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Ep. 967 - Coronapanic


Coronavirus spreads as the stock market tanks, the Trump administration calls for calm as panic accelerates, and Bernie Sanders struggles to stop Joe Biden’s momentum.

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Great time to think about diversifying text Ben to forty seven and forty seven, forty seven to ask all your questions about investing in precious metals with my friends at Birch gold, all right so feeling the panic aria, everybody is feeling a little bit panicked after the last week and a half, and it is important to note that what is happening right now is based on shortage of information. That's really It's happening. We don't know death rates, we don't know infection rates when it comes to corona virus, and this is leading people, I think reasonably, to be very afraid. Now. I think that panic and doing things they make no sense like stocking up on vast quantities of toilet paper or going out and buying medical man like stuff, it's ineffective, going by water bottles, guys, there's not gonna, be a cut off your water supply. You can build turn on your tap water is gonna, come out that kind of stuff is very silly. Would that said, a discount global response in a patchwork research from various local communities, mean allay hidden away marathon. Yesterday, at the same time,
you're seeing Democrats in the United States claim the president from his boxing the response, and you should be doing more. You have Democrats cities like Seattle. Seattle had comecon like last weekend with a hundred thousand people in an outbreak centre, the l, a marathon took place yesterday, in LOS Angeles, with, like tens of thousands of people around a gather, nay, so there and there has been no coordinated response. People don't know what the rules of the road are here Don't know how dangerous grown a virus. Actually, Israel know how many people are dying. I have suggested that we can kind of look at the stats, determine that it's not a grave threat to people, particularly for very young. There been no report deaths of kids under the age of nine you, death rates tend to go up fairly precipitously once he had the age of sixty when she had the age of eighty, they really precipitous like if you have a secondary health condition or if your elderly Run a virus is a real threat. This is particularly true of urine, a nursing home or it's very easy to transmit corona virus and were again, you have a very vulnerable patient population, but because we are watching these very
sized responses, which may or may not be a good idea in places like ITALY, in in places like China in places like Israel, we look at other countries and we see that their taking these very outsize responses. It's difficult to make the claim that a glue mobile. Panic over corona virus is driven by President Trump, so the media today, trying to blame present from for everything that is going on President Trump is not helping us nation, by being not a supremely out a placid leader in these times having the press friends of the United States, online tweeting about media coverage of quota virus is really not use. What you want to calling presence in the oval office. Somebody who feels like there's a plans when you feel during control and honestly on a political level, the president is in a fairly large mistake, politically and not overreacting. What I mean by that is when people are feeling a real threat, out there being like everything's, fine responses. Perfect vaccines in development, everything's good are testing, are our testing procedures were great? Are testing procedures were great in the initial stages? It has failed. One of
reasons we have a panic on our hands in the United States is because people dont have any access to information. But the fact is that, because a lot of the early corona virus testing cats failed, we don't know, who has grown a virus and who does not in the United States, which is why we have ended up with this. The sort of bizarre miasmatic feeling that anybody could, but when, in reality, very few people in the United States have actually been diagnosed with corona virus with all that said that this would be it time is we're and discuss similar while for the President of the United dating Congress to seriously consider measures like trying to coordinate a fate, federal state and local response in terms of event planning, what size of events should should go forward. What should the state not allowed to go forward in terms of size, vent and you're? Seeing a lot local communities taken. The lead in all of this I most aware of my local jewish community. I know that major ports of entry tonight is poor and which is a major jewish gathering. Big parties happening all over the world
that in the jewish community, in LOS Angeles, major events are being cancelled, Purim carnivals or are being cancelled. I know that at schools Jewel local jewish schools. They are there. Now testing kids were walking in the door there, giving them temperature testing if they are above a certain temperature they're, sending them home for whatever good that is so people on the local level across the country are taking voluntary steps to try and mitigate the effects of this virus. Obviously best advice is still best advice. You ve got coughed often your sleeve off into a napkin. If you gotta touch her face for nuts touch her eyes, France touch her mouth train at such a nose and not stifled. If you're gonna, u should be washing your hands much as possible, especially after you go to the Russians that anyway, when you go to a new place, when you go to work first introduced should go wash your hands. You should see yourself happy birthday, twice, not deceiving wonder version I'll. Take you like fourteen minutes, like the actual short version of happy birthday, using the ABC song to yourself. These are all the pieces of advice that everybody is giving and they are good pieces of advice,
you'll distancing, is something that people are taking into account at this point which, frankly, I'm comfortable without like being within a certain but in a certain distance of other human being so being within, tried me without outside of light. You unhappy three feet of somebody. Handshaking, apparently, is bad because you can transmitter. That way instead go for like a fist, bumper, an elbow bumper, something if you're gonna greet sorry. These are all the steps that we can take them. Absence of information is hard not to feel panic, because the normal human response to lack of information is obviously going to be fear and protection right. The amygdala, the fear centre of your brain is gonna respond and when the media coverage is so blanket this way it is very difficult not to feel caught up in an that's what you're seeing in the markets today, if the media during flew season covered, flew wall to Wall, if Oh you got your inclusion was flu outbreak here flu outbreak their here's, how many people, the United States, or dying today- here's how many people world eight or nine. We would be panic every year about the flu now
all available information, corona viruses, more deadly than the flu. The question is why what multiple so is it? A multiple of of ten is multiple. Twenty is an old for. We don't really know at this point, but Suffice it to say that the media attention combined with lack of information and repetition of the same conflicting, commission over numbers making people feel very uneasy. This is being reflected in the market. So this morning he stopped features had already dumped over the weekend and finally, that materialised, the early morning trading the the ESA ninety five hundred thing at seven percent shortly after opening the DOW Jones national average credit as much as two thousand points before it Claude back a little bit it did. They get the DOW actually had we shut down when they shut down the DOW for fifteen minutes, they shut down the stock market for fifteen minutes to allow people to sort of regain their their bearings with reality. The stock market
basically stayed the same since then dropped briefly the early morning trading over the weekend, the DOW Jones in us for elaborate resume bout. Basically, twenty five thousand at twenty four thousand nine. Ninety two point: three sex. He dumped immediately like any opening minutes all the way down to below twenty four thousand, so dumped two thousand points in the opening minutes of the stock market. A pause for fifteen minutes dumping, little bit more, and then there was sort of a slight recovery. It would not be a shock if, by the end of the day, there is another dump, because the bottom line is that people were investing in short from trading, are not looking at this market and feeling that the market is being quieted According to the Washington Post, the forest freeze was a sign of unprecedented volatility for Wall Street and made the most on trading in recent memory, another fifteen minute how will be triggered if the ESA? Ninety five hundreds losses, hit the thirteen percent threshold in the event of a twenty percent decline markets would actually shut down for the entire day. Now that a speculative that the markets would would dump that much. Should there be doubt much, Madam now, listen, there's a reality. If you are investing overlong help does actually fantastic time to buy, but over
while Hall not over the short haul, not from the next year, not for the next six months, if you're investing over the next thirty years now, a great time too, by re got a little bit about a market discount, but If you are investing over the next two years for five years, anybody who tells you they know what's gonna happen over the next year is lying to you. Nobody knows, what's gonna happen over the next year, but he has enough information about corona virus, the disruption of global supply lines. Whether this thing is actually mitigated in China or the reports are just going down when there secondary infections available. Now there are rumours that covered nineteen actually has to strains that ones. It is less steadily in the second strand, it's more deadly and you can be re infected. We just don't know enough at this point, which is You are seeing in the markets and the fact that there is no credible globally coordinated response. To this thing and all use your headlines about fifteen, Italians being quarantined. Rather that sort of he's gonna make people pretty damned uneasy. Read my book Did she financial analysts bank rates at the bull markets? Levin your birthday is today, but investors are not the celebratory mood with trading halted shortly after the open as markets plunged in certain economic impact of
The virus continues to grip markets with stocks. Commodities and interest rates are dropping sharply markets. Hate uncertainty, there's a ton of it currently in place. That, of course, is exactly right mean. The fact is that airlines, I got two Emil's from separate airlines this morning. I'm sure all the airlines and emails this morning about what they are doing about corona virus pledging to bleach the entire insides of planes. Basically, they use the bleach typically overnight in, like the lavatories been other talking about bleaching and planes. They talk about the sort of airport research elation they ve been using on planes the filters I've been using on planes to get corona. On the air. If, God forbid, somebody on the plains has gone viruses or of testing protocols, they have in place for fever and all the rest of the sort of stuff the travel industry is taking a bath just taken
Absolute bath by the US government is already recommended the nobody gonna crows. So that means that the cruise industry is basically shut down. The airline industry is basically going to shut down over the next. Several weeks are going to see people cancelling crept on mass. I would be very surprised if, over the next few months, you don't see the cancellation of a made it over the next couple weeks of major sporting events. Because of local concerns about the spread of grown a virus need the economy is gonna grind to a halt and the question is gonna, be how long economy grinds to a halt for which sectors of the economy are hardest hit. Now the the DOW Jones Industrial Average, India simply five hundred dumping. Part of that also has to do with it age or oil war that is going on between the salaries and the and the Russians. So the commodities market is taking, some people are rushing to treasuries, but the problem is that, as you, The treasuries and interest rates go down. That is not actually spurring people to borrow money from the government. The government, the FED, has been lowered,
Its rate lorries rate long is right, who wants to expand their business in the middle of what could be a prolonged recession or we'll get to more of this in just one? Second again that none of this is to spread panic. These saying, like we just don't know enough to panic at this point, but it is to say that there is justifiable concern today and unless we see more information emerge relatively soon from the from these state. Local and federal government We start seeing some real answers as to as to these rates. This, certain he's gonna prevail and as an arena, Both a reasonable for uncertainty prevail against, doesn't mingle panic by everything off the shells Cassio, it doesn't mean, that everyone around he's gonna get corona virus. You risk is still relatively well, but do not take the series they would be tomfoolery and by the way, for all those Democrats forcing the Republicans were calling this a hopes that is not true. Begins, we're saying was a hoax is blaming the centre is not transport. It is hard to see how give
resources at its disposal. The reaction could been appreciably different from the federal government. I trumps rhetoric, but I've been appreciably different now have been helpful, but in terms What the federal government has done? It continues to do the federal government just approval eight billion dollars in Corona spending over the weekend, so I am hard pressed to see what from should be doing, that he is not doing at this point other than shut up they'll get more of us in just one. Second first now would be the time to buy some living Man is a dark. Show today really really dark, but here is the reality of irresponsible human being, should always have life insurance. You ve got a family. You should have life insurance. No one can be around the corner. Is it a car or the corona buyers who the hell knows? But what you do know is that at some point something bad happened. Why you ought to have a life insurance. Your family is taken care of in case God forbid. Something happens to you Why should go check out policy genius? Today, policy genius makes finding the right life insurance a breeze. In minutes you can, you can compare, quotes from top insurers and find your best price
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What what's happening right now is also corona virus is having some systemic impact. It's basically a trigger mechanism for what is happening in the sky. Market underlay underlines stock market. Anyway, the european economy has been weak for years. The chinese economy has been overblown for years and now the supply chains are being disrupted and demand is going down, you're starting to see the economy tumble into our session. That honestly is not completely unpredictable like nearly every eight to ten years. The United States goes into some sort of recession. This one is not from salt, it really is not, and if that is not going to believe that, Anybody who thinks that the Federal Reserve is going to fix. All of this is not telling you the truth. The federal reserve, lower interest rates is not going to John the economy. People are not spending because there is too much uncertainty because supply lines have been disrupted because demand is going down if you actually want. The economy right now, they're, only a couple of things you can do. Stimulus packages by the way are also not going to work. Government spending is not going to work. The only thing that can be done really got to solve the underlying issues, and that means get more information about come on.
Whereas as soon as humanly possible, once that happens, then things can go back to a level of spaces. People in the intermediary throw money at stimulus packages will solve this thing. Stimulus packages did not solve the global session of two thousand seven two thousand eight would solve the globalist from two thousand to two thousand. Seventy thousand eight was basically time right. There's some of the bail out helped for sure in terms of short term recovery, but the stimulus package. In my opinion, it did have a markedly appreciable effect on the increase in the economy. In fact, governments spend an increased taxation, probably slowed the recovery, which is why you ended up with the most prolong recovery in american history, because it was very slow and study all the way till basically, this point, but meanwhile things are being common,
because oil prices are tumbling to normally again when the stock market starts a tumble people rush to investing in commodities like oil, but oil prices are also tumbling because the Saudis went to the Russians and they said that we need to pump a little bit more. We need to do that in order to ease global global economic tensions, global economic fears, When you make a cheaper for people to go to work cheaper for people to travel and the Russian said no and the salaries and will find screw, you will just I'll pump. You and so the Saudis had been the Russian what prices in terms of oil oil price? his tumbled into thirty dollars age after Saudi Arabia and Russia deadlocked overproduction. The salaries had been pushing for a cut in output to prop up prices, rather sorry got that wrong. Modalities wanted to prop up the prices a little bit to prop up the oil industry, but did reversal when Russia bought and decided instead to flood the market, with hundreds of thousands of additional barrels per day at a steep discount, the Russians were attempting to undercut the American Frank. Industry, at least in part, and the Saudis like. Ok, you wanna play this game play this game in the South EAST decided to lower the oil prices fairly dramatically. Cheap oil is one thing.
Super cheap oil. As another said, John killed of again capital stock market is looking at the oil price plunges a canary in the corner, of this inflationary, one to punch driven partly by creating demand for transportation fuels, and I want in price war among the major oil producers that could really result. In big losses for oil producers across the planet, so you are seeing a radically red radical reduction demand at the same time that, in terms of oil, using a radical increase in supply As I say, the energy industry is about to take a major is basic major hit. The travel industry is gonna, take a bath public events are gonna, take a major bath. Looking at that some very serious issues and not others. The micro part of that is driven by excessive government spending in the west. That has been really debt relief. I it's easy to say that the United States, we just take out debit, who exactly is going to be buying up. That is their tons of appetite for me in that, given these slowing of the american economy is more appetite for that.
Right now than there is for stock market pricing, but you really have to incentivize people to take the debt, which is why I would not be surprised to see president from start to push negative interest rates. The idea that we're gonna start actually paying people to borrow from The US government and meanwhile confusion spreads in ITALY, Israel, as ITALY is trying to lockdown sixteen million people is. Why say it's not about Trump. It is not about the United States per se it. This is a global worry issue during the Washington Post, ITALY on Sunday launched a complicated and urgent plant, restrict the movement of rough roughly sixty million people a measure that only confusion about how can be enforced and whether it be enough to slow the spread of the corona virus. The planned lockdown large swathes of the north was the first age or attempt by democracy during the corona virus crisis to radically halt the routines of daily life in effort that will have a significant impact on civil liberties and the hours before now, the measure became while people continue to stream out of the northern hubs of MILAN in Venice on trains and play for southern ITALY or elsewhere in Europe, Sunday provided the first glimpse of the corona virus, lockdown european,
while a test of how the open borders spirit of the continent may change as countries grapple with the scale and risk of the disease. Italy is not trying to completely lockdown movement, like I did it, but even limited movement risks further spreading the virus. Also, countries in Europe are trying to shut their borders to one another. They are very much afraid that human migration is going to is going to spread this now here's a piece of good news. A piece of good news that the virus spreading China is apparently slowing. China on Sunday announced only forty new cases of grown a virus and twenty two additional cases of deaths. The promise you can never really trust the chinese government. To be honest with you about this. China's propaganda army, the media in china- They ve been trying to suggest that gene painted a wonderful job, its whole corona- everything, oh yeah, yeah, you mean, except for six weeks where you were like imprisoning everybody talking about it and preventing everybody from affects waiting, effective travel bans like what would that be the power we did. A great job offers them will you welding people inside our houses. Daily new infections in China had dropped into double digit Friday again, according to the Washington Post, for the first time
Figures began coming out in January as usual that when China was concentrated in who, by province the outbreaks epicenter twenty one of the reported deaths wherein who, by thirty six of the new cases or in its capital city of woman, but even more and chinese officials have in signalling optimism the Communist Party boss said there on Friday he would begin a citywide thankfulness education campaign to encourage people to their appreciation for leadership, because an economy country you can just force people to clap. Even if those leaders were responsible for the spread of death inside your country, China's infections total by any one thousand or thirty one hundred deaths inside the country there. Still almost twenty thousand on a virus patients remaining in the hospital. Five thousand of them have been deemed critical, so it could be that that death toll raises dramatically right of five thousand people are critical of the half of those people and of dying God forbid. Then you end up with initial twenty five hundred deaths on your hands, which is pretty massive increase in the death rate. Even in more and more Europe is trying to figure out what to do is not at all.
About closing words. Meanwhile, the government in the United States is stepping up its corona virus responses. The? U S! Cases top five hundred. According to the post governments, intensify their efforts on Sunday to combat the global spread of the novel grown. A virus uncertainty can need to permit the response effort amid muddle directives from the Trump administration and reports of something unable to access testing. It is true that testing in the United States has been incredibly lack lustre. It has been the weight and it's a real problem, because we don't information and the levels of spread based on the lack of testing no virus stricken crucial made its way to California to doc only for housing and urban Development secretary been Carson to decline, to discuss the details of the federal responds plan during a national television interview. We're gonna get to the Trump Administration response in just one. Second. Also, of course, we're gonna get to the fact that TED crews herself quarantine with us.
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there is still be a significantly higher level of concern about the flu. If we covered flew the same, whether we cover corona virus with that said, corona virus did break out at sea pack. According to the Washington Post, a growing sense of concern and uncertainty about the reach of the novel krona virus has begun to take hold in the White House after an attendee at a recent political conference where President from spoke tested, positive, recovered nineteen, the disease caused by the virus from was photograph shaking hands of match lap. The chairman of the American Conservative Union, he confirmed he'd, been in direct contact with the infected man during see back. He also says that he feels fine. Meanwhile, Senator TED crews apparently met the person who is affected by corona virus at sea pack as well and released a statement saying that he briefly interacted with this person. He said he consulted medical authorities from Houston Health Department, the Harris County, Public Health Department Centre for Disease Control and prevention that affirmative hell,
and human services and also spoke with vice president, has leader Mcconnell and Mark meadows, the new presidency to the new chief of staff. The president is not experiencing any symptoms. I feel fine and healthy, given the internationalist ten days ago that the average incubation it is five or six days the interaction was less than a minute. I have no current symptoms. Medical authorities have advised me that the odds of transmission were extremely low, but an abundance of caution, because how frequently I interactive constituents as part of my job and give our one piece of mine have decided, remained my home in Texas this week until four for fourteen days have passed since the sea pack interaction. That is the smart thing to do. That is through the responsible thing to do, and the fact that crews being criticised for that is ridiculous. People who are saying, while in Accra in the rest of the Republicans. They were saying that this is out no again the part that every one of was a hoax was not the corona virus itself, whatever
he was saying, was a hoax. Was the media coverage focused on Trump, as though trumpet responsible for grown a virus as opposed to the chinese government at the Trump administration, was responsible for the stock market drop, as opposed to you know the global economy coming to a screeching halt? That's the part that was a hoax. No, I am not aware of anybody who suggested a grown. A virus itself was a hoax and again, I think everybody is, if not ignore them, I think it's too much, but overt concern is not too much and the fact is that we do have to spend more money on on converting medical. I see you badge on preparing for the possibility of serious outbreak here in the United States now with all of said their experts who are sort of giving conflicting messages, and this is why it's hard to tell exactly what's going on Doktor Tom Ingoldsby Johns Hopkins University, he runs their pellet public health department over there is, were actually fairly well prepared for corona virus outbreak. Here in the United States, who have good public health facilities, I was. Surprised to see that report and didn't it was coming- and it is true,
the? U S when you, when you measure capabilities up and down in public health health care, surveillance, who s is better prepared than any other countries. Ok, so that is a good to keep in mind, it is also a good thing to keep in mind you, a surgeon, General says lessen the average age of people who are dying is eighty. Five So yes, this is mostly dangerously people a nursing home. So if you're gonna have contacted somebody in a nursing home, don't go to a public event and then go to a nursing home right, don't be a person who, it has? A grandmother was nineteen. You talk with her every weakens comes over your house and then you'd like out in public all the time that that's what the surgeon general was saying. This is correct. We know that the average age of but who are dying from Verona viruses. Eighty plus, we know that the average age People who are nearing medical care and advanced medical care is sixty plus, and so what we're telling folks do that, if you're in it at risk meaning your elderly and or you have come orbit. Heart is hard disease. These lung disease, your suppressed, for whatever reason that you should be taking extra precaution,
you put yourself in a situation where you may be exposed, and that, of course, is the responsible things into Democrat and Republicans are basically saying that the public reaction is overblown. Concern is warranted. Panic is not Andrew Coma, the governor of New York is saying the same thing. The trumpet saying is just that he's not getting blamed. The symmetry is getting blamed, but just looks pause forum comment on how serious it is, because I am afraid that the fears actually outpacing the facts and we're fighting the virus, but Barroso also fighting this. This anxiety and people have to take a step back and deep breath and actually understand. We're looking at me now with that said again, everybody is taking safety. Precautions prince in university in the last couple of hours issued a notice to students that people should be encouraged to stay home after Spring Break mission and come back after spring break they should just stay home in order to make sure that students can still fulfil their their class requirements. Maybe the ups
of all of this is everybody, goes to all my education, which would be the world's worst thing that can make up for obvious at the cost of all this again. What one of the problems here is that, when, when the Trump Administration response from President Trump response, because he speaks in superlatives and now would be a time for measured response, superlatives are not a good idea The president, from pointed out, we have a perfectly coordinated and fine tune plan at the White House for our attack on corona virus. We move very early was born to certain areas, which was a godsend. Vp is doing a great job. The fake news media is doing everything possible. To make us look, bad sad could do things can be once the media will jump on anything they perceived from as doing wrong. They did the same thing to George W Bush of a hurricane Katrina. That is a hundred percent rule. It is also true that suggesting that the plan is perfectly coordinated and fine tuned in the middle of people feel like we can't even get testing done. That is not smart politics. The president of the United States should convene a massive conference video conference, so people are often on each other, all the governors,
the federal government would like to see done in terms of public events in terms of public gatherings in terms of testing procedures and protocols, in terms of advice to give to the public the administration and stated, this point should be speaking with one voice and how they deal with all of vice to give to the public administration and states at this point should be speaking with one voice and how they deal with all of this. Just me saying this: ok than that that is, that is experts, this stuff for saying this sort of stuff, Doktor Scott, that leave me former FDA com under President Trump right. He said just a very seriously. It listen when, state him really serious measures, you're like serious serious measures, unless he economic slowdown, we're going to see public events shut. Here is the Doktor Scott that legally former FDA commissioner by but by the way, nobody that doesn't mean that huge numbers of people going to die. The whole point here is to mitigate the effects. Here is
golly, I think those state no said he wants to be the first to be shut down their economy. But that's what's going to happen, states in cities are gonna have to act in the interests of the national interests. Right now to prevent a broader epidemic shut down their economy. You mean clothes, businesses, clothes, large gatherings, close theatres, cancel events. I think we need to think about how do we provide assistance to the people? These studies, we're gonna, be hit by hardship as well as localities themselves to try to give them an incentive to do this. Now and again, this Skype knowledge. We call them by the present. He shall coordinate this thing, Right now we have when we say we have to have a coordinated response them coordinator response has to be made public because the problem is like Ben Carson shouldn't be on tv being asked these questions Ben Carson is that of the housing and Urban Development Department why's. He being asked about America's response by the federal government responds to a crew,
The ship I, which grown a virus, has appeared off the coast of California. Ben Carson is heading the housing department, but how does he have to say about corona virus outbreaks years been Carson Programme with the sea of four major cruise ship companies? and they are coming up with a plan within suddenly two hours of that meeting, starting tomorrow. The plan will be in place by that time, but I don't. I don't want to preview the plan right now. Shouldn't you be able to do, then. I think I think it needs to come from a solitary source. We shouldn't have sixteen people saying what the planet that the heat is correct. We shouldn't have sixteen people say what the plan is a wise, Doktor Carson being booked on this week. You know you can be asked about the stuff I mean,
then the media Goethe. While they don't have a plan. What maybe you do have a plan, but Ben Carson isn't one speaking duties. The head of the housing and Urban Development Department is like asking Betsy divorce. What plans are for cruise ships None of the education of our men, like the media, expect there to be a made answer here, there's no great answer here. Now again, I dont think that the treatment of this thing- I just think that the messaging you screwed up, and I think that we actually need a coordinated response with an actual plant and governors in states are not doing a great job either again. The city of Seattle, Reggie ITALY, is the governor of Washington state. Why exactly did go initially not shut down COMECON in the state. Instead of maintenance yell, why the only marathon proceed apace, in LOS Angeles, like what wire big but local leaders have pass any two here and in their not doing any of this, that the debt pressed by the way, are also doing this routine made. The Democrats are suggesting that president trumpet violating all norms that there's no planter Bernie Sanders says he's gonna keep going ahead with Israelis. I Bernie there's a said that he's not gonna. The Israelis trumps Axiom go ahead with his
Meanwhile, you cities are saying we all want liability of of all of this. So with all of this mixed up. Formation that is emerging. How do you expect people to feel super secure financing as that the prisoners going to bear the brunt of that as president from he is he's, though he is the president of the United States, the president of the United States bear the brunt of all of this fairly or on early howling than the Trump Administration his box, this in any serious way, but I do think that now it's time to up the ante, the present is being politically irresponsible if he does not come up with a co, ordinated and extreme. Public plan. It doesn't involve him tweeting things like this within the last few hours so last year, seven american thirty, seven thousand Americans died from the common flew at averages between twenty seven and in seventy thousand per year nothing you shot down weapons. Can we go on at this moment there? Five hundred forty six confirmed cases of corona virus with twenty two deaths. Think about that. Ok, what why
Why is that part of your coordinated response? Is that part of a coordinated response to go on twitter and say this kind of stuff like you literally headed messaging over to my pensioner, seizing messaging back in order to militate against meal look Trump is a counter punter. We all know that this means the media. Jabbing at Trump is going to elicit counter punches from Trump, but that's not going to help trump. It's not going to help people feel more secure, isn't gonna help. People feel more calm in all of this. Let Anthony Fouche speak about right there, profoundly from the National Institute of Health? Like he's always being honest about all of the seventy knows what he's talking about? First of all, he is happy to debunk me. We have also to they were saying that doctor fancied muzzle by the trumpet Ministration manufacturers- it, of course, I'm not muslim right you're talking to you on CBS. What are you talking about? I think a lot of people. Very interested in the relationship between the scientists and the administration, and, specifically, if President Trump says something like at the beginning of every like, we think we have an under control in the room. Were you able to push back, of course, something
the more that you ve been muzzled? I'm not much. Because I'm talking to exactly you right here, you ok, that's true, also she's, honest enough to say tat. There are some early missteps in the testing. We don't have enough information at this point. To make solid calls here is about explaining. Can anybody who needs to get a task now is the tests are out there. There was amiss step early on with regard to the test, namely a technical guilty, but right now about one point: one million tests are out there now engaged. Now he is he's. She's aim we're getting the soundtrack, let felt you talk what found she hopes at the policy. Let your experts at the policy
is not reassuring. Anybody know national addressing to do anything. Last time he gave a national press conference. I wrote a virus, the stock market tank. The present needs to step aside right now in his lap pencilly the effort. If pence wants to kick it to fetch, you should let out you do this. If it wants to kick it to some Scott, what godly doktor got leave and bring him back, and let him do this. The dumbest thing that from could do right now is train, sees control of this messaging. It is not going to is not going to bode well for him in. Act politically speaking, it almost a perfect storm for Joe Biden. The reason it's almost a perfect sangfroid, Joe Biden is attacking economy is horrible for the incoming president presence not wandering in thanking economy and two, if you are looking for reassured and the president doesn't provide it and then Joe Biden, whose entire pitch is back to normal, put together back the Obama team? You know me I've been here for a long time. I'm your reassuring old uncle, but that's it you're, really good pit for jobs, in the face of all of us so drums
on their abilities are being exposed by the by his response to the concern of ours. That doesn't mean that Trump loses the election. It does mean that a coordinated, serious response with coordinated serious people is necessary and, by the way, there's a significant problem maybe the three months from now we will have more information, the fears of a baby a little bit. The economy picks back up and from his fine. But the current response from the Trump administration, and not even the administration from from himself, is insufficient and very, very politically stupid very politically stupid now again that doesn't alleviate the media from their responsibility of jumping with both feet on trumped, even before he had done anything wrong. They're gonna do that in any case, but just because somebody shooting it doesn't mean you should put a gun to your own hadn't blow your face off, like that's, just not a smart political strategy, as it turns out that when we get to the twenty twenty race in just one second, but first the delawares own Andrew Craven has released the second entry. Is another kingdom trilogy the nightmare feast Austin Lively once just an out of luck, Hollywood,
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mean it that's an awful things about at present, but I wish you'd be quiet. Let the expert speak. I hate to say: when Joe Biden has right, Joe Biden is correct. The president is not making be legit. You honestly, you feel Como and from speaks well grown a virus, but do you feel? Can I don't feel calmer? Do you feel calmer? I feel collar when I hear voucher here come on. I hear godly. Why, when I hear people, I think, know what they are talking about. I feel calmer when I hear president from mouth off about this. If I don't feel calmer, what that means is that anyone who pledges to calm yours is going to be in a politically advantageous position. Can, if its cast all the way down, if there's a feeling of caste leading into the election trumps biggest ass, it was that as chaotic as he has his human being the feeling leading up to the election, not one that the United States was in chaos based on the stock market based on corona virus. Based on the election itself, I mean what happens of grown viruses still affecting the population. We got a boat in November Well, it's gonna vote absentee like how exactly that can work. If the feeling
generalised cows in front as an agent. Of course, that is not going to benefit him politically, which is why it behoves him to run a smart campaign and to be smart president and who simply back off and shot up here. This is I'm on when your twitter account is not helping these animals and can be popular with a lot of my conservative listeners loved from Twitter and who may feel maybe you'll correctly. The corona viruses overblown have written to pieces and last week about who I think that the risks of grown a virus or not we as great as media, have been making them out to me, but with that set, reassurance is the name of the game politically and also in terms of public policy. Feel reassured than they are going to be more responsible in their handling of the stuff. There are gonna panic by medical mask from Amazon, four hundred bucks, a pop rather not can be looking for reams of while a paper as though nobody's ever gonna wait there but again risk, This is the name of the game here, and that is why you that that is why this is it a boon to binding meanwhile speaking about twenty twenty democratic presidential race, Bernie is basically out of this thing by Bernie has
there is an election coming up in Michigan, Michigan primaries are coming up and Bernie is really heavily in Michigan primaries, which has led burning to attack Joe Biden. Bernie says: listen, I'm not dropping on about what I'm sticking around Even if I lose Michigan, I'm sticking around as a problem for the Democratic Party, because there may be a lot of burdens. Worse, I mean Bernie supporters who don't show up in the election if by an asshole duff all the way to the convention. How serious is that the damaging, and would you consider dropping out well would, I certainly would not consider dropping Chris Media ask you: is this date or that's? Why for I was excited, I was asked no Hampshire. We won California, the largest state. This country we are winning among latina vote, is big time. We one million winning among young people. Ok, I'm Bernie
is also whining over Super Tuesday and is bad news for the Democratic Party internally. The democratic party is still rift over the over the Need Biden, verses, Bernie, lit and the consolidation behind binding Biden is not alleviating the concerns of the burning people who feel like you got job like he was about to get the nomination and in the entire party, stab have been swivel by Bernie. Here is because Bernie whining oversee produce day, the establishment put a great deal of pressure on people to judge Emmi Club, which I will read really aggressive campaigns y know both of them. They work really really hard, but suddenly, right before to produce, they say, announced their withdrawal if they have not withdrawn from the race before super tools that which is kind of a surprise to a lot of people. I suspect we would have won in Minnesota, we wouldn't want in Maine, we would want in Massachusetts. The turn out may have been a little bit different. The ongoing consolidation behind Biden continues as well commonly Harris has now endorse,
Biden. She says that she believes in job, which is weird since he prevent he tried to prevent her. I heard from taking a bus to her integrated public school if it had not been forty four The rest of the government and Joe Biden would have stopped calmly hairs from being a centre apparently, but now she's advantage Joe Biden Weird. How times change that quickly? I have to say that I am with great enthusiasm is going to endorse, is Joe Biden for President of the United States. I believe in show, I really believe in him, and I have known him for a long time. One of the things that we need right now is we need a leader who really does care about the people and who can there for you. Five the people and I believe joking- do them. Ok! Well, that's where, because I'm old enough to remember one calmly Harris had this to say, I was actually very was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States, senators who built their reputations and career unsafe rotation.
A race in this country, and it was not only that, but you also work with them to oppose bussing me. Hillary Clinton is still sounding off about Bernie Sand. Slamming him over and over and over ripping burning over? Lack of two thousand sixteen support. That's an ongoing threat of the Democratic Party, because the fact is that the Bernie broke it simply natural for Joe Biden either his failure and the behaviour of a lot of his top AIDS had, and certainly many of his supporters up to the convention at the convention and even up to election day was not helpful. I had thought we would unify that's what we do. We ve done before and that's what I expected news again needed to split inside the democratic parties now can be alleviated intention. The question in these twenty twenty election going forward is going to be about whether its referendum on Trump I've been saying this for years. If the election is referendum on Trump he's in trouble, if the election is referendum on the Democrats
the democratic lose prompts assumption was that it would be a referendum on the Democrats. You go in with a solid economy. He would feel good about the country poles were showing this just a month ago. The assumption was therefore Bernie Sanders. You, make it pretty easily a referendum on Bernie Sanders nets. True, if Joe Biden has the nominee if the economy is still in trouble, if from continue to demonstrate chaotic leadership in the face of some like corona virus. It will be a referendum on trumpet Womack Elwell watch for the Poles in the next. We gonna have to reflect this. In again. We are super early. Ok, it is, it is marked. When there's a lot of time until November. I would not be surprised if the pulling in the next week, between Biden and in Trump shows by it, with very very I urge members now again, I think, a law that will alleviate as time goes on as corner virus alleviate as we get more information. But now is the time I've been saying for, while Republicans cannot be sanguine about president from winning re election on the back of his chaotic campaigning here,
asked one discipline campaign and people been like. Well, you know hidden, run discipline, campaign last and worked out fine right and in doing it, once does not mean that it is duplicated lots of things happen once the question is whether the lightning strikes twice. Don't make lock your business strategy for the from campaign discipline discipline Somebody needs to get in the presidential right now and tell him to stop tweeting about flu. Let your people do their jobs. When you let your people do their jobs at people feel secure. Willing to overlook all of the other silliness is that have happened, but right now would be a time for disciplining critically message. Discipline when people are so deeply worried and again. I think that some of these adding the panic is over worry is appropriate in the face of a complete lack of information and the amount of chaos that is going on not domestically in America right, not just driven by the. U S, media going on globally, where we are seeing panic that is happening.
Across Europe in Asia. Ok, that has nothing to trumpet, has nothing to the US media time for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like today I, over the weekend reading some Sci FI I've been stored on a Sci, Fi Tech, there's a fun series millennium, Pierce Brown, that the first, the first book in the series is called red rising and it basically that that leave the basic premise of the book it sort of like a cross, teen hunger games and get in game of thrones, which is a fairly good recommendation. The basic premise the book is that on Mars, there's a group of who are kept in slavery in order to mine and then provide the resources necessary in order to power a society? They don't even know exists above them, and finally, one of these people escapes
the current slave society, an elevator rank. It's either that the hope the homework is supposed to be based on greek notions of our spartan notions, rather of sort of divisions of of society, that there are the people who are best task too. There are people were best task to follow and why that is anti democracy. The book is fun and it's it's easier red- and it's kind of a kick. I out red, rising you're into sort of DIS Toby inside my eye and again it's kind of respecting the hunger games and little became a thrones and and fine check it out red rising by by appears brown other things that I like, One of the things that I love most is the fact that Socialists in the United States are happy to live off the benefits of capitalism, Carlos Maza, whose just A garbage ape how's, Maza you'll, remember, is the person who tried to get Stephen crowded kicked off of Youtube for using terms for gay people that I would not use ok and Carlos Maza was being made fun of by a comedian and decided here
What comedian saddens me? Let a national campaigned gets even greater, kicked off of Youtube, leaving the leadership of his then publication box media to try and kick Stephen Crowd or off of you too, while claiming that they was actually in favour of censorship, despite the fact that even the naturally violate any of you tubes policies and instruments. Demonetized crowd or on the basis of not violating any of their policies, they won't now it turns out the collar colors. He watched his own channel is a communist channel. As about how he has a calming there's only one problem. He is extremely extremely rich. If Maza wants to start eating the rich reports than Europe Post, he may have to begin with his own family. Through his glance. The millennial firebrand is connected to multiple Florida mega mansions, a seven point: one million dollar pat on the Upper West side purchased under an Elsie and a yacht by luxury boat make redundancy as it turns out it most. Art and socialist in american society are very often the people who have never had to accede. In socialism, because mommy and daddy made lots of money so mommy and daddy, we'll just let them live off the trust fund. While they talk about revolution
his mother Vivian. Martha was one of the first employees and ultimate software Florida based behemoth and employs more than five thousand people. Sorry. Ninety ninety is in office manager. She ultimately rose to become the group's chief people officer in two thousand, for, in addition to our day, job Vivian Mouser also developed a very close personal relationship with the companies founder Scott share so close, then independence, President of the company and twenty sixteen cited the relationship as a corporate governance concern. Therefore, said the power believed to be more than just coworkers and had a family your relationship to later became engaged. The couple is lived together for years shares a de facto stepfather Carlos, according to your post public records, show that Vivian Scott Karlsson sister Israel all register to vote in a five bedroom? Ain't bathroom water from Palestine, Boca Return, the property sold in two thousand eighteen for I've been a million dollars a year. Ten million dollars. But socialism as you are really is an ardent commie, he's an arm, commie sure his mother and stepfather. Presumably it would be the first cool ox to go, but he is an ardent communist
Vivian currently resides full time and four point: four million dollar two bedroom through bathwater, We can do for Lauderdale the same Elsie just to seven point: one million dollar kind on the upper West side of Manhattan in November. Twenty seventeen. While serving a sea of ultimate software sure was one of the most handsomely compensate see you in the country in two thousand fifteen. He took from thirty eight point three million dollars Weird announcing cosmos going. One step dad who presented It provides a basis of sport being like you know, it seems to me that you aren't living the principles of marks, sir, It's not clear how much Vivian ensure actively support masses, lifestyle, but evidence suggests the family has been happy depiction to help spread his socialist exposure and billion mouser loosened his comrades at the end of Carlos is most recent Youtube video. Basically, he sounds like the kind of trial that they don't really wanted. What is so they're like. Ok, we'll just give me a little bit of money and single play commie over here on Youtube in TAT. It he's a trust fund. Commie mazarin responded to multiple enquiries from the post, but there,
and because of the inquiries, you posted a statement on Twitter. Is it my moment? The anti are very wealthy thanks for software company, they started together when I was a kid. As result, I've gotten to live a life of tremendous privileged. He said he acknowledged video. Had a safety net, should his career go south but insisted nobody. Bankrolling his effort. Ok! Well, if you have a safety net of you know, tens of millions of dollars, then you can afford to spend your life useless Youtube videos about how communism is the greatest way of life of all. So again I love that we live in a country so wealthy, but the children of our wealth, these people can be communists, that's really really exciting stuff Normally, when I say the proletariat organ arise, workers, Well, you know you have to be a worker you're, not a lazy bum who relies on it. Earn money for years. On end and then get a job writing garbage box media while trying to ask their Youtube stars and then makes stupid communist videos. Well, apparently, money for mommy and daddy so that I find it fairly delicious well done. Well, then Carla's, Maza speaking by them of socialists, who are apparently happy to take advantage of the benefits of capital.
Elizabeth worn appeared on S over the weekend of sawdust one, so Elizabeth Warm has been shaped by members of the media if by nobody else, and she showed up on, she showed up on as an l with Kate Mckinnon and it was extremely extremely awkward. Not only did I not accept from billionaires. I got to give one swore on live tv. One of my favorite outfits. Thank you. Thank you for gun in your lifetime. I'm not dead. I'm just in the Senate, her. They did this for ten. Remember number one! don't worry us. Nano is just comedy guys they're just comedy there are not just the propaganda outwit on behalf of the Democratic Party Do what the reason that some things I like honestly is because I do like it when they expose number one, how funny they are and number two how politically motivated they are so Elizabeth more it's amazing
she just get skunk, and how do you apparent by the way? How do you personal enormous one of the fact that the funniest thing in a marrow Politics is about you that you pretended to be native American for decades, how's that not even a joke. How is that possible? Ok, so that brings us to the of things. I, like Miss Gibson things. I hate today, because listen, there's too much worse ones and on an up note, I hope that you come back today with two additional hours, because there'll be plenty of updates, I promise you otherwise we'll see here tomorrow and then prepare this. Is the bench barrage up if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen upon, can also be sure to check out the other daily where podcast, including reclaiming, show that Michael Mole Show and the mat Walsh thanks for listening, debenture bureau shows produced by coltan, has directed by MEG Joiner executive producer, Jeremy, boring supervising producer math
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