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A Bizarre NFL MVP Race and NBA Trade Ideas With Cousin Sal and Kevin O’Connor


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the puzzling MVP conversation, the Patriots’ win over the Titans, Colts-Buccaneers, Vikings-49ers, current playoff standings, Eagles-Giants, the Bengals steamrolling the Steelers, Panthers-Dolphins, the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving loss to the Raiders, Browns-Ravens, and much more (1:15). Then they guess the lines for NFL Week 13 (20:00), followed by Parent Corner (1:07:30). Finally Bill talks with The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor about some interesting NBA trades as the season progresses (1:18:18).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Cousin Sal and Kevin O’Connor

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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hope, you're checking out plain English with Derek Thompson. We just launched that podcast two weeks ago of checking out the prestige, tv podcast as well covered Yellowstone and succession, and a bunch of other shows this week as well. Coming up. Cousin Saundra are going to break down another wacky weekend in football. That left us with more questions than answers and then at the tail end, Kevin O'Connor is going to come and get exchange one NBA trade that we like the and see what the reaction be? That's on the expressed our friends from project I'll take. This was eight point, five percent. They can send it. I just watch one of the worst
the aims of ever seen in my life. I don't want to start the Pike S without America deserves better. Let's start with this south or we can have Caesar. Without an invitation, we rode over like the onions. Would you know and this Ignacio eastward to your body gas. Now my body, but your gaudy, your body first runs is poor. for many many years, probably thirty out an eye along and if you die, you do pigs head to head and a few Tie you roll over the winner, yellow sometime rolls over so yeah. I think that's not bad, but by Gus on the seat of his past. Right now, waiting refreshing sea of MAC surely sign Let us look at what a bets weaken the method started: splurge unexpected the man about my job. yeah! Maybe that's it maybe get you every piece next year because it doesn't seem like Billy any other year, yet three guys use new higher screaming for Rogers or or radio or somebody, but nobody wants it. Nobody wants is award. I looked at the
BP on fanned all thinking, one guy would jump out so Brady's three, two one an operating Alan. This was an hour ago, almost three hundred and eighty Rodgers's, seven hundred and fifty mahomes. Seventy fifty college date, someone we haven't seen him in a month, DAK one thousand two hundred and fifty who's look like crap for three weeks: Lamar's fourteen twelve through four pics today, Jonathan Taylor, one thousand two hundred and forty four Herbert one thousand two hundred and forty four who had fifteen terrible passes today, Stafford one thousand two hundred and forty four, his break it down for a thirty six, twenty one. three thousand and sixty one Mack Jones, eighty one. You can put some MAC Jones action in at all. Those names I was thinking like will, the one that makes the most sense is Aaron, Rodgers, guy, who basically lied to everybody, was vaccinated, has caused seventeen scared, and shit on his table. Meanwhile, he shooting the team that looks like other the. Maybe the patriots has the best one through fifty three roster in them
and he's been sitting on the front office in the ownership for year, because he's diva I like that team anyway, he can't win so back to the original point. I think the answer is that he's been the most impact for important guide. The share Edam lights out unfilled goals, Bart mostly we have President MARC, mostly one eighty. Tudor and strikes is already dealing with folded, arms anyway, I've got another five feel goes through twenty one fantasy points. I think that's our answer. Yes I mean there's a guy delegate interceptions on the cowboys count him by Golly. I really could be any of them being because you have this year the number one seat as the Ravens and I'm sorry. I know you know the result of that game means you guys not the number one say just chat but yet, like you said the guy who, through foreign receptions, propelled his team to the number one seed,
the weak twelve and on the other side, the number one seed, Carlo Mary hasn't played a month or not be a monkey hath army suits up. Next week's up is really ridiculous. That nobody wants is awarded Agri pats. Could the pats, I think, would the odds on favorites are probably end up with a number one seat. At this point, then haven't they pick em joking about Nick Folk. They don't have any VP candidate, his and prepare the paths or even have one Arizona, Kyler, MRS Amanthis, that winning it It's it's illegal behaviour, does Brady have a game. Where he's a guide funds, That's it am. I ate those last game like that made was in his last. One goes against. The Falcons employs the Falcons again this time in Atlanta. this week. So maybe like? Ok, just let me do my thing. I gave format for touchdowns today, array of five myself and we're gonna. Put this to rest with the month. Love! I think, as along too Ambrady, guy who's watched him for two decades. She doesnt studies are a hundred percent comfortable. Now
as yet later on, takes forever to warm up yet doesn't seem like he wants to take. Its early seems like he gets through the ball little faster than maybe he should as one stay in the pocket and then when they really need em. He comes through, but you look at like tat. The passing leaders is it's so he was through ten games. He was almost thirty two hundred yards twenty ninety days. Aid interceptions is that the current and they put their names are eleven. Did they put eleven ah he's on pays for high for thousands, and you know mid forty cds, so you right, he has the one game where he has like sixty days lights it out paused on all the sudden area. There ain't they re if they go aid in a way that support to day and are even if their twelve and five, which add another the Panthers, the Falcons, the saints the jets there's again that that there can be fine that they can avoid thirteen set years about it is about
talking about it, the around US board. Already we spend three minutes on it. There's no answer here. Another thing that we were texted about today that I thought be fun if you had a fantasy draft just for the last others got ruin last five rat five weeks of the season. We just words like I'm out like in our cheaper leg. I'm out, I got officially knocked out today for just one scenario hey, I'm starting to finally famously good she's goal, which is due rounds. We do not want to adoption, will go crazy. It's kind of crazy with the order would be. I made my list. What are we just go back to our lot in all we're going to do, because we had back when you came up with this idea like this is great and indeed BO endowment folk went out on back to back, plays on my ought to know other you're, coming back out on less I'll. Tell you one thing: I wouldn't take a quarter battle. The fifteenth ran right. How would you take bird forgot, Nigeria as well
Taylor has job tat right, yeah, sure, and if we were starting next seasons draft right now, I think Taylor would also be first rate its close. What, if there can recall, is back in January and has like to really good play games of body, and I know it just yeah you're right. If we want to do, I think, echoed be number two for either conversation. The last my weeks of the season draft or exercising he'd be three probably beyond Henrietta Aurette occur. Every game is putting up points. either scoring are he's doing stuff, then it gets weird. I dont even really know who the third pick would be, but the cannon I mean I would have had even Nick Chubb in the conversation, so I watched by right now you could say: maybe you go receiver and you think about this. Is crazy, Deebo, Samuel, who's, down, hurt or Cooper Kupp right,
They ve been. The two must protect the receiver, his Debo, why? Why don't we get dual arm like what one is he eligible running back, it's gotta be soon right. He's he's put up more he's, got more just then mulatto running back. I think they do this in baseball and it's fun were you like the guy. You know replay as one any in the outfit all the studies eligible there. It should be. There are, though they want enemies, runner he's gettin. Somehow my touches. Does he get out on the ground? Is five carries in a game? It feels like you should be eligible running. The alchemist quarterbacks anyway, I'm tomorrow you know, no fees is coming back. You know, what's in all week to week, Chicago since it at all you know, mix has been pretty good I said I had on their now. I think Josh oh and Canada has to be on their because, if you're talking about what quarterbacks too, I trust the most you would say. Josh, our lead me homes than Tom Brady right. Those of your top three Aguilar Kennedy in their Lamar Games again today rages, stinks.
on all those guys format, maybe the four that think how crazy that is its inside this. This is why fantasy is the dumbest fucking thing in the earth and within this area, Why do we do it? What do we do? It serves little purpose Cooper CUP would be our third and fourth pigs. I can't even get to tat. I can your first ragout a couple more. While I have a couple more like quarter of Patterson, I think, has to be there. I say, with these last by weak, said: he's gonna put a garbage time stuff. I think Tiree Congested Jefferson, just from the France's therein, and then you have the reign of thirty point thing and the voluntary adamses defined eggs. Other, how old are you move it in a net job and that China guys the guys who can just do nothing? And we were the Andrey, swept on ATLAS this week right a feeding get injured raised? He was tracking towards a good
in it. The way you manage very weird this year until today- and I am sure it shifts that I've looked at it, but jailing hurts was the number two guy for fantasy points, daring into today's games. It was, I think, Joshua was first now some people had played ten games and some people might eleven german heard too. I think was he was he drafted in early in either the two leagues rattles, while you re out on early for sure, yeah so heading into today, Justin I believe that we have been four million years. Was Alan One hurts to Brady three MM homes for Herbert five Stafford six Jackson, seven and Taylor was the first running back. I had so crazy year and this week was despicable, I have to say- and I don't like saying it, because footballs gonna be gone and then about the listener. You talk about the Celtics, even though you think there are five your team right now that when, like seven in a row- and you like Tatum back after six to want to win,
he's them like our loaded. I wish I wish for all around us and I want to say, I'm not gonna get caught in the hole, the season, the long and everything, but this was a very bad way damages zanuck, as my cowboys loss, but start with the bears lie, again, we all knew it- was going to be horrible. Then the cowboys raiders, which was the most watched, regular season game of all time, also set a record for penalties. Fourteen or more on both sides. Hadn't happened in what thirty years or so, and then this morning they were twenty five turner, as in the seven games, the three late afternoon, games at nine turnovers in three. I don't even know how many in that crap fast. We saw it right now between the ravens, I mean you hit three interceptions in six attempts. Lamar of one point. I think that five turnovers and three in the second quarter. Something real here is one moment in the lake Games where there were picked. Six is dead in fifteen seconds of each other right,
yeah. I can. I can I watch the paths came out of love you saw, but the paths wanna get I shouldn't covered should, like you watch all these court, acts and other were MAC, is at the ratings of the yardage had suffered from accidents. That gives us good is all of these guys. Every guy, I'm watching his better than are as good as even like Herbert, who, I am Obama, huge harbour guy. I think he's really fun watch what happens him there's more. He was horrendous today now like awful, like really costs than the game, he was thrown everything two hundred miles an hour. The echo pick six, which would affect his hands near because he whipped the Lego Fucking Mind Dr Adam. He couldn't hold onto it, but I thought he was this combat violated all over the place
and really bad. I don't know how I might be needed measure whose good, whose knob, with MAC Jones, like again to the point where, if he makes a mistake, your surprise you're, more surprised and a lot of those guys you just name by Herbert engage accident for for sure Baker Banner any those guys for sure but are gimmicks. Smack emails go bad. He makes Tibet rose again where he has obstructed by dad about it. We're laugh and he inherited the Brady like an eminent knock onwards, the talk about it. He inherited the brow, thing where every game somebody drops one of his pigs, and it's always is worst are the game and the guy was drops it this out. This is Brady furred twenty years with us and then allow play well. Can a over overrun OPA Guy other that he's lights out in your right when he messes up a pass, you it surprising, which idea is a good sign for you called, another good sign. You allowed two hundred. Seventy yards, rushing against Tennessee, who have you noticed how closely watching but Derek Henry is not part of backfire
and you still want sweat enough. Well, twenty three points: what I'll in defence of the team that should be the whence Irena? I do that goes partly the game plan cause they had allotted DE backs out there and they were basically like wanted fantasy to run, but I don't think was in the plan to give up, like sixty a yard, runs to of yesteryear running back that their defence of Lyon at that got kind of dominated by Tennessee. Like really p, back for the first three quarters than fourth quarter. They turned round, but it made me think as as watch it made me more more concerned about the courts in the play apps and then the courts do us of massive favour. They blow the buck game and you weren't. You were on it. You you talk about wences like a ninety, but he's got a good ninety minutes of them. He's happy he's like a Liam Neeson movie. Anyone got three hours would leave, they said, but ninety minutes is great. Wets is languishing scared that good ninety minutes, but if there's an intermission, the second act he's in trouble
it is waiting for an upturn in advance is a guy, it's gonna happen and then it does and then it then he does it and other than the buckskin. When can I ain't you do something? I don't know what we want to call this right now I have like it's the Logan Roy Player of the day like who got the most fuck ups around the country, and I guess you could check you check twitter for negative weeds and negative impression all that isnt scared the Logan Murray Worthier later so, who told which quarterback too far off the most today was it? Can her cousins went out it? I think her cousins well not Herbert Stafford, Stafford Herbert Big Ben Whence proud of us her cousins, I guess but a pivotal play lined up behind the bright guard. That happens a lot and have it put him out here, waste to pervert so that they can, avatar, about, as I think you come out of time out, and he could sailor pass while open, wide, open gesture,
that you know it carried out like? What's that happen? You know it's great about it. Sandal put out. I don't always run their account, but they like editorializing with their their actual tweet. Was the Viking sign her cousins to sixty six million dollar exception You haven't. Why not behind the guard to take a snap, it's like a faint built up Randal Bed wetter. work like this is great. We had the Vikings in million dollar pacts, which we got mildly preciously, but we did the pics on Tuesday and that everything Griffith thing happens after my God. This and you think you're the guy. Maybe, though, get hang around, I don't like the vibe and cousins man there, these games or you just psyche- aren't you supposed to be the leader, the team. Now? Are you supposed to be the inspiration like that and he has this body language like he's watching somebody give him a parking ticket like you standing next
cargo. Man really was only here for two minutes of just gonna coffee as the meters, the leader II, as monster players gone for the ball when each after right, like they were still great Jefferson, check all wrong? I saw his alone Roy Player, the weak. Well, here's. How glad I am I texted my buddy Jeff diehard Vikings fit. I text the limit for twenty four. There must have been after a terrible got causes by the Vikings. What a bunch of got the sheets and he text to be back. I felt happening there. The first have shut it off and left the house while they have no escape velocity escape velocity equity, mediocrity, in the back of night they got the ball back. Two minutes left. That is like a cancer that doing so literally divorce. The backing, They need to give us a heads up, so we get back forty Ivan second half of visas. As such the forty diners enabling three inroad. They stick in that the plan picture so far.
What I was gonna Minnesota's, the seven see, did you look at the player stadia other team sucks in the area of sea side like which, six in five six and six six five and one to what ever thou, which dear scares you are there any other, let's Gary that's examined that you can try out any of em. You can't trust the Vikings. You can't trust the browns or you can't trust, even the forty Niners, like that, one three and a role, but they lost a cold Mccoy by two touchdowns, weeks thousand and November game right also, if they have a lead, their Dave feel like a different seeing there, but if they're down seven, I don't trust him. So this is needed today be Packers Vikings. It would be bucks Forty diners, so there's a match. Ups in Dallas ramps and cardinals would be the by. I thought
I don't think we would have anything under three point favorite. I think everything would be like six points it up in that area of sea would be pats chargers, bring it on its fun titans bills. Lot of Frank: why check the anniversary highlights now little chiefs chief spangles be the four five while so not bad. I gotta cited, as I was looking at a plucky that kid. They could stick around the there, the problem with this season and why it's been so hard to bear these last few weeks, as you like, I was watching them at any rate like Denver. I bet on them two weeks ago against Philly infilling demolishes them. She kills him. You feel like was at last week or two, if you can remember was what am I looking face there just sitting there in any watch Danbury today in its like their defence flying around the whole sidelines locked in geyser jumping off the sideline a high five guys after plays the run in the bar. They looked
the team that I bet I mean it's Philly. Of course I bet on Philly this week. The team that paid, then birds, I don't know what its history, its idea, Jekyll and hide version, and they go against the giants and they do everything they possibly can to lose. The game for turnovers and drop touched out at the end of the game and they still almost one jail and urged. Yet he had three interceptions and ninety eight yards passing going into that last drive and ass thick ass, well, ass, any one had such bad. passing. Then we ran for seventy seven, but he had a chance to be like under a hundred yards and when the game and the giants just could they tried to blow it? They just couldn t he had, the worst body language. I also like it's kind of hard for me believe: oblivious the stats, because when you watch him he goes back to pass any just there's a who's going to throw the ball. Do forty five seconds baby throws it that one picky through the giant safety was like. Oh he's going to start so this guy cuz he's staring at him and basically pointing out I'm just gonna run over and
I would add, and he's been much better in the last few weeks. I watched them closely for some reason. He's, like he's been better like taken angles and stop you just as there are. You can feel it immediately ages dynamic. I have more jail unheard step, but let's take a break. I wanna play
examining this absolutely specimens podcast as broadly by state farm, with some of the surprises in the week the shared get a shot at the good neighbours and stay farm for offering surprisingly great rates, so whether the type of football fan that spend your Sunday mornings managing you're famous Lana from your couch like me or you're, the one managing all the tailgate logistics used to be. Let me stay farm. Has you covered with surprisingly gray rates, encourage durance, gotta, saying the scenario? Therefore, in the first man, do not talk to me until my lineup is set like a good neighbour state farmers, there get a quote today. We are talking about Joe and hurts. I want to play a game called here's where we know for sure I'll give you a couple things baby will have some that, firstly, I know for sure
not betting for against Joan hurts anymore, because I've somehow lost four straight weeks and jailing hurts games then think for this season. I think I'm like oh in six or seven, I am pretty positive. I haven't went to bed in the Gaza Lhasa them week, one they called me Lana there, my kryptonite team this year, I'd like to announce publicly on this path, ass. I am no longer bearing on Eagles games and now you guys broke me. Congratulations. I wish you luck in the rest of the season and done side are. Let me just say something in response to that. You will be banned
the Eagles and maybe like six seven days, but because I they have left the jets and the annex Ii East. Now what I was against the cowboys, but that you're gonna be suckered into eagles I'd, know at home against the giants and our revenge game now, you're gonna be a real deterrent. What's next the rough whisperers, officially over, it's been given last rites and the funeral date has been set its done there last three weeks, it's over there going to finish, but six hundred and ten and fifteen one thousand one hundred and one seven hundred and eighty one. It's done, it's a wrap and be the whole retire and not a bit it that be it I'll. Tell you one vote what I mean he was in very late and unwinnable game right, at three points, use terminate their try to hurt. I kind of do I gotta. Think carbons like I want to make this decision was to make it you you do your thing: bandits its claws, we're getting clause for going to close a casket,
you have to put the now in Saint get out there. We have to get. It says that we need a touchstone, far psyche for next week. You boys able defend him, though still like, if you were to people like this, is that this defence can stop anything. It's not bends fall. They have no running game like while there are three points, adding infidels, that's drive on what are you watching while he almost he came within two yards of to pick sixes and one game right, we'll get outside. We name that after somebody, the double pick sex, the pic twelve, oh, but it wasn't, though, the elder diplomas foreigner. Five interceptions. Whether the alarm is five interceptions. That one has to be a pic six. That was his alone voucher, which rarely happens, I dont Lamar was thinking about it today, use flirting with the loan, but it's really hard to pull up. The yacht then lost a formal. Do we had two interception than a humble once the first pick sixty through the guy got tackled two yards I than his cigar right. So
I'll, try to throw it to the guy up when I try to give more were running start the other way in their work, the second to enterprise. They have Baltimore twice inserted Baltimore Prize. I get it tonight that probably even one one those games, but they ethelwyn both and that this point next thing we know for sure. I realize this during the Vikings game, because there can't be allowed a baking stance led through fired up that Kirk as the quarterback, and yet you looked at the season. He was having hid the twenty one, such as the two packs. Any name vast radio here is that you just look at his stats in he's, gonna, retire and pin people thirty years now. Look at his thats about you knows, give her cousins. He may make the half in Verona. I just think you should change teams every year how we have the automatic quarterback when we're playing recess, something that I think cousins
should you sign when your contracts and each year goes to a new team that has had such a bad quarterback situation for years? There just happen if somebody is confident- and it's basically like his campaign slogan- be a cousin's, I'm confident cuz, you can't say he's incompetent cuz he's confident like he can move the ball. He moved to change takes place, just not winning a Superbowl with them. So if your leg, Yes, and you just can't ever get a good quarterback now that just draft a one year or you're like the Steelers next year in year, like are weak wheat there's no quarter back in the draft. We stop good team. We need somebody is competent for one year and its her cousin synergies, one year contracts for twenty million any just goes round. You should ever stay for longer than a year he's like to stay there when Dixon stays with Jimmy. He has to go like at the end of the week. I like that. I like that I think, there's not as many teams as you think they'll. That would go for this, because the jets don't make sense. Cuz they're not going to
and the year before that the jets busy worthy the way they made sense? How many there are like that, but the still every first so he's he's delighted that is with the vikings he's got a long term. There only shit, no one would ever saw. You know not like this. at the last year, Caroline in Denver, both Meda quarterbacks rate, so damned trades for Bridgewater Carolina Shades for same darnel right if we have Kirk gum Avail, Barbier cousins out there more at ease, just like hey gesture at the trader picked for me I'll come in, I'll be confident I'll, be company Cuba guy for a year, and I don't like cuz. It's always positive. She's, arrived she's happy big smile on his face. it I've got a good careers last pieces, the Superbowl, that's my cousin, said. in two thousand and facts: everybody on different teams every year with the difficulty Braun by area. Just someone Asperger, just Jefferson,
is the new leader and he seems like an awesome guy by the web on project suggests that I like him. He had two times today where it was a terrible cousins pass where he just lost his vertebrae for like a second but you to remember the old beheld lair Fitzgerald, with those terrible cardinals acts that throw over said rages vague, oh my god, he was there and that he did that choice today, Jefferson, it sit, Jefferson is a treasure I love that. Remember. Stefan daggers the lira like staring down gay with anxious about running the Astor Fred Saffron Zuckerberg, comical stared out like ten seconds after black. my guy who's, the next thing we now, let's get the fort ready for Game Newton there. It's yeah right numbers would afford him he's done at one point he was five foot They won for like ninety yards in two packs. I don't know that's what he ended with their, not all they bench them. I think that's exactly what the idea, but their pension
took. Another computer was sixty, four yard pass in the first quarter and they showed the stats and he was one for four four sixty four yards. That is, I got that suck, it's a hope, so he felt he had a sixty four years passed and then the rest of the gay views for for twenty four, like thirty, her twenty yards or something there and is our ironing three. Russia's five yards we had left May, I believe, our pigs in that we was only like how many weeks do we have the bet against came nude before he never start, xenophobia, God by some really fun watch, but he's that accurate anymore and at an physically you know it happens, banned you take some heads. We ve seen it with boxers. We seen it with basketball, like sometimes you just passed. I point its own fire that are you saying her cousin said Caroline next week next year. Maybe I could be a gap automatic Kirk one year, one year now. I can't believe the dolphins are not wanted the rail your thing here, but they ve once they one five and are our foreigners.
we didn't they. When we talked about it either. I it was either with euro sugar, but we laid out the case where there could easily be seven in seven. We did that before the games this week, because it was like there are gradually to highlight, as they play the Falcons clothes. They pointed whether it be the taxes, but how will they be Carolina now they have near Europe back to back, which that should be named something the New York New York. had the jets giants back idea, but they can be seventy seven and seventy seven in the area of sea. Like you know While they may be in the next day and with you, guys saw there and they're gonna need that to make them, I can't believe, like I thought there would be content with used in an lions, and my guide. They're gonna be up there for number one packer top three back. I can't believe they're doing what they're doing here without an examining the allowed has been great. They traded extra first round pick form in order that leads us have next.
You know, I think the traits locked up, I think, o ten in one I think worse, reckon the whig is Diana happen. I dont think they're gonna be able to get paid need to wines to pass Jacksonville. There's only six games laughed. They are just abominably code. You know the first thanks giving game we moved on to raiders cowboys, which was just an incredibly fund, gave that fund for you not for round again, where the cowboys there's a really attaining game that was agreed, joyously officiated, And is yet another game that if we have gambling scandals that we find out about twenty years
now this it's on my less bascombe germanic, but the others we there we ve had three this weekend. Sixers timber wolves is another tat. The lions, though, what a terrible coaching job I mean. Obviously incredible down. The stretcher is like the old joke about a TED Euro play mad. Like a ten year old that I'd be Howard's, Harrison seven seven year old, play man, I think pulse, What is that, whatever the Ets, I just think their broken down and see them when he again yeah? I want to say that coach has lost the plot vows, but now it's got no point. Where so, would you well about Minnesota? They should lose out game than they add. and rivers errs on ad Atlanta at Seattle, verse grim area that they definitely have the the worse record lock up. Haven't I back to back time out was that epoch or what really good, really I mean, do you just don't know the ruler or panic jays there as a panic case next thing, I,
I don't know who wins the ABC North, but sure anybody wants to win it now. You gotta say they know about tomorrow. Theirs they poured out. But I are you, about the word. No, I mean we went on internet one seat. I like that. I trust them like fourth, most, though any I am sitting, I can't believe there are three and five one at all Baltimore since E Cleveland. I think I like, since the most since he lost the jets there and rapid reaction wrought by the Brown still cried over and that day.
I don't know man, you look at the AFC North there's no teams under five hundred. They look at the AFC West and 14th over five hundred and play just like I pointed out you just definitely getting one thousand eight hundred and eighteen going into week. I guess it'll be eighteen trying to decide who's going to get in eighty eight, eighty, eight, seventy one. Whatever it's going to be. We can take a quick detour and talk about that. Ravens browns can't pretend I don't understand how case Keenum doesn't playing that game and the fact that Baker is tough and look at the wee dirt. Like yeah he's great. He looked like a three year old trying to piss in urinal today. The way he was the ball was spraying around. Like even the touched answer, the tight in Gaza. wide open heads we're gonna hit your tie down the bigger gauges should be playing an case. Came home I others, say what you want about him, but at least he's quarterback play off themes like he's not a disaster. Healthy case came,
better than whatever we watched from Baker. The last couple of days they could potentially make the plants with chase. Keen on that, I have a meeting said everybody everyone's atop game. They they have by and then play the ravens again there at the packers or at the stores, and have the bangles and raiders of all teams going for the new vying for the play off. So I have a baker theory. A month fired at the pot. She spread bring a lotta shapeless content, member I carbon, Tyler Durden was intentionally hurting himself yeah. I think Baker S right. Oh, I think he's entering himself because healthy baker- where you go on but injured Baker. Doubts like I look at the sky, mainly so tough is aware by the balls or silly rat. Either you went back in the locker room and, like you, the shoulder against the Wall obey picture like lucid the fulfilment where do these down in law grow more at home. I guess there's somethin his wife can close in on a few weeks, she's provocateur Believe me, they don't say where this is our secret, but a beggar beggars houses,
don't I am. I ate their family the tables hardest casually loosen up some cartilage. If I like it, I think you should just keep intensely injuring observed the last one if you have any things that you believe that sad and others was garments and wine idea that if these were the two title games in conference round three, if it was bucks, packers patched Sheep's right. those for signing up out of the Munich, because it I've got a really nice by four about who I know, I know the cowboys you'll be in there, but Box Packers, Yoda, Brady, verses, Rogers put should have Rogers at this weird moment of my god. This guy may make the Superbowl shit on this franchise all year and they need our Pats Chiefs ballot check. Andy reads you no other, though,
play the game three years ago, only we have different quarterback out of those four teams. Which one of the most dubious of being there in the fire for Box Packers Pats Chiefs, were I hate to say rather, like I said, my cowboys worn and that now would be the most entertaining for I would have to have to be guaranteed in the box. Couldn't meet the patriots in the Superbowl that I now just will not be able watch I'd have to begin Do that the chiefs? His answer, you have already been said, the chief yes crazy, that sounds. We ve not seen. We ve seen more good games, more solid games, those three teams other than the chiefs than we have added the chief. I could change in a month, but right now, let's ants mildly question. With the boxes psych at some point, the injury cloud becomes starts raining. I do that I would have been well today. Just seems like they're losing to two guys a game in India. Whence was throwing
Down field on them like a shocking amount, just trying to take advantage of the secondary stuff in a word for a little while, the cold. I gonna end up seven and ten, I'm gonna be like the best team and I have to get them and how this is happening. It's gentlemen, it's all right now, their tents, evaluate the teams laid out leg. Cleveland is twelve. There see right now in their six insects and they beat the shit out since he. What to three weeks cities fed the charter and not yet used at the charges are right, then Yoda, knowing why see so if, if we're gonna be like who's gonna. Actually, an appeal is some seven enforced in their letter tied rising the charges. Far I just don't. They. Get yeah. I get back on my blog sample size. Now that that's not a good thing, so you say: the agency West, even though we had three teams potentially make a move, only have one representative in the place.
unless you diviners sleep snigger, the raiders have had some good wines in I I poured down on them a week ago. They put up five hundred plus on your team jet. I guess the question is: do you have they do we just throughout all the Thursday gives? Do we just sailor Let's never learn a lesson from Thursday night about Ireland are and how about it? There is a game I will make excuses, but we had the system coaches out due to covered archer top to pass. Russia's were outright. We had a d back Brown who really like. If he had played on my son arch esteem, I do like all they got caught him. I know you don't cut the high school kid, but you gotta. Let me for penalties and like to It plays a gay about like that. They were terrible. They weren't, ready and Zeb was hardly and there too wide receivers out that doesn't speak. Tijuana gave up over five hundred yards against a waller was oh, you won the kind. Was it you
for the game. Should you should go to go around? I gotta be a terrible kick return. Yeah I get, will endeavour in the charges of the same record, my gun, looking either. We learn anything through three months. We say this at least once a year and the pardon this and out of the room said at this year's Somerset. What car data that game? I do not understand why more teams don't do that have like mediocre. offences, are undermine in some way a fuckin shutting down field than he but they get either you're a lucky lucky pass or have a guy, but I gotta pee and it worked half the time and the other half the time has just incomplete like what, if you're bad team or video for team. Why wouldn't you do that like what is administered to do that would Jefferson eight times again
but what's the worst thing, that's gonna happen he's either going to catch it or they're gonna interfere them. The red car was like laughing. He was like our eye. There just can give obscure do this. He was even doing with fast guys. You do like say Jones. Why about this? You get a good ended. Second indicator after, like the sixth pass interference. Call you like all while I got these rest, where I want that I'm dead It's like a comedian like he tells a dirty jokingly. Then they get reality, audio laughed using arm and dig into my blue stuff. Here I got good. Why not that's right! That's what car did and that's why I came when overtime and especially by made neither chargers our team. That should do that. Yes, Herbert as a cannon named to scare receivers and I'm just chuck it down field all the time. I would If I were the titans, I would have done it in the second half when that game us close against the paths just throw it down, what happened here. Maybe they did run for like two hundred yards, but here they did is meaningless. Stranger, Georgia,
There I don't I'll, tell you what I made a mistake with the MAC and cheap room. I call back Jones I didn't might yet. You guys are up. It was an obvious job that I've missed and some important on twitter. The combination of MAC Jones in Bela check should be makin. She I get to be a girl. Makin cheat the good they really got together. It should be MAC Joan. That's, that's it up. So many change it. Now to that from fear forward, that's funnier! I stood on support. It. Cut by their small things, for you call sharing and watch up the thirty five and forty good doozy just jump Jerry Glenville. We did yeah Cary, grant those four sixty five when a percentage, adding shades of four sixty six look out near. Wrong. Dutch Clark and John Makarovitch Khazars there he's look and right up is nail that wrong edifice. Coach. They deal Armstrong,
motivated that now I'm sure yeah Neil Armstrong he's looking to re roads, thou railroads and Forest Gregg for sixty Niagara began there they're they're right there, that's what they neither thing. I was thinking about Nick Focus I mentioned earlier, whose display completely lights out. Right is he's Mr Cakes, all year there above fifty plus, just over and over again it's a great down the men on. I was thinking like God when I was a kid. I was always excited when the pats made to feel go so went back and looked at our own yoga Kicker John Smith was was an english lawyer and his career. He was one twenty eight for one night for one. Ninety one year, sixty seven percent fewer vague from forty from forty plus.
joy bombs back then either from forty yards plus he was twenty nine for sixty eight them or forty. Forty four kick for ten years. He had one year He had one year when he was fifteen for twenty four in the eighty one season, the wind was more fierce back than you know, get worse. They fit battle, but it is a global warming as even everything out, I will then, I think of you look down everybody's like ninety. Ninety five, it's it's like you, people make I'm almost The time our they'll doin common, surrounded things like the play of the year so far is probably a correct right. It's probably Tucker Sixty Sixty ardor that and they are the number one seat or maybe even I know you love him, but folks miss against tap a back right like that. Like two of the most memorable plays a year ago in, there is probably a lot more chicken wise mean that probably code that private cost four p m d pay that Tampa. That's true. She makes at its Assyria
discussion of tributes and did not understand a thing. We are we'll take a break and then do Once this have so the best of his back ass brought, you buy more light, have a favorite how it is used in its very popular the best way to spread out they cheer is with nor light my favorite fear, which is true of other nor light the backbone of a good time, there's nothing better than taken some moments for yourself and few friends, while cracking open a couple of cold once you know about those Yankee swaps, we have to bring gifts, and the give so I have to be between twenty in forty bucks and there's always like three good ones that get ghip keep still in them by when sprang case a morally,
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for me to guess the lies. The eagles really hurt my feelings today, whether you read about in the cowboys really hurt my feelings on Thursday. I did the thing were for two straight weeks: I love the Patriots, the most of any game, patriots against the Falcons. And then the week before pets bands which everyone out at every page, eight some like we're, gonna win, and I want to put their money line with bets and then ask. now lose more of the bad that I, when using the Pats money line, which I felt the most confident about than anything you you'd better on the black. gambling. Are you just better up bearing the money line yeah. Thank you. better betting off betting. Just
dog money lines until they had. I was thinking about this today, as I lost an ungodly amount of money, and I got lucky to like I, like. I had some weird stuff in college: go bounce my way and I still had a very, very bad weak and I had a box Lopez was like mine is Tom. I only want to talk about a million things. I went wrong, but he I think I need a break. I think I need something to get a fact. I need a break. Do I feel like I, like I'm babble black cloud over me? I said it now. I know, but I this is like they're like financial shit. I got here, you're gonna be ok right of abode of bad hot water. You had low Lopez. In the fight of the year she gonna get says undefeated Australian, you, I missed the first six rounds and you camera return. me childlike car has a heads up. The meanest while wondered favorite is going through a bad divorce and, as a result of me, having him. I'm now gonna be gone through. A bad sickening lost on sport
vision as well. Then they deliver dictates ever where their leg, one fifty when twelve to the winter and is still under way, like all Lopez, he word and it was the other guy, because the other guy was also into feed along all night. Ict is music. Why? How? I also began to beat the shit out of me none at its while rounds. You still undefeated two hours bad, but I told you bite my favorite fights are the way. The waterway, because I gotta get the perfect combination power, speed that key, I dont, know those guys. This is terrible to save it I was one of those fights were, I'm not sure either guy is ever going to be a hundred percent the same as a boxer like there was so much punishment you saw their faces after and it was like. Both of them had been
our action, it never read. A lot was jamming. If you list our top ten verify it's probably seven or eight of a modern that wealth away in a middle way was that we would remind me like I was. I had a tailor job as that of those guys. Aren't I dont think is good. It is our job as well, but the kind of thing words just twelve rounds. I watched the first six this morning. She said well rounds, aegis boom boom boom boom and never let up they're making staff psychoanalysis Castillo. Little by little bit I mean that's near gold standard, but really highly skilled too. In our statement Chris Maddox about it, there is animal city which I like cashmere the great boxing fights, but I felt like these guys. Even after the fight like Lopez, was still kind of like a fuck, you grew everything gets that's the scar other than the fact he lost
I asked you if I could put the past and at ease with Ohio State, and you don't know nothing about college football. Should I get at that they give up the opening touchdown and then the kick off they take to the seven yard line. since get built up. It's like snow there. Finally out on all like that, at all, they held the best running back in a country like twenty five yards rushing two weeks ago and unlike then, the mission was I plan to ash alignment or something weird submission it. Who knows? I guess, science, we thirteen were tied five five to go into unlucky, weak thirteen. By the way we vote with the cross ass. We have for the universe, betrayed the gene. Jack's were used in Seattle, the Giants Chicago Miami. We crossed off Miami her yeah, I beg where the on cross them now
think there's a path for then they go like nine in eight and they might be like a six wade. Nine and eighty four seven said I don't know either get slippery slope. We'd gone cross, eminent kids who died, Eliza, start on crossing teams and next day don't heroin, and thus just just bad but I want- and I personally would cross off Carolina. I think that's I think with Asia. Now there five seven and I am sure they have for them and for an hour I hear the other bad there bedding and Mccaffrey Zob again so nets, the tougher, ok Thursday, your cowboys, how many people had that either a path spills, pats, cowboys or pats bills cowboys these ills guiding errors that dialogue-
Everybody right, she's, a cabinet caused a lot of people out of money. Is your defence just not good. Now from I told you, we got rumours and some guy does seem like a big, doesn't get an interception like we're just out of it we don't have a chance, but I am more in the camp of withstood the Thursday games out and let's wait till the passers come back, we'll get a better sense. Can we at least are blowing the inquiry? for what a great job is due in the air. We may, because that that performance against Vegas was one of the worst defensive game plants. I've seen in my time, loath and against a team that really wrong turns purposes, gave up the raiders right again out there. They ve melded Anne, and then they got second life here and doubtless advisers. Thursday games are so dangerous. Well, what do you think early gave up? It's a Thursday who cares, let's just chuck and the ball and then I'll, send you get some p eyes and you get excited, but. You got now you gotta there's a game. Its bold teams will have had a week off. So it's kind of like a regularly.
and you have city in this game the ass his back. I have the cowboys by four nor a little by way of sums very wrong. If you don't give me this week, I get this one. It's five and a half. I said six and a half threaten the biggest some, but I was often a lot of these by a good amount. Five and a half, that's fine! does this camera thing is nonsensical already not now, and if he's gonna combating. How do you bet anything without him? Can I add the saints to buy list of teams that I can't believe didn't take a chance on guard dementia The whigs you not better than Trevor Simeon right. We almost saw gardener today. One more one more herds backed out of bed, and I thought it was happening second half for it, but I think they're all in on earth. Unfortunate there all and on german rigour over Jane
moreover, just Jefferson last year in the draft. That's a tough wags! That's that's! I keep you up a nigger days, Marquis game, Raven, Steelers or bangles chargers. Why is it that bad dear? It's that boy my I get the rebate, yours cause, it's like bends, last may and basically right it at Pittsburgh. the right, those about anymore Lamar's gonna, try to improve on his four pick performance, maybe three, three more so becket everybody has never pay every four and twenty five picks it sees it too. I think this is ravens by three in Pittsburgh. You yet Zack when I said four and a half I like anything. I so I did do this before the game tonight, but I still think they're there, the decent amount better than Pittsburgh Fibre, one. It's weird.
it like you, you do forget how many ruddy backs they ve gone through, like I do wonder, like a dog Just now I get more. There are the ravens a completely different in there, but I guess like this is the thing was rightly backs have simply get hurt. Now I had for the watch ass. I have one watch what you got charge you under charger since right here. That's my watchful bangles bengals chargers, its infancy, and I think so He has to be favoured by three, so Dizzy, ABC West, they have seen north match up retirement gonna see one every week. yeah, you got it. I said four and a half hour to high. It's only two and a half, though on I dont, think the charges are good. That's my hat! they might not so hard Tik Tok time stop in IRAN and General Mary was not bad today, but tough time and mixing is sought as anyone could be. I think the wise only to an end.
get in December. If you can't. Stop the run it off. I'm nervous run the bar bus urban. The solution to run about edges case that this is a good example, or we talked about laddie was last week where do not get three autumn attic points for being home right is the bangles or better than the chargers them, but a record. It should be three presents himself west custom in air, seemingly called since it right, Westgate buddies, but we live. The case for this state they said at home fields one and have points out the areas it is, I'm not gonna how it was cut in half, but barely watchful got for barely got to four first, what is box at Lana? You could make a case. This should be a watchful, because these games are always kind of entertaining forever is in everyone's gonna. Take.
The box, there is met Ryan, I say some fist pumping from IRAN and the last minute about their very close sigh while those who they also had been waiting. I don't want to get caught up with it. Like you, Atlanta Denver, I want to stay far away from bedding either side of whoever thereon, but I do you don't I mean this away team. They were up three tap on the fourth border, against the latter in then Tampa and ended up by like twenty force. Does this mean you don't want me to go through it lit the rest of Atlantis Schedule, do get their advice and said plug my ears. You really don't hear this narrow bucks. A carolina that can be when at San Francisco they could be seventy seven home. The trade mark that went down eight seven at Buffalo populace.
New Orleans there's a path for them to go down and eight thereafter upset San Francisco or temper. They may at the Donnelly, O eight nine to get that seven spot. They got three and three I could be in these in shape for the listeners. The reason sound I talk about this issue spoke of a stupid bet Atlanta debate by us all die every single. Do it. Every air got sucked in cow pets, Arthur Smith, oh my god, my Davis MIKE Dave, The huge back Davis Year covered no barely watch about saw. You know somebody is ever this one, though I said bucks by seven
I get this one. I said: seven habits, ten, oh by the way this was the first this week we just have to do. I was the first one in three years were spread, didn't exceed seven points. We got a bunch this week, though, to play with that's why it's a week, I especially of white sack in a play who knows him, but the buck secondary. It's really poorest, like you once was gone at them hard and then finally ran out again tied and over the mental was open. Every single time done matter them up ended by new right tat. We run. Let's be honest. Both of us are gonna bet. This hard does bears
in Chicago. I assume we're getting Karla Murray. Think so we'll get Karla Mary this week, something's really wrong. I think I saw something that is back and like you could apply today or something I think this ass to be cards by at least seven summit assess seven smart. I said five and a half. It is exactly seven, then wonder your teaser games it for you. You're on the board can't see teasing
Kyler, coming off an injury in cold Chicago in who, by getting on Chicago's National, whose whose taken snaps for Chicago there to stay away too there's plenty of good one that they're like raiders washed and that's a third barely watchword in Vegas, the raiders coming off their improbable have set in a game that will be the subject of a documentary. Twenty years now we find out that gamblers changes have I haven t we don't even give might Mccarthy the opportunity to blow the game. That's about it is found, my God make this aegis. Is it a free? Is it a freeze framework that he has on the sidelines when
cut the him is it? Is it like in speed when issues they kept Lupin, the shot of King Arthur s because they are trying to escape the bus? Is that is it the same footage or is it a new? It's a new and were shot each time of Mccarthy that look at his face. The same. Look the same. Whatever I saw someone said some funny like the cowboys reached out to overwhelm and engage interested in, taking Might Mccarthy from them two thousand kings. Berries going over. don't believe. What's you is you gonna cover that that their thereafter reserve. I would somebody want to leave the intifada. Coaching college and then you go into the eight ass you see like you, wouldn't has always gonna be in the ass. You say you're not can be able recruiter compete there. You don't know what must I like? What is college football gonna be like three years there should be like the wild West took off his daily,
I found the edifice sure we we were pouring third on it for five. Six years ago, at the most watch Thanksgiving gave its ever had succeeded in gaining strength. Here, your team is nine into cliff. You got it sick ass? That order battery adds the draft from my figure does get much better than this raiders washed. Raiders by three. Why is it so? Well, I said five and a half its two and a half, because the raiders a frigate stay at the time better these calls from the west on a short weak, and now they never make it three. It's doing to have you got there. last one is barely watch was for Seahawks. It's in Seattle. Seattle season is over Have they wanna home, get one home when right. She really weird. You know I could see them back in the past, but
one in four becoming one of the worst teams in the leg was not on my bingo car right out of the forty diners favoured by one and a half over the sea, and I get this. I said three in its turn ass Caesar what they look like tomorrow, two and a half ago, poop factor ties the outside perfect director River had five games, while first one will go through these fast vikings at Detroit Automatic Cubic, her cousins scouting his next him. Here's a good Kurt Cousins theme one year computer trade of Geographic, her cousins he'll do that when you're twenty eight million there was ripped off twenty million dollars contracts from away the line of Angela Cool, your five and twelve and steady son feeding somebody thought for three hundred yards in an affair that Cuba is biking.
I have them favoured by seven in the charge. You got it exactly. I said five listen much his bed, the Vikings on a cheese or money. Why pile in that way, when the lions get there first, when we can break out, we would bet against that. We were slump busters for sure we can do this. We could do it. That's one of them a mediator at this package to save her God. If you listing, please give me the straight back to put the Vikings indices next week, I look to you my saviour for the power to avoid her cousins minus one in the trade. I know it's bad for me. I know how to do it. Please give industry can be great if it was less than men. Bigger as carrier is about our neighbourhood. Where issues haven't I had half of those guy. Well, TAT was the way to keep em off the geezer, none other than that. Naturally,
good God, damn it I'm an adaptation and there will do it. Works: fine, let's find another so cook biggest plan. The vikings game for a cook is running its tackled and, like the whole left side of his body, explodes he drops the bar fumble new. I never was there that is it a torn pack what'd, they end up saying in his eye. It was something horrible, but it made me think, like you Heather trying to make the game safer and all that stuff you're trying to make it safer. If you turn the ball over because something horrible happening, you have to be carted off the field. Should the team keep the bar interesting yeah, but happy card up than people who say Nobel no would check would figure it away off when we like that, but cook occurred it off like he dropped the bar because something it looked like something. Truly horrible happened. All the players came over more like dapper ermine wishing
but yet he fumbled cause. He was a dramatically hurt either you're right, I mean there's no way he takes himself out of the game to fake that just to keep the ball right at the correct. I think that's good, just a thought, I'm sure Roger good I'll do the right thing and now listen, foot, dauphines, home for the giants. Any Katy would say like giants Goody when it's like, was it the jail in herds? As I was saying, I had to lead the miles, then the giants had one good drive the whole game. The difference made a couple plays, I guess This is a loser, leaves tat, I think the loser already left town and, like maybe forgot, phone chargers. Something came back, but this is this: guy got
losers. Still in town mass, like good advice to wreck dolphins, I have by three nay, you got that exact wise in it, for I said, for just adopted, should be favoured by bird three over really. Anybody next wanted to put back the Eagles gels five and around here. I dont need tat. God for the strength, that's pretty girls in the teeth, Cassandra Betty Niggers anymore, but I think this will be in the teeth or reach to have egos by six and a half at the jets. Gonna get it. I said, foreign half in its seven you're real role in this work, three, four, five six! I am that easy now and seventy three we gotta do something to help me without showing how they will be less advice, visas for forestry weeks, that I think we have to focus the jets answered rollercoaster red with jet with them. Zack was it today, but I don't know he drew interception off the intended to throw it offers budding running back back again,
picked. Somebody bearing the wiles Brigitte, the one of my favorite Instagram accounts, bus and sports. Throw back. Thanksgiving or the day after therein, the grip of the marked Sanchez but fumble higher. I forgot how fuckin funny that was that, as I could, with difficulty, has spent up. I've been watching it over and over again. Try to forget, he read the iceberg. Just fellow so I'd I'd, do it it. It would Sanchez others and I football I go and over all the jets terrible blaze. It was gonna end on than he is going to come in and yell at me, like that. You know what I really want to see it again. I think our rights there's something else out now, where I just allude to it now, I'm about to show it. He draws a football and breaks the tv monitor them.
but it is that we want to see it happen. I don't blame a positive, bad enough running the but sure courts at Texans five years ago. You do here this everything our back at the deadlock bags, Let's go, oh my god. We gotta go to a meeting which is due to expire. The guy wasn't about eight hundred one eight hundred numbers. I know MRS man. This is gonna, be called psych around nine, as unless they called by Diana gets a text that I get there one right. I said I have its eight man we got that that's fine, so we could teach that right now we can do colds vikings. What's wrong. Having Carson whence incur cousins say, the problem is the good teams are on the road here, getting us margins, but
The servants were, I think it's our best bet. Rona Betty wait, awhile, there's a couple more rams. Jaguars is home for the rams. Stafford trade. Look a little gamey yikes It's like that for day old sushi in the fridge for you like to throw this Saturday. For my dad of this, he just looks. His middle, like a lot easier, throws right. Just though that one seem over the first level like he should make like that's what Dost thou shalt members must be was a minor now it seems like he has four or five injuries and part of me wonder yeah if Mcveigh, when they're doing the trade, and they probably had dinner and he's like so your how you feeling is Steph the best I've felt in years. It's like when I think I am feeling
negative play tennis for an hour and a half, and then I can walk for three days right in the usher. Stafford felt awesome in late June. Yes, budget is got that elbow injury in the back in the back. As we know in any sport, The old guy walk on its really the ribs, and then oh Dally made one play, which is good enough to end my fantasy season, and then got hit again. I he was Harbin. Rounded thing took three heads for him to be. You know I have the rams by thirteen enough in its agenda, my shot by you. I said eleven thirteen, usually when I'm on the lines. I guess that means. I should bet that Russia, just let me know, you're, going like eight for something better teaser. God did. I said it. I chased brokers, diabetes, browsers commoner for nice, when
In case c, she's, a little momentum, defence be read Andy Red offered by and always seventy three and two right yeah. I have achieved by seven enough. That's exactly what I had its nine and a half, though they don't want us to tease that now there are going around it out these Carson whence occur. Cousins MA am I you know, that's like worse things that site where you hate yourself. That's the tease you do here, and I think I hate myself because I
wanna. Do it so your baby? That's it may well be after all these years. I reach a point on Monday night wow. Do you know why you should water boom Monday night at Buffalo that chance, the best Ricky quarterback, sits Russell Hustling, Bustle Wilson, two thousand to allow in trafficking, add Josh out in the operator, Buffalo bills. But I did. The building should be favoured, Cosette, don't think people totally justice, Patsy MAC Jones, is better than Herbert. Was Lasher no ban on it now, but yeah yeah. I judged my quarterbacks by winds. Nora bar protections. Word: listen! If you wanna judges, quarterbacks by
Tik Tok and twitter clips Herbert's fantastic does a last year. He was very, very good news varig. He really was Eddie Mack Joneses. The to cede right now is Ricky. I do love her, but I doubt that the I've been that has no. bless me, but I think backyard should get credit for he he's gonna have granted taken away our heads a rookie year. The year is gonna, get enough credit. Your vs IE might went off and review the urine. because of course, is only I had three weeks. I don't have it up here, but he's gotta be minus two. Fifty amidst gonna go nor quarterback. Anyway, I have the bills favoured by two point: three billion low. Here you did, I said three, and it is right, but the sun enough for me away nine to sixty one. I think that's a fair line because it's a rookie Kubi in Buffalo on a Monday night. It's a high profile gave good news for the passes he's played in my profile games
I think I'd better bills, ten days off right, but maybe that There was an anomaly we haven't seen them play like that, you're sure in a long time since the chiefs think you're looking good, I hate to say only whiners allergies are: why not take plus nine there? I think that's just if you like them, had to spend the money line, a red tape, the plus three. It does seem like a good match up for the pets, because I think they can run on the bills
the bills Running game, Jose Average ran again now they back bow and makes it at least average, because he can move around the around I'm lookin before Thursday had, like the other guys with thirty yards or get not single data, nothing what they had. Zack bosses, the healthy scratch right heading in to add the Thanksgiving game where there were like this guy was pursued because getting people were spending what twenty three twenty four box and fantasy auctions on him. It even play. Selfie tougher, I think the pets It is a good one day. Take care business now and in enforcing the ravens are playing well, what's the other wakening if they lose, and I hate your last two against what the jets in Miami right so you're gonna be fine. But if you follow game and half back, we could still get it
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River Insight, easy breezy sit with the kids were at the dinner table. Everyone goes round Zita thing. We go around, say what you're thankful for or even started you direct until we do at my mother usually goes like twenty five minutes and are once again at their watch, your phone and then finally get done, and then the kids go in my old sergeant, much to say whatever the same old stuff and then my little one had something prepared that he didn't school and he read it and he reads the southern for his mother and his brothers and for me I'm thankful for my father. Could you get me out of top situations an hour? but what, if what is going on in my feels a deal between these two southern, is asked to explain, he's a you know dad. You know what you did and lack of shit that I do
Something that I can remember? Those can be embarrassing and for everybody here that whatever immense g and come up with the excuse that I helped him figure out that a quarter and a dime is thirty five cents. That was a tunnel waiting for him and map. So now it is a chance that, God that then his middle brother goes Corky kid. I told you he's like all over the young all over, like mine, early hockey teams and arena to lay like whatever nobody else like sees into because he had put a stamp on. You know anything actuated with Phoenix, you want to go live with. My friends can and airy fifty two year old man, and I always pretend like- I think it's ok idea and I live just was not. Are you kidding me can't live without? Let what are you doing?
so when it gets to him. He talks about is that from my mother, back from my father and my brothers and am thankful for me and can and Harry, and what we're gonna do: we're gonna March into Sky Harbour Airport in Phoenix and we're going to talk to the executive to let them build arena for the Phoenix Coyotes like what the half of it so apparently there's be pursuing the coyotes who want to build a new arena near the airport in the air. Borders has now this got like planes landing and jet, and I he want to go down. There really complain about it, and my had an hour. I have no idea is like pop up articles on Google. Send him to me, and I I rarely ever read them because analytic there ever going to come back and haunt me, certainly not at nice, giving dinner numb and they do so. They go so these thankful, for so this is God's revenge. Ideas are the in Germany over the years from Cannon Harry now. Your son is basically joining their bare
isn't. It is yet another member of Cannon Harry, like the Beatles documentary you'll, see a real say about somebody. Is there cards dive, airs, Cannon Harry there, my kids, a weird I spent a day and a half my daughter in San Diego Fer, a soccer thing and yet is different. She's here you don't have a with the girls. The same everyone says they circle back. when they like twenty one, but it just is it the whole family? I suggest you to now it's they just go into their own, their own world as a whole social thing and where you're, just like the old guy who has money, there are some talk about my son just too small
my son. One is that he decided today what he wants to name his son, but he has his first son. He came up with the name said he told me and Kyle about. He wants to name his first son Jacoby Simmons because he thinks that be an amazing amazing. aim for an athlete and then his full name, He called me Monroe, Simmonds Cow, as a witness cow come on come on here. I like it's, a nice, not the grantline due to go. Resembled well so how can a test I was like you know, You know a Jacobus Dave, Jacobus EU member. He is the come over. My daddy's friend a watch football games oh yeah, I know Kobe. So Jacobus was even responsible. Anyone in name his subjects, which I thought was kind of insulting through the real today browbeat just going back so he's gonna name is Jacobus, Monroe, Simmons cow. Are you ok with that yeah Oh, I thought he was gonna go with the edgier one with the king
the neighbouring? Just even spell it the same way to call it that raising and Let us all be Meyer, it's not the patriarch, that's a lunatic Toby Myers. She just thought it was a cool name. Sir. That's gonna be my grand Sancho. My rather than ever. Happily ever you gets a shared. Then you better get crazy confirmation aim for yourself result. Would you do now Well, no I didn't I gave I gave my son, the the b o s additions. That was by will now weren't you like Isaiah, something wasn't that year. I changed my name. The Jabbar Windows it first grade up are really like facet of our own. So the only thing is on Instagram. My son has been for some and he thinks kindly West is some sort of profit and everyone was inscribed stories he post. The sky was quotes petty sends often in the universe. The one today I just came by.
hours go if you have the opportunity to play this game alive. You need to appreciate every moment. Alot of people. Don't appreciate the moment till it's pass them. Then he wrote ye ask how can a task as Carl spent some time here my son commerce, cerebral guy. Would you Commissary Bogart Kyle, That's exactly why screen shouted the Saint Ives get us yeah, so easily saved it. For those living in London was asked it that's all. It is doubtful for he couldn T quotes there. Yes, so I think it's, the Graham is just the it allows these people to create these alternate personalities for themselves. The methods interim personality is this cerebral cool whatever and he's really just a spur for these fires, but he's a deck. My son is tat. You re not a surreal knots
even more more like a deck like I'll, come in on the spot fires lying on the couch watched in the past. My son comes in jumps on him and tries to punch the ball status is surreal. Grading for his fur is causing car right now. When he we didn't think one thing. It was like a loser. Wrappers we never erna. Fifty TAT was a really tat. It was I such a valuable. They always saving graces that one day Jacobus Monroe will be a deck to have enough. Maybe just copy bone rose. Citizens can believe we can help Jack in Arizona, Big, Billy Jason, had to prepare corner today's bearing corners brought. You buy a car max like many things
if you want to know what you're getting yourself into before. He met its white paper. They forget unmarried, and it's why car MAX has their love your car guarantee offering a twenty four hour test drives you really get to new car free by an occasion, commitment issues. Car MAX gives you a thirty day. Money back guarantee up to fifteen hundred boss, learn more a carmack stuck on car max carbon. Ray matches. I would he gets. Books are what we are. We got Fox bat live Monday, Thursday and Friday this week. Extra points pod cast network check. It out will pick the Monday winners side. Total first touchdown me in that the general trifecta and I'll have a picture. The Thursday game saying and travellers was five in a row now one of the driving I think I got this segment about how well your day right. You warned me not unless and also wish imagined join following the will ass before right, oh yeah! What's it? Let's do that really quick come there,
I mean you know. We lost him from ale ass, which is a mother fucker of a disease which I hold. That thought I was I wasn't familiar with, I'd. Never I never saw someone progressing the generate like I he did in what was yes. I had talked him like a week ago in his own up. This is a common case, but his speech was fine and meet had it for five years, which is a long time is speech was fine. Everything from the neck dam was bad, but his mind was strong and he would look Gessford Chemical and book just for the actual points, pod gas network up until like Monday, he was doing it and it kept them go. And but aside from any of that, he was like whether nice guys you over me and sports media darling like anybody, you know I'm loved them in that the airport of affection is phenomenal
we're going to Miss Giancarlo. I got to work with him, the first eighteen months of chemo, and you have these people that you work with and you're, like all that he's one of the nicest guys and maybe too many people get thrown in that group, but then there's like the actual three or four, who really are like the nations guys- and he was one of like be Nice- guys like he really was like one of the nicest guys ever Uncle Frank was to honestly by again you're, like a sensation. You're only allowed to give Alex six black belts for nice. Guys like he'd, be right for tat. I felt that way I don't know frank to let go of me. I was either with a couple times when he got bad. It was kind of shocking periodical, my God Uncle Frank, sped. I'd, never saw junk, hardly get bad. You add that you might have seen it maybe once or twice what fifty years working for the jacket are used is completely beloved. He stuck up for everybody and- and he was just an awesome guy-
Ruby loved them like loudly everybody sport. If any feed book a guess for me or mean you whatever you can come back and talk about hey, they had a great time and you know like you're, really like he'd, always follow up and just the just at the river guy. We know you can't really say a single bad thing about him and the help we missed the terrible fucking disease we have? We did that thing right where we raise money for a less as a couple. I guess three years ago now, two years ago, two years ago, two so anyway, but he was a nice guy yeah, and you have now got end on a downer shit. I now about these worth it thou easier as a good man. I see next week
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Connor Serena, dabble cuz, it's the holiday since my gift to the listener rent abba little hoops into the end of this Sunday party. Usually it's just me and stop talking about football before we do that, though KFC the Pats saw lining up sound, I just did the lines for Buffalo next week: dispatch six game winning streak now going to Buffalo trying to take control of the ac. I feel it. I feel an amazing bill. I'm feelin amazing match answer. I mean think about rookie quarterbacks across the and fell right now back had the misses out from a gainsay, thickened Manderson off came MAC, Jaws may look at it at the end of the game. He was solid throughout didn't make many mistakes. I am. I am a believer in this Patriots team Bell, but defence to get back Jones is coming together, feels there's just as you know, a big opportunity here in the absolute truths are still gonna have to be favoured
These are the ones I'm afraid of yes, but other than that patriots will have an opportunity here now I love saying the smile This is why I feel that a good right, so I told you map with one NBA trades and I'm going to come up with one NBA trade and we're going to trade that each other. You know my trade, I don't know your trade, the trade I was watching Detroit in the Lakers tonight on one of the tvs as the football is going trying to figure out. If that would be interesting, Simmons team. Darrell, who knows a bit was even true, but their allegedly that less than thirty prayers future summits for anything people think Jeremy Good Grant might have been an that less fillies had him before. Obviously, not full value for citizens may be some other steps firm in their wits. Weird is, I thought the tree was way under the cap.
I was researching round spot track and they have forty five million dollars a dead cat money that they're paying out through the legs of bleaker Griffin, encourage yourselves and the Andrea Jordan, so they actually have that the salaries summer match we say could do on December fifty. So maybe it something like Jeremy grant one of the contracts they have to have a couple like five mind, our contracts they could throw and it may be some sort of like protected pick or pick swap with protections for similar, something like that. Where fearfully like you watched and be the other night them, So the game as incredible as us are the worst officiate game in the year, but indeed was just add a control is falling. everybody out of Minnesota. He was tat ship just draining twenty footers long shots. He was boiling guys
I don't want a waste and indeed year, if I'm Philly in this stand off with Simmons and clutched just because like at some, I at some point I want to get something out of one for this year were asked by a german grant type where I'm starting to think about it. Now, I'm not panicking, but I'm starting to think about it, That does that framework of a trade make any sense to you. The army. I argued with this kind of concept with Vernal a couple weeks ago, a german heathens german grant, not a good thing. You know four Philadelphia, I tend to think like if you're gonna settle, something might make some sense, but I think you you, you have to know version of Jeremy grant you're gonna get you. Well getting the Denver version of Jeremy grant you knock. the guy who was averaging or twenty five points per game at the start, alas, last grant is still who's been inefficient off the dribble low thirty percent and pull up two's high twenty percent on pull up threes he's just not guy that we saw the beginning of last season, he's a guy who can do that time
but you're. Getting him to be a lockdown defender would size which could replacements them is an important part of a team, and somebody who hit spot up threes at a higher level is thirty, eight percent on spot. last four years gone back to his time in Denver, so I liked the concept there, but when I think about Philadelphia I am firmly in the camp here that Daryl Morey Stilson play this out and wait. I still don't think the patient settle in this situation or seven and three when Joe I'm going to be this healthy. The team has looked fantastic when it be as healthy, Terry's MAX he's coming along, he has been dynamic even coming along is an understatement. Jaime's I am in no way better. I mean he's better versus Haliburton like. Where had a halbert now to know what happened? How about this year, but I am stunned by the maximum annual Heller upheld earns start. good right away, and he just hasn't guy on anybody. If anyone grants slightly worse yeah by both MAX either paper thing where even the last three for games, he hasn't shot the ball as well. If you d like to ten games prior to that which
the lights out from three getting anywhere he wanted on the court. He still getting to the basket. He's looking like one of those guys who, even if it's shot, isn't falling, he can still drop files and still get inside the paint so make kick out, passes or or jump off passes to guys coming to the rim. So I feel like for Philadelphia, as long as I'm beads healthy, I'm willing to wait the salad, Benson rattled. Thank you know you mentioned adding some salary like a city bay or a colleague What those the two rumour names weeks or months backward well. You know I felt about Kelly Hellenic I don't like him as a rotation guy that they could get him in there. Yes, but I, I think part of there are areas in part. The problem is, I think, Simmons, is value has been really hurt by how he's handled the last format. Setting teams have real concerns, but a bunch of shit now
you training for you you're, not trading from the guy that even the guy you that we saw heading into lashers. Apps verses, where we are now? What am I get my getting? I wants to play my getting is having issues am my getting guy? Who has competitiveness, issues work Am I getting a guy who is actually gonna, try to improve, or is that the guy who's been stuck in quicksand? The last four years and has been basically the same guy for less years are, you, are you getting at Alice? You been Simmons were suddenly. He goes from a different pleasure of a year worthy to not trying at all on defence, bigger, happy or being happy that is there. So then it becomes like how many teams were to be had don't you like another one and I don't think she outcome. I don't know it's happiness, the outcome the last year and a half, but that on paper, see outcome for citizens is convincing trade because it would allow fully to play
Could you see outcome as like the undersized for with Harrison on paper makes sense unless you watch Toronto and I just don't like the way she outcomes playing at. I actually would rather have Jeremy Grant than CRM avowed summits, but these are the kind of names I think look at if you're fairly, the unwinding other up, why trade them so they. Why why, for a guy who's, like twenty five years old, all NBA player with a defensive player your Canada, AIDS and with MAX use development with South Korea, playing at the level that he is right now you can plug Benson events and suddenly you have some of those guards who can do some of the stuff on your team. Shutting off the drivel getting to the basque where you can utilise bend them and give a year greener, but you're, making it sumac summonses ever get he's never play in their again, though you might whom her eggs. I dont think there's any chance? I really doubt I beg our eyes and I'm, I still believe is: have you have you got inside him for any my brother, I believe, there's a chance.
I believe it. I don't see it. I dont think the fans are gonna wanna back. I think I learned to many bridge. You know how many future spreads effects that, oh, my god hey, would you be open about students coming back in the early autumn? Nearly all of them say hell, no hell a white Howdy would Hannah. I dont know if you know, as a player like from a confident standpoint, he'd be able to handle going back there at the reception was bad. I think about them. Furthermore, the West Coast Road trip- you know, like those long five six game was closer trips. start along that path. A couple a you know: twenty eight and five games, and maybe like the Philadelphia in people feeling a little bit differently, I mean with it's unrealistic. I know this, but this this happens relationships. Sometimes sometimes people have a near by sometimes it s really ugly. Sometimes you break up for a long time, but they sometimes, I think this is a break up
I move by stuff out of the house a problem. It probably was bill. I mean you're, probably right about that. But all I'm saying is that, your Darrell Morey in this situation here. Are you really get settle for german grant and Bay, I dont know I got a future protected verse for toys. We will all be a guy who is one of the best defence of players in all a basketball. I just I just don't think it's worth. I don't think. That's a surly swings your championship odds more than the slim, chance of someone's gonna back. I know I might look idiotic in the end if his value does dropped it planets, but I think that the reward, completing its limited risk. only a very limited, it's too, if you made a list of the top forty personally I dont think you could get him for any one in the top thirty, and I think you have with data on you're, looking at the german grant, CR come those type, a guy's. That's that's the less like yours. If you look at it
Text you're not looking brown and Tatum you're looking at Marcus, Smart Plus, that's that's the neighborhood you're shopping and it's just the reality of the situation. If I'm Philly the case for me for keeping them, isn't that you're hoping he plays with you again, it's the port. Situation because, ironically, Maxie has emerged as more of an asset right. So the thing you didn't know, the emphasis in the day you know is that Maxie has real trade beta and yeah. You can make the case Maxie, plus Simmonds, plus pegs, could get you Dame lowered if port them right now there and in tat pretty uninspiring to watch, I don't think anybody feels like their anywhere close to being a contender. Do you know so? Weird team were like the Ebner Kitchen Covey ten day Do you extend those guys? What do you do it? Then? There are now many picks. They have one of the craziest front office situations of anything which is San Somethin,
that goes south in any real way. Maybe Simmons back see becomes a possibility at you know that we have to. We know mutual Sixers fans who ability we take seizure right now, but I doubt if a month Portland, I wouldn't trade, see J forbearance immense. What am I getting. why not if you're parlance I mean you can fly Norman Powell up, give him some more touches. You get a Simons has made some progress. You can you lie. Ben Simmons and his ideal role. As I go a dream on style? Guy would be me in the Lord. If your Portland, I have a lot of interest in sub. My replace small would Simmons and Covington. We saw how effective there can be few Houston with Covington and Tucker you'd have elements that a building around Damien Lord you had, they have a handful of wings. You play different styles. The nerve summit front front corps would have some issues there, but to me
I look around the League amendment, no eight. When you texted me earlier about trades, may I have a hard time finding Ben Simmons deals that makes sense, which Do you know the point about where's his value, that what are you gonna get if you're, Philadelphia and airlines, the one team, I look at my damn, that's perfect if they could Paris. men's with Damien? Lord, that's me as a type of upside move that doesn't necessarily come on the level of a gold state, a phoenix. Are you tar or even a clippers if they got Hawaii, for that matter never mind the Lakers if they really figure things out, but at least mace. You makes you different than you. Ve been the last six seven years when it's just been slight variations of. A team has been Samians can change what that team can do in the half court as an offence. It can change what they are as a defence, an entire unit when you have somebody like him. So if your Portland to me, I think doing more the same with my column and lowered is just not going to get you anywhere. It's gonna get you in the planned bubble. Maybe you get the succeed, but you're an early exiting the playoffs
get unless you're. Really we agree on that. I just think I just don't know what I'm getting with them. It's like I'm, giving up real asset and I'm getting a guy back? What? If he just decides day when our like Portland I'd this, wasn't my lord? He had a language about anything my family Tony, I mean my. I think that one of the ideas I, how does a good job they Maria and bad young, the fair Antonio, really do that right now, with his aunt em out developing the way he has run out with nineteen eyeliner guy one of the best, the basketball, Elena flip side, you think, like Sacramento, they wouldn't give up box for Simmons. Now you watch foxes. The way he's played the last six weeks through other kings team looks in general and then you are back see like. Why would fully want facts for some?
say, the lasting they're gonna want is appoint guard, who might not even be better than the point where they have their they're gonna, want somebody who gives them something that they don't have and right now, but they don't have a guy like cigarettes. So the Iraq on paper were made sense, except he's the same guy, he was a year and a half years. You, I don't think so. It's tough, I think The galaxy means in terms of defence versatility until he and all that living it's also just a guy. We can generate often for You know, I'm not even sure Simmons returning does not for you in the half court, unless Leicester utilizing him at a screening role and I've been obsessive that for years, but lay, I think, with Maxie inquiry, utilizing into the stream. You can add a little bit about what they really need, as somebody who gave it to the teeth of defence. Besides Maxie like,
the giant they Marie. Failing that, I just don't like the site of the telecom side of it. I don't like the Zairean Simmons Fit near that that's clunky, that below on. Let me find a watch. I'd love to watch it, but if you can keep asking all fit of Europe during that time out around Zion Nigger convince hinder to sign that extension. Coming up. Tell sign it. You seen it as I do that Father too and Michael Corleone, when there are like we gotta, kill Hyman Roth and make a colonel inside your time to wash Godfather, to tell you that bill said, I hope our or anything I want to highlight a bully for now. I wanted a godfathers every year and Corleone says about Hyman Roth like history is taught us anything is that you can kill anybody and its saving with with MBA trades. If What are you gotta say things you could trade anybody except on while it seems like you, wouldn't
forty five million dollars cancer. At that point, the second thing I don't I would want to get somebody back. That would help win the title this year. That's why I'm doing the trade, otherwise, I'm not sure, because I still have a guy who's, one of the seven most important guys in the league and go toe to toe with anybody in the series that have some other pieces that one other piece who knows. With the with the east. I refer. Summonses final never happen, but it's a fund that I was thinking about, be that UK trade I'd love the watch that won't, because you think I've been would just being like what Blake was like last year before before he had that a lot of his career, the share, but the way they are using avenues rejuvenated Blake last year. Simmonds is like the way better version that never happen. I, what was your? What's your name those gonna half baked idea, but I'm kind of sick and tired of us a bonus turner Fit in Vienna.
Some ambiguity about. How are we gonna put one of these guys? and I mean whether its Turner weathers a bonus, I'm open to either, but I'm thinking about, like the bonus, see outcome type a swap here alone. I could use some type of tradition, big in their rotation and I'd, be very intrigue with Savona, surrounded by all of their defensive versatility, so bonus on a team, guys. I Odeon Adobe Scotty Barnes pressures are true. I like that that gets me pretty excited about something like that. If you're the rafters and for Indiana you put miles Turner at the five year riding hands, you defensive parachute and trees, for you maybe see outcome fixes himself there. Maybe he gets back to his prior levels France has ended the floor. You get some more wing versatility. I think this is the type a deal that can help both team and there's not a lotta deals out there, the season I mean early
Right now, when I look around the league that I expect to happen, this could this seems like a bruin to be like a quiet deadline. I mean it's so earlier in our time in December, the outcome change, but I just don't foresee a ton of my big star action. Does one thing about this: a bonus, fuck, em level players legs a bonus just how they for Seattle There's something I went out of the car says that at all events, the bonus in a salary, El I, like Jeremy, Lamb type, would have to go and Jamie lit up here. I think I'm like them. I think about us, is more of an asset. Then see outcome at the EU can make a case if I was a GM out, be treasured first, the bonus- and I keep thinking about him, but the warriors,
in wet weather. I don't think the wires or master they than they have in their in a perfect situation, but if they decided to cash in the wise men ship fur of a big guy who fits in from a hoops iq kind of ad something's, gonna point, Sir Bonus or Turner both for those guys differ ways we really fun for them as something for the South accede B. Somebody who saw the latter promised them I'd. I made value him a lot higher than other people, but to me it's like I'd have to get like Toronto pick and that trade from training supineness. I did like see outcome and I did like a top three protected first and then I'll have the car. station I'm entreat I hadn't thought about the warriors before this pod bill, but that cause, I think the people talk about Ben Simmons for the warriors. That never taught them never happen, and it is really tough to make that happen, because you have to
good Wiggans. I know Wiggans events in no way but bays really important that yeah here, if you want a better wing defenders, all about doing anything at eighteen nineteen into whatever their right there that messing up the steep made the warriors, maybe dogs, but doesn't it does I feel like a year, though with no, I think the word nuclear favorite I pay and there they are the clear favorite, but for a lot of these other teams around the league, including go on state because it relatively wide open. This is I have a year that were of you're gonna cash in some chips, you can increase your odd significantly to get into that champion. Raise order really elevate your eyes over the top of everybody else. So if you Argo and say you say they won't change it up, but if you're getting the bonus. If you could integrate and easily high you player somebody who can pass the ball as somebody who you know knows how to play the game, he fit that warriors style is a big day
You do cash and wise men and income manga and then one of our salary to make a deal I or on that shaded. Commissioner. Not shortcoming is untouchable. On thirty with I'm saying that by horribly untouchable by undone now I know in a averred: that's some guy! I'm not bring it about yes he's staying when the behind they are in the glass case from the little stuff. seen already from him either fancy bill? Oh my god, the offensive ceiling. I am that trade in that did because we knew about the other stuff, but we did that. I was properly prepared for the defence of possibilities with them, whereas wise men, if they could turn Wiseman its miles Turner or a bonus and there's other stuff on there and that's just there just upgraded than their being like our right, where's bunches. We love Wiseman like this, could actually lockdown the title. If we got one of those two guys, I still think that makes them a sense,
God has had some outrageous defensive position, they can't read him, you can't you can't trader and give the way we vote. We we, I thought they should take in Baghdad who'd, you think they should taken. You have honour, I bought over them, who I still think he would have been a nice pick for them, but the committee a thing holy shit that doing possibilities. It coming as upside is, is ludicrous say as long as you yourself a scoring side, I mean I mean like right now: they're using another big man really interesting. How they're, using commander he's not doing much on the parameter is basically like a small beg for the sick but a big man just doing everything on the interior finishing inside not doing The perimeter handling the ball. Like the kind of guy he's kind of a player Franco for them. Where sometimes you'll see these rookies re like why Therefore, on this guy in here this is the kind of a pivotal moment. I can't believe they're playing him, but I think we will see him in play upstairs because its defects
Maybe maybe I mean I have so many guys I can turn to you can turn to us gonna Anderson. If you want to, but not against the day, they have I mean that speaks to the amount of options that they have, that you might not even need to turn to your lottery peck, because you have so many players that roster that are good, they're, so deep there so deeply. I'm into that. I meant that, for God's sake, I understand keeping commissioner but of your Indiana. Are you really do have for just wise men and like moody and and and linear, unlike those who think about they couldn't give away Turner Year ago. If you could turn turn a wise man, you're probably doing that right, I think Turner. I would love to see him on it, I am with you, I watched a team, I get frustrated. They have these two guys that we ve seen this for long enough. Both of them are assets, they should be at the same time, I would trade one of them. This is fun, seared mismatch. When you do the misspent burner Tuesday morning, Tuesday, Friday morning and yet the boys as well. We can reach the ring and I can't get to see Cassie go. There
go paths thanks to south. Thanks to care see this package was produced by car Creighton. I will see you on this feed on Tuesday night and we knew we watch was coming on Wednesday, as well as more needs to be running on Wednesday night see them. One way.
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