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Biden Pressed Over Falling Approval Numbers, Court Pauses Biden’s Vaccine Mandate and Free Payments To The Poor


Tonight’s rundown:

  • Network news ignore Biden’s cratering approval numbers, but local outlets make sure to push the story to the forefront 
  • The Biden administration is stockpiling records on over 54 million U.S. gun owners 
  • The White House tells businesses to forge ahead with vaccine mandate for workers despite a court-ordered pause 
  • Chicago plans to give its citizens below the poverty line no strings attached, direct payments as part of a new pilot program 
  • This Day In History, 1990: Willie Nelson’s assets are seized by the IRS
  • Final Thought: The horror of going to the doctor's office 

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The. I don't really here welcome to the no spin news too today november, ninety thousand twenty one stand up for your country. So the white ass put out a schedule for every president. Every day the president in the oval office you, don't they don't put out a schedule saturday and sunday, usually, but every business day a schedule comes up and its public, not we got it, people get it. I think we are the only ones that report to you on what Joe Biden does every day, because most of the days, he doesn't do anything. Now, maybe he has private stuff going on
Why wouldn't they put it on the schedule so today miss vine did nothing thrown up. He had a virtual meeting with the and see, and then he had a fundraiser for the dmz. That's not the people's business he's not doing the business of government he's politicking party stuff. So with all the massive problems we have and they are ass, it is, I think most americans are starting to figure out. You can't find anything hosted do all day and what do you do yesterday? As we reported he met with the milwaukee bucks? That's it. So this is a guy who really using governing he's not governing.
I could be wrong. There's a five percent chance, I'm wrong a ninety five percent chance, I'm right. that he basically sitting there, while other people. try to figure out how to run a country, and they obviously- and I do a job so Dearly- rasmussen tracking, pull down a little bit. Forty percent approve fifty nine disapprove he'll be in the thirty soon and ask because he's doing a terrible. people get hurt. That's why my phrases Joe Biden, is in your house. Now you know you gonna pay for food gas Ass heating oil. you name it much more, though, is in your house, and I don't think you want him there. Maybe I'm wrong, so the real
pressure from Mr Biden was the: u s! Aid. Today pole, out over the weekend. I gave him a thirty eight percent approval rating, the lowest that we've seen. And then I asked my staff. Tell me what the nightly news said about it. K Nbc Abc,
it's nightly news. Well, a b c news David Muir, mister storm. I call him if there's a storm Davis going to be on it and CBS evening news norah O'Donnell that I mention it not at all now just go back so of donald trump in his first ten months in office. At you know, a catastrophic decline see trump, never got really high poll numbers because the country was divided when he was elected. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, thanks to california and new york case that it wasn't that way, but Biden won by seven million votes in a popular and
it wasn't that close an electoral couch, so trump was an outlier in all of this, but I'm going to give you a startling stat in a moment, so NBC news devoted five seconds to the usa. Today poll leicester, I I can't even imagine this is a huge story. The collapse of the president of the united states in ported public opinion, and they don't mention it and it shows you how massive Corrupt, the core romania is not doesn't really matter anymore. Why? Because combined
There are about twenty million americans that watch network news each evening, but there are a hundred and twenty one million homes with television in this country does not create a math. But it looks to me like About fifteen percent of americans are watching news. Every night on the networks, that's very low, ok, very low, so it doesn't. It doesn't have the impact of walter, cronkite, huntley, Brinkley and Peter Jennings Tom Brokaw doesn't happen because people know they're not getting honesty. It's as simple as that. So there's massive
corruption at that level, every negative you could tie around down trumps neck. The networks covered aren't for nato to infinity katie's the latin phrase, but the local press day. They were interested in this story because yesterday Joe Biden did virtual interviews with w K our sea tv insincere. I remember the old programme, w K, r p in cincinnati the comedy about a radio stations, w k c. And the usa today, Paul came up in that interview. Here's what mister And set the my folly numbers are the same essentially what everyone from my boy two to one too. Clinton to all all obama were at this. In time, but again I don't think I do
President should be deciding what to do about lord alone, people are worried. I'm worried because apparently Joe Biden has no sense of reality at all. the week of november nice, two thousand nine out of ten months in four brok, obama. His approval rating was fifty three percent. It wasn't the same. Mr president, yours is The yea and his fifty three so values through stuff out now did he lie again? I always get mail and ass. He doesn't know. he doesn't know what his problem is. He doesn't care what's true using care, it throws he here. Was it the local reporter in Cincinnati doesn't have
Dad I had a look it up, but is polarization I'm also way behind brocklebridge. I didn't look up boys because it really does a man so again he's befuddled. He doesn't know what the truth is. He doesn't care to find out what the truth is. He doesn't do anything every day and the result is a country in decline in no doubt about it. the right is gleeful. Conservatives republicans traditionalist. They love it, because it's payback for white the prestige to tromp, but a warning. If you are a conservative news operation, it's best to report the facts giving an exam
So a wall street journal article using anonymous sources said that the justice department was concerned. During paying illegal immigrants who lost children who is separated from children, four hundred fifty thousand dollars apiece Kay Biden deny that initially, you all know the sound like tonight, then is people came back and said? Well, maybe they should get money, so anybody, rational and fair. say then I gotta get for fifty fifty get a lower number, but it will still be a colossal amount of money.
And that will alienate the people even further by the way americans aren't support that only the loons will so the four fifty number is still being bantered around by the conservative media. Don't do that makes you look bad, be precise, alright, not going to be for fifty, and if you say it's going to be for fifty, then you're misleading the people you're broadcasting to see, but I mean now. I don't even think this is going to ever happen because Biden's on the skids so bad. This could get them down in the twenties. If he did approval rating, that's so bad, it would be column who's at twenty. Eight percent
Pass them I mean come on, but I could be wrong. I mean you know. The progressive left wants the money to go to the migrants aseel. You is suing on their behalf, but boy if Biden does that that's pretty much closing the door Joe. It's all over. Ok, now has a story that I don't want. You gonna see many other places. The bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms has accumulated information on fifty five million americans who own guns by law, the eighty eight is not allowed to. intrude on your gun purchases. Ok,
Now, when you buy a gun, the sale is recorded and background checks are done. But if you are clear, that's it, they don't store it, but the a tf stored, fifty five million because there's a loophole. The loophole is If the gun shop anywhere in the country goes out of business, it has to send all it's sales records to the a tf. Why? Because, if a gun is used in a crime and traced back to a store that no longer exists, then the investigation is hampered. So this is a law to law on the books. Gunshot goes out of business. All the data goes to the federal government, so neither of the fifty five million and.
They want more because I dont believe in a slippery slope most of the time, but I do believe that the progressive left, if it got you know. Power in both houses and the presidency will try to ban guns nuts for import would overturned. They wouldn't allow it. However, the damage that the federal government can do Putting you in the enemy category, because you have a gun, could be substantial like an irish r s, they do that believe me and on that subject the three panel three judge, pow federal judges, have stayed, binds crazy order to mandate vaccine for all businesses.
Is employing more than one hundred people so that order that Biden signed is now stopped because the three judges say the looks of the constitution violations which there are, but the vitamins region isn't stopping telling private business to do it Here is the Biden spokesmen, so I want to be really clear, as well as at the congress empowered ocean through a law through a law that has been in the books for more than fifty years. So this is an authority that we believe the department of labour has. We are very concerned about it, a confident about it. Ok, so what you say is there is a law that gives a federal government a right to regulate safety in the workplace and arrests, but
what they're using so she said we're going to win because I was on the books and OSHA, which is in charge the agency in charge a private business and making sure that the businesses and exploit people are hurt people and we're going to win. It was so what may be will, but you don't defy. A three judge power: they did the same thing and remain in mexico paths, which was stopped as you know, but there are still not bring a mass of mount people back Scope, so all this is going to play out probably to the supreme court, but just shows you they don't have any respect and they don't have any respect at all for the american solution the vine and he doesn't even know it. I mean, if you are not my program and just let's debate the constitution, MR prison, you think he could answer any questions about it. No, they probably
Well, Barack Obama didn't know much about it either that probably, interesting story. California,. Covert rate is out twice that of florida yeah. I know the noose amount the governor s head. You know very strict, Colvin rules mandates for everyone in florida is laissez faire, You don't really why? There's a law against mandated flawed covered mandate and california is covered rates twice that of florida. Right? As you know, this guy van morrison brown eyed girl, moon. Dance said a few. It's kind of a crazy guy. He is seventy, six years old, listen northern ireland belfast and
he's being sued by the northern ireland government. Now this isn't the republic of ireland. Northern ireland's attached to london, part of great britain, so morrison is an anti backs or or something and he's very out spoke and he's attacked the health sir robin swan, ok and swan using government money and power is only a defamation lawsuit against than mars. Here's morrison's reply, I decided to have a look at him. And. The reason why I am saying is dangerous:. I'll. Give you some some clues to why I'm saying he's dangerous
and this is specifically to do no specific, equate a speaking. that's too much control over, alas, in jobs. I assume, control over running people's lives. And means of support. too much control over conditions, as far as like and people saying well once martin, when's that suit, I don't think he's gonna lose it Could be wrong nor the rounds very strange place. Believe me, I spent some time there in the time of the troubles. Ok, let's get to the dorm investigation, so wrote a calm entitle. Corrupt I hope you ve read it if he nodded posted on bill, o Reilly, dotcom
I lay out what I think happened based on the facts and nobody has challenged the facts. durham started his investigation on October nineteenth two thousand twenty. So now it's two years plus ideas. Pointed by attorney general bar after it was clear that mahler couldn't find his whatever in whatever okay. So bar point, Door, I'm in charge very slow, going very slow Everybody, including present tromp, thought to be something out by the election. Not, but now it's starting to come out. So there have been three arrests, Michael assessment charge of law to the fbi. Supplement is a lawyer who is working for the Clinton campaign came the second one is Kevin climb
Psmith. Another lawyer work for the fbi, he's charge of making false statement trying to get a warrant, and the third one is the russian who was arrested this week, Igor den den, who is linked to Hillary Clinton campaign through a top adviser name, Charles darwin, so dense, shako cinco is charged with false statements to fbi agents. so they ve got three, but where do we go from now so argo to guy in the door of investigation, other federal matters spread tom and joining in some way? Salt lake city? So I have a simple question because I'm a simple man as you well know: what do you think happened here. So we're starting to see I'll, tell you what I when I think happened. Thank you. Have individuals at the highest level in the Clinton campaign and you have
the lawyer, the represents them. Your have individuals that are connected washing DC, as is all about your connections, I think they hatched a plan, and that was to eliminate I'm coming candidate, To do so in a way that would do it would be, square in essence, obliterated chances of getting into the oval office. and so you see now durham starting to uncover the layers that have occurred, but your bill keep in mind this. This investigation, I think, was probably pretty stagnant and tell John ratcliff me then, Direct or national security really- thousands of documents, many of which were declassified, and he gave them to durham. And he gave them to durham and that's when I think he's finally started to uncover the lies the deception,
and their angle was to re, enter a lot of individuals that work that were involved in the in the. in other russian conspiracy, the To catch them in lies, and they were now the do that until they had those documents from John radwan, okay, so the new documents they had. They can match up to what the people was saying to the fbi in interviews and a federal crime, the law, so you got three fairly low level people here and it looks like- and I said this in my column- that the Clinton campaign concocted and finance this entire russian collusion me With the help of the media, the media wanted to believe it. And then ran wild with it without investigating anything, that's what I think happened so then, where do we go from here?.
Well, I think you're spot on and remember the f b. I is also part of that at the highest level. They knew they had kobe. They knew they had individuals. That would would give the bennett the doubt, even when they lay the documents. The record over clearly indicated that the intelligence community did not by some. The accusations and then the you know what they were being fed, but setting aside, where do we go now there thousands of documents that have not been declassified. That durham has right now that he is going through At some point, I hope they will be declassified according to even you know those that are in department of justice, John Ratcliffe, even said so publicly. They believe there will be a number of other indictments to come as a result of the information that they do have now. John rackliff has been very clear to say: Things like you, it goes all the way to the top pillory Clinton paid for
They knew that it was going to happen. So the question is: how much will they be able to run? are and how high will it go, but you identified correctly these are lower levels and the reason he charged them first is to apply that pressure to get them to talk about others. Possible. Hillary Clinton didn't know the specifics of the us and was being told hey. This is true: tromp colluded with the russians and we have to get it out. Possible? It is possible as possible that her handlers, we're gonna, keep her in the dark in terms of what the plan was and just indicate to her. they were gonna, go with. You know, ay, a a company like fusion gps, that does opposition research, and she authorised now that's possible Why why that's not been believable is
Level in involvement, the Hillary Clinton and books have shown historically and the individual like Charles dolan, had access to both of them was very close. In both of those campaigns with bill and hilary okay. So I I believe they're gonna get Hillary Clinton. She did. She stated on white water. skated on Libya. She skated on her server her, which he destroyed government property as secretary of state, and you would have to have somebody testify that he or she told Hillary Clinton. This is fabricated. It's not true. Should we go ahead? That's what Take I'm not sure yeah exactly right bill, it would take somebody you that has very good evidence.
She knew and she went forward anyway and It would take someone like you know, at the at the highest levels, in her campaign that had credibility that could articulate that and- and even then you know, it's going to be tough for somebody to pull the trigger on Taking down Hillary Clinton. You know even with that, so I think you're right on that, unfortunately, because I think she did no. This is, but this is something that You know is authorized and planned, and it shows you the level of deception that these campaigns are willing to undertake. Now, durham, u s attorney special investigator, worse romero, garland pointed by bill barbara garlic. the attorney general god. I don't think, there's any hard for this right right. I you know, I think he
He unfortunately, probably felt like he needed to allow this now, I'm being told by my colleagues in the department justice that garland has indicated to those inside the department justice he's going to let this see you know see its way through and let durham finish his investigation, we'll see if that's the case as if he climbs the ladder on the campaign yup Turkey has to because, if you kill it Then you get into richard Nixon territory, fire and people who That's right, final question: the corruption involved. Here I stayed in column if it comes out. that the Clinton campaign, whether without pilloried knowledge, did this I think we would be one of the most corrupt things ever happened in american politics, trying to avert a presidential rival.
And then it carried on overthrew when tromp was elected. It didn't stop and they used it to try to hammer him in his first year and it's an enormous scandal. You hear about it on the undeniably news spread. You do not hear about it and you don't hear people trying to connect. The dots are even articulating but the reason this is such a big stand on your right about that bill. Is it in bali? the highest levels of government is well you're here use by the f B- I pfizer words when they knew they didn't have credible information to base the man. You had call me and others briefing obama and Biden at the time you had entails. it's community that also had to participate. So this nothing like this in our history now and I'm glad that your pointing it out yeah it really is big. I bridge Diana
anything audience I let us know, we really appreciate it stay well out there, you better, sir. In addressing advancement to the story. We talked about with retirement. Today hey the Biden whitehouse through its national security adviser jake, so then member him Afghanistan, Right under the biggest boss in the world by saying that he was linked to Michael sustenance, who is involved with the bogus russian collusion. Now. Why did by do that? Because he knew the stories gonna break so solvents dot, mario quit suit resign whatever, maybe, but now we start to see the web so Biden how to get free
throw sullivan. Out the window. Solving to go, but now what did serve and do so? This story is really starting to bill. Keep your eye on this. So earlier and the broadcast I was talking about disrespecting the american taxpayer by paying foreign nationals, hundreds, thousands or whatever they going to do It's a disrespect or it's like all her and her hard earned money. We have to give it to the government by law and then they they do insane things with it districts. So here another example: this is on a local level, so chicago we reported on october twenty six,
and five hundred dollar checks to five thousand needy families chosen at random, not there to investigate the families to see if they were legitimate. By legitimate I mean, if you have a family where parents are addicted to heroin you're, not gonna, have any money. If you have a family where parents are drunk every day, you're not gonna, have any money right. But if you don't investigate the circumstance of the family, just kick them five hundred bucks. I mean it's insane A is hoping it they're big leap programme, thousand dollar check said to three thousand individuals, not families, but there's no vetting, there's no vetting
and in chicago in l a you. Don't have to do anything for that money, no strings, so you don't have to look for job. You don't have to take a course. You don't have to do pump public service, nothing because the money and you could be addicted to anything, and so if you've got kids, kids are not going to see that money. If you look at the homeless population across the country, most of them are addicts who can't work. Cuts are always high. That's why they're in the street, if you are willing to work hard in this country, you can make a decent living.
So now the socialists, they don't care. If people are addicted, it's not their fault. It's society's fault that made them that way, whatever bullet throwing outage, but again as a taxpayer that takes it in the neck. new year new home of great now with blinds com and save up to forty percent site. Why need help to using sunk to of livestock com expert designer for free to help you take the best blinds, shades, shutters and more need help with measuring and installation we ve got you covered there to see why blind saw com is the number one online retailer of custom window coverings, shall flagstaff com and save up to forty percent site wide up to forty percent off now, if lines thou cop blows intersections may apply universally north dakota surprise this north Dakota is
fairly conservative state grand forks where the university is little left, but not crazy. Well, maybe maybe wrong, so they have a new policy there are going to allow students to who live in housing consistent with their gender identity and expression that a requirement that transgender student stay in single occupancy, accommodations, so the gender? Inclusion policy would also apply to fraternity, sororities sports teams whatever so now is Why? In one of the alpha you? U canada, universe, you know north dakota live with other alphabet and. This excluding everybody else, this is an inclusion. This is exclusion, surprise universally north Dakota,
This day in history november, nineteen ninety variants, Willie nelson's assets see, by the I, so. They re really, sir Houses in texas. and in two thousand sixteen forbes says willie was worth about twenty five million annually for second, because when the irs raided em, he owed seventeen million in taxes will use in pay it. I what he did was he wanted to some crazy tat scheme. That was a criminal enterprise and he said no, no, I invested here, so I don't pay taxes the hours a month, so they I hit. I think he has six properties in texas and they took six million dollars worth of stuff and the properties were bored and not boarded up and you couldn't get into them. The iris put a lien on a property willy fled to.
Why his daughter smuggled out his guitar trigger, and will he said I as long as I can my guitar I'll be fine. eventually willie settled with the irs. and he put out an album who, by my memories of the ira's, got a cut. And saw really paid off his death. Now you have another tax issues all over the place with famous people, you know about our short in the new york times- is still always seven one hundred thousand in back taxes, I dunno it's true. He hasn't been punished in any way: Ozzy osbourne. Okay. I had a tax bill of seven one hundred eighteen thousand. Time. He worked it out. Somehow dionne warwick five, a bankruptcy say she owed eleven million dollars in federal state tax said she couldn't pack. I worked out PAMELA anderson
owed three hundred, seventy thousand to the iris in California. But all of these These were negotiated and leans were put on properties and on salaries. Wesley snipes, however, couldn't get out of it and he went to prison. He evaded seven new. in dollars and taxes, MR snipes, so the ira's you don't fool around with them will be right back with some now and a final thought about visiting the doktor. You're doing business in an app driven, multi cloud world, you wanna build and run europe's on your choice of clouds and you need to manage all those clouds as easily as one with VM. Where cross cloud services, you ve got options that because VM, where delivers the multi cloud, choice, security and control, you need to accelerate innovation, deliver great apps and drive business forward, VM where the sun,
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tiny says bill. Did you ask your friend, liberal friends, why she ate strum? What is it that he did? That makes her hate him good question nine january fixed number one. She believes that he encouraged and the election. He believes that down from fermented all this electoral chaos and she'll, never forgive him for those two things samantha the wire you always defending Barack Obama. I understand that Mr Obama didn't deport illegals but rather changed the way the supposedly deported were counted incorrect in both france. I don't always defend Barack obama
I tell you the truth. His administration deported more foreign nationals than any other president ever. That is a fact if you dont want to believe it. People believe what they want to believe, but it's my job to tell you the truth, and I do David. My bill trump is never going to changes demeanor my gaudy seventy five years old. I am nearly seventy and I'm not going to change my demeanor, maybe you're right, but if he did modify a little bit, those independent voters, lot of them would come back my opinion, my humble opinion, Wayne bill don't forget that, in addition to the gas tax, most roads and bridges are on state
honey or city responsibility, not the federal government. The problem is: the Democrats are trying to convince people that all roads and bridges are being paid for by federal money. That's a little misleading way, so the federal government gives what they call block grants to the states and the states can use that money anywhere. They want and there's a big transportation component. There's a criminal justice component transportation housing ok grinch! So what the vitamin street she wants to do is flood the zone with this amazing amount of money tax money so that infrastructure is built up. But, as I said, the states can do whatever they want with it. So in california they could build houses just for illegal immigrants,
that's. What did you do? Robert? I heard you say many times at your liberal friends were smart. Last night, you said you liberal, for an aged trump, so much she would see the country fall a pieces that doesn't sound smart to mate. Emotion, always overrides intelligence, always get emotional intelligence flies out the window. Duration, water. Massachusetts life, though your interview, Doug shown, is very informative after losing dog and buying is book is very honest what we're all see in the country thanks for having dug his guest- and he is one of the smartest most honest political analysts he and more panama to democratic, go to people. Now, a barbara monegan, bloomfield hills michigan outside Detroit,
I really enjoyed the back and forth with deck. Regarding the vaccine, it was informative, really miss honest debates like that. When I listen you programme, I sometimes think what is the what about this or that you know better than I had a back and forth a lot of his listeners. Didn't, like my point of view that you know local municipalities states have a right to regulate public safety, not the feds to state issue. I've been like that a day and coral where's, your city, alabama, I'm sorry I'll, Webster city. I want you calm as we go spot a clear look back in the rear, mew mirror of exactly where we been soil. Bobby we reach com, is internal corruption,
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Episodes a week can help you out and trump tour, I'm doing a lotta promo for it. Now I was in awe and with bucks, section and clay Travis today talking about it, there are the dates we sold almost thirty thousand tickets. To this I mean that's colossal. There are still some nice seats available, but you got move it great christmas gift. Okay, word of the day, one of my favorites would not be a pole. Troon p, o l, t, r, o n poultry fact with a final thought about a doc visit to the doc. You're doing business in an app driven, multi cloud world, you wanna, old and run europe's on your choice of clouds, and you need to manage all those clouds as easily as one with VM. Where cross cloud services. You ve got options that because VM, where delivers the multi cloud, choice, security and control, you need to accelerate innovation. Deliver
Great apps and drive business forward VM, where the sun the way to cloud where more at visa, where dotcom you're doing business in an app driven, multi cloud world. You wanna, Old and run europe's on your choice of clouds and you need to manage all those clouds as easily as one with VM. Where cross cloud services. You ve got options that because VM, where delivers the multi cloud, choice, security and control, you need to accelerate innovation, deliver Great apps and drive business forward, VM, where the sun, way to cloud learn more at villa where dot com. final vote of the day. I d go to the eye doctor the other day. Ok, so my drilling this! I dont want to wait for three hours. So I have my assistant was a saint. send in all my insurance information, any diagnosis of my problem, personality profile.
he's obnoxious guy everything goes in before I show up and I make the appointment in the early morning- first- a point that I want to sit there. So I walk into the eye doctors office, seven thirty point and I this twenty people sitting all my mass on number look happy. all this is not going so I I understand because I'll see to take- But thirty minutes later young woman comes over big woman and He had a sleeveless shirt on sleeve at tattoos bout, both arms, ok, So then she takes me into little cubicle and she goes well wishers reservation. I said: well, we recycling or what are you here for while we senator and she punches it.
and it's there. But cheating bought a look. Ok, so that homey up another twenty minutes on their fifty minutes now, first appointed finally get into this in a doctor and that he doesn't know he can't figure out. So I wasted ninety minutes in this whole ordeal, which was, and then I walk out, and it's like the night of the living dead. You know, senior citizens are the most abused by these doctors. because it's an assembly line and they don't really care. You wait there two hours three hours- I you know it they just it's money, money, money, money shouldn't be this way, but it is thank you for watching us tonight, we'll see tomorrow.
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