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A Patriots Makeover, 'Unsolved Mysteries,' MLB Foibles and 'The OC' With Mina Kimes, JackO, and Peter Gallagher


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN’s Mina Kimes to discuss a new look for the Patriots with Cam Newton at the helm, some teams that probably should have tried to sign Newton, great NFL head coaches, uncertainty surrounding the 2020-21 NFL season, and more (2:54). Then Bill talks with his old friend JackO to discuss the MLB’s plans for a shortened 2020-21 season, the gripping reboot of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ on Netflix, and more (39:54). Finally Bill talks with actor Peter Gallagher about ‘The OC’ and Sandy Cohen as an iconic TV dad, some of his past films including ‘The Player,’ ‘While You Were Sleeping,' and ‘Sex, Lies, and Videotape,’ as well as some of his current work including ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,’ ‘Grace and Frankie,’ and his new film, ‘Palm Springs’ (1:28:04).

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that work where you can find to new episodes of the we was this week we did Saint almost fire on Monday may increase, ran thirty fifth anniversary plus Joe Schumacher just passed away said we felt like we had. It is one of the great coming out of college movies. Ever even if it's not a great movie in Wednesday, it was tat we needed to do a real classic. So me, in fantasy increase round it Winners, yeah swears a movie that is twenty four years old and has aged absolutely spectacularly. It really ass. That package was really fun to do next, week because we have a new documentary on HBO called showbiz kids that is direct about winter. I was one of the executive producers and it premiers.
He's day so in the honor of showbiz. Kids were induced stand by me on the reward was on Monday night and by the way, put that document around your radar because its its excellent. It's really get more about that, and there on the Tuesday package will talk battle of more with Alex Winter, but a way to check that Dhaka. Put it followed away doing your dvr, whatever your record record later, go find it, but also into its pandemic. Come up we're gonna talk to Munich items about football, were infected Jacko about unsolved mysteries and the unsolved mystery of why they are started. This baseball season and Peter Gallagher, where the great tv dad's about time he's gonna talk about seeing the Kohen in his reign as amount Rushmore, tv dead and a whole bunch part that is all coming up. First, our friends from
projects. I've made a conscious here, she's witnessing an historic moment. This is the last time I'm wearing a tab rangers. Rather I am. I am pledging mileage. It's too came from this. Mom and I thank you for the twenty years Tom Brady. I love that I loved winning six superboss Being, rather than every year I'm gonna get, I need to wish you well and Tampa Bay, but this is now came Newton House. Oh yeah, you hated. You hate this, so many thoughts that so many thoughts first. Do I feel like every time I do your show people get
so angry that we always spend the first twenty minutes talking about something patriots adjacent, even if like it could in the Superbowl. The patriots are long eliminated. Somehow, like twenty two, twenty five minutes. We all knew a bit, but the patriotism of you're thinking and football right now so actually relevant, like this actually is a thing we should be talking about. It's such a fun, subplot cuz, there's like multiple things going on won the most fun part of it. Is that Kim? Do it's really fun to watch play football? If he's healthy, I'm just excited that he's starting for a team. I think the process play. The way it should apply it out. I think you know. Obviously, teams were a little nervous II has a bit healthy in two years. He's a guy who wants twenty million a year? Probably the market was in there, Thou checks, slow played it took less then maybe he should have you know from say that chargers. But how knows if he, if he crushes it for the paths for one year,
that's a one. Hundred billion dollar contract wait for him right, yeah, it's when real sign with the patriots. I analogies due to an outrage that right now yeah like what is like when I actor does like an Indy feel right to get. There cried back to to get a new awards under their belt, then they can go back to moreover, movies. That's basically what camps doing here. I think a little lucky thing. A little lucky I mean you slow, played a boy in just a health thing. There's a number of reasons. Why teams didn't buy? I think in New England was fortunate, while so they got lucky with two teams. Specifically, the Chicago bears its indefensible. It's just indefensible. You could that you were trying to any Chicago fan and be like. Why did you guys sank him Newton and there's no answer? The answer is no
sickly. Well, if you do that, then you gotta give up our midst risky and then they had says yeah yeah shackling. You have to give up homage to risky that's indefensible, and then I don't know what the fuck the charges are doing. Where they're just I get IRA, I came newtons much better than tyrant there. What are you doing our Taylor? They wanted just in Herbert what this? Ok, so you, but he's not start this year did do these starting. They want him, at some point. Probably this year caused rookie quarterbacks, always start ok, you're ok, I'll always always in you. Dont want CAM Newton in that locker room, I mean There's a number of teams are on the animal. Forget the charges. I think you're right that there the most obvious choice, because there are really good team otherwise and should compete, but there's ever teams with rookie quarterbacks, cortex and work contracts, who should they can do is better than their quarterbacks, but they don't want their working back to lose the competition people always forget. How often this happens, the NFL, that's not a real meritocracy. So what's the charges decided we're going to take it
we're gonna take just in Herbert Cabinet was never an option, you cannot have cam noon in any locker room where a quarterback has questions around because he's gonna rally around him immediately. He is that type, a guy yeah. What is our either teams, you think blew it. God is the worst one. Guy gothic actually feel bad for the bare spreads its target, the quarterback position, his ego Bennet sore spot for decades, and it is funny that this was such an obvious when every possible way and they dismissed it. He would have a great too, like an embarrassed Josie. I thought I mean there seems like Jacksonville you're not trying to win during a Miami light thing. So every demons, from timeline and plants of teams are actually competitive and could use them as a whole. Actually in a really small number of teams. I think, then you also have a seat
situation where we have a lot of quarterbacks. Now we don't have thirty two good quarterbacks, but I think we have a lot of teams who are comfortable with their quarterback situation. Whether they should be is a different topic, but we ve had multiple drafts and around fed. You know new bloody each year coming in and there's just there's only so many spots, and I think we can it's almost insulting to bring and a bit like hey man. You have to pay for the job given video today. I want to draw the video he was somebody everything. Wouldn't you re ready? I I I just like his personality. I think you know we had this quarterback. God bless him. Our Guide Tom Brady, who hedges mastered the of say nothing and being diplomatic, gray and just Europe
read between the lines and what it is is Tom upset he's sold his house where there was just so much mystery with cam cams, just can't he is who he is he's going to be up front all the time. And to be dynamic is there's gonna, be real energy in its like. If I'm moving on from my first wife, who I just spent twenty years with, I want my second wife to be different. My first wife and he's different in so many ways at the gig opens up the off at the abattoir. Better for a week maintain it was to feel like he won the lottery he gets to do these things now that he couldn't do a Brady braided could move. I didn't forty five minutes. On Inter stood. I think I takes you when I was what the boy now and yet for you, It's my life spent watching dared stadium college increases in taped to prepare, for this is all off season. The Bee reporters everyone around New England was telling us that you know they just loves to them and that they know that I'm doing Lennox input of try to approximate the like that they need.
His wicked good. I don't know it in that was terrible book were told, righty. Trusting Abu watched. I didn't see. First of all, the greatest discrepancy between NFL teams and fans is that prices in me. Anything fares and I am I count myself right and ensure that our Russell Wilson, one is job in Seattle Tee my route for, but for the most part a guy doing decently will increase. It means absolutely nothing tearful, multi, ok at advanced offered every time. Looked vine. Ok, he like made a few decent intermediate level. Completions awful play action took too many sacks. He wasn't quite as mobiles. I thought it would be, but it's very obvious that the beginning Our seas. Unknowingly was trying to build a quarterback proof, orphans, right here. You know it's gonna, be some early, two thousands patriot stuff, just turn have to running back sad and running the law they drafted. Those tight ends. Now he gets Camp Newton to play with I mean it's unbelievable in the thing. That's always
not for me about hating on the Patriots is how much I love everything about the important Third, the way Bilbil check runs at football team, which is he is please agnostic to scheme culture like not culture, but he will change we everything they do at the drop of a hat and a door, Because it so rare in the NFL, we see it all the time with a patriots defense, we ve seen what the office you know from rooting for this too, over the years, they have morphed into different interrelations, even during Brady's career, they are going to change everything they do this season. If this here happens is going to be amazing to watch. Well, it there's the ceiling when so much higher Yankee Stadium. Even if it worked out, he was like a big solid was it was a reasonable outcome better than salad would have been exciting, but he there was never going to be a case where he was gonna like lighted up you now. I just don't think he has the kind of town had been like a really solid garage alone is first
minors year kind of thing where he's gay manager may be makes one mistake, a half but can make some good throws too can drive the car straight. Basically, What can like sank? Aren't? Can we when they have sea like getting so we do within Spain with we do to sports fans right you, you start to think about the best case scenario. For a week, and then after week, I'm like. May we can win the FC with Camp Casey. You know their sex other cap issues year. You never know them looking out about it not a good injury luck last year, these their talk yourself. I didn't have this kind of hope. A week ago. I guess is my point. You think the third best emails Irena we feel that a matter that I think there are the top five I don't know where my lab, because having buffaloes gonna get a lot of momentum as yet watch out for Buffalo and it's you that's bad in the NFL and everybody lines up guy here. They are it's gonna happen. I think that its Kansas,
city in Baltimore and then there's kind of a mess of like five or six decent FC teams. You bills, you pass your titans, you colts. But these steel is around the kind of sneaky there too, but New England you're the best secondary, it's a front seventies Bilbil, taken as a matter of displaying on offence the lines healthy right, you get your centre back Andrews, Showplace, Dawson but there is, but literally no way they can suck more than they did last year and they're healthy, so that helps there at least people that might have talent. We didn't see last year as a bad filled with Brady, I am not willing to give up on the kill Harry after year cause he was banged up half the year and that is quarterback, didn't trust them saloon He was, he will tell you he was hurt. He was his input. I mean they're slow right there. They are an like. If you just look at their forty times, I think they're, the slowest in the inner fell by
the advantage of having more like my cam is defences can't play man. Can you can't turn your back on a mobile quarterback? That's gonna help lawyer slow receivers. Are we have we had twice minutes. Let yet a patriot overdone I'd want more quick questioner. Ok, how my? How much fun is it that are the people who love can have to route for the patriots. Behind my rig recall the whole thing. It's so good its through them Man like eight the second he is. Like the all white, with the number one zone, reed I'm going to lose my mind and then at the cameras going to cut to all these patriots fans and the cognitive dissonance is going to be out of control, and I think are so many like me, I don't know how that's gonna play out. I really don't know it's like a science experiment, hey. I guess I should ask this question: are we sure we're gonna have policies, it I'd say hope so is that there are real. I dare say that, because the special
Now the NFL lab deleted beaded it I'll do the bitter. Seen for me. Is this a season I don't know like. I I'm sure you feel this way too. As a professional taker, it's really fine being asked to weighing on issues of science. Probability its. I feel like a total FRY every time. I am asked about this stuff right tell you what I'm hearing in a mom, not I'm shifter over here, but the NFL. I think, feels from basin what I've heard from people that, if baseball and Basque will happen, there's no way back.
Can't in some way it might be a little later. That's something that the schedule left as a contingency of L. A few weeks push back and then everything gets pushed back down the road. But if those sports happened, football is going to happen. The best thing I've heard the best point. I've heard for why it's going to happen, or if it does happen, why would happen is once it starts all the contracts are guaranteed for that year. So. Maybe there's a star week, one. Maybe it starts with five weeks: six. Maybe they wait, maybe they slow plant, maybe they decided just have a ten game season there. You know what I mean Stan Games, there grew out of the plants. Here's what we do know no sport as a group of honour. Less concerned, with the welfare and health of their players in the NFL and if anyone's going to push it through its gonna, be them and the attitude would just be alright, he has covered next guy up
their whole lives, either efforts of land has covered well allow than the science and practice Squire guys. They're gonna have the games. I forget which team talked about quarantining, backup quarterbacks like in a bubble in case it's to keep them from getting covered, but haven't like a covert roster I mean. Conversely, though, your point about the owners. No group of players is less willing to give up a season than professional football players because of fino age and career length. It's not like basketball or baseball right. They may, I would guess, to play more than athletes and in other sports right now, the NFL, P M and the league are negotiating over training camping. What that's gonna look like, but I'd I'd, I imagine the p p s gonna try to come to some sort of resolution with them. I think it happens, but I dont think sixteen Gibbs and I was surprised that they made such a big deal about the schedule on all that stuff, because it's like planning for,
How do you plan for something when you have no idea what the world's gonna look like in September? You know, I think they should have. Then a little more emphatic about here is at least a ten game schedule. And then, if we play more than that, here's what that will look like, but we're gonna, take this more seriously. Pus cove, it's getting worse! Adversary knows I hears oh yeah. It's it's outside down turns it turns out a pandemic doesn't so down when people are now being a healthy enough. We ve got the NFL having a season, New Zealand, though result then have you heard that now how now incredibly responsible speculation by me that there was great I mean I feel in New Zealand would reject us, although would be the greatest advertisement, for New Zealand, which is gorgeous right, everytime Time data Thrones IRAN wants to
the two New Zealand or Czechoslovak, where they fought Croatia. I thank your back the NFL in New Zealand like key. We football I think, they're going to, I think they're going to have it and they're just going to assume that some things are going to get decimated by covalent b. You know just for two weeks: they're just going to get beaten in the games by points and measures that will be. You know like having a torrent lcd multiplied by a hundred hope, you're gonna gamble. It's gonna be desire the only the fantasy and gambling ramifications, much less the health and many more important things to have to get used to dropping those caviar. And with somber tariffs, but they're gonna be enormous. If any of these asters have any sort of, I guess flexibility
in regard. I think now that wherefore, basically for months since Rudy Bear March Eleventh that that whole day I think people of completely lost their minds at this point and if there's some the dew and things to watch and fantasy and gambling and information to find out in Russia. Reloading Adam chapters Twitter feed over and over again to see if somebody had a last minute covert it that the people are all in the light of any do. If it, you see me thy weird treating covert revelations with velvet gloves and there's a little bit We're not like you, don't wanna report who has it or doesn't have it? We in our industry will report immediately when like a running back, you know, Torreon the ehler like seconds, and I I am not quite understanding the discharge between those thing, which I guess it reflects more poorly on the fact that we were report on their actual injuries. To begin with and less about the covert thing
yeah. It's gonna be super. Weird I mean college football right now is on the brink. That's been the story to in this week, I don't see that I'd I'd, never thought that was happening because there's too much liability for the campuses- and you know I just don't see it- I got so excited for football to happen when the candidates broke. I mean that was the first time. I think this whole summer that I really prayed to the fore oh God set. We gotta season, not you know just the excitement around at the idea of seeing it just seeing, as you said, that whole experiment of it was so fascinating to me, and I don't have this whole time. I think that equipment, so work is obviously depend from being the second mover in getting to wait and having the calendar move later, but nothing everything is just proceeded normally right. We had the Stasi than we had the draft, nothing changed at all,
but when I saw that piece of news a hit me like this might not if this doesn't happen, I'm not going to see any of this play out for the first time in my life, yes, CBS showed chiefs Titans took over the weekend, and I caught the fourth quarter, and I was just kind of watching Now, like man, life was so simple. The end of January, just just trying to read the Titans, hoping that they're gonna cover in their eleven and as a man. Everyone just getting upset that the titans couldn't cover. That spread was like the biggest issue in a weekend. That was coming up and I think the worst call my career coming and your show and guarantee takings victory or a Ravens victory rather over over the timing. It is actually the worst prediction. I've ever made has Mallory Party she studies and said yeah yeah
I think she's about back she's feeling optimistic about her, thereby she should. She should feel optimistic. I think big. They're, probably as good as Kansas City Lamar's, I'm mad, and it's done get over that further black hat. On that thing was it my homes about in the year before was ill if he broke the curse than ever. Can't my comment, I did you feel about me, working with your coach p arrow. I am angry now a ringer coworker of mind, since we ve done ten pack ass. I know that was surreal for you. I, like that package, a lot by the way. It's it's gonna be going awake as they have real jobs and real lives, but we got an amazing short run out of them. Maybe a brain, I actually did a thing with PETE recently arrears, this book coming with that yeah format. Psychologist study worked with,
I never read self help. Books, I've, never never read like. Maybe that's the wrong way to describe it its performance psychology book but the whole thing for I read it. I like wanted to run through a wall. I totally got it like. The whole p thing and obviously he's copies. I we sent a credible coach and I get I've interviewed seahawks player. If you speak to us the culture he establishes there and your why they love him so much and how he gives them the freedom to be themselves, and you know I don't criticize decisions he makes as a coach and get frustrated. I guess at times with Seattle and that they dont. Let Russia wasn't throw the ball more. But after reading that, like I felt like, I got it completely, I and I also felt like I now have no idea what it takes to be de coach and I should shut up every time ass going for it because it so much more complicated than I thought what does seem the thing I've learned from the episodes
even talk to them in the little pressure thing, we have our whatever has just how much luck needs to happen to become a good coach, because it's like who you ran into at different points in your life job experiences, you had a break, you got that you weren't expecting again and its almost like this video game where you're completing these levels in ordinary eliza, then, all of a sudden, you are in a position of power and you're. Trying to you. This knowledge you had. Is it's no wonder, there's that very many good coaches? If I really our job like to the voters near Feller pick your own bilbil check. You couldn't be more different, literally every ways: human beings, so it's hard to like use those two examples in draw even align any lines between them, I suppose other than that they both ended up with really good quarterback.
And I ve been gum, wrote that you know a it's kind of a chicken and egg thing with both of them: pizza, Peat and Steve. They both do the same thing about. There really invested in their prayers and not just the same Are they really try that have a for everyone on their roster and because I think both of them, neither them were great players Right Steve at a better care than pitted, but both of them are in the position of, not being an essential part of the team, but a smaller, essential part. So undersea in the value of basically everybody- and I don't- I the lad from it. I I just don't think there I was get criticized cause. I was shit on coaches too much. I don't think, there's a lot of great coaches, but my expectations are probably also really too high for coaches in general, because I think it's a fucking
our job boy just described like ok, peculiar right, so the horizontal audio book is about that. I you know, I get to know these guys are human beings and think about what motivates them, and I think about you know I that information to then coach them in and develop them and give them opportunities David live re like I do. We always hear these stories about a guy who you know even Julian gentlemen type, not like a enter the roster scrub, who has an awkward conversation with bill for the first time You know that last more than seven minutes n, I am not saying that means. Peace strategy is wrong. You just can't makes you think. Ok may There really are many different ways to be a good coach, no question like them. One of the most famous bout check shots they when they beat the rams in the Superbowl Laura Malloy runs over ballot checks, hugging his wife for his daughter
I can't member and Laura Eliza there had said three person hug and you just like why those guys are so close. Then he shot lemme lies above all, our waved them forget, but he waved them. Learn Arabic, but it was like he. He gets what it needs area for the season and then that's it. You might be God. I think I I truly do believe now that he was ready to get rid of Brady three years ago and braided Noah and added that did probably start the there enough stuffs come out that it seems pretty confident. That's what happened right here now. The conversation is like yes, I agree you by about the Brady stuff. The carnations, ok, how's, personality mesh with newtons right, simple matter right, although suggest a heroine, Indians personnel- I don't mean, as we all know, the characterising is vs railway time at a football team that sign into your unless you're going to have to
fair compensation. But the idea that Bilbil check cares about anything other than what cabinet and can do on the football field. Is ridiculous cow our talk about that before people act like Bela checkers shied away from players, charisma person out, it's been the complete opposite. We fuckin traded for Randy, boss, hoo hoo, and the two thousands other than maybe two yo somebody who had like more baggage and this guy always zis selfish Babar than Randy MOSS and he loved Randy. Moss really must was a great patriot I never understood that angle. I think the greatness of availability t think about him in girl kind of in conjunction because I think they have like I said they're very different person- is very different qualities. I think probably have things that are lacking in the other. Like I think, Bill Belichick could probably benefit from a little bit of Pee Carol's culture build his eye for development quite frankly, whereas I think Carol could benefit from politics.
Ellie ability is a willingness to completely shed scheme ray. I like, I will never forget you know, like God, if you like. I have brought this up with you for, but that Ramsay Rebel and watching that patriots. Defence, just completely do everything differently from they had played all season, Camino going mad zone and in running that france- and I just I think that Bell checking quality of being willing to be completely amorphous and tied to nothing and just week, you're, not even unlike a season to season basis, but on a week to week basis play those sorts of games is something that so missing in coaches cross. Yet something I thought a good things, but actually did a really good job of last year and really impressed me the fact that he was completely a few games into the season when he, just through tossed aside arrayed, inserted running the football which nobody
he would do ended, started moving away from all concepts have of in college and became became. She became like one more successful running teams in the NFL. I think that to me is the most, I don't want to say like the key determine of success, and king in the NFL. But to me like I'm, looking at great coaches throughout history, that's one quality I see a lot of them harbour. Did it the mark right completely through destroy that offence, something that other coaches looks Lamar and we're not willing to do, and I feel like if I was a football team, hurry coach. I somehow try to test for that or look for that malleability, because I think it's predictive. You know it's funny basque buzz like that too, because I think that the basque about coaches that quorum cord have this system does, doesn't work cuz, you never know. You never know who your players are going to be year to year, the ones that have kind of figured out how to adapt hoots wherever they have. I was taught that spell checks best trait and that's why I
Ernie about this day or the most fun team that could have gotten came Newton yeah, because they're gonna do whatever they think he could do. They're gonna unleash it and an I really like watching him. You know they dig, irrespective of being on the team like I just I enjoyed when he was healthy, and I really thought human him in well send word to the guys that I just always enjoyed watching on a Sunday you now and the end. It was a bummer that he was hurt. The last two years go back and watch two thousand eighteen Ravens game, Caroline, and before he got her right when he was in the north turn offensive juncture, you ve been hearing alive. How great you know, tat everyone, further areas, yeah so watch that aim in particular in wash the things that nor was doing with them How good he wasn't that quick, passing game. The use of Mr Action all stuff that new and good luck will love to do. I mean over the last two years has actually been a better quit passer. Brady, ok, Ambrady. I think, there's a number of reasons. Why
a lot of asked to do with the talent around not like camp cabinet was by rope ears. They can do all of that in New England to great effect behind a much better, often of line by the way. I know no Dante scary, but I mean yeah in your right he's just joyful to watch. I think. Him like to shun Watson probably is up. There are my joyful rank latest guys. I just love to wash play football right now, but when he's healthy he's definitely in the mix, in five hundred three million pop ups, I don't think that's a real number. Yes, I just read article that the guarantee mechanisms, things which seemed kind of like made up. You know, and I came out and really understand it already pretended you should have told me. It's been to do that when they gave you. Your last contract was worth like two hundred and thirty million with incentives. We can just make up any number with a football contract and people actually report it. Like by
and came to me as a guide Pappa side for five hundred three billion on my phone. We didn't know that. Don't read that twelve, beginning fooled by these ethical I share with you. I have to take on that and I would love to bring it back. You as a Brady, he ok. So the party was formerly. Yeah about by Pat Mahomet, is he's not actually find to talk about because he so good like the day after he signed his contract. I went. Oliver shows right like around the horn whatever, and it's like problems five hundred million dollars they contract like be nobody worth. It sounds like yeah like ie, so unequivocally es quarterback Indiana fell he's not again debate topic rights. I think I don't think Brady in this is more about. This is lost, the quarterback surround him Rogers at Times paint whatever. I will think that, every year where he was like that, where you looked him- and you said there is no debate-
because I don't think with tat my homes. There's any debate, I know, was every p last year, and I love him, but I don't think, there's a debate here. Everything Brady was like that I think, are no. Seventy was the office, was a world beating off But you think he was hearing favourably civil rate and no seven when going into that all aid season. I think I think people felt like he was the guy, and then I think after the Atlanta Superbowl. Ironically, when people are like gradually, our, I guess, he's the best thing that was unbelievable, but you're right, he hasn't. But to me is almost more like an mba player where its You know when I don't know like when Shack in two thousand who won the envy p? Anyone is first, I had only just read through the way I reside shacks the best right Obama homes is hit that almost Marvin MBA type. We have always argued about
quarterbacks. I don't feel like. Even with Rogers there were some people accused bessys. There are other answer like air is only one went Superbowl Bob. I will you time of the distinction between the best and most accomplish, like Tom Brady is the most complex quarterback into history native foundered. It's not right debatable, but I do think its debate about whether he is the most talented that was always the divergence between his right Roger mortality rates. More accomplished, I think most obviously you capitalist compresses too early in his career, but he's undeniably the most talented guy Irena the play. My homes made to basically saved their Superbowl I did against the months pass WASP in the in the game, its everything in the third and forty eight thirty. However, eleven yard dropped back focused on leave red is bad, get hit, Allow me to say nobody s in a league ever made that through its she and it safe there season. I don't know, I just don't know
I could have made their way the whole way. I'm run, I mean the times, Yandah Texans game leg. I don't I mean he's ability put his team. Or could we we on his back? Is unreal so yeah, it's not enough on our you comrade dammit. He could be the next guy lucky it. This could be done about the next Pouch Brady run could be my homes. Fur like the next twelve years has especially with the way the rules are moved into the favour of having a quarterback like that, and if he is by far the best one ADA. That's really at some point, I'm trying to think who was the de facto there is no question about it. This is the best guy quarterback, it's been a while a given manning verses. Brady was the whole thing, the hall to thousands, China. They occur Nobody felt that way about. Even after that, one year, Riyadh, L, Marina Montana. I guess the last time was
In the late eighties, when I was in college but made Montana on one of those superboss by like forty points never I'm just say what it was like when we were there. We were like Montanans best rightly We are aware that gets down we're not argue about this anymore, like that weighs a thing for two years now it so fastening, though, to because our understanding of quarterback place so much more sophisticated right, we're not unlike using wines, we can break down every we can isolate what the quarterback does. We can focus on the contributions of the other players. We can corporate running. In a way, I think in the past people talked about football were able to you or were like two races to do now. We can do all these things and even with all information anyway, you slice the data any play you, whether you are a tape guy or a numbers guy or you noticed Who does care about winds? He wins every debate and he's. Was like a nice guy like right, he's totally unimpeachable. And your point about whether you can read
the Brady Belgic Thing, I'm he's got Andy who I'm wearing it Andy richer in out like he had that he has the genius coach on his side, and their perfectly in sync of Andy. I believe he does want to keep pushing for a long time The homes is rejuvenated him by all accounts, but he can do that for six more years. They could absolutely, I think, match the total. Yet again is what sixty two sixty three down early sixties. He gave up while the other day about how, like my home, It was hate using like second life. But it was like a brief like he was like I wake up and it just made me see the world in color. Again I mean he's had some good core rags by think. First offensive minded coach, which is having differentiates him from bill. Having someone who can execute all of your wildest dreams. And fantasies on the football field. It must be so immensely validating.
Well arise where the NBA thing were like pop of which gets Duncan he knows who, when the latter it is I'm never living as long as this guy's out there at the car feels the same way about Currie totally, you don't see it happen as much with the football in you usually like the quarterbacks get rid of the coaches after four years. This in this case, it's it's a marriage for a long time. So and if I live wonders when is it kickin? When do you say given that it all the time is now hours like next month. The hope is, I guess, MID August scare. And down. I did it I knew job titles and fell analysed so I'll be on Mondays Tuesdays Fridays with lower Rutledge is hosting Marcus spears, stand or laugh. Some key challenge in writing clerk in the mix as well as exciting. Thank you. I'm very excited. I really hope this proposal to talk about me. Otherwise there would be pretty odd. It was good.
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hundred five to forty seven hundred speaking about Vander, fair way, IRAN with Joe House, which, as added Nathan hovered to the mix for two thousand twenty, it's a really good past, encourage you to listen to what they have been all over this guy. Season they ve all been over beefy Bryson, whether that can continue at that the pact has there this week was really get with Jason sober. So if you are getting into golf because there's nothing else to watch, I highly recommend fairer Braun s house was a fair way role in Red, Obregon Jacko here All right he's celebrated his fiftieth birthday last week,
and you could really fail it during the ten extra minutes. Attempt to set up this pact cast as Jack I tried to plug is Iphone headphones into the zoom recorder for ten minutes. As colleagues, I wondered what was going on and then finally, peered out this Fifty Jacko this is, as it feels I'm used to doing these things on of telegraph, so good and you ve mangled technology. Just silly way off, I was trying to do it on a typewriter, and I couldn't hear anything so crazy has a moral has fifty fuel for you. I'm feelin. It believe me, I feel at every minute knowed. It feels pretty good time, Fiftys, the new thirty or forty or somethin shorted out of it We are both day we had a birthday zoom car we did whose great athletes as a highlight, so I asked you to watch and solve mysteries, so we could but that is literally they're gonna talk about right now great, but I thought we'd start with the unsolved mystery of
why the hell are they having an Emma bases in? This is a slow motion car crash day after day. That is just continue to happen. I love base by Miss watching the red Sox of I should be in the demo, we're both of the age stem of people who should pay their base- was coming back, even even I'm kind of like. Why are we doing this and an even more frightening for the further Emma be their signature players? kind of at each other gone. Why are we doing this? What is happening? Do you think These? It actually happens. I think at this point yeah. I think it will. I don't know why I'm optimistic, but I really think leg they ve gone so far. The road that at this point they all know that they have to have something- and I re I agree- is a farce. Sixty games is of is a farce,
he heard the set up is a farce with no fans for now, but I think they're gonna try to muddle through and go forward. I mean at eight now it's a roller coaster of emotions, because I think it's a farce, but I'll look forward a watching baseball and having something I was having baseball in my life. But then you read about like MIKE Trout is about to have a baby, his wise, but to have a baby. And he is concerned about it in and not sure about that now he's like the best player in the sport in out seemingly the face of the sport and if he has doubts and concerns, that's problematic, the silliest it's funny. The comparison between the Ambien and I'll, be where the NBA has put so much time. Energy thought money into this bubble and the Emma B okay, we are went down the dugouts with those I saw waves like two hours, you guys good. Should we arrived in practice like the fixing, the
we have about how badly the grub Manfred I was sad. Batman was gonna, be the worst commissioner of my lifetime, Roger Godot, as I called by beer, but now rob Manfred this. These dispersed like three years of his reign. However, along its ban, it's like what are your winds. You just had these massive losses across the board, your bad at everything I mean here's the thing about the measures we have now. I got him silver. I guess is considered the best commissioner of the forest ports, which is not a high bar tissue has doubtless he he's considered the best one he seems to have enough, Eighty four basketball, like heat, he would probably be like a basketball fan anyway. The little bit I know about the NBA seems like he would be a fan, regardless
you're Gardelle for all his faults like he was like an intern for the jets like nineteen, seventy five or whenever you now rapidly the joke. Once he was out like a washing Johnny Lamps COP Ursula get a kick out of. Fifty refer he's like of he's a football guy like whatever his faults. Are it's not because he doesn't like the sport Gary Batman and Rob Manfred actively disliked the sport that there, the commissioner of the carriage Gary Batman, wasn't assistant, commissioner, deputy commissioner, something the NBA right like he was a stern guy. He no clue about hockey. It has no knowledge of hockey's, not like a hockey guy and hockey is like. Fraternity of like people that are hockey fans. You now is the fourth of the four big sports people are way into hockey- and they always recent Batman, because he doesn't Stan hockey. He couldn't tell you what I sing was now. He does know anything and Rob Manfred
guy- that was like a labour lawyer, so he I think he likes the labour battles and he likes the negotiating, but is pretty clear he hates baseball like he. Does he wouldn't watch baseball was not. The commissioner is no affinity for the sport. Glaringly obvious what about the fact that their last two commissioners, one was a fucking owner which was a disgrace. He was an owner. Her height, yeah he's buds gonna take over for maybe a year and there I don't know how many years later, but it was, I guess, who still in charge, bud he leaves, and I think will and they they'll get this right I'll get. You know at Adam Silver, TAT guy now right now, that's that and I understand the owners are always gonna, Wanna guy, that's just a show control to some degree, but could you at least let us show that maybe has an interest in the sport like. Maybe he s a baseball card collection to pick right. Maybe he had a baseball had at one point, but Rob Manfred seems to actively like at when this whole asterisk
and came around and there like well how about, if you strip them of the title- and it was like, I can't do that. They're like we're having this trophies just a piece of metal. I mean you can't say the head about this or that you run that the trophy I do realise the baseball trophies, not the Stanley CUP and still the fuckin trophy but the series she appeared like eyes. I derive their whole lives to win that trophy anything else is a hunk of metal. Like you, you can't say that it's ridiculous, so he's completely fuckin clueless completely I don't care. I bury out of things. I might have said this before us. I apologise if I repeat my point, but the pandemic has really shown a spotlight on what strong relationships are and what terrible relationships are You know if you're, if you're, stuck with your girlfriend, that you ve been dating for a year on year and some one bedroom apartment and you're fighting them further. Now, you're probably broke up by now. There's not some guy listeners bill. I get asked me. I was living with my girlfriends car
we and we were thinking to break it up anyway. We lasted three based. Pardon me is the equivalent of like just the that, the terrible relation between the commissioner on her side and the players Union, everything's fucked up all the time, and now we throw this pandemic into it, like of course, who's gonna go terribly and variety euro. I was reading the stories yesterday and it was like make trout. He cracked so the mask on cattle. I can hear you is ago, where able to say so. I could get my thoughts out that I really feel safe in this alleged protective environment they created. I think it's just, I think of it insane and they ought to say, don't care they just wanna get that get through the season. They probably they'd know: they're gonna have some cove it's. I think, that's what we call these right. If an athlete gets
were there in the seizure caught legacy and enhanced, as the out with a leg was filled with six ounces out with a covert right there, just like fucking we're gonna, have it the seasons gonna fly by and then the playoffs. People back home, the baseball laughs and that exist they wanted. They just want to get that. One point absent they enemy really for em in the notion that there wasn't gonna be Bay. Bob I mean I would have. I would have hoped that there would have been better protocols and place where there'd be more adequate test. In an requirements like you know that maybe be to the degree of NBA with the bubble, but there's precautions that he could have taken, but they spent so much time arguing over labour issues that are still gonna, be there. After this is all over with this season's over with and after covetous over with they couldn't even like put that aside for this. You know in this time of crisis that, like let's try to do this. Let's go
like a at least half a season of eighty one games. Let's try to put together some protocols. That makes some sense. Let let's try to do this safely, but they were so busy leg, picking at the scab of a hundred and fifty years of labour grief that they have had the export of hatred for each did they couldn't even like say I won't was the hate each other come February, but for now let's just have a season and do it the right way couldn't even do that, and then it got rushed. And now here we are with like nope, not adequate safety protocols. De jailer, my beloved Dj Le May Hugh tested positive. So he can it be it like that the spring training for the next fourteen days, you know you have leg, deal, have interest God Games. Stadium with like nobody there. It's it's. It's all very surreal and adjust, and is this the game season. How do we judge this historically like what happened certainly today's, and where somebody hits four hundred cigarettes, Could you couldn't four hundred over sixty games? George right did right so now
Can I go on the record. Books is like up there with TED Williams. I would have somebody whether somebody based the four oh six, somebody heads for ten over the season like are we? I can that in any meaningful sense. What this is they kept headway with his head in the crowd genetic chamber. If somebody braces record who they could just kind of revive, bring back the life zombie terrible if you're going to go through for four. I thank God. The imo be handled this when the only concern they should have had this whole time is, how can could we create a safe environment for our prayers? It was almost like when somebody buys a house, and you go through that the process of trying to find out what's wrong. The House and right you make your like: hey ban the chandelier broken leg can use the duck that firm, the price, and yet they, you said the air carriers. The circular saxo doesn't work so we're enough as they get it here. Maybe was like that person who is just like hey that Light Bob in the fridge
that's not working. What split spend the next eight hours, the girl, Shadrack Weather, ten dollars, kebab, etc. It is last, I couldn't see the forest through the trees with anything and on top of it like where the owners who are the sick, Sure owners, where, like the Levin John Henry is getting together just being like, hey man, we gotta save our export. None of these guys give a shit there I'll just knowing like the bottom line, where what they're gonna get out of it. And it's embarrassing basic element, everybody which we talked about this in an earlier pod We were always debating whether there was actually gonna be a season and there was owners that we're like- let's not play I'd rather not play here for the car you own, a Fuckin sports team and big like I'd rather not have a sees it like. I do want to it augurs I'm in a loose too much money like Gabby issues it down and think about. Like two went out and sports team, like Steve Cohen, the guide at once. I the med, see now he negotiate with the wheel ponds, who had some screwy daily backed out, and he still now
what he likes baseball enough for the Mets enough did now he's like back in and all in and he's the front runner and arrived at by the man. That's a guy that should be an honor like he loves the team. He loves the Big loves baseball, but you have Guys that own teams- and it's like they don't really give a shit. I don't understand that if you don't give a shit than you know, go by some other company that makes paper something in our biggest printer relic, I give a shit about that. Go by zoo, right, whatever, but like if you oughta sports team, there's a certain cachet. That goes with that. If you have a certain duty to defend base an end to the players and everything else it's different than owning like a widget factory, you know, but these guys to treat it like a rigid factory. It's a writer. They deserve a ride to join their ownership group. They deserve that guy Angelo there, the double talker virtue there were cut every corner to get what he wants will doubtless be the chameleon in whatever situation you grow up,
and be it's it's a fitting. I am sorry that the Mets is our life, even when he was on the day. The baron out when he like he was it is formative years was like the eighty five eighty six minutes now he used. He was a legitimate span in Miami back in the day. That's what I've read. I dont believe one thing you can tell me anything about a at Vienna. Believe it, but I'll tell you like it He has no motive to lie about being amidst Van, though only played for the Yankees like he should have been like, I always loved the Yankees and Reggie Jackson or wherever that would have been horseshit but like to play for Ngos and say I loved the Mets. When I was a kid like, I am, I may be a sucker, but I by that. How are you defending a redwood if this were to happen before you turn fifty? old now, and I some all about love and forgiveness everywhere so around with a solid yankee. What's it what's the funniest outcome, for this amount bases inferred champion
While the Yankees winning and may doing a full one, eighty in saying how is the greatest he's at ever the gritty, gotta Yankees, never twenty, eight and wearing Harry I cast it wearing have her coming out of fat cats with twenty eight TAT world champion, T shirt and a hat Zia. That's probably the most ridiculous, but the craziest thing would be, for it seemed like the Marlins or something but is tat like the greatest sixty broken in history and come out of nowhere like win, win the series and like Ketch, everybody flat, Footed Ursula so, but that would be fine if it was like when Nestor, when stolen the Premier league, when it was too short seas and all of a sudden paper like wet but then these guys are gonna win. I haven't thought Doesn't they? You asked me to begin, however, really suck if the asterisk fuckin want it so habits falcons aside by top three obeyed by TAT three about twenty minutes ago for ten SEC
number one is the Astor, as that would be the perfect exclamation point. First shit sandwich about you and I very much less now that's gonna happen. Goddammit, that's vanity hilarious, the other really funny one would be if one of these teams, that is you know not one for decades. And winning yell at the early is, I think the matter there's would be really funny to alluded to by Anders have never wine they ve, never made. They made one world series. Barely anywhere in the World Series the Mariners, Lebanon, the players, but now they ve. Never. I was thinking to Santiago. Either manners had only the world series. Sarah mariners like ran the table like we did it. We were to go to London, where sees it ever by per day, be hilarious and same thing for the ad Texas Rangers. That's right. They never learn their weight with the nineteen seventy. I can't remember what their freedom
Yes, yes, I think I know that every longest yeah yeah but the Indians would be that with their. I pretty funny the asteroids it big everybody, the maddest, I think actually think people with disown the season as it is one that might be the final nail baseball's coffin. If the asters, when there were also assure what they're, probably trying to figure out how to cheat there in the pandemic, rightly taken, radio transmitters than their mass if they have to play with the mask referred, take it that the mass could buzz when it's gotta, be it off speed, bitch. You know with no crab, drop the banging on the garbage cans, going to be even more clear to hear for Battersea now, without new crowd noise to drown out good yeah. Maybe you just need to like gently bang on the bench for a second set of aid. Take it off require separate, no deadly. That's right now get excited for the best Ass is trying to figure out how the asters can cheat new and better ways and then the guys back, look say what you want Jose,
to evade the good bad. He wasn't the holidays. The rest of us, maybe he's a good man separate matter whether he covered his chest ass. He was tried to her to celebrate a game winning over that frankly, Jane Fairfax was theirs honestly, like four different documentary projects going right now about the ashes, sheeting scandal, good and I'm not sure I wanna watch any them how measures there is enough. I wanna watch all of them. You would watch out here. I want I mean I know they're full shit, but I want someone to get in depth on this accords. With my life they'll make an asked documentary and I'll, be like the thirty four thirty about the historic mediate home run, race at a hobby, backer I'll be back, here like setting myself on fire and a podcast literal there's something about the asterisk? Thirty, four thirty. So here I should hope.
You shouldn't really hope for that. It's a cabinet next might require, gets into the settlers card the solid fame by day She's that give it a big life, could footage of a big back make of it. I answer mysteries, so yeah you and I. In house to a lesser degree, but really you and me in house jumps in every once in a while on it with some of these things are member the Paradise lost document. Every we spent a solid two months of our lives just discussing dissecting all that stuff. We as the lottery autopsy show it Doctor Michael Baden. Whatever his name was yes, we love unsolved, history is this: let us show that spell out forever. Robert stack of his kind of the cheap discount version it ours, like the originally made the stack, the stack one
stack Lenny I was like it did the job, but not really have a cabin. The worst possible beer in the fridge cause you wanted. A beer netflix was like salary doing this work were gone for it. I've watched, although matter no fear of you watch over me. I watch all them, so I walk I watched one unlike last Wednesday night and then you after I'd magic in one hundred hours. I watched a cause I saw on Twitter were never were unsolved. Mysteries was a thing like it was trending, so like. Oh really, this seems intriguing and at an on, my wife was puttering around the kids were in bed. So am I am in a fire up episode, one and I got looked into it. I was I got. This is good and a new text me over the weekend and you said, have used, watched and solve mysteries. Should I watch one and you gotta watch it so then I dad and I watched episode too and that totally
man and then I begged out the rest. Like all day a sunday I was like just luggage. I was just set that brought then watch. I watched the remaining five episode, so are on board fully it's cool, because I think there has been this trend which your grand document areas where they try to extend as much as they can out of the topic. So you now to be like ten episodes six apis sets aid at besides and eat out. There really work in it just to try to stretching episode count. These ants are mysteries. I love tat, you could just sit down and in fifty minutes it was over right. And you just look at whoever your watching the Miller guy. What happened? What do you think I watched my wife? Was my daughter and I ended up ploughing throughout these. We watch tat first learn about Ray Rivera, which was, I thought, the best one and we didn't she was like. Let's watch second one, I called on hold that I need ten minutes. I had to do like the read it
Ray Rivera again right, the Belvedere hotel ceiling of Lord. I am oh, my god. I thought that was one of the most enjoyable true cried hours I've ever spent. I was I And then there like hey there is this thing take behind his computer, long letter and they kind of gloss over over three minutes, again, he went into some Freemason staff and a list of his favorite movies, and it wait. What really like it was. The rare our that actually left me wanting more like Can you re hours at it in such a rare thing to have down the streaming error? I feel the same way about about all the episodes really They all kind of left you wanting more like you wanted, information you wanted more staff, but really like before we gloss over that's the thing unsolved mysteries has going for is that second theme song making ever whoever that composer was in out. Maybe,
like a product of my of my younger days, but like that music comes out and like the Sahara next taken up its ache, They would like a little bit of an exorcist failed to it that song and it's like that song really gets sets in there now, What's he started up ass? I grew up with it, so you either Rivera one I mean that's the thing with all these: that's whether absolve mysteries cause there's nobody questions, but it like it doesn't make any sense. You know like lake. He went through this whole that apparently couldn't reach from any roof. Seemingly any, went through this whole and unlike was enough to kill him seemingly, but like you didn't damage has glasses, it didn't damages cell phone, like his foot flops worth like place, their seemingly like it. It's it. Does it's crazy? That's it does. Make any sense at all, and the guy has is that you might give us suicidal or anything we wouldn't think apparent from the wife didn't seem that way. So
is literally an unsolved mystery because there's like seven scenarios that came out of it I think I would have believed any he's got his buddy, who talked have been working for the company right and then that guy is just am I after this happened, it puts a gag order at his staff. That's a little suspicious, the patient. He shut everything down so quickly like we're not talking anybody like? If you want to talk to me, you know gonna get a subpoena. Basically, unlike you know, he put up like five bucks for the guy's reward knows is best friend made a move from Elijah Baltimore, I know that super shady like just. I don't know that if you want to look guilty behave the way that I did not think he's guilty. God only knows it's an unsolved mystery, but, like you couldn't look any guilty, I like you, couldn't act any guilty or thing you did it's crazy, but then the guy Race day they were
worried about somebody breaking in the two days before the guy race, that of his house after I got a phone call from work was never seen again. The though the fall there is really no way unless he was like Bobby men in nineteen. Sixty, directive could have landed where he dared based and where the building was didn't see my gun, buddy. There even heard the fall, which should have made a major commotion there's like a hope of these different kind all these different things. None of the people heard anything the bodies in their for ten days nobody's. Everything about it was so was so strange and then the aftermath of like that letter I feel like they didn't, really cover the note as much as they should have like a get. It seems to me. The note was kind of like an afterthought. Narrowing after thought, but I feel like it. You ve could covered the note a little more and the wife was like I'm. I know he wrote this on the day he disappeared. I says
Catalonia is no news. This cryptic no reference Stanley coup, breakin irreverence them the game and I've seen things on red it where they're like he was purpose, because there was that pen movie with bed. Michael Douglas was shown pen about, Game or whatever were Michael Douglas bottom. This thing where he was kidnapped and ruined his life, and it was obviously a birthday present whatever, and thank you for that, getting that for my fiftieth by the way and you know what I do wonder if it was like you, he was trying to reference something. What that will let you left out the best part of that are the best part of that theory. Michael Douglas gets broken as does long, and he just jumps to his death, but they know it.
To do that, they have a mattress any less you gonna like roof or something air echoes the roof it, but he lives because they figure he's gonna. Do that and the theory on red it was that this guy love the game so much. She had some sort of psychotic break and re trying to relive it, and it was like aright, that's insane, but I'm not. I'm not gonna bet my life that wasn't what happened you know like kudos like if you see, if you look at that letter beg of you left that letter and you did peered in your light as a k, Johnny wrote this letter. I'm looking at it, and it's like all your favorite movies and free basin staff, and I it's going and ninety directions out have been linked with your right like what this is completely insane pokes Lear else here
You would have read that. Are the unforgettable fire lyrics romantic while he did like that's our lot year by year having that was a true unsolved mystery. Where I'd I had to go online and see what some of that there is where and now we thorough. No, nothing really really emerge sense. Now, it's it's literally unsolved. It's not it's crazy, so that nothing out when I watch this watch, these six episodes Your hopeful like will. Maybe somebody will have information like I need something needs to be solved. Like I d, like an answer to some of them, you know I may not deserve the you a far wider measuring it answers to that, but like to them the certainly of the five murder ones. You know like right out of people that no more they have information and like maybe this, like you know, goose's them to share that. Hopefully, but while the last episode, which is about the air, The lady who kind of got around a little bit had had some relationships, moved the kids
and painting who the guy was ended up. Five four somebody's brother young people start dying at some point. It's pretty clear. She was, she was probably are probably Prob involved in some of the mysterious DES I get nervous when my wife asked me if I weren't scrambled eggs now forget my head but yeah, that that one is crazy and like she, seemingly you know, I've been reading between the lines. Killed her own daughter, who was a witness to her killing her husband, it saying and we re away and not afraid, the threatened the other daughter, apparently, the one who's alive like had her other husband like pointed gun, a daughter and lake. Don't talk like that was just insane. I mean the sounds off but one of the things unsolved mysteries taught me was: if you're going to commit a crime, should do in the South Pacific Bill Hunt Force Ventnor investigation. I do want to cast aspersions on half the country, but
enforcement seemed like a little lacking in certain areas. In terms of it, the geisha, their investigative techniques like it left me wanting a better service. Frankly so I took away from it there that the garrison was Nicosia, Gary Despair, yeah Zig Garrison. Wait as nowhere is she's. I got really thought he left her work, her fate to tell me a cup of anxious God. That's it It's just the fear of everything you didn't, we could add without the people just disappear, he went to go by fighting, sisters then, and then they you know, and then he never came back and then the daughter ass. She just up and moved to Florida like left her baby behind with some mysterious boyfriend and lake and no no credit cards Debbie
cards or money, or anything else has ever been used. But yes, she's in Florida, now the new life. They should have used that as the pilot episode Fer a spit adversaries, cod probably probably solved mysteries. He had. How would I be let's face it that will solve that once again had solved that went solved right. It's just that one called can't be prosecuted, but their own solved and the one about the guy in Kansas who went to the party and the friends did him. I never had a ditch like tat it s at any party. If we were in our away from our house. I appreciate that, and I was thinking because you know you and I have been to parties and we ve been sometimes of parties that we're not necessarily like it wholly cross and were down the road of away for survival, then why they went to a party for somebody they barely new and it was like an hour away yet is applied our drive. Why did they? It was forty, seven
ass. They went there and they really do know who was or what it was all about like there was nothing local that it could have gone to or just hung out had beers amongst themselves. I think there was more. That story to then they go in the one guy goes and he gets stuck in the mud trying to buy cigarettes and there, like you, drive him home and that either at goes. I thought he left like. Wouldn't you will make sure everybody counted for if your leg, forty seven as away and there was like some pushing. Shoving and maybe some racial aspects to that and you have made in Albania lay behind the maid keep an eye out. Let us make sure we are like whoever's left, we're all gonna go back to gardener that it was a gardener Kansas there. Whenever like, can we I'll be on board with that? That was that one which is heartbreaking, was whether all heartbreaking with that when really like affected me that one was just god awful. You know, yeah they need. They almost need that good after show for each episode where they do winners and losers, and they could just feel like loser. The guy went to buy cigarettes, got stuck in the mud and left his friend for dinner,
Scully like that guy's being interviewed, they ban it really sex to lose the lie. Now, that's like your book and fall. You left the Party Dick Guy's dead. I know you fucking asshole. I know one. Another friend was leg: why? got his ass beat like it was kind of cavalier about it like what would you like? That's your friend, the guy's dead dead enough welcome swamp, and then that made no sense, because that people searched and sir, There is nothing to be found and they were back in that he was there and seemingly his body was pristine or whatever so, I've read some things on the internet about dad about some family that like ran the town and you know you haven't. I sit around me of your answer. The restaurant and a basic like everybody in the town knows what happened. So that's. Why, like the unsolved mysteries hymns being good thing, because that may like shake some things out and that one hopefully cause is pretty clear like he just didn't wander off into the swamp and like fall down or something you know. Yeah? They they definitely placed his body. There were crowded and they found my boots one place in his hat. Someplace else
where he was just like walking down the road or trying to walk home, that's bullshit, so they had at one was just awful seemed like a good kid like just brutal. So apparently they have six more coming here and others there's twelve episode run, and that was just six on so I did for more of them, because the other one I've been watching as the golden Stay killer one on each be oh well, yeah. I thought the first episode was pretty rough because it really is a dove hard to Michel Magda Mare and in her impact awesome. The whole thing like other respect for them, but I just wanted to find out about the guns they you're right and then the second episode was great cause that got deep into what going on it and it is true. Like one of the reasons Michel Mcnamara became obsessed with the story. Was she couldn't believe it wasn't? A bigger stars like why I did Zodiac and TED Bundy in these guys were
get all are the attention it glittered like much nuttier, because disguise terrorizing, this entire part of Sacramento and and you know that that whole extended area and every time they think there Canada, honing and on what what he is, a criminal is then he would change it up and add things in change locations and he was just in the totality. What he did is is way way up there with how awful was he is on the short list. I never heard of him until the thing about her. The publicity for her books added and I had never heard of the golden state killer? You know everything about him right, yet we learnt stuff and we had no idea I've always heard about Zodiac, obviously Bundy and everybody else, but like yeah, he would he was completely undone flew under the radar released on the EAST coast seemingly so that was like the first I heard of that yeah that that and it's amazing they are the way they found. Him was through through ad
These dna against this wasn't ancestry, because it was one words, praying public domain, it's free and the police were as a reminder again. It was like his some relative of hasn't. It was dna match is nuts its in two thirty. Why should never do one of those dna find out what year where your genes are thing right. You may be related to the Goldstone Keller, United screwed. Absolutely that one now he will. He was like an evil genius how he stayed ahead of everybody for four years, but it was also in the late Seventys, which was like you know the apex of serial killers, Are these guys? It was none of their. None of the EU can take one county and not of their criminal information, and you could move one county over, and they would have no idea they looking for the person you had no yet you had people hitchhiking.
You didn't have alarm systems the way you have and there's like this six seven year run when just I'll help breakthroughs and its in its weirdly. In only a few, as raided psych, where this guy was Seattle, had a bunch of them Florida and they just wreak havoc I was it, I remember, reading a thing once and I think now it's now is like next to impossible to get away with anything, because because of cell phones and cameras on every corner, dna and everything else in the internet. They can share information, so he can get away with anything now, but I remember getting something about like serial killers. No reason they can get away with that is essentially, if you killed somebody thirty forty years ago, had no connection to them. Like you just picked up a hitchhiker heard something, and you had no connection like you would get away. That's, because nearly murders they would only catch you if you had seen. Oh you, somebody scrutiny,
business dealer was like a romance is gone bad or you were married to them whatever. Obviously you were clear, suspect and you were dead to rights, but if it was, you just picked up a random person and killed them extremely hard to tie you to that. If you did come out, did it right this fucking go to take the golden state guy. He had this. Sing. He would tie the person up and then he would go like have a beer. He would go to get a beer from the fridge. That was what they were covering a part two like he had the same kind of bits like you would really like. Settle in. I just that alone, they're catching like nowadays yeah yeah, I get out last night. You know five seconds. Five minutes you're done for absolutely glided zero guys. I do feel like you'd out some at some of these guys took off basically because the gimmick. So like sanity, I am sad to say: I'm uses the newspapers brilliantly, but that also gets the nickname son of SAM and now and then it's dark in the black out at sea,
that whole crazy and the holder in Cairo they got out yet. But golden say that if you do in the advanced metrics called stay, color is like miles. A set of sand like he did so much more damage and nobody knew about him he's in a small market. But then you have leg the Fuckin Zodiac guy, who is really leg Zodiac it was half Zodiac. Just like a coup Scottie scary see me now: well, he had many a long and then the letters and then in the media and send the letters, the newspapers, but I dont, I think he killed like less than ten people, the name. Well, yeah like document or thereabouts. Like documented, it's like five or six. He would write letters claiming it was like forty fifty, but like the one they can definitely tied a hammer like like six. I believe golden state killer, bad. Could couldn't figure out the Magyar piece of it. Yeah give zero studied, should have studied the other. Horrendous sera, colors, but and then download, because his knees does freakin dna test or whenever deceived
who she was related to that was famous or something else that second at the said with chilling. I thought that was one of the better episodes I've seen and allow of of just cycle night pillar one. Oh, my god. It's it's really creepy and I made the mistake of watching my daughter, who were was just kind of like scarred for life without both of us were like cheeses, like even just the worse person. Out of all
people now that there are not an awful, but he was pretty bad. I speak in a terrible people before we go well all I just one more thing on unsolved mysteries yeah. How did you feel about the UFO episode in the same way? I feel that every year for the said it makes me uncomfortable and I I really truly believe that their arch there is shared out there. That can't be explained, and when I see stuff right that I am a site, I can't stop thinking about it. So I'd like shut it down and China about it. It was a creep me out because I live in Connecticut in its not that far really from REACT in Massachusetts and I've been a great buried Massachusetts by my grandmother's cousin lived in Pittsfield, which is near by an ice this week together all the time- and I was a kid so that that kind of Crete me out, but I had friends of mine watch it in, and I work as I want to make this joke the thing that
made me about than those people frankly seem. Believable it I don't know that they have an email. I agree I, which is, which is super creepy, but the part that I I kind of enjoyed was the fact that what there was the guy from who lives in New York, and it was him I think his sister his mother and his grandmother, and they apparently got abducted by out by the cover. Bridge and then the next thing they nos three hours later in their downtown and their parked in the car and the grandmother did not drive and when they all woke up grandmother was in the driver's seat and the mother who had been driving was in the passenger seat. So I hope I was joking around my friends and unlike the aliens mastered, intergalactic travel right and they were able to abduct people with some sort. Beam and, like me, I'm not really know what goes on, but then they put the grandmother in the driver's seat. So, unlike the alien soup, visor, like their fly back to Zeta. Thirteen or whatever the soup looks like
guys I just want to say that's a great job, but we're going to be a little more attention to detail. Next time. It'll be grandmother, doesn't drive, so we got a garden and takes up note. About a year. I gotta go to other drivers, the old he's gonna be the right side and the other was gonna, be the driver side like we did little bore lower, focused ecstatic gang about that. Just as we were However, there is a plan, and this provides let you do all this ship. You put the grandmother in the wrong cedar being Koumongoe. Come on water. That part made me think that it was one of many things have been bethink. They didn't make the story up right cause if you're trying to make the story up. I don't know if you come up with that cause. It's like a brilliant touch, like fucking grandma was in the driver's seat. Right, wait a second. What I just don't think you would come up with that right right. I guess I'm alien really got a fucking tongue lashing for that one idea,
I got fired than it is The is commission nook now he's ready manually baseball before we go speaking the terrible people yeah tramp, the president yeah that there's a theory going around that is becoming Winnabow for him and he's got to know it and he's going to face good to the judge Smails. Oh my oh my arm, I think it's broken, get his ass out do something, and then he could do anything after raised like I wouldn't one, but you know I had that. How thing do their own thing? Do you believe in that very well? Twenty like before that very became a thing. I had that theory because I was like if he starts looking the poles and it's like he's gonna go down, is gonna go down hard? He may come up with some fake health thing and say he's got heart problem or some bullshit thing and say I can't do it. I would love to serve you, my beloved american people, but I can't do it because
see the writing on the wall and his whole thing like his whole. Stick is I'm a winner. Winning win, win win and I'm, like he's gotta, be looking at his post presidency. Life such as it is in his business, such as it is, and if he loses like we lose, is thirty seven states or something it's like a landslide in now and he gets killed. How does he come Back from that, and then say, like I'm a winner, I'm a winner come to my come to my business. Come to my hotel come to my restaurant. You know that's going to be a big ego blast for him that we were talking about the my birthday. Zoom in an house was like well, but he's just going to say it's rigged Sophie loses and goes down. Hard is gonna be like well was the mail and balance and it was all rigged and it was the fake news and whatever, but a part, we kind of thought he would do this thing where it's like again be the judge. Males who my arm, I think it's broken, I can't ride and then he could always save tweet out. I could want, if only my health. Let me I wouldn't be job Isley, be Joe Biden, yadda yadda, so
No, I mean I don't know what his course of action is here now I see some respect nation, our people think he doesn't want to win like pace than his behaviour like when he tweets out the other day about the bubble. Wallace thing right, a bubble, Wallace NEWS Thing- and you know which was not a non story at that point in our you. No military, Can I have a news cycle now that had passed by and he felt the need to tweet that for some reason, the other day and like look like he's in over to bring that up in better flags and everything in your leg. Why? Why would he do this like? Why would you do this or electric pay like this is going to be your focus with limited amount of time between now and November. Third, so people he doesn't want to win. Like maybe he's, like president thing is hard. This is not for me it was easy when the economy was good and we're at peace, swords, big and I just go to rallies and everybody loves me, but now that it's hard like I don't want to do this anymore. I wanna go start a tv company and in a bitch about CNN
I don't know what his motivation is at this point anymore. If to that extent, I ever did well he's leaving a lot of bread crumbs lately, it is clear that his strategy is gonna, be twofold. One just dog were so now that now the dog was always like three feet: three feedback that is blowing where's your side of those who take a shot at bubble hours. Reason like he's just trying to double down on a specific base in this country right, but the thing is like he already has those votes. You know like if you, if that's, if that's your big, shoes they can federal, maybe you're worried about losing him now mean that might have been part of that. Maybe the day, would stay home. He added like he just wants to make sure there a gauge sets out the idea stubby one thing and then the other thing is he's gonna triple down on the whole world. Culture cancel cultures, the driver this country and the thing is he's gonna happen some people who you know that
I look at it like I hate this and I hate that I'm going to go with whatever. I think the lesser of two evils is right and he's going to play those two cards combined with the. If you will let Joe Biden he's going to be the senile compromise puppet of all these people, you hate, don't let happened you but, as you know, we you have with me just bring me and again say that seems a real strategy. He wants to do like a Nixon in sixty eight strategy where was like. You know it would Nixon appeal, the people that, if it look like the country, was falling apart because of like you know, Vietnam, you know riots after assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, and you had the Democratic national convention which degenerated into a riot Chicago Adele People were like we'd need a law and order, and that was Nixon's thing, amateur bring and law and order. The difference was that Nixon was not in power at the time. You know be J was in power. If he Humphrey was running a sort of the heir apparent to not not a sort of he was,
because their parents, L, B J, so people were like. We can't do this anymore, because the country look. Second, swollen, parts art arena go with law and order of Nixon? next year at least had credentials. Right and he really leaning over downgrade by its he did had some good jobs. He had been a congressmen and vice president, everything else rights, but that that was the party out of power that it's hard for Trump to run, like I'm in a fix all this none law and order were, if you feel like the country, is spiralling out of control and sit you're out of control or whenever like? If that's your issue, will trumps. The president spoke not like your voting at him to make a change and like law and order, like he's the present now and it's happening so that doesn't really like bounced back to his benefit. I mean, I think, that's his goal and he was too weak. Leaning out the silent majority and law and order, but I just don't like you know, people I think took a fly. While people didn't like Hillary Clinton, one too they took a fly around him, business man there they bought into his horse that he was a business man and there
we'll. Let him run things and see how it goes and he never built on his bays. He just like doubled down triple down, quadrupled down on his base and did that in that maybe who he is, but he has an expanded at all. So now don't like the people to decide. Elections are our suburban I'd, basically suburban women, specifically in there Rosalie turned off by him and I think they re to say like well. Let's see what Biden can do basically he's harmless. You know well I have you- have an opposition. That's way more engaged in. It was four years oh yeah, there there raise ready it to him, no question their jined up and everything else so that he faces of he faces a lot of problems in a lotta headwinds. That's why part of me is like wooden shock me if he was I I don't need this any more and the fake news ran me out or health or whatever you know he can but some horse shit to get out and then he can always say I would one, but I didn't get the chance. You know many good pretending I covered he could, he could say colleges sidelined number, something in whatever. So are you.
Yeah I'll so yeah, I don't know I wrap it up. Janni itself your mother, your monies, I'm Biden Rivera was murdered by his employers. Lady, the lady with multiple husbands did it yeah and they kept, their Alonzo Freezer yeah than put. But it that's? U data, Parlay lab all those things that sounds like There too, we have touched on in the ufos. They need more attention to detail and near the head Sir one was just terrible. I feel so bad for that kid we haven't even take out the husband that it went to the mortician was I can you put her back to and let me walk around the skull for awhile and sleeps with the urn, which is fuckin tag. King insane, and yet I was greatly insane that was her. And then the fuckin french guy, which was just the worst thing I've ever seen in my life, and that was unclear when they like when he walked,
into the mountains or whenever, like with his bag with the gun, they think that they ever find the bag leg. Is it possible he just jumped into the sea, or did he later? leave with the bag and how on the ship and he's living it up somewhere that that's just awful done solve. That's why? It's an unsolved mystery financed. Back ass, Jacko had laid a birthday good to see you. My friend, good to see you are a matter are at Peter Gallagher is coming in one second. First, what's the number one side of a bad humps cured system, one that so complicated? You never use it. That's exactly the tap scared system. Simply safe has spent a decade fight against. They believe simple is safer. It's exactly why simply safe is down curry for right now. Feeling safe at home has never been more important. It's easy to use, protect your home twenty four seven you can order with cooking button open the box place sense,
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I don't know how many people on the list, but I think Saint Collins on there. I don't know if it's like three deep five deep. I think about some of the great tv dad's in my life. You know you think I was like ferret eyes, outspeed kittens dad, so my tat, we Really you Reg Cindy Poland in the great tv debts. Oh I didn't you know, I've never really rank Sandy call another great I wished. I gave a problem beyond lists a long time ago. I haven't really thought about that stuff. So really one of the most remarkable things was there for those who was born. I ended up, unlike the best all time, dead right behind built caused me, so I might have moved up a step. You jobs, I think you're up a spot, maybe there you know, I think about like what makes a great tv dead and you think that the character has to be. You know, like the rock
it's got to be. Somebody was kind of a leader, somebody who can kind of intervene in the right moments, somebody who's not going to fuck up in anyway, and it's just got to there's some sort of moral compass, and I don't know why it's so hard to pull off with these shows, but I feel like especially the first couple years of that show it was weird cuz it's. This glitzy can obtain teen soap opera, but there was all this really well written adult stuff that was in there, to which I think is one of them since that show resonate with so many people read my things so I mean, I think, and I think like most things, it succeed it never quite look exactly like what anybody had in mind. Until then The beast was alive, ran And one of the wonderful things that happened at first season was a deadline and the borders were produced using deadline. We did all the mission. As one would not all below great movies with directed our pilot, so people were expecting it to be very glad to see him
but it wasn't at all because he went right after you know as if he was shooting so is that of confluence. Of wonderful writing from just words, and I in on good group of people assembled in the nose. Its miraculous, actually find a lot in common with the Austrian is always extraordinary. Playlist, both came along at a time when those stories were were powerful, the that yeah Sosa. What was so you're older at that point in the method as its watching all these young people on the show pretty anonymous, and now their profile is blowing up like Whittier member from watching that, knowing you you'd better in Ottawa, that point for, like twenty five years. And you're saying, like some of the good stuff that happens when somebody's on ahead show, but then us
some other, potentially bad stuff too. Well. What was your role in that thing? You know I I did have the benefit of a little bit of experience in and- and I love those kids. I love the whole cast. You know you can you can really diminish how important the group of people you assemble, not just behind the camera button from the camera to thoroughly level those kids and oh I was surprised that was just when we we're so obviously successful. All the items in the atmosphere. Your changed and people started, seeing Things differently, you no end I kind of felt like the effort with it was like writing the end of the show good news we gonna like me: we're gonna stick with what does here right,
you know now. I was angry. We got here, doesn't mean we're all geniuses to give due what we don't get here, but but I'm really happen all the kids survived and end up because made me she was sixteen when she came with this, which is like what an awesome responsibility for a company to be taken care of book centrally a groan, shot out dad asian rail, the power success and aim, and all that other stuff. With her, Every great experience I love the people, I was working with the and that's. Why stays with me in terms of and I M also gratified that still all these years later right, people richer I'm all over the world if it got a final word Something here you know they do call me dad right, no, sir. I get that and I believe value, but then I think the other thing about you know people is
wanna be good debts that important too, when I try to do good tat might might from my kids they might not agree with me, but I try if I thought it was such a weird time for a celebrity culture too, because you had The internet is rat really running into shape when the o two thousand. For then you have it's the heyday of US weekly. And then you have all these different bloggers, trying to judge that there was like when you, when you became you know when it would have new by you in their early eighties, like allotted entered for structures, was there I've seen no internet at all? If couple magazines, that's it and people can get their shot, but not be under this microscope that I think it really changed in the mid two thousand site in a lot of ways for the worse you now, I think, Pretty intends to be sixteen or seventeen on ahead show like that, and just day after day you just here
about yourself for hearing the its heart, that's up to bounce off, INA right you have People have to take care of you again working the p. Did you working with have to take care of you? You know people needed devalue, those kids and realise that their notice, you know suddenly famous monsters and but their kids the best they can, and you know I think we are well. A little better and that that foreign, but but yeah minute internet is very strange place because it gives everybody the impression that they know all there is to know about somebody when, in fact, I realize you don't know anything about anybody could have to stop you just reticent. True in and the other half does it really have the same kind of its impact on. You is Billy reading about somebody you talking to somebody here hearing about somebody of looking at all their work, so yeah,
There is also a challenges for through you know, everybody now, then that's life if someone who can also with not just your first break, was there it will make a right made. No eighty radio, I mean that was my thousands move that was a big break In eighty till it accurate first move for me. My first big break was when I called when I was doing open, causes always shows that I got callbacks in that's and I started to get work on broadways I could not. Ready to spend the rest of my life in the theater and die every man. If I can just make a limit, so I was ended up in a region bro, company agrees. I was Danny when the movie came out: oh wow and
and did a bunch of other shows its really form me in terms of mind how I work in an experience but the idle maker wisdom. I first feature it out so proud people still in a like that movie. I guess, for whatever reason it didn't take the didn't. Do the box office, Of course, I think my studio was the same studio. The police, the Heavens gate at that time. So oh Jesus, I've gotta, say it's never on tv, so it it's probably in our streaming purgatory. As I said, yeah yeah, I don't know where they go. I know the overseas back on HBO Maxim, rang was with Netflix permitted in all keeps just stuff keep shown up. While the US see it, I think, has said saw a second life in the streaming era. With I have fifteen year old daughter, a cool, it's like yeah boom say: let's go, how it sees the word and you decide what the next one and you just watching. You know four or five in one day and its
really crazy, like their shows from that error, like frightened lights in a couple other ones that cut out we're things, moment, but then they go away. But now this other generations experiences. Finally, and they really holed up in other. Really wealth is fifteen years ago, but it's not that long ago and alive it's a lot of the same moves in what's really cool, is the kids that were into that show that are now kind of started around the world turn to be out in the workforce is starting to be able to have a sort of the oppressed active on their youth So the revisited show like that. And it'll be comforting. Riot first was not total peace, a junk as it might you don't be afraid, maybe it has an age. Well, it's a good show an- and I think, something comforting about that to be able to go visit, something that you you liked it yeah? That's, ok, man. That's dead still worth liking you know what I've people, I always say to people you know when they,
George Orwell was a gigantic thorn loves. You hurt, and I love that that you know what our show the o c came along right after nine eleven and he lets me was, and so I thought this is the perfect response to that. Sort of rising environment then a phobia here keep all these other people out. Now they bombed this nepotism that Sandy Collins's, I'm not afraid, look at all I said to you: emerges design in all the only jewish guy for the Bronx here in this neighborhood Nor can it not me I'm not gonna. Let embrace you know somebody we need to help needs help. Or lose my sense of humor? You know said that to me was the best being in America. The outbreak, the formula that show, though, is unassailable. We take the cider, who doesn't have a lot of money and you bring him in
a super rich place, I'm always in like it it's what I am at least watching the pilot. Anything if you didn't land the play in order that I'm out, but I am always in for that concept. Rich outsider, let's see if they have to do Cinderella man, I'm a freak! You out here, I'm sitting right. My mom's favorite movie about time sex lies a videotape. I don't know what that says about me. Yeah down I don't see. I told you before that you audibly scorn, you don't know how I definite. How did I do know it? You're largest, so cardiologists? Oh just talking, you ve, been sort of like the other day. Well, that's cool Well, I did. I did a packet them a year ago, and I thought I told him that fact than he had the same reaction that go it's some of us like it's
people look availing of where we are with you about better by Bob. I also love the movie, but thirty plus years. What's weird is because we do this pack has caught the reward troubles and the ringer where we re Rachel boobies it. You don't think that's a reliable movie. Better really. Is it so well done in it so intense, and if it's on cable, I just like, I get sucked and then you can see all the brilliance that eventually is going to come within down the road to that. Just so many things that I love about that movie, but what's crazy, is other than the Vhs tapes. It's it's a weirdly modern movie, its thirty. Years old. You know like a like. I you could change it. The Vhs tapes, tasted, dvds or not, or that sphere anyways. I am forever some dinner, we add its. Basically, you could make the same movie, but did you know in the moment you're on the sat with them like this guy's gonna be one of the most influential directors
thirty years? Are I mean? I don't think that far ahead, but I didn't know that I was reading a great script. Hey, I didn't know that we're staying at sunset, Marquis, we're living in New York that my wife was workin out here. And I was just in transit or new hooking up withers, and I got this Oh, I had just been at the Sunday S with Jimmy Spider. And I'm gonna call in the they're they to play. My role dropped out and set me an outside saw. I saw these films data relating to do those things he suddenly the script and I read it and then I woke up in the middle of that night? I read it again. Is I couldn't blue is as good as I thought it was an. I must have missed something and then still like this is the best thing I've ever read. I gotta find out what he how we see
yeah I'd had experienced in the past, where you do you think you know what power writer director he's gonna shit Anything it's my story. It happened to me, I think. Can you tell your story, but I asked Eve. I said when he came to the hotel the next day I said the sum so steep. How do you see this. But I is a black comedy I set up. I mean and then and then he said, you know you're roles, probably less well developed of all these other other roles. So I'd be opened. Don't worry with plenty of others We can go with that, but just wanted to know that the the brain in the vision that wrote the script. Saw, the humor and it in the way that I did and as soon as he said. Yes, it was like this. This is great
If we look at my performance, I think I remember thinking this is this: is it totally committed people we re all right now. Of course, people just GIS by me I mean women would say you know you in here. I thought I knew you and I took an instant dislike to you. How do I know you listen Did we go to college? I get home if I'm enacted, that's not it. Why did six thousand videos and you see thank you indeed so funny they exert like I always by tony Goldwyn ghost was I dare to where he so good as they Aid guy in the movie that you actually lacking you gotta carried it's a real life for their music.
When another movie, alas fuckin guy from Earlier- that use it act there because of the territories Priscilla was it goes with the territory summers. Sometimes you see some of us ass. All I hate you think that year is that, and I do the right thing and really the birth of everything that happens in the nineties, where you know that not like they won't make an independent before that, but independent films that had success that had small studio. I figure it out if the whole industry changing where it's not just like these big power, First studios anymore, any like decide these little up, incomers, looking to work with people, like surrender habits. That was pretty much the big muslim beginnings of mere max, oh yeah and then- and I and manages, goes as Ugandan ideas, and you got prepared you let it went away right sure, you'd premier man,
the written about others that there was such a fund right, Gary's flood. How the premier magazine would would be. I remember once we were doing a tv show and then there was a comedy show, and I'd? Ask the director. Could I just do that the look rather than saying what. And a new kind of wasn't Ukraine. About that ideas were going by there's a your magazine laying open whose opinion I think I was in the picture was up the player Robert always moved the player gas classic. It was alive page, really they did and all the dialogue at the scene and it was is, and the dragon with that yours and their development, we can achieve said funny. Have we improvise that entire seen the amazing you can do you just let the actors do their things. Something like I couldn't even go.
These other, with a look in that situation and use a whole scene that we'd improvised and it was at- and I think it's responses, but he only do models, but Philip was that a big Armand thing even with movie, because that one was more structured. He was well as me, Michael Token, Roto, or of certainly help give the structure to that. But. Yeah I mean that was. I did three pictures with Bob the only one we couldn't absolutely improvise, but we did physically, but not with the words was Kay new court martial. The first show I did with him, and so he had to be word perfect for Herman Luke, Really, but there was all his other a marvellous, improvised behaviour behind this would be shouted on a basketball court and you'd had the panel issues, agitating yeah, Can we go the became apparent behind him? You see they're making plans for lunch
Lay in a man send a note back and forth, but still without any info and the desperation that were the ever ran country. Hearings of the period we We saw the assistance coming behind the guy was speaking but her head. So that was- some anything about Bob. Is he always get enough wrote to hang yourself like. I remember once the player waiting for my seem to come up with I'll hang out together. This rule haven't said we all like. General closed. All of a sudden there was a single city Stevenson and TIM Tim Robbins, seen in order said Burgess Gallagher, why I need you to go and do something. What when, let's take you ready, we'll find out within seconds. You all of a sudden had to think ok, we're in. Where am I
What's Goin on the story right now and its exciting. Could you can really you'll give enough rope to hang yourself, but you can also and you know- and so I went in- and I walked From- camera left came camera right behind the two of my group. This is obvious corpses, abies, cooks, was good because it was the movie that he was pitching, may. But it is also about the body that has been found that he had killed the night before Zella guided at, nor was it That was a let's move on adding well the height of gray, adequate. Let's move up what's funny like, I think that's there's been a resurgence in the let the actors cook directing so
because I know that's a big thing without a Mackay, an appetite is always done that its by more like the comedy or people who had the comedy background right, who know that the best thing you could do is if you have good people unleash them. Let them fuck around because they in some ways they're gonna, actually that's gonna, be some of the best staff because they feel more ownership of lobbies to say. So how come you don't show were somebody was fired, ignores the Bob never fired at the backing of a fire. Why would I do that Did you hear because I want what it is. You do rang you can do. Is that the best you can do is surprised me and he says I want you to come into a show because it there I want you to be an issue. Because I want a little blue in the court, but
you're gonna get your elbows and some read your knees and some yellow and make it interest style. That term That really informed how I saw a film making me own was perfect way to deeper, And for sex lies and videotape was perfect, waited to work with. Fit right and plus I loved and plus he kept Hiram, because you like me- and you know that time- I'm my out, my mother, goose, leisure time We get nice, did you look, it actually has to look at. It I don't hear even say God are you so little makes me sick What do you do next month? Do? Have studies show called shortcuts Repair Europe, so the hall of Fame round come I love your where you're out in a while, you were asleep that would make sense at the first ballot. I thank her for the Rome conference. It doesn't matter the wet first bout, our famer leg, with when Aramis
how a couple the other adds. It's all. There was one man that was it. There was a good time. There was a good time, In fact, John Turtle, doves directed it direct to toolbar episodes of zones is extraordinary. Flavors allow Work with me, if I'm not saying anything, tell me tell me about those extraordinary playlist, well I mean to say: was it have you seen it all have that Gmos Its NBC just got picked up for second season solidarity. They want better. Now they re than Hulu Thou ride, or maybe now that would be peacock. I came down again with one Sunday nights it nine up until a couple weeks ago, Mary steam Virgin Lauren gram. Jane leave Alex nor Schuyler, Aston Miser, Grand John Clarence Steward Award wonderful, wonderful cast, and we sing and dance it's an I play
It's always dad match dying appears Phd It dad. Has it the progressive Super nuclear policy, And and t the story, but well it's? Why can the result was so drawn to this story, because in this divisive time this story is all about the things that connect us use hit hit, saw being hit song then Morrison, Simon Garfunkel, rolling stock with many more our choreographer directed owed, Craig flower land- She saw a wonderful and basically what happens? Is always a quarter in San Francisco? Stress now try to get ahead, she's a little worried because I'm dying and I have this brain disease and she has terrible headaches to think. Oh, my god, I'm getting at one or two Mary steam Virgin my mother, my wife's, while notified
I would say, go see the doctor you she goes gets Nemo arises of earthquakes, playing the music and there's she's in their freaking out and comes down I'm glad you walked down the street you going back to the office over said the woman, the crackers some years ago, very and then always listening to help. Together and then soberly disperse he's the only one I seen it she thinks she's losing her mind, make a long story short, which you realize what she's learns researches able to hear what people are really feeling from through popular song. Ed and which ultimately gives me, go away to communicate with me, because I am able to risk, because I can't speak in this particular disease that start take Roger the ability to speak and ultimately to live, but it's really cool. It's a really reads like they say You know and then the way the Elsie was at a time when people are getting very xenophobic and afraid of the other
to show where we ve been divided, quite intense, Only for reasons of profit in power, with our wedge issues if abortion or gowns or whatever it is divided and years this shell wish No it's about things, everybody human being chairs the theatre. You know when we do our job. Will we when everything works from moment you could buy medicine, powerful thing for a moment. Nobody feels alone and from moment everybody feels connected to the same tribe of humanity and that's what the hell kind of does. Is it it's sort of our aid? stand shoulders, life and death and love and and these amazing hit songs. We all know already we'll have to learn and everybody has a relationship to the sound of silence. Moon debts
who colors you know. This is a sound island. I say and stop it. The town we had predicted. I'm I'm in a forced by fifteen Euro dollar who loves, I think that a she's gonna lose your men. I show up our twelve and probably twelve hours. I should now. Can I seen you sure, should I seen it already. I asked her she hadn't seen yet, I was on our list she's got she's got to you got to love it. You love it. You going to be crying your eyes up and left was a watch it before we guy. I wanted to ask you about two Gillian Arthur. Seven weeks my favorite movies, so I love that movie. I also love the Nantucket, but most of my love, Michel Pfeiffer. It's my favorite Michel favourable because it sank, Michel Favour so good. Looking she's, just gonna play a ghost in this movie hood
basically torments her widow because he was so in love with their noses, never going to top it. I was like what better cast in the Michelle Pfeiffer. And her husband, rolling yeah. That's right! That's really good movie, though it on. You know it's funny, though, because it we ve all been quarantine for three plus months here. My family has been gravitating towards these movies that are set and locations. Could you get caught a go away? two hours and that's a good one is its. I gotta get to get it had taken for two hours ago, Nantucket yeah! You need that you'd say deep, I've data the two by getting also Nantucket. Excited not North Carolina in California, but on the beach I had so says always extraordinary play. Lest you have. You have the James, lily a time we didn't talk about them. Grace Frankie, yet seven season I went to jail mistakes season birth.
Nobody's gonna heart beat in the salmon season. I'm always that anywhere palm springs new they involve brings is amazing, new movie with Sandberg and Crystal Miladi, directed by MAX Farm, a cow and only on which its come being issued by neon any. Could that I made the greatest thing in the world is to be taken before these stories that really, if you're gonna, be they couldn't be more approach, right now I mean there been so many people and in stay at home during those that have been so grateful for zones. You know who didn't have time to grieve for their father passing ten years ago and then all of a sudden there rat. Meanwhile jet amateurs, ass movie with people king- is that our their net wrecked me and to be doing like. As always. We couldn't be more appropriate and
and had the six seasonal Gratian Frankie come out also this movie palm springs, because its of its could is eagerly preshent, and it's about China Groundhog Day meets. Why you were sleeping, I dont know, and now, when I don't know what it is, but it did. It is like a continent in a loop wouldn't really bored like a few times, and we ve been doing the same things and look forgetting what day of the week it is You know where you are and which month is it seventeen we ve been what day? Is it that Saturday? It? Oh yes, I don't know it's out of the loop and it's so funny and deep and ultimately about, something very compelling about love the way wait to watch it. Nice to meet you thanks for your lan? Comrade it was a pleasure. O is great. Major until your little girl said go on larger, the hacker
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We can.
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