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A New York Sports Renaissance With John Jastremski. Plus, Kenan Thompson (Finally!)


The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with new Ringer addition John Jastremski about New York sports including the start of (a full-length) baseball season, the competent New York Knicks, the juggernaut Brooklyn Nets, the upcoming NFL draft, the Jets and Sam Darnold, and Giants fans' hopes with Saquon Barkley's return. They also discuss the NCAA tournament heading into the Final Four and more (9:30). Then Bill is joined by actor and comedian Kenan Thompson to discuss his new NBC sitcom, 'Kenan'; getting into acting as a child; the revival of Kenan's hometown of Atlanta; some of his favorite moments from 'SNL'; and more (1:09:45).

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Did. You know that ccs about they re route. I have a package together, oh yeah, it's called out to sea too. They ve had it for a while and heading into this base bosses in its where you want to be I see these thoughts on the Yankees, the El East, baseball and general plus they were sprinkling a crap load, a basketball for Boswell, specifically Basque, about Cecy those basque bar Rico, broadcast Basque. While you can hear these guys go back and forth all the time and the are to see to pack has only on the Ringer podcast network business back ass. His if you buy fain those sports book, the official sports book of the Ringer and an authorized gaming operator of the end, the a I love being able to bet hoops there for copper reasons. It is safe and scare fast, you, but most important. I love same game parlays, I love being able to say this team is going and because this is going to happen in their best players, to do well, I'm just going to bed off in in the same place right now,
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or the need on the haystacks deprecated, the smartest wet iron right now you can try zip code for free had secured outcome such bs once again, member good as it could accomplish bs. The broad you by the Ringer Dotcom, as was the Ringer podcast network, put up new, we watch was on Andy Commando measure, surrender, cow brands and have another uncommon. Later this week we did the fortieth anniversary of thief, the first ever theatre, we'll make a man movie. It's a classic measure. Fantasy Chris ran ready for that when it's gonna by Thursday night, in speaking especial interest package ran Marcello did a special two parts. Here- is about the ABA tact people actually serving and by past us, and if you're, basketball, nerd highly recommend this when good, deep dive ladder stories and a league data, you know what I was living in Boston and they weren't even televising aid be again
only with the guide seen inebriated mental one of them came to the garden after the merger, the Boston Garden, but I only know the ABA through basketball card, so I've always been fascinated by that league. It's a really fun couple of podcasts so check that one out a little bit later in this podcast, we talked to strength who has a new podcast launching on the ringer on Sunday night called New York, New York and all York Spock Ass were intact, but the stated near sports of them and keen and Thompson the the law I mean STAR who has somehow never been on this podcast we're going to talk to him as well before we get to all that baseball opening day it's coming and I'm going to give you three minutes. And why I am secretly excited for this red sexism. One is that, the baseball when I last year I gave up the buggy bet. Strange is killed me
the Kobe thing. Sixty game season, the Red Sox are going to be bad. I just needed a break. I didn't know if I wanted to continue being a fan of the team and I got over it. The red Sox have been in my life forever. I will never forgive them for the movie best trade, but life moves on, and I am excited that it's getting warm outside opening day is coming. My fantasy, my leg dogs, we did on Monday, night and kind of got me my juices is flown in this red Sox team. Here's the thing first of all is Kevin and I talked about the other day they're going to be able to Bob. I feel some bopping going on the seas and I do think it can below seventy seven red Sox S door back first basement faced her family power enter bogus one of the better power hitting short stops in either League Alex for Diego who went for twenty eight dollars. My fantasy draft Jd Martinez.
Come back here among a right off last year. Weird, your coded fully expect him to to be back in a form and then refuge endeavours, Who's always been kind of border in the last two years on. Can this guy become a superstar, but I just like bats, their a little more flexible. I got guys like Hernandez in here now, Marwin Gonzalez, and I just having a score run. So then it comes down to the pitching. They have a lot of arms. Now they don't have like the I'll do, there's no like resale. Yet I mean ok I'll come back tell entity but at Waterloo Rodriguez assuming is healthy Nathan, a body I think Nick Bavette is going to be a sleeper for them. Don't laugh! I really do care Richards okay, Martin Perez won't last long, he'll be by somebody. There is at the ability to maybe trade first started to if they're kind of flow around being in the hunt, but the boy and is where I really think they're gonna be good
as I gotta be knows the closer Barnes Brazier Darwins in her name, is sorry Moura, who they got from Japan, who I am I think, is going to be really good this year, for them and then are you know? They're there they d been cut, stockpiling, arms, it's interesting. They ve been trying to do the Tamper Bay raise thing for the last couple years, where China operate on the on the edges China get some arms. China do some created deals how they got out of you from the Yankees and when I see that they over under in sandal. Is seventy nine and a half? That's when it gets ridiculous to me. I know they're in a good division. I just think they're going to score runs, and I, like the again on those minus one or for the over Sending a lens. Can this team win eighty games? I think they will. I think, they're going to have offense. I don't think the Yankees pitching is going to come through. The way people seem to think
The re scare me like always, but the rays, maybe like a tiny bit of a transition year for them especially there were lying allowed, a young pitchers people are talking about now that the pictures, they're not gonna, have quite the stamina with the arms stuff. So who knows that the way raise do with eight, where they have all these. His Dick Anderson's hurt he's out for at least the first half of the season, so maybe the rays on be escaped anyway furious the one that team that we know is, can be bad wherever under I think, is sixty three and a half and fed on in Toronto is welcome as they have a lot of bats. But I do like this Red Sox him. I think it's gonna be a fancy. I'm willing to have them when my our back after me, lung suspension them because they traded generational superstar. Who is awesome on and off the field that a chance to be a complete ambassador in the city, whatever I'll get over it baseball is back. Life is starting to feel normal again,
we're not out of the Pandemic quarantine yet, but a lot of people have gone. The vaccine or one shot in things like that. The sun is out, the sun is shining and starting to feel semi optimistic for the first time. In a long time, life is hinting towards. I'm ok, I'm on the sidelines for soccer games again, yet where mass, but I, but when you think about it, the last thirty months, just how come, we, the abject the insane they were something about baseball March. Madness, Essen basketball happening the NFL draft coming in. At the start, the schedule of sports, which, just got thrown out of whack, along with everything else in March April may last year, and is one of the many wheat reasons why it was just so incredible it's scary, weird and awful, but as always with the stuff, when that, when the sportsman
starts to feel a little bit normal again. You start hitting the same beats. Life starts to feel normal again and saying life is going to be normal for a long long time, but something about this week where was like eighty degrees in our everyday baseball's baseball happening, Mrs Pack has prevented Thursday's, be baseball games it. Maybe things were stuck at normal again, I appreciate I ever baseless than the pot especial blast ten months, not sure what situation you're in helps. Did I hear people? Aren't you buy stuff on this package the envisaged done, whatever glad we could be there, but for me as definite therapeutic, it was good to get just and China stay as normal as possible, and I know especially time. Do the ringer this last year place where we can be in office. Were its idea the face time with anybody and stuff. It's it's been a weird,
firstly, is as it has been personally, but I feel, like things are coming back a little bit and maybe I'm a glass half full person, but it's hard not feel optimistic and opening day when there is real signs of, hope. Hopefully so was anyway hope you and your family doom, our he gets back ass now, first brought here Alright, we're taping. This on a Wednesday, it's going to run at some point Thursday, Johnny Strim Sky is here he is launching a new podcast with us. Sunday night, it's a brand new feed. You can subscribe to it on Spotify Subscribe, it's free, you can.
Follow it on Spotify every time. There's new episode up it'll pop up very conferred on apple wherever you get your pack has subscribed. Now here Why we're doing this part? This is we started talking a while ago couple months ago, and the question was in big cities like New York, the biggest provider of eight sports teams. There. And this is old school structure of how they do radio right. It's like got. The fan any ideas pin radio those around in the morning at six o clock, the shows all the afternoon show starts to whatever it's like this rigid thing. Then yet sports moves constantly. And you have these days like Sunday Sunday, I fell jets giants playing at the same time. That's done it for thirty Why do we have to wait so long to hear somebody really smart and passionate talk about things like that? That's one of the things we tried to do this podcast kind of react
in the moment, while also bring it in a bunch of gas and then let this guy do his thinks a workable boards of the ringer. What what made you want to leave the radio worlds and become a podcast guy Bell. First of all. It's gotta, be you man. I mean Sometimes you get that sales pitch bill. Simmons comes to call in. I don't want to kiss your as for the next thirty thirty five minutes, but it's true, you know it's not like. I was being asked to go and start my own business said start my own part. As the basically put everything on the line, you guys got a good thing going Listen, I listen to a bunch, your podcasts, I listen to you and Sal. I listen to Rucille Ruko and You like me to it. So you know when you came to me back in December and mentioned
side there, I'm in my eyes, lit up, saw I'm fired up about it, and you know, if you were to tell me five years ago, that I'd be leaving W. I fan to go into the pond cast world. I probably want to believe do, but I think you can speak to the fact that the business right now, a soldier, ass thickly different than it was five ten fifteen years ago, just different world, where one of the reasons I think we fell in mutual put on, You love gambling. That is true. You love watching sports at all hours. There are certain things about you, lend yourself to hosting a podcast like this, and I think one under this bad, you know to be Sunday night, Tuesday, Thursday. Those would be the big episodes, but you're also going to be there like, like if the nets are playing necks, on Saturday, and it's a game seven
you're, not waiting all gonna ass, yeah, we're gonna, you all wait until Sunday or Tuesday their Thursday. Please now, if the next are in the playoffs, bill, I'm gonna wanna work. Remember I'm coming from a platform which I work five days a week, two or three different jobs. Used to the grind. My friend now listen, I'm gonna enjoy the benefits of what podcasts have to offer. That is true. I I don't think I'll be doing live content at three. Or for a clock in the morning about ever know. You're gonna resides twenty five eating. You know, maybe maybe one or two others will have to face of super lay, but listen. I want to work. May that's one thing about me: Yankees applying it season and that's the point in a position where their necks nets, I mean they got fun. May and June rides, more so from a net standpoint. Let's be honest, Jim, and I'm gonna wanna work. So listen. We got a ton of stuff lined up we're going to have
listen or interaction which I'm fired up about. We're gonna have it's on a great yes, we're going to join the shell and yet is good gambling involved, but this is basically a podcast for New York sports fans for gambling, for people want to have some fun. And react to what's going on here in the big city. Probably got you covered well. The other thing I feel, like our timing, is pretty good with this cuz and we'll talk about this in a second, but I do feel like baseball. I'm not saying baseball is back, but it feels like people are kind of ready for a baseball season again last year It was this kind of fudge together season. It was short guys were opting out. I was Covid, no fans, nothing fun about it. Playoffs are kind of fun whatever. Now it feels like baseball's back a little bit, give the Yankees and Mets who are both really interesting for different reasons: to have different different set of precious. You got that you have a relevant next team again
and by relevant, I mean competent for the first time really since two thousand thirteen while Brooklyn is easily the favorite in the east. So we have all that stuff with basketball. We have the jets, who have the second pick in the draft. Might take this kid from Are you in the giants in there, so both football teams, doing their thing and then even the hawk he's gotta go back on what is out of all that stuff. What is the storyline you're the most excited about right now, as we had into April as the great question for me, it's easy call Bell ass. They started a baseball season and I think it's because last year we didn't have that marathon. You know there's something to be said for every night, for you on the West Coast. It's maybe four o clock overall happy hour. For me, it's in seven o clock. You do whatever you do about your day and you watch the Yankees every night you watch the Mets every night.
You get irrational when they lose four in a row. You go crazy when they win six or seven in a row. You know they're playing one hundred and forty or one hundred and fifty more games. But, like I missed that last year you know you're right the sixteen game season. It was better than nothing, but I mean you had guys up and hang out you had nobody in the ballpark. You had change, not taking it too seriously, because you knew you were getting eight teams into the playoffs forward to the grind of watching the team every night going out to the ballpark every night I go a ton, I'm disturbing I'll, probably be at like thirty Yankee games this year.
So I role I mean that's what I do. I miss the Bronx. I missed the boat day. I miss the elements of just beer with the people browser you don't for me. Having baseball back is gigantic and listen. The Knicks being relevant is great. I love kids. Randal has become, like you know, New York's favorite son problem I have bill. Is that with the next? Let's be honest, there's no avenue there no window for them. Making like a deep, serious playoff off run like I can't get delusional like I did it. Twenty third in what mellow or like I did for all those years during the Ewing era, this team China has The limited shelf life it's fun, but I know it's coming to an end, Yankees an immense. I think both employed deep into October. Last season was the frozen pizza season. It was
and I learned how to I suppose it is this that I live in fifty at night- I know an eighty sooner- the foods gonna sit on my stomach all night. There's nothing in the fridge. I don't feel I got pizza. I just want to eat. You could turn the oven on and put this pizza is fine. The ice off at you know. It's not going to be that good, but it's like I kind of need to eat. That's me. It was like I just like my mail, I my meal. I barely watch any based on next. Well, I see honest also the fact that the Red Sox, worn out out abomination, I sure, comes into play a little bit right. A lot a bit has the the movie bets trade. I sat by a should have asked ass this We started working with us, but on how much red Sox bashing is gonna. Is it like a healthy amount, as judges could be pot shot. I never like what do I have underlined? Listen, it's more fond. It take part shots at you,
Okay, Yankees going dominate them. I don't think it's red Sox, bashing, it's okay! I get a chance to needle my new boss now and have some fun and get under his skin a little bit, so you won't be getting the text from me if the Yankees going like win three out of four against Boston to start the year, and I expect you know the opposite. If I, go here? dirty water, three out of four games right, I gotta get back to family by the way this. I can't believe I'm admitting this on the palm gas. I Rouge do this faint ways by. And away my favorite place to watch again that it's the rest. It is the best. Anytime, you give me shit, I'm just gonna text you back four times for acts, That's a man of workers that we won, compare united as after no o me, Allow me just our eyes: oh yes, I will you. I just remember for acts are at.
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and if there's like one thousand eight hundred people there, but he said there was like a real energy to it and I'm wondering like when fans will be back a little bit not totally but just kind of like the the carcass of MS. But with enough bodies in their to actually eggs and noise versus some of these other, like the clippers, will have the worst eighteen hundred person crowded the planet. The banana Jane Eyre NICE Adobe are manufactured scoreboard press a audio problems that are just sound like its being put in a sad stage. Chemistry might actually come alive a little bit and I think what people are surprised by was the matter energy, just from a small group of people- and I'm wondering like, I do feel like there's some scrappy underdog potential with them at least for one round well, what I'm hoping for bill is that they end up getting. You know one of those top six seeds that it could stay out of that plane. Tournament number one and I don't want
a match up with Miami in the first round, and I think Miami is gonna end up getting one of those task forces. You saw it, they point my the other night pages so much better than the next I mean it to the NBA finals last year they had butler, they have banned, they have hero, they have so many different dudes that can go and take over a game. Like I tell you what would be a fun first round series, I mean talk about needling you right out of the gate. Can I get mixed Celtic? far right out of your checking writer, you might get us into playing game, you make get the added value of abandoned hope now getting one of those top succeeds. Thou bandit guy ship has sailed more worried about like seeing the Nixon, the eight nine game. Where the nine and we have to win like two and around or whatever the rules are this year. I think they could have a lot of trouble turn in going on a hot streak. I just don't see. With this time. You know you mentioned Miami, though I do think Charlotte. Hold on in that division back,
there's so little of the season left. It feels like we have like all this time up. We really don't like where now we're at like, like twenty plus games left, and it's like Jimmy Butler, goes out for five games of a sudden. The ship is sold for Miami. I don't know, I'm really sorry to see who can get their top for bee, who can get five and six and then the play and match ups? Were I don't wanna play the next and playing well, because you're gonna bust their ass. I mean they're gonna play hard and now all of a sudden, you will get your Chicago Chicago Boscovich with Levine they're there. First now the guy, you know they are intriguing to me. I haven't seen them yet since they have made the trade, but that's like kind almighty to do wish to watch them. After all the boy basketball turns around, because I want to see if they can be a legit one, two punch- and I know if you you felt this way. I love that for Chicago
I go. I get what Orland love is doing they stink but go and get a guy with Levine and then find out is Lavina guy who's. Just gonna score thirty five points on a bed team and does nothing for the rest of his NBA career or is this gonna be the start of something special for somebody like that Chicago now to me, in addition to the next is going to be super super interesting yeah and you get to these games and it's basically you're playing two on two down the stretch right. It's my best two scores against your best two scores. When it really slows down, they have two guys who could score. You know I look at my team it's the south are basically they live and die depending on whether the three point shouts again and then I'll get at the line that much. If the three Sarka the it's out a great bomb of it they're not going to get like the hockey assist, and it comes down to the three. Taco is a really hard team to play. Levine makes crazy shots is averaging again goose vetches. You know his boat, a stretch of for and move out and run
MR and I think about a guy like Robert Wade. Is trying to guard him in crunch time sort of seven ten play a game or somethin in it's kind of a nightmare deal. Would you mixed nets round? One is what excites you about back. As can really I mean it's a house body he's right, that's what it would come down to its house money. There's no way. You'll, think that, when it happens, but when it happens, you're gonna be like where the cheers around I'm ready. I don't know they sell bell because I don't think there's a chance and how they can win answers. There's unless she tell me to hire before game two being like hey, I've decided to skip he's, not going he's, gotta go on hiatus and Grant's gotta be beat up and it basically it's gotta, be the James Horn. Show where James Harden is You know surrounded with the other guys on that team and turns in Poil James harden that we've seen seen with rock kids running guys at and and doing tip stuff and his mass
fit everywhere. I see what you doing here. Soccer me- and I am trying to get me to take the debate. I will rule like crazy. I would love to see the Brooklyn net fans in my life absolutely misery but there's no way in the world the next, so winning matters I was away there now I get what waters inquiry a well. I really serious breakdown. That would be what Brooklyn and is thirty. Five hundred now they could be like seventeen hundred range, because they're gonna factor in the next fans crazy Nick fans at two in the morning of that fucking I'll, put twenty bucks on this, which I don't think could be discounted. So the case will be the neck, now the nicks are in the five seed, but it's like everybody's
game of each other, but that could be the three six matchup write the best Casey. I don't think the next can be silly and I don't think the next to be Brooklyn. The only way you be Phillies if Embiid either is not a hundred percent sure doesn't come back you're not being in Brooklyn at the three guys or play you need some chicanery. You need need playoff James. You need unreliable care. You need Katie's, not healthy, but healthy, going, but he's playing keep playing. You need some weird chemistry stuff well ardors. Saudi was gonna play more Blake, Gryffons, disappointing, dumpling, cruncher, there's a path that Brooklyn his biddable in a play off series. I studied there, the favourite I'm with you I think the ceiling of that team is so much higher. It's a twenty five story. Building verse. Everybody else is like a fifteen story billion but ass. I feel like there's a lot of potential fur.
Weird shit to happen well, and I gotta say I didn't like the hardened trade when they made it. Horn really ticked me off with the way he basically quit on the use or rockets, and let me make this clear bill. He should not get the Mvp award this year. I don't care how good his numbers may be. You can't sell an optic of a guy, basically saying screw you I'm done, I'm quitting on my team and gonna eat cheese, noodles and burgers and whatever and come totally out of shape in the camp and we're going reward that guy an Mvp as good and as terrific as he's been with Brooklyn and he's been great, he's been better and I could have imagined he's a triple double machine he's playing a beautiful brand of basketball. They can't give me the optic of Harden Winny Mvp award this year. Can't do it now. There should be some penalty tax. We need you, you're gonna get France S on Europe. At some point, Frank. Otherwise, we will do that. For me, this is where the world really needs France, ESA, too, to come in here.
Is like a short singer commando he's, probably on some mountain carrying logs around just live in living, the good life we need in the car, the mountain ranges, this disheartening VP thing for three minutes three minutes. I think you were thirty for fifteen minutes. Thirty, take your pick noise in his whole career, I saw something guys lost. Okay, he's lost, he's lost, he's a loser, he's lost every place, he's ever been. No. The Mvp not factory in the Houston thing into an Mvp debate and just concentrating on his effect on Brooklyn is among the dumbest sports arguments have ever heard my life. It's based on the entire season. Houston is a corpse. It's it's they're in the worst situation of any team in the leg, and then they got all these meaningless, picks form, and it's like if you use
hey. What are you looking out long term? Would you excited about you? May not even get you pick this year might be picked slap so for hardened most viable. Don't you have to factor in the fact that he basically gutted this franchise and no doubt no doubt- keep your not argument around town and unfortunately, what happens? Is people become prisoners at the moment, people around the York, if they're getting into the next there like, while I can't believe the numbers this guy's put, not by can't believe how to refugees been Ellison. I didn't think he would fit in as well as he did when Doran was playing and when carry Irving was blank is bill. You know a lot of times. You see these court on court Super James. It takes some on a time area took my army, what they start off: nine in eight people, it's all about fire and small straw, and then they got going midway through that year. This net team no lire
they put hard on the court and was like wow. This has all the potential in the world. These guys are like playing with one another, but my question with the three toes guys remains the same when they get down to the postseason and they need to get stops, and they don't have anybody inside as the legitimate rim protector they get the wrong matchup. That could be problematic if it's Davis and the Lakers in the finals- and I think in bead I'd love to see a healthy jaw and bead against that Brooklyn team, but I don't think they have an answer for them bill now. I have sixteen to eighteen, You know what this successful disclosure, so I will be rooted like crazy. I got a good price on a net to I have for some reason. I drew button since the beginning of the year, but I'd love to see a net six eastern conference final. I don't want to see Milwaukee because I think they can
They are what they are Yanis Willsm through a ton of winds throughout the regular season, and they just can't get anything done come play off on when they signed jet. I was like oh I'm crossing you off. That's it you're out. I just watched jet for thirty five games like if that's going to be somebody, that's actually playing playoff minutes for you. Good luck. Yanas played, I think, the best basketball I've seen him play. Last. I don't know five weeks, and it just doesn't matter to anybody, because he said that weird point that athletes in different sports, where they're just like cool. It's almost almost like that Let it go one adding all you gotta, do an appliance go to. Four and in the regular season curse, but but a couple couple games and then and then we'll actually fully digest your season and that's just
Where is- and I don't know if there's any way out of that wait. I wanted to talk about quickly the basketball because they're on Fando right now, so the next to make the playoffs. What do you think the ads are right now Nick right now to make the play not playing game play offs there, a playoff team in the east, I'm gonna say minus one hundred and thirty five minus one, forty wow pretty good, it's better than I thought pretty good. So the Robinson thing is a real thing for them because they missed out on the buy out market. They could have traded for people, they didn't. They thought they were going to get them back, and now I fractures foot is out for the year I think and they're a guy short So I do feel like there the fear out, with the minus one. Forty is just the year the injury fact like one thing, and I are playing the corpse of ties- gifts in thirty five my guy and Nora the well. You know it's children Bell Obi top in and
I wanna say I play in the league because listen it's one year right now. If you could do a little bit of a do over you're, not making that pick quickly, he's been awesome, he's been so much fun to watch. Topping, on the other hand, is look terrible, he's lost awful Well, it's interesting right date, so they have Randal they'll see. Might they told you know that with Randal TOP and was cut the guy they needed. Last year, but then, with the way Randalls playing, there is no path for top and a friend of your keep our long term. Can't play top in a rando at the same time, that makes no sense so top ins kind of screwed. I was hoping during the year before the trade that line that they could put them for market in or try to get some or Marvin Bagley try to get some asset from somebody ask, as I just think he's gonna be it appears gaining asset he's, never gonna get the time unless Randal gets hurt. This sounds crazy. I will Lonzo ball on the nicks and absolute word
I know it's having a good season. Well, I think you fit the teen perfectly. They need a pass. First point guard he's done so much better, so The ball from beyond the ark and now is that gets out it away. Like you gotta worry about Laval, Stayin. Also you stupid shit he's been quite at fine, brilliant lawns. Oboe would fit the next perfectly next year and like they are not here. Who did the big free agent? That's fine he's playing well. She doesn't need to profiles that big free agent. He complements the team. Great you really does can before we gonna break, and you tell us quickly about where do we stand with New Yorkers in this net nets? Next thing on weight, let alone a closet? What kind of closet? being wagon nets fans are there had of the real New Yorkers regard these people like what what's going on in this world? The Nick fan still dominates the conversation every which way it does about it. Then
instead of favorites, to win the entire thing. It is a Nick town. So when the nicks are playing well, like the Nick Nick Game a couple weeks ago, was that ESPN Monday night game. There was a couple of Fugazi calls at the end. I remember the Nick fan was just up and on the net ban was like very, like walking on eggshells, ideal like China rub it in cause. They know this in their well aware of the fact that they are the second class citizen. What I'm curious to see, though, is Nick Skip bounced. Let's say in the first round: they get all the attention, are going on and run they're playing, Fillion ESE finals, they're playing the Lakers, let's say in the NBA finals. Is it going to be the number one story in town? I don't think so bill. I don't! I think people will talk about it. It will have buzz. Obviously, it's a big national story, but to try to equate Brooklyn being in the final to the
be in the finals, apples and oranges. Well, even taking it a step further, you live in Brooklyn what kind of championship parade for the net. What does that look like who is at that parade? Is that the most depressing championship in any of the professional sports ever yeah, I don't know what they do. Do they go down my block? Do they go down in Atlantic Avenue? Do they like the flat boy, chef, is it like hanging out and park slope on floats yeah, it doesn't sound as appealing and Brooklyn is great. I love living here. It's an awesome awesome place, but there's something to be said for that. Like canyon or heroes type celebration and I'm gonna rangers when the Rangers, when the cup that was like the entire city, stop for three days the rangers when in a cop or the Yankees win at first I don't remember the Yankees. I don't remember the Yankees titles you're blocking those, but those out, I remember the Rangers, so that was fun. I was waiting for a Nick operate. That's still,
And maybe you were like yeah minus seventeen years old, yeah minus twenty five minus twenty five clear. I would think this episode, Bill Simmons Podcast is brought to you by fresh pet, fresh pet is real pet food fresh from the fridge. The reason it's kept in the fridge is simple: fresh whole ingredients, gently steam, cooked without preservative, so the Your meals have to be refrigerated, just like all other meats, it's all natural ugly source parents, parents when you switch feeding, feeding fresh the first thing. Ll notice is increased energy. You don't I presume, is high vertical jump. Happy pets just live in the dream: eating recipes they really enjoy in the weeks that follow you see a softer, shiny, coat, you'll, see improved digestion,
would you believe, ultimately are healthier away for your pen. Is that what we all want? Dogs and cats deserve real fresh food? Tell them live their best happiest lives. He can find fresh pet in the fridge and the pet food or water for delivery visit fresh pet that come to find a store, or I might overreaction near you our march madness, caught a boring right. We had a couple fun endings, but for the most part I agree with you. I barely follow college bass by have watch some of the tournament and Gonzaga just seems all level than anybody else, but it's weird to go from the NBA just after night, NBA Mba and watch these college games, where it's like forty four to forty three with four minutes left and I'm thinking like I just watch the game the other day or is like forty to two hundred and forty. At the end of the first quarter, the pace of the NBA versus Like college, the pressure of the stuff
ago, is the one that seemed like they had their shit together. The best and it's just I test it's clear that they have the best team. They're probably going to win, and yet this is what makes college basketball Great totally. Once you have that pressure once you're the everybody believes in US team. We know that this does not work, it works in college, football does not work in college basketball well and think about it can zag is trying to. The first team. Since NICE Indiana Why do why are undefeated throughout the year, and I keep wondering bill there in a game that tight, it's like a three point, eight, with five minutes to play that haven't, played in a whole lot of close games, how exactly they're going to handle it. Well, If they keep smoke and everybody we may never know- and you know yes and I'm one of these guys that appreciates college basketball. Any nba- and you have almost understand luck. This skill level is gonna, be nowhere close to what you're seeing night in a night out. Maybe it helps that I'm accuse guide through and through. So I am watching them
like there, you know I'd we'd arms dude, like their want of my teams. I watched the issue. Religiously. Now I miss the old biggest like there's no tomorrow, but you know I like, rivalries I like conference tournaments, I love the double but in general you know. The first three days of the tournament were pretty good. I was down, a Friday and Saturday was hop and it was great to be in a sports book again, Syracuse kept winning. So obviously that put me in better spirits, but since, like the Monday on the second round, it has just been blowout after blowout after blow out, and that kind of is what makes the tournament great not to blow us. Of course, the GE that come down to a wire. Like you know, it's it's a two minute. You now fifty eight fifty five tat game, it's anybody's game and you have kids emission free for us in this budget beaters. It is all that craziness didn't really getting
match it at this year and that kind of sucks. You say he was the only one that seemed to be in those games a couple times and like the mission I was ready for Michigan, because it's Jaylin and You didn't want to face time. Yes, I loved. You noticed that. I feel like that should have been an extra channel where I just could have watched a camera that was trained on Jaylen just so I could have seen his different reactions. Look Joan did a great job this year, one of my frustrations. This is my all time. Pet p, with coaching Michigan. They do everything right. They commit all the time outs at the right. They call the time out at the right time they commit the files at the right time. Finally, they get this guy to the line. There's like nineteen seconds left. He makes the first they're up to Juan calls time out to item which I like, because I think that actually works in college. It was like this guy's missing the second one. This is the second one another time out from Michigan.
It's like. I have momentum. I have this one guy who and then up the floor. That's the other thing. It's not like! They grab the rebound. They grab a rebound. Sometimes your best look in one of those scramble situations bill is kind of, let it improvised. You know letting your player one hundred percent, your players going get themselves themselves a decent look now to Michigan's defense. They got a really good look at the end of the game, you, got good, really good looks at the end day. I don't know I didn't you, don't think that back there she was going on it's like all now entailing array of g20 for fodder. He was any, was Matronise anywhere gave. That was the problem. I think it is like the river live and die just nineteen seconds, I've guy? Mrs of free threw down to scramble situation and say why do we have practice? What do we do for six months? like isn't this a thing you're practicing over and over again different it shortly. Bela check Bell checks, letting it ride on this. He's like this is what we
in July we say we do. We put it all the work for the moments like right now, so you know what to do. You run your best play, get your ball and you deeds hands. You want him to go to the rim, so he can get found. Maybe draw three point: player. Do a kick out like that. Why do I need time out and then they set up this time out for a guy who's, ice, cold and as great as Joan was this year, his first year, I just think, like college, has so much over coaching and overthinking to me that I just just Let the Dids play man well and then I was down one. I don't blame you, I'm with you there, one thousand percent and they were down one two and they shoot. Three point: shots: it's! hey your bread and butter right now is getting it a rack and the size that overwhelm for to state and cost me a couple of sheckles in the process. Why wouldn't you stick with the formula and the blueprint that worked so well for you throughout the year
So how do people watch college basketball you're not realised that the pact, while was underrated, but is my buddy hatches big, take away from college troops had said we have The experts are never Illinois watch out for them in all these different. These different pigs in organs out, but it was like the pact twelve, as Canada, stinking Friends, how do we missed this? The pact was not like a US markets at the patriot leg it I think, a lot of it has to do with the timing of the games Why did you guys get? Listen, I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying it's accurate, but you got these pact twelve games, not on primetime windows. Seven o clock ease and some of them are gonna, be out at nine o clock Eastern. But then you have a lot of these games bill thereon. Eleven or eleven thirty at night- and you know especially on a sad like if you're a a blue college college basketball. You high noon, maybe watch it
three thirty, maybe seven o'clock game, and then you know your wife or significant Others like all right, it's nine o'clock, it's ten o'clock, you watch them off. Maybe let's watch a movie, maybe lets you know in a normal year, let's go out to dinner or whatever. So I think from that standpoint maybe lose. Some of the people at would be watching pact, while games- and I think the other thing that take into account the week has not been as good over the last few years. Like organ has been pretty good so I got some players, but they haven't been a league in a long time that has made noise and he answered the boy tournament
now I mean they had seems gorgon state got hot at the right time. Are you a sea got hot at the right time you silly everybody hated that may cronan higher considered dinky? Was you silly material about the fact that the guys just a good basketball coach, you put our situation, the guy's a life for he gets wires and now the smartest thing you shall I can do is let him coach for the next decade. Dont think that you can have John. Wouldn't you don't come back and he's gonna win five straight national titles. Your programme has been disappointing. This guy can coach. Let him coach don't try reinvent the wheel. So we'll see if you sell a screws it up with Cronan, but I think they finally got themselves a keeper there's a lot of you. So I fancy I wanna things that shocked me when I moved to LA was there was this you feel, like you. I see bitter blood feared that I just didn't know about you. Don't come These courtesy I knew like, but you always think, like
in your head. You have others college foods. Rarely do you and see Syracuse Georgetown. These things you grew up with and then the stuff on the West Coast. It was like Justin, pay enough attention to it. The user USA thing is like a real thing, and I think that the fact that you say advance advanced and USC didn't was just soda it falls to every year you silly per se, no light like they went. It was better than making the final, for was that you see also didn't make the final form of you. So I did it's a pretty good one. It's under added, I gotta go You say it's more: they you silly town or more of a. U S see tat I Moreover, you see I town, but it's interesting, there's some! there's some snottiness from the UCLA side toward the USC group, get that I really enjoy
Oh that's nice! I like, when you have a dynamic with the fan base. That's right! It's a little like karate kid like the Johnny Lauren There's a little. You ass, you see away and So the kid is it the beat down car the unseen out that that's kind of the? U S sitting, even though both of them are great schools and the? U S see people drives them crazy because they feel like war, wait a second you're being arrogant, ass fuck you guys, whereas go to a school, had Dario like we ve, kick your ass in football, the stuff! So there's like a lot of like deep rooted disgust I'm proud of you by the way for working in a karate kid Cory reference. How are you just how we welcome people under the ringer? Well, listen is a guy who became addicted to cobra. I love that show. It is amazing. The best part about that show bill is that when you grow up watching the movies- and my dad probably put it on for me, when I was like ten eleven years old, you wrote like crazy for
Marty all Energy airlines characters like screw him. He saw it sees a boy he's a dick. The whole deal now, when I want you to show I'm all in man, I'm team, Johnny Lawrence, I'm team, COBRA, Kai I hope, round tat. She was not watching this because I want to have on the show at some point yeah, but it's easy man. I reject Lawrence all Dana all day. Every day before we before you go with us to couple betting things. Ok, fell draft on fanned alright. Now Zach Wilson is minus. Six hundred to be the second pick, and the draft just feels plus six hundred trade Lance twenty two one and then, after that it gets stupid. I thought
Zach Wilson. I thought this was a done deal like one hundred years ago that they were taking him. Second, is there a possibility? They might not take him. Second, what have you heard I'd be stunned? I think the only way that jets don't take him second, if they trade out of the pick, there's no way they're staying at two and taking a tackle or taking a wide receiver, and I think, with the dolphins do all that day trading involving the Niners go into three and in making a deal with the eagles. I think a kind of tells you San Francisco moving to three then probably here and on a street. I've gotta just taken a quarterback, saw. I fully expect that will soon be why you kid is gonna, be there guy and is funny he went from being like the undervalued quarterback like six months ago. Now I feel, like everybody's, drawn all over Zack Wilson Cell, in all that under the right. I type element that is completely gone. Now I forget EU jets of giants. Neither
I'm a dolphin gotcha your dolphins, yea. We I get annoy you gonna for policies yea and his team, while beyond our pliers thanks thanks like a home with the jets, you must have jets. Fainted life, you must have just following all day or shall we yeah yeah? Of course, how do you walk them through this whole thing? We're like sand? Arnold, oh my god, what a lucky break. He felt a three we got em too, yes and Arnold that didn't work out. He got a totally fair chance. And now we're moving on and we're going to use the number two pick for another quarterback and we're going to probably trade SAM Darnold for, like the thirty nine pick yeah it's tricky because I was a Donald guy, I got to be up
when I watched them at USC. He had that great rose bowl against Penn state. I thought he was going to be a really good pro. He kind of ended up in a terrible situation that can happen. Todd bowls first year gets fired. Then they bring in gas gate. Was a disaster? Listen, they did poor talent around him. He was not properly coached, but you know the dynamics of New York City, the idea of trying to sell the New York Jeffan.
Based on Well SAM Darnel's gonna bounce back with a new coach, and it's gonna be happily ever after and it's gonna be this storybook ending sorry, it doesn't work out, it just doesn't happen and with the finances being the way that they are with the league being set up. The way that it is Donald may have success. Watch him go maybe to Pittsburgh. Maybe the Denver new situation like Tannehill leaving the dolphins in going to tennessee- maybe San Donald, just gotta, get out of here for a change of scenery. But if he's a jets you can't like think about. Oh, we can't screw it up with Donald. What, if he's good elsewhere, you got the second pick, don't reinvent the wheel. Take the quarterback yeah! I heard this on one of our podcasts. I apologize to the person on plagiarizing this point from nice. There you go, but it's basically with quarterbacks.
If you don't know within the first two years, if you don't see real flashes, how many times has that person ever really worked out, so you just gave a good example. So all right, winning the super bowl is Ryan Tannehill, probably not with it. Could I make the playoffs with him? Did KY win a playoff game of them sure? I think he is surprised that you rooted for Tanto forever. She had weird coaches. He had no help. He was in the wrong situation. I think it became clear. I do actually to use them this way. This guy can actually pretty good ass that you go back and look at his stats. He took care of the ball. He could use his legs a little bit. There were things there and he was clearly in the wrong situation. So I'm trying to look at this dark thing be like are, on the one hand, wrong situation worse, possible, coach, bad team at the other end flashes did he show because I've been thinking about it because, like what, if the patriots trade for him, I have to talk myself into it as die. Hard patriot fan
But what flashes has he shown to make me think he could ever be a super bowl quarterback. I just haven't seen it well, that's what you're looking for and build the giants are going to be in the exact same predicament with Jones. Do here they sign Katy Gala Day, Barclays Common backed second year with judge, they're, gonna win and he's gotta be really good. Ah, he wasn't good from his first or second year saw with these quarterbacks listen, fair, unfair. It. You got three years. You said too, I think by the time you hit the ended at thirty If your kind of like I don't know, I think I like that, would Jones now I just don't see it No, I don't don't think it takes care of the ball. I don't think he's good enough, but let me ask you this question last year, would you have said Josh Allen is gonna, be a top five quarterback in the league. I would have said no chance no way, so I guess flip with him. Was the accuracy peace that I don't think we realized he could increases accuracy, but I think I'd politically.
We gladly something. That's there. There were things he brought to the day that were clearly unique and high level. In my opinion, I don't see it with Donald like what, if is feel like basketball players, quarterbacks there's a couple of positions right, it's like! What's your thing, do you have a fucking Canon arm you have great legs. Are you like an unbelievable game manager? Who just does everything right like even when we had Brady the first year when he was playing, and he was even close to come in the Brady that he'd became, but there were things that he would he was doing. Which were just so unique and so clearly better than Bledsoe right every the way he ran play actions in the way he could kind of moving the. Cat like there is like special things about him. And I ve never seen that with Darnel, but at the same time like I love getting distressed assets, you Know- and I said that's why, to change for ever on the kings Oda CHE for everyone in the timber say I should be a joint outrages. You're gonna, kings, Ross,
I don't know how they're that bad, but Donald he's the guy put him in Pittsburgh. Let him sit behind Roethlisberger for a year. Let him learn that system and then a year from now, maybe you got somebody that can be your guy. I think Darnold almost needs like that mental resets for a year, as opposed to just like the rusting him into a situation saint. I can't go, get em like him. Coming back to the jets and the jets passing up on a quarterback. It too can happen. Just right well. This is one of the reasons I want the path to get mine. I like that with the stash I like that you got a little spoke about him. He's got. He was six and six as a rookie. I made this case on the pod with hence the other day, so I don't want to do the full replay, but it was just like thirty seven eleven pigs for his career. I've seen em when games. I've gambled against him and Ben really frustrated that the other that the defence
but I can stop him. He is in a worse situation. Parsimony actually produce that he showed some things. I if I, if I was like whoever trying to decide between tortured for darnel their goods trade for Menchu, our trade for Menchu ten times out of ten cost, like a million bucks, you could get him for nothing has juxtapose can take Lawrence like you know and I just would, that would be the guy. I would get even not reference. I was gonna say if you have your choice right now, assuming both were on the market, the stache or Jimmy G, I would do stash with can. As a combo Olga get, I get to nice starts at the door board, Can I get the whole? Well, maybe the covert thing really fucked him up. I share my baby. That was a real thing, which would give him a real chance at this but ass. I meant you who I know can produce you. I know and bad teams was able to move the ball, which is really with the team that their building there they have a really good team.
These incorrectly move the bodily. I don't think it needs stagger win the Superbowl next year, but other. Do that then trade, like my first round pay for Jimmy Group alone. Pay him twenty two million dollars a year whatever now and outward that cause you got it what you have in Jimmy J means. Ok, He's not gonna, be anything more than that. That's what he is. What are these your giants fan? How do you talk yourself into Daniel Jones you're, hoping that he's going to make this sort of lead similar to Allen? I think it's asking a lot he's. Definitely I'm gonna make a leap. To that extent they add Kenny gotta, who I always liked with the lines that guy goes and makes ways. Now it can't stay on the field, but I use is a good player Barkley coming back. Is she going to transform the offence and when I would do bill, they got a first round pick on tape.
Another offensive player, whether it's on the line or if somebody is a point maker and I'm saying all right, Daniel Jones, we are setting you up to be as good as you can possibly be, go, get it done, and if not, I don't have my quarterback. That is what I'm selling myself on, if alma, jive giant, then at the town around him and him may being in Boston, is bought work in his ass after out the off season, gonna make a better I say last year, as people have heard on. My part, I think, is the greatest running back about that wow rail I made most talented. I just have never seen a more counted person running eyes. Eirik elevates aid as she is a great dude he's a likeable dude and it actually bothers me bill that I have to go on here all the time and continue to bash the pit giants made because it has nothing to do with the player and what he brings to the table is just the idea had taken a runner, Two, you can you dont have a winner game is drafting malpractice, you can do it and I was pro the pit
and I still think it away. It was the right pig because they did it. Was they didn't love any of the quarterback? Anything like Arnold was the next pick right, Josh Rosen. What did he go like seven th, nine th Josh? was the only one for me. Point on who really turned into either Margarets J Work take Josh our second. Now I get that but think about this. If you could do it over again, would you rather have Quint Nelson Bradley Job or sake Lombardo, Fair, I would the way I look at it and listen bill. Nobody at the time was saying that everybody at the time- and I was right there with them- said- go and take the quarterback go, get Elie successor, but I think about it now, quit Nelson's gonna be an all pro guard for a decade and he's gonna play chub. You can't find past rushes he's this stud with the Broncos Barkley.
What are we looking at another three, really good years fly meat if run aids are run back. I can't I can't count I now. I doubt that is my ears, a deposition, I'm nine in absentia time, I'm usually was with all my years in sports fan, experience the marketing I just got it in you. Gotta generational talent is running back, you know in it and if the cases like this guy's a generational talent, this is the most how to run back to come for probably Ten year span we have to take on sometimes at gravitate towards the generational. Tell me you're right. It's a terrible idea. Ruddy backs last five to seven years. You know, and you you get Nelson, you have him forever sick, the Patriots ad hoc Hannah for
my entire life, which, though I was in college. I owe you a letter levy driver ever reach me web with the dolphins, who is my guy, but I every year ridge me web, protect the marina left side then have to worry about it. When I have assets were talking to bees in your dauphines. Thin too is at that point. Where it's too late too early to say maybe there's a tier injury, I think they're afraid kind of unleash last year, but I was disturbed by his rookie season and there is a case to be made that in Alabama with all the weapons they have and all the advantages they have. You might look better than he actually was behind You maintain hope for that. Guy, for your to back up into this process of the islands are guy. I think it's the idea, common back off that hip surgery, I d go on People last year bill was and he's not gonna play. They gonna say for the entire year, and then you see him anyway,
October early November, and I think you're right. They kind of dumb down the offense when they brought him in, and I know we was in throwing a great deep ball, but it to me was obvious that Chang gaily, who had known Ryan, Fitz, Patrick for forever. He coached him with the jazz he coached him with Buffalo. He basically said alright. When Fitz is in the game, we have a certain game playing when two is in a game. We're gonna make sure we play ball control, we're gonna run the ball, but there were a couple of games this year. He outdo Kyler Murray, I played Kyler Murray he had a game against the chiefs, and I know they fell behind big in that game, but he was a lighting up that defense and my frustration with the dolphins offense was: why aren't they trusting this kid to do more now? Listen, you will get his numbers and you will get what he did on the field Herbert did on the field, and I hope I'm not taking a big stress. This listen a year ago, bill if we were doing this podcast.
I would have wanted nothing to do with harboured because you didn't, while me in college, he didn't have that it factor about whom I was getting like those bulk Callaghan flashbacks DR sounds like. I said that it is not the guy. While reading my team ran, you sought you Alabama and he was a start. You know he was like. A boy was charismatic. He was making all these plays their first journey, NFL wasn't clause Herbert was the better plan. The dolphins now got a receiver who can stretch the field and wool fuller gonna go and draft another parliament hold on. What's up. What's your problem come on what's wrong with well four, he stretches the field heed just take up its internal, but he's good. When he's on the field. Is he productive? Yes or no he's eight yeah, we desire of the field. He plays eight games a year.
Well, I count will fuller. He gets hurt every year yeah, but you got him on a one year contract he makes place. I would think the guy who's gonna stretch the field, for you is the guy you take with your So my the pit, you move back from three to six. She picked up an extra two. Rounders, but then you use one of your own, but it seems like they're going to take chase with the six pick. You know what I'm intrigued by though I think Chase is probably the pick. I love the the tight end set up that you're, so how briars and if they get heads and quote him wages city that is a hell of a once. You punch, dude amatory by them. Very very intrigued by I went on the Ringer NFL show Friday. We did emergency podcast last last week after the trade, and I was just I loved the dolphins played it is that we always try to pretend
smarter than the GM's we're smarter than these teams, and it's like they should have done that they should have that the dolphins did exactly what he should have done it cashed in super early. They gave themselves a lot of time to think about what they want to do with the six pack. They got all these assets. The one flaw in the system is there still making huge bed on to and that's the piece where this could potentially fall apart. This is one decision made. They did everything right that had the right coach they made all great trades that the tunnel trade as iconic- let's have four first impacts on the southern stuff and yet year this one piece of it, which was to a versus Herbert that they might have missed, and that's the house of cards where it is false, purchase, goods, one decision yeah and you hope that's not the case. Obviously, if you somebody like me, who's a dolphin, I hope it's the case. I know you don't really rather than mine. You know it's for somebody who is seen as team win for twenty or twenty five years. Twenty, like you, VE, had enough
well maybe going to grow into Bledsoe Superbowl cause? You know a bill. I haven't seen my team in an agency paddle game, basically my phantom leather, again for a minute now. I know they were in it like ninety two and ninety three, but it doesn't count as I was like five years old. That's why I don't want to hear shit from the jet fan either, because the jets have seen like three AC title game right since I've seen one. So I feel like all of the good karma I've gotten in my life from the Yankees and, to a lesser extent, with Syracuse. It is evened out by the dolphins and the nicks, and it's pretty crazy, see that now I look at the dolphins in annex I look like their regimes and if one office is an unlike holy shit think they know what they're Doin words fair. Similar right, the last twenty plus years, where you come out of the nineties. The dolphins had marine.
So ever year you felt like they were in it, even though, if you really look at the ninety S, they weren't really as in it as it seemed there's. Just Marino gave them this or of contender ship every year, Nick had the same thing with Ewing, then you head into the two thousand and it flips and the next are in a situation where just completely overwhelmed by terrible terrible ownership. Just terrible a guy here, and there are people, that's out the door, not everyone. They end up in this flute division where there is the greatest football team about this. I caught a cubic coach combo that will never happen again. And now you both teams are kind of em. Judging from the shadows of that, I think the next have figured out some sort of culture, the dolphins, that the forests thing was unbelievable. I mean weather whoever is Herbert works out or not the fact that you have like, if you're doing, a fantasy draft of which coaches would you want now for the next twenty years
in the top three, so the circuit he took a team that everybody always tanking one five game. I went to New England away and when applying for a buy and killed us now, I mean basically ended the patriot dynasty. I know everyone saying the Titans in Darren of the doctor, I'm a rat dolphins in that week, seventeen game and then last year bill listen their total and that's why I'm encouraged by him. It was what six slash six and one slash two no, they choked and they got smoked in that last game of the year against the bills. I didn't think there was a chance in how they would want to take games last year, no way, so I think he can coach unless you need some Brooklyn guy so that you he's got your New England lineage. If you will but he's got that Brooklyn and am I just made a character for mistake, as he's in there I found that out. I was a little disappointed to hear that, to be honest, he's a Mets fan, yeah he's a met, fan he's a met, fan wow! Well, the
a little in the dolphin situation to right, where the the glory days, basically, basically the mid eighties. Then then a couple flips sense, but even they made like the two thousand World Series and what was it and fifteen they made the world, so that is in many ways my worst nightmare, doing this pod and walking around town if the Mets ever beat the Yankees I'll. Do that I promise you this. I will do the podcast that Monday, and an on going on hiatus for like two weeks, I would tell you right now: you're gonna, let laugh the Mets beating the Yankees in the world Series would be close to the equivalent of what I've been in two thousand and four may that, because I'd have to deal with the methods, all the time like in two thousand and four I was a junior in high school. I really didn't hear about it. A ton until I went to college my entire foreign searches were red. Sox fans ring
Sports guy and, unlike always, knows, what's guide character. The rest, as they say in a business, is history, but like the methane rubbed it in, but then you could conduct roll back into her face, You're my friend, what ever, if I got to deal with the Mets, wanted a well series against the anxious. That's it hiatus for a week. I promise I ate us, that's why that two thousand subway It was kind of underrated didn't play nationally. I don't think there's a lot of memories about it beyond like trusted area, but I was fascinated by the dynamics of that where the Mets hence the Yankees, said already won three might they're headed for four, this scrappy Mets team and the Mets fans are secretly thinking wow. We could up end this we're not going to do what we hurried ships. Ninety six, ninety eight ninety nine mean absolutely nothing. If the Yankees alludes to the mass and its,
thousand subway series, and I know, is only five game series bill here. Every single game and add series was competitive. Including game, Juan Weather it had. A weed yeah did Shimon Peres, brain fall on the bases and an o Neill. Who is my we're Yankee. All time by the way is he's got like that serving pants down your face. Grinder mental but he wore Borneo. How, like that fifteen pitch at bat against Benitez Work, the walk, they tied the game, they won game, one in extra earnings and with those activities and their industry. You know that I'm gonna find a way I hated pioneers gets sometimes we perhaps you could I get along, so you get subscribe to the New York package with John you strategy. It is available now get find it out spot. If I find an apple, whatever launching
Sunday night, I won't say who the surprise guesses. Ah now we only say it went again, we want to say I will keep it a surprise. I won't say then France S a France S or probably when whenever he decides to come on Well, we won't keep that a surprise. What I you joy even join me when France, ass it comes on you MA, am did listen anytime. You wanna do me and make for three hours with two and a half hours of us Saint term, and then we get fifteen minutes, spiders them It is in, and I think, the biggest challenge and getting my gun is trying to figure out if he has an idea of how to use. So I don't know we might have to get minded tutorial guess I regret and I use zoom out understanding. That is something I don't know it all zone does not want any its other. Goodbye about I'll just caught a hardline will do that now I better using zoom. He must be using zoom. You think so sceptical on These are the things we need to find out. Who knows by France s my job on this, but welcome to the ringer. It's good
to have you and thanks for common answered, a bill himself fired up to get started thanks for giving me this happened. Unity and listen New York fans. You know what a fine now three days a week and morn that cause when shipwrecks we're gonna be on that guarantee excellent. Thank you. This episode specimens pack ass, his breath, you buy Mccain, Quick Cook, fries Jonathan about but New Mccain, quicker, fries cook and half the full time a traditional Mccain. France have guessed what else? There's no weapon. You can cook an entire foot, the bag, these delicious Chris be one hundred percent, real potatoes and half the footman timers their traditional fries, making mealtime less foot been difficult, its unflinching unbelievable. So please do yourself a favor.
Had to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself. The bag of Mccain, Quick Cook fries their fast to prepare easy to share a new flippin deserve that. I can't believe this has never happened before Canaan Thompson his year. I've had a pike s for thirteen years, some out is your first appearance. You are the most normal child actor of all time. I think I'm going to start there. I think you're number one. Thank you very much. Very normal guy very normal here who lose your competition for that title is just a timber lake seen just into Blake seems relatively normal, who else Norma he's too I mean there's a lot of them. Jason Weaver. He started super young enough. Still, misdemeanor varied, you know, grounded You know that Good Buddy mine Julio due to their white another one great here, the shoulders girl dad same. After that dazzle Adam. I watch this
humane and Hulu that Suleiman FRY did through used to pipe Monkey Brewster way back when it is called kid. Ninety and it was about it all- these nineties theses, kids in a way that our hung out together and then it goes wrong for a lot of them, and it just seems, like you know, the time. It goes wrong for whatever reason, why didn't? Whatever reason, why didn't it go wrong? The you? What were the secrets who's? to say that it won't tomorrow. You know like nothing is promised, but but so far I don't know just been very bless. You know I get along with people and I have a really good an overly out of control with any kind of addictions. Basically, you know so what made you want to get into it. I was I just been in it all my life. Basically, they do a theater and stuff like that. Like I grew up, you know been an actor and stuff in Atlanta and ours too. Kind of always finding the comic relief rolls or they were always given to me. You know because I had a sense sense of humor. I guess- and I like to have a good time and
It started to become a lucrative thing once I did my first commercial. I was like eleven years old and got eight hundred dollars check. You know what I saying: Well, you know maybe should leave further into whatever this is. Atlanta was a good platform for that could be a tv s and stuff like that, and you know that the show our reasons for kids, and that was the first So I was on an audition for like many ducks from there and stuff like that, so yeah, it's funny. So unlike between generations, read the generation that you hit with initially my kids are. My kids are born in o five and seven so that all those Disney programmes are less of my my generation. I brady Bunch Partridge family, all that stuff. Then there is this generous between where that me the late nineties, early two thousands were like their shows that they can cause. You know this. On a show- and I didn't even know- what's going on- you know like a dog having a Boston, you're dumber. Here, that's good, I mean you know
it's good, for I guess to look at it back at it now, because, like Paramount plus and like all the episodes are back up so lot of kids are like watching it in like loving it all over again with snack, specially good burger, like good burger, was like slamming up Netflix for the last like two three four months, or something like that. So you know it's it's it's nice just to see like things hold up through time. Cuz it a lot of the time it doesn't. You know a lot of the time. You know things get very across the line very quickly, especially in comedy like Eightys and Ninetys coming. They were pushing the latter envelopes, yeah, there's theirs. They saw app called PLUTO. That runs all these old tv shows, especially from the seventies and eighties. Never family ties channel labored eyes. When I was a kid that was one of the iconic shows was a chairs family ties,
cause, be you know always when you watch tat shone down. It's like every episode had to have some sort of lesson right. It was like the drunk uncle confront. Gotta confront him. Her home polices, boss is hit not at work up, she's and confirming eating. Just was I captured there, but it doesn't hold up at all it's now you're watching what the hell was going on back. Then there was a lot of let's teach society's lessons through sitcoms. For some reason, Senator touchy has come to town and we need to attach it, but that's not acceptable every episode. It was always like the boss, the Father in law. There was one that was on where the Father in law's politics didn't agree with the dad politics that they had the leg, have that whole episode but on earth were made, but that also makes for good. You know, You know conversation. I guess you know you can brings everyone reward. You know we we're talking about how great
The hour is without showing the young rock show my guest, everybody together and get. Them in a room together and makes them kind of have those conversations which you know could be a good thing, because when you loud and public alot of people tend to be just more reserved in their own thoughts or whatever, and not necessarily aging and learning anything from somebody else. So I am all for it was very kind of heavy handed and Eightys and Ninetys for sure. It's funny that this generation of I guess you caught succumbs there. I was thinkin sitcoms. I just think of like eighty cyclist over the top every sense. Now it's like almost like tv comedies, and you have yours and young rock in the same hour, which is already pulled in my son, although he doesn't watch it when aside he writes with their heads like that. Oh that shows on a channel. I thought it was only on Hulu, like TAT, generating just says that they have the choice, the right it was generation yet say it's the Andaman.
But it's a year show as the evolution of like what we that sixty for seven years is sick comes at this point in all the stuff: subtle right, the stuff you're dealing with in the pilot there's cancer culture, but it's not over its that, like blah blah him, get cancer? It's all right about under the radar that stuff you eat out, the guy's a widower, but it's that, like completely over the top or they're just do this whole episode about. This guy lost his wife and his sad. So you just leaving in all these themes in twenty one minute's, basically It's tough, too. I mean their lessons learned because this is a couple of years down the road. With this idea we did an original pilot that Chris Rock directed and it was much more closer to the actual widow ship, so it was very heavy and somber which didn't necessarily service a comedy. It service like a dramedy, but that's not a sitcom,
you know, so we want to find that balance even further, and I would also like, outside of my business profession, that people are used to see it you see me in a kind of an entertainment time, energy which we live. On the morning before as a real estate agent or whatever and ass, fascinating in and funny as real estate is, you know, that move away from that and put it into a morning not shown an ecologist. All my came together and in fits like even CAS wise, like fortune, teamster was like a last minute addition to the cast him. She rounded out the cast in such a way that it was just like, while when you flip that last Rubik's, no pattern and it's all just all the colors on each side and it's perfect like that's what I felt like. Basically, so here was bogged down. It's been a bug, doubt experience, but I'm glad then you know well received whenever people watch it, whether it you know
Thirty on NBC preferred or on or whatever yeah. It's like putting together a basketball team right where you still need the crunch time, five, the five key parts, and if you miss on one of the parts you can feel it in the show, but usually then they'll just audible and get rid of the person after a year. But it seems like you hit on things. You also have two of my favorite people in it. Chris Read, who I bought stock in early yeah. I bought office Ricky basketball cards early. Deaths were good for you and then my guide down Johnson who who will not come on this park ass. I think casinos and would probably before hours maybe vice was I had a top five hall of Fame show for me, Sonny Crockett, the whole thing it now is you're he's your father like this. There are still down Johnson, but I do feel like you should make a where the white linen suits, at least once maybe
following thing we gotta we tap into it at least once you know me, especially for, like you know, we're talking about an earlier on another like interview like an Halloween episode or something make best is ripe. You know to just go right there and damn right back in it, just the color of a start. What colorful t shirt Alison, like you know, just doing pieces brain like white limp and pants was they all snap might maybe try this late white linen blazers, where her ATLAS sleeveless tee shirts. You know them under those guys rainbows visa and was this light. Ferrari doing here I don't know, but you might as well drive it. You know he's one of those guys like I did tv with magic for a year and you know it would be sitting in this room. There be five NBA games gone. It's boring you're there for like eight hours, a
like the third hour. I just like magic. What was the closest you ever came to an MBA fight. You just want like stories like, what's the craziest moment, you've ever had a nightclub and they're. Just like this jukebox of stories. I would imagine Don Johnson's like that right he's been in Hollywood for fifty years forget about it. There are so many good stories you know, and it's so nice to somebody survival that you know, but at the same time No, he has stories where you know he was like. You know. The mellow fellow in the room too, he was just in time where everybody was in the same area and doing the same things you know, then so he has story where he's like rehearsing for a play or somethin, unlike richer prior and somebody else like just wanders across the street, Xyz hang out and stressful. You know you
doing local theater he's not Don Johnson. At this point I mean he's himself, but he's not famous yet he's just in the mix of the time. You know what I mean: it's such a great era that he came up through so yeah. I could listen to him all day when that show took off. That was eighty four that was kind of the height of when you could become a massively famous person overnight, thanks to a tv show, it can't really happened. The same way they mark is not, as many people want to be like that, but like that zero Cosby thirty, six million viewers billion viewers crazy, something crazy, like yeah every every week, steady, two every those four. However many years or whatever like crazy insiders. Life was like that too, and eightys to like, with you know and Eddy, took off. He took off there's like to twenty two million people watching off forty years worth of like a legacy from his jumping off point, basically by his heat, and you know the stamp.
Movie stardom, like never, you know, was chipped away at he's always been like Eddie Murphy since come into America, say he's like my all time guy, I never thought he was going to come back to Sarah lives, and then he came everybody does the same thing and then he came back and he saw what was it like. Tell me, it was epic he killed it was. Christmas number one is like a Christmas shows like New York, is magical at that time, and you know him and you know and sander I just did it in April, so we felt good about that and then they announced over the summer like eighty s doing a Christmas show. So I'm like holy shit like all summer or the rest of the summer, I'm thinking. I Eddie Murphy, come Eddie. Murphy come every episode from the start, and I see that my Eddie Murphy Scope and then was that weak. This fucking there. You know what I mean. Now we got to pinch ideas to Eddie Murphy. You know what I mean it was just like this is wild. Try to make
Kim laugh with some weird idea. You know I mean that's probably miles down the comedy thinking that he's probably used to It has been an rooms of comedians for years and years and years you know domain and he's just men. You know around his people, basically so the inside it of the thinking, you know what I mean is just probably like really hard to like communicate, probably for a lot of people. So it's a lot of pressure. You know what I'm saying you can't just do any kind of reference and think he's just going to get it right away. It's like you know that song such a sense you'd be like no. I don't know that and like your pitch is dead. Basically have two seconds before you even get our enemies, he had to think of things that might you know make Eddie Murphy laugh. It was. It was while and then you got, spend What I mean he was always call. You know me quiet and reserved and like more quiet in you assume but window, Ok, I'm alive, he came alive and ass. The show
He got wilder and wilder and looser and looser. So by the time he was like in that ELF sketch with just a White T shirt, he was as free as he could be and it was incredible to watch. I never thought it was actually going to happen. Like you, as well as the data closer Diana who cancel, then it was like three weeks away, and then doing before they showed the card. Nor is there a way it is really going to do. Never hear that might be a possibility. I might really, after all this time my. Why would you even agree to do some ship just to back out like that's way, works in my opinion, but he did he showed up and he, like, he sat in it, was really tripping him out. He hadn't been there in thirty plus years. You know what I mean thirty plus years, That's like beyond Goin back. I go about your elementary school, and yet, who is this pattern? I I think he is
I mean he was the only guy, I remember being on the show who it was just clear. He was going to go on to be like one of the biggest movie stars like pretty pretty quickly, but then, when you talk about the history of the show, which is now four thousand and forty six years, I guess people usually have him verse will Ferrell in the finals seems like when we do like the Michael verse, the broad type are units about. As now it seems like those are the two everyone settles yeah, you know, Eddie was like movie star. You know what I mean like outside of comedy like will. Ferrell is a comedy movie star, you know and he's do you know probably one of the greatest or, if not the greatest, cast member to do it, but yeah like Eddie like time for hours burials cap. You know they had comedic tones, but it was like those are action. Typees movies, India have now have become buddy ability at the highest level as well. On top of that
yeah they're, both beasts and I absolutely adore them. Both are you know like it is. It is interesting that people want to compare greatness like that, like compassionate game into a diamond, you know like their boat, pretty sparkling. That's a sports thing that site that's like half sports arguments now is just fascinating trying to compare like Lebron to over or Jordan. You know even comparing Kobe and Jordan. It's definitely an interesting thing, as opposed to letting them all have their place or whatever the only way daily place. We don't really do it is with actors, nobody, nobody is a guy. I don't know somebody has to saw some performance in a movie and then Odd is merely outlets, go him versus Pacino in the seventies, how you have like the nearer and potatoes, like kind of the closest one that I've ever save. Oh yeah, when I had at a conference, the EU has been that come way back and I still have a mail bag, and I did this whole breakdown of the deer averse to China.
Different categories and the whole thing, and it's really the only argument you could really have with actors, because they were kind of on each other's corner. You know, I think, the actors it's hard to be in that you're, the longest running SNL cash member ever, which is interesting because you were born after the show premiered yeah, which I think you were the it won't. You, the first guy who is on the show who was born, premiered from it. I think I think you are the first one right. I have a special connection to their place. You know him say so I'm just not in a hurry to run away from it. I'll feel I got me to act like I can always do
both or do more or get to twenty and figure it out, but you know at the moment it seems like a very comfortable place for me yet spend this has been in my life since I was six in other mean yeah. I'm and I've been there that my pants finally start. Let me watch it in the late seventies cause they used to have like the greatest hits half hours and in private and that's blue. She me in and then I was in probably for fifth season. I it's been interesting. How the show kind of reflects whatever is on society than you saw the last four years with the Trump thing where it's like the show. How, to address it, but it almost kind of overpowers the show I feel like since since early on migration issues, to show that bag, oh yeah, the biggest distraction ever and
for me it was Eddie. I remember watching my dad watch and had two as a kid and be a night work. What is that, like? I recognize him from like forty eight hours or something like his first thing before He was on is another whatever he knows. I knew him from like my dad. Haven't a tape or something at the career, bemoaning blah blah so. Was like well. What is the show and then he's like? Oh in a bed the same for you the same for children? Also, it wasn't until like middle school, in kind of like the Farley David paid years, you know feel hard. Many years that I really grew to appreciate the show, and then I went back and I watched the alien pissed for years and then the original seven years you know and then like on middle my middle school. I'm almost never, MR show up the time that I got on there. So just a big, like you said, big part of the life. You know big part of the life Do you feel like the show, fears or more free? Now they you guys, can go back today,
sketch comedy, without also having a night and day because there's still plenty of weird Politicians to make fun of me like Cates doing my forty. Dude every episode was just some weird. Secondly there, but you know not to have an end. The highest seat is very helpful for us to just like, relax and and be silly in and get back to life. Thinking about silly but also covering whatever politics as usual type stuff. When did her haters been on here a few times, and he always said The kind of the way you know you ve made it on the show is when they put you as the first phase people. See you in the show, starts where that's a different level of of crunching pressure, and you don't want to just throw somebody into that. When did they trust you with bring a shell when they add a format that kind of matched the opening of the sitting.
You know, the reason was. I think I started to a sharp didn't. I started open in the show. A lot he had a show and they usually opened the coroner Busby some news, each type of thing like went there. Was doing it all the time it was. You know him doing Chris at the new Yorkers methods, yeah Hardball here so late my sharply and had his show, I can open the show, like you know, maybe like familiar type, covering the news, but still very, very funny, I'm doing like a funny like impression of a character like my sharply, was pretty strong and I believe in it, and yet and live from New York. You know a few times, you're, basically staring into the barrel of a gun with the when they're telling everybody to quiet, quiet down and just staring at the camera waiting yeah. That's gotta, be a tense super dance like I've. My my reading my first to cards just to make sure I get in a rhythm, so
stumble right out of the gate you I'm saying like I stumble as I'm going along whatever but down the gate- is really hard to like feel good Bad and later, I guess like let alone, given them back on track like I feel like the sketches. A strong enough, but up you can be the code open that there's plenty of jokes in it till I get the on his back. But for me watching it back just knowing that I'm just like tripping right out of the gate like it sucks, so you know you try to do it like as perfect as you, which, which is to ask you, know what to mean like you're, basically asking yourself for perfection. So a very fine between driving yourself, crazy and just being passionate. I guess my biggest takeaway from seeing it live was how tense the minute leading up to the beginning of the show cause. You forget on tv that it's alive performance so when the tyrant acquired their like oh shit, Yes, and then you see the actors in there. Just kind of waiting until my God in summary of it
their lives, this is their careers. This is their family and friends here about it. You know, like everybody's, got a leg deal with, These moments after we put this material out, so you know you try to do a good job. Basically, when did you get comfortable with is another like level to pass on us now. This sketch totally working and some just fucked up, but this is kind of fine. Let's wrote this and its actually kind of fun. This isn't working different times that he was later on. I have really like gap hands on with light the writing. In rewriting of things like was, I wrote my first like sketch for real for real, like scared straight, I think it was now. I'm a fifth sees it, and yet you know that's when I felt
about like trusting my instincts to rehearsal and being like. Well, this is not working. That's not work. I think we need a better joke here, better joke there, and not just like doing other people this work has ended. That point. I dont, like depots dish, is stuff like that, but James Anderson always wrote those things, and I trust him the writing Amory rewriting in like finding, was not working and fixing it type of thing, because that's what I was used to like from know what I mean. I never had the writing. Womb, possibility over there. Sql was like my college for that. Basically, so once I like wrote my first sketch, like with colleagues my roommate great common Jos, he's now was made at that time. It was like his first year, no fresh at Harvard and I asked him ever seen. Scared ever seen he's like no. What like that I was that you've never seen like the documentary from the Seventy S, local artist than the other showed it to him like he's dying laughing and I'm like. Yes, I think it'd be funny to like yell and scream at a bunch of kids and then
he added the element where I'm Tellin parables through eighties movies thing and that's what made it a scam You know, I mean that's what made it a good sketch. So you know learning that lesson it had a like. Take one little that I think it's funny and then figuring out what you need. Wrap around it to actually make it a whole like concept that will fit the show or whatever that was very pivotal. How long were you office mate with them years like six? Maybe seven, six seven years, somebody there was once a it's like having a roommate yeah. It was like were to death like face an adversary I'm looking at one window he's looking at night, another window or whatever, and you know He was like head writer really quickly too, so he always had a lot of responsibility, but he be gone like he go meet with for whoever they may be right right now, nights are gonna head office to myself and I'd be in their party in it.
Come back like all exhausted and I'm just like in there watching Youtube. Do you have to adjust after the season, which is to sleep schedule and how you kind of have to peek at this weird time of the day that human beings are, met the peak near a little bit like I've ever had to adjust when I'm going back into the and our cycle, like I just immediately by hand kids, you know, I mean I get me up early and I learned to go down early when I'm off basically so wished snl. I start like I stretching out my day, get up at weird hours and just try to fit those naps in you know what mean to make sure that fully exhausted must have a bad and I can still do things late at night and perform at a high level or whatever and have fun still. You know I mean it. I still find like be up at one in the morning after high of doing the show or thought
I have two parties or whatever, so you know you ve trammel nets get past days. Just because I have responsibilities, I have tried to be able ballots them too. That's the key. That's the secret, PBS and napping seem to be the two best ways to have longevity and you re not like with like people like Leubronn with with napping Steve? I think Steve NASH was the first one who kind of popularized it with the NBA, like the importance of a nap and the importance of falling asleep, I like to thirty sea could wake up, and then you eat three hours for the game and have a and basically treat your body like this You know a high powered engine, as anyone see started here that their best I do. I think this is why risk complain of their forties. There were coming for me It was the first time I travelled to Barcelona here, I think was mainly ninety two and I noticed
The entire city was shut down with another five seven very interesting. You could get another nothing at all between five and seven, but yeah ya mean hey man. I didn't have to learn that I just would take them and feel better. Basically, I like mapping. I cannot see not broken up. I would invite you very true thing. By the way of my wife can't map, God save her life. For for nothing like many arab and almost daily so do. What do you do, I'm so jealous of it if it was like a and you could buy an Amazon and it'd be like fifteen thousand dollars napping, you can buy it for a year. I'd be like set me up, so so my when you're, exhausted and yeah Do you still came out can't I have to be like, like we got a puppy recently in that cover, the puppy was waken us up in the middle of the night,
and then you convey. So as I want those things really said three hours, nobody just shuts down there, but I can't do the intentional nap, some jealous of the intentional neighbours move that's a real thing like taken alone, Micro, family ten nineteen minute good one yeah. You know, I'm begging, you him you'd, be amazed how it recharge she wants. You shake their heads off how many kids you happen to two little girls, the ages, theirs! and two about to be seven and three this summer little summer, girls, oh six was my daughter's fifteen. Now it gets a lot more complicated. I'm just going to warn you with regard to the problems from where he never gave the brown six six was the best I have you could just bought them and keep them at sex for eleven years, I would have taken a few good, tragically freeze them at that age. The best rapidly start changing after that from
So I've noticed like she's a person person? You know the maiden like she's live in her life. And my little one she's like dragging her along much faster than I wanted to do. You know I'm saying like she's about to be three and. She almost out of divers night when she's at a divers is a bringing it up. Read this it has brought you buy, ran up furlongs products Rana Prologues is great because it kills me. It's that farming your line. It's got a ready, tease formula that cause the toughest weeds down to the route and a one It extends to feed to reduce bending over some instead of thinking about weeds, think about whatever you want to think about whether you could pull a mustache off like what are the twenty dumbest trades, the Celtics have ever made like what kind of personal funny story. Late night talk show host, even though you might never get interviewed by late night. Talk show could happen. The roundup brand think about what
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Captain Morgan original spice from premium caribbean ram with space and other natural flavors. Thirty five seneca by volume, Captain Morgan Rum Company Newark Newark. So you were doing you do two things at the same time here, which seemed now Arctic is probably an understatement. Fear in New York and allay you're filming the the tv show, but then you are also doing Sarah live at the same time. Well, how many months was out like four I over it only overlaps for five weeks like that, like that, you know in the beginning. We were supposed to overlap in December or something but it didn't assembly God. I bet a day like one zoom show and then like one Christmas show sounding like missed like one show, basically in December, and then after the new year We started in late two weeks before us and I came back- that's not unconnected to mark the end of January
yeah, but when they did come back, they came back to her five. We grant, basically so for five weekends. I was running back and forth after that, so Three, like seven weeks in a row that I didn't have a break, but that's over now, because you know we're at the show last week and that's no, it's just not coming back this week. So, just one at a time at this at this moment, but I was out for one week last week and before that it was like every week. Stretch basically did did not you the the cautionary story about when Belushi was gone back and forth in the late seventies and eventually went off the rails, showman movie doing as said, SARA live it Cynthia. Oh no, but I'm sure it was a much different. You know chemically induced issue. Lucky for me. I don't have that that burden. That was, I think, a different era. Lauren to run that show. There are some extra
extra factors in the late seventies early. It is the stories that they tell you when they used to smoke cigarettes in the control b. You know what I mean, and the control book would be like just a cloud. I'm like that's wild. What a crazy time, what did they think was going to happen? and for that anatomy he was breathing in taxes body, which is a crazy different time. You ve kept pretty low profile over the years way. I'm I'm just mellow like that. You know I mean I enjoyed my privacy. You know up until basically it seemed like I was avoiding bewildered if I didn't like shared things, with a mere as many like interviews that I do like. So what are you doing? like what are you married idea gave him. I am eyes were just like talk about them. You know is opposed
by trying to hide them from people, but yeah, I'm just you know just chill. Basically, I've been through my struggles in life, but they were necessarily like overly publicized so I ve been able to light just keep it Loki and all about the work which is basically what I'm most focus on, because he became when you basically said on that plane. Women anywhere in the show its change the cast a little bit out of two years. Yet I was the first time I remember in the middle of everything, but when you said it was like, you wait a second what's going on with the show why why is this the way their doing it? Now the castle, the most diverse its ever bandwidth, the weird thing to me about it. Look every things. Take things take a long time sometimes, and I think the important thing is to get to the right place, but the
I never understood, is the show supposed to reflect. You know pop culture and the culture at large, which is the reason it became a phenomenon in the event and so much of what's popular and pop culture is diverse, just seemed weird that the show wasn't reflecting that correctly now feels like it's, reflecting it correctly right yeah. I mean it's all progress in only making their strides they're also doing high level comedy. You know so there's certain people that are ready to do it, that Show is already to put on a gas or available for the show to put off. A lot of people enter at that level are probably- work and working or something which was like part of that big controversy throughout, like that me playing in And bringing in more black women and like the misquote now that you know like that's, really what it comes down to. Is this the number system like where they too
their talent from that usually fish, the structure, the showers, these improv houses in The numbers and percentages of representations of different cultures reflect what is available. Basically, like you know, black people, black women You know anybody also color, you know different genders. Sex is whatever I'm like. The words gives very true. He saw it, you don't wanna like fifteen, but it isn't, representation numbers, are different in those places there is now a lot of people that I knew even growing up that were doing improv, like that. You know. I'm saying I grew up in Atlanta, which is like majority black, so you're telling me like the majority of black people, don't really know about going. Improved school basically or what was it just the people that I was around. You know I mean you, don't really know, but I was speaking from my fears and what I've seen you know, and I at that, I've been around I've. Seen like I've been a second city. I've been in the groundlings, I've been to Ucb
and you know it is what it is a few over Here- the whole lot over there. Basically, we surprised, for and delighted by the Atlanta revival. Over the last five years, just in general, is at the centre of the pop culture universal Atlanta has taken off it's highly dangerous at the moment and I hope they get it together, but yeah it is a lot of you, no bridge down there with different cultures, like you know, smash together, like us, like the South Eastern, melting pot, probably more than anything this down there. As far as like the ability It'll do whatever in Romania remain vague, a slight Benghazi. How we body can move to win just like come a whole new person to take over the world. Typeset anatomy and a man is like Canada version about where a lot of people feel that they can get it in the right door, no matter who they are where you're coming from you know they can make it happen,
There are neither happens for real out, but the spirit of hope is very much alive there. So you can feel it it's funny. What happens in waves right but usually was only with music the last five years. It was basically everything. Physique, movies, tv and music all happen at the same time, at a whole their level where just was suddenly the most interesting Z in America. It is. Our duty has been sitting here. You know, I mean it's only in air and army base that the debate has shut down there. The Taliban studio became in Romania's like to send my baroness point. I downloaded as point I'm saying like each point: has been there. It's just about people with asian coming and make things happened like now big boy from out has an awesome, trailer business. You know that as they all these things they manifest through people have visions what ways Barkley. First time you saw him after he did the impression in Bari love it Bartlett alpha
loved it ass, deep hurried, not loved it in the beginning, but now that we shall manage Hey Farah. I can't remember how that played out when he first did the cross. I think that he didn't really love that J for impression, even though it's a prison of him. That's pretty funny. So how do you like it made me laugh too, but yeah he was kind of semi hated, but Shack doesn't really get mad mad. He don't have nothing to be mad mad about necessarily like his life is good. Well, he also has a really good sense of humor. I think deep down that guy is like one of the all time. Pranksters who's ever been Yeah he's out. It's funny had their shows relationship with celebrity changed over the last twenty five years, because initially yet able rescuer some people- oh yeah, but then somewhere in the late night, is eight the. I remember I really noticed it with Tina fan. Sarah Palin, where
she's making fun of fun Megan phenomenon that Sarah Palin I should came on, yeah, then Samberg Sandberg was making fun of Mark Walberg, but then he came on, and then that became the new thing it would kind of disarm. If the impression was to me, I'm not sure. If I like it, though I kind of like the show, is at arms length, with the celebrities a little bit yeah, I mean pages on, but I did you know it's always that you know select d like face payday. Basically, you know You can get Sarah painted on the show. That's viewers got to do it yeah you got to do it. Hillary Clinton wants to come through and stand next to Amy Polar or you know, Cape Mccain. In light, you know me herself. You know you know, standing next to an impersonator was over. That bodies is eaten up so same with Iraq were to do it or the rock for to do it. Who is the sad ass you ve ever
and when somebody left the show it was a sad departure when, like Sandberg and Christian, and it was like Sandra Kristin and bill, I think okay yeah. It was a big departure like three to five of them all together site here. Without that was it. There was a sad one. Another one was when Fred left his friend did escapes dead. He brought in these like rockstar senior people, to sing like the saddest, sound at the table. You know it was like a very like melancholy sketch that he wrote so it has last, but it was super high, emotional. At the same time, it was just like a roller coaster, and that was insanely sad because You know Fred was like everybody's, like you know, big brother, that you know You get really go dependent on anything, but you know bits basically like don't go to him for
don't go to him for anything other than how sharp is your committee and in this moment, basically, which is a lesson in itself. But He was always about creating and being created on top of your game like if you wanted to let go, ask him questions you're wasting your time. Basically people like that that inspire you in such a way, Go away, demanded, hit everybody having, then you see People that are using like rock solid prying crying like
I've never seen sessile crying. She was bawling. You know what I'm saying so that made it super heavy. I've asked every person from the SNL franchises question, so I'm including Lauren, so I'm asking you Lauren came on the podcast. I did. The first Lauren might have been the only Lauren podcast, but I had to go to his office and actually sit there or I think SNL is like a basketball rotation like the best version of it is going to be. If it's got like nine cast members that they're just in it they're all playing they're all getting at least twenty minutes and they're all getting sweaty and the more people you have on the cast. Then it's like from a usage rate standpoint. It gets a little dicey right, like the Lakers they're, not going to try to win the title plan. Fifteen guys they're going to settle on their eight or nine, but Lauren was explaining like look. I have a bigger cast because
how you bring in younger people. They got to get their feet wet. They got to learn from everybody else. So what do you think the ideal number for the cast is? If you could pick a number I mean when I came in it was like fourteen people, it's like sixteen seventeen. Now you know too too many the lot. I mean there's a lot of nice where there's a lot of people not scorn and that's you know really Sukhi, because it is usually some really how do people having just bad situations? Bad runs bad. You know aberration own cycles or whatever it is. You know them sandstone it is. Be a pattern where it seems like a person is being super. Duper undeserved and in our house will come along that will make sense for them and not us and now have an incredible night. You know so eugenic keep them afloat during those towns but his room, hard- and this really emotional, so I thirteen fourteen probably is- is a sweet spot.
Because two of them are probably on the update desk and then you're relying heavily on eight or nine or ten of them? You know what I mean to do a lot of the show and have some rotate a few or whatever, but sixteen. You know it can't hurt as long as you don't I made because when you have a thirteen or fourteen or twelve and then all a sudden four people leave the show people, leave the show, then you're like doing no down to like five or six that you can really count on, and I said you know heavy burden to put five or six people in ten sketches everything week. You know. So had it out a little bit so between four. I see that being like a solid of area. I remember it feeling like a big cast when I join, but immediately Jimmy found him at the show at year. You know I mean, I think, probably no yeah. I think there was Jimmy's departure year and maybe Tina to but
You know it might have been like Jimmy and Rachel and ratio altogether, or something like that. It was just three vets like out the door. Basically, so you got, did you ever think about hosting a late night? Show. Yeah, I'm, I think about hosting any show. You know just host the kids choice of worse. So it's like about saying like doing it like, like him, yeah other four nights a week. You know what I'm saying. Let's see. What's in the news yeah, I was a big fan of Arsenio growing up like our senior was first person, I really like migrated to was like really like drawn to basically because his style, and you know he was like the first black guy out there doing it. You know or like the only black guy out there doing it and in a friendly, Eddie Murphy- and I see him now- these make movies as tough as family come to American blah blah. So I never seen like
Jay, Leno and a movie I had, but it was like weird movie with him in like Pat Morita, or something that you know her? it was just like I like that I was like yeah. I would want to be Arsenio at some point for sure. It's so funny. You said that, because that was kind of model I had in my head only because I was in high school when he started replacing Joan Rivers flamed out and they had all these guest os and then our sine is the one that stuck. But there is such an energy with that show, and at that time you know there were a lot of musicians and stuff. That we're never going on Carson that were never going on Letterman or any of these things and all of a sudden he was tapping into there's something I haven't seen a late night before the people that were coming on and that often Eddie would come on a magic Johnson,
these people yeah, but you could the thing that you could do with a show like that would have been the sketch piece too. Like you could add, I just feel like a blend of different ones, but it seems like it feels like KEN is going to be for like ten years, so maybe the maybe the ship is always do that. You know women when it abbot becomes down a road even like. I still feel like a young man stood out my original kneecaps, so it was, he had it if it for ten years I'll still only be like what fifty is it's like perfect late night time, you'll be eight years now with puberty rock, you have your young rack. They had left a graduated, they view, but Iraq voice cracking lot avoid ladder like bedroom bedroom door locked for an hour the time. Nobody knows it's gonna last question were Wenders Windows,
up with that. Come back, it's just retired. It's done. We bought it back for the zoom episodes last week. That was what I mean like in everybody there, because it seems like and I want to get I gotta do, with bill, and I got to get Sudeikis and Fred. So if I can get all three of them, then it'll be about filter and then you know like Bobby Moynihan is Jake the snake roberts- and you know people like that. So I got like I can't do it without bill, know for sure, and then it just doesn't great without freedom and Jason either. So you know made those like three components. Basically, I think that's fair, I actually think that would be a betrayal of those three we're not on it. The bugging ham. Joke is my favorite joke or the whole thing than anything else. The funniest thing is it's. It's probably the perfect pick, because I think he takes himself more seriously than probably any position right. So he's just like what the fuck? Why are they doing this? Why am I that is another?
joking itself, but just the fact that we set it up and then it's so far away by the time we get back to it and I'm exhausted by point like you. I have an imperfect in Sweden like celebrating the fact that I got through the scare stories like a celebration moment with him as well issues, God is the best I just unloved call in that bag and being like. Oh my god, we are out of time. You're not mad at me. Are you in some of them? You never mad, he's, never mad. What have you done like fifteen of those Ismael Viator now or something like that. Yeah. It was a good amount. It was pretty cool, maybe six! I don't know mighty ducks any chance that does that come back that circle back! There's just Dodge boom right now, yet I've been doing it right now that they have, that show on is paramount, Bless
something like that, but you're not evolve, though they shouted when I couldn't do it, so they will say Mary Union with like a couple of the air. You know cash from her heart too, and there seven, some originals emails like forward, though they might want to deduce from part to basically but yeah I wasn't available. Unfortunately, that's tough, hopefully, schedules coincide and I'll be able to get back on this case I have to over one, I don't think, that's an unpopular opinion either. I think a lot of people like two more one year. Two was like I'm more like move movie like one was the salad like others go, but You may be bad news bears issue or whatever and just like underplayed. You know, but too was like a movie like listen to the score, and might we will rock you? Unlike blah blah blah, you don't answer yet satisfied. Good luck, good luck with everything you down, but especially the shows gonna, be honoured,
to Don Johnson, I said hello, I will I'm going to send them your way. We got got to get them on. I just need, like an hour of Philip Michael Thomas Stores, I'm just ready, I'm ready for right best, best luck with everything thanks for coming Thank you. Man shout out to Philip Michael Thomas, the way That's it for the park. Ass! Thou! Don't worry about three watch balls which wool Become and on Thursday, with thief. Second later this week you can also check out command of Miss Thou and don't forget about resellers, to part ABA cancer is doing don't forget about- are to see too we see in Ryan. They have a very special gas coming on Friday. So stay tuned for that enjoy the rest of the week, we will see you on Sunday night me and Macello will be today too well Seen-
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