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Ep. 978 - The Un-Askable Question


Trump considers re-opening the economy as epidemiologists protest, the media try to drive a wedge between Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Democrats continue to play politics with an economic rescue bill.

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President trunk considers reopening the economy as a epidemiologists protest. The media try to blame trump for some dude, actually eating fish tank. Cleaner and Democrats continue to play politics with an economic rescue bill. I'm bench go, this is french barrage up. They show, is sponsored by Express Vps stand up for your digital rights. Take action right now at expressly begins outcomes- lifespan, I'm tellin. You know, I've never been hacked right now express gps dot com lifeboat, protect your online activity. Okay. So we begin, as always, with your latest updates on the news before we get to the politics so the corona virus map tonight is showing a vast increasing number of deaths in the United States over a hundred deaths yesterday in the United States, where up to five hundred ninety one total debt, at this hour in the United States from Corona virus, forty six thousand forehead eighty five cases diagnosed so far. No, we
spending, these numbers to rise. Obviously that is not a great shock. Again, we are testing once we start testing you're, going to start finding things that you are testing for as opposed to what China there's rumours that China's actually continuing Missy Corona virus cases and they start testing and that's why they're not seeing an increase in the number of cases that are out there. No one of the big problems here is that China's path is one of the great hopes for the world because of China has been able to tempt this thing down makes everybody ok. Well, maybe we contempt this thing down to ask why more people are putting faith at this point in South Korea, which has seen nine thousand total cases in a hundred and twenty debts and has not completely shut down their economy? To do so, the difference being South Korea Had massive testing regimes already in place, thanks to each one and one in their response Sars and brought in the past. Because of all of that they had been pretty well prepared for all of us. The United States simply was not we're late on the game because we're late on the game, the entire ball game here has been. How do we shift from chinese lockdown strategies? Everybody stay home.
Into south korean social distancing, everybody wear a mask strategies were, most of us can go back to work if you're sick, you stay home if you're elderly are vulnerable stay home right early, keep saying. I hear this from a lot of people on the right side of the house. Why don't eat the old people and vulnerable people? Why are they just stay home and embryos goes back to work and the problem is right now, there's too much social might think you don't know who has it and who does not, there's no way to tamp down the people actually are sick, and so because we have not yet This thing under control. You can't go to south korean type measures. The question is how fast we can get there meanwhile, in ITALY, the situation can be used to be incredibly grim. Italy has not sixty four thousand cases at this hour with approximately six thousand total deaths, their death rate is ignored, ITALY higher than that of the United States. Again we have what we are gaining on them in terms of total number of cases, but we have fewer well under one thousand deaths at this point, just not six hundred deaths. Italy has sixty four thousand cases in six thousand deaths. That is because their help,
the system is being overwhelmed, and that is why so many people in the United States right now are worried about the overwhelming of our health care system at this time. That is why people are also worried about a bed. Shortage looming in California. According to the New York Times, governor gave a new semester California will be sure about seventeen thousand hospital beds. Although the state is frantically trying to source thousands more of them, the pace of testing remain stubbornly slow. In California, I've been hearing from hospitals the area. They are indeed inundated with people who are coming in four corona virus, although we have heard no stories about ventilator shortages at this point in time, Elon Musk actually came up with a thousand ventilators yesterday, where quickly ramping up production across the country of ventilators of mass of personal protective equipment that those people easy here, everybody
talking about, and in fact is that it takes a little while for the US economy to get going on this sort of stuff, but ones industry kicks in. We are fantastic and producing what it is we actually need to produce. New York state has conducted twice as many tests, California for the virus as Monday, the architects it almost eighty thousand people, including thirty three thousand in New York City, California, had conducted twenty six thousand four hundred test by Sunday. Those most recent data available officials in California have rushed reopen hospitals that had been shuddered by motels to housing estates more than a hundred fifty thousand homeless people and retrofit college dormitories too, as hospital wars again neatly homeless. Problem in California continues to rear its ugly head, because the fact is that LOS Angeles homeless people are not exactly socially distancing all of the fun and games with regard to letting people live. On the streets in declaring their right to live on the streets and be a health threat. It turns that hasn't pretty serious consequences as video a homeless folks, not exactly people who are concerned about Venus and social distancing. At this point me,
Reverend LOS Angeles right Now- and you can see- there's nobody anywhere, but you'll see large congregations of homeless people in downtown allay under overpasses by the river. None of that it speaks well of the possibility of tamping down the kimono virus epidemic. Devon said the state is chartering place to China to procure protective equipment. China has been has been hoarding all of that protective equipment. Oh those wonderful in the chinese government. It is some video that we're talking about of the situation with the home in LOS Angeles that look like a place that is a thriving and ready for health to you, this indian town alive across California. The promise of widespread access to testing for the virus is not yet materialised. Doctor say they were alarmed about shortages of protective equipment, one they're. Big problems is that the states are handling this sort of differently and so well. California has locked down in New York, has lockdown Texas in Florida have not yet completely lockdown leading epidemiologists to believe that there could be hot spots in some of the states that have not yet locked down that are not yet measurable, meaning the testing.
Happening in in Texas in Florida. The symbols that I haven't in California, but lockdown have not really gone into place in Texas in Florida, the same where they ve gone into place in California, either in New York City, the attack rate, meaning the amount of transmission the number of people who have this thing in the general population in New York is much much higher than anywhere across the rest of the country. So far as we can tell, New York is actually testing, but in California, which is also starting, has the right nowhere near as huge, and that is because, of course, New York, isn't it Ordinarily populated area, when you have that many people living right on top of each other, he possibility of pandemic transmission, becomes much much higher. There's been true, literally forever. This is why, when you read old old books about
plague its London and all the rich people, immediately jump in their carriages and had after the country Cottage there's a reason for that people are trying to do that in York, right now, they're trying to flee to Florida and forest ain't. No, you guys don't get in stay in bringing your corona virus with her doktor. Deborah Burke's pointed this out at a press conference of presidents from yesterday she said. Yes, there's an alarming attack rate in New York City, here's Doktor Deborah works. The New York Metro area of New Jersey, New York, city and parts of long Island have an attack rate close to one in a thousand. This is five times what the other areas are seeing. Their through their the high throughput lab investigations were finding that twenty eight percent of the submitted specimens are positive from that area, where its less than eight percent in the rest of the country
so do all of my friends and colleagues in New York. This is the group that needs to absolutely social distance and self isolate at this time. They all of that obviously, is true. Density is really an enemy. In a situation like this has Doktor Stephen Goodman epidemiologist at Stanford University with large population centres where people are interacting with more people all the time. That's what he's going to spread the fastest we'll get you more corona virus updates, particularly economic updates, because we're starting to ask the unacceptable question here, and that is the question that we should have been asking all long how'd. You balance all the policy considerations. I know that's considered bedtime We're not supposed to say things like how exactly do we generate a policy that is most likely to save the economy and also save lives were instead supposed to say that everything shuts down until every life is saved, and that, of course, is not plausible men. The fact is that we at some point are going to have to unlock the echo.
The question is how we do that in the safest possible way. It does mean that we all go back to work tomorrow without any protective measures. It also doesn't mean it would keep the economy lockdown interminably and forever, because that is not going to happen either. People I've seen a lot of folks are protesting that that President Trump and people who are talking about the economy you're overlooking human life. How could you overlook human life? It's not your overlooking I think that every public policy consideration is a balancing of various outcomes that your way and if these suggestion is we do everything we can in the United States to save even one human life. Well, then, we should all be walk run bubbles forget about a pandemic like all the time which should Walker bubbles which go back to horse and buggy. The fact is, there was two things we could do in the United States to court and quote save lives. They also happened to destroy the economy, which would have its own horrific side of it,
So all of this is public policy balancing, and that should not be an unacceptable question. In fact, it's the only question that is worth asking this, but when you are talking about government policy, we are talking about what exactly the federal government state governments ought to do when we get more of this in just one second, first, let's talk about how you are going to look when you emerge from this situation. Original sharp economic cool So let me tell you something: I am not a natural born Callaway right, I'm an orthodox do from a major city, but I've always had a soft spot for cowboy attire and suppress it really true of boots or a few years back I went on. I got myself pair of cowboy boots. I ve never been able to wear them since, because my wife laughed at me and instead now I'm using the best care of calculating findings, their subtle and they are cool. You pop your genes down over the top
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What business is shutting down and Americans being shut in it harder to foresee the bottom? How long it will take to climb back Gregg, Diego chief? U S economist at Oxford Economic, says the economy's assured of recession. Output will four point four percent in first quarter, twelve percent in the second Goldman Sachs says they expect you. Twenty four percent drop in the second quarter and Morgan Stanley is saying that it might be up to thirty percent in the second quarter, which would be the greatest economic retraction in the history of the United States. By a long margin on Thursday, Labour Department reported that initial jobless claims jumped thirty percent the previous week in one week. Did two hundred anyone. Thousands the highest levels in the aftermath of a hurricane in twenty seventeen bond Goldman Sachs, foresees that this week this week to point to five million unemployment failings this week case of this cannot contain you forever, and so when president from talks about how we need to stop this at some point. That, of course, is through a medicine the trumpets downplaying. This thing he's not downplaying this. They re, whose president, from yesterday at a press conference, he said you how things are
get real bad. This we can see the numbers go up by the way. The numbers will continue to go up next week, everything lads and, as far as the deaths that lag stew, a people are lingering for a week or two at the hospital, as before from yesterday saying yeah things are, can be pretty bad. This be pretty bad this week, it's going to be bad and we have a lot of people dying from the flu. As you know, we have a very bad flu season on top of everything else. It's very bad. It looks like it could be over two thousand and certainly this is gonna be bad and which right make it do so that is much more less bad. And that's what we're doing. I think we're doing a very good job of it. The president announced new measures that were being taken by the federal government. Yesterday said that FEMA is distributing millions of critical supply, industry. They are activating in terms of getting an end. Ninety five masks out to as many medical workers as possible, ramping out the distribution of personal protective acquit,
and everybody is indeed mobilizing in a crisis. The crisis doesn't stop, just as people are mobilizing the question- is how long taste to alleviate the crisis years. President from announcing the theme is getting directly involved, Distributing eight million and ninety five respirator masks and thirteen. In three million surgical masks a curse, the country right now. Focusing on the areas with the greatest need with ship, seventy reports of personal protective, quip into New York City and thirty. Six palates to this day of Washington the past ninety six hours? Dream is also receive donations of approximately six point: five million masks we're having millions and millions of masks made as we speak myself. That is good as president from also says that we are pursuing carnivores treatments in record time, their developing a vaccine pushing it is fast, they possibly again, there's the president's uncrown about his treatments at my direction, the federal government is working to help obtain
quantities of Flora Gwen and you can look from standpoint tomorrow in New York to Morrow pretty early Thee hydroxyl Laura Gwen and does you pack, I is a combination, probably looking very, very good and it's gonna be distributed with ten thousand, going and it'll be distributed tomorrow, it'll be Annabelle got approved in record setting time, there's never been anything. Even close to it at present, has been pushing this hydroxide chloroprene solution it is. It is not clear at this point. There note there no tested trials as far as had Roxy working in any mass numbers to see whether this thing is incredibly effective across the board trumpeted pump, hydroxide chloroprene again yesterday at his press conference, he's been pushed
listening pretty hard. Had there been a lot of stories of people who say they feel better after using hydroxide clerk, we in coordination with Israel is it from my ASEAN as well as ink we'll see if that plays out. It is amazing the lengths to which the media will go in order to try and portray from mentioning this thing as a grave grave evil. So yesterday I mean, I honestly astonished, I am not sure I ve ever seen from derangement syndrome as strong as I sought an immediate Estralla. This is an unbelievable story, because our hiding Priscilla over NBC News tweeted out this tweet yesterday she tweeted out who find it here. Oh my god, if anything, don't believe anything, don't believe anything the President says in his people, because they don't know what you're talking about and don't take anything so careful and call your doctor. This is a heartache I'll never get over. What exactly is talking about here. She's talking about a story in which a woman suggested that she and her husband had taken hydroxide working in origin fend off grown a virus. You know they D been diagnosed with it and then her husband
and she ended up in the icy you and hiding precipitated her husband dead and she's in the ice you after ingesting cork, when we start from hunting, every channel all of his buddies, and this would save she said. Troika, basically saying is pretty much a key she implored VON Hilliard of NBC News educate. The people are going to highly probability coupled to not have grown a virus symptoms, but took the clerk queen phosphate as a preventive measure. They feared contracting corona virus a couple, each mixed one tablespoon of chloral queen of hostile, soda within twenty minutes they began experiencing severe sickness and called mine one one I was in the pantry stacking dog food. I sought city, the back chauvinism, hey isn't that stuff. They were talking about on tv and it was your interviewed her from the hospital bed over the phone is the most horrible day of my life, and it feels like my heart is broken. It'll never manages broke dead, like my husband, I'm sixty my husband is sixty. Eight were healthy, no, no, underlying no diabetes or long issues. Nothing, hey! Vaughan! Hilliard! Has this has this audio with with this crazy lady talking about how it was trumps. Fault
now that the woman in the ice you trump continued pretty much. Basically, it do we have that audio of this woman talking of on Hillyer Namby, say this is supposedly national news here about from killing somebody because it hold them to take, had Roxy glorifying reconfigure early drunkard available pretty much a clear, What would be your message to the american public gotta go cake don't worry, referring I don't know what you're talking about I was in Turkey, America her hair, the controversy
According to the media. It sounds like president drums and pushing for Queen phosphate and that some lady took his vice. Give it to herself and her husband and then he died and she's in the icu. You wait until you hear the punchline of the story, which demonstrates the media are full scale insane Insane eminences rose, insane case with from derangement syndrome. I have ever heard of and there's a lot of from deranged syndrome out there, but the mainstream media have picked up on this story. The punchline here is on real and they were seriously wait for it. Ok: first: let's talk about the fact that, even when all this is over, taxes are still going to be, of your life, you gotta make sure they get those things right and save money while you're at it there, why you need to lean on legal who never has there been a better time to cut costs, particularly legal costs than right. Now, as we prepare for an unsteady future in this economy, elsie is dubious, escorts they'll mean different things when it comes to paying taxes in limiting your personal liability. That's a lot to think about a legal who makes all disease you. I've been using legal to myself for years as a lawyer and long before there
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in phosphate in, like you know, the medicinal form they had fish tank cleaner in the back of their closet and fish tank, cleaner, hasn't, chloroprene phosphate, and these morons in the back and advisedly, I'm saying that if you take fish tank cleaner and put it in your body, because you heard on the tvs that core queen it is good for you and it literally says on the package not for human consumption, and you then down it with some soda. That's that's on you, ok, on from that's on you because you're stupid, ok and I feel bad for you that you're stupid, but you're stupid, like there's. No two ways about that. I'm sorry, here's the actual story got so. If I just told you what NBC told you, you would think that trumps I'd take this pill, person took the pill in the prison died. Right now would be the story, but that is not the story. Here is the story from Fox Twenty nine in Arizona medical experts, have better health, are warning the public against using inappropriate medication and household products to prevent or treat corona virus. The warning,
Dan or health comes Efron, Arizona man in his sixties died from taking a substance used to queen fish tanks at aquariums. In order to prevent contracting, with nineteen. In a statement released on Monday, experts emphasise the quorum queen, which is a medical and used for malaria, should not be taken to treat or prevent covered nineteen better health officials. And who died along with his wife. Both took chloroprene phosphate His wife, also in her sixties, is currently under critical care officials. They both were taken to a banner health hospital for immediate treatment after they experienced immediate effects. Within thirty minutes of taking the substance, most patients, regiment cover nineteen only require symptomatic Karen Self isolation to prevent the risk of infecting others. When a portion of the statement, the routine use of specific treatment, including Medications describes? The intake over nineteen is not recommended for non hospitalized patients. The FDA, reiterating a statement? There are no FDA, approved therapeutic or drugs to treat cure or prevent covert. Nineteen Lorquas news from malaria. Since the nineteen thirty hydroxide chloroprene came along DEC. A decade later and has your side effects the latter is sold into.
Form under the branding black window for use against rare diseases. The drugs can cause Harper one severely low, brought blood pressure and muscle or nerve damage planet, a plan, label, warns of possible damage to the retina, especially when used at higher doses. But beyond this, this is not the same thing. As you know: fish tank cleaner as fish tank cleaner. That is not the same thing. Ok, that is like from saying that you know there have been some studies that show the beneficial medicinal effects of a glass of wine, a dinner sure like oh, what that means It was good for me. You go in your bathroom, you take two bottles of ice propyl, rubbing alcohol and you proceed down them. But if you do that, that one's on you that was now on Trump, because you're stupid, give it if you're to blame for this, is unbelievable, mutually its so will be ridiculous. The amount that the media are trying to turn this into a Trump leap show
opposed to we're all in the midst of a pandemic, and nobody knows anything which is really the story of this thing and that we are all sort of muddling through its pretty incredible able interim for that. One But meanwhile, the media have been trying to foster debate between from Doktor Anthony out. You know at this time, if you're running for the country you may not like ever from passing from podium, you may think that he exaggerate. You may think that he prevaricate. You may think the president from says things that are not true, that he straight those things that are not true so who'd you want in the union fresh and making sure that the responses handled as quickly as possible, probably one of those people, would be Doktor Anthony factually right. When that be the person who you are actually counting on to keep from on the straight and narrow. Yet everyone, in coming out of the media right now directed and Anthony vouches. Why don't you run trumps more logical refund from some more Please go run from some more, so the New York Times has an entire peace today, dedicated to the proposition that president from hateful because if there is one thing that is guaranteed to ensure conflict, it is media coverage, According to the New York Times, the present is becoming
only concern is that your Anthony vouchers gone bolder interrupting his falsehoods about the spread of grown, a virus that profound director of the- and I a I at the end, I the nationalists of allergy infectious diseases since nineteen eighty four has gone border and correcting the president's falsehoods and overly rosy statements about the spread of grown a virus in the past two weeks and has become a here the president's critics because of it and now MR trumps patience has started to wear thin so as the patients and some White House advisers who see doktor vouchers taking shots. The president, in some of his interviews of print reporters, while offering extensive praise for Trump and television interviews with conservative hosts trump knows that faulty, whose advised every presidency Reagan scenes notable with a large section of the public and with journalists and so he's, given the doktor more leeway to contradict him according to multiple advisers to the president, when knows his more to gain. The moves by keeping adviser has resisted impulses to fight back against apparent criticisms, sometimes from muslim interludes, so far president appears to making the same calculation without Turkey, but the present has resist,
for the virus is the kind of strategy fret describe. I found in the media are trying to upham innocent ridiculous media, trying to play a conflict between forty and Trump at a critical point- words pretty important the trump be having open conversations with without you, by the way from its press conference, has been unending Lee and unstinting Lee praiseworthy of avowed. She had been talking extensively about how he thinks TAT she is doing went up from yesterday in a press conference, despite all the talk about how much he hates faulty and he's losing patience with algae and questions being asked about two thousand about tramping liar, and why don't you stand up to Trump by the way? If you ever get Fouche Interview, dumbest question you can ask at this point is: what's your relationship with front like who cares Who cares as long as Trump is listening to him? That's all that matters, and why would you try to undermine that trust if you actually believe they found? He had something to offer here by the way. Again, Trump is mouthing openly his his willingness to listen to both algae and our backs. The person is heading out is his his efforts here. We'll get you, president from praising Valerie,
even as the media try to undermine our relationship in just second, then we'll get to the big controversy today, which has trump suggesting that at some point we gonna have to reopen the economy, which again I have a hard time finding it. How this is in any way remotely controversial. If you opens the economy on Friday, its controversial but saying we're gonna reconsider this thing, every step of the way that just called like being a president, that's called being a politician considering public policy will get to that in just one second, first right now we got to avoid crowds anyway, that we but we also have packages to send out, were lying on the male more than ever, because you're really not suppose believing your house what better way to get others. How could you sent out answered money, the process than using stamps dot com? Where you may be sending cards to parents or grandparents representing packages? You might be receiving package where all this stuff, you can do using stamps dotcom anything you can do the post office. You can do it stamp. Stockholm prints on postage domain of print postage on demand, skip the lines in crowds at the post office practice. The social distancing, we're all encouraging everyone to undertake here at the daily, where we
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Barton to me- and I would I will be listening to him I'll, be listening to Deborah. Will you just to be listening to other experts. We have a lot of people that are very good at this and ultimately is a balancing act, but the expression we can do two things at one time and we ve got any credible country. We have to keep it that way. Includes, not just economic said, also includes life and death. So the again he is not going out for faulty he's. Actually, you know he is actually praising fallacy that also from says that that faulty hasn't not agreed homes have now we get to the big issue of the day- and that is how do we balance the needs of the vast majority people horn. Going to die of growth, a virus and the needs of the people who are going to suffer from corner virus. How exactly do we balance the needs of the helps us?
and the needs of our economy. These are not separate issues, because the president from what was rigged over the calls by large scale media yesterday for saying he's. Not looking to months longshot down now again, I don't know this is remotely controversial. Ok, if you U S economy were to shut for literally three or four months now, Something United States could recover from truly because right now pumping and nobody's nine. To balance. The only way to do this would be to inflate the currency tremendously. You can only have the government backing every bit of commercial business, commercial bonds for so long FED pumping yesterday did not help the market I'll tell you what did help the market this morning was the open conversation that is now happening about when this thing comes to an end. And that's a conversation that needs to be had now. I've been urging people at the White House, I've been saying for a long time on the show that what need here is a metric of when it is possible for people to go back to work. That does not mean that the metric is here on Friday. It does not mean it's time to go back to work on Monday. What it does mean is that we have to start considering, at which point that line of medical supplies rises above the flattened curve right. That is what we
talking about, because so far we ve heard no metric from Andrew Cuomo in New York, no metric from Gaza, Newsome Diametric from the federal government as too We can expect that the resources that are necessary will be available, such that when we all go back out to work in there's a second wave of infections, which is what you're sorry see and Asia right now that european event, embeds beds on hand to take care of that, we cannot go back to work one or two. It s going to be available when it s going to be widespread unavailable such that we can use something thousand hesitate a hundred thousand yesterday, and we can all get back to work. We can start to you so distancing and masks in order to allow us to go back to our daily life and back to our jobs gradually, as we move towards a vaccine. What do we have to do in order so that we can up the amount resources necessary to weaken cordon off the vulnerable relations from the non vulnerable populations in contact trace all of the people who have actually had grown a virus which is exactly what's happening in Korea. So when president from says we're not looking at months here, that's good, because if
we're just watching the headlines right now, if you're the mark in Europe just watching the headlines, the Marquis just the aggregate of of human knowledge Economic and you're watching the headlines. On the one hand you have Andrew closing this thing could last nine months and on the other hand, you she sang this thing could last twelve weeks- and you have mentioned saying, could last eight weeks and then you are present financing. Look I'm not looking at months. Right does not ass for months that people start to breathe a sigh of relief because they think my business cannot last another three months with no income remedy this cannot last another three months on the basis of small business loans provided by the federal government or grants provided by the federal government. Like how can my business remain open, eventually, This thing has to open back up. Otherwise can invest in my business, I'm just gonna sit home I'll. Take the unemployment sure it's instead turns out the running this very risky enterprise very stressful- you know it's easier is, is if they are, your track in the amount of much money or making before and you don't have run the business. Then that is stressful and easier So if you don't know, what's gonna come out on the other end of all of that need there's a lot of uncertainty in the economy
right now and from trying to provide some sort of time line here is actually quite necessary. So yesterday transfers I'm not looking at month and people were not yours from yesterday- I'm not looking for months. I can tell you right now: opening up our country and we'll be watching certain areas and we're going to be practicing everything that the Deborah's referring to right here, where we're going to be watching this very closely but can't keep it close, for the next four years. Ok, this is going away where we're going The battle ok and then from Kennedy said: listen, we don't say driving of cars like we're. We're gonna have to have some sort of public policy discussion about what level of risk is attendant on reopening the economy. People are not over that's how could he acquaintance to car accidents? How could he equate this to the flu? Is that equation? It's an analogy, get idiots. Ok, every public policy decision comes with risks and it comes with benefits. This does not mean I've this one thousand tonnes ring the showed this does not mean go out, enjoy yourselves spring break party time.
No one is saying that, and I am not saying for one that reopening economy on Friday, because I dont think that thou be beneficial. Frankly, I think that if the risks are still as great as they are right now grown a virus and we are still as low as low in terms of data, as we are right now than the economy reopen is actually not can help the economy. Nobody's gonna go back. Restaurants of his boy nobody's going lots of embarks, nobody's gonna go back to work if they can afford to stay home. At this point, I so just saying what what the economy's reopen tomorrow does not mean. The economy is going to zoom in take off nobody's gonna start going in spending tons of money. Lotta people are risk, I'm gonna stay home so that the until this thing is actually tempt down. To the extent that we feel some level of confidence that huge swathes of humanity are not going to die, the economy is not under cover, but when from says we don't say no more driving cars. This, of course, is accurate and people were going nuts over. This are being deliberately dishonest about this. We have very active Lucy's and more active than most. It look.
Like its heading two, fifty thousand or more deaths deaths, not cases. Fifty thousand deaths, which is and you look at the automobile accidents which are far greater than any numbers we're talking about? That doesn't mean we're going to tell everybody no more driving of cars, so we have to do things to get our country open an enemy all of that is true and he's not saying I'm going to reopen the economy on Friday. I think the media are trying to play this up specifically so that they can play up two clicks. The conference mean to him and falchi the clicks about people ingesting fish tank cleaner. The clicks about Trump is going to fuck all the advisors and go back to work on Monday, there's no evidence that that's what's gonna happen on Friday. Ok, but can during these things is not out there on the possibility of even the most are shouted down. People like, like a requirement of Europe, even he's a meeting, she's, not there's not a science and is not even an hour, we're just gonna blindly
robbing around in the dark until we get further data, which is to suggest as we get further data, we're going to have to figure out how to get out of this here was here guano, saying: there's no art what we didn't New York, maybe even taken the wrong measures and shutting down schools. There is an art form here, just over laying a public health strategy and an echo the strategy, in other words, what we did. Is we just closed everything down as quickly as we could just shut? the doors border, all the windows, there was no art to what we did. There was no new wants. Is there like hell strategy that says: look you can see. To bring young people back to work, you can start to test and find out who had the virus and who resolved from the virus, and they can start to go back to work, and That's. How will restore the economy with smart public health strategy and in using the same thing as trumpets you just sing in more nuanced for red. He sank at a certain point. We can have to reopen this thing up, and that cannot be forever
That means that we're gonna have to talk tough risks. We're gonna have to talk about. What is the level of risk because there is no world where there are no more deaths from corona virus over the course of the rest of the year, particularly in a second wave. That's going to happen and fall as most of the US are predicting at this point, so pretty we're not gonna. Have these discussions is really really simple, is really really ridiculous. Now that does mean discussion us. He had the dumbest possible way, but you don't know, I think everybody looking to be outraged because it sort of our usual mode, usual mode is looking for ration. Elsewhere in the world of politics. This is how people make a buck is to be outraged. All the time, that's all just acknowledged, were omelette role, grubbing blindly, There is no grand strategy at this point until there's more data. We don't know what to do, but these are conscious. Issues that must be ongoing. As we add data to this matrix, we can figure out. Maybe what is the best thing to do? And people are gonna articulate this in in brusque ways are going to articulate these problems in
word ways, and that doesn't mean that they are saying some they're, not looking for old people to die. On the one hand, over the economy, too, can be completely killed on the other. Is nobody has a good answer here so last night the TAT Texan, tenant, Comer, Damn Patrick, was rigged over the cold because he was suggesting that at some point we need have to reopen the economy. When that happens, then older people, be it more risk which, by the way, is a hundred percent rule ramming parties through EU phrase in a very awkward way. But it happens you behind Sandra, my own parents and said to me: listen if this meant that we have to be we stay in the house for the next eighteen months said the economy could be revived, then we would do it problem is right now that that will work, but in the near future. That may be something that that has to be concerned that's what they're doing in South Korea effectively speaking her sex, Lieutenant Governor Gm Africa's ripped up and down for this last night? one reached out to me and said, as a senior citizens are you willing take a chance on your survival in exchange. For being the America that all America loves for your child
and grandchildren, and if that's the exchange, I'm all in, and that doesn't make me nobler brave or anything like that. I just think there are lots of grandparents out there in this country. Like me, I have six grandchildren that what we all care about and what we love more than anything or those children? So you know he's saying, may not be relevant at this moment right where he is saying open right back up here, using open right up in all take the risk that that's not his wrist to take me lot of elderly people in the country he's not the only one, but in the near These are conversations we're going to have to happen when I see headlines like this one from a guy like me, Louis for all over the daily This means that these are ridiculous, have lent I'm sorry. The party of life embraces trumps death cult with skipped over any new discussion of economic considerations straight to the point: where am I, can rationalize letting a million, or so people die to fix the economy. Nobody is talking about letting a million people die to fix the economy.
It's what we don't know million people die anyway. These are all estimates. We don't know the answer to this, not because we don't have enough data. If you asked epidemiologists what level of certainty do have that a million Gonna die in the United States. My guess is that most epidemiologists woods Not a hundred percent level of certainty. Probably even a seventy percent level of certainty. We are all guessing. Nobody me out I may have better models than we do, and they may they may better models as to how the system gets overwhelmed and how many people that, but there is no level, certainly given the fact that all of this is fluid and we are taking measures on the ground as we speak. These are conference is that we are going to have to haven't. You gonna have to happen sooner rather than later, because there had best be a plan and the reason again that the economy is jumping again today, but not the economy. The lawsuit dvd stock market is jumping again. Today is because people are starting to say: ok at least we're having rational conversation because of the convent as we shut this whole thing down until corona viruses off the face of the earth. We are talking about not an economic depression, we're talking about economic asteroid, hitting the earth and wiping out of
We have economic life. These are talking twelfth eighteen months until there is a vaccine and again the data that's coming in. We we just don't know how reliable any of this data is so yeah, I'm seamless, annoying thing that is possible to say in the circumstances I dont know the answer. You don't know that are either trunk doesn't know the answer She doesn't know the answer. Nobody knows the answer. All we have is a formula with a bunch of variables and those variables get filled in then. Hopefully we can start figuring out what that sign looks like on the other side of ledger right. We don't know anything yet so right, This is all a data gathering exercise. In the meantime, we are going to have to have a discussion about when exactly that will sign is is low enough in terms of death rate that we can all start to move back into into working, so the reason I bring this up is because there are a couple of different theories about how exactly we should go back to work. One comes courtesy in Scotland is the former FDA director for President Trump, either very critical,
voice in terms of everything should shut down. We need enormous amounts of testing and theirs is equal Emmanuel who is also suggesting lockdown. Will bring you their opinions. Right now is you'll manual. Henry bomb. A guy and got leave- is sort of a Trump guy, but Listen, I think, is unnecessary. Conversation I think it's a good conversation to have people are it as unacceptable. I dont think it's an amicable. I think it's very much ass possible and necessary to ask- and that is when two people go back to work and what is metric for when people go back to work or even get to that in just one second. But if you haven't chance to see some of new content called all access like you should. Have the daily we're not go check it out right now, Germany boring. I kicked off last week, all the other hosting I've streams over a daily where come as well, where they continue all this week at five p m pacific I'll access live, it's pretty chill so children. I was wearing shorts nature yesterday, I know and thinkable, but you could I was literally literally displaying classical music off of my offer, my cell phones. They could hear them.
Peace. Is that I like an answering questions about. Apparently there there fan clubs devoted to how good looking I am- I mean I know I'm here but apparently I find these things out during things like all access widely. Is intended for all our all access members, but during this pandemic shut down We are all going to hang out together. So as long as you are a member of any sort, you get to access all access life. Please let us know Ethan but I think people are enjoying it. We have like thousands and thousands and thousands of questions that were input yesterday join us on all access live over a daily work. Come come hang out with us, I'm I'm trying to he's going to night, we know whose doing tonight he's doing it tonight. Ok says a nose is doing it all access live tonight I am back on Fridays. And barring some sort of oxygen circumstances, so yeah stick around for all that, with all sorts mitya were growing to hang out together. Wool last this thing out as I, as I said, that I think that this is gonna, be weeks not months before we start to figure out a transition plan but sick with us, when we do that over a daily why're, you listening city largest fastest growing concern report
radiation? The nation said from getting ripped up and For the suggestion that we may have to reopen the economy and weeks, not months, but it the conversation. I think it's actually very good thing by the way. Again, the markets thinking very good thing too, because finally, somebody is taking seriously that side of the of the concern right. The market was up eight percent in early training with over sixteen hundred points in early trading, and that is because people are starting to ok. Well this this last forever. Can we don't know what the date certain as well, when we get off the bench and get back in the game, but is not going to last forever. Scotland has an optimistic peace over the Wall Street Journal. He says so united. States will be able to do seventy five thousand pesos a day that will make changes in strategy possible. He first the bad news. America's virus epidemic is only beginning. The sovereign will become more searing over the next few weeks. Hospitals in New York may seem to have one's nor Chicago San Francisco. Seattle may not be far behind. It will soon be clear why Kobe nineteen cannot be allowed to rage through the country untamed
intense restrictions are necessary, but so is a path back to a more normal life. Here's! What priority should be in the coming weeks contained. Is no longer realistic in some areas of the United States and other places it may be possible, as public health please learn more about infection rates in different parts of the country governed can Taylor strategies to the facts on the ground. There's a trade off between mitigation strategies which target large populations like sheltering in place and intervene open to try to isolate people are infected or who might have been exposed. Population taxes are one blunt in and necessary for isolating hotspots like New York in Seattle. Other places may able to rely more individual interventions which do cause less disruption and economic damage. Every state should be taking steps such as encouraging social distancing, preparing to expand hospital capacity. Some been too slow to respond, but for any of this to work, the United States needs widespread testing to know where and to what extent the virus spreading.
Testing capacity says. Guy got leave, has increased significantly in the past few weeks, thanks to relentless efforts from public academic, private labs such as Question LAB Corp, a good reminder that nationalization of industries a dumb idea generally speaking, a new test felt by some feed can be deployed in the doctors office. There. People who are talking about being able to get has resulted in a couple of hours or at home tests being available to by the end of next week, the US will have the capacity and place to screen more in seventy five thousand people a day. South Korea tested one in a hundred and sixty of its people and deployed technology to identify people were infected and trace contents. U S should do. The same another step: serological surveillance, which means blood tests to detect antibodies, developed to fight the novel corona virus, which means that if you got antibodies you're already immune, he's antibodies confirm your can reveal whether a person has been exposed a sizeable portion of local communities. Some protection authorities can be more confident why not lessen based measures? One of the problems of lack of testing and lack of zero logical content is again we dont know whose
It is already a mutiny, maybe literally hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. More important is developing a therapy to treat cover nineteen or perhaps prevent people from contracting it. America's onto a vast dynamic life signs industry. This is its moment. One strategy would be to infuse account lesson plasma antibodies from the blood of patients who have recovered from covered nineteen. This could help boost. You respond in those recently infected Arturo CASA, develop Johns Hopkins outlined such an approach in these pages last month, Perhaps the most promising option is antibody drugs engineer by biotech companies a strategy that was used with success against Ebola so. Regulators need to leverage master protocols which allow providers to test multiple promising therapies in the same large trials. He says with the right mix of controlling transmission bending testing in deploying promising drugs american ingenuity can be back this pathogens. So that is the conversation that needs to start is ok, let's do all this stuff and how fast we draw the stuff is equal. Emmanuel is saying we have fourteen days to defeat corona virus. He says
America's losing the war right now against covered nineteen, but we can win it with decisive, an extraordinary actions right now by the way again, I admire the tenacity of well, who say that it is very, very bad to discuss public health tradeoff while Quota as equal Emmanuel, the Obama CARE Advisor once suggested that we ought to minimize treatment for people over age. Eighty in order to save medical resources for people who are under age, eighty cannot make it up. He wrote that further Talking about why he wouldn't mind dying at eighty okay, so now people who had no problem having these discussions about tradeoffs with regard to national self care are very unhappy to discuss any sort of trade offs whatsoever. For us, we're with regard to american economic append, I'm responds to pandemics is equal. Emmanuel says that the economy can be fixed without solving the pandemic, which, as I mentioned before, is true. But if you stop any harm your and our people are going to go back to work in and not socially distance, while freaked out windows when the war is not seven to fourteen days. If the United States in means immediately on the scale China did. Our death toll could be under, hundred thousand within three or four months we might be able to begin
return to more normal lives. Now again, that's that seems like a pretty steep estimate. Under a hundred thousand we have less than six hundred deaths in the United States total at this point, but again that's how exponential growth works. Presumably your manual says: affected states have have led the way by closing rules by restaurants, non essential businesses by issuing shelter in place orders. This isn't uniform across the country, but it needs to be at least for the moment, and there needs to be social pressure from governments to wield to enforce physical, distancing strictly, but compassionately and mayors should close streets of regular traffic to make them pedestrian spaces, so people can be at a safe distance. Also, the president must be honest with the american people that the city, see FDA. Other agencies do not rule out testing quickly enough, that's true, but we also need to ramp that stuff up very quickly. We have to conduct random sampling of people to determine percentage of population with grown a and the people percentage of people with a virus who die with those stats. We have better data. We need
equipment, productions, Ziegler Manual. We need hospitals to up their capacity. We need visitors to be banned at these hospitals we need businesses to retain workers and keep up their facilities. They can rapidly returns operation. When covert. Nineteen is under control, so everybody's now having the right conversations. Okay. So this is the optimistic sight of me. Everybody is having the correct conversations and yes trumpets having that right conversation to it is not an unenviable question, it is not a bad question. Is it one? Is the economy reopen? In fact, that is the exact question it is going to lead to the ramping up of resources necessary for the economy to reopen. If you care about you, reopening then you really have no choice but to discuss what are the costs of the economy, how do we make the economy robust when it does reopen? How do we get all the recent if necessary, so the economy can reopen. Trump is right to think. In these terms, he is correct to think. In these terms. I am glad the president from the business person and he is not a nationalized everything lockdown everything until further notice. Guy he's, that's not what the government should be doing is the greatest work stoppage
story of America. It is not close, it really is not, and if we are not thinking already about what is the path to get out of this thing, then we are not doing enough. That's not mean we reopen it tomorrow and despite the media again trying to foster divisions between Trump and factory. And despite people suggesting, let's just open this, like I've really not seen. I think to destroy any going on. I have not seen a ton of people saying reopen this thing up today like reopen, it can today. I think everybody understands that we don't have an updated to do that, but the people on the other side. You say that conversation is verboten. You can have this conversation, ridiculous straw manning too, because that what come on come on. Of course, we have to have that conversation, we're talking about the greatest public policy, either failure or success in the history of the world right now. Of course, we have to have conversations about what metrics we can use in some what risks are willing to take as a society, I feel calm, beating a dead horse or, but obviously is now dead horse, because everybody is too busy going nuts over President Trump and his suppose. It gall in suggesting that we ought to do
into consideration the economy in having these discussions. It is not a bad thing to ask that question is very good thing to ask that question. The only bad thing would be if we get the wrong answer to a very, very obvious question. Ok. Meanwhile, the United States Senate continues to have this ridiculous debate over a Senate bill. Now there are problems with the Republicans Annabel, those proposed by Ms Mcdonald Bipartisan bill that was pushed at the last week the trucks human declared by partisan and then immediately reverse, because apparently Nancy blows his balls and her hand bag. She showed up from vacation structural ready to sign this thing she shows up in she's like I want a frenchman and bull crap and he's like ok, ok, sure we'll do rentable, crap now and so Pelosi rejected the republican bill out of hand, even though it had been worked on by members of both parties and then shimmer had basically become her minion. Shutting down people from having discussions of this republican bill. Filibustering about in, I believe three separate votes yesterday and its absurd, because Nancy plus he's bill is just a pork barrel, bad a dark,
It really is now and you can have a reasonable conversation about the oversight provisions on the loans to be provided by the Treasury Department on My preference is zero interest loans given to the banks that are already handing out those loans, but I mean I think that the right now the banks are the best, are best position to determine. Which businesses are going to survive in which businesses are not on the other end of this and backing the loans that we are giving such a dinner call. Those in immediately would be the best available move. I dont like politicians who have no expertise on the economy whatsoever, no expertise and running businesses, I don't want then deciding how these have money gets handed out. Neither do I really want the Treasury secretary determining how the money get sent out, which is why I sort of support the idea of the government. Yes creating a slush fund that his hand out. That, then, is it. That is basically a backstop for the banks, because the ones who have undertaken the risk and the risks they undertake are likely to be smarter than the wrists undertaken by either treasury secretary manoeuvring or the morons.
Congress who can't hide their shoes, but we would. That said that was not the debate. The Democrats we're having a debate. The Democrats we're having was completely different debate, so the mean that this truly is incredible. What were some the things the Nancy plus he wanted in this new bill. What we're some of those things share, some of the new things than anti plus you wanted Annabel shorted. Thirty, three million two hundred thousand dollars for the natural, oceanographic, an atmosphere of association. That's what you wanted to thirty three million hours in this- and we have to hold up american aid. So we can fund global warming research she wanted a hundred million dollars for NASA in this bill, and a million dollars for construction and environmental compliance. What's this have to do with shoring up the economy for purposes of of preventing. Grown, a virus induced economic meltdown. She wants to seventy eight million dollars for the I r S, Three million dollars in this bill for the IRS Nancy policies. Version of this bill short
Five million dollars for the J F K performing arts centre in this bill, she's gonna shutdown and hold up the american economy, so that we can find the J F K, performing arts and are deeply vital stuff for people were lacking, ventilators right now and for small businesses that are on the verge of shutting down in going bankrupt in every opening their doors. You want a ninety million dollars for an age the programme in a corona virus bill, she wanted thirty, six million dollars for the national centre for advancing translational sciences, what the hell is: the National Centre for advancing translational sciences. What what? John seven million dollars for a specific Deasey Charter School like the lodge at University Howard University, for she was twenty three million out for them by the way Howard university has an endowment section of forty. Seven million dollars- three million dollars for the corporation for public broadcasting. We definitely need to make sure that big bird survives Calonna virus here, very, very important stuff from Nancy plus in five hundred million dollars. For the
the museum in Library, services by kudos to a twitter account called Oilfields Brando, who has gone through all the stuff. A million dollar forty sergeant at arms and doorkeeper of the Senate very vital variable step three hundred million dollars, migration and refugee assistance, because we definitely need to that migration refugee assistance, as we close every border, we could possibly have an all We need to use more minority banks, expansion of the use of minority banks, a minority credit unions, his mandate and blows bill. We need corporate board to have diversity quotas if they are to receive loans. Sets exciting stopped. The government is going to force people onto your corporate board if you take alone that you have to take, because government shut down your business if we'll agencies use any banks on by white people have to explain themselves seriously you're going to buy three hundred million dollars worth of food and then distribute it. I can't Imagine that they're gonna be great at that
also can be another committee. He corona virus accountability and transparency committee. Also, we need ie rate support for wifi hotspot and connected devices Minister, Just read: I'm sorry this ridiculous. Also, we need federal election oversight. Very important impetus to have in a corona virus go all this led the Senate to absolutely explode last night. Ben SAS enter from Nebraska is Nancy Policy is basically taking her, It is here I mean all she's doing here is holding up the business of the american people after its due directed government shutdown in order to get her policy priorities by the way are not hiding this right represented Jim Clayburn from South Carolina. He he openly said this. He said that we can you is to push our priorities. Here's bends ass, enclose, he's taking hostages, we got families that are suffering we got. Small businesses that are closing. Literally by the hour. We have doctors fighting to prevent their hospitals from being researched and overwhelmed and want to speak on policy. To do she's, trying to take hostages about her,
cream legislation, also a dream. Legislative provisions that have nothing to do with moment and say the american public can't get access to the public piece of legislation or the economic relief pieces of legislation unless she gets hostages that are entirely unrelated to this moment or better than that. And of course, is true. Senator John Kerry from Louisiana? He said more bluntly, listen to my colleagues heritage stack unlike holes, we friends, but the they're just holding this thing up for political purposes, and it is amazing the media coverage, the media- will do to defend democratic, Senator Kennedy S really going off on the Democrats. From our losing their jobs they're losing their savings they're losing the form one k we we we know how to get there economy back on its feet over the next six data. Ninety days until weaken, control of the virus and some colleagues their action
like a whole, I'm sure I'm not saying they mean to Nonetheless, we care about me: Is that true centre, Linsey Gram, who again, is a fairly moderate centre? It says Democrats are obviously trying to prioritize things that do not involve the saving of the United States economy. This won't look. You drive a car through my living room. All you then have to reimburse me for the costs of driving through my living room all, and that is the first priority, and I don't want to hear from you how I damn your paint job. I want to hear from you your alternate of priorities, yours when Linsey Gram going off mean again when you ve pissed off Linsey, Graham and Susan Collins, in it define a more serve wishy washy contingent than that on this in general in terms of fighting Democrats, hand to hand here Granting Democrats have other other priorities, not saving the american people. At this point, you see this as an opportunity to do things you could do otherwise. Republic and see this as an opportunity to do things that happen,
to be done now to save lives. I have never been more disgusted since Cavanaugh. You try to destroy a good man's life, just to keep the state open and Close friends of mine in the House have publicly said this is opportunity to restate the country and our image. It's not gonna happen. Nay Susan Collins was shut down on the floor of the Senate. Yesterday, right, Jesus, moderate Constance, using council shut- and she just want to say something in summer- prevent from saying anything about the republican bill, those being proposed that democratic leader jack, to my even being able to speak this morning, is that when we come to the democratic leader objected to our convening
nine o clock this morning to so that we could begin working in early. How can that possibly be controversial. How can any of us one could see, millions of Americans lose their page checks, their health insurance there. Contributions to their retirement plants, misled also to a great baby Mitch, Mcconnell mansion romance and, of course, the centre from West Virginia and mansion was saying. Well, of course, we're gonna MR this thing, because then you might pass the bill and Macao was like we're not even talking about a vote on the billion we're talking about a vote to hold it based on the bill in Gaza, filibustering that harassment, Mcconnell getting very feisty with joy mansion things were very hard in this any yesterday. There's still, Furthermore, our we know that two hours I so in what way I would ask my friend from western genuine. Would your side be disadvantaged they are waiting for, that he hasn't been laid out very clearly
She always does. We don't have time for the majority tamper. Let me ask you a question on the third question: what why would the democratic majority be because Majority last letter from West Virginia Visa. Again. You got very face. Yes, naturally, the New York Times blames you guessed it the Republicans. They blamed Mitch Mcconnell, yet oil border than your times is had sent her image. Mcconnell failed to do his job is weakened as the economy spiral, downward, Mcconnell, etc, Georgie leader said he producer by partisan bail out Bell authorizing infusion of desperately needed aid? Instead, Mcconnell emerged on Sunday evening with a bill that would provide a lot of help for corporate executives and shareholders, and not nearly enough for american workers except the trucks. Humor, basically enthuse The damn thing on Saturday night together. The fact of the matter is that right now is not the time to wait on the stuff right now. We need them We need the backs of the economy and we need the open conversation about when the economy reopens the fact the Democrats are putting on the table a pork laden three times
as long bill that nobody has read lane with crap like money for the J, F K Centre for arts or whatever it demonstrates the utter and seriousness of the people in Congress is why the Federal Reserve has become basically the economic resort that everybody uses as first resort, not a last resort, but bottom line is this. This is why you can't trust government to fix all your problems and when government imposes the problems, the question how fast and we get out of this alternative universe in which the government runs. Everything has this really blows, and I understand that the answer is not today when the answer is not to morrow. The answer is probably not the end of this week or even the end of next week, but it better be fast. Rather than slower, because if you think I want these dolls running the economy and the national healthcare response over the course of any one scale period of time, you have to have another thing. Coming MRS insanity, already we back later, there were two additional hours of content. Otherwise,
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