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A Boston–New York Baseball Holy War With the Kid Mero, JackO, and Bill's Dad | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 424)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his pal JackO to talk about the upcoming ALDS between the Red Sox and the Yankees (6:35). Then Bill calls up the Kid Mero of the Bodega Boys for more Sox-Yankees trash talk, and some NBA preview insight (32:25). Bill also gives some NFL picks (1:05:13) before calling his dad to talk about Josh Gordon and the New England Patriots, Kyrie Irving and the Celtics, and, of course, more Red Sox–Yankees (1:13:00).

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I got an unusual amount of really good feedback for that one. I think that might have been a hall of Famer. Do people really really really seem to enjoy that one? So, if you didn't hear you check it out, it's a deep dive into 90s Hollywood and just trying to break in when you're competing for roles against the Sioux of different actors. Also, some great Ben Affleck Store, and we talked about a whole bunch of stuff to really get one. Finally, last Pisa Housekeeping business, we launched a new twitter feed today at ring. NBA. We did it for them. Ask about season. We have, they love NBA. We have allowed MBA Dna. We talk about the NBA. Stay. We didn't want to overwhelm r r Ringer Twitter feed as the season when along so what we thought was. We would launch Ringer, NBA Libya, put other. The links are different. Nba stuff there are the videos. Are
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I was just in New York City for the last four days that salaries in the Red Sox Yankees. This whole thing was a little bit late, so my apologies. It should have been up already, but I flew back last at a time the flight on jet blue He watched the patriots, calls game and it landed at leg at an hour. Seven four. Five, something that allay time, which I figure to be in the fourth quarter and I just that we're in a killer calls once again others injuries. I was worried about how my area the slave, through them at the of my Iphone and freak out a cab or something, and I landed, and it looks like the game was over and then all the sudden, the co star to get a little frisky, and I was in the exact situation that they want to be in where I was on my Iphone watching the game on some crappy signal that kept cutting in and out and then finally, the pats
I'm off the paths, a better service and then did two weeks ago. I still don't feel great about where we are the season. So we'll see the corner backs we're ok yesterday, but the safety is an alarm backers. Continue to get torch, Casey cases and accelerate. I'm a little worried about Travis Kelsey and tie Wreak hill, and our Lord had Savior. Patrick Bob's, I am worried about- are less than five aware that the path can have an offence. But yesterday was the first time the pats actually looked like the pets. So did that happen because the culture banged up did it happen because Adam and came back was nice to have him back the way Josh Gordon gettin little frisky, nephew Kyle injected in are they have very close, very close to baggage ash, Gordon Jersey, we Like a month left that Africa we are now seeing the one shining pack. Yesterday there doing a world tour of the MID West
you November, no vampire tickets, a guy answer today, TAT is intended for part gas and what is the Louisville Columbus Bloom with maintain and after the over under him, making it a priority to enact citys. The question is: are they gonna make me drive the day I dont Van affect my eye. Just the same on one of the worst and scarcely said is I've ever had. So that's all happen in check it out on the hour once occupied twitter feed or on their pack has come up we're going to take. The kid marrow we're inside it echo, we're inside my dad. I'm really do a couple I'll pick up my dad, Joe says is travelling today here, two in areas today, so maybe we can call on the motion in more so when I felt picks it then Red Sox Yankees, coming up. First, our friends from protein
on the line right now? We recently celebrated our thirtieth anniversary, as friends remain college at the tail end of August in nature. Eighty eight and he was yankee hat. I was probably wearing some sort of Boston thing and we were natural enemies, but some out Foma anyway Jack O. How I got my friend I'll get We have an added Bludward awhile. We sometimes we have to go to the mattresses. We can feel they come in for a while. I really enjoyed when you were a sad sack loser.
Twitter, I'm just gonna, say sad sack, loser we're not good enough picture so declared for you, the originator of the reverse Genk, to call me out on matters really my mentor in these banks when an asteroid Pupil at earmarking may, by the time that is game you're tweeting about Luke Toper, you read it I adore just today may lose what Be right why the when eighty Jacko am, I changed my dark. They said what they do it did I tell you, I have two daughters in their already Mcgowan, labors denied him if it would be fitting, You got it on this team. Savareen Alex Good LU, Lu Voice. He d YE gave them little
Jill him little voice. Any swagger you got a little mixed, wisher swagger, but eventually, unlike the exposure, is actually pretty good. Is that over completely abuse now is swaggered. That's that's an entire well swagger baby is come second it I was really nervous about that wild card game, and then I started watching the game in the end I dont really follow the AIDS or on the West Coast networks, gruesome, Yankees Guide, our like when second bear starters, one from Australia and two with the affected in June. When second, I feel better about this, the men I keep hearing about the strength of the age oh pan, and they were going with their quota quote opener reality out of a star there, because their boat and was so strong, and I like we're way, isn't Fernando ROD Nea of key component in this book. Ten, as well as
were met. Familiar like I'm, not sure this is like the grids bullpen mystery mankind. When those two prominently involved, then close, it was really a little better. You got you got to the council meeting at everybody with I had the same reaction. Is you and, as you know, in the crazy ale Keeper League Liam Hendricks couldn't start for any of it. Ten teams in an air only fantasy wig. I saw that he was a starter. And I was just dumbfounded. I figured they were using, whereas the at him as the opener, but I don't understand Viana, do that price. As we do with answers on the ringer am obese lack, unlike wily am Hendricks. I don't understand it now. This is what they do. They're gonna pitcher pitchers am, I here This is where, like new wave baseball thick ages goes awry ray. I get get the whole birthing the raised at a bad success. The aid stated that success. When you don't have enough good starters, you kind of patch it together, you try to go mad ships. I get all of it, but you know
certainly am Hendricks inner enough winner takes all Yankee Stadium Game, That's the guy. You tried out there in the first reading what made anyone did anyone think it was gonna. Just go one two three through the top of the ladder up, I certainly did it now. I didn't I mean I don't know whether I thought well, if they really have this lockdown bullpen in this guy's got to have some like wonderful reliever who's going to do that. It's going to go one two three in the first, but obviously you didn't do that and in retrospect it was kind of crazy to think that I thought they reveal, like Ito accurately and ethically darling, that a good point either I forget which forget, which one of them was, but when you go with this bullpen game, you're counting all aid to those guys you bring again having a good night yeah like being the guy like. If you go with a star,
and your counting on the starter. Egypt has to be one guy, that's good for five or six settings if you're going with a different guise, your counting on a different guise, the beef great that night or be adequate that night and may they couldn't rely on that only Hendricks, but the couple other guys the Nebraska bill was bleacher beat our signal, a calculator meter. It certainly do We pay tribute started him. He was good the sharing out of the sky. They may be excellent ridiculous here so anyway, You, you came out a game ton conference savareen looks great Pedro insinuated. Savareen ours is was hiding said Andrea, which makes sense because he definitely fell off a cliff and didn't look like this. No other explanation. For that those makes it would almost be. Give Chris Sail, was they throwing in the loan ideas and only interminably pitch the last two months in like if we
like, while in retrospect that's weird, maybe something's wrong with. It would almost be like that interesting as one of the many interesting so plots of this, because when they, when their attacks put sail on the shelf a couple times the season late in the season and the other run away with the earlier, there is a foregone conclusion. So I figured the sale thing was just you know they were trying to arrest them up for the post season, because you and I'm on the policies- and they want to say where entire in his arm and made all the sense in the world, but they make back and he was only throwing in the low nine days- and I don't know for what it's worth Steve Philips- were sounding the alarm on mad dogs. Radios six, that we show the other day that people don't think that sail is right and the left no be interesting to see I mean if you, if you wipe out in others, there is untenable. So if he nodded, gave me edible, so I did any worries me on budget. That was so we
is nine hundred and thirteen a DOT M Pacific time, one thousand two hundred and thirteen ETA at the Gamestop. For like eight nine hours, What worries me is pitching at home, he's gonna be an incredible managing that energy in, but also probably, you know, four to five thousand Yankee fans. I guess spread around the place. It really. If he comes out- and he does impeach well and gets head in ages, is labouring early, whatever the This case scenario is the energy in the bar. Why it's gonna shaft in a really bad and dangerous way. It's almost like. I would almost rather, whose pitching Yankee Stadium now he might be fine, he may be an cruise control, but actually TAT, the Yankees laid out, the the rotation sir We have today and then came to aka, who, I think, is your best money, pitcher gone away. Pray to, even though he is, you know, shadow out a demons during the season. I dont know how to essential,
dammit reply game. It gets the egg is say I still can't get over that harm mentally and I could see in a Europe where nothing, let's say winds and I now it's too makeovers is price and I'm shooting bricks. So I made an appeal for the egg is in our their facing a big money, high payroll team and the Red Sox second eyes. Oh and baseball in all the ideas set out in a way that gives destroy toddling battle, with guys off the scrap heap like Luke Voice, just read, reclamation project They don't have the money that they want to stand in a luxury tax. They can't go out inside a J D Martinez Chris sailor, David Prize two hundred seventeen million dollars gives them everybody. Ballpark some scientists. For your scientists to give out to give out
The problem is an anti drugs. You teams no team amazed at ever. If this greedy Jedo goody scrappy group could ever steal one against preclude scrapping the hen go into tomorrow with David price. Oh it s in the policies, their complete mental midget, pitching coma, probably after a late night, a fortnight gaming and I have to go out there and try to salvage four hundred and thirty winner, whatever it was season with all pressure in the world on the many ideas, barely got under the play off right down to them we will not make any games. Are we talking about the red Sox? I think click, the Airways to actual, fifth or something monsieur somewhere. I doubt whether they could be one of the all time period in the history of major League baseball, narrowly palm fields. Everything else I mean it no benefit at the eggs could ever turn the tide.
I point out really be something to say. I did worry about price when they announced the new fortnight game last week, a creative that they blew a blue leg. Head like a hovering house, as this is bad for price. This really incited sent him into a tale. Sped see. Really. He's really, oh and aid that the actual record in the process, I believe so I thought, Kennedy surrounding the other day where you no sale at fails post. The only posted in experience might be last year with them That's right! You never get away with no that away temper. He was, Who is the hero in the eight tell red where taxpayers yeah? That was what I was like his grave thousands break out moment hi you re apparently in policies, and I thought I mean I I think prizes like oh and aid in the policies and or is there a way. They know that it's a deceiving overnight and then and then portfolio is not very good
the policies on his side. So your big three he's my little shaky, but these things can no return. And you know it's in sing about these games- is I dont think I feel really matters, I dare say nothing about it like that each other, so on issues like yeah? It's date they play eighteen times a year, and I don't, the fans are always there's always fans of the other team in the in the in the park and now they lead, say where's stare red Sox. They go down to nothing at all, like in basketball, be like why that's insurmountable now that now the next three six forward on the road that you're not coming back from that and in baseball I don't think it matters. I really doubt I think it mattered. In the one game off with them. With, with the red debate, Labors, having pitching Yankee Stadium out I uttered by for this
I don't care, I did. The red Sox could win any game, and yet you stated that you can win any game in Fenway. It'll, be great, it's really it's kind of amazing that it's happening. Ay ay I felt like after I don't know after we got through life. Ass decade. It just seemed kind of inconceivable they play again. I don't know why play ready for it. I'll be honest with you be serious, like you know, if you look back ninety nine, you know the Red Sox weren't, quite the Red Sox, that they became so ninety nine before we had. We had pager, though that that was ledger pages can it reaches. Game, seven pages, and then we got to the game size, but two thousand and three men in the other one. Those were just for palm bores that just a bloodbath forever and involved, so that was engraver friendship, but now, I'm not quite sure, ready for another one of you.
Knockdown drag out: Yankees red black brows, basically so I have already launched documentary the other night at something out. Sports illustrated tv a bit about the buggy big game and seventy eight, which was which was well done and in our back in the day with fans, were different. Willie red always talked about like standing on the field in watching this might understand and thing. So we're not like that anymore. I don't think, but it now. It's a worrying is right side from the rabble, rape in our model and pensive about it. I'm gonna be out with the affair. I much prefer to be like playing the Indians in this round and then having to read like to lose to somebody else. That's without much prefer. We are so think about forty years ago how uncivil everybody was and how crazy thou, as would be, our president back then was condoning set We saw away. That's that's two thousand eighteen
well it out this document. They talked about it out in the Eighties stadium list as battered the now, if not worse than and way about now he's going to wrap Jerry Remy at birth and talking about like to pick out the batteries that would get prone to fulfil, hit out. Beer poured out everything else, and it's not like that anymore and bags. Madeline amazing. I'm really create crazy. I remember being really matter. You know three is, I think, you'd texted me after their boom game and I just like the tone of the tax. There was itself patronising and I think its active through external put. You put it in your book, actually you, but when the red, when there is now, I don T, think I said something like I'm a cabra now and Euro like cadaver, but he wants a camera we wonder, but yeah you're, talking about all your mental anguish. You suffered a meanwhile, I just said I had laid the second worst loss of my entire life up until four in the morning. Writing a calm about it then I say left work the next day
I was working for Jimmy show that year And I was so upset and traumatized from the night before it didn't really totally hit me till it three o clock and then it was I who our just never gonna win with my whole life. I've never seen happened Europe. In an era bristled dynasty, the world has been flip by the TED in Gaza. Ascendant were you know, scrappy gritty, small market, guys rookies. Now, just try to try to make a name for ourselves. So if, if both sides peed in a cup whose in more trouble, I don't think there any that anymore. I made this day and age that with testing and everything else around there goes when the minor league, virtually Hast, thou merit and rigorous against the egg is clean. As a whistle baby. I don't know about their attacks image. Eighty Martinez, nobody saw these numbers coming in. You bet hasn't here last year, thousands unity, it may know things things you don't have a ready for the PD accusations by this bag ass. I went in
within that really concerns me is. If there is some some fisticuffs subject, cannery, yeah some some violence, the Yanks have one of the better bench, Clary broad themes of all time. If that the number one it are. You reaction. Big guys. You don't want to mess with the eggs between Dino, Stanton and Judge, and the Kansas is like succeed in point two big fella. You don't really want to mess with me give chat mental come in like doing such a Frankie like China take out Asia is a big fella to absolute ways like six eggs. You have met with the actual up, then the best bench Joe Kelly. Better watch is that they just didn't proposal Kelly will just give up her Brandon up eternal through hey and throw people I mean I've just flat out terrify the joke highly in nearby had besides his eyebrows, though everybody you guys have a better. I would say you have a better, certainly a better starting rotation,
your light as well as in boot and with Martinez in bed and Ben attending probably has more guys that you can count on coming through, but the early eighties bull patents is probably superior. Others guy I've asked the question marks about Chapman and his health. They look pretty go, get another was thrown a hundred, which was good, but you know: Matanzas has been laid down Could he fell apart? Absolutely anything with the bullpen domain it made. I had a legendary ran about Marianna that I'm the threats. I see that the Yankee they see each other so many times that, like that, there's no there's no real advantages. Like another body, Marianna reflector able to head emanate do the same thing. The Chapman, as I have already done this year and the Yankees could arguably did the same to their bullpen because they ve seen it so often so, thank you think series from a lot of them perspective. We have the best to hitters in you. A better happen. I'm back is judges healthy
That is how they make up eighty percent. Is that a hundred percent was the whole breathless was good the other night, and they get that in a thing. I double that moved about it in different directions, which is a word swing. Yeah, I'm that a hundred that he's under personnel they either I dont have any confidence frankly and then to come through in a big situation in the postseason made it home by the other night, but if they were already up six to two, so I would like to see it, but I just I don't have any faith in him being a clutch guy at all. HU. I hope the judges healthy, but now know they could come through, but the Yankees problem problem has been for the past ten years a bit. They just can't get a when they need it. Give me other night night. They first and second, nobody out you to pour poor on their more runs the sort of relax everybody They couldn't tack on until later. So here's that worries me he's my list of Gaza
Confidence in the Red Sox render in it a big spot J D one. He won't be and have them one day. One be Bogart three. I, like the way he's been swinging. The bat, especially in September, made another guy who was terrible assured had, I think, Can you get hurt? Use plan hurt half the year he's he's. I think, he's much more reliable ahead, one s wrist and injuries. I would say after Germany me out of the loop void, flew in their without a play. I would say, what's interesting, is, after those three. It gets. A little messy has been intended, hasn't it for power, basically sincerest outbreak. I don't know what happened but
Well, that humans are cyclical. They got through. So please come back. I know you're afraid of him. Yankee stadium, there's something about his showing I Estonia, but what's weird, is black hole. Has been like one of the most reliable guys in the team for a few weeks now and he's he's done before we have these little hot streaks than they last for a while, but actually think there are two words with him, because Cleansers Canada, a corpse and you know respected bad, you got it while he's been there before you got to put them out there, but I actually think I do be crazy that the play Brock hold over him. So you know the guy is I think, Swineherd God, yeah no way referred to an ever growing, ever feel like you're, all him sweetheart area, I like swear, I think, he's gonna bats. His ease head here Add moments where he comes to ruin these big spots. I think he's the best catcher that we have
for whatever reason then I'll play him all the time, but I weirdly trust in a big spot. So I you'd be my weird. Sacks gotta watch out for whose your yeah you gonna watch out for well Aaron Hicks. Yet it was a sort of sneaky goody, put up good numbers the share, but he kind of flies under the radar because they have judged Stanton and it. Oh, nobody really think the baron, but I think he could come through in a big situation. I have learned about a competent to their tax. For some reason he's been did this he's another guy by the way he's like yours, seventh, Basque. I too have an ability to learn where I really like I'd like that they added Mc Cutchen. I really like Mc Cutchen Flickr. A guy like a good leader Geier. I really like him. I think he had something that the team that they didn't have had. I love I yield to no one in my lab rat gardener, but Mc Cutchen I like that they added him. About that. So I was excited. They did that because, as you know, I'm terrified of gardener
what I don't know why you are abolished. Everybody's gave the terrible the sure those bearing and red Sox I know is, I know, he's been bad and I know there's rumours of his demise, but he's just. Those guys in the especially in playoffs, these games just slow down? You know That's why like when they did that their by my committee, its agree: idea in July, but Man and in October, sweating out every page and You must need that started to get you a rhythm for cup warnings, but the same thing as with the with the long at back as many of these games words are where the three hour marker Eddie. It's this. Then we have Joe Kelly Ann he's. Just two strikes forever of bread, gardener, thorough ninety nine keeps getting farther off and then finally, he thinks went over the second basements head. I hate rooting its Gaza that it he's he's that guy for you, but if he's on the bench, great
added Jerry. I wanna pitched Gary Sanchez in any situation. Rattleborough I we where's gamma advice. I would put it Roma it. I mean it's inches and I put it was actually out. Ok on defence, the other night, which is surprising but united in their first, for whatever reason he shouted down near the sheer and he had come back from enter any as a really said the world on fire. Like you know, I have more confidence in Romania. A hidden behind he added Jerry Sanchez is a black hole, is shared, and now you hope it's just one year and next year he bounces back, but I don't think he has been here and it's not worth it to have been a one in a hundred chance of him hidden, wonder the moon when the other times he's gonna ground into a double play in our no fly weekly the centre. So I put in Roman over Sanchez at this point, but I,
think they'll do that, because, as we know, there are convinced that it will be an upside is bad at some point in global laboratories. We don't have to. I made the hall of Fame Black, yet it doesn't look like no, but we can we can make it from ago, and there are those who make it for him. We maybe just move tourism. Wing of the Hall of Fame over to enter her ground by maintaining Europe. One second infers to add scrambling into how you feel good about it. What do you like it to be? A mere they're gonna, put an edge of the related to the other night, but guide everything Boon did work. They put him. Three or four different now, but the much maligned air Boone you back, but now he was, he was right the other day. I now I don't love him, but he was right the other day I know, maybe maybe those babies red hot streak of one game. Now you can carry that through the he did get there in the headlights like a couple months ago and I'm looking for the coming back here.
Is great bird and the plan for us to have mercy fully, if not actually, now look void, as Luke Void has, while he pipped. While it will allow the bird to the point where it might have to be called Gregg Bird from now, and that while it has Yes, look like this kid they now they. When I got em you tat, he has like the second most home, runs in the major since August, only behind yellows and it out. If he brings- swagger, get out with his open shirt and his haircut and needs to get out carried away carried himself. I knows the other night when he, when he tagged up from third and scored with a running with a piano on his back and like all the Yankees on Cecily was like standing on. The railing like doubled over in laughter is one of these guys, like you know they had alike I got it out. I was lovely boy like theses. Laughing ass, though he was their base taking tobacco was laughing at him for big flylike like
what are you guys, like you made this young guph, that, like everybody, candlelight rallies wrapped whatever so like that, so I know it's ownership, but I always eat up that. Keep team chemistry thing, unlike the other inside joke, Frazier last year, with the thumbs down thing and now, they're gonna have loop boys like their mass God, who also can hit the ball a mile the biggest said, another measure, so we're going to the there's afraid, a game and Saturday game that a month game and you- and I are gonna- have over to the Ringer emma- be Show Pike Ass, probably on Tuesday after game for and shoot the shit no matter what happens? Let's make a pact, of course, never come up. I came out in August after, but forgave sweep and the extra dead and buried omega duck. This thing, though
here for good or ill. So we have plenty of time, and this will do Tuesday and the Ringer Emma Bijou, maybe next Friday, on this path. Assume in this area is the guy Jack. I wish you the worst look at you you're, my friend had talked. Is it there take a break talk about Roman, let's face it, as are terrible, taken care there have studies, show seventy percent of guys who experience erected dysfunction, don't get traded for it. That's bad thing. Most people are realised. It is like a czech engine laid for a man's body. It could be indicated there's something more serious going, I'm like a hard issuer diabetes, thankfully Response aromas create an easy, discreet way to get checked out by a doctor, Doktor get treated for India online. It's a one step Licence? U S? Physicians can diagnosed every day that ship meds right from their pharmacy to your door, you have to wait and rainy rooms deal with any awkward faced, face conversations uncomfortable trips to the pharmacy. None that you just have to visit
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fascinating Ale DS loser, but here is anyway the kid my hair area like Wikipedia obey me a letter was so let's go so he your show ended advice and you put your doing a new disease. Amira show an Showtime, that's up here. You must be going at the edges or in the play out, and you don't have a show you time this terribly equality over quantity. We think about whatever right now, and I would be like
All right away until Yankees win the world. There is an even more glowed, even more because at that level of competence, but had I been there on the table, I knew at the moment that theses plucked so great a guy, but the ages ago. Indeed, when the boy- oh wow, I knew it right that in their energy that attitude like with like, if you watch I've couple a game that even those periods against the fact that last year it like it was kind of like a united me, the book and what kind of like there was like. Energy or whatever, but like fifty China, then he brings back like you know that my girl, You what're you gonna, do what you say about some few bids
right I mean come on. You guys Curzon Accords even said, is agreed for gold half a million dollars because it also decided they may like. That's the guy, you wanna you did so I just I don't know. I don't know that book about out of the buggy somebody. If somebody got something bad about anything, I don't sleep on, Muky movie will slow down, but I was just talking to my my college buddy, jack. I was a Yankee family been friends for thirty years. I was talking about how this The scariest bench glaring bra team that the egg is ever read it it's a bunch of Bohemus and were all would I heard just that one spills photo of Erin Judge back the entire give about day like Sergio Roma. Would let one of my kid
oh, my god. I stand boy, these guys easily dids big white boy. I've been waiting for the Bush like inspired by TAT. Do you guys? Do you good bye that, if China, if there's a bench, claimed broad Chapman, is the most dangerous guy, because you'd do anything, go blind. Had somebody that guy, I think, he's the Mickey rivers of this bench, clear, brilliant you'd- think I feel like I'm absolutely feel like he will. He all alike. I dont have a fight dirty, but he'll do like Dwayne way that I know I know you remember how you had wave I turned around those elbow inside out. Yes, in a curious like I feel I can do something like that, like on the world, like others, grab a guy by the recent, it's like what you mean and appoint data troubling divide website grab a guy like step on a guy that goal
really hard there when I was one of the great browser A time was the seventy six brow when loop down Crown FEZ get home play and it's just complete MA am Mickey Rivers issues big around sucker punching like everyone in sight is easy, complete data of the OECD that one guy and a bench Clare Stew, buried strawberry was that guy was added. Ninety six, maybe some other data among companies as well. I didn't like it does indeed about the mortal combat scorpion fish. Lunch and cross, thereby bugger, who do you trust the most and this Yankee team creature like anyone, let's do pitching first.
Ah starter, I, like some re known as budget my Dominican, buys. I really think that you like us, but you don't like an M m into Knocker. I trust because they acted like a different, might use different about even inanimate, and then the bull banish the book. I might not only rather thin yeah me and I both come out I trust that getting bath enough like all. Well, you know the start. Another have to go for an inanimate. By what can I do for you know, firing the men and then you could take a mountain and opened a bullet. The resolute way, something that I feel that the red Yet we cannot say that will that's one of the reasons you got: Half braid France S with sand. He just pitches say so give you a good sex jack can't go seven, but you don't care here. We we
in a weird spyware, pitchers cause. We have sale, nobody who is supposed to be our ace in the biggest advantage we would have in the series and no told you knows what to expect nobody? higher than me and lifestyle aboard. Putting didn't you know now am I gave a bright light, comma wheeling, even as the fact that you gotta admit, like we honor, I believe a couple of their own have won the game, I like to think I like to think that you least him repeatedly, but I ate I'm hoping you don't know. I just feel like I'm hoping it's like an airbnb where you just stay there a few times but Is that an actual ownership? May I leave pitching he's pitching in Boston, which makes me feel better. I think in Yankee Stadium shaky yeah. That's a heart attack r R. Top three hitters I think are better and more real, both in yours, so
it's weird do I do Martinez embeds in Bogart? I just think urge is better than your top three just flat out. You don't think they're the White Knight Colbert look boy, a tremendous ere. He is he's gonna, be like the post even eroded, every year, the approach of the other day listen. I was very excited that he had a big night again stead, embarrassing, a team that got trotted out an ado or die game. They started some some there, eight best pitcher that it was a
idea, I'm glad I'm glad of neurons confidence. I don't know, I don't know what they were like demanded. You're gonna go away, you guys, I don't even know who the project that is the right to life again I'll, be at the eighty five here come the ten or twelve yeah like what we need is a strong orientation of Microsoft. I've never heard of it before we take a pitcher combat and it's like you, disorder and you know, is expected to be any fear the knees, but look I came out of the quick like I've. Never heard of you do. Like. I watched the idea that I was the only be the alien and when I was at least to make one of my friend what they were doing, then they were doing their new Vespa words like was the he wasn't started, he was the opener he's gonna which one anything in there
match him up against the top three and we're gonna win was game with guys that, thank you can't do that to do or die game when you doing an employer like do you trust they re like that wonders of dubious carefully in the fine as if the warriors were like. We're gonna start shall Livingston as our opener bringing the other eyes only women play for him for a third water. What do you do it and I think they would like a couple of unbearable began which no, why We do that. We have all the answers that, like that's, not gonna, be rough, and I was just thinking was awake delay. Would you would you hope into account like? Even if you win like me, are you gonna be able to live?
walk out of the stadium into the Bronx than be like. We re at EU level. I sent for you on a train tracks like they disappeared. Shall improvements have been well yeah darling, I think, but I mean ok I'll, give credit and we'll get you give credit Judy. I confronted the hill, but I feel There is going to wake up. I really do you have failed, carries heads and wake up dairy Sanchez. Yes, he's gonna wake up.
Where this is her life like funniest moment of the pack ass they ve got away drop, is gonna, learn how to keep order, and it's gonna happen, ferocity member, how you think any sacrifices entirely by the side of his body that road loiter yeah? This is, if you got a one year I think he retired, if they win the day when it only retires. I'd like you to retire about what like, if they went and all his definitely retiring, and I feel like he will do his entire right side of his body to win like a world food game. I'm fat loaded overthrew him already. It's gonna, be that's Luther. I can't believe you're doing that. Can we go backwards for a second What was it like as a proud dominican american hullo?
dominican, baseball players to watch dominican, baseball players, conflict completely, flip the Red Sox, Yankees robbery, the eighty six years. We use that Americans and we felt that it was it was. It was a weird time in my life, because I had a lot of family members that were red flags and I didn't understand I was like you're from New York. Why have you read like that? I'm like, like my answer, would be like all under the fate of the people, the most dramatic about, and I won't be able to give them a better merit and at low manner manner a mirror. The way, my comedy The baseball version of me in governing giving you I'm giving you office, I'm giving you often from giving you of it.
Am I going to buy one little bit? I forgot about the elder my bit down. There are countless barred, whatever he's like I'd, like the fact that he didn't care, like you didn't care like me, like people telling all these hard bargaining Bob Why does the commission he worthy without their bombs, like hasty bridge, will run them? He did a thing like getting everyone invented murmurs like by one of my favorite athletes about them they were. It was so much fun to for that. Guy day in and day out, he was the single use, the craziest person in my life, I loved him. But like he was a family member. Ever knew it. He gonna do day to day he kept ever on their toes. He made every game, just as they were related. The heatwave remotely
We also pager, don't forget him, and I love it when I met him at the same time is highly likely that we are related and way of life, and you know what I'm saying, I may say a lot of things, but I like it. Really huge read about them. Tat was really. I wasn't really super upset when Pedro room like what did you didn't happen? You're, like a ninety pound, my dear old boy, more coming at a guy who grew up you know yet in in a developing nations would even have even been awake. Billy. I found this out, not we're gonna grab. You buy a boar, rounded gonna, throw you cross the pigeon about very web, but one faction which are Oh you know the first time the edges and websites are meeting said. You know what well aware
It's crazy. Fourteen years, its revenge, then it's it's fourteen years is nuts. He believe it and I hope it will have. When I get a further argument about built talk to me, we knew when I play off theory right into the report, Everyone can see my eyes almost ten years ago, while my blog about your day. This was a building and all these things are ever want to cherish. Maybe we're gonna be like who, like us, ever become one who's, the next the minor like we have one shit. I think it's the Indians Oh, like a big, they got a that's actually deal with that. The team on the most afraid of that Russia I just.
Have the highest number of guys that I'm just I'm just scared of. I was judged the play off teams by many how many guy you know it's just you breathing every patch in the placid, so great itself so and which, team as the most guys, I'm afraid of and its weirdly the Indians. For me, I team scares me at only a clue we're scares me. I think there there, too relievers handed Miller, I think, are really good. Ramirez is scary, Lindorm, scary, Jas Donaldsons always killed the Red Sox, Would you be harassed, go man What are you guys now be ridiculous movie? movies had one of the greatest to a season psych it base by history, basically he's been unbeliever. His is offered away. Defensive way has been added, adjust its ludicrous. It's like a man,
trot season Madonna hundred eight when team, but we're in the regular sees it back. To read some Red Sox, Sox trends comment you were on twitter. What are some of the best red successor? I got very fragile you ve- never get tired around all the rage. You one were before degree. Oh that's a good one, that's out of my favorites. Yeah asters rings no black, whereas no minorities. Graduation is more important for Africa, while blah blah That said, we still there so bad. The integration ones are really really strong. Argument that I held on two in the in the late night is an early two, thousands when it I really don t
for all these tyrants every there are no black eyes. Congratulations, many good, but everything over your guys, boy, Vienna and now, by the way it as they think they're. Still. No black asters like ten of them, but we have a well every every year we have other other the teenagers and all that other stop. I'm always amazed by you think about leg. Basket, barbers baseball and just I don't know how many the best members are black, but probably no seventy five, eighty percent. And then in baseball in the NBA and then in baseball, it's not a bad idea like eighty, yelling already having likely they write a guy like you know Why is there so there's so many foreign guys in the leg down and over the example you gotta, but
Beyond that, I don't know what to do. I don't, like you know like the dollars If you have heard the selling of elected representatives and therefore their full fledged ball, bow one of those hours, the one Eyed Charlotte he looks. Forty eight, your bed, its classic a. I have to ask forget. Are you in on this whole Durrant come into New York thing? Are you did you start this? Where did this come from? Is this real somebody somebody we read that somebody next? They have said that he wanted to go like once again like this happens, the next day. Every year it like it. There was no such thing as a friend go yeah like every mark. If we aging openings in the quarter, incredible YA, think MIKE. It's like only organ. Thank you feel, like you know the matter like Obama, but then you go. There had James Bond
the older and buy it now became love like if you like. I like I like the team that were building down like MAX. I don't give a watch on that banana knacks taxes get man, I'm all their like. I think that Frank is a true point guard and playing out of this I also believe you good people already talking about Bilbil and, like all what are they doing a mob lama? One point, then, again, he had run Baker MAX framework and
frank, Frank, the tank on the floor will be with all kind of war, and there were no right. Am I gonna do with Putin TEST the Lima right, but do not be another member goodbye, but this is not your sporting viper opening opening night at have regarded me like me, and I like it. I met him at a thing like that, which is something I can. Stay for any of like the last like three or four next. Why think he's in New York is a coach and make sense, cuz he's so good with the media and unfortunately that's it. Part of the job we knew the next coach. You have the butter at the media, everybody so bitter and angry. You have to make rather than I was thinking about you and you in your body. Mitchell since kind of everything you wanted from a random neck, where the second round perish he's
he's as so many personal problems. He falls like thirty five spots, but naturally If did the social media disaster potential is off the charts of them? It's it. She's gonna go up and down. He made again. We re might have eleven blacks, yeah, he's leg a chair and training on us Jeffrey, you guess I can't I can't wait for you know like this. Do plays with such upon her shoulder. I wouldn't be surprised if he led repayment black over gave me. I get these told people right where one is cape. He commanded is when is posing back economic alive. When now look, I'm not mad at them. Taking another isn't like I would again be met about, but of course, there are exploring rule changes when the next are. You know, We will re which at which been alive twenty five. You deceive me
via the next I would take this one and they try to complete the tank on like they did the last two years where they attacked and then, like the last two weeks, guys got laid back out of the tab for but after is there. I mean they really have to be thinking about. You know next summer, other the free agents. The problem is- and we talked about this before in the pot- is the James downloading it seat, guys. These guys all read the internet in there. They know. What's going on. I know it's gonna basketball. Nobody wants to play for that guy, that's a tough than normal Roma social media made it so that make a dude who have no exponentially organ, doesn't know anything about me. Hundreds I'd like the glittering glamour like portrayal of New York yeah. Maybe your because
you know everybody thought about the budget. Nowhere like an old, colonel dreams, unhappy with ownership by the mayor and the bad debts cord and Bob. What unlike the baby, will turn on you in any way on this or that scared like make mega them again just ran up the building and once again we are good. At the question you now having to read goes to the next and win the championship. Yet it does all that other like gold and stay here- and you know your ring tree, sir, but I go away now in the conversation forgot as you know, Eighty, seven percent of the people who write about basketball live in Brooklyn, hence
does a lot of those people have been murdered their emphasise couple years if he has to the next step. Since delay. I think we're in the air and now of We remember this all the brand generation dating back to the decision where it's like This was the area where there is no connection to a player in a specific team anymore. It's the fans have the connection to the prayer. And allowed at times they just follow the player from city to city. Wherever they go in history, People like you and I we you of the natives you're gonna love the next, I loved the subjects of most of the subjects I think the under thirty's I think a lot of them just follow the prayer so
by area soon, at the rear, back about like the players are binding fell before I was like the next global economy like a mad. This file, a good like Michael Jordan and the book I juggling Ebony Larry Bird and felt the magic and illegal like that stand out. Just like do the light branding individual, like I'm Lebron James, like I, wouldn't be surprised if players started late, it didn t name of social media, like you know, like a beggar play, will have a twitter account and it'll be like the butler shooting Guard in old Minnesota them all right MIKE. I would be surprised if it was just like Jimmy Butler Ebby AIM Player its enemy, mba stars are basically become bartenders where it's like, I would have been a bartender at that place and twenty second, he moved to the. The thirty sixth. Yes, I'll go over, there are like a guy. In that sir,
they just kind of June the railing. I also I could see the red. I could see him leaving old state the share gone to the next In four years there and finishing his career with the Seattle expansion team in playing at four Different teams were each time. It was this. Strategic career choice. I just think that's where we Basque, while a glow brown goes to the Lakers Lakers are the biggest. In my opinion, the biggest brain in the NBA did their bigger than this ethics in their bigger. Next us there, bigger city and they had a bigger city than this ethics. They ve had more successful eggs. They ve had their spike layers, Jack Nicholson right. They have celebrity out the most celebrities by fired every game. They them please. Seven of the fourteen biggest stars ever the Brown goes there and it's. The first time that they ve had a player that feels like he's bigger than there. Then the act, frankness. I don't you They call out copy for never
bigger than the Lakers Leubronn, just feel sad. Its we're gonna go because it I like look. The other way like will broad is brought back like it is like either ease the face, the NBA by one legged- and I like you still it like. You know many other people that, like might be more, you know I alone am. If not, the girl would above all blocked but like she's, the face of the NBA and do the swinging quaint its. I can't get a basketball, yeah If we only real again, maybe a year ago, as demonstrated by the year, two thousand, barely one they all Sharif, O Neill Ronnie names. Wait away, Wade's care, the airlines can those gear. Some other kid, and I, like you, know, ready to reopen like his fifty nine season.
Bob Teresa fragmentary have said faintly, the brain and the Lakers is I just can't get used to it. I've seen him now in multiple games. I had looked away illiterate so weird, and you know, corbies gotta began fucking crazy right Can we not side you're gonna be out of his mind. I have theory that he's gonna come back for the Christmas day game in my calf kidding, but have serious carbon we set up, I just I don't feel like we can rule out the Kobe Bryant come back beekeeping to be crossed off like one bird retired and in further south x. It was I decades retired to the key. Can't move anymore. Call me back a little by little copies like a boxer. It's like when those boxers derelict
I don't want to take it more heads. I've made enough money than two years later there, like I'd like to announce by fight for the junior well toward title. I can an increase of just getting at its base. That would be a j like you though the way our language barrier, whatever it likes to be like manner to do it. I guess we'll do it. I know like in that way where was like? You know the idea. Europe will be the most, though the winning team of all time, for its call me lad, came as will make their pay, Yeah, I came here to what was happening at the same time I would like ours before I was like call me going to school it boy, no matter. What is the matter? Haven't shots we have to put up eighty shot. You're gonna get thickly points. I think
It put it very shouts actually like an end, but then you pad out through the crowd, and I use that like snow dog is there that's the like David Lynch Technical Bear skin Tyler like images on random, like super able celebrity people like you know, like Drake by bringing greater rate over the goal we like, but I do think the lake, your fans, love Kirby, so much and he wrote It really turn in on us against them situation with Kobe, last secular, but now of the bride, they were always in arguments that copy was better the brown for basically the last ten years and resent The bride now apparatus basically using their franchise to set up his whole post, MBA life and live in allay started. Companies are a smart. It's very smart, but but but important, but I do want.
If it starts out slower of their stuff, they dont leg, I could see tat there at least being a segment of Laker fans fan Saturday and be like fuck. This guy. Why'd. You come here you're, not a real later years, using as I can see that happening. Did they lose submitted here. I am they their enemy, really gonna get it. There is no magic yeah. I actually did the going be good and I like Lonzo and I think, glove hours trapped. I think he's in there meat track in Anaheim. Just That will not got it. I think they just got a bit of a better the easy we heard from the ground. Philip where's Lamar. He has used that returning is cause. He went on a traitor Toby back. I don't like to read. God I can't bear to it. We had to go when, as you show time, showing a lunch
launching so get ready. We also have the Americans were Garnish November. Eleven, you don't play in eleven lover. Make your wish of control we still available. In its be manifest, the Theatre Americans regarded with two million boy from the Bronx waterways. You're gonna, be a guy like tiny, performing a took up a bit Can you tell us about how many how many people are going to be fine about? Oh, my god, yeah you guys, that's insane! This don't take it available. No bigger master was nice and maybe a better relationship by land
China is that a sword topic. I it's, I think I'm punting, I think I'm out become out completely here, to create an out and out the mega. I've been out and play I've been out for a while, but it does indeed appear like Herbie forever located business. Never like ok, I got this. I finally got those who keep popping up every couple of months ago. I've been using their family life performers what he was dressed like a bottle of career. All of it was terrible. I don't know I don't know I've never seen anything like this. It would be like if the branches showed at next season and was the worst per in the lake,
I stand it yeah. I get outta my I'll bet on it, but listen like I'll. Be your shoulder cry on when we sweep the red light. The burial beer. I wish you know like. I wish you the worst. They lack of becoming a both EU at where on Twitter, tyres, areas that it gives them. But the thieves term is coming up in your way This is our common. After both EU, this is gone and this is happening. This getting ahead of it made it. They were where the best ideas recover erratic. Let's take a break. The dogma g sweet. It's a suite of cloud based productivity tools. That includes. He bowed backside sheets and drive these tools improve your work life both in terms of our experience in the outputs you create answer. Campaign make it would ye sweet. You know
have twenty identical versions of a document labelled final and no clue which is the latest when that happens, to be a lot, when you make another version, you name that one final finer right. I do that. Where would you We by Google Clatter range of work apps. I e mails, Gmail, docks and slides. Let you make real time updates to the same document without having to keep track of version after version of a project and since all the tools of cloud based, your whole team can access the same document. Work the same page at the same time, to find out more about jeez Swedes productivity tools visit Jesus Durkheim that is g, sweet dotcom, make it would be swayed by Google Cloud. I ween accommodating the second wanted to do, and it fell picks really fast by the way The cousin I on Monday, cousin Sal, big Monday Tuesday, before he was Monday,
We got dodgers Indians had on the world series at twenty three to one day, These are my hedge bet, my emotional hedge in case the Red Sox. I get balanced. I think they're though patiently, though the scariest him in Vienna personally, but that was twenty three two one at the time and now looking at it right now now now it is plus eight hundred to good job. I ass. I can. To see how we screw that went up unless it NFL packs Joe Ass, his travel today. So he can't be on this. I have a couple. My big one is the Rams three into last week. Just for the record by big one is the rams. I want to work rams into a whole bunch of scenarios, the rams or minus three eighty at Seattle, seven half against the spread
I think Seattle is finished, done caput. Its and at any rate there that get to begin with autonomous, goes out, is plain. Bearing on their diversity. Events was name that get added the rams. Juggernaut. This fears to me, like a classic, run up this or a few member. They killed them there, the end of the season last year. So what I want to do is I am going to take the rams manner. Seven half and I think they win by double digits, but am also going going to put them with about other games that I like I'm just going all and on the rams us weaken it. They screw me over, so be it. I.
I really like the Falcons three, I'm going to parlay that with actually know how I'm going to parlay that, with the Rams three hundred and eighty get a little extra juice on that. That get said to about plus one fifty something that I Lana plus three years. Why now lay in his day it has been a mass they last the Jones. They there given up a lot of points. They just can't get stops basically, which should make them not the greatest badge. Been Pittsburgh, but I ask around Think Pittsburgh can be able to stop them. Either and where does it sounds? It's me. We must win game for airline in Pittsburgh of Pittsburgh loses they dropped to one three and one. If illegal is his job to one in four one and for his pretty
one hundred and thirty one is kind of manageable. It might be a case for a nine hundred and sixty one can get Pittsburgh where they need to go in the playoffs. I don't think they're going to get there. I don't think I have not felt like they were good all season Anna, the there's, a there's, a scenario where they win this game by fourteen. Whatever I don't see. That's an air of Pittsburgh, I like it in the plus three they gather team. Can them in this game says my first one Second, one rams by a parlay with the lions plus one against Green Bay. Theirs an overwhelming chance that green basis, not good looking at these parlay. So it would be plus one forty one if you just he's a straight up team with the Rams monastery. So this
same thing lines plus one. I think the lions can move the ball on and make things happen. They got screwed over last week. They should be in Dallas and just kind of fell apart in the last. Minutes but they're always kind of hanging around in the in these games. I don't think Green Bay's defense is good. They did not seem happy even after they beat the crap out of the bills. Last week just doesn't seem something isn't smell right with green bear their share. So I'm jumping on that. Third, one bangles, this one's easy. This is just a team. Bangles or minus six at arm against Miami Rams. Minus seven and a half at Sierra teasing that I like the spangles My aim is that as bad as it looks against the pats last week, I could see this being close bed. The bangles there.
Stifler last week, mix probably still gonna be out, but I just think the bangles or get date there too. One eleven one team, I think they're the safest bed to win the ABC North and If they're gonna win the division, you have to win a game like this and I think there are plans to him. So that's my third one and then my fourth one. I can't believe I like this one, but I do and I can explain its Niners MA? and ass one. Eighty five in the rams minus three, eighty Put those two together that gets you to minus one sex which is about even The Niners are home against the cardinals of Arizona. The matters, whether seems people rode off and grab hello, got hurt, and I was one of them actually see. J battered its
dramatically worse. The matters have been in all these games that they been playing. If you go look at their schedule, we too weak, like their sheep big football team and there really well coached and I think, Arizona as a disaster. So those are my four I get the ram straight up then I have, The Rams money line with the Falcons plus three of them money land with the lions plus one the Rams money land with the forty manners minus one. Eighty five, those are my for pigs and just for the record. His house was hot, has had panthers minus six affianced giants, thinks they were by double digits, Atlanta, plus three at Pittsburgh, so we're join and that he points out stairs o insects against spread their past six. As some favorites falcons. Several knowing.
Spread our seven a straight up. Five and two against spread their past seven games on the road against teams with losing records. Pittsburgh be an average of four hundred and fifty one per game of the last three weeks like we do this every year. Wait for certain teams to turn. Rather, I was worried. The paths are gonna, be one of those teams that contender that we kept expectant big tender niches. There happen. I really think, there's a chance. It's Pittsburgh does he might they might have the stink ANA, but at the very least I think that's a back and forth game either temperament. So those are for banks, accommodate arena. Aver me Talkin about for weeks. Some years still watching for power from the sidelines within an expert Ricky should be bedding at my book, a fear, the kind of guy. Eggs to better the roman alot. My book, it gives you the chance to create a big parlay pick three teams to win. If you hit free, he'll turn a hundred and six hundred sixty one out but she can better now major sports Duchess football, like this weekend's M M, O Connor Macgregor stepping into the octagon Saturday for his first, you have seen fighting
years. We went straight up or work could be delivered. First Ok, you can bet on any result. Macgregor pretty significant underdog right now is a plus one. Sixty. If you're on the sidelines now's the time you get in the game, my bookie will still match your first deposit. Dar for dollar began joy. Now, though, pulling point that offer soon log onto my bookie right now. Double your money used promo code bill, Simmons and Thou match your first deposit, one hundred percent, that is promo code bill, Simmons my buggy, you play you when you pay island spend at least this is- this time a year retired guy with a twitter feed doktor building. In forty seven, that's the tyrannical he's got Patsy action he's got the South the Bishop season, Rollin toward the regular season possible juggernaut and he's got a red Sox Yankees Perhaps there is even as the brilliance he was tweeting the bronze. Yesterday you love,
you love October, the most that it's the best month of them all at me last night, but maybe there. Obviously, the Patriot Games on the end was a great game. We get see something we haven't seen awhile, including a wide receiver, actually muscle defenders and go up and catch up ass. The answer yeah, but at the same time the topics for having this special then for season ticket orders. I didn't get to go because I didn't I decided not to go, because I wanted to watch their hatred game, but I saw them Paypal. I'm sure you saw it also, thank God. I wish I was there that I read with a thousand people their yeah carry makes. The big announcement is definitely we find a year in the summer, and you then does it article today that he's trying to recruit Anthony Davis to come to the surface
I mean really. He was never not re with the south acceded. My pack ass last summer, and it was obvious he loves, Boston and loves Celtics Celtics, the guy wants to win. Why would he leave a team that has the best chance to be the best team over the next six years of than the warriors? crazy. I always felt that way, but one year from the player. True, you don't want these stupid rumours all seas along, especially that the New York Knicks put out that he wants go to New York because he's from New Jersey and TAT, I love you. I love to be an issue? You wanted to be settled to stop this one in and talk to Avonlea Davis about coming here? there will be a reality in a german other times the scale of one to ten, how overseer about this Yankees red sectors. Can you give me an answer?
three quarters almost nervous about, say, I think, the sale that we add until the middle of July yeah, for the most part was unavoidable I mean when he went a bore down and came out you with that, in my own, our fastball, born in through his slight. After that I use and had and now and neither you just don't How are you getting in from tonight- and we haven't really had- have very welcome give hope that we don't have the ninety two miles. An hour fell whose, whose It is not really right. It worried me when it leaked out tat. He had had the quarter Sunshine MIA Shoulder, I don't feel like I've ever been happy with a cortisone shot. They may neither
say I'll ever get so it's it's always a good sign. If it's the picture, they that, on the other key that your facing when a cheer you are able to have to go, the series goes five venetian first I'm in this game starter? And yet we just don't know what we're getting. That worries me obviously the. Secondly, what worries me is the thing in the world. You are bullpen sucks, so unpredictable inconsistent. A year later that, their day day, some embryo up, the two were the pasture, but they did keep Joe Kelly on their own. The Rasper Joe Kelly, I ve, really, You know I'm worried about those two things I think Joe Kelly's as I did at as a really good change up, and yet somehow neither of us have any confidence whatsoever and if so, how everybody it get out of the people.
For land. You know they were notable Joe Kelly when you learn and people like a straight line. It's a internet, video he'd be unbelievable What about? How do you feel if we lose this game one, and then we got price it Yankee Stadium against tobacco. Tomorrow, game too, wouldn't be prescient. Daddy I mean, as I pray said, I Fenway against tobacco. I feel Do you like praise separate of races grown on yellow bit? Well, it's not just that we ve hit Tanaka Yander and we ve especially element at Fenway Pork, so We know that can't throw every now and was said that The hogs Jesus threats, manganese get ever fired up at the moment in a way tat. I could you- and I have the same- worry about what the Yankees if they started
this five year, their heads in the gun in trouble in the gun that they have to get to the starter in that second third dinning, when they have to bring in the long term relievers and you can start hidden people. But I think that if we go down the road of one, it's not just going down there on a one, it's dead sale, not look good and that's why we lost the game. Maria pitch great in the boat them lasted, half its if we lose it how we lost it. That would worry. I am optimistic. I mean he's such a warrior and he really wants worse than he really wants to pitch light. I just hope I just hope it helped me.
What I am, who is your and Vp Muky J D? Really tough one enough. He had asked me three weeks ago. I might have said Katy, but now I think I would definitely say Muky. I thought Martinez had a tough the September he swung over and over at that low outside pitch and a pitcher seem to realize that you is gonna, go for it and they inevitably I'd get in there to strike countenance to be able to get him out and whether they have only three almost a month of September yeah with unwanted or the like that that the stakes are so low in September. I wonder if that foot there a little bit they even the energy at the home games, was cut off. The GIS
his kind. I once we got to have made August at sea. Might this team is just starting to think about act over in a lot of ways so, but about point I still feel that in the second him first, down or run in the eighth inning meeting ahead He stole the guy one up more than anywhere else in the team move either murky was there may be. I think he was the best part is by their share, but J D cancers how many times and these, like he's always gonna, come through its incredible. I thought I'd know what each player, who might when the only pay in it there there so I mean look, is slightly better rights, but it is not over warming. It's very close, I think the Boston fans will be wary of body the one I just think look is done more and yet, as they say that I'm thinking in others, team is in very different. A year ago, except for the fact that such a Jew leading into the night you could. You could easily make a verse
argument on his behalf that we know it can be one of those two and that the great and we know the other will probably come in second. So how did you know had you celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the nineteen seventy five game? It wouldn't have been so much of my radar, except for the fact that boost managing the Yankees in Ghana gets thrown in your face by all these animals. When you watch they'll, be channel, it keep bringing it up and where why boon, I don't get the boon part. Saigon, a bad trauma things you have. They may find that you know it there. It was bad calmer. What how later two thousand and two we bring him up in the conversation with Bucky, damn near in it that it's, the conversation of these rules
bad things happen to read taxing the boon reminds me of dead You came back from three nothing, we kill rather demons with it. We did a lack of planning a complaint. We won three championships in this Last ten malaria, in forty of only one one, Sir What do you remember? The nineteen seventy play a game. I just remember I feel like we got the day from school. I may be imagining that fire, but I do remember watching at our place in Brooklyn member crying afterwards. Those are my two members. I remember you crying afterwards in me, play tears in my eyes in thinking that it was never ever gonna happen. It was our one and only chance we'd never get their close again.
We want. We want a lotta baseball player, I mean we were there, no cable channels back then we watch every red, Sox game, so website, dangerous disintegrate and then they cannot rallied back. Was over and then they rallied back and forth the Glasgow. Regular. You remind me of that little bit you when you on your met, Damon pad cash, you talking about either yeah and our opulent year was because you had four channels going at the time and obviously the same was true. When you watch baseball bat, we watch and channel thirty, I remember him in it- didn't come in rural well, because we are rapidly ears. Yeah too sometimes kind of went a little bit, but what I remember is the month when I'm thinking that this team is really got a strong possibility, a winning and then waste got hit in the wrist,
you didn't play in the world situation now, seventy five year, seventy five, seventy five I mean we ve, had we came so close a couple of times that that decade there I just never thought with we will have it do is find here. You and Damon talk about the euphoria, especially it is such a fanatic baseball then yeah how meaningful it was that we finally got over there. They are definitely deftly remove. There was I calving the tumor move from your ribs or something rageous. I I just so much better great, so much more lay in a way. I think, if we were all honest about it, we I still feel like we're playing without money. We won three times one five,
years ago, but their king came. Nobody ever thought. The tomb was going when a wolf theories that I can still see or teases homeward against Detroit going and the ball pan. I think I d go right, always unbelieving, which is gonna, be true, the serious enough to get the idea in a five game series almost who showed that it was a seven game series came, takes a five game series is over and over though I don't know who Bob Timmins
didn't like to see Stanton and Judge get on Wednesday overnight, but in a way that do not bad thing where you again what yet scarcely the most you know it's gonna sell word because they affect the shitty season. They gave no one eightys but Sanchez as our number. Actually, when we try to lefties Adam, he worries me wishing to pitch well against the judge and Stanton better. French assistant had just pretty well over. You you have lived together was used in the most his breath gardener, but it doesn't seem like he started. He always had such a right, but if we start the left is deemed one and two is not can be accurate. That that loot boycott scares me there.
They may have very, is red. Been read, have for like seven weeks in that I have outlined at. Why did they get it? Why did they have to get him by the way? Because it was supposed to be Gregg, birds, job and great bird? Just shit, the bed for to stray months, and they just kind of through this other guy and he started heading sound at the energy really was a throw it. I mean Cashman obviously made great move em up and he s dead old, Yankee Power enter. Looked doesn't which team? Which team is the closest to winning a title? The south takes the red, Sox are the pet, etc. I would say it was. I would tell us: ethics is catastrophic. You mean this year, yeah. I think I think a lot has to go right for this red Sox team to win the world Series is dead.
On that being sale and not knowing what we're getting from him. I think really through this in the flax and louder ways, we don't have that right. One stopper. It say it that the recipe for this team as a world, there champion team? Does make a lot of sense. To me, I'm not saying they can't weird, but from today. I look I cited stood the east is it just seems they can only east. I need to have a real chance to get the best record and against a you, get the final issue knows I would I would actually put them out- put them even put the pats third cause. I think that defences pretty scary at the patter of year had put the third, because the defence in the defence doesn't look any different them.
Since we had at their superber now now. Let me know the real test. Last night was great. Did you ever have one moment of doubt that we're gonna win? The game is certainly didn't, but the big test, their first big test of the year, is a week from Sunday Kansas City with it looks good, really bring models and to her ass, the man, it's gonna, be a great game. A report to the house is a bad man. Job tie recalls bad measure. You happily no nephew. Kyle is ready to buy Josh Gordon Jersey, how you know his well, he's so far data to actually consider to them an hour. I don't think there's any doubt as they do in the ass toujours is about where's, Chandler Jones and Jamie counts. I'm right there to Jersey, sang in the cloud and never will. I know I don't know who they are living
the music. The pictures smart enough to have somebody like living where to sponsor Lego Dashboard, baby sitter, Kenneth, o they wouldn't be asking to level Judge Gordon Nancy Tiles and girl. You guys we're gonna same page, so great He had only visit. Super. I guess were excited, and I still don't trust is just going to say. My guard is up a hundred per cent. Super exciting, embryologists, heed it down the field in the Amazon and Gordon just caught at the took outside of because it was like Brady fur and MOSS was like one of the great sports experiences of my life. It really
as I just love that so much it didn't just throw up. I know it were there. No, obviously, he saw that due to defend is one receiver, but Gordon did you lie tax about it. He did something that we have an added. We see produces Randy MOSS, which was he went and got the ball and didn't let the defenders anywhere near that ball yeah we don't have that guy we haven't had that guy I mean in the guy. We let go to the rams, running, I always yards last year cook. That was the big complain about him, ready to them all of the inner circle going aggressive. We to get that bar and that's exactly with Jordan. Didn't you,
We showed his athleticism. You can't you just yet nobody knows, can stay on the right path. Fir tree more months or for a moment, sir, the rest of the sailor who loved, but I certainly look great last night I just enjoy that you call them cook and then Jordan them in the same explanation as guy. Just yesterday. The he's budgets rather maniac, one day he made us the Kurds, Raining cog, students jacket. I got you do sweeter g g g G, Switzer, Thou ass though it had said that you really reactor we're platform. This is great aye aye aye Hebrew, said Gordon bring set the table and this is why they traded farm and what bothers Maisie sucking me in an we're having to leg. You know we
and week. Eleven man are often six great discarded thing really worked out, and then you just get the ears. Pin news, ticker job, Gordon has levelled of HIV Aids. Health care- I just I don't know I'm just. I know Second, eighty to ninety percent cheek definite chance, that's happening so tight. Your dad invested. There was a very funny and got a kid stir in the paper. It was Sunday when they arrive over the weekend. Their attacks at that one of the foundations can think is, and Gordon was both a cord was posts to be at the picture stadium for practice to look at them and it got there like an hour and a half hour away, but I think I think he's living in a candle like minutes away and they ask them. Why did he get their thoroughly and is aware he left alive because it it might get stuck were caught in the Red Sox traffic information to the research that really play there,
so I bought contravened now I had to leave early at that time. The kind of funny story actual needs grave and let them then we park is about an hour away from where the pages play they should. One of those trackers out him, so they know where he is at all times. I offer tab and live with Molly Oh in your house, that's great in eight years, something you wouldn't want to go up. Lamb stairs so we'd be pretty it any probably like dogs, I worry about the feds excited, suggest garden. You have offered to live and he can help with my dad. If you're interested so you had year this aspect my started out last week and you are here and to my son's my sense played travel based by the show you went to his double had earned. He had three heads for you so that was all ready for the play ass. The greatest thing was it I had to
they spoke, the wider area, the first candles, nine eight they killed the team. The second game played wonder if we get from the car were driving home and get your wife ass. Did the coach have to say to all you could be. The coach took all the players are put at the outset for about twenty minutes after the game second gave, and he said well in our way. They all cheered for me, and so one virtue would mean that European, because the coach told the team that I was the envy of the day and he wasn't even gonna. Tell us that you know just Patty came acts were asking what they were doing in the field. So I like that, he's a humble kid. And I'll pay maintains that part of his personality body he put great. He was really terrific in your daughter- is terrific did before and soccer
his gaze grandparent weekend for you why Grandpa weaken such that you chose to live the miles away. Jesus re often but maybe you'll, come back at the Boston. Someday Well, we had we need you'd better, we need baseball come through France, because its is one chance to get into a college. I think maybe it up worry about college. Only because one is in the special programme member Quainter forget detected a fortnight. Come unworried. Daddy I'm gonna be in college. Will you be happening since you left? He is that played one game a fortnight. It's been completely banned after we stick snaking it somewhere Adam I'm, my mom now thinks you're the mark that you knocked. I am Sir After the parent coroner story in the past on Monday
I felt like it to me under the bus and corn, about help you son doesn't want to listen to either way doesn't this is too busy watching other people pay fortnight on Youtube because that housing at I did not follow my grandson into the bathroom even continue. Have a nice way of exaggerating who I gather from my mom said I you might know where they came from by did most of the story, and then I turned it into my own story, believing I remember forty five years ago, The time yeah we had like, year and a half ago, I got you my mom in the same room and she told her versions of stories from the Seventys and then you told the actual story it as they should have been televised, unlike Facebook drivers incredible other stories that she is just added thing. It didn't happen to over the years in just perfected, into these blind
fiction in the infection, and then you just all be telling us what was true nature. It was a may. Well, I don't get it up for my mission, she's telling your kids these stories that a kind of interesting and they would have been kind of funny if ever happen, to think that happen how two percent, I think, every they want a year. We need to get the Romans and took me to come out of me. My dream pack has to be the two of you together, as she tells a story than you. You did. You tell her their happiness. She never the command of some reason then- and I don't know it's gonna- I look for it to face time. You forty times over the next couple days does good type decent thanks for coming to doktor trial by thanks so much to Jacko. Thanks to my dad. Thanks to the kid marrow,
thanks to other red Sox feds out there were you they need to ban Rather we need to make this happen. I am were officially concern Red Sox, minus one. Fifty favorites, in this series best of five and I am concerned, but us closer. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the baseball enjoy the full bar enjoy the basketball that's coming enjoyed. I enjoy the couch for far you name it enjoy it I'll, be back Sunday night with curse until then, ways.
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