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Sunday Special Ep 39: Larry Elder

2019-02-24 | 🔗

Larry Elder, radio host, commentator, and author of "Dear Father, Dear Son" joins Ben to discuss race relations, politics, and the how Donald Trump has handled the presidency in his first two years. Date: 02-24-2019

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they burn and very happy to show to talk about it and we ve been friends ever since its been nearly twenty years, which is inside, but Larry in his own right is one of the great voices in talk radio for decades in a full, decadent half for I ever met there are many source in Rome on the radio, so very well for functional. No you! Why don't you tell your story because, obviously it's a unique one, how you go from your growing up in the inner city, is safe for south central to becoming one of the bigger voices on the conserve recession were tearing right. Well, it certainly wasn't planned I'm going to raise and allay, as you pointed out, and I'm a lawyer went up, went to college in the EAST coast of Brown and what to Michigan for law school, and I work for a big law for him in Cleveland Ohio. I stay there for about two and a half years. I did well, but I'm kind of restless and bored, and it seems to me like I was too small of of of
platform. For me, I wanted to get into commentaries some sort of way by know how to do that. So I left the farmer started a business not because I wanted to be a hit hunter, which is what I did, because I thought it could make more money doing that and been practising law, and I did and then I was able to spend some time a start. Columns didn't have a deal been, have a syndication. I just wrote columns him to send them to a local newspaper, the Cleveland Plain dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal. The two biggest newspapers in Northeast Ohio. which is where I was living and every now and then, when we get published, I finally I've one that I wrote about thirty years ago, where I argued that racism was no longer a major obstacle for Black America and to say that
now still raises around, let alone thirty years ago, so the plane, the other policy article, I got a phone call from the produce of a radio show. Do you really believe that racism is no longer a major problem in America year? He said when you come on migrants, Joe tonight, and talk about it now been cleaving is about fifty percent black, so virtually every caller was a black person and they were not happy and I got called him uncle Tom Bootlegging Uncle Tom Foot, shuffling bootlegging Herbal Tom Bug, I'd Uncle Tom Cocoanut Oreo, the Anti Christ, and that in that word, that you really call a black person when you really want to cut a republican- and I said this is a waste of time and energy- that again I get back to my office. They station a manager. Calls me any says you were amazing. I said I was Well, you were funny you have a good speaking voice, you so difficult positions. You defended them effectively without losing your sense of humor. Have you ever thought about doing talk with you when I said no, and he said I got a guy going on vacation next week. We sit in for him and I said no this is why- and I said, I don't like it
being the elder like coming back and other people. Might we have conversations with my little brother Dennis are still not interested. Are you married at the time, I was either. Do me a favor, go home to your wife, talk it over and call me tomorrow. I said I would do that, but I'm not going to change my mind. so I went home. My talk it over with my then, why Cindy and she said what do you think about talk with you? I said I know nothing about it, other than it seems shallow glib in stupid he said it. Is you be good at it, and so I think really anxious that here, you you're always moaning and whining and in giving Europe any mother get pay for it. So I did that weak and after twenty minutes. I heard angel, saying I'm in the Red Sea parted I mean it was it was. It was magical, and I said I got to do this, and so it took me two years to to write and in control and neat and openly I met Dennis Prager by accident Dennis heavy on his radio show he he praised my performance and I said to Dennis. If you really think that I'm that good, could you please recommend me the management of in trying to get into two to radio for couple years? Innocent I'd be happy
and did so George Green heard me, and after one night he made me offer he said he came here to night audition hitting call. It depended, that's what it was and he said after the first night. You want this job. I think I think I do. He said. Ok go out tonight, relax stay the course, and all speak so damn quickly, so that when I myself a little that that was my dear you're, the only one who speaks ferreting tonight and eventually we started, and I started ninety ninety four think it was in I've been on radio represents. So what form your political viewpoint, because, obviously taken the position is a black person in America, that racism is not the key factor in american life or even a key factor in american lives. Pretty controversial position where'd you get that from this point. Where position I got my dad, my father, my father, I think it can get along my father and I had a huge fight when our fifteen years old- and we didn't speak for ten years and when I say didn't, speak the and I mean did not speak not like high dad,
and that's it I didn't say a word to him and I graduate from high school and I was able to go to college and EAST Coast in Moscow. The MID West will basically, I bought it, my dad for almost ten years That's not my! My dearest were mere still married in the house. So when I come home for vacation for summers, I would just make sure I'm not around he's not around in there with pretty easy, because by their work, long hours even had a cafe. So now, I'm fast forward is twenty or twenty five years old. I've now graduating from law school. Have this big job with the big law for making a boat load of money in twenty five years old and I should be live in March.
But then I can't sleep, and I noticed something to do with my dad that driver thought we'd be bodies, but I call my secretary and cancel all my appointments, I'm flying to allay I'll be back. In a couple days. I didn't hear my parents- I was coming before my father to prepare for this summit, so I get to the airport dry, get a cab to the to the restaurant I got in at one. Thirty were closer to thirty, and I came there with these two big bag. My they haven't talked to me in ten years. He sees me these, of course surprised. He said she, I put you back in the back, where I know they're gonna be for five or ten minutes. I want to tell you something: he's ok, wait till we close our sat there for an hour, and I said to myself, Larry Don T, often the son of a bitch, just given the high I don't know it just whale into one, and so my dad said down- and I well into I'm for almost twenty minutes. You see I can go, and I talk for twenty minutes about every spanking, every whipping everything he ever said to me. Everything he'd ever done to me that that piss me off and I gave em everything and I was exhausted. I'd run.
ammo. My dad goes is at it. You just take me for ten years because of that and I went year and my father said. Let me tell you about my father and then for the first time I saw my father cried. I did not think the man had the ability some interior and that you can do that. I knew my father was an only child I know we had no relatives because on his side, because we never got any gifts for Christmas
I've never knew nothing about my father and his mother once when I went to the south, but I knew nothing about by my dad and in care. I didn't like my brothers in like him either so wasn't like that. I was curious about him, so he said. Let me tell you about my father was sitting in these two stools and my dad's Cathay. He said your last name Elder Serbia. Is it s not name? My father? I said what what is your father's name? He said. I have no idea. You never met your father know whose elder he was in my life, the longest. My mother had a series of boyfriend each one more irresponsible than the other one elder was drunk seldom work and when he did, he take home the money given to my mother's so that she would keep ITALY and drank it away and then come when they are thirsty. He'd want it. If you can give it to him, he kicked crap out of her. If ever I try to do that, he could crept out of me in and he was in my life. My dad said the longest along with the longest heated four years as it would have been if, after that, Syria boyfriends, I'm now thirteen years old, my dad said I came home from school eighth grade and I was making too much noise for my mom's, then boyfriend, my mom,
sided with the boyfriend when he and I were fighting- and she threw me out of the House- H- thirteen, never to return Athens, Georgia, Jim Crow south at the beginning of the great depression. I defy you to find somebody with a handout that my father goes down. The road Bernie picks up trash does anything he can do. Ultimately, he becomes a Pullman porter for the trains there were the largest private employer, blacks. These days, and so he was able to travel all around the country, which was I opening for little black boy from the south, and it came to California. One time want to run and it with sunny and people seem to be less races. He could walk into a restaurant and get served and my dad
to my mom, maybe someday I'll, relocate to la pro harbert. My dad joins Marines. He was the first black Marines or call the Montford point. Marine people don't know the know about them, but they were every bit as influential as worthy Tuskegee airmen everybody knows about. They were twenty thousand Montford Point Marines from nineteen forty two and one thousand nine hundred and forty forty nine and Congress gave them a question of gold medalist a few years ago, my dad got his posthumously anyway. He was stationed in Guam sergeant was charging the charge of the cooking facilitating cook anything he could look at it taken today. What was in it? So he goes to Chattanooga where he met married, my mom and knocking on doors. All these restaurant get a job as a cook, and they told him we don't hired to face. He goes and unemployment office. Ladies, you went to the wrong door. He goes to the hall. He sees colored. Only go through that door to the very same lady who sent him out, he came home to my mama said this is bs, I'm going to allay I'll make me a job as a cook, and I ll send, for you comes out to obey
walks around for two or three days. I'm sorry. You have no references, and my dad of course told then that he was a war to vertical for the service. I'm sorry have no references. My dad even offered to work for free just give me a written reference that winning do that they treated in the same way and allay as they did in Chattanooga. There was little more polite about it. He went and Unemployment office one door. they are in the chair for a day and a half way calls him up. I have a job, don't know if you ve got to one at my dad says after I'm gonna want it. What is it and she says, cleaning toilets with a company called the fiscal brand bread? My dad did that for ten years took a second job winning toilets at another. Bread company called barber and bread, a cook for a family empathetic Palisades on the weekend in winter night, school, two or three night too. We think it is to eat the man never slept been an hour here two hours here you do that week after week, month after month, year after year- and you come home with a with household fuller, three ran bunches boys and see what kind of mood you're in the man was tired, and so we talk for eight hours. I asked
everything I could ask him. He asked me about my life. The man got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and I got smaller and smaller and smaller by the envy out. Eight hours outcry, and I said dad- I am so sorry and he said Larry dont be just follow the advice of always given you and your brother's hard work whence you get out of life, what you put into it Larry. You cannot control the outcome, But- Dammit. You are one hundred percent in control of the effort and before you moan and whine about what somebody did to you, go to the nearest mirror and look at it and say to yourself what could I have done to change the outcome? And finally, he said this: no matter how good, you are how hard you work, how moral you are sooner or later bad things are gonna happen to you. How you deal with those bad think, we'll tell your mom and me whether or not we raised a man there. What a book about it called your father, dear son, the reason for the title internet after this aid, our conversation I fly back to clean my father, both write me a letter. He never wrote me a letter in his life and it said dear son and went back- and I say your father and I recall in father before and so there,
began, this relationship that lasted thirty five years and arguably even closer than my mom, and I were at my mom and I were very very close, so I was able to just now with my relationship with my father and have thirty five really good years in the book is called Dear Father, dear son, to live eight hours and some paperback also called a lot like me, really change of title with, because people thought with a question of letters, and the publisher realised that that turned off people with really it's a novel reach almost like a novel, but it's a book of a memoir what's an amazing story and it does lead to the question which is I mean you're, you're dead. I was enormously tough, individual just from the story, and you. Tough guy do in the sense that you ve taken an enormous number of slings and arrows over the years to take this position. Why do you think it is that so few folks in mine not lack unity. The hispanic community alot of various minority communities tend to not me along those lines, tinted tend to not suggest that the first indicator of success is individual decision making, but the first thing that we have to overcome it,
cities, institutional racism or some sort of me out my discrimination, that is preventing people from achieving their goals at the complicated question. But what a start with the family- and I know it sounds kind of counter intuitive, because my father had no family, but if you dont have a family, Romano inside the House, Father inside the house, you're in trouble out of the gate, and seventy percent of a black here today are born to unwed mothers and number twenty five percent in nineteen sixty five and what we ve done with our welfare state in the so called war on poverty, which Lyndon Johnson launched is too incentivize women to marry the government and allow men to abandon their financial and more responsibility, and
the view that the black kind of victimhood mentality is a phenomenon of the civil rights movement going from demanding equal rights to demand equal results and, as we have right now, people are demanding for results, results have to be earned, our rights come from God, and so people like Jesse Jackson and the original Blackhawks Mandible Lacy Pay and his whole cabal of organizations telling black people that their victims is is is a huge part of the problem. How do you think that consumers should go out speaking to black folks? Obviously, because they then that's been a serious issue? Every time someone tries to engage with the black community there there folks on the left, you particularly start calling them those people racism by suggesting that their pandering or enough, because nobody wants to tell the truth, the quarry brokerage, if the other day that we want to have an honest dialogue about waste. No, you don't vehement! I'm honest dialogue about ratio want to hear it to me. The most dangerous Rafe hustler in America is not short, then he's bad.
Now. Jackson he's bad, not some of the Yahoo. You see on cable television, they're, all bad, but air colder, because people listen to Eric older. He sophisticated he's got a degree from Colombia, undergraduate and and law. School work for very prestigious law firm was a respected to the left agee. He says the most outrageous things and get away with it. For example, he gave a speech in which you talked about pernicious racism. This is around the time that Donal Sterling lost his team. Remember. He was tat by his girlfriend and made some disparaging comments about blacks, internet losing his team and Airhole. They said that kind of blatant racism that kind of blatant bigotry. We got that. That's not the problem. The problem is the pernicious racism and they gave me examples, none of which hold up the first exam what was the push for voter righty polls show that about eighty percent of white. One vote already about seven percent hispanics do but the same number of lax do
And there was a study recently by by researchers from Yale from Stanford and from Penh, and they looked at the research paper that purported to show their voter idea suppressed black and brown votes and they trash the methodology. These other researchers used instead, there's no evidence whatsoever
These voter idea lost, suppress black turn out. Furthermore, two thousand eight, when Obama got elected for the first time in history, despite all these alleged voter suppression efforts, the percentage of eligible black voters who voted exceeded the percentage of it with a white voters who voted so as nonsense. The second, when he gave, is that black heads are expelled, disappointedly high rates compared to their percentage of that given school, and it is true that they are generally Jack and some years ago, sue the Dictator School Board, which was with all white because they kicked out a bunch of black. Here too, were fighting after a football game, turns out the kid had myth collectively like three four hundred days and school anyway, they kicked him out. Incomes, Jesse Jackson accuse the School Board of Racism thousand lawsuit schoolboy, definitive self by pointing out that at other school districts, where the school board, or primarily people of color black boys are still disappointingly kicked out and they mention Oakland, which, with primarily of the school board, members of people of color scientist, go also the majority of the world where members were people of color and yet
black boys were kicked out far more compared to other people when you look at their potential in that given school, so it's just a lie and the lost it was thrown out. The third thing that agriculture said is that blackfellow defendants who commit the same crime will no longer since then right, criminal, defended it s, but the USA in Commission says the reason for that is that just take an eccentric consideration on the time of sentencing your criminal history and other factors, for example, whether You have a working history without you show show remorse all those factors. So even the S and commission to which Iraq holder referred said, you can't concur who'd, one way or the other whether not biases is is operating here. That could be all sorts of factors to explain this. So, though, that's the best you can do- and this is the front runner guy who's articulating the racism in America
All you can do is come up with border idea and this expulsion, stuff and sentencing stuff he'd even say they were discordantly arrested. Did you didn't come there come nearer and nearer saying that? So it's a lie and he said all these things and people sat there and it politely listen to it and it seemed respectable and nobody challenge to care. For me, I wrote an article about each one, but one about the expulsion rates and what one about voter idea- and I wrote one about since all right so Larry. I didn't you about a philosophy. The teams have taken over the Democratic Party, almost wholesale and there's the philosophy of intersection as as a precursor that I want to get your opinion on the legacy of Barack Obama, because it's my opinion that intersection allergy really be kit became a thing under the Obama presidency, people try to glimpse And from for the rise in increased racial tensions in the United States, but if you look at the polls but pulse, the Americans were pretty optimistic across the racial spectrum. Before Barack Obama became President Barack Obama became president, and then things start to sink pretty quickly.
I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Americans elected President Obama under the auspices of use can be a great unite or somebody who tried to get us back. Andreas. He in his own persona, was unification of black and white, considering his father his mother was white, for this is what he ran on and then instead of coming forth in saying listen, we can all that racism together. When we see it, but not every problem is a race problem. A lot of problems are just people problems, and maybe we should do that instead of him that he decided to build in her sectional. listen around himself and then suggested who disagreed with him were inevitably racist Your opinion on Unbroke Obama's impact, those where the race debate in United States you know I was here The Boston arena in two thousand, for when Obama gave that speak for John Kerry, and he brought the house down out with my producer.
And you were here were cheering there's. No Blue America. There is no Red America, just United States of America, there's no black. Whereas again- and I said to him this guy's gonna run for president- you can get elected, he didn't say a damn thing for he said well and for soap, Brahma gets elected and you're absolutely right. I believe that people voted for him in large part because they thought that he was going to put the nail in the coffin that America is a racist society. Finally, we can now move on a number of people. I think for the lever for him because of that and he proceeds to do just the opposite before became president. He gave a speech
the senator at church in Atlanta and he's talking about how much races and there is an american- and he said, the generation of Email Kay the Moses generation has quote gotten us. Ninety percent of the way there close quote to realising a male case dream of a society where people value it. You based on content of character, and I thought that was reasonable. Ninety percent or ten percent of American believe I was still alive. Eight percent believe any similarity. He'll get it seven percent over of adults believe that chocolate milk. Some brown cows, twenty five percent of adults. They did not sure, so you can't get much below ten percent in any said, degeneration my general Asian, the Joshua generation he said has to get us that additional ten percent that was before he got elected, let alone reelected, let alone back to back attorneys general who were black. So I would think that ten percent have been worked into just a little. When he ran two thousand eight. You wouldn't find him and our short than on the same playing together.
second time he ran Al Sharpton, come to the White House. I mean like over seventy times over the course of his of his presidency, the first opportunity that that Obama had to reconcile to do what people thought he was going to do. Was the Cambridge police Incident remember that the professor from Harvard had forgotten his dorky he's on vacation came home, realizing Heaven's door key He in the cab driver pushed the Dorian broke into his own home, a neighbor sleaze. This calls nine. When one, don't you want neighbours to do that? Cop shows up politely ask Escaped- gave to come out of this house any constitute and says something like
come out of your mama told me to come out and instead of a bomb going television saying, look skip. I know your friend of mine, you and I've been front a long time, but you have done exactly the wrong thing fort for young black boys instead of being respectful. Instead of responding to the request you captain attitude, this is exactly why are we not again why people are getting killed by the police because they look at this as a confrontation instead of following instructions? My father told me whenever I pulled over by the police, make sure you hands at ten o clock. You you're right handed to a clock. You say yes, Sir say no, sir, make sure your paper work is in order and if you feel you mystery to get a badge number write it down and you and I will deal with it while we're both still alive. That's what oh bomber could instead and should then did studies that the Cambridge police active stupidly and the cops then realised that he was not on their side and bomb assembled around with that stupid.
Thing to try and walk back a little bit, but they also have an yet several chances trade on Morton. If I had a son, he looked like travel and you know what that even means and of course trade on Martin was found guilty and de Jure always said race. Never even came up, there were no blacks on the jury, but there with a black alternate and the alternate said he would vote the same way, not not guilty and race was not. A factor. Obama gave a speech before the United Nations and invoked Ferguson now. This is why Ferguson was still being investigated. This caught with assumed to have been a racist Michael browned literally had his hands up. Don't shoot and Obama mentions this to a United Nations addressed and says we have our own problems a place called Ferguson Ferguson turn out to be a complete forests. As you know,
and the the OJ comes in exonerate the the carpet nevertheless says that the Ferguson pity is institutionally racist in their biggest take away. Was this fifty seven percent of the population of Ferguson is black eighteen percent of those who are stopped for traffic stops or black eighteen point get Ergo racism, the Ferguson pity they had two or three blacks outside of that there were fifty whites. If that's true, why isn't the Nypd even more institutionally racist? Twenty five percent of all people living near to impact on the population of New York is black. Fifty five percent of the traffic stop the war of black people. That's a thirty point gap, yet the majority of New York hops or either women are people of color to happen that isn't it is more races and the answer is you can do it by numbers if you do it by differences in offending and there's a report that came out and when he threatened under the Obama administration by the National Institutes of Justice, which is a research arm of the D o J called race and traffic stops, and it looked at this. Seventy five percent of the Black motors admitted that they were stopped for that year
reasons and the commission found that differences in offending differences in driving counted for the difference couldn't find any evidence of racism years ago, in New Jersey, black motorists were being stopped disproportionately by the New Jersey turn. Dorothy troopers and they were yelling and screaming about racism. Pretty Todd, Whitman, ordered a study, study came back and said the faster, the tar, the more likely to be a black guy confined any evidence of of
of racism, didn't like the studied in my conclusion, throughout hired a different person, different method. Ology same conclusion: sorry, just not there! These things have been measured and studied over and over again reread every two or three years: the OJ conducts something called the police public context, or they have even stopped by the police. How are you treated? Are you black or white? Meaning they happen? Nothing. Not no pattern is just a lie, and so people like, like Eric holder, the indefinite cp Brok, Obama, have been perpetuating this bs lie and, in my opinion they do it, because I want that ninety five percent Monolithic Blackfoot, without which they cannot succeed and a black, started thinking of themselves at individuals and not, as is agreed, group and start looking at things like the crappy public school that I'm mandated to go to job killing laws like minimum wage. They would. We think there is something with the Democratic Party and their democratic parties deftly afraid of that, and that's why they have to malign people
like where wielders uncle, Tom's and and slam other people as as racists, because you cannot get ninety five percent of people to think of a certain way and this little low speaking a string of that one. One of the ways that this this has been intellectualize in this philosophy of intersection reality in the philosophy has been put out their basically that historically, a lot of groups in United States, specifically black people, most of all obviously have been victimized by the power hierarchy. The hierarchy was set up for that ended in the only way to fight back against their power hierarchy and institutions of power is to ban together in groups. They think they can get then get together themselves and then attack that hierarchy and tear down from the
inside out the only way if you are on the top of the power higher crave your if your white male, for example, the only way that you get out of this unfortunate situation is by acknowledging and reading Tommy's YE gods apparently approach. The problem with all of this is that, in order to escape poverty eager to the middle class, if this has been studied by the left and by the right- and they agree, if you look at the Britons institution and the Heritage Foundation, there are diametrically opposed on many issues, but on the formula to get from poverty to the middle class. They also the same thing finish: high school first number, two don't have a care for your twenty number three get married before you have a kid. I am afraid that it will be differently, but that's what all three of them have said and if you argued at Obama did that a kid raven, father is five times more likely to be poor, nine times more likely to drop out of school and twenty times more likely to end up in jail. That is the number one problem facing America and slavery:
Jim Crow. I had this affect. How do we go from having twenty five percent black out of wedlock birth in eighteen, sixty five to almost seventy percent? Now I would think that anybody would argue. We were less racist today than we were in eighteen sixty five, so you can't attributed to that in fact doing slavery. A black chow with more likely to be to be born under
roof with biological, mother and biological farther than today. It is the number one problem facing this country, not racism, take a magic wand and waving over Merrick and remove every smidgen of racism in the hearts of White America, fifty percent intercity drop out rate and some schools. Seventy percent of my kids born outside of wedlock. As I mentioned, twenty five young black boys have criminal records. The CDC just said that a young black men is ten times more likely be the victim of a homicide compared to a white person and the number one cause of preventable deaf or young white men are accidents like for accidents. The number one cause of preventable cause of death for young black men is homicide, almost always at the hands of another black person Chicago a third black. A third white authorities panic, seventy percent, the homicide or black on black and about seventy five percent of those been or unsolved, and we're talking about intersect
banality get out of Here- get out of here. So let's talk about Republicans in their take on these issues, because one of the big problems that you see with a lot of young people and allowed minority groups in and allowed minority folks is, they ve got a problem specific with president from home, late you're taken how President trumpets handled racial issues because in order to be perfectly frank with you, I am not completely comfortable president of race. I think they was completely company would drop at all and he come on you're going to have completed after withdraw the only person who really comfortable presidential but that the rap on him, he's obviously been called racist by a large number of people. Were running might might None of that is that he is This has many ignorant things because he is not the kind of person who says not,
didn't brings bite, but obviously he's he shot himself in the foot. A lot of these issues with things like Charlottesville, with his with his casual kind of links in as they all right during the tracing seen election. What's your take on a trump unrest? Well, first of all, you have to understand that, as a republican president, he's gonna be call racist if Donald Trump and are gonna lesson and somebody else republican head, my pants, whoever might have in running the here she would become racist reagan- was called racist. Mixing port waters called George walk a bush. A racist George, W Bush Colorado, so they're always call races. Donald Trump is on whole another level. I will give you that, but they're always called races. So the ice, That Donald Trump is being called a racist should not surprise anybody, that's how they roll. He hasn't helped any by some of comments that is made, but that said I had to call it the other day you told me I was quote always defending that racist in the White House close by collar, and I said all right
cut to the chase. Tell me the number one thing that that that the Trump has done that you consider to be raised number one thing is Donner said he said He says that by freeware lazy I said you're referring to a book written by disgruntled, fired extra employee. Even one of the liberal fact check organisation can confirm their com. It is obvious that we have here is a world of the nineteen seventy five consent to create a heated into where he admitted that were hidden amid anything. But people accused by the effigy of discriminate against would be black and brown tenant. Our head black and brown tenants. He didn't want to talk to the least to a certain category that he thought couldn't couldn't pay. It can pay the rent and he was soon and they entered into a consent. Decree didn't make any guilt lasted for two years. He was twenty eight years old, the time it took over from his dad business. It was that business practices that he was that he was following and after nineteen, seventy five go on Youtube and you'll see pictures of tromp with Jetty Jackson tromp without sharply.
Tromp with John Johnson, the editor of the literary magazine trumpet all these local black letter. So if the nineteen seventy five percent decree didn't bother them, it shouldn't bother me it doesn't. I don't know any large landlord who hasn't been sued and by the way, the watching poster settle a lawsuit, claiming racial discrimination by a disgruntled longtime ex employ you got fired. Cnn is right now fighting a lawsuit by a group of people claiming discrimination if the New York Times so bravely somebody with clean, handed we'll talk, I thought I had and the common about the good guys on both sides. He didn't say that he was referring to the battle over whether not confederate monument should be in the public's awareness when he met and he's a sloppy speaker and sows Edith. Somebody to take that word those words and interpret it as saying there were good nazis and bad nazis.
he didn't say that and he's renounced David Duke many many many times. I wonder how many more times you have to do that doing something about illegal immigration to me is a big boon to black people. George bore horses, a Harvard the economist where you went to school, and he says he is He'S- probably done more research on the impact of legal and illegal immigration. Anybody in the country, since no question that unskilled illegal immigrants, takeaway jar from intercity black and brown people who are unskilled and put downward pressure on their wages, Donald Trump. What to do something about that and that makes them a big it. The other thing is it Did he parents want vouchers they want to say. I do want to see my kid to Larry Elders, Alma, Mater criminal, high school, where kids, right now only three percent of kids can do math at great level. What responsible parent within their kid to a school? When we three percent of the kids, there can do math a great level
nobody would, but you don't have any money. You have any options that you have across three financial Highschool, your kids going there. What do you want to or not and by the way is equipped school, meaning equips run it. I know they're because iced tea when they are ten years after idea, and that's why you chose a school, because we wanted to score that. That is run by the groups who was in their care to a school. This run by the cliffs and we're only three percent of kids can do method, gray level. If they have an option. The Democrats are, what did it? The hit with a teacher junior? Don't wanna, give you an option to want to give you a vouchers. Republicans do so, if the ground of the middle class to get an education and the Republicans and are giving me a better route to that. Why am I going to call this guy a racist how's that make immigration that's racism? We need to go back to racism, school I just want to ask you about your sort of libertarian philosophy, so you started off as libertarians spoil you weren't you weren't, a member libertarian part, never have been right, so you you ve, never been member the libertarian. Are you know why? Because of their position on foreign policy? Basically libertarians believe
You leave people on their leave, you alone at if life or like they wouldn't be wonderful, but it is. We have a group of people called informal fascist that are determined to start a careless but I believe that you have three options: if you're, not a Muslim, you can convert, you can pay attacks or you can be killed and believe it or not. There are. There are probably about ten percent of of Muslims. One point two five one point: five million or so of them that believe this philosophy. If you look at the polls that show how people felt about nine eleven? It's scary, how Muslims in France and Muslims in Ireland and Britain felt about nine eleven we got enemies. There was a funny exchange programme call twenty for a few years ago we intervene, play the Secretary of State and he had a son who was an activist anti war activists, a peace activists, anti nuclear activists, and he had this combination with his son is Son was trying to convince his father there what his father was doing immoral with immoral, and he said spare me your fifth grade, Michael more
logic. America has enemies, we have enemies and the libertarian party things. I believe that if we just minor own business, other people mind your own business. That's a bet on that willing to make one thing has been fascinating is watching the Republican party and consumers. More generally have moving more libertarian direction on a variety of issues. One day these were your way ahead of the curve was on drug legalization. So what do you stand on drug legalization, particularly as we look at the heroin epidemic that's currently occurring. Do you think that drugs should be legalised as far as healthy leads. What wordy Grendel eyes. I have always felt that the drug problem there is a drug problem should be dealt with as a public health problem. Not a criminal justice problem is also libertarian problem. If I want to destroy my body put stuff in it. I on my body, not the state. I should have the right to do it. We oughta be passing people about appropriate behaving that sort of thing, but criminalizing something like this has always bothered me thought Norton treatment. For the same way, I made the same argument. The counter argument can push back. I have to admit I'm very torn on decisions on the military
I agree with you. The counter argument, I think, is somewhat compelling, which is that there are obviously drugs like up apiarians that actually brought people have the capacity to reason these are lifelong Egyptians and so treating it as a public health problem, as opposed to something that actually affects the ability to act in a libertarian way. Libertarianism assumes that people have the capacity to make reasonable decisions and, if your basically allowing an enormous percentage of the population or even any percentage of the population to be turned into mental or reason bit reason based invalids, they
can't reason anymore. Do is that it is then a decent counter arguments that I don't think so, because a downside is even worse. The drug epidemic has also caused an increase in sweet crime has been estimated that about fifty percent of St Climate, erectly or indirectly related to people robbing maiming and stealing. In order to get money for drugs, people going to prison and you come out, you can't get a job now, because you ve had a record the amount of money that society losers because of the other of the theft, the higher costs of insurance premiums, because of all the theft related drugs. You know there are lots of other unintended consequences because of this war on drugs, and so no are you even though some people were misuse their freedom as they are with. Will the idea Thomas Jefferson used to say we ve the future freedom. The idea is not taken away from them, but to better explained to them how they can better put their freedom to use if we should be doing so with all that said, how do you great the trunk administration on their approaches because it has been kind of fascinating they there? It's big
from administration. They ve blown out the spending they'd actually increased enforcement of of drug issues. They are they. Not been libertarian with regard to labour, So you mentioned earlier that you think the present trumps crackdown on illegal Immigration is good for black workers in the United States, because you obviously have a greater supply depressing the wage based on a libertarian basis. Should we care about that. Should we care about yellow here, your army Milton Friedman used to say, if you can't have open borders, when you have well, first of all that right we got a welfare state and the average illegal alien, according to the centre for immigration studies, costs taxpayers over the course of the illegal aliens life about eighty grant. It seems to me we have a say in that: but the putting aside the welfare state, if you return on it on labour, then the idea of additional supply would lowering the wage base should really be elevator in problem, meaning it should be a problem if taxpayer dollars are being extended to support people. That's a libertarian but it's not really libertarian problems. People want to come here and work and then,
move around and leave should it. What are you ve, libertarian prom, because because to me, you're, not just bringing you your work, you also bringing you or your politics in your culture, and it seems to me that we have a right to determine who comes in our country with another person or persons I feel that way we feel do they share our are our belief in a separation of church and state your belief in a limited government. I dont want people who don't. I believe that the reason Boris but borders are poorest right now it's, because eventually, these illegal aliens turn voters are gonna pull them for the Democratic Party. If the Democrats believe that,
illegal aliens turned, voters would put a lever for republican Party. We wouldn't be having this conversation. We wouldn't be talking about statehood for Washington DC. We would be talking about allowing connectivity felons devote all of these things. Breed more democrat, wouldn't be talking about college free tuition if it weren't the case that the more likely it is. You go to college. If you study humanities and more likely, if you're gonna come out more level than we did when you went in, if college meant that you are more likely to come out of it as a republic and our conservative Democrat when we push in this, so this is all about votes turn a libertarian basis to go back to sort of the trunk question it integrate. President from what? Where would you great himself arguments russian compared to what could compare, compare it compared to President Hillary Clinton compared to present Larry older per day any isolate living we are having today. Standard, our head of how you re President's. If, for example, you give George Wash
and in a u give Sdr and F you give Ronald Reagan, a minus three plus so on that sort of scale wit wordy. Put president trumps, I promise given about an eminent, maybe plus far better than I thought you would be far better. I dont like that the tariff stuff, but if they haven't been as bad as I thought I was gonna, be I do think that I, under played under paid attention to China and with China, was doing turned to stone and our technology, and it was right there. Let me finally do something about that. I love the tax cuts. They should have been steeper. The idea that they eliminated state mobile deduction and eliminate and put a cap on mortgage interest deduction didn't help Larry, elderly, but dumb. The idea that overall miracles got a tax break? I'm I'm happy with them. Have it with a springboard justice? Is that he's done? I'm happy with what he's doing about the sanctuary. Cities are trying to do by sanctuary citizen can release on so many other policies. I dont like the visa lottery system and I think we ought to have people coming in and on merit, and so all the stuff you
on immigration. I, like I dont likely paid family medical leave, but does he have daughter said that inclusion and twenty sixteen during the currency, I heard her, say and Protestants repeated it he's not a conservative. He is a populous you're, not a fiscal conservative he's our social concern What? If he's a populous he's, got a collection of views and values you Adam all up is better than president replanted when he ran. I said this I said of Donald Trump: were a movie he'd, be the good, the bad and the ugly, and about ten days after that, I'm watching a new show and bologna is on issues. This is gonna work. President he'd be the Good Donnerwetter movie. We, the good the bat and the ugly I say, where's my ten percent, the the ugly
is when, in my opinion, he said that George W Bush listen to the Iraq war. However, you feel about that war. He did not like us into the war, and I campaigned with Donald Trump and I met him in Cleveland. Wee wee wee wee campaign at a black church, and I said to him: there's one thing that you said that I think you should apologise for anything other than to say the the John Mccain thing when he said John Mccain was captured and I said no, I said you said George W Bush lightest into the war. I said I know you didn't like the war, but he did not lies in the war with the less says. That is one of the big stained right now in their public and brand that George W Bush decide who want to be a bit more time. President, just dumb fabricated, all the end for all the entails, we could build a case for the war. I say we have sixteen agencies at the time, all sixteen tat at the highest level of certainty that Saddam Hussein had not only WMD behest stockpiles of WMD all sixteen George W Bush hell this kept the same c. I a director George Tenant at served under built when he told him that the idea
Saddam Hussein had to be empty stockpiles was quote Islam Doc, close work. We just got hit. Our three thousand people died. George W Bush looking round is find out what are the next level of threat? If he had done nothing, I would argue that there would have been irresponsible and, and so for you to say that he light into the war. My goodness I says the same, not just the people on the left or say anyone royal We never said it again and might Maya watching of Donald Trump years. His wave apologizing is not to say the same stupid thing twice, but you won't say I'm sorry. So what with all of it said your present from has given, I think consumers way more than we could expect of war but one of the reasons I did vote for either candidates to tap the taken twenty, sixteen is because I did not expect him to go as a conservative. He didn't campaign, as I remember remember, you're, not you and I had had long conversations area and in he's out
So I've done a lot better than I could. I could persuade us that I think is going to be a strategy that I know you you're right now is wrong and that the debts listen. I could not be more happy that I was wrong about his policies. I dont think I was wrong about its character and I think that that has not changed. I think he's the same person he's in the seventies he's not gonna turn into Saint any I'm sooner anything close to your various, an amazing we have. We ve had to divorce presidents. One was Ronald Reagan. Anyone was Donald Trump Nellie was you divorced, even free marriages, in Amerika appear to have overlapped some of the others plus he's out other activities. As my colleague Dennis Prager says it shows you they got hit That is for sure the question that I still have- and I have said this before significantly more likely, but for president trumpet twenty twenty than I that I wasn't twenty sixteen there is a math under which, from does he ends up being for me, a net loss in all our trade with the methods. The math is that we get all this good stuff. We get the tax cuts, get the Supreme Court Justice We get the movement of the embassy in Jerusalem. We get. We get us
raising of Milton all the good things- and I acknowledge- although I am very happy about all of them- which again why I plan on probably voting form and twenty twenty, but let's say that he had, he himself is so toxic to a large percentage of the american people. That lets say he loosened twenty twenty lose the president, in twenty twenty. We no longer control the House representatives, we lose the Senate and twenty twenty and suddenly A unified government under a common Harris, Bernie Sanders Elizabeth WAR and a lot of that has driven by backlash specifically to President Trump. Is that amount? that we should worry about, or is that basically, just at this point, what is what is is he's gonna run he's gonna run for reelection. We have to deal with it much of the attack against Donald Trump. I think as unfair. I mean ninety percent of the new against him, its negative, and yet the economy is booming like this. Second, I percent of people think they're gonna, be there. off the next year than last year and still is being hammered like this. I think we need to call the media out for their unfairness
even the wind, when Obama ran in two thousand eight, the onward person for the Washington Post, your name with Deborah House, you no longer there. She admitted that we had more pictures of a bomb on the front page. We had more flattering pictures of a bomb on the front page, more stories of a bomb on the front page, more flattering stories and of about on the front page. We didn't that she admitted it. So I really think that a lot of the the that the fear that you have about Donald Trump is generated from the unfairness of the media and of his coverage, and if we call him out on it and defend him when he needs to be defended, I think he can get reelected to right now, he's writing privilege, for he always has in low fortys and approval writing. He's never surpassed fifty percent he's. Never lowering the cosmos buyers and at an inn and Wrath Erasmus, Erasmus industries, the outlier pole, but in the real politics, pull average and even it, and even in the galleries, now up a couple of points and to stay the union yeah. That's right. Anybody he bounces remedy seems pretty. ably as he has ceiling, has a floor, isn't and move around too much in between those things and in twenty six,
in that didn't hurt him in the sense that everybody the elections can be a referendum on fraud, but you know that you have acted, backed Erasmus and he's now about two or three points. Higher than Obama was at this juncture of Obama's. First, her right, Obama getting everyone, I'm happy to acknowledge the Rasmussen Poles. I liked pull averages better, just because better avaricious need better data, but made, but as a general matter, his problem, isn't that high, it didn't hurt him in twenty sixteen people in jobs, vote for Hillary Clinton. You look at how he's proof in the polls right now in some of the swing states that he I mean you, he pulled out but out of the hat in twenty six dangerous, statistically speaking, and that that's. Amazing thing when we're still analyzing what happened in twenty six to be. I think another underestimate thing that happened. That is not the subject is people can see it coming often it wasn't there ready now, but they re every body every purse. under a rock was eligible to vote, is gonna vote. Left wing live and find him or her totally agree. I mean if you look at the statistics, might make intention has been that there is a myth that both Democrats and Republicans I've been living under.
Skewing the political process. The myth is that president from was a transformational candidate. Twenty sixteen. If you look at how he performed, he actually performed in percentage percentage terms with wants to point of Mitt Romney and George W Bush in virtually every statement that he actually perform. Like default Republican, this means that we now have one or two female Dumbarton. Lower percentage of the white vote then than Mitt Romney gets your absolute voting Wisconsin and did Romney didn't twenty two hours and he won Wisconsin, because no one should have to vote for Hilary, because nonetheless, these terrible number to everybody thought she was gonna. Win. Democrats did show up in the last mid term applicants to do and Democrats blew out Republicans, which makes me skeptical more sceptical. I think of his chances in twenty twenty, but again, because Democrats have reacted too strongly to trump their tacking, all the way to laugh right with candidate sourcing insane things legitimately every day. So I don't mean to me. He prognosticated, but if we have to put ads on Tromp Europe with devastating grace of that that they are there over correcting Alexandria, Carson Cortez is the base
This party, Adami she's a leader, but I made her ideas or the base of the Party Medicare for all getting rid of ice fifth of fifteen dollar a minimum wage, arbitrary tuition, this new green deal. This is what this party has become. Part of it responds to tromp. A part of it is just a normal, more normal insanity of people on the left or emotional look effects. I think that's a real will give. The other thing is this. As with a wagon people under estimate, Donald Trump. I remember watching those data union speech. I thought was a good speech, not a brilliant speech, not a great speed but a good speech, but because people think If the doddering idiot they're going nuts, whom I got great sweet waiting, is all the families underestimated. I think it's a real secret weapon that he has its where all we have to do is behave always do stop tweeting as much are you do look more reasonable to people. That's that's, not a difficult wretch. gimme that that I've been saying people a white house. If you just is quiet and points there is a democratic, go addressed the entire elections and he should be. He should be-
With all of that said, the hearing false funny. He is rearranging he of entertaining. I mean who watches a town, all the whole thing, what this whole thing he's crack and me up he's entertaining having fun and the economy is doing well. People feel safe, where in the world are we worse off because if because of trot now not in the Middle EAST, not not not not China, North Korea, where we worse, my answer is nowhere. The country is better off the last two years because of Donald Trump, and so I think when people calm down and when there's a bye, and every choice, calmly, Harris or It was born or Corey Booker versus Tromp Trump whence ok. So, let's talk for a second about the expansion. of executive power causes libertarian. This is something it's been happening under under both parties. Hearty sire. President Trump has continued. That trend. The amounts of spending under President Trump has increased. It is not decrease so size. Global government continue to increase with happily the quartet recorded in surprise you, because, when they campaigner twenty, sixteen may
Hilary nor trumps. At a damn thing about the entitlements. Even Obama said the atomic were unsustainable, and I said this at the time I think the matter who wins for years now, eager for now the death gonna be much much higher, because no one was turanian Social Security or Medicare Medicaid. That's a third rail, and what do you think that tromp did wonder we think are elected to its because, unlike other Republican, to always at least talk about things and how this programme, he didn't say a damn thing about them, and so people are worried about their ok if they pull over some squishy, some independent, some folks conservative Democrats, because of that had gone out and said what I would have said, which is we have two privatized, social security. We have to go with health savings account for afore. I met a care and we have to get rid of the the federal government taking of of money and giving it back to you for welfare. We should get rid of all of that.
If a libertarian believe- and I would never get elected because of that Donald Trump understood that people want to hear about cut you get somebody something once didn't want take didn't want it back. You ask people who who argue that Germany is too big, and then you put down specific programmes. You want you and cut this cut technical, none, but governments too big chatting that's it are too high, but raising taxes on which people not a prompt. Someone get your opinion, because this week the president declared national emergency on the border is my opinion that, as a constitutional conservative, that this is not what the executive branch was designed to do was basically to clear legislative proposals. Even if I agree with the thing is attempting to where you stand on the national Origins Declaration, I think really had no choice if, if you some fear and believing that the border presents a national security crisis- and I believe he is sincere, because the border crossings are down as a main does not have not a crisis. The fact we ve nor do for thirty years doesn't mean that, because it's not as big a deal is what thirty years ago is now a major problem. So I think I ve Donald Trump believes that this is a national security crisis
as commander in chief, it seems to me he has- should have the ability to do what need to do to defend the country. That means declaring a national emergency removing some money around, I'm ok with it. This is not. It's is not a phoney crisis. I know that the left believes that it is but I think it is a real problem we want. Obama did with that with doktor, I mean here's, here's Obama, but that he's a common law. Professor teacher, that universal cargo. I'm sorry, I can't use an executive order to do all the things you guys want me to do. Liberals I'd love to do that. Obama, but I can't, and then you get pressure and then all of a sudden it does exactly what he said. He couldn't do that bother me a for a lot more than than Would Donald Trump is doing with Donald Trump is doing it for national security. At least he says there, with a straight face, mama- could not make that argument regarding darker looking so in one second, I have one final question for you. I want to ask you specifically: you mentioned that libertarian ideas, if that there the right I just they may not get us elected them, we may not have libertarianism any time in the near future. I probably would to ask about how we bridge that gap and just
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