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Ep. 981 - The Coming Storm


New York prepares for a coronavirus tsunami as other major cities build sea walls; new information suggests coronavirus may be far less deadly than originally suspected; and Trump mulls over how to re-open the economy.

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New York prepares for corona virus to, as other major cities build their sea walls, new information suggest corner virus may be far less steadily than originally ceased. At an president from moles over how to reopen the economy and bench bear this dimension today. Show he sponsored by expressed being dont. Let others track what you do: keep yourself safe at expressive, gps, dot, com, slash, battened gacek, not express gps, dot com lifespan already, so we bring you all of. You updates? The biggest update, of course, is that the Eu S now leads the world in confirmed corona virus cases and members the media are going nuts over this, the United States were number one that was trending on Twitter yesterday, wow number one people suggesting that this shows that America really is a third world country, Julia Jaffee, execrable columnist for cheek, you generally tweeted out who the blue poor country, now who's the weaker than that, of course, opposed to making fun of present
what was suggested? He didn't want people emigrating from loophole countries because they might not actually be the best american citizens, depending on the culture from which they came again, is very controversial comment at the time and poorly expressed by the president, but let's just put it this way. The United States is not a beautiful country, because we have a lot of tests hook, if you're going to identify which countries are having a hard time with grown a virus, the United States. Yes, we are having a rough time We want a virus, it is not even close to the countries that are having to talk this time with corner virus. How can we tell because what doesn't matter is the number of cases diagnosed. What does not is the number of cases of deaths over the number of cases The country has made now be a good measure truly because you cannot measure the ability of a country to deal the crisis by simply the bottom line number as to how many people have experienced the crisis? Tell those people actually recover from the crisis? How many people die So while it is true that the United States now has in most cases of diagnosed corona virus, that is largely because China has undoubtedly been lying about.
The corona virus situation in China. Supposedly, according to China, there are having like twenty five new cases of grown virus a day. Does anyone believe that Literally the day after the expelled american journalist, they apparently start testing in China that is according to sources inside China. Beyond that unite states right now, as of now, but eighty six thousand confirmed cases of grown a virus in the United States. Without thirteen hundred deaths gave its not spectacular, but that means death rate of approximately one point. Three percent ITALY has eighty one thousand cases, Of course, the virus and eight thousand two hundred deaths is so eight times as many deaths. United States about seven times eight times about May death as United States and fewer diagnosed cases. Spain has sixty four thousand diagnose cases, nearly five thousand deaths, so that the notion that the United States is a bleep whole country
because of the number of kroner diagnoses is ridiculous. We, France has more deaths right now and the only have thirty thousand diagnosed cases by the way nationalized healthcare systems in most of these places, so that the the kind of triumphal asthma, very weird triumphal, is in your seeing from media. Oh now that the United States has most on a virus cases that demonstrates that the United States is the worst country or, alternatively, it constraints that you don't understand mass. Maybe we have the worst math programmes in the country busy You don't understand what enumerated in denominator are in terms of determining rates, but what that's had not again, the United States dealing with this thing so far in the big question is going to be whether corona virus overcomes the capacity of the healthcare system. That has been the question for a long time have been talking about on the programme for weeks. At this point, when we talk about flattening the point of lightening the curve is not that everyone will not eventually a core virus. In all likelihood, everyone will eventually get grown a virus. The court
and is whether that swamps, our capacity to deal with it and right now it is unclear exactly how much we are going to be swamp, because using reports that suggest wouldn't we swamp, the media obviously are trying to kind of. Get ahead of those reports. We saw Casey hundred NBC News to weed out earlier today that hospitals were already made decisions about who would get events later and who would not, except for the fact that hospitals are not actually doing that at this point right in, note that the notion that we are like being of one right now right, the second- we don't know that yet There are many forecast that we are going to have one by earlier this week. I remember Andrew Cuomo, suggested by Tuesday Newark cities hostile I see you bet. They're ventilators We have one and then the suggestion was that by today by Friday, system was going to be overwhelmed and will see whether it indeed overwhelmed. Although the reality is that most of the New York public officials are saying right now that they are not overwhelmed right. That is, as things stand at current, but the United States
does lead the world thinking from grown various cases, because we're ramping up testing, which is a good thing. We should be wrapping up testing gotta get back to work. You want to know how bad this thing is. We need more testing and we need tests us of blood a bloody and we need to know whether people job the antibodies, because one of the things that are trained you're out right now, just how deadly this thing is. What exactly are the death rates? something will how and by what my sister. I strongly suspect that not tens of thousands, not hundreds of them, since, but millions of Americans actually have had grown a virus. That is it. Then that is my deep suspicion that might have by the the suspicion of virtually everybody who has taken a look at these numbers Yesterday we had on a doktor from from Stanford University suggesting that he thinks that, if you take the number of people, broadly speaking across United States who have had grown a virus or do have grown virus and dont know about it and experience. No symptoms or mild symptoms nimble die with their life. You take that number and take the number of deaths over the actual number of people who have,
add or do have grown a virus you're looking to death rate? That actually does look much more akin to the flu. Now that does not mean you're, not gonna, see more absolute death in United, because if three hundred million people get it- and it has the same death rate as the blue, yours we're going to end up with like five times, many people dying from that is from the flu, because every season in the United States give up fifty sixty million people with the flu. If, instead of three hundred million people to look more people on an absolute love will die. This is how percentages work, but the reason I suspect this is because you're seeing a lot of prominent people comes out. With this thing right, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, announced today that he has mild symptoms of kroner virus and it has a positive for growth. Virus. So the question becomes. Why is it that although these from the people are getting krona, various way get the NBA or bunch people have corona, whereas using celebrities like Tom, Hanks and rid Wilson have grown a virus you're seeing fairly famous people comes out with corona virus. So the question is: is this thing that is this a thing that, like only famous people, are getting or, alternatively, is it that in a time of a shortage of testing, is it possible? The only people who are getting tested, celebrities right, which is
Probably the accurate assessment of the situation by the NBA was getting early tests, because almost people are rich and famous and celebrities and they ve hookups with doctors and then get a connect. So it's not that only NBA players are getting it or that only Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is getting it. You may have had it or you might have had it, but you can get it asked because you're not famous and these tests are hard to come by when it. So, according to the New York Times United States of the world's third most people nations. Of course. That's not a shock that we also have the world's highest number of grown a virus cases and also its difficult to compare the United States to like it Ray. Italy has nearly as many cases as we do and they have sixty million people with three hundred thirty million people on a per capita basis. When I've been close number one on a per capita basis were somewhere in middle the pack, actually in terms of diagnose corner virus cases. If you took the United States for the EU, which is closer to apples to apples, then you would be looking at the
Just swamping United States and, as I say, China is number one in terms of population. India is number two in terms of population. We have no actual data on it. I think I think that's right. I think China's more in India, but it's pretty close, In any case, we not actually have any data from India and China has been lying about there. Sudan, actually, not the United States, is number one that had again is not stopping people new media from suggesting that this is because the United States is unique. Really weird and evil, and all this is very good, that the same people who will accuse religious Americans of having his apocalyptic view of the United States, like use religious Americans sitting around going. Well, God is sending a play on this cruel nation. Read those same people are sick, around going, while the United States, where people country resort this coming didn't. We resorted deserved a Davis, very weird sort of quality, religious view. The mother nature is taken for other things in some sort of vague sense is very weird. It will we get more of this in just one thing There is good news today, and there is bad news today only gets about his person and we'll get to some of the Good NEWS is where things stand, because again, there's a lot
data floating around them in the try to go through all of it? The theme of the show, if you have a notice to the past several weeks, is I don't know, and you don't know, and anyone who claims they know is lying to you again when you walk The media and watch the media's on this thing evolve in real time? Understand that because It is moving around. Some people can be honest about that, and so Well, I do about that. We're gonna be honest about that in just we don't know what we don't know it, because right now, there's there's a sort of pressure for everybody to come down hard for two people, for people to go to that prior to people immediately to declare its either by huge problem, or no problem at all and we're not gonna. Do that we're just gonna, give you the data and then with any kind of comment on how people are reacting to first. Let us talk about reality of the situation are now we got us, have every penny. We can lot of American. Many. Many Americans have outstanding credit card that, even after the government has done floating people money, the economy is still can be a lot weaker than it was just three four weeks ago. Lotta people than we are
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check them out right now, like stream dotcom, slash, really responsible about your finances, especially in this rough time. Ok. So as I say, that was the big headline that the United States is number one in terms of corona virus diagnoses, but that doesn't make a huge difference, because who cares? It's really how many people die? compared to their number and what did the health system gets? Have won the speaking of that Scotland, who is the former from headed the FDA Camorra, the trusted voices on this thing he put out chart showing the emerging situations in various american cities and how exactly the the deaths are. Doubling in New York City. Basically, deaths are doubling every couple of days and weeks adjusted, the debt is starting to two flattened out that, thanks to the social distancing, thanks have walked out. That is starting to flattened out a little bit Michigan. Is really jumping Michigan. It has a very steep curve. In terms of the number of people who are dying every day again Not a lot of data you're with four days into some of these charge or emissions. Only being measured after like four days, basically
easy prey: sharp curve up in New Jersey using a fairly sharp curve in Georgia. California, for some reason, is lagging that's interests, my floor is also kind of lagging and that that's interesting as well kept there. An article in the Associated Press ask him why LOS Angeles, for example, has so many fewer diagnosed cases, then New York City part that maybe lack of testing part. That is, only the fact that being a lifeline residents, LOS Angeles, is a much more spread out. Town in New York, everybody is right on top of each other subways are always crowded. Turn me some serious questions to be asked by the way people are talking about Andrew Cuomo presidential candidate. Look at all of his great leadership during recent fairly serious questions to be asked two Andrew Como, admirable De Blasio. If this really does get bad New York City as to why they were leaving public transportation running in the middle of all this theory, Look why we're all the subways running I mean, as are the places that are most likely to the areas in which people acquire Corona virus, much hard surfaces in small areas, underground dead, that's gonna be a what
noticing, here, by the way, is that many of the areas that are puppet transportation systems, are the one there are getting the hardest hit. If people it turns out that maybe your personal protective equipment was your car being on public transportation is a place where you most likely to occur. Drums got leaps and I'm worried about emerging situations, New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit Chicago Philadelphia among there's norland using a pretty sharp spike right now in China, outside who Bay ever had more than fifteen hundred cases United States eleven states are already had their total are epidemic, is likely to be national in scope. What it is it's likely to be national and Scott, but there are likely to be differences by area we're gonna get to that in just a moment. Meanwhile, again all on. New York City, because New York City is is sort of the canary, the coal mine, it is the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States. Accordingly Your times, the New York City death toll had three hundred sixty five last night. The case count top to twenty three thousand, which means that somewhere, but
One third and one half of all cases in the United States are happening in New York City health officials reported later They then Europe City had ended. Thirty. One hundred new confirm corona virus cases since same time on Wednesday, bringing the total to twenty three thousand one hundred twelve by comparison more than forty four new cases were added from Tuesday Wednesday. So maybe the curve is starting to flat. Now, Prince Andrew Como had suggested that the governor number of various related deaths clans, three hundred sixty five on Thursday, from two hundred eighty, the day before or from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning, a hundred people died of grown a virus in the state, overalls and Andrew Cuomo? At a news briefing on Thursday, he said, the number of patients hospitalized in Europe could shut up we presented a day, which was the sharpest increase in day to day older and weaker patients have been keeping on the ventilators for twenty days or love. Before they succumb to respiratory fail or failures. That means that the shortages that we're talking about are not just number events. Waiters versus for people who are saying? It is also that, once more, events later you're staying on events later for quite a while. He says the long ago thence later the more probability of a bad outcome. He said the governed, the governor,
size that numbers on any single day did not necessarily capture the damage being caused by the virus. Is that when you talk to projection What they'll say get fluctuation. There are not two deviation. What hospitals happened, we're dead days who says don't take the day by day numbers into your. Take the three day averages three day swinging averages. However, Como did express some optimism that perhaps New York was in fact slowing the growth of the curve. With all of that said, we are still trying to figure out where these projections end up in its very difficult Oh, where these projections end up at this point, there is the suggestion that the peak is not gonna, be hit until some time in April and theirs One study the came out dimension it briefly. Yesterday, from the University of Washington School of Medicine, suggesting the corona virus pandemic could kill more than thousand people in the United States in the next four months and might not subside until June. They say the number of hospitalized patients is expected to pick nationally by the second week of aid. But the peak may come later in some states, because again, this thing does not spread perfectly evenly. Some people could continue to diversify.
As latest July, although deaths should be below epidemic levels of ten per day by June at the latest. According to the analysis, the analysis has a wide range, now comes, ranging from his lower thirty eight thousand deaths so high, a hundred and sixty two thousand deaths, which is why, again, you should take every protection with the grain of salt. When the range is literally fourfold, it is very difficult to tell exactly. Where this thing is going to up the variants is due in part to desperate rates of the spread of the virus in different regions, which experts are still struggling to explain to Doktor Christopher Marie Director of the institute for help. Metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington who led the study This is also highlights the strain placed on hospitals at the economic speak. Sick patients see the number of them available hospital bed by sixty four thousand could require these around twenty thousand ventilators, which is interesting because that studies has twenty thousand ventilators York alone has been calling for thirty two forty thousand
men's later. So this study from the University of Washington says that at peak you might need twenty thousand pounds letters. That's it that's half of what we are being told like days ago about the forty thousand ventilators that we're going to be needed. The the doctors at University Washington, this anti virus spreading more slowly in California, they should pay cases. There would come later Social distancing measures might need to be extended in the state for longer they x. The expected we see and in Georgia are gonna be fairly hard hit throughout all of this, all of it has led to the political of talk around ventilators. There's a story from the New York Times about how the federal government had supposedly cancel the contract with invented life systems to produce ventilators, and it was flying around twitter, less I'll, give you the the actual store. Because buried in like pair paragraph ten of the New York Times, peace according to New York Times is basically the Trump Administration thought ventilators were too expensive. That's not the actual story will get to that. In just one second, first
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City. Washington study says that at peak we might need twenty thousand ventilators this stories about how the government was way to try to acquire eighty thousand ventilator negligent. I'd rather have too many than to view, obviously, but when you are off by a factor of four in predictions is varied. Of I mean this is all catches, catch conduct, catches, catch handed is incredibly sloppy and that's just the way the wife is sometimes but what's recognise that does not pin point see. We have the hard data, we know what the science we don't know a lot of things. The decision to cancel the announcement when officials say came after FEMA said it needed we're time to assess whether the estimated cost was prohibitive. That price out with more than one billion dollars with several hundred million dollars to be paid up front to GM to retool car parts. Plant in Kosovo in Vienna, with ventilators, will be made with then tax technology governing special said that you might still happen, but their examining at least a dozen dozen other proposals. They contend that an initial promised joint venture could turn out. Twenty thousand ventilators, in short order, had shrunk to seven five hundred with even a number and out, so that would be there
we'll story right the way that the New York Times played this in the way that the reporters tweeted this out? Was it the Trump Administration on the verge of generating all events waiters overnight tomorrow and then justice. In a billion dollars is too much, and so people on twitter we're, like ok, hold up a second worsening six trillion dollars. And you can't find one billion dollars to provide the ventilators. That's what's happening here. It sounds a gm could even guarantee their interpretation ventilators. It sounds like they did. No they're gonna, pretty seventy five hundred ventilators, and so the government FEMA went back and open up the car Dragons had ok. Well, let's get some competitive bids in here long emergency managers FEMA are working with military officials to sort through the competing offers and federal procurement procurement rules, while under pressure to give president from something to announce it. With all of that said, president from self in a little bit of hot water yesterday, because he suggested that we don't actually need forty thousand or thirty, five Events, waiters. He said you gonna major hospital, sometimes and they will have to vent and all of a sudden Thank God. We order thirty thousand ventilators people in the media, and fulminating over president from saying that, but there's been no information that, from
actually denying New York what it needs like one. Growing up in seeing any thirty thousand mentors drumstick. I don't believe you accuse too they did their giving. The men's waiters they get their hands on me. Cuomo himself has said that at this point as far as where this is all going. Doktor Anthony found she did say yesterday we're not going to work by Easter right. There Information is just the world back at work by Easter. That is very likely a minute. There April twelfth majority March? Twenty seventh we're likely not had to pick according to any study until around east That is the most likely time when we had the peak number of cases in the United States according sort of the Pandemic flu pandemic. Studies, the pandemic methodology that are being applied here is doctor, Anthony factually saying no. We are Easter is a little bit optimistic. I think that the present was trying to do with again aspirational projection to give people some hope, listening to us, when we say we really gotta reevaluated in real time, I'm in any decision we make has to be based, on the data. I mean
no, the numbers that you showed when you have a sitting nation cases today compared to tomorrow is increased dramatically and then the next days, injuries, grammatically, there's no time to pull back, ok, I think that everybody gets that right from was expressing an optimistic date when he said a brawl. Twelve, he was not saying, were definitely open by Easter, but you know tat. Have your eye on the ball? Is we reopen that that is a good thing now, it's time for a little bit of good news of President Prodi. We need an interview on John Henry Socrates Programme and he suggested that he thinks more tat. You rate for this thing is well below one percent. Now, just a few weeks ago, that was verboten you're, not to say that by just a few weeks ago you said this: they they claim that your downplaying the virus. They said that not w imposing its three percent there saying four percent in some areas. Look at ITALY, words, eight percent or nine percent the reality, as it probably is below one percent right likely the death rate On this thing is the mortality rate is below one percent. It may be well below one percent again we had on a doktor from Stanford University yesterday
and he suggests and radio shop, and he suggested that this thing might look a lot more like actual influenza death rates than it looks like Sars or mirrors, which is likely, as I say before. I think that the best, It is suggested that is the case here, president from saying I think the mortality rate is well below one percent. One thing that I can say: that's really good. The mortality rate is much much better. In our way, then it is then people were thinking at the beginning, because you hearing forty four five percent and now, with all of the testing and all the things you see, the people who die you take a look at the people You know, I think, you're talking about very significantly under one percent, and I think that to tremendous, that's a tremendous think and he's right about that. So again, if you said this a few weeks ago, if you said that the death rate looked a lot more like flew and alive, less like Sars Ramirez, then you,
denier, is one of the problems with fast developing scientific consensus is a very often they are happening. For you actually have the data in I remember the way Anthony Algae was Agnes. Like inlaid February, on February twenty eight there was a peace that he rode along with Robert Ready. Who is one of the heads of the CDC and Clifford Lane- and he wrote this it was. It was access. Last march, twenty six, twenty twenty and in that article he suggested that the best to suggest the overall political consequences of cover. Nineteen may ultimately be more akin to those severe seasonal influenza, which has a case vitality rate of approximately zero point, one percent or a pandemic and Ones are similar to fifty seven nineteen, fifty seven or nineteen sixty eight like did that the those actually called the Hong Kong flew in nineteen fifty seven, rather than these similar to Sars or mirrors, which vague case they tell rate of nine ten percent and thirty six percent respectively. So this section been a fairly well known, scientific consensus, it sounds like for several weeks is that this is far less double than originally thought, but if you said this in the media, then you are labelled a denier. Look at what the Good NEWS about that
Is that means that when we see vast swathes of people getting this thing, as some of those people who in enabling can we three or four percent, and if you get the chance you're going to die of it unless you are vulnerable prior almost elderly unless you have a pre existing conditions, are pretty low. Now again that doesn't mean that, on an absolute level, leg just way stats works. You may be the one right today, citizen why everybody should still be in a concern, but if you just taking a lottery and the rates are point one percent like like the ones that means that one out of every thousand people is going die of acquiring this thing where you required one virus you die. That is one out of every thousand people of zero point, one percent, while if you're the one it doesn't matter what the rate was you're the one you're raises a hundred percent right, but if you are, if you're, just taking it it makes a very big difference. Somebody said to you: you have a: u have we're going to put a gun to your head, and now you have to put one marble and there's a thousand marbles
One of them is black, the other. Ninety nine nine, a white an end. If you pick black, we're gonna die you'd feel a lot more confident in picking the marbles. Then you would, if it were ten times that right, if there were a hundred black marbles in there or if there are even ten black marbles in their out of out of a thousand, so that is some actual good news and it does raise the question as to whether the lockdown measures that have been taken are actually the most effective and, by the way, Not the only person has been asking that they mean Andrew Cuomo is asking that he and we the governor of York, he said, maybe you have done a total shut down. Maybe this wasn't actually the best policy, where maybe, we are over the top and how we did this in they now, I think hard stop was necessary because we didn't have the data at that point. But as the data comes in we're going to have to reassess this. Reassessment in just one second, but the kind of new fangled consensus is that most catastrophic studies here are overstated, but the the
kind of estimates that huge numbers America's, because I hundreds of thousands of Americans are gonna die. That's probably a wild overestimate Deborah works whose leading up to when a virus effort on behalf of the administration. She bases she. Basically lectured the media yesterday saying you guys suggesting that Oliver ICE you'd, better gonna, run out that everybody is gonna, be sharing event later that there's gonna be mass death in the streets, cats and dogs living together. The end of the world and ever Box was well respected He has served in administrations. Above Republicans, Democrats. She said this. Yesterday, members the media went nuts. There are very upset about this. How could Deborah works tried them area for setting the worst case scenario, statistics. How could she do that and she was like well, because those Everyone can materialise. Maybe should actually gets a nuanced information here, a zebra bushes tearing into the media yesterday for that of people around the world. Today up this morning and look at people talking about create de and are situations do not resuscitate situations for patients. There is no
situation in the United States right now that warrants that kind of discussion. You can be thinking about it spittle, certainly many hospitals talk about this on a daily basis, but to say that to the american people to make the implication that when they need a hospital bed, it's not gonna, be there or when they need that ventilator. It's not gonna, be there. We don't have an evidence of that right now, ok, mean that that is a pretty stunning statement. Rather media keep saying, as I say, they keep saying in a worst case scenario, wouldn't run on a bed, you bet there won't be any. There won't be any hospital beds when I've been having fence you can go into hospitals, can look like ITALY within a shuttle you off into a hallway somewhere, where you choke for breath and then die right, an endeavour books like guys. You might want to wait on a better ways. Not just ever. Books is not just ever books. Buildable ass, you! I was been its panic stricken is any public leader in America. We might Ibot Bill the Plaza you came out today, and he said you know you guys you talking mothers protective gears,
for healthcare workers in New York in it doesn't exist. He said, there's a lot of fear. I don't blame any healthcare. Now look what their having to deal with. He says the truth is we again the supplies for this week. Next week. We have to make sure everyone but I was getting them to their extraordinary relic medical personnel, but we ve, but they do exist right. He ate so the Boa Chris. Again said the same thing. Andrew Como said we do have the personal protective equipment in New York, but if you watch them It's all nurses and doctors wearing trash bags, shortage of medical equipment, everybody he is gonna die in the hospital. After being coughed on by a patient with growing virus, everyone's gonna servants later we'll have to convert the sea. Pat machines, Mass casualties Burke said we're reassured after meeting with college in New York. There are still, I see a badge remaining. There are still significant overthrow and our two thousand ventilators that have not been used yet she issues had like stop exaggerating this thing. She says you we think about it in a hospital? Certainly many hospitals talk about it on a daily basis, but say that to the american people, to make employees,
when there's a hospital, but he's not gonna, be there. We don't have evidence, should there's no reality on the ground, or we can see that sixty two percent of Americans are gonna, get infected in the next eight to twelve weeks. I just wanna be clear about that, so it when people say like a huge for central Americans will be we have been infected then may happen in the future. Not necessarily right now, right now, the way I trust doctored upper works more than I trust the people, the New York Times and until five seconds ago, people at the New York Times, then we should trust Bergson Trump, so, which is a guys. What I'm saying is is replica what values that importing Valjean importing works and yet, if you, if you quote them now, this controversially books retraining on twitter yesterday for having the temerity to point out. The people are getting panic stricken doesn't it. The media are deliberately stoking the panic which it would like again best best data suggest that there will be a lot of people who die from this. We don't have the data I mean this has been my constant complaint. We don't have the data from the
governments and the federal government as to how many ventilators they actually think we're gonna need what are the priors? What are the inputs in that model with its bad data and its bad it out? How many events waiters we're going to need that we don't already have have as ventilators and can be deployed how much the New York city system is gonna, be overwhelmed either outlying systems where people can be shifted out hospital beds. This is happening by the way in New York City people are being moved out of bed there not eyes you back just kind of normal hospital beds and there being moved to other sort of medical center, so we can make room for the draft centre is being converted. For normal hospital beds. Right. You had a surgery two weeks ago and you're still recovering from the surgery Bayonne you. I see you care for converting over a lot of the beds that are in hospitals, where you can have better treatment and we're taking worsening apposite hotel rooms and stuff for people who are just sort of in recovery, but all you need is an ivy which are all itself is being done. In real time. And again there still serious questions to be asked about the models that are being applied in the first place right. The net
and has been applying completely different models. According to Science magazine Martin answering an kite coop fortunate writing say with covert nineteen modeling takes on life and death importance. They say in the Netherlands. Has our chosen a softer set of measures than most western european countries. It was late to close at school. Restaurants, they didn't order a full walked down. In a march, seventeen speech, Prime Minister Mark Rudy rejected working endlessly to contain the virus and shutting down the country completely. Instead, he opted for controlled spread, while making sure the health system is in swarms of covert nineteen patients which, by the way, is sort of the south korean model kind of he called on the public to respond to respect the government's expert expertise on how to thread that needle the prince Sean's put out by Jackal willingly whose computer simulations are being used, National Institute for Public Health and the environment over in the Netherlands, by his simulations predict a number of infected people needing hospitalization, we'll take off as of next week. So there are some pretty stark differences between miles
had the imperial college model that was suggesting that half a million people are gonna die if there were no measures, in the UK. I talked about this yesterday and then yesterday, the head of that study suggested that, thanks to the watch our models and then he sort of Kennedy, in there, and also thanks to the lower death rate he was predicting now that there might be only twenty thousand but who died in the UK. That was not him, throwing out, allows him saying that war. If we apply like heavy temp down there, you're going to dramatically lower the compliments programmatic lowering of the current from five hundred thousand to twenty thousand, but even his rules are under pressure, Oxford, put out a model that suggested the death rate even lower than that the another one But our model, suggesting that this thing is gonna pick next week, will end up is confident that the number of new infections caused by each person when no control measures are taken is just or two. He trusts data showing the three to six days elapsed between the moment. Someone is infected and the time they start to, in fact, others will says he is least conference about the susceptibility of various age groups, but he also suggest that we
not gonna, be overwhelmed and in the Netherlands, are yet again that there is an assumption. Three pace: can we worse case, like ITALY or Spain, but the evidence that every case like ITALY or Spain, is just not. There raises not beer at this point. Maybe it will be. Maybe it will be. We keep hearing minutes to happen in New York City, as we say that Unama may becoming. We just don't know because it's hard to know whom to believe story. She seems to be changing on a daily basis by the media are not particularly trustworthy in their tone and tenor bringing you best available information, so much what is anecdotal than your times every day is printing stories about a doctor or a nurse. We're being overwhelmed hospital and then you go to the hospital administration in the hospital administrations like now we're we're we're ok. We were stretched and restrain, but were handling it. Even in ITALY, new corona virus cases are finally slowing accordingly go Harlin Intifada Petrella over the Washington Post ITALY's nationwide, lockdown, showing the first small signs of pay off the number of grown a virus case
it is still rising, but the lowest day on day patients the outbreak began. The w h calls the slowdown encouraging their health chief in the hardest hit region says there is light at the end of the tunnel. Italy was the first western country to contend with the mass outbreak in order a lockdown now they're trying to figure out how long the restrictions could last. But the bottom line is that even ITALY which has been overwhelm is starting to tempt down and and and move move beyond the data to increases in the virus. Which is a very, very good thing, but president from spoke yesterday by the way about the resources that are being applied in the United States is worse. Worshipping tons of resources like people are pretending that we're not getting masts out to people we're not getting personal protective equipment to people is not true as an interim, put a press conference yesterday talking about the numbers of resources being shipped all over the country, a female shipped over nine million and ninety five masks. De median face masks three point: one million face shields nearly
Six thousand ventilators two point: six million gowns fourteen Point six million gloves. And were sending more every day, and we ve got a tremendous amount of equipment coming in, so it get NIT Nit need them given that the federal government is doing nothing is not true and that that is really by some and get to more media bias in just one second present from said last night on Hannity that hospitals are actually being set up in New York City sources are being brought to bear. I turn to the panic, in other words may be over it. Maybe it's not but may be overstated, Endeavour Burke's. Why trust a lot more than your times is suggesting that the panic is overstated. I trust her more than I trust in your times. The doktor voucher has not made any public statements so far as I am aware that all of the system New York City and be completely overwhelmed. Death in the streets we're gonna have to choose between all patients in young patients is gonna, be ITALY. Here's president from yesterday's who more building hospitals in New York, where building for us, but also for medical centres.
And many other things we ve developed and and sent thousands of the FAO ventilators and hopefully they got to do well Again? Resources are being brought to bear, and this does raise the question so if we have raised as I've said along if we have flattened the curb enough- and we have raised that line of medical resource, enough that the line now clears the flattened curve. Then we have to start having conversations about how to get back to work, and maybe that is not lie on an even bases across the United States is not every places. A hotspot centre of this outbreak in New York City hotspot centre is deploying Iowa right. The delay far has been really trailing. New York is allay exactly the same as New York major cities are gonna, be the upper centres of this stuff, but how about outlying rural areas? Are we seeing men death in the rural areas which, by the way is where you sort of would expect to see. My staff considering hospital resources are far less their tons of counties in the United States dont have a single hospital. It maybe neighbouring counties that have the hospital, but rural outlying areas. There are actually have them
the resources being brought about you not seeing them death in those areas. And second, when we get to the question of when we reopen, because what you can see, it's pretty incredible that Andrew Cuomo and Donald Trump are basically saying the same thing and down trumpeter getting just his asked by the media and the an end. Meanwhile, Andrew Comas Guineas asked kissed media by traumas, gettings Aspect and Cuomo is getting. Is ass, kissed and there's things out, the same thing about how we reopen this thing. How we, how we open this thing back up and that is because the media's desire for a binary narrative, which president trumpet responsible for every cruel ill of the It states and from his sitting there, with his arms cross, putting on the Trump frown and saying to people that can give ventilators anyone care leg ventilated unleash bad figure, that's not happening he and Cuomo, or saying almost identical things and the media is treating them as though there saying things that are separated by a hunt. Maybe the great and the lie and get to that one. Second, first, it isn't. A glorious time the week when I give a shit,
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Access lives over a daily wire dont come also check out this Sunday. This Sunday are Sunday, special should be a pretty. Actual something we're having a vice president hands end after networks, we're gonna be asking them some question. On grown a virus and about this thing is going to take the media coverage in China. We're gonna run the gamut with them, so make sure did and on Sunday that will be available to all people, whether you are a subscriber or not Had an over Delaware come anyway and subscriber largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan. Radio show in the nation s okay, so, as I too, as I've been saying, the media's cover. This thing has justifiably John there's a reason. A gallop has a pull out that shows of all the american institutions, faith in them has gone up in the presidency, even in Congress in the police like it at all, except the media, People still need to make everything to meet our line to them. Why? Well, maybe it's because them our wildly biased and insane problems. Because of that, they are all giving examples so
yesterday an equal number of New York right widely held by the media to be the greatest while possible leaders which honestly I found a little bit weird because Gavin Newsome has basically done exactly. The same thing is Andrew Cuomo, but nobody ever talk about avenues. Him out. My home state of California and Andrew Cuomo was late to the game where he has shifted his. He has shifted. His narrative somewhat rebuild the plaza was then we need a full shutdown and Corsica, what I'm doing a full shutdown, and then you five minutes later. If you know what, maybe we need efficient well now, Andrew Closing, maybe we shouldn't have done a total shut down. Maybe we should have done this in part. We had to do it. We had to do sort of catches catch can basis which Elysees honest about that I think the real reason Cuomo is getting high marks is causing these tv oppressors. He seems to be authentic and honest, which began as all the media care It's all performance hard for the media, but in any case and requirements as maybe we should have done total shut down, which is weird because when trumps as this sort of thing, it's ripped up and down we did was we close everything down that was, public health strategy, just closed everything
Business is all workers, young people, people short people, tall people's every school, close everything. If you re thought that or had time to analyze that public health strategy I dont know that New would say Quadrant in every one I don't even know that that was the best public health policy needed there homo, acknowledging full on their. Maybe we should have considered other health policies, and this is one of the problems that the middle of a panic which this basically as For that reason, the easiest thing to do is try to hit. Somebody with is hit the palace with a blunt instrument right. That's what this this giant bail package was stimulus. But what, if we want to call it really isn't the bail out a really isn't even a stimulus? It's more like a shoring up bill that is hitting hitting a button with a blunt instrument. Dignan Hammer and hitting a nail and dynamic Cunningham or maybe huge, and the same thing is true. These sort of lockdown thing, as I say, I'm not anti- walked down. I'm just saying that
As more data comes out, we need to seriously reconsider exactly how we go about getting back to our daily business and how we go about getting back to what I say that people, let me up and down or not making this you're not taking a serious enough and requirements of the exact same thing and people like oh man. What a genius I mean! What well like he's really being serious about this thing here: Andrew composing overtime. Maybe some people can go back to work how do you modify the public health strategy to make its smarter from a public health point of view also starts to get you back to work. Younger people can go back to work. People who have resolved can go back to work. People who, This anti body task, show that they had the virus and they resolve can go back to work. That's how it you do not want do public health or we're gonna. Do economic growth, development? Restarting we have to do both ok, president from said exactly the same thing yesterday, like exactly the same thing almost word for word, so, president from yesterday's had listened, we can offer parts open a part of the
We're gonna need to do that on a case by case basis, in fact, to trumpet Ministration issued guidelines for classifying yours counties by virus risk. Which makes perfect sense. This is an enormous country, ok, the risk and sweet. Is not the same as the risk in France is not the same as the risk in ITALY. All those countries are classifying there, one a virus, ex differently. By the way the UK quietly late last week downgraded the The deadlines of the virus itself right even in the UK, where they are deeply worried they did, they called it- a high risk disease, they change that very quietly late last week, but is being treated differently all over them and is being treated differently all over the world. The United states a very, very large chunk of territory to suggest that we have to try run a virus exactly the same way and SALT Lake City Utah as we do in New York City, is really kind of ridiculous Administration pointed this out, but according to Rebecca Bauhaus reporting for the Wall Street Journal, administration is planning to issue guidelines. Categorizing counties across the nation is high risk medium risk, low risk. Twelve state and local authorities decide whether
most or relax social distancing measures instead to intended to combat the the corona virus. What are the on Thursday President trumps administrations, growing testing capabilities would enable it to publish in consultation. Public health officials and scientists criteria for classifying counties by risk, in the hopes that some parts of the country may be able to return to work sooner than others. He wrote this new informational drive. The next phase in our organs, this invisible enemy as mean hands, action against the virus. Americans across the country are hoping that they will soon arrived when they can resume their normal economic, social and religious lives. And in this was immediately. This was immediately seized him by the media. Had trembled from doesn't care about humans. He wants the Maldives. The ease up. The same thing is Cuomo. He just saying we're going to have to treat for in populations differently, based on where they are and what the risk is to them. Why's that in any way unreasonable it's a hundred percent reasonable. Every single major world leader is considering exactly that thing in a briefing
later on Thursday. From said, he intended to start the process of relax and social distancing guidelines. Pretty soon said the administration, my Taylor guidelines to specific parts of the countries that our people want, to work. I'm hearing it loud and clear from everybody. I don't want see to run away so here, as president from yesterday he's had a couple of things again. This is very much in line with what Andrew Cuomo sang it the one from says it it's bad because he's an orange person and when Andrew Cuomo It is very good because he doesn't like the orange person here as president from yesterday saying we're gonna have to think about opening up parts of the country, but again we're gonna. Do this on a piecemeal basis The end result is we gotta get back to work, and I think we could start by opening up certain parts of the country with the farm belt. Certain parts of the Midwest other other places, but think that as an example, you gotTA, Texas, there are places in Texas. Wait Governor Gregg Abbot. There are places intact. Where you know a tremendously big state that aren't impacted by this. So I think we can open up sections quadrants
just keep keep on going until all countries opened up, but we have to open up. The people want to get back to work. They want to get back, Oh no, I mean that's that well I mean he said. The Texas is a really big state which it is ok, it takes you let if you're gonna drive across taxes like with wise horizontally Helen without taking called comes from taxes that that will take you to take a fifteen hours, probably yet fifteen hours. Raymond, though that take forever. It is a huge step. Of course, and by the way, if you ve been the Texas, you run for long stretches, a territory where does like a house, a cow rate and think big. The notion that we want to treat you some potent town intact is the same with these three dollars. Houston is obviously absurd, trumpets and saying anything wrong there. People like that means you can open up. The entire country he's telling he's encouraging everybody in New York to go to show stadium and hang out with each other and make up he's not doing any of that stuff. What are you talking about using simple does everybody else read from says by the way it so distancing will remain after corona virus
much of the guidelines like shaken hands. Maybe people are gonna, be shaken answered him. You know You mentioned Jimmy Tony vouches the other day that I don't think he was would be to upset with the concept of not shaking hands. You were saying that the fluid got down the regular flew down by quite a bit. If we didn't do that, if we didn't shake hands you the regular of which you have a lot of deaths and a lot of problems with that when we are open As soon as we open that doesn't mean you, those up with the guidelines, you'll still try it, since yourself maybe now to the same extent, because you have to lead a life again. What does he say? What's wrong? That means it is explicitly saying that social d This is good, so then your terms run a headline yesterday or CNN. Rather there headlines in fancy encroaches social distancing well from talks about other is a trump is current social distancing using. Maybe we shouldn't shake hands every and by the way, my until landlord. With that, I really am like shaking as a general practice is kind of gross. Is
You are sharing germs with lots of people than it. That's been true, no matter no matter. What the point here is that the media coverage of course using the same stuff is tromp is blowing. The coverage of prompt is very bad, but everybody sort of saying the same thing, and everybody is also saying underlying all of this- that we are all waiting for more data. So here's the deal, let's wait for it. Let's get all the resources where they need to be, and then let's wait for the data by the end of sweet, wouldn't unknown off a lot more. I thought, frankly, we ignore. If a lot more by the end of this week, mean given the projections I thought by the today by like this Friday, we're going to know Did the health system for going to be overwhelmed? It looks like it's wagging a bit, maybe because of this lockdown, probably because at least an in large part because of the lockout, but we're going to find out by the end of next week certainly, but we got for that, wouldn't be finding out exactly how bad this thing is going to be because by pretty much everybody's estimation early April MID April. You can start to see this thing started pick up in terms of the tempo and peak another quest.
He's gonna be. Did we have the resources that are necessary on hand? Are we ITALY, or do we end up just being the UK right where again, that the new estimates suggest that the health system will not be overwhelmed? Now, with all of that said, be Democrats are moving swiftly to try and make to try and use it it is in order to push forward even more spending to Nancy Blowsy who held up a bill. Her own party help negotiate over the weekend is supposed to. On this thing today I read: the House is supposed to vote on this thing today. Nancy. This is what is just the beginning. And even more and more and more more, we literally spending six trillion dollars six trillion dollars to put that by way of contrast, higher american economy on a yearly basis about twenty trillion dollars for speeding up one third of the entire american economy in like a week seriously on on on this thing and anti ballistic? But we can spend money, we should always Denmark, and it's really. It feels like
people are very uncovered. Just generally, people are extremely uncomfortable, with not being able to simply go back to their pre existing suppositions about the way the world works, and so as quickly as possible. People move back into their fighting corners and they wait for this. Relations will merge or then go back to fighting the way that they are used to fighting whenever there is a pandemic. There's something brutal: the hamlet, nine eleven, whereas a major crisis people get out of their homes for just a minute and I think to themselves ok. About my neighbors had we caught repressive policy that worked for right now. How would you and then, as soon as humanly possible, we're not comfortable in that space or comfortable going back to our course? And so you see people Nancy Blowsy, immediately swivel into green new deal. Nita, you see national issues, won't we need more spending and and you see Republicans meanwhile, swivel back into their prior issue, like everybody, swindles back in their professionals- and I agree with the republican priors- obviously a lot more than the Democrat briars. But how about this? How about we just wait? I know it's. The hardest thing to do is the hardest thing do in life, but we don't have enough data
to be jumping on. What's been trillions, more dollars, and we also have enough hard data despite say reopen the can economy wholesale and- and I don't think so. Devising the latter? I think a lot of people are saying the former hears Nancy Blowsy, claiming we need this and even more and more and more and more for evermore, we had bitter directly, hence in our bill, I dont, think waste. In the end of direct payments, this is an emergency I share the conscience as well as the budget of our country and every dollar that we spend is, an investment in the lives and the livelihood of the american people. We can go figure So now the interest rate or even lower than the tat at the time of the tax scam, we can go even bigger, even bigger there, how endless? we, what are you doing, fleet the currency whose no by our bonds I visit basically, democrats are in real time now going to try it going Nancy Blowsy Supply Elizabeth warns. Modern monetary which suggest that you can just float debt in out just interminable it just forever. You can just go
Can you take our deadened had indebted that one assumes there's an appetite for that who the hell has the money to pay for that right now, giving Britain can be buying american bonds on mass about China. You think there can be buying. Commanded by the way breaking news. China had started real putting all of them will be the ears weirdly. They are now closing all their movie. Theater is again. So what are they the decline of everything is done, enshrining think we ve been given accurate statistics about China. I think not, I think not. So all of this happy talk, Nancy Plaza. Let's go back to our priors. It's completely. We make the world economy like Bernie would want about this. How about we deal with the crisis at hand, and we all get out of those chorus. And we deal with it and then we shall figuring out how we go back to a life that happen before I'll. Tell you what right now like a lot worse than it was three weeks ago, a lot worse than it was four weeks ago. Have we set our sights on? Let's get back, we were four weeks ago before you decide that you want to fundamentally transform the american economy along you're you're ridiculous, big government lines? How that, let's start there, ok time for a quick,
that I hate so speaking of people who are, seeking to go back to their priors. There is this bizarre bizarre attend time. There is a national crisis by local leaders to shift the responsible onto the national leaders- and I recall this happening during Hurricane Katrina when mayor, reneging, who is the mayor of New Orleans, did not evacuate the city when he was told that We should evaluate the city and the swamp and enable, and President Bush and suggest the present bushes, racist, and that was bushes all that the resources what made available, even though he was the mayor- and it really was his responsibility- declared the thing. I remember that I think the the government, the Thames capping Blanca, remember, she said sort of the same thing- It's always. The impetus is always on local leaders to try and blame national leadership for your own failures. Well, this week the Orleans mayor blamed President Trump for not shutting down Marty growth, Mayors name is control and she suggested that President Trump is to blame for the city of New Orleans, not shutting down Marty group here, she was
on CNN, with Wolf Blitzer you're saying no one from the federal government, came to you and urge you to at least cancel or or postpone, Marty Raw. That's absolutely red and not only that it was backed up with the response of our national leader when it's not taken seriously at the federal level, is very difficult to achieve. Send down to the local level in May these decisions. What what crimes where control the mayor of New Orleans. Now at last, I checked mayor of New Orleans Donald mayor of New, yes where was Angela Eric said, not Donald Trump At least Garcetti isn't out there trying to limit its trumps fault that he allowed. The Ellie marathon to happen like two weeks ago, on a Sunday in the middle of a pandemic that this this I'm going out there in suggesting that she needed a personal for better? What you know would have happened if from had called her up and said. You know you really should shut down Marty grow on the basis of this corona virus pandemic. In MID February, when
wait, half the media was still taking seriously like at all. We really com write comrade apiece on January thirty about why this was gonna, be no worse than the seasonal flu for her to suggest that, if from had called her up and men like you shot dead Marty graph she'd been like, Mr President, can't do that relic. Of course it's what you would have you have said like? Are you kidding? Why would a shuttle Marty Gruff she's, the mayor he'd, give Europe the leader- and you blew it because you blew it by retaining the press, into the United States to some godlike figure who can descend from on high in an order you to do other things are supposed to do as a local leaders get sent crap from buildable. As you know, the maid a major city. You tried to run for president. On the basis of that, it seems to me, you should be able to make some local decisions weird, because it seems like
some local leaders who did make some of those local decisions to shut down major public events. But her blaming Trump for the outbreak in New Orleans is just like everything is trumps fault or, alternatively, again ever by shifting back to their their priors, the New York Times ran a peace today called the road to corona virus. Hell was paved by evangelicals evangelicals or get let. Let me just ask a question, So these hundreds of the outbreak of eighteen thus far are China famous for its huge evangelical christian population. China me tons we'd angelic over there. It's like it's like a convention of religious jungle, Christians over in China, a communist atheist country and then ITALY again acute the famous ramming tonnes revenge articles that in ITALY now it gets the home of the catholic Church or anything like it. It's all evangelicals over intimately and in the United States, New York City, where evangelical just swarm New York City. I know, like probably two thirds population of your city, is he going Of course, I'm being a little sarcastic era by little I mean a lot, but if you will
evangelicals for the outbreak of corona virus, but what is the same people? Presumably who would say that if you say chinese viruses very racist if you, if you labour on the government of China very races, but you blame Evangelical Evangel goes its over here like what that, what in the world and us seriously, but then your tangerines peace anyway, because nothing says unifying the country like blaming evangelicals for kimono virus. Catherine Stuart, the author of the poor or worshippers inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism, so her for her priors are fairly well established. She says Donald Trump. Goes to power with the determined assistance of a movement that denies science bashers government and pray ties loyalty over professional expertise in the current crisis. We are all reaping what that movement has, so at least The nineteenth century, when the pro slavery, Theologian Robert Louis dabbling, attack the physical sciences as theories of unbelief hostility to scientists? rise more extreme forms of religious nationalism in the United States. Today, the hard core of climate deniers
is concentrated among people who identify as religiously conservative Republicans and some leaders of the Christian Nationalist Movement his ally with Cornwall lines. For the short of creation, which has denounced in Mental science is the result of the Green Dragon cast environmentalism as an alternative and false theology this denial of science and critical thinking among religious ultra. Conservatives now haunts the american response of the corona virus crisis. What I'm just gonna point out is Anthony value stands next. A trumpet every single day on the podium is that I like in essential goal: christian science, and I have never books about Jerome atoms- that there, the guy's surgeon general that that, after all, those guys are even jungles, trumpeted Trump is listening to people who who deny signs totally, while also recommend what science tell them. On March fifteen says this columnist: Gear Maldonado, who calls himself an apostle and hosting Mr Trump. Earlier this year to campaign of answers at his Miami meditating urged congregants to show up
from services in person. You believe God would bring his people to his house to be continues with the virus. Of course not. He said, okay, so your best evidence that Trump is following evangelical science deniers. Your best evidence is that a guy who hosted Trump at a campaign event earlier this year said a thing now that wow strong evidence near times, really really do an amazing work over here. Blaming evangelicals for the rise of kroner virus we'll just nationalism, says this parliament has brought to american politics the conviction that our political differences, our battle between absolute evil and absolute good, only heroic leader, free from the scruples of political correctness, can save the righteous from the damned fealty to the causes. Everything fidelity to the facts means Perhaps this is why many christian nationalist leaders greed the news of the corona virus as an insult to their chosen leader. Honestly, this is so tiresome it's so unbelievably tiresome in the middle of it in the middle of pandemic. Haven't you put aside your hatred for evangelical Christians
and you just eight listen- was enrolled Americans role on this together and we are all waiting for the data to come out as opposed to blame. The Christians, too insane truancy staff from the New York Times, but very have it the New York Times doing its best to divide the country with their up at page in the middle of a pandemic, will really solid stuff. There already well we'll be back later today of traditional hours of cards, Otherwise, we will see here on Monday, for all of the update in the meantime, tried relax this week, entry to hang out with your family, you gonna, do something nice for a neighbor. Fine I've got an elderly neighbour. I can't go out, try to get them from groceries or something call up. Some friends make sure everybody is doing. Ok, I know there's some blood that's going on. So you might want to call you local hospital, because I know that there are a lot of young people who can give blood. If it was her, they shiny kangaroo blood, their blood shortages round the country, so that would be a great thing to do. My wife is encouraged me to say that on the show, so I'd be amiss. If I did not try to do something good for the country this weekend and not read the New York Times.
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