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A Bucks-Hawks Blahfest, CP3’s Legacy Run, NBA Announcer Slumps, Replay Fixes + Summer Trades w/ Bryan Curtis and Chris Mannix


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on a superstar-less Bucks-Hawks Game 5 (3:00), before talking with The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis about sportscasting legend Marv Albert’s upcoming retirement, the play-by-play Mount Rushmore, how instant replay has plagued the NBA’s television product, NBA Finals media story lines, and more (25:00). Finally Bill is joined by SI’s Chris Mannix to discuss Chris Paul and the Suns defeating the Clippers to get to the NBA Finals, how the Trail Blazers may handle Damian Lillard wanting out of Portland, the new-look Celtics, fake Ben Simmons trades, and more (1:11:00).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Bryan Curtis and Chris Mannix

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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What? If the lehne, biased story hosted by Jordan ridicule on is the ringers latest narrative podcast? You can find new episode is everyone say on the book of basketball to point out feed. Here's a quick trailer. you ve heard his name blend bias night. Eighty spin on second in the NBA draft and then cocaine tragedy, one of the most shocking deaths in sports history. Thirty five years later. Biases legacy is still making an impact from I defy in the Ringer podcast network. This is what, if, the wind, biased story, I'm Jordan. Hereupon Russ Iraqi? You by the Ringer Data as well as the ringer.
Podcast network. I hope you listen to music patch ass. We have some really good once we get something trembling. Sixty songs that explained the nineties is fantastic, Wrapper Villa who said I actually feel like it's gotten better. Every month he really has complete command of it. You did cakes the distance, this week. I think I just do it and I love that band above the ninety six album it's one of my favorite. Ban. So I love that when you listen no skips with Shea surrender, Brandon Jenkins, ok, Jenks, we lie sat a few together about eight episodes in the Ringer music show they did a Jersey song draft black girl saw book last week in an incredible pie ass dangerous method about two back as he had what would have been its fiftieth birthday and then last but not least, it in less now everything lab Alma Nathan, Albert and nor principality.
You can find it on ringer dish. You can also find it on the Spotify playlist, but we I'm telling you we really took it up a notch with the music stuff. I'm really proud of what we're doing there, the rewatchables pretty Boyz N the hood that one up Monday was really happy with that one, and then we have a special reward shambles coming on Sunday night Independence Day, because it still I forest. So sometimes we like the drop big. We watch about Sunshine force. So that's what we're doing for Thou in India. They make this rain Shea Serrano, a surprisingly influential movie. I didn't actually realize how much I wasn't by start doing the research really thinking about it, but that is coming Sunday. I am not sure the schedule yet for this podcast depends on if there is a game, seven of bucks hawks or not, but if we're definitely not going to have a Sunday podcast and will either have a Monday or a Tuesday so play it by ear. We'll see
Happens: come up on a little bit about bug socks at the top brand Curtis from the ringer. We're gonna talk about MBA broadcasters and more robber in media storylines like how much the media loves Chris Paul and how much other things and increase managed through sports illustrated talking about the whole Chris Paul legacy ARC as well as some are trade rumours and am in some really interesting south accepts as eighteen for that saw next. First, our friends from Roger had taken this after eleven o clock,
Thursday night Deem finds the eastern conference files, which will go down in history as the least star studded important conference finals, game of my life said actually went back over every basketball reference they had like the play of says we can just go through play out than you could to last. When you put the last one I went through. Every conference find and even specific ones. Looked through some of the games trying to figure out if there's ever been a worse conference finals came all due respect to the books of the respect for the hawks, but. The conference fires. This is usually when our bread is buttered. This is usually when we have some of the famous play games of There has to be the way this is when birds fills bog and suppressed, as is when the Brown puts up forty eight against Thea against dependency,
doesn't seven. This is when we have the Chris Paul hamstring game against the workers to that Nay Jean Lambert online? There's a million of them. I could just keep give you examples forever and then tonight a huge huge game serious had a two track, that playing We find that out within an hour before the game, and then we find out a few hours for the in the annexes and playing either said the two stars and again the two guys. We wanted to see the two guys we're healthy when the serious started in a league were Basically, every star was going down as the plants kept going one, but at least we had these young guy easily swayed Booker. We see a trio really space yacht as well. Booker breaks his nose in seventy places, but keeps playing. Has to have the mask yacht us gets hurt. It looks like his leg. Eighty almost subside plastic man his knee cap is going ivy backward. Somehow it's only a hyper, extended neighbour hands at that point, the right an inch
gets hurt in In a game, three by step On a reference point, and I asked the bunch people my life with a basketball had they ever seen, anyone get hurt by acts than they step. Referee and none of us could come up with another example that so these plaster jinxed their bizarre. I've never seen anything like it and it leads to tonight where we have. These are the best players in the game and I'm in a rank that this is how I ranked them. Actually Chris Pendleton holiday. Baghdad image, Lopez, Kevin her to John Collins and some order there. Five, if I'd, be Capella PDA Tucker I know a guy, I lose. Those are our best ten pairs in this game. I'm in a red that list you again Middleton Holiday, Baghdad, image Lopez.
I once heard her capella Tucker gown, airy new lambs and, let's turn Bob Report is to transfer a clean eleven. I ask you this: if that was an actual team that played together for the entire season, would that be a fifty went in I'm combining everybody on the that I just listed. Let's throw them all into one team that a five thousand one hundred and ten maybe could it be as good as the jazz. Maybe that was our eastern conference finals tonight. So I went backwards. I targeted from the last fifty years trying to find. Has there ever been. A conference finals game that didn't have a superstar in it that didn't have even like a high end, all star in it cuz. I don't even think just metal thing. God bless him. He's on the olympic team, he's an all star high end. All star is not somebody who would like started
Have we ever had a conference finals game ever that didn't have any lister that didn't have the guy for the movie posted to put on the front they never vin diesel. Even well. So I narrowed down in this. For the two thousand fifteen Easter conference files, the calves swept the hawks, it was an awful Syria, The hawks never had a chance, but guess what the little Brown was in the series right so yeah you can do that a bunch. I observe there's right why that series was terrible the words blazers. They awoke at least Currie was in the series at least a famous person within it gone backwards to the two thousand and three eastern conference. Violence who Jews awful net, swept the pistons,
the president's had like the foundation. You know wireless was thereby then Hamilton was there. They had the foundation of something, but not that year anyway. Best prepared answers was Jason. Kid that's a good one, he's late, You could put him on a poster, I'm in my top forty of all time, so that still Jason. Kid is better than anybody in the game here tonight. I let's go backwards. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine western conference finals. This was the lockout season. The season suck this plastic. If you're complaining about this he's the man, you would have hated one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine as this was on top of a dance than injuries and now the other stuff we had. They are no m j. We
guys that were literally out of shape, the lock out ended guys shut up in their fifteen twenty pounds, overweight, guys, making MAX money spurs, swept the blazers in the sub Blazers team that had some town right. She, whilst is there not a bunch of people, but no, you know what she while I see that as get his Christmas nothin answer rather have received while lesson in a serious and his prime, but at the same spurs had Duncan rabbits.
Two top forty guys Duncan's one of the ten best guys ever Robinson, one slash two somewhere in the thirties in both of them were thrown their fastball at that point Duncan the little young. But those are two ALA Sky's. Alright, let's keep going backwards. The nineteen eighty one western conference finals Rockets kings this one. This one is probably our closest comparison to now, because both of these teams were terrible. How many talk about weird playoff series? This one probably takes the cake. because the Rockets were forty and forty two, which is nuts, and they have back then, because the leagues expanded, but as in quite expanded enough, you, the rackets, take out the Lakers in a best of three the Lakers defined jams, magic ring the whole thing and most
is in the right and Moses at its peak at this point and they just knock out the laggards at some point or like wait. A second was happening here, while at the same time the Kansas the kings that even in Sacramento, yet they be Portland, two out of three their next time. And they Shack Phoenix the shotgun who feels that Dennis Johnson Walter Davidson truck rabbits and now Sacramento says were taken as well. It gets even weirder because their whole starting backward has gone. They fell for notice, Birdsong, whose started back or both really good guys. High lottery pick some owes. Birdsong was one of the first kind of overpaid free agents. Eventually,
the dead silence, but those were there to best players. Both of them go down there, not in the series. The kings when, anyway, led by Reggie King Scott wedded Ernie grow, felt it SAM Lacy. Have you her and Birdsong gets hurt to games it. Have you have you, The conversation about Reggie King Scott, Woodman earned gunfighter same lace. Lately, no earning grandfather playing points are to be seen. and felt his gather ran the wizards he's like six. Six had a mustache use, a small forward, it was equivalent of I'm not the Nelega Mary playing point our now, so somehow they'd be them. and now end up with this kooky western files, which is the rockets against the kings. Two teams
with losing records in the western files. So what the rackets when in five, threatens one in five because they had Moses Malone? What is most is doing the series, while he puts up twenty seven in fifteen every night, put forty five point. Six minutes ago, nobody else and his team that you would even say was asked robbery covered Murphy, Billy, Pastime, Henderson Bill beyond level at the immortal make tat. Maybe the kings have read. King had been Grenfell, Basic fell for it comes back, but he's hurt. Birdsong plays again but he's hurt Jean Lambert me Douglas here's the thing even this, game had more stars than the game we cited. A cause. Moses was one of the top two pairs of our time. In most cases, I've. Your run here from seventy nine. Eighty three he's best wherein the league it's it's cool.
him in Korean, but Moses, probably the totality. What Moses does over those five years is probably better than create midst, One aim one be in some way and inquiry and then Moses, really from Eighty one. This is the first year, eight thousand two hundred and eighty three for that three year run he's the best part in late. So even that year, with under five hundred themes at least we had an alias, or at least we had Moses, you go back to the seventies, there's nothing mean, there's a really weird celtics calves ears and seventy six, where they calves. That too had no stars, they owed, they almost get the Celts, but you know the sunset: have a check and talons judge await Charlie Scott, there, you haven't chicken calendar, avowal jack, like fifteenth or sixteenth, all type, all time. So my point. I cannot believe that this was the covered files tonight. I can't believe first by the lack of drama you knew the hawks didn't have it from when I was ten
each new. That work is well. I don't know. What's gonna happening, Namesakes Phoenix sitting there Phoenix is now must have to want favorite. To win the title, mainly because they're just the healthiest, so I don't know I I feel weird they disappointed. I love the conference. there's always like real drama. In the conference finals, we got two sons book for Series that was good in this series. This box Sox Series felt like it had a chance to at least you know it wasn't going to be artistically. The greatest thing I ever saw, but at least had a chance to be Unpredictable, maybe get a tray on villain game all that stuff and the basketball gods ages hate us this year. I don't know what happened, but at an hour we did, but I The way I'd like to commemorate it with the opening of this package by telling you that was the worst conference finals game about that, I really think it was.
One more topic in the arena bringing courtesied man so Chris Paul I had him in May to their. I do my pyramid every much like every six weeks. So in a move guys around and energetic figure stuff out, Chris Paul A year ago, it was forty two in my pyramid. By the time we.
Got through round one when they got past the Lakers and it became clear there probably be the nuggets. Do I move Chris Paul up to thirty in my pyramid level, three he's the last player and level three before that it was stacked and was the last part now Chris Paul. So when I wrote my book, he was ninetieth heading into the conference files. I had him thirtieth and here's what that less successful hears TAT Forty Raina hard and forty while Frazier thirty nine Jason kid Steve NASH, Dave, counts. Willis freed David Robinson bill. One. Rick bury John stacked increase pop. Then it jumps to live before level for its really the differentiated is, is titles and finals. So you level for twenty nine Scotty Pippen. Twenty eight Dwayne Wade, twenty
when I say a Bob Cosy had quiet, twenty five will take without one second Barkley, twenty four cagey twenty three car MILAN, twenty two by pet it, twenty one Julia serving twenty eligibility, to wit, skin and John, have a check as the last item or seventeen Well, Chris pause down the files. I'm gonna leave em at thirty. I think if he wins a title, the question becomes. Does he get to that in my top twenty? By the way? This is my list. I am not saying this. FISH, less you're, probably thinking I'm insane right now that anyone who cares about the sponge Tony, I put a lot of thought to this over the years. I have my less I
really care about this. For whatever reason, and if Chris Paul in detail it ass, the move him pass. Barkley pass garnet pass com alone. I think- because I was talking to house about this today and as a time is over. Twenty seven in house was like no, I'm not ready to move him best as Thomas yet, even though statistically the resume Chris Paul to the fact that he's doing stuff, point our position that nobody is even approached at his age. These last three years and houses point was just what, as they did in that Lakers areas. Where did it again?
blazers, his high and staff in the biggest pressure moments, was better than anything. I've seen at the point, our position, except for magic, fair. So you put Chris Pastime statistically he's there easily the Razumihin better, the NBA, the longevity everything the question is the same, Nobody ever since Chris Powwow last night, Chris Paul has the classic. I've got this game where it's just like. I don't I'm not going down. I'm not fucking loose this game, and that is also the last level for a plan for the grapes. where's. It's the reason we always were annoyed back, I'm alone, for example, because he just didn't have that one piece in the eye.
that fucking losing this game, I'm just not I'm not not going home. I'm that risk in this. I am stepping up the sober tubes neck. That's what I'm doing Chris and eradicate might that either you know, as I had games like, that, you go through this partly in ninety three did it to disperse he did it a bunch of times over very democratic Arnett, never really had it and then an o four creep out a little and took care the kings. You know You know Weber was pretty banged up by that point, but then it oh eight, this ethics we're not going to end. title unless he had a couple moments raise a Erika. I got this moments, any actually pulled the bow and he did it, but then you go through a pet it jewish serving You better go look at algae, Bowers stats in the sixty two fires is ludicrous Dirk the whisky most
misleading for him two thousand six, but then two thousand eleven when he just ribs through the weak, actually wins the title. My point is Chris had not had a moment like this and now at least he has heading into the fire. So if they, when the tide of he's he ate for in my sorry, has, I think he passed his eyes air. Any probably passes coolly and I think I have to Why a couple spots back cause of I was projecting with him with tat. You know. Well, you know they might make. The final gave this Cooper seemed dandy. Maladies get hurt, he's had some really untimely injuries. You know- and I think the
reliability that maybe he goes backwards little bit. So I think I have the twenty fifth spot available for Chris Paul and, if he's awesome in these files and he's clearly the best where maybe jumps out anyway, I did not expect any this. You think about Chris PATH, but their train to dump his hour a couple years ago. You think about it. Aids, the gist of the seemed inconceivable. This is one of the most shocking lay career legacy. Flips that I can ever remember. You know You know, what's a good one, a good example this actually Tom Brady, because they Brady was Brady remaining in Brady's gonna go down and he's gonna basically be the G2 football and he had some great stats at all that stuff, but he had a huge the could always doing a man either, while other guys want. You know Montana one as many rings
in our meeting at better stats, and there is wasted dinner. and then when he won the last three and especially the falcons game. The argument just became unassailable completely shifted. Are we really think about him historically aware was another one, always the most famous for bugs ample the late title. They create title, Changing legacy adding west, you know westwards. He was always the bridesmaid. Never the bride in these files games that you just could never get past. So and finally, the seventy Lakers him in Welsh is get it done, and I have West eleven on my pyramid right now. He doesn't ever when the title There would have been really hard upon him in the pantheon, but but is in there, so listen. There's the stakes for Chris Paul are pretty obvious: he's trying to win the title. He doesn't care about my stupid list, but when you talk about the past
God that nickname, which just always rang hollow for me when he had never been the fires, and now he has a chance to foot that narrative too. he really go down as one of the great veteran star coming into it In any sport and just transforming, culture and the ceiling of that team overnight, this sense team the enemy the place since two thousand ten. If you gotta get their best by reference every year there just awful year after year after year, they make passed last year and he shows up they're in the files and she's, not a lot of not allowed dapple gangs, for there is certainly a basketball history, but really any sport. So. I'm running for it. I add everybody, that's laughed. I think it's the most fun story, and I really respect that guy and I respect that. You know, especially when he did last night. So that's the good side. The bad cited this plan
all the injuries and then the fact that we have an eastern conference finals- that's just just depleted, to say the least hope with those guys come back. The good side is that Phoenix Chris Paul. This is one of the more compelling stories we ve had a long long time. we'll talk about it. Bronchitis, interest managed in a second we celebrate. Have you been watching? The NBA plan from the sidelines is the perfect time given the actual sandals sports boat, because The conference finals, new users get thirty two: what ads and any team to win their next game. It means can win one hundred and fifty dollars on a five dollar bet. France did think the Sunday the close out and game. Five, no coherent clippers, almost definitely just go I'll in. Why wouldn't you You can get thirty one odds and the sun's just to make the finals.
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all right. You see editor at large of the ringer. He once led the European, because they would give him five million dollars a year. He is brand Curtis, but the day finals that every year there's announcing salary drama, nay, even I was involved. Worthier sits every year. The SBA that road happens. Sweetheart, it always happens, isn't it and it seems like it's like. I can't tell it's coming from the announcer or one particular executive, who might you know, be, have a real interest in put no stories out there. I just get l l I use you know my theory Curtis any time they put this
Larry of either what they want or what are already making in one of those stories its it. That's that's the network move to try to basically undermine the town a little bit. That's our always. I feel when they do that. But what do I know is the fans read that there lie woe to make it work anyway? I want to talk about media. We'll start with Marv Albert, because this is gonna be a pretty soon and we might have a j it. I made the joke about. If you're honest comes back for game, seven, five minutes before games, Anyone could have marked curbs yard ass in the nineteen seventy vital final call back, but rather talent. My body would hear finally thought, sir, I think is incredibly important to remember that the first year he does.
the national and be italic ass, his ninety ninety one, which is also Michael, Jordan's, first title. So he comes in with amazing timing, and you and I are old enough to remember when the NBA was everybody's third choice for a sports media career behind baseball football. Yet I just remember that first, your Marv, due in the indian and b c, and watching and going oh, my god, this guy's, not just a great announcer, he's actually a basketball nerd He loves pro basketball in a way that I dont think I heard a national announcer Express in quite the same way I got think ever in this for the re or below the way that Zack Low writes about basketball. You write about basketball. It was the way Marv announced basketball like Middleton Beauty, or move. You know right MA, beautiful bass. He just hear this appreciation for it for its own sake.
egg and you know we had started in the eighties brands in the eighties, but I just never got the same vibe that that was it for them and that an Marv was exactly where he, just wanted to be in the world when he was called those gaps that that's that's the first thing that stood at me you basketball announcing from a national level a pretty stored history of bad combinations, bad decisions. I did a whole, I think, of my book. I did like two pages about just how over and over again how many mistakes they may cause. They would always just put the famous Ex star in the booth with oh Reimer, reason to weather the persons can be good or not so Oscar Robertson visit now thinking. I think he got kind of pushed out during a stirring up lay offs in nineteen. Seventy five, I think You had Bill Russell was in their algae beller. You had Pat somewhere all announcing basket. Then you had Stockton and high insane.
Everybody felt like was Celtics Homer and he was trying very hard not to be something somewhere, but he obviously was seized the bled Celt agreed. So we now really found the right combination? It didn't feel like until it was marked four tallow in that year. We- it was his love for Basque, about sense of humor. I or my parents got divorced, I'm outta Connecticut for aid. And I got to hear him do next games. They were the revelation ear, you'd heard the rumours and he had done some NBC sports stuff than boxing and things like that. He then some football games. I heard him another platforms, but I'd never heard somebody with a rhythm the game that sounded like you know somebody that cared as much as I did, and I think you ve felt it during that hawks came when you got hurt when the hawks airplane really well and Marvin, get into it and heard her had a three mark. Did the cavern hurt
in the name of the girls MAR brigaded back. So yes, it's hard. That's happiness. Thou Jake! You, sir, the greatest ever. I think Brean has approached him in a lot of ways, but Marv being first gets advantage, but I do think Brianne who reveres barb and grew up listening to him and respect him and really his cribs, some of barb style. I think he is carried the toy Would you great yeah how absolutely? But I had a very funny. I had a famous and out to tell me a couple years ago. People don't understand. difference between Prime Marv and prime brain. I dont know what to tell him yet because there is a difference in it was a sense, I think, with Marv and again I'm with you with very many. If I affirm brains hands to call a game, I feel great he's. Awesome is technically all just right where he needs to be, but Marv had this weird funny side about it. Yes, he had all these other tools, and he would be like. I remember one time he was calling the placid bill warm and they were doing
ass lottery at half time, they went to that. You know that shot where they showed a ping pong balls in the hopper and Marv comes back in issues like below. Mesmerized by the flow of ping pong ball. Well, it doesn't even respond. Only one said anything was almost Marvin. Marv is very different, the David Letterman, but they had this commonality that I felt with both of them that they would make jokes and you'd you and I'd be scenarios kids watching on tv NGO, I dont think everybody got that joke, but I got that joke in railway, that's kind of the greatest feeling of somebody funny on tv when you feel it. Oh, I got that. I hear I know what you're doing Maybe not everybody else appreciated. I love that yeah he took make for Taylor who have decent color guy decent her in his prime he's. Ok, when he was with Murphy, became
transcendent, because bar was selling him and put him over, he is like Rick flare. He was gave gave suffer hello, a nickname is caught him. The tsar was just selling him left and right crack and jokes, and I think there is this last level in brief Brean is I love brain he's, an awesome guide, there's a sense of humor level and a sarcasm that market had at its peak that just the is having seen how Michael's has it just pretty you, it's pretty rare for somebody at that level. Joe Buck has it, I think, he's developed into it over the years, but You know that for me that growing up in the eighties, what really push Marv over the top was the Letterman appearances men You know and end him gonna on live at five, which was like the at the big New York afternoon. Show- and things like tat in his personality would always come in those, and then we find this in the mid eighties Priscilla when he was on Letterman. He decided do this Marv Catherine.
And you anyone come out at his wig, and he would do these out. had she been awards, they were like really watched as ah well just be like people getting kicked in the balls, and so it felt like that cemented bar of even further like he became this. Parity, character, Letterman, but man. What a career you think like it goes back to the to the sixties with the next and then the seventies. Fine ass was his break out moment. Yes, I did a lot of hot air and I you know I dont know if he's about Rushmore Guy but he's in the conversation right for Marv. Oh yeah, that gives an indictment play by plague us say ass, whose by Rushmore then. When I was asked to be on their yeah. I think Michael's and moreover, they are pretty comparable characters in terms of lake really really great a play. My plan also really fun in other, had extra gears to them. We're talking national guys here, some era
yeah just Rebecca summer. Auditing, summarize gotta be their fern well, but also like there was with football. There is a weighty this in a row Them to his games and how he clicked on mad and that we just having heard before or since, in my opinion, yeah, I think the marking that that you pointed out is just that he's, so he was so much better than any national basketball announcer earlier, one that had a big round to come along at his It was like some outcome and just resetting the home run record by forty home runs and by the way mention random color guys, though that was Marvel careered and B C, people now remember that people never like hey, look magic Johnson tweets. They forget that magic, Johnson tweets we're announcing the NBA finals with Marv. Yet magic. You gonna be like Marv. This is great. First quarter action in the end. files, we're watching a and b c and more would be like magic with the plug
in the middle of the first order here. He he doubtfully worked a lot of different people in the end you know sometimes would just have the wrong partner. I think Chris Weber was an atrocious partner for him. I don't know why it happened. I gems continue be dumbfounded. By no they're no longer a team and it was in watching greenhouse stepping after they got rid of Weber during the season and greenhouse that incredible anything, but at least Marv sense of humour started to come out again because with Chris, whether it just sounded like to people on a bad day every single to people that had nothing in common, no commonality, anything. whispering hill, like grew up, listening to Marvin kind of, gets it and would throw his anger, and you could feel like Marv kind of come out of a coma, basically from a comedy standpoint, so it's been at think. It's been a decent farewell from obviously he's hit the stage,
you and I ve talked about on the spot guests in the past. When the you know, when the announcers get old, they start makes it up the names. Marv sat a couple games a share where he's just convinced that number twenty six is number thirty. Six. Four four quarters you know it's not like it has made a mistake, one time he makes it eight times, but he's in his eighties. It's it's gonna happen bright. This. This is how you it always ends for announcers. It always remember. Verne, like was once tell me, he's like he developed the thing at the end. Just go well when something really like amazing and confusing happen, and I ll give him like dear four seconds, to kind of figure it out. You know I was gonna like his true. The color Alice would come in and out at sea. Oh yes, there's all these little by the way I this is as basketball nerd. I can you gotta tell me that's who was Mars best partner ever, I think the partner that he click to it. The best nationally was for Taylor
but the guy that I thought he was the best showered with is named. John Andor is, I think, was his name and then I m ass. She games in the mid eighties, and I thought they were great together day. They play this game sometimes and hardwood classics Thea. I say a verses Bernard king than eighty eighty four game: five pistons necks when it when it was the best of five serious and as a single handed, brings the pistons back Mars doing that game, and you can that's like peak mark cause it's an awesome game. Bernard king, takes it back and overtime, and the next win just ion Well, I got a machine. Those were his best days. I think nationally it speaks to the boy the issue that we really had for my entire life with basketball. As you know, is really not allowed a great cut, color guys, there's, never the Collins Worth Fur and being on these, probably the closest, but you know and vigour
had some really good moments in the class actually think he said that a better posts season for him like it. It's it's been up there. I think he's very, very good. I don't think he's great though I don't know if we have a great car. Again, I don't know if we really ever have. What do you think we ve never had one so there's, no there's no John manner, they appear, and I don't think I mean, I think, the guys we talk about here, like the map million of the NBA other than either good drive. They can totally Durrant game, but they're just not like, and I think I've asked people about this. They always say it's the nature. Basketball. The best was a play by plan outer sport and that you just don't have windows for the analysts to talk in the same way, you do in four Bombay
bar. So maybe maybe it's just that you can't be good, but I mean again thinking about the nineties. Immunize Thomas announced the files MAGIC Johnson announced the final Steve Jones Analysis files. It was, I guess, Doug Collins is probably somewhere on this list. You know when you talk about guys were were good, but it's it's not a long list yet steep. Her, I thought was the best I'd heard and he had he crossed over the barn fur. I dont member, how many years, but that is probably Mars best National pardner. Just from a talent, standpoint and steep her got the Marv jokes, you know he. Yes, he could speak the language so to speak, and I think that is important too I think you know it's interesting. I was really glad I announced I lost a couple and be a games, but we me in jail and did one with Eureka and the job
aid more says to me: why nobody's Spain great at it like, madam us, it's really hard to get a feel for you game from those seats. I know this and psycho weird thing is saying is I would it mean your court said here in the middle of it, you don't really have a perspective on the wide shot like when we're watching games on tv. You can see the spacing and you can see the geometry in all the step that you can't. I need to see for the game to find a place when you're that close, it's it's just kind of chaotic and you end up like staring in the tv for replies. I I just feel like from a feel standpoint, its harder and in a word where the fish, and have the advantage watching on their white screen to be at home over the guy. there, you know sitting court side size, one if that was a thing of ever talk to an answer, back, as am I was always done by hard. That was not a thing. I've ever asked word, but I'm I'm told
with you. I always wondered how they can get it out of their mouths that quickly from that vantage point, because it just seems like an eye legal, does it really well harlin? Does it really well I've just amazed at how you can how you can set a process a play in Basque, especially cross the court right down the court across the court that quickly from from those seats now I'd, I dont understand yeah. She think they'd be better off You know behind the basket and a little bit like how the vantage point that you know that the networks usually have when they do have time shares examined like we watch the m, though this is heat, finals in the Miami seats were you're like kind of right above and you had this awesome angle of it, and it was a day you could see everything could see the angles and the weight and folded, but some arms gonna be out Bree now becomes the elder statesmen, beloved announcer right, AEGIS, immediately get sat
towards, and then I an eagle becomes probably the the heir apparent anti antium guessing who did? yet such opposite Harlan, our own ego. I know that the other kind of comparable figures in a way because I think they both first on either what I got it, I think I'd be totally happy, listen to either one I'm call a conference finals. I would not be upset at that they're, both really technical, good. They both authorised- the weird Harleigh you know is yes us die. You know with the cats on them, the elder the strikers on the field and he's doing this thing and uneven Eagle though he is certainly was a student of Mars. Albert as young man. You know he's doing in May. co? Why light
Blogger. You know he's he's, got this, this sense of humour that kind of rage is out there and, I think actually goes up when I made the beginning, which is now we have tons of guys who seem like an gals who love basketball, announcing basketball, Harlin Eagle Bear in Doors Burke like these are people who, when analysing call again there, like they, don't wanna, be secretly calling the NFL right now They want to be right year, calling the NBA they love it and I think it away. That's part of the legacy of marked whom I love, doors and she's, a grey per shit about the bad habit over the last year. She calls everybody by their first name, which is just a personal Pepe for me when I'm listening again, it is words like what, by Donovan Rudy rubies. Adam the PIC and then Joe came over, and if so, what are we like? A cocktail party with these guys, by their last names, I beg
Brian Janish, there's certain guys that are just first name guys like Madonna, but for the most part I was out before using the last name, is by the way I have a scoop for you. It's I think it's going to be staying Van Gundy for the next year, as the letter leave guy yeah well- and I made my bed not reporting this, but this is my bet, but I'm betting on. I need on Standing Gandhi as the group, which would mean we have to Van dandies, which is interesting because, as I told the story before being Andy, was supposed to be down with me and will by magic when I finally agreed to do it that year and then Stern blocked it and wait, I thought the Vanguard day they hated the being that is now. It seems. I bear in a slightly better place with the being Andy's, but by I think we're gonna have been grandes is the lead guys on and both games we're gonna take a quick breakin,
I want to really talk about instantly by with you so willing to do that Today's absurd is brought you bad Miller. Late summer is in full swing were heading toward August. We had made the most of it now that basque bows, almost over, were heading for baseball trade deadline. Playoffs forepaws come back well, go grab, some cold merla enjoy the next couple weeks summer you can enjoy the Olympic Games, he can enjoy baseball, you can sit outside. I would highly recommend doing on the golf course having or maybe Azure ran from the front. None Batman pop open and they saw ice cold, nor lay pertinent igloo or changes constant in summer can disappear before we realise it be, can always depend on the greatest merla when you enjoy the dog days of summer. So next time you getting ready to enjoy cold ones, with your Krueger Miller, light that come forward such B S to find your reactions near you or you can pick up similar light pretty much.
anywhere they sell beards maritime, sober responsibly Miller, Brewing Company, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ninety six galleries, three point two carbs per twelve ounces. I instantly play this is banned in our lives fur forty plus years. I am old enough terms. where the game that caused everybody to push for a balanced and reply was when the oil theirs. The beaten, the Steelers, the oilers are now the titans for the young ones, Keepin scored home. I think it was make ran, fro caught a touch down the road and incomplete it swung the game and that got the momentum and we ve been on a forty year attitude this reply ever since it works in some cases. I think and tennis it's been fantastic.
It's really really really improve terrorists and a lot of different ways. Other sports, not as much football. We have a complicated relationship with it. Ultimately, I think it's ok um, I'm ok with football replay, the basketball. It's too terrible and here's? How you know it's terrible? It has a zero percent approver rating Brian there's nobody in my life whose, like you know a lot of people given they may play ship but attire. I love it. I'm so glad We have it. I loved you and that Cooper, game when the last ninety seconds took thirty three minutes to plan that is fuckin awesome when we had five minutes to replace in five feel goals in the last ninety seconds of a close game. That was great. I love when the game stops. I love watching the same replay ten times. The point, is nobody likes this and at some point, when nobody like something and you
entertainment company in this case league there really are accompany you, your providing entertainment and you're hoping people pay dollars to ghosts. the entertainment or stream it at their homes and you have something that's failing this badly, the lack of urgency, the lack of transparency, the the lack of gist of self admission about this doesn't fucking work. We have to fix it, We get it. We know this doesn't work. We are. We are going to go back to the drawing board this summer. The fact that they're not saying anything is so dumbfounded to me and I really think it's terrible you know what they're doing what you're take on paper. We both but the one way you get sports to change any rule as when it makes a bad tv show. The sports is a tv show, that's where the money comes from. That's where everything comes from, and it's made it made that game last night into a bad tv show. We had stopped the game to see if J crowded
trip Nick but Tomb in a common fell way or in a flagrant fell away. Why We doing that. Why are we pausing for that moment, and I just I just find it makes a game, so for all the game was so long last night for game. There wasn't even close down the stretch and you just go. I'm just when every one of the flagrant ones are the ones who really get me. The way that I will look at this and decided this was regular. Feller flagrant fell. Why does that need a replay to stop everything right? Well, you think, like there's, this basic smart moves. They can make with this a thousand found. You could wait until the tv time out and then review whether it's a flagrant or not, and then, if it is come out of the time out and be we looked at that again, it was a flagrant we're in a shoe next to free throw here.
everybody would be fine with that. We were not fine with is just stopping the flow of the game for five minutes when we have commercials that do that anyway or forget it. If we're gonna, stop the game How long run the commercials then there's gotta some better way to do this, that that didn't involve adding twenty five minutes. The game. What's nuts to me, is we just came out, years ago, Adam talking about now sunlight doors, british arguing about the the the hall, got to speed up the game, we get it the flow. Should we go with forty minute halves? It's a! U can hear that spirit game you're doing the opposite: you're molasses, so I just feel like the ear. You're too ideas. I have for you that they could make this actually have a couple more than to one is when it's when it's, when the fowls already been called deciding whether it's a common power flagrant fell. Just do that during a time how to do it at half time. Just let us know later
what it was, I don't need to know right away. We're good keep the game going. It's not like we're, not adding Faust, somebody's gonna technical. If it's a flagrant two possibilities stopped the game, but Ye Hammond times. If we had a flagrant too in a game of watches year may be five. Sadly one thing second thing: I think they really have the narrow what their reviewing. I don't ever want to see. Another black and charge reviewed again get that out also get out the thing that we had been near the end again to and Beverly crashed into, Booker and cause the body go out bands and then they Oh it down to one one hundredth of a second, it's like that actually barely touched Booker after Beverly knocked the nets like at some point words violating the spare the game. Beverly knocked Abad abounds, it might have raised Booker because of it, but Beverly was still caused it and if we're playing basketball, we know he caused it. Oh, why are we reviewing there and then on the flip side, like it
viewing that, but then we're not reviewing that somebody, MR feel goal, because somebody us slapped the backward in the rough missed it and we just let that go so think for letting some stuff go where we are. were not letting other stuff go. I don't get that either and then the third thing is, I just we'd: have the possession arrow. I would bring it back. I think a worse in college and all these men's words like the reps. Can I dont know what happened so they just like jump all its spent five minutes reviewing it just be like jump opposition era, and keep the game moving. I think the fans will be ok with it. The whole point as keep the game moving, it's an end. Payment product, and I dont think this would be that hard to fix like if we, if each team football would have three two challenges, perhaps bottines. Perhaps I am good with that
Two challenges, perhaps both teams and then maybe we review. Whether three is a two like that, so the Durrant situation would be the big one right, the rain against the box. He makes It seems like it might have been the game ruining shop at their view of the thing with those is it takes thirty seconds to know whether the guy's foot was on the latter. Not I still feel like we could review those woods killers, the black charge stuff and the like. So I just seven ideas. Are you like today? that seem like a better idea than what we are already doing. I think it all did and I think that the it the football example is good is a good one here, because one for budget stops all the times. Have you stopped review something and let my prayer come in and talk about it. It just kind of his part of the tv show now, and I dont minded at all really, but what footballs done successfully in another gun around a couple times on this is their only gonna review. Certain thinks you're, just not new cannot review. Everything
You mean a raft, are gonna, miss them cause. You can review out of bounds right. You can review two feet down whatever it out. You just can't review can review turnovers, but you can't review everything, and I told him with you on that. I just think you have to be able to just, take certain calls as annoying as they may be in black. We just can't review this. This isn't. This is going to be locked. Charge is going to be the referee's discretion we can do out of balance. We can maybe do a gold to the end of the game. We certainly do Kevin Durant's foot on the line that all seems easy, but you just have to kind of shrink down which are actually going to review. It seems like they live in fear of the make ran for a moment, and now they ve over compensated but then, when you think about other step that they miss and we're ok with it like. I think it was game. Seven Philly, Atlanta,
somebody made a play and they showed the replay where the guy jumped in the air he landed, and then he took the shot. Anyone it accounted for The points that I went away at his feet were down before I think the shot like ok cool or they gave the basket kids fibres over what the next by it wasn't like there. Is good national riot, because this guy's feet came down. I think it was shake Milton before he got the ball off, but that's just the way it goes with this stuff. So I that's the part that just breaks my brain. We are either fanatically picking over these dumb plays like that Patrick Beverly Booker play in other plays its I got. Did the Andrea hit the backward make that Bob operators added it? Ok, reft, missed it. It's fine, it's basketball! I think when it's when it's a situation where Katy hits a three that war,
won the game, but his foot was on the line yeah. We got to review it, but that should take thirty seconds and you know ate there, but there's been talk about, should you have one slash four referee who's right there with the answer me but, like my short answer is here we have a fourth person can be retired rests. How hard is this? Your plan to play there in the playoffs there's two games a night backs, put the fucking rifts, it big court with the three plaything. Let's get this going to me? Tennis is the model, and Wimbledon is on right. Now they ve master to its great. They in this was this thing that huh Over ten us all the time where it was like there seem like there were no more I'm a reason to some of these umpire cause than they have been fixed. It numerous ready. Now it's much better. So I guess I just one atom to take charge of something here: bacon or something
You have this situation where, over and over again, he he seems like he's a substitute teacher, sometimes where, one leg, offend the parents and veto the decade in the front row, put his peace in a bag and through it so chalkboard as I we better cleaning up. Don't don't kick him at a I ate at some point, like you got a crack down in China. The troll, your league, that I'm just don't feel like he's doing it, a middle problem with all these leagues in the age of the big screen televisions and how good everything looks at home now is it. You can just be so worried that everybody on Twitter is gonna, see something that the rest miss. But thank you point out. You may really a point which is that their miss calls all time and as long as they're, not the agreed is late game. Oh my god that change the course of basketball history call people will mostly role with it, because by the way those are gonna be in an indian game anyway, in o guys, flopping and getting a call guys, you know, selling a colleague its
part of Basque born. I just yeah, I'm with you. I think more Reimer reason more in charge in shrinking. The court is shrinking the length of a game, as is where I want to be clear path: ass. Our great example that something we can review at commercial. They you know it was a father, get the bow anyway and its. I owe you get an extra thou shalt, because there is a clear path found well five minutes later. We have time out hey. We just realized. That was a clear path foul. We looked at it, so we're going to come at time out and they're going to shoot. Two free throws for it. I don't know a single about fainter. They wait a second Falk DAS. why'd you shoot the free thirty five minutes later. People would be delighted that we didn't have to you now, Slota. I look, as you said when it becomes a bad tv show. That's when you have to fix stuff- and the league has had crisis points in the past Two thousand, for is a great example. This, though the defence became better than the offence, the games or too slow,
the fans didn't enjoy them. We had that paces Piston series when it was leg over the games like seventy seven, seventy eight, seventy three, Sixty nine and all of us were like what is happening, and then they fix it. They you know they they got rid of some of the hand, checking they changed from the legal defence stuff they eventually put in the twenty four. Second, now is fourteen seconds after enough its rebate, and they get they just quicken the pace in a bunch of different ways, and it worked and now there at this point and the reasonable in a big deal out of it. It's just, I just don't feel any urgency from the league said really down- I don't I don't I haven't heard one could have you have your one quote: firmed up anybody know, but like yeah, we know it isn't working we. This is a real priority for us. We have to fix this. There were getting
reviews that less as a few others, a bigger point here, which is the Basque about telecast, are always on the verge of seeming way to choppy. You know, I see this was CBS when they do college basketball, no crime, those commercials into the last couple of minutes of a game. You have a time out, it's a tense game and in your coming out to a commercial and you, just as a viewer, you're completely taken out whatever drama there is an watching, ESPN watch him last night. Barely in your ear, the espionage studio expert here so who decided that it was a good idea. I'm too have every sb in person offer one sound bite in order and then just go to commercial without any discussion about what just happened in the game like you would see: anti anti like what viewer
What's it like? You know what I want everybody on here to get a touch. I want jail and get a touch a one day. We have to get a touch. I won't woes to get a touch, and then I want to go to commercial, fascist, I'll people think it's insane. I mean I can write a phd about this after by two traumatic years. Doing that show Eve three and a half minutes. So if you have a host, the host is gonna, bring you back in that's thirty seconds now and the three minutes- and you also have to leave room for the last twenty seconds when the whole springy back to commercial. So that point at last, twenty five seconds, and then twenty saw now and play with two two minutes: forty five seconds for three people now. But he can make a really good point improbably less than thirty seconds on their Russia's. So that's why they
in that way. They want to make sure everybody gets the bar once and then you're, probably at a time, you're right. It's ridiculous! Guess what you guess, what you don't need for people to do three and a half minutes vision, segment- and I were I was always like dumbfounded- is with the red tape You don't want to hurt people's feelings right, like you. Could just have Maria and Jaylin and just have a back and forth for three and one slash two minutes, but then what do you do with the other? Two people that did the pregame show what they should do is have the pregame show and then just keep one person. And then have a real back and forth. It did the reason why can t is so good at Santa Claus, Barkley in Kent, like those guy in Ernie, those guys are the best studio people you ve ever had they actually seven and a half minute have time like watch. It think how much time Had they have time to. All the way around canny has time to go to the Big Board. Do his pictures thing run back
and then they have led to more minutes because they actually care about that show at it is peanuts, never cared about that show for as much money as they throw it it they just don't care about it and then at the end of games they throw reds sports. Because they care more about them power than they do about. The studio show the game ends the one time you really why you're studio guises after the game, what happened but think about our Ringer Pike ass. We don't do podcast before the game. We do them after cause. It's like what happened. What do you think? That's the whole point there there count guys are gone and then bring them back. In its like the impel comes on he interviews burgundy and jobs by just listen to them for three hours. I get here again. And then it then they'll bring unlike I all of it is just nonsensical. I'm really confused by that sends out. You are too, I think we ve hit on some here, which is the touches problem everybody having to get their touches
cause. I'm area in the NBA on NBC would start by second ago these to come and have found it was like cost us and Pat Riley, and that was it. You know like. People and now not only do you have the four touches at half time. Then they go back to the court and bring gets a touch. Vanka gets a touch more gas and get the touch. Rachel Nicholls gets a touch we have. We have two sound from both locker, firms which is usually completely uninteresting, like our guys come on, hang in there. Here we go so it's like you, ve heard what is like eight or nine different voices yeah in in Utah have a single idea in your head that, like Barkley, would have given you antient something like that where they would again actually had a conversation. We think think of Barkley come back at one bucks game. It was again the six years, I want to say right where he was. I Milwaukee is gonna win, but this is the dumbest team ever like now. Is that again you take something from half time, whether he's foolish it or not. You're, like I remember that that's good, that's
it's interesting and then the other guys can can argue with them or whatever, but it's like its actual human interaction, not over produced too many people like tv for tv sake. I just don't like them at bargain He has turned the monarchy. Game is great, but with the game, Yadda got hurt at half time. It goes to him and he's just like he's like he crushes blockade is like. This is what I worry about it. Then they don't want to step on your throat to sit mean that it's there they're very good team. That's perfectly content to compete, but they don't have that killer sent. You saw it last night with Chris Paul break Chris Paul's like I can smell this and and stepped on the clippers neck and that's what
But my plan is sparkly identified it and set it in a really smart big picture clearway, but you can do that when you know you have time- and I listened- I was in those situations for two years where it's just like. First of all, especially if somebody takes too long like Wilbon, I love Wellbaum, but sometime Take like a minute. You have. You have the first minutes it out so in jail, and I looked at forty seconds combined to get our points out ed. You just thinking like I just wanna, get a point out as fast as I can verses like a point that actually has a death that has a chance to breathe and have people react. That's either that's missing. When you're talking about like d it she's going around the table. Basically, would you call it the duchess? Yet that's the point. Point point point nobody's react. Anybody, so they might as well be informed it they met his will be an zoom where they had attained
Yeah I mean it fell, shows do this. Do I think CBS roads I allus give Bill SAM's, then late, Berlusconi? How we long is gonna, give us fifteenth x on my this sucks body, Indiana vows worse there, the five people defiantly at the table and then the half time words like we gotta get Terry her more about he's gonna. Do the highlights think why care brain? barely knows where he is he's gonna be buried in the first half of the Cardinals Rams game. So I I just think, there's so much laziness with this stuff, with the with the with just how they approached the studio stuff, and I say, do we need three people, fur, an MBA broadcasts, booth I don't either the date I does. Anybody think we need three at lake interfere in January this year, famously gets yet visible, especially
after having done the games. It goes so fast like you'll. Have you know it's just the same Its action in the play by played dominates all that stuff, so its pages fallen habits with the draft to wear the they want to produce it, and I did then I did that thirteen and fourteen traps- or they want to produce it because they care more. The producers are always about. You know they. They want to control. Things didn't want things to go wrong right, that's their job! It's it's! I want things to go. Seamlessly and really really awesomely. So they'll have these things like you know, Bill S after Repack doses, girdle of Georgia them he would have. Seventy five seconds to talk about the right. There was like this cookie cutaway to do each one, whereas I Greece would talk about the pact Bob. I watched the guy go up and biggest as seventy five cents
and then the other two guys quickly have time to react to the pic before we get to the interview, which is always bad and then I'll send its expec, but the problem is especially in the first: and picks up the draft like there's a lot going on. There is major. You know me. Your storylines, there's Marvin Bagley, getting picked overlook Luka, their shit like that and you you have like forty seconds to, add to it. You know, and I don't get bad either- does Latin or get bread? This is when television as problems when you're producing television for other producers. Yet for you for your pals in the business and not produce
for fans by the way. It's it's anything about writing. You know as soon as you start doing it and you're saying who, who is this show for? Is it for basketball Fan Sportsman's or is it for? You know my sizzle reel for the sport Sammy's and I just think when you start doing the second thing if it becomes bad and it just feels to get it feels like you're, producing producing sake, rather than I'm going to make a really effective tv show that people are going to like what you know. It's been single. Most nuts decision have a Steven Anton countdown great question, but I mean what are we doing the most powerful personal areas beyond, but not only be a pre gameshow How is you not on the aid to have time show should just be him in jail, and I don't even know anybody else like what you think I can. I hear Stephen S, thoughts, I really care. I would have loved his thoughts.
Mediately after the the Chris Paul game, they ve tapped into something with well by, but I just you know Stephen Ed. I just enjoy stuff I which just try to put him on the show somewhere at some point its. saw a very strange it does feel they come. I know I know. Jailing contractors up it sends Amory Tailor made that her contracts up before the last game. In the final send you know, as always with the sba- and it just seems like things era, things are emotion, jail inside How many countdown partners at this point is it likely be figures right? It's like Marvin that his own Mattie Ducas Yes, I, like other people, living people I'd years, but it feels like once again working start move around its always it seeing the people behind the scenes. Never change. So, though, is the talent. The talents always move it, but it's ever beheld the seeds people. any any finals, media, storylines, you're, lookin out for rigour.
I'm a the Chris Paul love in that's come another governor right about this. For the ringer Amalgam asked yes, gonna, be it's gotta, be amazing, I am interested in the year, the old guy apologies and gay wrote about this in the journal, and Mickelson wine right with Ed Brady were Mickelson with Elio Castro Nevis at the Anti five hundred. Nor is it the emir. The old guys thing is, is kind of hilarious, makes us old, guys feel better about ourselves. Yeah a couple thing: That, in everybody's being complacent or not complaining about saying about the embryo, these superstars they'd, they lost the final Scooby disaster. I listened Chris Paul verses. Yon us is a good finals from a star standpoint janius, is an up and coming guy that needed at some point. A bigger platform in you know a bigger stage, which is about the guy. and this is a guy who has a chance to be an all timer, potentially an ankara's ball. I feel it is really famous in aid
it's a combination of he's been nor lives for sixteen years now, but also the state farm adds, which is, I think, one of the best add campaigns, tat. I just feel like everybody knows who Chris Paul is on top of it. He has the story that is everybody's favorite sport story, the old guy trying to get the ring Is there? Is there a better and safer bet for a good sport story than as the old John away thing, it always works and always wins Jerry West trying to get it in the seventies. You go way back, it's it's a win, everytime, yeah yeah and the fact that he said get reported, covert diagnosis. Rain, shoulder against the Lakers them and he's actually had like forest story law within the larger Chris Paul tries to get a ring story yeah over the last couple weeks, yeah. No, it some I dont! You know you know me, I don't I. When people start talking about how it yes be an executive,
mad that its Milwaukee, and you know I just Phoenix in the files I just like who gives a shit like if you, if it, if you don't like this basketball feed, rather have other stars and finally, the teams? Ok, but yet why would week? Why would I I'm not getting any money if he has been gets higher ratings are lower ratings. It doesn't matter to me in all the cares of its a good series and I'm compelled by it that's what I'm running for us. So we could when in forestry finals we did find we're. Ok, it was a bright curtis. We can hear you on the excellent press box pack ass. I look forward to reading your Chris Paul story and we ve been worked together officially for ten years now. Can you believe it yeah we're we're like our second decade together that day the sirens in the back laboratory, Unexcited Cinema It was the end, but I love go with you and I and I'm excited for decade number two. You gotta say your bill array
bring Chris Manic Sincere from sports, illustrated in key areas pop up all over the Is your papa ran a boxing cards and I never did you keep me on my toes the Chris Paul Chris Paul makes the finals people love ass. They love when the old guy the quest further ring stuff right that with watching that game last night there are these differences, airlines going on including some real animosity felt like with the clippers in the signs. But on that first person to say this, that was the complete package Chris Paul gap. It was the I'm putting my team on my back aim. There's no! Every fuckin loosened his game. I'm gonna throw in a couple flaps here, I am, I am super annoying. I'm super competitive, the I'm the fulcrum of this team. It was kind of
weirdly his defining game. I love that I wanted to. I was in Phoenix for Game five and like watching them caught a joke that game away you you had to know that in the back of crisp Paul's, mind like he loses this game six, and every story for forty eight hours, three one like remark illusory one one more time. I feel that was how do but a motivating factor for him. Germany. It probably wasn't. The only reason you play that well was the only reason the sun's when I came, I did feel like after game five, we saw like the last stand of the clippers. We saw everything Paul George had to give you had a remarkable Denmark S, cousin stint mean Tie Lou, pushing every button that that he could to make it work, but I gotta believe press ball, like just didn't, want to hear the cut back home the Phoenix three one stories I worked with Chris Paul blow. It again, will it be? Will this be aligned Reza? Maybe
so? I think that was that was partly motivating motivation for him and I wonder what was cool about it. This is bad an issue in his career right, where it's like, I'm giving you it. Need to and eleven in every plant basically, the most consistent point guard is ever lived. If we really need me we're gonna lose that then it gets a little days here now we saw would like spurs to die empathy any made the game when he shouted pennant when legs, but for the most part at sea. you'd, where down it seemed like in the biggest stages. Sometimes he just didn't come through and just in general, the curse of the little guy, which we ve only seen a couple. People really overcome as Thomas they want to do it. We ve seen people do it for short short stretches. I say Thomas on the South ex that one year, but for the most part, are we're so and I
book, a basketball part about him and December in the premises? Basically, can you call Chris follow the point? God, if he's never made the finals like I do we reconcile this the way he's flipped his legacy just making the final was a legacy flipper. If he wins it, then it becomes different conversation where it's like you start talking about. Was the second best point guard about time? Did he officially pass? I say I think he has two. Does he move into like on mice pyramid? Is he had top twenty guy things like that I had him forty before the season I haven't thirty. Now I've read on the cusp of level for like right next to Stockton,
but now we have this chance for this guy to rewrite. It doesn't happen that often in Basque by Kenneth, remember the last time it happened, but had you given up on Chris Paul as nice as this possibility, not because I feel that key reinvented himself last year, like I thought about last year, you can make the case was like the finest year of his career before this season, because to go to a global city and not just in the eminent brace it accepted and embrace it, but the elevate that team tat, no businesses sixty like no Bisbee, succeed the plans to elevate that team. The way did that showed me a different side of crystal because up until that point, I kind of felt a similar ways. You like, is there an underachiever in him? Are we gonna look back and say, like you, should have done more with the clippers teams with the Rockets teams like it,
would be like. Maybe he wasn't on that level like, even though they are beaten the first round. I thought that was like that seven game series with Houston was one of his finest player performed in a year in general, was his finest year and the guy I'm among the people that believe Phoenix was on the upswing anyway, I dont believe that the bubble games were an aberration. I thought that they caught something in there that was gonna carry over no matter. What, but the way you elevated the Andrea eight the way picked up. Somebody guys like Mikhail bridges and made them better. I mean he he's written entire new chapter in his career and end and that's what they say about a lot of guys that some guys are able to cut a recast the old glory correspond. Beverly had all glory. You like now is providing new glory at thirty five, thirty six years old and an that's that's what's up these see very off. Here was insane hearing and talk in the post came about. You know, and I agree:
you're, scared, six years the clippers, and unlike this was the many real hard ass for you like it's like somebody going back, the hard it has had great years here. In that time, the blood came out of the walls in my daughter was levitating of her bed. He had some of some awful play our forces and I think that you look back at the fourteen and fifteen teams in it's almost like a documentary and then it seemed like the ship had sailed. I think this became I did a pie cast a vigorous beanie April about, like basically the case for the sun's Cosette felt like TAT game inutile when they be eaten over time. It is the first time as I wait a second. This is weird year, it could be just one his years where, like Toronto into does nineteen whence I wow that happen. This team is the first team, that's built for him, it was intended to be both France. But when you look, I like he's got the shooters he's got the second score. He's got the big guy he's got the force of personnel
They were veer him any just seen my while could this happen with that said, I still feel the Lakers are better and I still feel like co. Why, if he's healthy, I think this cooperation I would have beaten the science I made. They would have no magic advert for Denver too, like those dead, beaten with Jamal Murray by maybe not their fault you play whose in front of you, but yes, Yo Patriots argument right where the page where this than the ILO I gotta know where you stand like the asterisk thing is stupid to me. Like you know, you, like, I don't remember like the mavericks one, the championship in two thousand Levin. I don't remember the top my head, who wanted twenty tat like it's. Just like you, don't remember, you knock and look back and say well, that's something they want to finals. They dared to beat a Callias clippers d like that, doesn't really happen. Nobody actually thinks like that, as as history begins to unfold. So I am, I think, this this sons, team
the impact of Chris Paul YA. I look at the the andreasen. Stop that to me is the biggest part of all this. I says one and a half Chris pause. It is unlike but Aden, he always had. This pattern don't. Even though I didn't really loved the bubble either like in the bubble, I'm looking to biogas hands our great economy frustrated doesn't get post touches like the impact Chris Paul had on the Andrea, monsieur basic convincing him. That's ok to be allowed catch. It's ok to be a defensive staple! It's ok to you! I'll! Get you to your double doubles! I'll! Get your dear touches! So you get your points there, like, I think, Paul's impact on the Andrea Etas mindset. You know was one of them. Just influencers of the success of this team, Booker was gonna. Do Booker things. I was on his way up, no matter what the aim is: the linchpin of the top ten defects and that's largely because of the Andrea now big downgrading, plays the same this year. If Ricky Rubio is there not Chris Paul? Did I had some celtics bangs with this Chris Paul thing? There's a couple
FR in times when it felt like TAT God had read. The draft demonstrated Pierce form the Rhonda, when were the Rondeau Chris Paul rumours, what was that two thousand within range yeah yeah and I found out about this diagram here. There is a whole feud with them you're there were moments, and eighteen and nineteen that's another hilarious thing with this Chris Paul peace, where he's the worst kind, one of the worst contracts in the league for two years, you have to give away pigs with them to get rid of him when you're, Houston and now he's gonna get a mass of eggs. Jane and I'm sure, I'm sure the next one waiting just in case, but I would assume I don't. I gotta get that far. I gotta get that far. I wouldn't be surprised me, you know everything. I've heard you you you opt in, then you extend like two years on the back into that deal, so you basic goat. You finish your career with and you can save the sounds. A little bit of money on the final two years are collecting that forty four million on on this next year, so I'd die, pinkies retired
ten Phoenix, it seems like a works there. I are, you sure, big, shot, Bobby servers vacuum and get a little that you that worries me that does work love. Bob Sarber worries me that that's gonna become an expensive rostrum couple years yet cause you gotta give eight in a bag there, I'm Talkin back give aid in the bag Booker's make it max and aim. Chris. Like this. It disapprobation time to talk about it as we have this crystal ball celebration thing, but do you wanna be paint paying crisp Forty billion hours like three years now is to be forty here we have but different, he's going to do now is never happened. That three years would always get. We do this, don't you think curses games? Can age really Although it gets her light. I've. Let us ism at all like his. Maybe he is entire game is like dribble across the lane issued MID Ridge, jumped shot is even defended dislike, it is defect, is reaching in and out of swatting balls away. At this point, I think, like the ways plan now and the fact to build the he like after that,
that season. When you went down with hamstring injury, he went the Brady round like he starts to do that biometric stuff in and work is what I had worked. Jana worked like he's: he played what seventy plus games each last two years, so I think help why's. He figured some things out too. I would hesitate to give Chris Paul. You know two more years on a back in and let him go till forty with esteem you Have you at this point, but I wonder if it's gonna end up being like football quarterbacks, where we always it seemed I can see, Brady was Brady was play in his forties, even though he was telling us use going for any day now we have Rogers Scan, be thirty. Eight. He wants to play another five six years in these words go in and it makes more sense out. We haven't seen this really happen with basketball. the same way, but it feels like it's about to leg. Lebron is at a minute's number that the history of the league says his careers. Can it pretty soon, but the way
If views the quarterback analogies like. Maybe he can play seventy a thousand minutes sixty days, has been really the limit for everybody, like that Karim kind of set the standard, but maybe go seventy five. and so then might take a like. Could he play thirty minutes a game? seventy games a year since base could paint two thousand regular see minutes and then another eight hundred in the playoffs and urges very careful. It's almost like cabin the fancy some car in your garage that you're not drive in California, but you'll. Take too you know the beach, and maybe you maybe you could get to forty. I just like with Sarber that guy has had no history of ever spending and NATO. Really they should have one in the midst of thousands and did it because he just wouldn't go over certain numbers of the thought of him. free MAX guys seems inconceivable to me the out
It would worry me, but what choice you have like if you don't discuss those two extra years with Chris he'll, opt out and you'll get a big off from the next like somebody's going to pay clue Ass, Chris Bob big money. This often takes her inch. They may might run up my colleague to like as a lotta the next or might be leverage reverie body at this point, the next couple of months. So, if you don't like what are you telling your your family tell you team by either replaced Chris Paul with Cameroon Pain, like I love Cameron, pain but ass, he came and Pain and Chris Paul role for an entire season, plus the playoffs he found lightning in a bottle in Syria deserve to get paid for I don't see him, you don't replacing Chris Paul, I give you ve got it you ve gotta, do you have no choice, or else you gonna wind up, it'll blowing an opportunity to create, like this three year window to be a championship team as Chris. I grew this arbours crazy like he. He would worry me a little bit if Miss Paine expand, but I'm not sure
he's got boxed any unaware under whatever I do, but bring Chris Paul back and also to bring him back. You you, the three or run things. A great point is everything else is in place right. You had those swing guys either on Ricky contracts and crackers case on a real contract. You ate and you're gonna pay Booker's the contract he get. Chris, you get some better and minimum due to be like you're, a guy replacing Sarge in your good to go for two more years. I think the west has the chance to be really great next year, because inside the Lakers Leubronn will have this whole summer to really get crazy shape same for Davis, Golan states up shit. I don't know what you know. I dont believe the Dame staff there's there's some day, murmurs floating. I do not believe them. I did get excited when I heard the rumours hours I started to think, like I wise men wigand seven fourteen and two more fur
and they would just have Dame Currie, clay and dream like ok, that's somethin. Dame comes back to the bay, but I, think that happens. But you know the warriors to be better. Murray comes back feeble March range, hopefully and delicate one more piece: the nuggets are there there for real And then, who relieving out there's gonna, be one there's one more clippers clip reserve ripen, arbitrary, Gary Cooper, action in whatever help You thought you'd deeds, which are you Toby File, a guy. I think my colleagues will we'll be back. That's another team that can afford to lose whose commune
was it two thousand seventeen when Heyward walked away a magic and rebuild from there. You, like calmly, walk away in your your kind of in a similar position. We have no cap space and have to the figure replace him with Jordan. Clarkson Azure your full time, starting out a pay. My calmly you're real money come back on on a multimedia, but if they do like, I was pre disappointing Utah this year, like yes, clippers those last couple games, but I still believe it out that Donovan Mitchell can carry a team at that level. I still believe that go. Bear me now such a crappy match up Burgo bear against the clippers. I still believe you can be like shit like we seven eight and doing. I still believe Gilbert can be championship level on that team. So I'm a big believer in the jazz, be right back where they were this year record wise. If they bring call me back, would you feel good about giving collide fifty million dollars a year? Now I be again, but have no choice like these. These reagents, like they ve, got their teams over a barrel like what he dared clippers that you gave up every asset you have
to go and get him so you got. You have walked like Miami at the end of the seas, a thing like that, you can't do it so yeah, I don't know because it does not know the extent of the breakaway injury if that's gonna, wanna, being surgical or or whatever, but even if it is like, you gotta pay the gap and deal with the consequences of maybe missing sum of next year. Because of it. This there's no choice. no choice a bath, we're taken this before them work, airline. Again you have it. Some reason Milwaukee doesn't make the finals. If that's how this plays out, but their stuck with the team. They have basically They don't really have a lot of moves. They just gave holiday this giant extension are these pigs farm and yadda submissive and gone anywhere? So then, you kind of look at Middleton. I do feel it they'd run it back, but I still feel like. Maybe the coach change is where that would go if they lost this. I am convinced recur. Allow was going there and
That was why he left Alice when he did before that bucks necessaries ended and look I'm no proof on that report. In this, I'm just a tea leaves guy enough talk to a cup of different people and I'm just convinced he was going there and then they won the serious, and now in Indiana. I just feel like it's gotta be finals or bus fur. coach, but I do think that Guy Brooklyn, why does the oddest injury, though, create an excuse to bring him back? I agree with you and I gave her the same gossip leaves here's a ready made contender in Milwaukee. He would be one of their first choices to replace buttonholes her, but I feel like MIKE's winning that series and have a honest go down. I feel like that's going to be
enough to rationalize bring him back. I don't know that at best, but I'm not sure that they don't be broken. Reckless healthy, like I think, that's pretty clear and probably dont next year as well, but I dont I look at the mark of a good. They replace him with at this point like Duke Terry starts to come in and coach, like you know, steep cliff, that's a good point where manner yet a meadow MR window yeah, It is only those kind of argument elevate, Darwin HAM, I mean I don't know what it is, but then you I've been that like mid two thousand tens oak, see, situate anywhere is clear. Scotty bricks was never a guy, but I agree, and now the sunny blast another year when you realise Raven, like the brand thing that the I never by other by the scarecrow chosen. The right guy, like scupper like why
as Agnes got Bryce as agates. Copper up always been a fan of of Scott Brooks, unlike the saint, like all those years that they didn't get back to the finals. By that there are reasons for like direct goes down. Westbrook goes down like that tm that Dame stays fully healthy and they keep James Arden, of course, like they would a championship. They do. I die. I can't fathom a scenario where they doubt in that change. The perception all realise what I supposed to be my army and twenty twelve like now like they were completely overmatched by look, no Lebrun at its peak and heavy experienced the loss it finals the year before. I think I love Scott as a coachman. I think they would allow you love Scott. Does I loves gone maids examined whether the best zags by Pakistan Aware Big Scott Brooks Guy
like you. I wish I wish your house could come in right now to tell you about his wizard Scott Bricks. Thoughts I mean. Look. I don't think he's the greatest in game coach. I do tat is an excellent player. Development. Guy, like you, ought like his his empowerment of Westbrook early was huge for his development. Might when everybody I say, Russia whispers, not appoint. Guard Scott comes in replacing Pga one of the more disastrous coaching stance ever area. An empowers Russ, says you're the point guard of the steam and would like MAGIC, Johnson calling rustic the worst point garden history. The finals, like your Scott, never veered off that and you can say, like every coach, would support their guy, but I think he was really influential in the development of Westbrook, which Westbrook who still backs into the hilt. Right now, would probably tell you so I don't think he's Phil Jackson out there, you don't coaching in games situations
I think it can be a championship goes as, as we start thinking about past finals. What's the most shocking thing that you think could maybe happen, when's three months. I bit now You talk about one talking the after the finals, the most shocking thing that is actually like. Even if it's a remote possibility should, at least be being discussed, has for me It's are, we sure wish requirements can be in the net year. Thou be mine I don't know man by good
oh, you Marina, when I do like that, one like everybody would have shown Mars want to do it well. First of all, the biggest problem trade inquiry is that no team in their right mind would take him on unless he's telling you he wants to be there, because otherwise, you will either sulk his way through the next two years or like retire and yet travel the world. In a good example, Reverend just gonna fall off the map, like that's, used to our trade. For that reason, not because maybe you'd have to do with the direct followed her, you know potential locker room issues but nobody's taking him on what team would? What team, what you wanna go to like a trim like did warlords- or this is no there's no scenario I can see where Kyra would be happy going to a place.
So in that sense I dont dig it it's possible. So you don't. They carry for Ben Timmins, like some sort of as the framework or something is a possibility, I'm just now completely making that up. Don't you know that, like me, you you cover, carry a lot like it. I've been. He has such a thing about control right, like thousands big thing leave in Boston like I want control my destiny. He chose Brooklyn. He chose to play with the rat like if you get jumped on Philadelphia, could try to be a great situation actually like the idea of korean and beat played a guy. That's a pretty dynamic one. Five pretty dynamic grew outdo, oh, but I can't imagine being happy if he's shipped off to another place, but he doesn't want go. Do I still look at the Mai off season is fixated on Miller like what he can. These two guys have me
the two sides of a meeting of the mind a realize they both kind of want. The same thing like Dame is setting out all these signals. Like he's crept against the grand post, the leaking stuffed the Chris Haines like he wants to go. You just doesn't want to look like the bad guy in in saying he wants to go me. While your Portland funeral I'll show you can't look at this team and say like work, peace or to away from winning a championship you're, not especially the western conference loading up again for the next couple of years. Like you, you can't do it and you saw Dame this year as dominance. He was top
top six type, a player. He was banged up at different points during the season and he's like one like two month, long injury away from being from his trade value, going from like a hundred percent to seventy five. So if you're looking to deal him now's the time, but you can get back with the right team, one of the great halls in trade history you can get if you want bents emits at you can get. I hate. I don't ask us even discussing Boston as a possibility, because this we always do this, but no jail in brown. Young players, never traffic you ve got at MIKE, do the job done too? So you can get a pretty big hall for daily little right now and I'm not sure it's gonna be the case a year from now upon George, but does that do anything for you, Ike devastate, arise, just a bare by that up on the Ringer MBA show less than it. I was I beheld you'd the alike siege him a column for Paul George and try to you know, keep it going. But if you deal for Paul George, aren't you just getting on
hamster wheel where you're Emma poverty drowns way better than siege Emma com. Now, no, I Maybe you can now that, if you can, I ain't rating, I'm saying Dame like if you're talking trading data by Paul Georgia's trade, vague feeling for me in in my mind and my trade value rankings pod. You really want me over these plants. I actually thought he did some stuff, especially after awhile went out that either. thank yous capable of any I don't hold last stand against them. I think to do that the other night, where you basically have to be leubronn on the two thousand eighteen calves with his roster. You have where every Gotta flow through you and also he's got the defence. You gotta play forty minutes innate, thereby really, is lower than that multiple swings to just throw him over and over again and eaten in the pain I was
really impressed? I thought that was the best I've seen a lot. I was impressed do but like, but what's the point if you're port like if you got a deal, Demi Lizard dont, you wanna, like Canada, rebuild this thing like I was sitting Portland should become Oklahoma City, honest. I think they should deal more those guys and try to get back bluechip under control players like Oklahoma City Day with shared guilt as Alexander and a million drastic. That's why I look a jail embrowns gap with three years left at his deal, Benson signed through two thousand twenty five, like those that type of guys were built twenty four years old that you can start to rebuild this thing, Arap Moi, George, why thirty one Something like that. Like I dont know that that's that's gonna point you in the direction you wanna go: Wiseman Wigan, seven fourteen and two more first from it. We ve only got out and points a late, very wicked, like the contract, the right when I look at a Wiggans as an asset. Our right now is a contract. I mean wait. We gotta take a break,
I no talk, I some south accept, so you mention Oklahoma City. This is something you mentioned to me that I don't know if you discussed anywhere- and I don't know, I've heard it anywhere, but you are surprised the Celtic stating kick the tyres on same presty, who is from Massachusetts, swear think with Emerson and who I think everybody has just pencil in to be no common, ready for next sixty years, but is somebody that has unique understanding of the south as a franchise, the history the franchise within. What that opportunity is the legacy of red, our back and people like that,
and you were just do, do you think I'm Presty? Well, I believe unequivocally that if the Celtics made an offer to SAM Presty, he would have taken it. I think so. I think the Celtics are SAM Prestige Dream job like, as you said, Grub conquered Massachusetts Play college basketball at Emerson. This is a guy that still like brings us family back to ethical fathers as the lives and in New England. Like still brings his family back in the summer, goes the Fenway park. You know it's. There is a connection between Boston and SAM Preston. I think that if the Celtics had just had a little patience and kick the tyres on SAM Presty, they would have liked what they heard back and for Presty there's no better time to leave open
a city then right now like you, you took them almost to the mountain top. You built a incredible small market success story and while they are down now the cupboards not bear like you. Ve got a potential hundreds of shared. Since things are falling. I got guides it: you're you're you're, overflowing with assets, Lou Dort, excellent player. All these draft pics before before the lottery got Shane before the lottery happened, like you had a chance to get a number one pick in the draft. Now you've got the top six pick and if you're Presti, you have like a succession plan, a place like Rob, Hennigan is being positioned as the air.
The same presty like he's one of only a couple of guys in the organization that have direct access to Clay Bennett like he is being ruined for that spot. So it out it. If there was a time for SAM Presty to leave of outside of winning a championship. This would be it, and I just I got if I have no problem abroad, Stevens taking that job like, I think, Brad's super smart and will find a way to be successful it that job. My promise, if you out arguably, the best general manager in basketball potentially available to you, and you don't he's from now is game here and you don't even call I I don't know what we're doing I dont know like could like that. Nothing opens up the can of worms of could Brad of continued as head coach trimming. That's did Brad want to continue as head coach. I dont really answer that question. I asked him He said he would, but I've heard some significant anyways. I think we both know the actual answer that question either
He was a little birds on the island now. I think, though, that it seemed like the team was a little burned out on him through the more we learned about. Probably I would be willing to go to to give a flight of such a weird year with coal ridden. I quit
around things like that. I mean I would if, if this had been a full season- and they had played like this, I might be more willing to buy that. I would have brought him back for the. But let me say this, like simplicity and Brad, are like super close, like that. Their talk over time like there was talk back in twelve, that in to bring it back. A Scot Brooks like that. Presty want the higher Brad Stevens asked after the thunder went to the final. Like the guy finals impress. It was interesting that Brad Stevens back then, but you can't fire coach after getting to the finals of guess, that's among the reasons that didn't happen. So I think if SAM takes that job abroad, Stevens probably still there as the head coach and then at that point of the South X, you are position with a guy who, I think, is still a top ten coach in the NBA. Still a believer in brass demons. Coaching skills retained the best. You can imagine the NBA up outside of Messiah Algeria, no parallel in the grate
that group too, to build this thing. I mean that that infrastructure not not to have it, or at least try to get it that that to me was, was a little maddening to kind of watch unfold. The cynical sodomy wonders they gave Braddock in a year ago. Now we're come a we had this three IRAN. If we add the cases in which was just unhappy, then you have the pandemic season followed by the stoppage fall by would come back. They make this bubble. and then this new season starts right away. Another and happy season, you others, basketball and this world or cos right, a drama other all this stuff packed into three years he's got kids. I d, I think, is a huge fan guy I get it. I don't think he was that happy. I dont know. If He felt like he was reaching the roster in the same way, especially couple the stars. The chemistry was little off again at some
they're looking at it in their legwork guys a huge contract huh. Not going to walk away from it, they're not going to fire, but maybe they talk themselves into this front office, and that would be my fear. The glass half full side of me thinks he wanted a break, he's incredible basketball, mind and baby came in chance. the possibility of yet this guy can rebuild our roster. His are best option and maybe it never occurred to them too. To two coming. That say, I mean that's almost like that's like malpractice. If that's the case, like you ve gotta, if you're wit, gross back like you, you ve got, you gotta have that awareness You ve gal. I mean this is likely to do. Anything was weird for them now, because Danny Clear, he was leaving yes Day day. They had therein whose thought he might have a chance to get the GM job. So you do it Danny son, still there you also
a pretty white organization and they knew they had to address that they knew that diversity had to be the norm. what they need to figure out just from a decision making standpoint from a forward facing standpoint. All that stuff in that related tab. Where's thoughts felt about them all those things, so I think the coach they hired by all accounts sounds great. that sounds like an awesome Meyer and I, like everything, I've heard about the bread for an office thing, but I just wonder how we arrived there, because every day this plan might have been in place even lie. I don't think this came up this happen in a week now the owners mud months, yeah where's degree they started talking about this Youtube her probably were hearing all the same things I was over the last few months. The daddy was was done like you
I knew it and I still think you wind up in some capacity in Utah as adviser that this point two of its lack of doubt that yeah them pretty sure. That's that's, can happily nude like it. The domino effect was this people talking all along, like Danny, leaves Boston Dennis Lindsey leaves you to the third part of this was that people thought that lends he was gonna want up in Houston out the guy's gonna, happen least not right away, but I can see a year or so from now. If, if Tillman forty two wants to make a change at the top, those Lindsey was only fifty two could emerge as well as that guy. I just you know if this is such an important decision and if you have a crack at the best in the business, why not take a swing at me? You come back here to anybody getting you can make a phone call see if he's interested and if he is let a plant. Let haven't Brad talk, I mean the first deal Brad made, which I
no was the life. I do my first deal with SAM Presty. That's just my opinion. I got it. I am not sure that we get it right away that deal. That deal still feels you know to knee jerk for me, because now, like Damien Miller, might be available. Don't you want that extra traffic, if they Miller, is potentially on the table like Do we really believe in outdoor for deal? Wasn't gonna, be there to think that they were beaten down the doors for our Orford. I can assure you they were not so I'm saying- and I just I assume, that They had one option to dump this camera contracts in it wasn't gonna, be ok, see! I don't think they thought there was a second team, the abacha, I didn't, have the gorilla contract they were talking to it, though I've, I think Presty, probably it I'm just getting. This probably was like I, you know, we now hope for deal over here with aid, but to get this done, you're right away in a jumped on it like that's what a good GM would do,
situation like that awaiting lobbying. For GM. You see things look advantages than you guys. I this is on the table. Twenty four hours- that's it sorry pressed he's gonna use that one roster slot for crappy contracts, it He flipping over and over again. I don't I like next. Does it affect? Next year? Pausing guesses be a like he'll beyond the thunder. Roster like Campbell still find a way to get camera to play like sixty something Games and Dallas will turn around go. You know we need a point guard next: got like maybe Jack Campbell Walker, guys like a one year left and his contract. You flip pausing, it's warm, you throw first run picketed the mix, and this is like the never ending story about global city, rebuilding guys that that, but the point is like I felt like that deal would have been there in August. I dont think anymore was clamouring for our Orford and could made that deal after
The combine to see if you can really liked anybody at the combine them in that would have been given at either end they they were interviewing lottery, thickset the combine, which was also confusing the add on his egg. Is there some? My my feeling is either markers gets extended, are traded, but it will happen next six. Secondly, one or the other, and I would I would lean towards the extension, but I wouldn't be surprised if they train them. For I don't know the seventh peck with the warriors, if they were at the contract, staff would be tough, but I shall be the context of a purely throb, tough as like Sakhalin, our whatever, like the seven nine range, is probably his value because I do think continue. Really value, because they ve seen him in three conference vial.
things. You know they know he could be like the fourth or fifth guy and a really gets him now. That's but like if Portland keeps lowered like that's. Why I, like my column, is intriguing, robust and because smart would probably compliments Willard differently at least then Mccall does, like you know the biggest problem, Portland that there's no defensive is Nope defensive backstop there there's nobody that yet that can guard wings. The way that Smart can't so you put smart next to Lily D, got a pressure off him. In that sense, I think there is a bit of good market. The dear point, there's a really good market for market smart, I'm in a whisper this cause. I don't want the twenty nine other teams to hear this, but are we share It is good, as he was three years ago, because I don't know like he is Now I advised ugly, I think, he's really slip. They I dont think he's the same. Defensible aim no, not yet not here, and maybe they'll be a new conditioning programme and Ruby plant based, I in his back, but I just think
were gone by and left and right last season, the I think the shine has come off him a little bit defensively Nick. I saw that in the be all defensive teamster didn't like when I would I vote for that stuff. I don't. I gotta know what the hell I'm talking. I spent most of my time by taxing assisting coaches. Ask them, who I should voting for an that's. Why you're Dylan Brooks over and over again we put him on bond my ballad of not allow them told me smart, like not. You know I wasn't hearing his name is often as I've heard it in years past, but it may have just been off year again. These cold discovered year was bizarre and on so many levels, and he still young enough to to bounce back I've against or something left that logically, but he definitely was not the same defensive player this year. That has been in private here's, do you think there's gonna be a team this summer, the I don't give a fuck anymore. I just want to do something to make a splashed him like I almost sexual, go in every speech they or their laugh pocket and they just shaded penguin
other end. Wendell cartographer, loose measure. They re dislikes current need today something happens. There came out there for you for a disaster that was no fishing like hell, you make me feel in this just go into the cropper. You give away that lot. I don't know, traffic of the kids is Minnesota, had seen to you that you could see again frisky cause. That seems like a ban, Simmons team. Will you deal Russell then it's like Russell and Beazley in maybe asylum, I I get behind Us- and I talked about this performs in for some said. I honestly have no idea Benson. Mrs value, as somebody sent me a Sacramento, be article today about they wrote this whole piece about. He'll Marvin back when the number nine pick for Simmons and my first reaction was. That seems like wait whom,
I don't know what I'd want to give up, but he had a number nine pick for a guy who basically had a psychological breakdown offence, We in the in the playoffs, like I don't trust him and then, on the other hand, like, maybe that's not enough-
they're, not even getting like a guaranteed asked our back for somebody that we thought they could be the franchise. So I don't know trade value is what do you think it is? I think it's I hear from executives all the time that our loving this Ben Simmons trade values cratered conversation, because they hope that Philadelphia believes that I think is. Trade value is actually higher than then what's being publicly portrayed, but you gotta continue to hear a lot of the negativity around and seventh. In other words, I I think people value and pretty high across early, because I do think there is a belief that someone's gotta figure, the shooting thing out, like someone's gonna, get to him and figure out a way
not to make him a reliable three points. You'd have released a willing three point: shooter and adjust his shot with his blessing to make him a reasonably reliable, free thrush. Your eminence already talking about here. Are they gonna talk about Ben becoming Chris Middleton, like what we're talking about him just being willing to be able to shoot like thirty something percent from three point is low thirties from three point: six: seventy something percent from the freedom he does that in all his other positive, are just accentuated like visibility, the locking not download for positions, the human fast break that he is like. I, I think their teams are put us what their teams absolutely salivating at the chance to get a hold of Ben Simmons and try to fix the things the Philadelphia could maybe it's impossible, but their teams really chopping at the bid to do that. How much the is, I know, is under contract for a while. But I wonder how much is his agent Haiti where it goes and tease being afraid I can fight
farming is that had happened, I'm giving above the stuff like. Why would I do that? Yeah? I consider it as we saw. We saw clutched it out Anthony Davis for their, like he's gonna Lakers, that you can trade for him, but he still can go there in a year and they just put this cloud over any possibility, but there was levers there right, like David S, walk in a year. That's why, like, when the Boston stuff came up like you, can trade form but he's gonna hit free to see the following year. Benjamin's can't walked on twenty twenty five seizure. Let you ve got some some wiggle room there too, to figure it out like they like to work with clutched like you work at any agent like that's that, certainly ok.
could ok, see be a possibility, but what are they doing? What are they gonna send a bunch of their other packs, and then Philly has like an arsenal of stuff to go after littered with what they really that I take. Second, I be, though, the move that have to be at no dominated fall right, like you'd, have to you, couldn't just deal Benson Spheare. All bunch draft agenda could with a gloomy, they absorb the contract, but you couldn't you can do without having that. Secondly, the tables they then bead by himself with just South Korea, whilst a basically at three p where the Ba Berlin Lilla goes to fully support that To be honest. I said the other day, IRAN
from lowered out, be worried about going Philly having them got their team, the trade for me and then, basically by title chances, are tied to beat or gets hurt a rear thou make me nervous, inhabited gonna. Think, like David, I look around me like man, we couldn't be Denver. The sheer by December got smoked by Phoenix and we couldn't beat them like six games. I had thirty three points and a half way down by twelve inaccurate, like he's got look at a rather at half time. You can have a look around say. It is not happening important though it is bigger, militarism, beads injury is a guy. I gotta believe you'd embraced that, but rather staying in the same situation as in the most fun trade from a drama standpoint would be lowered for Davis, and the bright turning I Davis and just oil turn. It's not just the basque much aid, it's a wrestling he'll moment. It's it's a whole co get hit. Watch your man over the head with a still chair, thou, be great out.
What makes him better approach makes the liquor devised. Yet how could they have they eat no coups by grab some of those minutes. All that stuff gimme to fight said. I need to see the summer all the too easy ones fury, Wilder three will be fun forever long lass did the at its ideology. Waters last stand and legacy a legacy fight for him. He gets knocked out by Thyssen, fear again and he'll be like you know. I don't like at the club or Lang of boxing in the sense that, like he was not yet guys that weren't very good and then he goes up against a top guy. Couldn't couldn't get done so huge legacy fight for radioactive and your pack ya, Spence August. Twenty first like that, like the fact that many patio at forty two is not only coming back to fight but fighting the top guy in a waterway division: absolute beast in the ring and aerospace like that's it back yet ones that fight by they'll be a lot of people.
Even though we lost to me whether will elevate him over me. What because I love you will have at this stage of his career taken out the number one guy at Walter. Wait, I'm off the shock is taken at fight. I really am. I thought, he'd like it await fur any day. for a little while breadth body weight fur like the Middle EAST. Moneyed, open up and fight like a mighty, Garcia or somebody like that and collect a relic the easy check him out even lose the gas if everyone could beat up. This is a fight that he could get beat up. I could wind up, like you did against women, while Marquez like face planted on the one hand, as I am a modest shocked, He'S- is willing to do this at this point, but that those two are clear. Tat bullfight would suffer, I might go to that one because I'm sure you know they said the same night a summer slam the up and they made I'm sorry, I'm a little early, so they could give people time to go from summer slam through the pack, a fight that its has taken a basic debate I would also like to add that doubt it's also a few states like the back into summer league, like
summer leggins unlike Wednesday, that weak or something they they crown like the daring urban all stars, the chapter fifteen right there and then, and then you walk to fight we ass a while week out baggage that could be the poker coronation weak is summer. They get me pay. We talk about poker. Ready in twenty in the final game, as vice president offer, like poker for jail in Brown, a better get like making family guy who got. You saw him at last able to seize any puts up numbers what's out. What's your pack ass by the way, with cross over grocer and get back gesture, I without I heard back now back Bulgaria, sad news today. Annex thanks for coming up. That's for the park. Ass thanks Curtis emetics. Thanks to producer car Creighton We are not coming back on Sunday night. We might be back on Monday night if there is a game, seven of Hawks box. If not, I will see you
Tuesday enjoy the weekend. Fourth of July, we can stay, says, don't get tickets ways.
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