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Ep. 957 - FINALLY: The Bloodiest Democratic Debate Ever

2020-02-20 | 🔗

The Democrats finally ditch the faux-friendship and go for the jugular, with Bloomberg squarely in their crosshairs; Sanders finally has to answer a question about his lake house; and Klobuchar and Buttigieg can’t stop their slap-fight. Check out The Cold War: What We Saw, a new podcast written and presented by Bill Whittle at https://www.dailywire.com/coldwar. In Part 1 we peel back the layers of mystery cloaking the Terror state run by the Kremlin, and watch as America takes its first small steps onto the stage of world leadership. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at https://www.dailywire.com/Shapiro

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It's the most exciting episode of the Ben Shapiro show ever the Democrats. Finally, ditch the full friendship and go for the drug dealer with Michael Blue Berger squarely in the crosshairs Bernie, finally has to answer a question about like coal and club, which are imbued adjudged, can't stop their slap fight so much fun, I'm Bench bureau. This is the bench. A bureau show The bench of Euro show is sponsored by expressing bbn, protect your online privacy today Express GPS dot com slashed by well wasn't that fund, I am not over is waiting months for four months. These people are hugging each other as a combine circle. We're waiting for everybody was back each other and then last night. Finally, it all broke loose. It turns out that all of these first, while friends these people who love each other in their united in their shared contempt for president from it turns out. They hate each other's guts and if they had the ability to, they would actually carve out the small intestines of their enemies and feed them to the seagulls. That's what was happening last night,
that democratic debate stage in it was glorious and it was, but it was also unbelievably stupid. The reason was unbelievably stupid because Bernie Sanders is the front runner, so naturally, all the other Democrats being complete utter effing, morons decide. Let's go for Michael Bloomberg, genius idea, guys genius idea, so Bernie is gonna, sweep the primaries we'll get pretty, and it right here right now, I will be shocked if anyone when two other primaries we're getting Bernie now going to sweep the nomination of the burning wondered about it. I think anyone South Carolina, I think anyone's California, I think anyone's Texas. I think burning, wins pretty much everything, Bernie is not only the front runner. I think he is the presumptive democratic nominee with a majority of the delegates. I do not think this goes to an open convention. The reason for that is because all the other Democrats are complete and utter idiots. They refuse to attack burning instead, they train their fire on Michael Bloomberg for some reason whose yet to win a vote, and also attacking the guy in the wrong. Laying adults particularly
as with war into every he's getting plotted to Elizabeth warranted. A rule is before so. Let me just remind you yesterday what did, say what happened with Elizabeth worn. I suggested that Elizabeth worn would be this year's performer of the president Joel campaign, ceremonial Criss crossed Marco Rubio murder suicide right, that's what happened when he sixteen prescription was basically out of the race he needed Did you well in New Hampshire? Marco Rubio is rising. Donald Trump was sitting above the field and Chris Christie, instead of after tromp was in his lane, decided I'm going to go after Marco Rubia say, murdered Marco Rubio onstage and then promptly committed hurry, carry himself and both of them were out of the race but Rubio state in and let the vote with grows. And so trumped sales of the nomination. Last night, Elizabeth one attacked the person in the wrong way like the idiot she is instead of going after birth. Whose voters she needs to win over. She decided what have I done Michael Bloomberg, what Scott Bloomberg for no reason raising the other lane. Now it does make you wonder about hurt strategic acumen. Only because she attacks the person in the wrong way, but because of others,
one had any brains at all. She would have been in the moderate lane and she would now be the chief rival to Bernie Sanders Elizabeth worn how to make a choice. Very early on in his campaign weather he's gonna run the moderate late or others. He's gonna run in the progressive line and her choice was basically rooted in who do, I think, is more durable candidate, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden and she chose Joe Biden. She said bigamy is more durable cans. It he's gonna fuck up the attention! The moderate lane Bernie is a non durable. Can that and so I will go into his late and I will take away his support and for a little while that worked and then she started to fade, and it turns out Bernie was much more durable than Vitamin Biden fell apart, and you can see the opposite decision made by people to judge who could have moved into the Bernie Lane and instead, with his Medicare for some plan, moved into the mouth, or lane and started sucking up attention from Joe Biden to Elizabeth more made the wrong call. Now it's too late for her, but it's not too late for her to scalp somebody in her preferred fashion, so she decided to go from Go Bloomberg. Last night that was amusing, it was amusing to watch as Michael Bloomberg ever really horror
Forty five minutes on him in his his campaign basically admitted the first forty five minutes: user user bleep shall Bloomberg after the first forty five minutes when after Bernie Bernie burning? It had no answers to any tough questions. As always, it is the main theme there there's so many themes of the charming. I will say my personal favorite part- was the was the tete, a tete between Amy Clover, jar and people. Judge Corbett, for good reason, cannot stand. People to judge and shoved him face first into chipper last night and it was glorious, but one of them Indians less my innocent can be a theme going forward. Is that Democrats are utterly unprepared to run in a general election because they ve been protected by the media Bernie Sanders is an excellent example of Thou ass night people were ass. Perfectly obvious questions about the record. My questions I have asked on this programme for years that every conservative has been asking for years and I guess it would like the most obvious attack ever and has no response. Why? Because nobody in the media has our asked burning, obvious questions. Nobody in the media had asked
Elizabeth worn, obvious questions or club which are or Budapest so less night, all the knives came out in basically was knives out, except there wasn't order of an illegal immigrant walk over the fortune. There is, it was just isn't, it was wonderful and we're gonna get into but every glorious, vitally bloody detail and all of it just one. Second, but first let's talk about it, necessity for the second memento. Did you look at the Democrats on stage lessening thing man if some of those people run the country, one things that they want to do is violate. All of my rights, including second amendment right. Everybody on the stage last night is gone, grabber all of them, and this is why I must The second amendment- yes, the second exist to protect Only your gun right, but protect you against a government that violate your gun rights right. These bright to bear arms protects you against violation of their rights, including the right to their arms. Owning a rifle is an awesome response, Nobody building rifle is no different starting to grow. By marine veteran more than two decades ago, Bravo Company manufacturing builds a professional, great product built to combat standards. This is
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product them out right now. You should check out their autumn Youtube videos as well and meet the people who make their products at Youtube. That comes I've problem company, you say, awesome, people, great Americans, amazing products; Bravo Company and F g, Dotcom, okay. So let's jump right in let's put this off no longer so the first ten minutes of this debate were basically, let's line up Michael Boomerang to shoot him. That's it that's. What happened like Michael Bloomer Bitch Pudding, centre stage and then every Democrat got stick upon Trot and Michael Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders open it up. He opened it up with the typical democratic attacks on stop and risk. Now the biggest problem for Michael Bloomberg. Is that he is not Donald Trump. The reason I say this is not because I think that Michael Bloomberg is less rich, the nano from what it was left New York than Donald Trump, or anything like that. The reason that Michael Bloomberg, great misfortune- isn't it is to be not Donald Trump is not even because,
Bloomberg is running in the Democratic Party, whereas from his running in their public and party, Donald Trump, for better or for worse many times for worse, but often for better, is utterly unapologetic about who is utterly unapologetic We as Bloomberg could use a little bit of that last night, because every attack that was levied levelled against him last night could have been brace and out. But he could have just stood up to the attack and later on in the debate by our two. Music- and I debate by our two he's- to realize away to second, if I stand up on my hind legs and actually defend my record and defend myself and defend my wealth in all the stuff, that's better than Macao, bring in the corner before the essence Double use on Twitter but he didn't know that, because his advice and told him that he needed to look like a nice guy out there, which is ridiculous and stupid. So Bernie Sanders opens this thing up in a grumpy old, communist and haste, but by the way, just add that any sense about Bernie Sanders was the absolute worst he's just the absolute worth. Bernie opens the thing up by attacking Michael Bloomberg and he attacked him over stop and
In order to be Donald Trump, we're going to need the largest voter turnout in history of the United States, Mr murmured had policies in New York City of stop and threats which one, after our profound american and latino people it an outrageous way that is not away you're gonna grow voter turn up. This was an attack that was used on this several times about stopping frisk his his actual response on salmon frisky. He you see you later he tries to apologize for stopping frisk position here. In trying to sell long, his will answer. Unstopping risk should not be to apologize for his record. It should be. We Lowered the murder rate, the beneficiaries. The Lord murmuring were largely young African, american hispanic males in New York City. We did something that is legal and approved by the Supreme Court of the United States? None of you have saved many I can hispanic lives, as my policies does you can shove it. I mean that given its policy all long right, because let me real about this here,
very popular in your city with black and spent voters Michael Bloomberg enough to kowtow, all this nonsense, but he did and say look bad Bloomberg for his power went back tenders and eat me to set out loud what most of it Oh Christ, no or at least believe, which is the Andrews, has very little shouted bidding trunk is an oncoming. I don't think has any chance of the sun. Their meeting president triumph? You don't start out by saying I've got a hundred and sixty million people, I'm gonna, take away the insurance plan that they love. This it's not a ways that you go and start building the coalition that the sand at camp things but they can do. I don't think, there's any chance whatsoever, and if he goes and is the candidate, we will Donald Trump for the four years, and we can't stand that say saying that allow diggings Elizabeth warrants handling because with warrant could not wait to jump into the fray last. I desperately vying for attention dust really trying to re inject energy into her campaign, and so she was like ready for this
at this moment, and this is the most she's. Getting plaudits for sugar plaudits. Wait till should not raise three weeks from now, but maybe he's let's go that's Osborne is toast she's done. She has no option you're a rosy all Elizabeth worn she. Finally, finally, we saw the Elizabeth WAR we ve, always watching the leader in this race for months. You idiots and she faded. But she's terrible so you got aggressor with Bluebird and less like that's a nationally heroin again, but they ain't gonna both for her and said a burning imaginable for her instead of Buddha, judge or corporate our or bluebird, or by by the way you saw in the race dead man, though he is actual human corpse August. Here is the much valued line, which Elizabeth worn Killed, Michael Bloomberg, maybe watch it with into Wikipedia, and they edited his date of death as well. Night and his cause of death, as Senator Elizabeth warn her as well with Warren going after Michael Bloomberg, I will tell you how Donald Trump have responded to this, because Donald Trump response, this exact same accusation and then we ll see how what Michael Bloomberg dead.
Talk about who were running against a billionaire who calls women fat rods and horsefaced lesbians? And now I'm not talking about Donald Trump? I'm talking about mere Bloomberg are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns of harassing women and of supporting racist policies like red lining and stop and frisk look all support, whoever the democratic nominees but understand this Credit, take a huge risk if wages substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. Ok, so his wrist bonds to all this was. Why was I told a few jokes back in the day I told a few jokes back it. That's not the way, this war, sit down from his essence. Basically, the exact in question by Megan, Kelly and republican debate. Remember this no Youtube insulted women- needs how these terrible things about women and from which only rosy The residential and
people wouldn't like trouble, like ok, that that leaves hilarious by Sarka thats really really fun. So what if Michael Bloomberg? come back and others with words and, first of all, those with worn you're a liar you're lying about my record, just like you what about your own biography? Yet you just leave me a racist and a sexist, but you say that you also or any Democrat, including me so, which is it so you'll supporter this sexist so, but is that really you think of me or just lying for political gain, also know you're going to talk about me saying things about women and all all the sort of stuff. I would love Everything that you have said. I am sure that you ve, said nasty things about people there things I've said that I regret. But are we really going to run this race on putting people like school arms right, the media, what I hated it and what are gone over gangbusters. These attacks, doubling. You stand up on your hind legs in the debate that we need to do. Instead, Bloomberg plague dead every time he was attacked and unease. You saw this over and over and over right in club, which are the same thing. She attacked bloomer. Suggesting that was very bad because Michael Bloomberg had said
all the other moderates ought to get out of waste by the he's exactly right about this club, which has no national aspirations? She's done booty judge has no national operations he has done. Biden is gonna, be finished by South Carolina everybody's ripping on him yesterday about the memo that went out from his campaign and the memo basically said burns gonna win the nomination unless there is a consolidation around and Anti Bernie candidate, There is only one and have our candidate with any momentum in any money and that's Bloomberg, and he is right to me. Club charges very very angry about women have the player, but that attack is really dumb. She she finished. Her statements that I don't think you look at Donald Trump and say we need someone richer in the White House. Why? Why? But surely what I'll understand why that's an attack was being rich and attack? It seems to me that we ve had a fairly we're very wealthy president. In the past, we Democrats, like after I was not a poverty stricken individual.
I have a feeling that the democratic full crap about all that's, ok. Finally, Bloomberg gets to make the case for why he ought to be president and his and his take is basically that he is a manager not that he has a vision. But then he mandate not a bad, take its not particularly bad Jake, but it then leads to more attacks on him. So here's here's Bloomberg defending his the reason why you be president, I'm a new Yorker. I know how to had gone and arrogant. Con man like Donald Trump, comes from New York. I'm a mayor, it was a mayor. I know how to run a complicated city, the biggest mode diversity in this country. I'm a manager. I knew To do after nine eleven and brought the city back stronger than ever and I'm a philanthropist who didn't inherit his money but made his money and Amsterdam that money to get
Donald Trump, the worst president we have ever had, and if I can get that done, it will be a great contribution to America and to my kids, are the problem for Bloomberg is, of course he didn't look like any fire and his belly at all until he gets the second hour of the debate, be booty, judge at edge his way and all of this by port by posing so is the alternative. To both Sanders, Bloomberg right is trying to take that binds lot cases. Those that is the really polarizing clip seven, since these you guys are Super polarizing, but I am not polarizing. I am the unity and it now as will see Amy Club, which, our later on this debate Finally had enough of may repeat anxious breaks him, I'm just breaking This takes out an eastern baseball bat and goes to work. My favorite portion of the re by far they waited was be Buddha Judge trying to make the case at the two most polarizing figures in the party are Bloomberg and Sanders again he's not wrong that the theme of this the theme of the show everybody is right about each other and wrong about themselves. Here is here: is people to judge we could wake up two weeks from today the day
sure Super Tuesday, and the only candidates left standing will Bernie Sanders and MIKE Bloomberg the two most polarizing figures on this stage. Most Americans, don't see where they fit. If they ve got to choose between a socialist who thinks that capitalism is the root of all evil and a billion who thinks that money ought to be the root of all power This is the line right there, but it's actually not a bad line from Buddha judge. As will see. However, this did not work this charmed moment for booty judge. That starts at the very beginning: yeah Amy! club, which I took out a comb sharpening just what right for the drug dealer we're gonna get him. All of this in just one. Second, this glorious debacle in the democratic debate last night. Then one second first are usually little unsafe after watching that debate? I know that all those candidates veal little, but save, but are you feeling unsafe, because you live in a California where the governor of California just announced? Basically, the state emergency, thanks to business in their rising levels of street crime and with all sorts of problems,
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candidates last night should have been doing, was attacking tenders, not Bloomberg, because centres is the front runner. Must we forget centres leading by ten points in the national pulling his leading an about it. He is now even in South Carolina leading in California he's leading in Texas Sanders. Is you or leader in the club house right now and of Democrats, keep going out other generous will be the nominated and instead They want, like the softest attacks over the only person on the stage, credited to may repeat, for least having enough political awareness to know where he supposed to be at the right time, right may repeat, can't dunk politically like he does not have the capacity to dunk, but he knows where to be to get the rebound. And in an that's my regiment, he knew where to be in sort of the democratically You need to go into binding lane and not into centres is lane, for example, any new last night. That centres was the first for the nomination, not Bloomberg, and so he tried to not Sanders a little bit, but he did so like the dumb as possible,
stuff like instead of just bashing centres, overload rounding a communist. Instead, he decided to taken for being mean, which is the women. This thing ever did the weakest, attack on Bernie Sanders that the Bernie Browser mean that sort of stuff is just we DE really is because it turns out that we have lots of two hours, they Bernie Sanders that some of those people can be jerked. His boots try this anyone's clip ten, centres, was asked about. Why are yours, the porter so mean and boot I wouldn't let this go. He wanted to make it better that centres, possible for all of his supporters, which of course the losing proposition For over ten point, six million people on Twitter Ninety nine point: nine percent of them these two human beings working people are people who believe injustice. Passion and love. And if there are a few people who make ugly remarks.
Trade union leaders this all those people- they are not part of our northern senator. We need when you say that you do so these attacks and you didn't personally direct them. I believe you it is put at. A certain point got ask yourself: why did this pattern arise? Why is it especially the case among your supply? Don't think it as this actually means again. It is weak, kneed stuff from from Mayor PE, eventually any global chart higher than psyche pitching this, because it was then for past, I can, when she went after him, it was great Montana gets that shortly and then war. Again, jumping into raise a war and jumped and choose basically like Leonardo Gabriel Wit, the flame thrower in once upon a time in Hollywood, just spraying fire everywhere for apparent reason by the way I mean really she's out of the race. But she is she just go and after everybody she says their booty judge and club Ajar and Bernie on health care, even though her Our plan is the most unpopular, one of all, because actually spelled out what she meant and what you met with absolute nonsense here she was attacking everybody
their moody judge really has a slogan that was thought up by his consultants to paper over a thin version of a plan that would leave millions of people unable to afford their health care. It's not a plan is Powerpoint and aims to plan is even less. It's like opposed to note. Insert plan has started very much. Has a good start, but instead of expanding and bringing in more people to help. Instead, his campaign relentlessly attacks everyone who asked the question or tries to fill in details about how to actually make this work and then his own advisers stag, probably won't happen anyway. You everything Breathing he's saying is basically true, but it is hilarious to say, Bernie tax, everyone, s, she's, literally attacking every single person on the stage
freezing overtly one by one, and yet the cutter ways of them may be going and inimical corporate are going an end, P and Bernie Sanders going just fantastic, fantastic hast. So, as I say All of this is ancillary main point which the everybody was attacking Bloomberg. Last night ass, I say because my we're not Donald Trump, and because he apologises for everything in the first. Forty five minutes was a bad night for him. Here is a perfect example of that. Could thirteen Michael Bloomberg talks about stopping for and it s my home barest. He is by one of the policies the brought down crime dramatically in his own city. Well, if I go back and look my time and offers the one thing that I'm really worried about embarrassed about what how it turned out: with stopping frisk. That that is such a mistake and- and this was the first forty five minutes there may again as we get to We were actually issued a statement from the baby saying well for forty five minutes. After then, it was good, brilliant, dude, brilliant.
Just a second wanna get two more of the rock I'm sorry, I'm robots that took place last night was just ridiculous, rid Dick. It was ridiculous up. Bernie Sanders emerges as the clear front runner. That's when you was going and nobody touched him really Bloomberg. Kenneth natural battalions we'll get to them. There is even more fun stuff guys it's so much fun. We get so many great moments I'm doing trailers for the movie, we're gonna get to just one second. First, it's Super easy to get into credit card that it really is right. You start off you take a bit. You take a look at a credit card Batman, you figure, ok, pay it off and they just a little bit behind and in those credit card charges start racking up in wrapping up and wrapping up what you need to do. If you are responsible person, I've gotten into credit card that is consolidate those loans, the best way do. They get a credit card consolidation on from light stream raters those five, What line five API with ATO pay much lower than the national average interest rate on credit cards, which can be over twenty percent api? loan from five thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars with absolutely no fees. White stream believes that people with good credit,
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up and dressed, and Elizabeth Worn is having none of it, because she was just a hammer last night, she was interestin was breaking things not helping our campaign non going after person. Who actually has Oliver voting. Bernie Sanders but again performing that Chris, Christine go Rubio, ritual murder, suicide, onstage Elizabeth Wharncliffe, fifteen When the mayor says that he apologized listened very closely to the apology, though language he used is about stop and forests. It's about how it turn now now this isn't about how it turndale this is about what it was designed to do to begin with target brown men from the beginning, and if you want to issue a real apology, apology has to start with the intent of the plan as it was put together, and the wilful ignorance day by day,
by J of meeting what was happening even as people protested in your own street. Shutting out the sounds of people telling you how your own policy was breaking their lives of Unita differ Deposit visited. This is why Michael Bloomberg should never have apologised, but he's a moron. What Bloomberg should have done has just said. Center warrior damn wire, if your suggestion is that stop in fiscal specifically, designed to after blackened hispanic men you're gonna have to explain why we said to me blackened hispanic lives with stopping first policy. It was not designed to go after blackened hispanic men, etc. Nicholas I'm sorry, it's ridiculous on its face policy that are designed to blacken Hispanic. Men are ones that are specifically designed for blackened hispanic men now, policies approved by the Supreme Court as ASP of the fourth amendment when there's reasonable suspicion that a person is carrying a gun in violation of the law in New York City, for example, a bloomer, you're just called rely on stage, but instead he decided to pansy out any apparent paid the price. What you did it again, you do this again and again with war. This is
kill them last night. So here's Elizabeth worn going after Bloomberg on his Anti AIDS I'll tell you what Bloomberg should have said. An excellent comeback available to him, but he didn't use it because instead his pansy, inasmuch as either here his advisers believed that if he could just sort of weather the storm all would be well, which really does raise the question. Why did this idiot bothered you the in first place, three million dollars and ask: why do you need to be onstage If you just said was an arrogant and this clown car with these idiot. I'm not doing this thing gettin in this in this reservoir dogs, warehouse like. Why would I do that I'm just gonna stand over here and you guys murder, each other and then went to produce. They come yeah you do, and Donald Trump to that by the way where there is a debate that tunnel from fully sceptical, you didn't feel like doing it. We're going down that he's, not only the balance for two weeks Instead, he decided to jump in early and he got clobbered for years. It was before and Michael Bloomberg being just. An absolute more on about defence of its own conduct, which, again, let me explain something there is none
thing wrong with non disclosure agreements, non disclosure river, our future of every business. There feature of a business because, when you run a large business with a lot of employees with large amounts of group, money running through them. It turns out peoples, times have sometimes have an incentive to spill information that they believe will benefit them after they leave your employ, which they are not entitled to and or shoe you for reasons that are unsubstantiated in order. To get a settlement from you. This is why, India's exist dislike Confidentiality provisions exist. Every single come when he in America, with more than ten employees, has them every single one. Number two said that in what he should have set as you should have sexual as before and by the way you know that You'd have run a business you idiot, but have you you'd run a business. You would know that India is our part of every agreement and no I'm not going to waive the requirements of the Andes, A bunch of people who, now more than ever, our politically and financially driven to spill information about my company that either is taken out of cars,
next or damaging for the perusal of people like you not releasing people's mentalities. I've, the business. When you run a business, you can decide how you on a business but not now pretend it? Everyone who makes an allegation against my business is telling the truth. Does that's not true Anyone is ever and business understands that when you are a business with a large amount money flowing through you. This is now a big bag of cash that people sometimes see as it were. Of grabbing little money by violating the NBA by threatening a lawsuit by making Alligator their unsubstantiated to stop this happens all the time. Why do you think places have hr departments? Hr departments exist specifically for this lemon juice and no one here has won a successful business or any business for that matter. So now I'm not gonna take advice on business from you, Elizabeth Warren, useless, useless. Lady, I'm not gonna. Take any piece of advice on business from you, there's a reason onward. Sixty billion dollars- and you are worth a closet full of anti liberal, lawful, left, overs and that's it
that's what you should have said, but authorities says instead. Instead, he goes too well no, no, not just dumb ass, very high order for Michael Bloomberg. Here, he has gotten storm number of women, dozens who knows just sign non disclosure agreements, both first sexual harassment and for gender discrimination in the workplace. So, Mr Mayer, are you willing to release all of those women from those non disclosure agreements? So we can hear their side very few disclosure agreements. None of them accused me of doing anything other than maybe they didn't. Like a joke. I told- and I'm just. Let me point b, agreements between two parties that wanted to keep it quiet and that's up to them They sign those agreements will live so way. But when you say it is up to just want to be clear, song is how many,
and if we knew and when used they signed them and they wanted them. If they wish now to speak out and tell their side of the story about what it is, they allege that now, ok with you you're releasing them on television tonight, company and somebody else in this case the man or woman or could be, but more than that they decided when they made an agreement that they wanted to keep it quiet for everybody's interests. I've said we're not going to get to end these agreements because they were made consensually and they have every right to the fact that they will stay means getting openly boot about all of us again his best answer here. As I run a business, you know, run a business cause you're, stupid because you're a government service hack, because you said your entire life. Writing bull, crap about bankruptcy, that's unsubstantiated! So how about this? Have I and oh, my business and you handle your business, and I explained to you in
very basic terms, using small words and short complete sentences. What a non disclosure agreement is, new everybody on the stage all use. We don't know then how business worked? You shove it re, then that's exactly genocide, but of course you wouldn't say that instead, he goes to well know they can say did to the non disclosure agreement, so we're gonna, we're gonna holds that It was with worn asks the obvious follow question: ok, what if they want to get out of it? Now you going to let them out of it music. Now, I'm not too, then it isn't about. Weren't consent right now about they signed an agreement with it, I would say, is of course they signed an agreement that is condition of employment. For all the reasons I have already listed, but again, Bloomer wooden stand up from self. When there's only very and fresh against warnings only very late in the day he stood up from self and then it got kind of good. Ok, meanwhile, P Buddha Judge and Amy Global Chart despise one another Spies one another and it is amusing. Very amusing is going to give you just a taste of this. Is I hears PETE Booty Judge, ok, so care giver?
the people judge people are more producing Taylor. Swift, re everything that people judges produce from. Of Historic Melick. I learn Norwegian in order read a novel to hear. I am the mayor of I've been Indiana a small town, but really a microchip awesome of America, things like Alex up in Indiana. I'm sure it's pleasant, south end in Vienna has as many members, as my as my synagogue, like that they're, a hundred thousand members of South End Indiana, yet eight thousand votes but get in, and so his his thing has been that he is essential a boy scout and untouchable boyscout at that, and then he is perfect. She's perfect has never made mistakes. People judge ever in his entire life. No mistakes! Ok! So here Have you got for Amy Club, which are on the stupidest possible topic, his two like something it gets under his skin. What gets entropy booty judges skin? Amy Club, which I was asked over the last few days. Whether she knew the name of the President of Mexico and shoot me that you do not for the record
is Andrews Manual, Bliss Lopez Oradour, given that his name, but who cares when honestly, who cares people make mental slobs all the time also easy answer to this question? If you don't know the name of a president of a foreign country you're buying, be president of the United States do not more important that they know your name No your name because more I gotta get out. That's a perfectly by an answer and acceptable answer. You know something about like the President, the Botswana. And, like you I don't know his name, is why the State Department and we got to go I'm sure almost name and will have good conversations. Ok, We judge decides whether Amy Club jars, though she stupid and ethnic origin having none of it and eventually picks up the podium heads with it. What you're sticking your candidacy on your Washington experience, your
the committee that overseas border security you're on the committee that does trade you literally in that part of the committee, that's overseas these things and were not able to speak to literally the first thing about the politics of the countries of our staff. Are you trying to say that I'm down argue mockingly trivial? I may air people sometimes forget names basically saying that I don't have it experience to be president of the United States. I have over one hundred bills. That's a lead democrat since being in the? U S, Senate, I am the one, not you that has one state like in congressional district after congressional this- and I will say when you tried in Indiana PETE too, run. What happens you you asked by over twenty points to someone who later lost my friend, John Donnelly. So don't tell me about experience. I got my way got better now that was not.
The best clip of Aimee Club, which are just turning full Fargo and feeding him face first, whichever an richly deserve, because that is a dude who loves him. Something people judge is Rachel beyond all possible measure and amiable Charles having none other. Echo gets more of this in just one second, because this is the baby of ads for Donald Trump against democratic. Down from visiting when her last night. There is no question of all the winners. Last night, Donald Trump was one the other Zimbabwe was merry and Williamson who may Toby. The nominee, depending on of people, turn their hearts to light and away from darkness, but we'll get to all of this in just one second. First, let's talk one of the ways that you get healthier and that it you gotta change your habits. People will talk about work out. People talk about die, but the fact is. I must your want to change how you think about work out, and I was willing to change the habits that shape. I act, none what's gonna matter it's like you need new new. Is the habitat Solution that helps users learn to develop a new relationship with food than personalized courses noon doesn't tell you what to do and what not to do.
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In a spread, Eagle, waiting to be attacked and bent upon by the harpies of the Democratic Party. So this began, I think, when he said to realize that bring centres, it is actually a danger so that, like one thing, Bernie said in the middle of this debate, which will lose him pencilled ain't. As you said, he wants a foreign ban on frank and good luck with that you only jobs, Bracken provides and Pennsylvania there's more than coal in West Virginia, I mean when we talk fraction in Pennsylvania. Not only are you talking an excellent industry that has actually low we're carbon emissions. The substitution of natural gas, the of for oil in the United States, means that we are the world number one decrease of carbon emissions over the past several years and also provides tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of jobs in places like Pennsylvania, here is Bernie Sanders openly announcing that he's gonna ban fracturing nation wide good luck, winning swing states with us when a total ban on natural gas extraction tracking in the next five years. What are you tell these workers at supporting a big industry right now, Sir
But our tell these workers is The scientists are telling us but if we don't act incredibly boldly within Six, seven years there will be irreparable damage does not just that are not just Vermont Massachusetts, but to the entire world locally. Let's go out with us. Finally, Bloomberg has had enough of this raises. Listen, you know you guys. He talking about business in the economy and you're, a horrible others like horrible added, he says We can talk about business men, you might wanna talk about. The person has earned a buck like whose actually not a word of the taxpayers, here's ears bluebird. Finally, deciding that has had enough of this nonsense, I was just eight, would maybe you want to talk about businesses, I'm the only one here. I think this have started the businesses that fair, ok up and everybody goes silent, because of course none of them have ever start a business? Ok, that that should make a difference. That doesn't mean you have to start a business to be a great politician. It
mean that if you never had any experience of the business but you're telling every business owner in America, you know? What's best for the economy in your business, maybe should shut up a little bit and read a book for God's sake. In Bloomberg, eventually was not having it directly from sanders. Enchanters goes after Bloomberg into just a Bloomberg is responsible for corrupt politics in America. Emblem looks like dude. You ve been in the Senate since sixteen thirty seven heresy, where's Bloomberg going right back at tatters, when we talk about a corrupt political system, What by as like Mr Bloomer, it matter as a result, a tax code in which not only is Amazon and many other major cooperation, some owned by the wealthiest people in this country, nothing, a nickel in taxes. We the same situation billion. I have today, if you can believe it have in other sectors, tax rate Lowell then the middle class the tax code. Why do you complaining the code
you mean you're. U is exactly right when, like what are you talking about you, there you jerk, like what are you can complain. Like you, weren't part of the system you are, the system is one of burmese great charms that he can be in Washington DC as part of the system for his answer. The life and then pretended he was absent somewhere, maybe was maybe busy drinking shirt was in the Soviet Union. It didn't stop their blue bloomer. Finally, I mean he had had enough. He had had enough cook twenty five here is Sanders. Doing me, Michael bloom didn't earned his money was all the workers. A Bloomberg warned the money through their not investing in any other equipment taking any of the risk and earning generous out from Bloomberg, who did a quite well as an employer over, Bluebird miss well Bluebirds company paid great and give it here here is Sanders going after Bloomberg. Insight doesnt centres is greedy because, of course, it Bloomberg Asthma. Zander same Bloomberg. Griggs Bloomberg has money
murmured, wasn't you made all that money? Maybe workers playing some role in that its wealth of workers are able to share the benefits. Also when we of so many people who go to work every day and they feel not good, about their jobs, fifteen cons than a machine. I won't work is to be able to sit on corporate wars as well, so they can have some say of what happens to their lives. Large companies, which you support with senator standards, is proposing absolutely not. I can't think of a ways that would make it easier for Donald Trump, together reelected. Listening to this conversation, we're not gonna throw out capitalism. We tried that other countries try that was called communism and adjust to work in an Lauren inventions who use that communism know we're not. Com is an embargo on what we like Denmark is just like Denmark, really sunlight. But your entire life defending communist regimes by people I gotta
an unfair hit, but that is a perfectly fair hit by Bloomberg centres. The comic he's, not a social Democrat, he's not he's not isn't it Career has been spent defending communist dictatorships, many aspects of communist. Later ranging from their healthcare systems where they treat their workers to bread lines. Yet you don't get to play that card good for Bloomberg, good from lower and then Bloomberg get in. Was the best of the night like everybody's, ignoring this, because there are so many hits early against Bloomberg and really the first hour of the debate matters the most that most people are watching, but most brutal hit of the night was this hit by my. Bloomberg on Bernie. It just demonstrate full scale. Nobody in the media knows what they are doing, or at least if they do their garbage at their dropped. Garbage hot flaming, dumbstruck, fires of God budge entire landfills on fire of garbage haven't earth on fire filled with garbage. That is the media, because, let me be frank about this. I do not know a conservative in America who has not made some comments about the fact
the burning senators. Awake House is a fairly obvious attack on a man who claims that billions. These are bad for you when the millionaires. Ambulances are bad, but then it became a millionaire and then he started defending millionaires. Then it was like anybody can write a book, everybody like house, and so I welcome the party Bernie, you old, commie Basque, you his Bloomberg. Finally, it had enough again. This is that is great. Bloomberg finally, was like ok at this man done it was a mere Bloomberg all my by the way, he actually would be a front runner, but he wasn't. I was apologetic for the first two thirds of the debate, Here's Bloomberg going after burning with a hatchet and Bernie has no answer to most obvious question ever asked Bernie Sanders because the media have been acting as both his shield and spear. Here's we're getting the most obvious question in human history and burning having no answer, because it's great in old commie the left of the venue? I think we members the media
wonderful country you have the best known socialists and the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. What I miss Eyre module, this work in Washington House was the first problem live in burly to the house, to that's good, like thousands of other Malta's, I do all the southern. Forgive me for that you're home its tax, which tax New York City. Thank you very much. I mean Bernie has no answer to that. How does he think that's an answer? They haven't even think It's a good answer. This amazing has risen I have one in Washington and one in four month and I have a summer camp really getting awful camp out there. Like with kids, wings and everything I must summer camp. Way such as the summer home, it's six hundred thousand our lakefront property, so that was pretty event ass, dick it really was, and he is correct, Bernie, is a rich. Human is a rich human with a summer home, and I promise you that if the
cresting, that's going away. Donald Trump will go to Bernie Sanders is like house. You will pry up a board from the floorboards you bring it to a debate and he will beat burned to death with it figuratively speaking. He will do it. If you can this last embryo, about wake us, you gonna. Why things wrong about modern american politics, my friend, burning deserves every bit of that every bit of it. But, as I said, my favorite moments of the rate actually was. Was not even that was very great. There have been a lot of great moments, but put twenty nine but every moment this is when any club which are finally decides that you she's parties- I just had enough of peat better than that this law pipsqueak is used on eight thousand boats in Indiana being the moderate choice. Well, Simon thing is like in two thousand, the man wrote like a full paper, on the wonders, Bernie Sanders as socialist agenda. He is not a moderate anyway aiming club which our values, Ok, you know all of this. All of this put together Taylor, Swift, produced kind of stuff, enough that there is a year Amy Club which are dropping the bomb on PETE we
stood up for those rights and stood with members of our community with the message that they were as american as we are also need, or as soon as the basis to placed on behind we. Never. I wish everyone is perfect, as you PETE, but let me tell you what it's like to be in the arena and you can see how Mattie, as you so mad, because she's right, she's right near pizza, never had to do anything. He thought sidewalks in Indiana, in Indiana, ok, those glorious all the way. Around final analysis, big winner, and big learners men, big losers, big, when are obviously Donald Trump. President Trump is obviously the big winner in all of this President Trump. They issued a is, is properly issued a statement with colleagues can any issuing this. The statement, the democratic parties in the midst of a full scale meltdown Americans, are watching the Party of J F K be torn apart by anti job socialists in anti worker globalists want to control every aspect of Americans lives. This train wreck is now,
then compared to what they were due to our country. None of these candidates will be able to go to tell it. President Trump in November fact check through Bernie Blue Bloomberg, Michael Bluebird, announcing a statement yeah for forty five minutes suck. They should put out a statement. You know you're a winter when you are drawing attacks from all the candidates. Everyone came to destroy like tonight. It didn't happen, everyone one loses cool. He didn't do it. He was the grown up in the room. It might just three months to build Hunger campaign and the rest of the field is built in more than a year. It took them just forty five minutes first debate in ten years the at his legs on stage that an admission. That is, for forty five minutes. Stunk It is area out there and Joe Biden by the way? Member Joe, young, Single Clippa, Joe job he's dead, I regret to announce the job fighting is officially deceased. Maybe the reports of that are premature, I think not. I think that may not in fact be living human being he's already downplaying the idea that it when South Carolina, which means he's just gonna, carry this thing on good luck to him. Brody's Gimme the nominee guy. That's the bottom line.
Bodies can be the nominee Elizabeth, worn decided to kill everyone except for Bernie. We decided after Bloomberg and Bloomberg appropriately hidden back peat and Amy were busy fighting with each other. Allah, the Alan Honeymooners? It was just it was. It was really great, is really great to see you only down That is really an old commie, as the head of the democratic parties are good luck to good luck to all us each and everyone dining them time for One thing that I like and then we'll do it quick thing that I hate so things that I like the whole debate. Like really is really entertaining. Why could we have not had that? Why could we have not had that like the whole time, but other things that I like there's a movie that was reviewed, poorly because people don't like basic patriotic american moves anymore you're not allowed to make them. I mention this about it. Of course, one the other day that that, if air force One or made today, people would be saying jingoistic terrible now, made during a Democrat administration than it would be. Wonderful,
I meant reminding us what makes America grit get while another. One of these movies that that was recently made was more call Midway Rowan Emirate, who did independence day, did it and movies pretty great? It really is its enjoyable. Ok, it's not just joyful, historically accurate. It basically is about it. The battled midway, but basically take you from Pearl Harbor all forward to the battle of midway tracing a bunch of the key figures, and it is history fact filled well shot. Well, acted! It's good to a movie. The critics didn't like it because it was to straightforward what they want is that America was bad in the Pacific. Less people forget the companies. Imperial army was pretty brutal, vicious and evil. This movie doesn't let you forget it here is eight years later, the trailer from midway.
We need to know what it feels like to be. A couple doesn't play. All japanese fleet is in a fair way. It is true that the United States loses the battle in the mid way very good shot. The United States is not actually Winwood more too and then at least the West Coast of the United States is under directive. Have some people think about battle them away. They remember you will gmo does. The commission agree that a member of the battles in Europe about them. Where is enable battle, doesn't get the kind of attention that a drug related so go check? It gotcha got midway is available and rental today, and it is quite good. It's definitely definitely worth watch very enjoyable, very patriotic. Behind a movie You didn't think that Hollywood would make any more for it pretty pretty great stuff. Ok time for
thing that I hate I live in California. My state is garbage my jaws terrible. I have the right to say that to help. I can say that these have been your mind higher life I was born in California. I was raised in California. I was married and health, While I was married, Israel and California, and and I've met her live in California, really like except for three years, whereas in Cambridge Massachusetts hanging out with the Elizabeth Warren Group, except for that I've. I've been in California, my entire life, and it is getting progressively worse, and I use the word progressively advisedly, because more progressive it grows the dumber it grows So we decided we're going to elect an Idiot Kendall as the as the governor of the State of California. This Kendall said he's gonna solve homelessness in San Francisco and completely failed to do so. Instead, helping turn San Francisco into a poop filled needle mass and then we're like was making governor and yes, presidential aspirations does Gavin Newsome?
so Gavin Newsome gave his state of the state addressed yesterday an innocent of the state address. You address the fact that California become the world's leading centre of homelessness or the Americas leading centre of him. Since we have, by the way something like sixty five thousand homeless people I didn't want Angeles County alone like Dodger, stadium worth of homeless people in D. You cannot walk down the street any street in LOS Angeles, without people engaging in public, your nation or edification, or needle use the young I believe it was Herbert Hoover who promised a chicken in every pot in a way they promised This person every bench there. Great solution was that they were gonna put bars on the benches, like in the middle of the bench that homeless people can actually lie across the benches and turns that human beings being adaptable, homeless people more strongly. It's over those bars in legislating right over women are really care. Sage because it's a wonderful setting and we pay exorbitant accident- in California S estate. Unbelievably high taxes, the highest tax rates in the nation. Thirteen point: three: top income tax, Rep Bracket and kicks in alike
and a hundred thousand our years means it's very, very low, Kickin Gavin Newsome gave his state of the stated rest in what you said was a disgrace. We have so much homelessness, conveniently forgetting that dumb, he is the governor and was also the mayor of San Francisco and it's horrible at both jobs. Let's call it what it is a disgrace that the rich state in the richest nation, succeeding across, so many sectors is falling so far behind a properly how's heel and humanely tree. So many of its own people every day. The California dream is, is deemed by the wrenching reality of families, children and seniors living unfed on a concrete bed I'll get well and you know who is responsible, for that would be like you and the Democrats who have run Sacramento virtually my entire life, but I knew You may have something to do with that. Do not so what proposals governess and bring to the table on homelessness. Well,
as a candle. There's no link between the ears so gave a new. Some bright A few proposals here is one of his proposals. He says what, if we just like, said that people on a legal right to shelter. What would you said that last I checked when you say solely as a legal rights with thing this carries with it a couple implications. One either love happens because you declared in writing. It doesn't materialised. For example, there is a right to housing, the south african constitution homelessness in South Africa. A very large thing. You can declare anything right: doesn't mean materializes, Vida clarity over wrecked pancakes this morning, I'm can make nobody's gonna go pancakes. The banking sank in order, thereby to closely, right to housing that does not make the housing appear, or is governess in saying that, if you have it, legal right to housing. You can now see the state to provide the housing, which means that the state will be forced to raise taxes to build the housing, or does it mean that the state can force developers to rent out their properties at rates that are non beneficial, lower,
development causing increased taxes, causing increase spending on garbage public housing, which will probably be wrecked by homeless people, because a lot of homeless people in order to clean out What actually need to abide by certain restrictions? They can have those restrictions because you have a legal right to housing, in other words, the z idiocy, but here is a governess. Doing the idiotic thing because welcome California in order go, get the job done We got a match. This new money, with a new legal obligation to address that his head on, requiring that any new funding isn't replacing existing spent but creating new solutions. Some have recommended a legal right to shelter. I know it's a provocative idea which is forced to stay to explore the limits of what local governments can be about to do, but right now are imperative. I believe, must be about bringing governments together as working partners.
Not sparring partners in a court of law. So if, if you give em ready legal right to shelter, let you make me everybody sparring partners in a court of law. That's that's what it does mean now cast him into the courts, which is the entire purpose. Of course, then he says what if doctors could write prescriptions for housing, but if it could read prescriptions for housing, what the hell is he talking about now, not to put too fine a point on it, but, as you know, I have a close relationship with a doctor, a close sexual relationship with an actor. My wife I now hot, but my wife should not be able to read prescriptions for housing. That's idiocy! She she's she's does nothing but housing should, after she read prescriptions. Drugs cigarette prescription for pharmaceuticals, she grabbed prescription for a follow up employment. She can't write a prescription for two bedroom condo in studio city. What the hell are you hey my governess em a
and understand how doctors work. So here he has respected. The doctors should write prescriptions for housing, healthcare and housing can no longer be divorced after all, what's more fundamental to a person's well, be then a roof over their doctors. Here's should be able to write proscriptions brought out the same way. They do, for instance, an antibiotic. What, in what ok, but the Good NEWS is the governess and says that what has we help Californians, is that we are now fighting tax free tampons in Cyprus. This is what's help in California money. So I really really fixed all problems, guys now, obviously answer to a lot of the homelessness problems in the sea to is to lower taxes, increase investment, increase investment and development release, people from rent control and criminal, as people who are trespassing or engaging in public drug use, public dedication make sure that people either are forced into mandatory drug rehab or that they are treated
In ways that they need to be treated their mentally ill, they get the drugs that they need. Rapid waste, have you any that stuff? Instead, he just gonna talk about how yeah sure we got hundreds of thousands homeless people across the state of California. We declare legal right writer put it on doctors and also there's some free tampons, the working parents with more money in your pocket. Thanks to expanded family leave a thousand dollar family tax burden in lower costs due to tax free diapers and ten. Applause. When a California man sure, needles on streets poop on the corner. One myself the kids and residential areas, but those diapers attacks re guys. Don't you feel better now, don't feel better. This state is trash. It's a good good news, werent weren't we like take that unjust, expand or across the whole nation Democrats. You such a great job,
it is. Such a good job already were evacuated today with a couple additional hours of content. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow for all of the recap: all of the follow up as Bernie Sanders charges headlong across the across the nations democratic Primaries, taking a break every. So often it is stalinist Dasa over over Governor Moscow. What we have set out tomorrow. I mentioned this is: Ben Shapiro show if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to we're available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcast, also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including the Andrew Klavan, show it Michael Marshal, and the mat Walsh thanks for listening, dementia, Piero Show is produced by coltan, has directed by Make Joiner executive producer, Jeremy, boring supervising produce
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