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A Quarantine Mailbag, Plus Michael Lewis and Jason Bateman


The Ringer's Bill Simmons answers a bunch of listener-submitted mailbag questions (2:10), before he is joined by author Michael Lewis to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of youth sports being cancelled, what a return to sports arenas may look like, the most interesting coaches, and more (33:55). Lastly, Bill talks with actor and director Jason Bateman about Season 3 of his Netflix series 'Ozark' as well as the HBO miniseries 'The Outsider,' his evolution as a director, reactions to 'The Last Dance,' the '30 for 30' documentary series, quarantine life, bringing back baseball movies and sitcoms, and more (1:39:20).

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Tonight's episode of the bill back ass, the on the ringer back has now brought by zip recruiter, we're heading toward month for The quarantine we know and sports comes back a lot of stuff is going to be different from how we go into the games, how we are to food and drink whatever it is, while abba, This may change as our world opens up again. One thing more change: our prayers an expansive. Zip critters mission, though, continue doing what they have always done. Helping growing companies higher for their teams in helping people find jobs to the hiring zip code. One big candidates to apply to your most urgent rose, making fast Ernie, at which people need by bringing employers and job figures together, zip gooders working help. All of US zip accoutred outcome, slash work together. Whereas sobriety by the Ringer Pakistan work where we, launched another new package, Really proud of this one, it's called higher learning with vainly,
an aunt Rachel Lindsey, and they talked about a whole bunch of stuff in their first episode, which he can find re now on Spotify and an apple, they talked about the George Floyd tragedy. They talked about those cat, they talked about Joe Biden, going on go and I was Charlemagne. They were. They talked about man, the bachelor whether the bachelor as is secretly racist, lotta good stuff in this park ass, you can check it out wherever you get it. I also check check out the dot com where we continue to do great stuff on sports and pop culture as well. Very proud everybody over there. These last three my come up, I'm in do low mailbag at the top, and then we're going to have Michael Louis, the famous off and then we're gonna have Jason Bateman who's gonna talk about and three ozark and Latin in quarantine said. This is a good package. Latticed I've gone out
excited have the mailbag back, but first our friends, we don't have the last year to make anywhere without have celebrity gothic tabby lottery. Now until ass movie, no, we do have mailbags. Done this. While I have excuse I don't know why I have done this and where I get it a great emails from listers- and I dont know why. I'm that answer them on the park asked no, promise you guys summer, mailbag yeah. It's back. You may remember that this page too, and I greatly in a couple times the summer mailbag just answered stuff,
every week, I'm in a really try to make a comment, but you guys have to do so is way yet a semi. Some good questions don't be jerks, semi good question I can actually used for the mailbag email me at bag at the Ringer Dhaka, so they go, got here first questions from and Solomon. He ass. She to Europeans Stephen Smith for foxes, Joe Buck airspace. Finally, get surmounted Football commentator Fox Pair Steve, nay, again whiskey, Bayliss, here's my answer. So my first instinct was that's ridiculous sports media trade. That can happen. Then I started thinking about it later. Sports re now you know what I've really messed beyond just I've action games being increased. Its being normal all the others that they come sports the transactions. No. We had the draft that held us over for a little while and then there is some some more
but more sightings, and that that it Scott Super Boring, well habits, sports media trades, What? If what? If we try to mix things up, so he is pan. If they did this trade, they get their football answer. They ve been looking for. One forever I've been looking for an anchor, they try to get out, Michael's they but a whole bunch of people on the monitor football team. Now there their signature guy, Joe back, put him in their fur fur. Julie, baseball, put him away, rad NFL! Here all, that money football everything ass, he could pop indifferent shows. He could cause pity I they could get a lot at a Joe back. I liked your bucket its that we were all against him for a while or mad at him, or just the head to high expectations and everybody's back in fox. You know they have coward. I think I'm a coward fan, not ashamed to admit it They have some other big names, their Stephen, a pushes it you another level. He is the biggest name on it,
sports tv right now you get him give him a daily show that competes with e p m, but that's fine the Ethiopian. They have other other ways they can get around. You know they could. Just get up longer. They can do a whole bunch of thanks and then they. But Steven a fox and stuff all fathers differed thinks I'm not against this trade. I don't. I think he has Penn says no. If you said who says, though I think he is PAN would say we'll do it will think about it, but you ve gotta thrones impact We need that we need to unprotected lottery packs, they'd be selling high and Stephen Age society. He a huge do deal his approval rating has never been higher he's at the peak of his powers. Sometimes that's the best time trade, somebody, a little reminiscent of a when CBS got rid of Burma's burger because they knew the hedge and Nance waiting in the wings. The prom free has been as they don't, really have anybody waiting in the wings who could be nearly as biggest Stephen AY, but they would be
solving a huge play by play, Boyd and guess what folks Games are more important than talking hedges; they just are the it if the matter people I watch a man in a football game and it could be. Where's game possible, be Ino Panthers against the jets its can be more people than whatever watch of first take up a said. First, take Eads LAD, endings, that's very valuable. They can carbon up different things. That's very valuable! I think we're in the ballpark, though this, though I am not against us I'm really not. I think sports media trades in general Priscilla having to try throw this resolution Sunday, but in general sports media trades am all for it. This question is from Robbie: do you think have a Nemo be season, so I've been this from every angle. I've been realised the staff and I feel the same way about major league baseball, as I do about
rocky relationships, including young people, on my extended life, couples that heard that either I know- or I know of that- maybe Quarantine has it s been great for them. I think what happens with the quarantine is: If you have a bad relationship. Or you have a rocky relationship or you have a tumultuous relationship in real life. The court dean, exposes pretty much everything that isn't working with them. Ship your crammed together. You can't get away from each other if, if the other press was bother, you in any way it's gonna be worse during in the quarantine if you drove each other crazy kind of already. Even when you guys are you now the house now stuck in ass. It's gonna be worse. Link with the Emma, be it's a bad relationship, its dysfunctional, uncomfortable spy, four relationship its? I it's actually like having a
Add relationship in your life. Only the people aren't dating there, just it's a sports business relationship, but it does feel like a bad romantic relationship where at every opportunity, they're just going to do something spiteful to one another, and this has been gone back to the late, stays in the seventies they'll. Just always battled I'd. Think. For that reason, there I can be able to figure South there's too many agendas. I'd They they really respect, Rob Manfred than that much. I think Agents are too heavily involved in things the, Is there such a disparity between the superstar prayers and the other guys from a sailor perspective, we're already heating. We have a knave lad spring training. Yet again, I am so pessimistic that it comes back. I would say the odds are like eight to one honestly, in the shame of it is. If the we'll be had come back. They could really owned.
June in early July, at least until the NBA may come back when, when is the last time, people really cared about baseball in the middle of May June July, and I can't even remember you have to go back to the early two thousands! It's there. It's a blown up, to me, I don't blame the prayers fur either not wanting to play, and I wanted to take huge pay cuts. What I you know, I did it for reasons that this isn't happening, but ass. It is a missed opportunity. The other thing that would really concern me if our major early baseball is theirs, that the outpouring of people freaking out that we might not have a baseball season. I remember when this happened in eighteen. Ninety, four, they actually had. The strike people had a fucking heart Tat ever was so mad in eighteen. Eighty one was even worse. We had so little to do in eighteen, eighty one when baseball went away for, I think it was two months. It was dark whose brutal there's no box course no
highlights during the early days of european highlights, and there was nothing else to do, and it was really dark and abysmal, and I think that with this I'm shocked by how I'm upset it seems a people under forty hour, specifically about the fact that baseball Miko, adding older people are upset, but. It's a little alarming. It makes me wonder if baseball needs to rethink everything, because If anything, there is more enthusiasm for the shortened raced up baseball schedule of eighty games. Ninety gains leading into the play I know I was born, but it about that, then I would be for one hundred sixty game season, but the whole thing is just not great. If, if your own baseball stock, Playing off that email, Andrea Rights, there's no women,
what's going on in the world, but as far as sports goes its an absolute lack that the actors of the clear what is it there's no intact, but their cheating anywhere so much hate. In February and March now, it's all gone when it based does finally return. There are likely to be no fans, the boon, spew, aided them and then one. And finally do come back and so I will be happy based buggy back the haggling over a hundred times, less players were likely forgotten, intentional buzzer anything like that. Andre says asteroids are eight using the word winner during a pandemic, but definitely debt a definite played out their favour. Let's put it that way. I couldn't agree more. I would the thing I was most exciting for the baseball decision was for the asteroids just to be this supervillain that all of us were against the way. I about the Yankees, just everyday of my life, we all could have that feeling, and now he kept it makes me sad.
Because I was so ready to aid the Astor. So speaking of Houston, Jonathan from Austin Rights. Assuming the NBA is cancelled. Whilst I could be cancelled, but the big could have been Darrow Morey because the rocket no less than the first or second round the thunder Chris Paul of advance further the rackets nor members comments about China. He can plausibly neither salary cap went down because of his comments because went out the pandemic and arguably has to come back next year now so. It's interesting. He would have been villain eyes within the circle, for making this other cap gotta. Now that's off his hands heat the Houston I think, in a neutral site as succeed, no matter what plan format, come out. They have a chance to come out of this in better shape that I think they would have during a normal season where they would answer
went on the road, every serious, basically so again He is in the word winners during a pandemic, but it certainly play a little bit in his favour. Figure speaking about coordinating. Billy woods wants to know. Are we gonna see, arise in bank robberies that have robbers in the Covid nineteen mass that we see every day now? Could this lead to heat two or point break to with quarantine mass. I think point breakthrough happened and we block that out of her mind. I know he too has an happen and there has been talk about he too a heap frequent things like but that is an interesting somebody. There will be really good quarantine movie made pretty quickly. After all, this ends- and I think it will be I'm sure there be around com, one, I'm sure be a no back type relationship falling apart, quarantine movie and there are definitely one thousand percent be bank robbery movies, so again
no winners in a pandemic, but something that plays in our favor, because if we we have more bank robbery movies, guess who wins all of us some mba emails about how to solve the yard. The plan thing. Brian Lando rights Here's a salve home court for the NBA playoffs each home team gets have their newly appointed audio supervisor being control of the arena. Sound system they are prepared, turn the songs chance crowd noises they want in any given whole game situation, chance of defense on big possessions, ref you suck after a bad call, Lebron favorite song at a big Lakers possession, and so on. The advantage is that a proper prompt and creative audio supervisor can help their team out. That was brands. Take couldn't agree more. I love the take like the idea of home court being what Are you a supervisor? I love you.
About this idea. You know I have nothing to add you in all the way around, and I think I think, guy I think, I would actually be weirdly hilarious, I'm still mine Rowan Choice is having these guys just might and ass being a bit here. Everything on a thirty second delay, but if we do that, that's a good second choice, Adam from Dallas rights in could this be the catalyst for the obey go back to the best of five in the first round play ass. Is that the more noise a fan than a once? He going up three, nothing lose again: foreign stretching answers, another three or four days. It seems like there very nervous about doing this idea this year because of the lack of home court and the fact that you could potentially Let's say the Lakers are playing at an over. The eighteen would be penny and what the pilots eight, let's aid Portland gets in there and its Lakers Portland endangers, gets hot
Games Dame S, forty, nine and game two and fifty six and game three and then, I sat in the Lakers might get bouts than a game for because Dame got half or two games, they're not gonna want to do that to the higher seed so I don't see that happening with this with the lack of home court. I think in a perfect world the way to do it as you do the best five in the first round and the first seed gets four of the five games at home. Do you basically stacking the deck for them? There's something you really earned. By bye, getting on one seat in your conference now Bart reader to bar I don't have a last name, sorry about her he's saying how the hell I always want. The ability of five gives around one. His idea wouldn't a better way to fix it, be to have the series and if a teen goes up three o but keep it a seven game play off. If not,
That way, we don't have to suffer through a crab became for your good serious can still get the distance. It's a win win. It also heightens the stakes for game three. If a team is up to nothing, you must eat us. With the first two games when we already moved this. What's the downside, I really like this idea now here's another great thing about this, either Is so say the Lakers go up to nothing on the blazers. And you know in the inner fat seven game Series the Lakers that I am saying this is like if we at home court, if we were in a pandemic Grena in normal situations, the way there's a vague. I maybe take our foot off the gas o bed. This area we want our first, they will need to into more with tomorrow home we got this this situation, Europe to nothing. You can and the serious by winning, gave three on common out guns blazing game three. I really want to finish this off conversing
If you're the other team you down to nothing, it's now a games. Free? If you lose your out of the, I think it's really good idea. I would actually love to see them do that for around one and the other stakes. If for the team that Finnish often has a three o sweep down get more rest to it should be. You know another benefit, so that idea. Here's tsar here's markets from two, the Phoenix glad to clarify them. I guess he says he says the basket there for the NBA bubble, campuses that the league requires the other players to sit court side and watch games when there are playing their part in the corner, bubble. Therefore, no safety concerns. What are they doing? Dizzying, land and water? other scenario. Would we ever get real time? Fain reactions of Leubronn sitting court side watching Ganis Chris Paul watching the rackets. The sixth watching taytum and thinking what might have been thanks for throwing that in Marcus. I love that here's my answer to that great idea, and it reminds me of India
in March madness, as when the team that one comes back out to watch the next team, the team that's about the play is out there watching the game before it. It would be. A little makes the slammed on contacts with the guys in court side. You'd have a definite for their families Leubronn, with that turn down the chance to be sitting next to a couple of his kids on camera a day that much her ill ill sign up for this right. Now, I'm not allowed a downside to this. I don't think you could force the guys go to every game, but maybe half, maybe you say you have to attend at least one game a day, something my dad or maybe maybe they may be pointed out super assigned different games. I like that today. I also that there are already doing this sounds I, but I like the idea of having the families a games for a couple days One and a half it'll be more noise and then to it's gonna, it too and altercation, and no
you'll get hurt, it'll be fine, but it's No we're gonna have listen. We can we get through you soccer games at eight year olds, without parents getting into a with each other? You think really think we're gonna get through the Abuja play ass without families from too four themes somehow get into it. I can't wait for those doors so Samia for that. One more, I e mail about this Ryan Impart City is talking about the World CUP. Tears thing that kerosene I talked about the last Pakistan and was saying about excluding teams at the bottom, whether it's a plan tournament but the bottom sixteens seeds, twenty five to thirty or just out or the World CUP tears were the bottom. Ten teams are out right, impractical They points out staff curry drives the ratings for the entire league. He's the one point that really transcends basque by mass culture. Little exaggerates rootlets. What's that ran for If you want America, therein, basketball comes back, you must have staff. Curry is the ten seed really
anymore deserving than the bottom seed. Neither learned anything, including our team, sets a great point. Dallas ass. I could think of the half game lead over who where the ad nine, through whatever are you right? Staff curry should be involved. The other option is now I was gonna have gonna say the other options. You lead staff, courageous, get drafted in control of the play of things, but I guess it would be illegal by a step Currie, even if he had a punchers chance, Of points some sort of upset off in a planned turn him in at least for one round, because he put up fifty five points out, be delightful. Was in the mindset of staff and clay could be back for this, but from everything I've heard from the warriors side of things. There is no way clay. Thompson comes back, so knock that idea, your head Brian from outbidding Eurocrats in is the path Where did the last dance not just due to the absence alive sports, but our fascination
with serial killers. Doesn't Michael Jordan fit the profile It has just murder opponents who challenge him. He actively seek out new comes to prey on inventing personal insults to fulfil his power fantasy. He can the switch from being charming to crow and shows no remorse for his actions. At times Eve swears I've killing made a relapse years later, when the hunger returns is M J, the TED Bundy of sports athletes. I wrote this amount he's the only one we described like Hannibal Lecter, who is always he'll rip your heart out, Hogarth he's gone for the juggler he'll kill. You you can't sleep on. Am her ripper rip your throat out so yeah? Maybe that's part of what this was M J, the TED Bundy of sports athletes also both handsome and both. Mysterious kind of sabbaticals that we haven't really figured out what happened where TED Bundy just ends up in Florida in
some missing days there. We don't really know it is up to the same thing for the four M J play baseball, the Birmingham theme I like it. I think it's a, I think it's a strong one, let's take a quick break and then we're gonna come more mailbag emails, hey you do and more searching, then stream. In these days I have good NEWS for HBO Max. I knew streaming platform or olive HBO meets the greatest collection and movies and shows I am a subscriber HBO Max's incredible. They have over two thousand movies a lot of stuff from the Warner Library, some criteria, and staff. All the HBO Series, you name the HBO biases Sopranos, whatever it's all in there. Lot of blockbuster movies, crazy, rich Asians stars born I must classics. The glory. Things will serve ass. A ladder letter that complete tv series for my son's excited about, I reckon and South Park South Park. They comic stuff, they have new.
Text originals for everyone like love, life and legendary, not too late with Elmo, all your favorites in one place for one thousand four hundred and ninety nine, mind what I like about HBO Max over everything else is how awesome the app is it so frustrating but these dreaming apps, not you know, looking for staff that enable find things I think is the best app of all. I really really pressure unlike what they did, how easy it is to find stuff and and again of your movie fan, you have no excuse, download the app or visit HBO maxed outcome to start your free choice a free trial for new customers. Only restrictions apply start streaming there are a couple more emails, Andrew Owens says he was listening to the
because we watch balls and wanted to point out. Our area was listening to the conversation about reopening amity during the middle, the shark crisis, and he writes just to point out to take away Chris Ryan was speaking like profit. Do you remember and jaws the mare really wants to get the people back the beaches, ray and enriched shatters character is, is tat, charge them there, we can't do it in the mares like fucking would get people. I would be fine and guess what happened shark attack. It's a solid point, it's hard not to think about some of the stuff and think about the mare from Amity who, by the way, we decided that Pakistan one The worst jobs he's really there M stolen of of local measures that that's, how describe Another email, this one is from MAX who is a senior at Stanford University. His question is, for you:
she said she on a Molly ribbon. Well, guess what they're not here, so I'm going to have to answer it. This question is this: is Jerry Krause Chicago bulls? Ten years perfect analogue for David Benny, often Debbie why's. He run his game. A throne show runners, crass was the architect behind and all I'm great and be eighteen. Haven't foresight, guts to draft Scotty Pippin replaced the Collins trade for Dennis ravening setter, accept etc, and then he rushed to tear down pushing felons God prematurely and alienated. Michael Jordan, ultimately stands. Remember him more for his terrible decisions than the stretch than they do for construction structuring the chip. It should teams, in the first place now to d and e They approached Georgia, Martin to turn his book citizen. A tv shows in the potential had happened that medium they passed his task at his blessing began craft. The divining tv show the two thousand tonnes nailed. Essentially every cast indecision unworthy.
The text beyond the chauffeur six amazing season, sounds like MJ, then at the end they re The conclusion of the show skipping over viable character, development like crass. The India remembered for ending the show too fast, making thirteen unsatisfying rushed episodes and last two seasons when everyone face is HBO. Whoever was asking for twenty four, this reasoning Matthew, they're, the perfect analyzed for each other, Jerry Krause, David Benioff and Db Weiss. Thank you and keep up the excellent. Then I got to be honest. I have nothing to add. And I think those guys did an amazing job and eight We got to talk to them a little bit over the years. I think happen as they saw the finish line with game thrones in they just wanted to get there and I'm gonna get ten years from now, they had to do it over again. They would have done to last ten episode, seasons really tried to build some stuff out get out, but I think that
show it their life in. I do want to say, destroyed it cause. It worked our grave for them, but me The doing that show is an all in thing your you're living in Ireland. Your live in all these different places. You had this crazy, fan base whose just reacting to every single tiny thing, and I I think they were out. I think if there was a move where they could have played baseball Birmingham for eighteen months, they would have so. I think they just wanted to get to the point. Find, and, unfortunately I thought, those last thirteen episodes were better and more enjoyable than most people. I study its high quality entertainment. I wish we still had it yeah they did in the plain in the where everyone wanted an they should have been gone for twenty episodes and they should take a more time. But shit happens. I dont think it says it's nearly is indefensible. Jerry crossing the Jerry Crass thing
Let's get rid of MJ and Pippen, and then I'm going to prove to you yet again that I was the star all up. That's really would happen and he's had some defenders since the dock. Listen, we all know what happened. She push those guys out here. We got the six titles. He thought the run was ending, he knew they were, can be repaired He knew Jordan was getting old. He don't want to deal so Jack's anymore, and he was good with the six titles he just water start over. I add that to me that is wayward defensible Mitch wants to know while Avernus average salivating at the potential of the Box of breeding ground. I'm getting serious two thousand twelve thirteen Lakers vibes a few pass. Their prime stars offensive minded coach will make them quickly I see it all going down in flames. Prove me wrong. We
guy, what it said. I hope you're right, but as we learned during the Gulf bad charm, I can't quit Tom Brady Makin a router gets them, but I do think good point. Eight. We no idea crack. If he plays nine games, I'd be shocked and if he's two percent as good as it was three years ago, I'd, be surprised, Brady's, forty three years old, I think the two thousand twelve The Lakers analogy is a really good one. So I'm down at that. Jeff Scott from hunting a beach he wants to know. Listen is that recent pack ass and watching the latest episode undertakers. That made me realize the Kobe Duncan Debate, Is it really similar to the age became undertaker debate for best that generous than the Debbie both sets to find it era with that's an undertaker having just a top notch, consistent work ethic and respect level that last all the way through it almost worked as a detriment as both stand out nearly as much as the flash, your guys cobia Iverson, Shack age, Bouquet Rock Austin, and then the person gets more wild. When you think out
being age be Kay young, an immature, say the waste. And almost reinvented themselves into eaters in role models in the later parts of their career, even somehow managed into the unthinkable and have no regrets her thoughts return after retiring. You moved his success age became faded and freed from the limelight. He's happy really get analogy, an you're right. I woods. I would purse they have age became head of undertaker because I think it's basically him and reckless as the two best ever did you get a great match out of somebody else, but the undertakers thirty years really does remind me of Duncan for that, nineteen years? Where he's just here, always there and is always at a certain level, may be the first half of his career. Obviously, is boy talented athletic that he was in the second half of the year, but the know how and in
The fact that he'd never really got his just do neither did undertaker. I wasn't a huge fan undertakers big guy gets bigger matches. I just didn't enjoy them that much when he had the right opponent it was alive Duncan he needed the right opponent to be great, and I think Duncan was the same way by to worry about. Then. What then we'll go to Michael Ass, Jason Bateman, Sean young rights? As a bucks fan, I took the Google to see if I could find weather trading in prime re. On away, I clicked on the first. Article red eye on just believed, head coach, George, I'll? Never liked him for seemingly no good reason and forest management to ship away that that is true. There was a George gone Carl ray on our kind of semi Food so then Sean rates, I said the most ok, fair enough. I guess that sucks bitterly since an explanation, then the bombs hit me next, paragraph Ernie Fucking Enfield was the bucks GM at the time Kearney. Who would then leave the box at the internet
season to terrorize wizards fans for too many years. Look at that trade. The bucks received they thirty. Four Twenty a game rental, Gary Peyton in Desmond, Mason jettisoned were an aged twenty seven prime re on random are a cabinet Ali and for whatever, fucking reason, a tooth as first round pit, two thousand and three first round pick the top off wow countless times at last. They ably windowed rib wizards fan Joe Ass about Ernie. Never dying house and I shared and some mutual pain for he is well torpedoed by franchise, keep up the good work, Sonya, that's a great email. I forgot that already made that shade, Ernie she's done a lot of damage in we cover this in the two thousand. Five redraft doubles every cell and I did the mid thousands really from. I don't know three to O. Seven is just an epoch run of bad GMC Epic World Class, leading
to read the atrocious GM submitted, two thousand six, that's how bad it was. So us, Vega, last email from Andy Monday? He says when the NBA plastered, who is the first part, have a video made them playing social, distancing, defence James hardest as to the runaway fairy training. Is it in the class but sleep on John Bade, who would be my dark worse as the guy was then no conditioning are working at the recent court then are we to another but I'll, take any sort any from India. Any makes a great point when people don't play defect in whatever this mba bubble camp as World CUP, wherever this play a thing is: there's gonna, be the social distancing, jokes, it's gonna. Then it will be what brand kurdish cause and the press boxy. You twitter joke the week every time somebody let's but he go by does back some analysis days, two feet away, we're going the social distances. Jokes, that's just the way it's gonna play out. I've up a bonus from ran palm area. He says we talk about asked
It's right, everything's is good made Astro season fertilizer were in the title, Ryan Instead, the ninety nine spurs title has an asterisk is: is there A few reasons. That's BS one. It gave us proof of the EU theory, and how many miles have you got out of that extra two thousand twelve had a strike, Sir Short Caesar, but nobody ever brings up the heat title as an asterisk. That's also true, third point. If the Celtics had one bill and others wouldn't want the asterisks think of it like the tuck game, it's a purely a sour grapes argument by the other team's very fair number for the spurs one hundred and fifty six games before dark it has Ricky. So the team was not a fluke, that's true, and he was also heard when they lost, and the plan to ninety eight to Utah Duncan got her in the play off in a lot of people. Think that's. The spurs were actually the best team in the West and ninety eight, but I Duncan being hurt her cause than the fifth thing he had the
Spurs got screwed in the Derek Fisher, zero point four seconds game in two thousand and four among others. There were several real titles. They were robbed of that's a fair point, so two thousand and four the Fisher shot They go ass. I started. I do that in point four seconds. Two thousand six manner as the die Fallon Dark days through that went up. And then and then two thousand thirteen the Rio and shot the closest anyone's come to a wedding, a title without any data surrounds right probably even now- and I think that's a great point about the heat in two thousand twelve- never up ever why they asked tourist, puts their rose, went down They are in the first game in round one and they were the ones seed. So good points are around them bag was fun again. If you want to send a question, don't be a deck? Just, send me a good question. Mailbag at the ringer dot com and we're and take a break and come back with me.
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Enjoy classic available for delivery today, celebrate responsibly nor brain company Mukoki was constant. Ninety six calories three point: two carbs per twelve ounces. I make a Louis. This here, coming off is widely lauded appearance on the flank coach podcast it's all down her from here, he as a second series of his past against the rules What that what day, is it actually coming up? Is it out now? It's just starting to come out said the second rate, the third of seven episodes came out today. It rules out once a week so. Your last book was a bad that we should I may be a little more worried about the federal government it try. I tried to tell you it's just a shame it shame that is relevant. Now, two thousand and twenty at are now. This is one of your first biggest, MRS. In a while I decided, I tried to tell your drive Julia last hours. If you re looking at me like what you write about paragraph- and I can tell you that
If you had wandered around like I wandered away a got, the regions at the Trump administration did not bother to get from the outgoing. It must evolve administration. You would have thought it where she had a job. I dont know I dont know how but something's gonna go wrong and they're not gonna, be ready. If work is it just had no interest know it and it was a question of what an hour. If I told you this last time, but as always, Getting into this thing I had this idea was a crazy idea, try my hand. I was actually whacked out of you, its legislative, her picture, but the idea was I guy's gonna manage the risks to the federal and he doesn't care and all about them and he's just dramatically increase the likelihood of lots of bad things happen. Just by not tear you pop you'll, probably be able to take an actual death toll was resulted.
And I had this idea of going in Times Square running out like a big bellboy agreeing with what I'm going to call the Trump death and it was just gonna scroll, the number of people who die because they didn't and its distinct problem, and I actually found someone who was willing to pay to do it like the money. Was there an ad absurdum, wouldn't join in an intellectually respect away. It's a beta people together to try to talk about how you might be. This is like that. It's always can seem like it's all be ass, so I dropped it, but it. But last week someone put up the trunk In times square- and really yes in its specific to this- that which is easier to do it's like what would be the number of deaths will be likely be experiencing if the pandemic response was are as good as Germans that exactly with their baseline is but there
actually scrolling asleep so is come up, but anyway, that this takes us away away from your own is interested it didn't it's it's what I mean Sudan, because this has been the reality for the last ten weeks in haven't heard enough people kind of play out their scenario of forget about the tramp, the Republicans Democrats other stuff here. If we lived we use like war, the Eba, the baseball stat just say we had someone with an average wars, the president there just average, is there, a sea plus and there in the fourth year of their first term, and all this stuff is starting in
Asia. We think late January. That certainly seem like. It was even a couple months earlier that, where what is the average president do those first six weeks that the current president did that there are a few things? Are the first thing? Is you will you make sure you have been tests? I mean that's the! I think. That's the biggest thing an end if they had not got rid of the pandemic response unit inside the White House, it was on the National Security Council, ended and put their it on the back into the Ebola,
Epidemics are almost at the cap, because the administration had seen that if you just let all the agencies do with they're gonna do and coordinate them. There's no checks like you, can check and see. If the CDC test actually works, you just taking it out and the annual in his heart a coordinated response. I think that the first thing is, you have the ability to find the virus in a way we haven't yet you know stepped up the testing. There's been a lot more testing, but mainly because people, it is arguable, ass or sick. Ah, admittedly, you're going out in the communities have either been some exceptions, just in the last few weeks and actually wrote about one of a recent they work. Someone went into a forest where block neighborhood in the mission in San Francisco just tested, everyone to see
we know how widespread it is, but too you can study the genetic marketing see how it's moving. You can see who got it from whom and how, and so you can start to you, you can just manage it so that we have been. I think the first thing, the second. Thank you no matter what other things would you have done equipment seems like a big well. I'd is that you would have liked the doctors, always doctors and nurses
said. I mean that the EU had much better could has just protective where further, for, though, for the people in hospitals, but I'm thinking of things like responses are nursing homes. And if you look it's kind of interesting, we don't know enough about it still, but you can't look anecdotally where people are getting really ill. It's not like passionate jogger and the part you don't hearing that story or getting off like a scanner soup in the supermarkets, its churches, cruise ships, nursing homes, hospitals, thereby couple I miss him. That's all it's where people are together in a confine space for a long period tat it seems- and I think you might a figure that out quicker and you ve been lucky to be more careful in those spaces. You know more about it, sir,
The thing is you back away from it to say what we are four point: something per cent of the world's population and were almost thirty percent of the deaths in the cases where the United States and it started halfway around the world. It makes no sense. I mean it just makes no sense. We also think you have people ranging from Bagger running dizzy too. Adam Silver Run in the NBA people who are in charge of stuff for smart, who also know a bunch of rich people who have interests in different parts of the world, and all of those people were moving and super concerned and try to assess the worst case scenarios in February.
The US now do I let my left out the big response, which is you shut down? Things are its homeland. It's hard to do because doing things at a preventative requires you say a sea plus president. You do and require some communication skills to set. This doesn't seem to make sense because we don't have a lot of cases of the disease, but let me tell you why it makes sense for us right now to freeze and if we phrase I will have to freeze much leaped from much less long period of time, so that that you done that I mean there was. Actually you know. The Bush administration did actually create a pretty detail. Tourism age response, playbook, get as it were. What you do, because Bush himself was was freaked out about the possibilities it written, but by John, very great bad about the nineteenth about
slow, anything? What is it what's our planet and they generate a plan which they that explained the Obama administration, about restoration built up at the centre of it was the social distancing stop and it's been done in August in doing it, but we ve been doing a prey. Cutter means it hasn't been a consistent national policy. Rights differ from place to place and that that dilutes, the effectiveness of it. But but it's also been like, like with people events, the difference between you know California or San Francisco in New York City is a San Francisco was really aggressive and shouted down really early like nobody's got it here, I mean are going through its various its impressive, which you could have done it, but it will be hard hard to do and it would have required. Some salesmanship is people when the bad thing doesn't happen, Nobody like give you credit for why we do tat nobody gets. It is true that that's why nobody gets it, but so there were things
There were things to do it's almost like buying you know about Two different insurances, Fer, a house. You bought that you probably aren't going have to worry about every using or whatever, and you don't want to use it It's like our shared. Do. I need that anything about just trumps history as a business man, which is always right pushed the chips on the table. I guarantee that will just take the resources. There are put it here and worse there are just go bankrupt there, the and of just figure out another solution which is kind of what he did with our entire pit. Epic response, you did, we would put money. There are just put it the over here. It is like. The shuffling is also the view that I mean at the bottom of it. All, I think, is if you in your head you with the end of it, you gonna be I'll. Tell a story that completely it's all yourself and like I was good
no matter what happens then you're much more prone to do this kind of stuff right it like you, if you're, not if you're, not gonna, feel consequences of your actions in anyway. Anyway, somehow and you're at the outset, yourself, I'd really be job about what you did. You will be more likely to those patterns, exciting weather, what happened in two thousand nine made people kind of less scared when we probably should have started Again- scared cause. I even think you know we have probably are off, is shut down the day before they go bear game I did didn't. I got a year we shall arrive, is down there till they were pretty early, but the week before, we had a whole bunch of people properly, like four five people going to Boston for the Sun Conference Day, which you better hurry up and we just feel good about it, and that week we cancer than we cancel everybody in, and we have also people gone south by southwest wind of cancelling
we're just like it's not worth it like you know and the plane, and who knows right. So it was in the EU but was ironic is like I want to ask, weaken that was February nineteenth sunlight, I flew back and forth. I did even occur to me like that was a dangerous thing through do weird Sunday at two weeks before and now it's come out that the people had the virus there. I got sick there. They did know whether sick, so It's funny how the human response to just be like adds fine and in its that an enormous great you belated they like our ship. Maybe I should be more scared, we're we badly wired to aunt dissipate rest. We ve never seen before right, but you haven't seen it happen. Just the opposite is watching happened the over your? U exaggerate the risk, like you too,
that when this is over, we will be looking for next lives is I did just they were not we don't do that very and but that's what they're that's what reasons the government is there is. It cannot do that for us. The minutes to manage those rests in a way that we don't wait you will you think I give these big companies are moving and making decisions in February and the data with the risks are there and you would think the United States is the ultimate big company who would be moving at the same pace as the other major companies. But I wasn't what I can't get my mind off this step: four percent of world population- thirty percent- I guess I can't get better. I can't believe that that's us now out of thought. I thought us would be there there s the world, you know the early bad, but it wouldn't be near as bad as it was in other places, and the French, your Kissingen
or whatever, and it could be worse in other places or or in third world countries, but this us in his manage the thing so badly. I was saying this to your friends, the coaches on their on steeper and be careful there on your part, yet in Pakistan that you look at it and I feel like where the really badly coached it yeah had we have always tell we have the scientists? Will we have the medical was that we were like. We have always tell it. Well that we are losing this game in the most extraordinary way as like to tell the tale where play like team and the house that organise probably it's just it, it's a its it bewildering. Let us what else have you noticed now that in our work eleven weeks deep here, just smart guy stuff, Don't ask, as Euro is thinking about this stuff. I run a smart guy. I I've been living like you believe it I'm stuck at home.
One is to wander around the streets at Berkeley. I have. I have to a couple of sources of inside that maybe you don't have just because I've been doing some reporting and what is how interesting the testing could be, because I've been I've been spending time at the at the chance. Zuckerberg Biohub mark its mark Zuckerberg, his wife, Priscilla chanting. Six million bucks this thing a few years ago, as a really fascinating like endeavour, it's it's. It's research that is designed to eliminate disease ah by the end of the twenty first century is like one. Randalls, but the guy has it the guy. The rises guy actually met a few years ago was named Joe Derisive, his infectious disease specialists. Who was it? You see us out and he was if you had some bizarre mallet, but no one in the world could diagnose. You ended up in his off.
And it would find the most curious like things inside people where they were smitten by him and they put him in charge of their bilateral in its turn, the buyer, into carogne about virus testing. Why you didn't three weeks in thrice, the biggest fastest growing virus testing I haven't got it. There was their lives or a beggar, but he was faster than enabling their lives they were out of. Abraham is faster you're an army of joy and something graduate students workin for free in there still are doing and is asking. I got this ability to chestnut it's like. I got this flash light and dark room. What do I do with it and he's just started? Go. Do things like take a forest grants where block area is very diverse and say who's got it out. Powder how's, it proven right is a detective story and I think no one paid that much
to be attractive story because it would we ve been such defensive mode is like trying to figure out who is dying it a bit but going out into the community, and the like the same here take suggest you get you gonna get it. Interesting picture in a more more more sort of up away to respond to it. What I know is now, as Europe is going to come in the relevant areas covered with which we have not found at weed out, we don't know any more about that, would enable us to open up safely than we did when we went in the locker and yet everybody's pretending why we're gonna throw the worst and it's so you see. Even here I mean Burke Berkeley. California is like we must be on the end of the spectrum in terms of the right justice with which we were on, asks me out of our fidelity to the law, all that stuff and even that you walk around people, get Bray lacks a you, have just just the mass
sit down over. There knows that there are near a good little crowds, is more socializing, so people to second, and so that the disease is gonna, come back. That's what could happen is that the second is go away. So the other thing that interests me uses a smart guy, stop like stuff, wonder about Maxine right? We don't have a globally coordinated hunt for vaccine, which seems kind of crazy cuz. It's a global problem. If you would want to distribute the resources Gonna, be, on the other hand, maybe a little competition is the death rate, the three hundred for the black sea. We have one supposedly that the trumpet ministrations port ratings operation warp speed is that there is an efficient things. Warp speed, all right and that we have the Chinese or can we do their own thing? And then there is an interesting consortium in Europe.
I think it's a shame, we're not tat coordinated with them, but but I've talked to people who are in the middle of this and like allow journalists The range of opinion is like: we might have a vaccine in October to weave. I never have one that that's it. Nobody knows, but if the height is is so unprecedented. What's going on in this big scientific, pursued them? Is that may arise sounding like it, in the resources are being for an eye, so actually will probably get a vaccine, but what happens to them? That's when I wonder so. Let's get instantly billion. Does anyone have utterly industry Maxie? Who gets him like right now, dear? really good turned out have conversation with in all kind of agreed beforehand, wherever
found it should go to. I don't know people who are likely to transmit the seas or nursing homes or whatever. It is some smart strategy for distributing the vaccine, not whoever That's it just keeps it for themselves. But with aside, I wear with toilet paper severe that guy. Well, we need that. Didn't should be sort that out now and that their conversations not really happening. It's it's over because it's got a somewhat. Not everybody wanted. These three groups is gonna, get this vaccine first and then the question it mean the potential for conflict over. It is used in the package also is to be not distributed in an efficient way to attack that thought. That's enough, Canada and let me Is there so many ways? I can go wrong right reason: number why they could go wrong. We never come up with a vaccine, yes, reason number two. We have two sides come up.
The vaccine and fight for whose getting the credit for like what our boys robber Gallo, the French when they had the air with the aid. I'll be back in the late eighties that and the band played on was about and then three, how do you distribute and everybody's talkin? I do want to say naive: it's almost like two hopeful, where they're just I well when we get the vaccine, you don't like get you get milk from the girls restoring their so many variables that come with added it all that may be so nervous that dimension our government yeah anyway. I missed sports. It's like that. Like the number one thing that I miss it's it's is getting worse and worse and worse, like I admit I normally you go call Turkey, and after ten weeks you feel better I'll feel better. Worse about sports gas thing what it says about our daily life
that our psyche that sports, with its important topic, I pay you measure the differ months by what sporting events or I, which is basically how I loved my life, the all its might were. The rhythms of my day are driven. I've been driven by Fort, probably my whole life and all and and or my children sports, so the whole thing is just wages vanishes. It's amazing does the day. I wanted to talk to you about that as they use sports. Part of this is the part that got basically fellow a wayside everyone's focused on NBA Nfl baseball. Never may major were soccer, when I come back and meanwhile you, U Sports, is banned completely decimated. I know you're your your kids play. That's what one of park ass is about my daughter's sacrifice. My son plays a whole bunch of things, but her soccer season was about to happen. It just got that's it now: she's, probably not playing soccer
and she's. Just turn. Fifteen she's gonna lose a whole year men. There could be way worse things to happen in life, but there's millions of kids, who are losing these either the senior year of their high school career. This is, though, that the final bow and on their whole career has gone or people who are like you know, if you're an eight year old soccer player to me that the most important year cause that when it's like I e it- starts to sort out whose athletic, but now you're learning actually space where to Oh, how to move had just not cluster and to just think about like this. Whole generation of eight euros that just lose that year, as can be really damaging- and I think about this- a lot for it not to mention all the money stuff What are you about? After all that stuff? The money stuff is huge, it's a its attention,
billions of dollars a year industry and in all the sports- and they and that's what you wanted you so if you wanna talk about some of it before, where my silence No, my child. If, when I looked at my snow eighteen senior your high school daughters, travel. Soft asked. If I asked you, if I gave you pearls ask your itinerary instead, where she was spending the night every night I didn't tell you We think about new. This person was, you would have said the travelling salesmen for some multinational which for haste ass, she was like he asked she was like in hotel rooms. Fifty nights a year, it changed, you spend twice something nice ear and Urban California, at these terms- and this was going on not just in softball but soccer and folly, balance of all these points of this whole structure road arose to pass it on travel, and these huge businesses will have been built on the back and these things at this. I wonder if there is an argument that these things were really not
a thing in the world gets you did, but but but that whole industry is its thrown into some doubt in what is because all partly largely few colleges and scholarships, and all that I am watching to see whether we can have a cost. Ah like. Why are the college is going to re, evaluate what importance of athletics didn't know if a football You are they're, gonna have anything else either. Wonder what are you gonna have other debates, scholarships you need to match football get rid of everything else. Would be it right. Supper have like side, women soccer soft law. How about you done right? They're going all have these huge budget problems and it's gonna be a natural place to look the cup
so. Why that's right? That's what happens when you have terrible times I a semi were seen in media two things that are just barely getting by or things that the person China wants to cut, but it would seem caught a roof. To do it, and it gives you an excuse that there's all these different ways there can be cut backs. But, like I look at youth sport, something like so much of this was just barely getting by road in the when you introduced any sort of negative anything, it was gonna flip it on its head and I think that's already happening yeah yeah yeah. So so, in any case, it's been, it's been just really interesting to see our central, both always was too mild. On, and it would be nice when we start to get back to at least some sports who's coming back. First, you you must now which would switch league. I hope that this is the irony of these sports thing. Right, like Basque bar, you have a sport,
by thirty owners, most of whom are incredibly has fallen and smart with the best commissioner with had probably in any sport a long time and there talking to everybody and put his Much time thought energy and I had to do this bubble thing and I do think there to come back but think about are the other energy, I've spent on this other money, their privileges Try to figure out how to do it safely. Howard ever replicate that would like a wire so soccer. It's there are happening right. I had prepared sunlight My daughter steamers, like you, think, we'll be back in the fall and I'm like no there's no way we're going to be back in the falls that happening. They're not going to let you know that, whoever whatever. You sports thing your kids in they don't want the legal liability of the Hadda softball game and three kids in the game got covert because they didn't do the testing writer at that's. It's not happening
it's. So I think when he moved to the Abbey lever the amount of time, the fact that there is less players, it makes sense may we baseball has all the union versus the owner stuff that makes it for the new green, anything that football is just a ton of people, so I would say basketballs the easiest one. What do you think? I agree. I think I better get back out some kind of play off in an empty areas and that which in itself is can be allowed. The Emmi, I guess, for the players, it will be like practice, but but to be a wash yeah. It's funny, just like a laugh track. Give you some sensible Posture respond emotionally or music in a movie like you, take them the God of the movie. You don't know what you're supposed to feel. You check the fair out of the way that it might become. Mecca ought to watch. What we saw with you
see they are. They did the big paper view too. Weekends ago. Actually was really cool that have fans, because you picked up all these other pieces like the dialogue, the governors, the announcers I kind of like that say if they figure out how to do that. The embryo we can hear me buddy in the court and they're, not afraid of the repercussions of that adding a pretty cool it justice. From the health point of view, the sport this should be, the easiest bring back. His baseball is abysmal by Donna. Beginning were near each other as long as it was spent eight. Are they put a mask? I guess you put him, ask any apply or something, but but it's Are you really need the umpire right? Maybe that's love is a golf. Antenna should be back all the user, the tee thy Viennese, especially you could just have different bars. Fur
their handling the person is serving. They have different balls and you could conceive by type play tennis and never touch the other person's ball. And then stay six feet away like I feel I back had come back the same thing: their skins game last week, and it was very good. It was pretty quiet, but I do they dig it. I've gotta meant they be found a watch. So yet it's gonna be album is right now, as you said things around upswing, a little bit, but as soon as as soon as we have a step back. How do people react to that? What happens if there's a surge? then, the other thing is like the stock market is unwell, alright right now, which makes you know this world way better value. I it makes no sense to be why we would have a surging stock market. It was on a well put their money. I mean, did strain it doing when you now Treasury bonds and treasury bells are giving you a zero percent richer than that
that's where you go with you money, but doesn't make you write, it doesn't make sense so much uncertainty. It makes some sensitive vaccine in October right, but what it does vaccines or maybe says it all, and these are it's dead. That's a total with the total unknown. Yeah anyway, I did it's it's watching people's response watching the way, the very same people who were tire on pins in needles a month ago. Very careful about their personal interactions in a bag The roles and sounds are worth getting very sloppy. It's it's just a bit like people mistaking the event like a thinking. Events like recovering from an earthquake aura or add or tornado when it's not like at all right. Isn't it The earthquake is still going on and turn it was still in town but yeah what you people are protected by pretending collar pretending? It's not a! You. Don't think that
because we ve been able to change our habits so successfully over the last ten weeks that some of that just instinctive way is gonna, be things better. The Van Der Spiegel make about. I don't think it I think, didn't the rich. They like it. If you If you're getting rid of these large gap, people are going to church and singing on each other. Are there I got a corporate conferences are going to a region, at sporting events in concert with the EU. Twenty thousand people crammed into about basque ballerina, yeah you're, the guy that's dead, don't that that will have huge effects. Subways subways right. I mean I look. I looked back at if the if the virus, really here legs. Eight January Sundance range all the way through to all these. You basically that next, seven, weeks, even a song conference. It had two thousand people at it, I'm kind of amazed that wasn't way worse, I thought it would spread even
It's a really good port right. It's it's in the it's. The data apparently a little donkey, but the last ice was wasn't within families like is like a fifteen percent chance you got it. If you're, someone in your family got it and that's it, it's adjusted his car harder to get. Then then you know you might think it's the delta, it's just a it's! It's you gotta, be in close proximity for alone, I met with someone. Is who's got it's because I knew somebody who had a birthday party and some people flew in from outside America for it and a bunch people go to the party, Maybe you think, like I right why that party, but not when I was at all, are weakened. I went to a bar and there is an aid that at a thousand people in it and more on Gm Pact like sardines- and we know the virus was here that point. Why didn't like five hundred of us get it there? That's the point
I don't even think scientists understand they. Don't why it's what how it passes. This is why this guy at the Bayou vibe generations, so interesting to me, because that's the question he's asking of like how our people get it and where is it When it comes into this little community how's it travelling around in Israel and how is it not troubling? You like why? Why did in this building to ten people get it this building. One percent had no. One else is so that its. I mean it's embarrassing. Have so many big notes. You. I found it journalistic way. Really kind of energizing in the very beginning, because it with it started with a war, but it just it's a really interesting thing, because, because even the people who know the most don't
that much and you can see them go to church when people peoples, I figure it out as an interesting story. I the most disappointing thing to me, is and maybe just cause. I'm a generally optimistic person. You know it's been such as such, volatile ass three plus years here. And everything is just a year in this area and the sad God forbid. You ever have a conversation anything for I really, when we had like a pandemic and we were in a situation where we're gonna lose a hundred thousand lives and to not months, which is basically what's happening. There. Stuff or go out the window and everybody will canopy like. Let's just figure this out, almost like it would be like a sports movie were yes to the treaty. The sports to the team who don't like each other, reside man. What's put aside our differences and try to get this w and it Not only has there not happened, it's been the opposite. I feel it gets actually exacerbated of the deep
rooted issues that we had and made it worse and at that the pressing in the end I wasn't prepared for that. It didn't have to be that way, though it any more I'd have to be that way for as a lot to do with leadership right. If the leadership in turn on dividing, but if the coach was the chain to hate each other coasts, the coach can make that happen really really right. But if a coach was the team to actually cooperate with each other to make that happen to it. So I think I do say it has a lot. It is true that these divisions didn't go away, but they really can be played differently from the top. They just been plague but the shop has led to divide and that's it, that's that's. How believes they want, but the thing is he could have use this moment as a moment to completely reconceive his presidency or total. If he comes at a mid march is like you know what I fucked up, I miss read: this
Lately, I'm gonna do everything I can to fix this and just Benadryl. From that point, I actually think a d. It could have changed. The corset, how he got remembered and instead it's a he's gonna be remembered. This will be the first thing I in the paragraph, but I had a virus the first reading something again, so he asked That's a good point, but I mean I I just think like this. This was all basically old, Dennis Green. You are here with US you think he's basically uses to do she was there that I still have yours anyway. It's a mistake. It didn't matter what the situation was right in the question. Which way the society balances, because this is gonna go on past the election in some form and if he's out there and you got back in binds it merits, I can totally imagined Sidesa started he'll itself in some way, just because it has its its.
The longer we live with it, the more people have internalize the existential threat I think and the more they think you thought that there are things that are more important than my narrow political perspective. Reminder that that day wherever whatever jollies I'm getting out of my tribe. Identity are overwhelmed by this bigger problem unless fixed this bigger are you mention? You mentioned the vat in thing? How worried you are about other variables with that how under part thou, as is the election. The same thing like what, if we are unable to actually have an enormous election, What about that? Maybe I'm I'm trying to think about this stuff. I can't do much about that, but I don't think the elections can be postponed. The itself it's impossible that guy with that matter, that won't happen. So the question is: how will it
Are the election if people are afraid to go to the polls? If you can't get mail in your ballot? easy would be to hack the election. Which we have already had happened for years ago right. Could it happening Could it happen a worse way if we have even less people? You know in conventionally. Idea. You, I know you and I we spend their we're talking about this depressing stuff. What do you want with tat, optimal way optimistic. Then, do I talk about well, you know what optimist you think. I won't talk about how to love to God, damn it I just see you and I want to pick your brain- is either you were in the future, or by banning child, feel better about, maybe he'll make feel better about wait. I don't know I too have been. I tabled has been really interested. Me is the way that the people there, people compensating for the lack of leadership.
There's the story. Is I've been following our stories of their mainly the local level now right, the net, because a fat because the federal dome is agitated, its responsibility to coordinated, response that you guys say about yourself: go buy your own people Pedro's your own ventilators, you do to everyone there with a social distancing and everybody. Figuring out their own path through this day, the performance of all at the go level in many cases have been, has been really really impressive and the the performance like people trying to find ways to to offset the ineptitude of the administration has been that's been really. I think I have not stopped thinking it's that this is an incredible country like with incredible abilities, it's just massively design I'll be right back at that's, that's gotta how it feels and in it I interviewed by the God, will be all right.
We have here. I guess we got all this week. We have this. He get this kind of stuff, we just screwed it up and we just have to balance so. I've been the other source of play you're, like a bit in the last ten weeks for me, is it has been a total joy to do this budget amendment I've been in it's a different sort of package and what you do because its net, it's more like me doing my book in a I guess war re doing long magazine things inch around the theme of poaching and coaches are really happy. Subject. It's it's a happy and interesting subject and like people helping people better stuff in the ways that has changed as been like I haven't spent. I haven't actually spent much of the last few weeks feeling oppressed
Could you throw yourself in a work? That's right. Tagged ever ever take too much attention to like it. I don't. I don't want to cable news and if I may, to a genuine progress, doing your pistol, but other than that generally, you know, I think something to work at their worth its work. It's telling stories, the about this society, and this in the stories themselves can make me happy so that that's been a source of life optimism who's. Your favorite code threaten our better. I do I kids this or that you can't. There are things we can control. Like how you respond to them is the big bang and he had a total joy watch. My kids respond to this cause. They responded with a job for the first like my every morning. We get up and say we're gonna win the patent
and and how you go in the pandemic. Tell me, are you independent and they were, and they have all they ve all been extraordinary like their resilience in spirit and I as a partly thanks to stop now just for them. This would have been an actually very valuable experience that there is a degree of uncertainty, darkness difficulty at length. They haven't really experienced in their lives and end. They had seen that experience of responding I would like to add that some muscled, you sort of you, build an that's been, but I dont have you noticed that with your within your family, I think most people were at least in that position where they're not just in danger all the timer. You know just try. Lou literally China's arrive ye. I think it's human nature and its very merry in two to try to figure out
or how can I make something good out of this year, and I think we ve seen with the wood. Family structure. I know it's been with a bunch of my friends. Parenting head spending so much more time together. Then I think would have normally fire. You know whether it's like you, Eighteen year old daughter, you talk about our shoes in fifty hotel rooms. You have a kid who use on a train the theme in your driving around on Saturdays and Sundays, like that, it's whole day, and you know you're in the car, with them little bit, you're watching the game, but ultimately that's now, I just seems like people, bending time together and doing dumb things together, Implant board dams and taken waxen bingo. Movies or whatever it, and it seems like the time that spent together reminds me of when I grew up in the seventies and we'll go to my dad's family and we would all just kind of hang out a room and watch tv and make dinner and just gonna of shoot the shit and then that I, over. I dont know if that was happen.
Bunch anymore, with device era, are met, I'm on my device you're at your device Jason. Stairs in everybody's, just kind of split all over the place right. So it seems it seems, like the connective tissue stronger from this I agree. I agree totally with that, and the young is a sense that you can. Even when you feel like you wish you work completely stuck in the same place with the same people all the time you are so you got a figure that yeah and that's been gets been coming. To watch also reminds you. These are my people out of poverty. This is. This is by group, rob that's tolerate! at times. I would remind you in the wrong way to a year. I know people who have broken up. You know people dating people that they're gonna get married and they spent eight nine together in the choir Dana like about get it out. I think it's got a nudge you in
good or bad directions? Opinion has drawn the relationships are so this the version of which you were saying beforehand in media enterprises that were just hang in order that there was that there is any there was any my inclination to acts that are ended. This gave every excuse me Version of this happened inside people's relationships relationships are weak, the virus finds it You're not allow a situation, fines and exaggerates the weakness, but but if the relationships are strong, it served dramatize its strength and that's been called to watch the strength being dramatize back Was there any more just internal, I'm your got twenty or their own eighteen, your own authority, and they I'll, be here when you're all should be college in that aging you're all should be just ass. If she were points up all against those should be streets with his friends but they're all here, and watching a man cannot take the purchase because it I mean for them. For me, is it
it's gotta be a matter of minor inconvenience any like. I got stale begging your last, senior softball season she lost problem are gradually in the twenty one is loves. College is missing the Bush about Galileo, a thirteen year old. My son is like Huckleberry Fit he's never been, It was like to hear what I said to say where we have to go back to school. Please, please, don't find a vaccine dove cure them this is our believable longest snow day ever yeah. Exactly right released when I was growing up there is growing up in New Orleans, kids used to tamely phoning bomb threat because I didn't want to take a just, and there was there a bomb and yet have the consequence of this is We pray about eleven, so the consequences were not like you happy eyes at your house. It's just school. Russia is just like the longest bomb forever. It's like the end and he is like
He was always happy but happy in a way. I've never seen a man like Abby's, a human being, and so, but the watch them internally process. The whole thing and deal with where they had lost their with? Alas, that's that's been really interesting to me an end. And basically a happy experience. But I've said this: I said this out at this part before, but I think. I actually like that it's played out like anything how the pandemic spite I'm just saying, like the very the variable of it, of its kind. Around people that we need to see it people and be around people and its funding being be in groups. I think I've really feel like people being in groups and miss being around people en masse I read him just like the phrase
I feel like I'm gonna go, my body barred and I and the later game is gonna, be on and and once that suspend removed. I think, Ben and appreciation for a lot of these little things that I think we just all too, granted in the end. When that all comes back, I don't think we'll take it for granted, and I the first I won't this for granted moment. We really had as a country's is that eleven? You know when you get up there other thing like that. That I wonder, I wonder, what's imagined going on for a few more months and then maybe we sort out of is a vaccine, and then we move on and just act as supposed enormous robot wet lingers from this is a really interesting and one of the things I wonder is we will have spent a suspect, like a lot of time, viewing other human beings as agents of infectious dissipates like it spoke when you're in as someone who is not your family
wonder how long it takes me back to go away where you're, actually comfortable sitting in a crowded, restaurant or actually comfortable, shaking hands hugging somebody, I think some of that's that's gonna just be gone. I think handshakes in year that kind of just intimacy with strangers that intimacy but casual intimacy. I think it will now be a fist pop culture or just a wave. I I think it's going to change the same way that, like nine slash, eleven changed how we travel in airports. Where is just like all right, we're not We're not traveling that anymore. Now this is the new where we're going to travel. I think the way we greet people is going to change the way we think about being in groups then when they say it's cool, we're fine. We think about with HIV and AIDS, the with theirs much we did now in the late eighties, early nineties, then, as we learn more and then there
still was that fear barely all the way through the nineties, then in the two thousand things started a heat up again and we're not aspect. When sex became death, yeah yeah people became afraid. It became unprotected sex was like a really like dangerous tainted. We thought- maybe It's your eyes that that is dangerous as we thought. So, if this is true, if people just generally have a different attitude towards proximity towards other human beings, how long is it before, even after a vaccine pro sport comes back with bill? The reins I mean that That's good! I think it's gonna, be you. I think it I'll come back and Texas Florida some these by like football, where these places it just those people go, and they don't care, but I think the day to day stuff like that, game. Fifty of the clipper season, when the grizzlies, our town, people you, I got just watch tv programmes,
the theatre, yeah. What what a broadway I mean with winds. Next time somewhat, they go sit on one of those crowd a little. There would think about the thinking. You're in Broadway you I am then watch in whatever and the guy behind you keeps coughing woody do wrong. That's that's the stuff like I guess it's, like pandemic no pandemic we're spoken, have flew season. November to bite, people are gonna, be set, we're gonna have people fear and re doubts. You know why whether it's about us healthy, is it's gonna, be but season's coming back, it won't mean people have the corona iris, but you'll never know so I that's a staff for I'm just like that. Stuff is not coming back right away regardless you'll never be quite the same. Now. Never that's the thing. It's like, I think, I'll come to grips with this that whatever the outcome of this is gonna, be
whatever we're going to miss about the way it used to be that's gone, like move forward, think about where we're going at the old ways. God we had that, like this long conference, two thousand people korean, That thing like that's on happening again, is not this. This culture is really good at at taking lemons and turning it into lemonade. That we have it. We have a cultural advantage, but the dried it drives me crazy. We ve been so stupid. I'd, say: you're pack ass his cot against the rules. Yes before we go. Thou tell me, give me your top three fabrics. He's right down. Why well, this attack us outside by gas, because I didn't do any famous. Profiles. Now I know better, but also by their no. This is this is pure podcast year can freely very frame it slightly yeah with lower the three culture
and if you said I d go right about coaches, I gotta that's even better that way swayed, you are. You are better question red pop, that's more history story, but it I think I was gonna, be door for where the spurs it's just it's it's a bit like them money ball industry like how they did it from the outside its just really interesting how they ve done with it. That is a different story. It's it's! It's pavlovitch, getting players to buy into a system in a culture were players. Don't you we buy into systems. Is players getting tipped taking less money than they could get an open market to stay with him? It's players improving and pretty drew Eric Way, sometimes like while entered. Ah they did it. Does it feels like something slightly different. Happened in San Antonio over the last twenty seven years been happening there. The idea and one I try to explain. Why, I suspect, he's the main reason
and so I thought I was your editor. I would take a foot that anger, ok, Why? Why leaves she's his way out goes out Toronto, and then that team starts to become something else. With the angle then be Gregg pop a way was the best way for Twenty years can survive in the new idea. No diving! That's all right! I agree, but I agree that that that was the Where did they jump day? They left the old script in the other spurs choir, becomes a slightly underpaid superstar, who is the core of the fragile and who fears lucky to be very video, yet he could go anywhere else. That's right. They feel connected socially. Everybody there, it's like family, it's but it, but that that graph didn't take
You know it's amazing, there's this Bob pass this thing that made the rats Sunday night, so he he did the play by play: God Fur Jordan's, last bulls, game right and after the game he's at the table with the two guys wrapping up the time cast, and I mean he was amazing. The way he could go off the cuff for two straight minutes or Thursday minutes does is to in a monologue about this last George moment. Could this be an at the end of this Those team. What's gonna happen, the sports. We're seeing this start to shift where were I can have these great teams anymore that have endured for years and years and have one and lost and uneasy this is in June. Ninety eight he's basically laying out everything that's about to happen with professional sports and leg he sang. I hope you with this team because the way professional sports are gone, we might not see team. Stick like this together again and his fucking right,
twenty two years ago, I thought it was amazing. He just nailed it anyway. So so that's that's right. Anyways, so you got near my other two coaches, Michael each at Mississippi State edit. I wrote about him ages ago when he was a gigantic and any other cared so you can get out of my mind and I M just which the it's almost like. Walk into their lives and you walk into a novel. It's it's happening and you get a fault. The character creates the story Did you just sit with my college for a day, the story starts in you're up and running so, but yet Mississippi State. I mean it's like I put my police into a novel and start will Mississippi and he is going to have its first is really in the middle of of the biggest towered pull out
and it's gonna be really interesting to see how he does so. He said things situations interesting so that that's it that's another subject that that's a good one you just do thou and I think I will do it yet. I will be there and then the third one you know I might go. Ah, just keep good moved you different sport, I might go grab one of these coaches, who are so the analytics cogent based coaches in baseball. Ah, what are the park gases episodes about? Partly that's gonna call body whose now pitching Data for their Cincinnati Reds but by six years ago, with caution in the lily see out- and he just figured out stuff about the way the body moves, let me just measured stuff that people had measure before and found ways to me
catching the oceans more efficient while of such a turn. The guy was thrown at eighty eight to someone has said and that that sort of the application of science and data to coaching is in a very good book was right about the envy machine that I'd like to go and more time with one of those people, I'm quite sure who does it might be him and might be someone else but at and that would it out If you sell your wrote about baseball cards, I pick someone like that. It would be so kind necessarily like it, wouldn't be a head coach, it would be someone who is like fixing. People swings that interest We'll member, like Tom House, way back when you get older people like that. That was the first
waiver, those guys, but a lot of it was got instinct, and now it's just completely flapped, where they, you know they. We have so much technology and intelligence with all the stuff thou yeah that'll. Ah sir, I think those would be my three coaches, but I dont know we're down on ethical, six, others, but those those now this before you. Let me go here. If I let you point me in the direction of some caution, I say I go right. If you want me to write go to bed. I I think Nick Brad Stevens, oh, was over. The acreage is here so I'd go: go Brad, Stevens, I'm I'm with you! I'm really fascinated by had ever dead, to the way basketball just completely over the last six years, but
and kept some of the old cool old school stuff to like what there's did last year. With that weird quite situation, and is that of employment? every game he's got a whole bunch of guys who thereof the blow up the tea after the year, and just that he had a really good job, and I think this stuff Stevens is done just as the South expand watching it. There's there's a feel too only it or coaches. I'm really hard on coaches, there's only a couple guys out there that I really just feel a cab, a feel for. I think seekers has like that to actually, but but I'm missed it their this new wave of like the people that learn from them of a generation, but there also learning from the Darrow, more regeneration, and now there is a hybrid of those two generation this and those who did guys, I think of that. It's like whatever this next generation is. Those will be the two guys that led the way, I think so I didn't say, state carcasses two hours but yeah yeah
he's. A is part is pure pop, a wedge Jackson generation, who have now learned had also adopt the stats there, but that the Stevens, especially is just come up as this old school guy. Who is blended in all these different generations. So have now nominate, take shit from people from people. Of course you did too Celtics coach yeah. If you find it the passions are running a higher or lower in this in his big sports ambition, people responding more violently near your opinions or less while I think the Jew, in verses. Leubronn thing was routes is about as volatile, as its bed in a while ago, almost like I was just a joke about how Portland only had
trailblazer. So is like a counter this for teams. That's why there is so insane because of yes, I'd, take the four themes you care about and merge them together in that's Portland, and I think because there were no sports, the Jordan Leubronn thing just became all the sports at once. People urges that takes were insane the day. I was crazy, so the high above the emotions are looking for. The place to saddle depends only one place. It becomes like a dupe again so that's why you have like the Utah jazz the idea. Pay like these one sport cities. I dared You go to the games, arrogance like life or death. It's like what it used to be all over the place, but prior right, so against the rules season to ten episodes, seven seven and then what what's x ray after that I got a book idea brought you to tell you about it. You can't on time as private the right about. What's the process for that like a year
a year close to here before I start to write had been six months to write. It. Do you believe, the whole glad about theory that books, audio books are gonna, become more dominant than real books this decade. Now I think he is. I think I think he is right that this can be the all your book is gonna grow faster than the rule, Ah, it's been doing so for a while, but now I people had to wait a minute, I'm just its. I think the I did. I say that the audio books is that it will, it will be different than the proposed can be the principle as a judge, but the audio books of all things can be more The budget at the people who put their interviews expressing views into them in that you be listening to actors
For me, the parts in novels that so they'll be sources of growth there, but I think the habits just don't change that fast and I- and I think the real book is gonna, be the end of the decade. The river was still be a more valuable commodity. The author. I thought the audio book helps the book you actually like, where they everybody, when stem just be more people consuming. Whenever version the book you care about this, says about the able cried. The book was gonna put the paper Booker out of business in fact adjust the almost the opposite out that you felt like yours telling your whole body able to be yours are even more these paper books. Now it Miata book is the only book is the most interesting thing right now, because the changing but- but I know, he's gonna get that I think people staring at this reading. It
aids is peculiar different from us. Give me one prediction for media this thick. It could be anything. People. Well, I mean this is this is a this, MRS, too obvious, but the thing you're doing now is- is it can be it's getting its biggest tv? I mean that the pact as the market for these, I guess the audience for the pot gas. Ah me, I think so I think here is immediate protection, Pushkin industries who make them projects could very easily become a kind of impressive studio like differ equipped. Uh, you know Paramount studios were bit where the accident,
have that such an audience is actually taken. It sits series is a big business. I think back it up. I hope you're right is we're. Hoping that happen, the rigour I was kind of already happened. It would work about it breath it yeah. I think you know where this decade, if you producing content, you have to be ready. Where things move, as they move and if you're stuck with just one idea and then things move, that's that seems like we ve had most of our media failures over the last thirty years. For its like up wait. I was there this things things a shift in that way. I I can't audible the what once at our malleable in Cairo, the move and jump on whatever new up. Those are the ones that usually sameness rat Ivan. Did the New York Times that an unbelievable job at just turn. Them. Of the new digital.
Time, media site that does a whole bunch of different cool things and there you know for fur, the reach they have spending their money at. I think it's smart ways. I, like I read that really ass by what they ve done, the last seven years. The ivory I agree that there is much to be dead right than I did. You remember that they make a Louis. This was fun always good to see you there too sad everybody in Berkeley format, tax returns fear. I will bring a Jason Bateman in one second. First, what's the number one sign of a bad home scared system, a home security system that so complicated you never use it. That's exactly the tap security system. Simply safer has been a decade fighting against. They believe that simple is safer. It's why simply savers, Dobbs Curdy for right now and feeling safe at home has never been more important. It's designed to be easy to use, up touching on twenty four seven order online with could go button opened the box play
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Right? I'm Dobbin thirty episodes which I think a lot of people dead because it was trading. Folks, the oath are only the crystal methods like you that desk he could really hunker down for thirty hours. When I told you I was watching it, you were, you were worried brows watching like five and a night now sat down and I've never do. That was the most. I relax was too, but is it weird, then, that I missed a family other that they're out of my life. It's not a family. I should miss, and yet I kind of miss everybody. There is a little something admirable about the way in which they try to maintain some semblance of normal sea or traditional carry. I bet five dinner together and you know mom and dad gonna get on them about you now make it. They're gonna do and therefore work and treat their friends right in and that kind of nonsense, which you now is obviously by design for Monday R r runner had writer, is he's very dearly
and a great way about keeping that kind of bad but now kind of traditional domestic and a skeleton going through this thing, so that when you this sort of criminal, flashing and and muscle on it it it all kind of you now. I suppose, did you feel like I mean you also sees it three coming out right is our hell is greater than those in the world You feel like a lot of people picked up. The show yeah for you're the Andersson MA semi Mcdonnel semi unofficial data that says it. People either heard about the show that a rooms watching and so those you hadn't seen it before. I went back and started watching ups are
one in future so that that the Netflix numbers in the popularity of the show I got a bunch of new new viewers, which some wishes his great a lot of really good work done by alarm, really good people that I'm happy in our people, savers, You never know you put in the same effort for stuff. That's thanks. First step, that's good stuff! It's high budget verses low a jet wide release, small release, she'd, never really know how many or who it's gonna hit and in the end being proud of something. It's it's just gravy that it finds a big audience. So they show is already successful. He did the Emmy stuff, like that, it's our networks, you never know how many people are wise and things like that. It really does feel leg season. Three was at another level because it comes out right is everybody's. Just home
I don't even know what else people we're gonna watch rate it was like who competing against further the eyeballs just that specific part of the month. Was like I'll, send you guys are there and it was like here to seize it. Three everybody's it. I think we were also drafting a bit off a tiger king, because I think that came out a couple of weeks. Or hand, and that that was a juggernaut and so one year on the service, you you, might see you know a thumbnail for ozarks or occupied- accept the butterfly was hooked on that and Also its agriculture is it's so good still got to episode left unless stance, which I'm excited, I'm sure no big opinion on area. Bang that, yes, it is due to dig it out. Ere I mean that's. That's that's part. Yours yes, issue now
its we'd. When I was there, we were trying to get it done, but it took another ten years and that's it that's a distant cousin. Our first cousin of thirty four thirty, five thirty yards Ike. Like a younger, half sister or half brother The ceiling, Reverend you'd ever alarm same dad kind of thing, but it still feel like it's a relative that close relative. I just think it's really cold it like you know that the people like should know, do now, but many more should now that that you know you're here that you're the father of thirty four thirty just cause you, don't you don't let your hair fire about those kind. Of course it's like finding out somebody went to Harvard you know they ivy the amazing. Think of it was how now I looked back and you don't because you better for forty years. I looked back at all the ways it could have not happened we're just hating these little invisible points for its eye out silent. Oh wow. We get in this way that it now look back on my
It was crazy that I had so much confidence. This is gonna happen because a definition of happened there should have been, The timing to write to me. I had to be extended to look back, see that first episode what this sort of television landscape was at the time like what what was there There are big, a big hurricane where everyone was indoors like this with a virus it out like us. We definitely check out. We're Gary lucky that this thing came around when we were launching it and movies are like that so you know the right timing word for terrible typing. I mean I know some friends that have movies that just get wiped out because there's a big storm on the EAST coast and no one goes to the term measure opening weaker in your dad yeah. It's funny the I think people think thirty. Four there. Was really successful right away. Tat was the opposite is there really promote it, and the day we launched it was with this wing Gretzky documentary the dead right yeah and it was a Tuesday night and it felt pretty open
from a sport standpoint. I may I hadn't thirty. At the only thing we had was this wildcard baseball game going additives like the tigers versus the twins and we're like I'd only thing now: fuck us is if this game went in, extra innings and, of course it's like a five hour game- is a cuts right in and we're going ahead head. It was this before ESPN that baseball. It was on he bs and we're going, had dead against and nobody's watching the doc you down. We're like hey, covered up. Fifteen minutes at me were the bottom of the eighth and some wildcard plan. So why the lead and right, if it wasn't, he asked the anger of the lead and I would even call my at low so were what turned the corner for us. Was. We ran one after the Heisman COD, is smart enough to grab this schedule spot after the harassment.
And I think it was either the EU or markets to pray. I can't reproach one, but we it was. The highs been leading into thirty four thirty, and that's that was our moment. Thou is when things start. Flip over their knowledge- and it was a card for politics- yeah, and that was it. So then we got all this drive by traffic and then we got momentum. But yet when we launched started for thirty, I still The email I sent an email to every friend I had telling them. This was coming in really mad that he is pig, was a promoting it more cuz, like you know, they're, not really promoting up with this new series coming out, I'd really like to be spread the word of deciding this telling people emails and just say I got it's embarrassing, but on the other that's how I want to go back to Ozark later, but the others did that's happening, as you have just made a lot of movies at this point in there just out all the time on either street big serve our less that cable couplet sis similar family might watch couples retreat about three weeks ago. All
that was all s best phone call I ever got was unthinkable Vince, Bonn and Scott Stupor called me. The day. Had you noticed that the woman this film and it's gonna take place in a resort, and this is gonna be us body to a sort of like the Sandler. You know my hand, and I were just we picked a good spot to go on or cast my friends in Europe. After we named him Jason like our Europe forward and Michael. Where willing we talk about. Where will we could well be sent bore any? We just need you, family bring anybody. You want- and you have your own house on these on these- out over the water. We gonna take whole resort to shoot a fair and lived there for a couple of It's a! U n! I mean just like. What's the cat was unbelievable. Another movie plays on a loop there, that's the up, the Saint Regis. In Barbara. I just gotta get zone Channel of West Africa.
The delay in recipe of words the movie awhile and also in an awesome location by family is we watch. It has What, when we were really stuck in ass before you could go anywhere? That does those that first month, and we just watch movies set in fun locations. I just go with that. The sand, the movie, that's in Hawaii, regenerated the descendants couple: Sri based they I think that was it maybe in or Barbara Hawaii we watch all the I do like anything blue crash, just ass, it was I got. This is called a different place for that stuck around just gotta get it pained me this picture, so you you are like the part you're making me look bad as a father, you're sitting down with your wife in your kids and your finding, family friendly films to watch. You sit there marinate and you never one's got their snacks in your watch movies and giggling with one another year happening at our house on the taxi yeah now or make it may look bad
what then like after they go to bed? murder, people like what you are you that great several do were stuck together. You're, not reward of easier to your man cave and ignoring your children in your wife a little bit each day now just there in the day to stand in the way it works like way. There's lines across, like we're not lay a k to my fifteen euro. Hey, come watch sees the three ozark with us like that he can that now should now that some sat down at her? What are you talking about? Killing chose Ozark, yeah there's. I think there is in the three years There is, I think there is one seen that you can't shoot. And until there like thirty no maybe at its word its when Wendy
ok honour. I iphone that the senator there, the senators husband that's, got a prostitute hotel, bad yeah she's, done tied up to the bed new. Remember that that scene I Wasn't that scene I was thinking of which will be taken up, I mean I don't wanna spoiler alert this further ominous boiler. Does four people have to kill it now, there's a pivotal doggie Our sex seen wearily real platters advance that you're involved. Then that's true. That's that's a tough one. That's a tough one for two watchwords Fifteen year old daughter, maybe that not a molasses, yeah yeah, you might be right, you might be right and that that was that was difficult. The difficult today, as well. So you have season three lore lent his care their her brother pops in yes, what's his name Tom Palfrey Tom Palfrey Unreal right. What so actor you cast in that part. It say
bipolar. Brother he's this is gonna have to go. A couple differ way: she's. Gonna have to really go off the hand of copper times we gotta get this because in the wrong hands this would be bad for what is the what's the process of train fine that guy or do you have that guy already and you like, we gotta figure out how to work in a ozark. I gotta go No, we didn't have a more ready. We only had we had the season mapped out, but we didn't have. The specifics of those scripts were written in long form, except for the first couple that that character was in. So while I never talk to Chris Bundy about this, my son and is that he was watching what this actor was was great at work or he was decent at what he might be left
Mr Bowe with, and so he scouting, unlike his scouting, unlike a player on us, I mean I want to think so again. I never talked about this and unjust, projecting the way I would probably do it. I mean it is one of the advantages you have are doing an episode of show. You can kind of calibrate what this care just gonna, be based on the strengths and weaknesses of. Personally you cast hours of the day sure you know you're the strict written you. You know you can't. You can't move that much, so I feel like that character got better as Chris discovered how incredible this disease There wasn't gonna tasty. Had you know he could write him. Really unhinged another, the guy wasn't gonna, be in on making a bunch of it. Susan, you know being disrespectful to people with that. Or being stereotypical or even on him in. I thought he was awesome.
Are you using wireless performances like when I shall get nominated when he doesn't when I actually get angry I think that what the fuck this hurrah variety police when I read the baby kid he's Eddie really really thrilled. He had a great time with us and we work Obama he's gone now, but one has to say early. Now that are to be set up on the internet. I was talking to Chris about that yesterday or we could do flashback you know I've been we had this problem with everybody against are about the spoiler, but we have, as we have this problem with them with anybody that that week, that we cast because the characters written in the store line is already established, whether they labour they die. We just, then, falling in love with what these people on an just read the today that it where there are no longer any. We said again, it's tough well, then, you have the lady that plays Ruth
whose also really get- and I saw her shoes in some on demand movie. They say earlier garner reality. If, as I know it is about him like a mad, here's, my body, here's what I didn't I whenever this aspect- that was a great it's really weird yeah, it's I thought it was really really really interesting. I didn't I didn't love it, but I really respected it because it goes for a specific type of storytelling thing that I just seen before exactly how they did it silos to leeward set up its it was presented on demand. In a little bit different than what the booby, as was one of those one of those, I had almost made seems like. I was led morbid thriller yeah, but be Little bit more sort of theory, all in its indescribable It's worth saying now. I D recommended so, but you
Also doing you do knows our, but then you are also doing the HBO show too he had the out It was I was trying to do both of those issues in time. Just started outside are a little bit earlier and that the goal the challenge was to oversee both of them. Who produce. Ozark am our sea. They brought me the outside and they said you know if you can do to You know, would you like to try. I said yeah pleased that would be a great challenge, and so I directed the first two an dumb and you know, executive produce, stirred the though shopping oversight and course put the whole crew together in the cash together. But I brought Andrew Bernstein, who is a guy who directed dumb some ozark to be, are to be our producing director to really the guy boots the guy boots on the ground, while I'm in laughter when operated Ozark we shot mom stages that were really only about a quarter mile
from one another and land just like pop back and forth, but the reality is that I really go back and forth. So you know that I can't take any credit fur or anything that that people love after those first, you up a soda that was all diamond it. I got a really nice response and I'm super proud of the town that that we did. We I wanted to be a bit more like the Stephen King shining, as opposed to Stephen king. What say when it was more serbian, I'll, be version which, as you know, the equally good and an equally have to do their just serve different totally and- and I am just I don't- watch a lot of a lot of Gore allotted jump scares, but moody off putting unsettling kind of town of the shiny or something I tried to put into Saturn, and we said great great crew help me do that you're movies,
that I was just randomly watch him last night was the thing John Carburetor that same kind of viable you're, just like really uncomfortable and I'm not even positive way. The right yeah were Russell or rather a lot of those guys legal act, accelerated. Those guys didn't I what they gonna remake it out. Did they not a few years ago yeah the original as usual with this, the originals is better I really good there was wanting Fgm, Carpenter. I think I was like an old black and white one original regional, oh gee. I think it gives a single who cheat power. How you picking your projects these days, I mean the whole sort of picking projects. I think is a little bit moreover stated and then than what is the reality for for most anguish, probably two or three actors and actresses that really get to pack in other there
genuine conflict in other whom any great opportunities. How do I do them? All? You know most of us are just happened, just be asked, and yes, please won't do it, but I'm if there is anything that ends up being a scheduling, like the thing that wins out is usually the the project. That's got the best people involved in our regardless of how much work I have to do on it, whether it in an active role. That's that's apply on the cards. Peter Download, or if it's something that I would direct its really about the people that are involved with that, because that a let me no kind of what experience you're gonna have with their long time and such as that about it's about the people. Do you like I'm skewed too much more towards drama drama. The last couple years, I need to work in such a low later you're that that's mostly a directory nothing I'm just drawn to you know for the most part comedies, don't
Dont have as much about other demand on the other departments, as I'm probably being. Fair with that, but the dramatic projects it more appropriate. I thing for you to dive deeper into the other departments. In a drama as opposed to accommodate, like you can overshoot, how much do you know you ve been over score automata, you can over added a comedy like another dramas in the EU. Can you can build a mood and a whole lot. Ghana whole feel. Where comedy. If you, if you move too far away from but ideally like to have your audience with a constant grin on their face, so they don't have that far travel to gets well ass. I am and there's an there's theirs by maintaining that grand their certain things that you shouldn't do and that kind of farm for me
straight now eliminate some stuff I like to do as a director but that's probably mine. I e the tea. I probably if I got in directing more comedies I'd, probably see that there's plenty of of places for me to play with, You know, with lighting and with camera, on with you no music and end editorial rhythms and all that kind of stuff. I should do some more comedies to direct their butt right now digging numb the challenge with them with the drama stuff. So you think in euros more director than an actor where your brain is right. Now you know, after a bunch of years being on a site, you absorb a lot of what people are doing and to have the privilege of the job where your responsibility is to. Actually, I'm guidance and and he direction or a plan for for that process. That said at a lottery
possibility in and demands that you have paid attention and absorbed all these things that you ve been observing I'm. So I've always wanted to challenge my to see what it while I have myself up in after two really warrant that that responsibility in that leadership that position, so it's better that's been achieved in that I really enjoyed and it taking on and its more complicated, more of a holistic processes as an Agnes, not taking matters, but you know an actor, truly, Sheena works, works about fifteen minutes an hour in other thereunder, their dressing room and waiting for the crew and the director set up the shot in a lot of moviemaking spelling. Out of all, you know we're on our trailers watching Judy ran out and then they knocked on your door. They say ready for you to come out and get your mark? Can you talk yeah, it's more complicated than that, but I just like I like being with the crew and set one shot and
then bringing the actor then you're still working while the actors working cuz, you're watching and you taking about you- can figure out the next day better. Now better now are acting Now, I'm now I've got now fully you not submerged, I'm working sixty minutes an hour, a real masochistic, many other that doesn't sound I have never understood how people direct and act at the same time. It's almost like somebody is a player coach in the NBA happen. They have lump lowbrow, just like I'm gonna run the Lakers to Enron, the office well, but Now, if the good to go without analogy no act, always been really really comfortable for me, it seems like playing basketball shooting. The ball is really comfortable for leubronn soap, Stick
energy and play design and tempo and all that stuff that it that approach might try men on would probably be more efficiently and surgically executed. If you're on the floor and Unifil jock jazz on the floor, he had the ball literally had the ball. You know he be able to in real time adjusting pit literally weren't, you know, with with their with acting indirectly, I can give an actor note no longer in the sea together. I can wait until but on the crew. Is you know done you now doing? what they need to do like a camera getting into position before I say my line, things that I can observe, because the acting so after will for me unable to absorb you know at the performance of the other actor and also be able to help out with all the technical stuff, that's going on in real time. While we are acting out this there's, you know, there's all kinds of things at her
that are going on behind the camera that the crew was doing, that, isn't it during your where those things you can really help. Make them work kind of like a swiss flocks. Another the timing another year, these stories about ventures, really specific about Opposition of the shot and making sure that you know that the shadow comes across the background is the right time before the actor reveals that the glass that's chirped arena. There's there's the stance that goes on and if you're aware that as an actor, you can really help make that happen on takes three instead of take eight, if you're a good soldier. Do you have to trust somebody and said to give you notes on your acting sincere, the director and you can't give notes to yours.
Yeah. I mean I don't officially deputize anybody, but I hope that I prepared an atmosphere and set where you know. If I, if I really go sideways, someone's going to, you know, say buddy that sucks, you're, not the one or the other You can, better or you know? break through. Truly, you you'd, better, like Leubronn, can tell if, if MRS a shot really badly or if we run into slower than I can, I can tell if it was, was no good just do another one right away in the one it feels like that was pretty good. Then we ve got this video play. I can go back and I can remind it look at it and confirm whether it whether was better not what was the first thing he directed just in life. There was an episode of on the home and family when I was eighteen, the sawdust sitcom yeah value. Four and then think about who you talking to you.
And by the hook family he allows those was thousand really those really bored. It was three years into the run. There are things like that. I was in a very close with the cast. Rowan and they they help me out quite a bit. Did you wait? We just did back to the future. We watch Abbas, podcast. Had this whole back story of how Eric starts was Barney Mcfly for five weeks and then they basically fired em cause Mega Jeff. I write that open up and the whole thing. We're. Did you audition for that was right. Neared, like we'll house kind of age range, where they must have audition every act of right now. I dont think that I did, but I do remember you know my sister Doing family ties, of course, with with bomb with Michael J Fox, and I Remember because, like I'd I'd finish, work
I don't know what I was doing. I think maybe it's your move or something at the time and and my mom or my dad was- was my set centre. My guardian, my! U no person over Cain with me and then so we would finish my hours would be shorter cause. I was omitted, Justine Self, I remember we would drive from universal where we were shooting that over the paramount for Justine was shooting her show em, I remember a kind of watching Kim deal with how Michael J Fox wasn't wasn't there he was still shooting over the needed to get him out early, so gosh exist. He was doing it at the same time, and I remember thinking TAT this guy got it I mean he's dead. Funniest guy in the world is the head of the shell he's doing Steven Spielberg, you know, produce movie and like it was, it was pretty cool and you such a nice guy will initially so other ray. I didn't know a lot of it to the research, but they were
Let him out of the contract or the and let em additionally do at plus family ties has merited. Baxter burning was pregnant and all the Episodes Revolver Michael J Fox? So they literally couldn't spare him Did you hear lots thing lot and then that fathers then she's back on the show so they can kind of spare him and he's leaving at six o clock new back the future fugitive two thirds of the morning and they go back to family as it is doing that for eight weeks, which yeah seems boggles. Some stamp yeah we're we're asean language that this morning we are saying nineteen? Eighty five? That movie comes out it's the biggest movie. The air makes two hundred billion dollars and five five? your billing worldwide. Whatever was any he's on family ties he's gotta, The four biggest shows any as the bay
movie, the air, that's about to shoot to sequels after that, like Beggar, TAT Fox, had it go and have a go in there for a while cause there thing with that show in its whereby some some shows have the legs even it, twenty twenty re like us, the vague sign thought- has legs, cheers this kind of lawyers legs and affect anyone under thirty His ran the radar for them and it family ties off the radar and I don't at all. I was felt like the three biggest sitcoms of that the eighties were cheers. Cosby family ties, kind of in that order, yeah? But it's a problem- about you as well- and there were There- were a few hours daddy's I am your sitcoms were just enormous and I'll meet you do miss those? I miss him a lot. I think that you know that's a format that everybody would still
to enjoy. In fact they do a major glory. You know I've been those certain huge debts so shows, but why their king be as many as there were back then I don't know I mean they went through a period where they, just they weren't cool. I guess, and people can move off of them single camera. Comedies came around my wonder years. Pedestal in that role, Malcolm in the middle things like that, but I feel like you should be able to go back to it in some form or me. The hybrid over, like Larry Sanders Shower, been trying to crack it for a while, and you know we'll get seems I'm there. Yes, objectors, Tudor friendly he's right where you have a big chuck America watching shows like young Sheldon and think dollars just like way more people than you'd ever thank and then you like in dead. Now circle, a kind of cities,
their eyes, gravitated toward this really smart, single camera shows are the stuff that's on cable, but would rise early watch Chuck Gloria this, but you can have. I mean I think today sit com would be. No would be what would be a more sophisticated, more subversive like assign found, and I think it would be, as as students earnest and and popular stay as say cosmic shower or or or family tied on a family ties is pretty highbrow at times, but there there is something kind of in on the job about Seinfeld humour that, I think, feels a little bit more recurrent that I think the Arab. If, if there was to have a resurgence, it would be to have that at the comedies changed it we ve been, Seinfeld with my with my son, he's been getting until about whose twelve and a half it's so funny. I mean yeah some of its stated that
those are terribly dated. They don't have a cell phone things like that, but the actual concepts of the show a pretty good, but I think for that generation, the under twenty. It seems like the more recent shows like the office and parks and Wreck DEC, style is the kind of comedy half hour comedy there used to so family. The type ties type show just isn't style people do any more about it. You're right. I think I could come back here because it look it's more. It's more performance! an acting right, a minute you ve got the you about the audience ass. Are you you literally do here the audience laughing so there's a bit about of other shared wake with the audience at home, that you are putting on a shout. We were putting on a performance, there is a proceeding and there is basically look like a found play, and so the style of it is you know, set up shut up, just shut up, shut up job and as opposed to
when you mentioned officer, parks and record things like that is single camp there is no laughed track and- and you know you can get into a close up shops are revealed through watching people. Thank. A camera, the other something like that. It is a different flavour, family and end. I think people it would enjoy the other as well. They just just needs to be a kind of they needed. It is a new generation that really hasn't hasn't seen a lot, Except for our taxes, I have an idea yet so Marty get my season for ozone. Marty gets act unconscious as he's unconscious, ha ha, our dream sequence, commodities, families? Just and eighty six? I think that's what happens You gave your chance it out. It starts by by he gets woken up from his uncle.
Business by just a roaring laughter studio advocates. A warm up guys doing is bids any just yet 6MM, awake and turns around looks around your and Marty point of view precisely this whole study about it. Its roundly Sousa Wendy's there, like I love my gun around your drive to cut you in on that now yeah maybe it's like sees it seven. Maybe it's like way when it at the end of the line when you're, just it dragging Ozark along just trying to get to a year. You need to get this indication here. It is indicated hurriedly that had just does it You're already a cash stand right. It gets its already syndicated Netflix the moment it you convince it. It's like not pay you and money they didn't. They just give you a free subscriptions to hand out to your family and, as hundreds of subscriptions you get free months, can you tell me about? Is there a season for plan
Did I say nothing. He had shot right now, but once things become normal again, is there a plan of action has been no announcement, but we're all feeling hopeful and am confident that with a dead season, three was was You know, as we have been talking about, was really well received, but that's like says, there, the rhythm and their data and their processing numb we're all kind of anticipating God knows better. We haven't gotten it yet. I need more from Marty and season for too many picks too many pact. Too many screens It was very many swedes, it was it was created. It was great see or Wendy sort of the Marty caught a drop them into this, problem right and season one and then in season to that kind of got their legs under them as a family and then she's a three Wendy Cunning,
but the initiative an season for I don't know, but it would be, it would be interesting. See your Marty's got a kind of you know, shit or get off the pot he's already got to get with her or or trying to get. Parents are wearing a wire right. I mean you get her get her out of his way so that he can take you get back. And live a normal life again or double down with her in another, become part of a double barreled shot gun, and we cannot mean esteem towards some kind of of a crescendo when I don't know but added it, there was sort of on further Marty kind of assent seeing things incision three and waiting to see what the fall out was gonna be from from from Wendy,
initiative and I think he's he's he's gotta. It can be forced to be more proactive and set of reactive snake Maybe he convinces the later the cartel by the dodgers. Then you could use Dodger stadium stuff. That would be. Does he survived man, but although I really don't have any complaints with our God, your ownership right now- and I- and I emphasise with them too- this is gonna- be a great nice smooth transition in the sports bill, but that that that Muky bad situation is just a total heartbreak and an expansive. But fortunately, I'm not right in the Czech. Well, it devastated may in many of the Red Sox fancies. We love bookie bets if there was a their team. He was going to go. Do I was happy, it was LOS Angeles cause. See and play yeah. It's just absolutely fantastic.
Is what I say where the best Reds Sox of my lifetime ETA, and I think you would crush of you. I think you keep on, though eight from everything I was sitting in a big city, it's over, your deal right yeah, but I think he resigned I don't, I don't think he leaves, I think you end up with them a spurt. But who knows like? We observe nervous about baseball even coming back as you had. The players in the owners are just cats and dogs, no matter what choices they fight. Why was that Is it just a one year deal with monkey with? Did they just pick up the delay yeah? He had one here laughed the red Sox we're trying to Sanrio big extension. He wouldn't and with them Gazeta, Idle Addison that you wanted to stay and instead around the dice with the last year. They just decided. And then why would he demand that whatever team science him commit to a long term deal as opposed to the non surprise,
whatever the ass ended, his deal is with with asked him. Why would he let somebody just take a look, for a year and then decide later, because I think it's a bad on himself type thing: he's so so, basically, if he really performed for the Dodgers, then when he's that long long term, the other side of her long for a referral, bigger number, but you didn't have a gun your last year for Boston. He said is a great year. Every year is and who have a great year for the Dodgers. Like date, we had Dave Roberts on the park ass. You do with P Carroll and Steve her, and you know he's like delighted book that's is unbelievable. He's gonna be awesome. I d bet on himself much like when allowed people don't know this. When you did Ozark, you did a deal for seizing one, but the deal as if this does I get twenty five percent and Netflix and now. Look at you, you mentioned Forget Minority honoured that not a lot of publicity about this I'll. Tell you
but I really wish I would have taken my son hurry and Netflix stock share. We when we did arrested development, as that was their first. There was the first year, was right on the heels of house of cards. I first year second year at ball, original programming and just not that it was an offer, you noted you can have money or you can have stopped, but I wondered ass. I wonder what they would have said. If I say listen a dollar a week or whatever sag minimum as I'd want, but I want rest and not in stock I'm sure they would have done that yet arrested developments, it is an underrated checkpoint for networks has ever. As the House of cards. I've told this story this park ass, but they bought thirty. Thirty from us, two thousand twelve. We thought it was the largest we had already we already done. Other thirty four thirty is, it was was finished. It was it was like having
left overs for dinner and ned. Somebody being like I'll give you full price for your leftovers, the great here and Asia awesome I so they paid for play stay at it was a lot of, but I kept my motor was, but it was a lot and we were like this is crazy. What what are they doing SK. I wanted it. If you want, you want to start talking about about bill summons, making a lot of money right now. She left you sue about last week's paper last month, a bad by Lord, its fight for you. Thank you. Appreciate guys could see bill right now, he's just a Jew ripping jewelry, Asturias, there's gold robes all over the place. It's a great company, it's much like it's much so different. They have their shit together. Spotify about ever did the shit together bunch of awesome ways will work last book. Spoken like a man with a new deal, so what
So what are you doing there? This court did other than haggard out their family You were impossible, podcast, they evident ass. Yet what else I am doing I'm doing, and next to nothing, I'm I'm being respectful. Do the people there. Working very, very hard and asking me to do My part, which is financed the hell out of their way and stay home and trotted squashed occur. Whatever the hell, it is. So it's not a big ass, great a mean state stay in your houses is easy work for for a lot of folks. The helping the kids out with school is true but again champaign problems. I am watching Emerson we see twenty four seven and reading the paper, and just following this incredible, like social
Political, economic or medical. You know tidal wave I find it just endlessly fascinating, not in a sort of action Freud kind of war or I'm out. Disaster avoid or type of way, but it just truly fascinated it at all the implications and the consequences that that decision, it SAM, I'm really curious to see how we're all going to respond to it. Considering now we don't have a real great brain trust style. With their hands on their we'll right now. So as justice every day, I'm unfastening to see our were clogging halls. You know, does your wife, like you more or less than she did three months ago? It's a great question I'm pretty sure it's less
you know, I'm weighing it as less. Nonetheless, Camp ever met a lot of people in the more camp near here they were in the house, We are used to work as it was the only kind of in the morning at night and now she's got to deal with my that's all day. Just I'm not that I don't. I don't have a deep well there's an over proverb she's here Tired of watching me walk around in my up the jam ass, I mean literally have not. Not worn anything other than pajamas for eight weeks and slippers. Such was tired of hearing those things flat. All over the house, I'm living a very, very boring life, but I say that in the end, in the best way, I am not complaining whatsoever and jogging pads pants and an shorts
for you, hey we iron pants is that weirdo force weapons yeah. We saints farmers, these costs to be eased costs. We say: jog appeared subsided, are you here, as well as all the other car on that. I know that you're gonna get a lot of my bed sounds like a LULU lemon, especial jogging pits, serpents, stop saying it swept pets, not starting jogging. Can't you these weapons among those as either we ever have. You ever pulled off caraway like the best poplars. Now I've always wanted to their me too. I can't, I don't know How does it work? Is there? So in the crash, I guess is where it is fit right that these are you sure it's weird like legs, zipped next to it, that when you turn off the legs, just come off basically
got a thing or two thirds really read your leg right, isn't like buttons or snaps. All the way down the outside of each leg is near. Where works there, what you said yeah yeah. I order you are those I feel I can take me for five. To get him all the way off? It's like the three or others trying to blow out a birthday cake. They just never make it I wouldn't be I'll. Do the cool one Paul? Let's do this. Thank oh I've been won. A lot of old sports because I'm just like in you know, withdraw and there's that terror way. Josiana fell air that we grew up with with like Earl Campbell, where they would go to tackle this whole jersey with disintegrate. It was too, There's a god. I don't know what they were thinking, but they save us have been like fifty Euro Campbell Jerseys a game that they just right through with this weird raw. I once did a terrible football movie called dumb, necessary roughness
first of all, how dare you the issues so many feeling, like all of them, will be terrible. There's a lot of love for that movie out there I say terrible with love. There was there was there was a kid she ended by design. I think I, like NOME, was released in the fourth quarter. Let's say that So anyway I say or Campbell ended I'll. Never forget you. There was a sequence in the film where all these my team, this college team up, played against these convicts in that context the day that these prisoners they had their football team and I guess the studio gotta be fine if they cast all the convicts as these profit, all stars, so is there all Campbell was I get too tall, Johnson, Jim Kelly and, and I even had the water
water. Was there what wasn't, what it wasn't able to barter that that that the beat my that my place and be a better Europe, oh event or wholly felt tat. He was in anyway. I ll never forget, taken a leak, in the in the men's locker room of this old small a university or where shooting at next to Earl Campbell, and it was one of those long troughs. Where ganders no higher splattering ever well Remember that, but I remember taking a an ill advised. Look. I write and down what Mr Mr Kane, and we just never never really felt a closer to being a eunuch, a boy just good for him so impressive
and so I always say bounce incredible balance site where you try to push over three legged story, you're not recording stay up in high when all day so I'd never arrived? This Scott Baculus, the forty zero Q Bay, Kathy Ireland, female they'll, go kicker super bottle place, kicker other could just yeah. That was a symbol, Somebody was our tied in height of Sinbad he's there. An otter. Now this method is, he knew what he was Lion real high. I was not, I forget what position, what was you're road where we have forget. I consider where I was a tale back and I was a week safety.
I was so afraid MIKE. My mother is british, so she she wanted me to play soccer. My whole life is a kid. Never let me play football so I'd. Never. I still haven't accepted movie, tackle anyone, and I'm just I was petrified then, and petrified now, love like woe you with your head when you tackle someone, you know you got your helmet and you got your shoulder pads. It seems, like you know all good, but I just felt like if I, if my head hit somebody it's going to jam my spine going to jam my neck. So what are you doing worked at the single way would shrugged my shoulders really high and leave em they're so that my home, it would drop down in the cavity of the shoulder bad and I thought to myself without a lot then that'll make it so that I don't get my neck broke, my tackle somebody feminist and coordinate check me aside, said son play for no, but we have stand up for me right. I said yeah yeah list,
Bring him when I showed great I'll, be sidelined by like a bright barrier to our that's you, you're out of the sports movie ranch. Wait are you wearing jeans, you James owners and coaches? They heard that point in your life or place kicker I set out of it. That's it out at the eyelids part yeah. I guess my old place kicker and yet the aid it out been Castro and I would add, costs around last year because he had the draft day like five years ago. Is the GM, but he had been like Cuba cyclist he'd been in three Bob movies you now the whole thing and spat mid forties. If it does and by then this is gonna run out of time. A couple people abroad. Baseball movies, and I just keep thing and you just can't do another based movie cause, why is feel like that are inherently soft and again
great ones have already been done. So why not leave it alone and in another, brought me the idea of remaking slap shot the other day and that just sort of I thought well, that's kind of sacrilege like you would want to touch that. What's your feeling on both those bid snapshots, iconic psychotic. I just think you would people would actively it gets to remake, as it suggests eleven movie, but base by think baseball. Boxing just seems that you can always make us how many boxing movies of their ban at this point a chameleon Yeah they still come out with us there bad news bears. Can we do bad news? Bears video, so Billy bad did that in two thousand, for with Richard Link later and it wasn't good night as well things were it's like out. This will be good in ages. It. The problem, is the original one that we grew up with is completely politically incorrect. Which is one of the reasons why right. You can't get out I'll sign a bunch of thought. Nasty things about, Tanner was Tanner, the shortstop was was like a racist, but it will.
Aware Mackenzie ethics, he can sacrificer when they didn't know for it was like you could tell them to focus. Groups had been brought in to figure out what the composition of the team was, that is to say, to soften up tat. I Think, though so here's what I'll give another cause ever air to gave you an entire Ozark episode. I do think there is a youth sports parents, black comedy, We sit there, as somebody has been on a lot of a lot of sand sidelines over the last eight years. There is some sort of parent idea, we'll foreign debt. Get a good one that dumb, but as a car tat was like a comedy, though I'll say, unlike their there's, a deeper dive to be made. Tat something was endured under its nails. It needs not necessarily for kids, but kids are in it. It's almost
little Miss Sunshine crossed with youth sports, scant kind of that kind of vibe like a really then you're, diving into it like. Why do these people care so much? These are eight year olds, dad dad mom and dad really get narrative coaches for the kids playing times. Yes, m: haven't cause you think, like millions of people are a new sports, and yet there is the only use sports movie any of us could rattle offers that will fare movie, which was like a slaps the comedy. The one. What was the one about Nancy care again and numb that was last year, though my Tanya yeah instead of the latter there, under the nose write something in that town right now, because that's it was too dark. Cancun too, yeah you don't. I invented Ozark to luck,
Right, but I mean you hit me, especially in a calm and because you can always win back, you get somebody laughing at than their later. When I get it is funding the to better for you, your wifi cuts out like every three and a half minutes two kids in school inside dynamic. So that's probably the problem the eye I gotta worry about that now that it's happened with at least half the people that we got with your boosters for some of our people because you know: everybody's easy, more wifi now so like these zoom settled begun great than also niches gone yeah clicks even offered to reduce their their hold over bandwidth right during this pandemic, so that the public had more access to the pipe. Try again They were like we're not can reduce our tiger. King bandwidth or Ozark he's in three, but still needed
about over the other. This is, fine. So are all we're doing. Do your secret project you're working on Pike S? Why so well, it's a home and home for us I'll, see you tomorrow, yeah. I could say anything you do this well the camera I attacks, disappeared or thanks to age be, oh max. I highly encourage you to go check it out. Not only are the age be our show that only a bunch of other great shows like South Park and Rick mauritian friends, but one of the best collections of movies I've ever seen. Maybe the best included, criteria, collection, a Lotta Warner brothers staff, I'm a man I really having had a chance to really dive in, but I saw twenty movies that I wanted to watch, including an old friend can't buy me, love yeah, there's that new MAX originals for everyone, including love life, all your favorites in one place for just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month. The max it has started streaming.
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I hope you're doing well hope your family is doing well, we'll see him Sunday.
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