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Sunday Special Ep 20: Glenn Beck

2018-09-23 | 🔗
Does America have an addiction to outrage? Glenn Beck offers his insights, talks about his journey from CNN to Fox News and beyond, and how hearing "We're all drunks in this room" changed his life forever, on this episode of The Sunday Special. Date: 09-23-2018
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The word that you need to look for is chaos if what you're doing is causing chaos you are going to be part of the problem, so here we are on. The bench bureau show Sunday special with Glenn back when you get into his new book, addicted to outrage and just one second per first, let's talk about your data security, but they are now half era hotel, we often rely on public wifi to use the internet on the go, but something is simple was paying your bills online from a Starbucks could leave your day. Exposed. A hacker can easily interceptor information, still passwords credit cards. Personal details is not just here, There's government agencies like the USA, monitored. Entire internet, maybe scooping up their activities What can you do to defend yourself? The software I used protect my online activity from spies and data thieves. It's called Express, Vps, expressed ppm, has easy to you: Perhaps the run seamlessly in the background of my computer phone and tablet expressly pensive yours in anonymize, it's my internet browser.
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really, you can tell labour of love first thoughts longer than a lot of your other and say about really covers an enormous amount of where what prompted you too, to write this book in the first place. The last four years, probably you know I ve been we ve talked about this, for I kind of went into a depression of my job is to make sense the world, and my job is two point. Two the exits they're here here in here and I couldn't going to the exits anymore. I didn't understand the world we are living in anymore, and people ask okay. So ok What do we do when we do? I got two point: twenty in others a hundred and twenty different genders. I don't know I don't know where this is even coming from, and so she know four years ago. I'm thinking. Ok, I just don't want to do this anymore, because I don't know, I don't have an ant
started doing my homework started, doing some research started thinking differently and really started to bone up on postmodernism and what's really happening, where's racist coming from Once you find that and you see what the goal is of just straight up deconstruction. I can't think of a positive thing of postmodern is not one it's all about taking apart, the western way of life and anything that that came out of the enlightenment. It's really hey everybody. Let's go back to the dark ages. Literally, would you agree? I think they're centres, so I can't think of I can't think of a positive in that. How do you sell that positively? So when you start to understand that you understand that there is no truth, there is no meaning, etc, etc. You start to understand: maybe suicide rates. You start
understand why people are arguing back in four, why people feel betrayed why people feel like you're, a hypocrite. Wait you're just saying this yesterday, it's all postmodernism once you know that. Now what- and so I have spent the last couple of years and a solid you're, hiding that I back that's the second time I wrote that book. Just trying to say? Ok. So now, though, we know that we need their goal is chaos. How do we diffuse that? How do we take it apart and we're going at it at a hundred needed Greece or under eighteen I think that the actual goal, the postmodernism cancer, you think it's just a natural byproduct of their ideology, meaning that to take and of steel mandate, four postmodernism. Basically what they would say is that whirlwind of it those who operate with certain linguistic sort of limitations. We are right in our own world, there's no such thing as a universal truth. There's just your truth or my true they're. Just my logic and your logic, we need to acknowledge that so we can build a new world based on
Jackie, are our own subjective views of the world that might be better than the patriotic law that has been put in place. So I think that are really charitable viewpoint of it. I think if we go back to the roots of, what's being taught now you go back to the nineteen sixteen in the Paris Riots, where we're not making. We cannot destroy culture. We they thought they had they had the Beatles they thought they had all the culture they had the hippy moment. Everything was going their way that it fell apart because they didn't he of all of the levers to take western culture down day and again, it's it's almost like what they learned at the Frankfurt school, the people in the west. They do you know they. They would describe this, as did they being bought off their being bribes, they're not going to rise up because it being hypnotized brainwashed with their cars.
Products and everything else, they're, not gonna, be the workers of the world, unite and tear it down. So when you look at it from that point of view from the groups that got together in the fifties and then again in the sixties, after the ferris riots. You then see that come and jump over here with the expressed apply, and a being a virus and to take down the western way of life. So is that can I mean it? I guess the opposition would say. Maybe that's conspiratorial thinking is it? Is it motivated, or is it just the way that things happen are these people stating their case. I think there's this. This is the problem with me. You know, there's no nuance in today's world anymore and That leaves us in an in a world of black and white, and that's not the way things are there. There are those that look at postmodern
as some of the founders did of this particular strain of the movement that want to tear it apart because they are marxist revolutionaries gate? There are others that look at this. You know for literature and be able to understand it, etc, etc. They don't has essentially have the same goals. In fact, I know professors who actually were marxist until recently and and one of them is a guy who was postmodern literature and felt that there was meaning in their until recently. Now he sees wait a minute. The extreme is taking that the wheel. Here, it's not! Those of us who are like now, there's some real meaning here, but it's the extreme and the extremes are the ones that are or are to have. Control. There's a lot. Your title here addicted to outrage at the first one,
then we'll get to the war will skip the conjunction little gets about. The latter is the first word addicted. You talk in the book about the idea that we have actually created an addiction to the feeling that we get them sort of emotional high that we get from ripping other people down and feeling outraged and feeling a real good, so can gauge grab them four? Also, can you talk about your background with it in that actually allows your sort of shape this church. Ok, so the lesser with the addiction we know I've I've talked to programmers and and code writers for Facebook and Google and everything else. They all will tell you if their honest. We wrote this with all the bells and whistles and we looked at each other, and how can we get people to spend more time with us? Ok, everybody does that. But this is not a bad thing. It's cable news is doing that. What do I do to get you to watch for another five minutes, so
the device that we have now. You you're Facebook Twitter. All of these things that we have Another key. The the slang word dope comes from dopamine a hit that is naturally provided to us that we get. That makes us he'll good, there's all kinds of these drugs that are in us that our natural and addictive, and you know, when you're when you're not getting them? You start to become the press when you are, Only feeling good every time you get a like every time you get a retreat. Every time you hear a buzzer, a ding, you get a dopamine head youve. Somebody likes me. The entire country used to say. These people in the media all their do it. There only doing these things because they want the clicks. Still, people will say that but no one is saying: what are you because Why are you saying this
You're saying this because you want your tweet or your facebook posed to take off as well you're doing it for the clicks as well, and because we keep getting this constant, positive Reinforcement of the negative that we put out call them a name, you'll get more dopamine, we become addicted to those that rush, and it feels good without the addiction it still for a kind of feels good. For conservatives because no one has ever hit back for us and when you have been beaten and beaten and beaten for so long, and you think that the western world is under attack and everything that you hold dear and it's gonna go away, you look for someone if you've tried it all play all over the fairways. You look for somebody who's going to come in just go, I'm going to take you by the scruff of the neck, and I might take you out back and beat the snot out of you. That's a problem, because that adds to the chaos of our society. We are
banned in our principles and principles? Are we have if you look at if you look a cavanaugh, it's happening with with Cavenaugh? Let's talk about whether she's telling the truth or he's telling the truth. Let stepped back of it and look at that and say: People on the right are calling her name's people on the left are calling him names. We you're, not gonna, get anywhere, and all that doing is reinforcing to each side we are right and there the enemy and the more you get aggravated and outraged by it the harder you dig in cause you're too vested in that now I'm going to be leave her till the end of time. I'm gonna believe him till the end of time. Meanwhile, we miss the principle. You know better than most look. There's there's criminal law, their civil law and then those things are based on our society
do we want as people that we think is fair. What Do we or do we really believe, is justice? We ve had a criminal court system that hasn't been just for a long time back and forth. You know it's got its problems still. I think it's one of the best in the world, but it has its problems. No one, no one. If you take politics out, if you take the Supreme Court Justice or the democratic charges take that allow- and I come to you and say then how do you feel about living in a country where some, and could make an accusation not know the facts? Have zero evidence its thirty seven years later, the the people it she did. Tell the one tells us slightly different story and at the critical point
in your career at the eleventh hour, someone can make a charge and call you a rapist and we have to, the side now, whether you're a rapist, whether you can have a job, whether you, gonna be in society are not just based on. Do we like her or you better which one's gonna perform better on tv? What do you think said affair the site is added: value are fighting a horrible. Why are we talking about that? That's that we are We are arguing over these little things, while the big principles are just crumbling nobody wants to live in that society. Last night in the earlier I had a conversation with a guy who you would definitely no everywhere in the audience would know who is a very left guy.
He sat in our apartment here, well Hoover, eat dinner. I had dinner with a couple of friends and he came in. He said I can't keep up with my own side I am constantly on the rise this now because I can't keep up with them and you have to hundred percent by into all of it. This is dangerous. This is dangerous. When you have people who are prominent on the left saying, I think I need to say something that tells you. The absolute crazies are
and control and the average person doesn't want a part of it. So, as has asking the force of your own addiction in your background in the past, as some people may not have heard that story- and I think I lend some color to you're talking about you'll, get the job mean heads the addiction and that we are all experience. So you know I my mom died when I was really young and Skynet took my life and turned it around, and I had been working in radio when I was thirteen, and so I had this really bad toxic mixture of kind of being like you, but you ve, conquered
this apparently he I became a monster because Eridu like oh my gosh, look, how great he's gonna be imagined, he's thirty! You know you heard all that I became I bought it and I became a monster and- and I hated myself and I started drinking and smoking pot every day, the fifteen years old, everyday lives. Thirty and thirty
years old, my life completely falls apart. I my thirtieth birthday and I remember looking at the alarm clock and was about to turn midnight and today those old digital talks with the numbers kind of floated, almost dinner, and I sought turn midnight and I said to myself: your life is about to change and I didn't know how yet, but I took me three years to finally admit that I was an alcoholic, sounds very high functioning alcoholic. Most people didn't even know. I was plowed all the time and so that that's not what an alcoholic it is an alcoholic as somebody who lost all their money in and there you know a y know in the streets of Stalin and Alcoholic is, but I and every day I would get up and look at myself in the mirror- and I would say you're pathetic. You said this time yesterday that you wouldn't drink today.
And what did you do? I know I got not today not today. Some time in the day I found a very reasonable excuse to start drinking at doing drugs, so I did next day say the same thing and merit got so bad that it couldn't look myself in the many more every time I would go into the bath from any place if there was a mere either didn't use the sink or I opened the mirror. So I couldn't see myself. My daughter came down. My two daughters had breakfast with me and I was having blackouts and you know it,
not you know in the movies they make that funny and charming? Who did we do that? Now? It's not funny and charming in your body is, and I will also pilot shut everything else down or it's gonna die from it, and so I was having blackouts which a freak you out and my kids came down for breakfast one morning and they were sitting there and they said TAT tell us the story of innkeeper linking instinct he again, and that was the story of three little. Mice that go to the island of cheese that I just made up every night and- and I realized not only could I not remember the story- I don't remember- even putting them to bed- I don't remember being with him at all.
And I sat there and such a shame- and I thought what are you doing and I lied to my kids and I said I remember the story, but do you remember the story and, as I fought back the tears over breakfast, is they were telling me the story? All I'm thinking is she got to stop, and so I am. I went to AA and I was in the basement of the church in Connecticut, I lived in a nice neighborhood and none of the people look like alcoholics in how they're all successful. Looking there's an old lady who sit right in front of me. She has sweater set in pearls and you know some diamond is now. Ok shows a great comedy writer in television years ago in an early radio, but she was sterical and she knew never Knight Court, yes book it. She was the bailiff woman there talking leaders that woman sounded like Selma diamond okay.
And an she's is beauty for old woman in a sweater sent and pearls, and I stand up and I said hi my name is Glenn and I think I dont know if I'm an alcoholic and eradicate laughed, and somebody said what why why do you feel that way? I mean you're here pretty good indication and I said well, I kiss you don't look like alcoholics, Without even turning around, she said, oh honey. We are all drunks in this room that one comment gave me permission that you can still be out of control in your life. And not be in the gutter, and I dont know why that was so hard for me, but I think it away it's the same thing we're having here we don't? We know our lives everything in our country is out of control. Every day we look in
say: I'm gonna get off Facebook, I'm going after it's too ugly. I dont want we're doing it. What's the difference we are addicted, The companies or didn't are designing it for us to be addicted. We want that yeah in our life. We We all know this isn't good. The only difference here is, I can't think of a good reason to drink. We're excusing it because we're standing up for our country, and no one wants to surrender in the most important fight. Maybe in the history of all mankind, so how do we fight and fight the addiction time now. Will you talk a little about that and I want to get to the other half of the title about outrage, but first, let's talk we're getting life insurance September? Is national life insurance awareness month? You listen to the show, then you ve heard me talk important life insurance is because you think you're gonna plots Oliver one hundred percent of you will die sorry to break it to you. I know it's real down or but that means they should probably be prepared for that eventually,
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glens- or I totally agree about the addiction, I myself am a social media attics in particular. It's what are advocating it is. It is very like legitimate over the weekend. I thought I'm going to of twitter for my phone. Take it off my phone, because I go on my computer far. Less frequently than I have my phone on me and it's a weekend and walking round my kids and still checking the news check in the news just trying to trick twitter my wife's to work just deleted off your phone. I did and then five hours later I put it back on the fallen because obviously you gotta know what's going on in the new, though it's very very difficult, especially if you run a news website. You that's my ex that I run a news website, but I told we all addicted to social media addicted to being in the moment and its and what that means. I used to think that it was the most and for people in America Hoard in the save the country, they are starting to think. Maybe it's the least for people in America in order to save the country, because we, those of us who are the most informed, are busy snap at each other across the head on a routine basis. But that brings us to the second half of the title outrage. So when we talk about out? We are at each other.
Some outrage, obviously is legit. Some outrage is not. How do you distinguish which outrage is, is legitimate and which outrage? Well, there's a couple things first wall was collect. Cavanaugh. Do you really think that Democrats believe the woman who was was saying this about cabinet, because if you did, I can't hold onto it for weeks. Why would you do it at the eleventh hour? Why don't you, I shall insist? The FBI was involved right away. What you know if it was about her, not the process, you have handled differently. There are so many things that people are slowly outraged about that one I quote in the book is the the border Ben. You know me. I was at the ball yet wind or Burma, was putting those people into the cages taking the children. My thing was there: not only taking away from the family is there separating the children, so a group of children
their brothers and sisters well, your ten, your seven. You go in that age and you're in this building. How can you imagine being a seven year old girl in separated from your brother in another country, how horrible the homeland security there, the M, the border patrol agents were come to me and say: can you get the press to even listen to this? I'm telling you this is horrible. Now I can get the press. I can get the breast I tried, I called everybody in the press, No one air urals, I'd tell you for it. My own. I kill me for it. You know, but courage doesn't help when you take on your enemies. Herschel accounts when you stand up to your friends ago, brother come on you're better than this. So that nobody would listen to it. Then, all of a sudden, they discover a picture taken from that
period and their morally outrage. They just can't take it. Then they like all crap. Ok, make excuse make. Excuse, oh well, look at once happening now? Ok, we'll how about the separation of the kids about that one? Is anyone talking? to you about how their taking brothers and sisters and still so operating them and the trauma that might cause. No, they don't care. They have one line they didn't care, then they only care right now because political expediency. On top of that, what's the answer I see answer the answer is You must stop the chaos at the border, which means you have to go to the countries and say we, as the United States of America, want to make it really clear ever A single person that comes across our borders will go home period. Do not send your
aids. If you are a refugee, if there is something going on, there is a system, go to the United States embassy. Here are the thing Was that we look for for refugee status. We are a nation that brings refugees in for safety. We have the intention of continuing that for real refugees, no more chaos, that's the way you fix it, but no one is interested in fixing it You are people really outraged by the shooting in parkland. Are they really outraged by it. Or are they seeing an opportunity to divide us on the on the on the one subject that an abortion, we're not changing half of the country. An abortion is even weaker than this. The Second amendment is the second amendment two the number of people in the country could number of people
care about guns. They want to change it. It's not go. Anywhere are chill women are at risk. Actually is the book points out we're not the lowest shootings you know school shootings, I think in the last thirty years it's dollar rapid decline safer when safer rum. Now than it was in the nineties or the eighties in schools show. If, but if you really cared, we would do something about it. If the parents in parkland, I and I just ass one of the parents this just recently they give me an answer. I mean no disrespect, but if I was apparent in the parkland school district, I would have- and I didn't believe in guns- I would have said do the thing about guns, but I also would have demanded the resignation of the sheriff I would demanded a change of the school board. I would. Demanded changes at the school they haven't, done any of that, so is
this really about children. Dying or is this about politics I can't have like? I can't. I don't want to be a part of society that using things that are so Stop using our emotions. Stop play being on our emotions, is their real or it's not the accused me of playing on people's emotions. When I said the caliphate was coming, look what happened! There are things that you can look at because you'll take people out there word at eight? No, they really mean it there. Gonna try to do this and you can warn people s up pate preying on their of under their emotions. That is just telling the truth and saying I think if you look at these things, two plus two equals for. I think that's where we're headed the other is I'm just going to say these things, because I can twisted into that. Make you feel like the bogeyman coming so you run to me:
Both sides are doing it and it's it's it's. It's gonna, be the death of us, but did you think it is a question of the sincerity already think that it's a question of people who are legitimately outraged, but for different purposes, meaning that you know it's easy, far from me to sit here and say enough apparent parkland really cared. They do something about the sheriffs got Israel totally, that obviously wrote what if there's parent parkland and they think yeah- There's the scottish real issue and cherish mark, but I'm much more concerned. Their kids. All over the country are really being scared like. How do we? How do we decide whether the person's outrages legitimate or whether the person is is being manipulative, and is it possible that your misreading that motivation, we could be contributing to the part of the problem as well. So this is the proof of this is why our system of government is wholly inadequate for immoral and irreligious people. You know people are trying to tear down capitalism. Forceful capitalism has high outline extensively
in the book has changed the world. I mean this is the greatest time, even with all of our problems, Donald Trump and Barack Obama's America. The best time and the best place to be alive in all of human history? So please pipe down, but you look at capitalism and you say capitalism's bad. Well, that's because you you, you forgot the first ass, of you'll understand the invisible hand, but you will not understand what an immoral population will do. With that invisible hand, it will come and it will choke the life out of people visible hand it will come and it will choke the life out of people? So you have to be a decent people, I still believe that most Americans right and left, are decent, not all, never but their decent. They don't want to destroy somebody else, and they, want to you know my way or the highway. I don't want to
Jews are blacks or conservatives or law browser. Homosexuals are the or sis gender whatever they don't want that. I just want to live next to each other and raise their families. Don't tell me what to do. I won't tell you what to do assist us. His liver live our life. We have to return to that because I can't tell you whose telling you truth and whose not whose really outraged. I know that there's two things on outrage going on right now: some people are not outraged and I would I would say that, if its involved in politics, its most likely not true Then there are the people that are absolutely true that for the I got to give him a trophy. I have to give him a ribbon. Everybody Winslow everybody. So special that are coming out of college. Now. They actually believe that their
outraged. They really are outraged, but those people need to be told you got to get over it. You got to get. You got to get a lie because what you know as Jonathan Haidt says, and in his new book coddling of the american mind, you have your parents and society has prepared the road for you as our reality. They should have prepared you for the road and what makes us what doesn't? What what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, but right now we live in a society that says the opposite, but doesn't kill you make a week and we got to avoid all that stuff. No, no. I want to talk to you in one second, about the application of of your principle? Will help people on the left have responded to trying to outstretched hand and how will that
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where I was was wrong, but I want to put it into context was possibly the presentation, my job? If I wouldn't you work a fox, what's your job at Fox mean to get ratings, presumably correct, to get ratings? If you dont get ratings, how long are you gonna last? Not long, ok, that's what they hire you for get ratings and because I know who you are and you know why I'm hell the truth. Ok, as you perceive it I am a I'm entertainer tat, I grew up as a kid listening, Orson Welles I mean I love theatre of the mind. I I love it I know how to stand I know how I can take a of us alive frog cut to tape, replace it with a plastic frog, throat and bullying, boiling water and ITALY.
At the world on fire, but people are watching because they see that they are also hear the truth. My problem was, I honestly believed so naive. I was, I honestly believed that if I could get members of the press to actually here on a day after day basis, facts real facts honest questioning, say, look, don't trust me. I was saying this for the press as much as the average individual do not take my word for it. Look this up for yourself, I'm begging the press. Look it up for yourself. This is not crazy. Conspiracy, talk! This is what's happening right now,
and you don't have to condemn it, but we should recognise it an answer for it. They don't care, they don't care, and I there's it's. It's they ve gone dead inside. You can talk to people about some of the bigger concepts you know of of of what we're facing none let them know what they're talking about. None of them their eyes just glaze over there, not intellectually curious. They think their responsibility is to Parrot Whatever it is, that party is saying- and I I saw this on both sides- I mean I worked CNN and Fox. I know both of them inside now. It's not that different. It's not that different it at Fox
head pure independence and they tried to do things, but you know I was smart enough to set up my contract the way it was, but it's all about parties is all about parties an end when I left there, you can't be. I went from the third or fourth most admired man in the world. Think that maybe I remember when I saw that AP does that that survey every year I was, I was between Nelson Mandela, and I think I was there. We're not between them. It was Nelson Mandela me and the Pope tied for third or fourth place me in the polls ok and I my family, I we read that we're like this is hysterical. Ok, how off centre is
America when I am even near that when I mean handing list somebody the very next year when the most hated men in Amerika, I didn't change anything. I changed networks. I did the same. Show CNN as I did on Fox. I change network. And that's what happens? Wait a minute time goes on. You couldn't beaten as badly as I was beaten and called all kinds. Of named your children. My children were accosted in the park. Several parks, many different states from Alaska to Hawaii to New York. The park experiencing parked any my kids there like no, let's not good at border, so you can't go into that position and then not say
which I am I I know, I'm not. Nelson Mandela and the Pope so dismiss that. I'm not that either. And it's easy to say: what's the media, that's the media, for you. That's George, Soros where you know that's part of it and a big part of it, but I played her and that too, and the role I played was ah not recognising the time that we were in and not knowing how high the stakes were of the people. I was playing against you're, not going
win and so playing and are being a leader hose in doing all the crazy things that we did? I don't regret any of it. I don't regret really almost anything. I said, even the president being a racist. If you read the book last night may laugh, I didn't like an accent. It makes sense to and an end. If you dont know, I was a very similar. Things has a very similar things, are the right in and what I said was he's races, while no he's not just as a real, deep seated hatred for the White culture. Well, I couldn't verbal eyes it at that, since two thousand eight. I know I've got Jeremiah right sitting out there who doesn't like the white culture. Doesn't like Amerika, the the history of America so, but what is it Is that racism, no, no, its actual the post modernism. It's it's all of this crap that's out there, and so when you,
asking me: is he racist? That was what I grab dad just like. I think people are grabbing at download trumps, racist, functional, racist he's, not raises I dont think what he is, what I should say what people like Don Lemon. I think- and I don't know- I'm not talk to done about this, but to give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's reversed the rules. I just want this guy. You didn't understand, because I didn't understand what I was trying to say: some He is he's got this thing where he wants to deconstruct the western way of life, all the people around him want to deconstruct. Ok, he's a post, modernist she's, not racist postmodernism. What Don fails to see and really kind of what I failed to see during the last election was p
pull feel you know when you're in, whereas Norway, I think or Sweden, you can't find us we flagging. If you fly swedish flag, I think it's way The EU will be called a racist because you have to find the EU flag will know. When I went to Sweden a couple years ago. I've taught his coming, they said. Well, you knows nothing special. I sit this, isn't I shall have you been in Copenhagen. We better Sweden before now go is like gingerbread houses, it's the greatest architects it's completely unique completely different. It is really cool and accept there on the street was somebody I said you don't see how unique this is, don't be ashamed of your culture, your history. This is great and I can't find it anywhere else. It doesn't mean it's better than anything else. It just means it is
four be proud of your culture. You can't do that. Will people want that their proud of where we came from what we see hobbled through we. We should be ashamed of the appropriate things in our history, the we're shamed of, but you can't just erase all of that. So when people are saying Hey my culture matters but people on the left here is racist. You're trying to erase my past and my heritage. Oh you like slavery. No, that's not what I'm saying, but that's what people on the left are. So see so went on. Women says well here ex racist because could the language we use using Europe
Culture is being erased. You know our heritage is important. Yes, it is, but it means different things to different people, so back away from the the cliff and let's try to understand each other's language, and then we can condemn each other, but but but do it on actual, tangible things proof. So in the last few years you ve been saying a lot of things that are honest because you're really, honest tired, emotionally open died and honest sky in its ticked off a lot of people your own side how's that number one and number two. What's the response of people on the left been to the court and who knew Glenn backs the kind of attempts to reach across the island have just
actions, because I can imagine that while you are opening a you're you're putting on open hand, I can imagine that in every case, certainly not publicly their people who are actually taking it. Oh publicly know the worst. The most shameful on the left left, I think, is glad I went to go see the the president of Gladden and her group. She came into my office in New York City and I called for the meeting, and I said I would just to leave your arms at home and can we just come and talk- and I started me, I said: look everyone. Everyone on my side will hate me for this will eat me for this. I don't agree with any
that you guys do day. I think you're a very militant group. However, right now in Russia they are abusing homosexuals abducting them. Filling them taken their drivers licence away. This is its time, but five years ago, it was getting really ugly in a ran their throwing homosexuals off the roof tops of buildings. People need to be brave and people need to say. Look then in our case. It's not that why but I need I need pendule at to be able to stand next to the Pope. And have both of them say? Look there's a lot of huge things we disagree with, but there's a couple of principles that we do and four glad England back to stand next
each other thing, killing homosexuals is wrong. We ve just taken a big ship off the table of both sides K. We lowered the temperature and we can talk spent an hour showing them the picture showing them the news of all around the world where we could agree, only wanted to talk about we're birth, what we're wedding, cakes, got so frustrated. I said: do you care about wedding cake? six or saving the lives of people they cared about wedding. Colleagues, I have decided that, if you're in politics, I dont know I can't I'm not going to u fur
honest brokering here somebody I came out here to allay in somebody very big VC guy, had listened to me what, at one point and night by went into a conference about a thousand people, they're all lefties, all high tech, and I started my speech I twenty minutes. And I said, let me start here, raise your hand and don't be shy and they weren't raise your hand if you think you hate me literally ninety five. Ninety eight percent, gay everybody, and it was like. Ok, well, you're, not shy. Give me twenty minutes and I never change the principle. I use Jonathan Heights book. Of the of the other unrighteous righteous mighty gay? I just started
speak their language k without changing my principles, and I did the most important thing. Any of us can do start with an apology or someplace where you got it wrong gay. I did at the end I think it was only my family that was raising their feathers. I asked the same thing. Any was maybe five percent. It was an exact flip of the room in twenty minutes, and that's only because I'm I'm trying to hear them. My mistake during the Trump run up, I became so strident because I was certain who he was well. Is it turns How he is in some way degrees who I thought he was or worse in some ways: she's a miracle: okay
No, he is both sides, but I was so positive that he would have nothing good and I wasn't listening to people we we use to respect people don't respect them anymore, and, and that is stopping us from doing what people who respect each other Then I know if you walk down the hall and you start cussing people that's! So, unlike you that somebody will say then is some going on what's going on right, so am I Erica starts acting irrationally sugar.
In a direction they ve always said they would never go, and I didn't say, what's happening, what s happening in your life. It's why the media is still missing the trump voter, their unwilling to ask some. So what is it and listen and accept the answer, may not be the answer you're looking for, but it is the answer live in the world. You you, actually live in or living some fantasy world, but I choose to live in a world that actually existing listen to people. So you talk a lot about in the book. Outrage and the cultural values? Then you talk about the serious problems that outrageous preventing us from discussing an. I want to ask about those important questions, but first a sack of our genes quality genes. That look great look. It's thing thick great, feel great used to cost you hundreds about Martin
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Is there bestial anywhere, but is only available this month presenting my elbows September savings, vent, admit and bowed dotcom, Slash, Ben okay. So when you talk in the vote. I won't tell you I did. I understand why seamen grounded in where pants it is. The fires are how hot here, oh yeah, how are you wearing a loser jacket, I'm wearing a jacket, cause you're wearing a jackal? I thought I was going to act as you weren't exactly at the start of this act. As far as we are stuck with, it mainly turn up the heats that it looks like I'm really. Grilling starts when I Nixon in nineteen sixty seconds. It was all my other questioning, but your guitar clear about the fact that were engaged. Without region have set on my programme a thousand times that, as you say, we're living in the best time in human history. If it could be borne anytime, you want to be born right now, right now, but were angry at each other, but we are because of that anger missing some really deep problem. So what were the g problems such as the outrage culture? What are the deep problems were missing that we're gonna have to figure. And solutions for over the next ten fifteen years
I lay out about how to no five or ten of them that I think are or are. We are absolutely gonna have to deal with from anywhere from what is life you know it is a I e g. I guess I is that going to claim to be life, and will we accept that media? They just turned a sex robot around the canadian border from Japan. You can't import sex robots that look like children, so you have a sex. Robot is that good for pedophiles? Could we, could it would it be good to have them get it out on a robot, or is it bad discussions going on? Nobody knows about it, how by
out. The am, I think it's called the smart machina carers. Mit is doing it and its online and are asking you to go online and just take some quizzes and what the squeeze is, is the value of life you're in a car. It's an auto drive you're in the car and there's a car in front of you. It's just slammed on the brakes. If you swerve this way you're gonna head a nun and two kids swear of this way, you're gonna, go into the you're gonna, go to the other sidewalk and you're gonna hit a whole bunch of kids and puppy docks. If you, straight you're gonna hit Elon, Musk and Steve Jobs K. What are you another asking people online, then the rest of the world, and elites are Programming base a little
bit of what's online and the debate that's going on right now that we are not a part of here's, the problem, the computer, in car will know who's in the car in front of you, but, as it says, in this survey. It can know who they are, what they do, what they contribute to society Eddie how many, if any they employ how the benefits they're getting from the government, how health? Is it can calculate all of that as it makes a decision Well, now there now there, no random strike now we are saying whose worth something in whose not being capital came out few months ago said by twenty thirty. We will have thirty percent unemployment, that is the great depression, here's the thing: it's her
and unemployment. There is no going back. We have a society right now. That is saying: hey loaded, the job numbers like a low unemployment, low, historic glows. Will you have Silicon Valley right now, working on vices and and algorithms and machines that artists are their goal, is one hundred percent unemployment. So what is what gives your life meaning? What does that mean when that transition starts to hit? What do you do with the people who the truck drivers are gonna, be the first mover drivers cabdriver his truck drivers are the first. What happens when that's just waste, because in most states number one job truck driving so how many people does not affect. What do you do? for civil society. The the universal basic income. Something I dont believe in, but
What do we do about? That is that right for the future, we can have a universal basic income conversation because. To a conservative that sounds like socialism, not capitalism. Socialism We don't want socialism widow, one communism, but the world is changing, so How do we bring our guard down, bring their guard down and actually talk about it without bringing politics into it and see? What is what is right? On top of that, you have radicalized. Islam. You have the the mullahs in I ran who are dead, said on destroying Israel. They believe in summing up the twelfth among the mighty which is be they say, is living among us now. He's like you know, are it like our Jesus? If you will
not your Gary's desires, Edmunds who's coming back at the end of days, but this one can be brought back by washing the world in blood and causing chaos The reason why bring that up? Chaos is the operative word, and I said this when I was on fox the word that you need to look for and then you need to beware of is chaos. If what you are doing is causing chaos, you are going to be part of the problem there, looking for chaos. Guy named Alexander Dugan in Russia only one report or in the Washington Post is on this. Guy Nobody is on this guy. He has started something called the world national conservative movement. This is a. This is a fascistic movement based on what he calls the fourth political. Theory, the symbol of his fourth political theory, of the ancient symbol of chaos. He believes
literally, we have to go through Armageddon to be able to reset the world. Then you have the Marxists revolutionaries here that why to reset the world the reset the west and then start all over again we're being pulled by all these forces of chaos and nobody's recognising it. We're. Arguing on the smallest little things. It don't matter, wedding, cakes, shut up about weapon. Cakes. How about the bigger principles we ve got to get back to the bigger principle. So that's my final question for you, which is: what are those bigger principles that we have To unify around like what were the widow unify around them, and I ask you that, but that is our final quest, and if you wanna hear glens answer, you actually have to be a Delaware subscribers. You that's all
All my object at our evil. Capitalism will get bad to subscribe to daily where dot com and click subscribe. You can hear the end of our conversation there and otherwise it's a girl in order to leave you in this abysmal darkness. So it's all up to you, goin, what what are these values that we need to see her around. This is where you should cut it right after the sins. I've spent four years trying to figure that one out here is the answer: will the book as addicted to outrage glow
and back one of the foremost thinkers the country Glenn thanks so much for saddened. By really appreciate you eventually, Euro shows Sunday Special was produced by Jonathan Hank executive producer, Jeremy, boring associate producers map is Lover and Austin. Stevens edited by Alexander Audio, is meant by micro. Meta Karen make up is by just while there are entitled graphics by Cynthia and Gould Ben Shapiro show Sunday Special is a daily wire forward. Publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eating.
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