New York Times pushes the sixteen nineteen project its wider study of history is really really important, and it's why the pitch that I on in your times, Megan Bernie eggs is so rudiments whereby Howard's envision, because if you can discredit the route of America, then you never have to deal with back in America has also generate more prosperity and freedom than any country in the history of humanity, and it ain't close already we'll be back later today, additional hours of content, otherwise we'll see you here Marla Bench bear this dimension Arusha
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