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Ep. 997 - Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant


New data suggest that summer may help tamp down coronavirus; Trump and Chris Cuomo’s wife both have some weird medical suggestions; and Congress continues to vomit out money.

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New data suggest that summer may help tempting corona virus President Trump and Chris Cuomo wife both have some interesting medical suggestions Congress continues to vomit out money. I'm bench services is the bench by Russia, yeah spiritual sponsor by expressive GPS. It you have a right to privacy, protected and expressive, gps dot com, slash penance, Express gps, dot com, slash ban, all righty self. I definitely do want to get too everything. Corona virus, medical medical suggestion related, but let's be about this dissolve stupid it it seriously seriously stability, people focusing in on trumps sort of John Belushi ask ran
Scenes from animal house about medical solutions, because you sort of understands it sorted, doesn't that that is not where people should be putting their focus right now, how are putting our focus on the fact that, like our food supply chains are in a bit of trouble, I mean the fact is that farmers are ploughing under crop because they can't make money from so that crop at a time when food shortages would probably mean riots in the straits. Restaurants, which were providing a huge market for all of our agriculture. Those does restaurants and going under an incredibly rapid rates. That means they are probably gonna, be seen more expensive products on a shelf at a time when people have less money to spend it. It's a real, real problem that something we should think about. We should be thinking about. How are we supposed to reopen in an environment, in which the data are so uncertain. We will talk about that in a little bit what the media are focused on. It is continuing to be the gotcha game of president from said something done at a press conference and ok, I mean all right, I suppose, but but if you really believe that that is
vital importance, then you're out of your mind, and it is the same media that suggested that president from by recommending hydroxide cork, when as a possible as a possible treatment for cover nineteen, that he forced woman to feed her husband, fish tank, cleaner and then the guy died and the media transport, which is a pretty fantastic way of creating an alibi for murdering your husband. Now, thanks murder has been, but if you're going to marry her husband, then have the media established an alibi. Would there be a better way to do it, but the Carol Basket officiating cleaner over here, what some of the actual move then we'll get you all of the pseudo controversy today over President Trump and Clorox, and whether you can ingest sunlight, whether you can actually just eat a ball of sunlight and it will actually fix everything gets up it's what we have now reached
the stupid part wrote. It always has a little while for serious stories become incredibly stupid. It took us about five weeks really for averting credibly serious story. They turn into just full scale. Utter stupidity that sort of at the outset of inefficient, cleaner sorrows a couple weeks ago, and I was really dumb, but what we are now reaching new laws. First, let's bring me some actual useful information to answer questions about this whole career virus knowledge level. Nobody seems to know anything I mean seriously. No one seems to know what the hell is going on with this thing. I say this because there is an article out today suggesting that two thirds of seriously ill covert. Ninety impatience didn't have a fever like at all. Like did not have a fever, so even told they are never feel like. We can get cover nineteen, and that is one of the first symptoms you should look out, for we should be doing temperature tests at the doors of our major
This is, and it turns out there that, according to ABC News, a new study is presenting surprising findings about carbon nineteen, at which factors play the biggest role in how severe the disease is. For some people with new European, the epicenter for the virus in the United States reached for researchers from the states largest healthcare system, quickly moved document findings that would help identify others and treat covered. Nineteen pay and one thing stood out in the study published in the Journal American Medicine, a senior researcher Corina Davidson. She says the most. Finally, two thirds of the patients who are seriously ill with an active infection did not actually have a fever gave out. So do you know anything about this virus like seriously? It's not clear to me that will, then we know all that much more than we started with their certain things we know more about. We know the death rate is not three or four percent. Another story from yesterday is that New York has finally tested for antibodies, and what they found is that about one fifth of people in your city already have antibodies for covert nineteen, that's good news,
in this sense it means the actual death rate from carbon. Nineteen in New York City is point six percent point six percent, which is about lower than three or four percent Estonians about six times deadly. As the fluent spreads three times more. More than the flow if you you're retard immunity in New York, city nurseries, experience about eleven thousand, that's if you are too, if you are too retorted unity in your city, which is about sixty percent of population at a baseline, you need to be immune to disease, to create heard immunity to get their presumably just apply, the same rate you'd have to about thirty five thousand people dead in your city. In a given year about fifty three thousand people die in New York City. She have to increase their death rates by nearly noon double ray. You have increased by eighty percent in order to get hurt immunity, so that is the bad news. The good news is that not as deadly as previously thought, if you get it bad news is that, in order for heard immunity to be attained, lotta people would have to die is in order to in order to get there. So that's a little bit more in from it
in in the reform of the number of New York he announced yesterday. He knows the answer. Mine resulting eras, Andrew Cuomo, explaining these sort of state why results by fourteen percent of the population of New York State has now bodies about twenty one percent of the population, New York City has the antibodies horizontal com. On this yesterday, the state wide number is thirteen point. Nine percent tested positive for having the antibodies Does that mean it means these are p oh who were infected and who develop the anti bodies to fight the interaction searching for. The populations about two point: seven million people who have been infected, If you look at what we, have now is a death total, which is fifteen thousand five hundred. That would be about
five percent death rate? Ok, then that is a lot lower than people thought, reducing three to four percent and irritating just at the number of actual diagnosed cases as the damn later entered the actual number of deaths as numerous looking with eleven or twelve percent is nine and close to that right. Point five percent point: six percent- that is, that a lot lower, so that Good NEWS and the Good NEWS is you get this thing? Only six out of a thousand people who get this thing you're going to die, though six out of a thousand people are likely to be people who are in their late in their late seventys in there
it is the average age of nursing believes round sixty three right now, but virtually everybody whose died from this thing has a couple of different craigslist in conditions that doesn't mean it safe for everybody else. I know personally at least one person who did not have any existing conditions, that six years old and died of this thing and I think a lot of people who have friends in your city, no people or leaves no of people who have died from this thing without pre existing conditions just because so many people have died of this new approach and forty six thousand people dying in five weeks across the United States during an incredible locked in the likes of which we ve never seen in our lifetime. This thing is still very dangerous, because even if it is only five times as deadly as the flu, if it spreads three times as quickly as the flu, then, if you just took the flues raw statistics and say the flu kills. Five. Fifty thousand people you'd have to multiply that by a factor of three in order to get to the death in order gets the case fatality right and then you have to multiply it again by a factor of three, because it spreads three times as quickly among three times as many people in the population presumably have left on track
you'd, have to multiply it by a factor of. It is two point, five to point what you have most by bilateral fifteen's, your ending up with over half a million deaths easily from this thing, if there is no mitigation, if people do not put on mass now, people, woman unmasked, people will socially distance. I have faith in the american people that they will do this again. The good news is less. Dublin thought the bad news. Is it so widespread, and so is symptomatic that the notion that, wherever going to be able to test to the extent that people, are just going be taken out of a population if they have it generally is not true. You wouldn't be able to your major spike if the testing is in place and that's why you seem people like Scotland at the FDA, just three hundred thousand tests a day would be necessary, because that way you can at least have sort of a sample size test, in particular areas of New York City. It be heavily located in major urban areas, would be able to see what
the thing, is spiking and then maybe do some contact racing. Although contact racing in a city like New York, then we nearly impossible. I have no idea who contact raising the subway system. Truly. South Korea has been doing this for twenty years and their fairly good at it. Hong Kong's been doing this for twenty years, they're pretty good at it. We re doing it in like do you. Can you imagine contact tracing than Europe Subway system? Incredibly, incredibly complicated, there been some suggestions. People can download an app. The upward immediately notify you your within a particular area of somebody because tracing you via your phone. I think a lot of people have privacy concerns about But even beyond that, it's me very difficult to get people not do in fact each other if they are in close proximity, which is why the subway system has been one of the chief problems. The antimony test has some good news and it has some bad news in other relevant information, it looks like is another experimental drug that is being put out. There now had Roxy Chloric one has been able to completely dismissed, but certainly lotta people are very sceptical. Ass a global and based on the studies that are out there not showing tremendous upside down. There was a
A study was put up by China on render severe, which is that drug that was put out by Iliad Sciences. The study was not good, ineffective, be enrollment. It somebody to cancel the study was published preliminarily without peer review in it in and then it was immediately taken out. So we still don't know the results from that, but people have sort of taken. Early indicators is maybe it's not quite the the corral. The people were thinking, it was there's another day. When we talk about that with you in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that if you're not actively protecting your data on line companies and bad actors are gonna, get it there. Just the tunnel people online, who are looking for your money right now. Looking for your credit card, they understand that everybody in the world is shopping online right now, and this is lights important have yet. I can show full confidence. Expressive here is the best we began on the market, and here is: why expressly again does not log your data tons of really cheap
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Baker, Eli Lily. According to the Wall Street Journal said it expects to begin human testing as soon as next month for experimental cover nineteen treatment. That is antibodies derived from the blood of people have recovered from the viral disease. The testing could yield felt by late summer, if successful, potential emergency authorization by the FDA by early fall. So maybe a couple of months from now a few months from now. This could reduce the by reload and people either about to get sick or who are sick or even hospitalized, and now really help knockdown. That second wave, that everybody is afraid of in the So that is good news and by the way the entire medical community is on this thing. So some people have been saying what is the point locking down or even doing any sort of locked him right. Why not just go out and in fact each other Willy nilly Nothing is really going to change and the answer is something is going to change, one of them that is going to change is that when you haven't medical establishment on one disease, presumably they'll come up with some sort of therapeutic treatment that help knocked knocked down now from the other things that are gonna change. We're gonna have to protect our nursing homes, a hell of a lot better.
Nursing homes have been the source of an enormous percentage of death in the United States, particularly in New York. It's been just awful nursing homes are hotbed for the sort of stuff, because everybody is inside, because everybody has a frail immune system, because people are older because they really don't have testing capacity. At a lot of these nursing homes and because one person bringing in from the outside can lead to a raging wildfire in the nursing home of covert nineteen Michael Goodwin has apiece over than you are. We are talking about and requires a nursing home policy. He talked about how the the Cuomo policy basically was nothing men and have a real policy for nursing homes. Says: the letter was heartbreaking. Is it recounted the death of an eighty year old woman in New York? Nursing home was also angry and accurate about strange, nor a policy that is fatally wrong, headed according to I'm wondering who will governor Cuomo accountable for the deaths of so many older people due to his reckless decision to place cover nineteen patients in nursing and rehabilitation homes, I'm ready
The daughter of lost her beautiful eighty, eight year old mother was receiving physical therapy at one such facility later early moment, when, on your account examples of the governor promising to protect the elderly because of their known vulnerability, she and he named hysterical or their efforts on mother and talked several times about protecting her. My mother is not expendable. Your mother is not expendable. Almost a month ago, Molin had another complained that the media never even bothered asking the governor about an order mandating the nursing homes, admit and readmit patients who tested positive for the corona virus. Despite the extraordinary number of deaths among the elderly. She was asked about this by the Post, Bernadette Huggin, breathing yesterday and he said that's a good question era and then he turns of state health, commissioner, who can from the policy saying if you are positive, you should be admitted back to a nursing home. The necessary precautions will be taken to protect the other residents there. As I mean that's crazy policy, obviously this already concedes that almost thirty five hundred residents of nursing, home or adult care facilities are known to have died from computer virus or nearly twenty five percent of all deaths.
New York, more than two thousand of the total, are in the five boroughs, so we're gonna have to get better at protecting the elderly and we're gonna get better at this stuff. So I don't think that the death rate is going to be the same as it has been prior or rather would put this wearing. The infection rates can be the sims it hasn't prior when we say that the death rate in New York City is point five point: six percent, that is the death rate, but the infection rates is really the problem in New York City. That infection rate is not going to be met. All over the country in Europe is a uniquely bad. Place for infection, because everybody is in close contact, enclosed areas, and so it's important to keep that in mind when we talk about treating different areas differently, and we should be trading different areas differently, when Doktor Anthony Touchy suggest that he is not overly conflict with covert nineteen test. Capable of these. That makes a hell of a lot more difference in New York City. Then it makes in rural Georgia, for example. Here is Anthony factual yesterday, look. We need to signal the currently ramp up not only the number of tests, but the capacity to actually perform them
so that you don't have a situation where you have a test, but it and be done because there is not a swab or not structure, media or not while all of those he's gotta be in place. I am at all we confident right now at all, we have what it takes to do that you are needed right about that. But the question is what the testing is going to accomplish when twenty percent of New York City had this thing. Without anybody nothing about it, it's pretty astonishing again that the question is how much testing and to what end and public policy officials are not really being clear in what they intend from this, which is why There's so much confusion about reopening. I wouldn't get to the confusion about reopening in just one second reading get to that in a few minutes, but we have to discuss. Obviously the big story of the day, which is everybody, is
Madam president, from because president trumpet turns out is President Robins as things and, as I have said many times on his epitaph, it will say Donald Trump, forty of president of the United States, you settle audibly right, that's that's that that be the nice version of of the epitaph. But yet again I like a lot of stuff. You sent Us President. I think that is handled the corona virus situation in terms of policy actually really really well, it's just that rate when you're, when you're rambling on about some latin in eating it we'll get to that in just one. Second, is also not quite fair. He didn't quite say that will get that interest one second. First, let's talk about the fact that, right now it is up lifting as an American to see has so. Many then has to companies are doing everything they can to help get us through this. Trying time I mean really, people are really working, he drank their employees employed and if I knew employees and to do charity works, that people who are out of work actually have not only source of income, but sometimes food on the table. Zip recruiter is one of our long standing advertising.
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regular is gonna make sure that if you are looking for a job that you can find their employer and that, if you're an employer, you can find the right person to fill that job go check out, zip, recruiter, dot com, Slash worked together right now and find out how they are helping. Zip precludes outcome. Slash work together that supercool reject com, slash work together, though, check them out right now. Ok, so now to the topic of the day, and that is science site. So there s this all sort of turn bad. Yesterday at the White House, after the head of the G h as spokesperson for the interesting o Brien got up and he explained some Good NEWS, but the Good NEWS he said is that sunlight and he may in fact, all the virus. We heard a study earlier this week from France, in which somebody in a lab turned up the heat really high on the virus and the virus. Didn't I but now apparently William Brian, the undersecretary for science over the chest he says well.
Finally, we have some good information at some light and heat may help kill the virus. Now by the way, this does show how stupid it was locked them parks as stupid. It was to tell people to shelter in their homes as opposed to being out in public, not near other people rate is a good thing to be apart on beaches. It is a good thing to be away from other people, but in the sunlight, you're, not cloth. None of the people- you're not sneezing. Another people when you're on the open air there's a place for the Germans to go as you breathe idea. There are lots of reasons too, outside, while among those reasons of sunlight and he may help kill the virus, some literally being the best disinfectants in this particular case here as mediators William Brian Eno Strike observation to date, is a powerful effect that solar light appears to have and killing the virus surfaces, enemy, air, We see a similar effect with both temperature and humidity as well, where increasing the temperature humanity or both generally less favourable to the virus as the temperature increases as a humidity. Increases with no sun involved, you can see
drastically the half. Life goes down on that some of the virus is dying at a much more rapid pace. Just exposure higher temperatures and just exposure humidity. So there's even seventy seven. Seventy two, seventy five degrees with twenty percent Did you during the summer, with sat with sunlight right with summer sunlight and means that era civilized saliva droplets right? Do you breathe? You talk sneeze in the air, the half life on that is gonna, be about one point. Five minutes a lot better than people have been suggesting that the stuff was gonna sit around in the air for three hours, four hours the basically be walking around and just walk right into a cloud the virus without even knowing about it. So that's that's really good news. And does it just by the way when we do reopen businesses, people should be trying to do business outdoors as much as humanly possible way. Maybe maybe we can have barbershops that actually doing haircuts outdoors. Maybe we can, if you're gonna go to a restaurant instead of just sitting people inside the restaurant. If you got a parking lot puts enables out, in the parking lot and socially distance, the tables and you're a lot better off
and you are inside the restaurant, where there are things that allows business to do me. This is good information and its possible that if we just tempt this thing down for a few months, that gives the medical profession a chance to come up with new solutions by time we come back. Ok, all that's good! I mean that's good information, and that is the real headline that should be the headline mean that that's it I'm looking charging is. Are you looking for encouraging news? I would like to not die like my parents, you not, I would like all Americans do not die. So that is the real news. Well, then, president from gets up and president trumped, who sort of speaks from a half, remember dream when it comes to the science very often re he sort of he takes in information and then about around there and then just comes right back out, but in a very garbled form he starts could have ripping about that time that the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor he starts ripping about injecting injecting disinfectant and how we can get uv white inside people now in a second ominously. We actually meant because
actually meant, I think, is not actually crazy. It's actually fairly well established, but the way he says it is it like. If you don't know He means there's no way. I've read this as he's telling you that you should actually take clorox and end just go right into the or they should take a ball of sunlight and just down it ready or stick a light bulb enshrined up your nose or something like it's. It's very bizarre statement that he makes here, and the media, of course jump all over this. As I say, is this an important story? No, it's not important story is good for Trump. No, it's not good for trial. Has again credibility and trustworthiness and level had these are things that people value prettily inertia you time in an election year, now must be real about this. Joe Biden has not sentient so Joe Biden, what it said exactly the same thing in the media have just ignored it and they may excuses work for Trump. They won't do the same thing net. Reality of the situation, which is why drum just as a matter of self preservation politically should be a lot more careful about the stuff that falls out of his face. But here's president from making the comments that that set a thousand
ablaze. Supposing you brought the light inside the body you can, which you can do it through the Skinner in some other way, I think you said you gonna just there to sounds interesting, rather than I see the disinfectant with Nazi out in a minute. What is your way? We can do something like that, injection inside the cleaning you see gets in the lungs and it does it there's? Nobody will also be interesting to check that so that you can have to use medical doctors. But it turns it sounds interesting to me. Well, ok, we'll get you in clarifying this busy at what he heard was probably the he doesn't always
he hears a piece of information. The piece of information is right. When he hears it he process. It comes out wrong on the other and residents with drastic lorquas. He bore saying hydroxide clerk and maybe a possible. Treatment for this thing, and then he went out and oversold because that's what trumped up he's real estate, guys we over cells things, and so he sort of comes up the bumper sticker version of what he thinks he heard, and then he says it give you what he actually meant that a second and you'll see you sort of price to clarify it, even in the middle of the press conference in the media lose their minds over all of this I will say that the reaction shot of doktor works in this is pretty Stella minutes directly from arrested development. I mean it's, it's it's pretty incredible, we'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that right now, your business more than ever, you need to be on top of your data. You just do not. You do not have tree of being able to be uninformed about your own business? There's a lot of uncertainty to go around right now: nets. We reduces it by giving you visibility and control with so many critical decision. Making the right numbers. You need them right now: nets we'd by all
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and still be funny, jabber books be cutaway shot to her from the other angle. Well, Trump is ripping about whether we can inject disinfectant and whether we can sunlight inside the body in some way is pretty stellar doktor doktor Bruce you who's been Sunday. Special and she's got a rough job. I mean. If you are in the trunk administration, you have to balance, let's get good things done and also its not piss off tromp. That really is the balance and a lot of people new administration. Anybody who tells you that's not the balanced line you. That, of course, is the better. This epoch, president from is not the world's thick skin dude and he doesn't like being publicly, precise, and so it puts the scientists and sort of weird position, because you actually see it one. We scientists is called back up and asked about whether this is is smart.
Not only does it well we're not actually testing it and then from his like whether medical people may be testing it may be met maybe and illegally, because that can answer straight question is whether we are going to test if you can, if you can actually just swallow uv whiteboard or something like that, that lets it's absolutely so. What exactly is its trump actually talking about well. Jim Gary has good piece over national of you. He says that Columbia, university Centre for Radiological research develops Whiting that uses far. You ve seen it and killed viruses bacteria without harming human skin eyes and other tissues, as is the problem with conventional ultra violet light. You could put that lighting and public place and you could mitigate airborne viruses that way, but getting your lungs, the rest of your body that can be put under the skin or anything like that And when the president is talking about how sunlight, maybe that could be injustice again, that is eight. That is a botched an odd read of when you got in some way. You have higher vitamin c production production
in your body, vitamin c production in a body is helpful to you to your immune system, helps prevent infection or reduce the risk of infection. But the media are obviously jumping on this, to suggest that the president from is a done deal. This is the real agenda here right. There very concerned with president from being an underhand you'll, even here Trump corrected on comments in the middle of this because Trump understands you doesn't really know what he's talking about here from his numbered. Many haven't noticed talking about ever where he knows the most about everything from the from the afghan lemur to the to the swift. These swallow, the airspeed of of a flying british swallow like he knows. If, yes, from what he knows about a thing, everything everything there is to know about it, their expertise, animate he's, never going to admit that, but right here, for example, he basically tries to correct so because he understands like I'm. Ok, I'm just I'm just saying things that sort of heard and he walked back. I mean he really does Clayton. Sterilization of an area? Maybe it works,
maybe doesnt work, but it certainly has a big effect station. My services, the heat the hot summer and what are the conditions, humility and lack of unity that that would have an impact on services where it can be picked up it will die fairly quickly and somewhere in the winter, wouldn't some years. So I again that what sing there. If you use it on an area. That is what we mean by using disinfectant right of spread and in particular areas of the air may be made. And how trade elegant, what he saying there are makes sense, a correct himself, the media, of course, from the first headline, because it's a lot more colorful, then you had a reporter asking Trump are. It is irresponsible for trumpeted just the people go outside. No, that's not irresponsible! That what is on. Scientists are saying that this is where you can see that the media are off the rails, you're not trying to accurately interpret from there trying to drive a narrative. That's just the trumpets telling people to do unsafe,
Now we already. You know that right, the very noted they try to blame them for lady feeding, her husband, fish tank, cleaner and now they're, trying to blame from four suggest It is good to God, I'm ok, I'm is its flat out. It is better to the outside and inside I've been saying this for weeks. All available studies show. It is better to be outside and inside if you have a choice. Why? Because you are not in closed, tax with other human beings and breathing all over them in recirculated air. This perfectly obvious, there's been true for a long time. Ok, I'm gonna make any bones about that. So here was a reporter. Asking Trump is using its irresponsible for you to make people safe. They feel that they will be safe from the virus in the heat. There's nobody saying he's in you're, gonna be safer from the virus in the heat outside You will be in your home and air conditioning in a small area which is of course, true inheres trump, basically pointing this out
dangerous for you to make people think they would be saved by going outside in the heat. Considering that so many people are dying for considering that this virus has an outbreak in Singapore places, our new the new headlines, truth is speaking to go outside. That's dangerous, gaily, go same old group, you ready, I hope people enjoy the sun, and if it has an impact, that's great again, I say: maybe can maybe you can't I'm not adapted like a person that has, as you know, what he's a personage good you know. But what is it I'll say it? Ok, because the doctors are saying it being
There is a study from China. It found that grant all of two count them to run. A virus cases were diagnosed from people who are actually outside talking with each other, and there are in close contact outside of Europe far away from other people outside. It is better to do that and is to be inside locked in with other people. Bottom line, truth is about any corona virus by the wage about the flu is all about. It's true about any of these things, if you are far away from other people and in sunlight, that is better than being inside and recirculated air this. Why subway systems are really bad for this sort of thing to pretend that that its dangers for from to save it,
is fully idiotic. Can you can see the narrative forming in real time now? The broader narrative is not just the trumpets, incompetent and terrible and really bad person, and all this, the broader narrative is that Republicans our anti science in their there's two broader narratives, that that members of the Democratic Party and the media- but I repeat myself, are our p myself are trying to push. One is Republicans hate science and the other is that Republicans hate human life and both of those are absolute, utter bull, crap, Republicans, don't aid science and they don't hate human life. In fact, many of us are trying to look hard at the science and figure out what the Stan awards are what Democrats are trying to do now is craters binary, where, if you are in favour of removal of lockdown in gradual and responsible fashion, this makes you anti vaccine activists, or this makes you somebody who is in favour of people just infecting each other willy nilly
was this place into preexisting stereotypes that the media been trying to create for a long time, which is that, if you are on the right, then this is because you are a climate change denier because you're evil and deny science, and you don't care about all people dying in York about poor people, to read that These are the pre existing narratives. There now just Frank shoehorn, corona virus into it and doesn't fit feminism stepsister parents in relish huge, doesn't fit together, cutting off toes trying to fit that foot into that. You will get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about factor. If your car is having trouble right now, rock auto would be an absolute gods and rough Otto is a lot easier than walking into a store and demanding. Quick answers to things like you know is your odyssey in Alex or any actions. You have the exact specific part, as opposed to the generic part and also its overpriced inside had had an over Iraq auto dot com. They have a great catalogue. Its unique is remarkably easy to navigate rapporteur outcomes. Family business serving auto parts customers online for twenty years, recorded icon, always off the lowest prices possible rather than changing prices based on what the market will bear like airlines do, while you spend twice as much for the same part when you could just get it. Iraq
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Instagram was out there on the front lines doing its part to fight the global pandemic. In this picture, Kyle into of his comrades are opening a test. They are operating attesting checkpoint, dress in their military, fatigues, protective rubber, gloves, facial and best of all proudly brandishing their elite beverage vessels. The caption reads: Hayband cheers for its call to our ears, but warm leftist years mitigate all Rona fears with our airforce peers. Hashtag leftist years hashtag airforce medicine, hashtag, corona screening, hashtag covert drive through some personal they're here, a second of all their poets on the on the order of Keats or Shelly. This is just fence well done or so grateful for the incredible job. All of you are joined by the way, just quit note, not members military, doing an incredible job over medical professionals. If you see somebody who Sullivan packages today, thank them series of like him in Amazon driver stopped by your house, give them big. Thank you, because those are the people who are continuing to keep the country running thanks for the picture, stay safe out there and meanwhile, and go subscribed, get two of these by eager to re her to those things go check, it
daily word. I come slashed subscriber listening to the largest fastest growing conservative Pakistan radio show the nation yes, again there too narratives media and the Democrats referring to push one is Republicans, don't care about science. The second is the Republicans: don't care about human life and there they are merged these two narrative, so their publicans don't care about science thing every time from says something that seems bizarre. That is going to be radically magnified, not just because he's president, because I mean we those present he's as bizarre things. All the time I mean have you ever seen a man mainly, but this is what he does, but there Frankie turn this into a broader republicans: don't respect science narrative, which is patently not true, predict, when it comes to corona virus. It is also true that people on the left have been really denying science all the way throughout the corona virus pandemic, for example, trotting out false case. They tell any rates to inflate the statistics on this thing like we know those were wrong from the very beginning. We know there is no way that those right there being trotted out by the media
systems, as those were the right infection fatality in case or it may we kept hearing Moreover, over that the who to doubt the who was to be terrible, we kept hearing that if you said that it was not a three point. Four percent ethics- from Verona virus. There was actually under one percent. This is because you are some sort of science dinner now it turns out the euro, the science denier and is not as though Thou speculative, buddy new early on that there are a huge number of. Symptomatic cases I, when people or suggesting that flattening the curve, was going to alleviate the virus completely or that testing is gonna, be a Europe that is bad science. I have now asked the surgeon in the former surgeon, general of the United States, professors from Stanford eight need the head of Johns Hopkins Epidemiology Department, the the the head of the you see as of medicine, Depart addressed a number of people who know far better than I. What testing is designed to do. It is not designed to knock the virus completely out of the population that is not
thing testing can do, and yet, if you listen to the media, that is the suggestion that you will receive an fuels into Democrats. That's the suggestion that you will receive that science denial. Speaking of science and I'll get idiots, like John Kerry, draw her report, overload air fares like her mother Slide and my Hollywood hell's collapsing and on its off like a dying star, his chin used to be at least five inches closer to the top of his head for time. He has resembled more morn, Easter Island Egg and Easter Island areas. Talking well, the biggest threats to America I'll tell you corral, it's not grown lemon correct? It is clear, I'm a change whose John Kerry Science is science. Man Most challenging. Jim of all, getting beyond the pandemic of Corona virus is climate crisis, and the climate
prices could not be more real, even if you take the situation incredibly serious late to suggest that it is a bigger threatening, corona virus Lemme go no on that one month ago. No gradual change in the climbed over the course of the next hundred years is not as much an issue as the complete breakdown of the world economy, mass unemployment and hundreds of thousands. If not millions, of people dead like in the next five months, though, that's him that's a lot. Where's. That seems a lot lot lot worse. It may well being of science it I'll I constantly amuse the crisp porno is is going on tv and talking about like how people are not socially distancing, and terrible. It is when we now know that he broke his own quarantines it I go to a second property and he was yelling at a bite. Outside. This house also just go to point out that this This is an actual real thing there is. His wife is Christina. She put up a blood, it's called the Quabos Corona Protocol, weak three, since just as my husband, Chris, began to kick this I was stricken with the krona virus has been
we can. Isolation battling cover, nineteen, here's, my lord, and what I did to push it out over the weak, and she talked about all of the various things that she did. It's not super science. Although our immune systems and its working for us, I am sharing this, but this isn't a debate. If you think these are far fetched treatments. Think again, I went through tons and was the Doktor Window Lancaster, who put us on a path of natural remedies to build our immune systems and its working for us. I am sharing this, but this isn't a debate if you think these are far fetched treatments think again I went through tens of years have attics for line disease this past year, which did not help eradicate one. Only when it took a natural course did. I get better and applying it in for me the virus, because I believe in natural medicine, which, by the way when my favorite means on is the that there is it there's a memo mine that shows folders on a computer and it shows voice as science, natural medicine next folder the open up his evidence and then empty because natural medicine not tons of evidence,
it is important as it as it turns out, just as we are all trying to find tools to help us, I'm grateful. I have the ability to reach and educate myself unnatural remedies, and then she she talked about all the things that she did. She she talked about residence reading and print. I am hoping to expand the lungs and then she talked about vat, men's herbs and minerals. She talked about you sign Ex daily three antivirals daily, three capper S daily three oak, so nontoxic quinine, daily dimension, deliver cleansing beverage with one raw garlic love, one orange one, lemon tablespoon of current pepper, spoonful of olive oil, a country of ginger and a piece of generic, and then she made a big batch of this stuff. Also, she suggested that She was going to bathe in bleach at the direction. My doctor, Doktor, Linda Lancaster, reminded me that is an oxygen depleting virus she suggested. I take a bath and at a nominal amount of bleach. Yes, please. I had a small amount, a half cup only of clorox to a full bath of warm water. Why
to combat the radiation and metals in my system, an oxygenated. That's that that doesn't sound like super science to me and granted. I am not a scientist or doktor. This does not sound supersize Chelsea use. Em a machine howdy charger, which energy specialist Randy opted suggested? I borrowed from a friend instance electrical frequency through my by two oxygenate, my brought blood and still like the healthy production of blood cells to fortify my immune system, but also rebalancing my energy rebalancing energy while it. I can't. I can't wait to hear how she's leeches to cure the humorous exactly what it. What do we talk? You Is it not just the Jews on the same level as the President of the United States when he just completely boxes the science after having heard many spit it out wrong? But can we stop pretending that, like failures of science exist only on one side of the hour for political purposes, because just very slowly and the other thing that people are citing is this idea. There
publicans are just not taking seriously the threat to human life again there trying to combine on the left. This idea that Republicans our anti science and the idea that Republicans our Anti life- and it is a stretch so, for example, over Media Atomic Christopher who, as you know, a very hard core Democrat, he says forty percent of Russia can see the threat from corona virus has been exaggerated. Another ten percent are unsure a drastic different from the rest of Americans pulled a Yahoo knew you Gov Poll, published Thursday found start partisan divide on a number of key questions related to public health in the state of Covin. Nineteen. Forty percent of Republicans said that the threat of cuban nineteen was exaggerated. According to Democrats, only twenty five percent said our eleven percent of Democrats said that the threat of cuban nineteen was exaggerated, about twenty five percent of, penance said the threat of cuban nineteen was exaggerated. Now it depends what you mean by exaggerated. If you mean that it's not a threat at all, then of course wrong. If you mean that we're saying for literally months here that the threat of combination,
so bad that you're gonna randomly walked down the street, obtain it and now your chances of dying or ten percent, then yeah that was exaggerated. That wasn't I mean, if you think, about the actual statistical threat to young people right now in the United States. There is no question that the media's anecdotal coverage of this sort of stuff has created. An exaggerated perception of the threat of the disease doesn't mean, is not serious. Can be serious and also exaggerated, reconsidered the Beatles. Are the and also overrated you can. You can say things are bad, but also the threat has been exaggerated of those things. It is true that the media have exaggerated the threat to your specific human life from coal. Indeed, unless your elderly or or have pre existing conditions, I mean that that is what all the data suggests suggest somehow the Republicans where more sceptical of the media than others are some taking the science to not, seriously enough as it is to ignore the fact the media have done a horrible job on this of a really horrible job, and now this is being conflated with if you are in favour of ending lockdown, if you're, in of moving beyond lockdown. This is because you don't care enough about human life.
There's entire article over the LOS Angeles Times, trying to tied together anti vaccine activists and corona virus protesters. The vast majority of people who want to see these lockdown ended and given the freedom to make their own risk assessments. The vast majority of those people are not people who deny the efficacy of vaccines or stump against vaccines. You're really hard pressed by anybody in the red is more productive than I am like seriously. I've come out in favour in California of vaccine mandates. If you're gonna go to a public school for communicable diseases that you can pass two other people and no religion and no religious exemptions for it. But I've come out in favour of that, because that is a threat to other people, write a generic policy that suggests that you, not be able to pass on a grave disease, somebody with leukemia or cancer, or small child or for paying a mother. I am all, for I'm very very preventing I've done. Entire episodes of this pod cast actually in which I go through all the details, about vaccines to suggest that
I am anti vaccine, because I also think that the government is without Data now moving into an era where they are where they are not actually making good policy decisions is just a lie. And I think that's true for most of the people who are saying we need to go back to work and french people back in response weaken the key word. There is responsibly theirs People are not going tonight. There's some people here like ok. This is not really a threat. We just go out Willy nilly do what we want. I don't think that that is even close to the majority of people who are in favour of moving beyond the lockdown. The fact is, the lock ends were were established to achieve the goal. The goal was to prevent the overwhelming of our hospital system. End of story. There was the entire thing the latter were never going to prevent widespread infection of the disease. Now, unless you walk down forever, which is not palatable and nobody's gonna, do it, we already see our food supplies dwindling. We see the food supply lines there actually threatened right now. So barring now
We are all going go back to work and the question is gonna be under what conditions we do. As I said now, for I think several weeks, we're all gonna end up doing what Sweden did. Question is when we should start doing what sweetened it and what level of testing necessary, nor do the hotspot testing in tracing and one We all agree on this. You wanna talk about how things have become incredibly partisan, really incredibly partisan. All you have to do is look at the coverage of joy. So in Colorado. They basically done the same thing that they are talking about doing in in Georgia. Your pals talked about opening businesses in in Colorado and nobody seems to care. Because he is not a Democrat. Meanwhile, the conditions under which businesses can actually reopen in Georgia. It turns out there actually fairly strict. It is not as though you can just reopen Willy nilly a governor comes executive were in. Georgia is just again its medium Althesa, designed to target Republicans in order to generate a narrative initiative that has a headline that looks
this one from Timothy, even more on over the New York Times how Republicans became the party of death, people are disposable, so his income for the Pro Life Party it is more important. No one is not more important, is about coming up with a public policy that saves The most lives possible, while also not destroying the most lives possible. Lives can be destroyed without killing people, as it turns out n. It turns out that a lot of lives do end precipitously when you have great depressions, but that this is all that this is a narrative, ok, but take take. Georgia is a perfect example. I'm looking for now at a document from Governor Camp about which entities can engage in minimum basic operations, so he says the gems. The centres bowling alleys, bodyguard studios, barbarous cosmetology, hair designers, nail care artists as politicians. All of these can engage in minimum basic operations April, twenty fourth, two thousand twenty. This means these businesses can open. Onto the public on a limited basis. Subject: restrictions: what are those restrictions when that be the key question when the key question be what they have to do to reopen
What they have to do, the minimum necessary activities maintain the value business establishment. Corporation nonprofit, Corporation Organisation, its provide serves, is met. Inventory ensure security process, payroll, unemployed benefits, etcetera, the minimum necessary functions. They they have to be able to allow people to work remotely. And instant, and they would they want to allow people to work outdoors, because outdoors is watching, for here is what they have to do as businesses, one it's screening, workers to exhibit signs of illness such as a fever over a hundred and four hundred point four degrees, Fahrenheit cloth or shortness of breath. So these screen every worker deaf to require workers to exhibit signs of illness, to not reports, work or seek medical and they have to enhance annotation of the workplace, require him, russian or sanitation by workers at appropriate places within the business location, provide p p ease as available and appropriate to the function and location of the worker prohibit gatherings of workers? workers to take breaks and meals outside implementing teller workers for teller work for all possible workers.
Lamenting staggered shift for all possible workers holding meetings in conferences virtually delivering in tangible services remotely discouraging workers from using other workers, phones, desks offices or other work tools prohibiting handshaking, placing notices that encourage hand. Hygiene everywhere, suspending the use of personal identification, number pad, pin entry devices, electronic signature capture and any other I received a signature was requirements to the extent such suspension is permitted by agreements with credit card companies and credit agencies. Enforcing social, distancing of non cohabiting persons, while president on such entities least our own properties providing for alternative points of sale outside of buildings, including curbside, pick ups, increasing physical space, riding disinfection and sanitation tools. Increasing physical space between we're There are focusing on that. Instead, there focusing on how dare he even say the word reopening it's a lot easier if you're a governor right now, simply just saving to keep things, clothes and then suggested, or political opponents want people to die. If they disagree is Jamie, Pritzker in Illinois is doing, he says, he's extending stayed home, overthrew, may thirtieth without providing a metric as to why
how dare he even say the word reopening it's a lot easier for governor right now, simply to saving to keep things closed and then suggested or politics. Parents want people to die. If they disagree is Jamie Pritzker the noise doing he says he's extending stayed home order through May Thirtieth with it providing a metric as to why that is or how he hopes to restore some level of economic mobility, and for in his state next week, I intend to sign an extension of our stay at home order with someone, vacations through today May thirtieth. To everyone listening we are in. Possibly the most difficult part of this journey, I know how badly we all want. Our normal lives back believe me. If I could make that happen right now. I would but this is the part where we have to dig in ok and again I'm fine with the digging in, but you have to explain how you want to get out of the hole that you have no dog. So far. Many these governments are not many. These governors,
not saying what their expected expectations are. Gonna be how many tests are actually necessary when people can go back to work under what conditions then go back to work. That's irresponsible. It is irresponsible and expect the american people to trust you have their best interests at heart. When you won't even lay out a plan, is pretty incredible, ok time for equip thing, I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like today, I will admit my kids did not sleep well. Last night there it's- you know being at home this much interesting times interesting times, but I have three kids under the age of seven That means my six year old woke me up for nightmares, and then my three year old woke me up, because for the first time in like a year and a half, he had an accident and then my baby woke me up because you need to nurse. It was just good times is good times. Well, if you're looking for relaxing literature for your children like good, better monitoring, just great literature, generally the complete, hails, wanted to buy a moment so charming and so wonderful and amen with such a talented
fellow. I knew it really is pretty incredible. He went from writing. These kind of cereal comic plays on on topical political issues, to writing Winnie the poor, and we who has surprising depth to it it's What things is really charming about when it? Who also is there no violence? So it's him and that is able to stain entire story. No violence just can't with charming fun and it's all character, base charming fun. The the movie is great, but the movie is not. It does not. The candles books. Books are clever and on and witty and really really enjoy. My daughter is really enjoying. My father is a great dramatic readers he's sitting inside right now. Reading my daughter and- and it is pretty spectacular, go check that out charming Israel, relax. You is apparent and relax you to read the complete tales when you do go check it out, right now, by a known, ok time for some things I hate, so
on a Friday have many many things that I hate today. So many things I hate. Let's begin with Joe Biden saying stuff so Joe Biden yesterday. He suggested that president from will postpone the election. He said mark my words, I think he's gonna try to cut back the election. Somehow come up as murdering and he's not he's gonna, cumbersome, rational. Why can't beheld imagine threatening not to fund the post office? God's in God's name. Is that about oven, trying to let the word out that he's gonna do all he can make it hard for people to vote. That's the only way he thinks it can possibly when this is not how the constitution of the United States works. You can't just before an election as the president, not how it works in requires an act of Congress to change the electoral rules and Joe Biden is an idiot. He doesn't know anything about the constitution the United States and neither do members the media, because somebody should have asked him the following question: how how way from she's got up we're not going to mention this year. How is that possible? And the answer is it's not possible, but the thing
Members of our media. Don't very number know very much about the constitution either, because nobody in this country knows very much about american history is a story out of the Associated Press. Today, the latest nations report card it a greater scores in. U S, history and geography declining since two thousand fourteen results that Education Secretary Betsy Device on Thursday called stark and inexcusable the fact that all the schools are out right now and people are at home means the kids will actually increase their educational capacity because I'll tell you what they're doing much public schools, apparently civic scores, I'm a few thousand eighteen assessments, or the same as in the last round of test. For years earlier assessments were given the first aim digitally on tablets instead of on paper, their administrative, forty, thousand seven hundred eighth grade students in seventeen. Eighty public and private schools across the nation it most there's a lower performing students was more ground and middle and higher performing students mirroring seen in recent reading amassed wars which, of course, is not a great shock, very
Often low performing students are not performing badly through any fault of their own. It's because they don't have the same sort of familial infrastructure that higher performing students generally have. The problem is likely made worse by the loss of class time caused by grown a virus across all three subjects: a quarter, less of student scored at or above proficient meaning they showed a solid understanding of challenge. Ain't challenging concepts are not quarter or more fail to demonstrate a level of basic understanding the results showed. So that means that only a quarter scored at at or above proficient some one in four students scored adder above provisions and twenty five percent did not even have a basic level understanding the boss sent a written statement in the real world is mean students, don't know what the Lincoln Douglas debates about. Nor can they discuss significance of the bill of rights or point out basic locations on a map. Only fifteen percent,
them have reasonable knowledge of your history. All American should take a moment to think about the concerning implications for the future of our country. The score gaps seen white students and Blackness ban appears had not changed significantly from two thousand fourteen two to two thousand and nineteen, the average U S, history score out of five hundred and two thousand eighteen was two hundred and sixty three out of five hundred, so just taking baseline guesses, you probably end up in that ballpark be results. Categorized. Fifteen percent of AIDS Graters is provision when asked, for example, to explain significant of certain documents and ideas in american history. History scores declined across the board for white blackened hispanic students. The average geography score was to fifty eight out of five hundred the two thousand eighteen civic score, which measured students, knowledge of government only about twenty four percent scored at or above provisions
no significant change across ethnic groups. Why does this matter the reason this matters is because we are in the midst and that this battle has not wane, thanks to corners of a serious debate over what the country means over what America is you're, seeing a lot of stories these days about whether american exceptionalism has been tested by all of this, we are not exceptional, were bad were cruel. Already, some of these pieces Bernie Sanders talk about how we need to fundamentally restructure american society, a piece from a guy named when over at the New York Times, suggesting that american history is a history of racist, sutler, colonization and oppression and that America needs to move beyond the unfettered, unbridled greed of capitalism into a new era. In order to believe these things, you have to be really ignorance about american history. I give to be taught a version of american history. That is context free. You have to basically red Synopsis of Howard's in which is very often one
taught in these schools. You have do not understand what american history is truly all about when you dont each american history in the proper way. When people don't know american history, when they don't know the constitution, when they don't know the declaration of independence, they start to believe that America is just basically a border country in which we are all trapped as a series of competing interest groups, and this is what a lot of people unless would like I've, been ample coming out. That is on this topic in July. What what many on the left would like is for us to believe that we are not part of the same America that America was never an idea. It was never a creed never in ideal that we were striving towards. Instead, Amerika was basically a bunch of fuzzy words put out a piece of paper so that people who are in positions of power could continue to oppress. People were not in positions of power, and that pattern continues until today. Study of american history is crucial and vital to understanding how wrong and stupid this is. It also crucial and vital to understanding how often politicians Jesse
things that are utterly unrealistic in ridiculous. When Joe Biden says things like the president will just push off the election, a cursory glance at the constitution of the United States would tell people this is not possible. You cannot you do that, but nobody knows that because nobody actually has read the constitution of the United States when people on what suggest that America's unbridled unfettered greed derives from Sattler Colonization past. That is so context free. It is free of the kind, Then all of human history is basically about people settling in conquering and colonizing, and that does not mean that the sins of America's past our nonsense. It does mean that to take those out of context, as others are unique to America. Where's that This is America are somehow international in scope or just things that happen. It is a complete reversal of actual american history. Nieces from left over time is this idea that when America accomplish something, it's world accomplishment saw this around. The marking of the fiftieth anniversary of the movie
follow the APOLLO moonlighting right. You saw the people say always it was global accomplishment. No, that was an american accomplishment and so a global accomplishment according to lift up the APOLLO flights to the moon global accomplishment, the vast rise from poverty to unprecedented prosperity, the fighting disease Non American accomplishment, a glow. Accomplishment, slavery and american accomplishment write anything that was universal and bad. That's uniquely american everything that sprang from America and has provided benefits. Everybody else is universal accomplishment many unless wants the Americas an inherently bad place in the only counter affect you. That is the disinfectant of true knowledge of American. Here, an understanding of american history. Is why the sixteen nineteen project, which is a bunch of bad history put out by the New York Times, is really damaging its context, free history. It is why the goal of the left, which is to portray America in a bad light, has serious,
locations for the future of the country, dividing us long, racial in class lines in order so that the latter can recast. America is a bad guy and then draw all the american bargain. That's incredibly dangerous! That's what people are are fighting against. This has been channel, they always with coronavirus fight, because a lot of the people who are who are protesting against the lockdown, what they are saying is. We are deeply suspicious that there, a lot of people at the mental level, or perfectly comfortable with rewriting the bargain between Americans and their governments on the back of a global pandemic rights, others for a while. I think that that scepticism is warranted. I do not think that means that we have to pretend the disease is not there. It's incredibly dangerous, that we do that. We have to pretend that local measures weren't we're completely useless I don't know prickly in New York City. I think there are completely useless, but to what, when you see a near one hundred percent cross over in the Van Diagram, like it's a circle between the people who think America is bad in the people who want continued lockdown, that's arson.
People suspicious that again, you want to remove the political considerations from this. Stop proclaiming that Americanese fundamental change on the back of a black one event: is the worst in modern american history. It is. Ignorance is a breeding ground for hatred of a marrow. Ignorance is a breeding ground for that and to the fact that our schools have failed so dramatically in teaching people. The basics of american history is a complete tragedy. Ok, another thing that I hate today, so the government continues to spend inordinate amounts of money that they, the house, approved. Another aid package, the aid package had begun. The the paycheck Protection ACT had been essentially exhausted immediately because, like all big government programmes, that are not the door, it was be scrap mean it turns out that they didn't have good standards for who could borrow and who could not borrowing at Harvard University getting money out of the thing he had big corporations that actually
need the money getting money out of the thing, and you saw the same thing with the Cares act from one of the big disasters of the Cares act of this two trillion dollars. Spending plan is that there is a part of the plan that made it, so you would make more money on unemployment in some cases than you would make at a business and people like Bernie Sanders like. Why? Do we not just that the money up just Paypal, money? Look what's that I'm not looking pay them, you think they want do not work, but then you see people like ABC whose campaign with Bernie telling people actively not work payment. You can have ways. Bernie was like you can pay people more to not look into what but people love to what people back to work when they come and you have Elsie being like. But what, if we note, what if we stay home like forever like well like well, yeah, Bre, yeah like well woman, so the Kazakhs and a lot of problems with it. The new bill also has many problems with it. It is four hundred eighty four billion dollars to restore that depleted loan programme for distrust. Small business is one of the problems with these distress. Loan programmes is that when the government is handing out loans to
physically fill in the damage there to competing priorities, and then we ought to acknowledge them. One is the government, an unbelievable damage, your business by shutting down the economy, the other is come on the other side of this. Your business may still be damaged because the underlying conditions have changed, meaning there businesses, because their lockdown, though combat rather not businesses. There were dependent in person clientele meeting in small amounts of space, for example, so say on a jewelry business and the government shut you down, but most your work was done. Online people are coming in kind of sporadic basis is not like. The shop is super crowded. All the time you make your money by selling expensive items, you're probably find where you go back to work and what the market that was there. It's change some because people are not as rich as they were, but
you're the phenomena, the fundamental underlying market conditions for your for your business have not changed in a severe wipe your restaurant owner and you, honourable data in New York City, can fit a person with social distancing not like it can fit. Ten tables can fit a person, a human being once you socially distance, when you come back to work, the government providing you alone, he that business afloat is actually just a giant wasted money. The gunman actually should just said your business is basically dead and now we're gonna pay you to be unemployed unemployment for awhile and compensate for that loss, but we can't float loans to businesses that are gonna be unsuccessful. This is why I suggested that the best way to do this, we have banks we assess risk in loans and then have the government promote the banks lending under these circumstances to businesses that need money floated to them. In other words, if the one was about alone, then there is no reason. Why should continue to float the loan as, continuously. There's gonna be a lot of pressure for the government to continue to float money to businesses that are not going to be fine
on the other end of this, because underlying human activity has changed. But that that actually Series Poland is one of the reasons why we actually need to get back to work. One of the reasons we need the lockdown stand we need to get back. Work is because need to know what the market feedback loop looks like the way that you can tell which businesses are going to be successful and which ones or not is when people get back out there and they start to actually patronized businesses again and then we need fluid the labour market. All the people who are losing jobs, in the restaurant industry, if, let's say the the delivery industry is now going to rise concomitant with that, or let's say that the new rules How industry is going down the online industry is rising. People need to be able to know that they can move from one industry into the other. Fluidity of labour can only be had when you have full transparency and what the market is demanding of particular businesses.
Creating glue in their system is actually not a very good idea, but unfortunately is not just that loses a problem. It is also the fact that the Democrats are now pushing for states to be bailed out now if the state has incurred some sort of debt on the back of federal mandates and federal recommendations and damage done by the federal government going to the federal government we filled in is not a particularly horrible idea. If, however, states are basically coming in saying so, here's the deal dies. We ran up a mass of credit card like huge over the past few years and now we'd love, to fill that in no. The federal government should not be filling that insult Mitch. Mcconnell said: listen if you aren't the state of California in your running this massive that state of California has an inert surmounted at yours said we or the state of New York has on the books a hundred and thirty seven billion dollars. That is probably a lot more than that because they ve unfunded liabilities that they lie about. California does California, will sign contracts with unions and then say
Don't worry, don't worry guys. We set up a pension fund, for instance, can earn out at seven percent a year if I can get seven percent a year. Investments I'd be investing would stay to California, where the issue is nonsense. It has been filling these things: any union contracts, understanding, they're gonna, have to tax people and sell bonds later to pay for it. It would That said these seeds are running. Massive deficits are mature economies like ok, you encourage new costs from corner viruses, Economies can get hit, you're, not gonna, taken as much tax revenue you're not unable to fulfil your obligations. You should do what municipalities have been doing. You should renegotiate your that with these various entities and pension funds, because it is not up to the taxpayers of Kentucky or taxes to pay for this, so much Mcconnell sadness and then all of the various left wing- big, blue governor isn't in centres, decide you go crazy on him. Here is restructuring. Mcconnell is being he's been mean, he's being mean no mean paying your credit card. Belpher things unrelated to Verona virus is, is not actually being mean. That should call common sense. Here is trucks
Mitchell colonels remarks are so far out of the mainstream. He's gonna have to walk them back. This is not an abstract concept, to their food safety in space. Risking their lives to see that the food is produced to say so many others that are vital and to just sort of gives him the backyard and say go bankrupt. Which is used. Paying millions of families across Amerika is a position that is hard to imagine it is mean spirited and Senator Mcconnell says that he will have to walk this back when he should. I want this back. The fact is that if a state incurred deadline, Nothing to grant a virus, and now you're revenues aren't meeting what you thought they're going to meet. That is called you being bad business, hidden Anne and noticed the consistent here. I'm saying that of your business. That is not viable. People should not be floating you loans and, if you're, a state that is not viable, people should not be floating you, loans. They should certainly not be baling you out where they should pay for the damage they have done at the federal level, and then you should have an fiscally
possible. If your a state, if you have to renegotiate those currently where's the money, come from either, from states that are more fiscally responsible or its coming from future taxpayers. Who did not make these deals in the first place? The money does not grow on trees. But here we have Andrew Cuomo slamming the bail out comments as well. That's who we are he's not here we are as a people. I mean if this for a time for humanity and decency. I was the time and if their every time to stop your political. Sesar political by yes, anger, which is it's more thing to just a police anger. Now as the time and you the political divide, this nation. Now with all that's going on, however, possible and how reckless, knowing about you mandolin, reckless reckon up debt for years for years and years and years and years and decades, and then being let a look out,
when used met, didn't meet the shortfall? Haven't you Bellamy out? That is the definition of irresponsibility. The Wall Street Journal points out that Cuomo worn for months about six billion stay deficit thanks runaway Medicaid costs and taxpayers leaving his high tech state, he's anyone Seventy seven billion dollars business as usual budge on April third, that allows tomorrow, eleven billion dollars and spending exceeds revenue in Illinois, Gibby Pritzker proposal Forty one billion dollar budget, including nine billion dollars for public pensions, you raise taxes and nineteen he wants to make the states court flat tax progressive it. Voters approve a constitutional change, this fall and yet he and the union's own state. How to block pension or spending reforms. Bottom line is that these states have been irresponsible. Years so that our government, by the way, reckon twenty one trillion and tat on the back of basically bull, crap and then being let look. We don't have enough money know. The answer is no states should declare bankruptcy if they have been so fiscally irresponsible than now they're asking to be bailed out not from corona virus related decisions, but everything else
One was the right thing here and fiscal responsibility last I check should still be a priority for a Congress people, even though apparently, and never will be again and we're just gonna- spend money that doesn't exist until the end of tat, and then a hyper inflate our way out of a ten years from now or create austerity renegotiations in ten years, which is most likely to happen. Here's one one: you can you the renegotiated now and be fiscal response regulation renegotiated later. When you have a bunch of people who are waiting on their pensions. Many people than now and who are gonna, be depriving those pensions, because the states are You lazy and politicians are two gutless to make hard decisions right now, ok evacuated two additional hours of content, otherwise we'll see you here. On Monday, I mention criticism.
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