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FULL SHOW: The Coronavirus-Impeachment Timeline; Draconian Measures Around the Country

2020-03-20 | 🔗

O'Reilly's daily virus update; freedoms being limited; how America's attention was diverted from the virus by impeachment. The media won't report this - history will. Watch O'Reilly every weeknight on your TV via BillOReilly.com.

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i don't really dot com premium members welcome to the no spin news thursday march nineteen two thousand twenty fight for your freedom and we're kind limited now in our freedom because public health authorities have limited us to what we can and can't do goes against the spirit of americans my spirit but at the end of the broadcasts i'm telling you what i am going to do this we get you might be curious about that that's coming up all so president trump i'm not gonna use sound satellite because it's too long in congo who did not criticising mr tromp i mean he's he's always should do
and we laid out yesterday the timeline about what happened in china collided with peach retinue usa lastly president tromp was diverted by impeachment and i have a sub item play all aware that what i said today on the radio about it but if you didn't see last night's no spinners go back and watch because edges mike detail all things are happening in china contagion same time all things were happening in peter so human being any human being who is being impeach has a pressing and pay attention to preach to use she was diverted as was mine in the media i covered the impeachment i wasn't worry too much about what is happening in war hot although i did alert every bill o'reilly dot com subscriber
on january twenty second way before most of the other media that this was gonna be a proper and again we have that posted so history will show that one of the reason the contagion why is allowed to get in here without bulwarks was because of impeach that is a fact a historical fact now the media will never report it in a million years because the media drove impeachment and the democrats would never acknowledge that once this contagion is over donald trump should get that and use it in his campaign because this absolutely diverted not only the president's attention but
we'll cabinet everybody was locked in on a page and you need to accept that fact because a picture was bogus i told you that it was dot pardon upon just designed to hurt his re election campaign they knew there wasn't gonna be any conviction and the herbage about ukraine which just say so the suffering now for tourists china absolutely and a page not the incompetence donald trump or the federal government there actually do a good job and so are most estates i mean andrew cuomo away the far left not now he's very efficient here in new york
so i come as i see him and i see him in the same way and you know it ok so what else happened today that you should know ice knock it off enforce immigration law by round people are in the midst of this contagion why because the agents themselves in danger understands that so the rage or on pause after that now the illegal aliens they're just susceptible to the contagion as the citizens now i hope you're in this country illegally and you speak the language you trying to figure out what's happened don't put yourself and others a risk i can't all then i want you know
and if we had open borders like the democratic party wants you'd have italy we'd be italy right now and italy is past now china in cases of the contagion italy is number one no border control that's what that was all about alright so is out and day departments the state department is telling everybody in the world if you're an american citizen citizen home i can't force him gee i'm in chrysler and ford not gonna make cars spending production until at least march thirtieth botanical waiting
they have too many cars in the lots they can't sell the cars although i telling you and telling you i'm telling you if you need a car by now you'll get the best deal on the car sir caml them at the interest rates are zero and get along if the car by now so the auto industry is getting smashed and travel industry and the police who travel nobody so airlines get smash cruise ships smash ward smashed everybody and it's all over the world not going to be in a european travel this summer very little i was scared and that'll cut down any airlines and on and on and on so you can assume there will be a recession owing is gonna be depression because i think if are virus path
follow china remember china locked down will ya means that no one in no one out so we can't do that here i guess could it be martial law with guns in police and military budgets we're trying to get slide down nobody and and then you can water your house once every three days get some supplies or whatever now the china thing has down i almost out they say i don't believe a word they say but i think the pandemic in china is really a subsiding as two months january february were in mid march now really picked up steam there in mid july or mid january i'm hoping it's too much here said it'll be met mid may that we subside things are under control where i
there are new drugs being looked at and president trump talked about that today and so malarial drugs some other things good and when they have a definitive announcement i'll bring it to everybody we'll bring it to you the testing vaccines on human beings and they'll get one no gap luck the united states of america defeated the kaiser in nineteen eighteen we defeated hitler tojo stalins soviet union expansion we defeated al qaeda isis and the jihad we did us america if we can defeat this disease it will just be added to that resume come up with a vaccine
come up with a cure and i think we will economic lays out market is up and is now some people are gonna make millions of jobs in the coming year to by by investing in stocks that have collapsed but are fundamentally good countries we'll come come back when you gonna comes back but i can't tell you to do that i haven't done i haven't deployed any new money into the mark i have some ideas but one bad thing happens march astounding three thousand points see you give very very cautious with you money but there is money on the sidelines so
well some people are going to go in and some people are going to make a lot of money in the next year or two but some people will lose it's like going to vegas very tough california homeless now from the beginning of this pandemic calvin authorities in new york city in other places new homeless people living on the street together in tents in these be compounds are very vulnerable to this contained but they did nothing the authorities did nothing zero because they're afraid of it alright so savages go los angeles new york city they're afraid of the homeless people because the homeless people are not going to cooperate why because most of them are addicted
hard drugs they're drug addicts they're not going to go into a place where they can't get their heroin or methamphetamine or whatever they're taking fentanyl they're not going to go to a place that's not where they can't get that every day that's what why that's what they live for that's why they have no money that's why they band together and that's what these homeless camps are all about drug addiction the mass together thought is not everybody knows i know it social workers know everybody knows media will not report i mean in someplace to try and tell you that these homeless people out there just they can get a job so biggest lie i have ever heard my tire korean journalists they are substance abusers they are attics attics are not going to do what you ask him to do
however their primary goal in life they don't even care if they laugh if they die they don't care if they die they don't care if they get aids they don't care they want their drugs so the authorities would have to force them at gunpoint to go someplace to break up any authorities got nowhere to put up that's what's happening with the homeless you'll never hear them in any mediator you know this crazy congresswoman alone or more well she actually is praising president trop for his actions during the pandemic pretty crap i have to say and i'm going to give the congresswoman from minnesota samaritan but on a screen arena for equal parties society is incredible and the right response in this critical time so you madam trump
caution presley always says unprecedented times square imprison leadership and we are seeing that in our country right now i faith that we will survive assassination a bit finally we should never let politics getting away way good part it's a good start and hope others will be part of a united front to push for good policies that will help us work through the economic anxiety the country is feeling right now on quote i gotta give her credit you're not going to hit bernie sanders say that or joe biden i give preference
i was thinking to orange county california very affluent area south of los angeles the one of the few conservative areas in the golden state i love going orange county i like huntington beach i like niguel laguna niguel i like san clemente i like the coastline i like the mountains or everything about it i don't like the los angeles angels that much but i'll go watch so orange county basically say hey you're under martial law if you live out there we're going to tell you what you can do and what you have to is pretty spooky alright and the cops are going to back it up unlike most other places
so all public and private gatherings in orange county california are banned the only thing you can do is hang with your family anybody in a dwelling can go out for a walk together but if you want to go for a walk with your neighbor across the street you can do is against the law this too much i'm sorry it's too much i so restaurants closed down the essential activities they place orange guy what are essential activities good question though ok here they are grocery stores are often police stations are open fire houses europe tv radio and media service repairman can work zermatt interesting gdp a gave a out in consummated cop that's a laugh in orange gap
plumbers laundromat and and food services carry out food service so in and out burger i guess you can do that okay that's it that's all and again at the end of this broadcast i'm gonna tell you what do here and long island this weekend but if i was our encounter county out we have if i hang with a friend of mine i should not be denied doing that's not we're not at that point yet ok let's go to san miguel county cholera now some of you noise work in denver oh autos wells anybody know anybody knows here
yo county is telluride is a is a mountain counting when it most beautiful counties in the world not just the united states is stunning so very few people live in san miguel cap tell your eyes a little tap into greater a good ski place so they have prohibited not quite as bad as orange county by those in a wrinkle the county says you have to be tested for divorce everybody but there's no sanction if you disobeyed at order till you don't get arrested or fine what they want everybody test quite sure why but everybody was we test alright you cannot visit anybody in san miguel carry you can't drive your car and turned back that's real hot shot nope
and your house so if i want to go to a hike mountains in ok i can they're little dicey on regulation there is only eight thousand only eight dumpy everybody knows everybody the little dice about what i can go hike but i'll tell you what we live in an amicable can i wanna go i'm right you don't catch the growth of irish by a pine tree so this will file is under overreaction my pay my hope in london reaction laundering nine million people do whatever you want buses and air calves are there to run everybody run what problem you i to go someplace you go
they are recommending they don't go to a restaurant but they're not forcibly shutting them down and running and if any city in the world it's got potential to have this pandemic head it would be london but there rights illegal us get into the media
so i've been telling you four year sheer on below rallied icon that the corporate media runs the shell ninety percent of the national news comes out of corporations disney comcast's nbc eighty in tee that cnn newscorp that's fox they're all controlled ok via com cbs on and on and on their control filters down to the individual reports they know let me get asia cnn knows that jeff zaka who runs that outfit hates trot and if you don't
tromp you're not gonna get promoted or get assignments at sea and to his period now disney is fascinating they run a show called the view now the view not an entertainment programme its news programme goes the news that the view is perhaps the single most propaganda stick program in the country and as he knows it's there to spew out far left hatred that's what it it they put meghan mccain in there before
megan just gets better that's the view it didn't use to be that way when barbara walters ran it and she created it it wasn't that way and i was on it many times as you know but now it is simply a propaganda vehicle for an hour in the morning that's it his is is with that in fact it brands branded under its news battery just incredible then have to give it to entertain saw analyzing abc i used to work at nbc news i did very well at a b c news and peter jennings was a very good friend of mine and i can't imagine peter jennings working for that operation now but i keep it on a wise disney
a traditional entertainment outfit and that needs conservative traditional people to go and to the parks and get it for art why are they doing this so i made calls and i do what i always do i investigated and disney is dependent for its came in apparatus on hollywood hundred percent it needs the hollywood product news the animation it needs the performers it needs the writers it needs the distribution it needs all of that does he has to have it the entertainment industry is saw trump hate centric that if you don't do what the industry wants you to do these of e president from they cut you off right they don't pitch products people work for you that's why this is happening it is
enter cecilia vague who covers the white house for abc news she is it the briefing yesterday with president tromp role why do you keep calling this the chinese virus there are reports of dozens of incidents of bias against chinese americans in this country your own age secretary is already says he does not use this term because ethnicity does not cause the virus why are you using this racist racist at all no matter who it comes from china come from china or would it be accurate john you are you have a great i have great love her all of the people from our country but as you know china tried to say one boy maybe this now that it was by american soldiers i can happen snuck in here
that is what is unprecedented it comes from china now a couple of things miss vega didn't just ask the question she was accusing donald trump of racist behavior it was an accusation not a quest like megyn kelly's question in the first republican debate back in two thousand and sixteen was an accusation alright so miss vega was basically trying to get dissension worldly people back there they don't say you try to get so she was accusing trying to foment dissension and trying to embarrass the present united states why why would you do that if your report that a question is legitimate and in fact i actually three the president trump should not call the china virus where the chinese virus he should say it's the virus from china because as more precise
so like a chinese want to own a virus so the chain of irish trainees virus that the virus from china and i've told that to the president you add i mean really its drop i so you precision of language very important when you present virus from china but ms vega doesn't care about any of that she wants to make him look bad so we go back to west nile virus we didn't have any problem with that alright ebola that comes from central africa it's named after region lyme disease named after a town in connecticut middle east respiratory syndrome mers middle east spanish flu so that such so are being racist in fact eyes i give china will it is no doubt about it yet strategy although that is used to talk about the soldier but going
actress cecilia vega she wanted to make him look bad she wanted to cause destruction does that help abc news viewers does it at this time and i can guarantee you she went back to her newsroom in washington dc and they probably applauded her she'll get a raise what else we are on the run down here spring break so adobe kid maybe you were too i wasn't alone but i was dopey high school in college i went to spain but now we have a pandemic and some of these idiot kids and i wasn't it are going i don't care bullshit
find your quota of corona at the end of the day i'm not going to stop me from partying i've been waiting we've been waiting for the miami spring break for awhile about two months you've had to strip player my spring break to do here other than go to the bars or the beach closing all of it or blowing it way out of proportion yeah i mean we plan this a long time ago and it was kind of up in the air to go by like we're here we have just turned twenty one this year so i'm here to parties we're going to enjoy ourselves we haven't day parts outing okay now that shows the selfishness and the mind numbing stupidity of those people but again i can't say i was any better i think i would have been better in this case in fact i know i would have been now those kids they look at life through their eyes so they get a virus i get the marks but you can in fact thirty
their people before you even though you haven't you more on but i don't even think i care already i wore a pie i i i i younger people have always been that way they get worse now than up together a flawed dissent is made a huge mistake and not san now and i can add this beach body this year he didn't say it flooded down a clear water and the panhandle not so much into palm beach and lauderdale a local authorities there have broken affairs but dissent has made a huge mistake he's now been embarrassed so now he's close to the beach the governor ok vernon set now this is important of you miss the time line on the impeachment verse is the contagion i'm gonna play you a minute and a half sound bite now of my parents and w abc radio this morning
so the first time that that any american knew there was problem with a virus was on new year's eve december thirty four when the world health organization issued a statement saying it was a mysterious pneumonia in china so ok everybody heard it nobody really incorporated it including the president on january eleven somebody died in china but it wasn't really reported as some gonna pandemic like thousand somebody died from the flu so then we she's gone on january twenty first the first confirm case of the virus was real what did in america on january twenty third what happened the next day house patron managers laid out opening arguments everybody his attention when two impeachment president drop noble
paid attention to the first a case in the usa because of engagement january twenty third the same day thousand each started china locked down then a patron chugs along for two more weeks everyone ignores the china down and they global health emergency which was declared on january thirtieth but in the it'll have impeachment on january first in the middle of all of this dialogue no more flights from china she will show that the impeachment the bogus police quickly driven three week ordeal distracted from paying attention to that one of ours okay i got some good mail and i got what i'm going to do this weekend roll the tape on this will be right back
so everybody's been hearing about gold all this week because prices are climbing and that's not surprising experts say a recession could happen and soon but i want you to pay close attention to what's happening the banks now you'll remember that five hundred billion dollars how to be printed to make the banks have that money to pay their bills five hundred billion dollars now this is what happened in the run up to the great recession of two thousand eight i'm not trying to scare anyway these are tax so what i recommend people do is check out alternative investments it's a safe play americans were looking stability and many of them have turned a gold and precious metals as a way to protect their savings and retirement this is why i recommend that you contact american hartford goal group
to learn more to get you started american hartford gold group will give free silver coin just for inquiring so if you watching the nose venues right now and you are in get the free coin for in the american harvard goal group no purchase necessary i have to do is give them a call tell em bill o'reilly sent you the number is eight six six four eight four o five one seven eight six six four eight four o five one seven again eight six six four eight four oh five one seven please call today all right let's go to the mailbox sprague chico california i'd like to hear more about your opinion grown a virus and how the media's handling it we have chosen cbs and pbs over the other cable networks because they are so biased left or right i'll do that next week
i'll give you a run down how i see the media these are the virus bob i can endorse cbs or pbs haven't seen enough of them but i have seen what you're referring to and cable and you are certainly not getting a good look at the virus and what it entails from those people i once again please tell your friends and family to subscribe to bill orally darker far and away the best cover cheer charles outstanding those been news i can think of no better television advertisement then your coverage of the virus two final thought statement on the overlap between impeachment corona virus was outstanding appreciate a trough bruce korea santa coretta california as to the hoarding insanity going on a couple of weeks supermarket chains here in my town of posts
i'm saying all sells a final and only purchase for the coming week i take it i'd limit items so five items so five cartons of milk five this five that that that's it knows stop the hoarding change agora pavilion wyoming i'm a respiratory therapists was currently taking care of a number of virus patients and we do not have enough ventilators in order to pump oxygen into their lungs plus we have a shortage of doctors and therapies to evaluate and operate the ventilate well you're in why on earth state and you're gonna have a shortage of health care officials there as far as the ventilators are concerned we didn't need them so you're stockpile things like respirators and ventilators now we need him and are on the way they'll malik akron ohio do you believe it
temporarily suspended his presidential campaign it would help president trot he had no more rallies maybe he's doing commercial but i haven't seen any present dropped his campaign is right now helena's virus that's his campaign carolyn concierge member thank you caroline we have cabin fever i'm retired professor is grandkids was far away my brother daughter in law suggestion i hold a classroom gay via skype rather worrying about my neighbour starch sneezing i am class planning skype is a very handy tool to communicate thereby we use it here to interview people every day so that's my i'll get your grandkids teach himself rather hammond ammonia stupid machines all day long shootin zombies whatever they do theresa bernstein conroe texas
we appreciate your gas markets viewpoints on the events currently taking place with the corona virus let's see how the movie ends is most so the latitude i've seen a pencil good guess no doubt about it brad chase eloquent city maryland it's pandemic i've watched you each night bill i have to say i have my wife is well this is the best money ever spent to educate myself in my family i think i'm gonna use your letter in advertising and i'm glad more quillan mogador ohio of the books just footing killing jesus so impressed i've sent into my asked her son in law distorting killing legged part of it wrap i'm gonna give you in a minute and swung thought is about reading yet this free if you
any of my hard cover books any of anyone including the united states trop which really is important reading now if you have a kind of europe greater concierge membership you get any book for us all let's go let's get on it slant killing jesus i'm going to reread killing jews as it is and thank you monica per share so long to make your life easier we're shipping very quick see by our books whatever you buy we're gonna get it and when writing to to us pleased and happy peck sniffing unwanted first words i ever used on the o'reilly factor in the word of the day peck sniffier p c k s and i ff iria and pick sniffy and do not be picked significant
more note a killing crazy horse my new ninth killing book will be delayed until september fifteenth because we can't get the books to the stores i may so you the priority it you'll get a first it's in september and my tour cause to be president will be in september as well all you guys holding tickets in fort wayne indiana october we have it for you honor the tickets going to be a great show i another quick break and i'll tell you what i'm gonna do this week as you
no america's political and economic climate is fragile on top of that we have the corona virus to deal with now so i want to tell you about a product that can help you prepare its a harvest right home freeze dried harvest right makes it easy to preserve food then you can use any time with harvests right simple to use apply sets an appliance freeze dry nearly any food you can buy any food including my favorites raspberries and ice cream the future is a bit uncertain but harvest right gives you peace of mind in these troubled times harvest ready changing the world of food preservation it's easy you can't afford to miss it learn more please go to harvest right dot com harvest right dotcom i find
so all of us are limited in our entertainment and people going crazy because again watch any games get out little league his honour what it s what it s so he's what i'm gonna do i'm in a red i'm rereading a bunch of stuff including the andromeda strain the knob pies right into the pandemic here i'm gonna ray then i'm going to do a lot of walking i walk on a beach did that last weekend beautiful walk around and do some exercise you've got biggs exercise barak take on my little sister walls stretching out a ticket easy i usually try to get through the exercise quick now not that i have anything else to do so i'm going to do that use physical exercise is going to read i watch some tv but really it's useless it's really useless the now on a tv that i'm unawares each up very thing tonight
on pbs chuck berry the old rocker it's on a nine o'clock and watch it and very sparse am i going to watch much news i'll do the update thing when my friend or they'll never does it on fox news i like her and watch her but cut that down i'm going to sort out stuff in the house now look forward to it but i will do it yet or is too much stuff suffer staff stuff but i find like little treasure that even not remember some sort of stuff no organised pictures and that's really important she legacy should live organise it you know get on with our bones where you want to do me a time you do constructive stuff can try
are you talking to phone you know people texting that you can talk on the phone and get around like i had conversation my friend brutes fierce dean and allay yesterday he wrote the old school book with me uneasy other remained only quichua if you ass red old school a real man don't case cake this nina out the boston you with him it all he said i was gonna away i'm tone was going on in your eyes are good conversations on a phone actual words are going back and forth you now yet i'm good at it and if you check what people so go down your list of acquaintances trail you ain't feeling alright in anything i mean that's important and then if somebody in your circle does need something go get it for some elderly person in need some go go get it charging just by so anyway as well i'm a boring i anyway but i'm gonna
i am going to write down every day what my schedule is as important right there with you this is this not this is the start and then the jail faster and then you know what you're doing they should not a church so and i gotta repent every sunday if i fall behind it all but he gave mass a them man i television boring and often purse they told the priest now you make me watchmen television i want every week and checking with us please we'll have everything for you and will see a mud
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