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8 Best Kyrie Trade Scenarios With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 247)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin O'Connor to discuss Kyrie's limited trade market (6:00), Josh Jackson's trade value (10:00), the Knicks' best shot to get Kyrie (17:00), Cleveland's interest in Jamal Murray (23:30), Jabari Parker's trade potential before his injury (30:00), the Lakers trading for LeBron (38:00), and Kyrie's chances to be a Cavalier this season (44:00).

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There is also the bill summits back ass, his brightly by Seagate. That's our present sponsor that's easy way to share for the best. It is thanks to their revolutionary grain system. There s a good people. They got my son Red Sox, Yankee tickets, fry he's gonna, be there if there's a mass. All type kid who can assorted looks like me. Sit near the Red Sox dug out is screaming at an obvious, hear. That's probably my son Sacho one and one hundred percent chance but anyway, everything is fully irritated right now. My listers get ten dollars of baseball tickets. The first and there you see promo code B, S m l b Download So you re order read to seeking Decamp were ass, a bride You bad no relate more light is brood. Tonight it is ray, but also be less filling in oil- has ninety six hours and one for you up. It has proved to be enjoyed from Tipp after final buzz it's a original lay bare and has been since they first showed up a court side in eighteen. Seventy five nor let my favorite
since the late nineteen eighties and also a presenting sponsor further no doubt coms relaunch, which happened last week. I hope you're gonna that say Ross abroad. On behalf of carbs would show, switch. I went on because we kept his his elbow take over last week, dont forget about our two new pack ass ring I see our sack or shall we put up another when this weakness of the re whatcha balls, which we are bring up on Wednesday. Chris ran, and I did the departed I gotta say really brought it to the table. I really It was, that is stronger than our of two people. Talk you better Levin, you're old movies. You ever going to hear coming up o Connor we're going to talk about the latest on the Cairo Irving Trade front. I have a bunch of trade ideas, including the question. What Lebron just left her and talk about their right now, but what's the rock and famers pearl jam,
the ring is Kevin. O'connor and the line we've been on Kyrie watch. Now. I think, for four to five weeks, there's no resolution. Adrienne woods, Rasky wrote a piece for ESPN dot com today, talking about how Cleveland can a paralyzed because they think The brain is leaving, which I think we were the first ones to talk about that back in our in June, the files and it has passed- let them in a variety of ways what they want to get back Can a trade whether they should still be going forth a share in the bronze last year. Verses trying to think about the sure these terrible contracts they had to take on there. They behind the ape on yet I feel like there are a ton of good trades out their care. See. Do you think,
gets resolved before the season starts. I think in some way that I won't have to get them before people could I don't see how it could possibly go into a year for the cavalier ever become public. That is, it goes away. I'm going to get worse because we get any worry about a month away from training camps that getting started about body stayed away from the first briefly, the need for the Cavaliers Sixty days away from opening night. I think up after get down, but the path parties that is clear and is actually seriously concerned that broad bleeding they can't stand. What they're looking for. That was one of which is open to the article today that they can seek out those better and base packages because they want to make any sense to get that that require Irving abroad golly, but if they knew the bronze committing than they had been. What they're? Looking for in that suddenly.
The more leverage, the driver of the price and right now we can conclude that the hang up. I think that at this point- and I think that a resigned to the fact that he is probably leaving- even though he has an officially told them yet, instead to see if they escalate the La Brown this at all and basically come out will grant say: hey. We can't wait, what to what did shade, carry for. If we don't know you're gonna be here which of course, Be fair to him, he's gonna say had on debts that's why I don't know what I think it is and become some sort of staring contest, but here's the thing I think there are good deals for them tat are out there. That would saw about the short term in the long term woes at some names and there lay day you know pausing S and Jason Tatum. Those guys they're just knock and be able to get for carry because you know I think he did hurt them. I buy by asked for the trade,
even though it his right, because once I got out it probably hit the it hurt their market by what thirty percent and then what's he gonna do like he's he's not gonna. Tell path ass for charity asked to ask for it, he was hoping it wouldn't get out if they start Shopping in the league's can know that he asked for a trade issues inside this happens over and over again, where one team sniff that this asset. Might become available, it knocks the market downright I mean about that. That's what it's about any divergent negotiation varied, whether for free age and offer a trade might think that suddenly to drive down the price of oil granted like Cleveland, if feel both app and burst bill gonna get something good back. I don't think it's gonna be a garbage, be aware, like were worth doing back, that's all they got. I think the reason why this taking so long because both offers will
the late I'm every atom temper. But yes, I mean it through the heart and the fact that the legal will use it out and understand. I would be jumping on TAT three if I ran why these teams- and we talked this in previous pack aspect. There I don't know how long the list is of guys that I know can go toe to toe with the best part is Maria going to finals he's on the list. The list the eight long and maybe twelve guideline whatever it is. We just watched it. It was him and the brown first curry the Durant Toto two on too and the supporting cast were basically what one that serious, because go instead of better supporting Casper, carry showed he could play on as possible level? So I'm looking at that from any of the teams that are be rumoured to be interested in him. I'm just starting their. I think that to him
people talk about. While he can't be the best plan, a team he couldn't do a cobra did Kobe can do a cobra did when Cobby was the best plan, a bad teen. They were a team that one in thirty seven and forty five games, no It's really rare to find anything four star who can carry team by himself to fifty plus when there's only it's maybe is and Durant right now, even Westbrook couldn't do it. Of crazy stats. Anti Davis can't do it. I think unfair, to say of courage best guy where you go and he could see their wedding but league, but if came carries one of your best guys and you're in a series like the conference, violence or the finals. He can take you home. So I look at listening Phoenix Saint, just Jackson's not on the table now can discuss Jackson? I just can't believe that, if, if I could get I refer Bledsoe and Jas Jackson and I take Channing fries contracts. Can I throw in a protected first, like I'm done, call it into the whig. Can you believe it
one trade Jas Jackson for carry. Where do you stand as to what will that's gonna, be the focus of my article coming on, went beyond the rare just about how should this done put Josh Jack than other people retiring andean. Others pardon me that in a way the wise, because Juliet two years of Tiree and significant risk that he would leave but the other side, and you like no shit you give him up because
Are we talking about a guy who who puts thought his jumper is not very good at ignore this percentage, a candle, thirty three thirty, seven percent from three jumper gently upon the India, and we seem of guys I just one blow daily Johnson Errand, Gordon Michael kid Gilchrist, where, if you don't have that jumper everything else that you do well, it suddenly minimize, if you're not able to face the fourth Bentley granted Jack through the better off at the prospect of move dive to jump to the problem and the other part of it is there for urban dimension. How great is the player and that something we discuss afford from the number of Britain alone, the mayor, yet a part of it? Even the tenuous Blair underestimate, connection. He would have in the coming years for Phoenix to praise the guy, the Gander, Jordan, the market, cousin, Jenny, Butler and twenty nineteen that's faintly valuable if the girl, more instead of bats, of gold debt, more USA, basketball player- and
very early. If one of those guys are moving forward briefly and makes them even more of a destination when they have already had the markets Aldrich there in Phoenix downpour meeting, they had being scheduled with all milk that amply perfect players, kind of view them as an definition and pay a courier ring of their cornerstone next Devon Booker, whose only really get better thought only maybe feeding the place by Rwanda going. That's the variable that- or it's like, if no brainer to me, I'm his hand but the people here. So that's the dna and snowball effect rate. Two thousand seven, they trade. For it makes no sense. I was fears about the trade, the fifth pick in the draft around back. They get a cup other things. It turned out to be a better trade than it. Then people realised at the time they dump the expiring, but it was, What's the point with pop here, some re on an owl Jeffrey unlike what our way when I am making the final of this team round was in his early thirties at that point Pearson,
his prime didn't make sense, but actually did make sense, because once they had those two dad changes- com, Camera garnets mind about leaving Ah, the sudden he's Greenland, I'll send they have cagey paupers around. It is true. If you get the Cairo peace and knew you'd. Imagine what what is, And book earlier Devon Bucker, who knows he might have this leap here. Becomes at asked our necks journey of those two guys sit so much easier to get that third guy, when you have the two guys in it, and that just Jackson is Abby three years away from even possibly being a guy like that, as you said, this is a where every year we we come to the conclusion that it's an offense first league offence, there's the most. We saw with the end VP debates in April Ok, the car is the best tube to appear in the leg. While who cares
french matters more were hardened? Does offensively has a bigger impact than what it to a paragraph. We all agree on that offenses. Need a seventy five percent of what matters in the NBA. Now we don't know just action can shoot a like jazz Jackson, the gears louder potential. I don't know if you can shoot you dont know. If you can shoot, nobody knows if he can shoot to me it's like, if you turn puts on judged acts and carry I do it yesterday, it's done call it in. I don't get it. I don't know what their thinking up that help a trade barrier took out with seven bill. I was thinking about that last night because the gardener feel that followed everything that we heard then I know Howard bachelor.
I think a world history of the train on preacher afford a couple years back and a lot of other stuff that leaked out at the time of trade, but important thing to remember what all these big deals with. All the big need: big game players that they can take such a long time, because there are so many version better discuss, though we have another player, Commando Anthony's, been evolve and remove the path couple months and is pertinent discussing these trade amongst each other. There can be hundreds of furs and better talked about in the Dustbin Moldova and thought about, because there are so many ways to get something done, though it is about more than leverage in some ways about figuring out the deal it makes the most and for maintaining possibly been only to get three freely deal done, then, maybe that's what happened, but maybe not, but you gotta go through all those that the more the reach appealing
The guard at the open ten years ago, but surely the great a great example of that? Maybe all back at the Cairo now all summer and three similarity fair once had chessboard thing you get Tiree. Now Does that opened the door now for you to get a third guy, but you also, if your feet, Sally, like you, talk in the second person. You also have the assets to make a third trade anyway, because if it back, you're Chris Turn into Mormon asset that I think they were last any everybody's dubious about those guys. But who knows you have first campaign see, you have some some pieces to maybe something together, both let's be honest, like maybe Booker's part of that, and maybe, if Anthony Davis, New Orleans, who knows, what happened Darren in in four months and all the sudden they're going to New Orleans decide. So you know what it said. This is bleak book he's probably going to leave. Who knows you could pack
Booker in a cup other things in us and have carrying it any Davis, a new team- you don't know what I do know is if you should turn but on a jazz jackson, because it opens the door for a bunch four conversations. I wonder if they know that this the best deal. They know that this is the deal that Cleveland wants and they're. Just and abide in their time and in a venture, they're gonna get there now. I started my dad about this. I don't know if I have said this on a podcast, but kind of conspired, rejoiced Jackson in June. To have him follow the fourth memory will work out the subjects while electronic right across the country he caught a soured honour on Chicago I gotta be careful his case. You ass renounced the ringer, but I that's it! I didn't see that gets. You didn't like that
we reservoirs rigour. The vessel was required, but but yeah I mean: if they conspired with Josh Jackson, ingest Jackson's agents to try to get Phoenix of four and that's what happened. And then they trade jazz Jackson, two months later, when it Jack Jack, come down like these guys. Screwed me I would have worked out with the subjects they told me not to, and I wonder, That's the reason that he's not on the table is that possible yeah. I guess it could certainly be optimal alarmed. I mean you think of promises that happened in the draft. Any up occurred. Thirty stories were a t make the problem of four may regret. Making that promised on draft night. The guy all benefit, they could have taken up. I made a promise: you'll want to build a relationship that agent or that agency, all we want ring? I would in this case powerful. Currency stir
I do wonder if that's a small piece of this, because it did through my some chicanery happened with that Josh Jackson. Thing how do you not work out for the Celtics one of the best for teams and an you just seemed delighted go to Phoenix. I always wonder what happened that alright, let's talk about some trade speakers Celtics, I came up with eight possible carriage It's an. I don't think all these makes sense a hundred percent, but I just think if you're talking about Cleveland stuck there not day they have. For this reason they have to get a young power for the future, but they also have to compete now at the time they have a debt to cover the cupboard quickly becomes bear, except for pertains? Here's one of them. The subjects see how the south could offer anything more than this Isaiah, whose be a fragile, near J crowded. Terror regime- and you know
also in Boston, two thousand eighteen in Boston. Two thousand twenty and I'm overpaying it this way for Cairo: let's break now: no nets! Pack, you don't get my nets pick out. You all. I think you're gonna get up an outbreak air because of your Cleveland on the other five at your fingertips, I believe they can leave and any you're doing an you dear also thinking the same thing both might be thinking. Do you really to find this guy to reformat contract yeah bugging. You have to get that message back, which might not even be in the top five. You could fallen apart through thought through protection on that. If you really I get there anyway. I think that we would need to be in the so it's got. It would almost make more sense to put Marcus Martin the deal with eyes and then it makes no sense to have. I sank and carry together and also makes no sense way a conference final. To a trade with the other conference finalist, which I'm pretty sure has not happened in at least
thirty years, I remember I went back and resources trying to figure out when anybody who is high up trade with each other and adjust has not happened. It's not a common thing, so I remember the last time it was Seattle in Phoenix when they flip Dennis Johnson and powers. Far, and it's not like it's not like either those teams and made the final seven nineteen eighty, but they were both fifty plus when teams in the western conference they were content pseudo contenders, but issues a common criminal Boston, our trading with each other's I'm cross in this off, there's no sooner were Boston, gets carry Irving. We mention Phoenix. I they that trade but such ass jack that involve left after one year by the way I pulled up left after one year with took sides. Yet it was. It was aware tat the Phoenix trade I think would go. Let's just Jackson Jones, just a contract, a throne, maybe thousand eight second round her and Phoenix Ass to take
carrying University of Arizona, STAR Janni, for an update Latin Paper Cleveland, I mean all the Miami that's what I be say, and even at the mighty experiment and compromises that, even after the protected and already have the protection on it so is that is that simply why there haven't staring contest about putting judge Jackson and because of venture they want to get to the point where they keep that made me peck and throw something else, and instead I would say yes, I just thought I think that could be a. I find it the blue Jas Jackson is on the table for careering did they watched the final stated that those games are out of your tv go out the final sweaty doing the neck sleep with you, that my any back or Phoenix unprotected would carry I'd. Rather the Phoenix my reply.
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Some some fantastic football rating in feed and check that out. Go check that out go check out all the stuff we put up this week, the Ringer dotcom presented by nor light and now back to Kevin Oconnor, the necks Carmelo free. He may contain, but skim the next two thousand eighteen top ten protected in Cleveland. Dumps sharp too as have done shepherds deal when you're left, TAT, Janni fry inquiry and the necks I'm just thinking I just want to end up with with pausing. Send Kyrie. I didn't really care. Who else is on my team? I don't really care what my salary cap situation is. Cuz, I'm screwed anyway, I got Joakim Noah for three more years at sixty five million, for years and eighty nine. Sarah calves relevant I'll. Take those other guys. I know have career being increased
apps pausing is on my team and that's my end. Result in this is great. Let's go, I think the next do that take the next might even mill owner Fatima Protection from that drastic pop unprotected. I might be long ago to properly protected on that better we strong deal, but I'm get out of the mellow situation than that and you get colleague I who probably want to stay there right. I don't know he be guaranteed, but I think he'd probably feel pretty strongly to the next, but carry with this time there and if I click on getting Carmelo backs on replacing a ladder carries offence, and now I have Carmelo love in the broad which which presented zone sets of problems, but at least further further upcoming year. I can compete with that. I got at than the eight pay, in the two thousand seventeen loaded lottery? That's I can develop down the road or I can flip him for If ever I said that pick, I can flip. I have,
since as the season goes along and I can wait and see how this law thing plays out and Carmelo has an out after at next summer has another thing right. So maybe Carmelo gets out, and now I can start rebuilding in a minute an ideal situation that if, if I have to trade carried that's another option or maybe we'll burn, often for one more year like us Bela through the duration and has contracted out of this measure, would give that kind of money on the open market depending on because the money is drawing up quite a bit and becoming an almost the cap increase without the mellow getting high twenties loaves. Thirty MAC Max the long term for medium abroad would be willing to stay in extra fees and deploy alongside it. Buddy come now. I could be a bonus for them. I think that would be the active a great friend, but I think the movers tracks are already moving the brown stuff from a had ally and I don't think that's really option
Now, here's a lot of stuff to move up. Selling well, as you know, staff his who has an information and access to the people than by he he mentioned a group, a young players, that the calves are basically focused on Three of them were unreal to them run realistic. He said the calves find themselves far more fixated on a young star, including yours. Perhaps posing. As that that's happening, Boston, Jason, also not happening Phoenix. Josh Jackson. Maybe. Danvers Jamal Murray first of all,
is Jamal Marine. That paragraph. What am I missing? Am I missing? Am I missing something when a man is a vital issue? Should pay to be on the table? I think poor thing people agree that he should be, but but should paid omby, Amby Jack. Think observation. Like a baby, the Jackson available prospects. Will you don't wanna give em, but yeah you got a wood it's this, but this is the conundrum at the trade, if you're Tommy its mark, a smart guy. Some Tatum, I don't even know the content and crowd her mark a smart Jason in crowded for carry a demo do those air like it, just as it makes sense for the team Boston has and if anything of your boy ask any kind of looking at this gun Cleveland fake Kyrie we're going to be the favorites in the east as soon as that happened, cuz they're going to be getting zero dollars and seventy cents on the dollar for Kyrie. So let's just live, make whatever trade they're gonna make as a
now we're gonna contend ages. I also think with the boss. Besides there's an Asea popularity thing that day after reconcile guys, hugely massively popular in Boston carries on the enemy team. Is it in? of an upgrade offensively as I had one of the best ten, I think statistical seas and by a point guard ever just from advance. If you look at the advanced metrics here, usage raid scoring efficiency. Yeah he's a desert. There aren't, there's been ten more efficient scoring seasons ever in that position? So how Much of my upgrading and then can't play as an inquiry together, that's a disaster so and I and Tatum is too much right. We both agree that that's way too much for carry
oh, I think considering the other offers that would be on the people would be too much by backing. I don't off too much, but considering everything else, that's out there, who definitely too much if unclear as I have just heard, the hardest hit one of my training for my report, for a guy who might be heard is, is can be asking for thirty million a year from now. I just I think they're married. I worry that the part that yet another their match- I don't see it but Denver Jamal, Murray, Ok, I can get carry with Jamal Maria the centrepiece of achieved. This figure this out. Can we go to lunch with? What's up the chain machine with me? figure this out, is that trade. I came Jamal Murray. Wilson Chandler Stone? Would you say that average rotation per figures, it's pretty good right out. Good tempered avenant by that date,
I fell in her name Gomes. You know it to deal with them crow in my lottery protected. Two thousand eighteen pick. You gonna, carry I'll, give you Ray Chandler one. Gomez in my teeth,
in eighteen lottery, protected pick for country who says no to that go. I don't remember jump, however, that on call you want, but I'm I'm gonna be all that. I'm sorry you're my GM chair dumping and I myself am not about Belgium all molecule, I'm not! I'm never had been thinking of followed player. I think you're gonna need good player in a league for quite a long time, but I don't see a lot of lotta people last year like a path for top five guy. I added, I believe, like eight or nine of my boy last year. I do. I think you're gonna be good, but I think if you click on your looking for that kind of next little prospect of any other name that live biking counterfeit before go all three of them- urge that a different level of, in my opinion, posing as obviously shown what you could do paid in my head.
Like back a bit. You have you ever potentially great glare and Jackson. I regret that I have my complied with his jumper. There is no denying that, due to the age of its force under the fact that under the floor- and he D had a lot of bleak, beside shoot or Murray, hence thing you're, shooting and Should the ball very well last year, especially one pressured is play making is all it, but he d them. He doesn't really the ability to create without a screen. So it's like what did he do for you? I like Marie. I think you can install it, but I'm Cleveland, I'm I'm aiming for something much more significant than him, though don't run away, which I jump over. One hundred thousand percent agree with you, and I have no idea why he was in there was paragraph, but he was in their parents like yeah yeah, a people like Murray, ok. So what? If I What if they can say what, if it's a top five protected, two thousand eighteen,
these still do to condemn and had no no problem the problem, and I think your danbury you're thinking play will carry Irving, I don't think you're worried about any protection. Take if anything you're putting up one copy protection that just for state, but I think that would be an issue at all. Well, the problem from Cleveland and that trade is that it doesn't really hot the shares team content, which is why we should bring a thirteen him into this. Now. Get really interesting tape you ready for this the umbrella. I don't need the Charlotte, Charlotte's coming tat? I just I just want to make sure your mercy ready to hear this three tamer we want gets Carmelo Anthony Jamal Murray endeavours top ten protected pick. The next get worse, Chandler dimension for two years, in one her name Gomes. It's the dramatic refuted the urban programme brothers,
been gather said spain- And demo gets carry so now farm if I'm Cleveland of Carmelo am replacing allowed the veteran scoring all that stuff. Mom for some shooting a bake in a big bed at him, and I still have that dumper picked a sharp. If I think libidinous is stay and found the necks of dumb, Carmelo Fer a lot better than what ran rainy understand and all these other shitty terrible deals are getting I'm getting something for Carmelo, whose super unhappy would you think of that that that's an interesting one? That might be my favour, one so far, tat sky for all three games. Really, I think I think the more deal
expanded, I think the culturally any melody or the rocket through the more interesting I get out of that. Just like me, fantasize about big parental trade or for just suddenly becomes more realistic, who feel like it needs to be a big deal. Document Yanina feel like something small. They forget, because of metal be done, is a problem that I didn't a martini muster the morning, you put in her chair, the more of a chance so as to get screwed up yeah. That's it the ultimate thing in our taxes, one person on one of the fourteen to go. Wait a second. Why but we do that or and then Alison it it unravels. We should mention if I'm Denver. And I have a chance to end up with three palmdale, sap and yoke edge, I'm in a figure the wrestling and I get those three right- a figure,
those are my three. I got it, but I get some other rope, whereas maybe I can deal moody for something, but I to go to war with those three guys. I like those three guys I like the way they feared. I think that we really fun so that I agree. I think that's the best when there but others we should bang. I really quickly Minnesota Wig, as you know, I think, you'd I about her, Santa that everybody has. The Wiggans is kind of the floor for Cleveland. They know they can probably get em Minnesota made noise about potentially extending wiggans, which I thought was. Who is bizarre? basically be Wiggans call our judges contract, which it because two years left in Minnesota, I think, would have to give up and unprotected two thousand eighteen in their yet tiree figure out dejected thing in December February, whatever too, pretty uninspiring pull back eight day. Where do you stand on that one for Cleveland? Just that's all they basically get his wagons and pick.
Maybe the falling birth rate. While I want to feel good about it before Minnesota idea Static that number about behind and trying to give him a little optic role and responsibility of the kind of I go to correct the bench. Still amazing about that. A minister I just I like weakened by the power of the same thing with Jamal Marie. I don't like him as much of a lot of other, be other people do that. I think you ve been a good player, but at the same time Why is this guy efficiently and afterward? I like him a lot but precluding man, the defence. I think I want to wait upon claim that the best I can does their labour income per person per year? Is there a boy I it makes I'm a lot worse this year, which is the reason why I don't think it happens. A year ago we were you, have you flip? we basically flipping carrying age or Wiggans you're, not you don't have it
it's in the two thousand eighteen files that which is why their trade does happen, that, like a bill you make after the broadly, whereby were totally focused on the future I think they're young fire, here's another one that I don't think works even though its fun look at on paper, Mukoki, Chris Manhattan, Malcolm Brockden, Greg Monroe's expiring in is unprotected two thousand eighteen Milwaukee gets carry, but that of the take shelter for two years in fries expiring. I just I dont think enough for Cleveland, it's that the shame of theirs. For I mean it sucked anywhere that Jabbar got her, but if Jabbar was healthy and playing well and that now Jabbar Brown, then in a first becomes a trade. You gotta think about a few Cleveland as a possible best. You can do the fact that he's not not healthy can't be in this trade. I dont think militants enough of it
and our peace at it. I think this trade makes the two thousand eighteen calves worse and I and brought them as much as we like him here. The ringer exposed a little bit in the play off. So I won't we'll see what his ceiling is as like the rules I have all creator. Our data on a really good team in a play, series I still don't know. He's is overqualified, be thirty,
they may be under qualified to be that guy. So I don't think, that's enough. What do you think you could not be better for you bring your kind of an interest. They can't therefore trade here and I remind me of b the whig in the weekend. We involve trade a couple years back and point fourteen. There is a report from back low at the time and the more to what I've heard that another offer on the table for Minnesota fats, dream on Green and Harrison Barn, but a drastic, Ireland that type of structured deal would be kind of young players are on the verge of reaching the next level, but right before they do datura rookie deal that that can have a unique type of deal I would but far from Cleveland. The issue is look around the league of the guys, who makes sense and is now a lot of ivy League in the body. Parker has been appointed.
Yes, there is now a lot of guys who stand out as that possible dream on green or possible Lyndon Harrison bonds for that matter, who believe that great reminded player, but others do not a lot about out there. That makes a lot of things quickly, but those that could be a top field, a fine, but I don't want your bari, I mean they at his value, has diminished the Milwaukee were willing to put him on the table. If somebody had still want, I mean those tutorial feel that he had for the past couple. You seriously concerning the bad guys are sound and if those Ok, injury there you could have a battle. I like that. I like Jabbar, showed me somethin. You times lasses in his is go to ability which is very old school. I'm get into the room, you not stopping me, there's something about his game. That's call me more and more unique. With way Basque was being played out. I was a big fan of the stuff he was doing last year. I die their number one of the wicked to trap near the
their x factor with that trade is whether carry would be happy Milwaukee him any honest together that I dont added. Don't see it happening, and I think, if I'm quiver, I can trade carry out of the conference. I'm also looking at that two versus strengthening any with the honest when your is the most logical and VP backfire whose who's the necks of twenty three items in the report, I think you'd be the picking a website I take you ready. Charlotte Hornets, your beloved team can be great care. Dates. Avatar rough, weakest, Marvin Bagley went to Duke I came in. I am I I gotta admit it still dropped from the night before it seems like you went out a bender, but he's got a black guy he's got a fat lip. I don't know what happened to you last night, a part of it, but is one good They now coach k with his with with his reconstructed me now. You know
he'll be here our seas and, yes, you got my bag with eyes healthy. We want any six week, risque larger, yet surgeries great now, because no more excuses yet, but potatoes, here's, the Charlotte trade. That seen this trade rumoured anywhere and I kind of like it. I keep looking at it. You ready, take camera crew. You drive through the air yeah, but is also an our point guard. Who could do Seventy five percent of carries out. Every great t may champion big eyes makes a big shots. Molly monk, now now, I'm out Jeremy, Lamb in June, YO bright for Tiree in shops. Carjacked witches goes on for two years. We think they give a monk. Can you ok, Gilchrist, now now. This is the change enclave, and this is a trade I want you, you offer
labour tomb, though thanks projects too long at an awful abroad. Staying at all to be stuck with those two deals you are: May your number pick managed it. But I want mark for carry I do it. I knew I pray that this would you think of it, but I do it too would be paying reluctant training monk, but I would be through, but my question: would you have our return of number one and pick by Andromeda observers? Yes, yes, I would say right, like no question and I think, granted monks through the format yeah funny up, I'm Charlot find me up so then surely it would be left with Tiree the art formerly known as Duet Howard, Nick Potu, Kaminski zeller- William Larva lambs, maybe a kid Gilchrist Resurgence, Cairo,
at the Nike relationship. Issues are shockingly properly with the under fifty nurse. Jordan takes those shoes, put the jump man on a roll it out and, Red becomes the guy and Charlotte yeah, and then staff curry it's a little jealous eventually for carry for staff current instead current come so you can stay, but that's I guess it's got forty five on at in you talking. All of these trades. What is trade that would help Cleveland compete in two thousand and eighteen four lebruns farewell season. I think this might be the trade commissioner but could really replace a lotta resolve. Anson and mock is a giant fuck, an ex back there and maybe somebody that they go do crunch time. If he's wider, give you what you studied the tape on this guy. If he's why open in
play off Series Milly Mark the boss going in right, good good. Your trip going ashore never get back there, unidentified it up because it up I got one last one. I was thinking about the Lakers and then we're going to us think about the Lakers. I thought the ball This move by Gilbert would be to check carried the Lakers as a pro active cocktail. Further Brown going there because of Cairo and thereby really hate each other future Carry there now and then the brown can't go there, but here's the thing The brides go in there and magic in those guys know that he's going there, so they wouldn't trade for carry, they wouldn't want. Because they wouldn't want to ruin their leubronn chances in New York is rather of the bride. So here's my question. Even though the bride as no trade class. When I travel animal acres right now, item. We know you're goin, you know you're gone the legal, you're going. We can't
dating back for carry? That's gonna allows them when the two thousand eighteen title go to Lakers now start the next phase, your life. Let us rebuild, let us keep carry so Future cable would actually be with Tiree who the people I love and I'm I'm on it, try to get brain and Ingram Clarkson cause any infers. Contract, Randall, the free engineer? Corbett expiring in a toothache. In eighteen number, one top ten protected and I'll give you Lebron James. Why? You think, brought on fire now because even one giving it up right, yeah, that's The reason why the euro, in terms of brands, I need to get a look like the bad guy. If you wait, you're no trade causally policeman, but you might not like the bad guy
when the force the trade carrier being among the people who live in the pie aspect here, compare unable to do anything that really makes them better during the year then suddenly, like love, is a better situation. I left for me out both for basque or even an off the courtroom. I think then you're looking ok from abroad, but few wave, your no trade cod and willing to let the boy I believe I can change the way. Vandal procedure may be the bond of care about that, but I think he does just judging from the history of car, I think kind of creaking the conversation early twisting but he was good for him in a way which is understandable, and I agree with you. I think Carmelo to Denver. Two thousand lemon has established its stupid to give up assets for somebody know you're getting anyway and yet and if the bran I'm in year fifteen now an incredible amount of miles. I've never had a major jury and I'm not fucking around anymore. This is
I'll, be my last chance to win a title this year? Unless I can build a Laker Super team but really getting season. What a mess around anymore and if I feel like whatever Free trade on that getting back enough to win the title this year. Maybe do start life in a way early, because lay the groundwork for it. But I would at least consider it. I still feel like the my three favoured trade If you want to make the team better thousand eighteen, but also have a little bit extra for the future. I like the idea of getting caught. Allow Jamal Murray and a damn repack. Second, most I actually like the Campbell monk trade. The most, I think, Would you could make a case that might be a better team? Could Campbell do? percent inquiry, maybe more.
But the chip on his shoulder Sunday, I am certainly not he's that shot maker carry on last year's J R Smith. Mentoring Hmong show that That's a negative died out I'll, be there desire of Eritrea, the outside a monk, with a chip on a shelter now get passed by the next he just got shaded by Charlotte now has passed, but I'm just say: in crunch time. Kimber mark J, r labelling. Thompson, her love, candid, dangerous, plus Campbell, would stand up, The Brok has cameras, the irrational I'm one of the best I personally agree with that- but the alone who thinks says, but I really do genuinely believe this guy- I like it. What's your favorite, I ok, I want you can't get Carmelo aimed more compatible more about that's the one at that,
as he loves the three ways, so you Carmelo I've spent four wheel, There were true go on so if I could get few Carmelo Jamal Murray endeavours top seven protected. Two thousand eighteen pick your continent com, Thirdly, probably not now probably die, that's the thought, like the most of all, we were. I just feel like getting better after becoming better so into moment. Carmelo I'd. Ask you this month the yeoman ask you again in the moon ago, his carry the can when cavalier for this entire season. I thought there was no way and we ve heard some We things about out. This is actually way work behind the scenes and carries just kill him everywhere, kill the broad and really China,
try to poison his way out now, and I still don't they Cleveland gonna, give them away. I think they're gonna have to get something off. My back and it's gonna be it's getting to be one team who talks themselves into it and then thinks another team is making a move and then that offer make it to the red spot, because maybe they gave the goal of equal and about the goal of down my car so I Carmelo Jamal Murray and that number whatever it is, then that also that Denver pick a trade, a trade asset for them with Kevin love to get blank or which then tops and get blank, and then there's the second trade that I think that someone they need to get. Somebody got them now, the young guy. And then a future ass, it they can flip would be my advice for the clear Cavaliers, but this is gonna. Be fun, gathers
Cancer, you join summer. That's report about thereby inability the level of earlier the spotted William I know that the NBA schedules said they're not doing any more for games of five made things, but we're still making you work for days and five. There said I don't think I later lives can be, as Europe has its own called about water, stop Jesse as always a pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. Bill thanks care, see thanks to tee, whose in a calm and after I just through the Caribbean trade, Adam thanks to the black textile com, the hope create your luck or choose from tons of status, selected outfits starting adjust. Ninety five after reading your Soongoora fourteen days before your event, Tredah make sure everything fits of anything less than perfect. The back tax will send you a replacement right away for free to get started. Our visit, the backed upstart, concise bs, get twenty hours after perch again, that's the black Tax Dhaka, Slash Ba
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a common later this week. Until then,.
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