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A Clippers Conundrum, LeBron MVP Myths, Kyrie’s Resurgence,  and the Ref Review Crisis With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Nets’ win over the Clippers, Brooklyn’s road-trip win streak, and the Clippers' playoff implications (2:00). They test pilot a new segment called You’re Out of Excuses (27:00); discuss the increasingly aggravating instant replay, especially at the end of NBA games (57:00); look back at the MVP awards LeBron James hasn't won over the past eight years (1:15:00); empathize with Timberwolves fans; and more (1:39:30).

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I cast network where we have a new. We watch was gone up tomorrow night. It is neighbours, oh yeah, Suffragan, Zack Efron was this the last funny comedy of the two thousand tense truly funny when we're gonna break that down and a whole lot more. It's gone up on Monday night. Don't forget. I also recap the challenge double ages, with my old friend, they Jacobus Wednesday nights on Ringer Dish, read after the absurd ants homeless and ass, a ringer dish Rumour has it that only a few episodes left come up, ran or so, and I are going ahead a whole bunch of ambitious that first,
I had this little after seven, thirty Pacific time Senate I just watch clippers nets. Is GM, a thriller game really kind of enjoyed it. There have been a lot of like Superfund Night games this year, but that was a good one, and with the hard and somehow getting a call on a quite DR offensive oh the irony but poorly. I we want fact by the Cooper start this, but before we do that, we have to mention here Priscilla this broken thing: they're they're run the table on this road trip.
As you know, nothing, I love more for potential in the playoffs than a team that goes on. The road takes care business, they be governed state, Sacramento, Phoenix, they be that no Davis, Lakers team and then they beat this- could perceive here. Five minutes on the trip are you buying? Are you buy that's right now, no Doran for for those games to yeah. Absolutely not only this run, but I believe there are the only team, it has a winning record against the west. It's in the EAST When is now with the painters? I mean this is a joke. When you look at the Eastern conference standing which somebody's touch on before, but only the pace, let's have a winning record on the road and so sometimes you look at some these records, especially a few weeks ago. You could go way. This team, as implied anybody in the West Coast, yet in here, goes Brooklyn with this defence that I still think as a concern and no Durrant their best defence, a player and beating really good teams. Yet
egg carries plan as well as I can remember him playing sense that, member that, when the Celts, when they start out sixteen, it that is first South extract shred after Heyward got hurt and their plainer inquiry was basically just. In them and doing everything he seems like he's in there but again I love the way hearted span as frustrated as it is that I have used the thing ended stone I feel like he's in great shape, but what I've noticed within the last five minutes of games when those guys are playing hard they're not going to be playing hard. Forty eight minutes of game. You know for six straight months, but they they can't turned up to at least a decent level, and then you get in the situation we at that score them and just eye test. As watching it. I always feel like they're gonna outscore, whoever they're going gets. This is even without katydid age, asleep, Irene hardened together near like aright, when these guys are gone.
This is really hard to get some really hard to match. Places to rent wasn't even out there, and this is what I was arguing Berkeley about on Tuesday. I still think they're built in those last five minutes of whatever his bag. I do whatever you want we're scoring when we have. It is really dangerous and I think it's him dangerous thing, any remaining anything it. Anyone has gone right now, yeah. I know that's really. What you're always looking for is is some level of efficiency from guys and create their own shot, and they have three of the best in the league. On the same team, it's it's it's stupid! So when I worry about the defense and I'll, give you some quick overall numbers overall defensively on for one hundred sessions, Brooke, twenty six in the stretch from when they got hardened before this winning streak, they were thirtieth and then we dug in assembly. Fourth quarter numbers where their office was it like uncharted waters and defence was so bad was in charge, since this run February, tent than I have clippers numbers in their there, twenty first, but the defence around league has gotten worse in February there wasn't January there's a bunch of reasons. Effort covered all these things we can point to, but their defence does it
we need to be any better than average, and why, the things I worried about with Houston when they went small, was it wasn't so much the defensive? They couldn't rebound. And the rebounding for Brooklyn is possible, is actually the clippers, are the ones who couldn't get a defensive board Was this one out geometry with that put back on the tied up act that shot was like the shot of the game away, so to see harden be able to facilitate with non Arab Norden Pj'S Tucker's in the corner figure out what Westbrook is going? do clearly he interests Paul. Even though they want a million games. You could see they still kind were doing their own thing. This is hard and whose that one of the best passionately he's been a great passer. His whole career, but I think now more people are seeing it that may be turned off you. Dinner. Just don't watched gains other own timezone to see him restraining all this stuff. Now it's it's scary, so they just need to be average defensively but I wonder again about certain match ups and that's another conversation against other big deems the plants I mean. I watch way too much style text and it's so hard for the south. Ecstasy
or when things so down, especially in the fourth quarter and inches, becomes your turn my turn, and it's you saw in the Balkans today, its Tatum making these no amazing shots were the guide draped all over the ear so it should nets, get some of these baskets cause. How gifted those guys are like they have enough movement. It's not like what Houston was like: where was four guys standing around watching hardened I do feel like people are moving around and more things are happening and people are curling around stuff. For some, it is getting the ball in there actually moving versus just thrown on the bar, and you give those guys step, agis. Think it's really hard to play. He saw with the quick per se. The coopers are allegedly a good defensive team is really easy for the nets to get what they want so anyway, look it's early. Health is gonna matter, but I still feel that they have by far the highest ceiling in the east, and I would be surprised if a thought nets Lakers. I really. What are you be surprised and look at the east is
is Brooklyn, I'm I'm not gonna be surprised, but I think there is a difference between a light years. A good example I dont know: if NASH did it, but I like to read about it. I think NASH call the time out very early on and off its obsession with who watches in they were like: hey, let's abused this guy, let's get caught in the middle It's in your reminds me a little of it. Some of this stuff they used it was doing, was Capello was there were one? when hardening Capello we're doing you, know I'm they're gonna, floated or lobby to use you fucked you just you just arcas horses, so good, and because these big enough to come where'd, you off the maintop. Everything else he's got every floater down you get all that stuff in his passing, is so good and then, when they try to just go
super small. They got rid of that. You know obviously, training capellan, just opening everything up, don't remind me, some of that Houston stuff, but there's a difference between a zumba to against the clippers ended up taking out in the second half cuz. I think that was part of it. I also think the league is so pruner bass that will see Biggs cut and they'll have their hands up and the printer got to the balls. I quit you think, I'm passing it to you I think they do that and you can see big is going outside stupid me thinking. I was gonna, get it on a seal and you can try to do some that stuff, but I would still think it will get to feel at some point. I'm sure I would still think like a real big guy. That's thirty! Five minutes. Eighty touches a game is proud, like I still think and be Hence a problem to that front line unless they just outscore em and then it doesn't matter, is
This is why I said to Berkeley five days ago, which is pencil in a bead four hundred and thirty seven, a game in that series. I'll give it to you right now. I still don't think it matters. I'd still think they would have trouble matching points. Doubt I'm saying this off of what Embiid did on Friday night, which is the highest level of seeing them go and that bulls game which do you watch that game right, yeah. I we have to do some indeed stuff at some point here by the ILO will save that fur. I guess we could do that. We have low hotchpotch section later, but when he was doing in the floor corner that it was like watching. Somebody who's like I'll have solved the new level, a video game, so that could he score against broken like that he could. But the problem is: he's he's like a guy in a bar fired, whose fighting three guys
one guy yeah he's on the same level offensive with carrying Katy hard him, but they have these two other guys. Who could also do it would talk about every second with shifting coopers quick, so there twenty two intend this season. Last year there, forty four and twenty in the pre bubble. We know it happens in the bubble heading in this game. Therefore, then scoring they were making fourteen point two three game heading answer today: forty two percent on three, which you would think I give you just that'll that, like I got my god or they like thirty in five. What's a record they're, getting good seasons at Aquia and George, basically, fifty three combined same Ribands assist numbers, the Bush shoot really well. Georgia's almost fifty is almost a fifty fifty ninety guys close, and yet you sorry.
Tonight they're the worst team in the league and Clutch minutes that was heading into today, their defensive rating in clutch, which is defined as last five minutes within five points. Pets of rating was one hundred and thirty one point nine. I said that this, isn't she there second and pace in clutch? They almost don't know how to go slow, half court, let's find your shot, and you saw it again today, once turn it on the last five minutes of the game situation. I thought I didn't think they were going to win. I just didn't think they had enough. What do you see from this team because it's one thing to be a good, regular season team, but is this a team that you think could win four straight series in a row because I was There is definitely a negative hang over for them because of what happened. Last year, I've been talked about it before the seas and even started, unlike what everybody way to offer them,
and coming into this game there. Sixteen in three now sixteen in foreign wine, Paul Georgia line up and George, is playing arguably the most efficient hoops with less shot. Attempts in the passing is incredible: all the office of numbers, the shooting stuff, it's all right, they're there actually behind Brooklyn and a few those categories or proposal born league. But I I dont like when I see the look prepared tonight, because this pact, be completely different. Your joy for hours ago, by the way than beating the jazz looking really good Saudi trying on the huge went over the jazz this great by the way, so much of his badge ass would be different if we did it Saturday night suppose, the Sunday night you Celtics in somebody oh yeah too so I don't want to freak out about it, and I dig into the fourth quarter stuff too. So I wonder if you know, if you're counting almost ten games without those guys in the lineup, how much you put into some except they just they look Brooklyn's going to switch with switching everything can make you stay. Loft pensively can start to go ice
little bit is almost a gay had to remind themselves they get a Balkans from seals. Any really get him go on until the second half, as he was in great the first half. I would love to see them play Brooklyn again to Morrow night to see if they look like they're more of foreign, even that in the forthcoming scheme just feels flat again. You know the circumstances are part of that too, but they're back in it and tied in that felt we're right. There. You go just haven't been the better team, and I have a chance to win this thing, so I dont think that they were really prepared to attack Brooklyn simply the way I would have thought Atinas, talented normally, would be well, I'm not sure they. The right to know, attacked them defensively Cosette. The thing that struck me in this game was of the hard inquiry backward. Which the more I actually really joy watch Brooklyn. I hate to say it. I wish that was the case, but I just love basketball. I really like watching hats play together. Anything On the one hand, you have
carried hearted to the most gifted offered. Suppose we have no egg and on the other side, you have picked two Patrick Beverly Lou. Lewd secretary lambs, it look at our didn't play tonight. Reggie Jackson, did I wherever it it's, he was into a little bit the outward ever mediocrity across the board and the cookers back court. I just think the debts are terrible match up for them, but ass. I think the Lakers are a terrible bankrupt for them. If Davis's Davis, I don't think that's a good thing either. So, basically the two teams they need to be. I think this season, I dont think they match up well worth, and now it really concern me is the other thing you know they did, that cornered trade, which was pretty well They they had the sham at asset, broken wattage Dammit Detroit was fired up to get rid of Konrad and get the number nineteen pick form, and then the quick presented getting cornered and gave him. I think, sixty four million, an
then pretty and essential for them. You now he's been like a tenth. Man is basically bandwidth. Peyton Pritchard is for this ethics and other Adam moves because they paid him the paid Morris even really know how you make this team better. Unless you try to do Lou lambs and try to take back somebody else's problem, this is kind of their team. If you, if you could fix the team Odin Writing Oliver sit here and go. You have to worry about the Lakers if you're one of these teams in this yes tier of of the NBA, and so we are asking his head, you have a mole. Beggars and keep on the core and can also score it ray it's like a good luck. You know like who who's that guy I'm. I hate this outcome. Pro Conner but I think the argument cannot over somebody like sham it. Other contract looks bad now and looking missed what was once
game is cleared Friday had the knee, so maybe that's part of it to another area pretty up and down Thou friend. This isn't right how their stats uncle better than, but it's actually been like yeah you're right, because the they like some other traditional stuff, like always been hidden shots, knows that I think the argument for connives that he could actually do more. It put the I just like guys that don't have to be glued floor like the only thing you can do is sit sit in a corner and never move, and if you have to travel more than twice your lost, I think not. Can do more those things, but between that the moors contract- which was a bird right thing when it basically headed, do that just keep the asset in place. He's gonna sucks strong strongly. So the word asset price, but it's it's. How do we fully replaced? this at any kind of number. Look, I'm! I'm not the biggest markets. Wars guys well documented, but I also understand that the rationale behind it I dont know
that there's this fix unless they want to Chris Paul before the seated started, because pausing look, there's no there's no way. This fits. The vision You fit my salary into what you're trying to do here and it doesn't work so to add this next big piece. I don't know what that is, I like when they try to get it right. We want Chris Pause, Ike. Ok, I'm sure you do is that I was to blame for that one, because I was telling people on your podcast some like. I know that quite reached out to one. No, I'm not gonna outrageous data which is among plays ability, yeah yeah, it's cap. Why is there is no our urban lack of us? I We really want a coward, but you know he'd. He wanted stay. A fox and disdain it's like, you would ever getting coward that you're never getting Chris Paul and it was never on the table. I couldn't believe
there has been a worker wonder whose it the deal there not getting their stuck with Beverly their stuck with the Williams. Who is the really, as does documented here bunch times, one of the worst performers, for what has been said is really the last thirty years and- I look at their crunch time and you look at it ever lives right. What is their best? Five they're going down in flames? It's a game! Six, six! Thirty, three tuna series: what five guys are out there to try to save the season here, choices so Calliope, MPG, abacha, bitumen, Beverly, Why, in Fiji backer Morrison Lamps Calliope Morris GO spot the five bitumen whims, Mickey start moving those other piece. Is around and it's like. I don't like any of these jigsaw puzzle pieces. I dont know who their best five. It is, as I've said too many times over the years, it's hard for me to back a team, and I dont know at their best fibres.
And I dont know what it is. Eventually. I think it's more a boxer. Why George Beverly? Do you like that five cause? I don't I like it better than other five? No, but I liked it better than the tomb we both have to admit and I don't think we were wrong at the beginning of the year he looked like a guy, in particular Yonah its I grant lies and that it has now been battered and he's been out of than we thought it was granted, but I don't think you expected being closing session nation in a play off getting what you saw. What happened today minute left down for wide open three from the corner, the attempt to think it was gone it and then go in a balloon Williams, Grand I think, they're down for that point after hard hit, the free thrown any brings it up, and it's like you through a deterrent man in the corner for three reasons. Take longer than you pulling up and get that three and then he could have used a couple times offensively against going to happen. I would think you would even though Brooklyn switches, everything I would think you would try to find a way if Mcginnis I leave, the clippers are playing in the NBA finals or something went right which it was all part of
This thing, because it's basically like I swear to God, I've seen Anthony Davis, his whole career and I feel like every third game- is limping in kind of looking up at somebody in walking towards a tunnel, and I love the guy and so in it'll take their timing. Because Lakers are the only team. I give the benefit of the doubt two out of the entire league, but there's there's just what? What are you you're asking me to solve? Something where I think if we talked about them after being Utah Friday or like look? Why in Paul Georgia at another level and other guys are hidden shots random, this great shooting team and their good to go? I just felt they were totally off tonight and then the Paul George Part, where he gets them back into this in its fourth quarter, and then they had sent him. They had a system to close the game, isn't it Why do they do that? Don't owe it wasn't my back, so he was leaning against table there and then on the outer circle.
What's goin on it enough was a minute's restriction, bring him back in other clippers like a better version of the Celtics, where the celtic secular your three of never having the same group together for a month, and it's really frustrating this other, you d better. This. I want to turn us into the full Celtics podcast Zeno everybody's worried already is I'm doing this, but the clippers have little bit it out in and they just been better. Where you go united this? You guys gather for six weeks. I had that ran down their rich man, Celtics yeah, all the same issues, but that it is by the three through twelve is better but the same kind ass. She read their thereof all round these two guys Ravin Gray years. I don't. Really trust anybody else I and have the same issue where you mentioned. You thought I was quite p, a backer Morris Beverly. So that was your pic for their five. The balls that move in with those five Beverly is in a corner, more aspire, stopper, galore aback, as that.
Then and that it is quite p d gone one. I won but much like the south ex problem, Tatum Bran, where You know with Canada. The way he's plan they really Don't have anybody who can kind of attack the paint and create a chef for anybody, accept these two guys in the embryos. Does it? I think that's a real issue for the Cooper, so maybe right may be considered as worded as sounds. Is the x factor for them gazettes. They need him to actually be a crunch time guy. Who can give them that little something weird something different, but they have the. I think they have moved the ball, though, at times by me, when you look at the George play making in the choir play making that's always steady, I mean George, it feel a little bit like nothing's as bad as the bills, but to remind younger listeners when the bills and make the Superbowl after a year to it, was I The bills. Are it if he were so pessimism forbidden superbowl again and getting that issue
was more accomplishment, and any with this clippers group has done yet, but no one is about anything Paul Georgia's done during the regular season. Until we see in the class in our work It won't matter what he's doing it. He could get em, VP votes and it won't matter and he's been. Riddick, and he was the reason why this game even get close again daylight, none it is gonna matter, because everybody numbers how last year ended in other failures in close out games. He is add the fog arrived. They don't do anything this year they sound that ideal and they will treat him the Baton thing before hitches. Why is it always me? I don't know why I get annoyed farther fan basis, who really don't even care, but his says the last year or his last too, but especially last year, where issues twenty percent from three point. Twenty three minutes a game just looked at a shape, lazy, didn't give a shit.
The year before same thing, and then this year now he's engaged reengaged. I should say Clarity is Charlotte's pretty good. You know, I think, they're plastic. They have a chance to actually when their division, which may sound house bet on like four weeks ago at like fire, to one. So we ve been like rooted Evan following them as even excited they won. That sea became my state bitumen help them he's like the way version of the two or how many light know with the division is they give? You asked the hardest score? gotta go around the division Jubilee wait what what it was again to having a game an athlete over Miami and the funny thing is washed its only three back Washin who is dead, and I watched it- was like five and fifteen and two games out of the plant has again no blame game. Awesome gets so I just instinctively water reared against, but to success because somebody's making twenty six mountaineer lay have got him that can attract the shoemaker. It's just that it's a tough one
you can get away with Charlotte because they have like one guy covered. The theme we didn't but actor in the Boers DSL connection is Boris D. I did the exact same thing and I don't know if it's in international thing. Were there making fun of us over there and like that, you know pro Syria, a woman like you have an american tv, they pay you and then you can just quit and then- get healthy and then you go somewhere outside our plan. Heart again, will you do that, as I did when I want to say in a tone you like, I could show you tat YE tat game. I agree with you. That was a big one. And I guess it was work as it was then the back to back. You know insight the team guy the first time he had it, but they did you a gimmick thing that I've been dying for anyone to try again Ceuta, where they play Maura says the small ball five and tried to lure go, bear out and pull me for the basket, which is like. I thought we saw the go bear thing a couple years ago with this were just psycho small.
Bring him out of the basket. He gets completely flustered. Now I think. Maybe it's because we have more big eyes: Thou Utah's allowed to play him and it was fun to watch the clippers. Try to turn the go, bear thing on them and it works. You know the Lakers are going to do that because its to their benefit to play Anti Davis. You know whatever it is. It was about a great all, cheaper than better. I just enjoyed it at. I don't understand why more teams don't do that again. A really Superi you tat in this year, while not gonna, write off you talk about. Because I just do not writing a model and just say why not do that? Gimmick if you're, whoever fear the golden state like Fuckin, play air Pascal Centre, united. We get one rebound. Freight will have its own budget, Congo, Barrow, Alias I enjoyed it. I, like I like chicanery, like basque budget,
Henry Williams, I haven't, we gotta go about them, the big where it feels like unless you're one of the top top guys they're. Just we ve talked about this for years. You like their moments, were in one game. It plays out that it's not working and they may have to like, take a big guy out. And then another time. However, the ball is going. You know just, however, that the basketball gods, those forty eight minutes it can see like not every game, is played out the exact same way. So I'm not I'm not disagreeing unique. Surely I guess I don't know seem any like aunt. I go bear because he's been so much more into it this year, every ease these like ease reminding us again of why we all get excited about in the first place, and the team across the board is like every players better. If you like one guy. That seems really good and to beat them on certain night. You're gonna have to do weird stuff against them. They play really work together and they know what they're doing where it sits. Where do the year out of excuses are starting
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she got. Everything. High sense has to offer their website high sense. Tat come each eye at sea and as a dot com. High sense was Gabriel. I made a list of people who, I think are out of excuses, and you might have a couple for yourself will make this. The February edition of the year out of excuses asked our team And it really, though they are the coopers away out of excuses cause. You know, even I had Chris hands Thursday, and he made a really passionate case dead. The coopers were really fucked up by the bubble and it's like you know, there are certain teams, people that were really really profoundly affected and there they were one of them and he expects them to be different. This, like ok, if they're, not ok, they're out of excuses. Who else is that of excuses? I'm gonna give you James Hearted awesome situation
Have another great offensive season, guy that he's the deal he's got help he's in a week or conference. Everything is set up for him to make the finals if he doesn't make the fine as a share. I think he's out these out of excuses thank you. I thought we'd already addressed. This will hardon so you're right it changes. Everything were if he were still with, you said Billy, why are we even doing this topic, but with Brooklyn yeah yeah? I don't I don't like. What's what's the argument, for us. It is unbelievable. Philadelphia run where defence Thirdly, they find a way to lock the steam up, which seems impossible and they d
destroy him on you know they get comfortable after two games where they know all the rotations. They know what the switching that this is. Our gonna beat you all. The time are, gonna set up something away from it be I wouldn't run some hard numbers by giving because its harden due notice, career three point percentages, then, like thirty five you're good he's thirty six percent first career, I used in the last years- thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven, some around that with the nets he's forty one percent small sample understood for his career in the play us with Houston he's thirty. Two percent last year harden was hundred in two from three point range, so part of it can be the burden of the offence where he had to take some.
Shots. I also think he probably clean up a few of them here there, but now he doesn't take any of those shots. So it's not that he's. The hundred second best three point shooting to leave that be an absurd thing to say, but there's a significant decline in the playoffs and now looking at this bump with a net. I wonder if we'll see him the playoffs, because he doesn't have to take so many he doesn't have to portrait. The burden is not there anymore. He's got to be like north of thirty seven percent. The playoffs, because he's just had some Shooting performance is awful play off seasons where you go look at this is what you gonna run in year, this guy and were putting you up there. Historically, when other often suppliers, you have to be better, keep you like twenty nine percent for a play off year from three and with Houston. He was thirty, two percent in playing games. So yet, with the lad us I was found
like with like the situation, is even use dinner when you see especially the two thousand satellite at times like this right, Gilbert Arenas, the wizards, the brain and the calves Pearson South Ex, where it's like, they really basically have one guy. You figure one out of every ten threes is a terrible under the shock three right. So when we did, we say he's thirty. Six percent are were five of those hunt, three is the offence broke down and he got the board dump backed home, whatever may be the nets that doesn't happen anymore and that's a difference could get a small number of a small number of ETA terrorism. Thirty six and forty one is five out of a hundred threes that you messed because somewhere circumstance I we agree, Jane Sardes out of excuses about, might Malone absolutely they dont defend. And then the whole of our two, thereby Lana torched torched, is that every time I looked up just lamps and yet
They don't dating defend that will last year I dont think during the regular season and it's crazy what new play our success can mean for a franchise cajoling. I Denver ready to take the next step, but no those of us that watched all these games and that's why we can take it so personal, sometimes when Jamal Murray turn into Superman against Utah and then over the course of flesh like man is. This is this: who is going to be like nope that ain't? It was absurd, what he was, so they don't don't defend if they ve had some like you're here, as MRS Time peace, a closure was out there plan you know hampered in their their plants a new guys, the drastic from Arizona they ve. They ve had in their a little bit more, but I just thought like fundamentally, they would defend a little bit better with alone. I think that's kind of what people think and they don't other thing with them. Yet last year's team, at least the first half of the season, had Jeremy Grant Milly Pisa at it
The german grant well documented what he's doing in Detroit committees have in a good good stats, bad team season galore, but was still an asset. Then the moon Beazley thing they. They basic I never really totally understood the mechanics behind it, but I think they were thinking what we're going to have to pay him next year and we're not to be able to do it. So we might as well trade him now will get pick up whatever and it seemed like they betting on Monday Morris and we'll Barton, we'll Barton who there aren't you they didn't have last year, and now you look at you know, Grana Minnesota stinks, but you watch busy only pass on that stock as it gets. Were you know they they effectively game away? And I wonder you know the construction of this team, those to those two moments. Specifically, we just lose assets that some help and but at the same time I'm with you, I think I see it, it doesn't make sense,
This number team, almost six over its another version of the subjects. Cooper things were a talk about words like two guys and then they're just kind of cross in their fingers. Fair, but ass. The roster have you. Porter is not on the year out of excuses are starting but you're, one of the biggest porter fans where we re now, there has been a great you know, and it hasn't I think of it. Port group level. Yet or no. I think it's a tough, often too plain when you're the third die. It just is ass, o You know how much of the action is Murray and Yoke Ich and they did some cool stuff and in one of the game because it out or doing like aside thing or their setting it up on the side, offer that instead of a high screen rolling, look, I think all these teams you a little bit more than we probably would realise, when rules out around the same thing over and over again, but am Barton has it uses. Gonna go get Gary Harris back in the EU,
you're paying you your pain, Murray. They paid Harris a ton. They wanted pay, Grant, Grant port Porter, still a guy that ends up getting paid at some point Harris not being enough offensively. I think really kind of set them back as a team. And you know maybe that was grants or point is a bit like when I heard the sixty one million for ran out woe I mean he's somebody who had forty minute game against a jazz. The plans, zero rebounds and, like another three main game against some one rebound he's had thirty five play off gained. Seventeen of them have been less than ten points and it blows my mind that grant can dribble into his fence in some of the play making you makes, but also go like. What do you want to do as a franchise? Germ aggressive twenty shots, a game of registrations? Again we know you wanna, do you wanna go five and twenty five are, whereas I record is right. If you want to lose gaze but ill, the grant laws, I don't think he'd be pinned on all the stuff. I feel like. The playoffs may have been a little bit more misleading it. You can't both be incredibly
Press with Denver and then monumentally disappointed with the clippers. Don't you have to be a little bit more one than the other o o. And throw this you would say my kind they shot goes in and came seven exactly. I mean look, then that their trading for James Harden or they stir in the James Hearted suit stakes of Murray a month in Africa, you're out of excuses, Dini, age. Let's try not to make this more than two minutes, but yet you made a lot of moves. The last six seven years now. Look that roster. That has. Tatum, Brown and smart and bunch Roper's keep
on this, is you dollar? Let you go up? Well I'll, say this: twenty seven point: five: nine our trade exception. This is their last chance to get somebody good or get too good players to upgrades whatever from a fridge and standpoint there lack and have the money. So if they don't figure out what to do this exception at some point there in the season. That then then, basically are crushed in your fingers and hope and Campbell opera comes back eyewash, a lotta can block or the share any good defense. He cannot score against He has he's had six hundred and seventy eight Corindus games where, when I say horrendous like where he's like fifty four thousand one hundred and ninety three four hundred and seventeen for four hundred and eighteen- and it's not like the correct, Kyrie Mr3 late in the game today, where he just missed it, hit the back room and came out
by place sheeted to Miss Cemas, missing threes that are wide open, that are going like right and left that are like almost hitting the backboard first, he has no confidence at all offensively anymore and then, when you know, like he lights up the hawks. Now, and they get to go to your defensive, worse defences, they opt canvasback. He regained its easy because when every time I've seen him against did good deed, I see a guy, you can't get to the rim anymore and his shot is just all over the place. I thought I'd that Stephen should a bench them today in play. Pritchard in the Arctic, as at least Pritchard Ino could have attacked basket, but anyway, I think Ange down on the table since two thousand eight. I was thirteen years ago the Tatum Brown Trade day. You know them
summer, two thousand and thirteen that was eight years ago and at some point you are, you are, as both ourselves once said, and he needs to figure out what to do that trade exception and needs to figure out how to make this timid contender. These does that the three good things in the EAST in Milwaukee, I'm not even sure, is that good. So there's a there's, a top taskforce by waiting for this team that had the talent, the over action would be wait. Till Marcus MAR comes back, they lost some dumb games but from what I've seen I've seen a coach that doesn't really have a handle on his roster Anna Roster that was poorly constructed I'll start with a camera thinkers persuasion the choice. So to save no shame you can't, I know I know you hinted at it before and we talked about some his struggles, but he had a really good game. I thought against clippers. I thought he was good. Toronto game, the washing overall numbers or good thou washing game should never be apposite for anybody to ever worse, green, because that was absolutely
renders lost a week ago. You know they may be amber, he lights up Lana, but he was bad. It was bad in big big spots, use fumbling the ball against New Orleans. Today me that's new Orleans biggest comeback. Nineteen history and it was anyways ITALY that looked like they were quitting honour on themselves during their game. Where you actually gone, I texting one point as Oviedo Pelicans today, like some things with a little light on what happened. In ratifying the example. You gotta go hey, pelicans or fix, although it could be season defining kind of win made his historic, and they changed up with a smaller lineup ago. One million opening things up resign, which I think is a no brainer anytime you why you wouldn't let Zion get started offensively the ball in his hands further away. He just destroys people, so I go back to the south is part of it. The camera thing you have no choice. You gotta figure it out with Cambric. As you know, how can we have a chance anyway? They should be fifteen and fifteen, I still being as reads it at the top, is this year three of Goin out who's in whose out it's it's unbelievable. I think it's bad
Look what Heyward it or you can talk about pre existing conditions of Campbell. But but he was upset when Rosier went to fifty. One million for Charlotte Encumber ended up coming here to Boston and people feel like something was salvaged in it possible situation, cost are and everyone would have signed he hey, we're gonna play like this, maybe even gotten every single dollar out a Boston to stick around the first place and then, when you talk about lack like there's just a lotta, MRS later, in the first I'm not gonna argue for I'd still rather have a gm. That knows the Tatum pick better than anybody else that has the balls at you jail and I'd rather have you. You know, invest well in your formal one case. He a good temper one night out, you don't saying so like the bigger picture. Stuff ain't seems to be much better with bought. This team. Just is so that they're all over the place defensively at times to bench them house, worse, which No Teague actually scored a little bit last year in its terrible Tristan, takes like an hour
Take a decision. Then he decides to beryl you over and the actual snores enabling people are flopping yet seem a little bit more, but you said at last year this is probably the best window for them to get out east- and you are right- I share was yeah last year right. So I, when I ask you out of excuses like what do you think changes, you think changes should be in order if they're outside of the top four seater something I thought I didn't think they should do this. Last year, cuz I actually like having Thompson and nine million versus what the Indiana offer was cuz. They could have had Turner Mcdermott now watching the pacers this year and seeing those guys on the pacers I'd rather have those guys in the trade exception. Said gotten those guys, I think they'd be better. If they have a better team, they really miss Hayward. It's really crazy. I didn't even even hobbled up and down Hayward when he was out there at least the balm of the Lord.
Or at least he knew where to go and what to do? Okay. Alright, you sure, though, remember when he couldn't make a lay up in the playoffs and how mad you Dr Bill was not happy. No, even that guy Miss more than the swings they have the seas it it's just this never rotation of of swings who can't really do anything other than run to a spot. So I even have a Mcdermott in there at least he can move around, Then they create a shot in the steam. We gotta stop talk about something. By the way. Now we should, though, close on this, the knee Psmith part of this, the Pritchard pick everybody laughed about, he's gonna plainly along time, but seeing some of the Gaza one afternoon Psmith I went through it. I think me, Smith did take a free throat. Today, in fourteen of his games played prior this, he had taken throw in two of them. I won't say in house he had taken forty seven shots and thirty. Eight of them were three: it's like this modern, two thousand and twenty one one of these guys that are just like hey. What do you do for a living? I play basketball. I run to three spots on the and I don't do anything else- have no basketball skills and it seems like he actually is
skilled guy, but the word that not only was it we're it's not I mean you actually had. He got to the freezer align like five times a game. Emmy shut over fifty percent from three, which again is a little gee, because it was an absurd number. I ethical, fifty six percent or something like that. But now, when you watch him he's not just limited he's he's very like he's thinking too much. He had a rotation in Lana worry, didn't take a three and you're like dude. That's the only shot you re taking in this mayors and organizational failure as much then inaugurated covered miserable it's hard to assimilate rookies the schedules where So I'm not gonna write em off, but next one you're out of excuses, coach bud coach, but are you out of excuses? Yeah that'll get out a second round. They'll get cigarette by irregular face. You look, tortured or high. Everyone them in disguise is gonna end up being
because the Atlantic thing is against him, even though that Atlanta team one of those games and nobody thought there actually are in the east, so that some thousand negative for him now, but considering what I mean they get smoke by the now this last week plus no drew holiday. The defensive numbers have been terrible, but they ve looked lost in May. Latent lip in the season, but a bigger picture. This is about them getting the finals again, they didn't do him any favours with the roster. May I say he is an act of excuses, If I'm him, hey man, is it my fault that brick Lopez's just turned into the thirty one percent three point shooter? Who doesn't near the basket anymore. I've got Bryn, Forbes, DJ, Augustine and forgot Bobby Portas, are you horsemen aromas buses? I know, but it's just a weird team. Add of excuses, stand being Gandhi, fourth job so
the recap oral started Miami and the entire mammy. The team, basically got him fired. Rally had to comment goes ghost. Orlando takes in the final gets a lot of credit for that they be go back and you actually washstand series with some of the most abominable coach you have had. The finals got a lot of credit or this inventive. You know modern teen that shot lotta threes around a center, but I don't know what else that roster response to do is three best. Players were tarku regime who s in TWAIN play Montague either goes that trade is a complete. The bottle goes for the Palestinians that it's a complete tobacco and today was like the first fun moment they ve had. I don't know, I felt this is last job of doesn't work out. Here is out of excuses. Oh I don't see how he gets a difficult job after this. If it doesn't work,
It's bad! It's bad down there, because this is an incredible win and maybe you can change and things around, but I watched them a lock as I like watching Zion, but. You're, the atom Zion pairing didn't make a ton a sense on paper and the only they think of as if they were so concerned how terrible the rim defense was last year there like me, let's go get a big. I bought it. If clogs you up so much that you know that League feels like hey, you know what, even if we were caught whatever on on defence, let's make sure we're just open for our often suppliers, especially if we have really skilled ones like Brain and Ingram in Zaire and the way the guards defended from the third quarter on when they came back. I do think it should be any debate that it so hard closing games. Because of the way they played defensively today, Laotse Jason arts, or by favoured, ran of these in the leg and stand always begrudgingly place. Him in these pelicans gives said Jasper,
out there. His she tried harder than ever. You're too. I don't know if they feel like there's a market for blood, so but it feels like Bledsoe already picked out another team of just the he's, not sure which one it is yet again he's the one free throw game. So I don't know what, would do with him anymore. I like they tried to car Louis in the mix I was in her Walker who I do still like, but they got better in this game today because they just opened it up and see we know. What do we do it like? Even melody who's, not great put him in and then you didn't see. Jackson, hey sue. Yeah? Well, you have. There is, if you have a tunnel Jackson, hey Stock, you my. Where are you telling me working cards I'll, take this as the South explain watching when he went with Melians iron together, as I fuck you figure this out. This is bad. I hope I hope we see her name Gomes again. Whoever, like that, please will you I love. You now have Willie hits willing, but their desire belly.
And hard out, there is bring harder than anyone. It either team and then Ingram them on so, and it was, I got shit he actually figured out the revived. By wasn't surprise, they were coming back and then, as I am peace God Damn is he a beast, its unbelief he is so fucking hard that that play when he needed a bat. We were texting back and forth and it was like a hairball Ingram three or now. If they're, smart, they'll just go to Zion and have him borrow the basket and then he took Thompson. It seemed like an offensive foul, but then they show the replaying it's like now he's just he's just a freak like you kind of armed men, awkward still haven't the look on his face and look on his face is like holy shit. That's it run over by an suv events, I had that other play when they threw the pass and the left black and heat he kind of cod,
Did this three. Sixty spent in the effort with Europe, as he s got the best he's unbelievable eyes, asked one of the six most fun guys to watch over the last five. Years I'll change a channel when he's out and then come back, come adding on the tv rotation, as planned out, usually like in all standing close in the fourth quarter, so they'll take em out sometimes in the fourth, we bring back in which ill sometimes he's rolling, and if the other team haven't figured out what why give them the break from it- and I know everybody, NBA coaches are super regimented in their minutes and how want to stop everybody out, and you know your eight man rotation to ten depending on, if you're, good or bad, if you have guys, are trying to keep a p. I got get some of that stuff, but he had a play in the Detroit game. I don't know if two weeks ago now, Josh Jackson had them on the left block but extended out so, Block shoulder turn yet. I am was far enough hour. He had a beach acts, not the dribble. He blew by Josh Jackson Ok, like Ally's pm,
a guy who's pretty athletic, and he made him look like it was ass. Like I mean honestly like eyes, it yeah jurists of gaseous was on or something I mean. He went right past himself as I've seen them they'd even run some stuff with him. Were they let him just off the ball like? Oh, I so, and then the other big like holy shit, like I'm so sustained for Skype, is it is really time his old centre of gravity is so low his balance, and when you didn't anybody else, lashing kick passer too. That's anything so when they went small cause action like give her in credit when I saw that light up match up at the beginning, with browser. Go kids can be interesting and they did a good job of it, but was also partly to New Orleans own detriment. I think there has been too many times were. Ingram is always liked it to fall out of time. Outlets run the play for him cause he's kind of like our guy, but the Zion bring the ball
initiate your own offense thing. I haven't seen an answer for it yet and if your answer doubling his passing, is good enough he's going to find the help. Well, I still needed an explanation for why they just don't go small. So even talk about forever. It's like they worried of casino. Were you down the aim of making light of forces in a rebound them cause is, I think, a week rebound but now you're being they came in one do this is gonna open things up for real events where you have help us out the rebound, adding it actually make him better. Don't you think, though, that light It's not like they're going anywhere anyway. Really the goal would be. Is Jackson Hayes is a defensive five stretch, four on offense, you need a strange. Are you? Are you provoking me right now This is your next thing: upheaved they did to get poker mobile. Nowadays ever writing off Jack's today, since that happened, for that did no, I'm not I'm seeing this.
Theory of what you know. They were probably he was to be merely a rim running athletic eyes. I say: would you think if the severe they ve packets, a theory for you, gotta, praying the other party. Let you see the Pope who highlight this weekend. Oak is the best our citizens are free, fair. Yet, on our draft, stop, I'm like this guy gets real pissed when he doesn't get the ball. An international games? I watched and he was a jelly game where he was on the fucking bench and waved his hands up in the air like he was in the corner, the opposite corner. I thought he raised the eye. It imposes defence, which is rarely said. I thought he thought the guy was gonna shoot a three, so he raised his hands, causes a three year things out of him. I do not know when they were with the world's. There were one other thing was I just want a flag just to watch it,
same thing with the bonus and Indiana they have this play, and it has to be when that when you're, in banning from the sad where there on the left black and they throw it to them like near the three point line, and then they send a guard and they pretend he's gonna hand off, and then they just turn round and out of the basket heart, and it's this a bonus go to play and when New Orleans says it was Zion, it's like the plays on steroids and peat is an caffeine, its unstoppable at all, because you have the kind of respect the hand off and then he turns and it's like aright. Well, good luck! That's nobody stop in this in just five, they can run that boy arrogant whenever anybody does from now on. The brain is an NFL player, because I am a sense that Leubronn was good prepping us. A board is gonna, be once he retires that he's gonna go on first taken do week of how many catches you would have each seasoned with the cowboys and it's gonna be lobby.
As a cowboy weak Zion as a defensive and would have been absurd. Serious as a provider of gravity his will I don't know. Maybe his arms won't measure out the way I want him to, but his first step in A Otto I gotta love, you percentage, a health guy. I heard you on with Barkley, which was great, and everybody should check out. Thank you, but it would you put a you put an eighty five, ninety percent on Zion, of where he was at a politically. Do I gotta watch it do game with you side by side with Zion Games. I heard that the car and I went sitting around numbers it. Oh you just don't like. When I do percentages, I dont say that I'm I d dislike it, I will be able to guess it out. I think he looked more explosive against college kids. I think I care a fathom watching this version of Zion them seen Alaska weeks and being like adds to tick off, though.
It fair, that's what I say I walked back to take after what happened that South escaped quickly also out of excuses, stamping idea if he is, if this team, that maybe this when save their season, who knows, but I think we both feel like there's some real issues here, pausing guess yeah, neither gotta get one. You're playing with one of the best five points. The way did hear you better believe now how many years he's in the NBA, draft beer the he's after year, the year after year, using Digital Russell one right now. Can you stand the court and put up a twenty four and ten every night said too much to ask if he's out of excuses, yet It's definitely region deep. Nobody has health based because I don't think he's been bad
years ago it was the unicorn, I wrote the unicorn com and it was indeed yadda imposing s, and I had them all on the same level and only two of them have survived an end from Dallas stamp. Like if he doesn't go up a level that that team would you do. You gotta have no out it's a little from roster stand. Players can escape what they gave up and everything I mean people couldn't believe the next did what they did at the time and pressing. Is it just a veil? anything which is always gonna, be an issue for him. For ever. I don't think he socks. I think we got sick of him being unhealthy. And we just move on- and this is the predicted guilty of a a new players. Potential star time line is the most predictable thing that we do is fans in the media. Yonder is gonna, start
sing. It big time it's already starting to happen in a little bit were your new, your lovable. We hope you can be something we ve never seen before, and then you art and then you may not have the platte success you want unwarlike. I were turning on you any Brazil has never had play our failures to have any was get upset about, but I think it's all of us turn the page on him in a very bring the way that, as really had too much do with necessarily. What is game is what his game isn't. Just not healthy is twenty five. Twenty point, five points, a point to rebalancing it for thirty five percent from three these ill the growth in the little called these monochord we'll take a break and then we're gonna receives gonna complaining stop. This episode has brought you buy American Express trip
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so the cup others where on a text any other day and it basically led to we'd be worried about the NBA should be worried about what this product is. Or are we overreacting because we're just forgetting that the regular season is always pretty disappointing the plants a whim or fund, but the regular season? As always, Shoppy very rarely do have liked Plath atmosphere, atmospheres, the fact that the case we should be worried, boils down to this thing and it's not the player, empowerment, stuff, it's the actual quality, the product which comes down to the resting and just the lack of cohesiveness across the board. The way the game is refereed which, with the diving and the guys jumping into each other anchor did it. Today he did a three kicked his left leg out just bullshit. You know european soccer kind of stuff getting rewarded
and, most importantly, the replay challenges and the fact that this continues to be a black hole for the league that is getting worse, they're, not site any better. It's getting worse, the review more stuff than ever games, are slower than ever and yet there is still missing a whole bunch of shit, and you saw last I Goldstein Charlotte one of the worst one minute sequences. I think I've ever seen in a basketball game and then the public concern This game today was a complete mess that called a double lane: violation that led to a jump off. There was another one where it was, it's a thought got fouled the Celtics maintain the ball, and they No actually hitting founded now jump ball in the south. Are slick, wait. What did we? We had the ball the whole time. What do we have to give it up? They were married. His tail got the Balkans at the challenged income in until after Dayton was handed of all by the official. So that's why they're ekstrom at that of that replay that review took over five real minutes right. We had five.
Replay reviews down the stretch of a really really fun awesome park and South exclaim Molly Review by the way which went to the Celtics, which I think is a bullshit thing. For decades we ve been fine in basketball, were if you're playing in some cases she's, the body your hand, even the oh, you know, myth busters framed by frame camera work. You could see it off your fingertip lad. We ve all operated. Ok, the no wars have ever broken out of the fact that, like hey, that guy lot about its dna have been off of meat technically, but you initiated everything on that and I may I wonder, people play a pickup games now somebody smashes the ball to your hand on the baseline, and then you go say that was probably off of you. Based on some of the review. Is that what the latter annex five minutes ago, what happened? But if the NBA were in charge of other than that of the hundred metre dash, they would stop at ninety meters and then asked to see if the start was good and they say, ok was good pick it up up for ninety meters on we ve eliminated. So much of the emotion while any of us like the guy.
Is or any games like think about how bad this is at the end of close games. Were it just it's dead. The product is flat at the end, almost all the time now and if you're telling me your pro review, because the goal is and I've heard this forever, just get it right. That's why we want so you're against getting it right, get it right, then yeah get it right. Well, how about so there's a play in the game in the fourth quarter, time Lord blocks. I am unaware and their cargo attending an untimely and then show the replay and he blocked it before the body, the backward. They thought it was backward than time where they show the replant side, no accident, a man that site and guess what we moved on and the came kept going. It costs us ethics, two points. It was ok, so we don't care.
We're litigating that, but I have to watch a block charge for five minutes. I have to watch Melly jump over Jaylen Brown's back to back ball out of bounds, and then they have to stop the game for five minutes, because I have to figure out as he was bowl. Over jail. Embrowned from behind the bar might ahead jail. Embrowns fingertip like what the fuck are we doing either benefiting that would benefit the Celtic stone. I am like dancing hated that call, but either make these games three and a half hours in just review everything well or, or just go back to where we were with the flow, and this is what we were talking about where Watchin Others, Jordan Games and in April, in june- and we were like you know, is really fun how that the last quarter, the game they just fuckin play basketball, then stop every two minutes. I think this is a real crisis. I think they're completely and utterly out of touch with what fans want, and you know I
Gaza Adam go on the job for the thousands episode and he goes and gets his back scratch for ten minutes about how great the wig, the league. Is that great? This is a real issue. Everything haven't my life. This is something we talk about constantly. This is a real problem and they don't seem to give a shit and I don't know why they don't want to fix. It is if anything it seems like there's more obvious than ever the review. Thing is its own problem. Are the other thing that was so illuminating watching those nineties games, and I'm not talking about the game being better than because I think we ve been saying For years now the shot making in this league is stupid. The shyness guys can make your car he's a guy every now and then you're like are. I am I appreciating this enough like I, was home, almost coordinated glare of our time. I've never seen as better small finisher irish people come at me. Whenever I say I have been saying for years that their career at the room at sixty one percent for Kyra, it's fifty seven, four Iverson
I really had three peak years early on or even its Eighty percent of the shots at the room at one point and you could say to legal smaller Iverson had bigger, guys kind of stuff are getting back or in better diaries. Numbers are going up at the rim and whether its coordination is the English, its We single angle it's either hand it's just special. And they're, so many guises league. Even though I think you know the three point, barrage is led to a lot of guys been. Why should I take my six three in the corner? Even only thirty percent of easy. I have to accept the game now. There's some special special ability that we ve never seen before as people of all basketball players above and its packed. The depth of stars is incredible. Some of that can be a little false statistically, but
I just don't understand how the people that are in charge of this league that you and I love all right. We sound like we're pitching, but we're doing this almost as like. Hey. Do you guys not get this that the secondary fan Patricia apparent like man, I'm kind of sick of watching guys complain, every fucking call call, meeting that Lakers game when they lost ah on Saturday night in was that was it Bobby. The Lakers heat and even the announcers are like man. The Lakers are like wearing these guys out. So with the complaining, it's the reviews, but I think the most thing bill that I don't understand why they don't want to fix because they fixed it with other things. I actually think there's a little less flopping in the league. Then there was when we had just everybody diving in front of everybody and then falling down the rip through was fixed where it was Kobe and it was Durant start to fall on one side if your hands are down defensively, then rip through, but now we're
players run run into screens that even even have ball and fall down we're giving them that call. The tray young stuff is well documented, but to have him just be side by side with an offensive player and then bear defence, a player barrel endorsement and throw the ball up? Why we let why why we let some the back up stuff, not just the crab durable but there's just all these calls. You go hey. You know you could do you could just stop fucking calling all of it and the player adapts. It's not the players fault. It's that its evolve to allow these these place because of the players pick up early, hey, look at this shit, then I'm getting away with and then everybody goes for it. I dont know why the league, this doesn't get together and say we need to fix these things because it's gone too far. The other way can you imagine and Papa if somebody is russian passer by J P P and the guy had put his hands on him and J P pages, Dad Back
and fell down, and then they started caught calling on flags, and then it would be. Like came gone back to the huddle like basically laughing does not only sport other than soccer. Were people get away with bullshit stuff, and it just seems like everything is geared toward basically protecting the offensive giving allowing him to get more more checks, even that stupid rule where it's like the guy jumps to go black, a three any lands. The space now that can be a foul and we're moving people's abilities. Run out and shooters verses, like you know the dangerous shit where some guys will actually acted intentionally, stick their food under somebody's motion is accompanied by the way the landing area thing. Wasn't a big deal for like seventy years until you started calling it when you can tell when a guy kicks his legs out rose when he doesn't, so when you say we're doing this, protect shooter you like, ok, but no one else, you let happen
is now we're allowing two and a half steps, a gather in two steps backwards on a jumper which was never what it was. It was two steps towards the basket GM carry, which is fine. You can travel again, which is fine, you can do all sorts of stuff like I'm not doing the? Oh, you know of any time me terribly guy that link they travel all the time you like. Whatever do you know like who, gash I like gonna, let us work, but if you're alive, knowing the shooter to have. This is landing area that he never really needed before other than Bruce Bowen in size up a tree. You know like other than a few guy, every every who were doing it. They were waiting for the gotTa Jumping Craig, getting as close as possible and putting them in danger. I get it, but now I don't I don't. I'm just frustrated, because I'm sure I watch probably is much like you watch as much as anybody and I'll have. Moments or games or just decided where all it is. Is I'm tricking you then your?
you tricked me and I'm going to trick you and then, when I don't get the thing that I tried to trick, because I got it thirty seconds ago and I'm going to talk to the ref for a minute and so ever aren't you long? I sound negative. It's just that. I care it said I care, and I wish the people that weren't large would say hey this, isn't a good look, let's going back the other way and if it's gonna piss off some the place for a little while, that's fine, but I do believe in paint blamed the player because it is doing what how there being officiated I words and then that a fault now as any time somebody some sort of thing happens in the guide as agreed that he turns to bench does the finger, certainly over his head. If you have enough juice independently, like the coach will be like, I probably have to review, it is our best player. Yeah, listen a lot of people, my life full of the NBA, not one of them like this stuff. That's my informal stood spit, Paul whenever you, when I see a writer defend this stuff I'll, be like. Why why? Why do you? Why do you like this? You, like this
It's really weird! I was the last time I remember a real crisis with the league- and I remember this back when my fingers used to work- and I correct calms was the o six playoffs and the ref thing was completely out of control. This was a plain weight thing. It led to the famous thing, but before that series I wrote about my big fear for the series was it was going to become the litmus test for this re fiasco that was going on and it was right because it was like shack and way two hardest guys to defect to officiate in the week and it basically game to game. You can basically decide how to officiate them and the other team will have no idea until the games going on and it's like, you can call everything itch. Nothing wake us find it all the time and I had a bad feeling and it was borne out. It was a disaster. Then they spent the next four years, especially after the Danny. He thing, which was a year later being
We have to fix us. We have to get better at that, more accountability, all that stuff and they they tried to do some good things now swung too far, and I think these guys, over and over again just assume like war, whatever call I make its Gub, it's probably reviewed anyway. You now it it's to me that the refugees more tentative and unsure of themselves back on State Charlotte game. Last night, now I know marked Avis. Was the crew chief, probably my least, favour rough and then he had two guys with them who are brand new and they completely lot fell apart completely lost control of the game. That was an aberration, nay, you don't normally see stuff that bad but in general, is just game the game watching these fourth quarters and and knowing like there's three thirty left, honey Can we leave? We got away another forty minutes cuz it's these three and a half minutes are going to take forty minutes between all the replay things it fucking sucks. They need to fix it. I don't know
say I don't I was on the other side. It is on it I dont know could still be people it listen to me like you know it's evening, anti player thing it's just never leaves ride your prayers and are the best they ve ever been in twenty five years. We most out we ve ever had since the driver like fifteen years ago. When they relate ok, we need to figure out a way to stop this complaining and yet it just our finding in technicals And I remember Chauncey get one early and he was like what and adjust it didn't work they gave up they just they just gave up and Oh, I will. I would love to have silver in an honest moment what he would think as a kid fathom, oh god, it's been around the league for decades would
we disagree with anything we just said, but I dont think you can least not publicly it's a league that has been resilient about fixing issues with quality play over the earth right you like when they added the three point, shot really smart move in two thousand for five range when they change some of the zone, defence staff, they changed from the hand check and because they realize they were headed that in dark path without the game is being played with some those pistons paces Plath camps in the mid two thousands, they really did try to fix them. The efficient officiated think I guess what Both China says this is a crisis that I'm not a hyperbole guy. A really that I really feel like there's something wrong here and I don't understand why they're not trying to fix it. So I don't really know what else to say. I don't I. I love watching basketball as much as I ever have, except for the last four minutes of the games, which are more frustrating.
Set up. What you're supposed to be the whole reason we watch. I enjoy first quarter's more than fourth quarters, though cuz first quarter. It's I got these guys are just playing. Fourth quarter. Becomes it weren't, fucking courtroom such a few good men? Are you bringing Colonel Jessup Lieutenant Weinberg let's just like fuckin argue about shit yeah, but it's not even that, because that was easy to figure out. It's like judge, Judy relation. Dinner pay. Rent Judy gin Judy just doesn't like divide, come from them from the landlord, because some electricity stuff in and you do Judy sides for the defense in your like what I'm ok three replay when it sank, was his foot on the line during that three. While we reviewed that during turn the commercially realise that three is actually a two did that shall come after the shock lock out. We looked at that quick if you can figure it out and twenty seconds fuck it like tennis, as watching destroying open tennis figured out replay in the best possible way and basketballs figured out in the worst possible way in that
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turned into this storyline that unless you actually you know, do some homework and look up the faction blah, that's crazy. How can he not be them? This is. It's a conspiracy conspiracy! What's on on here selling Just gonna go through the years. We never want to hear this again. Vermin answers were when we're watching a basketball game, so the brown went back to back and twelve and thirteen two thousand fourteen Durrant Wincey and BP. He had a hundred and eighteen of of a hundred twenty five first place votes. Thirty, two seven and six. He averaged thirty two point: seven riband success, put thirty one: twenty two minutes: his team of fifteen and twenty three, no respite. Thirty six Gapes Leubronn was twenty. Seven. Seven insects, his team at fifty four and twenty eight nobody left that sees in thinking the Brown resembled p
I'm nobody rational right. Two thousand and fourteen Durant. Do we have any issues with the Durant know? No one was going. I can't believe Durant got this instead of Lebron at the time that one so cross that out there's your one year to curry. Curry wins gets a hundred of the hundred twenty five first place votes, his team went sixty seven and fifteen was by far the best team. In the week he averaged per three thousand six hundred and twenty six nine and five hundred and forty four per cent from three. He made a record two hundred and eighty six threes and was the fulcrum of this fucking awesome team. Everybody love Lebron, went to Cleveland Year, one rocky year member? He took a break at one point, but she's, two thousand five hundred and sixty seven missed thirteen games. Fifty three and twenty nine people didn't even think he was the second best part of that year. Can we crossed that your offer yoke out that? Yes to that,
sixteen curry was the unanimous envy pay they one. Seventy three games, he average thirty, five and seven four hundred to three bed, a record that would there be topped Co. Why was our second place finisher and the brown was right behind him. Why was second cause the spurs when sixty seven the brought out a good season a year? He finished third three votes behind. Why but his coach was fired, have through the seas and I'm pretty sure you can't when they appear in your coach, got fired halfway through the season. Are we? Are you carry convivial the problem? First of all, that's all Doran had one one, so the media ships in a story. Time is quick as anyone and then curry is new. On the scene, at twenty six and they have this remarkable run and then he's way better the next year. So It is when share that year was the highest in an eight year. End VP run this. In time you wanna BP, so it was caught One of those deals were because he'd get here before and you like, what are they not gonna? Give it to him. Then, when
people are wondering how many games arrogant away. And he was unanimous. Two thousand seventeen was the Westbrook versus hearted verses. Quite Russ ends up winning with the tripled. How hard it was: twenty, nine, eight and eleven finnish second I had the advanced metrics case that year and the spurs were good. He finished third laboratories forth. He average twenty six. Ninety nine on a really good calves team that finnish, fifty one and thirty one. Are you? Okay with how that turned out? Obviously, Westbrook Brooklyn and the Mvp is absurd, but if it had been hard in Kauai Russ Lebron, whatever did you feel even four, even four years later have been in the top, the top three there. Yeah I that year I don't think Lebron was really important discussion, part of the story Bracing, as I can remember to each year, you not on a vote, I can remember ok, this was the lead up to.
That was Durrant left people. Mad at Durrant. Westbrook stayed when people are trying to put right was gonna Lakers uniform and he stayed and it was like a Westbrook git it he's our guy small town. He doesn't mean anything else and he's got a triple double, but we were not in tune to realizing. I was Brooks usage rate. An absurdity led to triple double because he was oh so athletic at twenty eight game in the system, yeah yeah, we did, we didn't really he got us. You gotta on that one didn't eighty. I voted for a second, not good for you. You brought it up. Million times and observe as a military one read their right, but it ll abroad. The point is: is this hasn't this wasn't a Westbrook should have one hardened Lebrun should have you is that in this sketch, two thousand eighteen finnish? Second, James Hearted Finnish first hard and had eighty six first place boats Dubai had fifteen harden was thirty points. Nine rebounds five assess Houston
sixty seven in fifteen, the brine average, twenty, eight, nine and nine, and it was a weird calves, team, lotta trade, stout, J Crowd or, as time is short and Carson Larry Nance Kevin love Tristan Thompson. Dwyane Wade was there for a while, as it was just a revolving door, the Cavs were fifty and thirty two. So this is the first one: we've Add the the fifth year and they ve? Where am I at least here the case I still feel like. We left eighteen harden was the best player in the team that was by far the best team. He was special offensively and I'm still good with the Mvp. Is there a case for Lebron this year? I don't personally think there is, but I'm willing to hear it, that team coasted and they were I mean that I thought I'd love to give it the le brought over hardened trust me, but I don't think you can when it's a sixty seven,
when team in and they were the only team trying to go at the warriors and this is where we mentioned. This is a regular seasonal work. It's a reward for the eighty two game. Regular sees the share its shorter. Seventy two against, but you're just supposed to vote on, who had the best regular season who met the most in others. Are these variables who meant the bus to the to the one of the best themes? I think hardens should one that year I stand by two thousand nineteen Leubronn went the Lakers basically took the Yes, once were what we don't need talk but thou in two thousand twenty we talked about a lot last year, Janius had a huge led, the Brown was catching up and then the pandemic happened could Leubronn have won. The VP at the season was forward. Saunter yeah, probably but it wasn't. I think he lost because of the stop, because he'd. I remember I was our last normal pod em. They just played each other
and we were all over it and you are starting to see voters talk about it where it was gonna yeah, let's get Leubronn one more deal and when they came back public. All that momentum was gone if it had been normal regular season. I think there is a real sentimental vote, but there's a lot of you. Will that are analytically. Based on this too, that we Provident C on TV as much that do have votes that would have looked it. I think that there is The numbers were like really impressive, and then there was one gap defensively there were you couldn't really keep Leubronn in the same conversation is units and I'm not seeing was every defensive number. I think it was once, quickly, and then you know if you really want to dig into it, you would say Leubronn for good reason. Defensive match up wise, you know, is not exactly go after the top guy. All eighty two games cause you know he doesn't need to, and that's to preserve yeah. This is on the best team. He average thirty fourteen in six, he won the defence of prayer the year
he's, probably I want it again. You probably want so which sounds. I know ridiculous, but he's not getting it deserves. I people matter illegal around this year. I know I think it's wide open. I think a bead has a real chance and probably some other guy- that we not seeing it. Do you we're not bullying. Yet you then there are the way to the seas and we're not sure now, there's a bunch of people lurking its la broader and be, I think it's too. I say that I did say that if you look at it, I went through some of the plus minus up, because I don't always Kayo seer, Who is, it might have been four goals very whose do in some of the ratios of defensive impact and also offensive stuff overall, and they brought the bombs,
way over there, but I also wonder how it plays in the defence of assignment. But if you go on some adjust the plus minus stuff, the bronze in a completely different category, but the only one that even close to him his staff, but he's like a point better in overall box score stuff than staff is, and then there is a huge gap. Even number three salute them. Beads get some work to do on that the region. Will you look at it now? The reason I say it's open as there's still two thirds of the season they. Basically, somebody could get hot for two weeks. The Brok get hurt and be could get her. Yes, I guess there could be a good idea. I'm saying right now looks like those three, but I do that those two, but I do feel like there's five lurking so basic our point. Is we don't Here's the thing bad about how ridiculous it is that he has one because it's a regular season word he's always cared about the titles and the playoffs more and he's always conserved his body during certain stretches to try to win last. He did and he went all out this year. It seems like he's gone, although it did kind of take it easy. Last night, it's only the Oscars, cuz you'll sit there and
about somebody's career, and you go how the hell did so and so were already one the one they ask area they it's what happens, but you got the totality of it. I think where the broad is more important to use the best part of that decade, and it didn't you can say the envy peace whatever. But he's, though, is the best part of the decade. And I would say that's more important here is the one and BP that I think if You gonna do the Leubronn VP thing the one that should be brought up is two thousand leavin the first Miami season. That's the one where not only my warning your case for it, I actually road how I voted. That's the one time in the last. I don't know. I can't remember when I wrote my first and Bp Com, but that's it that's the one vote were I just feel like I didn't vote correctly, There are rules, your hyped up, nuclear and hydro, less cargo key means so much she so valuable, don't throw those advanced metrics. It me they receive is the best where the most important aim Bob. I just like you know.
My aim is a three man seem that year the Brown was fuckin incredible on both ends and he should have one five shade. Envy peace is how it should be pointed out here. It's the rose story like as Leubronn gotten to an end like? Who else can we give it to what he was remitting decision? He wasn't people work in a vote for him here is the vote. There rose were had a hundred and thirteen first place points are first place votes, Dwight Herod had three Leubronn had four cobia one, those rear first place boats roses, I got landside and now I think if we had the numbers that we have now as we had them them, but people didn't really used in the same way there wasn't as much award shaming back then I think Leubronn way I think I think Lebron, the victim culture thing. Lebron people would have felt for him way early. We earlier the decision were being too mean. Two m here.
He's trying to choose. You know if the decision happens now there's yet out of that I mean not only limited I mean. Obviously, cleaving was gonna, be upset, cause you're gonna be upset when your mostly tat, your superstar and your team does have exerted a chance, but Lebrun historically, or go back and be like that was ridiculous. The amount of shit that idea What just relieving in free agency will hear the irony this lebruns sucked in the class he completely fell by the final so high. The ito when we talk about this guy when the Mvp and than his team sucked in the final, I think retroactively ten years later, either hammer wage should have won the envy. The case for wage would have been. He was just as important on them. I am it. They may be like five percent less, but was the one that convinced by Should Lebaron to go there. Maybe we should in fact that it Gee, I'm votes. Socio ran gonna, win and BP this year the executive av should maybe that should factor that directive. We pick us anyway, big picture point. If you're talkin abroad, envy p, he won for
and if you're gonna say he should one another one. It's two thousand eleven and I accept no other candidates. He was that the entropy last year, I'm sorry he's. And when, in light of the Black Sea, but see the only thing you can say about last year is if you went by- and I just we remember these conversations, because we ve had him for months- leading up to it every jam, why it was your podcast remedial radio. He ran out of cyclists and I can't go through the historic. Like momentum behind each one of them and the only one these really even I think, close on would have been last year because you could see the let's get another because going back to the curry ones, especially the second career. It wasn't crazy in the moment, say: Sufferers Butler Basketball, but yet there is a difference between whose having the best season and whose actually best player and that's why Leubronn and those dude who have his back, took it so personal Keziah. Like look, do you actually think that that little dude could carry a franchise?
the way I could and the Brown was right in the browser. I lie like step as much as anybody ever gonna have an Spock. Yes, we ve been over it, but that was a moment where it was leubronn a pistol, but again like Leubronn, you go to him like look. He had a better season, you did. He won the M p, but the stature thing, the player the decade deal that you keep bringing up, which is important. There have been like three second act reminders from abroad: including this last run with the Lakers. Where you go, you actually think there's another God. It's at my level. I started What was your guts? I started doing why and then, by the time the whole thing comes around again, I'm like why the hell? all were I ever really bank on anyone other than him and that's I still scary again this season, even though they suck on offence in the Lakers can't shoot right now.
I thought the Brown on Saturday night was like just out of it and I don't care none of it matters, because, if he's healthy in its supply us nobody can carry team like he can still, which is the craziest thing. I've ever seen in this light that year. Eighteen this associates That's why you, and this year it's the regular seasoning VP. She got her man, people that, it's that, it's that hey we voted for her. The best per the best play basketball share, its like who is The most valuable part during the regular season are using to bring this up to breed. When you have a Mamma, it wasn't Brean are you can arrange a march action? It was, then, you have a lot of England. Was the man ass? I would love to argue about. This have been Gandhi. I wish this was the case with movies, where Leona Caprio makes a movie and he's good in it, but he does when the best act or ask and then he has like twenty people. The meteor like LEO Gap, over again he's out
the only one one best act there, this guy of odd. It's like this is just how it goes. We ve ivory ire, I feel like lebruns do than for revenant type deal here, because that's what's going to happen. If you had March acts, not you think he'd say bill as great a player as La Braun. James is isn't even A person he's an even better human being in a lot from now on. That phrase is just March action. Until you're willing to say he's a great player but Conniston So do you don't answer like a legit unless you have one time that you're gonna tell me hey this guy's pretty good from outside, but man is he sat by the home? You two Fuckin house with this guy then I never want to hear. I know what I hear he's a great flare fall
I even greater human being because it there's no frame of reference. If we deal with everybody than bow special is that? Can I'm not just talk about large acts and upset anybody that debt caught coaches do a lot college? Former coaches do a lot like so, and so it is lovely wife and on and on and on I want to hear, go hey. You know what good program, wife, real pain in the ass before we go, belated asked arson if I did some ass their stuff and I did not have Zactly Vienna, my asked our tenth. What I have a whole Levine thing for you. I want to do. I did all started Casey last week and I put you holiday on there. an hour doing, reserves that thing Tuesday and the one I would changes. Levies
good he's been good offensively? I think he's snake scientist by twelve guy. If I had to do it over again our Bumpo holiday and put the vienna- and I know we ve- made fun of Levine as a good stats, bad team guy, but I do feel like over and over again the season. I've watched him go Toto with different, really good players. As I go k, I'm the best per on my team and near them. And let's go to town he's been able to do it so a hybrid gradually. Belated, they kind of one May over and out put em on is the balls, the Bowser Frisky in these games and their mass, but I dont think there any more than I think at the beginning of the year, your first impressions are top because you show me these teams. It made us first impressions were so cited a watch anything for us that there are that, and the bulls looked like. Oh, my god when a game, their misery, a five hundred team and could be widespread better if Miss market for have to see in the climate mess like like ve they don't, they can't seem to keep off their guys on the roster that they care about like Mark
it's been out for a while? Now window cargo is out earlier so and so, unlike we just haven't, seen their full team That guy. I worry I like that. Young is like that. I dont use only they're going to do in trade Frahm gathers there's room to grow, there were Thaddeus Zack Levine and its fair. He was a a horrible decision maker earlier in his career. You wanna talk about first impressions, yeah two. Then he was a bad decision maker. And then he was big stats. Didn't really mean anything is a different guy this year. Is the stats? Bear it off the dust you're making bears it out. I don't know that he's a plus on defence, but the effort the want to is different and I'm telling he has stretches. Were I throw them on at whatever the first year of shot? Making ability is cheese in it. He is now I mean the three point: shooting is
in other times a pass like ok, be shooting it better than he ever has for thirty, eight percent to forty percent. Here's. My love long two's grinning workers. While ago, just year, college long two's were thirty percent. His shot selection, his rookie year, when speaking to just like a whenever you watch Minister, you like. Do you realize that this the guy's a plain a leak of years. Only ten percent of shots, our launches, there's still gonna, be that decision. Were you wish it were a little bit better? You know they were up a couple possessions two nights ago. I think one hundred and twenty four left on the clock. Fourteen left on the shot clock to still some time to burn. He takes a long three off of screen. You're, like man, you know it was a great shot. You didn't run the shock lock down. There still gonna be little moments that, but the rest of it is such an improvement for him and the Eastern so muddled and the middle. I don't care they're couple games under five hundred I put Zack on it. Is I really think when he going right now, he's actually want
the scariest players in a league offensively. I actually think that's that's how much I think of him now, because Ellen it took me a long time to buy it, but he's you just that much better this year. He is it's not like I'm late to the party on this, but the shot making is impressive, but it's way more efficient than it's ever been I'd like to apologize, Having oconnor, he was on the strain early and I mark them all these goals are the balls are nine seed right now they actually running off the all starting now she now not being sarcastic. Now I know you don't like that stuff. They I got somebody ass. I know. I know it bothers you and all thank here that the balls, the both are somehow two games behind the South X, the team that needs to trade for it that young to help their roster by when the both just keep that young man maybe make movie their own. I'm I'm on the Vienna apologize, the other one is, I mention. I gave my theory last week about my calmly that I think it's better for him. If he doesn't make
our starting any goes down in a mortality is every time we mention the best guy in the leg at this point who has made an all our team, yet we go it's like my kindly and he just his name gets to live on. A hundred years later, I dont want to make the are starting out. Rather he had that title. Where do you stand on my kind they being at all start because it some have become the most important lost our conversation, we have elected by far the best plus minus in a league shore, And they're the best team in the league he's going to make it over Mitchell. Like that's absurd, you can't make it over Mitchell. Gobert and Mitchell have to make it so. Basically, if Connie makes it yet that three jazz on the all star team, that's the only way makes it. Is there another Gordon Liddy other guards who the other reserves and we
It only be doing it because people feel bad. For my kindly thou be the reason, though we would have Dame. I guess the ban should be Dame Davis. Paul George Go Bear Zion, Mitchell and then your time me my car, and they should basically get it over. We get it over crisper across borders, make the asteroids him he has to to an they'll. Yesterday, he has to so many on the but you, but you have something better than her I'll sparse, but you have immortality euros could be mentioned it's like when my kindly never made it is, but in this way by the way somebody's going My colleagues will get in any way to get it right. I think about it. Every every like seven representing the comments I heard on this LE guys. Wanna go get when you ed somebody's gonna, not boy did you been to all twenty four guys I envy p watch before we go see
LE when, indeed too, and then a drop off to a murky list of guys who were kind of lingering sort of Westbrook and keep this up. I'm kidding Dame Putting more good is anybody. Anybody relies importance. Good Portland finishes as like a for seed and their. How many gives airplane seventy two? So there are forty five and twenty seven they would have to be made. Chris made this case on my part on Thursday. That thought it was really good. I was it so it I don't believe it to win it or sitting that need to be mentioned in the conversation from article Dynamite Mitchell there, I'll just I'll say, like my favorite shut down of any like what are you asking? person to be when it are to be mentioned more and to make sure they lose. Second, oh
I don't know you're lazily who ass, I said there is a list red under and beaten the brown who is in it. I just gave them lower as a possibility. I'm gonna give you step curry I'll, give you yoke edge. I don't think we can rule out LUCA yet because I still think good average. Thirty, nine, a game for three weeks in Dallas could win ten or route, and I don't think is neither of us think Janice is going to win I can't rule out a dude who does the stuff you honest as every Jonah's fatigue is the biggest thing against him to say never gonna win, one is harsh, but I thought after curry one the second one and they blew the three one led. I was gonna. Think he's ever going one again because it you have to after thirty one one. You have to be the best player in league and you have to have another season. Were you gotta be fast? You gonna felt like gold state was always going to conduct it. Look, they He went after it with more intensity in the final season before demanded. They did when they got the ran, so not,
did your list is wrong. We haven't mention any one from the nets and that's gonna be a mistake if this keeps rules so that they go in the murky list. Yet one of them It may be hard. I lasting. I didn't run this. I don't even know it in this. The sports whisper, it's a new segment. It's where we make a fan base feel better about thanks, Epic Minnesota, who just. Fired. Their coach ran Saunders yeah not allowed a happy times for the two of us over the last. I how many years almost thirty, like twenty seven twenty eight made one conference finals, they did not never make the plastic David. Con did endless us. I thought we'd end the pike ass with saints and things that could make Minnesota fans better I'll start. Anthony Edwards is fun like whatcha added, always get it turned out to be, but
I think it's a fun picture. They take him a mellow. Probably did they take it Wiseman probably, but I do enjoy Anthony Edwards. I don't know what he ends up being. Could you be a guy that averages twenty five points, a game, two assists and three rebounds and has three ducks the game and its team never wins. Probably, but I like the way he carries himself and I think, he's incredibly athletic and there's enough wheatish potential with him doing waiters that you know at least he's not a bus. So I'm going to start there that's my first thing that makes them. Advance feel better about themselves. I know I guess I'm not well I've actually like the way they play the last couple weeks: other ok yeah, we're up the two things yeah in love the end of it run a game either Beazley took a contested three that Even the announcers alike, propaganda got better look, there, Rubio got mad, it jeered Vanderbilt,
think, not I don't know it was. It was big Daniels that Cuba rookie from the ashes gin who took like a weird shot, Ruby, a pistol guys get pissed each other lot at the end of this sum is good, but I do think they ve. Actually, if you're a tables fan right now, You are in agreement that they played a little bit harder, but this is bubbling for, while the Saunders part of his problem, I think Garson is probably in some trouble there too. Perhaps that the problem is right now bill This is a negative Austrians for better now, ok, yeah! No! I. Like it or not at all a bit. I d like to us and a jerk Culver off the ball cuts earlier. The season can't give you another in nothing I think that reads is not really have a moment on upon. A plan came at some point, his career I will give you one more like these, like pretty good contract.
For your tradable I'll, give you that one, I'm giving other and six points tonight thirty. I think they have a chance to maybe keep their first from pick texture. I think they could be one of the. Finish in tat. Three, that something is another thing I tell you, you think you. Worse timidly, you're in the West brother. You would you would smashed the pistons in seven days be thy Fifth was worse team in the east I'll. Give you another one, although I don't know of pistons, get up forbid games say they their became honours, here's another. When Thou make Minnesota fats for better. I do think at some point: somebody's gonna completely over pay for Carl Anthony tents, and it may be the right thing for the french Us Eda trade him for like seven first round packs and swaps, you do one of those trades with a team. That's panicking!
And maybe that's a good reset button for it. So I gotta tell you when I watch towns. When did you start running? Like he's been playin twenty years? He doesn't look. I got twenty five year old guy. Now I he needs he needs a guy like when they had thus make oversee needs like a basketball, game make over. I wish he would just have four consultancy. Billig, hey! You realize you kind of unstoppable. When you go in the black rate, he doesn't want to do it as such. Shooter let em Farley. Neither can I make a minute said offensive better. I do think they could trade. They could trade him for a lot. Here's another thing that may make him feel better. So? I guess Sacramento is on their corner with who feels worse about their mba team for the last twenty years. Right, it's it's socio, Unlike Zagreb, I myself Madame Minnesota, never blew a chance to take look advantage that hanging over them.
You feel about your bag. Restart use bust, his ass, the other night, I'm not saying it's working, but he was used there, some effort there, I would, I would have already traded for I'd, have him in market in My team would be going nowhere, but I be so upset at give me your top five reasonably might obtain balls marketing. I wish mark when you're giving me five guys you be like Yup airline market in a market in one in is not one in its as he's a white guy right now. I think they he's not fair. I think they data score. Like one more score, I'm just looking at who are attainable scores who can-
create a shot for themselves marketed. What would I have ever vouch? Would you give up New Psmith straight up? I was taking a third young. I love that guy, but I think he's like almost bore eleven tradable for the bosses he's like their unsung heroes. These gaps. Good. I'm. I waited on Dad young wait too long way to lorries ventilated nine years around I think his long and that do they think like a out on a madman. Gordon Amanda and forty eight. The rose and now about mobile. But would you talk yourself in Obama for a week? I would for the comedy, but I don't think he would make
difference. I I kind of what did it allowed the Obama just to watch Celtics bloggers be like ok, but if you actually look at his per thirty six play was the six pack so we're out of things to make Minnesota fanciful nice about themselves. Ya mean look imminent attack their wanted to produce a dozen other games. I watched I watched the closer for five other more recent games. I go there playing better. I do think there better. They just don't wanna. I couldn't come up with any US everywhere Your Vanderbilt gonna legs with some is energy. Is ok, nine aiding with a bang here, the Rubio, the Ruby, a piece of it not great, yet a lot of it at all times It's a hell of a lot better than Daniel Russell, making your decisions or Anthony Edwards like I've. They had that one game
I think it went to overtime and out of the time out, like Rubio, was doing a really good job, dissecting the defense, and then they ran pick and roll with Edwards towns and looked Edwards. Three almost went down it was there a rule Change by the way that every last second shot attempt has to be a three past. It has to be right, I then it internal a memo. Games tied, has to be a step back three hour, doesn't count What's this, I'm gonna give you my subjects: panic made her fur heading into the wake up and eight out of ten right now, eight eight is high, but they're not very good. There. There, there five other team. Thirty games in my dad said casually conversation like at some point, Tatum Stock and want to stay for this now acquired. Really I get home. I just want a room for data. The jailer further steadier settlement that to get screwed up. I like time Lord lately
Can we come up with since we're back on this? We ve got to come up with with some thing. You know where it's there's, no Jim CORE, any more there's, no hidden game of thrones, seemingly stand pandemic corner. I have nothing, there's nothing interesting! I don't have anything if you knew how much basketball was watching here. Where I sent you guys, videos g leak stuff, I was watch out, don't send this to him. It's eleven am on a Tuesday. I think I think you should do kid. You do the thing you did fair mariner attack the other day about other parent corner, about how Your life, your fives, actually super normal compared the people that have been stuck with their kids. Verrier, sadly photos this on my end, at other, just got ready is just touch had interesting. It gently it's really. It's pretty monotonous. I've left once in a year.
You know it's same thing over and over again, which in I've I've tried not to complain this whole time, as I know that I don't have it, you know, I don't use it. There's far bigger things a complaint about, but you you have a theory that people who are stuck with young children that that there is a whole new level drinking going on. Yes, my because my bodies were like are you get after? I was no like there's nothing. Do you understand and then a couple, the circle of friends. I have that work and sports like I can hang out with right so like of somebody's with a team there. I could hang out with me to jeopardized Jeanne thought side of it is somebody's in the media. You know to be like infrequent in or out of season thing, so it's been nothing I wake up. I oughta tape the pod three four days of tea being each morning. I work out the garage
I'll go down. You live Jasmin and last year, just change change of the clock every day to age in the clock, everyday region just get our canned goods vacancy back. Thank you stuck it. I did do that when everybody was big on the like everybody had a cousin from the Pentagon. I miss those rights. Yeah, like get cash water in as much kerosene, is again Oh, we have less experts tied into the Pentagon's thinking now but I just don't think I dont think bit. Yes, all my friends were like words all all the time like tell me about. What's going on and like I have pockets of friends, indifferent neighborhoods were basically they just decided from a social aspect that they were. They were like look we gotta, which is what this is our crew if that means it's a coupled to key was on a Tuesday the God who is who we right. So there Le Garage parties, nobody gets yard, but like one guy passed out in the White Shoe closet like during the week, so he got reprimanded a little bit.
It is a good guy he's gonna shit together, but you like Yahoo casino. We started playing drinking games and next thing you know realises like Wednesday at eight and it's not Friday at midnight and heroic. Well, I get it. I still function you're. So I don't have anything really interesting to say too that so I don't think MIKE. My corner would be well. I said it was other parent corner oh yeah yeah secondhand stories about parents. You just told me yeah. If I do feel like the people at the young, kids are star no unravel that Jellia, yet absolutely yeah. It's We are now hearing where Thou in months twelve, because I they taught divorce during the pandemic, but once every being settled and on the other side of its gonna, be like hey, he memory imagine resentment corner, we get people write in be like I couldn't bring this up in February, but what's gonna, be like when we read about the swinging twenties
whenever there that's him. Crazy was gonna. There I just got a lost. Therefore, couple years, I think that is going to be what happens when we come out of this pandemic I've always been an error with everyone's member, twenty, twenty twenty one and twenty twenty two man, you ve forgotten when those two years. I love the right of the twenty six. I am obsessed with them. Error. I have different time travel errors that I'd like to like it into this area. Maybe you do time. Travel or we make an argument to time travel to a certain time? I let you do that next time, because if you pick something to old, you know just kiss Chopin in some rag and bone genes and expect to walk through Cheyenne in eighteen. Ninety, the who's this fuckin guy, I think summer of seventy seven in New York would have been really fun: she's, the
Chicken and I'll make some crazy and examined it as eyes. I, like the other things time travel corner next week, get it resellers twitter. If you have some suggestions, he still looks at his replies were set out. You do impacts ass dearly. Thursday to say Thursday. Yet unless you get hired to catch, the timber was out of their having to listen to me probably not happen, that's it for the back. Ass, don't forget about three watch was lemonade, doing neighbours, and then I am back here on Tuesday and again on Thursday. See later in the week ways.
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