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The O'Reilly Update, September 3, 2020


Moderators are announced for the Presidential Debates, Black Lives Matter targets the Kentucky Derby, New polling shows race relations in America at an all-time low, Portland’s Mayor abandons his own apartment, 4 in 10 adults consider moving during the pandemic.

Plus, Bill's Message of the Day, a preview of Bill's upcoming book, Killing Crazy Horse: The Merciless Indian Wars in America.

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the bill o'riley here thursday september thirty two thousand twenty you are listening to the o'reilly update here's what's happening across our nation moderators announced for the presidential debates black lives matter targets the kentucky derby new polling says race relations in america at an all time oh portland mayor fleas his own home four ten adults consider moving during the pandemic also ahead the truth about native americans fighting the white man but first the presidential debates between donald trump and joe biden we'll be moderated by journalists from fox news c span and nbc
cnn end denied any role for the first time since two thousand eight chris wallace fox will preside over the first event schedule for september twenty knife in cleveland ohio social justice warriors with groups like black lives matter now protesting that kentucky derby activists want the annual horse race cancelled in honour of brianna taylor who was slain by police in louisville back in march a visual so the event dating back to eighteen seventy five will go ahead as planned on saturday a survey from gallop reveals race relations in the usa at historic lows less than half of u s adults believe relationships between whites and blacks are
good fifty five per cent say they are bad or very bad the worst showing since gallup began taking the monthly survey back in two thousand and one portland oregon mayor ted wheeler being forced out of his own home after ninety three straight days of riots in that town the democrat apologizing the neighbors after protesters target it is building covering it with graffiti and setting fire
may your wheeler sending an email saying sorry for quota fear you are experiencing due to my position no mention of wheelers policies or where he is now running to nepal from harris's forty percent of city dwellers have considered relocating to avoid culvert residents in california floored in new york in massachusetts spreading out to the suburbs and other states like texas more than five hundred thousand people have fled new york city since the outbreak began in march mayor to block the same ass no big deal they'll be replaced sooner or later so will he thank god in a moment my new book killing crazy horse the merciless indian wars in america i'll tell you about it directly ahead let me introduce you to accompany the does things right grip six makes belts
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bill twenty a check out to get twenty percent off your bill that's g are ip six the number that cop code bill two zero tonnes of the rally update message of the day a preview of my brand new book killing crazy horse the merciless indian wars in america it will be out on tuesday september if this is the ninth killing book the series is the most successful nonfiction book exposition of all time i believe it but it's true seventeen million copies of my books in print my co author morton do guard and i are sick and tired of all the lies being told about america's pay
first killing crazy horse will set the record straight about the settling of america we began in eighteen twelve all the way through to the surrender of cheese joseph and that was at the end of the nineteenth century he was a brilliant man and that's the beauty of the book you get to know people like to come sir like coat she's like crazy horse sitting bull geronimo andrew jackson james madison all these people we bring alive and i hate to you
the word alive when i talk about general george armstrong cluster this battle is amazing clusters last stand at the little bighorn now we get into all of that and we tell you the story of how your country the united states was developed from sea to shining see as james madison ordered the indians were caught up in that they had no blank an idea what was going on until the white settlers descended upon them now crazy horse was not a sou chief
most people don't know that sitting bull was the chief but sitting bull never fought crazy horse was one of the most brilliant commanders military commanders in american history did you know that were you ever taught that so this book tells you what really happened without the propaganda that bs that we are now hearing about american history from the radical left so we started with killing lincoln which tells the truth about the civil war slavery and abraham lincoln then we went to killing england
which tells the truth about our founding fathers the revolution what really happened in our breaking away from england now we have killing crazy horse and that takes us all the way through from the revolution all the way up to the twentieth century if you re these three books you're gonna know what really happened in your country and that is vitally important in this very dishonest age that we all are living at once killing crazy horse out this coming tuesday september eighth i hope you check it out i'm bill orally and i approve that message by actually writing it for more news analysis please visit bill o reilly dot com and join our stand up for your country campaign is vitally necessary that all patriotic americans do that
in a moment something you might not know leftovers the day the or cleaning the casino always brings the fun play over one hundred different games online for free from anywhere you could redeem some serious prizes schaumburg casino dot com live the jumbo life nobody's necessary we were graded a lot of people start the ignition devices what's equity deals now the o'reilly update brings you something you might not know the global covert pandemic has changed a shopping habits of nearly every one studies from consumer report show adults now purchase most of their daily items on the net but one major sector of the u s economy is projecting a big return in two thousand twenty one
automobile industry there are currently more than two hundred seventy five million vehicles on the road in the usa most popular models for this year haunters c r d toyota is our aim is for the chevy silverado the dodge ran biggest seller for the forty first year in a row ford f one fifty economists predict more than seventeen million cars will be sold in the usa the season and that's that does not include used vehicle sorry sorry pre owned vehicles according to a recent aaa survey the average new car in two thousand twenty one will sell for about thirty seven thousand dollars at about ten thousand shy of the media and americans our main
his fees on the rise causing an average of fourteen hundred bucks a year insurance prices also going up the average monthly premium about one hundred and fifty dollars totaling eighteen hundred bucks a year there is some good news for motorists the contagion is actually driven down the price of gas the national average for a gallon stands at two dollars ten cents but beware roughly thirty seven thousand people die in america each year from car accidents a hundred a day and many many thousands are hurt and hear something else you might not now most u s households with residents over the age of fifty own to car
but younger americans are avoiding the automobile and record numbers pull by cox automotive shows forty five percent of millennials no longer think owning a vehicle is necessary that number jumps to fifty five percent for those born in the mid nineties nineties the biggest factor impacting car ownership the rise of ride shares there are now fifty thousand new ober drivers per month across the country for some it's far easier to use a smart phone app then spend five hundred dollars per month on your own ride back after that lucky land casino asking people watch the weirdest place you ve gotten lucky lucky in line at the deli i guess my dentists office more than once actually do i have to say yes you do
the card before my kid speedier medium really has excuse me what's the weirdest placing you ve gotten lucky i never win entail world area if you could get lucky anywhere playing at lucky land slots dot com play for free right now are you feeling lucky no purchase necessary void where we belong eighty plus terms and conditions apply see website for details thank you for turning to the arriv update i am below riley no spin just facts and always being out for you
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