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A Truly Sad Week in America, Plus the 2005 NBA Redraftables With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the recent protests, both nationwide and in L.A., after the death of George Floyd while in police custody (1:45). They then speculate on salvaging the 2019-20 NBA season (41:45) and revisit the 2005 NBA draft and discuss some of its subplots, draft comedy, and NBA legends before redrafting the top 14 lottery picks (1:04:05).

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Triceps of the bill, Simmons Podcast on the Ringer podcast network, brought you by Ziprecruiter. We know things could be a little bit up in the air here for the upcoming football season. We know we don't know if we're to be getting into games for a couple months, how they're going to tickets? How you can order food and drink. Are you be able to sit next to each other, something made certain like our presenting sponsorship. Recruiters mission third thing happening this year. There still dedicated to helping people find jobs and having grown companies have their teams. If you look very objectors apple, send you up to date. Job opening seek be when the first to apply by connecting job seekers with employers, zipper critter committed to keeping our workforce strong, zip grew darker, slash. Together, Rasa ratty by the ringer dot com and the ringer package that work. Where we launched a new pact as recently as caught higher learning with Bin Laden and Rachel Lindsey, they taped earlier today.
About everything that happened this week, and I thought I was really great, I'm so happy to have them here. The ringer and I really highly encourage you listen that package we are proud of. It now have high hopes so come about brazilian I, this is basically a two part package, because we had tape the two thousand five- and redrafted balls on Thursday and on Sunday we just put something here at the top that would lead into the redrafted walls. And then you know it happened over the last few days. So we talk about that at the top and then just a little bit about the NBA. Finally, come no consensus with the twenty two teams that looks like in Orlando and then add the redrafted bulls after that. I really hope, as they stand safe out there. And an obedient okay, I hope your family's doing ok. Here we go, I were taken there It is sending out almost seven o clock p tee.
A weekend. Unlike any other weekend, I can remember lady into the son and heir pike. Ass ran resellers here, the country's incomplete gas I don't know any other way to begin the now and it doesn't seem like there's a road map to getting out of this, and it feels like it's gonna, get worse and worse and I'll. Let you start, I have something I wanted to say, but am what has been your reaction watch and all this weekend. How do you start by asking you cause you ve lived here longer so made there. We'll take it. He I want ya mean you ve been here almost twenty years and then I think both of us No going into this, and I haven't had anything to say on social media cuz. I just didn't feel like a tweet to solve any problems, but I don't blame any For me, I'm just trying to say the right thing and say that the nice thing, but it's been a man who really know how to use it, but I don't have a perfect out shooting for this week because it's been
it's been unreal, but why are you start because you, you ve, lived here far longer than I have yet I heard about that. Ninety two to ninety four, stretched away when it felt like all hell it broken loose and you'd had the right the king riots, the verdict, the fires, the OJ. At all disaster and then then the verdict for that and the way was discussed in the two thousands. As I got it, I got to know more for more people who lived here and just what it was like. I was just complete chaos and real. Here and a huge spotlight on what a divide it was between the classes and defer races things like that in just really we scars that, as I lived here from thousand two on it. It seem seemed like I want to say they ve healed, but there was distance and it seemed further and further away and now she's can you that you look at you arose, Fairfax area, which was one of my favorite parts
parts of LOS Angeles and had really rebounded over the last fifteen years and had a lot of character and a lot of mom and pop stores and some cool restaurants in the really unique area that was unlike any other area, I feel like. In the country that I've been to combine with the grove which, as you know, one of the happiest places to go- and I was certainly one of the most popular and to see the of in peril. It seem like they kind of funded it off a little bit, but then Mailros Fairfax she's getting destroyed. It was just surreal to watch these places. You don't mind. My son's baseball field was a black from that seven, eleven wherefore like four Five minutes yesterday was kind of ground zero for the points. First, the protesters in the Grove outlets so just seeing that in a place that you live with was was surreal and no, it's plain out all over the country, obviously in there somewhere
You know I I just look at it from I get it. I actually understand it and I dont like what don't like what happened the last few days, but I get it because I've never been in a position. Personally. Would I've been pushed to a point where I felt like I had no recourse, but you know, and it it just. You could feel that the last couple days people pushed to the point that they felt they had other recourse, but and it's it's just scary and sad- and it was an unforgettable weaken. Yes, that's how I feel about a lot of it here and the gear smart to con purposes, just a word This is your pot. I come on every Sunday we talk about it and in I've lived out, you know What two years and It was weird this morning get some Cosby being like hey what what if this heads, because this is different, this was like haber- were marching towards Beverly Hills and and wiping out, as you meant
The Grove and Santa Monica has been chaos. All on Sunday and for those in in Santa Monica like where, where you're, seeing the looting and which is kind of evolve from protesting, which I think are two completely different things which I think is important for us to talk about point out some but that area Santa Monica is this amazing little waterside community, where you're at the pier you're in a block and it's balls, and it's amazing restaurants and the equinox that I used to go to is over there and it was just a free for all all day today and it still kind of his by the time he was taping, stop being lit on fire, and that's really not I just it, Just- becomes a completely different when you're not watching the news in you're going like wait a minute. What are the local updates at what happens if people decide to start going South or what happened. So that's that's the part of this where it was like eight. Whoever was organizing this and again that's the topic that we needed skies. Ah, it was like
Let's we're going after some higher end areas, so I think that is the best way to describe it, because I'm sad arms for so many people and sad for a bunch reasons, and when you watch the Georgians video the first thing is, you feel stab would hope is sadness you go. I can't now, I understand anger to what you're going. How can how can this happen? How can you hear this man screaming for his life in and you just you're killing him you're, not doing anything in your partners are doing anything and it's like our right. Now. It's quarantine. It's been three months. Pupil basically have been inside and its people feeling like hey in his black people, go on. You know we tried. Protest peacefully in the past, and you didn't do anything you didn't listen there isn't police reform. Can't. Imagine what it feels like to feel like the world is out to get me. Feel naive as a white person, but I think there are times where I know a much less important race, issues were I've done like always this
We paid more than this cultures is coach, losing his job because of this, and it becomes a race topic and I do a bit of an eye role as a white guy, and then there look back and be like. Am I doing this wrong? Should I feel guilty about these things and the much big issue deals are when we're talking about police brutality, and there may be that white guys like I don't I don't know if it's we as bad as already says it is, and you think globally, don't know like you, you can't possibly know what it's like to be: a black person that fears the police all the time and so that anger with the climate of who's running the country, The climate of you know a thousand police shootings a year. In the end, the stats to show not only black men but unarmed black men, so much more likely to be shot like these things are indisputable and all of that into a head and on top like us, like hey. We try to do the peaceful protest before that didn't work, but then I am sad because the protest that was trying to me
get people that do that, I role as a white guy to pay a little bit. Attention this week that now some of them Will it may have had an open mind about this? Are looking it not the protesters, but the looters who look like everybody the way white blackmail female you name, it just break it. Nigger shops words no longer about George Floyd is about rare Jordans. And you may lose any of the sport you had, because people are looking it just parts of different cities all over the country being destroyed, and that's another part where I feel credibly sad because now I'm afraid the person that may have thought about changing the mind the way they looked at some of the social issues as whatever and it's like now, man, that's that's not those aren't the protesters. Those are the protesters, those assholes, those of those those people suck and those people have a mask on in their going in there grabbing sneakers ruining a local business and their taking this moment to be an opportunist, instead of trying to actually do anything like they're doing the reverse of doing something for change, because their only making it worse. So
along rant, but I'm just trying to get a lot of stuff in there and that these a few days. A watch on folds like what the end of the week is, is not with the beginning of the week was supposed to be about any go back to George fled. But there's two reasons. The anger is at a whole other level, this time round, and wit before we even get into the trump is. The first is what you said about the pandemic and the act that we are in the scariest american moment, since God knows when, from an economy standpoint from a job standpoint from afar, sure standpoint. There is no light at the end of the tunnel with small businesses, with the latter, the businesses that you know either thrive there or pretty good for America for a long time, whether as restaurants, whether was concert-
other sporting events. Like you go on the line, I think there's there's real fair about that and then the George Floyd, we, you know, I remember where when Ferguson Happened- and it was basically the same beats and people getting upset, but then they would list the names of its happen again and they go back all the way to like Oscar Grant, the guy that made the prevail station movie about, and it just seems to happen couple years, and we have the same kind of outrage cycle. I I just thought into them. Maybe I'm just naive. Maybe I'm just two glass half full, but I just stopped by two thousand twenty fear. Cop. You put. Your name is somebody's throat who is in handcuffs and can't fight back anyway, and you just retaining the life and the action now that, due to a dies as three year, ECHO partners are still they're watching. I think what made people so mad be a b. Besides
video of just watching somebody die unnecessarily, was like we ve been here before we move, we should know by now. This is this is a basic one. And learn from the past, and it is the past happening over and over again. So I think you take those two pieces, tat kind of anger. That is just you know, It is, unlike anything, I've seen since I've been alive. I wasn't alive in nineteen sixty eight and then on top of it, you have a president who has been trying to divide people since he took over since you took office. You date, you know the pivotal moment for him. December. Two thousand and seventeen- and I remember writing a column about it for the ringer, when the Kaepernick thing happened and how he dealt with that. That's at the tone, it's a lot of dog whistle shit and he did it again the last three days he did it when the looting starts, the shooting starts when you poor quote like that,
and you just say that I it's not a coincidence that has roots back into the nineteenth sixties. Dredges up a whole bunch of shit. It just seems like you The divide and rule divided chief in so many different ways, and you look at these four days is a leading. Is he trying to help is trying to pacify busy trying to divide? It seems like he's trying to divide you're, which actually surprise me a little bit tactically if he wants to be re elected just because it's like look, you already have your base if the people that voted for your voting for you again so I know that you have to be this antagonistic throughout the whole thing now, look I'm not exactly gotta had hoped. Bumpersticker Bumpersticker earnest card or in the above but I know this and look at you. By the way I would vote is, I would vote selfishly ethnic most of his boat. Selfishly like I voted for tax purposes. You know I voted for tax. This is my had no money and I had the voting, and I know people, disabled, that's pretty self. I actually think most people vote selfishly anyway. I also think the people that I
that voted for tromp, I dont know that they did it because there this is, you know, Person is getting off on all these horrible tweets. I think they look at Hillary were like I'm sick of the Clintons. I think they're crooks too, and that's why I went and voted this way. You know I'd like that. I kind of get and if you voted for Trump, you don't want to be wrong. Passion about it and your very conservative in this isn't a criticism of it. But let's face it like you, just don't want to be wrong, you don't wanna, be you don't believe that, You could be so wrong about a president, but I do know this is that even if you didn't like Obama reading like his policies, sometimes a leader. It's it's nothing more complicated than just saying the right. Fucking thing, man just being decent in the moment saying something that makes people feel better about themselves, hundreds of millions of people in a country that you are the leader of supposedly and just like, hey man, can you say something? makes us feel a little bit better and trumped just seems to be incapable of it. Like he's incapable of understanding tone,
or he understands tone so well that he ignores the fact that you know he could even say anything that would make the people feel and at this point you like it's just too late is too many years in office as quotas too many instances. It's all these different things, but you're right, like detention. In the anger and I don't know I don't believe I don't blame the protesters on a blamed black protesters being upset about another cop killing here, but what it what it morphine to know that that bothered me where it became out. Well, it's all white people now you know look the Dallas brick thing that thing make any sense succeed. Videos of these videos of bricks just jumped off strategically throughout the city. In your like wait a minute, I cats probably had a black lives matter deal. Is it like that seemed weird, but then, at the same time, to like, I watched a sneakers shop out of it facts get worked for a half an hour on the news, and it was like this about up this, is about protest any more
so I could find any video I wanted, and you know that's the thing that always bothers me. Words it's this kind the selling of a message, a message was that this whole thing I co opted into some super fucked up by the end of the week that the whole, I hope, the messages it lost. Is something needs to change that I don't. I would hate if there the younger generation black people grown up in this country bill where they just feel like everyone is out to get up and if you young in black and that's the way you feel. I can't tell you that. That's not true, but white guy. You know that I think, times too will do this thing or like well, hey. I treat people. Well, I'm a good person. I haven't look you will look at the people that you ve hired. Look at the company, the you started. Look at the jobs in the opportunity, given a diverse group
which I know you're always looking to do it, I'm not bullshit and I'm not kiss it up to you here like this. Is these are facts that you have tried for a very long time to make sure your hiring as diverse as possible, and you ve done these things and so every now and then it really gouges to white guys talk about raise again, but I don't I don't know if it's you Look at this stuff is a white guy and you go. I can you imagine at any point. If you were treated poorly like you would hold a grudge, try I hold grudges all the time when I have experiences with people like that guy's wise guy, doing this to me and then if you knew it was only happening because the way you look to be furious about it, you just would be so even if you're going to wake up Mr Dot Lee believe all of the racial injustice headlines out there. You have to at least open your your head up a little bit to know this is this is why we're seeing this anger again this week, but I just I kind of understood the anger midweek and to close, I keep getting back to this point
the where we we landed on this, and I will see what Monday looks like, but everything I watch the last few days it felt like it didn't, have anything to do with George Lord. In that sucks I talked about ninety thousand fifteen fifteen, any rate him ferajji key magazine and one of the things I had always kind of bother me that he didn't step up fast enough in Ferguson. In Ferguson there was an today, when it really ignited before he kind of set something? So I asked them about it, and he said this is go to me in the interview in Ferguson APP, and there is a gap between how quickly we could pull together police task force recommendations, and so in that lag it feels like. I haven't spoken to the moment as effectively. I suspect that if I were you, over again. There might be something I could say that what a crystallized the more effectively but Ferguson the case itself was tougher, because people No. What's going on exactly in some
is the air Garner case in Europe was clear because you had on videotape exactly what happened, then. He said later, the challenge of personnel issues related to public shootings race in the criminal justice system is an order to actually get something done. You have to build consensus, expressing simple outrage that follow up is often counterproductive. So to think their one is we're hearing lad over the last couple days. Obama would have said something sooner, our track record. With that was Ferguson where he admits that he was a little bit late, but also didn't have the benefit of the video, and I think it's really important to talk about their just tight, whether we know we care about sports, we deal with sports right. That's our that's our thing. We think about that we think about coaching, allow with big but owners and GM suggest the concept of buildings, something in leading it. I do feel that go by
I cared about that and I don't mean to turn this in a republican democrat thing like I. I really think he felt like he wanted to lead everybody and I think a lot of the presidents that we had Over the years since I've been alive have at least try to do that, like Reagan was like that in the eighties he really wanted to be our leader. He wanted to risk pride and patriotism and make people now, afraid of the Russians and feel the Iranians could ride like our hostages, do whatever it's a great point like, even if you hated his economics- and you can look back on it in hindsight, even more so in the deregulation of all these things, but when it did the way people right yeah when he on tv as your leader, you felt like he was all trying to get us to row in the same direction. The latter point right like that rang like as a kid so alive, like Obama tried to do that to you know not always to huge success, but it was in his heart at least, and I look at trumpet I just I don't think he's tried to do that since I took office I think he's
size, every single major issue, he is thought constantly how will this help me get either Europe? better stay in this for former years and you look at the way he did with the pandemic. It was the same thing and you know I think, he's almost taken too much shit fur not reacting fast enough, because all of us or not reacting fast enough. There is real science indoors, or is being written, and I met my daughter soccer game three days before today's days for Spotify's offer shut down. All of us were negligent to some degree by point, is it just seems like over and over again when the person who is supposed to be in charge of a country, that's gotta, lotta issues right now, not only in care about bringing people together but seems interested in keeping them apart. That's where it gets really danger, and to me this is not a republican democrat thing is just not it's not it's an american thing, and in its like give you, I don't care what side you're on. If you don't see that the country is worse today, then its ever been since I've been alive. If you can't see
You know? One thing I hate about this stuff is how it always has to become republican Democrat, and you know it's like. Sometimes I wish tromp was democratic, as I think we would all be killing him a hundred percent the same way. This is not about political parties. This is about, can you lead a country? Can? Can but good people around you wise, failed thou on and do you care about human rights in the country that you're running due care doesn't seem like he cares. Yeah? I look I'll even agree with some of the covert stuff at the beginning. Am I going to meet, you guys are ripping Trump for this and then you're so afraid to even say like hey. This is an unfair criticism of the president right now, if he's this, this part is a you think you even want to touch that in today's date, like I'm in bed, stir. I would even say embarrassed. I'm scared to ever come to say like which way I voted, but I just
be transparent about it, because I fixed every time you say like oh hey, I think Obama would say it is better to go typical. Espn Lib right, you're, one of those guys like action, erode form so that a single wait a minute what's, What is this guy? You know right. And why did you fitness? box a little bit easier in. I look it. I like I get. I get way too caught up in kind of like up this person selling this, and then this person selling this and then it kind of turns me off for the whole thing, and it's kind of like the original point is that if I'm on the sidelines which I am in some ways here: you're Goin is anybody changing their mind that needs to change their mind about how a police force were in that becomes a whole other think. As you know, I started, onto the warm hall on all that in Minneapolis. That's had this pretty bad his here. I don't know how much you know about. I do know that much about. I didn't. I didn't know that much about it, so I
through in the dead head. The of a female. Please you there was openly gay going back in two thousand to two thousand thirteen. She brought in like a fool federal review on their policing practices and she was like just go Let us know what they're doing like you do in this wrong. You do in that wrong. You do in this wrong, like people that have complaints against them. You guys are doing any follow up in this police officer, had twelve complaints against them, the police officers on the scene in this death had complaints against them, including twenty five thousand other settlement. It was the was the asian carp that, like knocked out and other guys, I think he may or may not been handcuff dependent, which story had read and so she's like Opening this whole thing up, and then Obama goes in, meets with her and introduces hers par this new kind of crime. Roach. Look, I'm disorder paraphrasing knowledge of an exam reading, the sheen of losing her job and some other scandal. It was like Menace Minneapolis. The police force tried to do this. They very transparent, hey here's, our problems. How can we fix our
arms and then you go even further and do it and you go because I dont believe, like I don't. I get, argues some friends about it, like some guys in police force that go hey, this is bullshit like drive around with us one night and tell us we're doing our job wrong, like I'm scared to death, You know I used to live in Hartford and I worked out with a couple guys or on the police force in Hartford that were like you wanted. You think you think we have like you think we want to do anything wrong. I don't do anything wrong. I don't want that attention on one July step around. I'm scared. I'm scared, patrolling the ER patrol, and so you hear that you go man. I may bad thought of it that way, then. On the other side, you you'll hear locate the police or gang in their there too militarized. Which then truncates gets blamed for which, by the way, it's been going on since Clinton, the nineties, where there was these federal programmes, the Department of Defense, words like instead of commissioning others, It's your equipment listed resell. It two cops and sooner cops. Look like.
Military police and in their studies. That say that that's lead to more enforcement, more physical enforcement and is too Crime and there's another story soon turned. The pages is not a that shit's true, so utterly, notably I just know it looks scarier and honestly cops, let's face it like if you're into law enforcement of grenade launcher Fuckin tank is cool because if you are one of those guys like you act, that shit turns you want is a guy. So I would we want to sit here and say? Oh the cops, the cops are the worst in in you know, guys plain fuck the police, as they pull up in front of a line of thought, and then it's like you're honestly are you trying to do is antagonize the cops right now. This isn't about a protest. You just seeing like what can happen and how many of you guys can fill them with your phone and What you realize they had a lot of the police problems are proud, we haven't hiring and firing everywhere in corporate Amerika because of the union and how much? If your pro union, fine, but the way the union's protect police, where
just how to get relocated and the way police protect each other or a fearful of calling the other guy for some of these practices that that's maybe the scariest thing of all of this bill is that we can have a week like this this country where we feel like. Maybe it finally is going to be there cause I don't care who you are. You should want people to be different. You should want black people to feel better about police forces. You should want that. Why? Wouldn't you want that? Ok, yet with everything that happens this week, I know how we also as a country, and we could be turning the page. You another topic in two weeks ago Let us all meant anything, but I think that's why the last couple days have been so angry and have in my opinion, will keep going because I dont think they want people to turn them. Age this time, everyone who cares about this stuff in his out there every day trying to be herds in a stand.
Right there staring down the cops hold. The signs are that of those people that talk about the looters. Some talk about the people out there, they don't want this to go away, they don't want this to be like three days later. We're going to be talking about. I don't know the new event movie or whatever like they, don't want. This to go in the cycle of it because we didn't want this to happen in the mid two thousand two thousand and ten we didn't think it was going to happen. We thought, oh, this is it this is this Finally, some good stuff is gonna. Come out of this. Maybe we'll know now and Acta restarted. If I had a family members and whose a cop y know is doing the right thing trying to you don't mean and in that site, even popular to say out loud, but I thought it was really interesting watching verge on Sunday were the news casual it where the police, where the police and then somebody came and from a local leadership groups like you know, the Swat team should have been here already and say: women.
Why can't you see what happened here is that a lot of police forces will take. The worst thing we can do is go head first into summit, stuff it be able to start smashing, cruisers and letting him on fire and jumping on cars and putting the thousand danger, putting the police force in danger. Then yeah like a couple. Sporting good stores are gonna, get destroyed in the says- and I dont know how the math works on that. But to me it was fairly obvious, and then I thought, like this whole thing is about police and now the people that work Protesters are saying: where are the police once a turn in alluding, and I that's, to me. Where again, I feel like I get I'll get DR. Even mentioning any sympathetic angle, the police force bill, but it was just to me was very clear that are actually we're. We're gonna, let you tragedy. Greece for a little while, because we're not putting our guys into this situation, where now they're going to be the targets or
We didn't have enough points to spread everywhere, that I mean the difference between how point out this time around verse in the early nineties was day day, specifically the leader, the looters side of things. He might they specifically targeted in areas that I don't they wealthier errors, but areas this time that a lot of Amazing did they did I mean, let's just say it, because we both know what it is like: a recurrent, etc. The grove like a wealthy area, but it's an area that has a lot of stores and a lot of wealth in it. You know like, ignored storms and an apple store, and things like that, but you know they went there. They went Beverly Hills, the Mailros Fairfax, which again is not like an upscale area but had not at their that have allowed a memorabilia and the latter sneakers in a lot of all kinds of things so it just seemed like a more concerted effort than today. Santa Monica it seems like tonight,
I was gonna. Be in the sunset crescent but it is, it seem more coordinated and I think it really expose the limits of the. More coordinated, and I think it really expose the limits of the of the police. Just was strategy, had a handle things by all yesterday and even today the police got really aggressive in in You can see some of the videos online with people that it seemed a little at a whack compared to other people out peacefully protesting, it's one of those things were going it going into the deep down. And social media almost makes it worse, cuz they're, so so much information in so many things in an age seems like a lot of people acted badly and then a lot of people are just trying to peaceful protest and get their points on the record
got swept in sucked into all this stuff and that's up to a lot of people in the midst of all this with their anger, it was just that means look black people that were out there, testing and I'm a conspiracy the right way versus wrong way, cuz, if our by like what what is what does that mean? You know like I saw a tweet where it was like. I'm not ask. Bridgman on how to do this- and I thought that was Like an ice reminder, but think about the protest, it's that, There were also like trying to stand in front of stores, be like dull this up for us that are out here, trying to protest, police brutality and your advantage and that's the thing like part of me methinks this isn T the fair- so maybe I should say but I gotta go our generation didn't do- is get a job. Our parents certainly didn't on the race.
Patient thing, and even though millennials take a tunnel shit, this seems to be far more important to them than it was to our group. While we were grown up and That to me is a positive sign, but then I see the ages of some of the leaders and I go away, but then there I think there I think their different people. I just think that there are the same age with different mindsets of what's important and in one is change and one is free gear, and it was it was it was released. Additives is a different kind of America. Saharan say like. I was also like release about it I mean anymore. You scared. Were you scared about living? Not that far from me, the stuff- I was more scared cause I didn't know, I didn't know what the end game was, because it it's not like it the sporting event, where you're like our in the fourth quarter Now- and it didn't seem like that- is any coherent strategy. Other then.
Let's just try to let's try to Ricco's much havoc as we possibly can. I'm talking about the nighttime stuff on Saturday, we're taping their snout seven hundred and twenty two on Sunday. I don't know what's going to happen tonight, but I think when, when you have people that just that are like you know what this is. This is how I want to send a message and they don't really care what gets broken work had set on fire with gets taken. Who gets hurt? Danny goes Are the level that it just scares me as somebody who likes his country? You know it, I just know AIDS, it's in all these different cities, and I think you know that, though what's happening Minnesota, which has just as many mom and pop stars as anybody in just just to see people
livelihoods, get taken out just gone. The idea that this thing, like being anti police brutality doesn't mean you have to be pro destroying shit, and that seems fairly obvious to say, but there were times where I think people just so angry. That's why I really didn't want much to do social media. I would go. I would get my toes in that go. Okay. Now, I'm not not good at the hay. I'm an ascending, the tweeted, Everybody sends to be like hey you, everyone, let's let's hope this out in August, I'm just not good at that. It's not! I didn't, do it it s, not what I buy I'll tell you. One thing I did push back on is that in the face the pandemic, worried about money, his eye I saw this argument. I sought from people that were in a real guess that we're on television and. It was, while you know what s going on all the economic uncertainty. I can. You believe, people for foregoing and in getting goods. Healy
looking Katrina, a kind of got it this week in the Grove in Santa Monica fuck that You know I don't want to hear about this is about like you're, not ratings of Jake Paul because of economic concerns. And and where the next meal is coming from. So that was That was something sweet towards the end of it right. I add on a really think those two related they re going to get it also upstairs in obscures the message of why people are out there for right. My stay with disdain, rising, but be interviewed interview, bundle of protesters in a like, hey, you know: what's this about his ego, you know right. Writing is to give a voice to the voiceless and he's like. Ok. What's that message, you know like that What is being totally open mind with again the guy's, a moron total Idiot guy, Eddie justly, we were here- we're here to keep in your like now at your young, and you want to break shit, it's it is known has to cheer you member.
One line on Instagram and now you're here to break windows. I get the peace that I get is people who are frustrated. Point that data to have any alternatives whatsoever that they're out of ways to mitigate this. This specific topic that day cared about and they cared about four, probably their entire life ever since they were old enough to even understand it and they feel it, not being heard and this is a last resort and I get it. I do. I feel like I've never been in a position where I felt that way where I M just out of options, but so does really want. You get a point across a in the position to judge how somebody feels in situ but it may be sad at it and it made me sad for America that so many people across the country that was the difference with this,
lay in the early nineties, and you no other other cities that have had issues like this over the past few decades this is all happening simultaneously. All over the place. You'd equal amounts anger, in cities that were fifteen, your bows away for Minneapolis, you now fuck and had it in it is really sad. I I feel like you're here movement, the friends that I have room for sports teams that are just was psyche. Note like my friend Dave Chang, with the Redskins, where like my own or sack some screwed, we're never gonna get my understandable any next fan. I know something with James stolen and you just I gave you are probably skirt the seams- probably never going to begin with that owner and that's I it's weird to think that, country is now like this, but that's how I feel that the country now
Again, I don't mean to make this a republican democrat thing. I just feel like you, have a bad, truly bad president, who seems to care, but the right things and surrounded by the wrong people, and you just start there and it's like art. We'll every single major issue, that's popped up in the last four years. This has gone well, oh, what a coincidence, though, it's gonna, terrible and its appointed just adds up. I don't know what else to say: Yeah then we got about em out, you know. The thing I think is important to say, though, is that the George Forefinger? happens trumps in office. The reaction that happens because then off right I know you. I know you're saying that in but I think when you look around- and you look at the combination of three months inside and the people that cannot stand Trump and it's like a deal
I think that the consumption of anxiety, the causes- and I would say, like hey, you know it to let it ruined every single day is, is probably waste. The time by the reaction is is built more around him, which I think is, is the important differentiation. If this doesn't push people to activate in all the railways, Vienna I've spent, I'm decided I want to do yet, but I know I want to do something. I've been reading up on all these different funds and programmes, and things were just discharge affair. Some other social stuff that happened, but I think you know by the way, I'm not saying it's it's. This is are they gonna be better with Joe Biden, I'm not sold on Joe Biden fixing anything? It's me. He looks like an old
a really old guy who, but you know your three is going to be in his 80s and I don't know if that's going to be much better, well, I've been an egg, is actually totally naive to think that ok, new presidency charge now all of a sudden police brutality is no longer an issue. Nobody feels tat its good like that. That is not a snap of the fingers thing. Man, it's just not, and I don't I don't know here. I don't know if that can be solved by present. Yeah, I'm not even talking just about that. Are you you? Whoever inherits the presidency for twenty twenty two? Twenty four. Is going to have more challenges than any president in our lifetime. You talking about. Massive unemployment, your tongue, but this virus that we stood out. We're going to find out this weekend from this weekend once and for all about this virus, because you had large clusters of people. I know a lot of it was outdoors, but you had a lot of people together and allowed a different places and that's the first time that we address in the way of that
I mean, there's so much. Somebody issues read out even know where to start, but that next president it's gonna, be inheriting a one in fifteen ETA felt him which is crazy, cuz, it's America, we're rambling, let's, I would take a break and then we'll talk, but this basque buster, quickly, if you do in more searching then streaming these days, HBO Max. They do streaming platform where olive HBO meets the greatest collection moves in shows its all of the HBO Series, some black Esther movies time as classics Beloved TV, awesome, animation, reckon Morty South Park get superheroes Superveillance from DC family favorites and new MAX originals. I it's a staggering content. If you look at it kills and time out highly recommend notches, getting HBO Max but check it out all the stuff they have shot fantasy did a big picture podcast just with twenty five movies that
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their identities, there's more threats and ever snoring. My flock is: give you more protection than ever north through sixty with my flock, provides on one protection with the vice kurdish identity, that protection of european frowned lamps, Seymour, and if you have an identity theft problem, a: U S, based restoration, specialist swore to fix it. No one can prevent. Also the crime and identity theft, but nor in three sixty with my flock, is a powerful ally for your cyber safety sign up today, save twenty five percent or more your first year by going to Norton dot com Simmons. That's that's twenty five percent off Norton three sixty with lifelike at nor that come flash summits are either redrafted. Coming up in a little bit but wanted to update the NBA stuff. There was progress again, it looks like we're. Gonna have twenty two teams it looks like it will happen in Orlando. It looks like
for whatever reason they decided five teams in the West, including a couple that probably would not have amid the plants, I don't feel like reply of teams and a punchers chance of making it a best, AIR China to accommodate those themes that seem like the sun's. That's? U, no five and a half games out or sixty. Dad, I forget, what it is and in seven A games will have a chance to debate. The plants seems dumb, but it also seems like we want to have enough quorum, call regular, seizing game so that these two don't go in the plan called my question to you were better off just starting with the sixteen teams in the play off sin and screw the regular seas, and why are we even doing this is part of me that pigs, it that's a better version of his, but like look you how weak they talk about player, empowerment in last year's the players. One again on this one is: what are we keep hearing going back almost two months, Hagen eat when I, when I was worried that stuff is forty, five, maybe
stay days would be ideal to get people ready and, unlike high gimme, a break. You know it's kind of up to you to be in some sort of shape and then a month, training camp of practices isn't enough. The fact that the start date is still two months away from whereat right now. It means that they really did take into consideration all the players stuff. In trying to get them geared up again and then the extra games before it taking care the regional sports network. I'm not gonna tell the owners of the players, it sorry for my tame it in for my efficiency, consumer product. I need you to lose out on all that money mechanism to go and do that. So the fact that it's a little bit more congested and some of it doesn't make a tunnel sense. I'm ok with all of it. I don't love, That is soon as it happens, then again because selfish. It turns in due weight of it has
you know, my favorite part of the whole thing was: is the vote on it and it was like just just over fifty percent voted to go top. Sixteen status quo, no kidding yeah because of the sixteen tease like weary and now that's what we want to do and All that was really gonna happen here. So I'm I've been consistent here. Two things here there that I don't love, I'm not gonna trash him because of how hard this is, but I think I would go sit here and say something that was concern over a month ago about a finnish day. No one cares about that. Now then, in all the players are getting all of that extra time to ramp up again and and be ready as you possibly under these circumstances, Emma This thing was, I just wanted to have the feeling coming out of it that for doing this, it's gotta feel the jet it kid. I feel like a gimmick. We can't be pissed off after because
We just through together a turn dementia, so we could have championed for this year and then none of us respect the champion or respect the power. Sesar. How point out I like that? You know I don't That's the seven for around one on the record with that, but that, if you do in a neutral court, where the higher seed, no advantage really, it are probably makes sense to have a longer sample size for each series. I feel like we're gonna be Kay with how this turns out. Whatever happens, whoever wins the title will feel like it was legitimate in us. I did a mail bag on Thursday and somebody point now how the spurs title is always the asterisk from ninety nine kiss was only fifty game sees in the next crept in. There is an aid seat in the final stuff, like that. Why is that an asterisk, but yet the heat season, where in two thousand twelve weeks,
sixty six games. We cram those all together, a bunch of guys got hurt there in that sees included there as a one seed in Miami in appointing, but nobody ever as they are that didn't really count. It was the lack of season it all is gonna depended who wins the title and how many people wanted to scratch or not, which happens every season, so yeah, but they built in ways to do it. I'm de la either. One of those you have caused a huge problem in my circle of friends specifically said: Derec rose people with suggesting that the Derek injury should diminish the bronze title? So just one but you know that you are to blame for months of bad emails. Adamant diminish is the wrong word, well leave and brought it up that you even brought it up somehow gave another guy ammunition feel justified for terror that that's that's fine, I think this will, I think, will look at this as well
material now, if somebody gets hurt, so one of the key guys would say Leubronn like you know, he rips is fine muscle to games into the plastic and when I hope that does not happen, but subdivide dad then you're right, it's great theirs asteroids style excuses ready to pop out of this, but I like the fact that everybody has the same odds percentage chances to come out of this. If anything, a team, like the clippers Celtics teams that didn't have home court throughout the playoffs. I think this kind of weird they an advantage for them. You know they give you the south exe does it matter that you're through seed now it he's gonna matter, though, against Philadelphia. If it were, six in Philly who stuck on the road, the sheer right then now by God, I feel it. I didn't love Boston, even in the three six match up, considering fill it up to sit there and say actually believe in Philadelphia, a bit more than Boston feel stupid sail out. I just like that match for the Celtics, even though this
The six has had an awful, but that's one of the three that's one of the match up, so you go cable whatever you thought about it before all unless you're gonna do Philadelphia. Whenever there outside of the city of Philadelphia, is a mess you're gonna hold it against me even more like it's a good point, but I can just go in circles on Alan. I then people like having a back. I think we need it. I think the old sports is a distraction. Sports is the toy store. You feel in right now. You know it other I'd everywhere be happy now be happening anyway, but it still needs to have an escape, and I think three months there has been a lot of escape both not a lot of sports payment options, people trapped in their houses and apartments and condos wherever they live people who, In college, or either seniors at high school, her just stuck with their parents for three months: family,
that have like four five siblings, their seven people in a house on top of each other basque Buzz gonna help it's gonna be nice to have a back, Did you have any proposals that you didn't get too, because I saw a few going around my never picked up as much momentum as others. I wonder expanded to forty two teams. I know the malady to nine other math. Does it work? but it's gonna be a few Julie teams, We are going to have the Yankee all stars to see if they could be Kentucky Civil have Kentucky in there and in Alabama football was gonna, be an eight seed and they will have men and then you can women to see. If you can, women are ruining the sport, and so I want to go like forty. Forty two round Robin groups couple vague three themes: yeah, a big three team: in there, but they only play half core, so they have six. So three play off Anson and looked across three play defence, which does it make its innocence. I
but I was proposed without, but I also didn't want any charges as a social distancing and no high fives after missed free throws for social densest thing is to keep everybody safe and germ free. But what do you think about the one seed against the eighth seed is just up one, nothing. As the series starts, good, bye, mom good, with whatever the first series is being over the river. They ended as fast as possible of eye. It does kind of such firm lucky in the Lakers that they get. Nothing out of winning the conference, which is why one of things I was floated round was that they would get to pick them around on opponents and maybe even each round you pick you play, I'm not against them I think that would be really fun to monitor and watch and guess who their dude the slight stout,
matter that now that stuff. But you know, if I say you're, the Lakers and New Orleans gets the eighth seed and you're, just looking at it and you're, like you know at rather play Dallas want to play indoor toilets, will take, will just take out LUCA that'll, be nice too serious for us. We picked Alice. That would be an amazing I'd, be that guy just a little those like that would make this really fun. I know you don't mean you get nothing out of being the one seat because they get exactly we're talking about when you get to play the eighty. So yes core and in throughout that setting out of you guys, you get around one easy match up and really that's it. Ok I would already pick Memphis anyway, as are eight games behind the seventy seven, the standing but eight when six no loss columns, seven and then Milwaukee would be picking up
and do what should be fought like say say: it was just picking who you wanted to be an they picked, Brooklyn, thirty and thirty. Four who's, the seven seas, because a percentage points here over Orlando and then you're right like spite weak or resentment weaker. What I would like all the quotes and it'll be all the nets and they carry would give us an amazing quote me like. I can't believe they picked us back. I can you have thirty wince right, Why have you to they lose for one? So can you guys talk? get about all the resentment that you had cause we'd like to follow up on that Milwaukee goes haste. Ye think areas gonna play in the plants in there's like yeah. He is there. We take Brooklyn, we're happy. There were happened about other, I'm excited ever back and I've been really impressed. I know what I said that come in the bag verb silver, but I've been really
by every piece of how they ve handled it an hour. The owners are just really believe in him and our kind of like we trust you. You tell us how to do this in the prayers. Anything like what's happening in our country, right down, how it's almost a complete. Opposite is just kind of funny that did everything the NBA would be run better than the country. Can, I said, yeah now, that's that's But why is it feels a bit like the USA model, though they get the data white you're out there twenty years you doing it long enough in the people that love the you have see, we like all leaders but there's something he said it It might be like I want this guy to fight this guy in that's it. We're gonna have to sit there were the committee are today grid. I would think at some point the: U S c, reconfigured- that at some point we're wait a minute daylight just get the run, I don't know how many decades that would be for now. Imagine at some point will be some sort of push back where the fighters like we want more control and all this stuff is still feel so new, but that's what it feels it
The NBA owners deserve credit for just sing a silver. We empower you to figure this out. Granted to the difference between baseball's that basketballs not trying to figure out a new sea ba on the fly, which is what baseball's trying to do here with a fake deadline. Then it is virtually, can be real deadline and I wonder if Baseball deadline will pass and then maybe forty eight hours later, we actually have ball meaning baseball, but then I worry that some of the revenue sharing owners who were like look- I was getting ethic Marlins get seventy three million and one of the more recent years, just in revenue sharing from other owners. How hours even allow that stuff to happen in your sport is is impossible to me. But I guess is because your French, as are still worth money, but I've heard that some of those baseball owners there's a group is that we really want the game to come back because mainly be getting that red, reassuring that we're getting in the first place Basque, while doesn't have any that stuff asked whether the battery about that so and baseball. Has you know a decades long, acrimonious relationship between the players in the owners that
has not really got no better. Football has had the tendency where they just boy those guys to getting whatever they want or suddenly to be bullied? Yeah they, the prayers, just don't have enough leverage? They never can't, MRS season it if they were gonna. Mrs season, the map of what it like, Dominic Fox, were really matter. For me as I was basically trashing, I would say, trash the players. Basic man. You guys got smashed in OECD. Eighty get really resentful because he was on the committee and then he and I talked about it afterwards. Does it look? I still think you got smash, but now I completely understand what it's like. If you add up every guy, that's voting the ones it actually vote in the interval, which is kind of it pressing, but you had it all up and go. Swamps was to miss out on a full season for an increase that would be a few grand every check for the majority of us, like I'm, not doing not missing. If you up a member seizes worth of earnings just to make a little bit more
It was more about them. My checked it to have some these things fixed, like that one there never gonna win and the owners now it yet the owners are like hey. We have all the leverage like literally of it. So if you do you wanna put chicken with us and MRS season. Ok I guess I guess we're out we're all rich will be fun, and this is where I jump on the owners, baseball little bit here, though it's like just me, You own a business somehow in sports? It's like wait, you are, in tee to be profitable, like you're supposed to voice some law that was passed. The guarantees that you're always profitable all the time and theirs you need to be made of of saying a baseball, restaurant, as employees that are coming, and you're gonna have a really bad year, never bad here, but your restaurant, by the way is always gonna sell for profit,
it's never gonna go out of business. That's the part with every in baseball for bombast by were falls apart. Every time when they tie- and this was killing their own, exactly stern and two thousand eleven. With the whole, we lost a million dollars. I stared at your franchises, quadrupled since you bought it, to sell it that you don't know there's a lot of that. You have to make money every year, just sell the franchise. If you dont, like you, profit this year, it would be like bitching. About owning a mention in a really exclusive place, where the properties never lose value in saying Manny Electricity Bill chilled us this year. Ok, ok, yes, your electricity! ok, then you can, if it's too expensive, to have the lights on then oh. It at a massive profit. Sell your house.
I remember when those guys bought the box that a lot of people like they have a lot of friends all over the place, but it would be bought the box and then it became the whole thing of you know if we don't get a state id. But not sure they can be worth it. It's like you just forget about them, put why you buy that if he was so condition to the stadium within then they're holding you know that possible relocation thing there lording it over Wisconsin and then they get help with their new rid of me to other Billy there's. Then they get yacht S and the investment triples you know, could they sell their bucks fur, maybe with the pandemic, who the fuck knows, but could they saw the bucks for three, so they paid for probably if the new already artists was gonna, be there in both the new anti. Yet the news media. Isn't gonna be some disaster in five years, so I
I don't see that. What was that any honest is gonna, be there thing I noticed you just do that in their pretty emphatically. I just think the cap, the thing that has not been discussed because there's so much other stuff to discuss is just cite the cap's gonna go down and it can be a possible for these guys to switch teams unless they actually put in some sort of rule to allow it to calves. Gonna go backwards, yard ass, makes out of here. Side for years, twenty five billion, but if he was gonna jump to you say a Miami in the as european I got, my aim is gonna carve out all this caps uniform. Now it's a good luck. There not be able to do that, so you could recent with blocky for more may, then you may now or year really activate can make their money anywhere. It's unless it's a team that has no cap space but be taking be taking up half of it with what you wanted to make like it's gonna be disaster. They they're gonna, have to
probably come up with some sort of amnesty type, idea that not where you get rid of the guy, but maybe you designate one guy your cap, who just doesn't count like for the south, accept like hey words on our team, but his cap figure just doesn't count, and our cap, the sheer and each team, as Washington have John Wall. Ok see would have Chris Paul is just like these guys just down in the cap. That's the only way you would even be able to have a normal for agency. My opinion: did you just use the pandemic for an to, hopefully about out the Celtics cap situation. No, the cat, suffix cap situation, solid, I'm just trying to spend this money, I wouldn't have that. Look, I'm not you write about this cap thing if it were just not ready for it yet because yeah we're not above advice but to rule out anyone changing because a cap going in the opposite direction. I'm not ready to do that as I still think people can always get creative.
If they want, if they, if they know the guy's coming, there's there's ways. I still believe that there be waged exit something and unable to grant a viral video that might have said, but we need tough but the opposite direction. You're talking about they're, going to make sixty five percent as much money as they would have the year before and its directly tied to how they create the cap. It makes a way are not arguing that I just don't. I don't ever like being in of the mindset and like some transaction is impossible, because any to every time we ve said that with this leak await my happen at the end as they will be a thing And by the way, I really loved when had the amnesty and oh five and eleven, but that was a much more negative amnesty but like when the wizards Amnesty Andrei, blacks, right after that extended arm in the night
screwed up, because then I amnesty yes, because you got a good guy, will talk about him in the redrafted. Oh yeah, that's a good guy. Did Hicks Ex embassy the wrong guy there. This it was just like this other divide. This new device for tv hide out, mirror that is they especially a group of GM's and we'll get through this, because it's a really great voice, because I went back and looked to the after. We were talking about it. We're usually a lot of these GM's never were GM's again air was another thing where it was like. How are you gonna screw? This up really going to find a way to like you're, not good with the cap. You lose trade. You can't draft oh, and by the way you have this other thing that you to decide how to use it, and you not do that right either it is screw. That is why I will, where we're going to take a break in and throw it through. The redraft was we take this on Thursday, which is why were much better mood than we were today. But thanks are thanks for listening to us today
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if that come such be a sympathetic to, I simply say that come slash. Be estimates show that you know they that Dado our show sent you are in the region festivals is coming up and just so you know Raziel, and I we really debated whether we should run this in this podcast today and where we landed was this. We had a lot of fun tape in this a few days ago. It's a really fun draft to dissect, but of all those things and better a pretty heavy last few days, and we thought you know what we're just gonna put this on air and if it takes your mind off, suffer an hour plus thence bit otherwise listen to it at your own leisure, but we just that it is better to put it out now and you can listen to it whenever you want to hear it as the redrafted. Ulster survive eyed. The two thousand five redraft bulls. To me. This is the Chris Paul draft. This was when I was
really still watching a lotta college basketball and it became clear pretty early that Chris Paul wasn't going to be one of the top two picks and it made no sense. It was alive. I have a draft ire for from that year were repeatedly said how large go was even more logical. Was that Marvel Williams who was coming off his freshmen or software you had second member, but didn't start for them and he went ahead a Chris Paul, and all of this has really done. This is, in general, really dumb. Arafat MBA lad a bad jams. This is, A year later I wrote the atrocious GM summit for page too. There are so many, jams and I think about this draft and I just think about mistakes and bad moves. What's your first thought, when you think of two thousand and five I have a lot of stuff that I got wrong in this draft law Chris Paul out. One of I loved Chris Paul, I loved his edge. That's that
the big thing and it still probably one of the most important things for me where I was see how much you care, not to the point where I would you know draft a four year five year senior who hasn't run, it Michigan State over a top prospect that bet Dick my tell argument every year and the draft may still would let him do it used to drive me apps. Really crazy, you know you could do is key Logan's ran like how do you keep boat is going around in your like look, I know you love college, and I know you love the guys who stay a million years and all its staff- and this is actually not the way it works out where you could think James are dumb, but the thing they don't get wrong is take younger players, a set of older players yet their mistakes, but the reason they keep taking the younger players because are trying to get stars and generally that's the way it works. And if you not some rock star at twenty to twenty three years or gradual college, you knock maternal when it be a superstar, so the bogus part were member we're still, the big man world and that's what hurt Chris Paul, even though that this
thing at the top, which I know you want to get too. But I love that Paul had attitude in its an attitude that there's a lot of people off now, but I knew like this guy's a fighter and I loved him yet at the time I still would go, or I will bogus this really active, big centre, and you need centres which sounds funny to say now, but that was just the way business was done back then and and had had a really nice run as only a fresh me you, see when he came out. So I think there is a few like the unknown of Marvin? Was still better than a six foot point guard, which again ends up being a massive mistake that's why Paul ended up going, worry, went and free, like pre advanced metrics too, because even if you just look look look a college, that's is pretty dumb most of the time. But if you look at his college stats
he placed two years: awake forests, tough conference, his fifty seven in five, basically in his second year, both years three point line. Forty six point: five and forty seven point four he's just like statistically just looks like a cat miss than the text backs up woods fascinating. Is he punch Julius Hodge in the bars and their game, and I think it go and something of a of a bad rap like he was some sort of case, which leads us to part two of the inexplicable decision to pay so Chris Paul will cover Atlanta later, but it number three Portland is sitting there and Chris calls on the board wherever you know fate, certainly don't have a point guard you'd want to write home about. This is a signature guy that they could just built around, trade down and the between the lines of why they traded down was they wanted a character gather coming off the whole jail blazers era, and you read the quotes that they set about Martin
star who's, the guy they traded down. Three spots, foreign. It's all like he's a great kid he's. Real he'll, be a real asset to the community and all this stuff, and meanwhile that coup turned out to be a bigger asset to the community and great kid all that stuff than Chris Paul. You know who is one of the best people you can build a franchise so that part of it is amazing. Do member that, though it was that it was like he had a little bit of a stigma: yeah felt like. I was even overstated, though, at the time, because you know this is very early on in me getting any Intel from people and it wasn't like Chris. Was this bad guy like you? Would I have both talk to enough people over the years of doing this, where there is a lesson and even share, and all the time you might just kind of in Ireland. Billy man is latitudes around this guy that people don't really like in it. It's sort of rang that wasn't really the case for Chris and that's fine took as you go, wait a minute. So what's the knock on him as a community guy
Who then other has nothing to do with it? The negative she would be so he's feisty yet or should he does? That I think, is annoying. I dont like when he backs into bigs in transition, and it gets the call and then he's one of my favorite players of the modern generation. I actually think he's underrated. I think he gets dumped on all the time because he doesn't have the playoffs. Can I get it? I get those Knox against them, but the Knox of a person outlining its like. Actually, the the nasty This is really all in a competitive arena. It's not that he's this horrible dude Auraria campus, so that I remember the video of being A video of it was John NASH Portland at the time it was Paul Alan and they thought like they had pulled the biggest coup ever by adding draft capital and going back can taking a mortal Webster who I'll tell you out of high school teams, did love because the eyes in the shooting and you thought here we go, but the funding, his nice guy thing
be led into him, just not having the edge that Chris Paul has where he still in all star. Fifth, in years later, which is always even better when you do look back at these drafts, you go fifteen years and look at how he's lying and how many these other guys I've been out of a league for five years, do remember the trade yeah they move. They move from three. Six and then they add two other. First, they picked up a late, two thousand and eight or two thousand and five pick, and it picked up a two thousand and six pick the three guys Portland to trade at a number three in trade down for Webster forsakes. They get Webster, Linus Kleiza and then in two thousand six Joe Freeland. The lesson is always dont trade down in the NBA draft ever under any circumstances, now going backwards, we'll go to bug later cause, that's a whole supper conversation at
the clock to they have our Harrington. They picked Josh met the year before they have just shoulders so technically three forwards, kind of hybrid, three Fleming hours, that's really by the way, like I'm a with multiple position. Guys, if you think this is the best player, just go ahead and take me figure out, that's real wing specific likelihood of getting this aim. I mean children live in a country and no point out so Chris Paul, the obvious peg take marvel whims and then a year later they take Sheldon Waves over Brandon Roy, so Billy date was just determined to take every forty possibly could day he gets fired. Never Works again, the thing that got me with Marvel lambs from the gecko was the not starting at you and say
and you know it's not it's not like. This was one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and grant hill at Duke one thousand nine hundred and ninety grand old, Duke or something. This is my two thousand and five college basketball just isn't as good as it used to be, and if you're supposed to the top three guys in the draft and you're, not one of the best five guys in your high on your college team. Its alarming he gets taken, some quotes from J Bilious skies the limit unbelievably long, an active athletic, the real deal, the complete package, active bouncy, athlete really long wingspan of about seven for three and then he said the thing that makes special is his range as a shooter, and then did the draft era, the only thing missing was couldn't start for his college team. Should it open red flag buried instead for his couch, the USA, us I meant to say no it was Sean may wish advocates Joe
Williams, who was a senior really lanky forward? Who still get you some buckets and Raymond Felton, whose a topic to, and then you know when I look back at that, team there. It was a really good, deep team that one a national championship and beat a really good Illinois team. So it wasn't like he wasn't starting. On some twenty win. Fifth seed twelve team. I don't mean to do that. The big twelve is diminishing, but you're your freshmen it's: U N! C! It's loaded! It's got older players. It's got a group there, that's what for five programme industry, another gotta, get a cup of coffee they're, just gonna go enough top my head, the boy problem with the Marvin Williams thing is: he has the drew Gooden Body deal where, when I watch drew Gooden Kansas I thought drew given was gonna, be a different player until then his ask at so. Egg. Then he became this rebounding like he just got sick and away. Where are you ok
when it drew garden. Is gonna, be taken people off the drivel, Jus goodness not, could be some kind of slasher he's gonna be a big body box. You out his bodies going to develop in a different way and it was like Jack was bad. He just dragons of specific thing for me, where I go his body morphed his game to match the body and when I say ass and hips like that's what drew had Marvin. Because he was a freshman any skinnier. I think we all tricked ourselves and just like Bill of says, is the think he was going to this flashing kind of create off the dribble guy and very quickly he started. Being out way where he was gonna, be glued to the ground a little bit more, and I still think we're in this kind of combination. Think so, I think, is body type in what it ended up becoming was as big of influence on what his game developed into. First of the high ceiling version, we thought he was gonna beat. That's where I was wrong with marble. That's that's actually have fun separate podcast to be, as is guy, says, bodies
came untenable for what they are supposed to be its basketball players, because speak weird bodies that Chris Paul also weird body but made at work. I do not see him in person. He's got a huge ass, but is able to have all this speed. Marble age was the opposite. Big ass, big legs, but just didn't have the same athleticism that happened at their way. I'm still I sat up there we're stuck for way, no plan, as you like, as he oh yeah I was. I was always Derek waves were, will cover that later redrafted buzz. I I just said Extra for rate Derrick Williams. No don't look up. I didn't think it was going to be out of the league that quickly. If I look it up, something happened. There's I'm going to look it up cuz. I think he shot sixty percent from three in college in college in that second year,
the guidelines that cause he also came through in March bad as too, but I just thought he was like the stretch for everybody was gonna need going forward into the two thousand tense two years in Arizona second year, ten eleven he's twenty eight in an assist and untrue attempts from three a game he shot. Fifty seven percent. And made him bigger ones. I learned man says again yeah and I'll. Never forget you mean that's just simple. I mean you don't have to be anti the next. But you just got ok, while you can shoot the three like you wouldn't ever do a scattered report. I mean going struggles to shoot when you shoot fifty seven percent in Europe for but I remember guys, go and like ok. Well, you know maybe I'll shoot. Thirty, five, thirty, six nine member arguments are people being legal if he did it in college vacated and like it already, probably again, not gonna shoot fifty seven percent, so I don't I'll lay people for being wrong about aeroplanes. Do you have certain guys that you're just like? Even
oh, it's a loss, I refuse to admit defeat cause, I'm still that way with both Kimball. I still feel like different different team. Plays at a different way. I still feel like he could have been a twenty point, a game score. I don't know why it didn't happen, but I still feel like it should have feel that way about dark lamps. I don't know why it didn't happen. Arab answers, but I think it should have happened wherever he goes to Minnesota we're team, weird coach, too many forwards, the whole thing and then just kind of losing confidence, and that's it stay back- yeah? No. I definitely have guys like tat, and you even mentioned one today on Twitter or this past week, Robert Swift oh yeah, you that you're, like that you own, some Roberts were stack. There was a a smiling grannie back me up today with it too there is a window of pre huh, was squatting. Robert Swift, where you saw it come together and people use that
I think you are trying to do. It is an anti ange thing and I was caught surprised out of you. It was a little. It was a little anti age for your brand yeah. I have some regrets. You know, what's and to ensure data characters. Sometimes it does about perfect. It's more age has to non trades that really really really helped him out, and I think that Swift one, if that happens in Swift, is a disaster Eric about the scholar, brainy hiring and the rate of France. Trade are that's, thereby either you just gets fired. Cosette! That's now answer Annabelle Sebastian Tell Fair was another one like, but he gets out the gets big I'll be hours at these good enough that he can for from pre cagey we're off. You know at the window, things and other I'm because then they don't get jail and brought out of the window thing they give up for pigs for that bit quit. A marble lambs. Can I
One thing that, though, I'm sorry I do that to you. There are people in boss, the thought, the Iris India was closer, getting done, the not getting done, and if the Irish and deal happens, the Garnett deal doesn't happen and then you get get him for two years and nine in you have Iverson at the end in a new you're not doing as is raising a banner. Although the answer the thing is always so when you did, I was Callicoon smells a little anti anguish for bill, not narrow edge. It's not as bad as yet they all time? Worse, as I did, a radio show one day with Chris Broussard and he wanted Do. I say actually better than age, and I was like Chris, we arena commotion, Rick, I'm like do you honestly want to do this debate with me, because I have a masters degree and ASEAN Thomas messing up there studied at the college Simmons. Here I go. That you may not like age and you're gonna bring up a couple things, but this to be so devastating to you that you may not get resigned by ESPN, and I dont know that. I want to do that because I, like you Chris,
I just say that if they had made the Iverson trade, I think there's a rode back to the subjects making the o seven finals. I think I think I wake the league think I like the league, was in O seven, where Leubronn makes it with one of the worst teams you ever had like the latte West was might have been. This Can best guide the o seven calves, it was just the league was wide open that year and if you had Pearson Iverson plain well, gather, which is like mediocre teammates that might have been for no seven will study the peat people. Fifty years, Ruby studying the two thousand seventies wondering what thou happen, How that the brandy made it look round was like twenty two things here. What about is eat? The pistons, though I mean what the broad did against the pistons. I was It's a half a ring. She countess half a ring or was that patients team
If, on the other side, do you know because at that point bone whilst is gone and are now quickly a marble lambs? You played thirty six games and eight hundred minutes for North Carolina. He took nineteen threes out of n forty four threes made nineteen. He average eleven point three points and six point: six rebounds again. If you look at his actual career, he average ten point three points at five point: two rebounds again So just is weird: I worked out anyway. That was the disasters pick because I think, if you so, if they had taken Chris Paul and no five Here's the other thing that happened to them that summer, the hawks that was when they traded Joe Johnson. They traded to first round picks, conceivably, they could add Joe Johnson Chris Paul and Josh Smith, and then you, We also missed out, on the whole Chris Paul Josh Smith, Alley thing, which would have completely review
Josh Miss career. So it's a good whatever Then you got a number three Utah's, smartly trades, that they steal. This pick from Portland and you're. Thinking to take respond. They take their labs, wait. What do you remember that. At that time I felt I thought that was the mistake, but that when team was so good- and I also remember remember, as they had the three guards it was, Williams there had re Frank Frank lamps was the now Frank Williams was later he was lit their head. Looking ahead of their staff, whose the third one damn it I'm gonna have to now do this. I enjoyed Luther head for about five six seven years. Their Chris poverty. Stairway aims became a real bascombe argument alone, the lives of emmets may bear Sanders things that people are in separate camps. I was always in the Chris Paul camp. I never left. I was
or threatened even with their lamps, had more policies and success early on I just, though, is that Chris Paul was better with worse teammates. I really thought we dare limbs in situ, in Utah was really. I see a good players random, almost immediately in a real success and then actually it became a non argument because, for reasons were it's a waiter dare waves, is career tales off a really unusual way that I still don't have an explanation for he goes from is one of the five or six buys guards and the whig for a while and then is completely wrong. And it happens almost overnight and I still don't understand what happened. I couldn't believe the pic was Luther head De Brown. De Brown. Reality Brad forget that again. I don't want to do that. Now we ve looked at their careers and one guy
was done at twenty nine and Chris Paul still making all star games and say that yeah. This is a dumb argument. It was a dog argument when it was happening, and I really think the key were only Utah jazz fans and then everybody else. There may have been a couple people here there that, unlike response but to argue, the daring Williams, was the better point guard during those peak Dern Williams years versus Chris Paul Peak years was embarrassing and wrong and Tis like all will Paul, didn't, have the same plant success. What did Williamson one year or they get smoke by the Lakers. The western covers finals, whatever don't they made the seven western files and then they got smoke by the spurs they one five play officers in two years, which is that's that nothing. You know, and you have you look at whims. We remain as well just do this now Williams from two thousand and seven to two thousand and thirteen is nineteen in ten.
All his percentages are solid. It makes to second team bs in the play I've just for you tie these vizors career stats. Twenty one in ten forty eggs, forty eighty percentage. What's so, that's that's about his high level as you're gonna get from a point so lay there was some legitimacy to it. The problem is you really think Oh, I know realizing there's legitimacy to having the argument. I just thought it was absurd. You look at Christmas career. I mean that it still gone before. First, he Bobby's three. Second scented third for his career even now, and has advanced stage she's. Basically, nineteen and ten his percentages ridiculous. Twenty five p m, for his careers. A hundred and eighty one shares what's whipping it about him is how friendly here with advance have friendly. He is too the advanced metrics, the advanced metrics like him as much as any basketball, I've had. Whatever he's doing the advanced metrics are like this is our guy. We love this guy.
Our because he can shoe any, even though is you It is not like peak Westbrook or some other stuff. Other stuff he's just efficient across the board. He just is but back then, because and I'm looking through it again. They beat the Rockets that seven game series They lost either by way of labourers. I'm sorry about Williams here, but the fact that in two seven. So a couple years later, you're right they lose in the five games. The spurs they had a good series Lakers in o a and then there is the other series with the Lakers in two thousand ten, where they got swept and their couple. The games Lawson and by me again they stood at swept do they might well it was they took them we believe warriors which Baron was a little bit injured by that point. But that was stole a judgment when the warriors had so much momentum and it really seem like we're far warriors spurs files. Then you tat, gonna, showed up through that everyone wanted worries. Let worrier spurs is that this fantastic,
I guess I have you like I'm doing that thing where I have to beat up another guy. I just I was so. This is one of those arguments where I was so frustrated by because I generally what we're doing is reduced argue about Utah fans, and the irony of this is that once Daring Williams was gone, no one, talk here anymore, They were arguing that he was better than Chris. Paul is just the way it works at its very similar to the irony of the Chris Paul now being on the thunder thing, we're all thunder fans would argue, Russell Westbrook all day long Chris Paul and then they get all of this Westbrook and they get Paul for a year. And now every thunder fans like how really ok, yeah! I like this is what it's like to have a guy, you kind of trust and lay possessions. Oh, this is actually kind of awesome, so you know I'm sure, there's jasmine. Still hang out there and Dern Williams had a really good for a five year run, but even his best for a five year run wasn't as good as pause. Less you're going to sit there and skew everything, because I know I really know the counters. I just I believe Chris Paul exists as amazing Hall of Fame player that because of certain
answers, some that he can help. Somebody can't is going- having this terrible play off resume, and I do believe that battle and where, where some players, I go, that players, a loser and another player I'll, be like Chris Paul. Wasn't a loser me, but he just ended up how winning, when I had I don't know if you know this, but I to be a writer in my call, which year the late two dogs and stuff. Yeah yeah, some stuff for espn dot com. I the dabble in it and I used to have I followed the Chris Paul their way of thinking the Utah offence because they lose their fuckin minds. A loser might like militant look, and I They pointed my flag in like a true trolling way with my car might that, but that was the one where I couldn't resist, and I had this calm in two thousand eight like four weeks into the season, so it was
questions, question nine was: is there a dumb argument in sports and crisp are daring way? It's, which is the theme I said so I wrote I argued before the season passionately that Paul is in a different league and turn myself a few desperate SALT Lake City area for exactly stay classy it that those two But it's like the rest of us are making this up, because idea has been an o six. It was dealing with the same stuff on the radio show. It was a go fuck yourself, so that era check out the two thousand nine stats through four weeks Andrews Chris Paul was twenty and twelve but waves of his hurt. So waves stats, relax, seven points He says he I played by two games and then, as I that's a landslide, can we stop arguing about this clear? a job at the? U tat their rights by their waves, the what it was I always find it they're so anyway, Chris Paul adds up winning that and when he fall
to New Orleans at number for an incredible moment, because this is sickly, a draft with three signal. Guys, I'm including Bogot and then had dropped. Off a little into this Barbara lambs. Who knows? Are these guys gonna make it in New Orleans, the centre piece for ever and then responses falls into their lap was clear when it happened. This is like wow. This is gonna, be a transformative pick, especially as now he has the chip on his shoulder. So all that happens. The bogus thing. We knew this is bad when it happened. I actually would argue that he's probably turned out a little bit better than maybe our expectations were by two thousand and five. We had such a shit detector fur centres going too high in an mba draft who had some flaws, it was it your time and with it
I'm so I wrote quote, I thought he was going to be the next. When he ten until last week, when I found it, He was only twenty years old. Now, I'd like to upgrade that prediction to the poor man's bike, Schimanski, that's what I wrote that weakened the draft. I thought I was going to bust. What did you think I did not? item I did now. Then I, like Marvin Williams too much. I like Martell, Webster too much, and I've got a couple other, MRS, that we're gonna get too. But I liked Bogot because going back and look at it that stuff, he just he's in a smaller offence, and we saw it later on at the end of his golden state years, this guy just kind of understood what needed to be done all the time and by a SEC year, your realising achase twelve in almost ten, and he still got percentage like there's? Just all these numbers, you're going. Ok, Amy's that dominate like a toy Howard back in those times.
He is not going to this hall of Fame Center, but this guy really smart, he's really productive and he was so good on defence for help stuff, but he was. He was really smart and understood kind of. Like I hears Simon now. But what can I work? How can I cheat? How can I do some this in the stuff he was doing old State when he's actually healthy, which is a huge problem with his whole career but bug it was. Be really good. If he doesn't his arm shatter in TAT way? I think it's a marice dynamiters, thirteen, all NBA, which I had forgotten about and so Ghana redraft you still have to factor in. He couldn't stay healthy from that moment on, but he was if healthy, he was trending for the guy was gonna, make, I think, a lot of all star games. Two thousand aids. As the lebanese fourteen intend, with two point: one: blacks game: thirty modded, two thousand ten, the defense was the underrated,
to him, he was a very good old school defensive Santer when he could move around and he could use both was arms correctly and date. The issue with him just keep it among the court. The elbow injury was a fluke, but then it was ass. I kept for getting how bad it kept getting after that yeah it s all kinds of should happen. What I about him was defensively. He could be the anchor and then pensively. He wasn't. He eat at the assistant back it up as much as I thought, but I always thought he had a nice feel for the game, the moving and that's what you got it did so well golden state. I don't know if he could have been the best player on the title team, but I think he could have been the second best He had stayed out there and now is way more than I thought was expecting in o five and it's too bad. That's it underrated. Sucking injury because again twenty in this draft, and he did like? You know he ended up having leg issues later, but that other thing is a fluke that could have
there any player in the leg, and it's just just a bummer. So we have that. We I mention this was the last draft with high school picks, that's right, General Greene Jerry agreed, Martell, Webster and then the most. As for what are these guys, Lou Williams I got it through the sack around whose I think still like twenty seven is all even even though has been the for sixteen years and then There are the other major supply, which was just kind of amazing on, during which one hundred black now the Granger thing was incredible. Is happening because he was really good in college and he so clearly so Literally, an mba where it was just like this is exactly the type of Blair whose succeeds
I thought he was going to go like in the sixty nine range and what I'm doing the draft. When I did the draft Eir, you could see me I'm just going nuts as it's going along, Rob Babcock the Toronto GM, who drafted rat raphia regime with two thousand forever? I drank of dollar famously covered that one in when it takes Jarley Charlie villain, a waiver with his top ten pick already had Chris Boss, had already taken a ratio. The year before says fuck. It passes on Granger and then he's up again at sixteen Granger still on the board It is. I gotta I like this Joey, Graham Gonna, take him so paddock Toronto passes and twice twice the other thing. That's amazing. The Lakers end clippers pass him the Lakers take by them
Which will get too with the tenth peck? He was seventeen years old to your ninety pants centre, and this was at a time when they just missed the plants and copies just past. That is teammates aren't good enough the whole thing, and then they take this guy who's, the three or proper. Everyone's, I got they're gonna trade Kobe if they taking Granger on top of and kept Koran Butler who they are four clammy brown and they already had Odom, that's actually a pretty, foundation, right, Granger, Odom, Koran, Butler and Kobe, but they fucked it up form and somehow Mitch subject as again either the buying something pays off later, I guess I'd. Rather at Danny Granger, I'm not going to knock Mitch for buying him cuz. He had the division to go ahead and take this kid who is like
four kind referred, I mean it is barely were supposed to go. Yukon, there's always these stories, but I gather scows was together like ok, but he didn't so right. What are we doing here? I would give the lake in which credit for taken bind him there, instead of greater upgrade your falling, it didn't make any sense in. I was at the Celtic Strasbourg at night. I was doing lie broadcast for the Celtics radio Station and the degree your falling thing on my oh, my god, he's gonna, follow the Celtics he's gonna follow Celtics like this is incredible. He goes at once pop a forum in greater has a five year run. That's awesome, like its awesome, we're Talkin twenty plus is too five or one of those seasons. It is exactly what would want before the injuries it just take. Em over and an apology. George comes out of the scene too but I was so excited hoping that they're gonna get him, and then I had heard like when General Greene was still there in danger. Goes there like, ah shit like now. What are we gonna? Do? It was like a last minute, there's a better story that do you know the story. Y know two versions of the story and it ended up. Will you tell?
There's an I'll tell mine is minds, mind sucks for me cigarette, I heard there. The phone with bird who's running Indiana, because there, though they were moving up, I think for a green assuming Granger was gonna go to Toronto at sixteen and their talk in Toronto takes gram and bird starts laughing is like I gotta go. We just got data greater up because they are both sides at that. Toronto is tat and am then Indiana like will were not taken a high schooler. So boss was gonna foot picks of them. I think it throw in something and and then the dainty Granger thing happen, so that doesn't sound like that's a made up story. No, that's pretty good. I like that realistic. What was your story? I ended up. Do a tv
I'm confusing years, I'm confusing the owl Jefferson. So as the year of Yes Ange Age liked me, he was unbelievable excise to play hoops at their facility, but not not actual teen part of it. There are connected open. It was near exports covered with his boss. Sports club is in welfare, and one of my fair things in the world do would be like african offer work. I would just go in shut up and in every now and then, like somebody, miss others have walked by could be connecting offices and they'd make fun of my jumper. You know what I am going to The hard and your post work, do you like thirty, and no one cares and did you not playing against any by ESA? What what's your Paraguay added above the rib yeah like theirs, like who's. This loser working at his post footwork, unlike pretending, somebody's guarding them because no one was an age. Would it would the up, and he was often to make as if it was a before the draft. We talk by some players. He would just straight up a biblical. What about like Rocco Lenny you get should be like lobbies. There are forty. Five is gonna, be there forty six year. That would be that. I remember that was the one, but I wouldn't I did.
If he was the Jefferson Pick now remember and somebody from the team. It said hey whenever we look at high school players. We want them to have this high this length, this rebounding rate, there's like all these boxes that you have to check. So I Tv was like well, you know, Celtics, look at it high school kids. They gotta check these boxes in age, habitable, seeing it in an angel. Somebody else in this step is by the way who told you that thing what we do a high school guys. I was like I'm not gonna, tell you who else told me, but he's like angels laughing at you, watching that in the back room being like He was like wires reseller talk like who. Why would he say that, like I don't and what you don't realize until you get older? Is that just because somebody works for a team, it doesn't mean that the guy making decision listens to everybody else in the team friend. If there's one thing you ve learned about age over the years, which I am sure you have two as it you can work with age. You can be on the staff but age. Ultimately, does whatever he wants to do. Any. Doesn't always share everything with a staff, so I run the ringer. It is, but it made me look like an idiot and honestly, I was just young in it,
official had said these are some the think it was even like with some big secret. It was just. These are some of the things we look force. Songs, like that's cool I'll, go Can I share that gets not a big deal and was the out Jefferson Pick, but the green pick. I have one other thing from that out, I know a rambling here, but you like this idea. Argo went ninth to golden State, yeah ike. An old school, he avis just thirty years too late in nineteen. Seventy two- as a good careers in the week for eleven years, so Perkins and the Lahti we and all those guys that had just been drafted the year prior right or two years. Yet they came out because the Celtics put on this massive party at this facility- and it was a great spread tonnes of food and perk indolently- come out
and start loading up on food. The agony, they're not dressed up at all there just like grab trays, loaded up of food and let's go in the back and get out like when I hear do the meeting grad sake, pictures by the way. That's what nephew Kyle that Ringer parties say move, say, live it's perfect. The gear but how young these guys are an idea. Argos night and perk is right. Next to us, but he's watching like the ESPN, feed and perk goes. Boy went lottery, his game is due but he was dead look on his face, so damn body, park as I read it, it is looking to delay Yo boy boy went lottery, boy went large yo, he has. His game is due to Doo do any of you just he was couldn't believe.
That idea argument night than your right, great scattered report from Burke I do the August Another doo doo guy in this draft was framed Vasquez I can I cannot emphasise strongly enough how bad the gems were in the mid two thousand before the inn. Really, rather than the shape and started buying bad decisions. Orlando took frame Vasquez Eleventh, did realize he was staying in Europe. Also did It is terrible. So I mean that was it. Data Granger PIG there. Dwayne Howard, they easily could have added daily Granger to all the guys that the two thousand and magic easily and they took frame Vasquez its of amazing. They made the finals in oh nine anyway, with all the mistakes. Oda Psmith bade over that five years stretch. Wasn't above the now and at their who is the Orlando GM before Otis, if it still Gabriel yeah yeah
Gabriel. I think it that are we sure. Let me let us make sure. What's let's say both of them were terrible, we cover I dunno Otis is like another level of escape. What did he do? He gave Louis a hundred TED Billy I ve, never give up cut one more thing about this Big pictures now wait a minute wait, a minute, Gabriel. Gone by then Gabriel was during a nineteen game losing streak during the o three or four season, so that was out us congrats out a sky. Add something to the Fran thing, though I'm jumping you here, but it needs to be repeated what you just said this isn't there one. Fifty nine air fell draft were a dead guy gets drafted in the twelfth round. This is too Two thousand and five the internet's been running now for a while, you re in in your door
things, somebody in the lottery who never plays in NBA minute. Let's, what's actually go, what's look at people that the draft, so they can get a feel for walking us first get Atlanta Second, marble lambs Utah third trades at their lambs, Chris biogas forth to New Orleans Raymond felt in goes to Charlotte five, which we were all fine weather, the type Webster to Portland Sex Toronto takes Charlie, though every seventh, the next on the clock at a in the draft. Our I read the new most exciting words and sports are the next round. The clock, as I say, is running their drafted. This point they take Channing fry. Which turned out exactly how. I think we all thought I was gonna turn out, but they pass a greater, which is hilarious. Gone state takes idea good number, nine, just it. Basically just a complete mess. Lakers take bind him at ten vast
as goes eleven Orlando and then the clippers around the clock had twelve with a good team, a team, that's about to be a title, contender the of five or six clips, and they take yourself you're a slob core alive overboard Asia, who a kind of like I kind of like them yeah. I still. I still was susceptible to the Chad. Ford flew Yad the foreigner send. This is not an anti Chad thing. We both love Chad, I'm goin. Our Chad is pot at some point here soon, but there is I didn't hate Europe. Europe love correlates length, while Taylor, as I mentioned, every time we did the redrafted buzz. I got my clipper sees tickets enough four and got to know some of the people behind the scenes when they did this pact there? I, like that, Don't levies, guy done levies, convinced he's gonna, be you know transformative guy for us and, as you know, has been good, Dana Granger
very aware that that guy's got so you have and then even better Sean mangoes fourteen. I'm sorry thirteen Charlotte. So you know it's just like we do everybody here we're just taken you and see guys were the cancer. Is the head case of this draft. He goes Tina, Minnesota and now the Danube and your thing has reached a point: where I'll go and does this guy? Is there something wrong with him? Did he commit a crime? We don't know about those. You fail a drug test like what's happening. New Jersey, it should be mentioned- have Vince Carter and Jason kid and Richer Jefferson and are like contender, but there in the max there, one guy away from being really interesting day pass a grander they began to write Toronto passes him up again takes show a gram. Any adds up following to Indiana Seventeen so limited that than none of this made as it was happening. The other reason people in MBA, Sir,
goes really like. This draft is ambiguous love drafts, where there's a lot of value late and if you look at this draft from the twenty fifth pick on baby. Twenty Eightth Pick. Yamaha goes twenty eight David Legos, thirty brain bass. Thirty we see J miles. Thirty four areas play. Soba three. Thirty, six hundred thirty seven Monti Alice forty Lou Williams, forty three, those are like NBA players I just listed, draft. They went twenty eight or later and merry made relying gums pleading. I rang arms a mere Gabby and got a mere johnson. I mean when you started some of the advanced stuff on this draft glass like a mere jobs and keeps popping up towards the top zone they get on the reader my arrival. Well, I'm not just get it Mary. Self, for the intellect is a mere jobs and played a million years. Does he still not as impact with some other guys, Mikhail Gelato, who I love breakin
Now this is what I started getting access to the euros to when I watch him on my own, and I was like this- Ella Gray eyes his fun lotta Chris, tat. I think I may I had a little Chris TAT stock from pit even. We need in the guy we, so we still have gotten up given up on later or if you loved Orient Green couple years, no doubt bitten can shoot. I like my guards to be able to shoot so from when share standpoint. Your lot doubles the next eyes toward of anyone else in this draft Shockingly Marcin Gore thought six times when shares of anyone in this trap. We covered everything, so I'm monopoly. That is sixth, I well I don't. It is that, in order to get into your topic or tat, comes out of this higher he's party better, be in your lottery. He has to be in your lottery and the redraft here I feel like there was one other
story out tonight. There's right away. We might imagine him. He went fifty seventh from a comedy standpoint. We mention the latter that funny I wrote New Orleans when Chris Paul get drafted New Orleans, happily grabs Chris Paul at the fourth pick, partly because he's the best part in the draft, partly because he's one of the four piece draft who can handle playing in New Orleans, which turned out to be true from a comedy standpoint. Stu Scott interviewed their lamps and finishing you by saying, by throwing back to make begun saying MIKE seven. Tattoos on this man still character of the time character and airwaves is kind of like what FUCK and Catherine that I still don't know at what happened. There so we do it. So we that Stern couldn't learn the name and it wasn't like it was
love corollary. It was derail and it's just forever. Ever I still say Dhahran as a joke right John NASH explained the Webster thing here is an actual coat. First of all, we think we took it out. Steady young man is a terrific character submitted at the committee report that could be proud of, in addition to a very good player so you know, you're in trouble and when you have a top six pack, basically in his character, one reason and then the only there really funny when they had a must improve in the four and five Yeah me him. They were twenty Eightth and his most his most improve was, must improve overall skills, not wrong. Not wrong. Now. Can I add to the John NASH thing, because Johnny Ass, who had These are to be nice to me after I made an eighty six Sixers joke draft, an expense
on a tv show at the same time and every it was everybody was. It was so nasty of me to do it. That people on the set were like woe, dude, and then I thought I'd NASH. He was like look there's things you don't understand. This is why we did this trade, whatever of the case, still traded, the number one pick and or you could add, Barkley MRS Malone Brad in front line and instead added it having ghetto I don't think I'm wrong, but he made an explanation. Is: is cool Paul Alan? I believe back was actually running the draft and had been upset because the things you brought up and they had a video feed inside the Portland WAR room that night and they make the mark EL trade NASH expire, is it but when they did that and they ended up with in his place, and they made the trade Backward Denver Virginia Jack. So they ended up getting their point They argued that hey, you know what we actually, because it chanced your jacket better better than is the way Paul Allen did like like excited double Weird awkward wanting to get new a high five. I got this dress a disaster, just obeys: yes,
Croatian. We didn't get Chris Paul, where do you see Jack Jack actual quote from Portland, so we do in the air we're doing draft. We have a half hour to do this. I for fur. Scrap rating for this draft is afford a ten pretty. Pretty conventional other than the marble aims thing and granger. Fine I'll give you the first pic. I know you're taking Chris Paul. Unless you're gonna shock me and take our lamps. Now, I'm not gonna imaginable Portland here the Chris Paul thing. Historically, it's it's not even I mean there's, there's nothing to do here, rather than take Chris Paul and keep moving. How many plants series toe has Chris Paul one in its entire career. Seven right, correct
average twenty one and I the playoffs, whose numbers are awesome, laughs and sex, it sucks so bad. They beat the spurs at seven game thing were the spurs and normal years would have a much higher see this a great team that they beat the first round here. The game winning lay up, and I get it back when we count winds and we got losses he doesn't hold up. I just I believe There are coaches at a great coaches that have bad records for bunch reasons. I am in the Chris Paul camp that he's an amazing amazing player who's, not a loser who's, not a big stat losing player. I think he's a big stat player hasn't one, and I will go to the group- with that thought, so you're saying he's the Andy read of point guards. It's gonna happen form still at some point. Well, unfortunately, designated like play for For twenty years, yet you, but
yeah yeah. I can't do it anymore economy, so I guess I get. Everybody rolling arise, as I say this network to the biggest plan collapses of this decade. Two thousand fourteen o k, C and absolutely inexplicable, falling apart I think it was game for where he just throw a ball away, but in it, so it's so bad and then the two thousand fifteen against the rackets when hard and gets pulled, The series is over and then the rackets just come back and beyond the cook reciting most notably Chris can calm it down as its happening. Those are gonna go and it said gravestone unless you it's a title, then that two thousand it gets hurt right when it seems I dare going too. Flip described on the warriors and that's the great whatever his career other than the Lakers trade that doesn't go through, which I think for him its power a good thing that didn't go through his catching Kobe, at the tail end of his prime and a
here of Dwight Howard, which didn't go well in Gaza and the tail end didn't you know, I think I dont do. I think it though gonna clippers problem is better for him. The other thing with Chris PA we mentioned for first he might be a three second went there at the empty p finishes, are really impressive. He was second in two thousand eight years. Thirty, two thousand twelve and forth, and two thousand fourteen for point. Our that's just way up their sophie if you're making the case for him verses eyes and some of the other point, our great cite the fact that three different years he was considerable, for best guys in the league. So jet and if you gonna, do they use in thing is inexplicable. Like a city, it's on him forever, I hold other people's collapses against them
and it makes its elegant just making excuses and not being consistent. When I I don't do with Chris Paul as much, but if you're gonna do if you're gonna do those you gotta bring up like two Blake injuries where thousands like it just looks like hey. How can you guys lost the seriousness of the teams? You like workers, Blake went down again ran the saddle thing career was mentioned. They advanced batch anxious really quickly, first offence of rating, Fourth, we share forty eight. This is all time forth and assist per game than PR eighth and steals eighth warp advanced metrics crisper number to their lambs. I'm still take it on you have to the trade we mention all the airwaves stuff, except for the trade, but his sit, his o seven, a thirteen stretch, even in in the first Brooklyn Here- he is, really good relevant, but he s getting traded for Derek first, who had been the number to pack in the press.
This draft. I think her eat the evil pretty young. So is almost I getting tat through Ladder bacchanalia debonairly governor. It was a real guy cash, a shocking and eleven first round. I that had been top three in his cancer and that a two thousand thirteen first round pick, which became George George Dang that was a huge ha a shocking and Beatrice I was one of those traits actual member where I was when I heard that trade. It came out of nowhere. Nobody knew he was available. He had just started a few a lot about with Jerry Sloan and knew tat his leg. You're leaving a year and a half fuck this. This was right at the beginning of this plan pyramid decade it yet I think that the best job of anyone of being pro act and be like you're leaving you're leaving be a problem. Were cuttin ties right now and getting as much as we can. It was really smart skin,
it was incredibly small and it's an unbelievable hall and at the time I got that favours Yos had a decent career. I thought it would be more. If you really about you, know guys. You'd have stock in I mean I've given up on him once I just seen enough, like eight that the next, the next step that you wanted to get that doesn't exist. And then you end up at the top three big canter who kanner early on in I'd still put canter up. There is far too often of skills around the room, insists on unbelief boy. Just he can't. He can't guard anyone. He just gets used in certain match ups, and I just love that you talk he chose. Look we're not getting any free agents in here it just it just such a well run organization and A guy we're ready, were ready to boats on this and then at the same time, like the New Jersey, Brooklyn thing you go, if you get your hands on their Williams, who get still had really good years there, but what it was. It was over a media like he's over at twenty nine right, like twenty nine just done, he has
little bit of a resurgence is like a three point should ride. You remember when what was a Cleveland Adam in seventeen, and there is actually built up. The balance of power may have shifted now and it's like once again evidence exhibit FF four hundred and two of how often the buy out guys to nothing can everybody gets, cited about and also how, how many people just don't actually watch basketball. Gray point it was like the calves D. Will it's like you guess, fuckin watch basque boys, but then for three years, would you get it? It was like would erode ethics God's defined martyr that time it's like. What are we getting the guy's done its there's. They also got bogey it I'm telling you this is not. This is not a few eggs This is some serious blue checks out there that had said on their shows that adding Bogot Dern Williams had shifted clean
to be the favorites from the DNA daddy warriors. Were I probably the best him ever, I'm like you're right I mean this is the part where you and I can get really passionate about certain points that we have, because we know we'd, never say something like that, because we're still watching the Fuckin games is pretty rough. Yeah! I remember one of the ones was the very. I was another one, there's just certain ones. Where's add some somebody got excited, Kissimmee depict a virgin said the guy can't stand the for. What are you in just for anybody to guide it like? I did about may say, because member Bogot played one minute for Cleveland, but do you really think had Bogot played warm historically England and not divided over their eyes were upset because so I just expecting that potential counter, but it's it's always like that. GM survey where, after the Celtics add Cairo in Gordon Heyward and another top draft pick. But the thunder had added
Paul George within added mellow like right before the seas is started. The thunder were, label do have had best off season by the genes by GM guys the do this because of the recent see bias and yet ever that by our post trade deadline. Stuff happens that recent see bias of oh, my gosh. They added added she and brown. That's gonna, be a huge spark off the bench, a guy there, probably my favorites in the west. Now I really need to relax. I think tat. The doorway I'm staying thirty forty years from now to people. Learning about basketball. Looking up different guys. I was don't ask me why I word middle of the a month ago the quarantine. Here I was out an odious birdsong cut deep dive there that the other night just reading up, I notice and was really fascinating.
One thousand nine hundred and eighty one kings highway. Forty and forty two team almost made the NBA Finals and Otis Birdsong and Phil Ford was their start back or both guys get hurt in the playoffs and they have earned a grunt felt at point guard- was scarf wed men, whose a small forward playing that plan guard anyway, I'm reading up on this and then I'm looking to notice Birdsong, who is like the second picking the draft who made like for all start teams whose, like twin, Five a game one year gets signed by the nets to a huge contract. You look at it go percentage is like fifty five. A game occurs is eight year run we're like where that guy was really lecture can we get most famously? They beat the eighty four sixers the year after the eighty through Sixers, the title him micro Average Zimbabwe aims GMO. They upset the Sixers, at any Jesse's kind of gone, and I feel like that's how people Look at there in EDA thirty years round
this other guy in this draft their lives, you look at his stats for most seven. Thirteen man to all Ba is because other that We know their lambs conversations for the next thirty years. It's really surprising, I don't think that's. I wouldn't have expected that yeah. I know I don't like you know, cause I've had argue Paul, so much that it just always turns you take I support the other guy, but you know those things have likewise look what he's done in a flash like one western conference finals, appearance and now with sudden disguise magic Johnson, like my death, you know. That's, though I was really good. He was really good physical point guard. And I remember every that hard cross over drivel in transition. It would go any but always get the free throws. It was like what he was the sky. The hair was a red flag. I remember talking NASH, once in oh nine range about even sand a Baron The hardest guy from the guard has banned. Resist, like you know, try it are running back anyway
Their waves was the other guy like that, or you just really felt it after you play those guys. We don't, we don't really have do. We have a physical, Point Guard like that right now, like a punishing, I don't feel like that kind of guys in the league right now, let's someplace Everybody is more like that Dame Lilla type of body now for that position there more the shooters and by mean perimeter, harden, I mean harden. I guess, so hard and if you could send him a blank, I guess I'll be the legs, a yak as Emmy. Now it's a free for all, but remember this, though, to the Dern William stuff, with all those three odds Illinois because it was kind of like waiting because he wasn't always the go to guide that really good cheer and it's a great he's gonna, be best play any, was immediate raw. It wasn't close between him and Luther Head and De Brown, but there is always that body type thing, and I also think and Action always comes into these NBA cops. We just can't help ourselves the science of it well, always Jason kid. In my thing, with Jason kid was. I don't wanna hear anybody idiotic
It is nobody's Jason kid you're on the clock number three, I'm Goin Bogot. Well, ok, now. The part of my argument here is his health is not in my favor, but when he went to golden state and unaided becoming good he doesn't take any shots anymore, because there were no shots for him yeah and he would have been a fifteen to seventeen ten rebound guy, who always plays great defence to somebody who was a terrific passer understood all the complexities so the angles understood again help defence verses. I so defence, set a million nasty screens and he's a dirty ploy, air in the way you'd want a player to be dirty, but he is- and I just I love get and I think I think somewhere else with a second part of his career. That's not a
no available shot situation like old state. He still gotta put up some points, but there's a real we're fall off in this draft, where I feel like there's a million wrong answers and that may be another one. But there's on other than him like. I know what some of the stats say historically and as all the other guys are rendered over, but I like Bogot as a piece. When did he get hurt? He got her neck in the clear answer is right but half way through the files and two thousand sixteen year he doesn't play in six and seven It's it's. It's like an underrated. Is that why you lost the finals but kind of has to be brought up much like Perkins and two thousand ten there's these little time. The injuries that it's that to a key guys so does get mention. But you know If he is able to play in that seventh game, they don't have to pay Festus Israeli, whose elemental mental ring rush
because Israelis and an absolute mess in that bag aim wow. I had. Get on my board later. I know I expect to be ridiculed. That's fine! now. I am I hadda me their fifth or sixth. We imagine if not great the rest of this is not great it. It's pickin through a lot of stuff that you have do you have problems with, so if, if the teams at the time had listened to us more it would have taken Chris Paul Atlanta would have taken their lambs and then you have Utah taking Bogot. That would have been like a science experiment. Other baby, you taught us in trade up that points. Maybe that's Portland said I with the fourth peck. Maybe they give up more for bogus Danny Granger, who wins a gun. Seventeenth is pick, would be for neurons, but you mentioned his five year round from oh eight to two thousand twelve. This is crazy. Twenty two and five his per cent
these are forty three thirty nine from three and eighty six free through here, and almost seven free throw attempts. So now it's like you ve just put that guy as modern of a two thousands season, as you can find twenty five point eight points. Forty five cent feel go. Forty percent three, eighty, eight percent free, throw any averages, six point: seven three attempts and almost seven free, throw attempts. So now, if I give you just put that guy into two thousand twenty and he's and intend, with those scrubby at thirty point score, what's crazy as he does it make the obviating their cause. You have Lebrun you ve Dirk you Paul peers, who is great. That season Duncan still children along the saw really get season where the Lakers, when the title and then what a Carmel as best seasons- oh nine, so he gets bump from that and its bomber, because there
you know. Sometimes Ya'Ll MBA works our way, but to me he's one of the best ten to twelve guys in the week that season. We should the other thing with them. You know he gets hurt and it's a again the brine. What if Leubronn had some a couple lucky, Things happened to him along the way, and I think this was one of em that Indiana team, which had a went at them in two thousand and twelve the last year Granger is healthy and then in two thousand and thirteen George had gone another level, but rangers hurt he's. Easily spied AIDS yeah, it is and he's not Granger anymore, and if you that's only Granger in that series, I think they could beat my because I think my amy was pretty worn down at that point from the streak from three straight you with the balls I they're kind of ready to be had the spurs almost got him the next round. But if you put vintage grains, in that series. I think that's a toss up. I really do
That is the greatest thing. When he's over, replace five games at twelve thirteen and what you just said, is it only fair point? I mean it doesn't mean your. I think it's a hundred percent, but it's so ably admiring up yeah yeah. I think it is Cosette. Pesos team did a really good job and remember how we're those pacer series were too because it was like. I don't know anybody ever gone, is valuable to us, is unvalued was Roy Hibbert. I don't know that anybody's ever had a quicker transition to while lookout, terrific disk. Weis in this matchup to you're gonna, to be out of the I get guess I'll leave them totally and by the way There was another one that we were talking about earlier, like member, and I think the clippers sign them for like Danny Granger, it's like you guys, aren't watch a basketball move anywhere. You habit is on one leg: it every every every to every one of these plans. You go through whose careers, over a quicker than you think, there's like three stops from teams. They get wind like make sure you're done. And as long as it is too expensive. I don't know that I blame anybody, but
Twenty nine place five games it's over. He goes from nineteen six, a game: twenty five, eight, twenty, four, twenty five or twenty point: five m: better. No I'm doing tenths of a point near nineteen, a game, never over double figures again and the oddity for Granger too, as at the time. You're, the star on your media replaced better version of like the same body, type, a bigger, more athletic apology or choose even better player in here like okay. So, in a way it worked out for the paces which Maybe it's so rare to come back to acknowledge is lost my job because I'm her, I'm not gonna be is good, but also not giving it the opportunity, because they just came up like that. Terminator to version of me, it's they should have that on paper as a lot like what the celtic Sab would jail in Tatum. Were you could add these two interchangeable, wags, Georgia, better defender, but they could have had I could have been dealing with that for the rest of the decade. These two guys in the same team who, both of whom could garden, who
are averaging forty five to fifty points, a game. It's a it's, a tough one Twond Brandon Hunter thing: stop it you're on the clock, had five So you taken Granger three like no question yeah, because I think that the peak of grandeur I think really really really elite and end it has been all NBA. Ladies, you just said: bad luck, failure totally fair, and maybe it's right answer. I guess I'm Givin Bogota. For the second time out, Miriam Bogot, I'd I'd, think he's now underrated as the years pass. Who do you have that number five. I'm going to Williams yet and it an overwhelming welcoming Reza may of stuff here. He's only behind Paul and Monterrey Alice points wise the analytics like him in
this group is only behind pollen, Doran Williams and Lit look Lou ass. His is flaws, but he's a still your buckets and he still somebody who can come in and get you like, fifteen and a quarter and again that matters and yes defences. Nothing's ever really been interested it and I think there even arguments against like how many shots. Can we really give this guy he's gonna mail it in some way the reports but the launch every part this? Go away he is this, is this might be the lowest? The Williams could go, for a while. He was I Jamal Crawford with bad pr like like Jamal Crawford, had the best pr team anyways, I repeat, became overrated and the is kind of the stealth guy he bounces around you. Now he played for six he has two years on the Lakers that have just been like basically erase from history. I remember Houston traded forum at that was I was like ours there like some advance metric stuff,
When you look at look at the waves is two thousand seventeen season where it takes five and have threes again, but is also getting allied six times a game, and he was like that weird three point: attempt free throats and tie bread. I think what strange about him is you don't usually see somebody take ten, years too kind have become the guy that they became because from two thousand fifteen, two thousand twenty right now he s is eighteen and for a game. Thirty, six percent from three he's over five four attempts for three days and free throws and there is really no indication that that's gonna happen from oh sixty, two thousand fifteen. He gets better as the moves in his favour, but its anarchy. Change, stout and changes body didn't change. It's just the league started, things that he was good at. Looking at his stat Lord on basketball, reference is our who
it's like this first, an overt act. It is these thirty three doesn't make any sense right arm. He was twenty two, a game for a full season. Just two seasons ago It adds his career hot, so career high was after twelve, years in the league, and you know it People show like the choir graphic words like these four years in a row is scoring, went up all four years. This dude I mean Lou it doesn't make any sense. Eclairs like this, they don't have. No people will have careers like this, and so I feel like this pic is more out of respect and the fact that I still like. Why would you stop getting buckets? It's not like it to be, like he's still going to get. It's for couple years here, yet the longevity makes it a no brainer, a method for the six pack
ITALY and Malta are still on the board and it's tough, because both geyser relics firm a different air of basketball. I think my day has to get not here. Even though David Lee made to ask our teams David Lee eighteen, eleven fur from oh ninety, two thousand fourteen he was a good energy guy, the bench but Monterrey, average. Twenty five point: five puts a game and two thousand TED, but there was at the point where I I think he was considered a higher value to the warriors. The inquiry was for at least a little bit there from away to fifteen. He which twenty one a game, forty five percent feel go, could not shoot threes is a guy who just kind of belongs to a different era. Not sure how to
woulda translated to how we play basketball. Now I get, maybe he would work than a shot out are now, but I just like I'm a tiny bit more than David Lee sets my case. It's the right case its fitting that you paired with David Lee, because it's big numbers, bad teams and ever time David Lee you go through all of those teams daily story. Great story and it's a great big eyes air. But it's big numbers team, always stock. And the minute he's done in his golden state run as when they get good. Again again, it has more to do with the rest. The guy's round him dream. I am in yeah right I mean there is now, like oh hey, stop playing David Lee and get all these other guys minutes it's just now. We put together this really great roster, David, please run in Boston was probably one of the more surprising things ever because it was over. It was already over before got their integrity. Will Basra, like man, we were almost blow away by just he just was over like their expectations for him. Here
higher. Even I wondered like eighty energy just sort of do that deal to do the deal and it's like now without we're get some out of him and like you, hell, Stevens was done with a pretty quickly, which was supply Marian member two thousand thirteen. Him and curry, when they kind of revive the warriors Claes come and I and they had traded my tale ass, their bo get, and I remember David Lee in Korea my package together in a really seem I think, a lot of us like David Lee. We liked his game widow is kind of wanting to see him on a good team. My dad always loved them. My dad loves, like lefty rebounds and in by the MID two thousand see just didn't, make sense any more for how basketballs played cause. You just spread the floor on em and he has doubled guard and he can't blame at centre is actually able to protect the rim. So is almost like a casually of where basketball went, but he did make to ask our teams souci your seventh back. I just want to stay in Malta. One more point, though, because is David Lee
look at the numbers you go. You went from eighteen a game to like a game overnight with golden state, but that one final year he put up some big numbers: gold state. They did when fifty one aims. So I d be fair to him and bring that up, because everything is. It goes where the nine seasons, prior, that between New York and Golden state, nothing happens and remember. It was a new owner syndrome, their Yan Lake up, and they give David Lee all of this money in their like look at these numbers cause him he just twenty. Ten machine for the first, almost DEC of his career. It's it's! It's crazy production, so I Anyone know why do I always liked energy rebound your guys news left any at nice touch around the ribbon you know I I was a huge fan, but I want to point out the Monti Ellis thing where you could argue taking him later, because, even though its the production and I do think, if you sort it by career points, is Ellis. The second I'm an adult
here, I think Ellis is that's right. He still number two all time in this draft class career points, so Paul's, eighteen thousand, seven hundred Montel us is just under fifteen thousand points for his car rear, which is second most of any one in the class, as I said, but his usage rate like he's one of those usage re alarm guys were you thinking, Ok, so much Alice had six he's in the higher than the highest usage rate for magic. Johnson he's got usage that are beyond this. Is this thing that you brought up and I've stayed with it like when people compare Barkley in Pippin and I go usage rate alone. This is an embarrassing up. It just is right because you think bark was used rate would be through the roof and there actually pretty close, even though Pippin was playing with a guy like Jordan, and the stars of that era that were in the twenties and then Mattel US has guys look she's me his seat,
is flirting with thirty percent usage rate, which is really really high and Monti Ellis taking twenty twenty two shots game for your team Its coolly scored a lot, but it probably means you suck yea his forty three percent shooter couldn't shoetrees. Funny, though there are two things we didn't really fully understand until the two thousand fourteen ranch and I think he's a casually adding Rudy Gay was a casualty. David Lee Guys, I that with my day action. The usage rate thing if his usage rights highlight that that's one of the reasons is getting stats, doesn't mean you're, gonna, win with it and then play the lot of minutes like he hears seasons. He played three thousand minutes in a season one two three four times He has his games. Where are the seasons where he's playing forty forty one minutes a game? So if you look at his per thirty six numbers, it's just that is impressive
so it's there's a little bit of that Iverson thing words. I get your averaging twenty eight again, but your ass also playing forty three minutes a game. So it's it's! It's bump the wood a bit, be, I think, nowadays he would have had to learn how to shoot through his back then that a matter I ate pick on taken and your by name because from oh eight to twelve, I'm gettin, a fifteen in ten fifty cents, shooting, really hard guy guard and a guy who before he died. What sideways after the Lakers trade The real asset and was really hard to defend and was an unusual guy is a problem. Nightmare in the locker room and others things, but he was an asset for five years. So Pickens there s the way but peak bind him was really good and it's better than the rest. These options you have so he's my list. This is his range for me. I don't hate it. Who do have nine I'm going to take or taught
Orlando didn't do anything with them the first three years of his career. I it was yet it was terrible, and once eagerly waiting in rhetoric to him. Him and rhetoric were basically like these it is for them, it was weird, would radically. Third, I'm an mba scoring behind Maloney Karim. If they wait, let's fair next I thought, but I'm two core doesn't even lay his even play and then as soon as it goes a phoenix like we did. We just get rid of her like a fifteen and a guy, and he starts putting up numbers, and with Washington. He hasn't. I still run, I mean only without a league two years ago. Actually, now we go back one year ago with that. Finally, were the clippers, so I see according to unite. He was raised at twelve and nine for seven years, two thousand and lever to one thousand seven that bad could set
the picks. If there is any sort of fighter out occasion he defend, whoever I remember being surprised. How well he blended in with the end of the sons dash that lad those last season two seasons. Whatever was were none of us. The idea he actually had basketball skills, the ability role, the basket shit like that, and I don't know that he is pretty good doubt that pick I'm gonna take up with my tat with my, I guess, the tenth pick Marvin whims I can't believe, I'm doing it, but he made a hundred and ninety dollars he's played in a thousand sixty six games and is a career. Thirty Experts said three point shooter and as a kind of guy, if he's the seventh best I in your rotation, it's that a disaster beloved teammate very loves them seems like he s, friends all over the league really well respected. And compared to what our sub look.
Here at thirty, a good so pretty Evan eleven people, you think that's loafer, Marvin Williams. This is like hey, you don't realize you like, he still scored. You know You know better than ever like your third option, but maybe it's how big is this? Is this kind of feels right? I like your pic here. I think it saying right for him. Ok, eleven pick go on earth on Alias over I've, always liked him yeah, I think. There's still some version of him that would have been better if people sort of understood him if he did come or long, a bit later I mean he really became cotta. He had some moments there were. He really was that stretch for who, I think it hold up. At least physically was bigger guys and I think, there's a better. Version of the earth on solve a story setting wise, although martinis lighting but is the eleventh pick, I'm goin him. Thirty seven percent three point zero I had him in that spot. Do nobody took re felt and yet so I'm just going to take on board
see, somebody that was able to run MBA teams and was in the makes a few times and was on themes that route of successful phone and, at the very least was an average starting point card which is better than based anyone else, I'm getting unless you wanted to talk been a Jack Jack, SOM taken him all. First team, I slept with your girl face tat. I felt an ok all first team cap, of it a programme we have layer productive play. I was gonna, take em next solid, I mean not. A terrible career played fourteen years made nine hundred seventy one games average evident five that a disaster we have one minute left to pick Sears is on the board: Chair, Jack, yonder him, the Channing fry brain and showcase three taken
He was to add of his time I'm not taken any of those guys he's twenty fourth overall in, but I don't know that for loves them. His nickname is bullet proof in its Andre Black who will, just in all everything right setting. I mean he actually scored one year, seventeen a game with eight boards and a couple assists and shot well that year wasn't great from three. Ever great three point shooter, but he's is. Budget. Magic. Johnson, I don't know- I don't know if that's ever been brought up. Did they extended and then Amnesty him when the extension was kicking in Athens made there when the wizards made MR that was, was delightful. The wizards have had so many horrible stretches of decisions like We have already thirty on that one yeah, that's what you should be doing. Rigour. We should be doing documentaries on what,
the worst weird eyeglass. Nobody should just be what's the worst five or six years stretch. Any organizations ever had that could be the next bracket. That's now, I'm just given you content for free, I mean to charge you for this. Is you just start going like? What's the worst possible scenario of of decision making. Could it getting worse in the wizards would be a one see, that's good, like a fire like it, it should be, like a presidential term, a four year rent, I latin there you go! That's why you're charge Jerry Jack, Mohammed Channing, FRY Brianna, Bass and shock is also available on anything. I urge I'm gonna take chair Jack Jack only because, saw him succeed on Plath teams. As a third guard, a most that where's Timor Mark Jackson would actually play him kind of a little too much so apologies yeah man, they Jenny fry brain and bass, who had a cut
A couple nice moments into does twelve playoffs and Daryl favorite Showcase, who Darrell loved his Lopez defence? That was it the two thousand five redress the boss, thanks reseller, thanks to zip recruiter thanks to Norton, three sixty with life lack provides on one protection with device security, identity, protection of European frowned, my privacy more and if you have an identity that problem a? U S, restoration specialist will work to fix it. No one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft, but nor in three sixty would lifelike. Powerful ally for your cyber safety standard. Today save twenty five percent or more of your first year. By going to know That Slash Simmons and thanks to simply safe and sobs security for right now, when feeling safe at home has never been more imports simply safe, designed to be easy to use website you, your home, twenty four, seven starting at fifty cents a day
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