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2018 NBA Playoff Mega-Preview With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 352)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the NBA playoff matchups. They talk gambling stay-aways, questionable coaching, and give their playoff predictions.

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Today's observers built servants, Pakistan, the rigour factors that work is brought to you by the procurator. It is these special NBA play a free beer and here Ryan, getting at you can get somethin to get. Maybe four hundred use metallic. Maybe you could find and enter into work for you. Well, the cool thing about the last resonate I ever printed out as it had my lifeguard certification on their so nice. I actually think that would play and well what city juices real lifeguard. Well, I would be agar, town and as a bitter haven. You have in your haven. I wasn't really like a main guiding Egerton. I wasn't part of south Beach. We get the sweatshirts earning whizzing when your chappaquiddick re no, but a lot of people are upset on the vineyard about this Chappaquiddick trailer, because in controversial rightly described as this island off of Marthas Vineyard, and that's just really not. How is locals? Look at its heart of Marthas vineyards depending on the Thai it's connected, so geographically some some mistakes there.
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and the Ringer NBA show we did enemy. See late night pack has just trying to figure out what are the plans seeds or some of the match up a whole bunch of us. I hosted for Chris Rank Zis in Philadelphia bathing in the bay. Simmons glow right now, so if he saw upset that you're here by the way, there's no bigger. I now Israel, when I first venom, no, but the Rhine and Ryan idea. Now. Without a doubt, grantline days now? This has been for the last two years. We ve had this running joke about the rain and Ryan shown the spellings their frank as its Chris Rhine and ran resell. You sell your name within. He sets Ryan and Ryan. It's like the new make it make as we do not make it make anymore. Ryan aroused by like make it make a lot of the success ass was gently. They went to see the name is such a great title, and now I ride with the two thousand missing just keep that when you, when you're unzip recruiter, keep that one keep thou in red eyes. I have to get up early, those guys Amanda, maybe an afternoon. She also has a carbs house, and I picked the we write. This best play F, MBA cities for food for
when we get to the fine us who do we hope there just first stomachs tools You also that so that was David Shanks had Minnesota as an unbelievable food scene or the airports extremely underrated. I headed up on my way I read airport a great airport. People are Justine, you don't realize what you're missing by not laying over Minneapolis, but you guys Augusta's unreal right again to his great hold animal programme will start to pack ass guide programme status, Augusta was unreal first time there it was handed in my phone came out.
Ten hours later in Cairo was done, Phronsie turn on the phone and just emails and tax and carries gone, but the actual August experience I caught August. They ve that's Augusta. It was tremendous I loved it was. It was a highly for my dad. Have you been there with your dad? You know he wouldn't care about that paragraph. It now, but I went last year as the only time I went- and I brought in I had a couple from and who said, look was gig that you have. If there's ever anyway, we can benefit from it yeah. Can you using these five years in a row? Hey? What do you think and I gave him the yeah no for five years. Yet unknown, I thought, has a chance to be the last year that beat ESPN. I was like I let me call in a favor here, and I got to thank you because they hooked it up. Cuz, it's not just the. Judges, it's your hosting area and even that set up the NGO back and forth to, and it just was great for us too, because we were the least creepy of the dews for all the waitresses they fly in from all over the country. He actually liked us Nan cause or some other do that.
Older my only I felt like I minority as a white male and is for this at about it out of ETA. Guess that did you feel you ve without left, left out that offer. That said, the numbers arrogant shoe sure you look around and I'm kidding everyone. There is but either way does it by Saint Andrew read, it exceeds expectations and in people can make fun of it and people can make fun of others. The stuffing No, you are you're. So the whole point is that ok, that's it that's it! That's what you wanted. You then dont go, but once you're through the ropes the entire place, their number one goes to make. You feel special wire. Air- and I do not want to make you feel like it's- not an experience that you're having anywhere else on the planet now and I'll, take your phone. Yet it s kind of shut, your pocket, tens ray, I'm a freak out here similar your thoughts conversation listening to the to the birds,
I love the water, the azaleas, the pollen saw great speaking and great. I think it's important really good mba class and a particular get MBA first ran I really liked how the match ups shook out over the last, but days we ended up with some beauties of a serious color. My daily Miami. Let's do that I'm going to go through now. I want you to start with what I agree with cause. I'd heard you earlier today, Philadelphia in Miami is terrific, and also we have the gaming spreads now so which which we did last time we did this in the rear emission you're hot right now, because I was free money, otherwise eirik hilarious. I mean there's someone you ain't exactly so for people who have entered it How sound I we're in a gaming sump as detailed on Monday Russell Westbrook needed sixteen rebound savagery triple double for the season
seem, like I rarely say this, but it seemed like a lock it. Just him getting hurt was the only way than happen. The over under is fifteen and a half, and we asked Can I put enough money out? It was like you put as much as you could write put whatever them access any had what twenty he had. Twenty million like twenty minutes, puss they're playing fast, so he we get more shots. Whereabouts obey was elected in some of the the cliffs I'd think were entirely feared him whenever psychologist by stout mellower. Oh, he grabbed away from port. Your duties been doing this yet, for this is what he does two years of work. We know when the memory, but his line with free, throw like you're supposed to let him get that rebound yet. So you have this. This combination of of thunder fans that look after
that leaves you are really her. I understand why you were her and then westward became your guy yams. Your aunt Amy was like you're you're hero, but anti hero type, a thing so has is unbelievable statistical season they give our bedding and he needs Twenty five rebounds? I would again if it was twenty four. I would bet the over yeah there's. No, like I e mails during the day, and I still have never been more sure of any kind ass. He heard he put opinionated twenty nine. I promise the gun to my head with whatever the number is, I would bet they deviate. Do. We could get together like twenty, eight, twenty nine, if you really want it yeah, because he got what he likes. Thirteen like that yeah, you know it was phenomena You ve done with this, because you ve been a radio fur. Basically, this entire century, the these fan base is get attached a players and buried offence about them. We saw this happened with the Laker fans
oh, both when there, when the titles near the end when the team was again alone. But then, after the trial, when America kind of turning its cobby in the lake or fans were basically, they built a little cocoon around curbing their like fuck you this yeah. I was Kobe demands and then, like Laker Phobias, answer Agrafena together there are like now. This is our guy you and that's anything about Kobe Bryant ever again, and it feels that this has not happened. Westbrook, because I think his fans, I don't mean to make fun of this, but I think I honestly believe he's one of the top three and BP candidates cause he ever triple double. Wearing nets the reason they get like. I think, when they're sitting in a bar, they say to each other. I had so little Bron, Hoddan arrests, but now there s average a triple double. They have to consider him right and it's like now. We don't. Actually they consider him. I don't have him on my top five thanks anyway, they want forty, a games with eighteen. There other than Robertson who wants you got,
and everybody made it seem like they lost in a cavern Barnett. Two thousand. I said the guy can't shoot and was a completely Gaudi last season, very good defensive player, but I'm pretty sure he's replaceable. They replaced them with Corey Brewer has been in twenty teams and they've been but I won forty games there are under was fifty three. I certainly would like their origin. I'm not sure he made anyone their team better, except for Stephen items that he had a fantastic, individual year unfortunate that what the most viable poor criteria is it's an individual's to. No, I didn't You're too, is also about the story. Durrant leaves and then yet I was a that was as much a pro Westbrook vote as it was a kind of an Anti durrant. Little more understandable and is the first time it happens, and I looked back on hardens numbers last year in the season they had and you go. You know that be one of those things if you had a vote g regret if you vote four Westbrook get it later on, but you like you, can't play that game either who'd you vote, for you never give up a bunch of our fight. It out
I did a goals is over Westbrook and I went to harden despite you know, do more Westboro yeah! I say you don't get the right side of history. Teaches us that means acrid making no with harden vote last year. Listen, ok, what Some of us were on the right side of history, as I myself, why cause of James hard and was immediately Lester, I tried to tell everybody the numbers are stupid, like I was going through again, looking back on it and you go wait a minute. How many assist a game. He had eleven assist again last year and he had nine wards and like what That is not what I like. Nine best guard seasons of our time, statistically had a really great season. Two: ok. How much do you think per se should have like who had dude is, though, impact like how many people do you think- and I didn't do this, even though there is parts a hardened- that I don't love. There was a lot of evidence of him, the other games
six against spurs last year to me at one of the all time, like you got to wash it off of the ring type game. Do you think I'm not saying you voted for heart, but how many people do, you think think did vote for hard will look back at like the fact that they can against a clippers when he's on the bench or that other serious about in the first round he's lying on the floor see now we're doing. We now do an old school radio, we'll talk about James Heart and soul, you see we are his legs is at stake right? What's up with James Hearted legacy, where would you whereas legacy right now with you? I think he has in the play at our three most valuable legacies. Currently going on in the NBA malleable that coming up, I want to tell you less valuable legacies. I think it's a I think he has to do in the class is hast if he has to make violence near big on this, you have lights, harden coming, think about he's Many more guards ever statistically has no finals experience other than two thousand and twelve when he was
Vienna got his aspect in the am emissaries. Remember that I used to run the office through him, because it entrust Westbrook We lack aims, trespass sitting in that seat, that you're Simeon said they want The finals in their goal is to take away James, harden and they're, going to let Russ and Katie have their five thousand two hundred and fifty five every night, but they knew what they took out hard and then won the series everything they did was design. To take him out. There was a more representative series to those again first organs or acts of right, and you know it was weird about that serves to search box was awful on Defence Lee. I him losing everybody and losing body and a big three. Then all immigrants, big man that spotlight and that's why you know the big thing with combat
fill in Miami like our wisest. What we just been ten minutes not mean for me. I didn't ask you at the right way, like I'm like what are you freaked out about this, with failure there to best guys, have no plan experience whatsoever? That always worries me. I think young guys react differently in the plants that spotlight gets pretty big everything so down people gain planning for you. You look at a time like my aim and sponsors. Now in the fundamental rights going like, I had been summoned. Can't you this this in this I'm going to make him do that that in that- and he opened his loves to play fast- were in a slowdown. Is you knew all these things to China? That came out of immense him, as has no experience yet with that said, he's been one of the asked eight or nine personal league now offered to nine months. We last talked and we were kind of doing that. What do you think of the rookie of the year- and we were both kind of on the Mitchell thing where you go he's just guys doing it like it was? The trip
would play will definitely weeks ago that a look back, and I it's gonna- be over a month ago, now it s like not even talking about its and you voted Simmons residence rights have to is the way he was playing. Those last six weeks, he'd do it's not contest in that's always a little challenging, because then I try to figure out like these last three weeks of this and be a season. Should be called something else Ex summer league to because you have half the league trying to lose. You know I don't like any time I do this. It turns into me, like dumping on the sixties. Roma doing incredibly wrong about him. I thought about it: a million details as a lot of money. It yeah, so you know those two guys it's funny as I love those too, news. Indeed, in Simmons as players and always stuck out for him all the time, but I didn't think forget: the playoffs, like I just go case of this group's, never play together or that we're not going very good now immediately to wait and see those traits company there, and we didn't. And beat play was waning eyes at twenty five re so hours ago,
probably gonna, be right about the attitude I dont use for a month while they and the east kind of started thinking aloud and a better. That's what I'm better we're about illegally sober combats Annetta bench yet admitting irritated my eyes are false, comes at an organism shot in the arm in the last three weeks which they really needed. I think so, what's real about that, because when I look at you know, this is Gerald Green number one General Greene had like an April, maybe like thirteen fourteen, to go. Where you go. Ok discussing be asked our core need. Twenty thirty years ago, nuts he was just went off to close a season was like oh six or seven somewhere. There really are than that. But nineteen in ninety two figure was ninety two. That was your letters divan, but I think a lot of this stuff. Be really confusing. Like I don't make a deal on the warriors because it gone seven and ten closest thing like they're playing games differently than other teams,
in Philadelphia. I refrain that in a kind of a traditional talking headway ran. Is it time to panic if you're the warriors, what we'll Steve curse legacy be if what was still carries legacy b? If the where's panic I had somebody has been say that was, I was listening and they said you noticed this hold. The ran thing like very only got one ring. I go he's been there one year. Gear tyrannies, one for one so yeah I've different guys. I've talked to run a league, the staff, injuries seamen, three is two years ago: severity of it and that, despite step up huge number still in the finals in some of those games, you go. I think he was a different players. Like he's the reason there so good, and he really. I think this proves again that he makes them go. Is he's not just to the deep threat is not just the great passing off of a durable it's out of me.
Freaking out a close aisy setting all these strange, your best player, setting multiple screens, I got, doesn't happen. This league and any is an exceptionally smart basque about, but I think he's one of the smallest players ever had put him in the top three right now in the lake, its Bobby the ran. The bran Chris Paul a hard, and I had so there's five. Would you put Kelly Olympics up fake as the most dangerous of fake in a league? Yeah await yeah the every time, because the guy really wants to black it and they intel. He pulls him into the his web. That's what I've been doing of our bread brown. I go. We don't remember one priority. The all upset disguise Nana faking. You hear the at the increasing Eddie that they will get to them in a secular sixers run here. Ok, its awesome, like it's, worked out you're right about everything you said, but when it was still kind,
everybody, engage nightly basis. They're closing off fence were scared me, and it was bad statistically and now the statue no Simmons arc of him being off the phone were him being on a fool: Adam Bede you're like limit their net negative or has it and then he said, turn that around so that's why you'd be my rookie of the year, despite how great I think Mitchell is all those things, in my view it ready for this stuff. What do you think they figured out? and beat out it. The team cannon naturally found a place in a thick. Oh yeah, Simmons. This is your bar. You you have to cuz they went, they relied on. Him beat a lot when things slow down the first for most of the season that that was there. We talked about it a few months ago was the big kind of problem on their team. Is that ultimately, they were dumped in the ball, this guy twenty three from the basket, who wasn't very good? Three point: shooter turn the ball over and who was young and beat, and now Simmons is Jesse, makes such good decisions all the time and neither better off
I mean you know how will do this like his is a blow in disguise, but is totally blessing in disguise for them take this? Is he played against all these teams? You beat them all and Simmons got to be man here and unable to come to you and to the house with a renewed similar. How many times did you watch a six years and close games any be imbued with still there and you got ok, so everybody's got it herbal around and yell. If somebody does need a clean look, there are faking into a pass. Nixy. No indeed has the ball in his hands of five seconds left in the shock lags behind the three point, like rats happening all the time, so I think this whole thing has been terrific for them, but I think you're. In that the heat the heat every time you look at them and you go there winning again tonight like how but then when they, when they would play the ethics and go out there may be like you how you got through like the seven stages of heat denial, which is it starts
like Hell, if existing beating us and by the second stage, like God, we can't stop that guy, but they have like five of those guys they gotta kids. We can't stop James Johnson. Catch up magic for the sun, now inch in shape. That is washed up, doing Wade he's the one who probably went I have given the serious he's in shape. Again, congratulations for being in shape, doing He feels like Miami still owes him a lot of money when he opted out on the broad left. So you're lying in wait for another one. That's bouquet! I'm really. We have like a long standing argument with, but with a group of friends and we're talking about like this is what three or four years ago and when they all broke up. That weight is still like in his head. Is money, and when I interviewed him at the all star game in Toronto, I go. Why did you opt out of that he's like to get my money? so I'm already on the whole you everything and yeah I'm looking forward to seeing, but I want a huge what the hell is that contract at the end of weights career, not even saying it's happening now
gonna be like a dirty whisky, Dallas thing where Miami funds Dwayne Way documentary like twenty eight million dollars, the search. At the summit. Gonna shoot it and I followed Magnolia Paden twenty billion dollars for their its is five hundred thousand document are so this. Are you picking the he well? I just want to point this out. The line is minus five Fifty four, the Sixers, the heater forty one underdogs and I think that's just off. I think that's and listen, I'm a guy who has money on those sixers at seventy one. When the east, I believe in the Sixers, I'm just saying: don't sleep on that Miami team, don't sleep on the coach Nancy Mother, sleep on the veteran expanse, don't sleep on the advanced turn on would drag its being able to basically get wherever you want. I think that's the one weakness of this village team. Had you stop of crafty point. Guard legged dragged stay, The thing is that they have so much sized throughout those guys like when they go shortage Siemens and be Covington. That's just huge background, so they met.
Maybe they put Covington on and that Russia just the thing like a member Brad Stevens, and it was a bit. I was like wait a really good point made by a code. And again in game interview and, of course, allow president price here and there, and what is it about my. Because they drive a drive, a drive because they never stop driving on you, the relentless so soon as you want to take a break somebody driving right by you so man, it's really smart and decided kings, icecaps, ash, flash size so will really be, we'll just without legs and the fact you're filtering stuffed in bead. Does that completely cut them? It like the route of what they are and then it looks like a mess and failures. You're gonna be resolved before they are, so they really need em beat in this serious because the one thing,
ran exposed when TED that crazy game that you told me to watch workers, I missed it on the planet. I watch it very wonderful thing right. Of course it was a bright and it was such a fun gang when the Bragger kind of mad, he hasn't, got the basket and nobody affiliate as any chance at protecting the rim, especially against the broad and lessen beads out there. They're not gonna, take the ram period and that you know like a mere chance. It's not that wait for a moment, and I lay eyes like a great team it, but, but I think that if Miami can just keep attacking attacking and beads not feeling, It is good that stupid mask on he's gettin foul trouble that he can for his eye. There's a scenario where mainly wins a series, I think the worst possible match up from showing I would so pick failure, but I think it's going to be a seven gamer migrate. Next, one Celtics ox suspicious line Celts by minus one. Forty, somehow that the two best players, how insulting for the box that would favour
did the best player in the series and Boston's missing their two best players of their, not favorite? So all right, I think the Celtics and was Stevens would be my coach of the year. Okay, because of all the time I think you're, if you're really good coach, which he is and your game purpose is among the best you can get teams that don't expect to get you. I said. Ok see win aware that, like that's what the Celtics did this year, they had a bunch of those games, were the other team was like whatever in a series. I think it's totally different. In a series, its shape. We know who their missing. We know how they're gonna preferences we like in game too, did you like? It really comes down this sort? I've always thought about this. Legally you're really comes analyse. How many do you have that can get buckets when everything is fallen? Apart is now everybody's figured you out by game three and four, and that advantage that Stevens has over everybody else. I think it's lessened in a serious and it is just a one night match up. I think it's lessened against a smart team.
And you don't think that's the bucks now we're joking. I finally found out what the bucks coach savings as judges sideways Joe. I didn't need a last name. It's your plenty yeah we gonna burn is coach for this year. At the weekend it burns aware they are not a smart Basque about theme what then this Celtics are great at is if Europe, if the other teams office, is not good, and they rely on kind of the defence being lazy to get their theories. Are the subjects are like whoever's playing their unbelievable jump in our countries, the opposing three three I feel that percentage, I think, they're the best in the way get at the whatever the lowest number, as Anna just think. I could see blockages getting bad shot after Bagshot just cause. The scientists are trying harder. I mean the fact they still finnish number one in defence of efficiency with all the injuries. Yet like two plugin that many p They have good defensive prayers if Somalian come back but like Orford jail in Brown, rosier, Marcus, smart. When he comes
act, but everything, thereby Us Canada's with the dune Tatum got better as your went along. They have guys to throw yon us, which I think is get your recycling need? A couple guy? You need like three. I stop on these bodies to Verona, they now would worry me as Celtics fan is. If, if the bucks you say, fuck em pollyanna, said Centre, Ngos put yeah as regards and shooters and just say we're completely changing how we play well. That's all Do you like about new, I like when the lackeys bad? I go to many like position guys and then, when they're good, I go. That's great heavens, guys guys volume, sauce and watch him. It others there's a version of this where you ok, Middleton Guitar, Parkersburg, Parker Admin, great the Parker things, tat I guess I had thirty five last week in again, but I am a person two weeks ago and can't move satisfied anymore. He can still go for
we value were never a great site. Aside got attitude, I it's kind of gone for him and I just a different plans for bad can. Seize Young is like twenty two he's young and think about like there was this old. Is you have kind of that? It was like. Sometimes you she guys that big college ass. Yet now like what's gonna happen here, are you can become like glued to the ground or, as is gonna, be like a good thing? and for him it was. It was pretty early on you, gotta get our skies, gonna be really good and IRAN. I feel bad from, because now I can about contracts stuff for you go on you with him, but he wanted. He grew the sad guy beard which met word may, like you have thee. This is my beard alone. In this I have ie. I'm too lazy to shave for the past. We beard he grew. The I'm clearly go to something, and maybe this beard will help you feel better beard that doesn't belong and his face. I ll above like yeah. I just like our man made last year by analogy with buff. If you run a terminal in in the bay, so what you think, what your prediction for this onto the head,
this is the closest line we have. This is the only line where nobody is favoured by two to one Celtics we'll get him, because I said to you it's weird of your boss and found the less well. I would say these these few years with the Celts in this decade the half in this isn't just being from the area or whatever, but you have to franchises here that you just can't ever doubt like what they feed off of the doubt and that's the Celtic spent last year's and that's that play the pats that, like I don't. You know, you'd like to say, oh say old. San Antonio is one of those teams to we all how many times They want seriously thought like they ve always been one of the better team, so it's a little differently rife, an idle really take them seriously. As far as cut you know, The eastern stuff like without carry like this is what I raised here. Four key areas that guy We talk about Willard Harden Course: Dick Curried, LA broadest, far shot makers but like high read to me, is in that first tier
just. I can't believe you just hit that shows mobilizing there I'd there. The road map that around two, I think, as if my May beats Billy, I don't think they can be filling a dumb did theirs too much town on the other and at some point talents just gonna win ass, I think Philly at home is gonna, be a problem in the play ass with that crowd there that cried the have is out just outside at a time when they play was got out a bunch. Well, it's a good place to play. When you have Curie Newbury carry can you handle this year? There are carrying it's? It's can be terror, here in the road and Philly, but many went by so what are we actually questioning? Brad Stevens like this is where I think you go roll it out to take him every now, and then It said he started here the last month or so come up. I'm gonna tell you why Brad Stevens might not be the Celtics coach and two thousand twenty read after this for an enviable beard and healthy, faintly skin, underneath upper beard care,
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good bye Usher in your speech. You sought this move. This beard, your best, his beard and skin, underneath his well you'll. Keep that to this nice beard, pretty best beard, Ford, visit, J, Ai Pham Best beard that come in these promo code, best beer, twenty five and twenty five percent off your purchase. Your scheme will. Thank you your face. Will thank you. Your oh, thank you Raptors ways. I hate the wizards. Sorry, we all hate them there. This it seems you us hated. This year's must aided him, the wizards or your body that starts fights at like a food truck and then like ends up in an Ober back at the apartment. He's like there is already a girl there and you go. You know. Merv got Murphy's in jail and o d get caught the AG. What happened to you why you started,
of those kids from Emerson near any, like all why they lost by while we're going by while its nose Herbert do brokered that's the wizards. Are they talk so much shit you you really resonated Kyle right for educational other Lino Illustrissimo Funeral like away every one of your posts seasons. So you know why that is because, when there good they're good. They like how much tat they had come away too much talent, I mean they're barely and I know warmest I'm actually. Gonna glad ended up animals, five hundred a seed like is the whole concept of like they're, just without wall I come on. You can like while you can think these imperfect, that's fine, all those things but like they're so many times where they just frustrate the house, because I think they should be better and that's why I've seen too, like last night is. Are you kidding me now? Youth Vogel fired because a stool, he seriously, you think I was probably limiting whether rightly weekly rank. I thought we talked about this yeah me. It's a little idea
it's a mistake while went away and allowed other guys to do more things in fruit, the team yellow, Recalibrate did so when he came back, he would fit in to the improved wizards and instead it went the other way and their worse. Confident because he's down while anyone's jump on the score stable, remember like MIKE Benjamin there. Yeah yeah do like he went now to know sideburns in an No, you re back, but he play. I think there is any I segment it should he be the envy of April, because he was so good to start a season and I think happens is in baseball. If you're missing your number six hitter, a guy, can come up and give you a week or two because he's really motivated to show- and I think that's what happened in the wizards like ok, was out, let's the only thing you got a large eyes yeah this and if they want to stick together like him, but so
even though the raptors. This is kind of my match up of two teams that mentally I have no faith in in it's the way. It's actually worked out. What further actors can now they have no show them has absolute. Nobody believes in them and they can maybe use that as a galvanizing chanting good, like a Philadelphia egos typing ok there. Nobody believes that Pythagorina slacker yet will where once you know, next week. When the title do you believe in and nobody thinks luminous abroad that force man yet again, I still can't believe they. Let them go eight minutes I'll, never get over that. The fourth quarter, just ideas
Just just do Golan defense in either we got a sacral to get a fifty yard. Touchdown just get me the ball back. Give me like five minutes with the ball. That might be the only big time, Belichick game where it came out of half and you went out so you didn't fix this. I guess you've been doing forever like this was the weirdest feeling and I were used to be far more capacity, younger than I am now, but you ve got ok whatever they gave up, seventeen Miller fix it and he did every half and no coaches perfect. It was like when I been at that two thousand thirteen fine us and popped her Duncan out for us finally to rebalance that they didn't get that let Miami back in the series so stupid. It was stupid in the moment when I look at each other, guy where's Duncan have had his take them out and then actually they don't get the rebounds that Duncan would have gotten knowing this inevitably barrow. Yet you know where that they now ok. So you are, I want, I don't want the one they match by just one is to me this and no bet this.
Stay away, don't put the rafters in a parlous? Don't talk yourself into the ways as an underdog just enjoy the series watch but we're ok, there's no eye so right, their deep and I don't like when people just dump on depth and supply I've seen others there's no depth is adaptability. Depth is a good thing like don't just dismiss out of hand, betrays a shorter rotation. There's more rest in between depth allows you insert match up like out everything to change we're doing strides like where my Amy Ass yet and do different lineups, depending on what situation they wanted. So I like that about Toronto. But, yes, I have three years of evidence that when it comes to him you're too, dude drought, Derosa Lowery are average, would be the nicest thing I could say about average for alleged all our right
for people that want to go back a couple years and say other took it to six games against Cleveland trust me on this one Cleveland, Cleveland and care. Cleaving wasn't worried about that series are proud, as LA branches thinks he's paying rent for them. Now at this might say, out here comes great, I they don't try damaging forty five, a game. I think those last you cleaving through our games are alarming. There. If you're trying to reduce the already do you yeah and it puts us in this area. If they got three guiding star the rapid against the where's, she actually pretty good for the. Where is he now? The second keep oh Brad there. They can base ago re importer with, while in La Beale and play Gore tied for they getting played. You now Marcie Morrison tried a rope Terranova just doing the thing where they get completely other offence to throw down the onus or Purnell for the dispatch It is like one created only down Vassili, that's the addresses God, I'm that
watch a lot of this series until by game, for I don't feel like I'm just matter both of this thing, I like to know exactly how much said about by these themes deserve by about, in the reason why I'm upset is because I actually believed in both of you yeah some point by your feelings. It like this is personal resentment. This isn't just I hate Canada hate Toronto. I love trial but nobody heads Canada will have is nervous in Butler Guy who going back to back him he's a celebrity game now allowed play anymore, but you don't get land yeah band, and so it's Rachel made his game. Now I can get him she put up. Nineteen well,
What like live when butlers gonna win that award the way so start dumping on our healthcare cause your property taxes or through the roof like nobody knows about cancer. It's like the irate point right, like you get like thirty people live there. It's easier to come up with healthcare, get point ever baseline jackets. The last areas calves papers cast pacers? Did you want to get out of that ever get because that Adele calves, pacers calves, minus six, fifty favorites, way too high, How do you trust Cleveland, and yet how do you go against the brand? I'm designate this another gambling stay stairway, you're right about that, but these teams, will aid really good games? This is the other numbers or to that that that's too bad of a number, as you can't get the papers, you can't, but you also
wooden game to game. I could see that I, like your eyes right now, using the patients can one of the first round and assert. Now I think Cleveland could lose in any around ministers. I think whoever claymore plays their candidate tejus completely far apart when they look bad. I can also see them in the final you see, but I did that then that's that's who they are. That leads them to talk about the when there's when their bad on defence. I can imagine what film Actions are like way that is actually what kind of bad. Yet they must not have him. If I were, if I'm the painters right, oh, go baseline cuts, baseline cuts. I got to the corner and sneak your guy does during regular for moving for months, and no one cared generously. He's gonna without allowing staring at the crowd in just gonna start searching faces when he does edge go behind him. You know that I would put like just a nine from the old club MTV days in just give her seat.
The coroner just an added re, our interest. In the end, I would put her at the defensive and I have argued baseline seats where she could switch at the half and just have a sign or some good, I differ. Rhubarb reacts to say courts for these games perfect. However, I e g handle his hold it up within. That's all I've Ducas defensively be the way to guarantee those guys want be locked in. I think clean when is getting to go the playoffs and say stop talking February, our defense, everybody, nobody stopping us, we're gonna score hundred twenty five points again and if you get hundred and thirty that's what the Toronto game was the one you home whenever they signing of yours and I and the first after eight billion, still outgrew Philly and ride to frighten Attica. Sad thing are you. Beer eighty year and everyday we're coming back a lobby, I got so mad in that game and it was. It was a different kind of mad. It wasn't him just to be mad. At my teammates, this was okay like we're down what thirty here, ok and they
in this respect the baby s biggest Anthony stared down that God I think Lybrand thought about that for a while, and then he is. I am now. Lead. In that one side, I'm not only have to hurry Duncan two thousand. Sixteen were not carried Doc Judy his Duncan, then he looked looked a curry and about years worth of conversation over the years and where the envy, I think you better than me you the time and they pay less yeah yeah, so bs thou That was an aggressive moved that I absolutely loved that only an australian person, I think, would though it may be an italian purse how closer you with ban, because it was quite the flirting that entire first years, Adela Shi Ite. I dont have no no, no contact with them, and I would you try. Jail in Brown for for Ben Timmins. Are those. I would urge you to the airport we ever those tat. Had those articles go my sister and I live chat, but they were. There was a fair argument. Think Benjamin's. Even this Sheridan can't shoot did Vincent
Let's take it now. You action moves like MAGIC Johnson, completely different guy playing with an attitude. I know like no good, you know not watch him in college. I was dying for him to be awesome. Cause I've always wondered assessments to be awesome, pussy, as my son's name and is watching me. Cruise control. Lousy college is bodies, dire Tonia. A good year out of and all the israeli I'll drive there's been some decent sentences. Tat way back land, but I really wanted Benson is to make it, but I think he's there's there's an attitude in moxie to him. Now that I really appreciate novices back to Canada closed season. There's a look on his face, yes like. Actually, I'm really nasty Aramis. You guys can do when we ve seen this. We saw when the rain and in those guys that they urgently address team in the hearings that was really like. Sometimes we overrate almost like will actually shoot me most
We over rate a lot of you, don't laces not overran, and what does this media, but that's what I love about this games that there's these moments in that thunder. Lakers This was one of those rare you no less than five closer than five yeah you're like this is some room like this means something The recent with other yea went to the world championships that some are any was like the best part, and that too is a yes three, it's happening, but I like the eighty six rockets are. They is another good example where they just kind of looked at each other. They were like an attitude, he had a leg. It especially backdating as again and fights and divine right. Barbara counts. The eighty six is a loss for the Lakers. In the files allotted to you do Iraq as to detail they hit. They forfeited eighty six hey, look a roar of bees in Lisbon.
Like out. Will you know my notes that the Lakers that's a finals, loss for them and they were like what you like, as they should have laws its resist delirious? The funny thing is the rackets killed them. That says you ve actually liquor the stats, they bade the Absolute destroyed that they lost the first game and when the next four they destroy them, but that was that weird inbound buzzer, lay up thing right in that serious, like yeah in Europe, but I will name five as asking others Laskin, but the idea Having calves are another one? Where do the branches got the looking up? the answers we didn't know he had a minimum number of two, oh yeah Detroit and then Rashid guaranteed a win for forestry losses in Rome. At the look in his eyes here then that clean not happen with peer. We were living in Boston, both of us the road to south ex audio too, and indeed the network Pearson Anton, and I came back from twenty five and that haughty had a swagger to it and that's it. Was a nearly as good as its failure to him. But
it is never now you never known their teams. Can we get the work and I do think Philly has look. Speaking of the left, the passers idle depots, my number five VP? That's, impact. So what gimme your order I don't wanna, hear only the whole matter now the Brown was in the top five. Despite the argument was who's the fifth and I think, all the depot taking their team, the forty eight games and how good he was on both ends of the basque of the of your most important work of Europe. Voting for him for most improve right, I mean there. As an argument between him and the reason for while herbaceous giving it throws. It was like a game teams better there even in the last two months ago, the bypass them. Yet again, If you want to make the and wheel circle back to this discuss, it sounds like we're just being Anti Ross, but we talk it's that entire, it's its one hundred percent fares,
They were dollar could have an old people without Westbrook like it's. It's a good point bring up like when all the depot himself says. I change my body and I wanted to do some of these things. Like that's out, West Brics fall having go deep, has been very diplomatic there about what happened on us in refugees to play with and not potent, but I don't think all the blame should like all depots season should be a hundred percent assigned to blame of rough Westboro. I'm not antivirus, I'm just pro basketball pets. I look at it. You think, they're gonna, do you wanna do ass, you, wanna tease. It went away any chance to paces when the sage across her muff. Now I just can't through a scenario as bad as the calves defences is much is other than love. Everybody else has been pretty average,
and I'm on the Ford Pinto Hotline right ass. I can do this month scenario yeah totally. I don't have a four point: five billion. I paced up three to its two two after four: the calves shit, the betting game, five, it's now three, two paces heading back to Indiana for game six and I can see co field ass, its packed the legends there in the corner, crowds, gaunt backers. You talk about Asta, Crozier him too, he's there as well as Slick Leonards life. Maybe his sons, their slanted son, is there ah how you feel about Cleveland, and I came down three two pact ass in India.
Ok. Now I played out the scenario million times. Some still the I think he's staying in Cleveland Guy, and we can do all this. If you want to hear too now now we shall manage that we should now relax. Why did you still think he's come in here and the ten scientists, and I think I think, you're, the ten sciences by the scientists now eyes he had passed by ok, so that's what happens right so if their competitive, they get out a final wherever you know, but like it, whenever the exit happens, it's probably gonna be ugly with Cleveland Kay adding abdomen two dozen ten with him and into as I pointed out where, whatever the farewell game, was he something changed about? How is playing in the game? The most misleading trouble double employer of history, two thousand tat he was so detached. Two thousand fourteen is Just angry yes, mags on his own aims is really hard passes and his team AIDS and just seemed fat off roommate it who didn't pay the day of electricity. Bill. What had happened? I told you,
pay a day superior product engine older. This a roommate actually said that I did your laundry again yeah. I had a roommate that, if you didn't take your laundry out of the washing machine. He would just let it be wet and then take it out, let it get wet stink. Yes, what he would do his stuff, maybe like you can't just reminded the dry or yours, is in the wash is like I'm not charge you Annie, I let you just went deep on abroad would be a tough roommate. He would you buy a lot of great stuff for the apartment if great place, the live yeah. He would just our wearing you down in picking you apart, you think like in the living room. He'd have an extra fridge for Gator AIDS and what not and then, unlike certain Daisy Billy, help yourself bill and then, if he came back using a different mood and you were on the couch with one of his gait raids, he say just helping himself now that you just get traded, you ve, hey you're, after lace. What happened add I take you off the coast they about
the brain is rich powered, bring Highschool powers over the house. That he's trying to sign sign come that's. It any joke clutched as like jokes now. That's why caution. Sledges very tight. It's fine, the bronze than above the clutch, any stake in it. As were told look, that's that's what I believe is gonna look the other way. It is his friends with the guy IRAN's clutch when it's over meaning this season. It'll look and then every show is gonna be up. You can see it on his face he's out here. I would only tell you that the conversations I've had leading up to this, and this is an ongoing conversation to have with everybody talk around the league. Is that there's still a very proactive approach to this of what can happen this offseason to add to him to keep him there and if you'd already made up his mind, none of these conversations will be happy.
That's my only point that I want to add, would you believe a scenario where they go: eight, no in the first two rounds and they make twenty three is a game and average a hundred twenty five points, again everybody's, like all my God, worried out in the brain. Of course, this is gonna happen. I she could see that happening too, and I can also see them losing and games extending and I could see them winning the finest and can see them loot getting swept. You would seem winning the envy. I'm just every single thing is on the table for both Cleveland. I believe it has yet to their use in there, and I dont see them having any chancing its eastern. Unless somebody get hurt so's I mean you feel: gravitating is going to state Yelena, what's gonna gone state and know what to think anymore about them? there are five. We may also moved that says that no dealers, you want that you and the kind of guy the five quarterbacks you go in the first round of the NFL, but the six that you're not even thinking about next
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Burgess terms and conditions apply. The warriors couple things I don't like I don't know. J Madame has been as good as it was. Last year I dont like the fact that were almost positive, curries neck behind represent, I dont think clay. It was his this year as it was last year, which enter understand, as you would think like when carries out. Clay would be like I'm gone for twenty nine again, there's a hunger that. Seems to be this team, just think China just get to the playoffs, which makes me nervous- and I don't think There- five through ten guys, are nearly as good as they were. Before an area. True that would you say there. Five thirteen geyser league average I mean it feels weird to say that about two dollars, but that's kind of how he's been like there be times. I mean either you watching every night, but you go that's right. My god they get to bring.
Guy off the bench like every now, and then you just be reminded us of how great the death was in that Canada fact like having a small with using seen no anywhere now, and there was an edge to them that showed up in selected games, whereas You know this assembly will run of the three years. I think we agree that there is this kind of a few illegally you guys just go in and then download time really sides when they decide like the rematch after the thunder, beat him on a Saturday game. Yet they play him again and they, like we're. Gonna smash you for even thinking you're out our level. That last time you think Saturday night, oh yeah, right. That is the last really good game they play. So I dont like just getting beaten by forty. A new tab bothers me, possesses the shit like the cagey Celtic started to do near the end. Were there like twenty five and twenty five after fifty games and kind of weird everything in life ass when we were kids, was it like this racketeers when it was like a model? We dont care if we get destroyed tonight. I think these guys have too much Ghana
I need an old right now known. I just think airline operators at EU level going on. I think basketball as one of the things they do they day play basketball, get in shape to play basketball, running whatever their personal brand is social and all that stuff their running whatever their business interests are. Some of them have families. I think it's all part of the thing and I don't think it's the ebb and flow is the same: wake layer, bird all he had was basketball like how Tom Brady Purchase football. That's what lay buried a magic were leg with basketball, and I mean that's what George and even though it was doing the commercials instead feet, he be play basketball, that's what he was, and I don't know I just just seems like the regular season roles off these guys.
There's there's that now. This is the case for rest Westbrook dead, as is the thing about Russia that were also plays. I log and balls out every day by giving legal tomatoes honour him. Yeah right, like I was loves, basketball highway really heard. Like anything, I was saying about it's the biggest lock ever about him getting sixteen rebounds I was there was a compliment. I wasn't knocking him. I just think that the the we're part of this whole story becomes like something happens, and then you give me evidence that this thing matters, and then you tell me you Don't care like that's the shit that I can't stand. Like only says he doesn't care about. Rats in trouble. Doubles run he's looking up at the scoreboard to seek, but is that reserve forfeited I'm right or one that you know that whole play that I've. No, we already talked about before, like when he get pissed at one of his teammates are not shooting and he was gonna. Have an assistant, Doran Korea are pointing out laughing on the bench
you know, down of immeasurable, I love and then it's like. Don't ask me about Ricky the area like Bro. You warn rookie sweat, like hoodies back to back nights, knowing your coming through the tunnel like these are real things like worth. Jackson every now and then like he'll, be doing a game and I never quite understand like hell. You're gonna have like this argument, and then I don't like. I hope you, like my brain. What is it about breaks it? The welsh people leak and have great history but the United Kingdom is united in name. Don't talk to me about breaks it anymore and you're at home go and shit. I mean what did I met for survival. No, the Welsh where this upset tat fell. Like there's a credible. What is one of these things? It happened. I so like Europe you ve got drain on about train the last time he was on that ends up being dissected
million different ways like what's this dude all about their these guys and this kind of actual another point like getting the tsar contained here. So just cut me off and you know, you're, not a nine. You can bring this back, think how many These guys add campaigns are revolving around everybody, hating them yet HANS. Had it don't worry it has it the ransom, Bracelet hard! As that there are many and whether a book about whole. Don't do this, don't you don't eat sushi in Oklahoma City will hardon dreamland dream on We lay Griffin now if he could get an ad campaign, if it becomes a hot players in this league, inquire start getting it once he does. Guides to branch out and do whatever he's doing, and I don't know if that's what the spurs are not, but it won't be so he's gone. I said this in the ring membership ambitions as drastic
unanimous approval rating in the NBA right now, it's basically Janius logic, again Anthony Davis. I don't know, if he's our percent now he s, it should be. People love people of the Brenner. Nobody is now actually here's what I dont like about Entity Davis like he's just fucking So Europe excluding just like your trimming off the same HUN Sen, upriver rating right now of people that, like diplomatic, my fans like if somebody was If you're in a bar, you hang out and somebody's leg, I fucking hate yon as symbolic. What you why it be like you feel exactly what opponent? Do you not think there be one guy there Buick Davis? What someone you know that a guy that would do that. I mean there would be in Boston at about one third of the morning and he probably holding a poor cube
or afternoon eliminate yeah. I I was there for opening day. The best is the best known and I went in and the thing is I was packing up in Connecticut, so my bodies were like what are you? do yeah and I go well. I want to hang out all day in, like obviously we have a great day, but I also I gotta go back to connect tonight. So it's these can be like a soft entry in opening day and went to the game. We actually got to stay after hours, which is honoured like AL Yes, yes, I always unbeliever. So then we're with a bunch of state troopers whatever and then at one point guys, like Bro Amateur, run the second marathon I think the guys like if you are running it, I'm fucking running at two and they're like serious, like fuckin, totally serious Those guys are betraying the him down and I walked back and we go to the baseball tavern and I see
legendary bar owner a spot have over. The border is indeed sing with a guy dressed up, as Elvis and my bodies are like the even want a beer. Unlike nope, Like I gotta get out here. It's five thirty in the afternoon we were talking about daylight, fifty percent blackout ratio. In this and I go out here. I beg of you. But you haven't said some dark moments. I remember I went there once after it may have been gained. Three, the o four Elsie S when the Yankees was like seventeen wonders- and I was there after five of- is that there are three three was the work of shame, walk out, offend way right, and I think see. I don't want to get this wrong, but I like Memo Keith Folk decided he hated Boston after that credible, run like he was ever believe: Alenia five. They blow them every they basely, given his rotate or curve rotated companies over. Alien saves. A hundred and forty endings in three days are pitches. In three days I can
I understand why we go the baseball tavern after he blew save. I would just go like yeah dude like what you think the guy's gonna say stuff. I guess it's the way that town works or Keith Folk, TAT Yak he folk, and then I also figure this out, and I hope I'm not, I could be, can be giving up too much information on banana go unreported anyway. But there's a rumour that he was playing men's league hockey during the O. Four play off run. He's Dominoes Boston, amazing thing of all time and select. One of the guys, like you do good stick. It was committed, is committed to the whole thing. We have thirty, four thirty about that, guy, not sure if it's true. Yet we did third theory about those for games and I think we could go back and make it like four hours longer. I still can't believe they're glow, page six endings and two days rest and it was adopted the more the tap twelve must unbelievable things about those four days. Two days rest six shut out antics. I have one ran, I think that's warriors, so you
euro. You sound like your offer them an that off I've, just a more than and I do think I will whatever the style of players and, however, the players change and they have been full of talent. I do think a lot of these things are cyclical, that we see with the arcs of teams, and, I think they're at a Dane. Point and whether they can play out of it or not will see, but you look like the O. Seven pistons, o four pistons when the title balls out awesome, o five pistons start out great made game. Seventy finals almost get there. Oh six pistons. Four guys made the asked our team did. They would like sixty six games and then they, is to Miami and then seven. It's all lined up for them to make the finals play the spurs, rematch, Lebron Pizza and beats em, and then basically there done the think. The where's me done but
I just think we ve seen this before, were that the on off switch in the teams Flickr and then their one time had sat there. Two thousand fourteen Miami, although we find other down to one though be fine, through another, be fine! Now you just branches Satan Lansky spurs just kill view. That was I dont, like teams that our good they don't have a bench and aren't healthy and dont. Go into the place playing well make the all that makes me nervous. So the step thing we know is real. We know it's pretty much seems of evidence to the injury of two years ago today. So this, two thousand sixteen yet F, which still put up like. If you look at raw numbers you gonna go, I got something I struggle within that serious gazette and want to make excuses for,
warriors and I didn't want to discredit Lebron and Kyrie. Did those last three games are just off the truck. I mean that with the way they did in five six and seven forget it: okay, but yeah there's a bunch of little bounces here and there, and it worked out that the Cleveland won the whole thing. But like the Steph thing you go out he's clearly not the same guy that you like damn look at like the numbers, but I dont think banana gratitude, but you in some of the bird and you think they'll, let out the clay injury. I was told a good girl, but it's a kind of thing. If it gets hit right again, Nan that thumb it's gonna, be a problem and then the Durrant, the dream on things are really big of a deal so yeah they get bounced out. I wouldn't imagine it's gonna happen again. I ask Don't like! I don't. I don't really feel fear the San Antonio thing. I feel like all your long. They were playing as if they were going to fly back and then once they knew was over and you would watch him and you go onto visually much to be afraid of here. The road record is appalling. I like to look at the road records to make sure there not a complete disaster. I think they were like forty
in twenty seven on the road. So are you with me on that first round, like you know, you're not falling for the pavlovitch San Antonio outing, guys guys, I don't need this errors or get. I do you think have allowed a heart yeah, but there's been some Manu moments this year, where it's just like. That's, why I'm really being half Amsterdam just winning this game close some of those games were you just like? I can't believe this stuff they are still doing. I can't believe he was tired. We said goodbye to at last I feel it we ve done it, but not with said goodbye, recuperating, farewell pieces. People were standing all plotting and he is now he's back when it gets is amazed
where you can do with just the perfectly executed jab step that isn't like a durable. Dr job step is just a job step to git, just a little clearance to get this three point or off and Vienna Lefty yeah. The next ran is the one so Blazers Perkins Blazers minus two. Twenty five favorites the falcons are very live. Very live, very fair, live Underduk, and I don't like this magic. The Baisers, a team that I really liked in a team that I felt like of Kurds, that healthy round to Congo, Toto with the warriors and really have a chance to beat them, and yet you do holiday, Rhonda, very good defensive where's in their own holidays. Logical Rondeau is like crunch time good and then Davis has been out of his mind, then I got out of his mind and they have shooters and I'd concern for Portland. I think the Balkans are lively, ended. I figure,
This could be one of those Anthony Davis moments. Were you now have a moment like in an I'm, not one of those big. It will get back that whole like if you ve heard of the bar. That said, I don't like the audits and everybody returned. Look at em when somebody says Ok, while young at the natives were ever done than I already know like we're, gonna die, you are to talk hoops with like I'm, just not gonna. Listen to anything. You say yes to the way your address. He just decided, because what he's done like what this pelicans team has done this year like this is the kind of stuff where he should begin. And be peoples, because you don't use- I had him at second, you haven't second idea not to spoil my bad, but I guess I just it now so for the last three months he's been the best. In the wake of these men, democracies of unbelievable, that's how they work hard and there has been better better. I think, the last three months it's been Davis Ex when we look at numbers you ok, you know even a bad team has as a leading score or there is not a bad team, but he does all of these things in everything still done insufficient manner. Energies why the best
we players in a leak? I thought of my eyes: are defensive where the year No reason I didn't do. It was because at that the fifty eight go bear games transit. Did anything else that had happened, but what Davis is doing defence away the last couple months in the way is a blown up, those screens where, in the way he can switch on our guard and shut the guard down and the way he can protect the room for them, and it is incredible basque welfare. He really is is incredible. The cool thing the Portland has, though, is the good use. If it's pretty good, it's just you don't get good use of, and there is always the same basis that may arise Y know every now, and then I give you watching a lot of sons and mass games. You need Google, like this certain nights, I'll admit like a big big apple acquainted, whose plan to learn about when she attacked
I'm out here you don't have a sandwich zoramites. Now I'm a man. I can't watch it. I can't watch tanking. I can't I. There is a time in my life and I love basketball. So much I'd watch any basketball and now it's somewhere. I am by the playoffs all the time, but I dont want to watch a tray bird, you doing great cigarettes and that watching my next hornets, I did read it a tray bird like profile. That was like what you know. Why did it go wrong in those other places and you go well or is it this team socks. Yet I need railway shies up. What's like they'll pick a basketball now jihad Psycho ever has the ball is probably going to have good stats airplane pick up like the guy, his brain, the bow up as propaganda
the most points in the team. Yet like the jazz, like somehow levy in there was inferring like what would you go to the jazz do wrong? You have had a necessary we will by taking you, I will say, he's a for the seas. I think he's averaging twenty minutes again, but fourteen points again I think his personality six stats are like really adequate drawing. The thing is like early with him. The reason a guy like that can be really dangerous, like a lottery guy had a really out staining couch fear, like was a dude who got it on and those guys can be like the worst, because there are not aware that there are not that good yet and he was playing as if he was the best plan, a jazz team, and it wasn't and he was like doing stuff and taken shots in you're goin on like this decision in jail, and I used to talk about this. The phenomenon of the guy who's been the best everywhere has ever been, and then he gets the pros and there like a year in a play twelve minutes ago and you're, not the best.
Certain there's four guys noting that are better than here, but you spent three years, not believing lives when I get out there, but I'm not gonna show riveted they're wrong here and then you go now actually you're like you're you're, not just bad, your dangerously bad guys, you're screwing assault directly back as if you look at a lot of failed yet look. Everybody has other failures. First run tropic, but look a lottery guys you'll see that jump from rookie year, where you go only play that many minutes. And then you go I'll, kill that kind of bad and then that next year, there's always a jump so like every bust, like the most minutes. They play for game is always that. Second, here, where the teams like we had a make sure this guy stinks before we move on, and then he planned I'm all you it's all diamond and you go in the third year, Ambassador reverences. There is a James Young moment like that
the South ex bad air there. I reassure James well my time coming up, I'm on the table, the lottery pick, who killed a waiter and got away with it. Read after this. I fear the type that those looking for better bigger deal. You gotta use the hotel tonight app yet to get it the use of partners with us, motels tell them so I saw their unsolved rooms, which means An amazing deals to Bed Ryan did know about this for a motel out, he needs a living outside. Their name is hotel. Tonight we can actually book in advance next week tonight or book next month. Tonight. I'll takes us ten seconds.
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the file or setting Reseller Cabinet Davis. I think the Rhonda was the x factor. The series are capable of saying that anyone could ahead of enact over. I thought he was probably done or close to done and I could see him being the x, act in winning the series for them, you'll like it. What is it like? Easing no ever get older and go. Why did I kind of not care for so many the game stories? It has been and revive teams in five years, so by four years. Nobody Alice New Orleans in Dallas, Sacramento Chicago neurons, yeah, actually Emmy, when he left bossy member argue. Why don't I met you would do you want to be one of the guys arguing with but like there is that time like Peak Rondeau, where you go, you know I am, you would never done it, but it was what you round has been an increase Paul Ray.
And you'd be like will come on come on man doing only started Jason assess, as have initiated at the newly pompiers said, he's the best for unforeseen times. Like you know, my dad said I was the cutest kitten. My third class, like it doesn't even my debts of that, but I do You don't know the random things like when he left Boston and in substance were arguing. So programme known you like disguise, doesn't care anymore, yeah he's not playing defence, can adopting this and is and is not try adding and then he goes. You know the last year or two. I didn't really care about defence. All that much and you just think like you, it's not like your old, and I know you ve had some injuries, this isn't like the kind of injury you go. I'm never gonna play this game again. I just it's. Almost all personality driven for his trouble She was second half of the career, win all admit their certain nights with the pelicans you see. Glimpses again, and you think, if you still have this like, why can't this happened?
Often for you, like Wales, gently Davis's, his soul made no ATO S little like what he had with cagey when cagey was still athletic, where he's just one of the best ever at of driving the basket just jump near the rim and get it to you and full stride in the perfect spot. I like that. I like that team offensively The generals done a good job, you lose cousins and you and you just go faster and just you wrap it up and Having share my reply that having shooting like there are completely different team from shooting standpoint drew being shootings. That's a good idea, though. In it and the sitting I couldn't shoot four year. Yeah forget some three point. I would say seven I would say: bed the Blazers and Evan, I like it. When I read about it, I like the Blazer sneaky depth. I like that chabannes display their contents out their defended, multiple guys, Jabez position, Bass, Jabez Napier, figures chabannes behalf, and I was like he's on no no he's on Dude cod,
noisy, maybe not wearing my bag. My head was Jabez Mohammed, that's we're neighbors good, I Napier is like You know you're kind of indicator: third, yellow bronze. Like I told you I was trying to help out. The draft I got really upset. When could win my May God are larger and larger Atwater teams do dumb things. What wasn't it? Why did teams hope tat? Really I don't understand it. Why do they do done things that help Pat Riley Leubronn left the Brad Dixon, so you have by like Portance depth, I'd like watching lizard again last night in No, it is funny whenever you say lighthouse, impressive, this team and then every jazz, flammability, badger back, but I can't I can't wait for Bill- is the first team that ever wins and the second on the back to bed. Apparently, nobody has ever happened. Radar access to more information is made a sexy, far more annoying back to back syrup Asia and tell her to fly from one city to another in a chartered plane. That leaves the moment you get in there.
You giant seats and you land at the airport and cars, take it to the hotel, these luxury suvs and then you go, to your hotels. That's all that happens now. My guide it so I know the jazz when they hired season with the south extant. Seventy seven John powers forty years ago, when we that is it, uses reporters but dear this ethics in the red. Forty minutes, though forty minutes is too short, seasons get down and he had so much access because the team would have layovers so be like I kind of clear when we had to step in philly- and I was hanging out at the gate with John- have a check for three hours as we waited for collecting flight is forty years ago when they went take the laying games that allow these guys are going direct. All the access to information. Is Whenever you got a while, you know this teams all over him and then say: oh, you know, try you try.
Logging eighty two hundred miles and afford a stretch like that's an awesome travel stat issued. But you know what like any time, Atinas loses on the second back to back. It doesn't mean that it is only because the back to back Portland is better than Utah. Just were again at home wherever last one is rackets, two of rapid Sarah, seven, seventy one favorites or seventy one. Seventy one and seventy one, whatever the how the sister minus seven thousand Who did you were too bad for the two of us that this is their draw? Yeah later we're going to fund series, I think for them I, via high hopes. Fruity was it's almost deflating. Despite get that win Hence Denver and Denver. Gonna came on there at the end and like some things, you, your hey, you know my. You may have three eyes here now, but you can feel good about
I dream which, which idle felt like one and now with the guards and Murray Plan and Harris coming back. No no cap space of firstly because the most sat there was a gigantic. Yet you know I was watching that play a last night. I should talk to, but this when we did Ringer may last name. Unless I play get with why game judge on the amount in the corner for your whole season. This four seconds left. This is whatever the best play, make Boulogne has ever heard of in his life? This is the time this is like year. Breaking the fire extinguisher. You, in a glass, is shattering you're like it's time you pulling this play out, it's a glowing. It's got like coming off it here. It is. This is the play to create a wide open twenty three further for Jamal Mary or this is the play: were its back scream or will Barton's just gonna get a an openly, because I'm just waiting for this my whole
now it was dumping to Yoke age there inclined to enable its whose falling backwards early for twenty feet away with tat gives it at home and the clocks raining down, and it's like, first of all, as you nice to live by life with load Bobo check do now. I think for Basque was like oh Brad Stevens. Do I promise that's not the bread statements by I wrote this late hour. I wrote the tweet out where I sit in a thousand in bounce. Stevens would never do that and then I was afraid this uneasiness simulated Youtube. The in the second quarter said Lily. I knew Remember they. Let Kelly Olympic go right at Wayne. Selden shit. I forgot that point four seconds is enough: first, about again an open shot. Second, why to get something go into the basket where you might get fat and third enough time to get a MR action where you you dump one guy who makes braves can do something, but then you actually setting at the second guy that can't be the play in
Actually I was the Deborah Ann I would fired, and after that I really would have cut back I'm out about. I can't do this again. I will never get past that this was the play. We you have to leave clean everything's. I can't believe TAJ reached in Gaza Think about that I was, I think I have bad. That would have been like. I don't know. If that's actually ended up, it could have been one of the great defensive plays the if ever see if they come back and they also don't get a bad look. I mean dibs in alone that back and forth there at the end you go coaching. What are we doing here and that's why I beating I'll twitter? I love what the tea what could be, and I know the butler you know missing him, but not to lose the Dallas. To avoid this one game play in type of thing from last night I just moments were the tea? Was right, don't love their offence? A lot actually when they closed games out let her eyes and eyes offensively adjust it hasn't. It hasn't really clicked with them, and you know, that's usually that's why the funny thing back to that like to be young in this
good defensively like why usually look at the Wiggins towns pairing and go that's what normally happens with these young teams, but I'm all that identity. When we get to the playoffs- and I look at a team- you know like the blazers and I'm like. I know what that thing is they love to shoot threes they goddamn at the end. They have some weird lineups. They can experiment if they go small. If you go small and get bigger thinking, bang they're good at home. I know what they are. I don't know what the! jobs are, and I and I definitely no at the nuggets, rather than really high, guaranteeing built around a nice passing centre. Looking up anybody but you going line and not allow teams have an and that's why, like the Sixers Sixers like where young, Where do you yeah? We defend We have shooters wine, afraid guys have been a big games and were common and if we added defensive remain, were off we're gonna numbers they ask where natural dad we're fast. We had Joe Alec.
Canada around. I went from thinking. Bread Brown did not vacuous doing too. He was a microchip here. Ballot purely was using culture. I'm gonna go to the budget. I am ANA coaches, but just for what he did with false alone fall to like we thought was gonna, be the next thirty four thirty and cowardly. Did you guys or restart compiling footage city is pins. I come back were needed for the falsehood. Thirdly, we really be the mattress ryan- is widely rabbit. Ivo environment, Ellie figures have been six. Our friends are so sensitive about. Everything is coming up Philly this year. No, they were. Mean you know. Look I can supervise trying again, because it is the results just I'm in my you just like. I you're mad, because something unprecedented happened This is unprecedented in false ends, up with a triple double when it now in a garden
game by so many people started doing the yeah you're right, but still I mean it's a hell of a lot better than the guy we thought mentally was incapable of pudding sneakers on an island in the Gatt clip of there's a tea cup of his trouble double that was on my last I, unlike three moves, and there were its at the highest level of athleticism. There were its I gotTa Westbrook level of speed, and, and is I was depressed. He had a shot, but it wasn't. It was a garbage time game trying to think was it the Cleveland. I think I think it was the Cleveland game where he had to take a jumper. He was if it was left to right on tv, so sixers are going left to right. They were set up. It's kind of a scrum after some stuff is broken down and folks ended up with a ball in his hand about twelve feet out baseline, lower side of the hoop and heating.
Any time to think about how to shoot, shock and look great, and it was like that. You know- and this is all after the fact like playing the result, but what I always did like about forces that for a guy that was imagine how much that. Socked you're the number one pick and our people wonder if you're so mentally screwed up that you can't play this game anymore. Ok and it was we it was weird to watch handover wondering it legitimately that, like not be able to shoot a cause of a mental think as the shoulder thing we I read all the breakdown on all that stuff. I think that was a nice health way of covering, for him now hear the apes without anybody knowing and yet, when he's sitting and he's, whereas Blazer he was always when a good time. Yet it is estimated that yeah- and I was like I don't wanna- go- know. How to process it other than I just sat at home and really liked it now and went that's cool. That's really cool he's this cause I think most people out another blame them you're out of high school
Oh, you know whatever you're supposed to be awesome, I give you, the sole call you, I don't think I would blame. We ve seen that breaks updates. There's there's history of my life is going out for the first time anything benefiting the good example on that day, while any just, u cave mentally, knew some guys like they start eating to merge sure they take their hair, whatever happens any dark or how many teams can actually when the final Senor pay to two yeah. If two teams can win the finals, who are the two single say and if gone states healthy, I'm I'm not even afraid of Houston fumbled state go and stay plus one forty Houston, plus one fifty Cleveland, plus eight fifty Toronto. Thirteen one feel he now eight
no one, and we cannot do it if this sixers one the NBA championship you wouldn't come, but on the other next egg on that's a little weird be insane. I think they re Z S title that anyone's one since the o four pistons Seventy seven blazers, there's probably like three of them in the last fifty years that that AIDS is completely dumbfounded men. They were probably a hundred to one to win the title by a month ago. And now it's like, I look at these. Do you allow yourself to think big and win an immediate championship Fisher? I think they can make the fine us and they made the fine us in fact those you never know that would be. It would be more if dude, it's more unlikely than that. That pistons thing is likely the pistons thing and again its history by leg. We have the road map to what happened there after the fact that Lakers thing was a mess there
Why are you John Alyzia about it? Fancy was like: do we get out there those guys were like we're going to kill these jazz, like they weren't, even remotely afraid of the Lakers. Just none of us knew none of the public know. We didn't know where, like other than master favorites like we're going to roll again here- and they were messing in detroit- was a star what's a really great running this leak, that's anybody. I data shows get asked around think people follow basketballs at ten later in that stretches of we're time for the week. I they now people know this very thing is a faint there, but we ve been watching and we ve been experiencing. The Cleveland Philly thing on a Friday night feels like everybody who watches basketball, saw that game. Yeah, you know you could I love is a moment you could argue the Dallas against the first year, the heat, but oh, that's a good one, but Dallas yeah I do their work in. It was still like we're talking about a group, a guys that for the most part of the thirty one games, then beaten Covington in charge, like that's the only content
we, the EU, had. I bet on their under forty one and a half I didn't there's anyway, zimbabwean beads. Negatively. Forty one have dangerous, submits, can't shoot falsehoods. Already in a marrow hospital liquid water. What am I better get frightened five and twenty five, unlike meant? No, that again and then this happened. I do think so what you have to run up. You think wrong. When I meet a budget now, I think I would put filling Cleveland, I think, fourteenth every chance. She got four yeah. I do feel in Cleveland just cause. I did. Those are the two themes that can make the finest. What do you think if the warriors, if it's like, as we have a storyline, we're the Cleveland exit, could be ugly and then we'll do the bronze gone and what, if there's any
Only golden state accept and steps hurt, Durant's pissed, off gettin, technicals dream on mad creators and with the same is one thing I was sent out into the world you. I see that you honestly now it's gonna one. I don't know it's can happen. Is I tell you? Gonna stay loses used in IRAN to take out a trade one of those guys women round to have gone around three used in bright orator they lose in it before the fine us. It will western converts whilst or
rarely has already lays a radical ran through a hooker it'll, be they achieved one as gas camping, those guys back. They should trade clay sign in trade for Paul George, that all start Ipod. George trade clay with his salary. Cancelling all that shit will start are these machinations of flipping clay into something clay will be the fall. Guy is my prediction unless hey man, you know stab somebody in the first row, though, with a diet, coke straw, elegant yet Lithuania for five days here I do think the warriors are really like bold franchise and I think they would one hundred percent shake this up. If it were only, I think the ran occur, the only guaranteed to stay with you- and I know that's what you do you
don't get rid of two top five guys either one of a media built around those terror. You go again. These are the two. What could we do? You say dray mind. We took the Dreamer thing as far as again go. It's gonna stuck on South were she'd Stassen he's not play an art every game anymore he's gonna start getting kicked out a more synergy being the team that trades for dream on to build around imposed, Landry Land but I'm just saying it's it would be, would be remain and be a little different nuclear Scottsdale day. I can hear it now- I dont think it'll happen, but just here If you look, we didn't like what we saw: Oswald salaries of what those hours be Adena, what they do at this early, where they shake things up. I just don't think that the group is going to be to get out of this year for year. Eight I mean I removed what ballot check would do ass? He would trade clay fur. Deeper salary and like a draft back and try to do it that way and try to replace,
by shooting a little like where Presty tried to do the terrible, hard and trade, but he interest and our good arguments, but all of us. Take somebody that could replace clays three point shooting, but now you have it as peace that you can also any any more money to pay drank? Is there not pay the rent this year will have to step up his salary in some way? Are you reporting that they been written about was wrote the suicide rate about this. I just want you these outstanding, his I'm Katie's guy
Allow me to extend the air they need to take Aramis away. I think it's unrealistic to pay those four guys the amount of money that they have to pay them. I d write so at some point they have their pick one of em. So what you do is you go? Mrs Georgia's hypothetical you go. I look in front of us by a year and make a move and sitting on maps. Are we just can't pay one of the four and we let him bouts you'd be MAGIC Johnson, I'm in a bee bombers. I've just got knocked at around three. I lost him five to his magic, hey! What's up Bob use good, stiff Currie? Now that
I don't care about worship and Clay Thompson, you the freer, more first car. We need to get when you're, cheaper guys. We really like Kuchma and- and we like some other stuff- would any interest Clay Thompson, not Michael Clayton, Maria Michael Clay, Thompson, Yell Court semi. Why wouldn't I do that when I find a way to make that happen? Would you trading room for trade, anybody for clear I would I would trade you anybody like a drop of clay and I'm surprised to learn that, alas, Christmas, that not enough, but leggy you're, acting as if I'm so as to have hesitation. I entirely clays Clay went from examining the beginning. When he's first being kicked round, was Kevin, love deals, you go ok, but he is a dependent offensive player. That's why I thought it was the beginning at most guys to get better than for employers scores it's a handle improvement. I give you better the shooter. I think he just revalue. Don't you know
assists vision not, but a lot of guys like this. It blows my mind how many nights I watch game go back. I can travel more than two times like if possible, a third time you screwed in clay. I felt like a lot of it. Was off screens set up its Currie, the threat there you know member, they would do those we are dumb guard lamps for staff would play basically off garden, begin brass, careered stuff, they observe Jackson, but then guess what like clay? Church clay has a handle now. So I actually think plays but every all of us have a green that he's one of the best shooters in a league in a way it's kind of underrated. You know, I think he just has a great personality like he has to have. He could never have become alpha or not, but the cool thing about this group is that they do have differing
personalities, remember only retain the math would make it impossible for them to lose. You basically three guys who are going to make a combined fifteen seventeen threes a game and make forty percent of them, and it was this ten point advantage, I'm not quite sure, widening play out. That way I really thought this team is going like seventy two and ten or don't even when they are healthy there, forty one in ten with curry, I thus allowing games, but if you're the first year of it, they probably would one seventy something games. I really do. I think that is the mental of hey man like we already know We know that is a new right that it that can be the matter. I don't like that. I'd, I'm telling you like a charge, Katy Anna any wishes he had so upset. He suggested that kid I like that guy he's gets gets. He's dead. How hard it is. It is funny, here in the room. He doesn't sound nearly it's it's not nearly as combative visitors in person. It's much friendly,
but when you hear the audio it's like he's really mad, it's like he's, not mad, it's just. He really enjoys it like he enjoys conversation he, but he loves the whole battle of it and he's like fired up for it. That it's you know when you talk about everything like thereby like that, actually the impel hugest if you're no argument he's a combative, my best hammer you but well, I was angry- were just the way talk here, currying clay. By the way, six straight year, two hundred plus made threes over forty percent shooting. Nobody else has dented when three times together they did ass. Then six Nora. You said some few moments ago, though, like in this hypothetical, Gordon State Game, replaying, Paul George, you know I love about Paul George thing is he's. Is that
play that where it he's he's made up his mind, I dont know what it is. So I'd be guessing case. I think I know what it is. I love that like well known, has more pressure than the thunder because they have to convince them George like who they do not know how people operate. Give Paul George were forty percent gonna stay, but then they beat the jazz and he now you're out the door there, we beat the jazz when you're dive match up right now. Let's definitely let's, let's stop renting there. Let's call the real estate agent cause. This was smashed in the second round, but being a jazz in the first round like it feels like home? Now When I saw the look of failure and really go bears so do I had to buy home near the puritan dot factor. I love. I love, I love for
you and I love the swell Pereda yeah there yesterday and I gotta give card from Kabila's love country. Music like this. Is this feels right? six months, I was on the fence, but we beat the jazz I'm a four hour driveway from Dallas come back. I'm giving recruiting now go suitors. I think the Lakers have are the most. Listing team. That has like a wide open pandora's box of opportunity. Since the heat in two thousand ten you could. We, you could tell me like next year's team is gonna, be clay, Thompson, Kuwait, Leonard and Paul George, like ok, sure may. Yeah right over. Your thing is like why you like this x factor. I guess there's all these teams think that they have a good Boston. If its signature, Rhetoric lie. I cleaned
I get him. Boston is going to call bosomed amino gonna call for Anthony Davis men in honestly, bossing can still trump everybody like when you digging into their future picks and what I am saying if they, plaid than Tatum, is like their dirty grow, cock this whole thing if they really why we had serious when I was driving. The next item is at that gets attached for opening day to call I'm talking ten seconds of turning on local radio no, you didn't say: bills got it is it: is it just I've had it and just you know they gotta they get a move on from Hamburg. Superbowl approve,
His approach is outdated. Only one five he couldn't win seven bright and then the other call I switch stations and the other call was, I wouldn't trade. Quite frankly, Davis are issued. I wouldn't trade Tatum for Anthony Davis and the guy was like what in the host was like tat. He was contract control you just gotta. Ok, like I don't let tenants gonna be like what would Tatum have to be for you to look back and say, I'm glad we didn't trade in France and it is why I had a sad or not trade him for quite cause. This whole thing turns off at much. I dont like the quietly nine games. I dont like that. I did collides afraid in a year and Tatum with that contract. Syria, narrative, Pang, Heyward, informally, relaunch. Why signed, though, of course said, hey we're gonna. Do Let me take Hawaii forty million dollars. A year to pay, might the supermax or whatever you like,
the five year now get a pay. I can't fit all those guys sarka anyway, it's a rotten oil. Would you do Gordon Tatum may trading Gordon I mean there. Safety net traded as it excuse because they Thomas capable of anything ages like his hip Will we be able to walk five years there? Like we, don't know Dnc trade him now called that was harsh NASA? fuckin harsh really were you not do it if you're the Gmos, ethics just harsh, it's tough man, the karma stuff that your house has convinced karma their ruin, the celtic season. He really is caught in Africa there just like the karma that and Gordon Heyward back stabbing the Mormons. That's why you're in this predicament is dead, serious avert. The Mormon thing is true. You can open your message.
Warmest now you're mess with high altitude cities, have you hung out SALT Lake ever not once cause? I went to Sundance so parks idiot. Has nice nice business and really likes it after its given under it and amazing area to wrap it up you and put your guess. Yeah there's a sociopath casta now lie formulae. I've been here for not even forty eight hours we should probably lead, but that at the tat we should have I'm not mad about it with a do anyway, so we find some friends for you male Jes ran with lay friends that gmail back? I was in Manhattan Beach last night and I was trying to find the jazz trailblazers and I just its Ella kings country out there. You know a second to happen to you as my chair just cause. It's hell am pupil as much as a result. We do you think you'll abroad will is go in. That's that those days are over, he's gonna be shouting at you and bars. The ever see the difference.
The staring iron pointing at you and maybe tall. We attended a bump into, and maybe let go what's up dude, but it won't be conversation you, ll, be it oh you it'll. Take a worry is that I think you'll like it. Ultimately, I'm leaving hotel right now, so once that once they get a lot more settled is, can we get? I think it's that you rents up a malibu, that's cheap right, a Malibu pressure fragment What are you evaluate where you been had be here? My place is right. There, though the place I bought his like right in giving I would say very you're gonna go by take pictures of him on the balcony, just two curls. I would think that a single person Mantelish would my Manhattan Beach,
My recommendation cuz all the Hollywood guys, I'm friends with not as many as you are- I've been included in that group, but, like they big make fun of me, they they go where I go, live there for a year, get out of your system and then move to West Hollywood like the rest of us are here to be my counter. All the professional basketball players and hockey players go to Manhattan Beach and her Mosen Redondo and lived there. Yeah just was working Matt Liner, there's a reason, we say that we're not ass, it is, I believe you did that. So he looks great congratulations to Matt get married and they said, wrap it up ran resellers pleasure. Thank you very much, but I hope we do ok with Zambia predictions. I thanks. Turann reseller thanks, so much disappeared off, get to try them out, had separated outcome. Slash, bs thanks! So much for just four men beard care for an enviable beard and healthy feeling. Skin underneath
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