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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Chris Ryan to discuss the Philadelphia 76ers and some of their what-ifs from the past few years, including Markelle Fultz, signing Al Horford, trading draft picks, and more. (2:45). Then Bill talks with The New York Times' Wesley Morris about the best movies of 2019, defending Gwyneth Paltrow, and more (31:35).

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For a free trial when you're ready to launch easy Africa, be ass to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or dough main my image in the ring it outcome. By the world's last good websites, where mentioned the Ringer pack, hast thou art, where you can find the book a Basque by two point, our package Steve dash. We broke down game fourteen as in seven spurs, sons the sun's ironically one and then turned out to be the worst break is Steve NASH, his career. We talked about that. We talked about the critically acclaimed run of the sons and NASH his feelings. All these years later, I actually made him watch the game which he had now watch since he played in it and was on the court for it, and I had some complicated feelings about it. One of my favorite pack ass. We ve done on that
feed so check them out and we watch was quintet container meek, cutie Chris Ryan got back together for the first time ever and we data unstoppable. That's coming on late Wednesday night, so check that out come up. We are going to talk with Chris Ryan. Ironically, we knew low basketball, little Sixers, Marco, trades, whether our effort can be traded all that stuff. We talk just a little apps shadow, where the NBA is right now and then Mile Grantline, leg was Morris and I are gonna talk about two thousand eighteen movies. First, our friends,
The programme I Chris riotous year, terrified, Sixers things it s anything he might say, make an aggregate than the Psycho Sixers works. This smells like almost like a like a word catholic pedants that I have to pay to get those needs Sixers, you ve been the most fascinating team at the last eight years. You're welcome. Things? Consider dating back to the process of that stuff? We're taking this- Tuesday Markka faults? Add twenty five points to last night and it has now become one of I think, the strangest tat. Enterbay MBA stories in the past twenty five years. We had this guy, who was the number
in the draft? Who then basically has this break from any sort of sports reality for a couple years to the point that the Sixers him await Orlando for Dr Instruments, and man. Their hope may provide bench up who actually doesn't who doesn't Abiola and now faults blossoming on Orlando he's coming along, but it's not like the second coming of other donors. That's good media cover is coming along. I wish and nothing but the best I was it made me. Look back at everything. Sixers have done the last couple years is our alligator. I packers robots, tell me now it's so funny these fork in the road themes. Where are you
and I say this because I did the book- a basketball, Password NASH, that we put up today and you look back at the two thousand and five to two thousand and sons who never make the finest much less when the and you think, I'd they're, just starting out in two thousand the summer, two thousand for they have Joe Johnson a minor steamer and shall Marian on the team did the seventh picking the two thousand forged and they sign Steve NASH in the seven pick as either Ecuador, Luar Dang, you just think like if they just do nothing if they have like. A high school janitors, the GM, whose just afraid to do anything in just drafts, whoever, though transport says, just keep those five guys together the er Therefore, titles is like one and a half year in it. They do all these things and there's all these different fork in the road for them and then odd thing. I need only final year. This sir staying in its not just of the false trade. That also leads
them trading faults. Who then his cap, as is sellers or move for the cap, would, gives them enough money to spend on our horror, who is now basically untreatable and doesn't fit in with the team you have, but then, on top of it, you lose the faults asset and even if you just look at two things right there. It's a wow with the author universe of this look like yeah, we also what we had to get it give up to get faults in the first place, murmuring renewed, weapons. There was a However, it was the number three peg plus the Sacramento pragmatism in and of not being is good of a pic is with us today, the other that was another fork in the road than the third fork in the road was the number ten pick trade back to sixteen you This Miami pick that leads to Tobias hair. So then they re pay honey eighty million dollars, I think it is important to deal with all of these forks is that they are come they are like an episode of General Hospital like
every one of them is, but first we have to draft a kid from view. Of whose mom works for the Sixers and then Freedom Yoni me like that that Mikhail Bridges Trade data get always come this extra layer of light layer of did. We have to make it this agreements and like hysterical and dramatic Vinos underrated about that. The next sky was shade judges of soldier who is now a future I'll NBA guy. He gets. You got these drafts your leg, why they took false over Tatum, They traded the bridges pick next year's next thing. An issue like this is so great about the NBA, as you can DR yourself: crazy, going backwards area like that had happened that happen. I dont know what they do, though, because it keeps the hoarfrost have really. Kicked in this week and I was so obvious anybody resulting watched in a way that when he first came out and said hey on how I don't see how and being used in this office, it's better. It's been about ten days. But I don't know what they're out Sir
I don't know, I don't think it an hour. I mean like look like they built this team to stop yon us. That's that's! That's one round, though, that the argument and I'll take the Boston plays them, particularly well either, although will find out this week right anymore, find out. This is the first time they played each other since Boston got their shit together. It would seem, might this sixes or Boston Kryptonite Team right. So if there are the Kryptonite team for Boston and walkie that good forgot the like their chances of getting through the first round. So then what would like- and I am looking at my army and ran word grey or Toronto yeah boss. So ass to make a trade, but I think that the time cancer combo against and beat is just the FAO trouble possibilities urges to file means trade. Four hundred Robin Cook. Instead, let us put it, but that's another guy in this. Is it this time into the second part of their conversational in and have not done with the Sixers yet.
This is right around the time when everybody starts gone, this guy's train, Kevin, loves available under German might be Veil Baron and oh hoarfrost. I wonder where they get for him. The answer is, I don't think, there's gonna be allotted trades at all, because this is the all time either everybody's making twenty five million or more or several million or less and that's another thing with the false contract. You don't really have this attempt to six. Ours is allowing get him to subjects where No real room to improve. Now it's like everything would have to be Sweden, by a guy like by some really title Bible right and if you, Do that then you're going back through the tearing your fingernails part of we gave up Shannon and via steel, which is still seems like a complete Jerry West, highway robbery move now and in retrospect, two Tobias, I would say, and trade about that contract
at a certain point. You have to ask what what are we trying to get for two by his heroism? Aren't you just trying to get another version of Tobias Harris anywhere mainly by viewing I drew holiday legs out like a guard who make similar amounts of money and though the guards who make some are amounts of money are basically drew out Ankara's PA, ok, what did you want about them? because I feel it you do, and that is ultimately what reason tradable than on their language. Training, Ben, but isn't. The problem here is a corporate into buyers are good players on their own, and I think that, like the weighted this has been personally the way. I think that the fact- this is being mismanaged like this is just an absolute joke. The fact it Brett feels like he needs to come out in public and try to light Ben Timmins, into shooting threes. I dont have you why the games, Benjamin's is the one guy I shall issue every night brings it. I
so you he's what is already is AIDS is strange thing. Words like the one thing that you feel like you can do, which is just effort that coaches waterways Billy I dont care. This guy tries is ass off this guy brings at every night. I can put this guy shaken. They'll, Alexander or I can put a monarch ordinary put on one harden for awhile or whatever, like Simmons is like the hardest, seems like he's. The hardest playing player we have and it was so strangely he's the one who is in like the I've sore on here. If I was another GM that would be the guy. I wanted, because I dont Feel, like he's a hundred percent on the right team, but I do think it Your reminds me somebody like Lamar Jackson, where If you're going to have him, you have to build the perfect team around him. That completely makes sense, and one of the things you have to do is if the shooters everywhere you'd have to have him beer, almost your offence, Lopez Guy,
who also hinders the bondage point four, but then I defence is guarding everybody else. Hard roster put together, but there is, there is an hour for him to be the best player. I think, on a final sure, this around, whom shooters and put another planet reset the horse thing was really weird thou because in I really liked. The sizing weirdness of this team before the season. As you say, man they're just be impossible to play out, and then I started thinking about what made Orford good about what made her good on the south eggs. Verses was frustrating about him, he's a pick, em Popeye's Green guy right. With somebody like carried out- was a pretty unstoppable play for us on both those guys are Duma and the Sixers team Who are you afraid of you know stepping out with referred back I really would pop out and then he'd take a three. No man. Sixers can do that. Now, it's like literally like trademark
So I don't know how you swore, for its analysis, is due to standing twenty feet from the batteries that something that they should have thought about when they were going. I guess it's like I'm gonna come ass. His wife maybe- and I know that this has been discussed a lot but like a golf ball then would have made more sense on the six hours than Orford. You know and its I am always kind of, and could you you could have had him right, outta me one. I probably would a throne their bodies in front allow and then I can I can. I would imagine I am sure that they were much more worried I am going to fully than they were about him. Go to India. Its work that way worse than I thought of it, but we still like worried like twenty foreign. And like a million no, I know when I was a little like with the worst thing about the horrid things. Specifically, I dont know how that one gets fixed,
it really the only way gets fixes. I give them be, got hurt for three weeks in horror for just became the centre like out. That's why we gotta listen up early days without him, because I don't think he's got a plague and I may I doubt he plays it gets boss it after seeing the pictures of his hand. Last may well also just like it what's the point of having Orford it. If, if indeed is like, I gotta take my dislocated hand up and go back out there last night against Oklahoma and January. It's like that's the kind of the drives me nuts thick sit, let's be afflicts, which team like I. If that's all Are they dont have joy, Ellen Bead going out there with one arm? I guess homer in January right breadths, like eyes, will impress you got it out, it's a wise and getting it out. So how these we ve managed to draft like five guys who needed to take a year off before they could startling NBA basketball. If and when it is actually back areas like I've got nine fingers, but let me go out there and playing Stephen atoms from forty minutes. It was so stupid. The Chris Paul thing that could not have work.
Better for ok see could actually do think he has trade via crazy as contracting how funds are deemed watch? Oh, my god, just just taken raw constantly. It then that three they run shrewder ass. She and Chris Paul it's sick. It's really fun watch those and if they added one wing in there the ability to do it. Cuz they could trade Robertson's contract. They could trade Denver's first round pick. Coaches can be in the 20s and just try to steal somebody for a year are bad, but when I watch them I'm always they thinking right. I really like this. The three guard thing with Gown Adams, if they had one more guy, this is now a team. I would not want to plan a placer so not only there, when the vote is taken doc. Those to allay teams, though in the plants like I don't think I think they would give Houston or you toss them fit- because they're weird, oh yeah,
Could they should have been there and I made sure t exactly Eve: three fuckin guards out there at the same time and then Gallo and then the Adams do an atom staff and re any all. Three of them will shooter and Paul, especially early such irritants on defence, by their there, like fighting each other to guard the other teams. Best guard I feel vindicated by the shrewder jade cause. I still did never understood. Why Atlanta did that, and I guess was a hey- we're gone Alan on this trade, young guy, we're just going Hey Carmel of twenty. Million dollars to go away, so you can dump this contact, your signal. Should good. How do you want to get rid of that guy in future? Atlanta now he would probably be like their third best player. You must eat us to Bennydeck or even their second best, nine p D Virginia. I think everything that I landed did that's another fork in the road thing, re or they're, just like every The decision making is based on this premise that trade young is gonna, be the next Currie any go well or you can just take a look at that
she's all next labour. Very I were talking about this yesterday on the NBA show, where its cage its forcing it is to see all these teams who ve, basically, God all in on youth and they're, all kind of flying a plane with no windows, I think, is working out from Memphis yeah like Chicago you look at Atlanta, Eliza Workin out from impis lower expectations. No, because Jammer ants, really good right away. Jackson was one of the best guys from last year and they actually make sense together, and then they actually have good veterans of that. Yes, they ve got eight. I don't love but their guys who play hard and know what to do and how to play basketball and this like the self escaped fact again Gazette Sacramentos pick last year Sakhalin and I was just randomly also we Memphis pick this year. Those top six protected unprotected next year is so they just for one more year: you're, not really tough, comfort,
and no John Red turned as I now job, no actual generalised laughs and it's like. If they had one desire, lottery, Zion the play the uno you'd gotten her, and then there are the bottom five team. But you don't mean that, like it's like a bunch of teams who turn the keys overlay first and second year, players- and it turns- like having veterans really matters here we ve known yet again? Then we just forget you after you, it does airlines got better when they started playing, dared favours more than jacket. Nostalgia, dared favours yeah you're right, it's it's I think it's been a really entertaining Lee passes in I enjoy watching pretty much every team. Even a team I should like to repeat the subjects. Last name is Smith Drew's Arabs, by its also in it you never know what new reason I say a Thomas is gonna, get objective failure. He sits feisty, but. It's real. It's been really fun to watch these youngest cause. I do think we have a lot of talent but you're right. There there's like a rudderless. This
to so many of these themes even Phoenix when they look good for about a week the p in this season it was cuz like Aron Baynes turned into you, know this year old. Being shipped centre that I've beans and Rubio we're gonna like studying the ship thereafter than it being Josh Jackson, Interior Warren have delayed figure out a bee veterans immediately. Today, weren't another guy that are another guy. That was given away. Yes, with thirty six points I slept, but am Whether where there is that it is fully thing so important, I dont think there's a favorite this year, Yeah but I like the clippers, it's going to be clippers or Lakers and, and I'm kind of like, is it cuz the clippers You know this whole load management thing that they're doing which I get. They don't have any continuity at all those guys, play together. You know four nine.
A game state there not developing anything, because it's just seems calm down plants, and I apologise out tonight and issues like their night. It's never him, that's gonna, die father and squeezing over a quick frightened. I guess seriously. We put it so it's not a teen. That's gonna win like fifteen straight and I think that's a real advance, edge for teams like the Celtics Philly Miami Prize. If they did that in the second half of the season, there. The more I watched the cliffs the more I feel like we get seduced by their upside the needs that they look awesome, Ray We cannot overlook the knight said they don't look. Is awesome and the reasons for that like they're, pretty undersized hair six foot Saturday. Yet I'm an especially in a series against Davis leave Europe If you put them in the files, Inv somehow got there.
The man s size. They you have, I think, you're, a real without those files games would be like seventy eight, seventy two, oh my god, if the clear prison the six years plague each other, they're more, I mean that's another Kryptonite team for the south is cause their wings are just better than the south Ex wings, but the South ex at least we know those guys are planning there all the time. Word injuries set them back his cause. They lost Can you do that, but I think over the next six seven weeks as those guys and they know the team. Those guys are just plantier their night after night after night, surreal It is a little united, those working on the lake We trying to win the regular season championship with their make a mistake and playing Le Braun. Like thirty eight, then, if that was the dash stupid, I don't agree that allow and that's a team. I wouldn't do load management with them, but him playing more than thirty one minutes in a game. At this point in his prayers nuts and safety for Davis, My work is done with the on us has been genius.
There are just a year playing thirty two minutes lets it right, you're coming out minutes have we're discussing it. This is worth Jerusalem is due Judd Stockton here, just playing coming out of them. Five thirty mark of the first court in the third quarter, and I'm you back at like the nine minimize our doing their right and I the Lakers should be doing though there has ever about how Cosmo what are they gonna get form Christmas ever been there good. This is business. All Lakers Piano, Heizer, weird story. Yesterday, the circle of life that that's that's charisma for bug, damage story went through yesterday were like this is happening and that it was like this is absolutely not happening because by that average is way better than you could also just like feel. The phone calls going into like different NBA Twitter, guys like tinted to refute the story, is wild I was on a text with a couple south expands and all of us were getting flashback flashbacks to power. Bizarre in oh eight,
by damages in as good as pow desire, but it's just like, but as one of those like really they're gonna get bogged down average fur coat. This very fucking kidding me. That's good! The trade no other assets to throw it, but it seems Sacramento. I don't know why he's a restrictive fridge in the summer. I know why they just wouldn't keep omen figured. Is there any team that were not? talking about are not thinking about as possible sellers like I keep looking Portland and one dollars yeah, like I'm wondering piling deteriorate, Detroit Selling Dirk rose, their brows could be yeah. That's perfect above a guy like for your team. Could be a reality. Yeah we'll he first hand. Nobody's appoint guard who If you watching these dumb leg pass games, he really does look like the old. Their grows, some nights, real economic, add he can go by anybody you get to the Basque on everyone's. Keys. He makes like seventy five million, so I think he is at least a chest pain.
Portland. I don't know what they do. Ya cuz, I'm wondering if it would be silly to sort of break that team up at the midseason trade deadline. You might as well just go through this season and and figure it out over the summer. We did. It does feel like. It was like a little bit of a false dawn to get to the western conference files and now that they ve kind of like they try to read on the fly around Lula Mccullough I'm not really sure what they're going to do in their defence is so bad Yes, they could try to tighten them up with light there still playing Melick twenty five minutes, and I right I hears by pluralistic spot season. I wouldn't trade. Anybody just be like it's not our year. Nor could I got her and it was then become back. Collins got her recent. Have it fine, we'll get, will get an awesome lottery pick. Maybe they should be on the other hand, think I'm like a dame where'd. You go or does the rapporteur will see who receive in September?
at the at the biggest contracts, the expiring So it lay there has like sixty five million of expiring contracts and a team that so send, that's gonna be a bottom five, that's a team that could take a chance on one of these. Of guys to give salary cap relief to attain that wants to done, but basically start over And I don't really know what their game plan as other than it just get triumphant stats, civic, it's an entire Franchise motif, built around We today we just gotta get trade, twenty intent, the wheel, you don't care about. Windsor losses are big. Big draft these areas way Denver. Male sap. At thirty point three million and plum lay at fourteen million Memphis, as bunch of expiring that take it? How about the next people know? What's goin out there
Phoenix, says the nineteen million for Tower Johnson expiring back again a variety of ways. I was thinking it fairly wanted to just dump Orford. In trying to do that, not everything it idea and unfair, like this doesn't work we have to get out of it. Contract has wouldn't be fought for the next couple of years and we all feel like you I do anyway, they want to do like a Tyler, Johnson and beans for Hartford tape. Thing didn't play like I threw out for food for love yesterday. I don't know how that helps anybody here, oh god, what a bummer for our effort. My dad S. Second, my dad about her for this weekend. Z, loves that words unhappy grass. Isn't always greener our sector so that bad washing as my him, they had fifteen point four
Poland's got waits at twenty seven but I don't know what's going on there and then, if you look at the actual trade pieces, hoarfrost. Twenty eight point: nine: this year, our rapporteur, twenty seven point: two holidays: twenty seven August, twenty six. The Depot twenty one million just started out there, he's got a year plus next year, and I was thinking is good. It that's what It's a bummer that Ben summonses contract can be traded cause. You could have a lot of fun with some old, deeper Ben Simmons, that stuff errand in twenty million miles, there's eighteen million dozen does not the Sixers, and then then you start dropping dropping into that Morris. Reddit mills commenting fifteen to eleven million ranch my point is, I don't think, there's any larger. It's ok, I just think there's no Ten. Seventeen million range decision there this year severe the south
as I do want to throw Marcus, smart and then patched together for their trades to try to get Kevin. Love like I will I'll be right out yet in a million years, and if your Philly can't really patch together anything I was sitting we lack or for we're clear, like title favorite makes it so that people are gonna, be like we, let's see what happens over the second season in the buyer, guys are going to be more important than usual and if Cleveland is looking at just in time said in February and they're just say car at I guess we could save four million bucks rare and he goes to Dallas or something you do. The right thing for him tat in this That would be the best possible right, that's the one! Where have they got Tristan Thompson? I would actually think this house could make the final crises like the perfect men who can roll the basket with his hands up for what they have. If you, to guess who makes the finest hours pick Coopers bus seeds Duggar covers the Bessie machine. Is yours
and also watching them just death by a thousand cuts. The Lakers on Christmas was very telling I'll think they were close to their best and on Christmas day, and I thought that they were just like they just had em. They had their number one thing I'm scared the Lakers are gonna, make a Hokosa two thousand eight typepad, the fact that they pulled this great cause. I do forgive they added one more guy, they become the favourite they need. A swing man guy you can who can reliably make threes and show up in a big game, Handle or by the Bob, and not necessarily point guard and judges Legate they almost Evan Fournier bogged down. Just european type guy re fit in with what they have, but who really wouldn't be afraid in those four rounds, and I thought that I set out there somewhere
for them, too. Scared at that dared rose now. Those are, I know. Some later there were others backed out of it their one piece away, but I think a lot of these teams are one piece away and I think further clippers their legs. Dredge far away it's like if Michael Green was yet look. There's of defensive minded centre away, but that's how did that doesn't exist, are therefore whether the price range there. Looking at I it's alive, swords America before you go before, because it was just such a weird, sad story by the it's. It's another indictment on on how things get head on and fairly. Do you think the biggest Philly? What f of the decade was Darrow Murray, Alma taken their job in the summer, two thousand and nothing in getting talked out of it by in four Tata feeder for Tita, I'd with us is going to die. Furtive Tillman Fritz IRA, oxamide of it
You could have had more running your franchise chinese would be able to watch the NBA Americans would still have no idea what's going on in our guy. That's right! That's I'm guessing? He would have done everything I support a chain for Anthony Davis last year, probably as soon as that was of instruments for the five year. I think he's all IRAN, China, pudding any Davis and a bit together. You think, and indeed still moping. If he's got Anti Davis with him now, why isn't it Doping is. If I go to corny Sunday, I smoke like she's degeneration. No such operational in things online to Mario, so many said, really relate to materialise. Inequalities aren't going exactly the way I want them to go. That's what it is: a big men, maybe He's fine love, that's it! That's by it. Is he a girlfriend, I think so? Yeah yeah? I think so.
The amount to much still needs to changes diet. Right. We can use to correct at the watch every two times a week dragging out here and we have we watch was this. We could quite right. We did stop a bulgarian troutina vows. May we just set picks form for two hours. Just like me for you, then you have another thing coming up that we have not so yeah that's good thing. I'm excited ass. An actress later I before we get to Wesley with the the air officially here, and everyone vow into restrictive resolutions. Pepsi. The usher in the new decade, a bit differently by encouraging everyone to unapologetically? Do you enjoy, even in the face of others judgment so Pepsi encourages you to let loose be yourself and live your life like nobody. Watching. You know, I'm gonna, give you an example. This I'm an attack the way about movies! In the second half
controversial thoughts about a couple. The movies that came out, two thousand maintain our Makin obey the whole group think thing where we were just and decides what the best eight movies are and then we all have the same opinions on them. I'm not doing that! I'm not doing it. I repeat, I'm not doing it. Some hot takes. I am and ignore the haters, I'm sure people like me happy, but that what I'm gonna do, because that's what makes me feel good to be honest about how I felt about the two thousand and two movies Pepsi, that's what I like and since we're here what's up square they made that little white credit card reader, the let's anyone take credit cards. But you know running and growing business take so much more than just payments, which is why Square has so many more tools that can help put itself software for restroom retail businesses. Am I an appointment scheduling for slides Yoke studios easily bill websites, besides I mind free sales analytics, stop make all you know
make sense. Payments are the best business. No long term contracts are reared. Freeze, you always gave money fast. Even is all these tools are in one place. That's the best part there all built toward together with you online retailer, restaurant or hairstyle skydiving teacher. Whatever square has tools can I help you, no matter what size or stage a business. Your at for its duty, as at Squared archive slash, go slash, bs, islets guy. Wasn't I online right now male grayling Squared cub slash, go slash, bs, let's go wasn't I online right now my o grantline colleague was Morris is a critic at large culture of correct whatever you want to call for the New York Times and he wrote my favorite piece of two thousand nineteen, a defence of Goodness Petra, which were Superman. And we just talk to better on the river. Jabez on town to Mr Ripley, but I think she The most underrated actors, actress of the last twenty five years- she, not act anymore. It bothers
maybe a really bothers you did you get good feedback for that? he's cause, there's so much antipathy towards her. What was there? action. I think people seemed a little initially. I was a little terrified bit with one of the few things are written, where I was a little nervous that are with either wrong or crazy yeah. But then you know I did. I did a right that thing in a half an hour. I had a lot of time to think about whether or not I wanted to write it and, to be honest with you, been wanting a right dish since Pinta girls, and but he's podcast about good couch. Allow go where bag or tacit abolition, and Molly. You were talking about one of culture and they were doing the thing they bade the show greed rate, which is the date they didn't all feel the same way. Yet again,
I don't remember who is where ongoing pouch hurdle, but I definitely felt like the thing that nobody really connected was. I know this was something about her. They were deeper than people were, giving her credit per for having yeah and then act nor a route that would really interesting.
Marge peace, laughter in the near TAT magazine about goop, about quotas, Petros relationship the group and about our relationship to do I'm gonna pow, true. But the thing it was interesting to me, her relationship to being a business person, her choice to stop acting and what ever Harvey wise Dean did to her yet and I did felt like those things were somehow connected, and it's only up to her to explain what the true connection is. But there is clearly a moment where she goes from being I don't one of the best actresses working in movies to iron man, girlfriend yeah
No, I that seems to me to be a choice and I dont know how much of a choice. I wonder, if pointed out true with, I wonder how much of a choice she would say she had So she did everything in all our decision to earth and I'm a selfish person, because I'm more for granted pouch of an actor person. But I am a person who is glad gonna petrol start a goop, because my life is so much better for her. Having done it, why, I think, is a person who had her when she was at the height for acting power. There is nobody who could do with the things that she did. I mean that's the third, a great thing about lots of actors, but she had things she could do didn't lots of other people. Couldn't do some, my my my wife and daughter love countries drawn as does the rigorously Kelly and the tenure
Mercer is coming in December and I added to the remarkable schedule fascinating movie and she's unbelievable in it. And then Garret headline who really in God near a role like that, since in any sort of significant way where you felt like, while that eyes really somebody he's great them, that I'd? There's a lot of it. Can I just do a really quick guarantee when a presentation, yeah hurrying and make my voice deep enough, just gonna tell you for a song with good Kelly Kelly. You can really saying really strength. So that's like his freedom. We watch was that's his apex about Mr Fischer late measters in a common I've. Gossip girl, she's, really good in it, and a that's really getting, and it's really good movie any kind of Cavan. Where no unhappy with that. But but here the fact that she can
a movie like that she could be the the entire town to Mr Ripley, MRS Ripley, where she's just really great that movie and they as you pointed out the peace like she was always in peril in these differ movies are so our her life was she had seemingly perfect life that was about to be uprooted in some way like bounce which there is another one where she's really get it. She has his eyes and who are the sudden dies in crash- and it turns out better. I switched to see with them in, but it's ok, it's ok! Something bad happened, aid that shattered her perfect life, and this is what she did five six years and if he took her, tat version the ninety eight to like two thousand Levin grinning Gwyneth through in the seventies right where in she's he's good competing with marrow street for all the rules that are available there, maybe maybe she's girlfriend in the dear hundred, maybe she's, dusted off bins
life in versus Kramer. I do feel like there's theirs. Links to her and Meryl Streep, even that Meryl Streep anxious about time, but the parts Male Streep would pick. I just wish Paltrow Head, done that for thirty years, instead of eleven, that makes sense oh yeah. The totally makes sense to me I feel like she said she could do anything. It was seventy sheep in the air in the eighties. I could see her include. Here in the beer honour. I could see her in the pumpkin eaters, which, if not a movie the anybody, needs to really want to do, that movie everything the pumpkin either in Siam Bancroft and Dirty Scott, I saw now running near phidias like the best of it. Well, good than anyone to boot. Neil Simon play. She could have been in all those old movies. I don't know I just feel like, but you know for the period that we had her. She was
also like she had it. There was a good part a young actor sheep. He basically got it. I mean yeah competence. Her. You know the range of time we're talking about way. Like ninety ninety seven, like like mainly fix any seventy two too I'll have out into a five year two thousand one I'm with you. I am I've been watching. I've run at a movies to re watch I realise that there is only so many times I can watch eat so I've been diving into the late sixties in the seventies a little bit more and I just this book about magnificos that was really get by the Lamb, China red. Seventy five bucks, a share that status, there's raw yes, but it's one everything days: Cinema among pace it she's. Basically in Irene fast at second, our twenty, but I read the MIKE Nicholls Book and like three days and it got me-
really and by the graduate which I had seen in forever, and I watched at again Hannah Dat move. Incredible re, it's fifty three years now the aim bankrupt character, job so fascinated by have so fascinated by her performance, and it was this they jumped out me the most, because I think people mostly fill it gets the Dustin Hoffman Movie and watching it outside now. This is the end Bancroft these she is always leave and that will be in the movie itself. It's definitely say, Something about this generation that for the first time, was expected, it just graduate college and then get married have kids and just be like their dad's were in and characters first, the generation Billig wait. I dont know what I want yet the outcome. There's Q girl just gonna, follow her and he kind of
off the rails and now it's a movie, that's been made for fifty stray years in all these different ways. But it got me Did about movies again gone backwards? I'm really Oh yeah, I mean an Bancroft to me. I mean I don't want it to be blind about connecting gonna torture to bankrupt, but there is a person who pointed out your needed why have I like some other waiting to go down the didn't, but when she created herself yeah I've billing campaign crop is a pretty good one. I agree, and The thing I've actually curious to talk to you about this death even briefly, just because I can member. Every time I watch that movie also, I found her confidence like all through my life every time I watch that movie the thing that it is never not exhilarating her and there's something about her.
Knowing what she's doing in the control of it she's trying to like I have over him and also that the performance itself is about the sort of maintenance of control over her own life and over this kid and she understands the power of sex in a way that he really really does it right and I think that is the sort of latter version of those movies that we got in like the name these were you know they miracle by movies intended this idea of a milk or like popularized. This idea of a milk that that Jennifer cool it character is supposed to be funny, whereas the we weren't laughing at an being brought in the gradual we were, I mean there was something sort of it was, it was a hot, but it also was a little bit in came. He was extremely intimidating,
whoa much gravid, something more pejorative been intimidating. Yeah menacing and Woodsia yeah bring it back Gaucho, I think she's, one of the rare actresses in the earlier stages of career could have played the Catherine S part and now, in the stage of she's in this decade, probably could apply the bankrupt by right. Yes, yes, here is an interesting question, though now and I know I'm one of my. This is where I am my life right now, where you know the question that I am always asking is late. Could this happen again and if it were to happen? Who who would do it? If you are doing the graduate now I mean I'm sure that's a lot of people already earmarked for crossing the little door,
Oh good bank rob me that movie she was sort of at B. I mean she was like at the height of esteem and maybe even the height of her, acting like a sort of like movie STAR Level ACT, and the item is universal theme and maybe even the height of her, acting like her sort of like movie STAR Level ACT, and the height of a some basic that limit their yeah yeah and she was all about the other thing
The! U I care, remember that a really great story about her being cast in that movie in market prices book about the year nineteen sixty seven yeah in and those in the movies became out that year call revolution at the oh Jesus picture than a revolution at an evolution, but I've movies and the birth of a new. Only. What I think is the exact go anyway. There's a story about her her casting in that movie. I remember exactly what it was, but I think she will really anybody's first choice for their part no end, but there's something about also why she so good, which is that nobody? Nobody, I mean she knew that nobody thought tat. She should be a net movie, maybe we're the Nicholls. Bergmann play. Does MRS Robinson now, the middle of it seriously in any good of the current actors
yeah. Desperate shady, of course, should you ever asked rhetorically ads, Ralph, Romania after you have to be some late, Thirty's, early, forties, there we have a little his greedy Angelina Jolie as a person that comes to mind is she's, got she's got baggage to bring with the part B it's her seven years ago, though it's not her now and now she's, probably too old, but now, I think, of the age of the work. The way thing, the other thing that what sort of shocking about that movie with it how old is MRS Robinson and that movie she'd, not even that all you don't even really deck, as everybody gets man in their twenty to anyone? It's a great, about re reading about INA Nicholas Book about the chapter about that movie, how many things to go right with a movie where they basically stumbled
the Dustin Hoffman. They never felt great about it, but they couldn't really think of anybody else. So he get Catherine Ross pretty limited actress, and I think they knew it, but they also didn't care because they just wanted somebody to be just angelically beautiful can edit around her and made it work and then a Bancroft they look out with, but one things I was shocking in in this book was Jean Hackmen roomed with dust have been in Robert Duval. They need City engine when was cast, as did as one of the dad's initially and then then in a point part, giving it somebody else and was awkward cuz they lived together. I'm thinking leg dusted off, rapid, divulging, Hackmen, all living, like a shitty near city apartment together? How does this like a seven hour documentary, but when can you imagine those guys a grocer shopping? How is this and also happened- was a young person at one point, as life.
Yeah. I just thought he was a horn. Fifty everything trade sixty seven that that bears barometer have to re. Read the book as I was a good idea, there's that you're. That really is the first good modern movie. Here we have the graduate body and Clyde in the hidden- I guess he's, come dinner. There's the a ones which brings me to this Here's movie or two thousand nineteen wrong to say this was an awesome movie here every year. We we get to this point and what sort of like we take stock of everything it it s, always a better here that we remember it being yeah, but this year's, like especially the cure, is especially good, but you know I am also guilty of looked again for either of us about the lifting of a two bit Dunkirk conversation did that shining critter whip with Quainter Tito yeah, and I just liked it I'll felt gonna make a point about nineteen. Seventeen
in and done Kirk on which we can get you later. But if you go back and look at that year, which is what two thousand seventeen thousand really good year, even though I d been awake, a bunch of amendment is looking at the Oscar domination I'll, even really like I'm really aided, but little. Oh yeah, the other nominees. I really like a gate of Burma. I'm gonna give you my top ten. You can react well actually before I do this. We have to have it out about uncut gems. Will you didn't like it? and why do you say that, oh I thought you didn't like it, I heard through the high I'm, not a sharp these brothers person, but I doubt lake, if you're ever gonna, if they ever gonna, not mine them. This is the occasion, at least for me,
Will they pulled out an incredible Sandler performance side? You have to be grateful for that at least oh sure I don't I mean I can I just say I wouldn't open it's hard to do that. Nobody tries ok. I mean I feel, like he's been good in this mood in at least or other people movie in, like a crack some code. He just did he take their good direct you're, not a direct actors that the only good person in the move either? Are you happy that I came round and the Irishman wait here we go. I got em. Ok, I mean I really like tension movies in these guys are always trying to safety.
Others, bird, try, not figure out ways to stress you out at that, like this to me was the most successful version that yeah, but then afraid my friend Nick made this really interesting point, which I, which ain't I felt, but did they couldn't put my finger on Billy articulated it, which was it. He watched that movie and laughed in thought I'd like that bad that I was moors. I really really about this guy during plague the gambling sequence at the end, and then care when the other thing happens, maverick It is that kind of how I felt the same way, and I dont know if that tells me were
filmmakers priorities are in terms of creating a feeling, but not really caring about the people. That much, I feel like they're good at a creating world in capturing world, and I felt like the diamond district that they bring delivered. This movie is really great. I just don't think big care about the people. Necessarily I dont think I mean I'm not like this is not enough. Against that they're, not humanist, big ol directors have you in it, but lake think about how much more interesting that movie would have been if Sidney Lou met had actually directed instead of light, this sort of thing needed met like thing we get shots, I feel like it's fair. I didn't I like them and I'm curious to see what else they do. But this is the first thing I've seen them do that were avaricious ago. Can I get it and I have nothing I have nothing but but of excitement, fur
whatever the next thing is. Are you happy then came round and the Irishman, oh my guide? Yes, I was. Why was nervous because, all we need to talk about the with the ways that you watched it yeah blew it at the first time. I blew it didn't I wasn't a hundred percent locked in attention was, and it was on and there's a lack owing on and I got distracted by the sea and it was the really really long story, with the latter components, there's a certain movies. You have to see two or three times before the jigsaw puzzle falls the place in your head and then you can start really looking at it and for me. Is the second time I knew. Everything that was going to happen. I knew he was gonna get a lot of the and all that stuff I understood did. Big reveal and then I was ever actually watch it and as they are ok, I get it and you know
I could have been twenty minutes sure yeah, but I think The three our range was probably the right leg further for what he was. To do with that move in and stretching out ass. If I start on site this e g, I totally worked. And it was really hard to tell their age difference with the nearer, depending basically had to judge vizir was darker or not is dark, but when you can the history of it with gone back to casino, good, fellows square in Deniro and just having all these, Eyes in the same movie, once I was able to come to grips with plan how long it was what was going on. It is kind of a joy for that. It is kind of made hence the main it, and now I get it well
thank God here, although I mean I'm very open to people not liking. This movie is, is by its very its. Am I dont mind that young, I think I've I've to serve big thoughts about Irishman link. We can we can. We can talk about the details leader, but I just want to prevent too thought about this movie. One one thought and presenting is just to counter act. This sort of complaints about this e g I and about the whip- and that is basically in this- is gonna Conor, maybe ruin for anybody. What, seen it but stop listening and come back or whatever, but the movie or I won't actually spoil it, come back and back about our bold spoil it I'll just talk around the movie is essentially presented as a rumination on a thing that happened right. You are watching a man
speak. Would you notice in the opening fini, is talking about his light freight and there's something about. I I any time and I've got a like them exams graffiti. Does this I will not Roma eyes, because after between the treaty in Kyoto and the special effects in this movie, I just I understand this man's attraction to to certain aspects of technology or like like new. Acknowledging- and the appeal here to me is like an Hugo, the reason to do the treaty we just to send that train toward your eyes, but after the side, though it even more exciting when the training does in it, you yeah, I feel like in the Irishman, the way the special effects work are essentially to get it close to me as a movie is ever gotten to the way. You remember your life when you tell us
hurry. I'm not is not at all these Deniro. Isn't this movie ample? When I am at my ease, I imagine that one thing I've been Ipod Iphone. Ninety, what your grandmother! I told her all the time about things that happened in the past and one day I should greedy, who are you see when you would you tell me the story and she'd? Like I see me, I don't agree. What does it look like and she like? Well, it's like it's like what I look like. That's what I look like a nineteen for you when I get back to your mother right and I'm dislike aye, but you keep like it. Some combination of my nine dear old grandmother, my montoni one Euro grandmother and my group and when she was twenty nineteen years old and settle the way that Deniro even nets-
lumping scene which, by the way I need your baby or from the New York Times magazine, wrote my favorite thing about maybe the Irishman, but definitely about the technology and the Fiji Islands movie, and in that case the stopping seen you can find it now out loud mixture with you Eddie. What you can find it is stopping seen, and I t ass you age. I did on either that somewhere clear, cut backs in anyway. I just feel like there's something about the way tat the city. I worked the sort of function to facilitate the way we remember things, having happened according to something that is an entirely real but his real to us, and it isn't so much to call into question the actual nature of what we're watching it
It is founded away to the issue alive. What memory looks like to the person remembering it in a way? That is also why I don't know I mean some something. Mittal prefers have really good lighting trick, for that are some directors wanna term. A target group got alighting trick for that. I think that using the technology in that particular way through sort of make the faces ok needlessly middle aged and old, and also sort of a whip from within, but not but not like accurately or authentically whatever age they are in the in the in the in the year that their baby, I just found there really fast
needing it. I guess the first time you watch the movie it's off, putting to the dealt with strange, but but you better yeah. I knew what you like about it. Well, Once I went through the first, viewing was able to set what happens in the head and I was able to watch it, and you know I'm not the first person to make this point. Is really a movie about when you get old, correct being with the choices you made. You know and at some point, you're gonna be there and you cheated on your wife and she divorce you and you're, not that he did this movie. But you know you have instead of having a marriage, were at the tail end, you therefore each other it she's? U buy yourself, those of their choice you made and at some point here In a bed or on a couch in reconciling oh, I should have treated. Person better. I shouldn't have done that Conversely, oh I'm so glad I did this this this and this because now
I am looking at the tail end, I still am. People around me. You love me and add these great memories and that's really what the it is about, and in that we talk to him, he did once a month, but by the time in Hollywood, about important now, Margo with without the Baron package cub months ago poured them. Margo, Robbie character is and how stupid People were when there are like she's, been marginalized, she's them, and it's like now You guys are missing it she's the most important character, the movie, because it's all about the hope site, men of the start, your career and that's what GINO cared about. That's why he did that movie, because it was about the hope of the beginning. Prayer verses when your face in the mortality of the end of your career and he's going back and forth to those two things and I If I'm asking myself why discourses you want to make this movie, I think it's probably he's at a point in his life for his stern, a look back now, forty five fifty years, these decisions in all that stuff instead reconcile with it, and that's why
some poor nome, that's waiting Carolina was so I support I get it now, but it took me. I am to say it took me to deal with. That's not bad at all areas, especially given order. You started out yeah, it's not a movie. This is the unfortunate being about about. This is the others, but of the largest spot I had about about movie. It is thought that bit the thing that we have to talk about when we talk about Irishman is a thing that we didn't previewed We have about whether scrutinising the b, which it did you watch it right here where we are as a society that yeah I mean this was the Roma.
But where people are like starting the movie, they like going to go to the door or you know, take a bath and then finish the movie for a little bit more, which I guess it's how you know we ve always watch movies in some way, given that what happened when they leave it better, but I think that to win. That is the sort of predominant way that you experience, something that may be wasn't meant to be watched in. I think there's been a change of are viewing habits in general. It serves a certain kind of of cinematic, don't making initially wanted her time. In other words, I dare to write a view. View has only rehydration needs different yeah, I'm with you it's funny in their Nicholls book. Their talk about this one Broadway played at here is the best, probably when the best Broadway directors ever, I think it was hurly burly, whereas like five hours and o
the guy hurly burly, that one may be me is producing it. I can't remember the play but she's fighting with the guy who wrote it about cutting out the scene, because he felt he's so adamant that, if you read the scene, the length of the movie made more seconds, but it chopped it too, like four hours and forty minutes hits and ethics can you imagine if somebody did play that that was for hours and forty minutes like a hey who who would sit through that legs? when people, but I think the attention of ads. You know Harry Water show is all day. That's Harry Potter, those people, that's a weed. When you talk about best achieved as nineteen, but we had to incorporate a turn. Your dream into reality with Square Space Square space makes it easier than ever to launch a passion project when they are looking to start a new business showcase. You were published, content, sell products and more square space. The tool for you, beautiful Wade's created by world class designers and the ability to custom? just about everything. With a few clicks easily make
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hurray, where we will have to go through tat, then important cab the one movie I haven't seen that I have to still see is nineteen seventeen After went nuts in the garden gobs about Jesus it was on the list and never got there. So I assume it will be in there, but as you know, I like to make these lists not based on how what I felt the best movie was in that can say with it, What I like the most this the what I like the most list, which, if it over lapse with best of two thousand eighteen, so be it. So I have six at the top. Once upon a time in Hollywood, Uncut Channel the Irishman, Ford versus Ferrari, little women, oh and marriage story. That's my top six and I'll make the case for four versus, for,
I think that's Benny their inner out on people's lives, depending as you I just like one movie stars or movie star, sometimes and I think it's very important everyone's allowed to make a movie where it is really well done big ass movie, that's fun to see the theatre and a movie stars been movie stars individually? they're from everyone from I am I'm really happy it is with that annually is. Is bad the we A good race car scenes really great story. I learned a lot was too long? I was just satisfied when I left the theater and Anna? Take it all get any sort of any Oscar stuff, but I just wish they made more moves at that. So that's my top sex. Are you surprised by anybody in the six I am surprised that you like marriage stories, but, as you did, words had shouted a worse.
Ok, so no that build your own great I feel like if I, I did not make a list this year and I have to say I'm very happy. I didn't have to deal with that, but so I like every thing don't euro with, the way I think I'm missing when poor burst it. Irishman, marriage story went upon it. Time and our word Just so you know had paraphernalia gems is a parasite. Ok, I, like all those items Uncle James. I would not put on my. God dammit. I just I mean that movie is basically created for me. It's Adam Sandler coming Arnett MEG princesses in it it's Hants theirs It has to have celtics, there's a huge gambling plot like what us what I want the movie, maybe there's a good thinking actresses like it's. Basically, it hit every check back. I have had the next
what day is an amazing stating where he leave the wife indicated in the car to go into the apartment of the mistress yeah, and he sends the sun in it and make it out like the stress in this movie is already very high yeah, but there the moment, wherever he goes into the Mitchell, the partnership and you over the storm is playing when you go there. Now. I don't know why I remember that, but like a reason, there were a reason to night for me to give up on the Sandy brothers give
how little I believe in them is when he goes into the apartment there playing. I swear. I think it's Madonna's rain is playing on the sound system and they let the song play while these in the apartment from most a bad c, and I'm way you know what you know exactly brothers, I'm the emanistic with you give up. Our colleague died, there's something up there. The kind of filmmaking, where are the kind of film maker,
you just like there a little choices that that better than a director can make I'm very easy. You do one little thing, and even if I'm not crazy about your movie, I'm with you in this was the I'm sure of it like this. On penalties in my friend era kinds, who, with a very big Jappy brother Span, their hearing me say Miss Miller, go there's a thousand of those in n in any of the others that three brothers movies. But this for me, was the moment in mine in my mind You know unkempt experience relatively yeah. Ok, I, like you guys. I was surprised, instability movie ever made. It really is I surprised how much I enjoyed little woman and I thought it was really were dead at that it was well cast that was well executed. It was a story that they make every twenty twenty five years and it's really hard
mix it up. It's gonna be basically the same movie every time, but they really managed to make us feel like they were themes in it that resonated with two thousand. I just impressed I wasn't affair where they were doing it, when I saw it as a guy. That's life don't do that. The one on a rather one came out ten years ago was really twenty five, but I was ass by how good it was ok. I will go back to a year ago, when I heard that this was in greater weight was gonna. Do after ladybird. Here, I believe, on the record, with you guys is being weakened, extremely ardent lover of Ladybird a yank. I think that is just one of the most beautiful special american movie ever seen, and there are so many great scenes in that movie were you. Just are lake are even ass did not even a how would occur
her to write the scene and then take place to get lorry met, calf or beanie felt dean or committee. Shall a mayor, Tracy Lazarus! Yours Ronan enables people to like bring that stop to wife yeah I just didn't get is just what I mean: I'm getting I've kind, tearing up just thinking about how much I love lady birch, when I heard that she will can do little women. It was a little like you tryin to yes, that's your age and talk to you in this way all cheap it. I didn't think tat. Actually you know. I really didn't think that what I actually thought was. I knew me the new immediately why Gretta Berwick we choose to make little women I just given how
Oh I like I mean, I'm gonna call Louisa May alcott intellectual property yeah, but I don't mean to sound like a star wars, but I do think there is something about greater well being such an original boost. Filmmaker they did, idea like I would have expected her. I would have hoped that she would have made the equivalent of Jordan peals of three will be that so did so not adapted from anything except his own imagination and unlike curiosity about what about who we are. Ass, is human beings, but in a weird way, should basically be do
that this movie is so alive. Yet it is such a lake. It is such a smart way of thinking about a thing that we take for granted as a work of popular culture in little women and asking these real serious questions about least sort of feminist questioned about women in work and women in marriage and women in relation to each other, like they're they're, biologically sisters. But the question is legal: is there a difference between biological sisterhood, unlike cultural, sisterhood and lake, if there is a difference? should the differences, require your obligation to do for two on on the ban? On behalf of your sister, I don't know man, she can also open a scene like she knew me open a movie like like not box, office wise, but like the opening seen it,
home yeah. She knows she knows how to lake. Take your breath away in the first five minutes of a movie just that shot of her standing in the doorway or like outside that door. Dealing or suffer whatever is about to happen in on the other side of it. We don't really know which doing, except that we read the book by Canada. I don't know I just I really. I shall love this movie, I'm so tired of Blake really these stories about. Why, then, are going o tears owed them? The I mean men should be the movie, but but I dont care late. I saw this movie while the second time I thought it was with a roomful of women and I did not care that was. It didn't feel. Like a crisis to me, you just that one of the many problems with their internet discourse as we hadn t twenty twenty.
That was an actual storyline that people already bow about and just pissed off How about that and not none of people are saying little woman. It's meant that, whoever, if you can get mad because somebody does want to watch something it doesn't take. Away from how good the movie was. It's like you look at it it a different way, These people are morons their missing out on a great movie like that's it it's over it. It doesn't have to turn into this. You know who culture discussion and in a way for people who, once again look at themselves ago, where our way, where What are we doing life in this whole victim culture than this happen outside our people, fuck that they did see this movie so wet still movie gas should still be the lady. Had it exists that not everything has determined like the be all and end all discussion. I don't know I think
trying find this movie and gonna really matter and it's gonna have long lights and it's like you know a daughter who it's hard to get her to sit through to our movies, like she fuckin loved it and she's fourteen, and if you can hit that person and me in the same room, I need them. Move is gonna have legs yeah I mean, I think it's just like it shot. It's made in this way that just like, even though it said you know in eighteen, eighteen sixty or by figurine, you know it's not just its it spans time, but but a centrally it set in the Eu Through and Belgium. Reconstruction is that applying in whenever them make them aware, during that, during the Post war period and its first one of these little women movies to actually make the war
the family relationship to the war make sense the Oda that you abbeys Blake, like good New England people for their talk shit about the Friedman, which are you know, free black people they exist, it is it is. It is just that it is a very the omby around what is actually happening in this country, while also sort of focusing on the liability of these of these women. Is also really interesting. I, as a black person, do not need a movie to acknowledge every single horrible thing to happen in this country. Because I know Louisa May Alcott was able to write that book under the circumstances, without relief.
While being aware what was going on, I think the movies responsibilities to acknowledge that thing that that all pot acknowledged and growing does, I think, an even more serve bum. A bucket of job of making the climate of the country seem her without going too far, and when I say too far, I mean doing something that ten calls into question why she didn't go even further rate. I think it's just a perfect tonal moral balance of of keeping in mind this horrible thing that is happening while also looking at, individual people who are living a wife during this time. It's really good movie. It ok, that it was nominated for a golden globe and here's why the fucking gotta go their terrible their journey first every year the fucking
who played out John what he wants, best actor your bad that little over there, dominated forego the globe city. It's an area, award ceremony. The Torah, goddamn native forgotten, glow buds, you're mad, like could be met it does denominator for an Oscar gives out be outrageous. Who is one of the best movies? Even America Reserve, but if bill wake not accurately reflective, why be shocked, he's a good sign up to the point to the degree that it matters this man question onto the degree that matters it does matter in terms of how the academy function, trade, they ve got him. He is still
I don't know what to do with the new numbers are, but it still awake not accurately reflective of what the gender split into this country. Yet it still. I dont want to offer a number of my brain. I am, I think, it's like eighty percent and at any rate, but maybe so eighty percent way more eighty something percent way, unlike sixty something percent mail, I don't have that great. You achieve survey with here, but it still has no name movies can get nominated. It's gonna be one of the nine and we're fine
only one of the nine but I feel like, but but but I think that this question is why you got this uniting seventeen by the way, because I think the way that that movie is functioning in the way they were. We remember the year is almost kind of like a more all corrective about the way we watch our movies even seem in does his speech at the golden gloves when he one when the movie one. I think I think it was it. I think it with his arm. I think of it, the winning the best Rama Golden Globe and his speech was basically leg only to watch a movie and movie theater. You need to watch it as this is this award is for business for the way you should be watching movies, not this other networks, Irishman than men, story, aroma wage, it a watch it the old fashioned way by paying money and going to a bitter and sitting at his feet and seeing you know this
amazing, gimmick that I've created. Yet I actually Wesley more as I think it is really really great, but I think that the thing like one thing- that's gonna happen with this with these movies this year. Is the question of like this idea that exist in all that I mean not all, but a lot of him it little women through stands somewhat opposed to rate. It is it's gettin Joker, it's in the parents in a movie, it's an irishman in some ways it in its nineteen seventeen it in four versus Ferrari, which is this this lake. This sort of this this bygone era, look at at men and a white man and devise, and this thing this slipping away. Anything that's amazing, about little. Women is its legal. What happened to women and men go up to do something
I mean it. It turns out kind of everything and it's great wow, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen. That's the last piece for me, so I had to top sex, but I'm assuming one thousand nine hundred and seventeen is going to be in there by all accounts. It's it's one of them is to stay here. If I know I loved it four movie. I didn't want you. I form. These rounding out by top ten, but these are second tier Tucker and this is where the less darts gala walkie Parasite Way movie jobs. I love wish wages. Waves leaves his great you know. What's gonna happen, I intentionally read anything and it took me on a journey and
I fully support it. Can I just pause you for one second year for anybody you didn't see wave. I I've been begging people to see this movie, it's not a secret. I really love trail were short. I think he is one because the movies are changing and there were fewer young directors to lake, not go and make you know with all due respect to the directors who do want of doing this He he has ideas. Any has like things inside him in his brain and his psychology became wants to use filmmaking to work out. And this movie is so attuned to the rhythms of a certain kind of meal being and then, by extension, to the rhythms of a certain kind of way.
Age, girl at all. I just he so good at thinking with his heart and making movies with there is so many sharpness we read it didn't nobody's ever come up with before hearing with all due respect to the amended in and Roger deacons, who directed shot nineteen seventeen each Nobody technically is done what they ve done by, like nobody really is downward trend were shortly done in some of the shops in his movie, and you know the opening of this opening shop there that there's a shot near the very beginning of the movie. I've never seen that shot before view. Now the care, a sort of spinning around the car. No, in the way. He is colours a couple times to resume. Now, my God collars and sound, and it's really get yes, oh see waves, my my last too. This is where this turns into a very bill list. I have good boys rank night.
Good good voices, My son watched at fourteen times I just was you know, Maybe it's been submitted on condemned by the way that's been summonses Godfather one and two. I think she's really hard to make a movie that is funny in the same way, like some of the last decades, comedies were funny where you can't cross some of the lines that those things did, but it's basically, sir, her bad for younger kids. They do a nice job of really we pushed in the envelope without being com. Lately insane and a real heart to air, and it's about friendship and it's fucking funny- and I just really liked it and then my last highlighted so much more than super bad, you never get it. Guess the last one it's a horror movie.
It's not us and it's not midsummer. Is it black Christmas no, I didn't even see black Christmas, should I get one of the Annabel movies bill. Now burned out hang up bright bird. I never saw that so bright burn its base. Glee the omen, but an alien, so this Couple really wants to have a kid and then all of a sudden, its Elizabeth banks, in husband. I forget his name and then this spaceship be thing. Crap she's into their backyard. To end. This is their kid in its oh baby, and they raise the baby. It's their son sounds like an insane premise right, but Superman, it's a woman, could go wrong here. Well, alot! The answer is a lot
I was just I don't know what it was and it was fuckin, scary and my whole family was terrified by it and it is really good- and I am surprised that I don't know how well I did, but I I thought it was a horror movie I saw this year and I was up in horror movies in tat sense. There go honourable mention hustlers I just for jailer, I thought Constance. The terrible, but I thought jailer was terrific, a triple frontier, everything I want from a Netflix action movie, just why the shouted out high flying bird really like how events of us long shot. The second and was better in the first time I just love, Charlie, read it aloud Charlie's. It was like young adult marriages election be sure lease which I appreciate it. I really like peanut butter, Falcon Oh I was impressed by knives out. I thought there was little
too much I, but I thought it was greater than the last to have, on the second time was better than the first time. I think he did. That movie that I, the first I'm just so where'd, second time your leg, picking up stuff- and I and your girl is fantastic in it and then midsummer midsummer. I never want to see again but where she has the most fuck that movie, I think I've seen in five years and everybody should see it like scared. You see it now d, like fucked up movies, Kyle yeah. Aren't they got its it's crazy is break up movie anyone's ever made I'm an ominous say that yeah, that's it. I mean it any the poster if the poster in just said that, instead of instead that beautiful artful thing they did it. The poster riches said
backed up breakup movie. You ever go to see, yet they were dead, that's what they should do. Yeah yeah We had to really great start and has a really great star. I just did not feel like there's a lot of filler in this movie beer. It does not need to be there, but it has to be there to get to the build something get you to that too. That really bizarre ending its all those movies that now I saw three weeks ago. I still it's kind of a lot of stuff is still etched in my brain and a kind of wish it was it. I wish you pale and directed by this moving again, and everyone it again, but it it is really unique in a lot of ways- and I thought that Guy view ass. It did hereditary he's dead. I want to give you my hour after yet I want to give you my word movies in the air, but I think we should say that for another podcast
I'll just let you know that Richard yours on the list yeah yeah. I can't wait to talking about richer jewel Mr Rogers, that that movie is that on the less, but I just want to point out a disappointed. I was that movie that it see is a two hour movie about some magazine, rather than I care about. Who does everything that this rain and fucking that I could care less about and in the rest of his dead. Yeah I mean again, did another thing to put on the list, but these other movies, but I think Mary Heller who directed it is wonderful, I think, is really a director. I think my problem with that movies, my hustlers problem, which is wait. Don't ya know what you guys in terms of like having these like really interesting people, and you keep up stating them with with joy.
I was on the right with a love them. They are not not interested. I mean this, I don't know what you were to your problem is, but I feel egg. We really got gotta rethink our relationship, like how I mean in ITALY, Sir Richard Joy, thought a device and quite all aid is a device. It is it about habitual I'd feel like the thing with with the whip. A beautiful day. Neighbourhood is, I just didn't care I just had to exactly Haifa. Where was I? Why do I care about this guy and his family? and whether his magazine editors happy without the features coming one single the funds it's a movie. Where are we doing here's my private virtue jewel and they will go? movie hinges on a living. Wilds character who, by all cow, is
firstly, an accurate and maybe even in like a really suited, severely lab endlessly way information from John HAM, the FBI agent, who, character, is not a real live character. Carriages not exist in real life. This is the The movie hinges on this and it's like he's a composite of bears FBI people here, the f B. I didn't like it You are very much. We don't really have any real evidence that this is the case, so we ve compounded, it's John Hams Character, who is now being it is by super slutty Atlanta, reporter is not actually there at the super slutty in this didn't happen in this area. Movie, I I everything you're saying is honored
is it true. How is that recoverable? Ah, I have two weaknesses when it comes to movies. I've, several weaknesses, but the two of them include such things as changing the aspect. Ratio in emotion, picture with wave does at the half way point it. Yet you took the shape of the screen changes in the imaging screen. Then changes Thing number two debate and as these great just moving. Think I really like story rich too it out, and it makes me mad that the care there's just so deeply flawed and I'm not one of those people that you should get carried away with shit like that, but this people were just moving think this is the story rich adjure it out like this
That's the story average Joe. What is this? I think your problem with the movie, though, is not about whether or not those things are true or false. The problem, but I think you have with the movie, because you could make a similar argument about the Irishman, for instance, trade in terms of lake wait like watch true, and what not true, but the Irishman yeah you, but the thing is there an old guy making a problem with two thirds of the shit, the movie, which I think is basically acknowledge right rate, exactly that is. That is part of that, but I also think that it's like it bothers also Bobby you, because it doesn't work in the movie ray
doesn't even seem who, like I don't know it's true or false and richer jewel. I just know what strikes me as a problem mechanically yet and mechanically it just didn't. It didn't make any sense to me like the way that that's the way that you'd be conducting business in order for the very clear sweat in the screen brighter to tell a story he was just like they had to figure out how to get from point a to point b, and somebody came up with the idea in the room and that Goodbye I thought it was really embarrassing. Ended dread. You know it quiver leg. First by the rich adjure thing is a big deal. This isn't some random little story. We get a mess rau at this was enormous story in the ninety nineties and its equivalent. I give you some made an Oj Simpson movie and. In the movie. There's this fake female character, Johnny, Cochrane's legal team. That states with crystal
They know convinces seem to have OJ, try to try and the glove the next day in the the poor little scene in the movie, everybody would go fucking crazy. How is this in the movie this? Is it ok, whatever you can have it in there? You made that up. Furthermore, as I look forward to seeing a couple weeks thanks as always for comrade and and still processing so do I am out? That's my what am I ten worst movies, the air? I will give you that I will give you the other the other night, the next time we do this in a pod which will be before the Oscars cause. I have. I have a couple more controversial selections in there can't. We was more as I look forward to seeing a couple weeks thanks as always for comrade and and still processing either the season is over right. You can this entirely at the recently finished now on all the old episodes we're going back into the city ass. They pay great thanks for I appreciate it time, calculator
guile thanks to Chris, ran in West Timor as thanks. Thanks Zapruder thanks to square squares, more than a little way credit card reader, it's a whole system until his bill to run and grow any kind of business from point. A sale imperilled to invoice is an online stores. Good squared outcomes Go such bs to see other ways you take your business from square one to whatever next and thanks to Pepsi with year. Officially, here never endowing too restrictive resolutions, Pepsi Moustache and the new decade. Differently by encouraging everyone to unapologetically were you enjoy, even in the some others judgment like mean horror, movies I watch any horror movie and then sometimes it pays off like with bright Brent Pepsi. That's what I like we'll be back on. This point. Cast one more time on Thursday, big football ran to preview, plus the we watch Abbas, unstoppable with quintet nineteen. Oh that's coming late last night and if you didn't listen the best web two point: zero, Steve NASH. Please
to see if there's ways.
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