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A Bucs-Cowboys Classic! Plus: Million-Dollar Picks and a Shocking Super Bowl Prediction With Peter Schrager


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on the Buccaneers narrowly beating the Cowboys in the NFL season opener (1:40), before he is joined by NFL Network’s Peter Schrager to go over some last-second NFL futures bets (18:48). Bill closes the show with his Million-Dollar Picks for NFL Week 1 (46:07).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Peter Schrager

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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in Podcast Warren, Sharp Ben, so lack ladder bath. Your staff really really get back ass, some so guy. We those two together and then Joe House and sharper gonna be on Fridays POD, which should be up having a little better. But this one goes up. They re looking at week, one picks divergent houses, the worst gambler and the planet. So you get the harem again just go again. Just be bizarre. Our house you'll be fine. You make some money this year. I speak to me Many million dollar pigs coming up. In a second mean, it is sheer first summit to talk at the top about bucks cowboys our first football game of the year, so excited so excited so excited
let's go let's bring in the gas for project area. I taken this a little after nine o clock. Theirs. They just watch class cowboys wanted some quick, that's where we get to our sugar and ninety pigs. I kept this spot open at the top of the page just kind of hoping that this game was gonna, be get. It was incredible, so much filed out no other at Miss the NFL or whether the game, was awesome or both, but yet the big take ways. This is a one anyone be for me. The one is dac, look pretty good, you know I. I
I had my real doubts about how you gonna feel like with guys Rowan ran. His feed is his shoulder right. I didn't. Like his arm, was a hundred percent, but he was really getting this game and for the cowboys to move the bar up and down the field they for four hundred three yards. Fifty passing attempts made no rushing aim at all Elliot was eleven for thirty three, but for them with the ball like they did against. I think a top five defence for Tampa is really. Urging for dollar. So two questions. For me, one has dac and lucky he looked really get with room for some upside as he gets a hundred percent out the over the course of their. Hopefully, then, second, I had no idea what to do. The NFC East. I was Thinkin Washington and maybe Washington was still be be the pack, even I think better Martian were a bit, but I just thought I didn't trust the damn thing at interest. Trust I didn't
The defense is going to be good and by the way, it's really not good, but their offense is so good that you know you default to what is somebody do the best whether it's like in the league and the conference are in there on division. Dallas is offense is going to be better than anything else in the indices, and this is a perfect scenario. For the rest of us who are cowboys vans where its leg down. Is really entertaining we They have to worry about the winning a super book as they want, but the really retaining therein. The max I love. I can see the Lamb City Lamb with you, sir. For one or for it felt like he could had more that the Dac miss them a couple times. He had at least one like there is a miscommunication, but it just seemed like you open again and you so funny. Everybody does so much homework down before the year and we all have the same vanishes sleepers. I think everybody pretty much agreed city limits could be awesome. The share
Then he had the hard knocks informational, video. It's like oh yeah city lemon peel herbs. In big money. I mean auctions in seven than you watching. The games like I had this makes sense. This guy's incredible. He added when play, whereas, like the stakes, hesitations screen, not sure I've ever seen before I pray to God and you read that incorporate that with the Thai Rico Playbook, but he kind of stopped and then suddenly he just blew by whoever the DE backwards and was able to get the touchdown but holy shit, so he'll a great anymore, you're a cowboys fan. You just got to be sight that the team's going to be fun to watch. Now. You have MIKE Mccarthy, as your coach, I don't know whether I can say Dallas gave away this game. Despite all the dump field goal decisions, I would have basically never kicked a field goal if it was for three or less which they were in that situation a couple times. I just think ever they wanted. It seem like they could get for yards five yards with their passing, but some bizarre coach indecision
the Mccarthy Sanum shall be litigated, add add nausea among the tv shows next day side on. I don't feel like day necessary. A hundred percent gave away the gay because, on the flip side, tapirs pudding where the game, with four minutes left for fifty two garden has. This been moved near the two yard by what are the odds? That's gonna work out in an apartment on the ball fumbles and instead of I'm about to go up, would have been thirty four twenties so neither the deputy here there to point whenever they decided the probability of some doubts as to Baghdad comes down. Now cheers found the DAS vain here is the part that hospital they get the first down on the third eleven lcd, CD, Lamb and then had that weird series, where it's like first down Canada, patient play. Whereof son he's done city lame further over his head. Second Danzig, I think, runs for like fire. Third down hold
third down again they get the play of the meadow the set up of feel go, but they had a first down there, the game's over. So you know as everyone blonde blowing the cowboys offence, and I just did it for a couple minutes there if you're really the best offense the leg was there not, but maybe have a chance you'd best offense in the NFC get the first down on that you have to the game's over if she gets first I guess a moral victory for the cowboys because their fans didn't really know what to expect. You think it is necessary and ten t nine. Ninety eight value again. We have one of the best offences in the lake. We have receivers or open all over the place. We actually had some really fun design. Said some of the players and guys moving around, and I thought there were some actual creativity. I might the GIS Soviet I think we can win. The revision was, it happens and washed and they put the chargers on Sunday. They might have gone lucky with an asked neck was she plays on Sunday, but am
but war, no more, we watch lasting it's hard for me to believe washed. Its defence is better than Dallas offense, and then you look at the desk. For the rest of the way, it's tough to start at old one, but you know they got the chargers next week at allay fears that is based, gonna, be home game. For that now be all Dallas fence at home Monday night. Caroline at home giants at home, it's it's realistic, they're, going to be three and two or four and one if they can keep everybody house at eight. You know I think the chargers are good, but I think that's going to be really tough game for the charger. The bomb or to have a home game or the other team, as are the fans, so they can get things, Do that form one they plaid pats, weak six by and then Dowd's Cozad Vikings Broncos then they than they really tough, really tough stretched at chiefs Thanksgiving Gaming, its readers adsense at Washington. But then they finish at giants.
Wash them on Sunday night, home cardinals, add eagles. From what I sought an aid if they can stay healthy, I think they can go down and a tenant seven, and that might be enough in the inner cease now, if washed and get to, who knows, maybe it'll be dogfight, but doubtless it some questions for me today. I really was not a believer now. I'm gonna, like our I at least we know that off once again be awesome. Now, second big thing may this would be one b, Tom raises another on words: like our aid is the best quarterback about time. You just won the Superbowl, but he's not forty four years old. How do we now see that yeah. I remember the last couple years is Kobe Bryant after blood is achilles and kind of waiting for its comeback and gradual, as though it's not going to come back he's at a deployment square down, Peyton Manning one good Braga season menaces shouldered his neck started to write your like, always at the front of his career. We see this law. These guys drew breeze. It happened to.
Brady looks better than his copier features of deep balls of is the balls were on point on target perfect. This was a guy. The last compares with the password on deep pause. Now you could say that receivers, are better. Now I am just telling you He wasn't this accurate deposit. He wasn't flinging around like this. A lot of it with the pats, especially last couple years, were very. Controlled shorter throws, like this this to me- and he was very careful about unleashing eggs- just was naturally were he is gone to another level. In his fuckin hair, he would say: Rick Astley, just in the subway add with his gothic gauge, I guarantee you. I had wavy hair than Tom Brady in the end, two thousand, so that China has more here than I did when I have a great had air of yours, but his hair. Just it has become an alien. I dont even know
where the member of the same species, you know with the actors where they figure out a way to look younger like junk. You said: Matthew, Mokanna, hey, there's some hair generously brace had some hair carry but he's looks like an incredible. He looks like he's drinking from so water found that is filled with all these nutrients in baby, A global which the age she be twelve liquid, I don't know make of it. She looked awesome tonight and I do not doubt is deepening again, but man he was moving around. I thought I decide explaining that his receivers, let him down a couple times, there's a couple places where that the D backs, like just barely got a fingertip on players that seemed like it was going to be a good play for Tampa Bay's. Thirty, two four hundred and fifty.
Eggs, one of whom was wasn't grade the other one was you know nothing you can do about it, but here's the thing that Brady and we had the same thought. Dallas doesn't put the game away. Brady gets a ball back under ninety seconds. Senior just like. Would you bet your life on Brady coming through here? Would you bet your life against pretty coming through at wild betting, our life on Brady still and he's forty four years old They may not. Fucking sets you now This is something else Bela Jack a few years ago, just played the arts when they wouldn't extend them and give them the three ordeal just make it a guarantee. He retired. As a patriot, because at some point you have to look at it go, there's fucking weird and be able to continue to do this, and now these forty four and for enhanced tax to me about like could Brady potentially have a third dynasty, are ruining it to my Superbowl pick with pure sugar and trust me. Brady's could be above that Bethink like the one.
Three or four he wins three superboss in four years. They make their two thousand six Otto Game they make the Superbowl two thousand seven that whole run is kind of an era and then there's second era, where it they make the soup the two thousand. And super bowl and then in two thousand fourteen and fifteen and seventeen I eat it. They were all the ones that path ruins three more that's kind of an era Unocal either a dynasty, but it's a mini dynasty each time and now he's in the situation in the box where it's like, they clearly have the best him there see, I don't know about their running game. I mean both sides Zeke sucked today very few spent fifty eight dollars on your fancy. Two months eat your programme in a stroke right now. I think this is just a weird came, but would it not panic and that yet forty look terrible Ronald Jones like just as bad
Bernard, I think, is he was playing. He had one big catch, anybody people are saying he's out there, but play off Lenny was that there tonight and it inside there just gonna thing, I'm worn out the flip side, rock looked as good as he said in a fee. Year Psych near the end on the Pats users lumbering and now he looks completely fresh shoes. At that really really really really effective catches dad yards to touchdowns, but just looked tat. Looked like two thousand fifteen rock. I mean Jesus Christ. I have event it Antonio Brown Five for one twenty one, some big plays, and it felt like actually felt like you probably could more Godwin was nine for one o five. He dropped that one mobile had a terrible fumble that kept the game alive for the Cowboys Evans. Yet again doesn't seem like his honor percent, but he was the only one that didn't do anything, but the teams loaded Brady's, integrate spot and
it's just impossible for me to believe that its two thousand and two known I paint Manning on my pockets. Thy sweet pygmies been retired. Now for another five years. He just got an affair, he's doing a muddy football thing, Brady's his Pierre it became in a league. I think one year part is long gone from football. Brady still going I remember he always said I think I can play on forty five or maybe we should stretched out. Maybe you can pay those forty Seven, forty eight there's no atrophy out the long season. I get it he's gonna take up by its at some point. I get it back, From what we saw tonight doesn't seem right, there's any atrophy so holy shit. Could this be his third can run like my big picture, multiyear run their possible.
I guess I only other question this game. Is the Godwin push further year for the game clinching first down. In fact the push off in the moment. I would been shocked that they call bad at that moment. The game for the whole team asset that there is a lot of contact both sides when you watch repose like those doubtfully and push up in this leads to lake. You know they had the ability to challenges pass, interferences which could do was to years ago, they had that I'm sure the bucks, so the cowboys would challenge and around them turn that maybe we, We had that rule that year and every time we thought something was going to get over to never got a return. So you know I go back to this. It feel like the right team won tonight. Ya could Dallas it still in the game of course, but when you think like
the dumb turnovers, tat bad that just seeing that keep giving Dallas life over and over again, the fact that a juicy might they can move the ball wherever they wanna whenever they wanted at that time better team at the Dallas was so I could be hanging around but yeah if the, if you get that push up, call talismans again, so you know back to the Dallas think you're feeling great. We showed up you gonna, be really entertaining you even have another coach situations. Gonna drive me crazy week to week, you're more talent I want The ball than anybody else has on any cited by their division and weakest wait. You can be really funny watch in the city. Land thing is just armor he's really really really fun to ourselves came around the only other thing. Before we get the sugar doing that's changed, since we taped was that Gus Edwards blew up
They feel it I was talking. I didn't, I didn't think the ravens I didn't have them as one of my seven platitudes. I was wondering if there was some year from Hell potential with them, because they lose Dobbins there, you know, Lamar has another covert issue and the whole thing, and and then they lose in the same practice: Gus Edwards, Marcus Peters, and it's just that. We ve seen this before All this was San Francisco last year, every year, there's a year from Hell Team and I'm really wondering if there will be the year from healthy, so sulphur platforms. This is why I had, even before those two hinders I had Buffalo Casey Cleveland Tennessee. New England Denver. The chargers as my wild cards, so That would happen it. I didn't change. My gentle Baltimore AM, I probably people think I'm crazy. They people think about, whereas May
best events in the way that they may be. That shows great about it. After the piercing ad in the west, can't buy the Rams Washington Green Bay within the divisions, safe Seattle, New Orleans, as my wild carts and we'll get to the super pick with sugar and a second, but I just think Baltimore. Sometimes it's not your year sometimes the signs happen in the precision. I remember there is a Patriots precision when back on waste Hudson town in the eighties, and I think we lost me starters in the same preceding game, and there were good starters. We should set out his teens got the stink on it and I wonder of Baltimore as distinct. So anyway, when we talked him, the games and staff, including Baltimore, was in. We have the writer Bob they now the launch up earlier the week. This is before we knew about Gus everything I feel even even better about Thou. Analogies, The raiders having chance is still a game. It's all coming out next million dollar.
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dichotomy of their friends got nowhere light tat come forward. Such bs defined reactions near you or pick up early what image anywhere they sell beer for God's sakes, it's more light. Its maritime celebrate responsibly, Marbre Company, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ninety six calories three point: two carbs twelve answers I Peter Rigorous here from NFL Network Fox Good Morning football and last year he joined us a couple times: four million dollar pigs, but specifically during the playoffs, where we had one of the great runs about People are still talking about it. Sports documentaries, you made about it so well, every Thursday Peters do milliner Pax Americana figure it out. You can also play along with fenders we discussed at the top of this past week. Sal. On Sunday I did whole bunch of our futures, four million dollar pack, so outpost of the man scam. So you can see everything we did before we go and two on the weak ones slate, which I love
there's a ladder juicy ones this week any last second futures you like were taken as before bucks cowboys. So future should be available, except for that by the time people here in a season Why are you talking week one wide? What are we working with what it will you tell me what it? What are you targeting? I look at Kyle pits and the more I talk with eyes in Atlanta, the more I think people are discussing, what he's about to do the all time record for receiving yards for a tight and is my dick in sixty one any through and having a thousand yard. I think pits might go fourteen hundred yards fifteen hundred yards, so I feel, like that's now being discussed enough. I think he might have a monster season as far as teachers get drafted Fourth overall he's a centerpiece of that offense. I think I have them on two of my three fantasy team. So I'm really really really excited to hear that you said Stafford was going to throw for a bunch of yards as long as he's healthy and Peter King, but the number six thousand up there and his column.
I'm not crazy, like I think, they're gonna throw the ball a bunch all over the yard. I think the rams are gonna put up a lot of points a season. So if you got a Stafford future bet, I really like that. One there in a Jonathan tailors the other guy, that I don't hear a lot about right now and Indianapolis where he was picking up a lot of seem at this season. I'm not sure the odds. Winning the rushing title, but I know that Frank Reich's office is heavily invested in China. Taylor leading the way and creating opportunities for Carson once in the passage game off of that? Well, I have some of this stuff for you, Jack the terror rushing arts is eleven. One sea can still get that about. Can I give you Kyle pits, I greatly by the way a moment on that carpets over under eight hundred point five- and I don't like doing over for rushing props, but we might make an exception in this case, because basically he just has to stay healthy. I don't see how he doesn't at least put up Kelsey stuff. The only thing I can think of against that is just how young, as I can
not even twenty one years old. I can't drink yet so if he has likely you throughout fortunate to be does that This is one of the great young guy seasons in the history of the week, so that no one can accuse me pause end the thing at its like it. You want to say our I'd slowdown drafted and fourth overwrought is a tight, and yet the EU has never been done before in the history of this war, and then they put in this office and we'll talk a bit about the Falcons, I'm sure, but what he runs Arthur Smith remember last year is a lot of Johnny Smith and Anthony Furniture, and they got lot of action. A lot of targets. Now you put in this generational tightened man. I love that we're talking. Football were jumpin via the gates. Kyle pits talk, let's go well. Fanned. Alright, now over six and a half times at touchdowns, profound pits, over even in all seven touchdowns in seventeen dibs in you in there but I really liked Amadou can I say
gone Stafford, because I give you my Superbowl pick Anna been figure Madame alive and then I was listening to making them dog had had a wonderful reunion, mad dog show, which I learned things gambling now all I had half draft kings and fan do like I loved it was out of a cannon with Mary is great, is talking about, is a people that this is why college football took off people around Tik Tok there make bets on like I'm positive, we get big bedside, take back, but mad dog, zagged, Matthew, Stafford and I was so jealous of any. Did it in the best mad dog with MIKE Way possible. Is I can't make a amity play gives everyone cause. I can't remember one of em. I can't remember one ok, make an unthinkable I went. I looked it up and it's pretty grizzly and there's a lot of six intends five and eleven his obviously Had some injuries he had some shoulder stuff is thirty. Three I think, and I include myself or were making mistaken
his pencilling, a man. He somebody, I guess up on and add in Detroit allotted about leg. He didn't weapons. He didn't have the right scheme and I'm just not sure he's that guy that it wasn't use twenty four and twenty five megatrend. So it was a healthy dose of of water, but what makes you think that this is just gonna be the all time sports movie last thirty minutes run for him there all in on it like they. They don't have any other out there in their eyes like this is the guy, and I know I can t
spoke some more work measure, but on Wednesday they had a practice that is kind of a last big practice with with hitting another, and it was like the response from one of the coaches domain. It wasn't may be able to say because I suffered so dialed in my guess. Is such a different deal? Do like you don't so? Health, of course, is one thing you could say it, but they ve got five wide receivers that all five of them have been told. Ike you're gonna see action this year and it's not just woods and CUP and Van Jefferson who came on late last year, but the Sean Jackson has a significant role in this. That's too to act. Well, the rookie who is about a hundred and forty pounds, has a significant part in this office. Then the running backs the way the game wade now like than how they're gonna do it can do a lot of five wide but you'll see Henry you'll see Michel the other and you'll love. This names, I think, is gonna play and get a lot of lava works in the season, especially we want Jake
funk, he wears number thirty. Four seventh round pick at a Maryland, tore both acls in twenty eighteen in twenty nineteen. Two thousand and twenty has his crazy season for the Terps. No one thinks he's going to get drafted, they draft him and he is like going to get action, so they have us three running, this them here, five receivers and the planet for safer to throw it all over the yard. So I hasten to win the Superbowl. I've put faith in that coaching staff. I put faith in that quarterback, but my dogs right, Madam also, was very upset with some of the EU. Open stuff in the way there Andy Murray was. It was monitoring bathroom breaks from his opponent. I love my dog by the way. If you spent ass the cabin those guys back together there, it was. I wish it happen more often. Ok, so we're gonna Add three million dollar pick props to our future all that will realise at the end of the year, the first line. What would you think about Stafford passing out? later? Thirteen one I love it yeah I mean who
Who would be your biggest sphere gone against them for that Josh, Alan and Herbert Now how about all this putting a hundred care mad Stafford, passing yards leader, thirteen to one we are gonna put, a hundred can that were putting a hundred k and the over fur pits eight hundred point five receiving yards. And we're pretty another hundred on pets. Six point: five touchdowns over. The reason I like both of those thereon on staff, It's actually in Mcveigh is best interest for Stafford to be this isn t he Mcveigh, wins notches Bob, I just in general as like, with the whole Jerry Graff staff. People be like. Oh my god, Finally, as real quarterback, I had no idea but plus, like him, betting on Stafford. They give a picks form, so he's invested in his pocket?
standard when it is put his name all over it, where it's not like. Well, less need right now, like Sean will tell the further, like I wanted this guy. So anytime, you out that foreign, a limb publicly and its known, that their head coach is the one who maneuver to make this happen. Now you wanted to and yet he wants to put a crazy numbers and out on the defensive to stop him. So we have that we have the two its ones, which I think is a similar logic where it's like they went all end. They drafted this guy, for they left quarterbacks on the table, at least one of whom will be really good. This year fields are Jones may be both we might go to for two with guys that they passed on it for they're, gonna wanna show like hey. We did this. This is first, what we didn't it earlier were: barefoot pits and we think barrier in it all is the pits there's a third. I want to do that. I want to put a hundred. Can this came from Gambling shell, which is fantastic warrant, sharp Ben, so lacked the data Wednesday POD did its best and
I'm just riding so lack on this one. Here, saving Collins, defensive Ricky the year, thirteen, a one in there's a really compelling case. Let me hear the argument, because I love that team real well, let me hear why things Haven, Collins, rookie of the year, that the lot well line backers, because you can pile up That's a this is so sole acts case. You can pilot the stats easily treatable, they have Vance Joseph as the D C they're agony, he loves the blood, so you know he's can be putting this is the they wanted the whole draft right. This is stated this is pencil, a man here Siemens. Here we go, we can be attacked with our land backers sitting, be invested in his success and thirteen one one goods so a week for water on this I'm gonna throw water and it's gonna, be. I dont see it happening with the with the quality different line backers at her in this very draft MIKE Parson space for a far
or decorated team has gone beyond national television, a lot more to be war, well known and then Jeremiah awoke Sue, Kara MOA from the area as one of the best hymns- and I have seen he's gonna- be manning them. For a lot of that, so as much as they might have a. Here there in a defence where there's two different in sideline backers, him and I say, atomic the S s immense working to make in terms of plays- and I just don't see the national spotlight or the six as for the cardinals, would have to be a really good. You'd have to be lying, Lawrence, Terrier, say: yeah does don't see him being that guy right, you heard me out of it have a far more at fifty to one love are more. We talk a lot more in the pot guest
Secondly, why we you mentioned in passing the last time he completely desolated the giants offered their lighted, the giants there like whispering about him, but you you ve, talked about it. It's not just ok, who chairs coming into his own, and we get high tower back like bar. More was blowing up office of lines in these joint practices. From from all the team that they played in and also in the preceding, am against the giants by fourteen snaps. It basically in them feel the entire time bar more patriots. I love the fifty two on that betting because, if even gets a whiff of possibly when they were Bell, check will play him like fifteen plays and weak fifteen shut down or yeas. There's no way doesn't like words, there's one but I want to do so. We're gonna. Do three million dollar pick futures Stafford, passing yards thirteen one pits eight hundred in point five yards over and pits six point. Five tat is over a hundred. Can each side from a super bowl peccary ready a proper Kyle turned the
King camera, I'm about to go near divine. You I've seen everybody else's pigs. I had a pick and my head, the rams Little to popular can scare me off. I'm with you look I took the rams. I saw Peter King take em on Monday that I saw the rest of the media take em, unlike analytic, the rams everyone took him, isn't as not fun by Almah. Here, I'm fastenings you we're going. The bills also got a little too popular. I was looking at them for a while who what was your final pick was the Rams Chiefs. I went rams over Chiefs Rams over Chase, so I've seen the chiefs as well. They fix their offensive line. I'm thinking about last year and how might relate to this year. So what happens? Last Tom Brady leaves the patriots he finds. A new team, He has some struggles in the first eight weeks. There they get their shit together a little bit by December. They make this great run the play ass. They have a ton of talent and they some still, a super bowl that if you go back and look at it, the same easily killer could have beat them
TED and as a job. It cases that's a lie. Injuries, other the stuff with Andy reads: family, like there's a lot of things that go into play where just for weeks they run the slate and everything works out and it's great and they bring everybody back. It's the same but now they ve had a full year, Brady she's actor the office. It's his team he's the leader there's a great video the other day him just kind of laying out all the problems with the red. You see that about the events in the way the rule changes, how great it was like the smartest to two minutes, thirty seconds I've heard men than my ten years, but it, but the other guys urges he's, like, I think, my romance love. I get a and about the David in their alike in awe of him, and I do think that's a Brady's team and I don't think you sleep I'm like. Maybe they were to win last year. Maybe this was the year there is supposed to win, but the cat stole last year, the year early right
was the year there was supposed to be awesome, get Brady for a full year. They managed to keep all their guys to maize. There the favoured in the inner see, but I actually think they might be really great. Now. The irony this is on dates right now, it's eleven if in the morning, Pacific that they may lose to the cowboys. Today, the milk I made it, I don't care, I think the bucks make it we're going back to narratives. He leaves when's the Superbowl we ve had this Brady Bela check thing going on for twenty years, whose Morris who did not go in with this is where these issues are just wait. Who is more responsible whose bar spots, Brady leaves you wins, the Superbowl belgic. Seventy nine terrible year, multiple guys opt out, came Newton, bets awful. As France S said, the pad competitive guy gets his place in NFL History way more than I think anybody realises and cares about it way more than anybody realises. Let David Halberstam follow them around four year for book, but Michael huh.
We follow them around four year for book, let NFL We must follow them around. For that football. Education documentary participated in the NFL films, one hundred went to Mount Laurel and a shirt and tie in recorded seven episodes talking about players. Nineteen thirty's yeah right gets is there, he cares, cares about this whole Brady cause all in the sheer spends keys in Vegas on a bender after he. Just when the latter I get fixes, the defence has the best after his head, I don't know eight nine years. They they had the best traps in the history of the ballot checker they let they landed. Three legitimate blue chippers, I think, far more than the problem. I re Stevenson and MAC. Chance gets a quarter back now quarterback. They can do all this stuff with best about Peter Sugar, yeah he's back to where he needs to be he's. The underdog he's looking up, saw
at the big, powerful buffalo bells. Oh, how are we going to beat those guys who, by the way, have never made us Superbowl Josh out, oh, how are we going to beat the chiefs who, by them, they went at their head, beat the Fuckin chiefs. Ah, the browns, ok with Britain the browser you think you would have loved to play. The Brad's in the plan is but waiting. Twenty years I loved the net if possibilities they get. The wild good will give the bills division, but the path get the top wildcard seed, Browns round one his old them. The team that fired him intake live, take them out Casey to cede round to eight point favorites a little reminiscent of two thousand one. How are they going to beat this pit explosive Pittsburger Frances thirteen point underdogs,
he quarterback they're, not gonna, be can't city in Kansas City takes them down round three round three at buff, division rival. What team does bout check on? I mean but I think you ve already pays rent in house taxes on Buffalo. That's how much is on them. Over twenty years. Twenty ills bills now like at three point, favoured the F C title: a lot about how better and better again he's feeling he's he's gettin is, now, there's all the twentieth anniversary of of does one run with Brady. Well, these parallels this is that a whose on the other side, Tom Brady, also in the inner city again, wow. Look at this now. People like I should take, Buffalo there only laying three at home. They went. Fourteen in three this year and terrified about check, guess who is patriots figured out? They are wondered Josh I was ever played like a game,
this, but MAC Jones has all those Alabama winds. They ran gay pride March owns the match, owns thousand twenty one versus Tom Brady, two thousand one parallels in full swing be Buffalo Camp. It takes care business against the ribs, and then and we had the showdown pay patriots, spiles, Kyle Patriots bugs, it's on the line? Who was right? we more responsible. This is it Bell check. Has this chance to pull the now back Brady has his chance prove it was him all along, and this becomes the end a godfather to basically in that it is the biggest Superbowl ever had from a history. Standpoint ever been a better one. I genuinely think the pats every chance. I think, they're really good. I think their defences really get a thicket gilmore more back for weeks, seven running game they have, and I
the Mack Jones. I think that would be a bit of black form, the David TOP five offensive line and that ships are kind of pushed into this year, so that is by Superbowl pick you don't make a picture. The a patriots over the tamper bay, buccaneers, wow, wow Kyle, get in here. How did the camera burn did? They did the lens and the camera burn out? I just lost my voice. By the way, seventy one to one adds on Pandora for Buck's pats, the all time I've got a smile. Why had across me? I don't know I don't I'm not a marble guy. What's what a movie is this, where just like they put all the stars in the same movie and whatever, whatever movie that as this is that movie for football,
and here we go past box, seventy one to one. I am pudding fifty k, actually, no animal put yeah, but a put fifty k, Pats bucks Superman seventy one to one that will be our last Milly, Dar picks your thoughts, your reactions. What was it like? Be there the last four minutes during their monologue? Dear, you tell your date, it's your way. You told that tail it was. It felt like a an FDR fireside, chats glued to the laptop of my, whereas is going what our nation needs this couple little wrinkles here. First super bowl in LOS Angeles
in like thirty years, the Hollywood aspect of it. I love it. You ve gotta, come and ask I'll. This is his great love this and then you ve got this whole other element of ok once they start piling up some winds during the season. If not just are they gonna make the playoffs it's? How far can they go and then you know the confidence building if they were to beat the browns and and then take on the chiefs and then be able to go into buffer, like the confidence factor for the entire team is through the about a code, is up. I love it. I'm not man enough to do it. Here's the thing in my world words every day and I fell talk. It's like a bold take and I've been saying it s. The patriots, they're gonna be better. Those orphans is here and I get crust for it and that's me to say in order to and placing the vision that, but this is why it's such a great RO the dice that seven thousand in one, but I actually also believe it cuz. This is what Bela check he loves the seabed
being the underdog E. He was never meant to be like the lead team in the league. Dislike screw, be rookies defensive by then, huge running game with multiple and interchangeable running backs the Ricky. You being. Who has no ego yet? No, he just wants to be everybody's. Favorites maybe she's gonna, listen? Adjustment. Danielson do is thing fabulous speed on the outside out Aguilar. They have, they have some, it adds who can actually make a play. I, like both the Titans might Georgi, who works on the NFL network. Again, oh hatreds, guy for years worked NBC Boston Asta. He told me that, like is not Jones almost has like his the way his speaks. It's almost like a preview blessing kid like his voice, cracks and stuff, and he was like, I would think, the kid and my Trent Brown I know you don't get it that guy's, a dog and turned round like a six eight mauling tackle is, I know you don't get it man MAC Jones is legitimate. I was
got me excited about what do we got here? Well and that's that goes back to the camp. Think, as I've heard this for multiple people, people that it was the covert said it wasn't a covert thing it work was too good. Mac was better, they knew MAC was the queue b and can is fuckin famous person came, can't be the backup like he's a superstar any and eat any, as a lot of he has a lot of like respect. Love and admiration, the latter him, and at some point you just have to decide how bout you did the same thing but so in two thousand to Brady when he got back the fuck out of their like you have to get the car keys to your guy and have somebody hanging over who the moment the guy, but he's gonna have a couple. Bad Gibbs Brady a couple really. She d games in two thousand one Macrones live a couple should again this year. That is the explanation that I got from that building right when it happened, and I want to just give me a back up and was like against came its it there's,
Way that MAC and fully be the man in a locker room and fully be the leader and fully the guy when an eleven year veteran who want em bp and was the coolest guy for half the locker room growing up to watch. My quarterback is sitting there behind images. Not it's not good for four Maxwell. Cameroon is absolute, is obviously the adopted that they benefit from that and he has cut and wash your hands up with his aunt. If a career but they're all in on him and I'll, add another thing, you know he was laughed at and ridiculed an end is not well liked in their greater Michigan area, but to bring that Patricia back and have him in behind the scenes now helping with a Gerard Mayo and help with all the Belichick kids and now also be able to operate almost in a consultant role. That's full time, and no one really knows what his title is. But Patricia is going to play a role. He has some defensive mastermind stuff to him that Belichick really trust, whether you think so or not from his Detroit years. There's a lot of faith in that building at their coaching staff right now
that's gonna has ever been and if anyone who says this is a homer pack, which I know they were there, I would encourage you to look at my track record over the last twenty years being realistic about my Antibes. If I feel like I have a good team, I you can't the fans no fee, where's the fans, though, from following day today, from whatever they just stay now, and they asano in their team doesn't have it like. I was killing the south exist. Was so clear. They didn't have it when you're homer were near lag. Oh no, no they're, gonna figured out, though it has laid down the teams nothing's going to happen, the stamp this its team reminds me a lot of the two thousands pats deems this? Is that, like the o, three team. Where Brady Brady wasn't super famous, yet their defense was excellent. They were really well coach. They had a bunch of different, often suppliers, the good ship, but no awesome ones like no three. They that dear before they get Goin. Who is a bunch of patch Ip David PAN, but just a bunch of people that
you know you wouldn't I grandkids about, but they are gonna, knew what they were doing tat. They are cheap, then, and I think that's what this seems gonna be like TAT and towers kind of that, William against role where it's like you, you ve got the old sage veteran. Watch it Aubert all I'd, I think you're crazy. I don't think this is the year for them. I love it. I'm gonna, tell Belgium You think. I don't even know I'm a minute. I dont like I was crazy. I love it. I I do think there is something this as far as a seven data, one long shot like yeah. Why not? Because this is the year in the F C, wherever ones, crowning, two teams that I dont think as a franchise, the bills or the Brown have had any modicum of success over the last thirty years, lot to get over, the hum it may be built only fell short last year. Tear been that game. Wasn't really that closer gets a team that didn't have enough in line it in and in the brown case, to be crowned in July and August is almost uncomfortable, and I have to say that when the games, one of those two teams is not gonna, be as good as it.
In discussing the chiefs are just such things are all of the data had led the team, I'm afraid of the chiefs more than the other two. I think what people are missing with the power in general. Is they have a bunch of blue shippers now and it always that lombardy? I always talk about this always comes back to leg How many really good? Guys? You have you really like a football game? You need like eight to twelve as part of a Gimme five patriots, bluechip that when you walk off the bus you're like oh shit, they have x Y, because I don't see it were the fire. You don't say it. I think outta deadlines can be bluechip relate only to be here, but I think it's gonna happen this year. Fran, the bar more definitely I've been Gilmore. When he comes back, I think I'm at the office, I am just counting as like. If you have it I might counted as one blue chip. I think they're running back. Same thing, I think the Harris reminder thing as a combo like to me. I said this. The
It is show they had this. Take purge by gas. Where was I gotta? Take their they're afraid to say, and it was really ghettos funny and might take purges reminder: Damien is the thinking man's chubby, not shove. It out as Chairman Hunt shuddered, her chubby planets like these guys are gonna, be. Does get his job, and I can tell you now that would be just as productive. There could have the same stats market down and their offensive line is actually probably better it. Suddenly it was last year they lost tuning everyone fret freaked out about that, but I think they do you'd better. On the offensive line, the run event any high tower do the other one if he he took a year off. That makes me a little nervous, but will save it MAC. It's all gonna come down max good. This team can actually play without these other times tonight then you found the coaching about Jack with Windows, MAC fully grasp it. How long did it take for him to adjust and then, if they can get hot, make the playoffs anywhere? ballgame unevenly shippers, we left out on the Patriots, Jesse Jackson, Kin
hop down a ball he's gadgetry like leaves in the Boston, he's an some number two yet again to see how it, as is normal and good player and then ass. The problem like I don't have a mean, we're talking: Tiree, kill and Travis Kelsey and Patrick homes and nobody can stop those guys. I know start those they isolated with a delighted in the front eleven and appreciate that the thing that we get If a network village, you would die, you get the guy got there be like they arguably may be, could possibly need a team to watch and then, when the pics come in its like yeah taken on taken bills achieve spells iron gate, and it's like you, do you think it walk the walk, talk the talk and go on it, which you are aware. Break Kyle. They do need time to close down. Have a cigarette after that, are you gonna be getting continue? I already had one the big Billy topics. I millions our picks week, one
as always, we're gonna flag, some games and then circle back and make the pigs is really really really obvious cheese. This week the rams are favoured by seven afterward, the Detroit Lions, who I think I can be terrible like actually really terrible. The rams favoured by seven points over the bears, I dont think the bears are to be able to block the Rams see the rams stumbling out of the gate. With this team, that's been built for success with all the super bowl hype, with the coaching advantages they're going to have in this game, Mcbay versus Nagy, whatever I'm sure it's The darkness start don't say snare where the bears beat the ribs. I don't, Yes, an error, the lions beat the forty dinars and it just seems logical to he's both resides down to one and a half. I would be more careful with visas. Is here?
Spock as this one I look at it like. Are the lions baby mayor? The bears bade me, I'm fine! If, if one of those whose beats this I'll. Happily, I'd take the money out: a million dollar picks. What are your thoughts? I couldn't be more confidence in a game then that San Francisco Detroit One and I think San Francisco winds, big with you there, the worst defence newly the lions last year, and there going up against now Kyle Shanahan, whose head all his toys back. This off season has spent the last three months preparing to unveil all these toys and maybe Erin Glenn who's. The former jets corner and was a great defensive bass. Coach in New Orleans is first game. As a defensive coordinator, he's undermanned on defence, he's gonna begins Kyle Shanahan, fully healthy, and that entire offensive is what you add. In fact, on the other side, Nick bosses back after missing fourteen games like
here, the forty nine is the number one defence of the past two years with all those injuries. All those guys are healthy and, like I've heard from a couple people on this game, because it seems like the obvious survivor, poor thing: they, like you, have a shared Gough, JAG off knows that events. Jargon, comma directly, could not be that forty nine, his defence, even when it was other guys and when its garage below coffees Owen three all time versus the forty nine is when garage hello started. I think he's gonna be growing pains for the lions. I don't think they could have asked for a worse opponent week. One. I see this as a blow out that they are going to see a bit a czech trail ants. You might see trillions five to ten times and I say what errand Glenn first time, defence accord first game ever he's going to be up all night the night before trying to think about. How do I prepare for all this because the Niners are coming and they're not they're, not going to be relenting anything on this one the bears at did. Their offensive line is really bad through. They add need to get through a couple. Bad games with
Maggie with seventy one to be first coach fired, which our jumped on I dont, like, though anything about the way the first few weeks it. Shakes out, they got a week. Nine, I think a weekend by which would be proud of Right around the time of their like our right, we're gonna start over. Feel there we'll get a new concept in the air and the rams. Things I love about week. One is like there's no surprises and weak one. There's no we week we were caught napping yeah it, namely the talking of the seven or eight best teams against two of the five worst in a tea so marked both of those that can. I can I just because I think everyone in your, including on his like I'd date. They they are terrible offensive on the other side of it at the bears in the realms of quite a few times in the last couple years, fickle ass few times the bears escort ten points, one time they scored seven points and other, but then on the flip side of it, the bears their mighty defensive, clip Filial MAC
It was on the injury report. This week, Robert Quinn was on the interim report, as we have heard about putting you on the spot, asking anyone it. How can you name a few of the defensive backs in the Chicago bears their corners, the guy's names, it's kinda, veal door, it's jail and Johnson, who was a rookie last year, its excessive your Crawford's, Duke Shelly? This is, The title fuller and Adrian aim. Oh said: all those guys who were just unit would give you fits with Charles Tillman or whoever it's not the rat. It's not the bears the offence and is about matches. Coaching lies Mcveigh, like caution hasn't pair for this Sean decide as a defensive cornet her for the bears he's thirty eight years old has never been a defensive corridor at any level. He used to be the defence backs cold. She was saved, he's the the big game and their unveiling the stadium stadium. They ve got the live music concert ever like there's a lot of other things that come into play play just just hey excess knows, I think the rams runaway with this one too. I'm with you, I think it's a great tease- and I said
I'm disagreeing whatever you say, but but to have now agreed to three later in. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to throw this with the bucks cowboys other that line with the nine and a half by the time we're doing this. Maybe that line move too. I could at some point easily, but look sometimes the teases rate themselves. I think we're here, be careful, is doing to tease every week trying to force the teeth like if the rams were playing Adena the though Washington, I'd- be a little more nervous and I would say: let's we could talk or substances some washed and stuff, but with the bears. I cannot I've single games, you wanna hit first one's pats minus three at home over the dolphins. We don't need to hit the site. I made the case for the pats. Already there kitchen the dolphins at nice time early in the two expanse jailer, while first game, I think they're, better the dolphins accident,
this is the year the dolphins take a tiny step back and then next year will be the year they make the jump. There's some flora stuff are the offensive done good against the pass over the years, but ultimately I just believe in the past. You have to take them in this line three. So unless you want talk about of that, I'm moving on now. I feel the same interesting nugget here last time to Alabama quarterbacks ever faced off in an NFL game, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, versus Kenny Stabler, the sale, my god abler. Oh, the end of the line. Can you stated in a football Richard taught in the jets be, can establish the things we had a second Mcnulty was plank in his favour, next game. I wanted a flag, a blow the chargers in it, but it may be a stalemate. Charges are minus one over washed in its in Washington In this is Maura, I just like the chargers, but Hamas, so scared awash. Tens Let's talk it out. I want to make sure, because I do like the charges this year, I think they're play off team and if your play
You probably have to win this game on the other hand, like I washed in scares me, what do you think not a grey matter for the charges? They got a travel across the country. Obviously it's early this in your argument now than later, but young offensive tackle regime, Slater who's, been praise and basically potent captain. This office and by those who cover the chargers. I just got normal able right chase young and a month s what our common and so are Jonathan Pain, and on pay and and Jonathan Alan and Matter unite us in the rescue, like, I think, Washington's defence is gonna, come out rating they were so good last year week, one against the eagles. I think this might be a rude awakening for a new office with the chargers and also a new tackles letter who, by the way, handled chase Young two years ago in college and that will be a point of emphasis on Sherwin Northwestern Plato House date, but I just feel like this front is going to become an end. It might be a lot early on Fer, a new chargers team with a new head coach in a new office, so
over Sewell Thirteenth PIG versus the seventh pick. It seems like the charges when thou in, and that was a big pig, because they could easily traded down. People want a MAC Jones, their China leapfrogged, the patriots like they easily could have traded down there. The guy that seems I together again, they rebuild their offensive line. This office in Linz leaves the centre. Of course, who's. The highest paid centre in Vienna fell when he got that deal and it's like. Aren't. We gotta protect this guy Herbert. I just feel like there's not could be many offensive lines, but a hold up against that defensive line and ass. The first game of a new off itself at low scoring game to me and in a low scoring I think Washington is stay runaway away. I do like there's a school of thought like washed and Zeb are, we sure they're good and you go through other winds from last year. Their defence looks good and sang a bad quarterback just about every game, but at that they look at against the backside. You could make a case. They played the bucks.
Better than anybody in the class were crossed enough next, one the vikings have favoured by three in Cincinnati. I don't love this Vikings team, I'm a little afraid of covert. Who knows like we make this pick on Thursday and who knows on Saturday there's some said the crown across ticker idea the bangles are gonna, be bad. I have. I better under occur under sixteen have burrowed to me The precision lots people have talked about this. When you have your come up from that the agreed there still- and I remember, with Brady in two thousand. I had seen thing you'd- think that those first couple games that those guys bounce around run around near legs. You just never comfortable. It takes a while then they add chaise solar the great thing at the Ringer gambling show about chases over under for receiving AIDS is way too high because normally, like Ricky Receivers, the only whether gonna beat it as I just Jeffson last year. We, where the only target you know for multiple games but Chase, was terrible and precision
second topic was not great either, and I think their coach, who I know is the beg coaching tree, but he has not been oppressing the first couple years, so this is just to me. I look at this. As what is this line three weeks from now is this Vikings: five and a half three weeks from now wait like. Is there just value going against since he, even if it's a media team plain them in Cincinnati. What you think I don't know we're getting from since he often yet, because I know there really high on having those receivers who whether chases dropped the bond prison or not, is a bit over I'll pick, T Higgins Tyler Board and they loved your mixing in borough. I mean he might be a little nervous out there, but he's never play thou in his life is fearless and they say he looks great. So that often could surprise us in that Again, we watch on Sunday as a basic and since it is really good and often exact, maybe it's a stay. Awake is out of my other than a soda. I don't either ass. A thing
know what we're getting out. What you would say lean on here, as you say, right, Zimmer and cousins. These guys have been there done that the Cincinnati guys haven't so, like you start weak, want it's. Alright we're gone on. The road were taken on the african bangles, let's go bully them around and let's go find a way to win this game with all our guys. I would stay away, though I don't feel good about either one of those times this year. I do have one quick story: a lover Kyle Brandt. My colleague go morning. Football is promoting another show of his that he's doing. Do a game show the idea. What I'm Dennis Miller's like radio show, I guess, Dennis Miller, has radio show at its he's on there and has no idea what then, Miller's can ask a thousand out of a date. That is pillars. First question is so what's the deal with Zack Taylor of all the question, Oh my god. I bet so weird. If you look at those causes. What's the deal was that what is at issue is that, why is either cunegonde? Kyle was laughing
although he prepared all day for a million questions from Dennis Miller, Dennis Miller, asks what's the deal with Zack Taylor. Well, if that's a great one. I'm not surprised, though, that debt is were like red herring. First question the table Minnesota. Think they have any chance in this division. They basically have to win this game. Khazars schedules really tough. During the whole drudges. This is, beneath the gaming gets the lions den bangles deadlines twice other and that its hard scared, also, if you are out on the vikings to do well the share the neat. Then this is the game right, maybe tat three, but an oven cook and in all the players article, this players, like they ve, got the better roster. It's just No I'm promised I'm staying away just because I
thus, did you really well, and I want to suggest stairway whether they be eradicated as this year? I don't wanna start throwing her cousins that'll be fine. I do not like this Bengals theme. Maybe there's time Tibet against than what we have our chances on. They will feel the feel good about our tease. We feel really good about the patriots. What else we got falcons and his three of the eagles there's been some slight eagle buzz, they may say hi to lucked out with their seventh round, must tackle. They look like they're gonna Look I'd they're gonna have a pass rush. People like their receivers, there's some miles sanders. If you got him for twenty bucks, fantasy leg. It might have been a stay or you might have paid pizza darts too much, but he's been discussed. I dont the new coach, I think I'm out deftly, makes me nervous for the first week and then you fucked around the Falcons Arthur, said ruby. A coach falcons little indurated were buying into the Falcons narrative of Hey. I think this team
is a lot better than maybe people realize? I think you have a chance to make the playoffs amid answered Falcons bets their home their only land. Three, they got the box. We too at temper, and then they got at giants home washed in and then the jets in London in a by weak. If you're making the case for the Falcons, you have to be formed, one come now. Those five I think so too, have to win game. I think they're, better the needles, and you know you about common at a weak one. What are the narratives? What are you and what are you and Kyle K? Adam and you don't have a aforethought shepherd. Whoever that person as difficult as it were rotating Oh dear jeopardy, jeopardy, I hope you're better, like the jeopardy there s a hub, What are the narratives coming out of Sunday that you guys
excited Monday morning. I think pits could be one of them. This could be like there. Oh shit, pets jeez, as I said on Tuesdays good Morning for Polly, said the one player after three hundred and whatever days of not having footballer hundreds when it was the one player you will actually like to non Sunday ticket. But I want to talk. I gotta watch said the one player to me. Pits. I want to see it because we did so many draft shows- and I talked to so many gems and all of them raved about it Kelsey already like, if he's once in a generation and it it like, then we're going to have the opportunity to watch him this week. Sirianni thing isn't she thinks I was originally out also said it know him well, and I still don't know well I've gotten in the last couple so we had him on our show and we will know what these veteran eagles think of their head coach, the first half of this game if they come out flat, the seasons down its whatever. If they come out house on fire, like everyone's and this guy
life is a motivational speaker, and I know you saw some is not about the Iraq eyed the right so that what is it you're telling you? You saw that rock paper says: there's you see some of the rambling press conferences you're like right now, his whole deal is like yeah did rock paper scissors, and I know what I also played horse with the guys. You know why I want to see what they got inside of I want to see what they want to compete in a romantic zoom interview with a combine prospect. Don't give a shit about how he is in the three, for I want to see how we place repaper scissors, how we handle losing to me, I'm like ok, let's go and then his whole thing is they ve had all this? Is it any like? We have a seventeen round heavyweight match com. This is literally what he told me is our first battle and we ve gotta get through seventeen rounds. Are the Atlanta Falcons basically putting a picture of like Matt, Ryan up brain of boxing? Analogies like this is old school coaching like one loses his eye,
This is hey. I want I'd run through a wall. Are you with me and a lot of these veterans regarding estimable rings? Are your branding, grammar, Alain Johnson or adjacent? How glad I did who the fuck is this guy like it might not right, resonate war there like wait. We this guy's got it. Let's go because he's never been a play collar before he's the events of coordinator, Jonathan Gannon, very Heatherstone has never been a coordinator like there's a lot of question marks about the Eagles and what jailing hurts and we re think John Hearts gonna throw four five hundred yards there's a lot of obvious glaring question are the only ex factors whether this team responds to this coach. Who is a lot and it's a lot of energy is a lot of enthusiasm and it's a lot of us against the world. He kind of embodies Philadelphia, I'm curious to see how they come out. The first half- I would I'll bet on Atlanta and this one up and make an epic just because I've got better reliability. I wanna know them get either side, but Philly could be a phone watches here if they get hot.
Albania landed narrative and I think, if you're buying it, you have to pick them in this game. I also I'm not a downwards guy. Yet, nor am I I'm. I'm not sold on from what we saw last season that disguise the answer. I stopped like we could see Menchu I sound like to set. The line is a weak six. We seven we're like weak six and a half could we is been shoe and thereby, then I'm just that's all heard thing. I think people are confused come when he was coming out of college. I think now that team no he's the guy and have for waste. And get some. I just want to see it and that it gets up on that for him, but I think pick people and seeing a man as he is going to be really good and that we have no idea he may be where the Fibers Correctional League, I think the Eagles put their faith in The season, but they also have to first round picks next year and then, if Carson, whence play seventy percent, his nap save a third first round pic. I think he goes are all in jail and arts until they're not, and then it's ok next year in all these draft right. What bridge vigorous kind of sort of Ireland will? The other thing would say what is the cap it this year there
twenty seven million short finishers roster that has the factor in their play with percent of a seller cap. So I, like the falcons I'd I'd, think there could be really fund a watch all the signs, as we talked on other parts of the signs point to them, breaking out and then the last one, that's a straight up. Broncos minus three but I really earnings for the Denver Broncos to go into New York on a four thirty game. Yet whether giants fans have not been in the stadium for eighteen month, we're gonna be absolutely no affair is you're out of the Broncos, a Teddy Bridgewater come out this year. I, like their defence, certain is an absolute stud. They looked out on that one Javan K williams- Tarzan. Two of my three times I didn't get him last night may weird, is closely that we'd Bulgaria's ran by round raindrop is neither do they know he's
they iced Unalaska implants very they're, just like we were pensive people are taking Melvin Gordon in these drafts. Could good luck, man, these Juba? They will give you the guy, they know Get that go read the stories the quotes. It's the same as the MAC John Stuff, the teammates talking about him just like they have something with them they receive. I think you're gonna be excellent, very high and Judy It was our duty to ensure during the Judy, Settlin, Hamley, combo and then Teddy Bridgewater. I think he's fine is that could be minus signal. You lose your games, yeah and then you flip around the giants like the danger Jones, combo, the off and sublime, and only Barclays ready it it's the elephant in the room. It's like his. One hundred percent to ninety percent see eighty four percent of the aid percent- I don't know, I don't know what I'm getting at the dead, these new risks. Where's. That always takes a lot of time who have not played The only thing that worries me is just like, I think, Judge got than the play hard last year and got them their staying game. So maybe this is a push, but I think the Brok, as are better at the branches.
The plastic they're not making the play out that they lose the FUCK Indiana Jones, so broncos by industry. Talk me out of it and the talk you out of this. I live in. New York have lived in New York for fifteen years. Sunday, there is a nine eleven twenty year anniversary that is going to be so emotional, for so many people in this market and the giants have not been in that building for eighteen months. They will be in that building. Finally, with the people that they grew up with sitting next to us, isn't ticket holders who they have interacted with four generations if they do not get to see last year before the game, there's going to be tribute, video steep hashemi, who is a former fire fighter and actor is narrating it
the national those being sung by Juliet can Della who lost her father and nine does, and as a lot of these nine eleven, she is often the person seeking national. I think this giants home crowd is going to be in such a frenzy and that this giants team I goosebumps talking about it- is going to feed off this. So great, a big aim in aid area where there is optimal em around this team that I dont think they will find a way to screw the pooch. I feel the giants are winning this game. I might add that I am not against the Brok, as I might be, the judge is anyone. I think that place is going to be knots on Sunday, emotional, to start the game and then rock during it. If you're giants Van listening, I know your Theodora let's go yet. I just feel like us, does play a role in this: have not been to the stadium and so long- and I know you have worn sharpen the perfect guys this one is sheer emotion, I think giants when can you have that kind of emotion in a four hour, for
there anymore, with the way we have with us thoroughly. Stadiums are I'm with you. Another step, but I think we see over and over again you have that emotion. This is The call by the way now it makes me feel bad that I want to take the brok zau. Don't you feel emotion before the game Nevil it? How did it aim? Operations are gonna work but, like I do honestly think that this place is going to be knots in itself. Be a religious experience for a lot of people be back in that stadium in the football matter. So much these giants bands, it's not a parochial teamwork goes back generations as the twenties and like to have these people kept out of that stadium. I think it's gonna be out on Has he been brewing Daniel Jones in the first quarter after that, the start of this game? It's really sad case. I look at on the offensive wine like much more rational you'd like yes, but can back per? you can stop, were analysed, I'm just gonna. Let you three things. I don't trust. The offensive line, I know, is bad Dana Jones, I am convinced is,
add a day. I think this will be the fund. Your friend and you can't tell me Barclays Healthy, I dont know what Barclays Health is an I'm very very well spike, would you be shocked if he didn't play week? One out, I would not be shocked if ok out of this, I think he's gonna play. We want worthiness whenever we find out another more as it goes, but they play a game on Sunday. Then they play the Redskins are the washing in football team. On Thursday in a quick turn around, there is any theory out there that they do say. Barkley will will keep you stashed away three and will go from their sad did their own two after the right longshot parlay, we need women, Do this every week, always for fifty k, so the anchor team, our choices, Far Anchor team I will put with one other team- is either the raiders plus one eighty five on Monday at against the ravens to win straight up. If the wind straight up, which were taken a fire or just started on this or the browns plus two twin,
against K C. That line is moved. It started at six and an average moved the six, its move to five and a half a lotta sharps. Are the brands yet turn back here is battling a covert situation, he's been vaccinated from what I'm told and he might not be on the field because he can't get to stray days of a negative test or ten days of no symptoms, could be a big x factor by the line might be moving. Browns have coffin to get some they put them last year, so Rudy, Does the anchor raiders a branch or do we just throw them together and that one I got to say Mahomes, attend and Owen September, and it's been thirty two touchdown passes and zero just like Andy's been drawn it up. I am fundamentally gets me homes either about her baby, gets bottoms, terrific, analysing them without enjoyable. I think a rate for a little more fun, and I have no idea we're getting from that team this year. So if you want to throw wildcard out there that their cravats Monday night, let's watch it raiders, so raiders plus one eighty five ravens, you know the gun.
Edwards Thyssen Williams is, as I thought we got. One rank in the gutter names recklessly added there Savers aren't we're shape, there's another deal to Gus Bradley, the new defence, a coordinator for the Raiders A couple years ago, Lamar was the hardest thing in football. They go to. The players. Think us Bradley was chargers, defensive, coordinate they going to Baltimore and shut him down. They play again, Gus Bradley shots him down like the chargers deeper always handled. Lamar produce oil and now he's with the writers and if anyone's got the keys to stop Lamar its Gus Bradley calling the shots It's worth the flier with somebody else, so our choices are steelers over bills, plus two twenty probably stay away. Texans over Jack's, plus one sixty four and just the classic, but these teams are bad
I think it happened. Was anyone favorite game or the saints playing in Jacksonville over Green Bay, one hundred and sixty six? So if you put that together to put the saints with the raiders, it's put. Six hundred and fifty five, if you put the saints with the Jaguar with ups, are the Texans it's six hundred and twenty, The sad thing is interesting. As I've been practicing and a hundred degree heat all summer, and in their going down the Jackson, the words can be honoured. Degree he if they had played the Superdome, would win our condition. So it's almost like this might be an advantage for the saints to the outlying and this heat. I just can't see. JANUS and then playing without their home crowd in front of them and winning over Aaron Rodgers. I just don't see that won the game before that is interesting Texan. Versus Jaguar Texan really hit. The pupil everyone's dragged is writing off the Texans, an idle, barely anything spent, but I have no idea what we're getting. No new head coach nuke from a talent standpoint,
teams are both bad zadig. One theme is worked out than the other last year. I think the jaguars beat the colts week. One and lost fifteen stray Ike weak ones week. One is a fickle beast. I wouldn't be shocked at the Texans one again. We're gonna, take a break and then we're morgue anew rattle off. A million dollar picks raiders Texan, parlay million dollar pigs for weak. When I write the million dollar picks for weak one way, Sprinkle little more room go above the million this week. We get lonely little just. Its weak one, we're gonna have fun. Forty nine hours might a seven out forward its rate rams by the seven have over the bears, we're teasing those teams together down to minus one and a half of them have to win by two or more for putting five hundred k and that if it loses, you lose five. Fifty so five,
Data when five hundred forty nine is rams tease and then we are putting two hundred k and three games do what you like, one of which you were gone, had data path, minus three over the dolphins falcons minus three, the Eagles a care, the dawn of coal, pits, the Kyle pits era, the cow pits era beginning and then finally, the Broncos Ministry of the giants. I think the best outcome for all of us here is a push, Where we're both right, we don't have to go a nice guy. I told you above all by I think I'm gonna be right. They if Barkley was a hundred percent I'd be more nervous, and this I just don't get the dancing be removed by so I'm gone talking about a very wealthy right, might all emotion, yeah now where's it it's my heart years his mind. The long, sharp parlay at a week which we're gonna be putting thirty three thousand dollars on this year. Every
in honour of the man, the mid the legend labored? Thirty three thousand raiders have to be bought Are there plus one? Eighty five Monday night, we decided to him vague. Stadium Monday, weird shit happens Monday week, one we ve got a lotta weird upsets over the years Lamar deciding fantasy leagues, but then having a bad game like the whole budget executive and partly that with the Texans to beat the Jaguars plus one sixty or I don't know why anyone's favoured this escape. Why not? Why not Why not? I sailor he's one a lot, a games in his life. Let's go so that's plus six, twenty, which I think, if you, both by thirty three with past six Twenty, that's right around two hundred kids. So Those are the million dollar picks for weak point. This could be a strong star for us, I felt really good fills could be back.
Oh, my god. Does it ever. Thank you or anything else. What had to now this? Is it I'll be on Fox and be on kick off eleven a M Easter fly out to allay bill every week and back into the mode. Here we go time. So you do you do in the allied troops again doing at every week, I'll be on a plane, I'll be go and I will be wearing seven masks and what is going to work? Let's go, we might have the dinner one finally, Peter Schwaiger Applied as always, it's great to have you back million dollar packs. Don't forget, you can play against not play against us by play with our son. And though they have a whole million dollar pick it up. I don't do you know about the bag quarterback leave. Created a vein I heard about it in your latest podcast. I think it's hilarious, it's amazing! They have it by tears, blew up before we gobbler read this year. This is our good. They have their by tears where you basically have to pick one guy from each tears, but with interesting is how they,
the tears sorts cheer won t or two. You gotta pick like one of five guys here to pick one of five guys to three secure ones. The worst here it's like the Are you going to rise here? Are the five they picked? Can I guess I guess yeah, ok, so to five worst quarterbacks based on their ratings. Yes, starting score backs. Okay, so I would say: they're gonna, throw entire Taylor, did not make it. He was terribly yeah, when I had done what else we got rooting out, so they put back Jones in their regions. Firstly offended by a big fan of just. Why not hurry hers. Daniel Jones, obvious semi, midsummer, saying he's gonna! Be there, though the leader of this year ended had been their shared. Golf goes another one who lock him down and then the fifth was Bridgewater, which are was strange. I I I put it. I wouldn't put somebody from that used to Jacksonville game. I would think it right now.
So it goes through an entire sex was like my homes, Josh. I know that, but it was just seen the tears. I was wondering if, like the players by get fired up by Teddy Bridge, orders like frontier one What did your Jones? What are we doing? We do that nonsense and affair an hundred like they and the players gets me do the matter as well as the players get so mad that they should know about this year. I check that out bag Quota Beckley, well, unfeigned o Peter share your great cc next week. Awesome thanks that's impossible guess I'll, be back with us. Our son and I guess the lines for we too, as was a weak one cat this package was produced by cow, Creighton, have weakened season
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