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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by SI's Chris Mannix to discuss Magic Johnson's impromptu resignation as the Lakers' president of basketball operations (4:05). Then Bill talks with Stugotz of 'The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz' about the tortured NY sports fan bases, Dwyane Wade's retirement, the NBA playoffs, and more (56:25).

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Stu gods and then make a Louis the some acclaimed author, but then magic hats and gave the weirdest press conference not only the year but in the recent Adams. Nba. History is really one of the strangest MBA days whereat, so we taken this at nine o clock, pacific time Tuesday night, we just had a whole bunch of basque about just watched Oklahoma City. It do an improbable, back where he stood out a chance. The lock up the number two seed and blew the game at the end there spare well, is amazing: a dramatic pissed Greece's game that had Tapie pick ramifications for the Celts. I, what not a basque today with the MAGIC press conference trumped anything so Chris Manic says come up here to talk about that and then stick That's John. We, from at the eleventh hour, show who have been dying, have come on forever. He's gonna come on to talk about where this is gonna, be an awesome, awesome, basque, well, back ass, but first our friends,
from project- I am allied right now and we haven't had a mind before we send the S back as Chris Man, extra sports illustrated Dazn he's his unease. Coast is midday, its past midnight EAST Coast, but I feel like this is the biggest weirdest and based on of the AIR Magic Johnson, stepping down from the Lakers. What was your reaction Chris Mannix, I don't know where man like last regular, seizing game. You think in the same way done dearth of done and magic just before the meeting with Lakers Blazers Gate acid Betty,
what's it like, maybe you can get it all with peel back all the layers, but they're like this is just that this is the such a magic Johnson thing to do, because you know this is the guy that was like it. What I don't wanna be had gotten worse, Ah you know what I do want to work hard at being a talk show out screw it now he doesn't want to do the work required to be it. I'd be executive, so this is kind of on brand for magic job, I've thought that he was going to scale back. I did that they do is any way in hell that get magic, we're gonna be in charge of the Lakers this summer, either they're gonna get rid of one get both or have magic scale back and when a pointer, It was some sort of one of those. Three options was happening and actually predicted on this pod last weaker. We before that I thought magic was going to scale back considerably, did not expect not only what he did, but
how he did it. Let's be honest, super unprofessional. Didn't you tell Genie Bus made up, over and over again of talking about how it was his sister Anne. Much, he loved their and yet he didn't have the balls to just car in the fire and say he was stepping down want. You want to see him person so, but it's better for to find. On television. That was one of the strangest things I've ever seen as a Basque above and adoption of it. My overreacting urge you feel the same way in which its right, there been trying to think of something more bizarre in the wedding Flash retirement kinder.
Area. I don T go of too many amendments and always like behind the smile of magic, though he's pattern all too well, but he seemed like a pretty decent guy and is always a great deal in this man, but I mean the smiling through the narrative of heavy, couldn't look his boss in the eye intelligent acquainted with this guy had a three hour meeting yesterday with Jim Buzz and didn't say any of that right. Any time during the three hours, when you are discussing the future of this team, you might want to say I'm not can be a part of it in his joke about how he's talking to people at the arena that night about the future that the in their pocket him, but the future. The demon he's just sitting there Santa
I didn't know I just wanna like they don't know, but I'm not gonna be hurried over. The whole thing was just not that many kind of the old taken away by the current. We all know that that from a date took over, you want to replace the woman. I was talking to someone really close to Luke earlier than I do like you know from day. One Luke felt like this guy wants money from day, one publicly and privately. It was all negativity from from the Lakers front off its better. They gotta pull out bearing confirm what you want is gone, but I couldn't tell Junior, do it couldn't clash with Genie was just It was just bizarre but that there was nothing. He said in that, like forty five plus minute that wasn't bizarre yeah in it just kept going and going the hirlaji busting was weirdos. Where that he broke down it. Was that here. About how he wanted his life back. And how he wasn't happy, which look. Everybody deserves Happy Anna. I don't blame him for that.
Ass, not sure what he thought he was getting into running a Basque. Our team, like he, had certainly been around basketball long enough. Oh it entailed He was alluding to Canada business of of of back stabbing in cattle. What is trickery, you somewhere like that about the dirty politics of people, floating stuff out there were: how did he put that you remember. You said something like that if I ever get back stabbing and he didn't like all the leaks and things like that, but you would have happened, was responsible fisheries by problems responsible for some of the, like your Juny boss, you were there bill, give us what the swollen your blame, the media for all the problems. Yet in the muzzle your people, like there's your people than the organization that will put a stop out there. I mean it just in the disconnect from reality was will start in that at all
all speech and then the Polenka stuff. He made it seem like it was an arranged marriage ingenious set it up here never really said anything nice about blank. I didn't say anything: bad bedded, insanity, nice, IE there they asked dvd players should be the wheel. Gee I'm going forward yoga jobs. They are now does not the narrative when they got the job thin air. Now is not an arranged marriage. It was like this is a partnership. This His great did, it was our big love fast will in turn this around and now he made it seem like they were just shoved together it which not. As a powerful about sure yeah, it's not true and as a powerful billionaire businessman. I think he has, I think he had our power and the relationship and blinkered did. If you didn't want to work with blank, I think he pretty reasonably sherry could squash thou incorrect, correct absolutely
you don't you mentioned at the top you're gonna magic wife. Did anyone take a step back and body might take a step back. The problem is that not too many guys that could work with that? He could take a step back and that person wooden rob the spotlight magic loved the spot. He loves the everyday all everything that comes with success, but not at least when it comes to basketball operations. The work the goes into it and point to play the sultan perfectly beginning because he wanted this job yeah. He wanted to be a part of the labour franchise one a Laker, so he was willing to play the game and you'll. Let magic be brought man if he could do a lot of the work that there are plenty of reasons why it has really worked up like I think it is
have the same ascension that Bob Myers did because the relationships with a lot of front offices but Billina had were damaged because of what he was, but he was of an age yet ass. If I was gonna say how he right, he didn't have great reputation, aided the bite but like it was the guy that could with stepping in and be ok, be deferential. Magic could have taken a step back. If you want you and worker rob like it is not a lot of guys that it would have an ok with that people. Without that type of marriage is not high level the ideas and I think when they got the job. I think a lot of it was ceremonial sort of Now we have a Laker legend and we have connected guy. In the leg, and these two guys are going to rebuild our within the league, which is that, where train wreck and Jimmy Bus was a train wreck Mitch Capture, couldn't gonna get a meeting with Cameroon. The rat was
I heard a great story about him. At least one is that the Lakers about how he was The only GM in the league could wait till one thousand two hundred and one a dot m on July. First to start calling people everyone else, channeling, unlike like April, but instead they made did to people that they hired that they thought removed. Then the stability and credibility it did the opposite. They may They made the Lakers a laughing stock, they let they landed. The Bron now leubronn I'll, goes to the Lakers. Whoever is writing them. Unless it's you know, somebody is an even bigger train wreck other than that you know it. Big and small like what they did last summer, with with all the guys they signed in magic, Splaining it in summer leg like there's a long. Video of him splaining out, everybody else is going for. Shooting I wanted toughness. Toughness what winds in the playoffs- and this is why we had this guy on the other guy, but the big and small, The like giving up zoo batch before the chair deadline, which is now legendary and be
story about them, calling the clippers in offering that deal on the coopers, almost not knowing what to do really. You pursue badge fur fur this guy. Ok, great, you know, they're just kind of Having start beyond the scene, which I had talked about repack as recently about you These guys we're in exactly burning the canned on both ends. I think they'd that the the is are out there that are really hard working know. The other, hardworking teams are the guys that are just everywhere and scouting. Everything, and What did you hear that frank? As I had heard the reputation,
at your side, was not get on that front. Now, in your point, like you, don't you can name the top five g ends up atop your head and the one threat that binds them all is justice. Ridiculous work ethic, whether it's your dollar or SAM Presty in Oklahoma City, can can lose all over the place, scouting and as a great success in Denver. What what what they do and magic never had that reputation. I think of another part of the two, though, is that you don't know what Titles were the guys that work under rob later, but you didn't have a very big step. Now have a baby. I thought the true deferred assistant gm there and all the great he's been and more point when you are new front office with complete novices at those position, you gotta fill it out with really good experience and you gotta have the depth of the staff of you to our or stand in Tokyo,
in general. But when you have that young front office, you gotta do that. I think that was big problem, so I don't think robs been very trusting of a brain, kind of a top level. Just underneath- and I think that's been problematic there by the guy's due to their credit above adapt. Rapid, pretty one idea that makes a mistake was raised from the draft has worked out real wealth of them at last couple years, except for the obvious back a bit better, Jason paid over laws of- maybe not in this situation right now, because the good of Meda Davis, trade or Dear Fox, to yeah, I example, I am a magic was just seem so out to lunch in that press France. He was all over the place and one of the funniest moments may be tragic. Funny was talked about. The angel restaurant goes out of his way. To put your praise, the angel rustled. You see that fire and Ngos
the ideas here, let me only ask you this is this: is this twitters first casualty like an mba? Probably like my ten thousand put you a bit, is there's a lot of reasons magic word but like not being able to players. That was great. He was up, they couldn't work out with Benson Suzanne, another team. He really seem like he was really bristling that it can help their players. Other teams, in that it was a violation. Meanwhile, secondly, can be afraid like two years, but did believe us. He's also offers record that, like nobody in these I've got to find him. If he tweeted wait. Wait regulation not find him between. That was a whisper gray. I like, where there's something that our problems, only the only in his mind, and it was basically like now, I'm free I get to do it, weeds and work out. We ve been Simmonds when I was a goodies argue about the rustle thing here. The point of saying. Like look, we traded the angel Russell and it's been really.
Great to watch him mature into what he did this year. But he wasn't mature like that when we had em and it's a Ghek as he was twenty one, which makes oh he's, more mature nowadays, twenty three, I can't believe it well, crazy story. I didn't forget to eat, he kissed the aid. On the way up to anything, TAT Radium, kicked him on the way up the door so by I made it if it is true that the change history to a great degree with all that because he was he was very nice, It was rough one ppm yeah, and they gave up on somebody really early to get rid of the mass golf contract or create space to get this second free agent that they thought there getting everywhere where's kept secret and illegal last season was that there are getting Paul George, and then they ended up not getting Paul, George and IDA. What I mean, what would you theory and that deal out of all the different theories that everybody has heard. Why do you? think they didn't get Paul. George.
I mean, I think it's a combination of Paul George. It's always been kind of a pleasure in the sense that you know like egos talk on the city. Any develops that bond with with Westbrook and that's hard from the walk away from because of what would happen between those two guys. I also gotta give that the front office their lot accredit because they mean from day one of the different that was there, go all seas along to the sell him on the French. I thought, maybe this other stuff find it like the here, the brewer stuff, that without there for a little bit, maybe this board that we don't open. I gotta know about yours pretty well over the years, and is it didn't shock me at all?
stay, because I knew what he was hearing from the old woman, steady front office, and I knew your really from month one the type of relationship. He was developing a browser Westbrook and there are some agency staff to his will see a mortal rivals with clutch. Let's see a push, you have Polenka versus Iain, but the guys really make a decision like on that note factor, but that's those of the people there in his life you know and if they feel like they rather shove. Em verses, tell Casey versus had been in the shadow of the Lakers magic was talking about this is a three year plan and I put them in there are great shape now four year, three do feel like their great shape, because I look Brian entering What is a year, seventeen next year year? Eighteen as it's like pretty significant injury of his career, the shared values that could play basketball for six months. You have
Brennan Ingram with a really serious black, clad issue. We have no idea if he's gonna be healthy. You have launched by whose heard have to season who embroiled in one of the sadder family controversies slash, Crisis is with the business and the whole thing that he's going through and we're not even sure that he's even pretend all star someday, I dont think dab another all star on the roster. Their draft pick is gonna, be somewhere between nine and eleven. I dont think they have enough get Anthony Davis, I mean now that it's gone to the summer. I think three teams have more assets to trade than they do for Davis, Why would anybody think this team is unlike fantastic shape, because I certainly don't it it's a bit that disconnect a reality, but I was talking about what would he say that end? what can I you define shaped therein, but yet with a fully healthy with Anne and these young players? All
B as well. I guess I guess there apply upping next year, where maybe they also bill. Have the color rebuild the roster to a degree regardless, because all these guys that they find the one your contract? want to bring back like you bring Rondeau back now. Debris led even send back again the mean that maybe go different direction and a new GM tries to find more shooting, but you gotta incorporate probably for new players into that rotation and meet me can't discount the fact that, as soon as the Deva stuff came up, those young guys we're looking at the broad differently. They were looking around the locker room and saying well, you know, because we connect the dots pretty easily you'll. You were trying to traders, but I don't know how you go back to training camps with any degree of trust, knowing that, if a chance to acquire player ex comes up the broad and in that team is going tribes, radio, unless New GM comes along and somehow they were the foster some kind of better environment. I did because big
problems, you'll developing chemistry with the same group next year in the brain, has been out he's been quietly doing the local media make good tour I don't have you ve noticed says, but they are big: big big puff peace, Like two weeks ago, the ally times about all the entertainment stuff, that he's In that made it seem like you know, he was the next Walt Disney was. It was laughable, then you have a data. If our review a gmail, who is this kind of the local icon, much like our Bob Lobel was the guy in Boston for years and years. Gmail is the guy here has been forever, and just did you know, It interview with the Brown, never asked them really about the ramifications of the infant Davis thing, whether he thought he made a mistake. None of that is the very safe. Cabal Ball interview that that nothing tough was asked Anne. He seems to be rebuilt. His image
in a way which is in the exciting. Like yes, rehabilitate the it's, it's kind of indifference. You know this they call me town and it's a shack and cream and magic town and the attitude I think with the Lakers fans is kind of like you Laker now in LA bronze. Whole attitude was on Lebron James and it never seem like that. Totally mash never felt Brian was a quorum quote. Laker, you know and I dont know how you rebuild them especially if stuff comes out which was by Ex question: do you think it that part of the reason magic did. This was because he didn't click with Leubronn. They weren't on the same page. She didn't like the people, the influence Leubronn had he didn't really talk about Leubronn that much in this press conference jet, I was interesting. Would you think of that offer yeah? He didn't. I'm sure, there's bets you're dealing with not leubronn, but everything that comes into being part,
Lebron James operation. It is difficult for energy and, as we have seen in the last two stops, but I just keep going back to what we know about magic that MAGIC Johnson just really liked being MAGIC Johnson, and he took the Laker job because who wouldn't needed is franchise, is not only being empowered as the man when it comes to bath about the fishes, but you'll, given life, is the higher polenka to to do all this stuff. They want to do and then no kind of realise that you ve got a hop one plain and travelled to like Croatian, give her hand beyond the phone with your head coaches in Austria, the ear a little bit of something to be able to draft the guys that you need to drop. You have this kind of start new relationships with guys. You probably never thought about darting relationships with
the offer the bulk of your life and not just takes an incredible amount of work. I'm always just so impressed with the genes that I know that work as hard as they do it as long as they do. I just think there was probably something going on behind the scenes with whether at the direction he was getting from the Brides Camper, whoever was leaking all the stuff about Davis Divide is taking it boiled down to eat it. They won't do He decided on a whim but he's gonna now, if he didn't want to do it and in the press conference, he made that whole point of how much love closing a deal. And how is like, if I can get somebody in a room, I'm in a closed. That's what I'm good at that's. Why I'm good at his business businessman? That's what I really love and You know what he didn't say. Will what would you like to see him? Try the danger, robots like why. Why is like I bear last week, yeah sure, The case of him saying that was basically like all I really love doing, is trying to recruit. People come the Lakers, but the rest of the year
air fares, whole scouting. In watching Basque, our games being around the team. Everyday rises. Gonna be there are sick. What do you think The president, but ask of operations- and I mean, do you think you think velvet like it, the subjects cut it start doing this early. It allowed him to do that, but, like they dont go on the road to the public or limit the scope. Anything that is, that the big room and gotta watch together the jazz do this than like. There appeared screening room at their practicability. Giving magic was watching, like all those first round games now like on Thursday, with the locked in in the way you need to be locked in the b. I live with that guy. I dont nobody didn't, but I don't believe that is why he has a pretty giant business. You now and his, and he does a lot of charity workin like the job. Of being magic. Johnson is its own job. Danny Ainge doesn't also have a business and he competing on Fourchan, competing against. I look at the south exe
Danny age may examine in Austin Age and they blow and there the horror, innovation, that's in place, really strong structure and all those as work hard. You will get the clippers went from you know by here comes in, and things doc and just be. The GM in the coach at the same time is no idea. What is doing is openly admitted this. After the fact and then in within a few years now you have, a real organization and you have low its frank, you, doctors, coach in the team, You have our Jerry West as adviser and all the other people they brought in and now that he knows what they're doing and yet in over again some of these franchises think they can do. With the old way we did it and like the seventies and eighties, or it's like I'll, just get magic, Johnson and he'll run. In its white paper. Can't do that anymore. This is too hard of a job and the people, competing gets or to good at it. You know
Why is it always, though, like the Marquis came to do this by the next and Bill Jackson and the Lakers the MAGIC Java teams, with like I'm limited resources, I'm gonna write blank cheques, do whatever they want to write checks to be they don't have the foresight to know, that's not the way to go about their business and really, if Eugenie Boss, like once your heads up spitting in your answer, like your nine thousand text messages about this subject there. Ah it is not like manna from Heaven like you gave the job,
To the guy, everybody loved the magic John improved over two plus years, but he really was up for the job. Now you can go out and do you should have done to begin with, which is used that check book to offer the job to best GM out there that I dont know those guys eight the job, but I think this gonna be a lot of interest in it from a lot of people. They might not expect right away through the Lakers you're worth like three plus billion. You gotta see the other page, one hundred eighty million dollars a year. You ve got the staple centre, which is Prince money during your home games. You don't you just like Fedex that check the same pressing as they let you fill in the number like that. Don't you do that like my wrong that you just at least go big big game hunting with those genes we go down on the list. I have. I have an answer to this, but all that we can take a break. Let's take a bite stuck by zip recruiter as they place approach having a healthy Give me the difference. Tuna championship run an
the exit. This is why I like the rackets, I think, their deep. I like their bench. I don't like the worries, benches share and out what to make of the salt expense stay. There is bench. Has too many people on the bench? You need depth, every position, dont get stuck Anderson their crush mama, keep your ass. Your strong all year was the procurator. Their powerful technologies can thousands of Erasmus find people at the red experience for your job and the Tec does stop there and even learns. What kind of, Did you like and invites more more people apply so effective? Eighty that of employers opposed answer. Procure get aquatic Canada through the site in just one day: listeners, guess what you can try for free good as it calm, slash, bs once again that zip code, it outcome, Sash Ba, It is the smartest way too higher. So I am with you
This mindset has gone badly a couple times where the teams right the big check for somebody like we saw this with the next until fell Jackson. It didn't work, but there also hiring a guy who, I think was at the point his career, much like magic, where he's that could be done the candle on both ends in competing against eat out or use since I boston my the thing we we keep dancing around and we haven't talked about yet is I I Think there's any evidence that Genie Buses, a good owner, resell. I've done about this on our part, as couple times seems like a very nice person, respected around the league, every He likes her eye think she we have any indication she has any idea what she's doing or that she is better or worse than her brother was in her brother was terrible, though the though, in retrospect this. Magic point cacambo work. One of the worst ideas of the decade from it or from an mba judicial standpoint and idle.
Trust that she's gonna figure this out on the fire. When evidence do we have so you talk about like I don T, do this work combine its bad ownership and sat the bad for our offices. It's the fact that stolen is the next owner. The James and change, but he still the owner the bus family since duck Jerry died? The g can change their still. The owners in I don't know, I think bad ownership is insurmountable. We had it in Boston Member way back when with awe with that with Paul, asked in the guy before Wick member does then they are to save a million dollars and we love and Baker has like a serious alcohol problem and that trade The combination that trade than that leading to rape of France with the Anti Roma I mean that set the timber five years. You can't recover from stuff like that site for me. It's like, I always goes back to the owner. Who are the really bad owners that who have actually had sustained success, not Roberts, armor,
We got the line. It's like the owners are always follow the owners yeah you're either. Unknown commodity as a good honour, or an order that just hires good people and stayed out away at appear overspred for decades been was for decades, just in a while and that everything loud pop in our cedar gotta do every don't I am. I am going to give you any kind of a mulligan year. I'm sure I goes to wrestle control away from from a brother. She hasn't priests bed when the Lakers are still in a good position Why are you so? This was a whip like I'll, give her another opportunity to do the right thing, but it like if she goes out and NATO hires coping about me. Like you, don't like I'd like a hasty green, the media, I dont know if she does does one of those they benefit the back there I will. Maybe she does. It really understand will take the wind brazen beer I think she's been really really really get at work in the media. I think that's
her best go so far. I also think like we do for sure, if she's a bad, only at the end, As pointed out by leg, you said: maybe this is her. Mom again see bomber was not a good honour. The first two years on the Coopers unaided, think he's become a good owner and I think the gross back. First two years with the south. It was not a good honour and I think he avenged became a good hour. I think there's a learning curve. The staff I was caught new owner syndrome. Were there first two years. They think they have figured out, lay down in her case. Did seem like the parlor, isn't she heard plank and magic was to stay out of the way and Let them do you know, they carry the water in, and you know that we are ready to do it. I I I they like there's board of this story. Don't you like this? just to wear that on a whim? He decided to resign and not tell her down to my right.
Facts are gonna put it that way, but there's a part of me that they can buy that. But again, this is magic. Travis is like. The EU decided ninety four Laguna. We lost five straight so that this kind of thought, no matter the occult anyone. You know, if you remember that with the magic, our I know, you're, probably big watch your back and idea, but I do know yet the quota came out of that. We're like this would just even you show up for some of the reversals in their production. Stop it. I think excited called him like an absolute disasters that making this is kind of you just magical again. This is- and this is an act of a lot of fun, so I'm just on this now
can I do this anymore, but the owner stuff like it's all it, although we hired like you, were respected a good owner now because empower Danny Ainge, your daddy, don't rapid job, all the other. Only dimension Cubans, like this eccentric guy, that you'll make headlines, but you, but I think it a good order because you put Donnie Nelson Clarity but Re Carlyle there, yet them there the offer for a generation. So this is her her shot right now it the Lakers. I think it agrees to an incredibly appealing job, like the lining up to get this job. This is going to be just a massive decision for well, they have cap space and they still have somebody who, if he can stay healthy for a whole year, still one of the best five offensive players in the league still about what I'm wondering. What would you like that, like the hypothetical like what if stamp rightly takes the beleaguered job? What a stamp rightly do in the project, but they won T taking responsible gone unlike Buddhist.
In order to the catch the eye. I dont think somebody like Presty would take a job like that. I think is too many landmines between the age of Leubronn, though the people Around the brine- and you know, Just watch their whole season get submarine basically by rich Paw doing a plan new cycle, ironically Davis's trade demand. Where you know I don't the Lakers knew that was coming or not, but ruin their season. You now General. Did you see the quote gentry had tonight. He said. I know this is a Nick for does twitter feed. He said gently The fall out from the Davis, the trade discussions for both the Lakers in the pelicans was the most tax. Situation he's seen and thirty one years in the leg and he said ah basically like both just both teams- kind of in ruins after and its true that was used
about a coming out and how it affected everything like Davis last a year of his primarily ease twenty five years old. This is your seven that you don't know you can t get hurt two years from now. You don't have a lotta years like when you run cylinders and ages went away because the stupid shade that really we have no idea, even how close it was to come to that, I will never understand why they played it. That way, made no sense. In the summer maybe only the only reason I think Presty, would would consider a job like that is that I don't think he sees himself as in Oklahoma City.
For. I don't think that's gonna be only job yeah. It is career and end if he left now, you wouldn't be cutting in running on the funding of the EU have been set up, for least the next few years, with with those guys side. So beat the timing might be ok for him to go, but thou be the first point. I would make one about mental remarkable. What about Miss? I knew I'd probably got into a definite go to him. He was turned. Nothing was. I would would consider them in a part of aside. I didn't been apartment by four years, always want to try to rebuild in Toronto like TAT. The joke in Toronto for years of lake, now that the press release of doing cases firing was like printed six years ago, just kind of sitting on a server somewhere. Where did he get like winning winning enough to keep a job? I think I do miss. I would want to rebuild, but again the Lakers might grow like me. What what's too much money for the Lakers
a top executive visit, thirteen million- that is it like twenty million. This is non dollar number, that the language would live or should limit themselves to it, and that can be a factor in those negotiations will be the highest paid. You'll GM like em without their while in that's somethin. Next done a few years ago, when there has been in the film Jackson, money as they should have probably gonna disobey to be like Presty or whoever Jerry West. Thank you to old, is eighty at all I don't see. I am do the day to day anymore can be an adviser, Peter. I did get out of the jury. Wanting to do all I get goes back, don't think apathy which are in those that two historic did it for a long time. I don't they Jerry. I did he Michael back Lakers, just because it be like his triumphant return, but I don't, I don't think he'd want that full time job, but my ass on the old man did you say if I don't think I am
I'm done because that could have been like the five covered around leaving like what you do, a dream on green the sun. If you have an opportunity cases, the trade dream to train of, like seventy five cents on the dollar, to avoid paying him twenty twenty to jump on that opportunity. While they ve got a reboot, they run. Definitely what of one of the better fake trades is. If there is some sort of Orford for tree mind straight up where they took little extra money made the dead after thrown a contract. But Whether that would be something that appeal to both sides Celtics getting. You know, maybe we will be able to save some money. Whatever their plans are the summer, and God only knows but yeah, don't I couldn't. I could imagine bottom corporate so aboard them like I'm around that aim a lot. The corporate is like the ones boys all and populism insane human being I was worried, he's like thirty one million dollars next year and what I mean when we do care with fiery wines are coming back like at that point. I e and should be an object. Well, you know
that's a teen, that's in Fox the where's, our folks, the Lakers, our folks, like really Everybody is in flax, upper like three teams of summer, one one thing you mentioned about: how magic play changes, violence that this actually happen to me. When I worked with them and be a countdown we we did that for you're them together, and then that summer sometimes point there. In the summer they decided to keep Wilburn. I'm pity I hired Doug Collins and then It was staying. We film Whole commerce a thing, we spent this whole day, probably three, four weeks before the season when we filmed These commercials get ready for the season me jail in math. The Collins was there and in their magic quit with leg. Like ten days before the season abruptly, because dodgers had made the playoffs and he was just like I just
I just don't want to do the show anywhere ages quit. It is eight kind of like this, where it came out of nowhere the Thursday November as in New York City and asked We stated because I loved working with them, but this kind of reminded made today reminded me of that work out of nowhere. He just decided yet I want to do this anymore, and that was and then it was just like carnage after so and just added to the list. Maybe the next, like I dreamed that that story all right in line with, these are the coaching and peevish Owen, and now this is just what he can be rich and it could have a lot of fun just being magic job and that you try to ten at running the only franchise and probably ever offer him that type of job right. There was no greater taken at the time. The probably learn some improbable. Never ever do it again will never ear
MAGIC resurfacing as an mba executive. Her again, I wonder if he reserves Zat TV cause. He was basically lobbying for chapter. One of the many where things are their press conference was. He was lab Fred ESPN job. I heard him say a meter used to to be my producer thereof. Still friends, and he calling her out at the press conference immediately comfort for job for me as a good guy you're mad that other people are going for your job and now you're trying to get a job when it when they fired on the people for the show for the system you try to get their jobs what's happening. It was so I just want to be at affordable fly and look what bothers right now like good about look what wind like a power
Madam, I got the new Meda he's, the guy that that pulled it off, and I don't know I don't think important even happened. Allow you felt about it, but I knew he was gonna get fired in. Do he was gonna get fired up, but that was the later they would have done it just because it takes is like five guys at most. Then you can hire to culture, Lebron James T and like three of them are really available. So who do you bring in that as the gravest ass, the cultural abroad theme and is? It is better extra knows wise the lukewarm? You simply cannot bring in no the equivalent of tiny asking from a couple years ago. You can hire the hottest because it just wouldn't work well with the bronze. Left early off. I would have kept him, but you gotta be kidding his office. Just have you got a lay back I, but just having a good laugh, but this is actually outlining a in the whole thing was weird because you got heard before the Bron I've been before magic in full.
Gecko, it didn't seem like magic. Really, one of them is the coach and it really like he wanted to put. I don't know one of his own guys and there lay I was her Byron Scott and then The brown was there this year. There is a lot Jane, kid Buzz gone round, which made sense because They played on the way olympic team together and, Leubronn, really revered Jason kid as a t may, and a leader that year, so that made and to me that was gonna happen, whether Jason Kid ever gets in job again after what bun holders done with the box, that remains to be seen, but just all around I listen. I did a tweet. About, though the way this moments of of the season this year alone, that I'm just queuing it up, and I'd name this, the new number one here, the other candidates. You tell me if you so I had number one magic, quits press conference numbered the dream and Katy near fight in the Coopers game number three,
Davis, third year of this primacy, for no reason: no four Carmelo does not make it to two thousand nineteen, as a player number five butler declaring war in Minnesota. For reasons were still unsure of numbers it was the bulls, create a leadership committee, and now number seven was anything James DAWN Dead, now treated the Zack low tweeted back there. Couldn't believe decision season was so crazy mark how false didn't make the top seven I asked of it It's amazing did I leave anything out. Was there subsurface crazy celtic story that should have made the top seven. Now. Men entered the complete. The involvement of the topics can't be that big, a shocker differ. We ve seen like really power to pin yes, gonna go south in the pad out. I think that let me just like that other, like every day
doing what he did the only thing within shouting distance of the great it like the magic thing. It is like a grand canyon, five gap between Chicken everybody S. Norway to me is that is that bonkers that two plus years in you just gotta, says you don't screw it? I'm gonna go! Do stop announced in the Lakers. Are You know looking around wondering what to do with himself, and I did love where the magic like I'm willing to sitting on the bridge admitted like, like afraid, is gonna look at magic cause. The new level of this function there as some kind of reason to go and play for the later. That was another one, but had. We kind of in the heads laughed one watching it down again I mean I feel bag. I really like magic. I loved workin on them that year and I realized tat, he was a good guy and its use, here to wag somebody behave so strangely and almost like, he didn't by anybody. It was gonna win like he drove into work that day and said to himself. You know what he's got me.
Reporters there? I think I'm just getting help them. We make that hit that'll be cool. Some stuff to get off my chest, but didn't run by anybody in this life. You know like it like his way. Land rose in didn't just didn't, didn't anybody where there was a good idea that it there halfway to go out, I well let's, and on this I think the Lakers from really winning the two thousand ten Otto had started the decade for them and go through what happened the next year, a really bad title: defence, where the swept by the mavericks angel and am clause. I M J, J, brain the last game and just everything that happened now, you're the next year, Coolby blows out as Achilles, and then you talkin really haven't. I don't think I've been relevant as even a play off anything for the whole decade. That made the plan for six years. They have all these lottery pigs. Only Ingram and love.
Bower, those the only two laughed at all those choice. Lottery pics to have this- is this was. This is a really really really bad decade that the Celtics head after you know they had that brief through come back with the big three ninety one, ninety two, where they really were good enough to make the violence either those years now three Reggie goes down in the playoffs, never see him again then he dies. Then goes through the Emerald car era patino- that was a really dark eight year stretch that included the best part, I'm dying tragically, and I think that was probably All things considered the totality of it a little bit worse than this, but this feels just as bleak I guess the differences at least I still have Lebron James and there still something to build around with cap space I think coexist
coopers. Katy goes to the next at don't know. Where goes, I guess the cap's bay I just not sure what that translates into an ending could be in a situation like they were last year where they just couldn't get buddy like do you think it's more real estate, they get somebody, they don't get somebody night, I think it's more realistic. They doubts and a smart GM won't go out there and spend like won't become like your early grown felt circuit. You doesn't sixteen where it's like. While we ve got this money, every turn it down so but give it to the two thousand making burst of Yonder Amy right arm and in Internet Wilson. I think, as a smart gm that that they would hire would just pour money back into one year contracts that the problem like that, but the Lakers now have is that, like on organic clock, there
they're not in a bad place, right, buddy, you're, giving grim comes back with injury it and I'm with you by the way that the boy planting is here and lots of people how tradable here until you all these matters come back right, combat clear. But I guess, if he, U Pages, won't like growing this p through the young players. I wouldn't mind that can attract the wrong, but the want of a brown cloth you and that's what makes everything he also dysfunctional, as others can violated down there. So I dont know today I mean does: does a new GM isn't is qualified to Guatemala offered Jimmy Butler for years and the MAC Flacon that that's risky? Does he know the over pay for some of the second year guys I don't know, maybe I dont think they're gonna get one. Those talk to your guide, everything you said. I agree with with quite unless they get to the final in Toronto. I think that might make things interesting Durrant in New York, who knows what carry but I'll, be the Lakers from the top. Anybody live, in fact when
oh my by reporting of last month that do not end up anybody red right now for different reasons, but they're just not there, while in the worst case, therefore, liquor fan is theirs desperate to sow some sort of contending atmosphere, M, o brien- that that's when talk yourself into some really bad contracts. That's when Jim bother you in a four year MAX and united competing as anybody, because you just so desperate to get the second star and around The last thing they need is another Winkler. What they really net is is somewhat, who can rebound and protect the rim which Those guys are relying on here and what year, what you're Jimmy bother you paying for past performance, but here too like a one year. These does he breakdown physically. In your like looking at this, forty million dollar put your contract as albatross around your neck, that that's he's one of the more risky reagents that are out there, because I wonder what he could look like physically
over the years- and I think Dray, Mind- is actually realistic for if the where's, decide to move on from that and decide to move on from him for cap space and whatever else Think Davis's realistic for them. I think the clippers control any Lakers offer. I think this They can trump any Lakers offer, and I think the next, if there the ran and they get it like this and third fourth pick and whatever else. I think they could. Company off rather the Lakers for mere fourth fur assets, especially The Ingram status unfortunately be up in the air. I just don't they're. Not bowling anyone over now They won the lottery with like a three percent. She has her two percent chance. I really think that actually would break twitter we'll have the joke about out, twitter, it is winning the lottery toward break. If you like Twitter, longer work. We did it. We need new subsidy media. This is over
been broken, but that's really that's their Hale barriers, the lottery, the three percent jets or whatever you want, but the David stop, like the one we have always said is that it comes back in an hour. I don't know where to go with that that by doing this I just filed. Actually a state is big topic story for the magazine next week. In the other, a lot of people at the top is still believe me gotta back in but be modern communication they have with them is surprising and what they call him on a daily basis.
Individual level, but if he does come back like a rap on David, because Danny doesn't air like like, you will probably everything he can possibly Berlin there and make that deal happened. Yes, he believed it probably right that will carry their long term. Davis wanna be their long term. He doesn't care you how many times like David, his father criticizes, bought something care like you'll Davis, good like post a picture of him like I don't like knocking over the bill, Russell Statue and they still trade for the act as they they want him, he'll bad bad. So that's a rapid, the other guy, the Lakers, though the innocent, this big only a political and a magic job, world, but like Boogie Cousin would magic have gone crazy on, but you gotta be struggled everywhere else. I do. I still don't understand how begin and end up on the Lakers last year seems that food, Javale such Avail, Magee matters or other days, buggy cousins,
our Beazley in some of the other things they did so yeah. She d c bad. That problem is in can you take LE broaden the promised land put it that way I have, I am. I actually did there probably better. I've used in their cab space to chatter trade for a couple assets and me a couple contracts teams are trying to get out of and get credit. And then try to strike oil with. I don't know come back to Jimmy bother. I feel like one of the Teams is just gonna end up talking themselves into four years for him. The fish fans. Aren't even that excited about him at this point I don't know that plays out in four Boston, my worst fear is they do a one on one with carry, and then trade for Davis and they basically put off eggs in the two thousand eighteen twenty basket and they just its carriages come back for one year we may get Davis.
We see how this is would see how this goes and then If it doesn't work, that's it did the house has been looted. We're done we ve now at sets left because I have the potato in the Davis trade so whose left at that point, if carried Davis Lee they get them than they leave a year later, like that's it, it's a rap would be the only thing we think they wouldn't do that you're just because they didn't do with quite like they. They could have had a wife for some type of jail in brown censure package. They didn't want to do it because there are more than all the rest, without making, because this report, irey it'll, gave a speech in the out. I thought he was coming back and all that stuff, so it would be, the it would just be would go against what they did it now a year ago. Without with why, but no one thing about Irene in the short term deals. I still think that new stuff is. It is mine
somewhere, my guys, it brainy surgery like four year, yet it and when- and I do not like looking at your wall like resonate with him, but the job, while injury in the fact that Walter be sitting back with you know maybe a fraction of those former software. We comes back ass with four years and a buck. Seventy guaranteed. I gotta wonder if that this inquiry is mine and I think that many new surgeries did you go out there and say you know I I couldn't make it like the ability, but I gotta make sure I get this guaranteed money gave my knee become the problem again well and if you the Celtics does the job while contract way dear by two, do you wanna give other area only any tears? I dont think any cares. I really don't I he's going to go out there and and full maximum and then just been tried to the Davis trading, call dad his legacy and say that I'm going to put on the cast my lot with with these two.
For the rest, I felt like a rod cite the running joke with the south executives issued for years and years is Danny, would shade anyone, even members of his family, like he just as in care and then It actually lived out with the ASEAN Thomas Trade, which was the one of the cold, this trades and sports history the trade anybody he would do anything. He doesn't care and It's gonna be another six up, well was. This was really fun doing what it. What's your next, his own thing. His work and I can download partners. Somebody have Saturday that it gets right. I listened those give upon yeah look at borders, be what you guys do to get that they were not leaving more from Mexico. I made my gear fight down there, but everything that is barrel but, as you know, borrowed towards they forth with Canelo Jacobs end up then, the New York by what are they gonna? Be incredible? Italy, Joshua and your elbow adventure fellows fight with a big british stars, the avenue of soil and oppose breadth man. Here they come Ricky out now that that fight with women,
I went through the deficit, crazy crowd. I love that incredibly idea. Either gauges, gonna break the same people about this here, especially with being a shortage white or allow the big at the New York, Morocco. I look for to us that Chris manage this is a pleasure withstood again. Eight I built but think about talk about simply safe, nothing better than gonna game at the family, but once you ve settled in your seats, thoughts of home can get low distracting right that I like the front door, that window well, you should never have to weigh about break and simply say from security as everything you need to stop fear at the front, Nor was simply save your home is protected. Twenty four. Seven was cured of experts on stand by to send the authorities in the say, plus simply safe will keep working people was out of the wifi goes down or if a burger, smashes your keypad, so You know your home, ask scare always now that the only guy thinks smart, simply save as the top choice kurdish system foreseen at.
Pc Maggie more than three million people. Try simply safe see how good it feels to fear less. Simply saved outcome. Slash bs, learn more. That is so safe with two eyes, simply saved outcome. Slash B es I had so we did dirt Lewinsky with Marge Stein. Yesterday we talked about his grey year and today, Dwayne Wade, another one who is wrapping up. Somebody who has never been on this package before studio, scan wiener. I was keen to gods, but you do have a real name. Your friend, the laboratory, Joe You, you found national stardom and a claim you have your own podcast. Things are blowing up for you and nobody is more surprised. The new is more surprised than I am. I think, maybe my dad, probably very close. Second,
He told me tat. I was doing it when I was fifteen and very shine at a word daddy one. Yet public are, you would have thought of his chair thinking, I be doing less, but we forget it We are bill. I am very surprised and I am honoured to be on the package. Then I realize you know- maybe you needle robbed from Bob. I D got army instability and am happy to give them. This is due cuts army before we talk about Wade. What is it like to be? The world's premier take artist has ever I feel a gear. You ve become an elite Take assassin to show takes advantage of it. You you receive wide acclaim. What is it wait? When did you really feel you mastered the take that body because a guy said bill always wanting to be Christmas. Oh, and really caring about sport that I spoke here about sport that way yeah but I also care about entertaining our audience and and doing
doing the show that we do, because I think we're doing it. We're doing it Lord for the right way, so the heartaches were always I'll be. There came natural to me because I wanted to be Chris result when I grew up listening to Chris Russo, and then I realized he'll value. My real value and the way I would the way I would continue to soar in this business is not by trying to be Chris resolved, but by mocking Chris Resale right now, but brightens take their so over the top about even certain wanna being serious or not? And soap, You know I'm a student at a very young age. It always came naturally to major dismissing people when you know this guy got more than that guy, but now, at the complete complete Gary up of all the other hot take orders that bear, but
but I will let them know right now know what is but I'm serious and what I'm passionate about something. No one is better at the order, the hot date that I am well you you hurt my feelings. Last October, you made fun of me about the demons at Yankee Stadium that I felt the Red Sox. I'd, call in and defend myself and and then we want. The title, and then we want again with the Pats and guess what I still feel the demons of my life, and you can't change. I feel about that. I'm sorry, I've gotta, get out of the game is doing because the right that's what they ought to and what are the two and seven to eight store nodded women's White Evans up in the attic lying with ethnic minorities. We're here. Really worry at the demons of two thousand twelve say arguing with you about this, because you ve had really no success at all as a fan of any time in a long time other than the two MA am he titles, which you kind of belated? They adopted them
Sir. I urge is angry about sport, so you take it personally when, when people who have had success then also feel dramatic about it I do and listen. You know it's not really get there. I'm a niche bad, but you know I've got have adopted. The came just from living down here, but Billy you gotta be angry when you work for the things that I reported the indeed it did. You know that the art and grandpa takes when you are met, bandit chats, ban and expand. It's in Hanover Madigan judge by choice we're all gonna saddled with the next but yeah I've had I've had borne world series of nineteen. Eighty six, oh! What a year I had avenue the jets anything and Edmund exhibit a complete disaster. My entire life, with the exception of the rightly been got the years where Michael was there to stop us at every turn? Yet if it wasn't Emma with a larger want at so, I've had nothing to hold on nothing the latch to. I haven't seen too much success, and so you drive me crazy
you talk about your fucking demons, the winning you know, I don't have any World Series Superbowl, you pointed out, I don't know, you must go to town and I can download on lit up with one finger the amount of job Egypt, but I've won and it was an eighty six and that Bulgaria, because the came at the expense of your red thought. You know my dad the Red Sox there by the way. So I just didn't hear that mention the demons and in a decade delicately knows better, but you know that when it comes after becomes its mind remain the jets the Finns have for the jets nix met. That trio usually that people from New York that might have two of the three best case scenario zere of the three the rare species that has our three shots fantasy who? is the energy for the Ringer Energy content of sir He had he routes for our three and he is probably the most,
sports fan. I know in my everyday life on that with you every day but it really is a special level of of bitterness like when the patriots do well, especially because Patsy jets, we're like dead, even their fur. You know through two thousand just by futility and then all and sudden, the pats of send He really really hates. The patriots like in a real visceral way which I know you identify with, would like you- have real hate me hard for the stuff right here. I too, it's it's. It's funny We saw the patriots than the Red Sox, because I know I've seen the Mets win, the world series dancing and against the Red and its neighbours legendary theory at so with a chance you're right, Don't think people realize billon fathom guessing most, don't just now Add the Patriot war, we handle two thousand, they wore the jagged about the job for better, for you earn tragic by one hundred percent you what's the difference.
Who had won the Superbowl had like a signet. Your signature, poor was Joe name if our The jailer was John Hannah. The left guard that was, I wasn't alive for that Superbowl like I was born after the jets born their civil although he had ever but why? For the jet, let alone what are super haven't played an insuperable you're. The best thing that bit for me. Work or the richer Todd years at bath forward recently took tomorrow, Sanchez Erect. Why I gave you jump into bill Yonah should replace it. When you look back at your organization like I do with a job- and you said yourself, while the basket we arrived was wrecked Ryan by that's like that's why we walk around and miserable, and then does it. Batters that the patriots
we've got to laugh at look down to get, it doesn't help that you have the greatest quarterback that ever lived combined with the greatest coaches ever lived, and you won five super bowls and and yes, that's a red Sox to drive me crazy. It's the fucking If Thou Brady I need, I need Brady, any bellowed jack. I need him out of my wife. I need amount of my life right now. If you like, gotta be my labour with another decade, they don't like starting like an hour. We enterprises, Prime, where are we would break breeding be a human being some guy and he a be some sir we're watching that face. Tom versus time thing like he's really just is alien machine that was created to play for bout, that I care about you now. His is in shape all he does work out and eat the right things and take care of himself in China football and its, he wasn't even that good in the playoffs in the super bodies. In the other two games but isn't it
forty two this year, One thing we ve learned about sports over and over again, which you now now we're seeing with new its gain to a lesser degree. Wade is like it. To end at some point. It always ends for everybody. This is just the way. It goes Brady it's hard to see a finish line cause. He look. Better than every is more hair than ever right. His studies, one very simple? Last four years, it's hard to see where I finish line is at its worst, the more here than ever body. Danny looked better ever like I was talking about this with laboratory on our show if by tall, you a weird strange world like if you had a day prop at a future bed ten years ago we retire. First be patriots died, end with a patriot quarterback. It's already been awake for dead. It's amazing! You took Tom Brady upon one billion. Congratulations by big about back robbery diary it up before operating.
I thought it. Ten years ago with the Red Diapers Belgrade, Poor Tom Brady, argued it only Brady, educator, lap manner the route by twos and even then reason- and you want to talk about filling out nutrition and working out nor the right food go at built ray. I jacket up that doctor. Nor are no longer allowed to stand on the sidelines. There's a better reason that proper that my buddy hedge came up with when they do if we Caskey so accurate Andrei goofball from Arizona with the bad back. If you had said Rob grown Caskey will make the hall of Fame before Tom Brady does, but, though, both make the hall of Fame
I would have been in low that have been like five billion to one can see what we pay these season is re bad bad, as happened. I've never been. I wonder how you love. Hence, if you think I have the demons. Hence I get five hundred wordy males just today, the Red Sox. Nobody day were taken this on a Tuesday and he's just areas feedback. I know I shouldn't be furious. We just won the world series, but five hundred words, but that's a thing like for the people there. Suffered when they were young, an end, had some really horrible losses and that just became who they are. It's really. It's really, to shake out of that. You dont like this, is what I was arguing about these six months ago. The demons like it just to ever find peace when you ve had so little peace for the first quarter of your life. In our first thirty we live century with the Mets jets next combo so fantasy. I think,
like thirty, six and thirty seven so he didn't even remember the eighties what serious he was alive fire, but has no recollection of it. You have these. These facts funds for those three teams who were now late thirties who have no recollection of any happiness where leg Vinnie test severity, almost beating the Broncos and ninety eight is one of their top five highlights. The hurdy gurdy builds its it's been it's it's and it's not only that the jets or lousy, and it's not only just a lousy that they are, but but Here's a funny start real, quick. I think a five month old, baby, Boredom Boston, Seymour Championships, then that me, if you're, oh, my god, and then that then a forty five year old man who they who, with a jets, mats and expand We reject the matter by choice like that's. That's me grown up among island the jets and both played Laden. Shea stadium in New York,
divide along those lines that the grub long island chances are. Your jetson met Van grew up in Like Staten Island Manhattan, Connecticut, Jersey, your Yankees, and you like it. Giant we're all stockbroker Havel, but the next unfortunately good, but not the second basketball deeds were born. There begets really the pressing. I get not just the way it is not about how bad the jet been built. It's the way they lose to be most its crucial. In ways that they lose Randy never have the reply mouth at the end of like they don't just they lose in the most painful of ways and the disaster in any combined that with a patriot, success and its really bad, it think about it. The vision that you played in, but no one is childish about this bill, your playing the division with a bill Jetson and dolphins.
No one is going to read in Lebanon bells during the first week of creative belgic, sunbaked Asian, surely jumping up up up up waiting for the second week of the agency that when you went superbowl First wait! You in the Tec awake appreciate that this week it is a minor, yet quarterbacks and our division, the sheriff sand? Arnold ran Fitzpatrick and Josh. And Josh on those Three, I shall take about that bill outside twelve picks. I'm ready I've told you say right now, I what's that, because beyond the second passport since Brady has been based, recorded act for the patriots who has been the second best quarterback visas, as you that debate Plato tell me more tranches is more tranches. Now. I would have said, though, the one year, but so is in Buffalo, was probably ire
we the best one which, by default Amir Miami, had checked any ten was good on either. The dolphins are the jets for like two years that our member, which team me right away. You can be paid out one year with a dolphin day, but I think that the year tat all operating at area so that, as I was primarily that's up there, Buffalo but for a brilliant idea, allowed him said the judge at the judge at this the Sanchez did come into Fox Barone, win and AMC title title Recycling and I'm the only one that the digital gap anymore, second Randy, objective like within that future, but that bite of up up up you know my Japan of his nature the wrecked Ryan and end.
Oh I'm not even certain will rectify and work in it. He has been, and is it just a blank any Annabel like now at the EU closer to play in the info now than either of those guys I'm at mother anyway. Yet I hate your patriot that I wrote about bosom wherever movie the tube. Who is right, if you think I got unaware of what he has but air agreements, I don't care your team. That way, you can tell me how to get the bachelor jumping to get lucky. When are you telling me that five Superboss were to supervise the go away. The last forty five years of misery. I've gone through six. May I don't know the sports highly, for you had to a ban when Brown comes to Miami you're doing that radio show lab retired back when he still fog sports. To you are so excited about the leubronn thing and then all the set in a man it turns and
become the wrestling heels for eight months father by the collapse in the eleven finals and people me coming on your show, being, like I told you, so you can't win with three guys in he perceived too entitles the next two years with both mental fingers raised in the air, everybody shading, I'm your fans, they show a blade far basketball, but you really where the center of the basque by universe there for four years, so that that was a win members in that was a big when poor, poor laboratory, because he care so much about the city of Miami and that organization. It was that there was a mass of wine. For me on a total, selfish and personal level. It was a big when for us, because our show we explored it when we got when we got brought in Boston here to go with way way to really it really exploded, and I always say that studio we have at the queen. There is not that the budget or build that the health of a broad bill
yeah I mean it get out with a little contribution from Dan L. Yet, with a really exciting time like go to win the judge be chips, forgets to forestry, that post but still hurts, because you want from weighed and the broad shadow boxing in the corner of gave one because they thought it could be a walk. Losing that very elaborate are being afraid, opposed, updates, a pariah idea. All that I remember like you would get that aid. All about that that's thoughts. Could they could probably should one three titles and not for years there, but they were so big moment than so many great and those guide really again they personal standpoint. They did. It did a couple things bill economy, legitimized the Miami a little bit at the destination city, and that, for our show, it really are a Baltic. Our show, too, to a level that that, quite frankly, we didn't we didn't realize we could get through. We it- I don't. I don't know we we would get to this level, but but certainly those guys we ended.
Well for all market or show handle bit that better well for our market. Does our markets not to pursue its on your right? They come late. They leave early. Before the re, our job, because I want to get all you left me alone. I mean walking out about arena with me and so on Finally, it would get out of the quotas for years for me, as they sports ban, that I've had in my lifetime. It was anything to be a border and the other thing you know I mean we just had the NBA fires, the last four years, half of it in Cleveland, other respect, clever, but I think going to Miami, especially like what I was doing countdown those last two years and thirteen and fourteen and owing to Miami for these big chunks, a time it was like winning the lottery My name is unbelievable, especially you gonna Miami in June. It's you know. It's it's how to control Ed. I I
no. If I ever would have known Miami with such a cool place is actually one of my favorite cities and I would have had no idea of LE didn't go there right. I wasn't there for the six finals. Be warmer and again in this light Dwayne weighed the greatest trick. He ever pods convincing the brand to come to his city to play with him which were getting. The two red after this break, other everything warmer break. To talk about guess what the masters is this week and if you missed it. Joe House was on against all odds with cousin Sal give His masters picks the degenerate. Try also waiting against all odds with cousin South and then refuse This Joe House has his own pack asked about golf called fair way: Rollin its present I He has already done his giant masters preview he's gonna do another. I think I at least we passed over the course of the next few days
including I send it. I read after the masters ends, will have one up there don't forget how knows not illegal, but but you know, get gambling bets and if you want, I'm a gambler and the masters are you and do a little laugh daily fantasy, whatever whatever forge a boat. Houses there. How passes on fire last year has won me money last year. The masters and with the? U S open. Actually. So this Fair Way: war rollin listen to against all odds and and don't forget to enjoy the masters. This week, all right so rank these rank these fees spite Dwayne weighed in order of how spectacular you think they were ok, but he's two thousand nine seizing it when he was like thirty, eight and five with a thirty plus pr and they forty seven games and neither of us can aim to other guys in their team,
six files. Ninety seven free throws thirty six points a game, just the closest thing to Jordan, impersonation that we ve seen since Jordan or it's in the Brad to play with them when the brain was the biggest reagent history. The lake, where we can, job lacking three, that is such a good. Shouldn't will put the will put the first one third, so that that the year I think the brown gaudy arrived with the air at all that I'm gonna get a bit right thought what incredible scene was not credible data with an eye for people. I think it's probably sponsors but have coaching jobs ever done here and at the guy's been the poor piled want to job each drive because you didn't have those guys and for that was pretty impressive Ben. I really want or do about our exports, reappointed that these decisions, he did what he was positive rap wow. This is a tough one, because doubtless he wouldn't that he wins that championship against Turkey
I am satisfied so yeah They go to a guy in the team Shack she it's like. I did stage of his career. Shack is little banged up, can't go to him in the last six minutes. Really it off. I would put man. I am appalled that as impressive, but that wasn't with on the court. Unspoken put that second, because the most impressive thing that he's doin a is is convinced, Lebron James, not just Came up with him increase Bosh, but to do it in his city like yeah, but the progress it Dwayne, I wanna, do it here in Cleveland. I want to do with bare in New York and doing but now we're gonna. Do it right down here in Miami, so depends a guy like that to come down to his city, and they figured it out like. I think it ought to be got a second fiddle to wade, and then they realize ok again when the thing, without the broad doing it. But yes to convince those two guys. The calm down
wafer raw play. It offers poultry and Riley in TWAIN City to me, the most impressive thing that he's done his grip well, that's what makes them great like the unselfishness, the willingness to an end it and it interesting, and Maybe you agree with this. I think if he played We always get their way to to Kofi Annan, the second best to guard at their best to guard- and I did jerry- was that of doing way. But the reason, put wade ahead of hobby is, I think, Wade because of his unselfishness. What I reckon what have he would secure kneel and would it kept that bring together problem what more championships which keel in his prime goby did I'd other one. Three other Kobe clearly wanted them. A guy on a championship. Winning payment eventually did that when he was the guy, what how the soul, I think way, would recognize what he had with Jack and get bad thing together, and they would have one more championships together In fact, it does not make sense that it does.
Can I give you a counter, I read the fact that weighed one his title so early in his career gave him a lotta leeway and freedom to make decisions like that got we corbies case here. The title, but is the second best guy and that team for our through titles even though right one of those years, I think he was probably the third best guy in the lake. Browse. Never did I tell you what you're saying with Wade? So we already heard he had that title where he was clearly the alpha here now. He cannot yeah. So now he's dirty haggling that stashed away. So it's over with easier to make the decision the eight hour play operate. Pippin too but then he'd been hugely data. So this is where I slightly disagree. The interesting, though I don't think he ever tended I'm being Pippin. I think Dave Gonna be Co. M J is and Inn
opinion that team never really found a place until that second year, when he got banged up and the brown hair can throw the team on his back a little bit and Wade was allowed a bit lemonade. He wasn't a hundred per cent in that and he took the back see and that's when they really started playing well and then when the streak and when Wade you know- and this was casually eight, I a big way defender in even it go back and read my book. I think the paper back humanity thousand ten. I thought I thought AIDS career to that point, which is better than corbies first nine years. His career is just more concern. And better T made. Tat. He gave you a better chance to win, did more or less all that stuff He took so many so many. It's so much punishment, those first seven years his career. The way he played that figure with sustainable. You know you go back and look at his free, throw attempts he's out.
Ten eleven, a game. You know you after year. That, anyway, harden is but he's I just don't think he's built the same way hard in Asia. Wait! Wait like what six three m taken gave a racist or but but but pellets it did you bring us all, because I vividly women remained dance. Scott thing like this comical: the style but you're right. It's not ordered he played like this kamikaze style. He was always it look war and always getting. I remember dan- and I say it like this- isn't good, alas, war, by creating possible burden standards and be this great, but his long journeys by Miss file a basketball by that changes give a little bit any other embarrassed himself whiteness career. In that light, the sea, like you, he's not going out as an embarrassment this week is he's going out, but the guy could still you don't give you something. On any given night but yeah. I remember us talking about that, and so I think you're right, like I think, putting a championship combined with the style of way.
It made it easier for him to go out and get the broad and Chris BAR shouldn't and because he needed those guys, but we agree ride like weight of the wooden of a title. Alessi regrettable brought down the Miami that then we will be illegal better. I think you in the mid two thousand zoos realistic to win a title with the team that he had no six or the team Duncan had no seven but The league more more town came into the league, and at some wait you needed. These two, our stars, are too, you know to top fifteen guys. I wrote So in two thousand and six I what about waiting. I wrote quote Wade eggs in the ivory Sony in punishment. Every game on these, not a freak of nature like Iverson was slash. Is it it doesn't stop picking his spots. He'll go Earl Campbell on us and be gone. From the league by two thousand and eleven and I was like a hot take. It was like this guy's got to change how our he's gonna get hurt and there I think we started to see the effects really there.
Second, Miami season with the brain and you he he drifted into. What became Second part of his career. I still feel leg I thought he was incredible in that First Miami season and you go back and look and he was can t my ba that year, Kobe was first time, and it was a joke. Wade was one of the three personally that year that downstairs and I went to those games- and I remember writing about this. The brine really started a shrink from the moment in a really tangible way could feel it Wade way That was summoned the best basketball he ever played in those Dallas games. At Dallas, where he could feel, slipping away and he was like frenetic like really really full full alpha dog I got come on the Brian. I need you. I knew you with me and I think he was ever is good again with the brain as he was at first season, then the stats back it up
I think you're probably, but they are probably right. I think way probably had some moments where he was looking at the broad enough for a season like pulse go alone. Would you do if I got you data finish this? Why am I the guy finishing this off or trying to finish this off that was tat, thou La Brown. Was it a bad spot? Looking back, like kite, no limit. We're here is bad, weird energy, which strangely proposed subject paper. I think you know what a when it was it was quite We re by pickaback about and think about that, like it was widely shadow boxing and gave you remember that Yemen reward their bill great about themselves, the publicity each other shadow boxing, the porter, and then it also apart and not the other that way waited the passageway t like he chose obeyed hidden in the pressure of all that, and to this day I still can't gonna rap might arrive in the top right up. That theories are probably got there.
I think what you been up to the left to eat with our show- and we said we had been up to the last two weeks- is that item up. Thousands of my group would like the first time he had spoken publicly rang, and he said I I just haven't: I'm I'm I'm his misery rolled I've ever been. I M up the house and I'll never but a figure that out, but I think you're right as it relates to wait. I think that in person the bottles with the broad he was probably as Can we say he was ass, good ass, he was no sex. It was pretty damn good that bottle they were. I thought that first Miami air that they were equally get. The brown was probably slightly better because he was a better all around player, but There is no Jordan payment. Those guys were like co for now, and I did to this day. That was the weirdest I'm one thing: I have seen a basque buses that, where have actually been through the games where the it seemed like it was too big for the brine Dallas, I'd really figured out how to kind handle him.
Fence away and Chandler was just always in the red spot coming over to black is drives and Marion was on them and they are just thrown all these different deeds item. Then, on the flip side, there and of attacking them with some of their guards and then baiting him. With J J barrier thing where just they were just trying to get in his head that hold those last for games and it worked, which you don't think really happened anymore, especially that somebody who would end up being in the conversation for best Basque bob wherever but It was an amazing coaching, job and it was an amazing failure and I think it was you know. Eight of our attention the pressure and the fact they never bench covered only their hunger there, like you're you're on your on the carpet, winning that elusive MBA title and then you pulled met by and so not to get all like that. Jordan Coolby comparison that all that stuff, but that just those are things with it
could might not have one that serious, but he would have gone out. Shooting ride and same with me. Go, and that was the thing. That's why I just can't put Michael. In the same I mean the broad and in the same category as those guys from from from just day Pure competitor and and winner standpoint, it's like that that copying and and and Michael that, never what and they were posted up J J Pariah. They would have taken no job abroad with weighing up the data, we can get the boy out of it and give it to someone else in and not just the it's so strange to say from someone who may be considered a baby. You know second Batboy arable diamond, something about it. I just can't put em they're, because I'm stuck with those memories of him to try to get the ball out of his hand to someone else as quickly as possible, rather than grabbed the moment and try to win your team a championship. And then in two in two thousand and twelve foot described had that greatly, Boston and two thousand thirteen ever numbers the round shot, but the first
that game when it was really sternness the boy and the boy, played like one of the best eight minute sequences I've ever seen anyone place. This is the flip side of what we're talking about. He was sure I just absolutely standing for about eight minutes there just would not let them lose and San Antonio just captain shots and make him plays, and then finally, Mr Cup on it just seemed like it was over. They get you know they get a missed free, throw that get a rebound, that they never should have gotten that for spurs cuz then they'll send their their winning the title two days later the young alchemists. I'm ever don't forget document that little bunny their games there. Fourteen that one that one foot asked maybe was heavily favoured and that serious and the spurs just it was their time and then I'll send the brown was leaving. I remember saying TV that wondering about it. This was his final home game and people get him. Had him
that guy, but it, and so we, aid Do we hold it against way that all that he laughed and came back like we just we're gonna, pretend Chicago click on that she's kind of a blip in history and our right it's not for me because I'm paddy. So I remember how big it is funny, We're doing this kind of you know if he's taken the big three lap and he deserves a target, thought my dad who bill? I never thought my lifetime. I would, I would say this that that it basketball player, the city of Miami is the most beloved that leap in the history of the city. I never thought I'd say that when I moved down here with Marine opens up into the game that nothing else, but he has surpassed here. Sir ass Marino in terms of just how people the is down here? He is
is our most famous outlay approaches import. What makes this very, very sad and also you want to in the back that you think about who's next in Miami we're not even close It is no one on the EU. There is no one on the Panther. There is no one on the dark in there, certainly no one on the moral and they traded everyone away like we're not even close to having another Dwayne Wade come through the city and soap But when you talk about the change it I'll get at her, I can go, and I think I d Dwayne probably with hindsight. Regrets that it would take you got it both sides, where He why our money there he was worth in ages, stood uptown I end with an eye opener way by keys the guy like. I am the reason Shack wanted to come here on. The reason would like, but that's the thing with the big threat people would find a lot of the credits it too to Pat Riley, no men. Nothing happened because between way, that would thereby look
He waited a job, but but the boy came down here to play with his best friend LE banking down you to play with a guy can win the championship and you can download a boy with a spread like that. Big was all done by twenty Wade, wily just kind of finished it off and so But you know I don't forget that you up here, like its veto, life. No it it's not! He lifer, like I remember, don't Wayne you don't really when it was on the airlines. Certain guy that should be playing in the same uniform their entire career and get my mind. You were one of those guys and go to Chicago and agreeable in upper cup. More dollars to me. Just it makes sense and bread really, when you consider state that that a big offer was better, but I do wonder, the guy wanting to be paid a lot of money for Bob an organization even though is bad is buying because he You got that organization I may be the most famous team, the history, the NBA in and you want to get paid for yeah I did. I talked about this a little bit in
the path we did about this weird info complain re right now, where its it is clear that, as your careers ending you'd, much rather have it unfold the waves. Funding for new its game, Dallas and weighed Miami in Paupers Boston copyrights ago, where just they just along to the city, the city's been with them through thick, and then they just love the guy, their part of the city rate in the EU and that the rest of your life, an hour in this new era, where. Players are really really strongly pushing this whole thing were my own seo. You know I fans can travel with me to any city. I needed a bigger market, it doesn't that holds the thing doesn't matter as much. The only person I'm loyal to his my family and we're heading toward this world, where guys are just going to bounce around on different teams near NAV, Kyrie, Irving on Cleveland for five years and boss for two in the next four three and then the Lakers for four
and they are really belong to anybody else. Think we're going to feel that next year the bronze gonna break. What's he You gonna break your match. Wardens record he's gonna break out. Somebody somebody going right, Kareem's going record next year. And if he does it la it's, it's gonna be this lukewarm moment. I don't think, but I dont think of pants me the way fancy doesn't belong to them, their their career, magic, Showtime people, Have you been we're about Bobby lukewarm if it winning back like well would be because the twenty. I would add, however, that the game where he, where he passed Jordan and. Like you're going to eat it. It was lukewarm. This look, or even the first obvious point with Borg I've never heard of, the broad, knew what they were like It was just a spot that without their what he did it and the ban
really care about, but somebody as a boy such a strange market, nor donation that employ were they love, Gobi, look over the magic umbrella method of operation and up worthy in that, but, like you, ve got, you ve got a long way to go, but, but I met you and I believe he passes Karim and the t, because I don't think I don't think the bronze doors I'll be the lakers- are dawn Attic, Leubronn, ivy keys. How'd you do than he had ever seen. There is a plan here. I don't know what the plant is, but there they plan C. I disagree, I be Davis, I don't their plan, and I think there is a broad, probably have another Taiwan. To be honest with you, I don't these does either and I don't think, there's a plan. I think the plan was wearing The brown and everyone's gonna wanna play there in their finding out that that's actually not the way it's gonna go and now I can't even go atropatia beginning to get the seeking a thousand Happen today. I think when you look at em, look like
next generation, guys most likely stay with their team, their whole career, the majority of it like way, did step. Hurried moody gap. I've come to me is the logical. I could see starting peak in ending his career with the warriors and never being another team out actually probably bet on that at this point. To what It's hard to monitoring is a rocket. Now he didn't start there you know they re Oklahoma City traded, and you know about that trade. They changed yeah and I read them ever- detain interesting and urges both restate together pan getting it. I think the Addis I'm lucky is very conceivable cause, I think, he's a different kind of guy. This disturbing in the care at all about anything other than just being good. A basque Barnett may changes twenty three. Other than that. I don't think. There's a safe bet. Retiring return. City may be deemed, who is that
Can I kind of guy his other guys, but man, it's which is heading towards us around Europe we would be? But how about this, why? I totally agree with that very effigy stays Paul, but how about what like it's gotta, be interesting to see what happens with with the group oh like built, but let's see the eighty or years from now we thought and what a title go. I go watch on to someone else and try to win. It bear the same way. The broad debt write that yeah that's gonna be interested, but the one guy Joe I agree, hurry. Can you see what works in a warm city? The bar grew out there and are not doing anything that now you start the wonder his rough gonna wanna watch on and try to win somewhere else, but I've got another guy could see good either bit their burden of the good bye, but I don't care what any one thing yet I use like if you watch for baby a maybe embayed staying with Bilbil, be inspired her gimmicks, his career might be over a year from now
but I had to wait a bit further detail. I fancied. I never know these needs, What are we going to mix with others that, like a done deal in nearby, I'd be surprised if I think Katy is ninety nine percent and I think in ass, the sun in so This is really sad impinging my hopes and a guy who broke his legs sixteen months ago, but Gordon words. Resurgence lately has at least shed a little light on through the Celtics prospects. Perhaps I am still not convinced that I think it's just as likely they could lose and ran one, but if its peak, ten years to look like he ideas for the last couple weeks. That is an x factor and they do have town and the east is no Nobody is really taken it by the horns, except from wacky, whose banged up any in the plan so who knows was it I said before the season started that I think be so
that's the only thing that has a chance if they get to the file to beating golden stay and part of me that still that still feel that way, because they're just so immensely talented And you write, a word has played better so that whole thing I'd like to me. I don't think they should be shocked if you know this, they make it out of the EU by people are gonna, be surprised boat, but they shouldn't basaltic, make it out of the east, but but absolutely see that happening in and then they get again. If they go up against golden stay, I could see give him giving him a really good serious. But I just bought at all situation with your team everywhere. Are those young guys like they got a taste of what it's like to be to be it over the plain, big time games and play meaningful minutes and take all the big shots and then Kyrie comes back and those guys have to go back to the original rolls and I think that's a real. That was a really difficult thing for four for Brad Stevens.
Or any goats to really manage is is like a guy when Brad your deal twenty four point than a big game: six in the in the carpet sent by bottle that year now go back to school and ten again, but the debt that the tricky spot for granted even get out, and so But I came so now that I could seem wouldn't go. I will again, I can still see that team winning an MBA jpg God you're, so much more optimistic than I am my friend. I a French on granting does radio for the subjects who is by far the best radio guy, I made a good comparison he's, he compared to leg, a soda that seems like it would be really good, but then it tastes, terrible where it's it's it's like vanilla, cherry coke. I, like I like Coke and I like the now cherry. This would be good and you, tasty energies, tastes awful. And he was right. That's what this team is. Its has all the ingredients I leg, but then you throw them together in a just taste. Bad
That is a guy ribby gotta talk, so cope on its own is fantastic. Ride like I maintain the greatest rank of all time is a fountain. All this last unity must hold of it. I really like people our Jerry like that carry Heyward was the Syrian than haywire and inquiries. The vanilla and it's out- and this is probably the other way around a big gordon- should give Adela right well than ever before oh the way. I don't think the where's gonna make an I I I I am going to give that can say that what is it? What do you guys tell you what the book a fuck? I know that my lunch when now by the book. This there's a lot of historical red flags with this warriors season, and I think the rackets actually have the best him and I think they're gonna win I really don't really like you like, but you know that
was born. Entering injuries coming right, like tat, would be the only thing that dad could submarine it, but I do think did they know they are, and I think that the best part in the conference and web about bill. How like, like I do it taken five years ago. Five years, without my aiming at another poor re like like by going to say, will have accorded their now. I understand what you're saying but like that's pretty Sudan. It right a team that way to market causing your best stored, or maybe you could dream on green, your bed that came up in the title. That would be shocking to me. That would be this is what makes basketball great you'd like you, look at the two thousand fourteen finals and the bride and weighed and bars lose two TIM Duncan on one leg, the tail end of Parker and Genoa Way and then just a bunch of deeds. Eichbourg D out market balance early, but those played really well together. They know who they were their walk, coached and
Braun had one foot out the door. And stuff happens in the aid. The fact that the ran has one and a half feet out the door makes me nervous that have a bench They have had a really up and down year they keep clicking this on off switch and it's not going on and they should at long last year he's here today at the last year, although these make couple threes and they win, a guy, called at the worst possible time, but the the rest, P was there, so I do think there are safely berets pay. Without ever there they have arrived at a critical point in the game. Maybe maybe they win it are you willing to go down the path with me on the brown that I've gone down several times wearing that board season? He can't win It's gotta come accusing the brought up there on the NBA bottled. Maybe I am, but he found you love and others no way he can leave my abbey and go back. We want the storybook ending to win the war, Happy Egypt that an EU law is worth thought SEC that put them pass. Jordan
personal record but like like he can't win the championship against the spurs and then go back graven if he wouldn't that the network eerie had to stay in Miami had so yet again, there is a part of me that is suggesting that may be the wrong one: that thing up, or maybe it's just a mental you're, not going percent into because mentally or already drifting another direction. You're in love any more likely. I've got everybody pulled entering and gave one right response should allow these wonders, but never brought ever get her liked with right. But this is where you the romantic earnest than I know right now. This is a good point. While it is true that nobody is everyone, the title when they have one and a half, at the door, and this is another case against the workers like nobody's ever one and then said I'll see you later. Bravo partakers darkness, wake me here because maybe there I think the same thing like I can't leave here. We would like it to be
What are you doing this situation when you advocate with one and a half feet out the door. Yes, but you have three guys- all I wonder where we would quite, as ever, put out the door now. That would be to add a happy at the door of clever but an idyllic each day. I think this team when the rand leaves gets back to what it was before Doran, which is currently only out here. If you have one and I have paid out the door and given the rat, I agree with you a guy you six feet better, firmly entrenched there inside the door, Kenneth six feet see the one and a half early, I'm walking to New York? I don't know we're going to find out. They don't have the best player in the conference there, which is the problem the best best per usually wins a series of we go. I have Jordan as to guard about TAT, oh out, the guards.
Jordan, MAGIC, Cobby, West Oscar, during the last Bob Cosy, oh, come on John start wearing it. Jerry was getting John stacked in and I have weighed as the AIDS Bears Guard ever and as the fourth by selling Gardelle about stop it. I'm just these hasten back. A multiple and be peace, twenty eight european zero They will hold on a second ok. How many wings are Jerry was Alchemy, Edna cruelty. I keep the ring path with yet, but Jerry. What does as a single rang one single rainbow roar? and zero point by point. We could easily have sex with a question is: would you rather had twenty plus years of John Stockton or the fifteen years Dwayne Wait had all the fit
years? I mean three chair: Yemen has to move within Europe. You ve taught me I'm in a move in and reach Abbe chips, final appearance of the final them BP and III, and ease the guy worker straight of getting the run about together, like a brother of I run easily Bout you get to an interesting point to be, as we would rather have what way did or what championship because he went oh, I mean again you're asking a Boston, fancied, try to remember exact number championships. It's tough for us here, yeah, that's what he might not get stuck in the hell out of here. I get very wet daddy here. I know now Harry what was that the logo is. He was unbelievable. He was so good Jerry West. Maybe I told you I told you on the radio show he should be. The logo preluding abandoned whatever logo for losing their final attribute a logo. For that my dad would kill me could buy that my dad would kill me if it's where the jerry was is is the second best to guard.
Never seen by a bit like my dad leap from carving. We can help from a locker room with the doors both all that bullshit by that Gaza mayor. I don't care by going. Better than Jerry West? I'm sorry. I know that Bill but I mean, like he's better, the same way, a Porsche. Two thousand and nineteen is better than a Porsche from nineteen sixty nine, but that doesn't mean it was a better car. Return humankind has done. I would rather drive the nineteen sixty three Porsche. They holy shit right at their actual survive. If I did it Jerry, where a lot by way, but they were like glad on of gambling court whatever. If I it Jerry. Where can I get stuck in the elevator, condemning all the data on building? That's fine, I'm in a movie ones would allow both before him super who guards like magic comply with. I happened. I don't got you get the not read it it back. Might that be players. I've ever seen. Bury it regardless of tradition. Offer me
our Jordan abroad. Imagine like those it goes with everybody. These same close for some weight is the de facto I can't backed anyone else's opinion. If they are aware, this is the fourth best to guard ever The question is when can and will hardon pass him I've really hard and has to win a title right If he wins the title, the share, I think he I the actual thing he passes, em cause even initial element is what an mba pay around three second place finishes. Wait only has one top three finnish he's. The final Pino Sex but hardens resin age is more impressive. Is protections better, like he's? Is better but the title this year it will pass his red Wade becomes too.
As to the only one the title the likely to the files on be peace, all other vital them. They pay all, have one championship, while the regular season, envy Bay and probably one another empty beard and isolate the best five year scoring binge of any guard not named Jordan ever the average age? Thirty again that for five years, thirty six game the share? So here, I think I'd be willing to go down a pact with the epic apart in the attic have you heard of wines and Envy H title and ultimately be the bad guy in the team when he does when at they gathered out of my way. The debate about the one title B complained about the other to be willing to go down the path of yet that's fine but fair. But if it's ok, that's fair well enjoyed the enjoy the add Dwayne Wade, departure retire I know you miss the Gabrielle Union sports tweets, hope we shall continue in that friend. I know you love and celebrities way in sports humph. What matters is having a superstore play in our us about
I told you earlier guy why, when dolphins by immediate, pretty rough panthers name, a playwright area, glad they want that for us. Right on its Patrick. I named him one earlier. He ran Fitzpatrick, it's magic! So listen! What's this do gods Pascal it is to poverty. Please check it out. We release new episode every Thursday. I am a golf jake, it's all. I really kicked out this week on the masters so check that gosh I got or show what then, the one on a usb radio and and bill is as a frequent guest on it, and the news was a throne for me that I never thought I'd be on people realize that you and I are closer and sports sensibility that just really closer She had a role in terms of personality than you elaborate ardour like where there were a lot more similar than you and dad or that bear look as we we watch sports
had they just elections from time to time emanates is busy, guys is social, is social animal now he's gets up at the big about like that. It get out with the figures, the weight, vinyl game, and I thought you were putting up here with what you said: the big it. I've decided within the period like something will never turn an eye anytime. Either of us read something where were we both feel pressure has we're like retired writers, at this point and then, when the other guy right, something we're like what the fuck that we ended up as a pitcher, corners or brain Bert, brainwashed both of us, you going to turn forty three forty four in your fingers just aren't going to want to work anymore. I'm telling you it's going to happen. Friend I plan to paid that good, I had nothing to do with this at the end by women,
ok then like yeah you're still? Was there still super credible, but you realize that European research that being the clouds go up more for re I'd like with, but let it out. I just never was such a great personality that can come out and bread and I go. I desperately wanted him on the radio, so people can do that by the end and important towards everyone. Our ability to the right anymore. They don't just by George, you Budweiser he's doing green. I remember we got coffee when you have this, Bravo February, O seven February of this year, That was the first time I have been does first a better Miami and bright, I went and met him for coffee which, in the Miami the coffee is like. It's like us glass and it's like seventeen times, Amanda Caffeine, so twenty headscarf it yet crack
Kay nomadic joking. I did a shot right after the show today, and I am still buckin sweating at my heart- is still beating at a very rapid rare before so we met and some weird out her place, we had you know crack. King, coffee and everybody knew him, and I was like wow. This is fixed businesses hilarious, his guys, like you said big diameter, sunny crack it. You know I am sees legitimately the mare Miami in its. It's always find too to see him in that element. Stew, It is a pleasure I really enjoyed it, don't be a stranger, you know, I warn us departed each check it out downloaded subscriber review, all that good stop and I get on citizens. Now I have to have you on my back. I guess we do whom I thank you I'm not that
good omen of all of us, and I appreciate if they are to the demons for me up which option to relax the little better we're only ten games in the Red Sox tabling appreciate it? I thank you thanks. So much to disown. Remember download The design app and the Apple or Andrade Appstore Santa by creating account then start watching crass, nearly any of your devices. If you ll boxing Emma may baseball, it's all there check that out thanks to super safe obscurity everything. You need to stop feared the front door, including twenty four. Seven protection was scary, birds on standby to send the authorities in an emergency simply safe, even keeps where paragraphs out of the wagon, that of burger smashes keypad You know your homeless care always try simply safety. I get it feels to fear less gotta sympathy, that capsized bs the learned more supersaver too super safe, that calm such bs, you, here. For me,
Thursday night we are putting up the mega mega mega play off previous slash end of the year words pack ass, Ryen reseller the star of NBA support. So until then,.
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