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A Giannis Dilemma, Butler’s Alpha Destiny, the Too-Cool Clips, Kyle Lowry, and Homer Corner With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Bucks’ playoff turmoil, whether Giannis will re-sign with the Bucks, the Heat’s rising playoffs expectations, Clippers-Nuggets, Raptors-Celtics, Steve Nash as the Nets head coach, Bill’s son Ben’s first-ever fantasy football draft, and more!

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Gus during the season? But then we have a couple new additions. And I don't I'm not going to spoil that you're going to have to wait for the announcement, I'm going to tell you on Tuesday, but keep an eye out for that check out the- ring affinity for Bush. I well and then ran reseller who's gonna, be on a second he's, doing a lot the bus stop is well, and so am I people have been asking when guess the lines is coming back so silent. I are going to tape it. Tuesday afternoon, at four o clock this week, when you guess the lines week, one were India, some NFL futures, well, we wanted to keep it as close to Thursday, as we possibly can. Because who the hell knows about this covert stuff, especially this weekend, when everybody's just out, the beach in doing whatever, like nothing's happened, and so God only knows what's gonna happen. I'm next few days keep your fingers crossed that not bad, but in the meantime Football they sound. I don't guess the lads an anti there will be up Tuesday night, which
play it read after boxy in and Lakers rackets, I've. Some some sort of pack has led. Then I guess the lines would be part of it. Forward, Sal beyond us, any knights and research are moving to Thursday night, so this will be our last Sunday night with Marcello kind of emotional. That's all come and apprehension Biogas is future when I talk about Lakers Rocket, Celtics Raptors
you name it we're talking about a first, our friends from project I four months ago was so am I right here break down like a journey games for thirty years ago, wondering how the hell we're gonna, feel ninety minutes and now the sudden, its labour they weekend. We have a really really exciting Babo playoffs mistake round and we had the NFL coming. We're area talk what the NFL today the first thing I was gonna talk about, I soon the bugs earlier, but today and we're gonna have oh yeah inasmuch as future discussion moi, This goes out. Blocky avoids a sweep. Kind of a heroic effort. Gacek by them
did you see anything in that game. That makes you think we shouldn't be leading this package with the what the hell does. Marcie do come, station about Janius, no, not at all, I think that's kind of things, liberties, antibodies, mine anyway, dive into like what do you think about bud, but it mean to me it's doc, rivers, three thousand one hundred and one where he'd always said. I want the best players out there and sometimes when the guy, like the best player of the guianas, goes down from Milwaukee something something different happened. But Middleton was terrific. He was terrifically, it's big shots, so you know those guys, but I still think this is a Milwaukee big picture. Podcast it is here that gonna come back down three o. You could see Miami led up a little bit. They did not have the same alpha, doggie, crazy intensity. Fourth quarter and even over time that they usually had missed couple shuts it. What's. Let's start here. What are we the player first, because as this thing so bad last week,
Listening to some other tv shows some the pieces. I try to stay where from social media I a little bit of it. But there seems to be a real misconception here with the Addis who he supposed to be people, see him like a Lebron Durant. He's this guy who's gonna be focal point then I'll send it veered. The other way is richer Jeff's. Amid that Pippin comment it to me he's just shack, and I said that last year I said that third, the seas I said it again where I think the problem, because he's not a typical centre that we grub watching, he's not shack, used up This is not a game. Is that all these guys, we don't think I'm a center, but it really is a centre and as much as Basque, has changed over the last seven years and it's really hard to compare, no Karim on the nineteen. Seventy two bucks versus the stuff. We talk about now, The reality is centres when titles, unless they have that awesome. Second, guy
the creator guy and I use, go back and look at shack. Ninety seven. Ninety eight, ninety nine before Kobe became Cobby, where he is getting annihilated in these places. You thought twice Antonia once All the way down the line to Moses, who was the best part of the week for five years, could not when the I don T actually lead failure to tony and dark and all these guys, why don't we think of Europe as a centre? Why do you think people get thrown off by this I think there was a stretch newly was going smaller. We win anything centres mattered in inner, really quick. Action in that it feels like centres, are really important to a lot of these teams now, but we just don't see the way the game we just don't have the game play that way. So, even if we don't think of Europe as a centre which we don't because of his, and all because of his end to end all these abilities. Even if you were saying it must be a centre who's gonna. Is he gonna post up? I mean seems like nobody ever ever would want to run that often because you, because you yourselves attempt to run it threes in one of the things I think, as always funny is when I think of
indeed in his post touches right, we all want more and be posts such as we want, and we get all these different touches and then the council, we will look at his post, such as more than anybody in the league, not that long, Go out. Jefferson led the NBA imposed touches in its double would indeed averages for a season, so the game is play different, so you're right that we should look at his just numbers and where he score turn all the stuff that he does it in a way where we just started thinking that centers just weren't available. But your best point was the first one in that these. These playoff teams that survived have a guy. Who can get you a bucket in a bunch of different ways like Duran, could do a bunch of different things. You Lebron could do a bunch of different things to even step even hard. That some the hard and shortcomings in the past, but Janis. If it's not momentum, where he breaks through the wall, that's kind, it ran it's hard to rely like how many possessions have you seen in this serious specifically where he brings it up defensive rebound. The wall is set
Then it's off to a guy to the left or right where its now can you start the office, and now I'm in to figure out some waiting to get down like if it doesn't happen on the first action with him. It seems like it's a struggle. Also, that's why I feel like there's a fundamental flaw in how they approached, His career and what he should be in Milwaukee Desire copier there is talking about stretching out gotta shoetrees, you got, you have to shoot the three it's like does he does. He have should three, because the thing that I think makes him so special as a player, and I really did think he was the best friendly during the regular season. But we had many conversations about that. Doesn't matter in the playoffs, we you and I both in Kauai is the best playoff player and what it takes to win in the playoffs is just different than regular season. I think what makes him spell is just when he's within ten feet of the rim, and it's the same with young shack. You no way backwards. Jesus. How do you fucking stop this?
when I was younger than the rhinos when you have got when he's ripping through the nets in the sixty zero, like my God, had he stopped there so, to me, he's doing everybody a favor? If he's twenty five feet twenty feet from the basket, because now I can set up a I can set up the wall thing. I can force him to shoot jumpers. I can file is that a great free thirst, shooter and then come to everybody else stands around a watches in any way. You know it I did do over for the bookseller scope for years. It's a little like? Where led the point La Braun was, after the two thousand and finally for different reasons where they douse was guarding him. You know with the Jason Terry Brand points, recyclable, you're, gonna have to figure out how to make teams pay. When they do that with Janius, etc. Have to figure out how to make things pay thing to me. Just how he should play. I don't want him twenty five feet in the basket I want him in transition or I want him near the rim and then the second piece of B. He needs to be had that. Second guy, because
everybody's actually won the title: who doesn't have the scattered their own shot, really which he he doesn't doesn't, but he's not like the Doran, LUCA Type, a guy they need the second guy and they just don't, have it and will go into the organizational stuff waiter. But do you think it's still time there? change how he plays or is it too late? Is this who he is because he's so great he's the one of the best players in the league, but does he have to change to actually win in the play? this is why I get a little scared, because the broad when they had those early losses when they lost Dallas, it was ok. Leubronn has to go to post up camp. They gone. And the promise was to be this poster player or there is both a trade bosh. Four point guard, yet your trade him for two other peace, because this is gonna work. Minutest offers real, it was happening and it was deftly real when Hibbert. What looked like a guide? It was like a problem for the
Amy HEAT, which seems insane thrived, even say about a million years ago. Right, that's actually real conversation to happen. First of all, point out with abroad is pointless, especially when you also Leubronn Wade, Leubronn Dundee deposed up and early those that moves. He'd actually didn't really have any. Even though he was catching into the post, it was kind of like this freak out when you got at the post, but another is ever that clean and those moves. So it is ok yeah honesty to change all these things. I think the first thing is for your address that I've noticed. I went back and looked all three point. Attempts is there are too many three point attempts I dont know why he would pull up in transition to take three. I know people are obsessed with the idea that bad shooters was take three to keep the defence, I don't know my counter. That would be. Why would you keep doing something you really bad at in the first three games? He took thirteen threes eleven of the thirteen, and I was nice about it. I would say we're early three. So basically my cut off with ten seconds or less the shock clock is a late three, and that's not even that late in life is delighted. My unrelated every time he's doing so, I would say: tenant
those eleven early ones. I think it was with fourteen seconds or more left in the shock. Clock is any of em, so I would stop doing that. The transition thing are you when people bringing up how many off it's a fallacy? Has I love that I love that enables us all this, the beginning, a game for he was ready to go, So there's no like hey, what's wrong with him that we ve done with Chris Paul in some big spots we ve done, which aims hardens big spots, there's evidence you been in this league long enough. I dont think with Ganis. It has anything to do with his mindset. I loved his mindset in his attacking early in this game. It's just exhausting and we're gonna get to the minutes stuff here, but whenever any of us are at home or the announcers more in the home team, announcers get mad. If I try who drive the hoop. You like you know what it's impossible to just drive the hoop, game long. I don't care who you are because its exhausting and that's why you see guy settle for threes every now and then so I want you need, there's a predictability with them that they had in the play the last two years where
you know. I was talking to somebody who lose loves the stuff in the basketball community. Maybe just saying how, but she enjoyed how then in Toronto play and how much action there is and how unpredictable. It isn't just the coaching adjust, instead of got on in that series, which will talk about later, but resolute and predictability came to game, whereas with Milwaukee, it's kind of like it's a little late Look hard and problem that we talked about when Dallas in Houston can fall into that four standing watching the fifth guy, and it was we was it was kind of freeing to watch them without yesterday because they actually like started playing Basque. Guys are moving and guys were Chipewyan verses. I just the honest and the specialists and I think, jail and said made that point in the countdown today that when you build a team of specialists, around your main guy. This is a problem. The brown was in ten years ago in Cleveland right with him in the specialists and then in two thousand.
Forty Miami same thing once Wade started a slip, it just him in the specialist same thing to do in eighteen in Cleveland, its Hamon Corver in all these dudes. You can only do the these these one thanks. I might go with the honest would be. How can we be more unpredictable? Can we post them up sometimes we move em around. Can we not give the same? Look all the time and I think the post of spar that, because, if he's playing my team he thereby in the south of these fires in here the black and the most nerve hysteric, as I feel we have. The Dublin You know nothing, you do it every time, but if you mixed up and moving around and just you know, turning him. The swiss Army knife versus the way they use to me. That's his destiny as a Basque about where I dont think we the ceiling it by any means. Do you know? I don't because I really thought at the end last year during the regular season. I know we brought it up. You can start to see a lie go off with him on a three point: shooting we're just gonna look
but better any put together like a couple months in a game log there were you're gone, whoa whoa. This might be something and for all the shipment, Women's takes for never ever wanting attempt, though shots, and we have to be consistent in that ok will at least Janis is trying to take some of these, but I would be Specifically again in this my Emmi series. I dont know why you're taking an early cause, injecting gun even says. Let me forget what I say guys like I love it is like I love it, keep doing it if I found my Emmi, but the specialist thing is really good. It's also some of the Westbrook stuff we talked about the past. You spend the entire seizing getting out of one guys way and then in you play off. You go wait now, you're, relying on me to hit like a big flocking to me. What might like equipment, I'm used to only getting the ball once you ve, given up on the dry fight, yeah right. We do you actually want me to make a play off. The drivel wait. You're sediment What am I supposed to do that? We? Why are you doing it? So you play eighty things like that in its also by my struggle of what do I watched as I care about this dump, I care about watching and common interests have to talk about.
Were used in their shortcomings. You go. Is this a continuation of the biggest gap between regular season play basketball we ve ever seen, but then here just put together soon. Good games, you go, you know you just better off and some of these games them taking notes and try to break down I'll. Just look at the three point: percentages go who shot from three. They did. Ok, they want some of these games. We don't need to spend a lot of time breaking down, because the three point shot a soda minute in deciding what the hell happened and then you everywhere we s stay, Gandhi was basically like he had nothing has to offer. As I have made a significant specific Boston made him. The first two games that surround us make here with really that simple. It's like this is semi right here I come
it is that simple and it's the same thing with my anything you like other up twenty on threes. Here, ok, they're up twelve again on three seer they're, making all of their threes. Can I offer one thing: that's not an anti honest thing, though it had at least please so for all of this play off concern about regular she's in verse, policies in bud, which I'll admit I still have some of these reservations, and it's not even like specifically, but it's about these three points spreading out dominant teams going. You know, people just try harder in the play off, so some of this stuff can get a little stagnant and even though you like middle imposed genus. I thought, even though he had twenty two in the third quarter was incredible. I thought their possessions in this sitting in the in the fourth, we went over six right go. What are you asking him to do this or bird shot like, and he had some shots in in o t, but those words Easy now there were other chats was just like me and you're, not making it easier Guy, but here's the thing regulars
He's an offensive efficiency super one had a possessions versus play off. Last year there were a hundred thirteen points per hundred she's and regular season about a hundred and eleven in the play us not necessarily huge drop off both fourth forth and railway season forth the place. It's also planning for all the concerns he had that were destroying teams the first ten of eleven games and if they had one that double over, I'm game against IRAN alike. Who knows me? This team was still, despite all the acts that we have very close to playing for an immediate championship last year. Ok, so pretty close this year, it's even closer regular season off its efficiency about a hundred and twelve point. Four hundred in the play off. It's about a hundred and eleven she like. What's the problem, the problem has been the defects, and I dont know that this is really brought up because it does look like they get stuck in a predictable and its yon us gets cuts off people
ass is yours gets through everybody? Oh, my god, great documents of a thirty again, their defence from the regular season to the play off about five points: worse per one hundred possessions, but against Miami they go from the number one defence in the NBA a hundred and two plus points per one, had a procession to these four games bill, their allowing a hundred and fifteen points pronoun possessions. That is the difference between best in the NBA too, like bottom. Third, it's awful and well they do that they're chasing these guys around in its Freaking America's Miami keeps moving and moving in moving and their there. Let us oh and their little and athletic, which is our. I ran a cause. They have the best athlete basketball, but am I M, is exposed the ladder stuff on pushing back on Janius offensively in the play off just cause just
these two serious, I'm just gonna throw you Toronto. Last year he falls down twenty three and thirteen. Basically forty four point: eight percent feel goal. Fifty April free through and it did feel like they figured about a load of bed, at least that a sound down, because, in my opinion, for my for market here, destiny, you gotta think like almost like we're shack with the Lakers, where it's gotta be between twenty eight thirty, five, a game. I feel like freighter for then the realistically win with the team. Now then, you look at this series The three games on that can then went to take as a get hurt, but he was twenty three and thirteen again forty five percent feel gone. Fifty four percent from free throw its like, that's just not good enough when you're in like do or die series like that, and that's why I feel like they're, still asleep for him to go higher in the question, for me, is: is it in Milwaukee and if its not in Milwaukee, should they get rid of?
now, because we in this happened just you just did the sweep analysis well right back at once gotta be coming back. So that's ok! I let me set this up greenest out for you, I'm a treat already coming up after the break. I'm gonna tell you what blocky should actually do with the honest read after this back enough, now here's one giving what do Aaron, Rodgers and Giannis have in common. They could be leaving the cheese state. Necks get. Let's take a break to talk about fan you we ve been doing some contest with them. Some inventive fund, creative content, a fair way wrong in the dough would show house we can with him, for the majors. Are that check that I feel pain famous ago were also teaming up them this for policies. We have sent the new, we have something,
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ever created and launched a contest and then what I wanna be the first, so vandal dotcom, Slash mega contest, get some ok. I will, I want to talk about whether should shady Addis. Or whether they should rather Dyson hope his stays. But first I want to talk about the bucks organization and how much we blame them for this, because the Bledsoe Brockden screw. Which I think I everybody sit on everybody's talked about. I actually don't feel like people understand how bad that was, and it wasn't the hard and trade because it wasn't a sexy of a move, and I know he didn't bragged endeavour. Become a James, arduous, is a two step mistake. That's very minister of what Philly did with Tobias hairs, where the trade was a mistake on the acid.
Get up for a guy that they didn't know really was gonna fit with them, and then they do. Well down by overpaying, I'm and then it becomes unrecoverable from a lucky It's always point really well for four months and the regular season. He was Be a free agent common up and they said fuck and they gave me an extension. I think, February March, of two thousand nineteen knowing that brought them. Gonna be in our affair, so they pay him. This big number any sucks in the class, and it's like his new contract has emerged. Then yet- and there, like- oh, my God, the old buyers are worse thing that this broaden our bathing. So here's the thing people as for ever the ave you go just bad. She offer inside the guy's gonna leave Bledsoe. Could laugh tat they didn T Caravan brought then has to get some offer somebody asked- and they mark yes said rather match had so Indiana denser being a thick eighty five for four years, Emily
he's a great like I. We had the short window with eagerness who has a chance to be a generation superstar wherein we're heading two year to a three year window. This is major asset we have within Brogdon. This is, could potentially the third best player team and somebody that doesn't seem to be afraid in ended of the game situations We're gonna get rid of it and we're gonna get a non lottery pick from Indiana. For this bragton thing: it's indefensible. It's not it's not as indefensible hard and trade was, but I never had at least with the heart and trade they got with the pick that turned out to be Stephen atoms from it and they got killed Martin for a year, blocky got nothing, and I know people have talked about this, but I I actually think its kind. A caution about that they did it thou I didn't like it when they did last summer. I hate losing assets that Philip match it worse case, Are you? Can trade M or Pat or put his salary together?
but ass. The guy, I think, almost made. The asked our team last February in my point is When you had the short window, you can't cheap out and they cheat out. They cheat that just like ok, see cheap out in two thousand twelve today. Thirteen and these owners always think for themselves. What we Have this awesome guy we're gonna be able to contend every year and it's like you can't fuck around you have so many assets. You can't just be like: oh we're. Fine, you have to keep the assets figure it out after, but keep the assets. Would you think of the broader thing when it have and when you think that I did one of those weird ordeals right kind of deferred. The team in that broaden who was incredible success story. Considering the Virginia part of it being a SEC around Peck and we could talk rookie year stuff, but I mean that whole class was was a mess, but he missed a lot of time.
And I think the fear there was in all the restricted free agent offers that are out there for any were halfway decent there. So massive because are trying to scare the other team away, they being restricted incredible, really because it's like guy all these teams have cast base area. The use of animals more with, and then you guy, or which absolutely overpay, Malcolm Braggin, to scare Milwaukee offer matching it. So it's a great spot to be in, but I felt, like Milwaukee probably was uncomfortable with his health situation and I use only available for seven games are classed as to your new note that could they have him, it would have been better and seeing broad and be one of the few guards actually break down the defence from Miami. You can see it being a glaring nets on Seeing you wrong. I just think you have to bring up the injury part of this when you're gonna give him for years. Eighty plus million and the fact that the Bledsoe deal for like two going Some of these guys was a terrible. So is better. And again I don't think it's close was bad as harden cause harden. Those guys could have done it for another year. They could have kept him
now that year and then figured it out later and it wasn't like the package they got back was so overwhelming that it was like all we have to do. Now and I've always loved Houston's call at the time when there are like, while they had done it now, we would have this offer would have no table here. Now I really the twelfth pick and like Jeremy Lamb hatred well, it was that you guys are going to offer that you're on the internet. Mohs scale hard as a ten. I still feel like this is a seven or an eight, and I just haven't seen from them. They spend money, but I don't even think there. A luxury tax is team. This year I think they're right on the fringe, but I dont know if they are just in general. Like you know they end up with core. Barbara lambs incarnate in was a math, is rapid Lopez deepens TV channel, but really Middleton, Brick Lopez, Yon S.
Bledsoe see got three and a half guys. You would really trust. You said: tax write yak as though over the cap with a nod over the tax that out of the gas now good girl. I had so what put yourself in your address issues I hear hear from Greece maybe to grow, Braden Hoops, hyper rumours. If I had been actually you might have made, I got a huge barrier noted I gotta know, but if I was a superstar and I was a back to back and BP in inviting I wasn't spending everything they could to put the best possible team around me. I would hold that against them with you. Well, ok, we know abroad would write. Leubronn is always almost like excess. About it and remember memory when he was at my amity was mad. They hadn't like round about the Ross for the full allotment any say said something about like practice. Wants you guys? Are you serious? It was ok. Keep the pressure on and one year deals with Cleveland in the option. Keep the pressure on keeping
I sure autumn were actually. You could argue like hate. It works against you, I'm not again, maybe he's pissed, but when you try to figure out like we're yon as his head, is that in would he be the guy that get so mad that he asks out and then you have to then have that conversation. If you walk about wanting to trade him now, I think he's a little different in the sense that you didn't, because you didn't grow up here. I don't think he has to say you high school ties like some of the other players have been lifelong friends that eventually wants to get to the league of been around. Like a. Are you mad, like yeah, I'm mad too? It's like people, love bitching about work, and then you just start saying: hey: let's do this, I don't know if you're honest is cut. That way. I don't know. I don't think I hear the same stuff about What other put to you cuz? I don't think I'm wrong about this. I don't hide you about him teaming up with other players, unless you were to say Messiah is his guy and that's why that's RON a rumor started up, because that one piece that I read about Odisha
he says, he's gone, maybe it's drawn on. Maybe it's Miami there wasn't a tunnel depth to it other than just connecting the doubts that he has a relationship with a, and I would I don't know I mean look besides have an unbelievable track record here. You trust him a little bit more than you would know walkie, but I also don't think Milwaukee. Despite the Braga thing you bring up, has done a bad job. You pay Middleton the Bledsoe contracts, not terrible. Georgia was a good signing. The Brook Lopez signing was I don't like the but so content. I just don't think it's a grievous for somebody. I look, I know, has been super disappointing there, but I think it gets back to. Would you be the type a guy they get so mad that not only does he turned down the numbers which we should get to at some point. To is that's another conversation itself under the cap. Maybe changes fifty the ever were here. Thing with the honest in we should talk about that. One second he's a different kind of the key word agreement there did you boys, I think, is more complete. The team up guy. I really do there's a really good recent example:
but if you really read the stuff on the boycott and that day closely there in the locker room there dressing for the game a georgian so ass to talk the team and he's like. I don't wanna play today in here. My reasons really Brown then says I in a play either. At that point, the buck stoker played Janius comes in and says we're on that plane will forfeit the That leads to the three I think, and I'm not even positive. Both people know how important janius was that day, because he doesn't He doesn't he's not he's not like self promoter like that and he's not out there. You know China spin stuff to different people whatever, which makes me think could be the one guy that says: yeah, don't care where I play. I just want to be happy just kin Can I make the most money Milwaukee? We you guys, spend money on my teammates in care, I live, I wouldn't be shocked, but if the NBA
taught us anything in the last fifteen years, nobody's load. Anything. I don't know what you know under, like the lighter Reggie Miller, so Regiment is a good example right with a book basque. My pack asked about it. There is a great Reggie Miller story. He's, media in its early ninetys? And I don't Magic retired yet and he's gonna be a free agent, magics lab, or maybe magics retired and lobbying in the communal acres, but their play Basque, Bonn, Ella Imaginary, yet come tell I gotta come tell I and you can go, and you can google these stories about this. Reggie Miller was who played at you say, lay in in two thousand twenty terms would have a great I'll play for the Lakers disobey great for me. But do you know playing in Indiana really meant. Something really meant something for him to start succeed and finishes career there.
I don't know who the guys are in this generation who are going to care about the same way. Maybe they shouldn't, I don't even know, but Giannis might be the one guy who does it was funny cuz I was talking with somebody about next year was on Cowherd, show or talk about Kawhi, and he was like. Why would a win three titles with three different teams? A short amount of time that you have to like put him a lot higher up in the greatest ever because nobody else has ever done that I go well look to go greatest ever with Kauai when it took a while, like I think, wise, the greatest development story we've ever seen. The history of the NBA is maybe some other again to be honest, could be one of those guys too, but you also have to remember the times like. No one is good is quite in the eightys and Ninetys would ever do that. Nobody would ever ok, I'm out of here and then I'm going to go play this other place win a title there and then I'm actually going to leave and go do this. So we don't have a great to really talk with that, because this is all basically ten years old since Lebron decided to go to Miami yet. So I'm not comfortable enough saying, oh he's, definitely to be like Reggie Miller,
because of the times now or younger Duncan could be the other example, but he doesn't have the pomp of each year and then, if you look at the extension these eligible for here, these were made the all NBA teams, because the empty p I wanna get to some these numbers here. If they disappear timing for it was. It was rumoured to be rather like five years and in two fifty and the numbers, I mean the annuals on these were just so ridiculous. It was I mean we were north, like fifty six million in the last year, but, as you know, and I in a mechanical go backwards but as this will be the case for him to stay right where in free agency, could he me given anything close to what he could make from work. You would people would have cap space goes backwards. What if there are different wrinkles like cages, womb but to make it and then put on this was any Miranda. This isn't a mistake. Like some other people, don't talk about? the NFL Dijon Watson just get absolutely paid waiting,
what about those pandemic pieces. I was reading of the Mookie bets one of my favorite, where one prominent national baseball writer was, like you know, be lucky to get two hundred million now and you like. Why would you think that Muky bets at this age and being this good is gonna? Get like it's not so some of these people, that whatever the economic it is, they may not even know what it is yet right, but you had to get that with basketball. The rules are just different. It's like hey, I'm, this player. What am I eligible for? And people are thinking about it now yet the last year of the original deal with if everything or normal of other projection were normal and escalating cap. The last year venuses deal the fifth year. The extension would have been over fifty six million. Ok. Now I you would agree here from the stuff were hearing that the cap is probably to stay flat at one o, nine hundred and ten there's couple years back a change. I don't know we sets a come up with. Start a gimmick to keep it around there, even if there's some chicanery right, because they don't want a deep and then a spy again. They dont want warriors Kevin Durrant thing like it either. Feeling around the league is more of we don't worry
that was, we should have softened it other players. You did not want the softening. I don't blame players for not trusting was people so now than when we under you, let it out the part O. Then you left that the part Yon assigned a hundred million dollar extension right fears ago he's been underpaid as far superstars goes the last two years he's. May It has been on the books for twenty five year. Last year and this year, whereas you guys I Chris Paul and Westbrook or make it forty, so he laid out yet out of the league. Long enough, though, either though said that, like the crew all numbers saying he's never played for a real max yet and this would be disabuse chance. A cap guy that I was talking to you said too. Twenty million is probably the likely extension forum because what are the other mistakes? Everybody makes I like this nerdy stuff cuz. I think it's important is that they say all we know. Originally. He was eligible for two hundred and fifty, but the new team is only four years and one hundred and eighty eight million yeah, but you
leave out what the fifth year would be with the new team and so the fifty or the new team even Celtic is two hundred and fifty million on this case, two hundred and twenty million vs one hundred and forty million. Oh, my god, you can't leave that kind of money on the table. Guys have left it on the table and what he could also do. What you could do a shorter term deal and decide to get to ten years of service, and then he can mix all that money back up again anyway. I think it gets back the original thing. Do you honestly think as much as you don't like the Brogdon trade? This front office is not one of these incompetent front offices that is made monumental mistakes and it's his team that he can't eat, can't Three, like I dont think that he's been done wrong. Necessarily by this team migrate. These men arrived on thin ice, bad them. I'll always be that. But it's not it's not like discontent what the hell is wrong with these guys, Milwaukee bucks organization. I think better than that- and I dont know enough about Yon ass, the personality to know he get to the point where he will. He go home from Orlando furious and turning down an extension, because
Like I can't win here, that's an answer I dont have. I mean, there's a reason why so others on the team is a reason why his other brothers on the Lakers one of em, apparently can't play ever You don't indeed like all the stuff is happening. Why wanted? I wanted it seem like Toronto, mermaid or Dallas to signed both his brothers too, for your contracts this this summer, as a pre emptive yacht enticement have whether that be. If the heat or like we ve signed both the odyssey brothers for two billion a year combined four year for your guarantee contracts. Sixty million our investment hoping to get Europe to come in there, I I don't think he ll ask out the question for me: is if your Milwaukee De trade, I'm a year earlier, if you think he's gonna, leave and they'll know that better they buried, but we ve seen over and over again teams. Just they go down at the ship right. Ok see so many sides
grant was going to leave that last year and they were like well fuck. It will try to win the title and then we'll guilt trip him into staying, didn't stay Lebron. Two thousand and ten, not out I'll figure out what I'm doing after the air. He lives by two thousand. Forty with the broad same thing called I would Toronto last year, words is thing hanging over them the whole time they figure he might leave he lives. When do we think the guy leave when his acts, like? Oh, my god, what a surprise he stayed Usually the guy leaves all imports. Stay. That was a big surprise, but I think Paul George State, because I didn't want to ruin their free agency parties. There's like off his has thrown a party. That's you! Potter instead and then, a year later, he wouldn't work. They have carried him to carry out. A whole thing is still one of a stranger one's. Ever it was like way is not. I thought this whole thing like one tell everybody you want out of India to go to the Lakers, and then you get traded and then you ll like actually I'm not gonna, get away prisoner the chance seriously. What wet Kenny,
you be. The market JAMA base, indifferent jams, calling you trades. Oh, yes, great saw John Horse, yet young vibrate Hey it's out bread, how I care what you been up to owe you still job. Ok, yeah, I I'd stay there. They they kept me. I don't know what happened. I went over seven with the biggest moves I gotta made over the last two years, but I'm still working are you allowed to make aids or you clouds. Ok, yeah, the owners voters their fire at the sight, active over there. I was taken and be the Addis. You know your ass, you might lose many year end. Dress, we got em beat under contract, he could have for the next four years. You're gettin, a top five talent you're from neg lose yadda for nothing when you think a bead for yacht us any interest, you I'll go down with the ship on that one. I really
now go that way? Dinah Shea yeah, I get us look. Look I tell you what always loved him, be delanne above them super talented guy, I a kind of sea. It is, did you know we have the shooters around him. You know so it's a little differ the UK you have there, but you know I don't love. Is that every time he's all here, Home early in the class he's just mother fucking from office with tweets, and I rather not have that I'd rather not. Employ during the playoffs basin. Saying I don't want to do my job so would lease with eagerness? I'm not gonna get those saw member go hidden pass on that. We wait, don't don't hang up any interest in Ben servants any pensive, something else affirming. Would you want table. Pensive over the table. I Gmos. I urge that packs, but I trade and other aid or have any decisions for your things is under contract. Yeah, you cabin,
five years, can I call you back can on back talk owners, you're, gonna, be ok than your phones re at exactly that you just see what else is out there. It's a Don Loris thou. I it's James Jones, the Phoenix Sense James. He do it. She saw them over the great out enough. He saw eight, but he was he looked in. I came back from the suspension. Is twenty twelve guy blackened shots were Dawson. How old is he he's good for thirty year old right now he sees twenty two we have his birth certificate was thinking. I don't know what you're doing about Europe S, but you know maybe Aden as as the building block for something will throw in expiring contract and will do three unprotected first and maybe a pic swap I'll? Let you know something a little bit like the Paul George Deal,
Ok. Giannis will put him with Booker everybody's happy people. Athletes are planted, Phoenix any interest there by the think. Try to bail on you guys all take your bless yeah. What do you mean? no actually yards in probably the west, even in the West would be good enough, probably get the plastic piece in the back of the class. So I don't know how good those under sex pics would be. Maybe Booker would then be more excited if you aren't going to stay there, but I don't know this. This New York thing by this. As an aside, I am no longer Horst. This whole issue is not even a secret, but the whole nix like just hey. Let's just get this entire staff to just go after all, the Kentucky connection guys get I'd like to talk about that. No second live what my funk offer you I owe you ought not a terrible offer. Thank my phone is somewhat
somebody's call on somebody else's call and SAM Wheeler Deal like. I have two more of your age on the line and you're like on my got angels calling age outdoors. How I it's bad Myers Bob. I bet the best Yemen, the NBA. How are you Bob? So I could not notice. You only have a year left for the Otis and you might leave, and I don't know I can't I think I could put together a pretty enticing package with the second pick in this draft. We have Minnesota's top three protected pick next year. We would need a contract to match up with yacht ass. I was Thinkin Wiggans, but. If you want it, I wasn't looking Wiggans. I was and wagons. I figured you say that so that remains on the table and if you to talk about dream on the number to pick our Minnesota picnic share and two unprotected first from us we're going to have that conversation right now.
I love dream on. I love his effort. The idea that you would be like a number one offensive option or a number two Chris Middleton. I don't like him as much in an offence with out those guys running around the backward. This draft stinks and he added you know that's a hard now. I feel that there's somebody s phone, it's Pat Riley, Pat Great Syria, really layer, man, you know it's too great apes, so listen if we don't make them idols. I really want to talk about eagerness possible trade with you, bear out a buyer who you just size, just incredible where and outward Nairobi Airport, and I put here on the table as well. The best twenty are apparently hero in Bam, They are not bans bore the rope ladder, I'm trying to be the GM there. That would like it's gonna like when you're driving hours I offer I get it not all, but one
I chose up like a really nice piece of pawn stars, as I man mahogany, that price mahogany actually gone down the last six months and like the guy with the chest, is like really viewed any prices are down by move. Now you ve got me Duncan Robinson. We got a deal Bam, hero and Duncan Robinson, and you got Jimmy Dragon Indiana. Now I would have to that. The problem with this whole exercise much. I know you love it. I gotta know that Giannis, like I gotta, be less than fifty percent cuz of I'm fifty one percent stay it's a hard. No to all this stuff here is here's the right answer. You key and keep on Yad fight. Mid middle of the seas and near the trade deadline year year. Basically, you become ace, a fortune, teller, psychic you're. Reading the tea leaves, day after day your child
find as much information as possible, you're, good wiring. I would you have aspired follow me around now it can cause. I think I his I just he's a genuine guy he's one of my favorite athletes. I love this guy Really, do you think you could kill chip em into thinking? Maybe he should stay. His village. You know you better ordered how aerial or telling you I'm leaving. We're all gonna earning honest you right for all the mellow stuff. It's a great debate like who Better La Braun, letting you think you had a chance of submitted and then he leaves like you did the Cleveland like you did the Miami and you got to do whatever the hell he wants it, so pointy, free agency. I shouldn't be criticized these guys, even though I get when you're emotionally attached the whole thing: you're, not rational about it right. We don't need to go over that morality, lesson, but mellow, just straight up said to Denver. Now it's Like I talk to George Carl on his part where it was like what you had to deal with
every day going to the arena- and you know that's the same questions like look- he still doesn't want to play here. Moving on, but mellow told them I'm out of here right now got something. So what you'd have to hope of your horses? They can you please tell me, and I know there is modern Chris potted the same thing in the world and in the moment it feels like it just way. Worse is your messing with the team in the eighth it he Davis thing times like man. This is kind of ugly, but it's a hell. I better, as an organised organization, surviving losing one of these. These players, it's maybe the best player or a top five player at the time. It's a lot better for him to kind of sabotage you're season, but at least the longevity of the cheap. So that's what you gotta have you ve gotta, hope the inclusion of a horse close enough with the Alex the agent on this and to be able to pull this off. I think if your trading him could cause. You said something that I think is important talk about that.
Let's see how the season goes, and then you could trade him before the deadline like if you're getting the tea leaves in your thinking. This guy is going to be out of here. I got to get something for him. People say we're not going to get as much. Were the deadline, as you would have had before the season. I dont really by that. I don't think. That's always true, because then you gotta trust your agent contacts to go. If I'm trading him to somewhere that he wants to go the now, I'm pretending as if I'm not trading a guy, that's an expiring, I'm not treating somebody who's. Just a rental! I'm trading, something that you now will be able to resign and have control of He's already gotta be in your uniform show: unity give me real assets for a price year, even though they would. That say all that's bullshit he's leaving, so you know we can do it this way. That's all you have to do if you're, the GM that number one thing you have to do going into next year, because I don't they Would they can monitor its aids, the answer's no cause? You can't really treat him until you know you can't. I got two more focus farm where you can hang up
Whenever you want neither ones, I say a Thomas and probably to stay on those not running a team. Hey jotted Joe, do Mars. I'm helping out for vat and the kings, there are few realized, I didn't say it's a fucking shitstorm here I don't know, I don't know if you do not like they could add dodge. They took the badly I saw it. I thought: were these guys thick head sound, as you know, aid they paid buddy he'll than his unhappy. You know it's. It's a fucking shit show, but you know, even though it makes no sense for us to trade for yadda cause. There's no way he's gonna stay in Sacramento was still thinking. What about bad, We and I in body healed and three of our objective. Firstly to excite, I can hang up yonder screwing up, ok trade for badly. I can't you re for Bagley until badly. He is he's he's a bad trade asset in that you may lie
if your other team, but you can't do it, but if you're Sacramento, you can just give them away because of what you put into it and you'd like to see him play a bunch if you're still a virgin the Bagley story hasn't as a nice run,. It. Now he just eat just isn't healthy get. Would you agree? Like he's? Had some moments where you go all this? Might this actually could work? I mean it's haunted by the Dodge its thing, but I'm at present ask as I genuinely enjoy Bagley, I just think they it's a cat. There was a catastrophic draft decision immediately bigeye worthwhile legged yeah, but you theres many guys higher on Bagley than you. Maybe more because game, I just can't believe they took a look at that judge. I just don't away scouts, but you know the boy talk to people about this. There's some weird Something weird with lady and LUCA and an end being great investigative story for somebody, but you know you ve got a serbian dont judge. What country from his side, we have any slovenian.
The area and just like I try to give that Kilburn, there's something weird with thy glucose. Look LUCA through water. On that I'm sorry, I through water and that whole thing with them in now that he's gone, I think the Slovak and his people are now not that we want to take a look at that time. A lot I told us Bob, I tell but something something that doesn't add up and not be a great investigative story for somebody right. So Joe do more you. You hung up on him, went member who the other person was, who is gonna call not any age. Teenagers in common he doesn't want to get out dad. They call can't member. What would you do that? So? Are we on the side? patient presently, you just for this fund is a fun exercise, but you I know you, you get mad jams, you remember you did that no balls allowed trade deadline column. Years ago the nobody says he. I should get everyone's afraid take on money. Europe
to take on money any basically called out like the entire industry for never wanted to do anything. You weren't raw, In that hey, what are you gonna do with his guidance in free agent oil? Can we really expensive he's not worth it? Why we're just gonna side and to keep the asset? Ok, let's do this, eight we draft and we still gonna like himself like our guys better than you like our guys and vice versa, all the stuff so there's always kind of his default to just keeping it as is, but it's just very, very hard to go. I'm an appeal which figure on trading one of the three best players and I'm not going to call you on at the best player in the world anymore. I caught myself earlier this week going. Why do I keep saying he's better than quiet? Cuz he's not why likes best. Regular, seizing power in the world would you rather I mean? Is there any hesitation for you in a play off games have inquiry on his time. Let us provide rather Lebaron too and that yet, when people get Faced with the envy, pain and that's. Why voted for the brine causes its actual? That's that start with a word is the word.
For he was the best part in the regular season. I'm glad you said that, because I haven't the Heisman to John Watson, Has this unbelievable run any like? How did he not one eyes when you go watch what you understand how they they vote on. This is not who net on the best team that want to title, because then, if you did that, then the only person would ever wanted p would be, who when the title- and I don't really think I think it's ok, the award isn't that well, the thing is, they should have a plan and they pay That's isn't it. I know where they really all those of idols and BP, given out, will you ever with our other finals and bp? So it's fine the plants and BP is not necessarily always It is only because I did all the work on this and went through and tried to figure everybody, since nineteen, fifty five and theirs, There's one that wasn't finals and BP, and I think you know especially like I take two thousand seven for an example: there's no wrecked
That Duncan was the best were the most important theme. That's is hidden when the Un Vp he was in the final assembly, pay but we were there and we had the stats, but, more importantly, we fuck and watched it, and if you had, the plants can be abused by coups person. Maybe it was ten Duncan and I think they should have that in its fun to go back and look at. You know some of this stuff. There is good arguments to like if you're gonna say, who is the two thousand fifteen play off and they pay the year, though the words beat the calves, I would say it was the broad even though the team did it with me, just all the work that he did to bring them back close to the title, I would say: Leubronn was the place and european aid. Think I'd be quota commemorate. Maybe you're right, but I don't think people would vote that way, because I keep going back to college football, but literally every year who ever won the title on one of these teams. We start with this thing could happen with Vince Young. No Texas wins this game. That might be it. Maybe
waves cultural game ever gets? You will see that I got the wrong guy when the Heisman you go ditty again then there's more than someone else is on the phone for you Although we're gonna take a break, he's he's on hold, he got another call. We're taking one could break let's take a right to talk about simply safe. Here's the thing about homes cured companies most trap, you with high prices, tricky contracts, lousy customers So whether lad options at their there's, only one, no brainer, simply safe supersedes got everything in it subject your home with none of the drawbacks of traditional obscurity, an arsenal of sensors and cameras, I think it every room window and door tailored specifically for your own professional matter and keeps watch day and night police fire medical professionals that it there already. If there's an emergency to come, set up yourself in under an hour.
Like the sensors, exactly need them. No techniques required no contract. No pushes sales guys know headed fees, no fine print off. It starts at fifty dollars a month and I'm not the only one who thinks it received its great. U S knees. Word report named it the best over our homes, curative twenty honey. It's been a long time. Little sponsored this podcast. It's been said that spending my love for awhile super safe is great. Even greater right now cause you gotta supersede dotcom such bs and you can get a free, hd camera, which is awesome because guess what? If anyone ever breaks in to your place, first thought they might now again, if they know, there's a camera, their second, your filming, I'm gonna to catch him. So for my list or simply say backup, slash, bs submissive. Do I submit that come such bs to make sure they know. Asha sent you are at this guy has is assistance is passion through its mark Cuban. Hey John. How are its by Cuban did you say,
some of those pausing escapes issue, but also the knee you're not going anywhere else, is everything and his younger than yours. Don't let us up, but you know if it like everyone, says Yonder city in a corn I gotta be honest, like pausing s is just as unicorn in you could argue like playing LUCA like he really needs his own team. And you know, if you wanna talk trade, the yard poison gas will throw in some packs any interest, geniuses, Eagle thing balmy out, but at least NI issues left and right go ahead of a badge is yeah. We're gonna go ahead, pass on that the Cuban caused these people when he talks trades? Do you think he's like the kind of the way he is real life for his always like on the aggression is and the aggressive warehouses
No, you don't understand by is he has a way of putting people on the defensive when he started. And I wonder if he does, that would trades so The easy answer is yes, there's no way different, but I dont know what level like owners college or in ownership. Do stuff, like I've ever worked with Steve Phillips when it was the GM the mat. So as after we did this Bay Radio shows a long time ago. I was like what would you do like Gimme, a scattering, a poor, another gems, and how you would do deals and baseball? Yes? Well, I knew if there is like a really influential kind of malleable, impressionable owner and the g was getting in the way my trade go to my owner and say: hey call their owner and offer Amnesty the GM saying. No, but you ve rich guy, thank yeah. You can turn into his new money. He just bought the team. I take it to the GM cause, a GM smart, but get the oder to think this. This deals awesome
Did he used to have something Jim Jim Boden who used to run the reds remain. A while ago is doing a lot of media. Stop using Jim would call you in the middle of the night, be like. I have the trade, this gonna win, you, the Israelis, are you ready city? Are you ready for this it's on believable and then he would offer just dog shit if you like? Are you kid? So I do think that whatever level of Cubans whatever level of of actually part of the process, I can't imagine being any different than the personality. That is the percentage that we see every minute we ve ever seen him on tv right to say, I'm good at trades. In my fantasy drafts on that good at winning their mom just good at can woody. He bought what your approach so I'll email or call, and I met my air Keeper League and made the fanciful ball examine I just kind of.
Contact with people. I think that's what the good GM still Billig hey. We ever made our annual trade this year, but I think some people people that our good, I think, we'll call like you know John horse to be like hey. What's it, you have broken Pass you think that, should they they immediately tight tip off through they care about. I, like more of like the go back, for I somebody out. We should do this and be fine, we'll mix it up, and I have a feeling that the best year probably do it that way right. They just check in with different themes. The check it out and the key is not checking in at the time we need to check in checking when people think you're going. It has even drew all admit there have been times were. If I asked me about the draft in October, and then they end up with some pick that they didn't think they're gonna get I'll have a better idea of oh wait. They gave you think this team likes this guy,
They were forthcoming and telling me about it because- and I think the same things happened, which yes but hey what's going on, with your words, are just trying to think at an I'm journalism me like a little off the radar. Ok, what's gonna Gary TRAP, you know you can be a trade, but then you can maybe get some vibe from like an eel Oshea, an unusually goods on the obvious, using a dumb example here, where, if GM or say you know coming along, but man he's going to have a guy price, and then you just start gathering all this information. Is all these constant conversations where you go? Does that seem like their guy or is that scene? But I do think that the league is so much smarter that use gas used to feel like a third of the league. Pick these guys off. So really, what you have to do now is wait around for new owner to screw up in the first two years like they all do it's like it's a law and that's kind of what happens the vultures. Just
just swinging around the new owners. Go hey. Let's go get his players because, if he doesn't know he's doing yet, yeah had a person who runs a team told me once I only need twenty five percent of the guys to be bad. So thanks seven or eight. I dont know how, as other anymore, but as long as there are seven with anything like it These teams are get smarter than you see, Sacramento they hired. You do purses, adviser that sexual health I'm gonna go Joe, had a really good run there for a very long time, and then it went it white point. Even arguably like doing it better than anybody else, and then, when I yet at that it was, I swear, I jinx them from that point on. It was atrocious. It was like he was to different people. Actually did a whole thing on my com near the end of his reign about how there were two Joe do bars in what I really like us. If that's what you think he was, he was the author feast or fair, and GM right. It was either Charlie, Volney waiver, they shot prince and it was,
there is no in the Middle Jody. I say me what he saw him then Wallace, since the fight that I think you know problem with owners that always here over and over again as they become enamored by former players, just like being around them trouble you know, and in either have somebody like now Jerry West is a good example, as is Jerry Wes but to just have that guy in meetings and staff there just their fans like we are you know and the reality is you're, probably better off with some nerd running your basketball team, because they're their use numbers and look at things differently. We have, with some other stuff to cover I we think we had all the honest angles dealing We didn't hit last week on this podcast. Told you buy me? Was gonna win the series? I'm usually wrong. I'm just gonna take a victory that I knew shirt. Should you You picked him, I got off of it because I was like I now not gonna. Do it to be a bit more
I do think you were doing a bit. I do you believe it. I knew you bet it, but I felt like then all of a sudden was equipment. I thought I had this unique thing or I'm gonna take take my Emmy and then felt like women, now everybody's duenna, as a guy now back in Milwaukee, and I wish I had changed so for me question is the throwaway I today, because I think day was understandable, especially when went out there are save. The third best adds to win the title. Now I gotta say like eight, I think I like their team as much as the clippers at this point, because and we thought about the clippers really quickly, but yesterday what happened coopers you in our text and about it earlier today it was so predictable. They were awesome and game one huge favorites and game too, and I'm looking at a goin. I dont trust his team after they plague again. This is this is when there are like the their sight there, a caring themselves like their seven times, champs
Fuckin sat in the game. They had no energy intensity, Denver Yoke. It's very score. Think lightwood. Forty four points can in the first draft. Yet it is just like they do. Shit I remember like the lady Celtics when there, when the big three start to get all the name just said these gains will again where the south acts were not try it out. Clippers having won anything it, and they have done this. Also, and where they win these little battles, and then they take a break for a week, and I really feel that at some point that and a bite them in Miami, I think, is different and throw away again. Today, I think today was a fluke. Maybe just then in their tough they go hard, they know who they are? They always shooters out there, there's always action, it's hard to shut them down, Khazars, no, like one great guy and with the clippers. I don't they
you can win the title with the odd off switch that is agreed just as the one they have. What do you think I talked about their arrogance in it? Look bad bad in the pot cast title and look. We all understand the busy. Sometimes you tried it, yeah really throw some out there. It's like the clippers arrogance was the title of a pause, gassed I'd done good too, while I support of your right jack as you like others, and it made like I was really knocking on, but it is an observation that for group this never done it collectively. Hear themselves all year, long like okay, we're here three or four of winning championship, so we're just going to coast cuz, we know who we are is like you actually don't I mean you just got Beverly back again, which is terrific and for their lack of energy, which we saw the Dallas game, in Vienna Gandhi pointed out. It was actually credible, as they came back to close out Dallas, where you could see big day, probably had a meeting about their lack of energy and then one of those from the minute, the game jump ball. Every everybody was apt up: ok,
a year ago. You got your energy back, I do love in the announcer with a minute left in teams downturn is like. I do not like their body language right now. If you think so down ten minute, laugh they lost most people's body. Language at that point is, is not great rare rare as the team that still really fired up, cited down ten, I just feel like you are who you are, and we have a pretty big sample size now that their team as an hour off switch that she's. The fact Paul Georgia had a moment I thought maybe as the third beginning at the fourth world, drove hard in it was one of them. I am so sick of seeing guys drive the hoop for wide open lapse and kick it out to a marginal corner. Three point shooter just be that the game is now there that the three point shot is too easy now, but there is also too many guys, in the flow of an offence we go. No just take the lay up like now. I like that we like to corner five out space. It saying driving tick, driving chick
Were you had the wide open lamp and planned words Lavishness Paul George, when it Yoke, which I think any finished over him? It was the reminder of how amazing Paul Georgia's with his physical talents, but I think even the defences equate Amity took that will happen. Check it out. Like that's weird, we weren't even ready for this, so I thought you know when he's at three, they were getting closer to bring this thing back, but yeah the clippers. But then who do you like? Do you like, Do you like my own area than the clippers now, but my point is this: One of those weird years like last year, was where once Kay he got hurt last year. It was wide open and you just don't fucking know and whoever makes him three days and makes a big place When's, like some crazy swing. Game could actually win the title this year and I think I'm paper it's like wow Miami could actually win the title. That's crazy! You look at their team like Jimmy Butler's, their best player, I like Jimmy Butler, but that's not. The typical best
the title team guy, but the totality what they're doing and how well coach they are and how valuable they are, I think, makes them a real threat and I look at the Lakers. I just hate their supporting cast them, for it were taken this right now. If We both the Lakers, underwent tonight, we'll talk about that series. The next time we talk, but if Houston beat them tonight, Then we really have to redo this part, but that at the top, the way here beat them as because there are four through twelve guys are just really shaky. Then you look at the South ex it's like the South x or one play may I add three nothing in our reeling, we'll talk, but them in a second Miami. This team that with this horrible roster that now has a real chance than the clippers who stood on. Oh, they are like. Why couldn't Miami when it, it still seems we're, but you're, not wrong.
Think when you look at the winning percentage in a normal season there, like forty nine wins. That's that's crazy, like that teams. Gonna win a title, but when you watch Duncan Robinson in the way they use him drug is reminding everybody, what he's capable of dams utility of that's right word? All the different z can do in these senator thought of hand. While I think he's a little better policy, but it's more has been Wallace, could score four points and do not rank and by what, The defence of assignments, o bans, the yacht, stop or maybe he's gotta. Be. That's not been. A story in this whatsoever. Is J crowd are for the most part against him yeah, but hero there's moments were walkie is like: where are you guys and even diving fettling early on, even though it was the painters? Miami came out more ready from their first round match up the Milwaukee did against Orlando and their simple things were all noticed, just as a pass to the left or right off the drivel bring the ball half core pass, left or right
your office in Miami jump out or the passing lanes, and you go you guys their way their level of intensity their dog right now is way beyond what there is even a game for we're butler. Almost all the inbound path a more those Middleton Possessions Leah and you go how the hell. Could you be this lax about an embowered as your facing elimination right now, and I think it led to the dividends oh miss free, throw where they tied instead of winning a regulation, and I'm watching ECHO in Miami keeps doing stuff like this to you and you don't do it heroes, terrific duncans, terrific drug is really girl that acts as a funny italian totally. But would you agree that there's this butler love FEST that kind of funny in that now is taken on this, like western desperado role, where he's the biggest bad ass in a league, and people like like, I like it, put the idea that it's getting dangerously close to people bins
leaping autumn, and I go now. I think butlers always been about where you think he should have been well a couple things on that. I, like Garry Washburn, I signed the hoops ape rumour saying he added tweet about about what was I was that, while it jewels had imperfection while in the past, by the fucker. However, as well as their that's Jimmy, bothers me because you can kind of cares himself. I jewels yet. I think it without said something when I had. I did a package of them on Thursday and we and you get a company was about maybe but we're Talkin bout. Jimmy Bother- and I was joking him about the Boston guys because Jimmy always has the chip on his shoulder. He's always looking for some slight that then he could, you know take out against. Whatever team is playing.
And I was joking at the Boston if they in applying them next round the whole time they should be buttering of Jimmy Tatum Brown But what a great plenary is hr to go against somebody's done. All the things he's done. Iguodala was like no. You can't do that. Cuz Jimmy would get mad cuz. He would think you pandering to him and I just think that's the way the guy carries of selfies, he has a chip on his shoulder. She's only meant as play with certain types of I thought the way he this way a minute. I still think it was kind of disgraceful the way he did the Minnesota thing, but now watch him a Miami with people who think like came and compete like him, and it's like a kind of makes sense that towns of Wiggans were hurt. We're just like were torture for him day after day to play with those where he he must have bench is going nuts analyses with these deeds heroes ro bad ass Duncan Robinson as workers a soft get worry is crowded. With our awesome. Competitive deeds, added buyers,
anything you want. I might even Olympic who in again seven against the wizards, when he's on the cell tat, was the best where the court, all those their borders and I think that's all he ever wanted and that you know if we want to go, deeper? Maybe that's why you are fully because those guys didn't feel like those guys we're like that. He wanted to play with bars. That's what he wants. At in the Chicago thing? He was a better plan, the rose Came back and Rosa was wasn't really ready, given the team in management mess with with Jimmy totally took aside, completely agree when Jimmy lost in on towns and Wiggans he's right he's not wrong. Those guys. I didn't of all of it. I didn't love how calculated it was. It was super super calculated, but he got his way and then what you saw with he is ill. You need a dude. That is not afraid of anybody you,
We do that's why Matt Barnes kept getting contracts notes with all the dream on stuff golden state needs dream on personality, even that peak olden state team, because staff is lay back Katy Super lay back. We think how lay back three of those Yours are in clay, Katy and staff, and you need dream on as much as it can drive me crazy at times ready to go with any It has highlighted sight ass to whose yes, smart, stone where's glad about those guys, but same thing cares himself like he's the best kind, the court, so the heat have this collection like Jake prouder you right, all those guys in watch I drive, which is another one. Who's been a bad ass, his career and has just had trouble stay healthy, but has always the guy you could rely on and in begets I now the Philly thing. There's so the talk that he was gonna get that extra year so that a guy here like I'm, not I'm not stick around for this, but I mean if there are ever to guys that needed a about ass, not to buy his Harris. It's the Sixers. We still don't know the full story and I feel it gets
come out like a year from now or maybe to come out of my way, makes the finest of Mps Robbie tweeting it out this week as a thread oral history, Jimmy Butler Philly, a thread I dont know if it was day, insulted money, wise or Riley just did Riley stuff or both The thing with Riley is, you know, people that are really good job talked about this and eight. Without my Pakistan, Thursday talked about the gave a specific type of culture. That's almost like the ravens and football they go for certain guys. They, like certain personality, architects, and Butler they Miami he guy that it does. He makes. The billygoat. What's a maybe he guy well, we know what it is. It dates back to the nineties the guys that really goes after the EU wants tough guys who are gonna, be there in big games who are team guys, but ultimately our fuck. It offers- and he goes after that That's why he wanted weighed in two thousand three. He thought
It could be an offer. That's why you know you dinosaurs. There was therefore a hundred years like those whose type guys you want so butler. Reilly must have just Clifton some fucking, weird off a dog way and really must pay, but a sense. It like the way bears, consents fear he must be able to smell alpha dog. That's when you meet people is like HU, I smell your alpha appears a five year deal, please come play for I don't know that I can follow up any of that with an inside. You said: you'd, that's the end of the segment for that Let's take a quick break. Them will talk about trying to Boston. Let's talk about Bacardi spice Room for a second, you know it's a three day weekend festive people out there mixing drinks, hopefully social distancing haven't some cocktails. If you look at it,
spice things up and how they on Monday, if you listen first request by set up a little bit check out, Bacardi spiced run because it's a new take an you favour classes, amid I'm sure everyone Is there a ram and co stage at some point, fun waiter, Spruce sat up having. The space in the heat other with thought about that I'm and into I'm gonna, say probably fifteen years ago and then I saw the maybe vice move card fairer and if you Some of you know I have a veto after I dont you might not have the pulse. We haven't we However, on this package we talked about it with them. This spicy Meda, is really think: is: yellow spicy, yellow sweetener? Well, why not get the old Bacardi spiced Roman there, your press, your friends, put a lot. I sent it nice big CUP yet submit so when Tonia Picard
do it moves you drink responsibly, Bacardi, USA, Coral gables, Florida rum with natural flavors and spices. Thirty, five percent alcohol bye, bye, okay, so Toronto and Boston Boston. I thought they were going to sweep. I thought they're going to win at five. This is such a fascinating basketball series. It's at two to the Celtics are reeling. It took a huge confidence hit. It was the first time they have looked tentative in the bubble that couldn't make anything. They were plant that they just got knocked out of their comfort zone. They're playing too small and Toronto has just figured out all this thing say it took them three games, but they finally figured out. We should crash the offense of boards, that's a weakness for the Celtics. They figured out some cool stuff with their guards where it's like. Oh when we do the pick and roll for Van Breda Lowry, instead of setting at the three point line, let's move it back will set it forty feet from the back.
It's another ever had esteem and they could do some stuff. They figured out fucking. We can't take I remember out, we can't be passed and otherwise we risk it after rightly, guys into the ground. The second half there's always stoppages. There's always like some five minute review and we had the cheated literally can't. Take these guys out. Boston did make the adjustments, but the question for you, just as the south expand I'm asking, because a nervous theirs. That's a Nick Anderson for free throws game one. Ninety five finals potential with that last second shot just come. Lately flipping a team right leg. I the celtics of be delayed on that situation, where the confidence here from something freaky like that and all the setting Canada lose your identity and you went for Oh my God were crews and where the best here wait were better team to
oh my god. We might blow this and you start playing differently and you're. Like oh shit. Now we have to be this team five times and stuff starts going in your head. That was what I saw from them game, for I don't want to overreact too much, but that was a really tentative kind of this bob. Do it itself its performance? I'm really concerned you should be concerned, but first of all for all. It would be a lot better than to two because Toronto staggered. It would just been weird gonna, be they be then being up three, oh, but think about Terranova offence, those half halfscore numbers the transition that we talk about the past and where Boston, one game, one. We both related even looked at great, and when you look at the numbers per one hundred hours are often wasn't that great neighbour vanishing a lot of open, looks. The defense was that good see outcome is totally missing in action like a non entities getting crushed by Barkley Shack on the team. He shall. I was really bad. The first three railway line he was. I would
What say you is great yesterday, but he was better. He wasn't because the shooting numbers he had production, but the efficiency of it wasn't very good at All- is still missing a lot of shots, but if I want to make it about Nick Anderson, I mean look Nick Anderson you're, the one guy the spotlights on you you're missing. This free throws anybody, that's ever missed free throws. You can start to like really start thinking about it. You that's why you have teammates you supposed to rely on other people, Jalen's dunk in game. Four, so was it was Jalen off and game. For you start the game. One thousand and forty nine from three slash eight does no sushi choo choo we're like if you can hit two of ten. Maybe that game go the other way and that's that's not exact twenty percent exactly good and then Jane, YO ass. The bad hey! That's on me! It's not on any one else, man, it's not on any one else. You let somebody now it's a religion pass by Lowery who's been really the guy that gets them going. Lowry was so good at the start again, for he gets six. Free throws right away. Free throws again it's almost the end of the game. He attacked, attacked, attacked. He said atop the stone
the three Sharia defence yeah. You know what is much: they hate his charge game and its marches bad. What the flopping, those were agreed just by any stretch with Lowery REACT. She wasn't position in some of them, even if he selling I don't like the arm extend one where you see the guy react like second time through, but it looks a lot easier, dissections it slow motion. But, yes, I think Boston is in trouble, but I still think based on how its played out like Boston, I can believe, was even hanging in game for because they looked so bad on office again, so you should be told. I gotta think it's Iraq, people after the game three game winner, but they were really bad a game foreign office. They still were hang in there. It's now I best by the serious errors which, as so often happens. Larry was the best where. In game for even though the numbers didn't really that quiches put his irreverent. Yet all over this thing is the toughest guy in the series he
is in the south Ex heads and a lot of ways like especially on drives. These guys are driving the basket over over again there's been charges and there are no people, coconut Tatum. When he's dues does his little spin move there I've been hit the ground autumn. An here look on his face that I haven't seen since last year in their game now great maybe he's that Avenant in his that's all that bad, but from a demeanor standpoint. They were able to knock him out of the level that, was that the eight weeks before the pandemic, can even what he was like in the bubble he's just. You can see him thinking now and you know they, basically, the riding with seven guys Dave and they figured out a box is a really bad match up for the south eggs and now the chest move for the south. Eggs are as follows. More time, Lord There now only lab tragedy. I e checked in two and a half minutes into the game. I was like whew he and really.
By that much in the second half. I actually think they need him in the series. The way it's going, because Toronto figured out a slow it down They ve figured out how to just use their guards and try to target Campbell as much as they possibly can. Their leave insert Peters Open, grant. Lambs knock yourself out right. Mark a smart guy had semi, usually please. Here we have a wide open. Twenty four wherever you please take it. They had right away. They had second unit the second, you two things both bad for Boston. But they had a unit in their where it was Brad. Wanna maker, Grant, Williams and however, getting semi wanna makers. Semi that's right want to make her semi and grant, and it was with Jane Brick fast and then Campbell took only nine shots so and Chemisette after the fact. Like I apologise for taking, I shot a cable, don't apologize effigy. Five kinda like you, gotta go,
You in jail and have twenty shots apiece and that's predominant. Here's the thing. The plan experience really matters and you hear these guys here. The talking heads talk about is again plan experienced by of experience, but terror has a fuckin shit load of experience, Campbell Walker, This is the highest level basketball that he's been in situ that you can write with with the amount of adjustment and the intensity of this in the shit like that he just on that site, he can't handle it, but he just never played and suffered. This Tatum had rookie year inserted in jail and had a second year where had the conclusive and serious, but it's different when you're the favorites it's different when you're up to oh and Now things are slipping away a little bit and you're going against this tough team. That is like Michael Myers. I mean what are the odds of scoring with zero point five seconds You watch these games like we had one today. Miami Amy and regulation had the bald one point: nine seconds. I've got a terrible shut out you I watch passport thy beauty,
Four hundred and ninety five out of five hundred times it's a terrible shot. It's not even close throughout the perfect fuckin play, beats them, and now in I just I didn't like the way the Celtics responded to us I really thought I thought there are better team up there. You know when I left that game yesterday, like fuck like if, if Tatum, Amber, doesn't get go in Tehran. Might be able to steal the stairs that was thinking about like this is now becoming a classic player series where you have The younger? kind of a little unproven guns. The future the futures print contender at the beginning stages of it going against the old guys that that you don't see outcomes that old, obviously, but gets? The old due to have been there, the former champs There are my add. A couple ran down. Two thousand fitting clip spurs, I think, was a good run right clips, still giant that I was a crystal ball game. When rights rail,
The spurs defending champs gave them everything they could to thats. Eleven ok, see Dallas, Are there any of that young ok, see team, you have in Dallas and Dirk is just like you know what, in all these old guys, planes x, Ray had shown. Marianne Thyssen Chandler Jason kid, and it was just the old guys with the tray beaten the young king that had mortality, two thousand, that both ethics was another one, no cagey and the Celtics you that boasting with rose and dying in the other, Joe joking, no, my Lord went off to lingered in and it was well. This is a serious and it was like. The bulls won't wait, ready to win a series. I type its clearly had the talent, and I think is becoming one of the series. I really have a ladder. Respect for Toronto cause I'd. I dont think they have is good of a team. Yet when things are right, it looks like bosses are better basketball team and maybe that's too impression on the beginning of it. But I still I mean that we have been really weird if they just smoked. Em like tat I worked.
The Heyward thing was gonna hurt him, but it wasn't really Harding and because bosses events are so good at Boston Place, good transition, defence. Yes, the outcome just isn't that great easy and ice player he's not he's. Star and when he had those up and down play games last year that everybody lost track of em because quite was the guy. I thought they were tat can be a little bit more and they ve done some things like they had one game it was three or four: they started the game with a double screen. I think was game. Three Lowery was they get double hand off around two screens and it was kind of to get Campbell on Lowry early and then it ended up, get all messed up anyway. Lowery made the shot, but- also to understand why they keep playing the soul is much, but they closed with a box and game for for the most part, unless Goshawk back like another little stretch I love and, namely that there is a south extent yeah. I because above Is that really looks like he's hurt? Don't does it look like he's not a hundred years old Ernie's. Huge register has been a lot of minutes allotted minutes. Others by speaking minutes, though, by the way he's noble
listen to me about this. But I have mentioned it not the minutes are created equal and the comparison to say is this: when you look at pitched count for pitcher, if there could be a guy, he throws a hundred and five and those pictures could be way easier than eighty eight pitcher somebody else, sir you're, the guy could be a change of guy. Could be pitch and contact, he could be your whatever Maybe three run lead again a little bit different, but guys have talked about the stress of like eighty play off pitches verses, a hunter and sudden regular season pitches, so even other numbers, higher distress was actually in the situation of the other ones. So whenever people talk about like this is a good example, because this is making the rounds after Danbridge got housed in game one, it was you're coming back from this emotional game, seven win You ve down there you finishing late local time. Good luck, any rest and had thirty hours later the you come back and play the clippers, and people have suggested this. The rest warriors that you just pot
aim one so that everybody's fresher now for season at it at that Dumbest thing is one of the worst things. I've ever heard brought up considerably. Modem play sports, that's the hot! The elect all point of being an athlete is to compete and see what can happen in that same premise. That people are, she thought was like a decent of premises. Denver is getting just drilled and gave one well. You would have said the same thing about used to, but guess what is greatest Houston is defensively offers, have either not moving around like forty eight minutes for Houston in that system is not the same as forty eight minutes for somebody else in a different system. It's just not it's not the same thing. My golden state moves around more Miami their guys move around a ton Houston you stand and why and by the way it's working. But the other part of this is with these stoppages and these reviews
It's like a five court again, it's unbelievable how much extra time you're getting now to rest. That was never there before in some coaches haven't figured this out. It's almost like once bonds, you didn't want to pitch to him and then, in his last year, people kept walking, I'm still in you, like you, realize, he's fry right like it's over. It's done. You can pitch to him a little bit more and guys are still a little scared. The shit Some of these coaches haven't figured out Nick Nurses, one of the best coach the year, figured out what he finally set it. So if you look at the stats for the rafters minutes wise in the series Lowery forty one, then fleet, forty two c aka, forty plus Oji in an obese thirty eight, those four guys are playing major minutes because nerves late in the game we ve got these breaks. The didn't even exist before so I can write. I can play these guys, the entire second half thou know.
I'm getting these free breaks in everybody should be doing it. Larry was forty six and game three and then forty forty four in game for and I didn't think I was sustainable because you talk legs. Cheaper merits, verses like real minutes, lowries fucking going hard. The hook Pack ice get is on the right to hold. These charges is flying, shooters decorated, hypochondriac out, yes, sometimes is doctor, because that is fine, but the lap ones Lowery cannot finish, lay up attempted plus he's on the ground. Will you know the other coach? You figured out the missing a Stevens cuz Tatum Tatum, one hundred and forty three and forty three in those two games in in game. Fort Campbell was up to forty one Smart was forty one jail in point. Thirty seven only cause he had found trouble, but I did them realise these is idiotic. Stoppages I've been Gandhi jumping. I did a good job talking about how to
The challenge was today where the Jimmy Bother gets. Guys out about up, but it went out bad because you get hacked, can review that it went off at bans on him, but not ready. That he got hacked and that's why it without a balance and say what the fuck are we doing? Why do we have three boy Freed Evans Report go actually review it. They spent four minutes trying to figure out if it was a black or a charge. I hate it. I get rid of all flow, the game rid of all of it ruins failing ruins. The really hurt it really her Miami today in the regulation Kazanovitch day they were. They come on there in the last minute regulation and that butler are being sought down for four minutes and it just made a weird and I heard I hate it. Everybody talks replay, get it right; they don't get it right. The proof that if you gotta, I'm fine, I'm all for it ruins the whole fun par, a basketball and the ensuing tournament ruin. This will all the ads. The million time out in you know its younger. She got a foul little bit more cause. You should be falling kids, but no, I miss
is tie game. Let's go back and forth for fort. We don't get for possessions in a row under two minutes anymore. We just don't because it's all these stupid, didn't even get right on time it for the NBA, which again a lot of time in this, but I have moments where I go when I watch the end of the the Middleton three point. Shot foul would drag Ich, I don't know what the hell you're supposed to do as a defender as much as I hate charges. Thank God there in their thank God, flops which I don't think you're as bad now, but in a way, I'm glad the reward, because it is an offensive player. If you're allowed to kick your legs out and then it's just contact. Okay, fine! Now the contact at the top of the shot like we saw with Brook Lopez in Game four against Bam, but that's real contact, that's a foul, but I hope everybody's looking at Brooks Leg being kicked forward. But the foul on drugs isn't really a foul, but now we're calling that course marked avis cause a felony on us in the right we got the right result on those free throws from butler, but since when can you
put your hand on a guy's torso from the side of the boss, five feet out of his hands and then I think March acts as always like. Oh there's, there was contact there. Like what wait a minute. No one is allowed to ever pierce the invisible. Bubble around these guys. In so don't forget the kicking your legs for were shooters. Who kick him straight up in there side a kick him out like when their wide open. They go straight up and down the screen thing. That's right, Absolutely crazy were of your tralee me on a screen. I just jump back into you and then flail and throw of three and, like others, contact there. So what am I supposed to do? Just not chase you I care close out on you anymore, and I can tell you shot on jumpers. I follow you around a screen anymore and by the way you ve all shocking us with your offer, warm it if you're not shocking. As with your off farm, something your grabbing my arm, and then the rough calls that it's a Larry knows every trick: ladders, at an angle. One it harden does the best job of
king everybody away with his arm because he keeps a close any so strong clearly. These videos words like Harden got by this guy afflict is, if you like, do he's just, shoving him, and yet, though, call it if its a wide open space like just great hiding it, I then there's my reference but the rest He has to do something about what they're letting the office of player do, because now there's there's nothing. You can like out almost tell my guys yeah when therefrom three just get a hand up put, no, you almost must gonna run pass them to the side. Now you have to do this drive by to the side, because, if get landing space if you, if you're in their area where they can make contact with you if they can touch you after the shot, the Gaza getting rewarded? For that? It's? It's makes the game. Worse. There's no debate and I want start a new segment, cod homer corner,
no longer build the objective. Pica says I'm just bill the the fuck it Ok, what do you want a expand bill right now? Your tone is change, is the Celtics are the balls. I can't stand standing Gandhi because I feel it is really against the Celtics. All of his announcing a game for- and I got to the point where I was- I should add- mutant but then I might not be able to he asked Rob. For car Larry and all the bullshit? This again, this is homer built. I could not pass us she's Rudy. Ah all this Karl Erik of cholera. Does it is brilliant to stand, and God they were all the tricks. He's got all the tricks that thing it's a fucking jerk fast for car Larry and their markets. Flaps yeah twice, instead gets. I've spoken high horse, as far as for the floor earlier, this is gonna. Let you know is the easy he's known for
and I just I don't feel like there's anyplace basque above for their it's, like you just finished off a jack in writing about Power Lowry. Now you're mad mark a smart. What the fuck, well, I am again, I'm home has been a pocket so spell this. Is such fucking bullshit that he is biased for Toronto and against the don't think, don't think I you see being Gandhi, he was disgusted with market smart digression, the disgusted his voice was noticeable. There is, there is an absence of several times. He doesn't like. A smart multiply is theirs by an eight hour to voice like everybody that comes me to say all you hate, lowries flopping, but you loves, but I hate, but I hate smarts flopping to ok. I hate how much and I were Larry when he it is game three when he got knocked down and he tried to get the flagrant found. He was lying on the ground when he got kicked in the in this. When we want to make her need em. I know how right now, let's go back his appendix had burst,
They want a meagre, got a pretty good. There know nobody, but then it was. These really gone, Flagrant is oh, my god: it's gonna have to go the hospital there's again. Your father was a good, let's ride dollar five, whereas there about that we're here, apparel, our ease is based is try to defraud the rats. Just like smart does that was in somebody whose is it I oughta Lowery bullshit. Is anybody has been for years now in that guy? Lowery stuff was in his bad. Smarts was think stand about Marla, fake flat, lab and fast bright does. But where was the author it wasn't a guy with the ball and asked what it really is. The guy right so you think, there's a guy. You can't be for one against the other they're the same guy. You have either to support it or bigots them. I hate all of it. I hate all of a sudden Anderson's by here all by to just any interest in Jersey for him in the first round to be like the all caps. What was it like
integrity of the game, yeah when Lowry, so I'm big just is fixed like any other, I hate. Look, I'm telling you right now, smart, when it's when it sucks what its gross its growth and on ever like it. I'm not like all that's cool. I hate that ship will stand. She just put a Fuckin jersey anyway, that's it put a Raptors jersey, I'd just suggest openly room for them. He have some sort of vice against Boston anyway, that was the into homer corner that bill. The Pakistan is back. I quickly just one talk about the Steve NASH. I know you cover learn your bike asked one of the dumber basketball, nor is it the last year I just I never talked about it. I just want to say two things, because sometimes I'm amazed when things become court on core controversies for the legacy of great players being hired as coaches is part of the
play the game, but especially guards, and you look at guys who just became coaches without being assistant just since the merger, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six Doc Rivers Jason Kidd as a time is Steve. Kerr Mark Jackson, MAGIC, Johnson, Danny Ainge, West wretched these documents. This is a thing that happens over and over again league, because I think teams feel rightly so. That guards then add the best sense of how game is played their leadership positions and just how goes plus Willis Red Labour sounds Billy. Cunningham all then became her. He's red away, you done ass, it was an assistant prayer says one thing, the second thing NASH, I would say out of any top fifty player ever and he's a top. Fifty guy was proud the best coaching candidate, just because of what kind of where he was with the sun's where he was a surreal Blair. On the one hand, the under in that he has for basketball, so high level, but on top of it was a balloon.
The tea maiden leader and I told the storm for- but I Wouldn'T- we did through very then we went to dinner with him in some of the signs at Sunday adds an ash jerry. They were there in a cup, other people and NASH was ordering for everybody because they trusted NASH cause. He was like one of the first health gas ensured that these like Steve, should I get this fish with the butter on it and Steve? I mean the guys like a bull. With whatever and people always thought well. If he ever wants the coach, the be an amazing coach, but which brings me to the third piece which is hitting want. A coach has got divorced here. Had you got remarried, he had small kids. You won't be this. Kid sees carved his whole life out, the last for or five years Bizkit. The kid sets a third piece, but then the fourth pieces, the biggest. Who do you think the hired, Steve NASH? Wasn't Sean marks wasn't Joe sigh
Katy inquiry- who do you think TAT Red Acadia could said if they want to carry out its stay, the coach guess what they would have kept any Atkinson, its Upstairs league lukewarm, last year, the Lakers guess what? If Lou, if Lebron Wanna do Barbara stage coach, they were kept lukewarm. The best players decide the coach James harden. Kevin Mikhail did want chemicals, bees, Coachee more began the fuck out the guardian, Tony the stars the themes they pick, the coaches, NASH? Has a relationship with the red, as everybody wrote about for four days three clearly, a dash, as you say, coach. So how does this become a bigger situation than just that that this guy's a top fifty guy who Nobody thought would be awesome coach. If you want to do it and Katy wanted the masses coach done. There's no story, that's it! I just want to say
quit break to remind you of all of our last May? Have fainted football covered here at the ringer? Ignore the ringer dot com read all the pieces that we have had over the last few weeks, including some late ones, and then the Ringer draft guidelines. Updating the rankings constantly Danny's Craig Whore, back, you can hear them and the Ringer fantasy for Russia, which did three last week, they balance been really fun. I'm an attack on parents. About? How our have fun, have fun it's been with by said, but check that out. I'm not to whole story about my Son of Fantasy Football, which reminds me it's time for parents When a car MAX'S America's number one used car retailer, it is back for this. Second straight year, presenting parent corner and the bs podcast. The first year is a triumphant one and ended up with category car, while whether you're buying or selling her friends, a climax, are on your side
The seven day money back guarantee, occur MAX you get a full weight to decide if it's a wreck, our for you or simply return for full reefer. No questions asked if it's time to sell stuff by car MAX today to get a customer for in your car, leave with payment hand or take a week to think it over its carbine car sign the way it should be. A car max check him out today, a car Maxine, I quit quick coroner resell. My son had his first fanciful by drafting Friday night. He got invader where you be in a draft with eight graters eighteen draft. Here, really gotten into four by the last year is learned all the stuff in the video games. He actually knows whose good he knows who the players are stuff like that, so I got to watch him. Dive into this fucking weird worlds of rankings and
Who do I have? What ran? What do? I do a five? The first pick. What do I of the sand pit and rode on a piece of paper all of his rankings, fur firm like one to fifty so he'd be ready. China explained him. The tears thing didn't go very well, By its new number one overall, no, but I was like look it's an eighteen league. I think you have to prioritize like quarterback or getting on the top to tide ends. Because you'll be able to make a there, so many good runny backs after in eighteen. Will you be able to get those later, but try to get like my homes are Lamar. Try to get Kelsey, so explain everything. The guy got it. I got it so doing the thing- and I might Have Clyde Edward sailors? Gotta be your fifth your v when he does, though he is cuz, now the keys the chiefs, guys gonna, put a bloody I'd, say that that that stupid so is going through.
Gangs is, I know that a like here that he's night than this list is tat than this US, unlike bed, is just trust me. She's gonna But how could he not trust you like? I give the dead son Ex, but he still isn't capable like trusting his dad who built a sports empire like isn't it like give us dad credit even on that. So that was my point. I was like a don't ask me for my help? If you're not gonna, listen me and be like a kind of funny, What I'm doing. I was plain fantasy football when you're Linus seventeen years old. I was, I put Edward Celerity should be. The fact is, I gotta. Think Michael Thomas is really gonna make. What that's fine, but thou, be stupid. Take ladders lair and then try to run on the chief som, explain its home I'd, get as many jobs as possible is again good idea, good idea I'll do that or get as many ships as possible. Then we can.
The chiefs and anyone who score on my guy you're gettin it. So he takes quite Edward solar. Fifth, come back. Second round gets my homes and then it goes the third round and he's oxide EC. As you say, there ever take Travis, Elsie is gonna, be great. I'm an amber homes amid have quite Travis, Kelsey we'd have, sheep. So awaiting guys are going up and he's on that he's one away. Then the guy firemen takes Kelsey an he had like this fuckin meltdown. Yeah melt, I just I just turned sick throne things, and just in real time I got to see somebody become actually addicted offensive upon this moment,. He thought it was getting. Travis Kelsey had no idea. The rug was can be pulled out from under him and anyway so the draft goes through or you saw the beginning of accuse sixteen smoking cigarettes. A seminal Evans pick a fight, the Navy in scale hanging out. Scape orders hit us by the end of the Japanese, like that was,
Some cannot be in yours, I wouldn't know this, as you know the delusions doubted addictive per night out by said, say: I want to be more these that was so much fun. He staring at his team. He showed, the guy he's gonna get around one and it was just like you know it's it's fanciful balls, never get it dies they added you'll have another twelve year old is now in for life fantasy for Papa I get it. You can't be in league with you there. That's collusion, you would. You would ask him to start trading, you start now. You want to be my partner. He wants to help me pick. My team. Yeah, but you know you're not gonna, be good at that you're not going to get it there, innocuous largest, they would ever Latin yeah right. What he wants bob them you're, not gonna care unless you're picking the guys. So it was all think I was really psych, though, to watch in real time.
Get hooked. Are those little moments is a dad. Were you see ass things like your constantly learn more about your kids, the whole time I was here sanctions, dorky thing at such a waste of time. As you know, I hate fantasy football, but I get so back in every year. Eight, it you talk. I hang about theirs. Eleven losers in only one guys happy the Annie, you get a couple, congratulatory fall, gauze and new whence of money, but ultimately it gets that nearly a satisfying, as it is frustrating two hundred times more frustrating that it is happy when you win so like do. I wish I didn't preference for Bulgaria, but I can't stop kit of it to leave. I dont know why a bigger problem, why will it could tire Commander Kyle you Kyle really loves. It cause I kind of like over the top a little bit you got your guy Kyle, who do you trust the most revision vice?
is bill. I'm never won a week. Let's be honest, I think I think he said that he is one only once so. That's good enough for me, I'm gonna go oh I've gone again. I think he's gonna yeah exactly I was not allowed on the video. I think said the shade he's gonNa Kyle. I think he's doing nurse and rolled up like a buddy again Vanessa. I just don't want you gotta see home living renown endemic in and you can't change my mind on. That's that's why we won't, I think, I better get dark for a second year, he's under thirty Labour day Sunday. This is about is going out now, but you can't go anywhere where you can find some now. What does this go? Go. I've got to say this is great. For him because we told him we might do something after Lakers Rockets, but now fuck it in that, unless I James harden, as eighty points were not putting up the atop the partridges splendid. Split it up what layers, rather than it will just because you said that now he's gonna win. It could be two hours can be led. We're gonna have to withdraw the bar now we're not in any anyway check our car max impact.
Mozilla we're moving to Thursday night starting next week. So this up Bing Thursday or the now that a week from thirst, no brownstone that can achieve for like ten days, but we are were, were pretty pumped fur. The Thursday night possibilities sat how much Papa Hallmark. Have you done. I'm about ten percent, where any to be right. Now it's Bessie your ninety percent. There, ten percent there dorm ten percent of where I need to be so yeah, I'm a high above are pick it up like that. My will things like mindset season was like all the college football, but I mean the basketball thing every day that this is what I've got my routine down and then its basketball. My big, the West Coast is like once they're over. I don't really know what to do. I'm going to get in a couple other side projects. You know me very creative guy that the side projects go on. So I try to get those I gotta get up in the morning, then I really like tournament night but as I say that
he's no next Sunday. That means next week or back a week from Thursday. Thursday night, through basque barn through the first week afraid through the draft through first week, a fridge, see. And then God only knows when the NBA is coming back. Yet out of it, as you were right bout that early because you can already tell by what silver saying like it's not gonna come back. Even well, I just don't think you're gonna wanna Missy this Christmas games, though, that there is no way that their plan- on that day, I wouldn't think so. Did you see the am the patriots go position? Purse is depressing as the Red Sox rotation this past week. Have you paid attention at all to they had a guy, When pigeon game in six years, then this other dude Andrew tricks was that the name they had a tbd. On the other. This red Sox thing is Brook
they understand that when you take in baseball it's not the same like it, doesn't guarantee a chance for the Braun the term. Everything around this taking in baseball. Shit has to be the most overrated approach to anything, still, I could do the whole the Houston Asters they ever, loves. The idea they tend to be really went through that Ross. That one of those games taking to me is completely different for baseball and idle. I does that what's happening, this risk seasons grows. So I only have one friend than a text that the Red Sox with my friend had she still torturing himself watching these guys, urging all of these games? Why? He claims he's not, but I know he is cause I'll get some tax, like. Oh, my God, J D just turned on one of the thick. What her he we're both so angry at the big change shit that the Red Sox
owners mailed to every Red Sox, fanned the share any it's. It's like. We won for titles and so hard to complain, but you know you won't like a modicum of feeling like they care about us and the pictures they're putting out. I e kit overstate how bad their thank you routinely. Somebody will come in the guy today. Give up six runs like an in it and it's over and over again at people. You've never heard of such a big market teams. One of the five most lucrative franchises. And it had movies just crushing for the Dodgers it she's waiting. Worse and worse, are you talking about me Hall who had a career. Thirty, one innings, the tigers, the previous two years and now, as is pitched in three games to the socks and as an area of nineteen point, eight
nine therein, they give you, however, to runs very if you went through this who pitch today, Ouch Rigs Hall Lair Springs right. This is they're right. There's the rotation is the baseball video game without the players licence, one other blotted out shout out the with the patriots. You know this came Newton stories inspiring He really seems like everybody's everybody's fired up for this come back season. They liked him captain Our Jake's been raving about a mother. I have some long time. Patriot p, four Lego any time he's raving about. Somebody like this is up to something sided, always it, but they have. They gave him the worst skill guys. So it's like, you might have this rejuvenated candidacies, embedded signal yourself outward James? Wait Julian at a man had in the last stage of his career. She called me Myers
and hopefully Nakayla Harrowby Happy send it to rookie tight, go nuts, I don't I'm just nervous. As always, I believe, embellish Jack and I trust I'm trusting the process is my point. Bela check. If you re in a restaurant, you do. I re parking, great front house, salads or unbelievable. Yeah appetizers around point on tracer Great deserves a terrific. Why are they playing pan terror? Why were listening? They can bring my grandmother, you she loves the hell. I should love Zanzibar, but they're playing panties
that doesn't mean the meal was an amazing, doesn't mean there wasn't great value, doesn't mean we didn't we'd like we're craving their food again. But why and that's a bell check is with wide receivers. He can't you just can't like. Yes, the welfare thing was great great job on gentlemen, but trade in cigarettes or pursue them caught him and all that eyes you contrasted he just he knew He's a wide receiver specialist you need someone, they could be like a bill were we to I love. These adds about not turning in your parents were the guy's circling the thing I forty goes up here because it's silent in the women's like I don't have silent on my phone. Is it? Yes, you do it's up here at the top and then he's at the home depot and he's on speakerphone by Ky Republic space. Why are we why we on speaker phone just keeps reminding Belichick need somebody to go hey where we pay six to guys at work that productive in the PAC twelve? What do we say about Florida Florida, guys that are just they run a good forty
deadly made any catches. No okay! We don't take them. So would you see the list of all the all the second rounders they squandered, either by trade or pics? If he's like nine, four hundred and thirty four in the around. It's almost like he likes. The list are my friend, J Jura. Gerasa was ninety nine thirty, four. Wait from Bill Marshall yeah, your friends with him Yeah he's a, I don't know, I know other Boston sports fans who do who were at her You know he's he's a summer on the vineyard guy, so I knew him when I was a teenager. I didn't know your friends O J, while he is he's like my friend had she's a hard core and he he went, need looked up every sector and pick
it has paid out at. We were nine for thirty four, the security we would think Superboss has a fuck a possible way before we go. You have to do your imitation of bar Jackson as movie critic, Okay, alright, here we go ready. Alright, three hundred and twenty one tenant, unbelievable budget, great expectations, you walk in you grab your popcorn. You sit down boom stars everywhere. Explosions, buildings, they're, moving, but what day is it my travelled through time? I thought we were, or am sleep or am I not us I thought we already did there. What day is it? Is this time travel They knew they Louis does again enough credit for what can act there. He is
give me love now. Look I like pizza too, but at some point you have to mature You can't just walk around town sleeping with everybody deliver pizzas. At some point, you have to open up your own pizza shop. People talk enough about hot dog, the movie now you know what don't do anymore, it's a accurate that sets out the action. I move as you mixed up Pizza Boeing care by me love. I was going to say anything. I finally arrive alarm and invite heat. It pays the girl, the data died ass. Any man see, I can't believe I secured by me- love but actually their own part, the routine that buddy farther out. Ok by me, love instead, people say: how do you spend your cap space? Well, look at Ronald Liquor, that was rather value member.
You're gonna get the modern within the Damon purpose. Right, gotta say best signing of the off season: great value there for one thousand dollars the girl gets a new dress. She does it get in trouble. He dates. Cheerleaders I'd say that was a good use, a cap space mama there goes that thousand dollars marrow street doesn't give credit for what a good actors she is. Jackson he's a good guy Again, let me look say Johns use all my all time. They I was so happy when Embrued one rookie year, someone people understand that Blackjacks than as a movie credit should be a bed therein. They there in the NBA games. They turn thy third court. Eminency paper get low, grog age, as I said that migration big he maxine any movies and just
Let's hear, let's hear whatever happens, watch a great escape the other night, my question, Jeffrey Gandhi, how great was the escape to be honest day? One presented not set the tone very lax. I just want to grace gave the other night. There was a real lacks prison like the guy she's got around and do a ton of stuff like no wonder and we come on, that's an old buddy are Kyle. For working on Labour day Sunday. You can put this plan at the matter. What happens with brackets Lakers hope with James highlighted, is that seventy points Priscilla. We can listen to to your pads this week. I'm sure you have some. Past of coming and then your back here we moved to Thursday. Officially so for a programme that gains that means after I taped Thursday am offer a couple days ago. Might we're go, might to get the car go somewhere but still be locked into the
resellers good to see you are it thanks to resell out thanks to spy I dont forget about our new contest on fanned it's very important, You can't there and I can check kick your ass You have to go to find Oda com, such mega contest or just search fared on fender. It's free pick, five nfl games spread, including one doubled their end. If you finish the tap on than the seas long leaderboard! You make the plan to compete for a share of twenty five thousand dollars. It's that simple played for free. They know slash mega contest, make your stray weak ones coming. I will see you for the rewards balls on Monday night visuals, specks in then I see two, then I guess the Lancet Cousin South Year fourteen looking forward to achieve it.
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